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Said, Are you ready? Can you name a time that we were named? So. Mutola, familiarity with you, right? Well, I mean, he's known you for a while. You're pretty familiar. OK, see what today is going to be doing that before. Oh.


Pastor. You're up in heaven. Yes, pretty it's pretty hard to know what you're up to, don't have it, don't matter. So I got to ask, well why if I got my baby. Oh, I can't ever get my get my. Wrap it all good.


Go ahead. You're done. Yeah, we do.


In the time you sit down, turn me up a little bit, take the base out, get them O.G. original. A little bit of reverb on that. Oh, scary part.


Oh. Lock your windows, closed your doors, that's been said already.


You can't use that one. Oh, spooky time, huh? Spooky time out there. Potter spooked. They said he took them to forget it, but. Forget it, school cook. Rory, we'll have plenty of time for you to destroy it. I'm not dissing Drake, I'm dissing you left off of that. You took scary hours and made it spooky time. It's boogie time. Not scary.


OK, time. Oh, I think they feel spooked.


What do you teach in a kindergarten class? It's Halloween is coming. It's a spooky time.


What time you think it is, it is two thirty eight p.m., the other stupid USHCC last night. Go. There's a little scary angle, not like that wind was whipping, the wind started Hauerwas, 11, 50, I was like, wait, damn directed did.


This was happening right now, close the windows, closed the windows, lock the doors, put the kids to bed. Me, you don't have any kids. I'm saying if OK, guys who got weapons on us kids to be. Put my kids on the boat. You think you have kids? I do not have children, but are you certain, one, you're in contact with every woman you've ever slept with.


You will have kids. Absolutely. OK. But I don't have any. Confident you guys have a follow up form. I asked him if he's in contact with every girl he's ever slept with, any duck. That question don't know who strapper.


That's every stop the kid, what helps? You scratch it, it's OK, I shot not spooky house, this is spooky times, Jamir just off scratching a spooky times.


Hmm. Well, what can't this guy do?


Rap prodigy for all the elements of hip hop forgood. Dig them down since you want to list you pussy man. Good. Well, what else make bitches come. Come on. Do list. You don't go. All right. Now, you don't want to add on to the list.


I don't think this is sort of one bit of info about him. So you've got to go from person to what he was doing a year ago to do all the Jodeci how to play microphone check one, two, one, two days to be playing in the bud. And, you know, we did it had Sussudio, of course.


Well, mean what? You're out of it. I just want to work today. Everybody feels to inspired to work it. But then we want to work with it. But then what do you do? The screen at the button? No, never.


That never to be a couple of recommended strains. I never see screen man with some nice I mean, like we put some button there every now and again.


Now we talk about women. Oh, I thought the button was the butt. Yeah.


You have to bring women to the button now you go because you come with your dude friends, you sit down on my plush restoration hardware couch. It is trash. Sorry buddy. You have to screen man with some nice. I guess I haven't forgotten about you. You seem some nice. Never seen him with something.


Yeah, you can't you just do the screen buddy released on bail, now he's been in a situation where you would bring something through, never even seen them. Should we have weren't we at work? He talked to H.R. He can't bring his lady friends to work.


Now, you could bring oh, never mind screaming that they can talk the room upstairs and sit right. Sit right there, get to know her. You know, sexual things don't even know boys don't bring nothing through. Right. Like they so focused on the job is it.


I respect that they focus. Look at them. Look at those faces over there.


They finished in the street. It's nasty for them. Nasty, nasty ours. Is it. Spooky time.


Spooky, spooky time.


How you learn them over to the crib. Hopefully better than Anderson Park.


Well out of it. It's a blow to the wood lathe. Potato chips? Yeah, well, just like like late, I don't get the reference, I mean, either he said it's not a reference.


Oh, that's what he says in his song. Well, he said he says she's hungry.


I gave some lace.


Well, first of all, I said my house is clean, my pool is warm.


He said if she's hungry, I give her some ladies some chips in the middle of arguably the sexiest song made this year. He just started talking about giving her chips. Well, you know, Liz has extended their flavors.


There's a lot of talk about that song, too, OK? I love that song, but I found a great deal about it, said Fellating Girl. I got Filles.


Oh, that's much better than last year. I was. I was so confused. And then, I mean, there's not much difference between lays potato chips. No, it's not so small. There's not much not much difference there. But I can see I'm confused. She said she might want the chips.


Yes, true, that chick shouldn't be in my living room, a chick that likes lays potato chips can be a liberal. That's all she gets. You become the chick is asking for. Hey, San Jose, asshole. Say, hey, you got in here. No dirty bitch. That's the new version. You got games on your phone. Do you have kids? You didn't eat nothin before. You got it. You passed many stores, gas stations.


You wait till we get all the way here to let ships derail the. By the way, let me start like this.


Seven minutes and all the compliments of. What I've been waiting for. Look, I'm just feeding into it now before you see it. It seems to be down with me, used to be down on the real news is going away, huh?


And what was it used to be down with me on the wait for Drake bandwagon, but then you took it from you. He made it public that he didn't like you and now you're off me because you never recovered the girls back. No, never got that one fact. All that after 50 years, all of that happened. Zero of that.


So Drake never took no girl from, you know. Yes, he did.


I you know, I would you know, OK, not knowing is me saying no. Oh, come on. We won't let him get that off me not knowing is no. Yeah. All right. Mounter Baumgart. Oh, don't. After all, was an El Nino a subtle just talking.


We think you don't got no girl it like after I was that let elmaleh which is one of my of focuses our seats. Oh definitely. But you knew that about you go where are you going. To let them spend the came on me. So I know you meant it you know killing or no game. No scrimmage am playing with niggas that my classmates they went on to be shot at accounts of Quinnipiac's but they cut back on how he treated me in my high school reunion.


Might be working pairs like everybody had to go to security class takes time, bridges burn. You never know with the A Camarda word nigga. Yes I swear it to started clicking. You know, it's when you are who you think you are and everything around me bring me down the road. Down the road. Got to play this new brudno.


But if so, album is like this. Oh, man, oh, man, they were crazy on this line. I guess life must be treating you. Who's Teena Marie Bruno? Well, I've just been doing the same thing. It's been. It's good to rest in peace, Rick James and Teena Marie. Yes. You know, one of the greatest songs ever made a lot to talk about here today, I want to thank all you beautiful people to be you could have been anywhere in the world.


Would you do with us? You remember what I could tell you? No, I want to not I wouldn't take that from him. Wow. Got you. You got me fucked up. I was in the choir, but I would never try to. That was the highest note you ever tried to head off. Like, how do you know you can do it again? You two attempts to this now. How do you know that you can't because you have tried to hit a high note before.


I have. I'm assuming you can sing or try on vocals. Yeah, definitely. I know. Look, I can't. No. Oh God.


I used to hate that music. They should still be able to hit it. They want to play the vocal, the vocal chords, the muscle. You got to work it out. I just had a white and nothing has nothing to do. Nothing taste. Oh, man. All right, Bruno, the. Long ago, baby, baby. Yeah, come on. Everybody was very bad. A goes next and you turn on my. You comprising this will be a do it.


We want to do something with your fucking phone, come on and let me know to the.


All right, we got you to bottom out. We hear me. Isn't all that good stuff.


No doubt. Mall always beats me to be like. Every time I think I'm there early, you are going to keep fighting over seven, how long, how long you are going to fight over seven fighting. When I fight my back there, I think I'm fine with I pulled out from my bed. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


And now that I know that you all are fighting over seven, I didn't like what Rory did last pod before he told us that he D.M. seven because I watched it back and he shot a little shot at your ass. He said, I'm with you. I seen your money bad, you damned, you damned. He said that before I knew he deemed. That's dirty man. No, I.


I publicly came on here and said I got on live with her because I heard Mom was going to go to L.A. and they have a mutual friend. So I tried to get in there early to dirty.


Makled admitted that that's what he admitted to dirty man that don't change a dirty mc2 does.


No, you don't know when it's all for play play. It's OK to do. This is dirty money.


Oh, we bumped into gold right here. Play play. Bernie Mac. Oh man. I was playing. Oh yeah. Yeah. Well hey whatever. So for twenty one best parties in the world, you know the vibes. Joe Biden, IRAD Parks, Corrimal, Savon, Alex. We hear what's good in your hair. Thanks is awesome. Take you cash yet. I seen what you did.


The concept of oh man majority stake via cash at. I'll break you off for Elicia Kashef name orate Kashyap. Time to play hardball. Is this after we you are you dirty Meccan Jack HauteLook.


You know where we go. We're going right back to Rori play play dirty man. I think it's a great topic. I love it to get out after power us and empowers us. Tolerates us. Pardon me. Tolerates us. Sponsors us, puts up with us and greatest gap in the world.


Akashat us and they put up with you think oh you think I didn't put his jacket on moves. No. You think he followed our blueprint. No I don't think, I don't think so.


I don't, I don't think that's where he, I think he was a little ahead of the play. He probably knew before.


Do you think I would have never guessed. You know, the for me, just just a hunch.


I mean, he told me at lunch you could have just taken the fifty. Yeah, I'll keep making that joke with that. That's OK. I came away saying it. They look now I'm digging road, but I was trying to dig this episode. It's right there because I don't think you appreciate when you dig. They don't. Yeah. I don't appreciate you. I come in here and give it up, pull my heart out. Talking about this music that we all know and love and wrote out and care about.


Watch it. My stomach hurts.


Fucking Dick different. Danny over here just saying it all. He still thinks it. You've been sitting here for an hour, for a whole hour with a fucking claiming that there's Levi's is past his belly button. The girl is camel toe. What's your mama told you? Got some. Wow. Mama told me straight your legs out. Stop and wrinkles to your wranglers.


Now, where was I, Dicky? Go back to fucking dick eating. No, I'm not not start with dick eating this early. Don't deserve it have they. By doing how you're feeling. Great, great. Great weekend plans. How's your week. How's your headspace. Mental health blah. That is good. And now I'm glad that I have a free weekend now. I didn't know that. Till I got here, so am I, my legs and my legs here.


Well, we don't L.A. listen, we are right by JFK. I will shout when we get when I land. Come on.


We want to go. Let's go now. Let's go, young ladies. We go. I am I will leave my mom.


So I'm going to take place. We're going to play play deep emotional and just got a whole song about being built that way, right. Yes. You're not built that way.


Well, way to just go to. I've done it before. And do you not do it today. OK, no wait.


Are you about to guilt trip me into a good time. No you won't go have fun. You'll have fun this weekend. It's some nice weather. No you'll go but you'll go home first. Tidy up. No freshen up. Pack your favorite undies.


I'm at that age now. If I go home, I'm staying home. Yeah. If I want to stay out of this part I have to go to where we're going because if I go home I'm home. I feel so it's either L.A. or Jersey City. If I go to Jersey City, I'm staying.


I've been at that age, you know, for home suit. I'm not gonna kill you. I could face time. You show me. I don't give a fuck.


You come here if you want. That always works to great. So it is. Oh, you were making plans before I interrupted. Well, I mean, no, I mean, you're invited. You guys are invited. All right. So Rory has a free weekend. What's going on with you? What's going on? You guys are my hunting party.


That's always not fun. Yeah, it's kind of fun. It's kind of fun, but it's also not fun. It takes a whole day. How many times have you gotten catfish so far in your search? We saw the pictures look great.


Got there. It was a shoebox once. Same building. OK, so I count that as one of those photographers who make a master bedroom look like a master bedroom.


You get there. I can't even fit a twin in here in Long Island City Pictures.


So this is it. I got the I the lady on with the curves out. What the fuck is this?


I told you, those Long Island city buildings. No closet space is the room. Is the closet. Yeah. Just like, wait, this is four grand a month and I can't fit a king sized mattress in here. This crazy saying.


But but she was truthful in saying, like all the new developments that's just out building, there's some spots in the story that are real dope. I saw one. Yeah. Yeah. Like this.


Shout out to our South America listeners that know everything.


We talk about the real estate market in Queens in the event the Mall and I do go to L.A. together today. And I do. And I do first. And I do play play Dirty Mac. Would I be wrong if I actually dirty Max when we landed? No, no, it's a race to the finish line, like, yo, I was going to come out here by myself. You followed me like I don't even know why he's here.


No tagalongs. I know that he hates it. Let's go somewhere quiet. He's always doing this.


Oh, he hit you up now? Of course he would. It's only dirty. And if I'm shooting too much, I'm not.


Neither of us are. That's not that's not true. Wow, you can do pretty much at all. You don't really have to be shooting to get dirty.


That's true. That's very, very true. OK, it could be dirty. Imagine if she showed an interest in me and he. But if you're not going at her and she's not interested in me, I don't think it's dirty. My. Well, then it's just hate, there's another word for it that's just not dirty, but Dirty Macken is when I'm in conversations with somebody or she tells you something. All I can be school and you start.


Yeah, but not did just like that's dirty.


No name that is dirty Mackan but there's more to Dirty Mac and I don't think so. Me. I don't think so. I wouldn't take that as like I wouldn't hear about that. I'm like oh he was Dirty Mac and I wouldn't because I'm not, I'm not, I'm not even at the gym shooting it so it's not.


All right.


Well it's just I, I think that that is Dirty Mac. And I also think that Dirty Mac and it's like boxing, you can't play Dirty Mac.


And I also think you spar not Dirty Mac and is Dirty Mac and not done playfully or not. And I've been Dirty Mac, so that's what that is.


I wouldn't film the type of work because I've been like. This person knew that me and his girl were like, we're hanging out dating like shit on. Oh my God. And I'm confident enough to say you guys will call me a liar. I've never Dirty Mac, so I know what I've never done it. I don't even see it. But I might start with more.


I'm the first one is definitely dirty.


I never, by the way, like a teenager. I don't think so. Huh? No, not even when you're a teenager is the one.


This is the one who I will die on for sure. I never dreamed I would admit it.


I don't see that I've admitted a lot worse than Dirty Mac.


Do you think you just freestyle to play Dirty Mac? Well, I think jokingly, it's OK to play play dirty matches when Mausam when you're both not shooting, she's not really interesting. We just joking. Oh, please, please. I don't really play with my hands because I. I don't play with my hands. It's the same premise. Certain things that niggas just don't play with. Like they don't just play with guns. Yes. I do think it's a weird analogy.


I don't think so. Some niggas just won't play Dirty Mac because it's dirty Macit. Dirty makin.


You want to know what it is. I have definitely played fight like this. Like will not make shadowbox. It's different because it's the same thing. He didn't do that.


He didn't say that to the girl.


I just tried it on the topic of play Dirty Mac and none. No, no. But I've said well he isn't seven.


No, no, no, no. I'm saying in this scenario, it's not like he was saying any of this to the woman. He's just saying this amongst us. Yeah. And what I was saying never really like if he said it to her, I was like, oh, just joking.


I said it to me. He said, are not how I get the fuck out. I'm just telling you.


So I'm only telling you about I'm OK with that. If you if you think it and can say it here, you have the ability to think it and say it in a different setting. That is a fact for just that's with anything period. That's why I try not to dirty but no but then again playfully.


But then again I could joke about serial killing. I'm not going to because serial because you know wait because you know what? Play dirty Mackley too real dirty Macit.


That's not true at all. I can joke about anything. I think it does. Listen, me and my uncle Paul, my cousin, my Uncle Paul, we have a nice, long history of now you're projecting your own personal life into this.


No, I'm speaking from experience, which is what I do on this podcast a lot.


OK, we have a nice, long history of maybe his girls liking me, maybe my girls liking him. And when that happens, there is a psychology that comes with that. So whether I liked one of his girls or not, he might throw something out there that we should know each other to, just to just because he knows different circumstances, different family, same last name, same beard.


No, no guys may run into the same girl, you know, is different because. No, it is different because that's dirty, man.


I know it is dirty, but I'm saying I can see that happening amongst family members.


No, no, no. But that's different, don't you, saying that that don't apply. If you have women in common with a man, you can't dirty men, that's when it applies more, you know. But I'm just saying. No, it's that scenario is different because there's actually history there with women in common.


Maybe that's why I can't maybe I just have unique views on Dirty Maxwell.


I'm still stuck on you suggesting that if you joke about it, that means that it's in your head and you'll go do it. Because that's where I just completely disagree, but. OK, I just I've joked about a thousand things that I would never do. But gets into your view on the word never now, OK, you might serial killer. I think that I think I would have done it already.


See, our views of the world is just different. I think that there's a situation in the world or situations in the world that thrown anybody's way. It could switch to shoes that there. And I agree that could switch their decision. Maybe we could switch everything. So I would never say that. Well, I would never such a such a such a such because I could easily think of a scenario where maybe I would. So here's the dirty Meccano.


No, because I agree with that sentiment and live by that sentiment where I don't say that it never happened. If I'm not in that scenario, I've been in plenty of scenarios that were different circumstances where I could have Dirty Mac and it would have behooved me to Dirty Mac. I probably should not even Dirty Mac probably talked about the foul thing that was happening and still kept my mouth shut.


Let's try this. Where are there men in the world? I would say that you've Dirty Mac.


No. Yes. Well, then they'd be lying and someone told a lie girl.


And some people some people did something. They were lied to. Some people's definition of Dirty Mac and is just different. Like, I don't there's nobody could say I dirty because I don't even once I find out women fuck with certain dues, I don't even like having women in common with certain people. So I'm definitely not dirty makin itself.


I don't even because once and once I know the history, I'm not even going at you. Like once I know you fuck with somebody, I'm like, I wouldn't even shoot at you. Right. You know, I'm saying so dirty maggots and you don't even make any sense because it's like I try not to involve women in common with with guys. I know. That's just me though. I just try not to.


The only thing I'm seeing I'd like to put in a Mendon, perhaps a little more room here for the fixin's. No, I'm talking about this is what we're doing.


We're having so many people go around. I'm I'm shitting gold these days. So I'm playing this song and round of applause for Rory and mom who made the list jump around and celebrate. Now, the first list came out from Azealia Banks with the people that she loves. I think on that day she just forgot about the greatest plot in the world. But when she went to bed and she thought to herself, You know what, Rory and more. Let's go today we make.


Nigga made. We may know you might be onto something that might kill a tick tock there, were they going to do when I make my tick tock, my work with the city to it, what? The street's going to go crazy, go crazy?


No, they're not my type of you know, I might be on that day, whatever I'm doing, it would be with no rhythm. It's time. It's time to whatever. Don't try to do that. Do we mean that we made a challenge? Yeah. Yeah. Magic bullet. I think it would just be me looking stupid, doing all the shit that's us with most of them are doing anyway.


Looking stupid now that you're trying to get me. Tick tick tock. Yeah. Let's you do you gotta you to take what you object up. On this young lady's Instagram page. I need a friend. I need to blame this on, like, bizarro Joe. All right. Hypothetically, yes, allegedly. Yeah, I can imagine a world where there was a young lady who had a page and she wiped it clean. She did something. It was different than the there was no middle tap.


OK, so it was only that little left of the pictures. And the right tab, which is the one I like, but it's normally all the way to the right and it's the one that got some other pictures Nagas might call it, are you OK? Toss them out. That's normally where I sat.


And this one was white all the way claims. And I read a bio. I'm not in there. But the tick tock thing with Gigi. She took all her Tic Tacs off the Instagram.


Was she a public figure? I don't know. OK, I found her and I shared it because it's weird how much they imagine a scenario where if you actually just think it's so out on Instagram, which they vet but never vet, who a real public figure is, I could just click that no matter what.


So I click the little tick tock thingy and I couldn't see any of the tick tock without having a tick tock.


Thought about it for a second. But Hellström. Hmm.


Probably anyway, 30 minutes since tot Saturday, we got a lot of shit to get to, right? Yes, sir. Where do you want to start.


Spooky time music you starts spooky time.


Oh no. I mean I want to say thank you to Azealia. The list was phenomenal. Yeah.


Give us a word made. I mean I'm really happy for all the other people that, you know, happened to be on the same list as me. You know, shout out to Rick James, shout out to Janet Jackson J.


Lozzi buzz low, dark. I mean, I'm glad you guys got to be on a little me. Ricki Lake. Yeah. Yeah, it makes it. It makes sense. It makes sense. Robin Williams like, come on.


You're welcome to my list. Fifty fifty. You're welcome for being on a list with me. Cutup.


Janet. I just don't know if I like that she wrote it with a pen from Chase, but sorry Azalea artists put music out. We don't care about your little love, Loveless. You salty, you saw somebody call your banker.


I don't have a number. I text her in private, said thank you. Text her and say, oh, you texted her already and said, did you say, I love you, too? Yes. OK, did you put a heart emoji?


No single text. Anybody that mentioned Mazzaglia Gilli. If necessary, you absolutely. Do you think you think you'll make a list? No, I will not.


OK, I she only she only got the two pages of love, including deceased people named.


Yeah, well, to be continued. No, she this might not be the individual we thought the first one was then. Oh yes. See some signs of life for people. Yeah, that's life works like that.


I'm a ginger, so I don't make there twice. If I make the third list is up for you.


I know you made the first first list. They had a prediction. That's true. Oh, yes, she got it wrong, she got it wrong. Twenty twenty three. It is wrong, Alwi.


All right, spooky time. All right. All right, tell us why you hate everything about the directory back. Look what you're trying to do, give give the fans a little taste, let's get into it. Are we starting with this? We want to start with Bruno. We saw Bruno, Bruno Mars, man. Come on. Come on. Where to go? I got it here somewhere.


No, this is not Bruce is so Sonic is Sicilian. So still silkie, but all right, that probably inspired SILC Sonic. Oh, this is Silk Sonic. Yes, got it. Silk. I would I would have pulled it up, but you broke my laptop because you kept wanting to pull things up.


It was bound to happen. Yeah, I mean, it's only women.


And Jo, that break my laptop. Go figure. Hey, hold up, man.


Don't do that. That was funny. Let me give you a little drum here. Where to go. All right. There we go. All right. God damn it.


Silky sonic. Silky time. Silky Sonic. The new tune by Bruno Mars and Anderson Park, if you ever heard because it's brand new just came out goes something like this, Kazuki.


Yeah, I could tell the softer hand is important to this one right here. These guys come up with. Mm. Even though his voice could get like this. That's why I'm being so mature vehicle with me, some of this stuff. Are you suggesting that? Maybe he took some sorcerous medicine. I would never suggest such a thing. All right, man, we got a brand new slam right here. Here comes the sample police. Hey, let's go, Bruno.


So what is the change they want outside here in. I thought it was Gene Silva just walked in here in the building.


Mellow vibe. No, crazy.


Oh, hold your horses. I think the challenge for so. It wasn't a blend of both.


No, I'm the only trying to get this pod to the next level if we think of a cool dance for podding, not rap a pod dance. I said for tick tock, you know, I don't know. I hate hated when I said, let's do that challenge with the silhouette. It would just be us podding.


Yeah, but you wanted to be naked. That's how you do the felt a little and that's how you do the challenge. Once you told me the boys were removing the red light. I didn't want them to second guess. Yeah. I'm already there without the red light that keep bringing it up already to it's not going to read it.


Why do they keep bringing it up like myself, Dick. Which is just fucking weird old man is that I missed that thread that was going on and still there.


It is so nasty. All right. Real shit.


Yeah, we still play music on, as far as I know. Housecleaner, he was just one, as more used to say, to get them over to Naipaul's. Now, when we mention we turn up now. Hope you enjoyed the smooth, silver, silky city, brand new record from Bruno Mars, Anderson, back in the Free National, come on. Which I think, man survive out here. Let me tell you what I think is going to change.


What I'm going to clean the entire house is. Your house is flooded and you're homeless. That's why you can't clean up, because you're going to head Bush. There's nothing you can clean right now to clean up feed the birds. He's been branded a bird. My whole life has just begun. Why are you so you know, fresh is homeless. I'm still fresh. I'm not homeless. But I guess I'm homeless is a mess. Well, settles in Japan.


Now, listen to this.


I could tell you niggas don't get bitches. These two dudes right here. You don't think Anderson, I got it to Mars.


Get women. I do. But not the real not the real ones that have ever stolen a Rolex from you. Shout out to my guy, my guy to go get another Rolex.


He stole it. Yes. That's part of life, though. You have to go through that. Yes.


You keep trusting his house, using your credit. That was a hotel go down. That's what he really said. He said the cleaning. The cleaning housekeeping took.


That's a mistake. You should never leave. That's what that's what he said.


I mean, he must have done it. Is she going to.


That knocks down. I would believe that, Brian. And, you know, he was on like the road with a dad or some shit. But anyway, back to this record. Listen, I love this song, right? But leave the door open. Let me tell you about some of my stories. I've gotten arrested cops over me with flashlights when I left the door open. What else happened? When I left the door open, I got robbed.


What else happened when I left the door open? Man Just grimy, traumatic stories happen when I left the door open. So this song is like God in the song is triggering for me like surprise pop up visits from people that weren't on the itinerary. What else happened when I left the door open?


Just trouble and gloom. Your address leaked. Yeah. Yeah, I saw dick pics leaked man shit was going on.


But listen, I leave the door open when I said a new thing. I do. But he took the picture when he was on soft anyway, because I was checking weight gain. Yes, but I'm sure I'm aware of that for sure. Now, look, I just wanted to fuck you. Let me take a picture. Butt naked to check his weight gain. You had to fight me. Well, I was about to get a shower. Oh, he was weight.


I was about to get in the shower. This is when I caught myself trying to be in the gym. I thought I was seeing some progress, took the pic before I hopped in the shower.


But then, you know, I didn't know I didn't know how to get out. But the story we just told the other day when I when my phone actually did get stolen from on city. My phone actually did get stolen from SIM City and I had to go get a new phone, she said Softy pick.


And then and then we got the story real quick phone got stolen from SIM City.


I had to go get a new phone and a for time pass. Right. And then we was leaving Totowa and then Corie, me and Caitlin was living in hotels. And when we went to check in one of the hotels, one more, it was a real rigourous night that night.


Hotel lobby adjudicative. When we went to check it right when I'm at the desk is when Twitter started just going hamwi. That's when she leaked it when I was homeless, living in Ghana. And it was it was a rough morning in the morning as well.


No, but that's not that that's that's foul. That's not the crazy part. The crazy part is the women that have entered my life since love the fact that that's out there.


That's crazy. They love that. That's crazy. I love bitches. They get just trash. It is a blast. Keep having. Oh no, it's horrible. Baby doing small. They love that. They love that. That's what they say. Oh and Winston went on TV with that one. Oh they love that one too. But you think, oh, you're that story, that moaner storyline? No, that was a sin freestyle. Mona wasn't there that day.


Oh, that she wasn't at that episode. She didn't climb in the minivan. I want to have some great conversation here, but they love this and got that off, too. Like, oh, that's that's just foul shit, though.


Like a man when he's soft. Is that his most vulnerable time? Yeah. Why would you like. That's the word on. That's that's why that's mean she didn't care, heartless. All right, but this aren't as perfect as it is. I do have a critique and a complaint, so I'll let you guys get all of your praise out the way. OK, and then I'll come with a critique that's going to make me look really stupid and really nit picky.


But somebody has to do it.


Well, this song is Fire and amazing. So just get to your critique, because I'm just going to keep saying that this song is amazing. It'll be on repeat in my house and in my car and in my headphones waiting for the whole anxiously.


This is how they're starting because I thought they'd do some Up-Tempo West Side Story vibes.


Well, I don't I'm sure someone I know I know is going to be on there, but I like the fact that they're starting out on this map.


Yeah, this is dope. This is amazing. Would you do a white thought? I love it. I love it. I have no complaints whatsoever. I want to listen to 60 minutes of this. This is do I like double disc jockey and leave your door open, you know, only want to poop. Got it. Got it. Oh, yeah.


We kind of skipped over that one more said that you just started doing that. Yeah. Same with the door open at the moment. I love doing that mom's crib. I was just the door never closed.


The house was always weird. I mean, people did it. Then one day I did it because I was already on the toilet. I couldn't just get I felt free.


So it's not bad being able to see what's going on out there and listen to me, OK?


And well, also, I'm not because basically just scratches on the door. So I just have to. You have no privacy now. She literally sits on me. Mean it's weird. Yeah, that is OK. That doesn't seem to be used to anyway anyways because nobody cares about what your animals do to you guys.


No, I agree. Well yeah, I agree.


Back back to your assessment of the Record Mall. Great. Love it. Music.


I see. This is this is exactly what I was hoping I was gonna do just with this project.


This this type of stealing from the 70s is missing in modern music. Yeah. Oh, no one.


No, please don't say that. Please don't say this type of vibe. People don't take it.


These are too right. Why do you think that is? Because most people can't do it. Thank the Lord.


So please don't give them a reason to try to start.


No, but these are two guys you want to do it. Create real musicians. Anderson Park and Bruno Mars are two real musicians. So.


Well, eighties in there too. There's eighties in this. But, yeah, I don't want people to start trying to steal this vibe from the 70s and 80s. These are the two that should do it more 70s. So. Either way. I'm glad they went this route as far as ending up temples, I'm sure going to be crazy because they both have great uptempo records. So this is dope.


When I first heard about this, he was doing this project. I was I knew that they were going to get it right to room musicians, you know, super dope, super unique.


I like and they both produced so they know how to get together.


And they all did this. All the Iggy baddies in the 70s, clothes, they look like Woodstock in the fucking control room. They got the vintage mikes, the whole world.


I want to see all the baddies dressed like this now. I will go see them laugh. Oh, you want to see all of them galore, not just lyrical galore. Don't trust it. You're stepping on my job already that I made when I walked in, but in a much better place to come out. It wasn't the comedic timing for me versus yours.


Yeah, I was better. You want to see the IGAD dress in the low 70s Halloween swag of all year. I like it, I prefer bikinis, but that's just me having a 70s, it's oversaturated now give me a give me a big collar on Shorty.


We'll see what some of those Daisy Dukes. Yeah.


There you could you could still get the cleavage out with a big collar. I'm not married. Yeah.


Or you can still show off your personality and intelligence. Well, that's the only thing I focus on. There you go. There you go.


Right, Zoomer. All right. This song is to zoom in on her personality pinch hit.


Let me screenshot our personality and zoom in for later on. The only personality dotcom. Tell me about yourself.


Your critics say the song is too perfect. Listening to a new level, wait, that's not true. We've done the two pilots before, we did that with Brunos last, I want to say two pilots.


I just don't think this is that noticing. I think Bruno's last had twenty four K magic shit was way too polished and perfect. That was, that was my critique on that. I just don't think that this is it. This is dope.


This is a record. I like it a lot and it's got a little lo fi vibe on it. I just want to say more than seven words before you all jump in and step on my opinion. OK, thank you. I was applying them all, by the way. Not you go. I prefer j o e not none of you, Nick.


I don't care what you don't think about what I think. We don't care what you think. I think that this amazing, perfect piece of art. It's just too perfect and I can hear the perfectness in it. It's different from when. Because I love the 70s vibe and I agree with you two musicians that should do it right. But it's almost like they did it to a T.. And that's wrong in the 70s. Like like when Childish Gambino did.


What's the record, Red Bull, Red Bull? Yeah, it was a 70s vibe, right, but it wasn't perfect. Drew. It's also not as polished of a musician. I agree with that, and because they're so polished, I would have like them to take some of the Polish off, like it sound like they wrote down even their their runs through the bridge, like through both bridges, through both courses. As they climaxed, it sounds like they wrote it and sang it.


Everything is placed to perfection in this record is not even a mistake. Run or adlib that sometimes an R&D thing will leave in and it's hot because you just go in and sing it without Anderson going in a Brunos world.


I feel like because Anderson is polished, but he leaves some room, right?


He leaves a little funky. He does. He does.


He leaves some room for, I want to say sloppiness, but just just real musicianship.


So before you all the funk, before your address on this address might take period. Aside from this, you can hear when something. Yeah. When there's a little polish off.


Yeah. That's, that's Brudno period since his last album. That's what I felt when everyone was praising the twenty four K magic shit. I liked it. Don't get it twisted. That album is phenomenal and I'll never be mad at someone for it. But that was my critique from it was way too perfect.


I'm not a single note that sounds adits like it's too far but that's, that's Popsie. He has that pop mentality of perfection.


I don't mind a song being perfect. We're just not a lot. I want to hear that shit. If it's not a record palmy, we're pop ain't rolling with their definition of pop. We're pop. Bruno knows that. He says it every time they ask him about the appropriation thing, he gives it up to us and the origins of this type of music.


So I think he could throw a little mistake. Run in there.


No. If it's a live recording and it's a studio, more do what you want. Yeah, but I'm saying if they're if they're. Going into an actual movie, you're not mad at it, I'm not mad at it, like in a live show, but for the album I can see what they're polishing it like that. But they're musicians and they're performers and it's a live band. And I'm pretty sure once this is a tour, the record is going to sound totally different.


Jojo's looking for the world.


The live version of this is going to be crazy. Yeah, and a big part of that for me is going to be when they go off real, when they actually play it, you're looking for the word warm. That's the word. But that's the truth, you know. Tell me what helped me. A terrible. Help me.


It doesn't mean anything. Yes, it does. No, it doesn't. It has.


Your just got it has more feeling has less electronics on it. It has more of a feel from the actual instrument than it does the way and even the way back to how things sound on vinyl.


Are you defining warm right now? For the most part, but it is the way things sound on vinyl to some degree when they are now pushed through MP3 and CDs from those difference.


It has to do with electronics. It does. And how it's how it's compressed. It doesn't look.


I mean, Parke's, again, would know better than me, an engineer and as a consumer, as a consumer by definition comes from it usually comes from a low end or lack of high end. And there's plenty of vinyl. I have a million of them that are not warm. There's there's plenty of modern music that is very warm. It has that comfort in the low end and lower mid region.


No, I think lot of music has warmth. I'm not saying that. I'm saying when it's super polished, you're lacking the warmth and maybe it is low fi, but the warmth is a little bit of an actual instrument.


Like this was literally recorded from the instrument to the microphone rather than a drum kit where I just hit this button and then mix that exact drum.


They didn't really in a music back. But let me just say to you, like, if they were to add record crackle underneath this whole track, it would add to what I'm saying.


Well, the record crackles is would be the stereotypical warmth to something.


But that's kind of that's a manufactured. So that's a real warmth. That's my point. So if they weren't going to do that, if they weren't going to look for that warmth for a better term, I'm not as educated. You're on the one thing. If they weren't going to do that with the record you into this all sounds warm to me. This is a great sound. So I'm not saying. Yeah, yeah, I. I can't find anything wrong with this record.


I'm sorry, Meeker's. It's after hearing all the shit that we've been hearing for the last few years hearing this is like.


Yes, tell me that's c c no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I would maybe critique the amount of reverb on the leads. That's the only thing. Listen, it's only again, it's only my ear.


If you get in the seventies bag, which they are in and they've bided it, mastered it, I don't want I do that a lot. Don't hear when I give a critique about a record and people think that I'm bashing it or think down of it, I don't this is just this is like mute. This is my music. Thoughts about this. Listen, if you get in the seventies bag, you put me in the 70s bag, what you did, you successfully did that as a listener.


I'm with you. Bruno's voice emits it. Bring it gives me remnants of some of those dudes.


And that's a problem for me. Like right here. Wait, let me bring this back. I'm. My problem here is I've heard every Jackson five record, so your voice, right, this is Jackson five. This is what your voice and the music is giving me. The problem is what Mike, when he did right there, is went crazy on that part. But he's not my I know he's not, Mike. I'm just telling you, I'm expecting him to do that.


But I'm saying do something, make it warmer, do something to make it not sound so rickety and perfect is all. I'm not saying he should have done that, but shit. This is a great. Sorry, Mark, I'm not leaving the door open for none of you efforts, but this is all double locks, new locks, new locks on the door. It could be the door. Now, she's I'm not like your bedroom door, you know, or maybe he's leaving the door before he did.


The math is right. This inside you just got to do. These two, do they never fuck the chick that the door was locked, so they climbed up the fire escape to get in your career? Anderson was homeless, don't you think? Anderson fucked. I don't know. I don't know enough about Bruno. But you got Anderson. These dudes clearly never left the balcony door open by mistake and had an unwanted guest like this. Just some life things then, you know, bitches that could climb.


As dangerous spider, why new chicks that could climb a little too good and I didn't know to the relationship so they could climb until they have to support you, miss, and she didn't even know she could climb. No, chicks are. You'll figure it out. It's not locked every door.


I mean, Gary was driving somewhere when I got the news and we looked at each other. So she climbed a tree.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. You fucking right. Is that possible? Yes. We were stumped.


You got to go back and look at the scene. How did she know? No. Once I went back and looked at the tree, I was determined to climb that tree somehow figured you ain't gonna be the only one that could climb this dragon scale.


Yeah. Yeah. Anything you can do, I can do better. Exactly. That's what I can do right now. I couldn't climb trees difficult. I couldn't climb better than her. But I mean, I mean she could just hire better. Me too.


She just did a lot of like she had a little little church. She's a fireman. Tiger Tager do away with it. You get a blip. But this is great.


Chris, congratulations to Arnson Park, Bruno Mars. Couldn't they happen to do better to better? MAN two Really, really good guys. I'm happy for these guys. Can't wait till this project drops. We have no more information on it. We don't know when it's coming. The video looks good. Happy for Atlantic.


I don't know whose brainchild this was to put these two dudes together or who approach to.


But I think they were on tour together and I think that's the two of them.


I don't think there was a major label thing. I think the two of them sat there and said, hey, we actually gel outside of us being dope and making music. Let's try this. All right. But we don't know. I think it's going to go quick.


They announced the group quick. A week later, we got the first single. I think there's going to be a a pretty quick rollout as far as this thing goes.


Well, they're definitely waiting to be able to talk, I can tell you that. Oh, yeah. That's cause I'm about tickets to that shit, you know, toying, being going so long.


I'll admit I miss I would go to a concert. Oh. Thirty three percent. Oh I would go to April 2nd.


Hundred people. I'll wait for the vibes are there. I watched that actually sounds like it.


I would love to be in an arena with one hundred people. I mean part of the experience for me is the rest of the onlookers.


Oh you don't want to smell like stale beer and all that good shit that's so bad.


I want to see loud music. I don't want to go like, oh shit. Seventeen of y'all are fans to know hundred people as well. I mean, that's cool for like a little local spot.


So look, you calm down. We're waiting to go see. Anybody at this point so much want to see live music again. Yeah, anybody, any fucking biologist suggested is doing it like a digital tour thing or the streaming tour. We're like it's a bunch of different cities. Each city gets like a discount on the ticket or whatever it is I watched last night. It was pretty cool. Yeah, it was the closest thing I've seen to live music.


Yeah. And a lot of that's a really good idea to do a different city tour. Yeah. That tonight we're doing in Seattle and you'll get a cheaper. Yeah. That's actually a really good idea.


I would love that the lights go off in the house and everybody starts screaming. Yeah. You better implement that idea or when I'm with you on it and it's going to sound like, hey, I that streaming with rap I have to start to get into. I can I can watch someone sing on a live stream. I can't really get into rapping live. I love to see rap right.


But I can't watch a screen or watch someone disappear when people rap well, and he has a nice crib and had cool lights set up and shit.


Yeah, it felt like something it's something that I definitely support and will throw my money towards. But from my personal consuming I'd rather watch someone sing.


I feel so but you know, but I'm just a hater.


Thirty bucks on a random weeknight to watch. Oh sure. Absolutely. Shouts Especially. Well, I didn't want you to finish your sentence. That's the end of the sentence, I think that was so. They want to keep talking because it's a podcast. I'm making a change today and taking a page dark dogberry.


Want to snuff me so bad? Yo, yo, keep track of how many times he wants to hit me, because when he actually hits me and I get his ass arrested, call the authorities. You're going up buddy. They're going away present right around the corner.


You better keep record all this stuff till I'm in world boxing gym twice a week and every time I'm in there, yo, when's Joe going to come down here? I'm like, I think he scared me.


Requesting your presence at the boxing gym. That's that's the boxing gym in Jersey City. I just want to see of yours where you keep saying it might work, OK? They want to see I mean, I don't know, but we're going to the gym.


It works when I'm out. I'm in a mirror and life, as I call it, where I'm outside and I feel threatened. Oh, that's got you.


OK, OK. I caught a nice little raspberry yesterday on my cheek. That left was quicker than I thought it was.


When you are looking a little rosy inside a little something yesterday. A little bit yeah.


But I like to explore your worries in such a dark place, crying out for help. And I would address it if you didn't drop. Hmmm.


I'm actually in a pretty good place. When I was in a dark place you guys wouldn't talk about it. Now I'm in a cool place and you want to talk about it.


Oh. How long you have left that you would you please me now and now like you made it out. You look good. All right, cool. We're back. Yes, we're back. Now is good. Spooky times. All right. Spooky time. Well, spookies, dear me, I know you shook my hand, he was already angry today from oh yeah, he is not making a change today. Tillicum been taking the pain away. I heard you was giving a chain away.


It is kind of like giving your pain away. It was human giving it Janaway.


So I thought about that. Somebody has been giving it Janaway. He heard about it. I didn't understand the bar. I thought maybe my hip hop knowledge is going over my head. I didn't get it. You understood the bar. No, I didn't. How is that given your family? It depends. I can see how this is not. Especially if you got a change and I tell you, no, no, no, I get the bar, I just I just don't get the bar.


In the capacity it would have to be somebody that was giving away for nothing. If I have a brand in a chain which we would go towards a label of some degree and I give it to an artist that I have business dealings with.


Yeah. Let me give you some of my fame. The fuck is wrong with that? You should call him and ask him. He seemed a little disturbed with that line and not just you guys just brought it up. I didn't I actually was back of my head when it was going. It was like I actually really like the song.


So I sit in a basket on his door and run it up to you for fucking five years and you will give me one more worry about it.


It's a project. Would you give you a Griselda Mirch away? Absolutely.


What are you talking about right now? Even a family farm. Drake is on a lot of money on it, so I like it. But I told her to.


I can't just be what you want to call you. Yeah, I got one version of that one and that is the he told me how many times I mention it.


I'm bleeping Virgil's name out of my version. How many nights trying to do was on a roll tape. Funny how goes he thought he was sick.


Now we know how to start to ask you about what they. What do you guys think about the three pack? I enjoyed it, I don't think it was like exceptional, but it was isn't this like three drinks started beefing with Kanye and is not not put Virgil's name in every single song.


He put his name in the song, too. I'm saying he does not put his name in every song.


I like the fact that there wasn't this record leaked and he just found a way to just pull this record was one of the things I never listened to.


And he just found a way to package it up and throw it out and literally stream. The interior of this car, yeah, shot a video, nice visual for why not? Used to leaking tea of energy, that is not what this video was for, what video was not, hey, the song leaked, so let's try to make something out of it.


No, it probably just probably was probably was one of the joints that he wouldn't mind not leaking for sure. But I'm saying that was one of the joys he had a plan for since it leaked.


I mean, do some with it, but. Well, it only leaked a few days ago. About about a week ago, you like to flotilla's and the music, so we've got to stop saying it. I don't believe his music leaks. I believe I used to think somebody in his camp, they know that it was coming up, not that it was leaked. I don't think so. I don't think it's impossible for these guys musically.


I used to think that with all 45 songs this past year and a half that leaked. And now I think that is really leaking because because they shot this whole video. And then seven days ago, this record was on the Twitter timeline. No, I don't think I think it's I think I think someone is has a hard drive and keep sending it to people and I think it's pissing off the people in that camp.


You'd think they wouldn't have found a leak by now. I don't know who knows his music and broke. I'm sorry, that's its purpose, but their purpose, I came on this podcast and said the same thing, but I'm starting to think otherwise.


It don't matter for orders like that code line. That fly, fly drink has nice things. That is fly. Yeah, that's a nice call, whoever made the call. This is one of the songs that I won't judge because every time I try to judge one of these songs from Drake, I'm wrong.


I have now identified the songs that I'm able to gauge and the ones that I'm unable to gauge. So I'm just going to shut the fuck up. I know when I'm wrong. I think that he had plans for this record. Well, yeah, I'm going to assume that he had plans for this record because I'm looking at a plan.


For the record, I love whatever FLOTUS is on here. I love the precook. That's really the hook. I love that and I'm sad now because I'm always wrong about this. Listen, when he put out that, what was that? If I gave everybody in the world a dollar, everybody get a dollar in the world. Yeah. When he put that out.


I don't know how you understood it because that's a song. If it was a song. I get it. Now, if everybody in the world, everybody out there, everybody would have a dollar. What's that got to say with that? We have that in our film. Did he just do that? When he when I heard that, I was like, oh, what the fuck is the boy doing? And the ship was number one for like the next five years in a row because the kids loved it.


Everybody loved it. So this is that for me. He didn't even like that.


He didn't like the way. Yeah, I'm done with artist to say that too. But I don't believe no, I don't believe I can believe it. But I'm done here in that film art. You haven't done even like that. No. And then they shot up the charts. So you had some shit that you wasn't really feel that everybody else around you is like that's the one. I think I think that's mad believable for this. Extremely common.


Fam, you knew this beat was a fucking slap, but Drake never said he hated this. God's for sure. I can see him not really, you know, this is tough, I think I think when they put them, put the machine behind and do all the tricky stuff that they're going to do, this is going to catch on. It's going to take some away. When I heard this shit last week, I was like, there's going to be some way to sound like the record he made with the intention of everybody going outside and being outside.


He just think you're always going to keep zooming through this, you know? Yes, so I'm not judging that one, it's hard to argue I have I have no I like to think advanced opinion on that. I like to think this through the record.


What's next is definitely the war, obviously with the video, but the same way I did with God's plan that had the diplomatic immunity shit in it as well. Yeah, he's doing the same same strategy there, I understand. Put out the three pack with the single and that'll be the single to them. And I'm not bad at that being a single. I like any single word Drake is rapping, you know, this next one, this next little tune.


Is where it gets a little tricky for the boy. Oh, oh, oh, no, no, no, Japan. Yeah. Limited to come is limited to NASA's speaking out of car to. Man, we need a show about. We need to show about rappers clapping and then being together, doing it. I have so many questions about this. Let me get my shit up before I forget. There's this guy, right, man? He he reminds, I identify it from Royce, Royce has that thing where he hears things in the beat that other people don't hear.


Right. So when this starts, he unlocks this flow that I didn't hear and movie.


Did you hear it? No. Did you hear? No. Did you at the beginning? I didn't hear very different.


I was a little lost even at the third bar, which I liked because I was expecting the typical pocket in that. Yeah. I'm glad he heard something different, Sam.


But now I need to know who put a verse on this song first.


Hmm, that's important to me and me only was it Drake who unlocked this and sent vaped little baby a little taste? I imagine it going that way, but I could see it going all the way to a better than the first. Yeah, I'm going to think that he did it first to about maybe switched his flow just by quick in his first. And Baby was rapping like. I'm the feature on here. I got a call this year. Well, that sounded like baby, this was sent to him here.


He had a certain energy in his tone.


It was like, oh, a I think if baby is starting, niggas trying to he's not starting to see me as the song I'm going to tell you. That's what he said. Let me out of comments, let me out in an. But what you are saying would have been a death sentence for artists last decade to be. Frederic to pick the beat, and Fidrych to start the song and Frederich to unlock a new flow in the first eight bars of the song, and then for Drake to sing the hook and then send it to a new act.


Well, Buddy is a new and also the hook is a little baby, which honestly this B is little baby. So I would send it to him, and I think it's a death sentence because baby crap and babies not I don't care what y'all think about what I think I'm saying what I'm responding to. I hate that that happens here, but which I'll think about every time I'm saying what I think Rori reply with his opinion or my opinion. I hate that.


OK, so. All right, so so we won't be just back as fucking hate you say fuck, it's not supposed to debate our opinions.


Yeah, I don't think that. OK, so from now, it's not a debate show why we all share our opinions. Music is why he don't never have an in-depth opinion and so start giving in depth. That's, that's, that's not true.


It also happens about what conversations. Somebody say something and give their opinion.


And my opinion is I don't care what whose style beat this is, it could be a little baby style beat. Last decade niggas was getting packed up if that happened. OK, stop right here.


Well, in the podcast. You said your opinion, no one else can reply to it. This decade, stop. Why are you talking the podcast is over because I have four opinions that I have carefully crafted and thought out on my seemingly off time.


But in pod world, never a such thing as off time because we have a dedicated audience who wants to hear from our brains and my opinion.


I already have in my head. That was a stupid and false thing that you said that I only have an in-depth opinion when you say something. No, I already have my opinion. You just spoke first and I'm going to reply with my opinion. That has to go against yours already.


Tell us spicy mayo. Sometimes I don't care. Listen, I'm not going to reply to that about if I like it or not, this last decade, because we can't do that on a podcast. I think this would have been a death sentence in twenty twenty one.


This went a little bit differently, so if Drake sent this over, OK, he got his lunch packed up. If Drake sent it over, he got his lunch packed up. You mean a little baby outperformed him on his record? Yes, I think that's a fair assessment. Baby went crazy on the. And I think Drake I think Drake would say to OK, that's what you kind of yeah, that's what I want to this that has the ears of please kill me.


Yeah. It's my song. I sent this to you to perform. But don't me a bad thing. No, definitely not. But I take note of it when it happens, because it doesn't happen very often where you can say, all right, this is what I like. You like little babies. Look, I mean we us. Well, my life man.


What do you say I me I deal with the leadership of the secret. You're trying to teach me to blow up people. I can't respond. We just push. You can't be too and deeply emotional, well, being able to go ahead. Shocking. What do you want to look at it day by tomorrow? She means when she looks like she's not a go. But I think it is because I like to pose.


So I get a look. But no, I think maybe I like the flavor of the day. But in March, you miss it. He was going crazy. I'm not going to fit the description. I'm not a good description. That's fly. That's nice. That's fly.


He was talking. But that's why you got to be careful if you drink, unlocking the flow around these new little knizhnik. That's why I sent him the record. And to do that. To do that, to do that. To do that. I totally agree with you. And he did it. But did he do it? He did it. Yeah. Little baby need to go apologize to Rick Ross.


Right the second. Well, Bauer. Oh, wait, that's your opinion, I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Get all your gay spice out, Rory, please, so we can have a good podcast. That was 20 minutes ago. I said that.


What do you mean? Do you mean what I mean?


You need to apologize because this little baby is the only reason why. Drink. When did that rough on the very next song?


Oh, we'll get to that one. Let's finish with this record.


We walk around when I'm bad and I just go and I go jam and I blame it on.


That's absolutely that's what he does when he put the gun to my head and thank the Lord you're with baby, said this one, buddy. Here at the end of the year. And when I watch my children allegedly, allegedly sum up versus you. Yes, here is dumb, usually because of law abiding citizens. Absolutely. Nobody would be a little baby universes. Come on. Yeah, that's what he means. He'll do the breakfast while he's playing with his children.


I just love that a young artist said bands in my britches.


I love when he wants to begin to believe to be at all because I've already found me. When they call them out. Did they make it meet all this? I don't even bigging. I start from the bottom. I'll tell you this.


Remind me when Wayne was in. We like that. Wayne rapping Rattenberg This reminds me that you hit that floor. He just he was like, all right, I'm going. Yeah, good. You thought he was going to switch.


It is. I know. I'm clear here. Clear out they calling for my artist. Mm. I don't even thought of that. Whatever the fuck he said.


You don't think that he packed, packed his lunch for like Drake put the sandwich in the apple and the cheese. It's together I think. Snack pack. I think, I think, I think, I think also he picked the right amount of flow because. Because Drake was seeing some slick shoots. No, no. Of course, he was arrested, did not talk about the rap. And rap is the flow. That's what it is now, baby, we're crazy.


Nobody saying words to be saying something that with that flow, it's like it don't stop.


When you think he's going to switch, he's still right there. Yeah. Like he still just kept hearing that beats us. Yeah. So I like it. I lost it for that's my baby. That's what he does though. No, no. That's what he does. Las Vegas, Nevada. We know where he is.


He gave us this letter enjoying the speaker speaking about our woke up the following day and went hot. I'm cracking my shit. I decided I'm smart. I got to get money. I know to get China. I came back and that was kind of I came down like, oh, my God. Yeah, that's the role model. I know I cheated out of sense.


No, no, no. Pretty hook, man. I came in perfect. No, but yeah. But I got sins on my mind. This guy has been giving us perfect hooks our whole life. We know. We know.


But I got sands on my mind and a lot of em maybe it his art eps.


He reps. He reps. Browdy Rich, better hurry up and little baby arrives Browdy doing Browdy doing that shit I did after I made it up where you just chill.


Sorry. Yeah you can't kill you.


Better hurry some of that order to reverse baby and really fast.


But that's the thing I notice when I'm on that the the colours thing that we talked about, that platform we love baby took some of that auto tune off and sounded great.


But more to the tune, the tune to a baby kind of sound out of tune in the chorus. So he uses machinea.


This isn't this is a flat this sound like he want us to be outside to Drake or baby or both. Both of them sound like the record was made along with that dark record. They just sound like records that we should be outside enjoying his record.


Yeah, I'm with you. That's what I like both the record so far, but I'm I'm with they I do not like the crazy Chris. I I'll give I'll give my voice I like a lot. He needs is hard.


Well, now it's fucked up because and he gave us rapping. I have a freestyle. He gave us to Georgia and then he was like, OK, let me get an Araba, he let me come talk to you like I'm a child.


He covered everything on here. I'll give my gripe. I give some type of edge to this podcast. So it's not just that we love drug thing. When it comes to the album, I'm not going to harshly judge the three pack when it comes to the album, not content wise, sonically wise, I would like Drake. To have some growth on the table, this is more of the same when it comes to beats. He's done this already.


And I think he's done it better before in the past. So on the album, I love this, I like all three songs, I really, really do, and they will be on repeat when it comes to the album with the Beats.


I'd like it to have some type of growth because I've heard this from Drake and I've heard him do it better than these three on these three beats. What's the intro to what's the name of the song, the intro to the I feel like I should be able to say that about somebody with free speech track record. Yes.


Once in these remaining free samples, I only compare Drake amongst Drake. I can't compare them amongst any other artist because he's too top tier to ever do that, no one's really close to that. I'm talking about him. I've heard him on these beats and I've heard him do it better. And again, this is just from my personal standpoint. I can totally see why he would stay on these beats.


They work every time he has. He's not fell off at all when he does this type of shit and he makes great music doing it. Talk about my personal 30 year old's bullshit, only talking about Rory right now, which Drake should never even be concerned about my.


Sure. I would just I would like some when it comes to the album, I don't know what's on there and it could already have this. And he just he's getting these records out of you. Yeah. Production or production. I think the content is fine.


Who produced these joint? Can we look it up, Boy Wonder did the last one to know that Rick Ross shout out to Carter? Carter? No, I just had a second to go. Cordeaux does writing for what he did once in his. Yeah, Carter was a great producer, yes, and Maneesha Supermarket, but what tells me of him getting these type of records off in the three pack makes me think that certified loverboy is going to sound way different.


Maybe like let me get this shit out now. Let me get the stuff that we know people are going to love.


Maybe I feel like Drake is because you can't miss with these cycles and these type of switch gears quite a bit in his career, so he's certainly looking for that now. And that's nice.


That's why he stayed relevant, is because he's been able to keep up with the younger generation.


That's why I think this is still this is but this is not far sonically outside of what's popular.


Well, I mean, he kind of on a mainstream level with its too kind of ushered in the trappy stuff that kind of sounds sadhguru. So I'm not bad at this. I feel like it is growth to me.


I do agree with you that it's maybe not the most exceptional versions of the same songs that he's made. That's why I'm not harshly judging it, because it's a three pack and we got to sing on the first one.


Would you harshly judge it if these three records appeared on the album? And it would depend what else is on the album. That would would drastically change if the album sounded completely different than these records, but they meshed with the album. I'm not going to be so mad of Rory's take because I think that it was great greatness on the fake albums that leaked. Oh, the difficulties were phenomenal. There was great. Oh, it was greatness on the fake album like that, that five a.m. in London or whatever time it was in London.


Well, you all say that was called Lucky Lefty, but then it came back out under a five a.m. in London or whatever it is, which was appropriate because when he do that level of rapping it normally is.


I think I think several times someone on the Internet renamed it that. OK, my opinion is he wrapped like it oh, for sure, that lucky lefty record has been one of my favorite drink joints. It's come out in the past two or three years. No, whatever time it was in London, it's a accardo for using that. Mall, I'm not mad and nobody to say he was rapping, rapping on the lemon, the lemon pepper.


Oh, he was rapper rapping for sure I'm not mad at that flow. Is that Florida is why is Rick Ross on his record?


I didn't want to be the one to say and I'm glad you beat me to it. Why is he on here? It probably was.


I get why you would ask Ross, but he's not needed on this record.


I get why you would ask him to have a little baby. Just did it. You need somebody to get some get back on sports and turn him in the face. Big boy. I'm trying to buy the brains for selling like I mean, I was fine when he got in that Nagasu Ross is fine on any track.


He feels like touch it. He's fine. He writes for Dwayne Wade. He's fine. It's Ross is fine, but not right now. You can't be fine right now when he when Drake is angry at the baby. All right. I love the narratives we create for no reason to sit back. This all started six months before. This is what it is. You hear this beat? It sounds like a real speed. I sense it's a Ross.


I'm not talking about when it was made.


I'm talking about how secret sequences. Yeah, OK. OK, maybe something to that I sequence this with my hit up top. No, but I put my rap sheet at the end. I put put great.


But this is a three pack, so it it will be something in the middle. Some getting sandwiched once in my head is at the top, my, my, my bank or my Memphis banger. You keep giving off Memphis bang. I don't ever say Memphis bank but what are you calling them, a song. No, no, no. We're recording. It does have songs but this production will come or it will think of another name that you present a problem with no solution.


The second song. No, no. You know. Yeah, no, exactly. Memphis do it as much as a three six mafia as it does. I just don't like Joe saying Memphis banger. That's why, you know, like Joe saying anything until I have an opinion. But anyway. All right. And the last fight and you and the last song, it just turns out that way.


Ross owns a a plethora of Wingstop and they specialize in the lemon. Pepper is trying to buy the Braves twenty piece Old Flat and Drakkar that.


Listen, Dre, call me with a record if I'm wrong. I'm never saying no to the record. I'm getting on here.


Sorry, but should this have just been a drak joint and Drake solo alone with all that shit that he's saying?


One thousand percent. Yeah, I'm with you and I like, I like Ross's verse. It just just get to Drake's doing. He raps fucking four minutes straight so go to.


Cut it for one second. I'm going to speak for the common man on this record, because this was my favorite one, and I know Joe is now a capitalist pig, so he loves he loves what he loves.


He loves what Drake did on this beat. And this is one of those beats where we know Drake is going to spazz straight through.


And I love him for still keeping this type of shit alive as a pop star, real rap him, did a lot of money talk on this type of beat where he usually didn't do a lot of money. Talk on.


I love that. And well, because you're a capitalist pig now. I know. I know that. I love that. But for the common man that likes to the do not disturb and those type of records when it's when it comes to these beats, just want to pose a question.


Loser niggas, which I think I know exactly what the word is. Wasabi. Mama, let me speak for you when you hear a question and I give an opinion. But when was your question? Was a lot of money talk on the type of records where he talks that real? Well, you like that.


That money talk is also good. As long as long as you're good at it. Like you're like I like it when it's done. Right. Yeah. He's a professional. Sugarcoats like that. And interiors of cars like that. No, it's not.


Every single Rolls-Royce has a different. But more importantly, when you see it, give me your favorite money. Rappers like currently like for me for a long time, the only dudes that could really talk that money shit right was Hobe. Of course, Kanye does it a lot. Yeah. I love when he does. Kanye does it differently, which I love when he does it. Yeah. And I'd be hard take a more Ross up there with the money.


Talk to me is drink two drinks. I mean that goes without saying.


Yeah but it's just on these type of beats. I'm posing a question. If you look at his Rolodex of these records, there is a big Drake fan base that loves this Drake the most.




When everybody can't go right, when it's not money talk on these type of beats. Everybody is posing a question. So I like this song. Sorry, just college kids from MIT so far gone days. I'm a billionaire now. I built the embassy in Toronto. I'm loved out here like DeMar Doros. I don't give a fuck about your y'all detachment to my earlier slaps. So if you wanted to go to college, I could have helped you out.


You know, college people out there, people you know, people that have, you know, can go right, you know, the age limit, you do know that people went to college like a lot of them have money.


I don't know nothing about your outcasts, the people that in college, right? Yes.


Yeah. I don't know nothing about your Western civilization. He was told he was talking money, talking so far, but.


He's been told, come on, he told no, no, no, this is different when it's not true. He took a breath, he took a breath, is different now, has more money. He took a break, but he's always been talking money. Now, that was one of my big issues with views, is that don't come on.


All of the school kids just don't want to be friends anymore and are rich. You are past rich. I don't want to hear this shit. And you know what? He heard me because he says it right here in this verse. Imagine me still talking like I don't have it. He did that for a long time, where it's like, OK, why are you still rapping about not having it? You got it. You could give it to us.


So now all of his take, because I have but similar to take it was a question well off your question. Well, to circle back to your question. A lot of money talk here. I love it, right, but I do have some issues with it. I like it on a different beat. I want to highlight because I'm letting this whole verse wrap, I was I wasn't I wasn't going to give him a break down. I want to spend too much time on the Drake or Hoe because now you predicted I got a bunch of jokes.


Y'all said I'm gonna start talking about oppression. And Spotify said I was going to talk to my wife, so I almost wasn't going to do it. But we're here now. I want to highlight before I play this verse. This is what Drake is telling us survivor's guilt is like.


And when you realize that before he says a word in this verse. Is the funniest verse in the world. And for me, only me, I put drak rats in different boxes like that 5:00 a.m. and whatever as confidence time, time to shit on you rappers like it's time to really shit on the rappers. But when he does, he is he should know raps and he'll get it twisted for me is different. It ain't different for me on the on the single he's saying I don't need to pad numbers.


There's no Bundu on this. I've never had a bundle. He shits on rappers a lot. I think when he does that time stamp stuff it's a different style shit and it's, it's no more, it's not so braggadocios with materialistic things anymore. It's just words embedded in y'all at this.


It's they take the verse and the hooks song sounds like track featuring Drake. Is your play played enough pow pow now. Yes, I'm a pop star. I got it. But out. That's what I take though. That how powerful this right. This is probably one of my favorite drinks. Random thoughts. It's like if we ever needed a close look into this guy's brain, it operates so. It's so magnificent. Listen to what survivor's guilt is.


Yeah. Just heard purple doing 60 out front. It all comes full circle class photographs.


And he had me on my mom's. Take that monster. Ask me some bullshit. Well, we've all we all have that school picture for sure.


360 all cover. Come back full circle in bar one. Three sixty up front. Oh yeah. Yeah. Not that show you that drastically. Oh, Patty. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, get it is dirty, man. But no, he lost. He probably saying he bet on Pat Pat, Pat Mahoney. That's what I took it as. Pat Mahomes about to fall short a couple hundred I took the signed, sealed, delivered, I fuck the notary public.


I took that as she witnessed me sign off on some undeniable numbers. No, he didn't talk about the Super Bowl win. Double entendre. Pat Mahomes his contract. But Billy and you coming up short. Yeah, I am taking this young lady with me to close this deal. I'm bringing her to work and she's going to see a astronomical no class photographs.


And he had me on my record. I love at him by the fall short a couple of honey, but I was a notary public. She witnessed me sign off on some undeniable and undeniable numbers. Yeah, shit.


You make a sale in Croatia to get the Levitch groundskeepers cutting the grass and clipping the hedges. I took to the cage down in the desert.


Survivor's guilt to do all these amazing things, he says at the end. I know. That's why it's so funny. What is survivor's guilt about any of this great stuff? Groundskeepers cutting the grass, clipping the hedges. Talk to me about the case that he is living life sounds a comfortable life.


You met his mathematics caught up in the pit boss double check.


It did no good. Just pay me. I'm at Toronto real life. The whole family's like Rollo. One truck in front of me will be happy to follow. Let me get a lemon pebble at the beach. You've got to a link before you ordered and skis in the Florida Keys. We all grateful for Wizzy, but no one wanted me to just find a bottle with no messages. These days, fame is disconnected from Exelis half the time. I got to ask Nagus what the profession is.


I a generation endesa when my professors left bother.


Why? Why should a generation. These are my confessions let. It's only such a hard bar, though, because he said he got to ask what the profession is like they were after. Oh, they do it like when he told when he told George Smith I knew to do the same thing, but we gave it to me.


It's a great idea, Brushwood, the judge may appear before drink, drink, that's tampering with a case, by the way, when you know you can do that in Canada. Yeah, I mean, you can. You can't. We don't know. You can have. We've seen, Your Honor, this man that was in Canada. Listen, would you want me to do you can't have a judge with Frisco's is amazing here. Can't have with the judges that we're hearing before.


I didn't know what he was going to be here. That's wrong.


We'll eat together. We might as well eat together. Meeting you here.


Your Honor, I did brunch with the judge. We appear before private villas only. I'll go near if we want to alone. I can't stay here. I can't stay at a resort. Showed up a little bit. And listen, every single time was only why would you do the resort if the village is there? Because we broke your neck. Because it's broke. You've been broke.


Do you get that often? They used to watch. Oh, he's about to get that off or about to.


I don't stay at no resort. About two villa me. You and his resort. Oh really. I'm I'm really you. I believe me. I know.


But I got it for real. It can be a bar in my city. For real. It's got great. I don't like living below the line.


That's a bar. I don't like it. You wish you chef. We want everything the chef to the war. I like that he put it there to me like tomato martirosyan.


I sent it to child support. She sent me to a hot emoji emulsify.


All right. You just trying to trigger me at this point. You never got an emoji. You never got a thing, not a hard emoji. I'm not a thank you. I'm not a fucking thing. Drake is getting heart emojis when the child support lands because there's a talk. I'd be one. And when I pick on you happy you will fix your fucking face when I pick my son out. Not even a thumbs up emoji. What do you have to frown about?


We'd like to double tap heart. Yeah, something fam. None of that Shrake is getting up.


Fuck man y'all don't believe that's funny. Funny my ass hurt. It's hurtful and sad and disappointing. So come on man. And because of an emoji is a cool way to do that, yeah, sehnalová, I mean. They all say they love me, but they hardly know me. Yeah, them be going everywhere.


First of all, you about to go crazy with this whole little man thing. When do that thing in a new bag? I'm telling you, every time he mentioned his kid on here, he went to a different zone like this is nuts and is out his drinks on.


Now, maybe the FBI somewhere in three. Yeah, so it's like pre-K time, right? It's like it's home schooling, pre-K time if I have that right.


Right. You got to be three to start pre-K.


And you know that for I think what is there. When you have money is three.


Oh, well, yeah. Because he was saying is, you know, like, how old are the teachers in this in this guy's son's class.


But they're pretty young, I imagine, and they want to sleep with Drake. I don't know why you think just the young chicks to. I'm saying I'm at the school for my kid and you're trying to like I'm trying to check on my God. My God is great. Yes, I think that happens to average people. Yeah, but not that that. That's not what was funny about his response.


It was funny we didn't get to drop them off at school. Big day for my little man. He says his daddy probably made another ham. School bell rings And I'm out to get him again. Another one to him, lims in a school day to prayer meetings where I regardless of what he was doing to provide asking if I know Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, he is listening. Of course, of the most notable of that, of course, was one of the sickest, of course, in my time.


Want me to do a note? Will you want me to do it? Of course.


Because why are you saying that at the parent teacher conference they ask you, why are they asking me? Of course. Of course. I got to answer and have songs with both of them. Of course I know that kids know that. I know the queens. You want me to do them.


You know, the fact that he let, like, the whole beat rod for a second. Of course, of course.


You well know, of course is flagrant. Letting him beat. Right. Is flagrant. And as soon as I heard that line, my next thought was, well, damn it, housebreak pulling up to the parent teacher conference like he knows them. And then guess what the next line was how he pulled up to the parent.


And I'm like, why would you pull up to a parent teacher conference this way? This guy is fucking nuts. Of course, pull up to the front and a fleet of Suburbans merging with the Secret Service. It is so obvious it defeats the part.


Why the fuck he's telling you? Are you bringing the flooded French immersion with the Secret Service to the parent teacher meeting? This is guys gravy.


This is your hobby. Didn't come and you'll make champagne. Rang bells in the streets of Jamaica, started at a crab. Look how far to take it, Rossin. Not two hundred thirty five acres.


And as things like. Their cause and my mom and like my real brother, thanks to my bracelet, I got Emirati when he went into a rich zone richer than me above my tax bracket. No idea. I don't know. I don't know who those guys are. But they're important. They're important. And Drake is like a brother to them. Yeah. I'm assuming that when Drake lands in Dubai, his brothers, everything. Yeah, that's what I think.


That's what I think. And I'm not trying to learn who it is. Screaming You know, I Googled his name and it's fine.


All my Rolls Royce has got it. Everybody facts so kitted out, whatever. Every option that let me know if that's a problem.


Hey, you got a problem with me? Got to walk around. It used to say I had it before I got it. I got it all. To be honest, I don't really want to talk about it. And if I didn't have it, wouldn't want to talk about it.


He killed it. He thought that. What do you have to say to ever I'm say it's the first part. If you've got a problem with me, you've got to walk around it. I wish I could just get that line off to you. Any woman in my entire life, including my family, that off you just say it and did not answer your phone.


I say everything is personal, OK? I used to say I had it before I got it. Now I got a law and being honest, I don't really want to talk about it. He said that long before the. He said that seven albums ago. Belon. You say I had it before, I got it now I got to know he said that, well, it keeps getting more so he has more stuff. So I'm not saying it's bad that he's saying it.


I'm just saying it's interesting that you would continue with that line. Know you don't want to keep telling you he got it. No, to his definition of what having it is and how that's changed and I mean that on a man perspective, not a direct perspective.


OK, now you doing the science. Mm. You know, I feel that way, you know, trying to set new goals for yourself. Oh, yeah, all the time I saw this. We'll give some more of the slap. I had it so long, I don't even celebrate it negative doesn't even enter my Animatrix. Imagine me still rapping about if I never made it.


Imagine I can imagine. I can't possibly imagine those raps now. Yeah.


When you sit down. Not too many parallels left in our lives. I'm in my crib a little bigger to my son's eyes. I love to the young guys and my dick feel better when you try to spend night time staring at a sunrise when she's drunk or hidden like Todai Air Canada Centre.


Nigga, when I die. I had to fly in. And do you think the first couple of rows you will see the real guys in a squad of bigots that got tricks. Imagine me still rapping about if I never made it down.


Not so many parallels left in our lives. I mean, my car. How many parallels you got left? I mean, a bunch of he's just going to keep taking the south. Taking the source on the shores of parallel is not even like sauce now he wanted.


Now he tore down. Now, he never heard I'm Todd, Rori just heard me, but he just told me you heard him say those those couple of slaps, man long ago I never heard of Todd.


Yeah, I think I heard Drake say, while I'm not Todd. Come on, T.J.. Well, why he. Tobii, Tonda and all of a sudden Todd Todai was a tie dye load up wakaba part to please don't.


I'm never dressed. But when you do this, you and you know, you're going to spend the next 50 hours thinking about Daylife and DiCenzo trash. He smoked this. My crib looks bigger through my son. Squaller look bigger to the to the young guys. Did feel better when you're drunk. Right spambot by sunrise with diamonds all hitting like Todai he smoked at. Smokeless tobacco, these types of songs, and that flow is that's what he does, that's that's his comfort zone.


That's a live look through my son's eyes. And a squad look bigger to a young guys. And I did feel better when you spend my time staring at the sunrise at my domicile, hitting like Todai Air Canada centre, and they go when I die. I have to fly in and do your Fakhri first couple.


Well, why is he so angry? I was imagining it's like we all everybody loves you. Nobody's coming to Fakhri.


That's why I laughed at the negative thoughts. Don't answer my matrixx. Yeah, you can't say that. And then say, you know, when I die, you niggas come get your fake crise off.


Yeah, I mean, it's probably something that will be cool. So I'm going to be happy to see him go down. She says, I'll see the room, you think it's some people that don't hate drink? I'm sure that's not going to the point. They want to be happy to see him go. Yes, that's successful. I'm sure everybody has somebody like you that success.


There's people I dislike that I don't want them to die. No, I'm just saying when you're that successful. Trust me, people can't wait to get out the way feelings will get more based. What do you want to play this whole goddamn because I'm tired of playing. I hate instant noodles, sarangi. I got it. Mom's cooking basic. All right, cool. I got it. Awesome. I like it to be packed. I think it went crazy.


I enjoyed the three pack.


Yes. Good, good, good, good, good. Three pack and I like to single so scream and put it up there.


So before we leave this, I'll ask you all of your putting any stock into the conga line and the little baby record. No, no. I put I put way more stock into him constantly talking about Virgile and every single song.


Way more, and we still don't have a date for this. No, no. And a little villa resort line is fucking things up because he's bringing the resort chicks to the. Then they come in, they they're not filibuster. Then they come back to me and believe me, somebody will get that off.


You know, I'm involved. In a word, I could see a world in a world where that may happen, not with an involvement. And that was the money involved. Yeah, you're right. Probably. I mean, no disrespect or like that. There we go there and we can see that the energy we need.


I'm just to apologize. All right. Come on and tell us what he was doing.


Selling shit, building shit, create shit. Did you get your broker's fee on this one? I checked. Not yet. Not yet. But you know, that's coming soon.


Oh. Greatest deal ever.


Yeah, listen, the only other deal that could have even been greater was the ace of spades, one man in the history of deals two weeks later come with this one, the top two greatest deals of all time game.


Oh, and a nice little month.


Said it was still a weekday. They haven't been in my mentions killing me about how bad this deal is and really dick riders, if you are like this, I don't like them.


I don't know what fascinates me. Like, I don't have never made a deal.


Yo, he's selling to the white man. And this was supposed to be you don't even have title.


You don't even have a subscription to title. You telling him what you should be doing, like, come on, cut it out. They can always find something though. That's that's I don't even pay. They can always find something to say or they shouldn't be doing. Is this supposed to be for us?


I appreciate those people. I appreciate those people.


If they're trying to do something to create something for us. Yeah, but when you're not doing shit. And you're just sitting at home because you have the Internet and you have social media and you're just spewing that out, this like I don't appreciate that they balance out the sheep to me. If they're want to do the work, if they don't if they're not doing nothing, if they just sit on a computer like you saying just being assholes, taking advantage of Wi-Fi, spewing names and trying to diss people that are trying to make a change out there, for me, it balances out the sheep that aren't doing anything that maybe don't understand.


And they're just prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed. So not a troll site.


I don't like trolls. I don't ever praise trolls or think trolls are necessary. I'm sorry. I don't subscribe to that. That's just me. I still don't even know what a troll is. So any time that word comes up, I'm just out of the country. I don't know what that is.


There could be people that are just home, like you said, really feel like that, not affecting things or impacting change, not being thought leaders, but as people that just like, oh, he's you know, he's sold something out for us and just for a seat at the table scroller, you know, whatever.


Jay-Z sells majority stake and title to Jack Dorsey's company, Square. The Twitter CEO has a two hundred and ninety seven million dollar deal to take control of the formerly artist's own platform. Scroll down. The digital payment company run by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has acquired Jay-Z streaming platform title part me.


As part of the deal, Jay-Z will move to Squeers Board of Directors and titles artists. Owners will continue to own the platform as the second largest group of shareholders upon his well publicized acquisition of the service in 2015 from the Norwegian company Espero, Jay-Z brought aboard artist owners including Kanye excuse me, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Lil Wayne Jackhole, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I don't care about this.


Last December, Bloomberg reported on the possibility of Square would buy a title. OK, I don't care about that either. Didn't he sell sell a third of this to Sprint already title title?


No, he did the sprint deal prior to the title deal with a. Magna Carta, I thought. Now, Samsung, I'm sorry, not it was another deal after that where Jay-Z sells a portion of title to somebody for X amount of dollars.


It was Sprint. OK, all right. There we go. What was the what was what was the what was what happened with this deal? Sprint help Jay-Z for for. I'm not talking about that. I'm not talking about. There we go. Jay-Z is selling a third of title, which makes sense.


Sprint is buying a third of title, which makes less sense. Grow back up, grow back up. Scroll back up. The music service is now worth reports. All right. Scroll down. Jay-Z hasn't found the owner of a title streaming music service, but he's getting closer. Listen, Kanye told Lester Holt was trying to sell title. Well, when reasonable doubt ended up on Apple Music, Lemonade ended up on Apple Music and Spotify.


We all projected that his whole catalog ended up on Spotify and Apple. Hmm. We came on this podcast is it looks like he was trying to sell a title.


Yeah. And that's what you create a business title. So title was worth. Six hundred million at the time, he sold a third of it, got two hundred million, and now he turns around and does this deal with Jack Kemp for whatever that is? I'm adding that to the sprint money.


Hmm. I'm reading an article on CNN. The city paid fifty six for twenty fifteen. Twenty fifteen. I remember. Come on.


Fifty six million. So I'm bad at math. Two hundred million plus this. Three hundred, two hundred ninety seven million is three million short of five hundred million. What a five year flip.


Now I have a few issues here if Jade. Who is the person that didn't ask for the extra three million? I want to know I'm sorry that bugged me. It bothered my OCD, my idea, my brain, even three percent to ninety seven to ninety seven read funny to me, I'll be honest. A deal of this magnitude, we can't just close it in even three hundred one notes, it's a magic to fucking excretory between cash and stock and stock, you can't put a quick liquid number on.


So it's more of an estimate between that's a fine, fine, fine. Now, if I have to just guess about how much of this is in stock.


They hope about the pass that Bill Belichick is about to be Otar. Yeah, well, good for Holzmann and good good for the artists that bought into title Early Koseki, everyone else that's on that list today.


They had to come up off the suit, of course, is not to the degree of what hols was because he bought it and gave her no stock but shout out to them.


You know, they had a nice low come up and they woke up and was like, oh, cool.


I mean, granted, I know to talk to all of them before selling it, but. Yeah, I think it's dope for all the artists that bought in early death punk, I think was one of the early ones as well. You don't even address the Daft Punk split. Come on there.


Because because I don't believe y'all call yourselves a music podcast. I don't believe that electronica music artists never retire.


Yeah, I don't know. Put out, but I didn't know when the first group split.


My first first Daft Punk breaks up and every day I wake up when the group that was together for 45 years split up, we should probably say something about it because I want to know what the TEFT was. It's a good question. Who was mad at who did you need to have your masks? Who had the better hell? Do we even know at that point that could just be the name and brand at the end.


Like every five years they flip out there, people know it's two people, it's people. We know what they look like. It's funny, I was in it when I was in Chicago working studio there. They were there for some of the conversations. I had no idea who they were, but there was like no cameras, no cameras, no cameras. So I saw them at one point. But I have no idea what they have on their helmets.


No, that's why there was no cameras.


There's no pandemic back then. Yeah.


When I started at Sony, you big phone thing, I did do a whole phone contract because some somebody at Sony took a picture of them without their masks on and they wanted to leave Sony afterwards. And they fired everyone and strictly off like they was chillin at a party. And someone from Sony was like kallick Twitter. So they've been caught without him. So it is two actual people. It's not a whole click the way you would think. So we all applaud Ho's move.


But what does it mean? Like what is there to unpack? Well, we just spoke about being at the table, being bored, sitting on the board like candy. We found a Kanye. I didn't know that he wasn't on the board at Adidas. Big, Big Stepashin on the board at The Gap. And I mean, you know, this now puts Jay in that chair on the board with some cash in the pocket. So, you know, you've got to make a play.


It's a play chess. You know, we don't understand it because we don't know all the pieces that he's playing with. So to us, it might we could sit back and say, oh, 297, it was for us and it's that. But what's the play?


We don't know what the play is. What's it mean for Jack? All right. Well, what's it mean for Jack that he's got financial services, he's got social media and music? I'm more curious in my face.


Oh, yes, your job. Look at my face. I am more curious into what they were saying.


Well, Jack, more importantly, was saying, how is it going to tie in to the ecosystem and tools for artists between title and having Square and Twitter all together and what that does when you want to upload your music to title and what they can do for you to get it out to more of the audience that you're seeking.


That's what I'm more curious how this is going to work out, if more curious is even proper English, but I'm sure curious or yeah, I'm I'm more curious to see these two social media and music coming together at the top of music, the top of social media and how they're going to work together.


And top of I don't particularly care about the money. I'm not to fuck all that is whatever. I want to know what is doing this, because I think there's a very interesting partnership.


The Square and Kashyap integration might be interesting, too.


And the rumor of cash records, that's not really a joke. I'm curious how all of this is going to come together. I think Hovan Jack getting together is much bigger than a title and square play, to say the least. OK. I think I guess we'll see, I think a an app that you're allowed to pass money between people from your bank accounts and someone that owns one of the biggest management music companies in the world and someone that's one of the biggest social media people on Earth.


Yeah, this is a I think, much bigger than the two hundred and ninety seven million we're all debating about in this whole oh my God, he gave up the title thing. I thought that was not a fan. This is a way different play. Everything that was in that press release is nothing what I'm thinking about. This is nuts to to combine with what the two of them have already going on. Plus Square is pretty ubiquitous, but I'm Dick and so Don't Square is pretty ubiquitous.


It like shows for merch tables and stuff like that.


Yeah. It's interesting and not even just regular small businesses, squares like squares, music and entertainment. Yeah, well, Kashyap is a bank now.


Yes. Just adding that to you guys is exchange and the best app in the world, well, that goes without saying, but also a bank name and we should say it and investment.


And allows for cryptocurrency and. Other things, this is a very interesting partnership, well beyond all of their tweets, I didn't care why I did care, but I wasn't focused on the Jack tweets and the whole tweets because I just that's not really what I think is at play here. Well, let's read them.


Jack says Square's acquiring a majority ownership stake entitled to a new joint venture with the original artist becoming the second largest group of shareholders, and Jay-Z joining the square board. Why would a music streaming company and a financial services company join forces? Question mark. Exclamation point. Mark the end on at the end, it comes down to a simple idea finding new ways for artists to support their work. New ideas are found at the intersections, and we believe there's a compelling one between music and the economy.


Compelling, to say the least. Jack, that guy Jack is a genius. Making the economy work for artists is similar to what Square has done for Cellar's. Square started twenty 12 years ago by giving small sellers a simple tool in order to participate more fully in the economy and grow. We did the same for individuals with cash, which now enables a comprehensive set of financial services for folks who weren't able to access it before. FACT's title started with the idea of honoring artists by being artists owned and led focused on an uncompromised experience of the art.


It's refreshing and right. The vision only grows stronger as it's matched with more powerful tools for artists inclusive of new ways of getting paid.


I'll stop there. That's the long and short of it. Ladies and gentlemen, I've been talking to people behind the scenes, all of whom shall remain anonymous.


All very highly intelligent people, all very in the know kind of people and all very wealthy people. And they all kind of are giving me that the future of deals. Is this. We're. Artists own artists participate equity, blah, blah, blah, try not to say that word because you all said, gentlemen, kill me, but you can't have this conversation without talking about it. It's just a genius move, Jazy invests in Perche credit app aimed at helping minorities boost credit scores.


There's a lot going on. There's a lot going on. Out of reasonable doubt, M.S. has become a key investor in the Purge credit app, which aims to boost the credit scores of those underserved communities, according to the website Perche, which was founded by Michael Broughton. And I use Jane I'm sorry if I'm mispronouncing your name looks right, allows users to log their recurring payments, such as subscriptions or rent as credit history to improve their credit scores immediately.


Since being launched in twenty nineteen, the company has secured a two point five dollars million investment. Which, by the way, should be how credit works to begin with, if I continue to pay my bills on time, it should go towards my credit. It doesn't matter what I put it on.


Like I show up every time and prove that I pay my fucking debts. Shouldn't be because it's on a fucking credit card.


There's a few people out there that are spreading propaganda. That says selling the majority of your business, the majority shares of your business to someone else. It's bad business. No, well, yeah, can be bad business, but no, there are people some people think that's bad.


People don't know bad businesses sometimes miskell with their people that maybe don't know the difference.


I guess that's just that's what else they are. And they are people that just think it's all the same shit. That's from some of the things that I read out there. So this is really simple and it goes to what I just read from Jack. J has title, you already sold a third of it. Which tells you that you probably plan on selling some more. And then when he found the right partner. A partner that would let him participate in a larger way and give him that seat at the table.


He brought his asset over. So the majority to inflate something else. Mm hmm. And now he participates in something else in a much larger way.


You multiply yourself because I saw some people saying, oh, so ho got 300 million and got 100 million for automobiles. That means nobody should start throwing numbers around. And yeah, that's cool to do if there's no context and you only throwing numbers around. But this is not a short term play. It's not something that he's looking at today and tomorrow saying, oh, I came up, nigger, we made it. I don't even look at that.


They're in a million period in this. And I know that sounds nuts. Especially from someone that has never even seen three in a million. But that's not what I'm looking at in this entire thing at all, which is back to cognacs beef. If I'm on Gap, if I'm with Nike, if I'm on Adidas, wherever I'm at, the value is up. So why am I not on the board?


Right. That's why I did. That was crazy. Bingo. What? He's not. I didn't know that. And so you said it's crazy. I thought the gap deal was him at the owner. Well, I think the Gap deal debted the moment he after that press release, he said, wait, I'm not on the board.


And then went, quote unquote, Kanye Crazy, which I don't think is really crazy, you know, but no nonsense in this in this instance of saying, how am I not on the board of Gap?


I'm about to save your company. Why the fuck are you not even supposed to get for me?


Adidas crazy. He's the reason Adidas is still relevant, like he did every revamp for sure.


So I don't even understand how that's not it. I'm not going to say relevant, but he he did. The record is the reason that Adidas are still relevant. Niggas is not wearing regular Adidas.


You see Mitsunaga with some shell toes maybe. But Adidas like they have the league MVP has a signature. Shoot it and you don't see nobody wearing it.


I'm just saying more in the the soccer world or other teams that wear Adidas. I'm not saying he's the sole reason, but he is definitely a majority stake in why they are relevant.


I'm not saying the only reason, OK, he's a large reason why Adidas is important that people even still talk to those people he create. He made Adidas like me. It was one point where people were saying Adidas was bigger and better than Nike, like, you know, I mean, that's directly because of him. How was he not on the board? I don't know. But whatever. Yeah, because it's hard to get on the board now when you've got to influence like that and you bring in all those people with less, that's the issue.


Even with you, even with it, it's difficult. It is. OK. Well, Superleague leave. To put this in that context, you see what they do without you. Sometimes it's all you got to do is you down when you get that first, Billy, leave and watch that. Watch that stock plummet. Have a good have a fun time selling all these. No, I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just saying that when you see it, the amount of income that he is probably seeing from his deal over there, why do you think everybody is not just leaving, like you're saying?


Well, because the money is is more money than they've ever seen in their lives. So I understand that and I understand it. But I just can't I don't understand how they wouldn't just put him on the board. Like, to me, that makes life for the entire company easier when he's on the board. Like, clearly, this is a guy who has he's a visionary. He knows he knows what's how to make anything hot. What's his name is associated with something.


He has a whole fleet of a fucking culture that follows him wherever he goes. Why would you not put that guy on the board? It just doesn't make sense to me. I wouldn't be shocked if tomatoes on the square board, too. I would love that. I mean, I wouldn't be shocked. But Jack and hold together, I can't say enough about this stuff anyway. It's called cordiale. Great to. Does it say something, they'll call me a dick eater?


Oh, no.


After our mentions tomorrow between playing that entire lemon pepper freestyle and talking about this deal, we're we're in for it tomorrow.


Why are we talking about this deal for all of eight minutes? We didn't talk about Drake till after the whole first hour of the show. You bring up Latcham. We talked about bringing up lodging. OK, you're bringing up logic.


Relax. Yeah, we played a whole verse again. I'll explain it to the people that may not may be confused as to why we did that. We do that with Drake because he's the market share of all of you.


The fuck you're breaking up logic.


You're bringing up logic. Now, what else has, as your mentions, ever been in majority logic? That exact. Not one.


That's what I'm saying, that I'm just saying my sleep, DeQuan and they always like, oh, he's tiny.


My my sleep dick went out. Oh, my God, he's got this long. Oh.


Then you catch yourself trying to explain. But wait a minute. There wasn't around him. No one was there to touch me. I'm a grower, not a shower.


That's what Joe was over. Come on him silly. So come on and let's bamboozlement some of his awkwardness. Outman. Finally, it's not just an all white room on that side.


Now I it's kind of white now. So it was that way. I mean, you see that here. I know they told you that. They told y'all Jesus had that.


We have the man, the myth, the legend.


Awesome, amazing. Jay and Silver in the building that made the round of applause.


Here is finally on camera. The God I know you usually are taking pictures of us, but finally on the best pictures in the world, by far the best pictures. So how are you doing, man? Oh, I'm doing great, man. It's been a crazy few weeks and months and I think it's only going to get crazier, but all exciting things. And, you know, this is good.


Busy. Busy with what?


Well, I've been kind of, as you know, fully deep into this crypto block world for the last few years and trying to spew this like excitement and knowledge over anyone that wants to listen. And a lot of people looked at me like I was crazy for the last few years. And I think over the last few months people are like, you might have been on to something here. And now they're asking me, you know, for information.


You know, if you talk about me, to just say that did not say that. We are absolutely right.


I mean, and I was happy to see, you know, you invite Bob on here and he kind of spewed all the knowledge that he has when it comes to Bitcoin. And he's one of the best people to explain that stuff. But I think now, you know, the conversation has shifted from Bitcoin and block chain to, you know, this new thing and AFTRS. And then I'm sure you've seen maybe have talked about it.


But we've we've spoken about it briefly. We've spoken about it briefly. I've done my best to read on it. But it is a confusing topic.


Yeah, it gets pretty dense. But I think once it like clicks and you understand the value proposition behind it, then you, you know, I think you're really fuck with it because it really is about like empowering artists and giving, you know, creators, giving them back the power.


All right. For our for our listeners, we're talking about in 50s, what, our 40s and 50s, our block chain based records that uniquely represent pieces of media. Pieces of media, I wish I could talk about that further.


Well, I think that wait, wait, let me just get that last part can be anything. Digital art videos, music, gifs, games, text means code podcast.


They didn't write that for some reason. Spotify almost wrote this.


And quickly back to remember when you said somebody should have got some type of copyright and money from the dance.


It dances, but this is NFTE. So you're the expert? Yes. Anyway, the easiest way to think about it and, you know, here, you know, and if you can get super technical about what they represent and what it is and what block chain technology is, but I think the easiest way to think about it is like a certificate of ownership, a digital certificate of ownership. Right up until now, there was no way to really track ownership of digital assets.


Right. Me as a photographer, for example. Right. If I want to sell a photo or something that I put up, someone can then, you know, I can send them the file. But now we have two copies of the file. That person can then go and sell that file and claim that it was his own. And there's no way of tracking that.


This is what I was trying to think of, to stop bootlegging in 2004. Exactly. So what if these create is an ability for you to upload a work, you know, and it could be any media, could be a movie file, an audio file, let's say album for now, an album, anything. And, you know, you put it on the block chain and the process is called minting. So you'll hear this word a lot.


We're minting something and minting just means kind of think of it as like uploading it to the block chain.


And from that moment on, there is an immutable record of where, you know, when that happened and where this piece goes over time. So, you know, it's a way to track provenance and sovereignty. So when you think of, like the traditional art world, you know, when a piece gets brought in for it, for review to a museum or exhibition, you have a person like appraises it. You know, he verifies that it's an actual legit piece.


They study it and then at the end, they give it that certificate of authenticity. Yes. This is a one of one Picasso, for example. Right. And then they have a book that tracks the provenance, you know, and over time, you can see these books of art dealers who are like, yes, this has gone from this person to this person to this person going back all the way from, you know, the genesis of that piece.


Up until now, there was no way to do that for digital assets. And these create this ability for you to track a digital asset over time, infinitely with the bonus, with the bonus that the original creator can get royalties from every sale that occurs charging up until, yeah, up until the end.


Now, is there an actual community of people that are hip to this? Because like early on with Bitcoin, my stupid self was saying, hey, can I go buy some cigarettes from the gas station with Bitcoin? And no, I couldn't then. And I was stupid. But here. What am I trying to ask you? Is there because I imagine every artist is about to start doing this. When you do it. How how large is the community now, because I'm assuming it's early that we'll support this.


Yeah, I mean, I think we've seen, you know, hyperbolic growth over the past few months, but also we live in this very hyper focused media bubble, like we know what's going on in culture. Right? I would say that's still 80 percent of my friends have no idea that this is happening.


So even though to us it feels like, you know, this is as Boomi and it's all we hear about, I think it has a still reach nowhere near like mass adoption. Right. And if you think of, like the IPS that are they have yet to come into this space. No one has, like, you know, of major, major magnitude. They haven't entered the space. And, you know, with the NFTE community or what this whole movement kind of unlocks is the ability to create a connection between supporters and creators.


Right. So, you know, for me, like I'll give you an example. Last week or two weeks ago, Streetfighter dropped their first trading card. And if he's right and for me, I was like a huge streetfighter nerd. So I was like, oh, yeah, like, I'm going to go support this. The parks were like fifty dollars for for the regular packs, like seventy five for the other. And to me, like, I just want to be a collector of this, you know.


And over the past years we've seen collectibles just you know, how that market has gone through the roof with Pokémon cards, with trading cards, with all of these things that I recently read about a look at Dunkerque rookie card going for some number higher than any rookie card is ever going for.


Exactly. So, you know, this is sort of like nostalgia that you feel for a specific IP or for a work of art, you know, before and after. There was only the physical connection to it. But there's always a problem with, like, you know, physical's. You have to if you're holding collectibles at a certain point, you're like, oh, man, I can't like that's it. It's too much. You become a hoarder.


But think of, like, the things that you can collect digitally. Right. And we're going to start moving into a world where, like, you know, already a lot of us access mostly in digital realms. And it's weird to think about. But you're going to have virtual galleries where people will display all their collectibles over time and these will be NFTE. Right. So you have things like top shots who are doing NFTE for basketball moments. Right.


And it's kind of like digitizing trading cards. And, you know, you you get these moments from your favorite basketball players on like a certain rarity scale. And, you know, NFTE have that one of the main things is like certifiable rarity and scarcity. Right. Because topsides can say there's only 10000 of this Loukia moment, you know, and then those 10 people own it. But then they can go and say there's only 50 of this like LeBron moment.


So those 50 will now be, you know, obviously have a lot more value. So over time, you know, you have people that to start collecting all these moments because of the scarcity of it, and that's what will drive the value up.


Well, the scary part about what I think I'm hearing from you, if I understand properly. Is the royalty aspect of it, and that's the beautiful part of the nifty stuff, but the horrible side of it for me is if there are royalties to be earned from this, that means that there were royalties to be earned all along.


And I often that. No, that's absolutely right. Got it. And I mean, one of the craziest things that I ripped off to worry about it. Well, what I mean. Well, I know that.


But I mean, when it comes to solutions to that, when you try to think around that, it gets limited. Sure.


So this is really that's one of the reasons why this was so intriguing to me.


Well, and it's crazy to to think about and that's why I think this technology is so disruptive. Because we before we don't have a way to do this for digital assets and, you know, I was in a room before where this painter came in and he was like, you know, a famous painter from like the 70s. And he said, you know, I have pieces that I made in the 70s that I sold to a few thousand dollars that are now reselling for millions of dollars.


Now, I don't see a dime off that, you know. And now all the new stuff that I create, I'm not only competing against my own stuff. Yeah. I'm competing with not only the other artists around me. I'm also competing with my old self because collectors are probably going to want to buy my older stuff rather than my new stuff, and they're going to upload it. So I imagine if an artist was able to earn royalties, you know, perpetually for something that they created early on.


So if I let's say and this might be a poor example, but correct me if I'm wrong, if I purchase Old Lord for this album and that album is my physical copy.


In NFTE world, you're saying I would be able to upload that and I could I could meet that?


No. So I think that's a common misconception is like when you're the creator, you retain all rights to anything that you put out there, whoever buys it. You know, there's no Transneft world. Yeah. There's no transfer of rights. When you sell something, the person that's buying it is buying it as a collector. Right. So and again, it's akin to like the traditional art world where you have people who go to these galleries of like emerging artists and then, you know, they kind of like do the research on, you know, all these artists are coming out in the exhibition and then they'll buy a piece for like, yeah, this is one of this artist's first pieces.


And we're going to hold on to this because we feel this artist is going to go on to do great things right now.


This has been happening in the traditional world for ages, but very, very it's a very close community. Right? There's gatekeepers here for both the artists and the collectors. Like I love art. And, you know, I've been to Art Basel. I've been to a ton of exhibitions and I'm like, I can't afford this. Like and this is what they tell me is first of all. But it's also like I can't afford you know, I can't afford this.




It's very it's priced very highly and it shuts out a lot of people as investors, as art investors.


So what the NFTE community, you know, what this has kind of like done is democratized not only the selling of art, but also the collecting of art. So it's making people all over the world, art collectors, because now, you know, you have the the opportunity to see an artist. Right?


There's there's people all over the world are art collectors not making people all over the world, women, art collectors. And we've been involved in our business.


Exactly. So, yeah. And, you know, a perfect example is this kid ferocious, who's like a phenom of an artist like incredible Arias. He just turned 18. They just turned 18. Has an incredible, incredible story.


I'm saying, wow, look, that's not what phenomena are going just as like an incredible story has like the most generous heart.


Like if you if you see his videos, he's just like really floppy. I'm not sure he's from originally. I think he's from Vegas.


And I know he recently moved so ferocious. This is Victor is his actual name, but ferocious is his artist name. And it's crazy because a year ago he actually pulled up a tweet and he was trying to sell a painting of his for like ninety dollars all over the Internet and no one would buy it. And you don't hear, like, family problems. And, you know, his story is amazing and want to look into it. But, you know, someone put a mind to this like knew our world and said, you know, your art is amazing.


Like, it tells a story you can, like, feel the emotion through them. You should just start telling them, you know, to to collectors and there's a hefty world. And, you know, he did it for rap sometimes last fall. And it just went crazy because people like the art is there, the story is there, and people all over the world are like, whoa, and he's just seventeen.


So, you know, since then he's done I think he did a drop on January 2nd right after our drop, and he did like three million dollars in sales.


Tell me about tell me about your drop. I'll go back to a little bit, but now you know, and I and I own this place, like I bought a piece because I'm like I see the potential in this case. I know the story is great.


What can you do with your pistol? Can you hang your piece up in your house? That's going to be the next question. So, yes, you already can. And people are working and that's going to be the next kind of like gold Rush is who figures out physical displays.


That's what I want to know, what the music side of it. I totally understand what you're saying with this being the original piece, the way you do with an actual artist. But when I take that full piece, I can hang it up and I can touch it in my house and show everyone this is an original Basquiat.


When I do the digital thing with music specifically, what do I do with it? I have it. Yeah, I mean, it's because it's the same thing if someone can take it and I would scream and just pull it up with a Linkin Park singer of saying that.


Yeah, even though I sold this NFTE, the more people played on DSP, it becomes more valuable because I have the original. I understand what he's saying, but what does someone that buy it do with it? It just sits on my hard drive and say, I got it.


Well, it's one of those things that we're going to see emerging technologies like form around this. And it's one of those things where like, you know, like José said earlier on, you know, what could you do with Bitcoin? You sure could you spend it here and there?


And now they're building our whole infrastructures. So now I'm seeing you know, I'm seeing all these instances in which one physical displays are coming. Like I'm actually working with a company called Atomic Form and they have me as an advisor. And I'm like figuring out like as an artist, what do I want these physical screens to look like and how do I want them to be, you know, blockin integrated.


Right. I understand it visually. What I'm trying to understand. Yeah.


So for music, you know, there's and this is a whole other conversation and like further deeper down the rabbit hole. But we're going to start to see the emergence of like metaverse. There's an art world and VR worlds, OK, right where you're going to have control to like invite people to a virtual gallery and like, just play all the pieces that you own, like gigs.


I mean, what was that? What was that?


What was that James Simsim cynicism. I'm sorry.


I don't know what seems like early version of. Yeah, it's a very early version of like a metaverse. Yeah. And we're going to start moving people really into that big time. That's a little big.


It's just I guess what I'm just still confused on, like if there's the Warhol Campbell Soup picture and that went around the entire world, you could probably buy it at Urban Outfitters if you want to, just the print of it and hang it in your house. But if I have the original, that means something way different. But if I have an audio file and it sounds the exact same as the one that I rip off DP's or just play of DP's, but once the value gittel certificate of authenticity is the same thing, you just answered your own question.


Yeah, right. Like, if you have like a bootleg, even if it's.


Yeah, it's a bootleg you on a bootleg and that's what the incentive is.


My question over time I can understand the original owners over time, the people that you know have the ownership that is verifiable and tracked by the block chain. Those are the people that are going to that are going to be seen.


That's going to be the only thing recognized. And the one example that I understand that people would want that you have to know and it's tough to, like, wrap your mind around.


Oh, no, I can totally see someone wanting the original stems and bounce well. And I can get it from a fan perspective for sure. That's a real you have to be a connoisseur and that does it with art, too. So I do get it. I totally get it one.


And I think it's interesting.


Audio is a like and there's been people in the hip hop world that have like been ahead of the curve in this regard. And, you know, Houtan doing the one on one album. Right. That's like a big release nipsy doing the mixtape for now. I imagine it actually would have done NFTE for that, right? Yeah. And all the people that got that received, you know, obviously the the audio component, but also any sort of visual component or anything that certified that ownership.


Yeah. And it's also still on that. I just recently saw on the news, I saw that, oh, they're getting in.


They have a photo book, a 400 pound photobook year, that there were only like thirty of the made or ten of them may think thirty six of the thirty say it's like some wild price. I'm like, these guys are at it again.


They're at the end of the game. But I had the Kings of Leon just released the album in the way that they're doing without end of the album, came out on all despues this week. But I guess with the NFTE came lifetime front row concert seats and a merch bundle.


And I think any one of the shows that you go to when you're in the front seat, you get all of the merch that they're selling at that particular show for you and however many tickets you get, that sounds right.


But like with it.


Yeah, like now going back, just like every artist would need to do their custom. A custom job of how you will incentivize your audience to come.


Of course, they said in the press release that I wrote for the. That they went overboard just to kind of show some possibilities, what you can do with it. Let's read a little bit. So let me finish my.


So as I have the right to a metaphor, because if he had done that as an NFTE, obviously with, you know, what happened, all of those things were true. Collectors' and growing volumes grow immensely and value. Yes. People that at the time.


You know, the hundred dollars that that's as many as are going to exist and you'll be able to transact over the block chain and be able to track it. And the beauty of it is that as the price is going up, you know, from all the collectors trying to scoop this original piece of nipsy art, you know, the royalties would be getting kicked back.


How would they be? How would they be able to hear it? Again, the NFTE can hold a music video for like a whole you know, there's there's no fire limit it just hold the media. It's a digital certificate of ownership that it's trackable over time.


So, so creators out there, right. Whoever this is applicable, applicable to, right? You may run into some meetings with executives where the executive is attempting to tell you that all of the media is the same. Video, audio, art, gif meme. It's not they'll find a different way to tell you that in the future they're identifying all of these things at one.


But they're talking about this. Yeah, I'll put it this way, Joe, the way people thirst over the verified check. Right.


That's that's what this is to some degree in it's the I have the original audio file by way of what they say.


Hmm. It may not mean anything, but I know how the audiences go.


That's why I'm trying to understand this. So I'm trying to understand to be able to track art is never been done.


No, I'm only talking about the actual stamp of what it gives and why people do this.


Well, it is. But you're verified.


Account never grows in value because only certain people for the rest of life will have this. So if my account only existed with that verified check and it continued to grow and someone could Celebi, it will go up in value because it's a vintage thing that only a certain group of people could buy. That's what this is here. And I'm saying it'll work because people thirst over that stamp. Well, thirst over what? Oh, you have that that grows in value because a can't get it collect.


It's like. Yes.


A cold instead of signaling. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, and this is a conversation that pops up often because of crypto banks, for example, crypto punks where the very first NFTE right. There was the thing that, you know, they created a new token standard and they were, you know, the project. They said you can encode a piece of media and art into the block chain. Right. And there are literally these like a bit, you know, I think like 16 by 16 animations.


And there were 10000 of them unique crypto punks made. Right. And then originally there were like free. You just have to have an interim address. You signed up and you put it up, you know, and then here's the script of every one of them is different. Every one of them is unique. There's only 10000. There will only be 10000 over time. You know, Crypto Kiddie's was like the next big project over time. Then, if you know more and if the project started coming out now with this boom, crypto puns are like a piece of history because they're the very first NFTE cartoon.


So anyone that owns a crypto crypto bank, either you're an OG in the space or you're buying them from whatever marketplace. And now they've gone up and and value where people are paying millions of dollars just to own a crypto bank. So when you see someone, you know, scrolling through Twitter with a crypto bank avatar, that's kind of like status signal, like status signaling, signaling.


If if you're not an artist, I don't understand that point to Jelavic collectors. This means something very different from art collectors.


And that's another crazy thing that I'm seeing is the emergence of a collector community. And that's something that I've never seen before. There's all these like, you know, anonymous crypto gods essentially, who are just like spending incredible amounts of money, just collecting art and changing lives. Right. And others like these bigger than life personas and like shout out to them, like illustrator Whale Shark Aetate. And they're like angels, you know, to artists because an artist will meant, you know, a work.


And then if a collector just scoops it, you're like, wow, like one of the biggest collectors in the space now believes in me. Right. And that's for them. Yes. You could call it like status signaling. Right. But they're just changing like lives through their means, you know, and also it's investing because like whoever bought the first ferocious piece, you know, that was like maybe one hundred dollars last year, that's probably worth a lot more now.


And, you know, looking at people, like people, people is like the poster boy of the space. I don't know if you heard of such what you told me. So I'll mention it because no, NFTE, the conversation goes. You know, we're talking about people. Bebo is a visual artist, you know, 3D artist who's been doing a series called Every Day's for the past over 5000 days. So for the last, I think thirteen years, you know, along 5000 days that he's been putting out a 3D piece of work out on the Internet for free without stop.


He hasn't missed a day. He's like the crooked eye of this. Yes, the crooked these. So fair enough to be giving, you know, and he's been giving away values.


He's been, you know, Creative Commons. He's like, you can look at my cinema for defiles. You can learn from me. I'm just going to keep doing this every day. And yes, he's got to work with, like a lot of artists in the space and that's how he makes his money. But without fail, this man, every day you wait at the end of the day, people are going to drop his every day on Instagram.


He's been given given them away towards the end of last year. They were like, yo, people, you need to get into the space. Right? So he did his first job, like, I think right around Election Day. And it was like this crazy piece. And I was like, wow, people are coming into that empty space. Like, I was a huge deal because he means a lot to artists all over the world and, you know, see photos of, like, hard working just everyday giving shit away for free.


He's like an artist artist and his energy of the space kind of life just blew the case wide open.


Like that first drop of his went crazy. Either an open edition, which is ferocious.


Well, it's so either an open edition, which was like one dollar on Nifty Gateway, which is like.


Pretty much the biggest marketplace right now for for a lot of the entities and, you know, for like five minutes, you can buy a people piece for one dollar. Right. And then he had another nine hundred sixty nine dollars and whatever. You know, those pieces that were minted, that's as many as will ever exist. Right. Forever. And then he did a one on one. You know, this is like my first drop, one of one that ended up going for like sixty thousand dollars.


Right. Obviously, like the press that came with such a giant entering the space. And, you know, I think he he sold a crazy amount of money. He went and planned the second drop that was even crazier, you know, and it included like a whole bunch of one of one auctions, you know, different editions of stuff that he had made.


And this one in three days, he saw three point seven million or 2.5 million dollars worth of. At. Hmm, is that his ringtone, he's going to stay home. We had a treat for him, so he sold like three point five million dollars of art in three days. And I mean, it was crazy to watch as an artist because people is like an everyday dude. He's like, oh, my God, he was like freaking out.


Right. And that, I feel like, was the turning moment for this whole office space. And from then on, it's just gone on like hyperdrive.


Concluding with, you know, just a few weeks ago, Christi's announced that they're going to go, I don't care about all these people I know, but they're like anyone that sees a big Christie's auction house in the world. Yeah, I know.


But it's tough to retain the stories of all of these people, you know, for sure.


Give it to Christie's. Tell me more. I want to hear about what he's doing. Well, so. And he's telling me about people's ferocious Grisby. What are you doing? So I'll finish it off with Christie's is doing right now. An auction for people is kind of like body of work. And this is just like, you know, the one of the most traditional art entities in the world, kind of accepting digital art. Right. Marginalized community of 3D artist and artists who the traditional art world has been like, fuck off.


You're no artist. You know, you're not you're not art. Right. So like the Christie's people saying, it's huge because now this is like the art world saying like, oh, fuck, we can't you know, we have to pay attention to digital art now, like it's democratized country. Exactly.


Put us on Twitter trying to trying to relate this to me. So I know.


So yeah. So and I'll go back to like, how I'm kind of like navigating the space right for me, you know. You know, like all my money came from either, you know, working with artists or companies or brands as ambassadors. You know, I've done very little print runs in my career and if I have done them, it's mostly for charity. But I knew, you know, that there's people that have a lot of connections with my art.


So fucking right they do. And I think that's, you know, the beauty of that if these faces, you know, people can now pay to be a supporter of someone's art. Right. And also being seen as an investment. I have a question. Hmm. So anyhow, so I collaborated with you know, I was introduced to this really incredible, incredible fine art painter, painter, famous. Thank you. And we kind of like linked because we were like, I don't know if photography can, like, do well and then left space right now.


Like, I don't think the world is ready for just straight up photography, NFTE. And he was like, I don't know if the world is ready for like just straight up fine art NFTE. So we like kind of like maybe if we combine powers and make some cool new shit, you know, maybe it'll resonate. So we collaborated. I gave some of my favorite photos of New York. He did like his cube style painting over them. We animated it and we dropped it on a nifty azawi on December 30th as like an art collection.


Right. So and the mechanism was this. For the first twenty one minutes, we had an open audition, an open audition. Is this mechanic where for a certain amount of time, whoever buys the piece gets a piece. And that's however many will exist for twenty one minutes we sold, you know, a piece that was one hundred ninety nine dollars and it was the sort of mine animated and in the 21 minutes we sold two hundred and five copies.


All right. And these are all people we know, supporters, collectors. Amazing. Then we sold two pieces that were one of tens so editions of ten. Right. So ten ten here and ten here and we sold those for 499. Those automatically like not even I could even schoolmarmish it. Those just went right away.


And then we did a one of one, you know, and it was like one of my favorite photos ever shot, like over flying over Times Square animated these cubes coming down. And we did a one day auction. And, you know, this was like December 31st, auction end ended and the collector bought it for twenty thousand dollars. Right. Which like for both of us is huge. Like I've never sold as much worth of art. That's like a whole year of my work, especially that I sold in art in a day.


Right. But now the beautiful part of it is that because I've been such a proponent in the space and so so as thank you, Alex. And we've been in the community and now, like all these collectors and other people are seeing, like, oh, these guys are about it, like this is still the beginning of their career. They have been buying these works off the secondary market. Right. So now the floor for our piece and the floor, meaning like the cheapest, you can now get one of our open editions.


Yeah, I think it's like forty two hundred dollars today. So anyone that bought a 200 can now sell for forty two hundred. So I have like resold that supported me like home is like yo I bought this.


I have to think I don't know what it was but like I wanted to support you but like I'm going to have to sell this for four GS because that's like a twenty extra for me. I'm like, oh please sell it.


Sorry buddy. And it's a win win because silver when. Well no I get a no where your shit's hitting the streets it's like I got it just great. So why we came.


Because usually when you buy it you wouldn't get any type of royalty or a cut from it. Well it's I buy your painting, it's mine so I have no royalty on it. Yeah, that's that's amazing. Yeah.


Go ahead, sell it and let the next person sell it again, you know, continue to make money so I can put my retirement album out as my own retirement album is enough to of course.


Why if I could do that and they're going to track my shit all the way and I'm getting paid the whole way, why would I put it out as a regular album? Why why would Viva Kings Leon do both?


Well, the guy from Linkin Park was saying the more I put it on display and it goes up, it raises the price of the NFTE. The more people want to talk and listen to it. Yeah, it's it's people love it. They want it. It's even Dober that I have the issue the same way I was saying with a Warhol Campbell's painting. If everyone buys it from Urban Outfitters, if I have the original that has the certified shit on it, the more you buy the print, the higher the value goes from having the original.


I would think if it only existed in a two world, it would be more of an attraction. Yes and no.


You have to think about it, of having that certificate, of being original. It's back to the art game.


Like, well, if I had to the concept to like Wu Tang, right? Like, yeah, they're one of one in their claws. They wanted it to only be heard by one person.


Yeah. That raised the price. That could be a mentality. But another mentality is if you have a piece of work you wanted to, you know, kind of like be as widespread and as generally available as possible. But you want to reward the people that are truly supporters of your like if you put out your unreleased album, like only like the individual soldiers are going to, you know, go crazy buying that NFTE component. And over time, those will be the people that would get rewarded.


But it kind of becomes like a way to track your early supporters, like going back to what we were talking about, like imagine and we're going to see this once, you know, real world events come back, you know, like there's people that hoard tickets from shows they've been to.


Right. And eventually that just becomes kind of like a. Because, like, I'm one of those people, they have like a drawer full of tickets, I have no bags full. What am I going to do with tickets and throw them away? Like now we're going to see a world in which like that's a piece of art. Well, Dorothy, a world. No, I like to collect your fucking dresser tickets away. No, exactly. So you delaminate?


Don't feel the same when you get home anyway. Yeah. Go home. You hate it. But now you just said I was still have attendance. I was there dorks. That's all it is. Know Woodstock tickets sells for Reino.


Exactly. It's true. I mean, I think I got your first B.B. King to join the crew. I'm not going to get that.


And if you have to put it on the black shoes and I've got enough to tell me about Woodstock tickets you don't understand in the next generation will be the same.


Just go ahead. Imagine an ecosystem. It's like, you know, what's a Coachella's ticket selling for?


OK, so eventually the way Woodstock was now with buyers that want to buy Woodstock tickets in 20 years, she was at the second Coachella ever. That's going to be valuable.


Take your spicy Mayo tone on it now and I'm going to fucking learn this guy. But you have to understand, I don't like you like me. You keep going because you got this thing you keep doing because.


Because I know I could talk to you that way and I'll be fine. That's why they go there is how fast the ghetto is. Shit. Let me interview Lenny. How do you feel about that decision I make it messes up. How do you feel about your last decision?


Oh, so you say, well, imagine we can clean it up. Imagine a world in which, like, you know, so easy for me.


I got you. I got you. I'll be quick. But I imagine at all of these events you just had a QR code. You scan the QR code, the artist collaborates with another artist to create a one of a kind that left, right. Anyone that goes there. And that's the only way to get it. You now have a certificate that you're there for life over time. Like, imagine all those people that we're like at the first Kendrick's SLB here.


Right. Have those right. If you have all the, you know, the weekend show and, you know, imagine how much that would be worth when he performs at the Super Bowl. Right. Agree.


Because this weekend it's money and you would get money for being one of the earlier supporters of the week. Oh, no, we didn't even get paid from the Super Bowl. He pay. All right.


And here's here's where I'm going to sound like a complete hater, which is against what I what I would like to do when it comes to audio.


Is this complete bullshit? No, because I can understand the tangible ticket, the tangible painting, the tangible photo.


If there's some certificate that says I have the original audio, that sounds exactly like the fuckin audio I can get for free.


No. Well, because you haven't even dug into, like, the incentives, like imagine you own, you know, asking me questions. I know they're going to say no. And again, I think Kings of Leon is doing a great job because they're adding all these incentives to them not to add on to where. And also, I'd be remiss if I don't talk about, like, blah, blah, blah, just did an auction.


Yeah, no, you get now he will be missed. He will be missed. We missed talking about the I love Bilal. Thank you very much. He'll be remiss if I could keep going with this. Well, I could talk.


I could tell you the chillout go. But necesito similar to me that Instagram fiasco I want to start looking at. It should not be allowed. All right. I know.


So Belal has been active in the NFC. Yeah. He's, he's been like the tablet. He just sold an album for three million dollars. Oh shit. An album that he already released three years ago.


Oh well it wasn't even you all that I guess I see that kiss give and if you revisit that all. Oh, she needed to do it underground for three million. Don't act like you ain't so sure it's Valentine's Day. So it's obvious. You definitely do. That was my that was my routine on Valentine's Day. That pulao show it S.O.P. 11 million. Yeah it was. Oh sure. It was way more than that actually.


That's crazy. Yeah. Good for blah blah blah.


But yeah, it's a fucking renaissance for artist man. I love that. Finally. Singers and rappers can do the same thing that are real artists, painters do as a scam because our world is a scam to be focused, though, some paint on a canvas.


Seven million dollars.


Well, yeah, but not so, you know, now it could be a singer and get your money out of the market. I know, right? Yeah. You know, it's very interesting. So we'll see. I mean, it's definitely changed the way that I'm approaching interest and creating art and being art. It is like now I'm coming out it as like a crazier prospect. Like what? And now I feel like I owe I owe it to all these people that invested in me last time.


Exactly. For my next job to be like, oh, it's got to be crazy. I got to you know, whoever buys this next one, I got to make sure to write a price, too.


And I mean this in a good way, puts value on the nerd shit like the way people are so focused on art and a regular person will walk by and be like, all right, yeah, look, that looks like a bunch of paint.


I don't know the fuck that means. Why is that worth seven dollars million? It's like it could be the same way when you get like that wrap party rap that underground shit fuck all that. You know, we have a high value on that now. So if you know you know type of. Yeah.


I mean the same culture exists in T-shirts and clothing and all that shit where, you know, I got the original shit from the vintage Joy or the first release of this sneaker or whatever. That's like Bobby hundreds coming in and talking about NAFTA as much as he is. Yeah. Yeah.


Same same principle. I like it. Very interesting. Do you have any more questions you need clarity on without destroying the entire basement? Yeah, yeah.


I mean, what do you think Bill are up to right now? He said it was 11 hours, 11 million. But I was getting calls or chartist in the world asking him, how can we do this? And you're going to see a lot of major players coming into the space and they're all going through blood because he's the one that truly understands this shit.


Why is he the only one I love? I love that because he's been active. Yeah, he's been active. He's been a believer of just block chain technology and he's been studying about it. So everyone's like, who's this random deejay?


Like, no, he's been lurking in the space, you know, is this random guy just made 11 or 12 now we just made eleven minutes, which is another reason why I had a problem with D'Angelo and friends.


He didn't really invite his friends, but yeah. So he's probably getting calls from every major artist trying to figure out how they can do their next releases and NFTE. And you're only going to continue to see more and more like big, big players enter the space. So that's what I'm interested in, because who's going to do it right and who's going to, like, actually use the technology to the fullest extent of its potential? Little Yardie sold out, sold out his new social token reality for 15 dollars each in 21 minutes only God, he gives fans exclusive access to receive personal items from the rapper's career, participating online parties with yachtie.


And the sale brought in two hundred seventy six thousand and six dollars. So now people that have those tokens, if they want to sell it, is.


Yeah, and they will get it. They go get it.


You know, it's supporters. It's an ecosystem where I was the first one here and only stands. That's all it exist here. Again, it's monetizing though.


It shows that it's monetizing ojisan. And and now whenever you keep singing my praises, mashie goes up, y'all get paid. I see.


This is very interesting. It is. Well, so thank you for a really, really interesting language that wrote. And yeah, I got some ideas. Yeah. I got some ideas on how this could be useful. Good. Nifty. Yeah. It's a motherfucking pool party to show the first audience left in 2012. If you the first Poupart show me a 2012 pool party man.


Tillable creators got to create this, we got to it and now they're giving us shit like this. This is awesome man. Or tools that. Forty five minutes was much better than my take on papoose rhyming. All the cereal's was just like I was coming here to do. And I'm going to talk about it too. If he think that that's getting away from me, go get people to. Let's all there please go back.


I got a clown for you and I got to watch myself when I clown and I don't even know he could flip Apple Jacks like that.


He did. Paphos got to stop you do the science, you do the science, that's what he has to stop. Yeah, but you do the science.


I would say more. I'm scared of him and his wife. Jack's crazy, don't you? Rory, why is have nothing. I have nothing to say. Well, why was the only guy in the world that has every box of cereal in his kitchen that's like that's the problem. That's when you get money, actually. Yeah, that's. Well, so, uh, you know, I'm not dumb.


I'm going to talk about that on your own. I'm always everybody's time here, but I'm getting to this topic. As soon as we end to look at this fire, the mike's back, but they.


Oh, look. And sometimes when he got Combs's, my buddy had to punch lines to put together. He had to hurry up and get to box of cereal in the cereal slot in, you know, cereal, I mean, alphabetical order. And my man got all the businesses.


He brings in brands. Come on. No, but you see, he ain't even go there would have no he didn't go with me. Go with Pat was trying to go. You got you got off the you got out the car. You ain't even go all the way down. That's your problem. You got out the culture, you got everything to listen about you. It makes us all. But you got out the car. You ain't even nobody knows.


You ain't even because he was.


While all day I went to Shorty home, she must've just left. I went in the bathroom and seen Honeycomb. Come on.


You know, you ain't even seen. Have you got to go with him. No, don't get up in that bathroom. Yeah. You got to go with him.


No, Joe, go all the way it is. No, stop. Go. I want to go with me. So if I want to go, you remember your husband is causing a terror on you, right? I got look, he is a serial rapper.


Do you guys buy in bulk a serial freeze?


That should be enough to let you go.


Oh, then you get the box, right? That's all right. Listen, I'm coming back. I'm coming back. Going to be enough to it's come.


No, we all laugh and some of our best pods that push its iPod. NFTE already got the file right after that Spotify got hacked.


But I'm just telling you something, it was right after that in those numbers, it was like, damn, it crashed everything and ended up seeing our patriotic work. And I get what I would imagine that we catch a leak one month like that push. It was right at the perfect time it was here. I remember the Drake B biggest beef ever and did push a tease that out. Oh, my goodness. No more numbers for you, buddy.


You know, I got another number again. Ever, ever. You want to negotiate and don't you ever have a career out there? What if we found like what if we got a good month with something like that? Imagine if, like, just this has happened to us. Relax. What if, like, eighty thousand people just signed up to some shit one day to hear something or in one month to hear some? I'm not giving you another number, I'm never telling you 80000 people came this month with ten dollars a month for the next however many years, but my man was different.


My man had every user over there valuated a little more than ten dollars. So sure enough to use them, I work on something like NFTE, like with like seasons and episodes, dropping visuals for shit like that.


And like you're the only ones to have it.


Yeah, absolutely. Well, and also it's kind of like a glorified email this because now say all these people had all of these like the Pusha episode. Right. You know, if you have now their public wallet address. Right. Of, you know, the people that own this, you can air drop them like behind the scenes from that day. And that's just making their life because, you know, you're now rewarding the people that supported you right back then.


I'd love to be able to NFTE like a locked album, my album that you can't even open unlock here and know nothing about, what, maybe a year or two, so that as it gets closer to the two years, the value goes down, you somehow it goes crazy.


Yeah. I'm going to finish researching this stuff because am interesting is it is way too interesting. All right, anybody else?


Leber's Because we got so let's give Silver a round of applause. You went crazy, silver. You did a lot of information to take in a lot of shameless plug. I got to get out a ferocious shout out for Mario Van Peebles. People who else? Maxwell. All the Marleau, all the Muhammad's that Drake said to else. We got it. Yeah. No, you idiot.


Oh, Maxwell, let Billal beat them to the NFTE. Maxwell sick about the Maxwell lost versus and NFTE. Don't do that because he didn't show up like a soldier.


You said he'd never run though.


Oh, Maxwell. I don't think he ran. I don't think he did. He must go to God knows that D'Angelo never relit that cigarette. So I'm on the phone right now.


How that cigarette was lit, the entire version of the song? Well, it was a prop, this American spirit, Huberta Lotoro. It was amazing to me that the cigarette was the star of show. I said, you still audition in 12 minutes, right or wrong?


Every time he picked that up, it was still burn.


My check, my check, one, two. The high vibrations, high frequency, all that good stuff. He went crazy, I don't know who he is, but I love it if you ever find a time. Read between the lines with. So what are you for? What do you live for? What did you do to me that makes me want to live more? How did you get here? How do you see more? What do you think about young boy in.


It's the only surprise that. Maybe it was a sign of good black. Indeed, how could I ask you, I know I have to just find the words to say that I could finally have you despise. Let this pass me. I've got to catch you. See, if you've done is my cue. I love. Took a minute just to say I really paid. I want to bring just a little more frankly, I'm talking crazy. I want to say I'm a baby.


I'm a baby. Oh, my baby. Up and down you call. I get to speak every time you make sad, it makes me feel so we try to be cool. I don't want to lose you. Those girls, to me, are you in love? I you know. It's called Looks Are you in love at a sleepover before, but since my laptop broke, I can't find it, damn it.


How did that happen? It's fine. Well, why aren't my new laptop.


It should be broke for two weeks now. Yeah, but the keyboard was working and we ball on this side. No, no, no.


You poured liquid on the side and that's how.


Make the point. Make the appointment and let's go with the fun. It's all going to me. It's me. It's me. Make the appointment. You can get me and we'll just make the appointments call. I don't ever want to make an appointment with, you know, with Apple can't like we become like I would just forget it anyways.


I'll stay, I stay with our little throve. Actually this ain't really a sleeper, but it is a sleeper this blue the.


S exile. Look, it's six o'clock, I'm not at a big rain falling call, it lasted, I guess, my Narathiwat. But the second option out the track because I'm running late, it ain't no excuse when I'm about to be 20 foot out of the like. I'm finishing my own joint with Pro and. Only now, because you are getting out of work from my lady, call a bug and always fun just because we've fallen, but it's all because the cousins fucking rich, because the husband's hustling my fucking section.


The input of my mom McClarkin off work, ready to go home. Right. Right. I got a book to catch the bus. And at the stop, rain falling on his socks takes off. It's above my jacket for my jeans up meet up in my headphones class someplace and we'd have to start a lot of what it was like. A fucking struggle. We can't send in the brain. No, nobody wanted there were a. Nobody will ever break the.


Some sound bites taking trips to the lab come up in advance and criminal suspects charged to as regards try trying to begin orders for my, you know, my salary. So with all of this being cautious, Robert Redford simply asked me how I think my project progressing is distressing because it's not something as well as depression exists. They used it as inspiration to the best of them. I still see I can't handle this pressure for sure. And if you ask me, my girl needs more attention than my record labels.


Desperate. Now, I'm pissed because I'm get a lot of stuff. That's right. When I see my face like that. I'll be right back. I left the office. We got a phone call. My partner Jack in the mommy walked right before we answer, I remember my passion in the past when I was in my seven blocks, my mom and dad sprang to help me when my grandmother passed, plus the many signs that I was homeless and at times when I was thrown.


The way when I was helpless, so we still remember the rain in. Not to act as no, nobody wanted their. An exotic dancer in the Brain Below the Heavens album. That's one of those. I think it's safe to say that album was a classic is Blue in Exile Below the Heavens. Go check that album out that was Dancing in the Rain, which I guess would be the single if you ordered singles. But they don't. I play a play a joint from Amber.


Oh, this is Fool.


You talk to me like I want you in my. I just a simple. I don't want to use. As you coming back? I need you in my time, but you are gone nine. Go to. It used to, I guess still you say, watch every move. This is for you to know just flick feeling, you lay it like boop boop, boop, boop, boop, unfoiled super special. Like, no, no. That's just something the.


You know, at the end of Russia and China again. It's the beautiful sounds of Amber, so beautiful, you know, Steve, of that for some time, parks and so raw.


The reason why I said it was piggybacking off you, I saw them arguing a federal boy meets world versus blue indexable of the heavens, which are both through shocks. The argument boy meets world fashion versus blue in exile. Blow the heavens both great.


Yeah, well, efficient fashion. I actually pronounce it. I always said for sure. I'm not sure. Maybe I'm wrong anyway.


Yeah, both. Both are amazing, amazing projects.


I like Boy Meets World. This is life is short. It's but this was a good era and hip hop was like oh yeah. InDesign this new low. 085 Right. OK, what. I remember living in the trailer cooking dinner out a crock pot with microwave basic television. Same sophistications on as well because I had to buy cable at the neighbors didn't know how broken he was till I got older. I never knew I had a father until you showed up out trying to get back.


My, my step dad walks in, he comes to drop off. He had a couple of guys like this guy. They would always take this route because it would take me to the doctor. I called them all that even though they didn't have me used to make fun of I'm close to one of them, got punched in the nose and kind of like I was forced to like that. So it shouldn't be so quick. Oh, yeah, I see.


I see. I don't know about it that life is a shorty, but passion of Boy meets world.


Another classic story never seen of the 08 era.


No. I'm so ready, I don't know, I had man sit here today. Lucky I didn't get to coming to America. No, no, no. We got it.


We got it. We need you know, we had it out with three. We don't get to see it, had we? Little because I was going to miss it because you got to let me see a lot of people to see it. I've seen a lot of people this year. Yeah, I've seen it. And Christine and that's I got out before I listen to Magic this weekend. Give them the weekend. Wait, you got a weekend to get your Eddie Brazo.


Yeah, I'm coming. I'm sorry Ms. I'm listening.


We'll get into it. Don't worry about it. First thing, Wendy, first we got to we got Ali Smolkin Wednesday. We got Ali. There was a of sign ups before Wednesday. I'll tell you that one buddy who's coming. All right. You know, getting the whole deal done on Sunday. Listen, I like you. I like to negotiate. You tax. You better hurry. Monday is a coming. Let me just give you all the stuff that that we missed on this part, being silly in our one.


But I'd like us to work on that. Our snow fall review for sure.


Come on, man. We got it. We're to do it. We'll get to it. I like this shit. He did this. We'll get to it. We'll get you ready to caporn. That was bad enough that it's a play we'll get to play. It was foul play. The foul play is just that way to play. It looks that way.


But the replay will show as the season goes that it was it was a necessary thing, I'm telling you, for him.


But for them, you got a lot of fans, got a lot of faith in drug dealers. Well, he has a lot of drug dealers. I'm just I'm just trying to retire like so I a great business. Growth puts all the faith. Actually, he was just rapping. If you have faith in anybody that didn't do drugs. Absolutely. Now I'll make it. All right. So we got snow fall. We didn't get to come to America.


I didn't get to the and because I've been waiting for days to get in here about the ambitious let's say we see do the science, the ambitious parks are the new podcast awards.


Oh. That happened to be run by all of the people colonizing podcasting.


So the I Heart Awards knows all of this, all of them heart participants by spotted by participants, luminary of anybody from Showtime is to the big one or two of them from all of them. And we have to discuss what would the culture do if we didn't? The Emmys don't want to. Demi Moore, the streets is lucky.


We have a problem. STS is lucky right now.


Why the Street's lucky ROI or NYC airports to LAX right now at six or nine on Friday, March 5th, no flights available.


So that was my way of trying to tell more gas up the PJM damn slacking on his Mac and book mine last night.


Fly out out of here. Bye bye.


You guys who knew they had an encore in Boston?


Who knows you? No, I said like the same is like the when one like this the biggest on go someone hit me so they all did everything so well. Someone hit me and said they close the woods.


Everyone would know it's my favorite bar, my two favorite bar in the country. I think they didn't close there.


So someone saluted me and said that they killed someone.


Confirm that for a because they never closed down in Miami. How could that stop?


I don't know if they're killing us on the Internet for big enough jets. Pizza from Detroit. I saw that. Yes. I mentioned something bad enough. I know what I. I'm like culture, too. I don't know.


Yeah, I'm and I'm not from Detroit. We they treat us like we got Sbarro's in Times Square. Like Jets isn't some commercial shit. It might be. I don't know. Maybe to them.


Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Maybe that's why I said we're not from own culture. But when I had jets while I was in Michigan, that shit was good.


That was parks that says right now on Google and Google never lies. What's happened is open right now. Closed at twelve am.


OK, well maybe the person was lying to me entirely, maybe internalize that they better be lying. I agree.


Anyway, the whole two hours and coming to America to for Marlon Wayne is the pop up fan we're going to get.


All right. They can get Marlink bromance niggas. Well, the budget was stretched to no, please. There wasn't a stretch. It wasn't a budget. Wholy pay Tianna. I'm sure she got it. I know Rotimi, I'm sure you salt pepper, that's not what happened. Probably. Listen let me just keep on it. What else did I forget. You talk about the biggie doc. I saw it. Yeah, that's one of the interesting things is just the one on the corner.


Oh yeah. You're the one. You didn't want to put the seats up.


Oh wait. That's all this is concerning. Joe, I've been what's happening with you. That's your spot. So don't don't do that. No, I would I would give, but I think our list carrot three hours and 10 minutes, but they don't recipe's whatsoever. In fact, whatever Biggie Smalls, when we talked about the big dog, why didn't see it when you talk about.


Oh, you talked about. I loved it when I was up. I loved it. Would you think. I thought it was good.


I loved it was it was basically what we had hoped it would be. Yeah. They humanized a man. Yeah, exactly. It wasn't it wasn't mythical superhero, which Biggie is, of course. But it's nice to look nice for him to be. He's a person.


They made him a 24 year old kid. Right. Which is still crazy when I say it. And that was good.


Four years old and he was kicking the old like Slick Rixson and runs from the first demo tape over Africa that she was crazy.


All right. I enjoyed it was good. We didn't talk about all star weekend, which is happening. That won't exist by all Star Day, our next pod.


So I just give me your prediction, who you think will win everything sent out to all the Knicks and participation.


Julius is doing the schools challenge, always doing the dunk contest and RJ is doing the Rising Stars Challenge. Snubbed my guy quickly. That was wrong.


Let's have Saturday night. Right. So it's not everything since everything everything is celebrating a Sunday but dumped Emanuel quickly.


Not making that rising star game is is atrocious.


It's disgusting. I got Team Durant catching a big oh. What do you have any more? If you put Steph, LeBron and Luke on one team, I'm going for that team.


I think I got jealous. I don't care about him.


I don't like him too much like his game. OK, him I love.


But his game, you know, like they said about James Harden for a long time, that style won't get it done in the playoffs. You won't win that way. I feel like that about Giannis right now. He just has enough. You know what I'm going. I like team doing it. I got a bit. I like that, too. I like to read. I'll talk about 18 different. Yeah, I'll take a bit, DeAndre Trash.


No, no, no, no way. All-Star Game, everyone. Everybody is good. Everyone's great today. No I like I like team doing it.


I think you and me, I think fourth quarter I think when the game gets serious I think is more, it's more dogs and some more dogs.


All right. Give me when the game gets serious. Line up from Team Durant.


From Team Durant, you go well damn 80s not playing you go and CCDs not playing Kyrie they both are not playing Kyrie Kyrie Kyrie with a play They put the injured legend and then the cat can be carried by Kyrie Joel Embiid and Fucking and Devin Booker And let's go win the game.


Oh please Oh let's go win the game. Oh shut up. Oh yeah I'm taking this back up. What are you kidding me.


All right I'm going to roll out with Dame Lillard Steph LeBron and Luka.


Yeah but Joe's favorite.


Yeah but you ain't got no win is over it.


All right. I'm finished. I'm told you up. Yeah. Just say let's get to that. Let's go. I like Kyrie like. No you're right. LeBron have never won any time. Actually they've won all the chips this decade. All of the. Yeah I'm just I'm so blessed in the midst of an all star game. No I'm not Tom. I'd like to season now. You're right, they never won nothing.


I'm just saying like the all star game like they can defend like Kawhi and Joe they all could defend to take it.


The fact is cool. I'm not I'm the average fourth quarter is lights out with a team. And when it's out and whenever we need defense, we're just going to throw in Ben Simmons, Paul George and Rudy Gobert. Yeah, if defenses was oh and Greek freak de fucking Luca chillun Domantas Sabonis don't talk to none of the all stars. Introduce yourself. Introduce yourself. I don't know. I don't know. I do like a game, I like his game but I, but I understand what it's like when you're replacing somebody and the rest of the all star game.


The respect level is just different that's all. I like his game because I've seen my game so I can't talk about him. Yeah. Like I like I like him too. Well, I like that. I like dead low budget, but don't talk to nobody else while you're there.


The right team. Durant buddy Devin Booker. You could talk a little bit about how he was. I'm on it because I'm on it.


Yeah. Yeah. But your history with the bench really.


Oh no. It's a little shaky. Yeah. Like I went Brady Unpadded. We bet that I ain't never heard from yesterday but I got two grand sitting there waiting for like I don't know what, I don't know what. Forget the scratch. Whatever. This one right here. That's before I found it on it.


I feel like it still happens. Every single vegetable take five on on team LeBron. OK, I'll take five hundred twenty five hundred a team direct.


I know Morgan too much money. Mo would never forgive me. Never take a bet with me. Why not. We always bet before. What are you talking about. I'm used to you being the guy to state your opinion and as soon as I say bet on it, then you're tough. You say no, I'm betting on it, but now it's not. That's we've got five on team Duran Duran.


A player I know not. All right. I may not make it, but Hardin told you what little scoop you got. Nothing hard hit you like a Greek freak. Sick. I just like I like this. I like LeBron. Got food poisoning him. Beat us hard in some ball text message. No, I just. I like Team Durant. All right. OK, you take team bronczek take, right? It's not a bad bet. I mean, it's going the way it's cool.


You think it's a bad bet for you? I'm sorry. I don't think it's bad. I mean, either way, Joe wouldn't pay this just fine.


I was actually be so bad. I do. I do. He will look good over there. I'm so messy in the dunk contest that, you know, I'm so mad at these Karl Anthony towns rumors about the mix from Jersey. I'm pleased. All right, there are big ups. It's not like you I like I don't like want to mix. I like him. I'm like, I'm on a Knicks. Yes, right, any time his name come up, all I think about is Zach Randolph picture where he was backing him, backing him up.


He was like, yeah, he saw the big jump and he too big for dudes to be scoring to score all over Minnesota. So I wouldn't put him next to Jules. Yeah, and I want to keep Jules. Yeah, I do want to keep you. I did not feel like that at the start of the season.


I did your when Karl Anthony Towns interviewed KDDI when he was in high school. Yeah.


Yeah. That was one of the funniest type shit. Like I don't like it. I don't want to see shit like this and then welcome you to my team. Well, he was right while Rory does that.


Yes, what did I say? And I I respect Kate, don't answer the question, OK, you're going to listen to some of y'all don't know it's cool ball game, a low dose.


This album came out last year, but somebody's still got to get this out of my rotation. And I'm great. I'm like, oh, my God. I'm like, if I'm going, like, what can we move forward? Oh, you. He touched me. Oh, my God. Oh, this laughter here where you found you looking for a bit by bit better take this off from his. Of each sitting in the USA want to cut them loose and did not have a.


She's on Roc Nation. I didn't know that Roc Nation. What are you doing? You mean do more now?


Now what? Slow, slow going with this slow burn. Hell, yeah. She was too talented, though. Just do some shit to do it. You're right. I like the slow burn the guys. Right now they're doing this part. You guys are right. You guys are right. I just sometimes I fail to realize the difference between a slow burn and lack of attention and you all. Doing this fucking right.


We don't put the album out, though. Slow burn it with the best fire. Whatever. What can we do right now anyway?


She thought she could do one of them colors things or tiny man that's going to tell you that, you know, she can write your ideas, the right colors, the yellow.




Anyways, all the times when I'm a freshman bass player, St. Joseph High School, Mattachine, New Jersey. Today, I enjoyed the unique opportunity to meet and interview one of my biggest clients. Anyone in your whole life playing basketball, did they ever make you feel that you needed to work harder than them? And they acted? They were better just to make you feel better player and be a better player? Yeah, for sure. My brother was always the guy that pushed me to to be the best I can be.


I wish him continued success on and off the court and we'll be cheering for him every step of the way. Reporting for M.G. Varsity forward.


I know. I know. He can stay in Minnesota. I'm sorry. So how cool are you at 14? Way, way more of a loser than Carl. I respect we weren't trying to hype up that clip, but that clip was funny and then CD looking and going, well, let me just try to answer this the best way. Present our respective.


And he had you on your article. I mean, that's one way that this Sandy, Sandy and Annie both won. If either one of them had me on my record, I respect it. So that's one rest in peace pipe smoke. I respect it when you come back, find the negative. Smacked you at 14, throw from all over the chip rack.


I respect that was that was not a real clue and that wasn't the same guy. So, OK, just let just know that that wasn't the guy. So unfortunately that guy was killed by the police so that was not.


Well that's unfortunate. Rest in peace. That's horrible. Yeah, that's horrible. I just want to make so yeah. Let's, let's clear that up. You're right. Joe supports when anybody is throwing around a shipwreck in a building. I do.


I like that. I like that energy. I got this scar on my face by a big bodega brawl up, brawl up right down Brinkerhoff. I respect the bodega. I do three liter Pepsi plastic bottle. That hurts for life, who knew that a three liter Pepsi for life would scar you? I know you don't care. Don't even make the so there's no more, you fucking young fuck, I hate you. They stole my three leaders don't really insult anymore.


Me neither. But yeah, they make three. Look at it. Look at me.


Get healthier are our new brudno. We are here. Wow, this is the new this one hundred percent San Bruno and we get out of here, but you can't prove it is the Bruno NFTE knocking Bruno. This is a brand can prove this is not Bruno. Now, you can have this one, right? Well, yeah, that would be the same old thing I've always been doing done for this that I hope you all enjoy this bike as Man Sproul's.


Oh, no, no, no. Six thirty and it's still kind of light outside. We can't close cold daylight saving time. Summertime is a foot. Oh, no, we're we to get into that with geomorphology. What I got to say our overnight, I'm. The film and leave the. No good Bruno would have took every inch of sold out the opening line and it would have just sounded perfect. So I you should know I'm not.


It feels like you are. Oh, and I take it back. I never should know either one of them. They both amazing guys, but musicians, guys like you just see them in a restaurant. Cool, guys, I'll be honest with you, I've never just sat in the restaurant and Bruno and Anderson, we're sitting there together at the next table.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You are different. No, Cary, we didn't walk in on anything.


We were there with him. You got to stay home and try to make me say we walked in on him. Just go down enjoying Wagle and Anderson came in. I like that version a little better. We walked in. What am I playing it out? Oh, Bruno. With Money magazine, where I go, that's what they said, it never gave us no money. They should have never they didn't I'm know how did I pay for waggled?


We had to get all the money you give us.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I remember. I remember when college tried to get the swag.


Ulanoff He got it all. No, he didn't. Your generation. No he didn't.


He didn't get that line when you was in college.


You had the swag. I was out of college when that came out and no, he didn't have the swag.


Didn't you know. You did think he had. No, I didn't. It was not dripping swag. You know, we also got the worst line ever in my life, no matter what effect wears J.


Cole, he's supposed to be on this song.


The worst line is when you start spending movie punch lines with the wrong actors. I actually like that. I thought that was. I thought that was swag. Like, you're not into deep because he was in that suit. Come on. That's where I go to meet. There wasn't swag.


I don't I don't care who's in the movie. I'm saying the line with this line out of disrespect am I got to ask what Omar how he felt about that.


So when did you call? You've got to call heedlessly. I do. I want to know how you got here. I got five. Yeah. Like, come over. Where is my guy.


If I he just did a movie last year I think. Oh he did come to America probably. Yeah. Yeah.


The whole Wednesday board is going to be about coming to America bar to. Let me just tell you with that said, keep us in your prayers. Lord knows we need to be there until next time I bid you adieu. Hasta la vista. Adios. Arrivederci Riva. So long. Goodbye. All of that good stuff. Then I'll let you remember. Life is a series of. We do remember life is a series of moments and moments past, so let's make this one last as if it's all that we have.


My claim to fame.


Last but certainly not least remembered at the baddies are insecure and stagnant. Women want you to take them somewhere in the close minded. Women want you to teach them something. Enjoy your headache.


I'm out of your. I got to go. Enjoy your weekend. It was called as ice. Long ago, baby, baby. Well, you have the family out here was a very mad man. No sugar, sugar, sugar. I can see, because I get what you would do if this was just your lips and you. Oh, yeah. And during a love with what IDM? Took me out to my street. If it wasn't for this flood, never again, it's flooded and.


If you help me, who else you like, I mean, just keep going. I grew up screaming and Serena Williams to last through the day. Oh, Brenda. We have the same birthday that was created with your birthday, it with your foot on the brake right here, girl, when you was born again. Oh, me too. Oh, see you. Leave it to you. Get a glimpse of it. And, you know, it's funny how a man can change so quickly.


No screaming.


We're in the shit, nigga. Put some on the screen boardgames up, bitch. He said it like any day now. Go crazy. Remember, when we're letting it get us, you know, earlier, you know. Were you this? And he. We had him and I just had a little Saturday, but I give you. I do think you're very funny, you screaming India love, I'm the same way of reaching that might have been one of the funniest things you ever do for real, Dad.


I just need a clip of just you. There's a lot of clips. Singing India, they're all going to get me doing the touring fire of facts.


I hate the Internet, but I don't anticipate stuff like that. I do, though. I just was laughing more and more. Do a little dance right now. No, I'm not going to dance with you. I am a little nervous due to St. Patrick's Day coming up soon. Oh, to go crazy, you've got to go.


What would you tell do is go crazy and go crazy no more? Crazy, crazy, I say you lose your mind. Celebration. Good to see you. If you remember correctly, the first week of Kobe was St. Patrick's Day week, no doubt about that.


Disappoint me. So you might have to do something real this year, March 15, 17, 17, something we're going to. Well, my family usually does something every year. Last year, we had to cancel them and talk with everyone. What's the white electric slide and everything going on? It's bagpipes. Yeah, I think it's called the Doce, though. The second night. You forgot the joke for sure. All right. Yeah. Now that is where you go.


Ajaccio. Oh, no, we got that recorded because you don't use streaming. So if you have that just in your eye to Cerrado, you a different type.


What's the name of it, Joe? I don't know how to spell that. Don't happen unless I'm feeling sorry, man. If you spell this correctly, I'm a judge. You. Can't write this book, Hot continues, I do this, I don't have it, you're one and a half continent. Wait, wait, wait, wait, redneck's. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.


You know what? Nigga, you thought this is an empowering song. No. Were making fun of them doing that. Did not hold up, by the way, until screening storm is by wait until screaming I type it out. I didn't realize Consejo was not one word that really says cotton eye Joe.


Good. I thought that was just the word Conargo. We got to fuck these white boys up. Leave your man Kanaya. Joe is by our group. Name the rednecks with an ex.


Yeah. Yeah, you did the dance and they're fucking stomping on black black people in the video. Now, I don't know, this did not stop all black people, you know, black, we want to see a black person in it nowhere. Oh, no, anybody in it. I don't know if they started out stomping on. All right. So why was Goldfinger shot in the club?


This was a shit, I guess. Oh, no. Oh, no.


Now I got to snuff any to the wrong car now, Joe, when I'm in here. Cotton. I I thought this was when black people stole some shit and put some pizzazz on it.


No, I think white people came up with these drums and that's probably not even the official.


How many of you this you got? One hundred and thirty six million, three hundred seventy four thousand eight hundred and twenty six hundred views. And that sense the Internet. This is a pre Internet.


So man, people fucking hate blacks. Yomi spins this guy out on jock jams. You ain't got no right put up with the next song. I feel like you're going to rednecks in your cerrado.


This is sick man. Fuck.


And on that note, now, you guys just got to let drop. I'm sorry. I know you guys want to go home. We owe you. And by the way, I don't know the lyrics to that song.


I'm sure if we researched why you told us to pull that up, Rory. I mean, that was shady.


That was shady. That was Val. I a reminder that the group is called rednecks, why am I so blown away by the just audacity of white people?


I thought that's why we got that song up into context. Well, you know, I don't have that song. What do you.


I don't think rednecks named themselves rednecks. But then adopted it and said, hey, this is what we mean, I hate this video, too.


I've never seen this video. I didn't know that, Joe. And by the way, the dance the Night Joe Dance has not happened once in this video. Oh, it did just a dance. Yes, that was the thing. To kill a nigger, you got to kill a nigger.


If not, Joe came out now, it would be crazy to talk.


Numbers came with it didn't feel. It's like no gerberry Cunard's.


You can be like, oh, that's a good idea. Yeah, there you go, past come on, you know the cotton eye, Joe, dance partner, Joe Dance Färm, that's the point of the song is the dance I got to beat up. Y'all need to hang out with more white people. No, we don't. If this is what you guys are conjuring up. Well, this is why my joke was so good.


When you ask what's the white people electric slide. Now you see my joke. Yeah, that's the way people electric slide.


This is terrible. This is Texas, Alexis, no, it's the whites in New York City, Texas. Arkansas. Yeah, I'm going, I'm going, you're going to have that one be back Wednesday, you guys see IL Yock.