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So anything that you brothers want to start with is what Joe wants to start with, first of all, I feel uncomfortable. I don't wanna interrupt you. I want to interrupt you. I'm uncomfortable. I'm not going to talk to until you're finished. Until I know you're finished. How about that? I like this a little. No, man. I like your entire outfit. I like everything about what you're going to say.


This old thing, friendship five today more. I like it. Your friend. Thank you. He's a friend. He's a friend. D'Angelo is a friend. Now we're the friends. Well, he's offering us or he did invite us to the Apollo. He's a friend, save on the don, hey, hey, friend, the gorilla glue to this network. What you do is I'm your friend, and I said, OK, come on, man, get your buddy, which I just got, you really don't feel like you're back in high school.


You know, somebody's up. Somebody's down. I'm saying enough buddies to go around, hopefully over. And then we're losing buddies. A lot of fellows are you grab over their heads. So free o white thought white mamba. Come on, man. Come on, man. Come on, man. This is us.


Come on, man. It's us. All right. Come on, man. You tunes for us to see what we're doing.


Let's go. Back in the days when the US had claims that to compress its pennies on these top dollar. Yes, sir. Skelley up by feeling good. Bring me back in the 90s real quick. Let me get quiet neighborhood through the afternoon, turning the pages to nineteen ninety three. Believe me, talk slick. Get your neck slick. Quick things happen that need to be fixed. And the protective suits. That's all been waiting for next. Just a fuck up from fighting shit.


I've been sitting and start typing shit so step away with your fist fight waves motherfucker. Just like back in the day. But you don't hit me though. How much my check my check was too slow to have put us on it. Yes, sir. Oh, baby, I'm feeling good. Take it down for a little bit. We got good weather out in New York. I was watching hip hop on the cover sheet and I heard this.


Come on, reminded me when I first heard this, it was a crooked I thought when I first heard you spoke of being crooked up. I'm just a phone call away. I know what he's going to say, oh, no, I created this law. So for me, it's off course. They don't want to do it.


So we see Bansuri to telling you what it's going me this. I'll kill you. Come over here, call me Jack and. All right, full of. And if you did Faustina with good boy, would you like the Catholic Church, treat the poor with respect. Calling it extortion. Kicked off some. Must get is, my sources say, this offensive photo, Wall Street, of course, is far from the tip for you and for me and willing to receive in the not even chance to make it go round.


Want to running back and this single file you do with the no fly zone, call to the. You open your to. No, no, it's appropriate after that. No, no, no, no, no, no. They're known for firearms.


That's just not the truth. Microphone check, one, two. What is this? The J.B. beep boy's bike to business. Welcome to Episode four. Twenty three. I'm your humble, grateful, gracious deuce four. Twenty two. Oh, my apologies. We forgive you. Oh thank you man. We'll to do without forgiveness from my friend. That's true.


In Episode four twenty two of the Joe Button podcast, I'm your humble, gracious, grateful and highly favorite host Joe Button here with a few of my nearest and dearest warriors here. Paksas here. E Rabens here, Mowgli's here, Savon is here. And Alex to great to see you gentlemen. How's everybody doing? Good. How are feeling how is your weekend fucking beautiful outside. How's your business. Yeah. Changes your mood drastically. Yeah. Yeah.


That coming into spring after the winter you just get ready, just get extra happy. My body's ready to take me summer. Take all of me. You know I'm here and we should move it along but I'm with it. Yeah I'm here now.


That's what young boys. Young boys out there getting crazy. My cousin DeMatte Dimmick moved out there real easy because once you go to Mexico, you go America six months to stay that you stamp your passport with a visa. Hmm. So you get six months to stay close to living. You get a crazy also three or four thousand dollars a month. It's a bunch of people from New York that live out there now that people don't know about Samuela. Yeah, I'm hearing like is really booming.


Booming like how like it's where people are moving, like it's like people are treating it like another state at this point.


So some of the same things we've heard about Austin, Texas. Yeah, my life has been going, you know, but like, my room is like, what?


What are the tax laws?


And to it's a great question, because I do know people have started businesses out there through covid like Americans I know and haven't seem to have any problem. We should ask them to get some actual details.


Yeah, let's find out. I was watching I was watching a Heath Ledger doc, another one of the worst case, rest in peace, Heath Ledger. And they were talking about how when he when he passed. Who knows what is what is worth was because he had so much money tied up in Australia, OK, and they were just talking about how you don't want to write a will when you're famous because it will goes through probate court and it's open for a public record and you can fight over it.


So, like, if I if I perish and I have a will and it says, hey, Joe Biden was worth something stupid, let's say 40, 50 million man Mad Money. Yeah. Then the the the people who are named in the will and go to court and fight on this stuff and people that are not named in the will, they maybe feel they should be just a mess.


Yeah. So that's why they said when. Famous are not famous, but people with money die, they do it like who was that? Was that ghost with that ghost? Would they appoint somebody? And then they handed out that person. Oh, yeah. Hands it out. I forgot what that name of that person I forgot the name to, but yeah. So I guess we should just put all our money into telling us what you say and just keep all our shit over there.


I mean, just go there for four months, you know, I mean go get a visa.


Oh so many girls go to presume. I know you ain't got no job. Tell me. But you never know why so many girls will watch you. Cause I know it was you into the. This woman's mom, I want to shout out all the women, all the women that are out there in International Women's Day, we all bought them tickets to Loom for want to shout out a woman's a for even playing that clip I never heard. Yeah.


You know, little or no sleep do sleeper's early. Oh, that was sleep as my sleeper pick. The part that you see, only the part that you fail to mention about your cousin Dimmock moving out that the is that he's also appeared in some of the world best body competitions that they have.


And he's you left that part out. He's a he's a fitness a physique model.


He's also trained some of the best bodies that we all admire.


But he's really been in some of those eight. If you're the best male body on Earth, you come in like a Leviev, too. I don't I don't think that's an al. You know, he competes like that. Yeah. Yeah. So him moving to Tulo six billion. Well, he probably incentivized in ways that Joe is not before you got. No, no, no, no. I was talking about how badly built I am and how Miles has mirrors everywhere.


Don't be, don't be, don't be. Don't let that deter them back. No. Trust me. Don't you know you're still good.


It's people like oh no, they still suck on my show. You're not even you're not even worse. Oh they're now they're not worried about that. You know there's no no indentation there. Nothing.


No, just one thing. Just like you got to listen. It just exists kind of tattoo. It's hard to say I got any. So I mean just get on.


You got to give it to you and Rory, man. You and Rory, you guys have been ahead of the summer board competition, like. Yeah, you've got to start the winner. I just knew that summer was canceled, so I haven't done a push up since twenty seventeen. OK, so you guys though you guys man it was canceled way after twenty seventeen.


Not bad but twenty seventeen is when I won that fight so I didn't feel like I needed to put it up. I was like oh that hit that did it still is bad days then. Imagine with the strength. Yeah. Yeah. I wish the city wouldn't be safe if I got muscles city. So it's been a while since I did a little push up.


But you know, but Salaman, I'm here and I'm hearing great, great things man. Paradise every day you wake up the weather's nice I'm sure. Yeah. Now we're in New York by his podcast.


So they said about like the cartel, so. The cartels. Well, you just pay your taxes. Yeah, they have cartels, we have the government is always cartel Texas and so this is safe.


MRW Shout out to our first and last time listeners. Shout out to our favorite app, the app that empowers us, powers us, sponsors us, tolerates us, puts up with us our favorite bestest app in the whole wide world cash app. Boy, did you add a lot of add a lot of a lot of questions about that will do.


Also do you guys pod for title now. Do you pod for a whole lot of time.


We've always plotted for old Jack. To be clear, Jack actually owns this podcast.


Now, I don't know if you guys knew this through. Got all together. Make it make sense. Yeah. Yeah. Like, like they look like they normally do is fine.


Yes. Our listeners I've been reading your comments.


Let's you start. It's in the face. Gave you a headache at eight everyone. Well I'll read them to stay off.


Finish shit reading the comments man. I was reading them in the middle of some self-doubt maybe must be the best.


Oh yeah. That's when you go looking for maybe someone say something good and I'll feel better when you shoot yourself. Oh wow. I guess that's all the feelings I have about myself are true. I do suck. Rory's absolutely right. That's when you have the price is right. The comments. Yeah. Just horrible. I hit him with a long stroke. Like when they turn the wheel or wherever you land, just hope is a good one.


Yeah. I'm not going to see somebody. I've been telling you feel me right. Somebody understands me. Somebody understands. Then I got to pretend to Lowell with with the.


Hey, you guys are funny. I'm really insecure.


Oh good. Good one. Dan, Dan with no no picture tonight. Do you understand me. We should be friends. Oh man.


No, no. I don't remember Mollis sitting next to some oh strangely box.


I came down here, I thought, forget this bar, Scott. You know, he got his his shrine going. So I thought this was some more park shit.


Parks ordered some coming to America merch. They know where he's getting paid this week about it. You take a picture in front of the TV watching a movie and he did it again.


He put his silver coming to America tribal bracelet on. It's Transnistrian and is let me see you coming to America. Applause What's what are in these in America?


Maybe more. Maybe we should unbox one that looks like someone that understood the vision. That doesn't look like zero zero seven eight iron box one earlier.


So I'll just blow to reveal as you guys want me to wait. I wait. I wait. What was the last time? What could it be? It was the last time you really unbox them though. You really felt good about yourself after. Oh I did that. She can't say shit to me for another month or so. First, I never worked.


Never did that ever work. I know I've done it. It's never worked. They always say something to me like three days after what they got for him or with four boxes, they're coming to America for four of us.


Crazy. Moments like when you got to Rockefeller saying, huh, uh huh. And finally we get some respect around these parts.


I don't put that shit on a chain. Then she got some way to it. Yeah. You know, I'd like to see. She was talking about your stomach a bit, you know, just shut off a little note, that is where they talk about hip hop since to get stuff done. And in fact, the show showed the viewers know how to get a and do me a favor, grab this grab this award, bring it up to the camera so they know the buyers.


Please bring that up there for the YouTube committers, not the haters.


I thought someone that that didn't have the best hip hop platform said so. So what? I don't want to, Jada, but entire rap is just. Yes, I'm a crook like you. I just like you're not even a crook. No one in here is a crook. That's not true. It's only while it's only you. That is not true with me. Thank you, Betty. Thank you. All right. So the fans for voting.


Yeah. Mhm. Coming. And we're just happy to be nominated as well with hot new hip hop.


So hip hop shout out to all the nominees. Yeah. Well yeah. Thanks to B thanks to Betty for actually designing a really cool award, winning with some weight. So we appreciate your. Thank you all. We are, we are humbled but we deserved it and we were better than the rest of the nominees.


So, I mean, it's just, you know, I'd love. I totally thought that I would win this one. I love to say I didn't expect you kidding. Absolutely. No, I prepared a little note here. I'm so surprised it went well. So what I deserve makes be like you. I don't know where to find the words. And if I'm mad where you want to go, even if talk for seven minutes, you find enough words.


You were joking. But we're not. No, we really are the best I can.


We can't do that because all the YouTube commenters are saying that my ego is about to be the demise of this podcast. It's been the demise of other things. And they're telling me that it's over. My ego is growing too big. And what will we do about it? Joe, you fumbled the and I felt up for a minute because I was hurt. I felt that way about it because my ego is way bigger than they were.


You haven't shown them anything. You might go it alone in me. Wait until we get the back catalog back from Spotify and May twenty twenty to show my ass our demise is going to be way crazier than they think. I'm coming. Fireworks at our demise. Yeah, I've got a couple more egotistical tricks to show them. But while you're on your you go.


I do some gripes about the job. I did want to come here and talk about some things just.


Oh yeah. Yesterday they already. Already where did he touch you this time. But I like that I welcomed it but I walked right into shorts on the award show shows on the board where Tony Award. He fondled me.


So I go to do see the thing is pod with brandy and um, talking about me and Brandy, I put together the brandy.


Now they're bringing together their brains together. I like to bring in I was thinking about this way. Um, so I get in there, go and go into preme studio or the GM headquarter room, say Von's the first face I see. And he's smiling. Never seen Savon smile.


Smile. You're right. That's where the energy feels really joyful. Paksas I think doing wind sprints in the hallway with his arms up just have a fucking blast. That's how he gets phone munzar. He hears everything. But now it's true.


I walk down the hallway, I see a room that I've never seen and I've been in that studio countless times.


I thought it was a closet.


No, it's a whole room dedicated to Screen Man and Savon with monitors to monitor the podcast.


Yeah, yeah. They're not in their actual room. Then as time progresses, before we start recording, I see like a lot of white dishes with amazing pasta meals and like real silverware and everyone is just grubbing. And then I start to hinder back on how I'm treated at this podcast with my bags of Cheetos and plastic forks. Yeah. Got to keep the essence. Everyone was happy there. Yeah, Ian was there. Corey was there.


The legendary deejay premiere was chillin preme in the car by working on some checking out the pod.


They had the whole job and staff there happies. My key was there. Mm hmm. Kiva's never even been in his basement. That's true. That's true. Why are you favorite favorite thing. That podcast. We get nothing over you.


We're going to get snacks, we get snacks, get Cheetos.


They had a real nice audience. You see the fun you get. There's not even a double bounty. Paper towels. Yes, one. Come on.


And that's backwash. They had real, you know, like real backwash.


Listen, man, I'm going over there full time, OK? This will be my last podcast. He does not. I'm official fisherman. See, the thing is, it does feel good over there. You're right. No, it's refreshing going in Monday's. It does. It's a different vibe.


It's different than was glowing courting. He was glowing when I walked in. Yeah, they should have called him for coming to America, you to fit right in what I'm trying to see my all my guys get gigs. Pandemic flu. It's a pandemic.


Some favoritism going on, let's all see the thing is. That's what the network is. I just think people don't care about men. Well, that's another point for me. And Women's Month, and we don't really care. No, in women, we don't care about men.


It was last time you gave a fuck about men.


And speaking of not giving a fuck about a man, I'm just trying to get this in real quick and then we can move on. You don't have to pay any attention to it. OK, well, let me find a different way to say it should be good because I'm against your words.


Them they listen killed it out there. I'm on my way over here, today is a good start. I chose it, I took the highway, OK? And I have to say. There was no traffic at all. And the lanes were fire. These were some of the best things I've ever heard, man. I've never seen the rings like this. No, I'll get it now. It was a street I didn't even want to take. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


But I never. And when I got you just put you there. Come on. So to drive you want right now. Man, that fire is out. Oh I'm in right now. Yeah. I'm in a spot as long as that and we can move right on. Move. Move right on. Move right on. I get it. I get what you get. But it just I'm, I only pay attention to it. I feel like such a hypocrite.


I do if I'm being transparent.


You if you ever read the article I do feel like you are such a hypocrite is that a woman always wants to answer. Decline, someone's spicy since you showed her who she'll think twice next time, I'll get to you when I get to you. Sometimes you've got to remind yourself who you've been. No one. No one at all.


But listen, it only takes a few weeks for all the people that got mad at how you acted on Valentine's Day. Come back. Come back. The sun is out for the whole month now. How are you doing? You know, I'm doing, you know. Do you see me? You saw how great my Valentine's Day was without you making lobster. Getting me. Come on. All right. Come on. Let's get to something. Let's get to some.


Got to be some to get to all so we can recap all Star Day.


Well, we do this no celebrity game wasn't there, Saturday is a weekend, let's start there. Do you guys have any deep takeaways to pull from the celebrity to want to. Yes, because I do I yes. Saving it. Basketball is harder than people think it's. You're saying it's just because you're from the hood and you're from the streets don't mean you go graybeal Good. The Akwei will complete, all right, but I'm taking a way deeper on this, are we putting anything to the little baby cueball rumor's?


Are we or no. Should we shut up now? Oh, I'm cool with pee and all the niggas now want to make it bad again. No, I'm not really put too much into that.


Not based off of anything I saw equivalent seventeen points, eighteen rebounds, 11 assists and only went to twenty one more.


You want me to think that there was no beef involved in this when we got to be quail's deadline. You asked my question before you talk to the cable kanuto, can you answer what I'm saying and I'll let you know I don't want to suppress it.


I didn't put nothing. I just know that what can I expect? A triple double to feed and block the three pointer. And that was what I was going to change. All right. I'm done talking to you because it's going to come I'm going to talk to you. You guys see the block? I did see the wasn't an aggressive block. It was. But that's how you supposed to do that. Aggressive you and I'm done come to block someone because I'm definitely calling soon to say y'all got to get what you have.


He doesn't have a double digit points and assists.


Go to twenty one is insane and it's one to get who's who's keeping those stats. That's the most part. Cecala No, that's that's an assist for cable. What I like Giancarlo. Only ten people in every clip. I saw Jack Harlow, he did what he you supposed to just pads cable, move all speed moves towards playable moves without the ball.


Now, now, listen, you guys, I never expected little baby to really have game because after I've interviewed him and spoke to some dudes that are, you know, outside more than me, I don't think he ever had the time.


Yeah. There's really no way he is free. It's not that's not that's how we decide, you know, for you. I mean, people that participate in those activities, usually Little League wasn't really their thing, you see.


Well, no, I doubt it. Like when a city threw out the first pitch at Citi Field. Yeah. And I was like, wow. I thought to be more athletic. I was going to sell crack. I don't think I don't think he was really at the baseball diamond. He was he was working on it. It was a pitch. And baseball was pitching Abels when they call when they caught we call it home throwing the football, I was like, man, he was in that caravan with Emery going to Maryland.


Same thing. He didn't have time for for pickup football, you know, which leads me to.


Why Durkee is even greater than we all thought he was a man that you've all seen the clips of.


But he has a jumper. He's the best rapper basketball player.


Now, I've spoken to some outside M.P., of course, as he actually played in the NBA. Exhibition game, so now welcome to the NBA, but he played well, Shaq, Iverson, Kobe, they all they all wrapped.


They were wet. I want to get to the Raptors. I don't want you all to speak to the Raptors, but I do want to talk about Raptors. That can help. But but back to Dirk yo, really quick. For his game to be so refined. With, I imagine, not very much time to work on his skill set as well. Yeah.


For whatever reason, be making music, I'm sure, extra extracurriculars he was doing. He's a little too nice. Yeah, no, he he can play, but where did he learn to play like that, like this guy really wanted to make it out of Chicago. I'm going to find a way. Hey, this is slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot. I got both. Yeah, I'm getting out of this and I can rap and still not necessarily get old.


I mean, I don't know. I'll leave it alone. You know, Dirk and Plato, he can really.


Who is Dirk? The nicest rapper, rapper, basketball player.


So I've seen him a little dicky. I've never seen a little pillow difficult and a it was right there. I'm leaving. Leave. Leaving. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.


I followed daylight on Instagram and he posts a lot of his pickup basketball hooks where he's been open. I just don't know who he's playing a day. Like who? I know. I know. I really. But I don't know if he's doing that again. Dateline's surf can hope to. I've seen ServPro before.


SURFAXIN who? Joel. Joell Ortiz can hope who can can whoop. I never saw Jim who. But Jim chimed in and said him and cam to one to these canoe. I would imagine a Davie's like you should know how to think he played college ball did it because.


Well what did you guys think of the actual start date, the festivities.


I thought they made the best of, you know, it was a different situation, had to, you know, move things around, kind of put everything into one one day. So they did the best they could.


But it is a clear indicator that the fans are necessary for all star weekend. You have to have the fans in the building. They only had about twenty five hundred people at the game. And you can you can feel that. You can feel that, you know, that energy was missing when you know when game. And I think Steph start shoot from half court. I think if it was, you know, more people in a building that would have been a yeah but take a moment.


You know, I mean, things like that. But they did the best they could. And for what it was, it was enjoyable.


I guess I enjoyed it. No, I actually thought it was great for all the circumstances. And I really didn't mind that. I like to do a halftime dunk contest. I thought it was really cool. Felt like that the dunk contest itself was a little me, but yeah, I'm a little rusty. It was only about three contestants, was a little rushed and they weren't the most creative of dunks. Yeah. So I mean, you know.


We just need the fans back. Any other takeaways from that, from any of the any festivities, the game? I know for me, I got to tell you guys. I don't think I've ever seen. Let's talk about the LeBron Curry bromance man, I've never seen LeBron so happy to make an assist.


That guy, if there was one person he has been waiting to pass through his whole career, it was Steph. And that was on full display. Wow.


And, you know, he talked him out of the games. What do you think about alimony, like Los Angeles day, 30 minute flight. Right. To change much. Yeah, that was my take away, was good watching that bromance, because they both looked really happy about that Dame Dame and Curry Man.


Those guys, how do you think they need to come to the Knicks? I got a list of people that need to come to the Knicks game. Lillard is on there Bradley Beal is on the run with Michael on in the back. All right guys this all star team just go to the Knicks You got your backcourt Notre Dame Lillard should be a nick and I'm not going to say anything You're not going to say a nick but dame he might not like it but he he needs to get out of Portland and because of his character I know here gonna leave.


He's never going to be. He's not going to but he needs he his talent is bigger than Portland Trailblazers.


Yeah. But stop because then you start getting into one the big names to leave midmarket. I don't want to leave.


I'm just saying that I don't for smaller market dame, if he was a dame, was in and in the garden doing this on a nightly basis. You understand now he's still an all star, obviously, so he's he still respected, he's one of the best in the league, but I think it's just different. But and in the Western Conference is so tough, like Portland is going to have a tough time every every year in the playoffs.


You know, I mean, to in order to get to the Western Conference finals and stuff like that, they're going to have a tough time.


So he's in the Eastern Conference. It may be a little easier to get on that stage with the Eastern Conference finals finals because he needs to be in the finals. And I don't think he'll do that in Western Conference. I don't think is do well, importantly.


You know, Mike Connolly, check this out, man. It was cute for a minute.


You know, like my colleagues, I love my colleagues, I love my colleagues, but I mean, three point contest, he put twenty nine up there with Steph, left on the deck, shot one shot real good then.


So I feel like it's such a large part of our relationship has to do with my country. You want him as it's going forward is a good point.


You know he's one of the best but no, don't do that.


I met more through my counselor, through Marcus and Marcus was never playing behind my Connely.


What was my colleagues such? Oh, yes. He was in Memphis. In Memphis. Oh yeah. Moore used to beat me down about my company. I like my colleague. Oh, no, no. I like him a lot too. But I like them at all. I like them college. Well, you know, he did great. But that's Steph coming up behind that stuff coming up on Steph. This is different man like Steph Curry, just a different I.


I feel like he is the league MVP at this point. The Golden State was the worst team in the league last year, and he has them in the playoff picture now with that team that they have. And he's still missing his second best player. He's just a different talent. And Uncle Charles Oakley, I miss my Uncle Charles.


No, just just there it was nothing to random bulldoze. Somebody's missing. Somebody you got to miss. Come on. What quavered do that? A little bitty almost seventeen points. Fourteen rebounds, two blocks to man to twenty one even covers so much ground. He was everywhere. He was everywhere. He was the shortest guy. He was every fucking win. That's not me little baby. Got to shoot him since you've got to shoot that nigga, you catch him at the locker room, you go in to crazy, you not stop running around.


Oh my fucking God. Real quick, real quick. Let me just let me just throw this out there. They say amigos got heat on the way. I believe it was they the street. OK, streets to the people in the street.


All of a sudden a twenty four song album to get people that I people that both some of them that I trust other ones may be wrong a lot, but I would be glad to see it coming.


I would expect amigos and they've been shown to take some time off, you know, I mean like everybody go do their thing live, experience some things, you know, unlock new ways to rap, new things to rap about.


Man, let me tell you, we spent some time. Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie, let me explain this to you guys who put up seventeen and it's to one of the hottest girls in the world.


And then I do the same. We got Hickham and our girls will be there to participate in it.


We'll get around to get around to it. Nothing.


Yeah. And I got the car, sweetie. Projec right up. Yeah. You know, she goes, she goes is going to kill you know, shout out, shout out to me girls shout out to everybody that played in that two man game. Round of applause for Khateeb.


Round of applause for Cardi B while we're at it. And just starting with a bunch of shit that I would normally start with. First female rapper to achieve a R I a diamond single award for Bodek Yellow.


Congratulations to Atlantic Records and everybody else to play the part in the Kodak is getting paid where.


Yeah I love that. Just like a freestyle went Dayman. We hope that's kind of nuts. I know they put money on it but it started as a freestyle. It is he has published that for sure. We were able to recognize Bodek Yellow. Well, you can write it and it could be named after you. You still have no idea what he does. I'm just saying for he is definitely I it's the same.


Exact, the same.


I mean, I'm shocked that she's the first female rapper to go in anything. Yeah. Or is it just I'm in single. Single because I think Nicki Minaj is going diamond. Same thing. Fuji's I was miseducation then that one. Oh yeah. I think it just went down and didn't hear it did.


It did. So I don't understand. So congratulations to Kadee.


Somebody somebody died over the weekend in Atlanta. Right. A couple Chucky Tril. And this sounds scary. Any time I read about a shootout on the highway. Scariest thing ever. Houston rapper Corey Chuckie Tril. The Teej killed an Atlanta area shooting. I don't have any details on this, so I just wanted to say rest in peace and send our love, prayers and condolences to the family.


Yes. So it was All-Star weekend in Atlanta. Go somewhere trying to have fun for a weekend and, you know, tragedy find you. It's unfortunate, but it's a reoccurring thing in our culture, unfortunately.


Yeah, I was actually shocked at the amount of people I saw going down there. I didn't think it was going to be that crazy. I mean, I know Atlanta's wide open is already crazy, but I just didn't. And I felt like the allure of all star weekend wasn't the same that it's always been. And I saw everyone on IGY going there.


Well, yeah. I mean, you know, the the players that were in the game were not they couldn't go out to any events and stuff like that. But you got to you've got to know whenever it's that much money headed to one city. Yeah. People are going to follow suit. That's that's just how it's always been. It's Atlanta on top of it. Yeah.


And unfortunately, as you know, is people out there with different agendas, some people out there to have fun, some people out there to try to get to come up, you know, saying and it's unfortunate that sometimes you run into that energy and tragedy happens. Yeah. You know, I mean but again, prayers and condolences to his family, his friends. What are your stories?


True that I kept reading about women not being able to get back home. Of course they're true because you see that all the time with the spring break or why do I do that?


I'm just mad. She says I need help getting back home.


I'm stuck in Atlanta. She's trying to raise thirteen hundred dollars. Where do you live? Australia. No, no, the flights were expensive this weekend.


The flight works probably were thirteen hundred out of Atlanta.


Yeah, I think, I think a lot of this is just oh you know, she's at home already. She never went to Atlanta or she lives in Atlanta. I went to Atlanta for all star weekend with four hundred dollars.


Only booked a one way because I was waiting on my unemployment to pay my way back. That's always the trick right there. But they beat it. But wait, but they baited. I need help surviving and making back home to New York please. Anything will help. I really hope this young lady finds her way back home. We got an update. No, I mean, I hope she does safely as well, but I do need some accountability that you went down to Atlanta All-Star Weekend with four and a one way ticket.


I don't have too much sympathy for you. You're an adult. I mean, I hope she's safe. Yes, of course she's safe. I get a bus take a while, but. Yeah, but I should know I'm going to be going out of my room 17 hours.


But I actually really enjoyed the drive. I've done it in a car, but I've never done it in a bus. Oh no, no, no, no, no. I'm not that thirsty. You shouldn't be going out to Atlanta for a weekend with four hundred dollars unless you got, like, some people that are taking care of you.


Yeah, but no. But even then, no matter what, because of safety and of course, shame, I know I'm not poor.


Shame I can. Stupidity shame.


That was a poor decision in front of four hundred dollars in Atlanta. If you if in the right circumstances I'm sure you got family or friends that are putting you up and see this is that thing you do with. No, don't do that.


Yes you have, you know, you had you you had a way to get back home already do you. That's all. That's what I'll do that I didn't have a return flight. Like, come on, you would never do that. I promise you, I've been to a fun city before with not much money, but you had a return flight and it's our way to get back home that you wouldn't do that.


We're talking about this. Go to our charter flight and bank on money that's supposed to hit your account in a few days. And that's what I'm saying. Yeah, well, you know, you wouldn't do that. I probably would. You can have four hundred dollars on your part to make a flight to do that.


Tell me if I go somewhere, I'll do that. I know I've made some trips when I was broke, but yes, safety and but I hear that I always have to get back home. You have my word. Yeah, well, I figure it out. The last time I tried this, not me, but my crew, I was it was Atlanta all star weekend. It was had to be 030 to something like that I think. And they was they was out there.


They was out there. Out there. Oh. Or somewhere around here. No I wasn't popping. There's no single so I had to be able to who knows.


And I called them. It was like yo they out here. I had never seen them like that.


Being from Jersey City, my first all star shit like that might have been my first time L.A. Who knows. Just about to say if that was your first time in Atlanta. Two, maybe you get down there like week.


Yeah, maybe this place has existed my whole life. I never want to fuck. I never went anywhere until I had a record deal.


I got my first time, my first time traveling. So yeah, that might be my first time in Atlanta. I call doing them so fast was like, yo, I don't care how y'all get out here, but y'all need to get at it. I'm going say the highway.


OK, so yes. And that's fine. They hit Iowa because you have your car out safely way. I'm near. Y'all got money. We all need to go to crazy. Worse comes to worst. You stay in the car, not say that they did that. Exactly.


I've done that. Yeah, but I had a place to go home like all right, I can get out and you had a way to get home. That's what I'm saying.


You can go, you can have four hundred dollars to spend. That's all I'm saying. This is it. But you better have that returned way back home or somewhere where you could safely stay. And so, you know. Yeah.


And I hate to make it a gender check, but I also think a woman for safety reasons, that's bad to a positive return home. Absolutely. In Atlanta, also dangerous. Super dangerous. So I can stupidly say, listen, all right, I'm a if I was a woman, I wouldn't be in that predicament.


Is it going to give me all I want to say? What allowed to cross my mind? I had a magic carpet ride, right? I got a magic rug, too. I bet you I get all of this pussy you can definitely get it only pays up and running pretty quick. Yeah, I would hope that you could do that at Atlanta airport. You don't get a ticket. I would get out of here with mirrors covid. You know, when you land at JFK, even if you have a way home, is all those drivers.


If I go, where are you going? Need I need to go. Got you for the cheap. That's what Dick is doing. The girl something and I'm yours. I'm yours. You want this. I can be with you. Nice to meet you. I'll be with you for tonight.


Do you have tickets to New York? That's crazy.


And I've definitely seen women steal money in the strip club when they weren't strippers. Oh yeah.


From under my foot moved. I'm stepping on this for a reason. Why are you under me? It's like four dollars. You get to fuck from underneath me. Yes. Let's go.


Go and let it go crazy quickly though. I saw that five was present during the All Star Day. How many bars wrote in his head about Bobby topping? How many fab will be topping bars happened during that dunk contest? Three of the logo probably.


I had a I have a hilarious joke. I can't say pussy. Yeah, I know. That's going to blow, man. What you want to do.


Oh, and don't let Fab get the scheme of kissing the rim with the Obbie topping fab. We'll give you our freestyle soon. No, no, no, no you're not. What's wrong with you. Don't tell him all. He heard it. Listen to this. Maybe you don't think Barb is allowed to give you over topping metaphorically. Oh, baby, don't say no. Ain't no toppin nothing.


I know nobody's stopping anything, but I flipping it to some ice cream sundae to family outing type of thing.


So I posted stuff before the all star game. I posted some old clips about me and the fellas playing, shooting some hoops so the internet could get a good laugh. Of course, PAB was on the air getting a good laugh. In fact, he saw two free here.


Know that. Oh my God. He had to take somebody he wasn't playing or. No, it was like a little competition. He had two free throws, I think. Cable free throw. Yeah. He walked out during halftime. So much for fabulous sport. Yeah. Yeah. Hang on. Gonna hold you all that. Oh that jewelry. I don't know how to shoot this. I don't know who the camera guy is looking a lot like the trailer Jake Logan fight.


You're not wrong. And I honestly I don't know if if I'm bugging him, but that's how it looks. We shot someone. Oh come on, bat. Come on. That's not right. Think that was top of the key. But listen, now, you know, I'd never be able to. You should there twice. This is Wednesday. I should be talking about something way more important than this. Not the same way the game has evolved, like in the league, it's evolved on the streets.


Oh yeah, like the kids are now taking a step back threes doing all these types. Are they doing what they see out there?


Jump, hook and still know the game, trying to try to play the game. That means that jump. OK, go get it. Still but still that here. Would you like to get those two points that could be moved? Yeah, you got to get it. I got to be moved on. Do that. Well, get away from that jump, Lisen. When it's nice on Patrón. We're going to go shoot some hoops. Absolutely.


Can't wait.


Listen, I mean, you went out there on this pick up game. Did you think we could take a Giacalone and quibble?


Yes. Yes, I do. I don't think we want that. We're we're scrappy players.


You're going to get fouled. That's going to happen. I just put a body on there. Yeah, you can fout, but yeah. You're not getting seventeen omae. You get the elbow to the fucking side. Look at Joe.


Oh Joe back and Joe. I like off the glass. That's textbook. You can't teach that as I mean you can shoulder what they do when you jump. Look over my shoulder. You ready for that. Oh he said this because is just the way it history. Oh yeah. You want the right deal. He makes you look. Hey, that's a big sweet part of me because of my age. Quick, quick, quick ball. I should have read the review.


Now you got a decision to make play better do you a fight me.


Yeah. My my my my lowlights being shown right now. Hey, you posted them. Now this is the highlight layup rebound. Put it back. Listen.


Yeah. That's what which want you to do. It's basketball IQ right there. Yeah. Come on. The court. Core vision. Crazy. All right, let's get right into it, man, Oprah interview with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle markelle sorry, I didn't mean T was Bill.


It said that Oprah was paid somewhere between seven and nine million to license this interview. It's also said that Megan and Prince Harry were paid absolutely nothing. And in this interview, the T was Megan says that in the most when I was pregnant, we have in tandem the conversation of he won't be given security, he's not going to be given a title. And also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he's born. Harry said it was not a conversation he ever wanted to discuss.


Megan says she had a clear and real and frightening thought about suicide while she was a working member of the royal family. Harry said she did not receive any support from the royal family over her mental health, saying it was not a conversation to be had.


End quote. In story, I'm assuming that you gentlemen have either seen the interview or seen highlights from it, so highlights and I watched. Yeah. Because I honestly, this is going to sound insensitive. I don't care. I mean, I feel for Megan. I really do. I really, really do. And I mean that genuinely. I think that's horrible. And I think this happens in a lot of families in general when it comes to interracial dating or things of that nature.


This family is a shitty fuckin family, nothing about this is surprising to me. This is this is the family that's has the bloodline that ruined this world. I don't care. I don't they're horrible fucking people. And that's how it's going to be. There's no there's nothing shocking here. I think it's cool that Harry left them.


I think that's dope on a moral level. But I'm not saying he's brave. He fucking still has his mom's inheritance. He can still do that. There's way more problems in the world than what the royal family has already done to this world.


OK, like, I mean, fuckers don't have health insurance, you think I want to watch an Oprah interview about the royal fucking family? Yeah, I'm just being honest. Like, I know this has become a thing. I don't care. Yeah, I don't care. I don't care. Yes. Megan went into one of the worst families in the history of the world. Yes. I hope our mental health is is because I know I care there.


I'm just saying that Dannatt's care. If you could make it if you care there, then that is care. Yes, but to make this a number one priority in the world is just färm. These are the worst people ever. Who understands like everybody and who allows you to make it clear because he's taken a bull? No, I hope I hope Megan and and Harry and the baby are great and fun. Everyone's going to hear about that.


Yeah, I'll do that as a person. And I think it's I think it's dope that Harry took that stance. But I'm not going to give Prince Harry all this fucking credit. That he made all these crazy moves that you you've never had a job, you can make that move when you have the inheritance of an Illuminati level of money like fuck out of here, because I think that yes, I think that's dope that you do that for your wife and that you stood on that stance.


You said fuck your family when they was on a roll. That's some real animal. I love that. I think that's amazing. But I'm not going to sit here and give him all these. Fuck. Oh, my God. Wow. What a brave, brave thing to do.


I'm not going to fear with Rory. He's there that both of them are going to be fine. Good points. I do feel like that's a contradiction.


They're both going to be fine. No, I just know people that have real fucking problems. Yeah, yeah, sorry, I know people that have real fucking problem or we got really worried. No, I got nothing.


Yeah, I felt the same way. I didn't rush to see the interview. I still have my reservations about just watching and supporting anything, Oprah. But, you know, I watch the highlights and I understood what it was, but I wasn't so shocked. You know, people were shocked that they were concerned about the skin tone of the baby. And I'm like, they're still concerned about my skin tone. And I'm a grown man in America where I'm from.


So, you know, I didn't I didn't think that the royal family would be accepting of a brown skinned baby in their kingdom. No, I didn't think so. But that wasn't news to me. You know, meet up and hear her say she, you know, had suicidal thoughts and all of that. That was like, damn, you know, cause you care about that. No, that one hundred percent. I was like, damn you care about that.


You know, of course, I just I'm just not shocked that the bloodline that slaughtered the Native Americans is shocked that their baby would be dark skinned when she's not even a dark skinned woman. Yeah, they're ignorant fucking people that have had control in this world the same way we talk about Duke when we say if we would just shut the fuck up about them, yeah, maybe some of the power will go away. Of course. Way different circumstances. Yeah.


But the the power that we give them in this family and it's not even our fucking country is insane to me. I agree. Oprah, go fucking interview Biden.


Hmm. So come on, care about this, I don't care. Come on, man, I don't I don't care about this. OK, I know that without health insurance and I don't care about this, you guys are such mean, no bananas bars. That's the man shit, you know, it's man shit because there are some aspects of this that you do care about.


OK, so, so fundamental to fundamental experience that she had is is terrible.


All our stuff, awful stuff, stuff, stuff or two seconds. Just two seconds. Let me try to get my thoughts together. I don't know where he was coming into. We have Megan Markle. Doing a sit down interview. To speak about something that the average consumer knows nothing about, which is the role that the media plays in our mental health and us wanting to end it. In just a plethora of things, right? So. I'm a mental health guy.


You've got me there that is important. I've admitted admitted on this podcast of of having extremely similar feelings that this woman is had. That feeling for me is magnified. When you throw in Princess Diana's bout with media and the role they played in. Everything Princess Diana won't begin to speculate, but there are rumors about her demise and how it happened.


And even if you're not going off the rumors, the documented story of the role the media played in her demise amplifies this story more and more for me. Three watching this right, Megan, it brought me back to. That Princess Diana interview. Where she was basically the same thing for the people that are unaware, I'll try to find just a piece so I can play it right, because it brought me right back to that that deja vu was a little weird.


Here we go. Here we go. Here we go.


Many people I mean, the establishment that I married into because they've decided that I'm a non-starter to interview five million years ago, Princess Diana talking about her experience within them, because I do things differently, establishment of what happened.


I'm sorry, because I don't go by a rule book, because I lead from the heart, not the head. And that's got me into trouble in my work.


I understand that. But someone's got to go out there and love people and show it.


And do you think that because of the way you behave, that's precluded you effectively from becoming queen?


Yes, I well treated me. I wouldn't say that. I just don't think I have as many supporters in that environment and I just don't have as many supporters in that environment as I once did.


You mean the royals? Yes.


I'm just sometimes as they come off of some kind, this is eerily similar to the interview that I watched with.


I agree with you and I've watched this interview with the young lady. Right? Well, I think that's what we're already seeing. We shouldn't be a surprise.


This is this is how the things that I'm saying. And that's the worst surprise to anybody, OK? That part is well known and well documented. The stuff I'm saying is just human feelings. I'm not talking about the the racism in a foundation. That's race.


That's racism, literally. Englin has got to have got that part on the base of racism, only looking at there's due to eternity of awesome. I'm only looking at this through the eyes of Princes Prince Harry, who I who me and my family or anybody that's ever taught me about him, never painted him to be one of them, really.


He always looked different. He always moved different.


It was a different source. It was a different swag. If you if you grew up, you know, he wasn't like his brother.


It looked like he was he was in the streets and a body in the streets. I mean, he was out in these clubs.


He knew Princess Diana wasn't really with the regime. He was going to watch him growing up. So I'm not looking through those eyes. I'm looking through the eyes of this young lady who we all watched in suits, met a dude, fell in love. And that's it. It's not a whole it's not a it's not a whole lot of extras when you fall in love with somebody.


I love you. And this is what we're doing, how they handled it, how both of them handled it, which was a big thing on whatever to the morning show over there is. That was the big discrepancy is, hey, they're talking about the media, but the media on their wedding day was awesome. And the young lady was saying, yeah, but the media up until that was horrific.


The media after that was horrific. So I'm looking at it through those eyes and I commend them for how they handled it. What they had to go up against, because I don't imagine it to be easy for Prince Harry to tell his whole royal family or suck my dick, I'm out. I don't imagine it for him to be easy to fight that fight on the strength of his significant other like, I just imagine it to be really difficult. Yeah, I don't care that the family's racist to Rory's point, we knew that already, but I certainly care about about.


About how they're treating this essentially all white passing woman, because she could pass for white, she could and now this is turning into a color.


Color is in conversation as it goes on.


But she can pass for white and they still said, hey, had a baby coming out. Like, so which year, which we're speaking from a white out, because I can feel that way. But for us. Whoa, you taking this white lady and you question in a little bit of black that this baby could come out with stark, stark reminder that no matter how light you are, that's the point I was going to make.


That's how deep racism is. So if so, if I care about that, I could look like a white person.


But if you have any type of shit that isn't white, that's how deep this should go.


And if I care about those things, which I do, then I care about how it affects people that aren't attached to the establishment, which today would be Prince Harry and Meghan McCain.


And I'm not saying I don't care about that that I care about.


Well, that's why this is a on you, because when you say you I don't care about shit like is blanket.


This this is a story that happens with so many people, not just in the United States, in the entire world. Tell me why that family is royal, like I could take it way deeper to why this should not fuckin matter. It matters the topic that we're talking about, where a family would look at someone that may date someone outside of another race and feel away and treat her shitty. That's something I care about all day. Right. The fact that it's we're making a story for them, for this family is my issue.


That's why I don't care. Fuck this family. Go figure out why they the royal family research. OK, fuck them, fuck them, let's not talk about it. I'm not married to leave it the fuck alone, we could talk about the issue all day, I'm with you, but they're not the only people that go through this. I'm glad it could be highlighted that this is a thing, but we all know that's the thing. But I didn't need Oprah to tell me this is a thing.


I know it's a thing. This family is the worst family ever.


Fuck them. Stop talking about them. But in speaking about the issue, I'm not really speaking about the family, that's no, no, they're talking about the family. You and I right now, it's all about you, Harry. Megan, for me, you and I talk about the issue and races this whole day and maybe you just said you just said what you just said.


Oprah made seven million off this. This is about the family, it ain't about the issue you think Oprah's making seven million talking about this issue or talking about this family?


It's definitely family, but Oprah, seven million is one that is the least of the concern. Nobody's saying it.


Well, what we're saying is it goes back to because it's about the family. It's about this has nothing to do with the real issue. It's about the family.


OK, I understand what he's saying. And I'm not going to I'm not going to offer him pushback on his stance on this family. Come on. I'm not doing it.


But before the story ever existed, I had sympathy for Britney Spears when we watched that show. So, like, I can't I can't be the guy that has empathy for Britney Spears, for what she went through with the media and then turn around and hear this story.


If this had nothing to do with royalty more.


If it were if it were Joe and my mom died because paparazzi was chasing her. And then I had an issue with paparazzi and I brought it to my unreal mom and dad or unreal royal family.


And they had an adverse reaction to it. Is beef royalty frickin racism?


I'm putting me in the shoes of dance nuts, nuts.


And so it's nuts. You know for sure I'm black.


And some of us, Princess Diana definitely rocked with me and we could tell she was a little different.


Mm hmm. She was a hippie for the first time. And then 20 years, 30. However, many years later, you see your kid go through the same exact thing with media and your family do absolutely nothing to stop it. From a humanity standpoint.


I feel for that. I don't care about Oprah here. I don't care about what she got paid. I don't care about none of that. Listen, as as much lesser dudes I've had to save allegedly save my girl from shit that was much softer than this. And it was tough. We've all been in a bind where our girl felt the way about something and we had to stand up. I cannot imagine being in this position.


That's the only reason that I brought a royal family in there. And because wow, what a lot to resist against. That's it. OK, so you're not separating them, and that's where our differences I separate my empathy for Megan. I really do have empathy for it. I can only have empathy. I don't understand it.


I can just try to sympathize with what's going on. I can separate that to see the spectacle that's going on in the sense that I don't think anyone cares about the real issue, they're making a spectacle because of who it is.


Side note, the way this quote unquote, Kim and Kanye divorce is gone, I thought they've handled amazing. I wonder if they've made no spectacle about it, like. But let me just offer this, because there's real issues. Divorce is a real issue. What they're going through, a lot of people go through all the time when it comes to interracial dating.


It's not a spectacle to make money off of, like when you starting with the seven million with the overset, that's what bothers me and it bothers me because I know the family is fucked up. So, yes, I sit here and love.


What Megan is going through in bringing attention to that ordeal. I love that that is trying to be highlighted, but it's not. They're doing this for bread or your fucking family.


I love that this could be blown out. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's have some tact here.


Who was doing that for Brett? Megan and Harry. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, God, no, no, no, no, no. Not Oprah. Oprah. OK, NBC, everything that is done around the royal family has been for bread recently, I don't know if you have been paying attention to what they've been doing is bread is all bread is nasty. OK, I'm following you, which is why I support them for leaving for it, I just I do not.


But this is not a main thing for me, I know why it is, but why this is such a big deal and why this is getting so much attention is because of the position that Harry and Meghan took.


I love way we're taking it. Yeah, we know the fast fire.


That's yeah. We know this is the word vallina where I've been on it like this for years. But cool.


We've been knowing that we've never seen anybody pick up and say, you know what, I'm out.


I'm going to escape this racism by going to America like, no, we've never seen it.


Which, by the way, it's ironic and hilarious, but it's not a state which is as bad. It's not tonight.


But I'm just saying we we have never seen that bold a stance from people that were active members. So we thought of a not them, but any royal family. So that's why it's news, I guess, and that's why these people are fucking mongering toward the story.


I guess my outrage comes to the value of the royal family and why this matters more, because their stance was amazing and I'm glad they did it. And yes, it shows everyone that. Through hundreds of years with this family, I can leave it, but my issue is with the structure of that and the value that we're putting on the royal family and the value we put on England, I'm not trying to shit on England, but the way England has ruined this whole entire world, we value this royal family.


That's not even really the government in there anymore.


Right. Why is this a thing? Fuck that family. We should stop valuing this, that's I guess that's my overall point. Stop valuing this family. I agree, but definitely, you know, we we we say is everything we make. Of course. Of course. Of course. And I'm sure I'm sure I sound nuts here. I'm sure I may get killed.


But no, I think you actually sound. Ireland. Ireland has been trying.


I think you just find an independent point.


I think you sound nuts and saying I think I sound nuts, but I'm just an Irish person that has hated England forever in my household. We've been trying to tell you all England's been shitty forever and maybe I'm just taking it out on, you know. But what you're saying is it's I got no I got family that's still stuck in Northern Ireland. It's not a thing of I just didn't like, you know, people acting like this was such a shocker.


That's what I was looking at. Yeah, but I don't like the women.


I don't like the women on line, women in particular, to just saying I'm not I have no empathy for Megan because you knew the family was married into when you fell for Duke says that's not fair.


That's not fair at all. No. OK, you can't you can not be surprised that her family met her with that energy. But you can't if you fall in love with do. I'm not falling in love with your family. I love you.


Right. Yeah, that's. No, that's not fair. That's not fair at all. And we have a statement issued by Buckingham Palace on behalf of her majesty the queen, and I think it's important to note that Oprah did follow up and say that it wasn't the queen who allegedly made the statements or the questions about Archie.


So this says the whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the whole family is to ironic we moved and can't get away from the whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Megan, the issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning.


While some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately. Harry Magan and Archie will always be much loved family members.


The end. And oh, thanks. Well, thank God we got a statement, cleared everything up. Maybe that's why we will pass. And therefore, you know, I'm saying then they became our ally again.


Anyways, Piers Morgan walked off, set a good morning Britain. I have a confession to make. I didn't hear it, so I'm asking you all what happened. There's another Piers this dope, right? Is this Pierce Brosnan? It's not Piers Morgan. What's the other piers? That's Piers brought the dog when? Pierce Brosnan.


Yeah, it's the actor.


When I hear Piers, he pops up and he's great looking fly and he's like sink or something.


And there's like some Dufy shoot the Piers Morgan does. I'm like, all right, wait, this is not my cool guy. They're not Piers. It's a shot. It's a shot. I like that it's a shot. I was kind of hard, like it's a shot with a good one. I like, you know, the shot man that I was kind of on, OK?


Did he lie? But just tell me. And the guy wanted the guy to he walked off the set. Right, because he was being pressed about his his commentary on the whole matter. Yeah. Because he's been rapping for the family and saying they're not racist and hairy makes a show.


But Piers Morgan is racist, but. Yeah. Racist, trying to self tell other races they not racist. I think that's usually how it goes. And you want to call it? No, I'm not going to call them. But it's why I love the Internet. They've found a clip of Piers Morgan saying he went out, went out on a date with Megan and got curved. And that's why that's why the commentary that's why we had two hours in the pub.


She had a couple of dirty martinis of a couple of pints. We got a brilliantly and then I put her in a cab and it turned out to be a cab that the princess took her to a party where she met Prince Harry. And then the next night they had a solo dinner together. And that was the last I ever heard from megabuck. I have never heard from her again. So what happened? She ghosted me right now. My goodness.


Did she come, do you think she hit on a girl that I really liked? This is what happened because I realized that you don't know if that's Cap.


He really liked her. I bet he did he put her in the cab. She met Princes Harry, princes Prince Harry and never spoke to him again, and now he's killing it.


Killing and killing and commentary. Yeah, sounds about right. Sounds about right. He stormed off when they pressed them getting the fuck off the set. Good. Don't need to hear from him anymore.


Can I ask how do they press him? What were the questions? I didn't see this part I just saw.


This is day two. So yesterday they had a panel on.


And the panel disagreed with everything he had to say about the whole ordeal and they pressed him on it, in particular a lady who was just grilling him, I have it here somewhere. But she was like. She said from you contradictory, you're highlighting some stuff, you're leaving out the other stuff, the family is racist. This is what they did. This is what you all did and you all OK with it. The media is still continuing to do this.


Of course, this was day two. And you could kind of feel it, this was the start of the show where they're right back on that topic, I imagine this to be a big deal over here and for sure. And they had a brother on and the brother didn't care that, you know, he didn't care to deal with Piercey. He got his ashenoff off. And Pierce walked off. And announced that he's leaving the show. Is that true?


He's leaving the show? Yes. Oh, oh, I'm in the midst of watching the BBC or whatever this is on you watch BBC. I do not.


On Tuesday morning, all these critics actually BBC. It's actually more of the objective news you can watch on Tuesday.


Morgan face criticism. No, no, you're right. It's one of the more. Go ahead.


Before I say you did ask. Right. We need looking at the origin of the BBC as well.


I understand. I won't argue. I know Google and Google before I please.


I understand that you, Morgan, don't like Meghan Markle. You've made it clear a number of times in this program said Good Morning Britain co-host Alex Berrisford. And I understand that you've got a personal relationship with Megan. Mark.


Mark Law had one and she cut you off as he. Has she said anything about you since she cut you off? I don't think she has. But yet you continue to trash her. At that point. Morgan got up and while walking off that said, OK, I'm done with this. Sorry. No, sorry. See you later. Sorry I can't do this.


And that's that on that he walked out and in in any crybaby whatever. Yeah. And that's that. Oh, well, pressed again to press everyone involved, Harry, I don't think Megan said anything about Piers Morgan as Megan said anything about anybody. No, like up until this point. No. And when he should even quiet minor pieces and they still didn't impress Duke, I'm saying Duke, but he might be a Duke, you might be a Duke of York.


They still didn't impress the Duke of York about his role in any of the what's my man's name?


That's not your man. I'm not sure that Jeffrey Epstein debacle. We never there was a nasty foot from the look on his face.


His whole family looks nuts, honestly.


Yeah, of course.


Well, there you go. I look at guys, just do your research on the royal family and and find disgusting. Yeah, fine. Woody Allen and arrest him. He won't go to Negaunee looking good tonight. They joke he will not come see the boys. Right. Used to be at all the game. Spikier is nowhere.


That damn Woody Allen man. On another episode I would talk about how sick some of the I won't call them white crimes, but I feel like white people birthed them.


But to say they would have never let one of us do that Woody Allen shoot back in the 79 hours or whatever, whenever that came up, they killed us.


That was like the 90s. No, not not to Woody Allen. To the birth of that. Oh, yeah. Not any killed our asses.


I'm rushing home to watch Episode three of Allen versus Farrell. Are you watching it? No, no, no, no, I didn't see it. It's a disgusting watch to watch. It is. It's tough to watch. Episode two was real tough for me. And my mom warned me about episode two, and it's still tough to watch.


You said our back story somewhat of what happens and what do you think?


Everyone knows Woody Allen is a nasty, nasty man who Woody Allen married, Mia Farrow, another really famous actress. She was adopting kids and they had some kids. And Woody Allen was hitting on the kids and fondling the kids and marrying the kids and molesting the kids and raping the kids. And somehow he's not underneath the jail.


I don't think he's not underneath the jail and he's not in Bali. Turnout, turnout, turnout. And my question is, why is he allowed to steal the whole family, is Google the whole family while you're watching this?


Because there's you were telling me some interesting stuff about it, please. Like apparently Mia Farrow's brother, not that this is directly related, but it's interesting is her brother was arrested for child molestation and one of her sons in the film, they talk about he was, you know, him and what he were like.


He looked up to what he said. That's my father. I love him that enough everywhere. Tipsheet. When the allegations came out or maybe when the Sunni marriage thing came out, he said, I hate you, you disappoint me, blah, blah, disown you as my father type of thing.


Yeah. Now, years later, is a therapist for adopted children and says that Mia was abusing and making them. There was some sexual shit in there making them be naked or something, and that now he he was wrong about saying all that shit about what he and he believes, what he and what he didn't do. Shit.


Mm hmm. I don't know what to believe, to say that he's nasty to kids, say that he's cool. And several of the other adopted children are dead now. It's fucking weird, I'm not on their own what he's cool, I know he's not definitely not cool. He married his stepdaughter. That's fucking weird. Yeah, you're not cool. Yeah, no matter how you slice it, you're not cool, as Morts is more interesting things behind the scenes, which is I'm going away to watch to watch this in its entirety, but.


From what they've shown so far, and again, I've only seen two episodes, boys, is Mia Farrow complicit in this borough? I'm not going to say that because I can't put myself in her shoes to know what she was dealing with or battling with having that type of husband or man in the house.


But I can't imagine a situation in which. You walk in on your spouse doing inappropriate things with your children and more than one occasion. Hmm.


And continue to have a relationship to never allow them access to your children on any level or not kill them.


I mean, yes, on another level.


But you can see it when you watch it, but you can see it when you watch it. You you get how power comes into play.


But, yeah, no doubt the thing the thing about that angle that I find interesting at least, is that she wasn't not powerful.


She came from a family of Hollywood actors and filmmakers, and she was a prominent actor before she met Woody. I don't have children, but I don't think power is going to matter to me in episode if I have one to say I'm sorry, we're going up.


Let me just be clear.


What do you man? No matter how you slice it. Yes. He married his fucking stepdaughter up in episode one. She was speaking to the fact that, yes, she has some gigs, but she always felt like. She wouldn't have had anywhere near the career that she did without him and without him casting her in these roles, I think they went on a run when they started searching the straight, which was unheard of. So, yes, you might add a career, but I'm talking about how she felt about that career and sustaining it long term.


I don't know if she felt the greatest about it. Maybe.


And I'm saying that's not an excuse. Power is not an excuse when it comes to protecting your children. I don't have children, but. Yeah, did I just protect your kids, fuck your the whole family's very strange and weird and I don't know what was going on over there is what I've come away with. Granted, we still I think I don't know how many episodes it is really through three. There's still more to learn. There's a lot of weird shit happening over there.


Do you believe in human sacrifice? Do you believe it's a thing somewhere? No, no, I think it's an active thing that happens very often, yeah. Do we know who started it? I think it's been around since the dawn of time damn near yet. I think that goes along with the people that actually run this country. And and I'm not trying to go back to the royal family shit. But, yeah, I think it all goes back to that.


We don't need to I'm only bringing it up to say if you if you believe in in that. I believe it. How could you say that's because people are believing it as a no? Our listeners are stupid. Yes, I believe it exists. I don't believe in doing it. Of course not. But if you believe in freedom, but if you believe it to exist and then we have this story here.


We have this powerful man marries into a family with my kids and now he's doing what he's doing, being a nasty man in there, but dangling opportunities over the mom. Yeah, you could say that she's complicit, but couldn't you understand how one could end up complicit in that?


If you believe in what she said, no, I'm not saying it couldn't exist in what she did with everything you say.


I'm saying I'm saying fuck out of here. Protect your children. Oh, OK. Well, no argument, no adopting children. Well, I was saying protect your kids, but it's it's it's shit is fucking weird, man. It's weird.


It's a weird white Hollywood.


It's not your normal optic. It's definitely like you look at it and you like it's a tough watch.


Yeah, it is a tough watch. You've got to have the stomach for it.


And these poor children from Vietnam with, you know, physical disabilities, blind children, handicapped children and all this crazy, nasty shit going on.


I don't this is fucking weird. We're saying it's it's not normal, but any time it comes to elitists and people in certain positions, it seems to be a pattern.


And of course, I live with we should know the evidence of things, but I also am. Subscribe to. If it continues to be talked about all the time amongst every single elite person, maybe there's some truth we should look into, at least some.


And it seems to be a thing and I don't want to find a naked pictures of my kid in your crib. You're dying. You're dead.


Lights out. It's not a lights out nigga. Watch my motherfucking day. I was like, oh, that's why I'm not leaving humans at the beginning. But he was sucking her. She was he's making the kids suck the thumbs and flee the bed naked and all this shit.


What the fuck do you mean you got all the way to this.


Yeah. No, it's crazy. Oh, this shit is weird. Oh, shit. It is some weird, nasty shit going on. I just think it's a little more common than we make it seem. Maybe.


That's the problem. I don't want to tread the Kuhnen waters, but what he saying is common.


And I don't subscribe to Kuhnen. I've made those those jokes of comment on this podcast a lot. But do I do I think that there's some. Validity to that, sure. I don't know, jojoba. Oh, so cute on the underlying I guess, theme is that there are elite Hollywood or rich people that. Eat children, the deep state kind of thrives and lives of children and. Again, I live in the evidence world, I'm not going to put anything on anyone, but it seems to be a trend with every really powerful person.


I'm not sure about celebrities and a real powerful for a fucking person.


It seems to be a thing. I'm not sure that I would lump Woody Allen in the real powerful person. I'm not.


No, no, I'm not. This ain't a Woody Allen thing I'm saying. This is this is just some nasty, fucking some nasty, weird shit. There's a theme.


He was Jeffrey Epstein or else I'm not putting him with the royal dynasties, but that's powerful.


But he wasn't even at the time like George Lucas. He wasn't making huge fucking crazy movies, feeling what he was doing. He's a fucking molester. And I had a couple of my neighbors that get somebody. So I was going to say, no, we know people that aren't anywhere near as powerful as Woody Allen, I'm sure, that are nasty. I had I had a molester on my block.


This was a thing. I'll go get him.


I think he's long gone. And it wasn't Father O'Neill, for all your duty to make sure he didn't.


He didn't catch me. You didn't. You didn't. I was quick. I ran track. But you didn't confirm that word and confirm he was off the block. But I think he's gone.


Let's not laugh at this. Let's just get out of it. Just get on out of.


There you go. Right. You're right. Yeah. I'm just saying somebody conversation, man. Like, it's tough to have with my parents.


It's like I know you love me, O'Farrill, but I'm watching this and I'm like.


It's my mind's sound in my mind, working. My goal in mind is in your mind sounds. You know what, I hope you guys enjoyed this. Two hours to go, two hours just getting started. Hey, I know the sun is down when it's going to get lighter. All right.


So let's move on. What was that? What was that? Oh, talk about coming to America. Woody Allen. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, let's come to America. Let's go to America podcast. Yeah, to be less racist there. All right. Coming to America. Come on.


Part two, we avoided it long enough. We hear your coming to America. Then we then we talk about it.


No, no, we did not talk about it. No, we saw it amongst each other. We talked about it amongst each other, but we didn't. OK, that was we wanted people to have the weekend to see you going to say us trash what?


Oh, and before we get to coming to America, the couch at Bridget and Mandy podcast is fighting for nothing. I have no problems. Yeah, I could lean back and show this. Everyone's like, look at his broad shoulders. I'm trying to keep my lower back from cracking in half from this couch of seven years of this kid. I wish I could just can we just get a ticket? I'm going to take care of it. And we're looking into it and we're to investigate this.


I mean, if we're going to stay here, I listen to a little part on the way, on the air, on flight.


I mean, of course you did. It was me. I was you had no choice. You like it like what Rory had to offer to the ladies. Didn't really. Didn't really. I know he was great.


He was. And thank you. He was awesome, of course. But I mean, he went on the air talking about how pot is not his passion.


You know, I do. But I've. I've said that to you. Please, how are you?


Just just hear I was on the plane feeling away.


But I mean, I'm sure he said he said, yeah. Thank you for outside of this. Yes. I said creating a bunch of other podcasts to build a network was not my passion. OK, ok. That makes a difference. That makes the world you know. Well, you know, Joe is going to change what you actually said. No, he actually said no. Podding is not my passion. And then after that was finished in the girls lives and work.


What's what how could that be. No, no, no, no, no. I don't mean. Oh no. You I mean. Oh, he doesn't look at this podding. This is guy you you guys are my passion. Oh thank God it's not us guys. We just happen to podcast to my friends or my past. You Patrick said I always have my friends on my mind.


Right. Are you passionate about Alex too? But no. But you know what? Real quick to end up with no one to talk with for years. But before we end this, because a lot of fans, again, in their new trend of shitting on Joe for everything back.


Oh, here's what they've been said, that one of the things that's not forthcoming, but one of the things that they kill me for is, yo, any time he's discussing good news, Worryin Mall looks so sad, like why he don't start a pod with them. Why don't just we we have we haven't got a net. None of Nonno. I have a network so why don't I develop pods for you guys. You especially. And I never respond and say do you know Rory has told me many times he hates podcasting.


Yeah. You don't want to do another podcast. He hates all other podcasters. That's just not in his wheelhouse. And you wouldn't say it and I wouldn't say it, so I just keep getting killed. So I'm glad it's finally out there. Rory, don't give a fuck about podding or you guys.


Oh, how did that get to that? Now that is so that he can get off of me.


Cheesus we're worried coming to America to coming to coming the number two to America.


Hopefully everyone has had a chance to see it by now. If not, spoiler alert I'm sure will be alert timestamp. Fast forward through it. They were in America. We won't hold it against you. Now, I've been struggling to find ways around saying it's trash. We love Eddie, but this wasn't it. I didn't hate it, man. I didn't hate it.


Oh, no, I wasn't trying to spare Eddie. We've been talking to Amazon for, like, the last nine months about business.


Oh, no, the production of it. Oh, listen, that's the plan for the release. It's such a command. Such. Oh, my God. Such a family over there. It was just like a family. Like the family over there. It's like now for reals, like it's pretty clear Oneal mix that was extended. Don't look at those graphics.


Extended family.


So we've been talking for a while.


If we were in business with them, they have all of our address and personal data. So we should be there still. But I mean, it's mad. Amazon, the Amazon studio, Amazon music, Amazon Prime is mad.


Amazon, you don't want to get any of them mad because they'll come to your house because of all the countries that sell your fucking data off specifically.


Boom and take that blow up. I would have Jeff Bezos was petty, like, what if he just grabbed a walkie talkie to transmit to every Amazon driver? Hey, everyone, visit this address every other ten minute drop all their cheap furniture, just throw shit at the door and pull up and throw apples at the door. What would you do? Amazon? Yeah, I can tell you they would win. Yeah, listen, they would win. Now you got to talk to your fucking little gated community fucking all.


Hey, don't let Amazon anymore. You can buy from Amazon. It's horrible. So do I want to go through all of that for shitting on this movie?


Of course I want to return música. I want to return a package at the actual Amazon in Elizabeth, New Jersey, because it was easier and there was no cars in the big ass parking lot. I walk in to drop the package off. Fifteen hundred people in the back look like Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.


I got a little nervous. Exactly why is there no cars in the parking lot? People here, you know, they lived there. I'll ask you guys what I'm thinking. I'll ask you guys again, because I've been asking for months. Who asked for this movie? No, the people definitely did, which people, the people that were fans of was I part of people I'm pretty sure you wanted to see. Well, maybe not now, but at one point, everybody didn't want to see a sequel.


Where I'm going to I'm going to offer some pushback on that. I've heard Arsenio and anybody else that did an interview say, yo, we all made a pact that we would never do a sequel. I've heard I've heard anybody say that that may be true. But I'm just I'm saying when they say and I damn sure didn't want to see no people definitely wanted to know what happened once they got married. I figured you would offer some of that. Yes.


I figured you I figured you would push back on that. I have another point for you. I got another point for you.


If let's say who's a big, famous, respected rapper, Jay-Z never would have thought that coming. If Jay-Z starts calling up all the. Lesser accomplished rappers. Not to knock the other rappers, he's just so accomplished. But if he starts calling all the rappers to say, hey, I need a solid from you, I imagine them to do it without an invoice.


I also imagine Eddie Murphy to be way bigger in comedy than Hove is to rap, if that's possible. Probably on the same level. Yeah, I'll go with that.


Yeah, if Eddie Murphy calls all of the comedians that grew up to him, which is all of them, and says, yo, I need you on this day, at this time for something real quick, come specially for something like a classic, come through coming to America to, you know, to vibes.


I had exclusive game. Make all the outfits like we're rocking now. Shout out the exclusive game. And I don't think he made the outfit.


You're going to do that without sending an invoice. So I read that Amazon paid one hundred million dollars for the streaming rights to this cool, they're streaming wars going on mad, different platforms streaming. You got to do what you got to do to keep audience on your ship. Right, watching this. Where'd it go? Who got that hundred million? That's my next question to you. I'm not I'm I'm listening. Who got it? Bit of a rhetorical question.


Well, let me get to it. Well, let me continue. OK, we gave two million regrew off the film in his house. Excellent. We left we film most of it in his house. And when we left, we just had a studio. And I know that because I know what Jamaica looks like, but and it doesn't look like Los Angeles and there's not a fashion overstored here.


So, hey, even the CGI with the Lions, I thought that was a little cheap. I thought it was bad CGI.


I've seen a real alone. Yes, I've seen a real lion in that.


And and I got crackheads right now that if I gave them one hundred million, they would have lions come perform for me. They would rob the Bronx Zoo. It wouldn't be nobody left in there. You think they need one hundred million? No. No, they don't. One hundred does have in line with reality, which is why I'm a little confused as to why these lions looked so fake and trash.


You know what my my my main gripe with this was? It's coming to America. They were in America for seven hours.


He found his son that he never seen, never met before of a sketch, he didn't have to look for minutes. He didn't have to look for him either. As soon as he thought I should look for my kid, he found his kid. And when does that ever happen? But what are you looking for so much realism in coming to America?


No, I just wanted them to be more like they were back in Queens. But I do.


I didn't want them to spend as much time as they did in Zamunda. Like, I mean, the desk. That was my only thing. Would it like if it's coming to America, let it be in America, in America, let it be back in America.


They took the exact story line from Black Panther and. Tried to modernize it somehow, like it really was the exact same story a kid that I didn't know had come through and that his family I didn't fuck with over here got to say so like and let's be clear, I'm not comparing it. I didn't expect it to be as good or better than the first one.


What going in when I looked at this in the dirt, I looked at this movie as if this was the first of its kind. That's how I went into watching it like this is the first. And even as that, it just wasn't it wasn't that good for me.


It and I found it mildly entertaining in my expectations were really low. The first 30 minutes were awful. But then like, it was so funny.


Worst thing I've ever seen. So some funny moments.


If Amazon Tiziano look great, Teyana looked amazing. Leslie Jones and Tracy Morgan were very funny.


Yeah, it was great seeing all of our black cultural icons.


It was great from SNL. The College of Scoundrels was funny and a little short role. And there's a lot of funny rules.


Listen, it was an all star cast and an all star lineup, I just thought that the storyline fell a lot short. And I just would have liked this to be treated more like the classic that it was, and for me, I didn't walk away feeling like that, like an Amazon paid one hundred million. Right. Why are we taking money from Friskies cat food, Spotify?


I'm asking the line. The fake lion lick the cage. We didn't know why he was licking the cage. And then they showed us that they put cat food on the cage and he showed us the cat. They put it right in front of the camera like I do with our erixon sometimes.


We need to take money from Friskies fashion over and seven other people for product placement and coming to America, tell me both of those go together if that's the roll out for a real nice to make it.


Well, maybe Kim was a movie producer before the deal and then they I don't know, maybe they were using the sponsors to fund the movie until they got the deal.


Yeah, that that would make sense to me. I could see that. I'm not sure, though. Maybe that's a bad idea. Maybe I'm not talking about how you get money, I'm just talking about having such blatant, obvious product placement in a movie like coming to America with a star like Eddie Murphy.


Eddie Murphy also look like he ain't spoke to nobody in this movie in 50 years. He looked like, get Arsenio away from me. I don't care about that shit.


That was cool. I'm pretty sure a lot of them he has he's never even met before that in his film.


There was quite a few people in the film, I'm sure he has he met for the first time doing this film. I heard them say Fleak in this movie, 15 minutes in 20 minutes, maybe not even within the shout out to my guy. Can you. Can you. I didn't know that he wrote on this. And in watching some of the interviews, I'm hearing that they handed him the script when they were finished so he could attempt to modernize it and can use really and Kenya really great.


You know, can you barista's, though, he's really great. I love most of the things he does coming to America. I'm not putting this on him because I don't know if he did it. That wasn't where I needed to hear Fleak. That wasn't where I needed.


They had. They had. Was there padding on that Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight and somebody singing fucking welcome to wherever the fuck they was, it was a man, Gladys Knight, salt and Pepper in vogue.


They all made appearances here, and if you watch some of these movies, there's a lot of product placement pretty blatantly in those two.


But I see I just think grabbing a celebrity is a way to say it and do your product placement.


But hopefully, hopefully it's not so obvious. Right. One and two.


Not coming to America. Not coming to America. That's all. This is an established brand. See, for me, I get to have great black people have to be to accomplish certain things. You don't get too much greater than coming to America as a movie. A great you know what I thought about it?


I would have been I would have been happier if Amazon turned this into a series.


I think you give them more time to, you know, let the story unfold that things happen. This was like it was just to rush. You found your son in 10 minutes, never met him before in front of the garden, scalping tickets off of a sketch.


And it was just that was good enough of a sketch in twenty 20. Like, it's like, what are we doing?


You know, I mean, I know if I could find my own mother in front of the garden and there wasn't a garden.


Yeah it wasn't the garden wasn't New York. Didn't look like New York. Didn't feel like New York. Well it was just way too late.


Like I need Harlem nights coming to America, Edie to. Right. Coming to America to within the time frame that he was that rather than post Dr. Doolittle blockbuster superstar. Edie, this movie deserved that. Edie, that's why I like to do a comparison. If Hove announced today, I'm doing reasonable doubt to I go, why? You're not in that space in America and least not in that comedic space that he was American Gangster was would have to.


OK, bet that's a. Ain't that the truth, Mom? Have you heard can you call someone and confirm that right now that American American Gangster was reason without to? I don't think so, but I'm not using my whole call for that. But I was a call girl, not a wake up call.


But, yeah, I just Edie's not in the coming to America type comedy anymore, so. I think it's two blockbuster, I didn't need every fucking celebrity you could find this you've ruined the whole Saturday night vibe in the living room. I hope you see what was going on with that one person in the living room after the Monopoly game ended. Hey, coming to America is out. I tried to fight it. Nice night. March 5th, not March 5th yet.


Here they go. Nice to 4th. Early release. OK, yeah. All right. Put it on. Let's let's see what's going on.


I was so angry at the McDowell sighting. I don't remember seeing the can be in there, he was there, he was there, yeah. Yeah, he was at the table. He actually could he talk to the woman he ended up marrying everybody? OK, yeah, everyone was in the movie.


Yeah, I thought I was going to pay them off. One day I forgot I shot this.


Yeah, I'm doing this as a show, as a series. And then somebody else I was sitting by who shall remain nameless was like how she looked. Definitely not me to said this, OK? It was like, you know, everybody in this movie looked so great except for the Eddys love interest. It looks so great and original.


I thought she look great.


Yeah, she looked good. Yeah. You might be able to show her. We saw the look good, feel good. Meanwhile, Lisa McDo, yeah, she looked good. She's still a good one. Want said it now we know we know it was a person next to. Didn't look like the same girl he was chasing all around at Subway Station, and I was like a girl, he could have left right as a prince.


Yeah, I'm thinking it's in these movies. Do you think the prince he got a bow down, Finmart. All right.


Come on over to. I'm so sick of it, this is this is don't make par three. I want you on nothing. There we go. I'm with you on it, but I do I did love the celebration that this was and I love that the fact that it did. I feel like they're coming for us, trying to do really. Well, then they do come into America a brave injustice, a grave injustice, maybe so like I can say for you, trying to do with coming to America, part two is most of it was rehashed jokes from the first one.


It wasn't it was more like a celebration than it was an attempt at some brave new movie.


They were trying to trying to revolutionize comedy.


Where do you stand coming to America? But my question is, why wouldn't you try to revolutionize comedy? That's true, and that's a fair critique. All of the greatest, the arguably the greatest comedian ever, and arguably his greatest movie ever with man comedians. Why would you not try to revolutionize.


That's completely fair. Yeah, this wasn't it. They missed the mark on this one. That's my new thing.


Mr. his son was mad, annoying.


Like we could have kept him lost because we like to see more more Eddie and Arsenio like they you feel like. Oh, Marilyn, OK. Yeah. That's that's kind of disappointing. That was disappointing. Eddie definitely had in his contract that they couldn't show up to craft services at the same time. No. Hey, let me know when Arsenio is getting breakfast.


It's really getting you guys to my jokes.


I support friendship and I know that. Look at that computerized line.


No Johnny Gill anywhere. All these all these celebrities. It's still black history year, right? Things are still black history year. Not because they were French, and then when all of his daughters came out. I also safe. I have a way to I asking a question. I don't want to answer it. Now you can ask anything. You just made a statement that you didn't see somebody anywhere else here, just like there was so many celebrities, like everybody was he wasn't in there to get things to do.


He was busy, right? Yeah, probably. Come on, guys. You know the schedule. You kidding me? But they shot this for a really long time, from my understanding.


Loaded schedule. It was a lot. I'm booked. Could happen. I'm booked for till twenty twenty three. It's odd that you get Colin jokes and Johnny go, right. Yes.


The little little funny. So feel. I suspect I'm not going to talk about the music. While we might get to two million listeners, wow, some organization, some structure, wow, teamwork. What the fuck you need to do? See, the thing is more often, buddy. Hey, I've got a on in this piece. With all the red dresses, I hear he is already looking good in that.


As what John said. Yes, why I'm trying to be coming to America so I don't give a fuck anything about me until I get the fuck out of here. You're no longer my mom said it was.


Wow, you. I'm a wild dude, man. Yeah. Yeah. I just want to say that I need to pick up coming to America. It was great.


Did your mom ever explain where she got that he was dead? Was. Yes, you did, I don't remember, I'm thrown under the bus. She got away, everybody got it from the Internet.


It's just a photo that goes out and people ran with it and it was a mess. My bad Murphys and rest in peace. Charlie Murphy always recipes to my guy. Miss you. We love you. What is this? What is this variety of Swiss beats and Timlin cell versus the shriller Schirò equity with performers? Do they sell it or not? Who was publishing this pitchfork? The fungus pitchfork, now, how do they know if they sold it, because they have PR people that send them press releases to all the outlets?


Let me read what let me read what Pitchfork has to say. Swiss Beatson, Timberland's versus has been acquired by Trilla. NetWare acquired stuff right there.


What is acquired me? Did they buy it or not? I'm not of. What is a quiet.


I hate the work and we're stupid.


Oh so I got you acquired buyer obtain an asset or an object for oneself and I managed to acquire all books needed my b I always put all four words up here.


No because my ego is cool. Just, just your word yo. But they are killing me for having an ego. The ego is bambo. Yes. Your ego is horrible. Everybody has ego is. Don't everybody have ego. Oh it's weird how you display it. It's important to have somewhat of an ego. CNRS back to par kastor grace like this.


It's how and where yours is. Just like I said.


See no it's because we've got to do this fucking thing twice a week where they get to talk to my man. Quiet at all and you wonder why I'm not fucking passionate about it anymore. I'm fucking quiet and humble at home.


I don't think ego is a bad thing. That's OK. No, I don't think I only I'm out of control with my ego.


Ego ego channeled is perfect. Sure. And look at my daughter. So you know, you'll feel. Yeah, come on man. We got four of these. They didn't send us one. Yeah. To split up. We got four of them. That's about as heavy as a real concern to that. Not only is it heavy, put them up there so they know the vibes. Listen, they didn't just grab the audience, the audience. That's not dissing me for having ego.


They travel with us. None of this is possible without all this is you guys is a ward, not ours. Thank you. We love you. We appreciate you.


Jokes aside, seriously, one is it one hundred one thousand today and giving us another one now. Hey, never enjoy your little hash tag award and enjoy your little microphone, the little turntable. Y'all know we're not getting another award. You can't you can't buy the award for a couple of years and then get more. Yeah, we have to pick other people. Oh, we didn't talk of the MBAs.


We'll get to that later unless we sign to my heart and then my heart does their awards where they just award themselves. We won't get one, but we're not signing our. Oh, that's a big fact that that is not happening. Acquired means or theirs. If I acquire this shirt from you, this is my shirt.


You can never do that though. But if I did, I would have ownership of the shirt. Mad man. Hypothetically, yes.


No, I could never take the shirt off of his vintage for forty four years. It's too tight. Is it vintage.


I can't put you washed it. You came out three or three years ago, is a vintage incepted and you look at him.


That's a good idea and I'm not getting my award. The numbers, Joe, what's the three hundred k easy, you mean? Listen, if a zillion Saliman videos, I could sell my for 40 40 audio sex tape for three hundred billion dollars to me.


Yeah. Who did what. Azealia friend of the show. One of the biggest supporters to your mom. Well she loves.


She sold her audio sex tape to NFTE and Parks, the numbers you were breaking down, what exactly?


I think the original sale was like fifteen thousand dollars, regular nice stuff.


But then it's now reselling for 150000 ethe, which translates to three hundred billion dollars, something along those lines.


She sold her audio sex tape for three billion regular round of applause on the CD.


So it was all clubhouse moaning for free. Yes. Your mom said that was what would he say. He did say that wasn't he was moaning. OK, you have got some teeth here.


Here's the thing with that excuse that Keith, it's even weirder that you have a recording of a moment like so when he went to YouTube and typed it in, you're equally as weird for going to use it.


I have never typed Montone to moning. No. Just to get more bitches than him.


I don't know how many women I'm asking.


I don't know. I don't know how many women is now. Chuckles And I don't know how many women and men and how many. But I don't know. I mean, let's guess you think they can do more numbers than him.


I do not look at women as numbers and data. Women, as you know, all. Creatures that we do not live on this earth without.


Yeah, you can't. I just appreciate my interest here. But you can't be so careful what you say. Oh, that's sweet. So. So you can't fuck with them. Right. Got it. Got it. Hey, listen, man, we all got to come to grips with something because we can't fuck with. I checked the new Michael B. Jordan trailer for the movie I'm watching. It had every right to escape that.


And I don't really know why, but it looks like a good movie. Sure it does. I'm mad to see it, to say three words in general, but I'm still watching it. It looks good. Oh, yeah. Without remorse.


This is the one that's the picture is always there, everywhere and ready and everywhere. Not just not good.


It looks like a good movie. Yeah. I'm going to watch a movie it looks like. What's up, Matt Damon.


Mr. Mayor, I don't know nothing about this movie. I don't know. I don't even watch it for auto insurance.


Is his name. Is it, man? Are you born Jason Bourne? That's what this looks like.


Black Jason Bourne, who when Jason Bourne and John with Jason Bourne will beat the dog shit out of John Wick. Do you see the last joik? Three, yes. Yeah, terrible movie. You think Jason Bourne will beat the shit out of Jason Bourne, beat a nigger with a book, he killed a man with a book? Yeah, Jason Bourne might be top three and movie characters. Never seen nothing like it runs with the book. Does a like Mark Wahlberg and Sam running through streets of Europe and diving through Windows 2000 Dirts is similar to how you went for three miles.


You would laugh at Job Jobbik of Georgia Square, but you should leave now. You should leave. OK, yeah, OK. So if you saw your coming out with Keith, you go up there and say, oh, she won me. No. You don't know what time it is with the. Just count your losses, do count your losses, get on the phone and I could just walk out.


Remember where you parked that you're not telling people to right up text or, hey, your jacket's in the car. Just let me know when you want it.


This thing is that we do a show like this. Are you coming to get your body wash and all that shit in the garbage does me. I'm right here.


Are you coming to get your body wash? It's just sitting here.


I don't like having to wait till we finish talking about whatever we're supposed to be done. Yeah, but I want to know what you're involved with. Oh yeah. That's what I was doing. So we're talking about Young thinks we're going to talk about his business dealings with us. No, no, this is what I think since you asked, OK, or he's doing a really good PR think that Joe was so real of a nigga that when I dial up, you go back to, OK, I'm not disproving any of this ego stuff.


I have an ego, though. We know no one is denying that you do, too. Of course I do. And you do. And you do. We're fucking men and you let him win. Real men have everybody on the planet has a song. I've told her I haven't. You got to fuck bitches. Everybody on it. But you said that in the record.


It's how and when you display your ego. That's so. Hey, everybody, you can't deal with what we go through us. That means I want to deal with it. Then I have bitches lined up because I have an ego too.


And egos need to be fed. That's true. Well, your pulse was still.


Oh, yeah. This way. I think. I think I'm such a real ass nigga that when I get people on the horn is officially situated already. Everything is handled. Call it Ari Linux.


This is when when I make the call. Yeah, it's different. It's different. You ain't got to worry. But we can air it. Oh no way. When Joe made the airness, you're not al Qaeda.


I'm calling him right now. He don't know. He don't know. I'm calling. Guess whatever we can airness. Yeah. None of us have said bad things about but he said anything bad about. Ah he never said anything bad about our religion you know. I never know. I never what I love what I do. I've never said it wasn't bad. It was. Yeah. Was a lot going on in internet and it's affecting how I hate music.


That's what I said. Well like she should treat us. I feel like, like, like Atreus.


Kaylani hated us for like a month and she came back like I was a lot.


And and then we went in there, cleaned everything up for Joe. Called up, got us to interview you because I called Atlantic like you, I think Michalina got an issue that we wouldn't give a fuck because Atlantic didn't care to mend it at all to Kaylani friend to show we love you. And I saw this this past week.


She said hello to everyone. Oh solo project did not know it's all not me everyone. It's Oh no wait I, I'm everyone. Everything is love. Now you fall. I think I'm everyone you fall into that.


Everything is love. Yeah. I was surprised. I definitely never spoke Barrois everything is love but you know it's all good. We love her. She loves. I love everyone loves everyone. She didn't when she called. Everybody loves everybody. Well sometimes we still have to call.


Sometimes family goes through tiff's. We're family. Well family.


Listen I just found out D'Angelo friend last week so his life is life is on the up and up for me. Guys, I don't know what to tell you. I'm just being honest. Also knows my friend like fuck. Yeah, I got friends.


You guys were talking I like to make it sound like there's commotion, but his whole name is Soane Zone, so that's the zone that we own.


Oh, come on, buddy. Come on. He just saw the also of portability better than where do you get.


Hello, zone, zone, zone. Yes, sir. Listen, this is Joe Biden calling in from the Joe Biden podcast, which means we are on air. Swish How are you?


I'm good. So, Zozo, when he niggaz you guys, at least your bike to. Right. At least, you know, I got my wife right. Did Elizardo seriously wrong with K-Swiss? Hey. Yeah. Congratulations, man.


Thank you. That's that's all I got.


That's not true. I'm reading this. I'm reading something that says Swiss Beats and Timlin Versus has been acquired by Trilla Network acquired is where I'm stopping at you Soulet license and my asking. I'm doing too much, you can tell me. Yes, I mean, yeah, it is. So I got a big, big lump. So but it's not. But, you know, you know, that's not that's not necessarily a bad thing. Like, you know, like, you know, a big bank.


It's a good thing because now we're rich, man.


And maybe we could just enjoy the mountains with your wife. Do you want to talk? We know what time it is, Bear.


We own we own it. Right. So Grayson's trailer. So, you know, so but we still there we still we own is in the overall shit now which which is which is freshman.


Well so it's like we just said about we just said this about the whole square title acquiring last week.


You, you, you, you would sell title when you're allowed to participate in other ways. And what it sounds like is that that's what happened here. You sold verses and now you're allowed to participate in some other ways with shriller. Correct. Correct.


Awesome. And and and with verses, by the way.


Awesome. Awesome. Congrats. Oh shit.


The little thing was, you know, that is also friends with us, you know, where would you say I said and we got to bring all our friends with us.


That's my favorite part of this whole deal. Yeah. Every artist. That's my favorite equity in it. That's amazing.


Yeah, that's my favorite part, too.


So listen, listen, I know what type of time Trill is on, because when when when we were free agents, we got on the phone with Shriller and they were very aggressive speaking to us as well. And it scared me. They told me they told me to name my price and I hung up. I'm imagining that he said the same thing to you and you didn't hang up. I'm thinking you named a number and it got done. You don't have to answer that.


But this is awesome. I think this is the future of the way deals are being done. Equity and just participation. Yeah, and you have to include artists now. So I personally want to thank you and say I appreciate the way the job did this, molded this and presented this, because I think it's going to do a lot for the future. Thank you. I think it's important because we built so many platforms and the creators are never really going to the IPO's and going public.


You know, we're always left out of those things. So, you know, it was it was our job to make sure that, you know, everybody can go together with the IPO and, you know, with the ownership. And they'll be used to seeing, like a few of us doing these things. They're not used to seeing over 40 some people organizing as a unit together in an ownership way. And, you know, for me, I think that that's my favorite part of the whole thing, is that we was able to bring the community with us to another level.


And it's like and, you know, the crazy part is like the artists would have still been happy for us if we didn't include them. Of course, they would have still been happy for us because everybody have fun. But it's just like, OK, why don't we just go on the whole ride, you know? And that's the way that's that's the way how we want other people to treat us. You know, we want respect from each other.


We don't respect each other. We want ownership, but we don't give ownership to each other. Right. So that's what we intend on to like, push, push a little bit further and show people that everybody can eat right. You see them saying, like, you don't have to just be me and Tim holding up the flag like we've seen this already. You know, I let everybody participate in this news on the Tuesday that the ownership and they have ownership in the company that they felt that they got paid from already, whether there's some strings or some merchandise, whether it's from, you know, all type of things, you know, and we feel that we people shouldn't have to fight for everything.


We got to fight for everything, you know, just like we shouldn't we should just do great things. And so this was this was important for us. And Trilla was the only place that was allowing us to have the artist freedom to do what we did everybody else. It wasn't they didn't you know, it didn't work. And it's cool. All of that shit is super inspirational.


Let me get messy for two seconds. Larry Jackson called me this morning. I got his thoughts off the record about Zodiac signs. Nothing to do with verses.


Now, what I will say is this. When we did our Spotify deal and as I try to negotiate different deals, one of the roadblocks I run up against is when the when the deal ends, the companies try to get us to not be able to sign a new deal or promote a new deal for at least six months, maybe a year after that deal is done. D'Angelo just happened a week ago. And, yeah, you all have announced a deal.


Yeah. When you hang up because I don't want to incriminate you at all in this. I'm going to ask my viewing audience how Apple could have let that happen.


Yeah, that's just confusing to me. Like, I would have never let you all be able to sign a deal and announce a deal a week after our deal has come to an end. Are you kidding me?


That's I've written about it on this, you know, but I believe in a license.


Listen, mentality. Should we love her view, listen, enjoy his own work.


But look, I want to give much love to so much love to love. Always got to give me. It's ok. It's OK. We, we, we got we got super love for Larry Jackson for many years, you know, saying thank you, thank you for Apple for supporting us.


And you know, sky's the limit is just a view. Let's go zone.


My last question. What do you say to the people that may think that you guys have run out of matchups? Tony, put some new ones on the table in front of us to look at Instagram tomorrow.


Oh, OK. Oh, yeah. All right, listen, swish, we love you again. Congratulations. Really great things you're doing. Cinar Arts in the same to Timlin for us, please.


Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And we appreciate the support you've seen, Joe. You know what it is sometimes.


Yes, sir. We'll talk some man love. All right, love. Nasdaq, I will really love doing with this how you do it, that's how you do so now back to well, I mean, yes, he sold it, but he also has equity in the company that bought it.


Yes. So it's not like it really went away.


Well, I'm pretty sure they still have creative control.


And, you know, it seems like a very intelligent company and I doubt they would want to. Take that away from and him as far as the creative, no shit with verses like no Yalof killed this shit. Yeah, you guys should continue to run it. We just want to bring that platform and that audience here back to the pitchfork.


We read now that we understand this a little better.


Suess and Timberland's versus has been acquired by Shriller Network, the parent company of the Tick-Tock competitor Shriller. While the exact nature of the deal was undisclosed, it was announced that the two versus founders are now larger shareholders in the trailer network and that they have allocated a portion of their equity in the trailer versus combined company to all 43 creatives who have performed on versus to date.


I think that is so swaggy, not something that is so even if it's the tiniest, tiniest, tiniest bit, it's the gesture.


Wow. And from trollers perspective, too, I want to give them credit because I could totally see a company looking at Switch's and Tim and going, no one happens every day with no fucking way.


We'll give you all some equity. No, I won't do it with all 43 of these artists. Fuck you.


I think what it is, is these platforms are starting to see that, you know, we'll always find a way to create something new, you know? I mean, and if you see that you want to, it's a partnership now or we're going to continue to do what we do over here and you'll continue to do what you'll do. But it just makes sense for versus to say, listen, we know the audience that you all have acquired. We've seen the numbers we've seen, which I do like.


We want to be a part of it in some way.


And the two things that I will say about this, I'm not privy to I'm not privy to any more business than some of you are out there.


Some of the viewers are. But yeah, like I said, the Swiss. That was a mistake, like not having that clause in a contract, not having any clause in the contract that prohibits them from Kesha calling the shots.


That's what I just said. I was just reading that D'Angelo is on there twice now so I can see this being a typo. That's a typo because Suess let it let it be known and anyone who has participated is getting equity. Lift them off. Yeah. So that's just a typo. But yet for them to be able to announce that deal a week after the D'Angelo, you're right. My brain tells me you had to negotiate it. Like when you talk about equity, it takes a while.


And when you're talking about equity for everybody, how you know it takes even longer.


So let's put 90 days on it.


Yeah, 90 days is a short shorts quick.


I know, but I'm trying to do it in relation to the 10 episode license that I assume Apple they have had.


I didn't go back and check to see what Apple put out, but I'm thinking as a 10 10 episode order, something like that was the Angelil 10th.


It all makes sense to me now. What part why we were all sitting here, I why wouldn't you postpone? Why wouldn't you postpone? It was going to be D'Angelo and Maxwell on Valentine's Day call. If it doesn't happen on Valentine's Day, we still want to see D'Angelo and Max and Maxwell. And Maxwell is trying to figure this shit out. And then all of a sudden we get something that has nothing to do with the structure of this platform at all.


It's just D'Angelo.


It's a Danylo concert and it's a person I'm getting. It's not aversives we're going out to do.


I'm going to do you know, we talk about, you know, the deal because we have to start the next deal that we finished. Yeah, but Maxwell, don't get that.


And let me forget about that. But Yongpyong didn't tell. Nobody told Larry Jackson. I'm assuming nobody spoke at Apple and say we got this deal done in like week five of that.


Yeah, like we're finished. It's just interesting. Do you have to. Yeah, I don't think you do. Huh? I don't know what your exact question I'm sorry, what did Suess and Tim have to tell Larry that they were talking to Trelew?


Know that's how I feel.


If we have a 10 episode deal and I want to start negotiating something else after and I'm going to fulfill my ten episodes, I'll tell you a fucking thing. You know, unless I want to continue to work with you, you don't have to.


You're right. But it looks away if you don't. Business. Well, here's the thing, I think you only not only does it look away, if you don't, it not only does it look away if you don't. But just in in the art of negotiating in Lebanon. But you can't say that because you agree with Kalid not telling her about that deal for Weetabix. So you can't you can't say no.


I say he was within his right. But I would have if I if I planned on continue on with me as my flagship artist. And I would have done that because Asal delivers to me. Absolutely. But if we're dealing with just right.


No, Kayla didn't have to tell them and they didn't have to tell them. I'm just saying, like, what type of deal did Apple and again, speculation here. Yeah. What type of deal did Apple present where the relationship maybe. No.


Well, you know, that's that's my point in saying if they went to trial, let's for example, episode five, it means Apple was not delivering what they wanted.


And if if if if Suess and Tim walked away from Apple because they did not agree to give equity to the artist, a performer already I love, then I'm highlighting obviously I'm highlighting this even more because you can't tell me that Apple didn't offer them a bag.


Right? Well, hold on. Apple offered them a licensing back for sure. I can I can feel safe to guess that I'm not here to stick up for Apple.


But I'm going to. That's different with shriller and Apple, it's way more difficult to go to Apple and say, I want equity, of course, with everything for all 43 artists to Apple, the way you cope with CHIRLA way, way, way, way, way fucking different can be.


But it doesn't have to be. There could be. I'm just right. I'm just saying. But it doesn't have to go make a fucking split company. Sure. Sure. And offer them equity in this new split company. Yeah. Apple has no problem doing that. But they did. But also so I don't know if Apple actively has this laying the way Trilla does of us wanting to do a lot of live content and a lot of things that are Internet based and artist based the way Apple just doesn't at the moment.


I'm not saying they couldn't do it, but it's easier to start a side company if you're Apple and that's what you want to focus on and be a competitor to CHIRLA with the live event, then you give equity to every artist.


If you don't have that, are you going to give equity in Apple to somebody going to happen?


But in this negotiation shoot, right? Like I saw niggas kill me with the Patriot and shoot a sonic hold with the square. With the square. She holds you up to break you down and build you up again.


It's like, Joe, we need you back so we could kill you guys again. That's been my whole career.


Oh, they only want me so they can kill me. I'm clear on that. I should have made a cool line out of it too. That's where you fucked up. That's cool. I never make you. Josslyn was fuck you and fuck these niggas. But but like public perception, sometimes I use me, for example.


They kill me with the patriarchy. Who cares? We don't drown. We don't care about that. We don't care about as corny as is corny. Right. But as the person that's negotiating, you want to go to somewhere that has a large upside versus like an apple like you saying like Apple and Apple. If they don't want to create the new company and break you down, then cool but shriller.


Now, this is what's so dope about these type of companies then aren't running the whole fucking world the way Apple is. You have more room to maneuver with these type of companies. Yeah, it's way, way different. Apple is making fucking hardware. Don't they care about Keisha Coleman, Ashanti getting equity.


And if they're going to continue down this path, Trilla, I'm saying now I like what they say.


They have commitment. They have to change show. They announced the Mike Tyson shit to the Jake Paul shit. I love way more than I anticipated.


I love the Mike Tyson. There's caffeine. I still for caffeine.


OK, then see that movie today announced some Snoop Dogg shit.


Listen, if caffeine don't do right by the bad rappers, what what is to stop the bad of rappers from going to do some shit. I haven't launched it if I can. For what it's worth. Tode kefi. Yeah. Trilla shriller. Yeah. Caffeine yorgi do the right thing. Caffeine. I like, I like what they say. I don't like nothing if they're not going to pay the battle rappers. Oh no, no.


That's first and foremost we ain't even got to this same system we just did is what caffeine needs to do with the bad rap lyrics. Hey, we busted some of y'all on equity here and now y'all can participate as we rise. They should do that. Absolutely. But I'm not going to make niggas do the right thing of the bad of rappers are still popping up happy with badland uncapping. Ain't my nigga have a blast, right? Like whatever works for you.


I don't want to mess my new shit. I'm not I'm not killing somebody because they didn't do what Joe thinks they should do whatever works.




But I do think that there's a way for the battle rappers to participate the same way the versus participants are parties for sure, because they are battle rappers that should have equity in whatever platforms that those battles are being held.


I just don't think that caffeine is doing a good job with marketing this shit.


Honestly, I I'm the last person to know when a battle rap, when I'm with parks all the way on that I'm a battle rap man. Let me provide some pushback, though.


Let's remember I texted you and ask you how to use the fucking app. Yeah. I was like, wait, how do I get to this battle?


I've sent me a link. He just give me legal your is right. OK, cool. Cool. Yeah, but are we certain that caffeine has even thought about mass promotion as opposed to just worrying about the people that have downloaded the app. And we're focused on an app only we haven't moved to outside of that.


We promote it so people can download that. I'm an admitted casual fan and unfortunately you make when you want to get to the next level, the casual fan is where are you going to make your money and get you the next year? I'm a casual fan. If I can't find that shit, I'm not. It's not. If you go back to that, if you can't find it, we all know it's an X amount of people subscribing to us on page three.


We are making X amount of dollars. And let me tell you from my mouth, I don't give a fuck if anybody casual ls tunes in the people that are there right now.


You misunderstand what I'm saying, but I'm not saying from a monetary value. Yes, I think we've had this core fan base conversation a thousand times and we're not gonna rehash getting to the next level.


We always rehash things here. Do you think it's easier to get on caffeine now or back? Yeah. You think. Easy to do now back in the day, I don't know if it was easy to get coffee back in the day.


As far as exposure and eyes on your app, which will eventually lead to monetary value, yeah, you have to get to that next tier where the casual fan knows about what's going on. Yes, you can maybe make more money just focusing on your core fan base in theory. But if you want to get to that next next level, you need the masses to know about it. And that comes from promotion. But when I feel like caffeine to Paksas point, I completely agree with them.


Doesn't do a good job of it.


You're right. My response to that is I don't think everyone cares about what you're saying. I don't think everyone cares about the getting to the next level.


Like, if you know you know, I would you know, that's that's totally fair.


Let's take it back to our positive Spotify interview.


I don't want to bore the listeners again with the shit. We did over two million listeners on to push the episode. Give me any number of that, did you all think subscribe to Spotify from that one interview alone? Not many. It was. Give me the people that listen to that episode the first time and then subscribe to SpongeBob. Two million, I say maybe. Maybe less than five percent of the. Which is what? I don't think any of us can do math in the human body.


Maybe for someone, which is a lot, don't bring up a calculator, let's all save ourselves. I'm confused and I know I'm pulling up a calculator right now. Yeah, that's not it's not a bad actually. Can you think about it? Thirty thousand people seem to know how to do that after that. I'm not married to. Well, that's not what I'm doing, I'm doing your talk 30, it's a lot of money for one three hour piece.




Well, that's your low end. That's your low end. You said thirty thousand and I multiplied with what Spotify average is a new subscription to be OK, bom bom.


And you're saying that that's that's the money.


This is off your low thirty thousand. No, I would have it higher than that. OK, so now if I'm Trilla. Right. These are the numbers I'm focused if I'm not doing Rory's saying if I'm not trying to mass promote and get more people and get to that next level, like if I'm cool with just this number and just these people, then I'm cool.


But to that that's back to my point that everybody can't go like we're getting we're getting to the spot where this is a niche thing. Yeah. This is a luxury. This is not for mass consumption in the future. I don't think I agree.


Everything isn't especially with this type of content. I agree. Picking teams now, they already got the captains and they're picking the teams now. So nothing about.


That's Jill's opinion, by the way. I don't know nothing about them picking teams now.


Fucking Amazon pick coming to America. Eddie Murphy. Everybody's picking on content like.


If that's happening in twenty twenty one, what do I think the future of this looks like? And I promise we're not going to get into one of our, you know, random Retno. Just quickly, go ahead. No, we now just going. No, no, no, no, no. I love you. I love you, son. No, I love because I love my son. My God. Family's been through all of that.


Put you to example to the casual shit. A lot of our push t views were off. Sensationalism. It was off. What was timing you talked about. And that brought in the casual fan that wouldn't typically listen to us and to that. No, you're saying that percentage of that casual fan that went after the sensationalism got to got to that number? That wasn't a small number I have. That's what that's what I'm saying about getting the casual fan.


Even if you grasp just a little bit of the casual fan base, you do a numbers man, that casual fan base, it do matter.


Well, that's why everybody only promotes to the casual casual fan because because they need promotion.


They need to be promoted to because they're casual, myself included. I like bad rap, but I'm a casual Vatterott fan.


I need to be promoted to I'm not going to sit in research. If it ain't fucking daylight right now, I'm probably not going to know if looks better to be around seven for daylight.


Not crazy how many rounds you got written already, but see if I'm a bad Araba.


We getting off this because I don't know how compelling this is to the audience, but. Well, it's interesting that just rapper not if I'm the best because that's the position that we operate from. We are one of the best podcasts in the world. Now, if I move that to pocket, I'm not pocket's bad rap if I'm lucky, or daylight or one of the best battlers in the world. I'm not battling anywhere else. Without an equity conversation.


You will never see me again without that talk being. Sorry, caffeine. You're not getting daylight versus Lux and daylight or Lux get. No, no, no, no, no, no. But the fans hate when I say equity. So that's my last time saying to work and I'm done. Stop it. Fun. But we just started with this one we got here. That's why I hate these niggas. I just started getting equity. Some of these fights, we got to have some of the conversation we had to have.


I know it's annoying. I know it's redundant. I know it's repetitive. But some of them are necessary. And as somebody who has over twenty years experience here, this is new.


Yeah, this is new. Sorry to do all of it, but OK, this is new, it's too much money going around and people need to participate in all of it, all of it, all of it down, not going.


Sydney was about to say Danny found the bag, but she is a stick up. Coming. She's a stick of gum. This is it. This you couldn't look any more beautiful right now. I mean, oh, now we landed here. But for Joe, this looks beautiful out here. I was doing this whole doing that the ambience and the companies doing this nasty fucking shit right here, they couldn't get no more beautiful than the position system right now.


The Army's let me explain a podcast to podcast Academi. What's that? Who's it? What is that? And who is that flight coming to America story? Anybody in?


You know, it's like the Grammys or it's just like the Grammys, that's all. Exactly like what I have the full list of what a Grammy is. They did a cool design to the award and they try to make it really pretty just to and be cynical. We never heard of you. You don't have a long historic history of excellence. And then we forget here the podcast Academy and Industry Association looking to establish. Looking to establish meaning.


You have meaning. You have yet to establish, which is cool. But let's be clear in these things. Excuse me, get that checked out. The premier is somebody says Joe hates reading out loud. He only ever burst when he's reading. He's embarrassed about his reading skills. Yes, he is nerve racking.


I told you, you guys suck both my balls wrinkled while they're while they're spacing.


They're shy, but they're tiny in their other flat. While there's Zach the extra sec extra sacket, by the way, Parks, who started it.


I think Rory doesn't have a clear understanding of what we be talking about.


It's not who's talking about their balls or their genitalia or their private car.


It's talking about like sucking someone else's. That is which is funny.


I have never said that on this, but it's like more outside of the box. I think, like off Mike. Paul, thank the Lord. Thank God you haven't I mean, I don't judge anyone that does.


It's just not my thing. And if it was, I wouldn't care to know. The task looks suck away, but the task looks way too crazy for me.


Yeah. The group announced a total of get this out the way the group tried and failed one sixty four. And because I can't ignore him if he's talking directly to me.


Right. The group. Yeah. Let me try a little bit.


The group announced a total of one sixty four hundred sixty four amies nominees spanning twenty three categories selected by voting members of the podcast Academy. The Andes winners will be announced in an hour long ceremony to be live streamed on YouTube, Twitter and other platforms that creators don't participate in platforms on Sunday, May 16th, two thousand twenty one, starting at five p.m. with the pre show starting at four thirty pm, new members of the org will be able to vote to determine this year's winners if they register by March twenty sixth.


The membership fee is one hundred dollars seventy five dollars. Show button pocket marketing and marketing. We don't need the IMDB. Well, we weren't going to be anyway because we want a later paragraph. Shares the people that are on the board for R&D.


Let me see, let me see where I read it and know that the nominees chasten Cosby.


Here we go. Here we go. Rasti fucks. This is the next dirty.


Diana, what is going on over here? Founding financial backers of the podcast Academi are. Spotify. We're out of media. I said, I mean, we're out still. I said, NPR PR man, I do too, but we're out. So I said PR x. I'm not we're not PR. cool with them either.


Amazon music, which now stands wondering, you know, NPR again, NPR again, tenderfoot TV, Sirius XM, Stitcher Intercoms, Pineapple Street Media, Sony Music Entertainment on Being Studios Lifson and you take the association was founded last year with the mission to foster exclusivity, elevate awareness and build excitement for podcasts through initiatives, programming and our annual awards, says Donald Allbright.


Does it feel inclusive to you? What kind of bothers me when I was working at Sony. Everyone in that building was super well aware of our podcast and what it was and the way Sony has dived into podcasting. And had somebody that had. A co-host of one of the biggest music podcast period. No interest, they didn't see it back then, they was well aware they knew what it was. Hey, we love this show. It's funny. It's great.


It's called you little guys are doing over there. Little small podcast after now. Now, Sony is just focused.


Sony Music focusing on it after that podcast episode when I was like. All these great minds were in Def Jam at the time, like you probably won't get that again. Hmm. Got a call from Kaiser in July that same week. Kaiser, we all the time with Julie was with them. We know in a while and guys like Julie got you on the phone, you met Michelle and she was Hey, Joe, what's going on?


What are you doing, man? Because I know I got the hottest podcast in the world. We can't talk to him because we can't afford those guys. But, man, they're doing some awesome stuff up there. Scratch my head when he said it and understand it because you can't afford it. What I can tell you, you ain't going to give it to me. Mm hmm. You got it, though. You know, it's there. It's there.


It's in the building.


I mean, so that it can't or won't. Not that I think we would ever bring our podcast with Sony or Atlantic. Oh, no. No, of course not.


It was just it's crazy to me how much Sony has dived into that space, like they've just been focusing on it. And while they were so aware, every big exact in that building and they own epic RCA everyone, you love the thank you for playing RB.


Never. It never dawned on them once that this would be a thing. But, you know, it's fun. And that goes back to the Apple thing. You can afford to not given you're not given it.


Listen man, congratulations to all they and be two million and a sure week to press this on your conscience for years in a row. But that's back to my coming America. Coming to America be like, look what you have to do. And I'm glad that we got these white boys with us along for the ride because my guys experience it.


Look what you got to do to, like, try to secure something great. But we've been great for a while. Ego again, sorry.


We've got our best trophies to recognize our greatness. You know what, though? I think that's where they get me wrong. Black Entertainment Television. I think that's where the viewers get me wrong. At least the YouTube commentaries that are killing me.


I can see where it looks like my ego. If you feel way, just say you feel the way I do feel the way because I want to divulge so much more. But I can't like I don't want to leave them with just Joe's ego is out of control. But when you're out here and shit is out of control and you start speaking the facts, it will seem egotistical.


It will. Yeah, it will.


And I have ego. Everybody everybody has ego.


You know this now I see these categories. And again, I promise you, I promise you, this is not a specific breakfast club hate or anything, it's just a prime example, best comedy podcast.


We hate them because we hate the fuck. We want to eat. I love everybody the fuck because they don't love us.


Know why I'm using this example is niggas running around acting like they love.


I give a fuck what you niggas feel. Everything is love. The Breakfast Club, which Charlamagne being so prominent in the podcast space, has admitted plenty of times every time the Heart Awards gave them the best podcast. He has said, fan, the Breakfast Club is not a fucking podcast. So my heart is back on the board for this shit best comedy podcast, name the joke The Breakfast Club ever told on a podcast. That they were better than us.


Oh, and that you and I deserve 12 percent anyways. What is it? Nothing. You were standing right there. I didn't say a word, but that's fine anyways. Uh. And I'm not using Breakfast Club specific, I'm using Charlamagne that that knows the podcast space so well and is admitting to it. That he knows that the Breakfast Club is not a podcast. He said it why every time they start a new fucking podcast award series, it's the same bullshit every time let me find every I heart thing I can do and make it a pod.


It's not a podcast. It's a radio show.


Stop with this bullshit. It is I mean, I don't I don't even pay these platforms anymore for a if you listen to us and you like us, cool. If you don't listen, you don't like us. True. We don't keep going.


We will keep doing what we doing. That's for sure. And that's where all of this is. All of this is ego shit if you really want to have a conversation.


No, no, no, no, no, no. My problem is not do these words. I don't care about this award or any other award that has to do with podcasting. It bothers me that how important the podcasting space is that they're trying to it to shit. That isn't a podcast. They're trying to award things that are not of the actual genre. No, I get it. It's crazy. Like, no, I'm just it talks about the importance and that goes to money fucking award, even though with Grammys, when artists get Grammys, their sales go up.


That's why it's offensive to so many artists where it's like, I'm not getting nominated or getting an award. You're giving it to whatever label has the highest shit in the biggest artist.


You're fucking with my money. Not to say that this has the value at all of the Grammys, but who's to say it couldn't one day. All right. And if you're going in this way to say things that are not podcast, you're that bullshit. And people that have put in real sweat equity to build this podcast thing, not just for themselves, but for the entire world of podcasting. And then to award something that's not a podcast is fucking offensive.


OK, so fuck your academy that you're trying to build.


You know, I know one thing I'm reading Best Entertainment blog is. And if that for Life, the podcast is the For Life Show, probably, you know, Fifties for Life Show is an audio and a podcast. I'm a bit tight in the base. Is it I don't know. Well, it's kind of yeah, yeah, holy shit, yeah. Gentrification, I'm fine. I know I said I wasn't passionate about podcasts, literary being passionate now, but, you know, I'm kind of offended by this shit out of Jane Silva, NFTE, talking our last podcast.


And sure enough, as soon as he leaves, Jack Dorsey's first tweet is on track to sell for two point five million dollars and he'll donate that money to charity. Well, that was fast. He's doing it right. You guys think I can pull that beard off to. Yeah, but it takes a long time, you could do it, I mean, it did it, Morrey, after all the hate I was getting yesterday, but how I look.


Forty five. Oh, yeah.


And you can't be the first gingered AC after Prince Harry is a great Segway, not a Segway because we're. Oh yeah. It's going to be the front.


Hey, hey. We talked about it already. Oh yeah. Yeah. Good Corvax. Good call back. We do. That's crazy. That conversation we had fabo playing a record called Come.


No, I didn't play this in Boston. Did you come in Boston allegedly goes on a vacation in Boston. Anything to not be in Atlanta? I'm not at. Nights like these, I sit in my room, would have been in a bed. Songs about him and put it on, the only one happened, like like this guy had to kill you, but they were like he didn't know where, but I slip and now you fiddling while I slip out.


I got here. I paid a toll to make your come up. I got dressed to make you come talk about the. And you might take a shower for your son. Not for me. Not me. You cut his way to make you can imagine this with that when you drove off as a pussy.


I drove all the way to make you make his harmonies on the second verse that look, get it there.


Well, you can do it. All right. My God. Oh, boy.


Consisted of tiny little Mikahil right for your love like I do. It's all good. He's making money, which also to do the right thing. I got to take that gym trainer man telling me you should pay someone to trust God to go together. I don't know if anybody else is carrying around, but I would like to ask him, why don't I go home a little later to carry the jug of water around? But he's seeing a joke full of all his tears and carrying a jug of regrets.


What happens to me is, OK. Kevin, you wanted to know what the timing of the man. Like I said, the NSA puts us in a heart emoji. I'm still mad about that. He's still mad about it. You bet your buddies will make you good. Brand new music from Babbo. That one is called Come Fabo p h, a, b o Love.


What you're doing is a fable fable. I don't know. You just make fire like nine records. Masnick Oh no. That's the hard. There's a whole project. OK, I'm going to assume that tonight.


I'm a double down since I've been partying all week, Joyce writes, Freddy gives on when you know how to keep. When you hear me, because I think I'll get it soon, I should give him a medal playing with the Giants on you baby sitting, you could swing my way. And while you let you get a little day, that's, you know, that's not good. I mean, that's what she does. How does everything change when I say we're.


We go back and forth. I do like you so long shot, but every time you have like a Moyal. With the opportunity to pass on your baby. I really want to it's a good soldier who doesn't want to look into the. You got the right, you got your work.


You are the one and all, you win nothing, babe. You ain't gonna have me going crazy because, you know, we've been put on this side. Let's just put it all together and get it right. Know that's not the good. The late nights of shooting. How does everything change when I say. We be go back and forth. I do like you, so I'm sure, but every time you hear it's like a Moyal. Maybe black Russians in the zoo with when I'm twenty 26, you know, the fool, when I was on the boat trip, you get the sounds of blacks don't extract sound rap.


I get my fellow, the last in the you found at the in the dam is actually like Brastow fucking runway. I'm running old fashion week from Africa. Magnifique. Sneakily I need a freak like that. Would not let me check your phone when I'm in the shower with this guy behind. It's not surprising that the Babilonia got my bill to be on the streets in a couple hours. Rapper the game Dirty Bomb. I want to test the waters.


I can swim. I was so undecided with this, said I'm in disguise when I hear sometimes I had to tell a lie to keep my job opportunity to be the. I really want a job with a good soldier who doesn't want a job opportunity to. Joyce Rice, Freddie Gibbs on one of my favorite records right now, still broken.


You know, she killed, you know, 60 degrees in New York today and that record.


I was excited they got a little pop to yourself, put all the windows down parts in the in the tunnel too, and breathed in all the all the Hylander I plan to join from jet skis, man.


This is some real lyrical shit. It's a suede upas.


Going up like. So you separate them off, you know the rest. Look, what we put on these pages makes the game love us maintaining my proper forms, just like I train jumpers when I'm pinning, I'll take extra care like sway up is made in the beach covid. I'm making sure every line is secure, like a base jumper. I'm shifting your perception of what's hot, like the wave runners. Imagine it takes a con game from us, a match in the face of pain from us.


Like how to take our brothers away from us with no stock in a federal case. Numbers right for us. I paint covers trying to get above the whole feel like I started me. We are from a place where people felt like they just can't love us. Niggas hate you for name to little league gay couples. Crabs in a barrel always get the passing of you. They say they'll hear you big if you rest in this game. But fuck it ain't fair play.


Give me shrimp. Even if it means that I'll get it for lyrically. I'll send you to The Walking Dead like walking on my fucking runway. Clear. You stand for something. No niggas my value to you. Just be careful. Keep energy protect Kusaka say you ain't seen I'm a killer but don't push me up a bit every time I'm right.


I'm on some gold standard because I was on the bench for too long. No, no management. A healthy scratchiness like that. Like I was helping to keep him down. While you're back to this, I'm not who niggas really want Statik with this mom is beautiful. Was captured this if you captured it once in three twenty seven. Is that section ballis, Justin Nestler. No governmental branches this year. I'm leaving the game effective like a panther who matching him.


They'll be searching for a similarity for three hundred and sixty five years after they marry me. Fuck here at me. You should fill me with your spirit. Be extraordinarily me. It's apparent these rappers Perrine's come up in an embassy aperitifs. I shot my first covering some six like a favorite thrice every Labutta like a pair of weeks. Mizzi, please give me home field advantage.


Should I just go and get my period and get the job and they say you dig your own grave, you get the hell kings and queens of a caliber. My team saliva's. These niggas know that they can stop, stop, stop, stop. No, it'll always be the class we brought in on that plane until that motherfucker crash. And every time I spit, they say that motherfucker says I'm leaving Bisquick just like some motherfucking nice to work out.


That's jet skis swayed up and side of the jet skis, super, super doctype having. Now, I was diagnosed so early, it was making life difficult.


Yeah, we'll play this record from J.R. I guess he's a ransom star is a first of all, I heard him call anyone sometimes pretty smart to go.


Such and such, such a sucker for a chip. I'm sold already, some sometimes maneuver through the fabric is what you call an. And one thing I don't know who did get that. Will come, Negatus affects just a real shit that are slavkin UNMOVIC found is what you call to this day and one and somebody all the time going to come figure this affects just they cook real shit dead or slap maneuver through them. Found is what you can't in this day and one day.


Coming, this lane is good for the bottom to take Nikolay Flager, but to finish his strong play for high stakes, the greatest risk reward myself, I'm risking it all. My quest for the hall been doing some heavy lifting and seamless execution with every mission consistent. When you focus, the Eagles can never shift to head on a swivel. Our allies worry. Every lyric I just take from my transcriptase is extended by my days like I'm taking a picture flow like the Amazon.


You just wasting your prime niggaz. A pocket watch, why you wasting your time? My my dad, they just trying to stay afloat to bring their dreams to life. I got to say, on social media, you're full of shit. Everybody claiming happy all around a game. They just like to play the game. I'm going come make it a success to stay.


They are. And one produced by Nicholas Craven. He's signed or affiliated with ransom. That's how I found it. Yeah. Like shot to ransom, a little five song tape, whatever the fuck you call things these days.


They call I was going to hit Nicholas Craven to try to cook up some r b show him because the way he flips samples is RMV ish.


Yeah, it is very OROMBI ish. You said you all look like twins anyway. That is that is true.


The day of their last project came out, everyone was like, I know Rory and Ransom's did a project together like we did, but that should fire those crazy dope shots of Montreal believes it was real.


OK, I can't wait to get shot up. Shout out to Montreal. Oh, my God. Look, Criddle said, man, love, what are we waiting on? The board is in Ottawa. Yeah.


Oh, no, no, no. I take that back. Yeah, I was bit of a friend in Toronto then. I was like, I'm come up there and she was like, oh no, you're going to have to literally like stay in a hotel for two weeks to even then walk outside. Yeah. Some crazy shit like that.


And which I responded with that was on like two weeks. I don't know, about two weeks we got could do I know how to use a zoom now. Yeah. I'm assuming I could sneak out the out so. Yeah I can run the Toronto is all I need. Yeah. Is there any homeless people that are asking for cigarettes outside.


I will let this guy do is sign off and get the fuck out of here. That's right, acknowledge I got the best sign off in the world. You could have signed it off, but you waited. That's right. We all know the ego shit, the insane. We don't know the ball.


I mean, I'm not losing it. I don't know if there is an ego. I'm a far more great at all.


Curbed her more greatness towards greatness. I do miss the whole thing is great. I do miss the opening. Can't do that on Women's Month.


You know that bar, I guess it took me to get older to understand that when she's not cute, she's young. It might be one of your greatest Pozible got to go, don't get me triggered. We got to go because she's not cute, she's young and all the girls are starting to look exactly the same.


They've been looking the same for years now. What they do is go to doctors and say, make me look like her, give me her tits.


Or as you know, the chart they had at the barbershop that no one actually used. But yeah, they just pointing out the chart made me look like this.


All women wear the same shirt because they follow each other on Instagram, so they end up ordering the same outfit. So say. It's all the same, whatever bleak, whatever Lexus guy went back and did. I like it. I haven't seen a can win Bandslam. I've never been like a huge Kim enthusiast, but a little shit.


The guy she went got the Looing Kim going crazy since the divorce. Kim and Eric, I mean, I don't know what kind of party about to do but hopefully to do I, I think it Erica, both of them like you know what, I'm not going to like this one. I just want them to fall by this one. I got I got to give my guy some space to feel. Demand is so great, it should have started to record the.


But I won't tell Richard that way to me when I started to record.


How do you feel like your man can say monkey write down for Saturday, no more lip fillers, no more lip fillers. All of their lip injections look stupid. No one is telling them we just get to it. They all look dumb when they keep doing this Saturday. Save it. Who is kissing them? Good. They have to do this. Why do they think it looks fly? I so I don't even think they like it for them because that's always the excuse and I understand that I do it for me.


I don't think you think you look good. You're doing that for me to like you, you ego and I don't go. You go, go, go, go get my my. Running back as. Oh, yes, so funny. I was like, I don't like that I'm a sadist, even though it could get me beat up, but I'm saying anyway, I wanted to tell Rory, so pick up the phone and all of them know when they started the no fly zones that Megan's been showing them how halflife they like any big Joe.


But Joe Biden's good buddy. I love that part of the job. Don't do that. I have never one to be a hey, you know what's funny about that? Like niggas who say that about Detroit. We did like nineteen hundred in Detroit for the podcast. We got famous show. It was our best show and my favorite mean just because people from Detroit, I just Mikhailov here in Detroit appreciates shit different cities. It's one of the most musical and creative cities, Detroit that all appreciate it a little bit.


Before he's now calling me back and taught me you. Just off the cock cock, you pack off the top of a yo, I'm only 20 to explain that. That's two, three words, so. One that needs to be explained. My chicken pot pie freestylers goes to the very same issues like crazy, I thought you leave. It wouldn't faze me. Looking in the mirror can't face me. Got to say, I got to take accountability.


I was lazy. I get it to get back down and take account of what I would do. Ever since you left, been going crazy. No one could break a very stupid oh man shouting All girls without dad. Yes. All the women without fathers. We love you all do. I'm your dad. You have given me so much joy yet, so much turmoil there, we cannot look after George Michael. He should go back. That's why.


So where are we heading? West. You go from tree to George Michael is what it is. This is why he listen. He put the bars over to George Michael, you know, and when this song was that I had no idea George Michael was a Chirchir. I was just I was I just get a track, a life and life is important. It is this sort of life doesn't you need you need the life. You enjoy life.


The same life debris. You tell me I'm supposed to grieve here.


Honestly, I still don't know how you never seen er before. We don't know it exists.


Jordan's birthday secret Brown since that song. And I hope they'll do that. All right. All right, we'll leave it there. I'll be ready to Bob when we get to the end. All right, listen, we at here hope you enjoyed it. It was the hardest I did all the time because he clowned he jumped in the pants.


Oh, he's fucking years. He's Noels cousin Jason Derulo now. Well, he his distractor, Jordin Sparks, we just skipped over on this pot. And we should go back to that. You say I never need a spark to light my blunt. I was like, oh, he's killing shit. Wait, Jason. Good. You're the greatest disruptor ever. Holy shit. And I could I think I'm butchering that line. But there is a record of Jason Derulo to Jordin Sparks and that shit is fire, sadly.


Pod, write it down. We'll do a lyric breakdown.


All right, we're here. That's amazing to me. All right, we're going to do that then. Oh, no, no. Yeah, I broke up with my ex and talk to her since the only time I need a spark is when I light up my spliff.


That's a bar. No, it's a bar in the context.


So, yeah, I've been all around the world probably write me a book, three kitchens in the crib, I don't even know how to come.


I got a mansion in Miami. I forgot how I look.


This is all I need is two things, and that's pussy.


And she that because her pussy this is so much his life is a mess. He wants her baby her back so bad.


Jason Derulo said all this feeling like the oh the next line waving in the far end it got to be a foreign in a burst.


Yeah, I'm trying to get a car because I need a car and I have a car. And can we get over that foreign line? Most cars are foreign. How does it Ford? I have a Macías. It's foreign.


And we would be here for the beginning of the year. You were there for the beginning of Jet Blue when it was we were there for the beginning of some things I you to even name, but just kiyono more like, like the kids was always kids used to go so crazy like other kids she does want in your life.


And listen, life is cool. She wants to keep living to my world. Everyone out there keep living. Enjoy life. Spread love like this and be for for sure. Spread love pussy ankush. Because that's all we need and foreigns. Listen man, life is a series of moments and moments past. So let's make this one last as if it's all that we have from a kitchen. Next time I bid you would do one part. I bid you ado fare well.


Hasta la vista. Adios. So long. Goodbye.


Something else I'm forgetting here that I always say fuck you.


You know something else. I mean, it's fine. Fuck you guys. We're out of here. Do you remember the what the fuck did I owe the baddies security. Stagnant chicks want to travel this presenting his bag. The chicks want to travel in. The closed minded women want you to teach them things. Enjoy your headache. Grab my family. I want to take to Amby Academy. If you're out there and you see Woody Allen next, you call the police immediately kick his ass, call the cops, get him off this.


Get that terror off the streets. He tried to bring the culture into into the little hunting hats upside down. It's not what I take to Dick's Sporting Goods meets Los Angeles. So what I try not to toss George. My gut tells him to be his father's grave and will be setting this up as far as we're out here. See? Si. See. Enjoy. Enjoy yourself. Shall. Not climate controlled appears to be the last of.


No, no, no, no, no, no one thought it was funny that Drake kept saying he was the Jesus, the whole the entire horrible thing about how he needs no doubt.


Don't worry. You don't need to expound it.


OK, that's cool. That's cool.


Just asking. That's a great point. Let's just ask. I want a drink. We'll ask him. No, no. Joe Biden.