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Please give it up for the great and powerful Jessie Mae Peluso girlfriend podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience Train by Day.


Joe Rogan podcast. My Night All Day. Jessie Mae Rogan. Good to see you, Joseph.


Do people call you Joseph? My mom does.


Oh, that's sweet. Yeah. What's your middle name? James. Joseph. James. Sounds like an author. Maybe I should write books.


I can't believe you ever written a book. I tried. Started doing one a long time ago.


I had a deal for a book like twelve years ago and dealing with the editors was so gross. They wanted, they basically wanted me to just transcribe stand up and I wanted to write a bunch of weird shit.


Didn't Judy Carter already do that? Remember that. Do you remember that when the book is that the worst genre ever books on how to do stand up. They might be the most piss poor books ever.


Belzer had a pretty good one. Belzer had a decent one.


I think it was what we had. A couple of them had one on stand up. He had one on UFOs, Bigfoot and JFK.


Belzer is a those all go together. Do you know him?


I don't know him personally, but I mean, he's a legend for sure. He's he's a crazy conspiracy theorist.


Works in the deep end. Yeah. Yeah. Is he like Radim with Sam Tripoli. Is it just as crazy. No, maybe more.


Wow. Yeah. He's, he's, I don't know if they believe in the same things because it's funny, like there's like classifications of conspiracy theorists, like some conspiracy theories are balled balls deep and like JFK, you try to bring up five G and get the fuck out of here.


So it's Marilyn Monroe.


Yeah. Meryl was deep in JFK.


Oh yeah. It's a little sex joke. I mean, well, I guess he was balls deep in her, but I mean, who knows? Who knows what they're into behind closed doors. She could have strapped one.


That's a good, good conspiracy theory, too. Do you think they killed her? Oh, yeah.


A hundred percent. Right? Absolutely. So that just bitches get snitches, is that what it is? There's it was bitches. Snitches get stitches. Bitches who are snitches get stitches or no stitches because you're just dead. Yeah. You're dead. You get the ultimate stitch of life, which is just done.


What if they killed her?


So if you were going to write a book today, what would it be about? Oh, I don't know if I would do it. I don't know.


Maybe maybe this is what I should be doing right now during this covid time. But I'm using it as an excuse to. I know.


Just not I'm not I'm not working on stand up at all. Wow. First time in forever. No writing. I haven't written anything.


Do you feel like it's relaxing or do you feel any anxiety about having that detached from your day to day routine?


That's not the anxiety. The anxiety is the world. The anxiety is what what's happening. Right.


General existentialism? Well, just the fact that the economy has come to a complete screeching halt and all these people losing their jobs and all these people are losing their businesses and we're not exactly sure what to do because there's the hard core people that are like, fuck it, open it up, keep the women in the old people safe.


Oh, you don't need this fucking fight. First of all, stop making it so weak, OK? Why are we grouped into old women?


It's a month ago. I made that up what people are saying. But you're right. It is going well. You know, women and children.


Yeah. Which we should be for sure. Well, on the Titanic you were. Yeah. On the Titanic. We were.


Everybody loves Leonardo DiCaprio died for her.


Paint me like you're a little French girl. Yeah, but meanwhile, I'm like Kate Bolduan on that fucking raft. I know sometimes lie on top of each other and she like going out, was picked as a little frozen hands off.


And shoved him into the belly of the ocean here, fucker. Get a sign on the paper first. Nice drawing. Yeah, you could write something about parenting.


I mean, it must be interesting for you to be raising daughters in this climate.


Well, I think raising sons in this climate would be just as interesting, just as weird, just raising humans in this climate when no one's ever done before, raising raising kids with full time electronics and the Internet from the time they're babies. You know, the good stuff is you can't bullshit people as much. You know, it's like access to information. Like we're trying to figure out today, just now how many people died in the 1918 flu. And you said it best you like.


There's no end unanswered questions anymore.


There's no you can't ponder wondering and wonderment is a thing of the past. It's gone. It's still there.


But you you can get answers, you know, it's like you could search shit down and get answers. But I didn't. So what was it?


The number like 50 million died? Yeah, totally. That's that's I mean, that's a huge number.


But the thing that we were talking about also is I guess I just don't understand. I understand that this disease has a lot of unknown factors, but there are so many other things that are detrimental to our society that it's wild, that this it took this sort of situation to bring everything to a screeching halt globally. It's a little scary and it's scary that we're using so much resources to deal with it. I know we need to, but then, OK, after this, are we going to start to apply those resources to deal with, you know, child sex trafficking that happens in the country to deal with homelessness, to deal with these other issues?


Is this going to be a sort of Kickstarter to be like, OK, let's get our shit together as a global society instead of living in our own tribal existences, which doesn't work. It doesn't work anymore?


Well, I'm sorry. You made me you made me smoke the blunt.


Yeah, but you're right. You're right. Maybe that is what we'll do next. Maybe. Listen, 500000 people in this country alone die prematurely because of cigarettes. And we're just like, well, you know, whatever.


Imagine if it was Kool-Aid of Kool Aid was killing a half a million a year.


Well, my only Diet Coke, but it's not sugar kills a lot of people. But yes, it does.


It does, but not as clearly as cigarettes.


Like, you can be healthy and occasionally enjoy Kool-Aid. I agree.


But don't you think sugar is just as addictive as nicotine addictive? You're right. I think if we look at it from a broader spectrum, they're both equally as bad and killed just as many people.


But I see what you're saying. I don't think they kill as many because I think heart attacks is higher right now. I guess you would have to lump diabetes in there, too.


You would, absolutely. Oh, so. And the killers die of heart attacks.


Heart attacks was number one until covid Kovac took the number one spot on the chart coming in at number one. covid-19 coming in number nineteen straight out of Wubin. He's quick with the slips. Yeah, killing bitches and sneaky.


Yes. Sneaky disease that kills healthy people. And then old people survive it like it's nothing. And then it kills an entire nursing home for people. And then young people get it and die from it and old people get it and brush it off. And some people have zero symptoms at all. As many as 50 percent or more.


Yeah, it's wild. It's like the crack of diseases doesn't make such a disease. It is. It does have a lot of characteristics of multiple diseases.


And that's why that's a scary factor for me. But I'm always grossed out. I mean, you and I travel. We used to and we just try to remember remember comedy.


But are you enjoying the not flying all the time. Fuck, yeah. How good is it for your body?


Dude, I feel like I look like fifteen now. I'm like, oh I'm chillin.


I got my, my plumpness back. I sleep is amazing. I want to do it particle's anymore and fucking airplanes. Oh God do this. So I don't know what it is about flying. I'm sure it's the pressure and the pressurized cabin. Love to fart.


God they let it rip on airplanes and that's, that's covid in my face. I'm fine with dealing with the farts anymore.


And if it was killing people, farts were killing people. If a guy could fart in a plane and half the people on the plane died, you should have met my dad.


The couple of those cookies would have ripped you right out of your seat.


There's something about old man farts.


Oh, they're great. They're legendary. Yeah. You know, something funny about when you walk into a supermarket right behind old guy crop duster. Dude, you're like your mother.


You're not even mad at him. No, you can't be mad at him. That that fart went to Vietnam. That was a fart that maybe, you know, fought some wars. He deserves it.


People that have been through war have got to be like, what are we doing? You know, I mean, like, have you been through war?


And everyone shot the disease down. People are coughing. Wait, this is what we're worried about.


Obviously, it's a terrible disease and making light of it, but it's a terrible disease some time, which is weird. It's like, you know, car accidents are car accidents, right? Your car gets hit by a train. It's the same thing every time there's an isolated situation.


But it's it's terrible. Every time every test is terrible, like like a car hitting a train, sometimes people just die. And then for other. Literally nothing. Yeah, it's really wild, it's an inconsistent disease, and it's also I just don't understand how much longer we're going to be shut down. I mean, the economy is struggling so much over this fucking disease, not just struggling, like broken.


Yes, we have to rebuild it.


And it could take a long time. It scares me. Listen to these experts talk about it. What scares you the most about the current situation? Well, it's always going to be a new disease and loss of life. That's number one. Right. So no one is we're all scared because this disease is super infectious. It's just running through like old folks homes.


There was one old folks home, I believe this had 70 people died in this one old folks home.


And that's terrible on another level because those people can't bury their family the way they need to or want to. The grieving process is interrupted by the protocol.


Yeah, you can't even visit them in the hospital. Yeah, that's that's really brutal. And for that fact, it makes me really sad for families that are losing loved ones like that, older people.


That's why it's so crazy.


It's almost like and this is a ridiculous way to put it, but I'm going to do it anyway. Do it.


If if you were an intact this country was attacked by an invasion of demons and they were all dead, it was the catastrophe happened.


It was a fucking genocide for women. And I am sorry. Sorry. Continue. You're making a good point. That's what it would be like.


It's like some people don't even get haunted. Yeah. Some people some people just get a little bit of a demon and then some people get the full wrath of Satan himself.


That's a good point. It's just it's I was reading about this guy who was on an incubator for more than 30 days, and it was a terrifying account of all that. It was in Massachusetts, all these different ways. They were doing different methods they were doing to try to revive this guy and to think one thing it made me think is like, thank God there's people out there that can do this, that know how to how to keep a guy like this alive guy who is a young guy was like in his late 30s, I believe, maybe 40s.


And he was married with little kids.


And, you know, it was a terrible story, but they figured it out and they use some crazy machine that it was bypassing his heart and his lungs like it had to go in through his leg and like into a major artery or something like that.


And they had to keep him basically in a coma like so that he doesn't move like an induced coma to keep him.


Yeah, they have they're just trying to pump air into him. Oh, my God. It's terrifying. Yeah, that is terrifying.


That's why this disease is so strange. It is. I laugh because it's you you made a good point about. We're lucky to have people who know how to handle this. I feel like that, you know, with social media and everything, those jobs are not as appealing to people. And who knows, in like fifty years of another thing like this and we're lucky enough to be alive and it hits us in Instagram, influencers aren't going to be able to intubate anybody.


Right. You know what I mean? Like the girl Slim Fit, he won't be able to help us.


And imagine if your job was if you thought your job was to help people, which is what most nurses and first responders I mean, their job is, hey, you know, I'm going to do a good thing for the community.


I'm going to do a good thing for people. I'm going to be there to help people when they're ill. I'm going to treat them.


I'm going to help them survive and recover like that's a beautiful thing.


But to go from that to all of a sudden you're on the front line of this infectious infectious virus war and you could get bit, you could get bitten.


There's not enough PPE and all these places. And it's really scary. That's the scariest part. We don't even have the the fucking equipment for these people have more equipment now than they ever had before, but they just never saw this coming.


And, you know, there was a pandemic department, apparently, and it was what do we know about that was it was canceled during the Trump administration.


They canceled the pandemic, I believe. Yeah.


What I read what I read was that there was like a team in place at the transition that since that time, which would have been three years ago, by now, those people are no longer at the jobs that they had. So they would have probably had other positions maybe in the White House or other places.


But does the actual position exist anymore?


I don't from what I read, no. Or like I don't even know if it was like an actual position. I think it was a good team.


It's hard to not think about conspiracy when you hear that that team was just shut down and that department was just shut down and then this happens.


I'm not a big conspiracy theorist, but I understand where people might go. Word a minute. Hold on. And I know what you're saying.


Yeah. I don't think it's a conspiracy. I think it's incompetence. I think, you know, there's been scientists for years, even Bill Gates, Bill Gates, and I think it was 2015 and very famous. It was a 2015 to that TED talk. Oh, yeah.


That Ted talk about saying how it wasn't going to be like war. It was going to be about a microscopic war.


Yeah. Yeah. Which is what we're at. Right this.


I've heard this from so many independent sources. I think that's exactly what it is, really. I think they just didn't see it coming and it's just incompetence. They didn't treat it with the respect. It deserved because it's not in their face. Yeah, right, if you're if you're a person deciding what to spend money on and you're running something like the United States of America or just some fucking wacky decisions you have to make, you know, and someone, whoever it was made the call that we don't need that.


I mean, I don't even know if that's true. Maybe the money was diverted or it was diverted into some sort of another program or something, but they just didn't see it coming.


That's going to be hard to see something like this coming. And it's like preparing for the thing that you can imagine would be hard to prepare for. And it's it's going to be an interesting thing because like for our ability to look back at ancient civilizations, it's a little difficult because of the lack of technology available then to record incidents happening for us right now. This is all being recorded and maybe there'll be a differentiation in the advancements with technology. But I wonder what future generations are going to know and decipher from this situation that we're in right now.


Like, didn't they see that coming? You know, that sort of situation where they're like, how do they not see this happening? How do they not know this is going to happen?


Because we have a really weird inability to pay attention to anything that doesn't affect us immediately. Yeah, how it is. It's very strange, but it's a it's a characteristic of human beings that's probably got some sort of evolutionary benefit. What causes, you know, what you're concentrating on. Don't see the big picture because if you see the big picture, you're going to go, why am I even bothering? I'm a finite life form on a planet with a dying star floating through infinity.


Try not to get eaten. Yeah, you're right. It's a survival mechanism.


There's something about it like your brain has too much ability to comprehend. And if you comprehend everything like that, just the nature of life itself, the fact that your your body is this ecosystem with all this different stuff inside you, because you collectively like however they influence you, however your microbiome influences you collectively, are you and you know that you just assume that there's one.


But meanwhile, this is crazy fucking world. It is in your body, on your body. It's all interconnected. You ever talk to your cells?


Don't know. How do you talk to your cells?


I do. I say that like in a sense of I think I think my existence in my being for for taking care of me. Like I expressed gratitude to myself on a on a microscopic level, on a molecular level, like talking to plants.


And I talk to my plants. You say that's real, right?


Like if you play plants music, they actually grow better.


I wonder if there's plants that like Khateeb might just make it all just like that.


Is that really it's real. Yeah, but was there a study? Absolutely. But they grow more fluidly.


Flawlessly. Is that a word? They flourish more with with music and their growing process.


Have you ever been high? And I grow up I don't even know what you just said to me. High in a grow up, like a grow up, grow up.


Yeah, I know. Walking through Lihi. Oh, actually, yes.


I take it back. My partners grow up. I was inside a little bit stoned. It feels nice. Yes.


One of the earliest studies, the effect of music on plants was conducted in 1962 by Dr. T.S. Saing, Head of Botany and at Animalia Animalia University. He exposed Balsom plants to classical music and found that their growth rate increased by 20 percent compared to a control group, along with seventy two percent increase in biomass now. Seventy two percent increase in biomass from playing music.


But even at twenty percent, that's a huge, huge number. And imagine what that does to plants. I mean, we already know there's science that it helps babies and fetuses and babies inside the womb to listen to classical music and things like that. So it's interesting. I wonder what the rate of of helping a baby grow is, what the percentages know.


Shit, right.


I wonder if you could play Beethoven for your kid when it's like a tiny little baby in the crib? What if it increases its intelligence?


I wonder I wonder if it would. Do you think it would be for real?


There'd be an exercise, right. Because the kid would be followed along with these beats.


So the thing to like really complex classical music is like, look, I don't know about you, but I don't play shit of zero musical talent.


I, I have none. I mean, I can do like a of a finger flute. I love the fact that I don't know anything about how they do it. So I could just enjoy like just enjoy the music without thinking about the technical details of it. Yeah.


Must be a little stressful if you know how it goes. Right. Right, right. Yeah. To obsess over that. Over the notes.


Oh yeah. Be like us with comments like why the fuck did you do. Yeah.


Right. Why would he go that way. Why would need to go that way. You know to be like it would be like us if you're watching someone play a comic in a movie.


Oh right. Yeah. You're like you did it all wrong. Yeah. That was so terrible.


So if you were a guitarist and then they're doing a movie on Hendrix, like, what are you going to do with the fingers?


What do you do because you're not going around aimlessly. Yeah. You're not going you have to actually know how to play guitar if you want to play Hendrix in a. Am I right? I'm just laughing because, like I said, no, you're right, but also so many people have such different technique that you'd look at something like that. That's not how you play that. But you hear it.


And it sounds exactly right, because the way they develop, they're just someone who faked it better than almost anybody. Will Smith, when he played Muhammad Ali, I want to say faked it, I would say acted in person, became like a boxer, like I've seen so many fights. When someone moves, you come on with that.


Oh, you're talking about the actual choreography of his movement, his movement. See, I never saw that movie, but I know it was a good one. I thought you were going to say like because we're talking about music like Jamie Foxx with Ray, but I don't know.


He can do any. I know Jamie Foxx. He's amazing, weirdly talented. He is. If you listen to his voice, like, well, you can do that, too. Yeah. He is a very, very talented dude.


Very funny. He did the cello thing, too, though, like he like made you see it made it seem like he would learn what maybe he did. But a master cello player.


And I'm Robert Downey Jr.. Yeah, that's right. The guy who was like homeless. Yeah, I remember. The name of that is we can Google it. See, he can really do that.


Like, it's not like like if someone asked me to play a guitarist. I don't know what you're supposed to do with your hand.


It's going to be like I don't know what to do with my guitar. See a movie where you could tell someone doesn't really smoke and they're smoking cigarettes in a movie, but it just looks so good. Your hand.


Yeah, actors talk about that too. Like they'll actually if they're character smoke cigarettes, they'll actually smoke cigarettes so they can get comfortable with the fact they have a cigarette and even then they feel like a fake.


Well, I think it could be because so much of our mechanism is dependent upon our personality type. You know, it's not necessarily everyone smokes a certain way, just like how do you stand? Like, where are you? Are you leaning or how do you eat?


You know, the defensive posture, it's going to affect the way you do things.


Is the thing that you can see in someone is doing something awkward. There's a weird thing if they're not really good at it and it's like like I play pool and when you watch someone play pool in a movie and he's supposed to be an amazing pool player, he's like, bitch, get the fuck out of this guy's doing everything wrong.


Everything is all clunky. Like, that guy can't play like that.


Martin Scorsese in seconds. Which one? The Hustler. No, with where our money comes. Our money. Yeah.


The classic. Oh, movie. Yeah, that's amazing movie. That's an amazing movie. That's actually the sequel to The Hustler. Oh yeah. The Hustler. I've read the books. The really was the author. Forget the author.


You read a lot. When did you read Shaw anymore. Mostly what I do is listen to books on tape. Is that considered reading.


I mean, you could question Donna Rowling says no, I was like, hey, listen, you listen and you say you read in. Are you said the same thing to Ari Shapiro wrote on my Instagram something some fucking comic books don't have tracks.


So, yeah, that's funny.


But I mean, if you're in school and you're we were getting a lecture, you're learning. Yeah. It's not it's not the same, but I can do it when I work out so I can listen to books while I work out.


Do you think you retain information better when you're like working out and doing physical, exerting things, physically exerting?


Yeah, I think you retain the most information when you're sitting there concentrating on retaining information. Right.


You retain less, but you you could still do it.


You seem really able to acquire and retain a lot of information.


It's scattered though. It's like I have all my hard drives are fucked up. Do I write it on an old Dell process? I'm supposed to I have a chimpanzee's brain. Right.


I'm supposed to be I'm supposed to have, you know, like a few categories of things that I concentrate on. That's what my my brain's designed for.


But I've taken it like like if you try and put a big engine in a Volkswagen bug, I'm just cramming information so that instead of horsepower, I'm trying to cram information as chimp brain. Do you get headaches from it every day?


I'm lucky I don't get headaches.


I've had friends that have had migraines. And it seems like probably one of the the most disturbing things you can experience.


Yeah. There's so many other physical symptoms that are associated with migraines that just the migraine itself, everything else seems so much worse.


I've had friends that say it's like literally shook their heads in a vice and it'll last for an hour. Yeah, that's brutal.


Do you have any, like, physical issues? I know you have like a like a joint issue or a bad knee. I've always got something wrong from fighting. Yeah, there's always something wrong. Was anything congenital. No, no. Nothing.


No, everything was just from just use and abuse but like I'm fifty two and for most guys that are fifty two that still get involved in jujitsu, they've got a bunch of surgeries.


Most guys have like back surgery or shoulder surgery or knee surgery. Almost every guy that I know that gets into like his 40s and 50s or jujitsu.


It must be like a midlife crisis choice where you're just like, I got to I got to try this thing and challenge myself. I'm a man. I go to get in the ring.


You could use it that way. But it's more like a life challenge. The way I look at it, it's like a really difficult thing to do and in doing really difficult things. Is your capacity to do other things and it also occupies your mind with real drama. It's really driven by it's really the drama, it's really dangerous. I mean, it's not dangerous in the fact that you're going to get hurt.


You might get hurt, but it's most most of the time and you don't. But I mean, it's dangerous and that this guy is trying to kill you. He will tap you out, you'll tap and you'll give up and then you go again. You're not going to die. You're not going to get hurt.


But the reality is he could have killed you.


If somebody gets you in an arm bar, they're going to break your fucking arm. If they get you in a triangle, they're going to put you to sleep and strangle you to death.


Are you flirting?


Oh, I know that sounds great.


My point she made is that when you do that, it makes other things easier. I think it's a tribute to the people that get good at jujitsu.


Men and women, they have a tolerance for the hardships of life that's built into them from training sessions that other people don't have. When you're constantly you're a woman, you're constantly grappling with this on this. Bitches is trying to kill you. You're good friends, and they're getting on top of you and she's trying to strangle you, just trying to get you in the rear naked choke know, like not today, motherfucker.


And you're doing this all the time, like regular nonsense out in the street.


It must be a great way to focus your stresses and Inger's in your everyday existence and sort of funnel them into this instead of that.


I think it avoids a lot of anger. I think a lot of it like frustration that a lot of people have. The tension is like built up energy that they need to expand, they need to expel, they need to get it out of their system. And they don't get a chance to. They're stuck in offices. They're stuck in their car. They're stuck at home wherever they are.


I don't know if it's not they don't get a chance to they don't decide to implement it into their life. Somehow there's a choice to make. And I realize there are limitations in people's lives, in certain situations. But it's a choice to implement something like this where you can do your show anger for sure. Liquor is necessary. Here's why.


It's a weird choice. It is a choice. But you know, it's not normal or healthy to sit in a chair all day. No, it's not. Everybody's being forced to do that. And it's a it is a weird thing to decide that we're going to do.


I mean, that's why there's so many suicides in Chinese culture.


Isn't that like in Japanese cultures do crazy hours, too, right? Yeah, but they're sitting in a desk all day long jumping out of their windows because of the stress and the working.


Imagine the feeling when you make that jump, you probably regret it, this job. There's no way you're each time you're like, this is a good choice. Each time milk was a bad choice. And so it was jumping out of the window. Boy, that's a crazy way to go. It is.


How crazy is that Foxconn place where they make the iPhones? They had to put nets around because so many people were jumping.


I mean, at least they're evolving, you know, would be fun if they put a trampoline, then you can just kind of jump around and deal with your emotions in that. Like, I guess it was a good thing that I didn't do it, that I didn't die.


They have dorms there and everything, like, why can't we make an American cell phone? Is that impossible or what?


Not to pollute everything. Like, I think it's not no bullshit, like no bullshit. I don't know why everything gets made over there other than cheap labor.


That's why it is. But the other question could be, is it also because they don't have the same environmental concerns as I know. And I know that if you're in some of those cities, the the smog is fucking insane, right? Some of the worst air conditions in the world you'll experience in these cities where they make all this shit.


Yeah. They don't give a fuck about the about nature. Like, here's the deal.


Can we even have all the stuff we have over here and make it over here and not have all that waste and not pollute the world that. Can I ask you a question? Don't answer that one first. Oh, yeah.


We should ensure that this is true. This doesn't make any sense. It does.


It does make sense. But don't you think we make too much shit? Do we need a new car every year? No, we don't need a new phone every year either.


We don't need new shit every year we talk about the waste is produced on eleven and you could have this for five years if this is all I could do on the phone is call and make pictures and fucking shit the do normally and send text message. Why do I do I really need something better than this.


Right. Why don't you just one keep making this, just keep making this right.


I don't, I think we're using too much. We're going to be intertwined with this thing. Fuck yeah. We were talking about that app, about the tracking the covid tracking the which is just it sounds scary to me.


Get the fuck out. That's the NSA shit. That's really scary. They're going to keep going.


This is what things do they look, if it's your job to try to do something like this, to try to implement something where you can get people to agree to tracking, if it's your job to do that, you're going to keep going.


Yes, but once you get that tracking, then you're going to want some new shit. Then you want cameras in front of people's houses to see if they really are quarantining. You know, they're doing that in China. Yes. This guy just got back from a trip in China. They give him a fourteen day quarantine and they put a fucking camera right in front of his door.


That's weird. He's like, whoa, oh.


Like, you're not going anywhere for fourteen days and we're watching you.


It's also strange for people in politics to encourage society to snitch on people. That's weird.


That's a level of tracking. That's our main goal. But don't you think that's fucking weird and wrong?


It's weird and wrong, but it's even worse if you're offering rewards.


If you're saying if you're saying, you know, usually snitches, good stitches, but this guys are going to get riches.


I you know what it is, Joe?


Honestly, it's it's a behavior change. It's a weird step towards this tracking system that's going to be implemented that right there starting to be like, oh, it's OK. We're going to reinforce you guys being stiches. It's it's Neches. It's fine. Here's a little treat for you. Here's five hundred bucks for let me know that Karen was out not doing the proper protocol.


Meanwhile, there have been that many deaths like relatively to what they thought they were going to be. And so that means this is a success. So that means the way it's been implemented so far has been a success. Like you get more aggressive with it, even though the numbers are way lower than we thought they were going to be.


What are we doing, George? We're doing the right thing. Understand that it's hard for people if just, you know, keep an eye on each other.


Don't people do stupid shit? You shouldn't have fucking parties, but you also shouldn't give people rewards to snitch.


No, that's not how I saw a house party the other day where people had masks on. So someone put it up on their Instagram. I'm like, this is great. Might have been little Duvall. Little Duvall has the best. He's the best in stand follow. So good. It's so good. And he posts all day long.


He's just getting high posted. I will do all funny shit.


He posts the funniest shit but he really does. House party was packed. Yeah it was, it was a packed house party. I think it said something like if these people ain't dead in fourteen days I'm gonna go out.


But also like people are partying with masks, all their partying in my apartment. It's well not my where I personally building with the building. People have been having house parties, having them chillin. I hear there's cards against humanity happening a lot. Oh my God, it's wild.


And like you see the beach, there's this. There is a. Do the math. Don't nobody from this House party die in 14 days, I'm going outside. And also, why is it so bright? Well, it looks more like a meeting that just let out in a in a business where maybe it is maybe this is bullshit.


That's the thing. Maybe someone turned the lights on and take a picture. How do we know these photos?


So many photos are doctored, like you talked about the picture from the the beach. How do we even know what date that's from? I'm sure a lot of these things you can sort of track. But then they posted a picture about, you know, the state, the anti stay home protesters. It was a photo from like an election from 2011.


One thing I saw I think that's just lazy journalism to just click bait people. But that's interesting. And you see the deep fake of Biden's tongue. Did you see that?


This sounds like a category is a crazy deep thing where they took Biden is his thing or he's doing this press conference and they made him move his eyebrows and stick his tongue out. And it's really wacky way. And when I saw it, I was like, is he really doing that? And I'm like, I don't know if this is really not. So I think I retweeted it. I'm like, what is this?


You know, I just I just it out there in the universe. Somebody tell me what this is. Yeah. And then someone wrote a thing about is, you know, this deep fake. What did it say was the article at the beginning to the end of democracy or something like that. But it's it's really. What do you want me to send it to you?


No, I'm sorry. I just I found it. I'm looking at I guess calling it a fake might be MS. It's misleading, but it's not technically a fake, but it's not accurate either. It's like manipulation.


But but really open his tongue like that, right? Yeah. I think what this is saying is that you don't like that, but there's some app you can use to do the rest of the manipulation.


He opened his tongue like a normal open. That's so can you show just to read through it so I can explain? Yes. He doesn't know what we're talking about. You need to say. Yeah, you need to see like that.


I think that's a real picture. I think this is what that looks like. Every housewife in Bel Air, by the way, by the time they hit 70.


Yeah, they're hanging on to articles on Vice, which says it's not not everything is a fake for the love of God.


Not everything is not a great title for art or for an article. This is what Sloppy Joe is trending. I think it's now taken down. Oh, didn't. So Trump retweeted that, did he? Trump yesterday civic minded his own tweet. I don't know where are we like what is life right now.


See, what people want from him is for him to be like like his fans. They want him to be this boss guy that doesn't make dumb mistakes.


I mean, but like, if you if you say something stupid, that's one thing. But if you say something stupid and then try to pretend he didn't say something stupid, now you've doubled down.


Are you talking about when he told everybody to bouffe, Bletch? Oh, yeah. Well, he said make as a way to use disinfects.


Now, here's what's interesting. This it's clearly not he's not being sarcastic, but then he said he was saying it's sarcastic, just you reporters like he's so embattled with the reporters. It's like I've never seen anything like it.


He's embattled with his ego. His ego is the first thing he's embattled with in any time that's threatened. He can't.


He focuses on that. He's so focused on is his sensitive ego. Then everything else falls to the wayside, like just running the country is like I'm busy tweeting my haters right now. I'm busy tweeting trolls for hours.


Can you imagine him?


Like, what is he wearing when he is in bed and like, Sweat is naked, is in the steam room and he keeps blowing out his iPhones that he gave me a new one get he is in there in the steam room with his belly, you know, turn him shit about Putin and fucking Putin, whatever, talking shit about China and everything.


I don't know. I think that guy I bet he could never imagine what it was going to be like to have that job to be hated that way.


No, I think he wasn't able to put himself in a category of ever being hated. But that seems to be as big as downfall. And his biggest insecurity is what people think of him.


But when you're living in conflict, right. So he's in this constant conflict with the press and the reporters when when he gives those speeches, when you're living in a conflict like that, you're always like seven, you're always on edge. You can't take things from a neutral place. You take things. They're always a bigger front and they really are.


The perspective is always off because you're like stuck in conflict. It's actually like happens to people's when you if you grew up in bad neighborhoods, if you grew up in Baghdad neighborhoods and they've even said that they've done studies. Michael Irvin actually talked to me about this once on a plane flight from Australia. And he explained to me that kids that grow up and they're both. When when their mother is going through extreme stress, like the mother lives in a very violent neighborhood, there's violence in the house and things like that, the kid in the womb, it changes the way the kid will approach life.


That's what I was saying to you before.


I was wondering it like a stressful like living in a stressful environment, having an effect on the development of the child.


I'm sure it will. But I mean, this is literally changing the wiring in the brain while she's pregnant with him like it's happening because of the outside world. It's like changing the baby, changing the behavior, make it apparently a much quicker ability to react or instinct to react like constant survival on edge of being on edge.


I think that's definitely consistent with, you know, having a rough childhood or traumatic experience. I definitely went through that, experiencing things, you know, as a girl that made me reactive to men until I learned how to, like, narrow it down to this one instance and deal with it. It's interesting, like how you're able to overcome trauma with therapy and behavioral changes, but I think it comes down to that, like having traumatic things will always sort of negate I'm sorry, you're always sort of dictate how you react to things.


Sure. Trauma drives the ship for so long until you deal with it and have some sort of therapy.


And even then, sometimes it's difficult to overcome your instinctual response, which is based off of that sort of, you know, that experience of of stress being influencing how you react.


You know what you were talking about earlier, talking about what kind of an effect is this disease going to have on people? Yeah, well, I'm hoping that it's going to have an effect on shifting. In a way, we understand how how good we had it and how recent this is that people have had it good. I think one of the reasons why we're so quick to react to things like why a child in the womb would be quick to react and more more tend to be more violent or react quicker to violence or be defensive because it needed it for survival.


So until about four or five hundred years ago, everything was a bloodbath. Yeah. I mean, if you had a good yeah. We feel so fucking fucking good so far.


I mean, we have all of our needs are instantly met. And then because of that our needs grow because we need more. Like all this iPhone eleven isn't good enough. I need an iPhone.


Twenty five more things to complain about. We find more things to be bitter about, but less things to be thankful of.


Like I think if anything, I hope that when we come back from this, other than the fact that I hope people get their lives in order, as I hope that we get this understanding of how temporary all of this really is. Yeah. And how we just thought because just it existed because it had always been here. It always will be here. This is fragile. This is fragile. Like the Great Barrier Reef, which we fucking killed with.


We that's just fishing like hairspray, suntan lotion.


It's like, fuck you. We haven't we haven't put enough effort into educating ourselves about the things we're consuming, the products we're buying and the people we're surrounding ourselves with. We sort of had this reckless abandon approach to existence. And I agree with what you're saying.


I think hopefully I thought about this yesterday when I was high on a walk yesterday with my dogs where I hope and one thing that I've gotten from this is a humility about existence, a humility about being a human and and all of the things that we get in just this society, but also in everyday life, our needs are have exceeded what we really need to exist in our in our our wants are beyond what we really need on a day to day basis.


It's greedy. It's so fucking greedy and it's not serving it's not serving the community.


It's a trick to you tricked into working harder and wanting more.


And it's working hard for some dude.


You don't know that that like cliche thing where you're making money, a job you hate to get in a car to drive to a house. You can't afford to be in a marriage that you haven't put any effort into and to put the TV on to put the food that's not good for you in your belly. And can't the dog's lunch dead? The dog's not the usually it's a spouse. The dog's the saving grace.


Sometimes you can get a fucking rescue dog. It's a little bit of a cunt. Yeah, but you can change that with behavioral training. Same thing is people. You get rescue people. Yeah.


But you can talk to them. Dogs takes too much time. Yeah. It does take a lot of time to train them but it is possible they're puppies. It's easy. It is easy when they're puppies.


You can start from the behavioral, you know, from the ground zero with their behavior.


But I know you're a big dog freak though. You must have had like one or two dogs you've adopted you like Oh Jesus kind of project that I take on.


Yeah. It definitely has been a I have one my pet. My pet boxer mix has been a journey, I've had him for like nine years, and when I got him, I got him in Brooklyn in the shelter and it was like a bully breeds shelter, you know, pits and Dobermans and German shepherds and all the dogs that people are kind of scared of.


Hmm. And it was like three rows of cages that wrapped around this room and they were all stacked on top of each other. And I just put my hand up against each cage just to see how the dog would react in this stressful talking about being inside of a baby, being a womb. Well, the mother stressful. This is a similar scenario where these dogs are in this room and it's stressful and they're all barking. So I just put my hand outside each one just to see their reactions.


And Carlin was the only one who, when I put my hand in front of his cage, he didn't meet me with aggression. He turned around and showed me his butt and he let me scratch it. I'm like, this is my dude right here.


But to that point, the dog's behavior, I'm sure you know this in a in a shelter is not reflective upon how his behavior will be, of course, or what the female dogs will be. So it took years of training, six years. So much money.


Here's a good question. Why is it so fucked up? Why do we feel so bad about that happening to dogs? But we don't feel that same way about it happening to people.


I think I think people do.


But it's also about like your personal experience and maybe some people don't feel like they have the the means or resources or the ability to start to help those other areas, you know what I mean?


Like, maybe they don't know how to begin to help, like we were talking about before, causes that deal with child sex trafficking or they don't know how to start, you know, where do they start to help to help homeless people and things like that? I think the dog situation is an easier step to feeling like you're contributing a little bit. I know for me, like that whole thing changed because, you know, feeling like I wanted to help and give back more and finding purpose, I think it's important in life to find purpose.


And maybe that's one of the things that you're talking about. Like after my dad passed away, I felt like I wanted to have more purpose because it made me realize the value of life and what this is all about. And it's not about what can I get, it's what can I give.


And so I did research into Alzheimer's and did research into how could I become an advocate and ways that I could inspire and help other people that are dealing with the disease. And it's really a statement on turning pain into purpose. And I think that people who get dogs, maybe they don't have a big enough purpose yet. Does that answer the question, well, did I go too deep, maybe you just like dogs? I love dogs. Yeah, it doesn't have to be so crazy.


Well, you know, I know you like to go into the darkness. The darkness. Yeah. Yeah. No, there's dogs are like little love dispensers.


They're great. They're pure love. Yeah. They they only function on love and immediate, you know, gratitude. They just want to lick your face. I mean, my dog crapped on my carpet last night, but that's OK. I'm not taking it personally. The problem with dogs, I mean, the pound dogs at least, is that sometimes, you know, they're in for too long or they're just habituated to it.


It's just they're scared. They went there because they were abused.


It takes a lot of effort. But isn't it crazy that we don't think the same way about people? It is. It's fucked up. People that are in prison for stealing something like fuck them, keep them in the cage.


Like there's something about like how many people really should be in prison, how many people really I mean, we really should be in prison.


A fraction of what we have. Yeah.


There's people in there that don't deserve it. And it's definitely a systemic issue for sure.


And it's a it's a it's a almost like a caste issue when it comes to, like, how much money you have. It's definitely like a financial issue, too, right.


You know what like how about nonviolent drug offenders. Right. Think about that. Nonviolent drug offenders. What do they do? They take them, lock them in a cage.


But if you're an opiate distributor, if you're if you're a rapist. No, no. I'm saying if you're like a pill company like OxyContin, you know what you do?


You just get money. Yeah. You just get money. You you kill. How many million people die every year from Oxycontin's?


I mean, it's what is it what is the worldwide opiate death or is it just over one hundred thousand in this country?


I don't think it's quite 100000. Seventy five thousand.


It's a fraction of cigarettes, which is really crazy. It's a fraction.


Cigarettes are so, so, so bad. They're the worst. But I get what you're saying.


It's definitely you know, it's you know, you're pumping pharmaceuticals and that's OK. But people who are in jail because of marijuana.


Yeah, it's fucking retarded.


Some of it's just possession in some states. Yeah. Just having it on you. Having a couple ounces. CDC's response to the opioid overdose epidemic in twenty seventeen, more than 70000 people died from drug overdoses, making it a leading cause of injury related death. The United States, all of those deaths, almost sixty eight percent involved a prescription or illicit opioid.


And a lot of these people who get on to opioids, they never did drugs before. That's not a word I say with confidence.


Opioid opioid is a tough one. It's a well, when I'm saying I'm like, are you saying that right? Opioid.


It's a weird word. It's fucking up the rest of my words because it was like opiates. I could say that opioid and illicit opioid together is a is a tough there's so many people dying of that stuff.


And so, yeah, those are legal. That's legally prescribed. We're talking about a quote unquote legal drug that is on the market. Yeah.


And they try to give it to you too. I had my nose fixed. I had a deviated septum and they put this thing in my nose and cut out all the scar tissue. It was really bad. Like I was listening to myself talk from like 30, 20, 20 something years ago.


And I was like, God, I'm so nasally. And I realized that's what it was like. My nose didn't work.


It was useless. I had like one quarter of one nostril that I could get air out of. The rest was all smashed up.


So they fixed it, but it really didn't hurt. And I'm not trying to be a tough guy. Really didn't hurt. It just didn't hurt. Like after resolver was like, yeah, my nose is a little numb, but I'm not like I'm in pain. It's like it certainly hurts, but it's not like I need a drug. And the guy offered me two different kinds of pills. He offered me like Vicodin and Percocet or one of those fucking things.


One of them was hardcore, whichever one it was.


I was like, Jesus, man, don't they get I mean, they used to get, you know, perks for prescribing and they would get perks for how much they prescribed out.


It must be. It must be.


And there's that whole pain management system that was implemented into our hospitals is also based off of, you know, being able to prescribe opioids.


Yeah, in in companies were giving kickbacks to hospitals based off of their level of pain.


Like if you had higher pain, you would get money because that would equal dollars on the pharmaceutical side of you prescribing the drug.


Really? Yeah.


I mean, I read an article as long as you got a citation for that article.


Yeah. Yeah, allegedly. But I didn't read that God is crazy.


The doctor didn't even know. He was like trying to he was wasn't just encouraging me who's pushing these things.


He's like, you're going to need this.


And I was like, man, everybody told me like, oh my God, it's the worst things ever.


And apparently used to be that they would pack your nose up with gauze. And then when they pulled the gauze out at the end of like a week or so, it was like really painful.


But now they don't even do that. They have, like, these nose tampons and they just slide right into place. And they come out after a week or whatever the fuck it was, or I had to keep it in my nose to keep everything open after the surgery, but it was nothing.


And this guy was like, you need pills, you need some. I'm telling you, it was nothing like it was over.


I was like, what? Doesn't feel good. But it's not it doesn't hurt.


Was he trying to Michael Jackson, you was this was disgusting. They do that with everybody. They just they don't want to hear you. Bullshit. No pain. It gets you in when you win either.


It's a drive through. My knee is killing me. What to do. Take those pills I gave you. Stupid.


I feel like a lot of the medical. Let me rephrase that. There are some medical professionals because I, I do think that it's an amazing profession and like you said earlier, how lucky we are to have these people who want to help people as a profession. Yes. But there are doctors who are lazy and there are doctors who aren't furthering their education. It's like they go to college and then they become a doctor and they get that stamp and that label and then that's it.


They don't continue to read and evolve because information is evolving every day. I mean, look at this covid crisis. Something new is coming about every single day. And it was really apparent when my mother, she was sick, she had an issue with her heart and she went into the doctor. And then immediately the doctor wants to put her on a bunch of medication. Not once the doctor ask her about her exercise, not once the doctor ask about how she eats and what her history was with nutrition.


Didn't even offer like a an alternate way for her to eat, to sort of build her heart strength from within.


Just wants to put her right on medication.


And to me, that's a big issue with our medical professionals these days. And they're just lazy.


Well, it might be a little bit of that, but also it's like that you can do you can get a person on medication, but trying to get a person to get their shit together is fucking way too hard.


It is way too hard, especially if someone's coming to you with, like health issues.


You can look at them and go, hey, man, you've got to get your shit together. Are you going to fucking die? Stop eating Twinkies. Stop drinking soda all day. Come on. I would rather that. But you can't do that.


Then they're not going to first of all, they probably won't listen.


They'll get mad at you to say you're fat, fat shaming.


You can't tell someone that they have to get their shit together and then boom, they get their shit together.


It's like a long process. And yeah, they have to be fully on board. I agree with that.


I just think it goes further to the doctors being not having the care or whatever it is to to at least provide a little bit of information.


But I think to be a doctor, to give like a really good holistic approach, like a holistic response, let's take care of your whole body. Let's not think about this injury. Let's think about your whole body. Why did this injury happen? Why do you get sick? Why you know what's going on and what can we strengthen? Let's take a look at your nutrition. Let's take a look at your lifestyle. Let's take a look at the amount of sleep you get.


But no one has time for that. I know no one has time for. That's the problem is, doctor, like that is really fucking time consuming. And these doctors are fucking pumping people in and out of their office. They're dealing with insurance and malpractice lawsuits. And it's a business to crazy business and they're still in hock for the fucking student loans.


They got the stuff to pay the student loans. It's so fucked up. Shout out to my friend Steve Graham. He was he was fucking struggling with his student loans until he was like well into his adulthood. He's opthamologist. And for him, it was just a catastrophic amount of money that you have to spend to go to school. So it's that's so unfortunate. It's crazy.


It's crazy. You send him out of the gate with an incentive to do more surgery because they're all broke and they're on debt. They're debt in a big way.


Hundreds of thousands of dollars. Imagine you got to catch up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a kid or Jessie Mae. It's so stressful.


And then be able to operate or prescribe or to the lines today on the front lines today.


But I mean, a lot of that is the breakdown in the overall system. The overall health care system is completely it's so disjointed from really keeping people healthy. I know, because it's a business and maybe it's my hippy heart, but isn't there some way we could shake the shit up so that at least it's starting to give people information, knowledge and tools so they can have somewhat of a healthier existence?


The problem is people are a lot like dogs in some ways that, you know, it's very difficult to learn the bad lessons that you learned when you were young. You know, if you like, you get a dog from the pound and their life was fucked up and they're all sketchy. That's the same thing with human beings. And it's also the same thing with diet. Like people get on a certain diet when they're really young, their parents are on this shitty diet.


It's fuckin hard for you to get them off of that.


It's ingrained. It's a part of their genetics.


All animals, whether it's humans or dogs or anything, they seem to get trained by their environment. And then once they're trained, once they've sort of adapted to their environment and in whatever way they had to, it's really hard to get them to shift.


It's really hard to get them to change.


It's that reinforcements like behavior and reinforcement, like you have to almost take it upon yourself to recognize why you're doing. Something and what is it that's reinforcing you to do it, and that takes a lot of self awareness and self work to go, Oh, I'm doing this, you know, you know, for for a lot of girls that I know. I mean, because I'm a huge female fan base when I do Dr. Peluso, on Mondays, thanks to you, I'm a doctor.


I ask I answer questions for everybody and sometimes are medical. And I'll Google and try and give a little bit of information.


But a lot of times it's girls like this guy is such a jerk. And, you know, should I text him back and you're allowing the assholes into your life to satisfy that void inside of you. You know, you're sort of allowing that behavior because that the negative effect that you have is like that reinforcement and just brings you back into that cycle of trauma and abuse that you experienced before.


That's very deep, I feel like I can get deep here with you now and you won't judge me. No, I don't judge you at all.


And as a father of of daughters, that's why I say, like, do you feel, you know, a certain way about raising daughters in this climate? Because that's my experience and I know what it's like.


I'm a very hopeful person and my hope not just for my daughters, not just for everyone in this room, but for everybody, is that all this stuff is a wake up call for us.


And I think that when we're talking about these deeply ingrained patterns of behavior that people get into and that we need to, you know, especially especially with health care, but also with education, all the things that you need to to keep your body healthy and to allow you to advance in life, to give you a chance in life, to be in a place that's crime free, to have nutrition and to have health care and to have education. And if we could give that to everybody.


Look, I've always said if we really wanted to make this the best country ever, what would be the first thing you would do?


It said, well, we need to have less losers. We need to have I don't mean losers like, you know, they're weak or I mean like they got dealt the wrong hand. You got born into a terrible neighborhood that's crime infested and it's been this way for decades and no one's going to change it. And it's just gangs and drugs. You can't say that someone who's born in that neighborhood has the same starting line as someone was born in Bel Air.


It's crazy to say, like I said. Right.


So we got to figure out how to have more people have more of a chance.


And instead of thinking that it's all for us, you know, like the people that that do well, like whether it's through Wall Street or business, instead of sort of like continually chasing more and more money, maybe something like this, to make us feel like we got to reinvest in bringing everybody up. And then there'll be more competition, which will be better for everybody, because you have more people that are striving to get better and people push they push you people that are good push you and you become better because of them, like iron sharpens iron.


It's in the Bible, you need it. You keep moving. And then we could somehow another make things at least slightly more even because it's not like you can't fix it. It's a huge disparity.


But it's not like these crime ridden like this is just what it is. No, there's no solution. We've put all the mathematicians and all the social engineers and we can't fix it.


The education aspect is a huge, huge issue, like the access to education, access to safety.


Yeah. And yeah. And then. Right. And then healthy food and then understanding the choices like why why you want to eat healthy food and what's the difference in an education. People just educate people on that. How many people grow up and they don't even know that drinking all that sugar, eating all that sugar is going to fuck you up long term.


What goes back to what you were saying about the parental influence? You know, it's just it's ingrained in who you are. Yeah.


You know, it becomes that that sort of vicious cycle of rinse and repeat, you know, how you how you eat, how you live. It's it's it's definitely an issue. But there is something to say about people who experience severe trauma and they live in bad neighborhoods where they go the complete opposite route, you know.


Sure. Both of us. I mean, look at comedians. Yes. I mean, that's borne out of a scene of trauma. And, you know, there's a lot of amazing businessmen and women who achieved what they achieved because of the disparity they experienced in their childhood. So there is something to that, the dichotomy of the journey from experiencing the trauma to achieving success.


But I do agree everyone needs to be lifted up so that we so that the whole community can experience the benefit of that.


It's the thing about this covid that makes me scared on a level like going a little bit of a level is desperate. People do really bad things. Yes. Because they need things for their family to survive. I'm not saying that's where we're at right now. It could have gone that route.


But imagine having people with access to safety and education and food. Everyone would chill the fuck out a bit.


Right, because you wouldn't be worried about survival. No, but still, you know, this is a there's so many things that are fucked up about this, right. That we've never had this happen in our lifetimes, hasn't happened in one hundred years. There's so many things that are fucked up about this.


But the repercussions we've got to be real careful about how we manage the repercussions of starting everything back up, the economy starting.


What do you think is going to be what do you think one of the first issues is with opening things back up that we're going to see restaurants, comedy shows like that kind of show?


Yeah, where people gather movie theaters are probably fucked.


Right. Are you saying about the reinfection and the re? I think they're going to be scared to people are going to be scared to go. They're not going to want anybody sitting like right next to each other in the movie theater like it used to be sort of probably like multiple seats that are open. So the movie theaters won't make nearly as much money probably cut there. I mean, who knows?


Probably maybe even more than in half. Yeah. Right, and there's going to be a lot of people that are scared to go to the movies, and now they also set a precedent where you can watch movies on Apple TV.


It's not the same. I miss going to movies and I know that's such a self-serving desire and want and it's not necessary, but I fucking miss it. I miss going to the movies.


This never happens at home. No one ever talks at home. Is not to people in front of you having a conversation. What do you think he's going to do with that?


I yell at those people, those fucking I'm an asshole. But that's the problem with going to the movies. Like you can't like if you go look, if you get lucky, you lose 100 cool people and there you have a great time. I've seen some movies with cool people like, you know, I think the movie really dictates that as well.


But if you're in a movie where everybody's laughing, like if it's if it's a killer movie, it's a really funny.


It's an experience. Yeah. It's a comedy club. Yeah. It's do you feel the energy. But when motherfuckers talk, you know, and that really doesn't happen when it's like nerdy movies like film house.


You know, if you go see like peanut butter Phalcon nobody book and talked and you didn't see peanut butter felkel it was Shila Bouffe.


Is that how you say his name? If it's not, we're going to say it that way from now on.


I'm sorry, Shi'ah. I'm a big ass. I say it is Buth. Sounds like something that you guys do in France.


I hear you. I'm sorry.


It Boof boof peanut butter. Fielke was this great movie about this, the special needs kid and his friend that he picks up along the way in the journey that they make together, like a total, you know, feel good movie.


But it features this really talented special needs actor that it just it's a heartwarming film. And Shai is he's a great actor.


Did you ever see that thing where he when Trump was elected, he was getting people to chant.


He will not divide us. He will not divide us.


Yeah, I there's something about that. Where where was he? Well, this is this is why I became it. Was it Reddit or 4chan.


4Chan. Right. That did it 4chan. So there's a website of mischievous people called for 4chan and they found out that he had set up on his website. He had a webcam on this flag that said he will not divide us. And he had this fight right in the middle of Oklahoma, somewhere on a webcam streaming on his website.


So the genius's, these nerd geniuses decided to triangulate where that was based on the stars that you could see on the webcam. In the distance, they figured out where it was on planet Earth. Then they had someone drive around in a truck and honk the horn while another person was listening to the webcam and see if it gets louder or quieter. So as they got closer and closer, they genea shit. They finally got to the webcam. They took the flag down.


The guy looks in front of the camera, goes, fuck Shila bouffe.


I would say that that was a fucking roller coaster of genius. It's genius. It was a genius thing. But here's the thing. Radiolab had a whole podcast about it. It was really interesting because first of all, no one got hurt. Right? This is not about violence. This is not about terrorism. It's not. And no one got hurt about point of view. But it's also funny. It's also funny. And if you don't think that's funny, well, then you must not have had a job that you hated where you sit in a cubicle and you Google funny shit because that's funny and it's really funny and look shy is going to get over it.


If that's all the guy did say fuck Scilab, if that shit's hilarious. If that was me and I was a pretentious fuck, I had a sign that said he will not divide us on my website. No, but if I did and they found my my flag and they took it down, they went, fuck Joe Rogan, I like you got me.


That's brilliant, like talented. And the fact that they found it by the stars. But here's the thing.


4Chan, they got they said, well, it was on this website, 4chan that's been known to be sexist and misogynistic and all the other sticks and isms, you know, and how to do it has nothing to do with it now.


So because someone might have posted like a Hitler frog with the Pepé the Frog, what's that children's book, you know that Peppi the Frog.


Oh, yeah, yeah, yes. Because on that same message boards, somebody might've posted a picture of that of the thousands and thousands of users. They'll use something like that to to say, oh, this is just what 4chan is. It's trying to group. It is just the worst people on Earth, the biggest monsters ever. Yeah. And people that found that fucking flag by staring at the stars. OK, there. That too.


I don't think that's amazing. You don't think that's amazing. And only did it say fuck Shila Xyloto. That's it. That's some really talent that's like talent that should be focused in in a specific field.


Listen, it probably is. They're probably just bored. They're probably tired of this fucking shit. And they just they saw it and they're like, this guy, I'm going to find it. I'm going to find that fly.


And then they put their nerd mind to the test.


No good, it must have felt, to find this fucking amazing flag.


It's like a like a movie like like find an axe and dig a hole and find Pirate's Booty.


Yeah, it's like a treasure hunt. A treasure hunt. Treasure hunt. And it's so Radiolab took the podcast out, and I love Radiolab, it's one of my my absolute favorite podcast, why they take it down? Because people were complaining that they're supporting 4chan by making this pod that make making that podcast.


But that's a that's that feels like a threat of freedom of speech. Well, if people don't like something, we're going to start taking it down like, no, keep it up, because only those conversations are the ones that move the needle on a societal level, like only those conversations where people are debating do we learn and grow if we open ourselves up to that? I mean, if you and I sat here and agreed on everything, it'd be a fun conversation.


But it's also interesting to have, you know, alternate points of view and learn from one another.


It's also they didn't do anything that deserves to have them nuked from the historical record.


Yeah, exactly.


If you have people and you have an open message board, which is what it is, and people post awful shit, that's just that doesn't even really represent who they are.


Most of the time when people are posting their posting because they're bored or they want a reaction, it's like it's a terrible way to communicate with people.


It is. And it's also find a way to create some sort of algorithm to block people like that instead of taking down the people who are who are putting up these videos instead of censoring, you should just block the trolls, block the trolls, and they can go someplace else.


But people are crying that they do that themselves because they want to get a reaction out of people. They do. I guarantee, like when you see people that post that Pepe the frog with like a Hitler hat on, they're doing this.


They're doing it to freak people out and doing that that like because that's their ideology, that they're actually a Nazi the way more of them are doing it to fuck with you.


And they're trying to do it anonymously.


Yes, I it's just a weird way to communicate.


I experienced that early on during this whole quarantine thing. Right. Was doing a Zoome a podcast via Zoome.


Did you get zoomed homy. Oh I've been hearing about these what happened.


So I went to record my podcast, Sharp Tongue podcast, shout out to my own podcast on Zoom and I didn't set the parameters.


I didn't know that you there's like settings to it to make it kind of closed so you can make it close.


I didn't, I sent on it now. Could make it.


Oh I sent the link out and everybody who had the link could access and post and show their video. Oh no.


And I didn't know this because this is like the first week of everyone figuring out Zoom and so it's it went dark web quick. There was definitely someone fucking a woman screaming in the background, people screaming the N-word at me. Whoa.


Saying Jesse likes to f likes to fuck and words and all this craziness and screaming and like. No, but why.


Because I was just trying to shut the fuck. Oh my God. Because I made a real producer that was young Jamie who had a hit record. I realize this is going to be amazing. Nobody knows what its front page it was like so early on. I didn't have access to, like, my normal producer girl. And so I just like I can do this myself. I'm going to like learn and do it myself.


And I learned the hard way to not dip out into the Web.


People left at their own, like their own expression. If they know they're not being watched or if they're if they know that they're not displaying who they really are, they're fucking dark.


They can be. But I think even that they're trying to get a reaction.


Exactly. It's they were trying to get a reaction.


It's just a dumb way to communicate openly with strangers.


They got one because I was like, oh, oh, well, what is going on in here?


You can't have that. You can't have that. I had to shut that down. But it was it was a quick little glimpse into how people will try and get a reaction out of you.


Yeah, they're bored. People are so on edge right now, they're bored out of their fucking mind. BUSALACCHI More weeks.


Boredoms Fine. I'm not afraid of boredom. People are going, I'm so bored. Fucking learn a language. Pick up a pick up a guitar. Boredom is is it time for you to put your brain to use or to give your brain a break?


You know, people really go on board, really go for a walk.


Can we not do that, can we not go outside in nature? I think people need interests. Exactly. Find something you're interested in, whether it's documentaries on shit or find something you want to try to learn how to do, find a purpose.


There's a lot of things you can learn how to do any. I mean, there's no excuse now.


I mean, Yale even offered that, like coarsen the what is it like? Well, being like something like the who's going to teach that course?


I mean, probably some lady who has a lot of cats, but it was a free course from Yale is the point. Like early on, they're like here you could learn all sorts of things in this. I think boredom is an excuse for laziness.


Yale should have a course on stuff like that, like self-help people and hypnotist's, you know, what do you think about hypnotist's?


Like, do you think it's real? Have you ever been hypnotized? Yeah. So can you tell me what it's like?


Well, my friend Vinnie Shoreman, he's a he does what I do for the UFC. He does that for a lot of moiety events. Great guy. And he's a commentator and he's also a hypnotist and a mental coach and works with a lot of fighters. And I said, I want to know what it's like. He said, OK, I'll hypnotize you. And I'm like, all right, here we go. So he sits me down. He counts me through this thing.


And next thing you know, you're in this weird state. I don't know how long it took to get me hypnotized a couple of minutes or so. But, you know, I gave into it like I'm trying to just I was trying to listen. Just listen to him. He's a friend, friends. I really like him. So it was easy to trust him and just say, all right, let's see what this is all about. And I feel like it puts you in a place where it cuts down it.


You're still conscious. You're not like at least I was. It's not like your you know, you don't know what's going on. You wake up with your pants down. It's not like that.


How hello college. I yeah.


That's a funny thing. You always say whenever you text, Jesse may well send me a text but it's the right fuck. It's if you act. And I said, why don't you ever use the C and she goes to open. It reminds me of college.


I remember that one time I texted you and I was like, I'm going to Japan. You like, oh my God, that's so exciting. When I was like, just kidding. I'm high in sushi.


So, hey, I was reading this thing about Japan, about their covid deaths are really low and advertized right now because you talked about it and totally diverted the hypnotism.


Yeah. So I'll keep doing it. I keep talking about it, but it was interesting. So I just wanted to, I wanted to be sounds crazy, but my thing would be to try to figure out how to distract myself less, have less procrastination.


And you're you're a procrastinator. No, very little. But I want to get rid of it.


Even the little I got left, I can't imagine just a couple of years. Fascinating. It just seems like couple of years ago, maybe it worked before I moved into the studio. But it was just an interesting way of channeling out all the bullshit and getting to like sort of the heart of who you are. And it's weird way. So it gets to this weird center of you and then as expands back out to regular consciousness, it's like you're filled in with the outside world.


And a lot of other shit reminds me a lot of experiences that you can get or states of mind that you can get where you do the float tank. I want to say ketamine, but yeah, I've never done that. But I know a lot of people are into that now. I don't know what the fuck's going on. I know so many people are doing ketamine, like settle down. That kills people he fucks.


Well, I mean, if you get, you know, the right guy, the right person to do it, damn, you could survive ketamine parties on the beach.


Come on over, guys. We're having quarantined ketamine parties in my apartment. Is the thing about the flow tank.


You get to the state where you can kind of see things more clearly and you feel like you're one with everything is strange. It's very weird, right? Very healing, though. So it sounds like hypnotism partnered with the right person could be a way to get into your mind and sort of do some therapy.


Yeah, for sure. Yeah, because that's what Flotek was for as well.


I think it's real similar because it leaves you alone, other than the fact that when you do hypnotism, you'll you'll be suggested and you'll be having a conversation with the therapist. The person is doing it to you. I'm only basing it on my one experience. I've seen some of the hypnotism stuff online, but I've only had it done once. But I think that as people learn how to float and learn how to relax, you can kind of use your inner voice and you can guide yourself through various aspects of things that you find troubling, things that are bothering you, things, patterns, bad patterns.


You keep recreating anxieties. Yeah, and perspective.


And I think there's a real value to being alone with your thoughts. And there's no better place to be alone with your thoughts than a floating sensory deprivation.


I think it's a it's a sense it's in a way, it's like a self hypnotism.


There's there's something to it that's interesting. That's an interesting approach. I think you're probably right.


It's almost like you're in you're in a womb in the womb again and. You're free of all the bullshit. It really helps you just let the fuck go, let go of your ego, of your worry and all of that. Do you float a lot here?


Oh, shit. I have a tank right here. That's right. It's the beautiful thing about it is that it it gets you away from all the other information that you're always getting information.


There's always something coming at you.


And most of it's subliminal. You don't even realize the effect it's having on your brain. Sure. And in all of those synapses that are firing and at some point they need to relieve themselves. And when you're sleeping, I'm sure it affects your ability to go into those deep RTM cycles for like three or four a night. Maybe you don't get as many because all day long were inundated with these phones and these screens and the sounds and especially us here in the city.


There's value to removing yourself from a highly populated area. That's the one thing I realized about this quarantine is the appeal of the rural life. Mm.


You know, I was talking with just in our friends from ABC's and he was showing me a video of his home and it's just all this beautiful grass, just green. Don't tell anybody where he lives. I won't.


It was just beautiful. If you guys I'll send you the video. You guys can geotag it by the blades of grass, you fucking nerds.


I but I would just like to article Jesse made supports for and I'm out there with the protesting for 4chan.


Yeah. I just think there's a value to like surrounding yourself in nature and for you, you know, I'm sure you've provided yourself an existence that represents your values in life.


But do you feel like the way you live right now in your house, in your home feels like a real homestead to you, or does it still feel out of place because you wish you were someplace else?


Well, when things like this happen, one thing you realize, there's two things you realize. One, that there's it's really nice to have a nice community. I have a bunch of nice neighbors. I love that I wave to them. I love like we talk to each other. I love that. It's not really sweet. It means a lot to you when it gets weird, you know, when you have a bunch of nice people that live near you.


But to makes me realize the value of being able to grow your own food, like if you lived on a fucking farm and some shit went down, you wouldn't have to go anywhere.


You got hurt. You've got animals and vegetables and you're managing everything. And, you know, if you live on a small organic farm, that's like the move.


That is the move is you have a small organic farm and then you have a few friends that live on this property with a small organic farm and you split time. Fuck. Yeah. And you share the value of the resources of the stuff that you grow yourself. You could get away from having supermarkets. If you did that, you really could, you know, lives like that.


The actor who played Shazam is Zachary Levi. I like that guy. You should have you interviewed. Love to be a great guest on here. He's he speaks a lot about mental health and he has a really.


Yeah, he's great on the marvelous Mrs. Masel. He was wonderful.


He was such a great supporting character to her. Yeah. But Sam was did you have fun.


But she lives like that. He's got like a commune called ti mushrooms. Oh, sex.


You're just saying words mushroom sex, which sounds great. Oh how they do it. It always starts like, oh we're just going to grow tomatoes together. I know he's got to fuck your wife.


You have to give him ten percent literally wanderlust to that movie wanderlust.


Has anybody ever done a cult right. Anybody. Well what's doing a cult. Right. How would you what would the Joe Rogan cult look like?


Campbell, the problem is when you die and someone else takes over and they fuck it up, that's what happens with every good empire.


Even if you figure it out the first time, if you get it right, someone someone dies, the new guy comes along, ruins everything. Would you would you have people drink the punch?


No, it'd be too much work.


Yeah, too much work. But I'm saying it's amazing that no one like the last one to come up with a good one was like Scientology. Right. That's the last one that's stuck. So that was that.


Ron Hubbard is twenty is a science fiction author, by the way. And fucking genius, really bad science fiction author.


Really bad, but it talks a lot and says a lot to the power of persuasion. You ever read his stuff? No, I need to read his stuff because like Harry Potter, it's all first draft.


There's never a second draft. It's the most nonsense and narcissistic. But it's bonkers. Like it's the stuff. It's bonkers, like some of the some of the reading, like he would write these stories and you'd would get paid, like, you know, like a penny a word or some shit like that. And he would write like a bunch of them for like strange Times magazine stuff like way back in the day.


But this is what he did before he created Scientology. He wrote these stories.


And, you know, like what was the one that John Travolta movie that they made Battlefield Earth?


Damn, Jamie is a wizard.


Are you just looking at it? You got. At Mushroom Coffee, going with Jesus, are you and I see that. Did you ever see Battlefield Earth?


It's all with the eyebrows raising some eyebrows in a right that you do, you know.


And it was John Travolta's, like, lifelong dream to turn that movie into one of the most preposterous movies of all time.


He turned that book. He turned that book into a masterpiece.


He looks like every white guy who wishes he was black. Look at look at the dreads.


But look at there's supposed to be giant and the humans are these little tiny people. What is it?


Mm hmm. Forest Whitaker. Oh, my God. Yeah. So anyway, this movie is it's like Showgirls. You ever watch Showgirls for fun?


A great movie for fun. So bad. You're like, what in the fuck? It's like there's a lot of movies like that that are great because they're awful.


I need to watch this. Yeah. He looks like a dude who had sex in a park during the day.


Please do this for me and for your fans, for me and for your fans. Spark up and do a fight companion for Battlefield Earth. You are down to earth for the first time and cue it up so that people could watch along. They'll just see you. But they could like watch Battlefield Earth on one screen, you on the other.


If they cue it up at the same time, they'll get you reacting to the movie. And that's such a good I'm going to do that for the next five days. Yeah, that's a great idea.


I think you might have to have headphones on because you probably couldn't have the content of it streaming.


Right. I my mind is blown that he he wrote. Let me check. Oh dude, you got to read some of the stuff he wrote. He read some of the stuff you wrote. Wall this is terrible.


Is it. So is this like is this is bad. It's terrible.


It looks really like it's so bad. It's just like what is what the fuck are you doing. The fuck are you doing.


But people like that and I've said this about Hitler and people who are just people who have these massive capabilities of persuasion.


I'm just a mass of people like like L. Ron Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard.


It's like a missed opportunity to do something good.


Well, listen, have you ever read that book? Was Lawrence Wright's book? Is that what is? Clear, is it, Lawrence Wright, is that who wrote it? I think it is the book on Scientology is amazing. I mean, fucking amazing. And they did it.


Was it an HBO series? He did on it. They did some anyway, it just it's a book about books, about it's about how he created it, how L. Ron Hubbard created the kidney.


Alex Gibney, director and screenplay.


OK, that's that. But there was a Lawrence there was a book written, too. Yeah, there was a book written to Going Clear. Maybe it's going clear. This is called. That's called Going Clear.


I wonder, like, you know, in marketing how there's like a tipping point to like where things become like both titled the same thing. So go and clear lines. Right.


OK, so I think the other one is that Alex Gibney directed the. Is that what it is. There must be anyway.


The the story behind it is he was self helping himself, so he was psychologically kind of fucked up and he was sort of self diagnosing and self medicate. So give himself therapy by taking a lot of these principles of different self-help books and different psychology books that he had read.


And then he started applying that and then he started putting that together with some like fucking UFOs you have beaten.


So like Tony Robbins on crack. But when I forget what the director's name and the going clear on HBO, it is, it's fucking amazing. And one of them, there's this guy who's a big time Hollywood guy who was in Scientology. I forget what he is a director. Right? Which haggis? Yes, that guy.


And like, he's a really, really respected Hollywood guy. Wright makes movies and he's deep into this thing.


Right. Probably given the millions of dollars. And then finally he gets to read these handwritten notes that he's been waiting for. This is the you're on to the next level. And he's like, is this am I being trolled? Like, he thinks it's like almost like a test.


The level like it's Super Mario Brothers. Exactly like Super Mario Brothers. But that's kind of smart.


That's smart marketing. Well, it's a false sense of achievement. Like you've achieved something different. And that's like what I was saying. Like, do you think how in marketing there's like a tipping point to when things become viral and more popular? Do you think there's like a tipping point to to Scientology? Just the floodgates opened and then everybody was sort of well, here's the thing following.


If you follow a lot of the tenets of things like Dianetics, all these self-help, if you follow the good stuff, you can actually do better and you'll do better because you're also focusing on the fact that you're following this path that's going to do better.


So your intention, your focus and your during during your day is of improving and doing better and applying all of that.


So a lot of people that whether they join this or whether they take something less benign like Tony Robbins stuff, which is very motivational, but without the cult mostly, I mean, he's not your guru.


He's he seems really good for a guy that's experienced what he's experienced to be that doing that kind of stuff for this long.


I'm actually reading Awake, Awake the Beast within. I read Unlimited Power, like in 1989 or something. It was great. Yeah, it's great. Great. There's a lot of great stuff in it. But those people that if you're if you're one of those people that's doing something like that, like the giant at the Beast Giant.


Yeah. Who is the other example that I used the the other motivational dude. Jamie, help. How do we both forget I said, Tony Robbins and who else? Uh. Anyway, the point is there's people want something that guides them in a positive direction if they think it's going to be Tony Robbins or if they think it's going to be Scientology, they're trying to do better. Right. So if you say, well, Scientology really helped my life, it did.


But why did it help your life? It helped you life because you decided to focus on doing better in your life and use the tenets of Scientology, which some of them are really good. Yeah, I read Dianetics. I read a couple of chapters.


It's like religion. There are aspects of it that you can apply to your life and some kids benefit from it.


But then there's think as Tom Cruise tribal, the tribal side, that gets crazy with everything, though.


Look how focused Tom Cruise's.


He is very focused. Where is he? He's in a bunker right now. He's rehabbing his ankle, broke in half, doing Mission Impossible.


Do you see it? Was that when he jumped on the wall to D? Like, how old is he? A hundred and seventy two.


He's at least 56. He's five thousand years old. He's from another galaxy seven.


OK, do you think you could take him seven years old. Fifty seven years old.


He jumps from one building all the way to the other with this fucking rope attached to him and mis hits it and slams his ankle into the side of the building.


You see his foot compress his ankles.


Foxwell Why do they allow that to close in the movie contract? Are they like, yeah, we're going to have Tom or do you think he does, like, fuck it, I'm going to do it.


He's going to do it. And you could eat shit all day because he's fucking Tom Cruise. Sit down.


Yeah, you can't handle the truth.


You look like a helicopter pilot for the movie, too.


Yeah. Duty's he did it. He drove.


He flew what they said and showed. But he's a legit maniac like love him or hate him. That guy is a legitimate maniac. A bad ass actor. If you don't think he is, watch interview with the vampire and shut the fuck up. Yeah, that's a good one. He was amazing.


Also a legend for the ladies who are listening from the 1980s. Ladies from the eighties.


The legend Tom Cruise was in the legend. You remember that movie?


I don't know. Are you? You're a nerd. That's right. You'd watch that. I remember that movie. That was a dope.


It was literally hanging on. No. Yes. No, it is. Why does he look like Donald Trump's son now? This is him really hanging on, right?


Yo. No, no, no, I have chills, yes. Oh, God, are you for real? Yes, I have such a height.


Like, do you mean you understand how hard that is to do? No, no, I wouldn't do it. This crazy fucks hold on a plane. Now, do you attribute that to Scientology? Yes, it.


With only other way he could have done so. Also he's flying this helicopter for real. So he's doing this crazy helicopter stunt for real himself by himself, this fucking maniac.


He also drives race cars. Now, is that a death?


Is that you remember when I said about playing pool, you watch someone play pool in a movie talk.


He looked good in color money like there's a level of sociopathy that's playing there.


Why do you have to find negative? Why can't you just look at the question? I didn't say I asked a question.


They're making it happen. Jesse may want to get a look at the dark side. You want to see your man? Why is the glass half empty? Jesse, man, listen. Just look at these fucking crashes that he has riding his motorcycle.


You just got to think out of all the people that have done all the action movies, who is who's wild in this motherfucker?


He's he's the Michael Jordan of action movies whose wilder than this motherfucker like legitimately Vin Diesel.


No, no.


I just threw a name out there. I throw a name. I think it sounds like he should be with that name.


And I know you have to be to make up that name. And Diesel.


It is a it's a it's a lot. It's a name. It comes with a lot of attitude.


Do you think Tom Cruise is like a is he a daredevil or is he just to think he's do you think he thinks he's immortal because of Scientology?


Hmm. I think he thinks he gets his own planet when he dies. Is that a Mormon? That's a Mormon, right. Mormons get their own planet. They do.


Yeah. Fuck, dude, there's a fucking album from Donny and Marie or the Osmond brothers from the Osmond brothers.


And in the inside the album, when you open it up from back in the Dessaix, the album, the name of the album is the name of this thing that happens when you get your own planet, when you die. And then there's always different people. They all have their own planet inside the album.


OK, we need to know that one title. Here it is. Here it is. The plan.


OK, that looks like is that it a cult. Which one is it.


I think it's the one with the planet on it. Look at the pink people.


There's one that you open it up and then the inside of it, it's got all the different. I remember him, I remember we did this before. I just I know we did in fast. Joe Rogan, your treasure chest of information, useless shit. I told you my chimp brain is overused. Its tax information just stumbling out of it out of nowhere.


It makes for a perfect podcast fodder, though. Are you reminding me?


Remember what I said, mentally ill. And it works well in the summer. I wanted to tell you something.


Speaking of chimps, I was reading this thing about sperm competition in correlation with SEC size.


Yeah, the size of the balls.


And as I was reading that Joey Diaz is video, I was on Twitter and it was on Twitter and and so he calls me last night and he's like, what are you doing? Beautiful.


Like, oh, I'm just saying, you know, what are you doing is arming and not with the missus and the kid.


And I was like, oh, it sounds nice. And he goes, Did you check out those nuts?


I said, Oh, my God.


It was like, yes, I did show they they're mess. They're not nuts. They are fucking planetary systems. He's the universe. I've never seen nuts like that in my life.


What happened? The violation. Didn't they get like a legitimate violation from that? I hope so.


He just there is so necessary to look at them.


It looks like a Louis Vuitton bag for you to. He's so proud. He's like a kid. He's like a fucking four year old. I love him so much. Look it.


He called me to make sure I thought he could do that on a fucking live stream for the Comedy Store.


People don't realize how necessary of a person Joey Diaz is, somebody who pushes the ticket like this, who literally moves the needle with his nut sack. He's he's such a he's he's a he's a national treasure. He really is.


I love him so much. He really is. But I just one of a kind. But that's a great example.


Like he experienced the fucking the craziest, the craziest life, one of the craziest lives of anybody that's out of any of my friends.


And look what happens on the other end because of that, you know, and he's so gracious and he's so good to his friends and he's such a big heart.


You know, on the other side of all of that, it's just so weird how much of who you are is based on these sort of random circumstances and how you come out of them.


Yeah, well, I think, you know, a lot of it has to do with. The absence and relationship to love and safety throughout your your lifetime and what your relationship to love is, because, like when you're born as a creature, your job is to get love.


And then as you get a little older, you learn how to love. And then as an adult, you learn how to give love. And if that process is interrupted along the way, it's going to affect how you express that outwardly to people in your life. And for someone like Joey Diaz, who, as most people know, experienced almost every kind of trauma in crazy life experience you can have in a single lifetime for him to come out on the other side, who he is, it's a testament to, I don't know, a greater thing going on.


Yeah, figure he's also a bigger picture. He consciously made a decision to be a different person.


Yeah. Because I remember I heard you talking about how you'd bring him on the road and yeah, and it wasn't always, you know, sometimes it was difficult.


He just had a real bad drug problem back then. You know, he's talked about it pretty openly. He just like to do Coke.


And sometimes he showed up and sometimes he didn't. And my take on it was I did want to not work with Joey like I love Joey.


Did you love him immediately when you met him? Yeah. Yeah. I don't think there was more than a couple weeks after Joey and I met that we were like best friends.


That's adorable.


But I grew up around wild people. He's a wild person.


It seemed like chaos. Oh, yeah, I love it. Yeah. But like people like Cambs like because like when I was growing up I always felt, I always felt out of place.


I didn't live with my real dad, I lived my stepdad. We, you know, we traveled around a lot. So I was a lot of times I was the new kid and I just didn't feel like I like I fit in with, I looked at other people's lives with the mom and dad were together and the kids never got in trouble and everyone was doing well in school. I looked at them like almost like they were aliens or I was scared of them.


And I gravitated towards people that were like, you know, I haven't seen my dad since I was three. My mom's been selling heroin. They're like, all right, we're friends, you know? And then through all my choices, just sort of coincidentally, whether it's through martial arts and then through comedy, it's sort of reinforced that like it wasn't my my thought when I was 17 years old thinking I didn't fit in anywhere. It wasn't my thought.


I know what I'll do. I'll go seek out like stand up comedians and fighters and they'll understand me. Yeah, people sort of represent my own feelings.


People were also fucked up. Yeah. People are also like like people who also came from a less just not a suboptimal childhood because I wouldn't have a bad childhood. There's many people that had way worse childhoods and it wasn't bad, but it wasn't good.


So it's like so going over it and trying to think how many people are living waler worse childhoods way worse.


And then they have to correct as they're becoming an adult while they're working and they're in relationships, have self-awareness to know what it is.


And they're fucking busy with a million different things that they're not even concentrating on themselves, which is the thing you have to do is think about if you have to get good at anything.


Right. If you want to get good at playing basketball, you've got to concentrate on playing basketball and to be focused. That's Jamie.


He's actually a basketball wizard. Those lies, some three nice Jimmy, Jimmy, his three points are out of control, but you have to concentrate on that. How many times do people concentrate on being a better person, concentrate on who you are concentrating on, why you react to things the way you do, or whether or not you're pursuing your passions with 100 percent of your enthusiasm or whether or not you could be more successful if you got up earlier and got more done and just had a better attitude about things just just more focused.


It's hard. It's hard. The ego gets in the way of the self. Yeah. And it's those, you know, that self-worth, the self-respect and self care that you have to embark on.


But first of self-awareness and to discover that requires a whole other whole other situation and ability to access your humility.


You've got to be brave.


You have to be very, very brave, because that's I mean, not like brave. Like you're about to go stab a bear, but brave to face yourself. You're there's a different kind of bravery. There's like there's some bravery. And this is the thing with men. Right? The big thing with men is men tend to be more inclined to place value on being brave in physical situations, brave where you save somebody's bravery. You risked your life brave where you did something that was a dangerous thing for the good of all or for the good of your loved ones.


But then the other kind of bravery, the kind of emotional bravery, when you look at yourself like accurately men towards, they tend to shy away from that or to frown on that even I agree with that.


But it takes a kind of bravery to look at yourself accurately to it's a different kind of bravery, but it's still it's a daunting thing to sort of dissolve your pre-existing notions of who you are and look at yourself with fresh lenses.


Have your daughters help you access that vulnerability about yourself? Oh, sure. Yeah, yeah. Well, any time you're raising little people and you realize, like, how dangerous the world is for little people and then these little people, you love them as much as any person you've ever loved times 10 in your whole life. It's impossible to describe every parent. I'll tell you, it doesn't even make sense when you see them.


You just get like a love drug, just floods through you. It's different.


It's different, and it's so it's so important. And as a girl who was a daughter of a girl, dad, it's so important for you. Wait a minute.


You're a what? You're the daughter of a girl to have a dad who had a girl.


OK, it makes me emotional, but I had a really, really great dad.


And do do not cry. I will fucking come over there right now and violate some distance.


I've cried a couple times, but for you to love your daughters. That love will carry them through all sorts of shit that they're going to experience, that you cannot avoid or you're not going to be able to be there and protect them the way you want to as a dad. So like you just loving them gives them all the strength they need for their entire life. And I'm sure you know that. But I just want to express it to you because I am that girl, too.


Like my father loved me so, so much. So it's such a responsibility because in order to. Express that love as a man, you have to have a humility about yourself and you have to be real about your vulnerabilities. So it's it's an achievement as a guy, but also just as a man in the society to do what you're doing.


So you're you're creating healthy girls and we need more healthy girls in the world. So thank you.


Well, you're welcome. I'm doing my best. I'm doing my best to be a good. But I think we all need to realize and this is one of the things that I really realized when I started raising kids as time went on, I recognize that I don't look at people the same way anymore. I look at them as babies that became people where I used to always look, if I met you like, oh, here's Jessie Mae in 2020.


This is how she's always been. That's just how I would think. Oh, there's Jessie, man. I know what you look like. I see you all the time. Hey, Jessie Mae. But I didn't I would never think. Oh, that was like a little two year old and this little two year old who was walking funny and dancing when music was coming on.


Yeah, I go and then life just sort of like puts you through the ringer and does this good and that bad and this better and that worse. And then boom, here you are on twenty twenty. And it made me think of the whole path of human beings rather than just a static thing that you see in front of you right now.


That's like enlightenment. That's a form of enlightenment. That's you you know, you're an evolved human to think that about people.


Well, it's not. It's just seen it in real time, like watching my kids grow up and watch them become these little intelligent things.


I can have conversations with little personalities forming and watching just when you have a little person in there also, and that person is a big person sitting across you, you're having a conversation with them. It's very surreal, just having full on conversations with this person that didn't even exist. Yeah.


That you saw grow and get bigger.


How how is the quarantine changed or evolved your relationship with them?


Like, is it brought up any new experiences with with my family and I think with all my friends, it's made everybody a little more appreciative, made everybody appreciative of each other. Yeah.


Made everybody realize, like, hey, this is this really can happen, OK? Now that we know everything really can shut down. We've kind of all known this before. It's sort of like what we're talking about earlier. Like we have this ability to block out all the stuff we're doing that doesn't affect us right now. And I think something like this quarantine, something like this pandemic makes you realize, like, holy shit, we're vulnerable, we're really vulnerable.


And this is what's important, what's important to staying alive. And we were all on momentum.


We were all on momentum just running around and not even considering where we're getting know Buffalo drivers were the Native Americans, letting them know Native Americans used to call it Buffalo Jump.


Actually, Native Americans used to chase these buffalo off the side of a cliff.


And so the buffalo would be running and the ones in the front would go, oh, fuck, there's a cliff. And they go to turn around and there's a thousand buffalo behind you running full clip. You're going over the edge. So they would all go over the edge and then the Native Americans would come around the front and pick up the buffalo and take them.


Well, that's what we're like. We're like we're on this crazy moment. We're just getting up and just working all day and doing this and all this momentum. And you're fucking upset and your blood pressure's up and then, boom, something like this happens. And yeah, it's terrible.


Yeah, I wouldn't wish it on anybody, but there's an opportunity in this moment to reset your perspective and slow the fuck down.


Get off the hamster wheel. Get off the hamster wheel and go.


Why, why am I living like this and what am I doing to contribute how I'm living, how how are my behaviors, choices and decisions contributing to the life that I have? And I think I don't know about you, but for me, I've been really asking myself, is the life I'm living, the one that I want to live and how can I improve it?


Is the travel thing, the thing that bugs you the most? Yeah, it's so exhausting and it's, you know, it's exhausting on a cellular level. And it's, you know, it's stressful. It's it ages you.


It it really does it really does beat you up.


When you fly every week, it beats you up and you fly every week. And it also I'm a big energy person and I like to conserve my energy. And I don't like to give energy to people who are, you know, emotional vampires. And I'm very specific about where I put it. But traveling doesn't give a fuck about that.


It'll pull from that energy source as much as it wants to. And, you know, like you, I love comedy and I love to perform and give my all on stage. And if I'm tired from a flight, sometimes those shows are great.


I don't know if you've had those ones.


We haven't slept at all. And you go on stage, you're just like, fuck it. But for the most part, I like to be rested.


And yeah, you want to be rested. You want to be where your brain's firing. Yeah. Where you're not even thinking when you're in that sweet zone. So you're just it's almost like a natural reaction to the moment.


Isn't it weird how dumb you can get sometimes. Like for me, like I personally know me, everybody, all of us. We all have to admit that there's a range that we operate in.


We're all. Fire like were brains, fire in everything makes sense, everything's going good, you have a great conversation. You understand what people are saying, you're stimulated. And where's my keys? Right on this side. Who am I?


What was that guy's name? We were saying, what the fuck did I just say? How do words work?


Yeah, sometimes my brain is like one room and sometimes it's like my back.


Sometimes it's like a race car and sometimes it's like a car with some shitty sparkplugs. It can barely make it out of the driveway.


Have you found aspects of your life that contribute to you feeling like you're. Oh, yeah, for sure. What do you what do you attribute it to?


Exhaustion is a big one. Exhaustion is a big one. Like I was doing podcasts earlier in the day, but I would do them straight from working out.


It's just too hard, especially running hills when you're out there with Marshall.


Yeah. Or yoga. Yoga. Kick your ass too. Before a podcast, I had to give myself an extra hour after the class before I try to do a podcast.


What's your routine after you workout hard. Like what do you do right after your workout.


I was replenish. I always replenish. Yeah. Eat some food. Your body wants some protein and some if you're eating carbs, your body wants some glucose and your body definitely wants some electrolytes.


Always take electrolytes.


And you know, I just a person who Knapp's know and I can't imagine you napping like a napping bear.


I don't have that kind of time. I'm not interested. I just sleep at night.


I sleep good. I sleep I'm a solid seven, eight hours sleep every night. I don't need a nap.


What's the first thing you do in the morning? I guess. What is a regular morning routine? Are you the FBI? Yeah, I've got people recording this. I'm just making sure we can find out where you are.


I usually do some kind of workout. Either I'll do something with the dog, will do the hills or I'll work out here, kick the bag, that kind of shit. Yeah. Or lift weights depending on what day it is. I just decide, like today I'm going to do this. I just have a series of workouts to that that I've been doing forever that I can sort of plug in. I have a whiteboard or write it down the whiteboard.


And you've been consistent through quarantine as well. You've been taking it easy on exercising.


You've been doing that ramping it up because I don't want to be I don't want to be edgy, you know, I want to be relaxed. And you also don't want to be like the people from Wolly.


Well, what's up with fat people? Oh, people just get lazy.


Everything's done for them. There's no excuses. If you're home all day, there's no excuse to go to the gym for one hour. And by the way, you don't even need a gym.


You don't need like a kettlebell. You don't even need that. You can do body weight shit. There's a shit ton of things you could burn yourself out on just with body weights, especially if you have a chin up bar body weight bar.


Dude, I can do for. But do you have the one to go? Can you really. Yes. That's very good. Is it. Yes, it's very good.


I feel good. I thought it was terrible. I thought you'd be like a bitch.


No, that's a big deal.


Well why is it when people put words in your mouth it's always shit you would never say like you say bitch a lot, but not in like a derogatory, friendly bitch, too.


Is it the kind of hang over the door or is it the one that's screwed and screwed into the wall? Good. Is that good. Yes, better. The ones that hang over the door freaked me out. Yeah.


Somebody else in the individuals who don't look, we have to like before you decide your Instagram fitness instructor, let's read the instructions of how to put those bands in your door. Yeah. Because there's so many people out there that they're putting them on the door and slapping themselves in the back.


I'm noticing a lot of not all not all you ladies, not all but a lot of these ladies that have the fitness accounts also have like an only fans account. Oh, yeah.


They're shown titties, including cats. They're showing glitter shots. They're getting paid to show. They're showing a hole in the bottom half, showing the whole thing, and you know what, in today's economic climate might be right behind me.


I'll dress my ball up for you. Well, you paint it dazzling, you know, with the clown nose. I'll get a I'll get a really good artist to paint my butthole like a famous person. And then you have to guess who it is. That's a good idea. Yeah.


Have you seen that one lady we've talked about before on the podcast that makes that visual art with painting paints eyeballs and shit on people's faces? Whoa.


Remember one in particular? Yeah, but there's a lot of girls in the body paint stuff and do a bunch of crazy stuff like 3D stuff. Yeah. Is that what you're looking at.


We're getting really artistic with face and body paint. That's interesting. Weird stuff.


So yeah, you could do that here but hold on.


Yeah I think I might. Same thing I might do that I did make a butthole candle that smells like my butthole. I bet you didn't. I did.


You want to be wrong. How much you want to bet. Bet you're wrong. I bet it doesn't smell like your butthole.


Well we can't. How would we even on the sniff test. I'll blindfold myself. I can't see anything. Just back it up. Oh, OK. We need to do a companion episode to that. Blindfold myself, put my hands behind my back.


I can't move. And then you just back it up and I'll take a sniff. What do you think it smells like.


Like an asshole.


Your body smell from a meadow is basis smells like a like a field not to wallow. Smells like vanilla and leather like leather.


What's your name. Gwyneth Paltrow. Candle. Yeah, Regina.


I was like, everybody knows what a vagina smells like. We need a ball game. Did you come up with this idea after her? This is like some next level shit. I came up with that idea, got really stoned, really, really stoned. And I was like, here's Gwyneth Paltrow and Pussy Candle.


What other body parts could I be? Oof!


Let's see the full crepes, the creepiest guys on your show. Just looking at you stay, do they? There's a lot of folks out there.


I'm on Wikipedia somehow.


Congratulations. Thank you. I'm stating all my accolades. Wikipedia. Yeah.


It's another area of a woman's life you have to be to worry about. But yeah, people people comment. Like if you eat, if there's even a toe in a fucking photo, some dude comes out from the earth like some little slithering worm and he's like, I see Joe.


That's why Annie Letterman is so funny. She blows my pictures, she has her feet in them and they're all pixilated.


Yeah. Now she can have only fans account where that bitch can retire.


If you're if you're a woman in this climate and you don't have anything to do, retire on your butt hole, retire on your feet.


The whole world is like I mean, it depends on how much money they're giving you every month, but you don't need, like, a lot of people to sustain, you know, and it's it's much smarter for a smaller price to attract, you know, a certain number of people.


Do you think the legitimate fitness girls get mad at the naked fitness girl? Absolutely. I mean, HAYTON, right? Well, people there's always people worried about it diluting their own industry.


But these motherfuckers, they they define the industry.


They also define the standards, because if there's going to be a high standard, there has to be a low standard, don't you think, with every industry? I mean, it's almost like it becomes a different thing, right?


Because for one, like the fitness thing for sure, it's inspiring girls to want to look like her and like do this and ten lunges and not not for sure, but also a bunch of guys who want to fuck her.


Absolutely. But when you dip into the world of here's my naked pictures for X amount of month, then you're in a different realm because then the other girls that are just like the fitness girls who are just they're really expressly trying to motivate women to get fit and they're showing all these exercises. And every day they're doing crunches and telling you to push it and keep going and don't quit. One time I thought about quitting, but I didn't know I am.


But also, here's my pussy, I think.


Right. Like, it seems like you should yourself. Oh, gosh.


Can you have a girl who's like a really motivating fitness girl's got like abs and like the midriff showing and wearing the yoga pants and look like a bad ass.


I think you can have it and be honest about it and see her pussy.


You have to be she's got to be honest about it. She's got to be like, hey, I am, I am a I'm here for palletize and pussy. But that's you've got like here's the thing that drives me nuts. Those girls acting like they are also pussy girls.


You're also a pussy girl. What does that mean, a pussy girl. You know what it means. Cheney knows what it means. He's Googling it.


He's out there. He knows the girls. But there's a difference maker.


A girl shows her pussy. Supposedly there's enough space for everybody. Should be.


But a lot of bitches hate and well, hate hating bitches should focus their hate into something that can benefit them.


Cindi's over here just working on it, lunges and trying to put together a good program for you and Debbie, showing her whole asshole five dollars that look, my body is so much more expensive.


I had a. That whore, she's ruining my squat business with her butthole, one butthole took my whole business down and he's all about those squats.


But there's enough people for both areas, don't you think? No, you don't stand off a Mexican stand in the streets like a goddamn Western movie.


Clint Eastwood, when they should have to do they should have to actually do a physical test. They should have to, like, squat each other out. Whoever can do them, whoever dies first is done.


Well, it's weird because they're in like a new category, like, oh, let's stop.


But no, those who say that they've been around forever has been around for the oldest. But it's a new category, like the female fitness influencer that didn't exist. It never existed. I just Googled only fans.


And there's actually a story that's oh, my goodness. On this topic.


That's not oh, I heard about this. This lady is a mechanic and apparently a very talented mechanic. And the boys at work found out she also has an only fans account where she shows couteur and they fired her a hypocrite.


So they were they were the guys were harassing her at work and talking about it because she had created all this problem for this only it might encourage her coworkers to approach you with an unwanted sexual conduct or comments.


So that's why they fired. Please give me a break. You know, the wives first of all, let's cut the shit. She should be happy. This is going to make her way famous. Way, way more people are paying attention to her only fans account than ever would have forever before. Congratulations. You hit the lottery, you worked with crepes and you played it well and you got paid and they did you a favor by firing you. It's a favor.


Also, my car's making a weird squeaking noise.


Could she seriously hit me up? Girl, I could use a little work under the hood, if you know what I'm saying. What were we just saying?


We were talking about only fans accounts just before that, but holes. No, no, no, no. We passed the accounts. You're talking about fitness models, fitness influencers. Like right before, like who was the first one?


Dude, it might have been fucking Jane Fonda. Oh, she's the old Olivia Newton John.


No, she was way before Olivia Newton. Jane Fonda, didn't she do after movies?


She got into videos. Why do you think she looks that good? She's like one hundred and seventy two.


It's not that I know she's like eighty two exaggerating. But you're right, she, she was like the first fitness influence. Yes.


She male she was making videos back in the seventies and eighties. But if you can you name one other one from that era, Susan Summers. Well she's the fat one though. She just wanted to lose fat. But that's her thing was about losing fat. I meant I meant the losing fat one. That was her thing. Stop the insanity. Just eat a potato. Just like Suzanne Somers. Stop in the summer. Susan Poutre. You're right.


Suzanne Somers, ThighMaster, Shipmaster, Three's Company.


Right. Right. Susan Poutre was the fat lady. I'm sorry, Suzanne. Up right. Write the other one.


Suzanne Poutre is the one with the shaved head, the potato, and we put the fucking cake down. Just eat potatoes. Right. Wasn't that don't pay for Pratchett's.


If you just eat potatoes, you will lose weight. It does work because you're so bored you don't eat that much. And so your body just naturally starts eating itself and you get thinner and weaker. It's congratulations. Fucking terrible. Congratulations. You tried to survive on potatoes. Yeah. Suzanne Somers, another one, right? She did. She did, though.


She did the ThighMaster videos and then pictures that that thing of squeezing your pussy together is that like the most sexually suggestive of all athletic devices, like how many people are really concentrating on firming up the center of their thigh?


A lot of bitches. Come on. That was like also the first only fans account. She's out there just doing Cagle's. Yeah, that's a cool I mean, it's like an outside kegl. Yeah.


It's like you can you're tightening up all the muscles. It's like, are you working your neck muscles? No, I'm just doing Trappes. You're working. You know, you got to do your keigo same especially in quarantine.


There's plenty of time to be doing a squeeze. You've got to squeeze that pusser's.


You make it tight, look at her, make it tight, make it right. She has a phenomenal body.


Good Lord, who was your like lady of good lord of your youth that you liked? Everyone liked like Farrah Fawcett. They liked her. Suzanne Somers was hot. She was like the rare combination of hot and funny. What about like when she was on Three's Company? Oh, yeah, she was. You're right. She was talented. Do you ever watch the the whole story of that is like one of those behind the scenes stories, like a contract dispute or they all Buni and Summers.


John Ritter. No, I think she wanted more money. Yes, that's right.


Yeah. John Ritter was making the lion's share of the loop and she was like, yo, what's up?


You need to have favored nations here. They had a there was one season where they she was like on vacation and then she would like call into the show like she was never. No, I'm not kidding. She was like on the phone, like talking to me like that was all she was in because a contract was a negotiation.


It was well I think is there are punishing her or because the contract negotiation, they didn't want her to be a major part of the show where she could hold the show up. So you got a one scene and we could delete it if we want.


She's like, fuck you, you. Wrong, my policy is I will break out. I think she I think she developed a strong policy as a response to this. She probably this tyranny and said, I'm going to fucking go Eagles.


Guys can do eagles, too. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, you're asshole it pelvic floor exercise.


You can you can dudes can do it too. It's a good dude exercise.


So you don't you know, I don't know if you guys have a pissing issue like women do when they get a little older.


Oh Jesus.


Women with kids, they laugh too hard. The placebo, which is what I'm going for. My show is I want bitches. Lippestad, I bet you've done it already.


You though she feels like it should be an app where every time you piss yourself at a comedy show, you could click it. I would like to see which in which person makes women piss themselves.


Yes. It's no longer. It's no longer laughter. It's all about the piss factor.


I mean, that's piss for for certain. Well, it's not like an indicator for everybody, but for some people it's an undeniable indicator. Yes.


Like if someone in the middle like we have. Look, you say you didn't laugh at the show.


That's interesting to me because it shows here when Jesse may hit that punch line. You pissed your pants.


We says it right here. You write the song factor here, fucking hater. There's some saturation and that little slice of cotton.


Yeah, you're you're all red. As soon as the punch line hits, that's piss. Yeah, that's that's obviously piss dirty underwear.


Lady, what what do you think's going to happen all this. Are we going to be back on the road. No. For a while.


Yeah. I think people are going to be weirded out despite all these studies that have come out and people keep sending me more and more articles that are being written saying that this is not as dangerous as the flu.


But that's not really true because they're basing it on how much people die, how many people die from the flu every year when we don't quarantine.


Right. So this is this is quarantining and the amount of people is equal to or greater than most seasonal flu.


And it's faster it's a little more aggressive. It's very aggressive. But it's also weird because some people get it enough. And so it's confusing because it's a new thing. It is very confusing. It's a new does it look, we're very lucky. It's not targeting babies and children. We're very, very lucky. Yeah. You know, we're very lucky. Yeah. And it sucks that it's targeting old people and it sucks. Is targeting obesity. Seems to be the number one thing they said.


New York City. There was a number one thing that the patients that had the roughest times with it had in common.


I mean, obesity, that's like one of the number two killer. It's it's way up there. I mean, diabetes. It's such a if you're obese, you're susceptible to most of the diseases and issues that arise, which I think that's also what scares people about opioids as opposed to cigarettes.


Like cigarettes kill you, but they kill you.


Yeah, it is a slow burn, no pun intended.


They play it nice. They us obesity. Yeah. Yeah. Slow and painful. Yeah, it's inexpensive. The joints go, it's, it's brutal.


I mean it looks painful for people remember like the Maury Povich show or they would have to like Ralphie.


Oh man. When Ralphie was alive. And was he. I'm not trying to be disrespectful to him at all, but his point of passing, was he at his heaviest. I don't think so.


I wonder if he had fluctuated throughout. He fluctuated. He even had some operations.


But talk about stomach stapled, who obviously experienced a lot of, you know, a lot of pain, a lot of pain. But the nicest guy, very nice guy.


Just a ball of joy balls. Probably a bad term.


Too late. He would have it allowed him for sure you to laugh for sure.


It's like, you know, it's not anyone's hope that your baby boy grows up to be morbidly obese. It's not anybody's hope. No.


And this is the difference between the way I look at people now as opposed to twenty years ago pre-K pre kids BC before, just before kids.


The whole thing seems like a different enterprise to me. The whole thing in terms of who you are and what what is life. And so much of it is based on like if you wanted to look at it like this big old problem, like what's causing the majority of the issues. And this big problem is complex thing that you're trying to solve. Well, the biggest issue seems to be the childhood thing.


The biggest issue seems to be the love, the experience in the House, how you the lack thereof. Those are the motivating factors and positive and negative.


Like, it's not a it's not a simple equation. It's no, it's not.


Because like like we're just talking about Joey, where everyone loves Joey. We love Joey. But you don't make a Joey if everything's great. No. If you are there for your kid and and the kid never does drugs never hold someone hostage with a machine gun in a coke deal gone bad. All those things are always done.


If everything goes great, your kid never does those. Now, you're not breastfeeding on time all the time with that kid.


No, but as Joey got through that, he became this rare thing that everybody loves. And it's precisely because of all that struggle. So it's a real conundrum, it is a conundrum, because struggle can either define you in a in a beneficial way or it defines everything that's bad about you. And all the negativity is just it's just reinforced because you're still connected to that pain and trauma. You're behaving in ways to, you know, go back, revert back to that time in your life where you were experiencing pain because it's a connection to connection.


That was the only love that you had. Sure, sure.


And everybody has things in their life. They have to process things that have been done to them, things that they do. And you need some sort of a purging because of your past to who you are as a person.


And it's a great way to put it. One of the reasons why I like jujitsu, it's one of the reasons why I like anything that's really hard to do.


What do you think in your life has been a thing that you've associated the most pain with? Like what is something that you experience that has caused you the most pain or maybe, you know, trauma or something that you experience bombing at the store, that it's fucking painful to your core?


I'm still hurting from going on after Martin Lawrence in the 90s, and I'm not kidding. Was he so funny? Oh, dude.


When I first came to the Comedy Store, by the way, I sucked, OK? I was like 26 or 27 and Martin Lawrence was on top of the world.


He was wearing leather jumpsuits on stage and murdering.


And the place funny, the place would be packed with people to see Martin Lawrence and he would destroy in the main room.


Would it feel like a rock show? Would it have the energy like eclectic energy?


It would be it was nerve wracking, first of all, because I had been a Martin Lawrence fan, like when I was an open mycar, right? So I had been a fan like from early on when I'd first seen him on television and that he's doing movies.


Then I've seen his television specials and then I'm at the store and here I'm going on right after Martin Lawrence. And not just once, like Mitzi put me on after Marfan's, like fucking every time I had a spot. That's right after Mark and No.


First of all, most of the audience would just get up and leave like Martin Lawrence has done the fucking shows, they want to follow it.


They want to go after the rock star. You don't you know, you produce all that like electric energy in the room and then they want to go after that. Well, they what happens when you're on stage?


They want to go home. So they want to show that they're exhausted.


They've seen their laughter. They've seen Martin Lawrence. That's what they came to see.


But I've seen people do that to you at the store where you get off and they're like, we got to go talk to Joe. We got to get some of that. Like they want to get, you know, get some of that energy from you. I don't get why I'm just wanting to have two hands. If I was that big of normal size balls, Joey's got something preposterous.


No, joeys are like gorillas. You're probably no gorillas of little little ones. That's right. Because they take care of the hair. They don't have any competition. Yeah, there's no competition. What's the what's Joey's deal?


Does it cost to me just growing up? I'm sure he had a lot of competition.


He's not certain that his nuts are traumatized from his childhood. That's my friend Dr. Chris Ryan.


He talks about that all the time, that competitive like if you look at the size of the testicles of chimpanzees, you can there's a direct correlation between the size of their nuts and then how promiscuous the females are.


Yes, because the females are hohs the ball just keeps getting bigger and bigger position out there, fucking everybody.


And I'm going to fuck them better. And they're just building up bigger and bigger loads.


It's wild, like just that whole process, like the load that a guy releases and all of that. All of those sperm are competing, every single one. It's a whole army and they're all competing to get to the fucking.


You remember when the orcs attatched attacked the elves in Game of Thrones?


Yes. That's that's the load's. Do you think they're screaming? Do you think they're screaming? There are for sure.


Minor screaming, minor screaming.


Do you think there's like the chariots of fires playing as well?


It's like an unintelligent noise that you expect like a demon to be screaming if it was coming over a hill chasing you, like.


Well. Yeah, it is demonic, that's all come, all come screams That's what I think. Screams Hello, special title. Not the speed that it's projecting.


It's coming flying out of you.


It's screaming and so much. Yeah. I think what else comes shooting out of you like that literally shoots out tears. Not like that. Shoot Futoshi like that. You haven't met my sister. I mean it's literally like it's trying to get up in there.


Yeah, that's what it is. So yeah.


Of course they're screaming. Yeah. What do you if you could hear them, I wonder if it would change how often people fuck or the way guys shoot. Like if you could hear the sperm screaming, I wonder if they'd be that as many like I wonder if you planted I here you fuck your plants.


Yeah. You have your lips around you and you're fucking. Absolutely. Because if you think with music music helps. What if what if we can find out that if you fuck while you listen to the prince you get seventy five percent more biomass but seventy five percent less with so little.


No but the music is so big.


It was so big. You're listening to Purple Rain while you're talking and the trunks just keep getting sicker. And yes.


That's interesting though.


I wonder if music does persuade the success, fullness of the, you know, the pregnancy and someone getting pregnant. That's a good question. Right. Maybe if having Mozart play for your growing baby makes them a little bit more able to be intelligent and make smarter choices, maybe it can sort of help people get pregnant quicker.


When I was a kid, I was one of the first generations of people that had a Walkman. OK, so when I was working out, I was going to the gym back in like the fuckin eighties. All right. When I was in high school and I was wrestling, I have a cassette player. I was, as I would like, sit on my hip. I had, like, this fucking neoprene belt or some shit. I forget how strapped in, but this cassette player and headphones and I would go to the gym and you could listen to your own music at the gym.


The shit was unheard of. Do understand this. Unheard of. And I remember doing leg presses to Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N Roses.


I remember thinking how strong I felt because of this music.


Oh, your daughters are going to be fine. And so I got off the leg press and I was like, that's crazy because like, I literally felt like I had more energy, like something happened. I wanted to fucking go harder because of the music. And I was like, OK, that is like it's doing something.


I know it's exciting me and that's making.


But what else is going on to stimulate music is the only thing that stimulates all areas of your brain simultaneously. It's one of the only things. Have you done studies on this is this way.


That's what I've read off of your off of your Twitter feed. Music stimulates everything, including nail growth, including your sperm success, all of it. It's not.


It's kind of true. Thank you, Jamie. OK, there's a book on Audible. So I listen to this book.


You read your doctor called Music on the Brain. I honestly even think makes sense. A person who is doing most of the talking, as was someone that's been on the podcast. I can't remember off the top of my head who it was. But they were talking about like when you're running. So like if you're listening to music at a loud volume that takes an amount of brainpower just to be processing that. Add that on top of the physical activity you're doing, that takes brainpower to do, plus the endorphins, plus all the chemical process.


There is something that happens there and has been studied. I cannot regurgitate it, obviously, but I only know it.


But that would imply that it's actually it hinders performance because it requires resources, resources to listen to music and then resources to run, but not necessarily.


It's engaging.


If the entire brain is being engaged, I would think it would enhance the ability for you to exercise and maybe some of the maybe get out of your own way.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. The only reason I know about it is because with research with Alzheimer's, they say when the Alzheimer's patients reach a certain level or even just early on in their diagnosis, that music can help alleviate some of the stresses and anxieties associated with the disease. And because it activates the parts of the brain, most of the parts of the brain, that it is thought to be a therapy for people who have Alzheimer's, that makes sense.


Yeah, because it's doing something to juice up your brain. I wouldn't that be like like almost like a sauna for your brain?


Exactly. Like during the last two weeks of my dad's life, he could not communicate, couldn't eat his motor function functions and everything had just stopped. We played Sinatra. That motherfucker didn't talk for two weeks. We played Sinatra. He started to sing Wow. In which song Fly Me to the Moon. Ironically, that's a good one. Yeah. He started to sing and he also the last thing he laughed at was a fart.


So that's speaking of far, far up. Yeah.


Let's fire up the black ash. Is that what it's called.


This is Donal's. I love personal. My man sells candles.


I love Donna. I mixed up two things I listen to, and at the same time, though, so there's a book called Music in Your Brain, which is by I believe his name is. So I just had it's Levitan was his last name.


Oh, yeah. Steve, I was Steven Levin. I think I look. Yes.


And then I also listen to a separate thing, which is by someone who has been here, Steven Novella or Deceptive Mind. He has a scientific. He hasn't. No, I thought he has. No, I'm sorry. Deceptive mind. There's so many gaps. It's hard. Yeah.


I mean there's we're at like 1500. Sean Carroll interviewed someone that did a podcast on the music and the brain. I think that's where I was confused. OK.


I mean, it's the interesting stuff about it. Donnell's Kandal does not want us to.


Well, the key to candles is you have to burn them until you have to cut them. First of all, you need to cut the wick and then you have to let them burn until the whole area is melted so that it burns equally all the way down.


That looks like a disaster. But this is a mess. Yeah, it's a mess. It's no surprise. I mean, somebody sent me one.


It's like a Bernie Sanders as Jesus, Marcus, I'm going to guess you got that from like did that come from Vermont?


I hoped it would be authentic. This is not going to stay. We're going to have to do surgery on this candle thing.


Yeah, you got to got to cut out some of that goo. See, this is but this is a guy that's industrial. He's figuring out what to do, industrious, figure out what to do. I know what to do.


What candles. Yeah. That's you know, actually smells good.


Why not. He seems to be working. So that's why I made a bowl candle. Congratulations on that.


But so did you. Are you openly admitting that you were inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow vagina? Yeah, I was like, where's the ball candle girl? How many of these butthole candles have you sold? We we haven't even opened yet.


I don't even think the shop's going to be open soon. Website What does it really smell like? The guy you created by the whole smell.


It's sweet with a little bit of weather like swamp fog.


Well, yeah. Thank you.


Swamp fog, which they won't be at Coachella this year, is canceled.


They're opening for Jay. Those bands come to the stage. Swamp fog.


Doo doo doo doo doo with the girls just queef out a cloud. Yeah, I just I do get inspired by Gwyneth Gweneth is Gweneth whatever her name is.


Just Killer Goop. Yeah. Gulps Candle Gbps hold.


So did you try one of them jade eggs and you twat who that was whatever she wanted people to put jade eggs inside your vagina.


No. You know what. Yes they did.


I've been put in bleach tampons up there for too long. Like enough we got to like go easy on the on the couch. We have to go gender's.


Here's the thing that men are never fucking aware of. Toxic shock syndrome. Real hild a lot of women. Oh. From fucking tampon.


Oh imagine like you lose limbs too. If you're lucky you catch it early enough, you lose a limb. How crazy is it. So because think about it, it's this little piece of cotton. I mean it's happened to me a couple of times where like I think I might be there might be a stowaway up there.


I'm not sure there might be somebody hopping the train. I need to check and see if there's any passenger tampons.


I'm just remembering things like that. A tampon was actually invented by men. Yeah, but it seems like a male invention, a male invention to a female problem that we don't have like stuff.


Someone just like hit it like you guys to fix things.


You smack them around. Why are you still stuffing things up there? I agree. I mean, that is a temple. You need to be gentle with your coochie and we're just jamming. And I know girls will throw up a leg on the on the bathtub, on the wall, the bathtub and just jam it up there with one finger just recklessly. You got to go easy.


It seems like also it can't be good for it. Like that blood supposed to come out. It's not supposed to get stuck.


No, it's it's I definitely take take it easy with with the you know, the kitty cat down there. I go gentle with it.


But do you think that's nature's way. Like before tampons were invented trying to gross out the male monkeys like oh when we flush it out, just, just have it all come out.


I think there's probably something to at least keeping discouraging discouraging people to stay away from the girl so she can recover and recuperate some of those nutrients lost in that blood.


I'm sure there's something to that. You know, there's like something with like gypsies where when women bleed, I think it's called a gogia or something like that, when they bleed, traditionally, people leave them alone and they stay in their cabin or whatever they're living. And everyone just leave them alone. During that week.


If someone brings up gypsies, I think it's two things. Oh, God, Tyson Fury and werewolf's. Oh, that's so think of like the gypsy lady.


Read your palm jewel of the mark of the world. Where else would be cool? Like if you could pick one creature to be real.


I feel like I know the answer to this because I'm your friend. If you could pick one mystical creature to be real and exist now, what would it be where it would be pretty cool.


I think Squatch would be great, where Squatch would be very cool. That probably be the coolest and the most like.


Reasonable for sure, some Russian guy would haunt them and kill him. Yeah, for sure, Putin sure he'd have them on the wall. Putin would have it stuffed in his office and people would be real mad.


I love that you're saying this. Meanwhile, there's like a fucking Cariboo. I don't know what that is. And it's a thing. And water buffalo is a species. I just imagine a Sasquatch head over. No, those are primates.


Yeah, that's a when you get into the primate, like nobody gives a fuck about rats.


Like literally nobody gives a fuck about rats.


Nobody is taking over New York City. They're having rat wars if you pay attention. Yeah.


They they they fight, they kill each other. They if somebody comes they take over territories because there's no more food.


There's no more no more restaurant restaurants open. Those little rats are out in the street. The same amount of rats but no food. So smart. They're so smart like that desperado too.


We talked about that like, you know the thing when the test they did with the rats. Yes. And it becomes like this global consciousness that they have and they get smarter from a test that's done way far away. Explain what they mean.


What they did was on one side of the planet. Make sure this is true, too.


I was pretty sure it's to look at Jaimie's Dimmeys.


They taught them a mouse. How to go through a maze on one side of the planet, might be a rat, might be a mouse on one side of the planet. And then the mice on the other side of the planet went through the maze quicker because of it. So true.


Yes, that would be in the morphic resonance area. Rupert Sheldrake. Yeah, yeah. He was on the podcast way back in the desert. Yeah. It's a very controversial idea.


Well, it's because there's how do you gauge that? It's very difficult to go. This is the result of that.


The cause and effect is a little it's a little cloudy there, you know, and I think and this is just one of the I think of this sometimes I'm not married to this, but I think that you have the possibility to occasionally get these glimpses of of maybe senses that are evolving in human beings.


And you can call it intuition. You can call it some connection you have with somebody, especially with someone you really love, like your family or loved ones or someone you really care about. And you think about them and then they call. It's almost like, man is there was some sort of a connection between people that just comes in and out. It goes in and sometimes you're thinking about someone they text you like. Is that just total coincidence? It might be, but it also might be that there's some weird, hard to define, impossible to measure, connection that we all share with each other.


I think it's a beautiful way to look at it. I thought about that one day when I was just thinking about my dad.


I was traveling and it made me think about thoughts and how thoughts are almost like messages we send out into the universe to just let somebody else know they're not alone. And maybe they grab them through some way, through some realm or portal.


And it's important to like conversation is so important because of that, because it makes it reminds you of things and you draw associations. I was talking about my father one day and you know John Heferen. Yeah, sure. He sent me a message and it was well, my dad was sick and I was just very upset about it. And John was just like, you know, I went through the same thing that you did. I want to let you know that, like, hearing is one of the last senses to go when people are sick.


So just so you know that your dad can still hear you. And I had been afraid to call my dad during this whole process because I didn't want to know what he had forgotten. And so I John sent me that message on a Sunday. And because he sent me that message, it made me think about my dad. And I was like, you know, I haven't called him in so long. I'm just going to call him tonight. It was like four o'clock in the morning, East Coast time.


He was in his, you know, the what is it like hospitals? What's the last place that people go? Is it like the nursing home is usually like right before people are passing? I think it's like a nursing home.


Well, nursing homes certainly are a place where a lot of people.


Yeah, in the past, I think that he went from memory care facility to the nursing home. And I called the night nurse and my dad couldn't talk at that point. But because I said something and John thought about it and sent me this D.M. I never met him before that D.M. made me want to call my dad and I and I called the night nurse. It was like four o'clock in the morning and in Syracuse, New York. And I go, I know my dad can't hear me right now, but can you just tell him that I love him and I'm thinking about him and Karen.


I think her name was she said, sure, I can go in and I'll tell him I'll whisper into his ear. And as about four o'clock and it was at one o'clock here, whatever the time differences. And so I fell asleep. My sister calls me.


About twenty minutes later, my dad passed away right after the nurse went in to tell him that. And I can consider that a coincidence.


Sure, we can chalk it up to a coincidence or it could be what you're speaking about, where there is some sort of deep connection that we have that we can't. Express or articulate with words, even though these words that were sent to me are the thing that motivated me to talk to my dad.


There's something to the effect that there maybe there's something mystical going on, maybe there's something that we're not meant to explain.


The problem is the word mystical. The problem is that we're looking at it like it's some sort of a magic thing and we're calling bullshit because so many people pretend to have it and don't.


And there's no real science to sort of back it up. There's zero. Yeah. And there's also been like the amazing Randi has put out a reward where James Randi. I think it's a million dollars. If you can prove any psychic ability, no one's been able to win it.


Well, how do you prove I have to do things of the brain you have to do it through? Well, here's the thing.


If it is, let's just let's just go wild here. We need to deal with that. He would never allow this.


He would cut this off, never allow this kind of he just wants a curtain behind it.


He would he would entertain it with a scientific perspective.


But if you're looking at something like an emerging characteristic of human beings, like, for instance, like we know that we used to be single celled organisms, it's very unlikely that during the time we were single celled organisms like 30 Rock or we could feel or we could do interpretive dance.


OK, no one was writing books or single celled organisms. So as these single celled organisms have become multi celled organisms, become human beings like things are getting more and more complex and more and more skills and more and more senses and more and more of an ability to manipulate their environment. And I think that it's only it only makes sense that there could be some non local connection that we have to each other some way without just touching or talking or through visual.


There's some sort of a connection that we have with each other that we just haven't evolved yet. It's on the way. It's coming. It's coming. And that's why we long for it. That's why we're really interested in psychics. We're really interested in people that know that not just because we want to know what the future is. We want some sort of a feeling of of of hope and interconnectivity.


But it's not it's not just that. It's also that I think we know there's something to it. I think we know there's something there's something grander beyond just this physical existence that we have.


And then it brings up the whole conversation about the creation or existence and introduction of consciousness, consciousness. When does that come into the picture?


When did it come into the picture? When was the first thing conscious? And what is consciousness?


Is it just sentience is just being aware and looking out for yourself? Because then, dear conscious are rats' conscious because it seems they're pretty conscious too.


It seems like there I think there's a spectrum to consciousness.


And I think that one that we're talking about is the beyond, you know, that like consciousness, that next level, the next level where it's got to go somewhere. Right. It's got to go somewhere. I mean, look at our brains. Our brains are these. Our brains are like a universe in of itself. And it's there in the darkness until death. I mean, you can't even there's no way to really besides, like, graphs and everything to really understand the workings of the brain.


I mean, it's firing all this electricity is going off in these little teeny molecules are doing jobs.


And there's like we said earlier, sometimes it works great and sometimes it's dogs. Yeah, it's really why person. It's really it's it's so it's so crazy.


And then there's like this thing that happens in the brain and in the body, this, like, immune response where they send out this molecule. It's almost like a Paul Revere of molecules where it lets all the other molecules in the body know that some shit's about to go down.


It's like it's like a it's like a warning, right?


Like adrenaline, like an electronic response.


Yeah. But like little teeny there's actual little microscopic things that are doing these jobs. Yeah. What the fuck.


How do they start their day. Right. Are they waking up like Joe Rogan and go and working out for an hour.


You don't even know they're there. No, you don't even know that. That's why I fucking talk to him, bro. Dude, I get it.


I think it's a good idea. I was I was joking around, but also being serious, like what you were saying you could do for plants. Why not? Why wouldn't you do it for yourself? Why wouldn't you? I mean, self-help. Everything is made up of things we can't see. Self-love, right. Self-love is the most important thing you can express.


And I think if you don't love yourself once with a breakdown in the chain is you know, we're talking about this whole podcast we've been talking about like trauma and pain. And along that life time, what determines one person becoming a Joe Rogan or Joey Diaz or even, you know, somebody who goes on to become a politician or doctor, whatever it is, what determines them going from that direction to people who are committing crimes?


And, yeah, for sure, there's something on a on a microscopic cellular level that is determining these things. And in self-love is is a tool to use to sort of, I think, help help you. Put yourself on the trajectory of a positive life. Yeah, no, I agree, but think it's just it's hard for people to just change gears, right?


It's hard for people who aren't healthy to be healthy. It's hard for people don't eat well to eat well. It's hard for people who are kind of lazy to get their shit together and be disciplined. You're going to get tired, you know, and if you're that person that automatically seeks comfort and nothingness all the time anyway, it's going to be hard for you.


Yeah, it's going to be really hard. What are your what are your reinforcements and what are you reinforcing?


This is where I think events are very there's amazing opportunity in events and this is a big event. What do you mean by events like this pandemic? OK, I was thinking about Bonnaroo.


Terrible. I was I was like I missed, like, you know, events and going out it. I see what you're saying.


This pandemic, this moment in time where everything stops and there's like, OK, like, have you watched any television since then and see people without masks and see people hugging and shaking hands. You go ha right.


Already we've only been on lockdown for a month or so and already we freak out when we see people hold hands movies, we see people kiss people they barely know.


It's changing behavior. Yeah, it's weird about it. It's it is scary because this is what I've been telling people forever when it comes to places like China. People like I can't believe that China's military dictatorship and. Twenty twenty. Yeah. And if you're not careful, that could happen here.


Oh absolutely. That can happen anywhere if you're lazy enough.


But it's here's we have to understand this. If it exists anywhere, it can exist here. And we get all complacent in this idea that that could never happen to us and we're too fucking smart.


Do you know how many people are rethinking their thoughts on safety, on security, on guns, on on the food chain, the food supply chain, people rethinking just basic survival?


Well, that's scary. Yeah. And it becomes that sort of desperation factor.


And isn't this like we were talking about, you know, us being so comfortable we're due for some shit?


Well, this is it. I mean, this is due for some destruction is a trial run because this ain't shit compared to a big earthquake.


Or if an asteroid hits like there's a big asteroid that's flying by, it's a mile wide and it's going to fly by Earth soon, a mile wide. Do you know what a mile wide piece of rock from space would do if it hit us? It's it's a planet.


And I would think it would it would leave a dent or two. It's a planet and it has a silver lining. Maybe the silver lining is that we're getting a little bit of a taste of what a real, you know, more devastating global pandemic looks like. And that's going to be the deciding factor on our preparations for something in the future occurring.


Yeah, they didn't know, but now they do. So now that they do, there better be plans in place for all those other possibilities, like those supervolcano, like, yeah, we better asteroid impacts.


We better re reintroduce the pandemic department and get those fuckers their job back.


Well, we don't even know if they really went away. I'm a moron, to be honest.


You shouldn't be talking about the you know, you're a moron, but it is very accurate. I'm a fucking moron. You're a moron. I am a moron. We're all we're all morons. I love you. You're a great moron. I love you, too.


But this this is now we understand that the way things have been is not necessarily the way things always will be and things are definitely not.


Things can get a whole lot weirder.


So we should be fucking careful.


We should be careful, but we should also be grateful.


I think this is a silver the silver lining hopefully will be us learning how to prepare a little bit more in in, you know, not argue and debate over these stupid things that don't fucking matter.


Right. But I think the reason why we're going on and on about stupid shit was because we didn't have something like this because life was too easy.


Yeah, well, shit, it's never good. Complacency breeds contempt. Right. And that's on a global scale scale that's familiar to bleed. Oh yeah. Yeah. That is well places to see was a breed. Complacency is it.


I just make up a cliche. Complacency makes fat asses not the kind.


Complacency is a dangerous thing. Does anybody say fat anymore. That's not real anymore. Right. That was like that died in the nineties.


Are we googling this contempt was the first thing failure found yackety.


Complacency breeds mediocrity or contempt. Oh, interesting. So familiarity breeds contempt and complacency. Everything is bredenkamp.


But we're much a contemporary. We're familiar with our complacency.




Yeah. Well, we need to know what's important and I think now we have a better sense of it.


So the real question is whether or not we can learn because people are good at adjustments when they have to make adjustments, then when things slide back, they get this sort of the thing we were talking about earlier where you don't want to look at all the positive.


Because you will freak out, especially if you're doing animals. Hell, yeah, I've been staring away, steering away from the edibles.


I mean, I have been doing the blunts, but I think people will change when their livelihood and survival is threatened. Yes, but will they change to protect themselves or will they change to adapt a new way of life to protect the greater good? Because I want to be on an earth of people who are protecting human race, not Bob Johnson, you know what I mean?


Not an individual. Right, because it's then we're just back at square one.


Well, the if you look at the history of people, we're doing way better now than we were before. Right. We keep doing there's obviously been some peaks and valleys and some mistakes. And we're also aware that you can kind of navigate the future intelligently.


And if you navigate the future intelligently, you make less and less mistakes.


I think we just now have to reassess the nature of our momentum, the nature of the society that we're creating and what we're trying to do and also the impact that we're having. I know this is not sustainable. For people to not work and stay home for months is not sustainable. I'm well aware, but it's also amazing for the Earth. If you look at this, the pictures they've taken about the sky above L.A., I mean, I went on a hike early on.


I could see all the way to like Pasadena. It smells different. It does. It doesn't smell like. But in gasoline doesn't smell it doesn't smell like you're being poisoned by a little bit.


And you are it's not the same as smoking isn't the same as smoking, but it's right right next door.


And that environmental stress, that constant exposure to environment, environmental stress, I mean, that affects your mood. That affects your health.


We've got to all move out into the rural area. We're doing that what we are doing. I mean, where are we going to go? Where are we going to go? We got to go on another planet with Biden and L. Ron Hubbard.


People in South Dakota right now go and stay out of here. Get out people in Arizona. I know Arizona is going to be the new L.A. I mean, we're all going to have to move there.


Arizona, you can have a gun. It's easy to get a gun. Cheap house. Yeah, cheap house.


You have to watch out for the cactus that shoot needles at literally living inside of Satan's dick for three months of the year, though for three months of the year. One hundred and forty five thousand degrees.


It's a brutal existence. People aren't meant to live in the desert. Everything's dry, crispy and trying to kill you. You the choice that night?


Oh, yeah. What was that creature who. And rattlesnakes and occasionally have jaguars. You know, that's one of the rare places in North America outside of Mexico that we occasionally see Jaguars. Oh yeah. They have Jaguars that have been spotted on trail cams.


And the biologists, these wildlife biologists watch it very carefully because there's never been a really strong at least there's no real history of a really strong supply of jaguars in this country. It's primarily a central and South American animal as well as Mexican animals is something that got loose from Joe Exotics.


Now it's a real, real fucking Jaguar that made its way from Mexico.


I mean, its habitat is like just deteriorating and it's cruising around Arizona. That's wild.


It's a it picked a shit spot like this. The fucking imagine being a Jaguar and you're dealing with the drug trade like you think you're the number one problem.


I know this is the cartels that are sneaking coke and just fucking shooting at you like shit.


I thought I was running things out here.


And then you got a cousin who's like a cousin Jaguar who lives up in Oregon. He's like, bro, you got to come up here. There's so many trees. It's nice you can breathe.


Look at this motherfucker Wong wandering around. I have that tattooed on me. So see the skin down there in the middle side where they're looking at. That's yeah. They found out that this one, Jagwar, that they had been spotting on trail cameras have been killed in Mexico.


And what turned into a fucking drug, they turn them into a drug.


Yeah. How do you feel about that as somebody who hunts all these like, oh my God, look at the TI.


I know. And now look at that. Wow.


Holy shit, that's insane. That's what women see right before men go down on them. That's what it looks like.


Dude, that picture is a man that's beautiful. You frame that shit. I need that picture of color in my office.


Right, Jamie? We need that on. Man. That's beautiful. Get that, please. Take a screenshot right now. Find that that needs to be in the studio across it.


It looks like it's in a habit. Don't lose it. Don't lose it. Just like a stranger.


That is probably a Republican website. Look, Jaguars are returning to southern Arizona.


You see. Exciting. Yeah. Oh, this that fucker. It's in a it's in an encampment. Yeah.


That's in the zoo. But just still look at the size that fucker. Oh this lady they're like two hundred pounds. Those fucking cats. They're big, they're big.


They're solo hunters. Right. Well when you trip balls apparently in the in the Amazon when the guys do ayahuasca in the Amazon, they see jaguars like a Jaguar entity comes to you. Yeah.


You see like Jaguar spirits, you need to get away out of your own show. I just think I don't know why it was I don't know why I do that. But I think it was a really interesting theory about why that is. And the theory is that the more people take a psychedelic. The more their experience and who they are becomes a part of the psychedelic experience for the next person. Go back to that consciousness, right.


So when these people are tripping on ayahuasca in a place where they've been tripping on ayahuasca for 10000 years, they see things that these people who've trip before them were terrified of, like snakes, oh, God, jaguars and fucking dragons to come from the sky.


Have you done ayahuasca? Only done DMT, which is the the chemical version of ayahuasca.


I haven't done so. It's like a synthetic. You don't throw up and you don't shit your pants and it only last 20 minutes.


It's not fun. I want to start and not have to explain myself.


I'm very interested in doing it. I just said I would have to carve away the time to get ready for it and also make sure I'm doing it with someone who's a reputable person. It's just and then the problem is that it's it's not legal.


So it should be legal. It should. I have a friend is really working on it. I mean, it's not legal. So you don't you never know what you're getting. You have to get through word of mouth. You know, you have to trust people sketchy. It's always sketchy when whenever you're dealing with anything, whether it's mushrooms or any LSD, if anything, if someone is AURIN. Yeah. If someone is offering you some incredibly potent thing and you don't have a chain of command, you don't you have a lab.


This came from you don't know like when you get into the world of psychedelic drugs, it becomes very fucking weird. You have to tread lightly.


You don't have to tread very, very slowly. There's there's no there's no FDA. There's no there's no FDA for. And so you're right. You're dependent upon these people who are doing these journeys and trips in their homes. My friend Jackie Staying has a really cool psychedelic platform. It's I think it's called Meet Dellec. And she promotes healthy ways to have a journey in her. The one thing she says, because I've talked to her about it, I'm like, I want to do it, but I'm scared.


She always says safety first, like it's going to be the center need.


You need a sitter. And the environment needs, like you said, the environment needs to be right. I've never done it. But I would only go off of someone like that who is like, you know, knows the step.


Well, you know, we were talking earlier about people that try to get away from the trauma of childhood. And one of the better ways that people have found is through psychedelic therapy and psychedelic therapy, through MDMA has helped a lot of soldiers. And Maps is currently working on some studies doing that. But also people that have taken psychedelic mushrooms have had great relief from some of the pain they've had when they were younger, because it kind of can rewire the way your brain works.


Now, what's fucked up about it is this book is Chaos. Great Fitzsimmons.


But Buddy wrote it, Tom O'Neil, and he came in and then he worked on his book for twenty years. I've talked about it too many times, so I'll give you the Cliff Notes. But it's basically Charles Manson. It's it's all about the 60s and the CIA doing LSD studies and running and giving Anstee to hippies, giving LSD to people to try to change their memory, giving LSD to people to try to make them do things that have no memory of it after they did it.


There's a connection between the CIA's LSD study and Jack Ruby, the guy who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, who shot him in that iconic photograph, Sirhan Sirhan, the guy who killed Robert F. Kennedy. All these guys are connected to this psychedelic study, including Charles Manson.


I mean, there was someone who was doing drugs.


They ran a clinic in the 1960s. And all till this book came out were CIA, ran a fucking free clinic in Haight Ashbury. And it closed down three months after this book came out. It was they were running it for decades.


Shady shit. Well, he's controlling them.


Well, they were they were giving people some sort of psychedelic therapy or they were studying them and giving them psychedelics or they were doing something, using them to motivate. They were doing something to people. Yes, LSD.


And they were they were letting Manson out of jail over and over again. He would get arrested. He would violate his parole. They let him out again. He was a part of their program. They wanted him to do fucked up shit. They wanted him like researching him like a guinea pig.


They wanted to use him most likely to disrupt the anti-war movement. So he represented hippies now. So everybody was terrified.


So they were trying to put a bad face on hippies and make them crazy so that they appeared crazy.


But meanwhile, they're the ones that were crazy. They were making him.


Yeah, they were creating the crazy well, he was in he was in jail for most of his life, like literally half of his life is fucking.


Oh, I'm doing a terrible job of it. But if you listen to the audio book or you read the book and the book has like 60 pages of citations and references explaining all the stuff that is absolutely provable about what he's saying, who funded it?


Henry Kissinger. Well, no, it's Harry Anslinger, whatever. That's the name of it, though. But it's a great book.


But it's about that it's about rewiring someone's brain with LSD and that Manson learn how to do this while he's in prison through this CIA study. And then when he gets out within two years, he got out in sixty seven. By the time sixty nine comes along, Sharon Tate's dead. They're all living in the mansion. He's gotten people murder people and right pig on the wall. All this while he's given them acid, he's given the massage and pretend to take it, not taking it or taking just a little and change doing possible effects.


No, no. He wasn't taking it. So he was. He was taken so he could fuck with them so that they're taken acid and he's programming them, getting them to have orgies, getting them to do crazy shit, murdering people like he literally was a part of this program. And you can prove it by all the times he's been released from jail, all of his connections with those guys who worked for the CIA at the time and were doing those LSD studies, all the stuff, because the Freedom of Information Act, it's all been proven.


They did this thing called MK Ultra. Well, they they did mind control experiments on people in the 60s.


It ended like 1973 when the guy was running the program died dosing people up with acid.


They were doing wild shit, a safety to kids safety.


They had whorehouses that the CIA ran and dosed the johns up with acid. They thought they were going in to get laid and they had a two way mirror. And these guys would be like fucking sipping tea, watching these people take acid and have sex with prostitutes.


That it's a fucking nightmare like that sounds like a nightmare. This is what happens. They can't be side when people get power and control.


You can justify almost anything. And one of the things you can justify is you can justify taking a guy who's just looking to get his dick sucked and you put him in a situation where you're dosing him up with acid and you're studying him like a rat and he has no idea you're studying. He has no idea what happened. You're breaking this poor guy's brain. What happened? Well, Harry came home one day and he just saw demons. He started yelling.


He was in the backyard. He starts shooting his gun. Next thing you know, no more. Harry, meanwhile, says, no, Harry got dosed up with LSD because on the way home, he scraped together a little money, a little rub and tug real quick. And he goes into this place and like, have a drink, sit down. He drinks all on doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.


Twelve hours later, Harry comes out. He has no idea what happened is no memory of it. But he's a different person now and he broke his brain.


Is that like what happens and people think they're being abducted?


Maybe they just were on the CIA program and they were all fucked up at night for sure. That would be an abuse of power. And it's really an invasion of rights.


It's just well, if you give people power and you don't have anybody standing over there and tells them what to do, and especially if you're doing something in secret. Right. If you're doing things in secret, do you ever hear of that famous Kennedy speech about secret societies?


It's really interesting. I don't think I have. It's really interesting because he was who's struggling with the CIA and a bunch of other secret sort of institutions and government back then and secret societies. And he was talking about how important it is to withhold information, how dangerous it is.


But this is sort of one of the reasons why it makes sense. Like if you give people the power to experiment on these young kids, just dose them up with acid. Just let's experiment on prisoners. Let's just go to these prisoners. Look at this guy has been in jail for twelve years. Is a fucking loser. Let's just give him acid. Let's say we haven't talked him into believing he's Jesus with no recovery program.


No. No regard for their person. It's so destructive. It's it's it's that's really just. Yeah.


This is one of the lot of things in the book that Jamie was freaked out about. He claimed to have achieved the impossible. He knew how to replace true memories with false ones and human beings without their knowledge.


Well, I mean, most memories are false, but without demanding without detailing the specific incidents he put it in layman's terms, has been found to be feasible to take the memory of a definite event in the life of an individual and through hypnotic suggestion, bring about subsequent conscious recall to the effect that this event never actually took place, but that a different fictional event actually did occur. He had done it, he claimed, by administering new drugs effective in speeding the induction of the hypnotic state and in deepening the trance that can be produced in given subjects.


It sounds like whoever did hypnosis on you did the opposite of that. Yeah, they did bad.


That's that's really so, so evil. That was his job. His name was Jolly West and he did this for decades. This is a government program. Yeah. He's apparently a really friendly guy.


It's hard to know. And people see acid. Well, for sure, if you want to go to those conspiracies, they were they were real. They are provable.


I mean, that is just so it's demonic. Oh, look, it sounds like it sounds like we're reading a like a movie plot.


Look at this. The National Security Archives in Washington, DC. I found the version of the psycho psychophysiological studies of hypnosis and suggestibility that the CIA turned over to the Senators Kennedy, Senators Kennedy. And anyway, in 1977, W's name and affiliation were redacted as expected. But the CIA's version was also shorter and watered down in comparison. This is because he found two different documents, about one in the CIA's warehouse. And then he found another one that was the one that had been redacted.


W documents was 14 pages. This one was five, including a cover page. Most glaringly there was no mention of W triumphant accomplishment, the replacement of the memory of a definite event in the life of an individual with a. Fictional event, so the CIA's papers had a different account that showed that he could change people's memories and then the one that was all redacted and edited didn't have that in it.


And these are people who are still there are still people who are like that, who are running government and who are in politics or who are in charge of passing laws like that. Well, here's the question, though.


It does go deep. Well, here's a question. Should all that stuff is horrendous, right? All that stuff's horrendous, experimenting on American civilians and fucking with my will breaking people to your you're like causing schizophrenia.


Oh, hundred percent if you're inclined towards it. Those events absolutely do contribute to schizophrenic breaks that's been proven. And it's not just it's like they've actually talked about that. I said Alex Berenson stuff that he talked about with marijuana, which is 100 percent true in some people, especially with high doses of edibles, they have psychotic breaks. It happens to people that get schizophrenic. They they blow fuses. It does happen.


Happened I know rarely and I know of people.


I know of people, multiple people that have had real problems.


I think there's some people that have a sort of a slippery grasp on reality in the first place.


And then they start smoking a little weed, getting a little too crazy and reckless with it and go deep, go deep, wake and bake every time you're hanging out with the wrong people, too.


And it's the wrong environment. And or even worse, you're hanging out with no people because you're in quarantine. Just get high.


You don't have any community like that. That's why it's so important to have, like, good people in your life that can get you out of those zones because it's all it is, is like a deep, dark mental zone.


And if you don't have a lifeguard on hand, you're going to you're going to drown in your own mental ocean.


Dude, that's what that shit is horrendous.


And then all those bad ideas are mental. Ocean sharks don't don't.


And I doubt they're replacing bad memories with good ones. I doubt they're like, hey, remember that time your uncle touched you at the reunion? Here's you winning an Olympic gold.


I wonder what the memories were that they implanted in the people to to create Manson.


I mean.


Well, I know they definitely have taken prisoners and convinced the prison that they committed a crime that they couldn't possibly have committed. You know, done that through horrendous interrogation and torture. They've actually convinced people that they did something.


They didn't do it well. That's how they persuade people to, you know, to confess. Yeah. And they lead people. Yeah. You know what this reminds me of what we're talking about Westworld. Yes. It's exactly what it sounds like. Well, what we're creating memories and. Yeah, yeah.


I mean, we're we're going towards that. And Westworld, we're going to be if we're not yet I mean, everyone thinks we're there right now.


Elon thinks we're Elon Musk thinks we're in some sort of a simulation. He wants to know what's beyond the simulation.


Well, isn't there a I mean, even Neil deGrasse says there's a.


Yeah, I like to grow.


I love him as such. I have such a crush on him. I'm a sexual congratulation. Thank you. Thank you very much. I remember there was a lady who got elected to something they like.


She's the first pansexual politician, openly pansexual politician. What's pansexual? Oh, you love everybody. You just.


Oh, so this outage. Just having a party, but fun, yeah. Hey, listen, I'm not knocking being a ho. That sounds like fun. Maybe I should. I'm just kidding. She's carnation.


I think she basically is allowed to be attracted to everything. That's all. Joking aside, I think that must be exhausting.


Maybe. Maybe it's not. Sounds kind of great.


Maybe she can go back and forth from men to women, but she doesn't consider herself a lesbian bisexual. She's just she's just alive. What does that what does pansexual mean?


No, I think you're right. I think they love everyone. Let's Google. I want to know what the Urban Dictionary says, because it's the only way you're going to get a definition.


That's a true that's a true deafen definition. You pansexual, a real thing established.


I'm going to say you love you love all walks of identity. You like straight people. You like gay people, you like lesbians, you like post surgery.


Transsexuals not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological, sex, gender or gender identity. Exactly. Oh, well, that just means you can be sexual with a trans person, straight person or a gay person.


That sounds so basically a very open person.


She's a hippie. A lover. Yeah. She's out there doing as a lover. She's Pokemon's opportunity blowjob demands and that's what they did.


They're all they're pansexual. I don't know if that's pansexual or more of a control. I don't know if they were all pansexual. I think you're born that way. I think it'd be unless you're the CIA. Why would you think replacing your memories, why do you think people are born that way?


Because Lady Gaga told me those were my sister. She's such a Lady Gaga fan. I love my sister. She's got two kids, a husband.


She is Lady Gaga as her screensaver on her phone. Why not? Why not?


It's going to be dad or a cat. Kenny Chesney. Her dog's name is Chelsea.


It's hilarious. Kenny Chesney.


That's hilarious. Yeah. I mean, I must be great just to love everybody. Yeah, why not? I'm not sexual in real life. I joke around about it and I'm Mockett, but I'm going to mock everything. Those things are out there. They're going to get mocked, but it doesn't mean it's not great.


We should be able to mock everything yes or no. Hundred percent. And because the people don't want to be mocked, anything that you can't make fun of is bullshit.


It's bullshit. And it doesn't want to be made fun of because it's afraid of it's truth being revealed. OK, that creepy dude who says you can pray away the covid. Oh yeah.


That guy, he blows on a why career blow you away, reneg you from my life, rebuke you.


When the lady confronts him, the lady reporter confronts him and asked him if he thinks that poor people are demons.


Because I did not say that his eyes, they go crazy. She asked him if poor people were were demons and he looked the most demonic I've ever seen. A human look the most sight.


And knowing there's a camera there. Oh, look at him.


He looks like he looks like a he looks like that thing from saw.


He looks like you would have to fight him to death if you saw him in your house.


Fuck that guy. That guy is the devil. That's the irony of people like this. He uses people's need and want to belong and be understood for his own gain. Look at that. You think it's a fucking polyester suit, do you?


How on edge you'd be if that guy was like that in your living room and he was screaming and yelling and pointing at you and you're like, oh, my God, we're fighting to the death.


Can you imagine that's you would think you're dating his daughter and you're going to meet him and he's you walk in the house, right?


Well, that's his like, I leave the house, but wait, I like it when he's in my house because I have to kill him. But you go to the upper left and he's pointing at her.


That one right there. Look at that. Oh, don't you see?


That was he looks like if Disney instead of making like the president's like those puppets at the Epcot Center, they made a demon.


Look at those white knuckle so tight he's squeezing his fist.


His hand looks like a old degraded version of an A.I. They just are like, we're fucked. We're not going to fix it. Let's just put this hand on them and just send them back out into the world.


It's the hands, real age. That's where everything else doctored up. You're right. The doctor up his mug, he forgot to get a hundred and fifty or so. There's no hand jobs other than the regular con.


He needs to go to his dermatologist and get appeal on that to show that the demon coming out, that's how old the demon is.


Look, it's all Harry and shit, but what would you do seriously if you walked in his back was to you and he just turned around. He's like shaken a martini and he looked at you.


You money else depends on whose house. If it's in his house, his house, you leave. I get the fuck out of there. Do you think he got out? Do you think he makes love me, sir? Does he make love or hate? Fuck his wife probably as fuck only by dudes.


And they probably come in buses. They probably come on out with like executioner Maslon.


I fuck they just run trains on what's his name face.


Kenneth Copeland, the restaurant Capelin. I mean it sounds like a have you seen the video of him yelling composer. Yeah. Oh you play it. Play it. I haven't seen it. So we will get pulled off of YouTube if we actually play it and people we can hear it.


Yeah. Because it's their content but oh my God.


That's when he's rebuking covid. Who's the other dude. That's his guy who's giving them it in the bunghole on Sunday mornings. Giving them the Lord.


I'm picturing large Samoan characters. Jason Momoa, but like work bigger, yeah, the big thick, they're just savages just ready to lay pipe on us.


So he's a you're calling him a bottom, OK, one hundred or so I had to guess not. There's anything wrong with that choice. Not at all. Respect that choice. Absolutely. Live your life, do you, girl?


I just think that anybody who's doing that. Look, I don't necessarily think it should be illegal to rip people off and demand money for a jet from poor people.


I don't think it should be illegal. But to be honest, yeah.


If you think that you can't be mocked for doing that, someone can ask you a question because you did say that you didn't want to be on a plane with all those demons. You know, like that's why as a private plane, because the regular people are demons. Yeah. Ladies, like, did you really say. I did not say that.


Come on, man. Like you actually said, it's like the same thing with Joel Osteen.


You know, they're just he's way less crazy the way those crazy, but they have a similar, like gloss about them.


But Joel Olstein is happy that guy's out there. Is he? Fuck, yes. Same fucking face. No, no, no. It should be because like Joel Osteen is not like him. Joel Osteen is legit.


That guy who's crazy, he thinks poor people are demons. Or if you are, you don't think she thinks the same way? No.


I think if you're you're gauging them, if there's a graph of, like, worst ever preacher to best ever preacher somewhere along the line, that's got to be a really good person. It's a preacher that really is following the word of Christ and is doing it the right way and is if they do get money, they are giving it away to charity. There's got to be.


So you think Joel's on the better end of that?


He's closer to that side than than he is to the fucking.


There's there's a fucking OK, he's dying. So shut the fuck up. Thank you. Jesus, bro.


He sells tickets where you can only look at his ass. They probably cost a thousand bucks.


Look, there's tickets behind him.


Look how many people God sells and God sells.


Like if comedy's done, I'm going to God and look at the people that sit behind their ass. There's like so many people that they stuffed people on the stage with them.


That is so wild. And this is this is another example of people needing and going towards love. And I'm sure there's obviously a benefit to this.


Look at the size of that place. It's just it's another level of religion that I don't quite understand in my mind. Can't grasp it because it feels like it's it's teetering a little bit further away from religion and going into something else, another realm that is the opposite of what religion is meant to be.


Well, it's finance. It's a business. That's that's what I mean. If you if you're selling out that big of a place and you're getting donations from those people to how many those people are tithing, how many those people are giving 10 percent. If you have thirty thousand people giving you ten percent. Oh, my goodness. So you're like paying you're paying God, essentially.


So it makes God appear like a like a like a mafia, like a member of the Mafia.


You're like, oh no, no, you treat me good. I gonna give you some money. Just protect me.


It's basically like a mafia member. I think the idea is that these guys in this scenario, the more ball these guys are, the more they represent God's word and God's word is allowed him to get a jet and the Rolls Royce and look at this mansion that was paid for by God's word, God is good. God is good to have it.


And then people see that. And it's like sort of they get they get pumped up.


The God is good. Look, a God's done brother. Joel and Joseph balling out of control, Joe, Rolls Royces and private jets.


He's just so I don't know why his face is so taut. Is Jesus hanging on to his ears and riding Joel like like Seabiscuit in directing him because his face is very intense.


He's just on point focus and that's how you sell fucking arena woman. He's running towards God.


Girls are always worrying about what the guy looks like, the guy selling out arenas with Jesus, his word. He's reading a book that was written two thousand years ago. He didn't write it. He's read it out there, given these sermons and he's bawling, look how happy is. He's like, I'm not even going to get my teeth bleached. Fucking laughing.


Fifty thousand people week. It says he has great.


How much money is up. That's a lot. That's a lot of money plus millions.


I mean, on the Internet, he's like a Chapell of giving a big sermon.


He dwarfs us all, dwarfs Kevin Hart, dwarfs everybody in terms of flight attendants.


Hopefully people are getting what they need from that guy. But he looks fucking crazy. What is his sermons like? Have you ever listened to.


Oh, no, no. But I mean, he must he's filling up the sixteen thousand seat arena about three times the fifty thousand people a week. Get in there. So, good Lord, quite a few.


Well, after the UFC was at T Mobile, I think I think the UFC seats twenty two thousand at T Mobile somewhere around that range. And he was there. He was there.


Look after us. It was twenty two thousand people in Vegas.


That's a strange shift of energy. Oh my God. Yeah. Like, you know, from UFC to God, it's a strange shift.


Have you ever had to show where it felt religious?


A show. Yeah. For you or. It was like it was so good. They were so tuned in that you got off stage and was like, man, that felt like I feel like God right now, no, I've had shows that feel surreal, but life feels surreal, like, yeah, my life feels very surreal.


But no, never like they felt religious just because you're humble.


Well, I'm in trouble as I can be and still do what I want. I do like you have to have a certain amount of belief in yourself. Yeah.


To be able to do things either on camera or on stage or, you know, in the moment, you got to have a certain amount of belief in yourself.


I feel like all comedians are insecure narcissists, but you teeter on this line of I don't have you're the only friend I have is a male who you're really well balanced in that area like your ego.


I've never seen you lose your shit and you you treat everybody the same, but you also respect your guts.


Very nice of you, but I've definitely lost my shirt. I'm sure I can tell. I mean, you're you're tattooed from your knuckle to your clavicle. I'm sure there's some shit going on where you've lost.


Yeah, for sure.


But you also you respect your boundaries and you you aren't afraid to be like, this is my space. I don't need you in it, but with a smile.


Well, you got to be careful in this town especially, there's so many people that weasel in to try to weasel into your circle and be your friend and then start asking for things. And it's not subtle at all.


Yeah, they're like sycophants. It happened so quick. It's like all of a sudden someone's hanging around in front of this guy and sees the places and then they want to get your phone number. And then he must talk to you about a project. It's like there's so many of them out here that are like trying to hustle their way into people's lives.


But don't you think, like, I don't know about you, but I see them come a mile away. Yeah, we do.


But they're still around like it's it's in this town, especially when I was doing television stuff like, oh my God, television stuff is littered with these people because it's all about like making these connections with each other and the relationships you have with studios and producers like everybody sort of like working. Right.


So it's like everybody's like, can you introduce me to Tom Tom at MGM? Do you know Tom? Do you just send me an email? Just an email. Tom, this is a great script I'd really like to introduce you to right now.


Why are so many of those there's so many people like that. It's exhausting. It is exhausting.


If you don't change your number every now and again, you'll get stuck with them. I love that you do that. I keep moving. I'm going to really change it again. I bet you already feel like you're do them.


Do you want to change it? Two months ago of two numbers and I change them both now.


It's smart. Yeah. And it also you then you, you realize who you want to keep in your life. You at least want to communicate with and send your energy to.


Can't imagine being like Tom Cruise. I can't imagine like someone is. That sounds like it can. Impossible to imagine how you manage that.


And that's why the guys jumping off buildings, he's hoping he falls, you know, Scientology.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. That's how he manages it.


We need to start a new cult is me is excuse my night. Naive ness in this situation. Is the head man in Scientology still got or is it L. Ron Hubbard is there is the entity.


I don't think it's he's a guy. I mean, they say things like to LRH and if I can salute him and shit. But I think they think of him as like a guy who just sort of like brought them the word.


And then the word is the true origin story of human beings with the Tetons. And they were frozen. They threw them into the volcano.


And so it's not necessarily the word of God, it's just the word of the aliens he created. That's what it's an alien thing. It's like, I think to to paraphrase it and butcher it, I think the idea is that you are like using this shell and then you have this thing that's inside of you that really has come from like other galaxies. And it was released here and now it's trapped inside your body.


Got some fucking wacky shit.


But the writing do the writing so bad you need to watch Battlefield Earth and to watch a movie.


Please get high and do a simulcast, please.


You have to tell me. You have to give me I'm going to ask you some pointers after to make sure I nail it.


Just do it where it's just you and Ebong and battlefield earth.


That's what it should be called. The above battlefield. Or did you see.


Yeah. You sitting there on the couch, criss cross applesauce bar and every now and then you're like, oh my God, he just hold on.


You like this is so crazy. Movie is so wacky.


But that movie is probably a million times better than the book. The book itself. Like I'm telling you, his writing was so awful that it's confusing.


It's like, how did he do this?


And he even wrote or was quoted as saying, if you really want to make money, start a religion really quoted saying that he would take pictures of him with the captain's jacket on a bunch of medals he gave himself.


I mean, it sounds like mental illness. Do you have to read going clear?


It's crazy. I didn't read it. I did the audio. You listen to it, listen to it. But but it's great. It's amazing. I actually going clear I read at least one or two of the chapters. I actually sat down and read it, but most of it I listen to, it's on.


It's amazing when you realize, like, what he was he was like this guy was mentally ill who was trying to self diagnose and then self heal and then came up with this whole system of like Dianetics, this whole system of how to, like, manage your mind and Matt. And again, for some people, it actually is effective because it gives them a structure.


Well, yeah, maybe. You know, the silver lining to his mania is that he managed his mania and then made a fucking cash.


Yeah, but he's dead either way. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's that's what gets is we need to learn. Who knows. There's so much money in that trust is like one of the number one real estate holders in all of Los Angeles.


It's creepy when you drive by there, the main building and psychiatry kills. Got a guy with a thing on electric, if you're seen that.


Yeah, yeah. They people that go into there, they don't even know they're going into a Scientology building. They think they're going in for some anti psychiatry thing.


It is it is a little you know, the whole thing is misleading. The whole origin of it is misleading.


What is misleading? The guy probably believed everything he said. It's probably out of his fucking mind if you really pay attention to L. Ron Hubbard was he seems like he was lying constantly.


It was probably a maniac. Was the result of the CIA, not his pre this before all that.


But have you ever seen the interview where Tom Cruise is on with Matt Lauer on the Today show and Tom Cruise is mad at Brooke Shields on psychiatric drugs? Yes.


And he's like reaching out to her. Like he's he's saying, oh, he can like what she needs to heal. Yeah.


Yeah. And he's he's so intense, dude.


He it he looks it on something. Look at his face. It's so intense, I just think he's very adamant about this particular aspect of the Scientology belief system, and one of the things is they don't believe in psychiatric drugs.


There's got sure I'm pretty sure they don't believe in any of those. Right. That but but the conversation is so interesting.


I wonder if you did like a personality trait test of the people who are followers of the Scientology religion. What the common denominator is amongst them to you really want to see something amazing.


Tom Cruise, Cruise's graduation speech was that that one way stood on the podium and they gave him, like the most amazing man of all time medal. They gave him a medal, like a gold medal. It's the size of a fucking hubcap.


And it's hanging around his neck with Flavor Flav. And they still look at this and somebody leaked this. It is fucking amazing. So the head guy of Scientology, that guy gets it from they salute each other because they're in the fucking army.


They hug like a crazy, like they both probably came there and then Tom Cruise goes up, they give them this gigantic dinner plate of a medal. And this this is like a public speech. It's like a pump up speech that was like a Scientology thing at his medal. He won most awesome human of all time.


And so he's standing there in front of this huge globe behind him.


There's this huge image of the earth behind him, this huge SEAL Freedom, Medal of Valor, Valor, Freedom, Medal of Valor.


It's amazing, most amazing person of all time medal based off of what?


What the fuck ever. You hate her. Jesus Christ. Everything with you is hate. I know. I'm just analyzing. Come on.


Imagine how crazy you have to be to stand there in front of these people with this goddamn dinner plate hanging off your neck. And then at the end, they salute to L. Ron Hubbard.


They look they look at the picture when they go to LRH. They do like this. It's a it's a secret society. There's a Akoto. There's the photo of LRH. What's with the decor?


It looks like the inside of somebody that everyone gets up and salutes to LRH. Dude, he looks like the thing from Ghostbusters. Dude, I would the taining. I would like to join just for fun. Hugo, remember that.


See how much they can convince you. What is it, Viggo Vego? You know what I'm talking about. How much could they convince you if you had to live like a Scientologist, like if you just said, look, I'm going to do a thought experiment and I'm going to study all their work and I'm going to be non-critical about all this and I'm going to live my life, but I'm going to do it for three years.


People have tried to do that probably just for fun on their own because they're so bored, like what would happen if they did? And like, yeah, what happens if they get caught?


Yeah, but you would have four or. Yeah. You'd have to be in the system.


What if they just want. That was like their last hope and they just were hoping it would help whatever issue they had. I'm sure that's happened both ways.


How many people have looked at the success of Scientology though and going, I need to do something like this, but they never did. Probably everything.


Can you? It's like a comedian looking at you being like, I fucking I wish I thought of that, but being mentally ill able to talk little just to be.


Well, no, I mean, you downplay yourself, but you know your topics and your jokes, it's the same shit.


No, I got lucky in that there's an actual job for something that I just it just fits in with my rambling curiosity. Yeah. So I'm a rambler and I'm curious. So it's like, oh look, there's a job right here and it wasn't even a job before. This is like a recent job. But have you seen Weyco, the Netflix thing?


I had no idea. I knew about the story. I was young when it when it went live during the actual time. But watching that that again, like there's a certain type of personality that is attracted to having a leader. And it goes back to like, what did you experience in your childhood where you needed that? But again, the guy always fucks all the wives.


Look small of small guy. He's helping him. I'm fucking your wife. Help me out. But I'm not fucking your wife and your best friend. I would never fuck your wife. My dick was inside of her, but that's different. I was fucking her.


Jesus was fuck testing you and he's strengthening your resolve.


Can you can you heal from this? Are you going to be able to find what you need from within?


And then he would sing terrible songs and then just walk in, then he'd just disappear through the doorway.


Didn't you sing like Green Day? Please don't. I think he did. I think there's a video of him singing Green Day. Is that what they called Davidian? Branch Davidian. Branch Davidian. Waco, Texas.


Dude, that was such a that was so tragic. You know, we've found Ted Nugent lives near there.


Of course he does. He probably helped out. He probably goes in Gisele's near the location. So there it is, Branch Davidian. What does it even mean? You know, I almost bought his car. What do you mean? His car was for sale yet in nineteen sixty eight Camaro.


It was for sale. Oh, and the here for Camaro. It is a good year. I love Camaro from Camaro and it was for sale online and I saw it.


I was like, oh I'm fucking buying this. And I picked up my phone and I went like then I looked and I'm like, do I really want that fucking bad juju in my life? You knew it was his car?


Yes, it was 100 percent his car. Yeah. Certified that it was car.


I'm like, is that bad voodoo? Yeah, it has to be.


I mean, if we're talking about there being some sort of realm of consciousness and things existing outside of the physical world, there's some bad juju in that car was killed by the feds and they burned his family alive.


Oh, my God. And they lied about it.


They shot fire out of the fucking nozzle, tank women and children and drove over the walls, knew the women and children were inside, drove over the fucking walls and lit that place on fire and barbecue those people.


Well, that was a real, I think, a lot going on there. I think it also was like a breakdown in protocol and how to handle a high tense situation.


I think that's how they've always done it. I just think this time it got caught on tape. That's what I think. I think if there's ever been some sort of a situation where people are armed up, look at Ruby Ridge. There's a bunch of situations in history where they decided to put. They're fucking boots on the back of someone's neck because they wanted to let that person know they're not going to resist, and that's one of the things that people do when they're in a position of power.


That's why power is so dangerous, because every single time people get this sort of ultimate power, it winds up being abusive, you know, with the with the with a certain person.


And it becomes like the difference between, like, you know, somebody who does good for the world and community and somebody who does. Yeah. Evil shit.


It's such a hard job to be a leader of anything, whether it's a leader of California or a leader of the country or a leader of anything like being a leader of something like Jesus.


Well, every decision you make is scrutinized in your whole platform, is built off of lobbyists and people who have invested interest in it. How do you make a decision and how do you commit to your own decision? Have faith in it, right? Well, you must lose yourself.


You must have to lose yourself in order to be able to make those decisions. But then how are you able to make decisions without yourself being connected to it?


Then you must deal with criticism because you have to be able to address people's concerns. So you have to take some criticism. And that's probably nonsensical and angry and ridiculous and then some of it that actually is constructive and makes sense.


Who do you think was a president who handled that the best that you've seen in your lifetime to handle Obama?


I think he's the best speaker of all the presidents because there's something about Clinton. I didn't like his little fake smile. He smirky. You just knew he blew a load on the dress.


But he still was an amazing speaker who's still an amazing speaker with some charismatic.


Yeah. And sometimes he would knock it out of the park, but it's just like, you know too much about him afterwards to judge him in the most objective way.


It's pretty crazy if I just looked at his ability to speak versus Obama's ability to speak to both. Pretty amazing.


They were definitely both amazing. I think Obama had had a calming factor. Mm hmm.


I feel like when other presidents have spoke for just from my I don't really know, you know, a lot about politics or claimed to be an expert. But like when Donald speaks or other presidents before Obama, it caused like an anxiety.


There was like a tense. Yeah. Behavior around it. Like the way they spoke was very, I don't know, stress inducing.


But Obama was kind of velvety. Yeah.


He had a way of delivering things and he felt like he was a guy you could actually hang out with. Like I remember seeing him on Bourdain show there in Vietnam, eating and drinking beer. And I watched as my own motherfucker can just hang out. Yeah.


Like you can walk into any room and and make it his room, but he can hang out in a way like that. I don't think Trump can hang out like Trump's got to be the center of attention. It's got to be a big deal that Trump's there. It's got to be in that you I'm saying like Trump would have to be he's not going to hang out with you in some weird fucking restaurant in Vietnam after he's out.


He's not talked about like the flavor notes of the sauce on the on the pork.


He's not going to be able to ethnic foods and different different cultures that cook in a different way. It seemed like when Trump but when Obama spoke, he was able he felt like he was in the moment and present. Yeah. Like he was aware of what he had to deliver, but was also aware of his the way he was delivering it. Trump seems like he's always someplace else. Yeah.


And Obama's I mean, th