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That's it. My guest today. Boy, this is a long time coming and he really needs no introduction, this podcast, before we get into who it is. I'm going to say this surpassed my expectations. I was a bit hesitant. I was like, oh, this one might be crazy. It was crazy and all the good ways. And it got better. As a podcast went on, he needs no introduction.


His name is Kanye West, Joe Rogan podcast, check it out. The Joe Rogan Experience, trained by day Joe Rogan podcast by night


all day.


Hello Mr. West.


What's up? What's going on, man? Good to see you,


Good to see you too. We finally did it. We're here. We made it happen.


We're in the building. Yes, sir.


Yeah. So what.


What are you doing? You're running for president.


Uh, yes.


What made you decide to do that? Aren't you busy enough? Clothing company, successful rapper, family man.


It was something that God put on my heart back in 2015, uh, a few days before the MTV Awards.


It just it hit me in the shower.


And when I first thought of it, I just started, like, laughin to myself.


And it, it like all this, like Joy came over my over my body just through my soul. And I could just I just felt that energy. I felt that spirit. So then two days later, I accepted the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Awards at the MTV Awards.


And um instead of performing, you know, my array of hit songs, you know, I gave, uh, just my perspective on award shows.


But always I knew at the end I was going to tell people I'm running for office. I'm running for president in 2020.


And, you know, just to have the it even took heart to say it in that context and people are just like, oh, like their minds are blown.


And then I was hanging out with different I had different friends that were, you know, some people in the music industry, some people, tech elites, different things like that. And they would really you know, they just really took it as a joke.


And they're telling me all these millions of reasons why I couldn't run for president. I remember running into Oprah two days or one day after that, she's like, you don't want to be president.


And, you know, people just, you know, thought projecting putting this on you.


And I remember saying one of my responses to one of the people that one of the naysayers was, Will, I'll definitely be a billionaire by that time. And not that that's a reason why someone should become president. But as to say, you know. At that time, I was 50, around 50 million dollars in debt, and I knew I had the confidence that I would be able to turn that around.


And now, you know, just going into it, I want to give you a that that's a clear answer.


Well, I know you're saying I don't I don't want to go off into it. No, it's OK. Yeah, well, you basically saying is, you know, to set goals in order to achieve them.


Well, what was Oprah's rationale when she said you don't want to be the president? Like, what was she saying? Because remember when people were saying that that's our next president. Remember when Trump got elected? You know, they showed Oprah and they were like it was I believe it was like NBC tweeted it, this is our next president. Like, they a lot of people wanted Oprah to want to run.


And they felt like if Trump could win, Oprah could win. When I saw Trump, when I was like, see? You can win out, you know, you can win if you're coming from outside of politics. I was young when Ronald Reagan was in was president. I don't remember. Ronald Reagan was the governor of California before he was the president.


He had actually proven himself as a politician, at least somewhat, which is an idea that people have thrown out at me to to be governor of California, to be governor of California.


Anyone better than this guy to do good, start there, get a shot, open things up again, man.


But I think I think my calling is to be, uh, I believe that my calling is to be the leader of the free world. That not I mean, if it's in God's plan, that part of my path is to be the governor, then that's fine, but my calling is to be the leader of the free world.


So when you say this, like when you say your calling is to be the leader of the free world, what what does that mean to you? Does that does it mean do you have a plan that's different than the plans that have been implemented before? Does it mean that you have no idea what kind of plan, like the plan to be the leader? Like what would you do if you were the leader of the free world? Like, what would be different about the way you would handle things?


Like if that's your plan, like what is it about that?


That is your calling? Like, why why would you want to do that, like, what do you want to do differently if you were the leader of the free world? Well, well. There was a couple of questions in there, you said wise, you know, why is that you're calling this? People say to me, you know, they'll say, well, music is bigger than politics or more influential than politics or celebrities or more influential.


And I thought of it like if I was a pastor of a 100000 person church. But then I was also a captain, a sailor. And then we went to war and I said, I'm going to man this ship that has.


A thousand people, a thousand soldiers on it, because God is calling me. To take this position, even though I'm the pastor for. You know, however big my audience is in hip hop, in music or as a just an influencer or celebrity or just as a dad and a husband in my house. The world is like. It couldn't be a better time to put a visionary in the in the captain's chair.


And that's not to say we haven't had visionary's be before, I'm not coming here to turn down any of the other, I'm not here to down Trump, down Biden. I'm just here to express why. Why? God has called me to take this position. So when you say a visionary, you think of yourself in terms of like as an artist, as a creator, as someone who has these thoughts that they manifest in terms of music and art, creation, design, the things that you do.


That's why you think you're different as a visionary.


Yeah, I. I think that. I think I'm different from I mean, we're all different, so I'm definitely different from everybody, we're all different from each other. I mean, I do bump into people that seem to be like the same character inside of.


Yeah, it's like other people's before. Yeah.


People play the same roles, like I just met you before you, that you're just like the head of this company over here are the same kind of person.


Yeah. You know, I mean, I manifest, I see things.


I'm a great leader because I listen and I'm empathetic and I feel the entire earth and I feel us as a as a species, as the human race, like I did.


Sometimes people think a utopia as almost like a negative word.


That's that's like we couldn't have that. But I do believe in world peace.


Like the people hit me with the one of the things Oprah said is she said, you got to bone up on foreign affairs. I remember this, like, because it's Oprah talking.


I remember a lot of what the conversation was.


But that's the first thing she said was, you know, foreign affairs and foreign policies like this.


I think the reason why I say leader and not politician and not even specifically president is, uh.


This is the time, you know, when the constitution was written that was in innovation. Now the world is innovated all around our political system, but we have innovated and simplified our political system.


So I met with this gentleman, Sam, one of the founders of Y Combinator.


So Y Combinator is a a.


Is a contract that my friend, the head of Dropbox used and that a lot of tech guys use and it's a standardized deal. So one of the ideas I had when I was in this process of Innova, I'm not I'm not at war with the music industry.


It's just it's time for us to innovate and we need to have contracts that make sense with exactly how we sell music.


So, you know, people every Vicini and that's like every 20 years, that's like the like decade is ten of seniors, 20. And as you see now, it's like the world has just stopped for a second and there's an opportunity to look and say, what are the things we need?


What are the things we don't need? So I don't know if you saw when I posted my contract, I had ten contracts that kept on putting me inside a labyrinth. And there's things that we don't need now. I believe that the distribution.


Partner, that the label is like Prince would go and say, oh, we don't need the distribution partner, especially if Prince was, you know, really alive and thriving in this Internet era. I'm the kind of person where I'm not trying to go and eliminate anyone's job.


So record labels are afraid of saying, OK, we're going to hand over the distribution completely to you guys, which is, you know, that's a possibility.


There's a way where both parties can be happy and that these infrastructural partners can be of service to the influencer, to the artists like these.


These deals can be.


Flipped in a way that they're just more fair, you know, a record and I just let me just go into this specific place with the record labels for a second.


I'm talking about this is a confusing thing for people on the outside.


Yeah. So before when I told my father I wanted to rap, he was very like Laoghaire.


Of that, I'd said this this I heard this business is terrible and, you know, he's right.


Like people are all seeing things that are wrong inside of contracts, turning a blind eye to it. And everyone's responsible. Everyone's a part of it. You know, it's like when the Metoo movement happened, you know, it wasn't just the guys that were getting tagged and, you know, some of the guys should have got hit with it. Some guy shouldn't. You know, that's not what I'm here to talk about.


I'm saying that. In a way, everyone's responsible. Everyone's a part of the problem. That's why I really love that Black Mirror episode when, you know, everyone was making comments and anyone that even made a comment, the bees, it was about these, you know, mechanical bees, anyone.


And this is a spoiler alert if you haven't seen this episode.


But anyone who made a comment, the bees came to go get them. And that's the thing about what you put in the universe, even a thought, you know. You put that thought into. It's another thing to say something negative and put then to the universe is another thing.


To see someone being raped, you know, is the reason why I compare what's happening to in the music industry to me, too, because artists are raped.


You've heard that term before. I'm not this is not like this. Not like a new thing that I'm making up. The the contracts are made to rape the artist.


And, you know, I put my like I think about. You know, this is like a thought right now, it's like is this a a negative thought that I'm putting into the universe?


But I have to say, like when I was going on Twitter, I was thinking about Bruce and Brandon Lee that crossed my mind to say I'm this is Sony. This is Universal. And I'm willing to put the blue. Pain on my face and go out and do this. Because it's the right thing to do, like music at this point loses me money, it doesn't make it doesn't make money. It is my my five dollars billion net worth and 300 million dollars of cash that I see a year.


Music is like negative four million for me.


So these contracts for me were kind of like whang grow and heat where this guy had everything.


But he still said Wango messed up this, this, this heist that we're going to do.


Like I look at the music industry and that music and the love of music itself. But the music industry, I look at it like Wango, like. I blame. You know. The loss of my mother partially on the entertainment. Industry, the always fighting to. You know, represent, you know, who you are against media, entertainment industry that's trying to tear down anybody that's not going with the flow. I see.


You know, I've got those kind of reasons personally, but vengeance is mine, said the Lord.


So it's not a matter of going in for revenge.


That's just me as a human being where I fall short like I'm not a monk. Can you explain what you're talking about with Bruce Lee and Brenda Lee would have lost you there.


OK, so Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee were both murdered. Well, Brandon Lee died in an accident on a movie set. Yeah, you think it was a murder?


I felt that's a conspiracy, right? The conspiracy was that the Chinese triad killed him the same way they killed Bruce.


But the coroner's report was that Bruce died from a reaction to a medication, right?


Yeah. I mean, but I think about that any time I go to the go to the hospital, I'm very. You know, I'm mindful of that stuff you think about, like Bob Marley. They didn't just JFK or MLK him. There's like reports that it was something in his toe or he had cancer.


Right. I believe he had a skin cancer. Yeah.


Like, I went to go. I got a shot in my in my hand because just from text in and out of my thumb was, like, hurt.


And then I posted so much. You hurt your thumb. Absolutely. Just texting way too much. So I post a picture.


Of the screen at the hospital, and then I was asked to take it down. Bye bye. People just call them, I forget exactly who asked me, but it was like they got to my management, they get to this and they said, take that picture down like the hospital. It was in the weirdest place, you know.


So what did they not like about the picture?


I think it had like it might have had some information on it that they didn't want to go out, like an address or something like that.


And I was just like, but I don't want to go down, go down these rabbit holes. I'm just saying, like Michael Jackson not waking up one day, Prince not waking up one day, Bruce and Brandon Lee, Bob Marley, all of these things are have crossed my mind, you know, as I'm going and saying I need to innovate with these contracts are not just for me, but for all artists.


It's not about me getting my masters back. It's about. It's about. Freedom and I say on a new song, I say, if I would put myself in harm's way to get my masters, they would put their self in harm's way to stay the master.


And that there's a complete parallel to the way the music industry works and the way the world currently works and the influence that America has on other countries and the way governments work, the influence and the way government and the way people in power and control deal with. You know, disaster relief deal, deal with Haiti, deal with the Bahamas, like where is the money going? Why aren't things being built? And this concept of money.


Right? I asked myself this. I asked him one week ago, like, how much is America in debt? And they were like this many trillion. And then I asked a rhetorical question, but the dumbest question I've ever asked myself, I said, well, you know, how much does the earth cost?


I think they got a bad question. But how much is the earth worth? Yeah, what is what is the worst? What all the things on earth. Yeah.


And it's saying we can't buy it. We couldn't make enough money to buy the Earth. Right. So that means we made money.


So if money is the key to all people's happiness and will solve everything and everyone's doing things for money, let's just make more money. But it's not about making more money. It's about keeping poor people, poor and rich, people rich and people keeping people in their place.


And right now we're experiencing the fall of Rome or the Titanic has now hit a glacier.


And there's people who would prefer to go down with the Titanic than to get on a lifeboat because they don't want to get sea water on their dress or the nice outfit that people are so programmed and brainwashed into classism and protectionism that.


It's difficult for people to embrace innovation unless it has a tag on it. That's got a name brand connected to it that says with this innovation, you will be better than the person, you'll be better than your next door neighbor.


You know, when I a Sunday service, I completely stop rapping because I didn't know how to rap for God. You know, all my raps always had, like. You know, like nasty jokes on it and. And then, you know. I made I made when I when I went to the hospital, I know you want to get into this. When I went to the hospital in 2016, I wrote Start a church in Calabasas.


And as you left from twenty eighteen going into 2019, I said, I'm not going to let one Sunday go by without starting this church. And there's people who said it wasn't a church and different things.


But to start a ministry, I'm like the little drummer boy. I'm saying you know this all. I got to bring my drum. I might not be well versed in the word and but I know how to make music and I know how to put this choir together and all things can be made good for God.


So it like quickly became the best choir of all time because all the best singers moved to California and now but a lot of them grew up in the church. So it's like the opportunity for you, for them to actually get paid singing for God because I would be funding it.


And that for me was like a tithe for me to fund Sunday service. And I was four months in before I gave my life to God like I wasn't saved.


It's just I had a calling saying, just go make this church and the whole thing, the comparison to this church, to me going and saying, OK, why, why am I running for president, is to be in service.


And that service to my my own ego, you know, I feel like God says to me like, haven't I given you enough?


I gave you an ego that helped you overcome all these, you know, roadblocks and smokescreens and people telling you what you can't do. Now, you need to realize when you're doing things for your ego and when you're doing things for me.


This is like God, what I feel God is saying to me, because it really irritates me when people say God told me to tell you.


So I'm very like mindful with this kind of word. And this I'm saying I have a feeling that that's what God is saying for me to be in service.


So the ultimate service position is leader of the free world, to be the president of the United States.


It's sometimes you see me on Twitter. I say I want all to smoke. I want all the problems because the problems are the opportunities. There's an opportunity to solve things.


And Kurzweil, he created the keyboard.


Well, he he has this video that Mark Romantic, this director that shot 99 problems for Jay-Z, which is like my favorite like top five or top ten favorite videos of all time.


He also did closer for Trent Reznor.


And I like I just grew up on MTV in the 90s and I love more romantic videos, but he would share he'd share little bits and pieces.


I remember Ray Kurzweil talking about the ability for us to have a utopia, but us being led by the least noble and the most greedy.


But if someone or when someone gets in a position of leadership. That is in service to God and in service to people, period, but immediately the American people I had the joke, I was saying like, man, no one outside of our country should be able to see these debates.


This is family business right here. This is only for America to see.


We can't let anyone outside a country see but to be in service. So I stepped away already from my rap career for a year and served God every week, sometimes twice a week, three times a week.


Never missed a Sunday until covid.


And and this is thing there are people inside of the church dealing, doing different things, trying to just take them out. And God still provided a way for us to keep that boat afloat.


We never missed a we never missed a service.


And then one of my pastors, Pastor Adam, who is the way he preaches, is called expository. It's like one to one by the word. I like all different kind of preachers, but there's some type of preachers.


They they get up, they have the Bible in their hand, and they closed the Bible and then they just talk for two hours.


And it's and and some do have anointing.


But the expository preachers go line for line. And for me it's like I come from entertainment. I got so much sauce. I don't need no sauce on the word.


I need the word to be solid food that I can understand exactly what God was saying to me through the King James version.


Do this, you know, through this translation or the English version.


So Pastor Adams was coming by my spot. I got this 300 acre spot in Calabasas that we had a little house in that I was recording. And I would play this music, these chords that I love.


They're almost like Monk like. And that's going to go on to something to talk about later, because I'm building a monastery, I'm building them a monastery.


That will then be the future of monasteries.


It's like full sustainable energy. Now, he says to me, Pastor Adams says to me, when I was thinking about should I rap or not? He said, my son. Just said, you know, I wish I want to hear your rap album about Jesus, a rap album about Jesus, and it was through the mouth of babes like this person. I'm going to listen to the kids, bro. You know, I'm going to listen to my daughter.


I'm going to listen to kids before I listen to, you know, super programmed out adults, and especially if that adult hasn't done something that I am looking to do.




So it's so funny how people are so like free and almost arrogant with their advice. And I'm just like, why would I listen to you?


You don't even ask me for any advice. I'm the most successful person I know. So the.


So you said my son wants to hear a rap album from you. And that just that was that was the paradigm shift for me. I use that word alive. I like that. I like paradigm shifts in my favor. The and I I made this rap album.


And, you know, for a lot of people, it was the first album that they could play with a certain production level in the house with their with their with their family. Now, you know, you could argue if the watch the throne production was stronger or better than Jesus is king production.


But when I go and I like I've been working with Dr. Dre and some of the beats to just be like, you know, the hardest beats possible.


And it's something that was very spiritual and meditative about the mix on Jesus is King, that it wasn't hitting as hard as Jesus or hitting as hard as watch the throne.


It was like, this is how God wanted me to make this make this sonic painting and the way he wanted me to communicate. And so we did that album and then we did the Jesus Born album, which also got that idea from Pastor Adams and.


I mean, there's people who that's the only album they play and it's just bringing these gospel and I tell you, like my formula for these hymns I'm writing because I'm writing the songs that we're doing at Sunday Service is basically my book of hymns for the Future Gospel University that I'm creating where I've vision and will manifest a 200000 seat stadium circular with 100000 gospel singers.


And people will go to this university and they will train the way, you know, a Russian Olympic swimmer, you know, a picture like they would be in the pool six days a week at least, if not seven days.


But for people who sing for the church or, you know, you know, because it's it's a tide is pro bono.


All this like people don't practice that as much as we practice going in studio to rap or practice playing basketball if we're in the NBA.


So it's making the NBA, so to say, the Coliseum for God and what that if you like her like soccer chants and I and just like 60000 pairs.


So I envision that for God, 100000 people sometimes singing in harmony, sometimes in unison glory, glory.


Oh God Almighty. We lift our hands and give you praise class.


Oh or oh God Almighty, we lift hands and give you pray pitch a hundred thousand people in unison.


And that feeling what that would do for our spirits, our souls.


It's healing.


There's natural forms of healing about our environment, the friends that we're around, what we're wearing, what we're eating, our diet. So Dondi is a design company that that I formed around ten years ago.


And some of the people that worked at Donder now have went on to become heads of fashion houses like Virgil's.


They had a Louis Vuitton and he was the head of Donder at a certain point. Another guy that worked a Dhanda is now the head of Givenchy. So this is like the talent pool. And this Dhanda is basically my version of like a cyber, you know, extension of my brain.


Like there's something that I'm thinking of that you can't touch.


But we need to we need to bring it into fruition.


We need to manifest it and we have to see how to use things of our past and things of our now to create our future.


So it's a organization created to guarantee the future of the human race.


Really. I thought about even calling it Edna because I see us all as superheroes. And Edna was the designer in The Incredibles, which is kind of almost really similar to Donna.


I'm just seeing these lineups and stuff.


So so now our focus is food, clothing, shelter, communication, education and transportation.


So at the school that I just created, Easy Christian Academy, you know, we call NASA, we call different places about this hydroponic vertical, growing garden.


And I remember sitting, you know, the idea of the garden is from A to Z. You have to be able to make your food right there fully sustainable, right there on your land.


And, you know, it's a bunch of people like, oh, I made this salad right here. It's like I'm not good enough.


You still got to go to the grocery store for 80 percent, 60 percent of your stuff. I remember this one. You know, this one farmer we had you know, he[38:35]wanted to build this class for the kids and all this I'm going to show the kids.


It's like people always make the kids version. I don't like this the kids version thing.


Like kids need to understand how what of the pandemic was? You know, they lost all their parents.


And it was also the kids need to understand early how real life works. So physics is one of the anchors of the school that I'm creating.


I remember, you know, the city is all self-sustaining, so it works off of our four main resources, Earth, when water and and fire and 90 percent of it is running off of water. What, like aqueducts, like the city of Masada. And I was talking to this engineer and saying, I need the whole thing to run off of water. And he said, well, we're going to have to use solar power. And I said, I don't.


And please, you know, don't take this as any offense. I don't like solar panels, I feel that their part is still of what Edison's idea was.


I don't feel like they're really in line with what Nikola Tesla really wanted to do with alternative current get into the whole Tesla and what Edison did to take Tesla down and the fact the world would probably be free by now if Tesla wasn't basically destroyed by the media that Edison control and the propaganda that Edison control.


So I'm talking to my engineer and saying this needs to run completely with water and I don't want to use solar anyway.


And he says, no, I'm saying we're going to use a mirror and it's going to connect to a steam engine and that's going to push the water back up. And I was like after, like, screaming at the guy. I was like, look, if I had known physics, I wouldn't have been screaming at my engineer. So if we think about what we're learning in school to learn physics, to learn farming, I was I was talking to.


A friend of mine that's a rapper and super super God following spiritual supersmart, and I was showing her the, uh, some of the designs for the monasteries and some of the designs for the fully sustainable community saw the same thing.


And then it said bioengineering on it.


And she said what he is like for her bioengineering has a negative connotation. And my response was, isn't like farming and cooking, like bioengineering at the at the simplest form, like we went to going from like grabbing apples off of a tree to, oh, we put this boom in the ground.


Oh. And we could grow this and we could grow this, you know, we could grow this harvest right here.


So it's you know, I want to just simplify and round up the the principle behind the Donder way of thinking is.


We've got all this information and all this, you know, the science in the scientific exploration, these things that Tesla never completed, these things that Da Vinci never completed and. We can look at all of these things and see how do we create the most primitive versions of this to create a fully sustainable ecosystem, which is.


You know what, covid actually helped us to, you know, get closer to our families, get closer to our children, understand like, oh, wow, that, you know, that was mapped out for us to be 50 minutes away from our home and our kids school, to be 30 minutes away and to put us in traffic for that amount of time.


And these cities have been designed to promote industry and just to make more money. They haven't been designed to promote happiness. So we're at this paradigm shift in our existence.


You know, it was when when Muhammad hit the market, I think that's who it was and brought money because before it was slave and trade. And this is something, you know, dishonorable men honor money. I got this bar from Dave Chappelle.


I'm not trying to, like, steal his bar.


And, you know, we as human beings, this race on earth have like been honoring money. And, you know, money isn't.


It's not even real, you know, it's not even backed by anything I don't want to, like, go too far into that, but when you unprogrammed yourself, you see that there's other forms of currency now, like relationships are a more important currency than money itself.


And that's what we really saw. It's like the end of the movie. Our existence would be pretty covid post-Soviet. And so as the Titanic is crashing and sinking and Rome is falling, there's got to be this new civilization like the end of where everything starts to light up and it's been under this like dark cloud.


So, you know, God is using me and he has a calling, you know, in my life to make the world better for all people like people say is bad people.


There's good people.


No, there's there's people that are possessed that have demonic ways. But we were all children at one time, say some people know they were born bad.


You got to remember, like, say, oh, there's bad people.


Even even the devil is an angel, a fallen angel, a lost angel like Los Angeles, if you let me.


But that's a city of angels. Let me let me let me start from the beginning.


So you you essentially deconstruct things. So when you say in many ways, when you're describing yourself as a visionary, this is what I'm saying is that you're looking at all the systems that are in place, whether it's the record industry or the contracts that are wrong with artists, that civilization is set up, I think, visionaries to the glossy and too saucy of a title.


OK, whatever the engineer you are, you're deconstructing all of these things and you find flaws in the systems.


So all these systems, whether it's the music industry system, whether it's the political system, whether it's the system of gathering food, whether even a religious system, like I remember when you started doing your Sunday service and my friend was like, what is he doing?


I go, he's going to church, cool again. Like, you don't think that's a look at all these people having a great time.


You've thousands of people that are chanting and singing along and he's not asking for anything.


Look, if anybody should be doing something like that, it's him to go because he's making great music. Everybody's having a good time. And what do you get out of that? The best thing that people ever get out of church is a sense of community, a time where you get together and you all agree this is where are you going to concentrate on good. You're going to concentrate on goodness. You're going to concentrate on on trying to find these shared values that are going to help the community.


Are you doing this in this mass form? You got the superstar musician who's doing this and this mass form with thousands and thousands of people in these gigantic areas, like that's nothing but positive. So you deconstructed the idea of how how to do a religious service but make it cool. And now you're thinking about deconstructing all these different things. You're thinking about deconstructing how how food is harvested. You're thinking about deconstructing how we make energy. You're literally trying to deconstruct and and reimagine the idea of civilization.


Yeah, exactly. So talk me through how this starts with you. Have you were you always religious your whole life?


Yes, I was. And then I you know, then I hit high school now.


So but, you know, when you're a young man and you're you know, you're a superstar musician and you know, you live in a wild life, what what was it that led you back to this?


Just a feeling in your life that there was more to life, there was more to your position, there was more to, you know, this idea of a calling that you felt like you could do more and that it resonated with you more to to to produce these Sunday services and to to start thinking of of life in this. Like, you can improve things there.


God, knock me off my horse. God, like, literally called me and said, OK, now I need you. I need you right now.


I need I mean, not that God needs needs me. We need God. But he called me to serve him and I was tired of serve in the music industry, start tired of serving, you know, filling up stadiums.


You know, the last concert and last tour I did, we had a floating stage and and actually it was a hanging stage, but it looked like it was floating.


And that's just another thing. That's illusion, where we need to dispel the illusion. I wouldn't even call it the floating stage today. But the whole thing about is people used to say how lose money on tours?


Because I put so much into the creative and I and I was like wanted to prove prove to who, you know, prove to man, prove to greedy people, you know, that I could make more than anybody.


And that's like the gladiator position that all artists are put into, like we're in the middle of this coliseum.


Let me show you. I can kill. We're lions and tigers and bears and people more than than any other gladiator that happened, so that's what I'm that's what I was doing. And then I remember talking to James Turrell and I was like at the top of my lungs, like screaming about saving, saving ourselves and humanity.


And the reason why me and James needed to connect. And then I went to my show and then it's like my like this like my head popped back in the spirit, jumped out, and I felt like it was like my mom talking.


And the last thing I said was, this thing is over. And I'm saying it like I sound like my mom, like Donda.


Like that's something she would have said if she was in the physical form when she sees her son, you know, exhausted.


Like, I just went through a I had this fashion show.


We had this fashion show where we took over MSG and just broke all boundaries.


So twenty six, 16000 seats and played the new album.


And it was, you know, a thousand black people in the show. And yeah. Like all young thug plugging in the iPhone and Travis and Cudi dancing at 50 Cent their Jay-Z there.


Lamar Odom. The first time that people, you know, saw him and walk again was we walk together into the into the stadium and he's cammo Yeezy jacket or head to toe.


And the reason why that is so important is like when he was in a coma, I would come by and play him the new music. And once he was out of the coma, he said that he remembered that music when he was in a coma.


And that was the album I was playing that day. So that's the reason why me and Lamar walked in together.


And then the next few months later, I did a fashion show and it started 45 minutes late.


And the media, they just killed me.


They LeBron to me, as I would say, like when LeBron went to to Miami and they said, you know, who are you to have a choice? You know, like what?


One of my other heroes, Tom Brady, he he left. I didn't see no jerseys getting burned, like when LeBron left. So then less than a week after that, my wife is robbed in Paris.


And so we we just because I'm in the middle of a tour while I'm doing the fashion show, I'm doing this. So we cancel the tour because it's very traumatic.


And then, you know, we start the tour back up and we get back into it. And then I just keep on saying I want to go to Japan.


I just want to go to Japan, because Japan is like a way that people treat their isn't like this systemic racism embedded in every single individual that's inside of the place, like in America, black, white, anything.


There's a systemic white white supremacy, like when I tag, you know, white supremacy or we say this is like the yes, that is America. That is the world.


Currently, we've been taught that my first superhero was Superman, you know, and my dad was a Black Panther. But, you know, when Disney makes Black Panther now, when you look it up, you don't see my dad protecting his neighborhood or snatching a mike out of somebody's hand while they're lying. I don't know, you know, like father like son right there.


But you see this character that's made for black people to idolize that was designed by a white white person and put out by white company.


So it's controlling the narrative to say we're going to show you Harriet Harriet Tubman, we're not going to show you Nat Turner.


And they do every chance they get Maleficent.


They called her her race, the people, the Moors and the Moors.


And I just saw it again. I was just like, yo, if you were race are history.


Like most black people, we don't know where we come. We think we came from slaves. We don't know our bloodline.


And we're giving Black History Month. And we take that like it's some gift to us. No, it's a programming to us.


Racism doesn't end until we get to a point where we stop having it put the word black in front of it because it's like we're we're putting the ram a little bit lower for ourselves.


Like it's when I say I'm the second wealthiest black man in America, like, why do I have to say that?


Because, you know, obviously if we just go on wealth, period, what we call wealth like financial wealth, that scorecard, you know, I'll be like I'm the.


On the 17th wealthiest man in America, but we shouldn't have to have a special box, a special month, because also what they show in Black Black History Month is us getting hosed down, reminding us that we were slaves.


Like, what have we had?


Remember when I cheated on you a month? Like remember when you first found the. I found the text messages, remember? How does that make you feel?


It makes you feel depleted and defeated. You know, it's no matter what religion you are, what we can agree on as it is always now.


But now is the shortest moment of our life.


It's gone in an instant, the longest moments of our life are our memories and our imaginations.


Think about how long a kid imagines Christmas before, I mean, versus how long Christmas really is.


And when you think back to your Christmas, are you under the table like Jim Carrey and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, like under a chair? Or are you a giant? Are you a king?


Are you what? Black what what Black History Month has told you you are.


And this is me speaking to, you know, black people specifically in America that. You know, I know people who would, you know, kill someone and or have a gun or, you know, in their own hood and be afraid to go downtown and literally be like afraid of white people, like the most gangster gang of gangsters wouldn't go downtown. And that's just a programming. But that program is inside of the curriculum. It's it's inside of the media.


And it and it goes to this whole idea of Yae when people say is Jay crazy is a narcissistic, edgy egomaniac, edgy, self-absorbed Adjaye, all these no Yae know who he is.


I know who I am and I'm not finished.


I'm not fit to bow to to an idea that you want to have me. I am going to be the fool idea that God has of me. And when I do things that are that God don't like, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm being the lesser version of me. This is where I, you know, in my weakness, God becomes strong.


I have to be the higher me when when people are doubting me.


It's not like me fighting fire with fire and me attacking or as you say, like, you know, stooping to, uh, stooping to that level.


It's like the devil will use you against you. You become your own, you become your own worst enemy.


And I just went on a riff right there. But the thing is this.


Isn't that what you do, though? Well, yeah. Yeah. One of the things that I when anybody ever talks about you to me, they they say, well, he's all over the place. And I say, I think that he's got a different power source.


Like if you look at the way everybody interfaces with the world, if there's a universal power, most people have like a 20 watt charger. The way I describe you, I say I think that motherfucker's got like 150 watt charger and these ideas are just coming at them. So you do go on these rants that sometimes need to be dissected into individual things. But overall, you're an incredibly productive. So my question is. Why do why do people think there's something wrong with you?


This is but I would legitimately like you've been medicated. They've they've put you away, right? They've brought to you. How did that happen? Well, I'll say these two things, I think. A very three dimensionally, I don't think, in the black and white lines that I've been programmed to think in and I and I think in full color.


So when I talk, I have to describe a thought in five ways. You know, we enjoy food that has multiple seasoning in it. We enjoy music that has multiple instruments. So when I talk, it's not a rant. It's a symphony of ideas. And when you collect him, you say, oh, these are all these things that connect. Yeah.


You know, I, I, I just tell the truth. And telling the truth is crazy in a world full of lies.


That's simply it, but none of the things you're saying are crazy, not the things you said. It's fascinating the way you think, because I can see that you're thinking in all these different layers and you're looking at things from all these different perspectives and they all come together out of your mouth and like a tornado of ideas. Now, if someone wants to just have a conversation with you back and forth, I could see whether the guy's crazy, just doesn't stop his ranting.


But what I'm seeing is just you're a very thorough thinker.


You're thinking of things independently, but you're thinking of things in a massive perspective. Now, who convinced you that? That's it. Have you always been this way or were you less is it was it less manageable before? Did you have issues with it before?


Yeah, I believe before I found Christ and gave my life to God, I would try to lean on my own understanding.


And that's what the universe is. Like a black hole of information would lead by your own understanding, meaning when people, as Einstein said, you're the smartest person, what would you like to know? He and his Einstein's response was, I'd like to understand the mind of God. Meaning? Meaning God is all knowing and we can only know or see.


And for me, as a visionary, we can only know or see what God allows us to see and what he feels.


We're ready to see and understand to to maximize what our Maslow's hierarchy and chart is. You know, what sets our dopamine's what sets our tone is off, what makes us feel good.


Basically, like, you know, we did a good deed and it's like it was somehow, you know, you know, just doing a beat for a famous or just doing a beat for a local dope rapper really meant a lot to me.


When I was 14 years old, doing a beat for just anyone famous that had a major record deal was a lot to me at age 19, me being able to, you know, put out my own music and put my own.


Oh, I was a lot to me at age 24, meaning as I grow, God sets new stages in the game of life for me that you get your satisfaction, like Maslow's hierarchy of need is like our satisfaction chart.


What makes us feel whole and accomplished as a as a as a human being.


So as I go through these different levels, there's times where I would use confidence when I knew what I was doing and I would use arrogance when I didn't know what I was doing. But I'd rather use arrogance than to let someone diminish my idea of myself, because that is what keeps us going.


Hope actually keeps us alive. Anybody you ask most people is like, do you want tomorrow to come? And they say, yes, they have they have hope for it. But I went from having confidence and arrogance to having faith. And faith is the opposite of fear.


And that created this fearless approach that I have.


And that's what made now has made me the fearless leader that I am that I've like crystallized into the leader that my mom always knew I would be.


When kids follow me in preschool, the leader that people saw when we changed the Sound of Music, the leader, when we change the sneaker industry, the leader and what we're doing with with farming and with with shelters, when I was building, you know, the homeless shelters a couple of years ago and visiting parks and then going to Skid Row and understanding the the dynamics and empathizing with what actual mental health issues are.


Not someone, you know, telling their truth or being exhausted and then being labeled as such like I am.


So that's what you felt happened to you, like you were absolute truth and you were exhausted and they labeled you as mentally unhealthy?


Yes, absolutely.


Am I saying this right that what happened with you is you feel like maybe or you probably feel like that having this higher calling and recognizing this higher power was the glue that kept your thoughts together.


They kept your mind straight and it kept you on a righteous path. So instead of being scattered with all these crazy thoughts and being exhausted and being labeled manic, right. Like we talked before and you were saying that they had you on medication, but the medication fuck with your creativity, it fucked with all kinds of things.


Oh, it blocked my ability to channel what God wanted me to do. But we're all we're all on medication right now. Did you use toothpaste with fluoride today?


It blocks your pineal gland and they put children on it and we put we put our kids on it. You know, it's inside.


The deodorants that we use is all these things to create like a disconnect to God to serve that.


It's like, are you serving man?


Are you serving the one and only master? But what did they tell you when when they said they were going to put you on medication? What did they put you on and what did they tell you?


One of my favorite things that they did is they put me on this medication that made me gain a lot of weight. And I said, I'm not going to take this. And they said, OK, we got a medication. You can take what you don't gain weight.


And this shows you they were trying to kill a superhero, slowly trying to kill genius, trying to make me not feel like I could run for president, make me not feel like I can go be born.


And Atlanta, grow up on the south side of Chicago, go into music, go and win all these Grammys, change the sound of Music and look on stage performances, all that, and then still end up in 53 million dollars in debt.


What music industry has people going to the exact debt, the house that they think they're going to buy after the tour is over and it's and it's at strategizes criminals all over everyone's almost accounts in the music industry.


It's not a safe place. It's a it's a treacherous place.


So with money, sometimes things are filled with money. They're filled with people that are trying to take advantage of other people, steal money. Bees come to honey. So they put they put you on this ship because you were exhausted. What did they put you on? You know, I can I can research, I'm not I'm actually forgetting the exact medication that they had, but what did it do? The main thing that it did.


Is. It destroyed my confidence. It may be this shell of who I really am. It like grade over my eyes. It it it made me. It made the Mustang not Buck anymore. Mm. They sedated you? Yes, yeah, and they what was the the thought process behind it?


We talked to a doctor about this. What did they tell you was wrong with you? They they told me I was bipolar. And I remember going on TMZ and saying, you know, slavery is a choice. And they medicated me for saying that, for having that opinion and saying it out loud, but as I put those contracts up, I'm saying this is a choice.


As I you know, you didn't mean people being abducted and brought into slavery and put into chains was a choice. What you were talking about is people making decisions that would enslave them financially and enslave their life. Yeah, it was taken out of context and it was taken in the least charitable way. And they decided to try to say, look at crazy. Can you look at this shit? He's saying, yeah. Then they medicate you. Yes.


And the media is always taking anything out of context that isn't a part of the overall narrative. Yeah.


That because there's, you know, like Hollywood and media has control so much of the narrative and then. He had Silicon Valley, and that's what's so beautiful about one of my heroes, Steve Jobs, because there wouldn't be a Silicon Valley or Silicon Valley wouldn't be what it is today if Steve Jobs didn't make information accessible like this, which is still a bit controlled.


But it feels like Twitter is the the safest fleet, freest mass platform to communicate on.


And, you know, it's like they mess with Jack because of that, you know.


You know, well, it's still censored. There's a lot of issues now. But I think that's internal. I think that's people that are working there that are woak that want to stop people from saying certain things. And there's a lot of struggles with that today. And it's unfortunate because I do agree that it's an unbelievable way to get ideas out there. Yeah, but it's also it's a new thing and it's mismanaged by the people that use it often.


They don't know what they're doing or why they're doing it.


Every version of anything that man has made will be flawed. Sure. And it has to go through a bunch of different steps of evolution. It just has to evolve and change.


So why did you agree to let them do this to you? Why? Why did you agree to let them medicate you? Because if that is that, look, I'm crazy for sure, but if someone came to me and go, hey, we're going to put you on some medication, that medication is going to calm you down, I'll be like. Everything I do is because I'm not calm. Everything that I've ever done that's made me successful is because I have more energy, is because I have a wildness.


Like I'm not common that down. Like I know how to calm myself down. I can self medicate with exercise and meditation and marijuana and a bunch of different things.


But I'm not going to I'm not going to take some medication that removes anything that's unique with you and all these wild ideas that come to your head.


Like very few people could string together these thoughts the way you're describing them today. If somebody asked me if there's anything wrong with him, I just fucking he's filled with awesome. Like, what's what's wrong with that? If you can keep that together, what you just did, the way you just described, reimagining civilization, reimagining church, reimagining the food supplies, there's nothing bad about that.


This is all very interesting and very good.


Like I would never say that's bad, but are you this way all the time or is there good versions of Konya and versions of Cannier where you don't feel like you have a grip on these thoughts?


You know, what I love is there was a.


Some perspectives that people showed. About what a true manic episode really looks like after I was in South Carolina and this one guy was talking about his mom. Being in an episode and kidnapping his brother and, you know, like proper extreme cases, you know, I cried and was.


Gut wrenching, like at the I don't even like to say out loud what I what I said on South Carolina, but the idea of, you know, I'm just trying to worded in a way that's really safe and covers my family.


People saw this clip of me crying, some people didn't know what I was crying about, but I was crying about. That there was a possible chance. I'm just I'm looking at a way to say this. I know what you're going to say, that there was a chance that. You know that we didn't make that Kim and I didn't make the family we have today. That's much that's almost like family friendly, you know, way to work that.


And just the idea of it just tears me up inside that I was a part of a culture that promotes this kind of thing.


Like one of the major statistics on the subject of life is.


That the greatest. Advocates for. The A the award is are men from ages 31 to 37, and that's how old I was and I felt like I was too busy. My dad felt like he was too busy for me. And we have a culture of that. And they have a child, rebel soldiers that were in Africa that would be doped up and psyched out and made to kill their parents were well, in our culture, we're doped up and psyched out and made to kill our children.


You know, we have to decouple the conversation of Planned Parenthood and woman's choice now. So, of course, I'm Christian, so I'm pro-life.


And when I go into office, I'm not.


Changing laws, because I realize we live in an imperfect world, an imperfect society, what I will be presenting is a Plan A and we've already started to work on a plan to change the connotation of orphanages, to change the connotation of foster care and not just change the connotation, you know, verbally, but to create places that are to the level of like the Emon, Geary and Disney World, how to how to kid, you know, what is this like?


And we have so much land that this can be created and then spread across the world to orphanages in Africa and in China and just across the globe to to create these environments that when there's expecting families, moms and fathers, that they feel like there's a place, even if they don't feel well-off enough to bring another life into this world, that there's a place to go.


There's a plan A because. Plan B and Planned Parenthood were planned by a eugenics that set out and said out loud, I'm doing this to kill the black race and to create population control.


You know, if we win.


What do you saying, plan B? I mean, the pill, meaning the the morning after pill, you know what I mean? Planned Parenthood. Let me let me let me decouple those things. Let me let me talk about Planned Parenthood, OK?


There's the last figure I saw was there were 210000 deaths due to covid in America and everywhere you go, you see someone with a mask on. A, they were a culture. I'll say it one time with abortion culture. One thousand black children aborted. A day daily, we are in genocide. We. So more black children have died. In the past, since February, then, people have died of covid and everyone wears a mask. So it's a matter of where we are turning a blind eye to like the media can control.


A lot of times it has control what we care about. I even heard somebody say at one point.


This is the actual sentence I heard someone say Puerto Rico so played out, meaning there was a time where people were caring about it and now the media says don't care about it.


But these people, it still hasn't been solved.


The hurricanes still have hit, the earthquake still hit, and people are still suffering from that. And no one has really gone to fix it. And when that 11 billion goes to Haiti and it doesn't get to the people.


You know, the Daily Mail posta a swimsuit pic or something and the deters our energy to what we have to do collectively to to to.


To help our brothers and sisters, you know, I look at society as as one body, I want to just go into this because my thoughts are like these clouds and Mario Brothers. And I'll jump to this and I'll see another one. I'll jump to another and say, oh, yes, I jump to another.


I need to express this this story. I believe that. You know, love will heal all and we have to look at I believe I believe that world peace is possible and I believe it's us looking at each other as.


A moment in time. Time is love, you love the things you put time into. That's why I'm at time is love like this is like this intangible thing, this thing you can't grab, you can't just grab time in your hand.


You can't grab love in your hand.


But but we feel both of these things are real for us to love one another.


Just as simple as that. Like love will heal the world. This is what is going to take to heal the world. But we have a competitive spirit.


We like having a bad guy. We like having a competitor. So what we need to do is change the bad guy, change the competitor, make the competitor be.


The Roman era, the Roman civilization, make the competitor be the Egyptian kingdom and say, we're the first society, we're the first civilization that ever became civil because we are still just as much in the dark ages as medieval times or as Game of Thrones, you know, level, black mirror level.


I know I went past future other dimension for a second, but we kill each other.


We kill each other on social media.


We kill each other in high schools, like in the way that we talk to each other. We physically kill each other in our own neighborhoods and outside of the neighborhoods.


You know, this planet when we when we keep turning a blind eye to.


Our brothers and our sisters and our family, which is us as a whole, as all of humanity, then of course it's going to get to the point where there's, you know, homeless sleeping under, you know, a a bridge in Calabasas because we ignored the homeless person sleeping in front of the Gucci store.


How do houses just look at that visual? It's a homeless person sleeping in front of the Gucci store.


We have builders. We have people who know how to make communities. We have people who know how to cook and how to make food and how to. How to bring this food, people are fighting over land and not really realizing that we're not we're not maximizing our resources and our existence.


We've got genius level scientists.


We've got people who roeg, you know, people who have broken out of the chains like Elon, like imagine if Elon was working at GM on a third floor somewhere, you know, we wouldn't have electric cars.


We wouldn't have that new Porche hybrid.


We wouldn't have what's happening with, you know, Hyperloop. Imagine if the guy that, you know, started Airbnb was shut down or the guys who started Uber were shut down.


All of these people who break away and then create the new society and the next frontier of where we're going.


People like I've said, like it feels to me like MIT is a place that has to be funded by people who want to take the smartest people on the planet and make them work on the smallest things that won't change anything.


And I've talked to people from MIT and I could look at things like this brilliant person.


I was talking from MIT and he was he was afraid. Everything was fear. Everything was about his his girlfriend's pregnant. And, you know, we just got a house. And I don't want to do anything to change this.


And this is like one of the most brilliant people on the planet.


But if you mix brilliance with bravery that we can ignite something, even this conversation alone can ignite the people that are going to change the world because there's people who have been anointed. You can't teach the brilliance and the anointed people who hit the game of life. And they've got something that they're going to do no matter what school they go to. They know they just know how to do it. They know how to do it before they got here and they were going to do it.


And these people just need to see what it looks like to overcome. The smoke screens of public humiliation of bankruptcy.


I was in debt, the fear loss I lost my mom or the fear of death, you know, what are the fears are there? There's a lot of fears.


But the thing is, when you remove, like even in the schools, you remove prayer, you remove God, you remove the fear God, you create the possibility of the fear of everything else.


But watch this. If you. Instill the fear of God, you eliminate the fear of anything else. And it's not that. I am. Fearless I am. Deafly literally, definitely shaking and in so much fear of my father, I fear God and I don't fear nothing else. There's some power to that, right, just as a mental management tool, there's some real power to that because so many people are afraid of every single little aspect of life bills and debt and love and relationships.


And if you have a higher power and this is one of the things that I've always used to make, what's the main word that you use even for fear?


This is the main disease that that people use in politics is the main fear, is it? But it's a main word. Is the disease attacking the world because it destroys it changes your posture?


Does it change your idea?


It's a worry. Yeah. Well, really. Yeah, anxiety. That's that's what it is. Stress like it can kill you.


You can't be free. You can't be afraid to take chances to be worried about stuff like this. Yeah.


So to be able to anchor and eliminate worry and say this, I am walking in a righteous path and I don't have to worry about anything.


I don't have to worry about going to jail and worry about being killed. I'll have to worry about bankruptcy.


I don't have to worry about, you know, humiliation, you know, because this comes this is where smart aleck prayers can get you.


I used to have this really smart aleck prayer. I said got. Deliver me from pain. And then he took my mom. So it's hard to hurt that much ever again. And created almost like a character like Deadpool, I'm like Deadpool, Fagone. Like, there's no noise, there's no human noise that can and, you know, if someone tried to like there was there was a friend of mine that did like a really bad move where he tried to say.


I was using this this this lawyer, and I was about to work with him and he said the lawyer said he wouldn't work with you until you get my contract done.


And I was just like, how do you not know me at all? I'll be the type to cut off. If I move my hands like this, I'll cut off my own hand. I come back in the room and be like, Yo, what you're doing here? I thought we tied you up like.


And then I go just make like a Luke Skywalker, you know? You know, and this is one thing I want to say, like and this kind of made me mad right here.


The first time you see me get mad in interview, they said that George Lucas's prequels are worse than the corporate made Disney Star Wars. I'll get mad at that, too. Like, that's fucking ridiculous.


Revenge of the Sith. We saw how Darth Vader was made. Yeah, like, I watched that like ten times doing covid don't jump in again. I got the high ground. Those early movies were pure.


It were pure. I mean, no, no, I'm saying even the prequels are better than anything that and I'm sorry, Disney Star Wars design team. I know you're going to like, put my face up in the, you know, office and be like, forget no, man.


This is George. This is his baby.


That thing was set in his heart to show us his children the hero's journey, you know, and these these like, how can we run it back and replay, like even at Disney, you know, there's there's people, you know, at Pixar that have left. People have left. You know where.


They call, I've got the exact title, but saying, like, every time is a new idea, they call it like an unproven idea. So they'll get to Toy Story 800000 in frozen trillion before there's a new concept to take a chance on.


Yeah, to take a chance.


And we've been we've been programmed, like when you see the you know, the homes, the style of homes that I've been developing, they're far closer to the way the galaxy looks, the way water looks, the way our makeup in our body feels.


We've been we've been put into these boxes. And that was, you know, due to money, due to construction that we have to be in these these boxes.


And we've been stuck in a loop like on Westworld and did not feel like Tandy knew. No, w we're aware she had to use the people that enslaved her, that trapped her to make it to make it out. You know, the. And it's funny when I like the box and what I'm talking about farming. I had a point about farming that I didn't finish earlier.


I hired this guy to do the A to Z concept. I made it plain as day, make it so everything we cook in the kitchen at the school we planted here and they would just do it to 70 percent.


They do it to 60 percent.


Earlier when I had that point, I went to this whole riff about children need to learn physics and children need to learn how to really do things and not having to separate thing like we are programmed to lock ourselves in a box.


And what's amazing right now is. The opportunity and the platform that we have that the world is hurting for everyone, for those that are in power, for those that are inside the program, even those that are in power are still a part of the program.


And, you know, I read this this tweet that someone say I finish watching Netflix, what's next? And that's so true that. We can't even program enough to satisfy ourselves. The program has done Forrest Gump has stopped running and just turned around. It's like all of this thing is a setup.


The the concerts that musicians go to where we don't you know, we're not thinking about the fact that we're not getting the lion's share of our masters because we're making the money on tour.


And then tour has girls and tour has the the the arena singing your song. And I need you right now. Did you do good chap.


You know, like with Floyd Mayweather is is such a hero of mine and so excellent because he is a champion.




But then also he wasn't afraid to say, I do my deals, I make my money. And what I like is, you know, he didn't let the older system tell him how to spend his money or how to show his money. It was up to him because he's the he's his own king. You know, God is the king of us all, but he's his own king. And a lot of times in America, we haven't seen we haven't seen kings.


We haven't seen the the the royal blood in our bone marrow. And the way it comes through now, we could show it in. And rap in the way we put our chains on the way we dress, we can show in the way we play ball and things like that, but it's another frontier to being to being a king.


Well, there's also something where you feel diminished in the fact that, you know, that your money is being stolen by people that don't deserve it. So if you have some record executives, if you have some people that, you know, have looped you into a fucked up deal and they're making millions while you're making thousands, that fucks with your head. Yeah, it just makes you worry.


Makes you stress, anxiety. It eats at you. It could drive you crazy. Yeah. It could drive you crazy. Yeah.


Yeah. So I still don't understand how they talked to you into medication.


Man, I wish I knew you better back then because I would have just had to exercise.


I would, I would say what whatever he's doing you can't do like you have to understand that different people have different amounts of energy.


They have you have this ability to to have these, like, really all encompassing thoughts where you have these long trains of ideas and thoughts in your head and you're implementing them. This is all good. This is this is a powerful thing.


And I don't think it's a negative thing at all.


I mean, some of it comes to, you know, I'm dealing with issues that are not just, you know, black and racial issues. I'm dealing with maverick, you know, innovator issues.




I'm dealing with, you know, just as many, uh, you know, issues where there's walls of, you know, invisible walls and invisible chains.


As you know, Michael Jackson dealt with as a black musician or urban musician where he had to go. And I'm urban. And he came with Thriller.


He's like, oh, let me go get this person to direct it, which is an easy way to get a movie director. And he change, you know, movies forever.


I'm dealing with some some walls that, you know, people have done to hold back agents of change throughout history.


You know, it's like the movie is here, like this part, you know, us talking right now may be a scene from my life's movie, like Tesla was.


You know, a white guy that was a ladies man and he would be going to all the fancy events and everything, and he stopped having sex at age 40 and said, you know, I'm going to focus on it.


And and I mean, he died. He died penniless at the end.


You know, I'm not going to say like he turned evil, but he's trying to sell a bomb. And he had all these, like, answers. That would change the Kocherga society, and my best example is like codecs is there in a place where they can barely pull it together now, but they invented the digital camera and they didn't bring it to market because.




They had all this film to sell or one of the things is really, you know, that's a challenge for me is, you know, I, I, I designed this thing, this we call it the phone runner, and we built a factory for it and code.


And you can make these in 25 minutes. And what I'm saying about design, I was talking to one of the just awesome designers that we just got over.


We got like this. Amazing crew, we got guys that Nike sued us for and one of these guys, I was trying to hire him for two years, he had to we had an he had to go surf for a year.


And Isaan and when he, like, you know, does is as a cad drawings, it's almost like one shot, one kill.


You know, sometimes you design stuff, you got to do it like five, eight times. Like his first one is so close to being ready to go to market because he sketches in a certain kind of way.


And for the longest we said, you know, let's I'm not saying I want to get rid of laces and we still have shoes.


We sell with laces because this is a popular shoe and people love this shoe.


And it it hurts me. I feel like Steve Jobs trying to, like, remove buttons off the side of the next apple. And one of the things that's interesting about this, if you look at most sneakers, if you look at you guys sneakers right now, you have a tongue, you know, and it it goes this direction.


This is one of the innovations about this is one reason why this is one of the most important sneaker designs, is this goes this way because it's ergonomic.


And I remember putting it on and being uncomfortable with wearing it because I'm so used to like the way like a Jordan or something fits with my jeans that I remember talking to Kobe and I'm talking about having to make sneakers that fit with jeans.


And that was a big thing because, you know, that's what we grow up.


We go where, you know, cock and eye jeans and Jordans or something like that.


So this also I feel that just the process when I design, I become like a three year old. I have to go to my gut. I have to forget everything I know and really focus in to what I feel like some straight Jedi Yoda or like, you know, if I grab that water bottle, like, I would have been cool if I just did it right now.


I should add a magnet on there that you like. Yeah. Oh, this is a wizard.


So, so, so for me, you know, I, I'm going to make this to be twenty dollars and, you know, money isn't real, so that means the world should be eventually free.


So I'm going to manifest the world being free.


My dad, he lives in a diary. He says, you know, anything that you put in the ground grows. So why do people still go hungry? And I like that in theory, but I was like, man, farming is really hard, though, man.


I think, you know, I might go hungry if I have someone to farm this food.


It's like but, you know, back in the days we we had that skill set. Now we're losing these skill sets that actually we can sustain off of.


So with this and I love give me guys my riff's, I'm like a human version of Instagram.


When you look at Instagram, you look at, you know, you're looking like a hundred images a day.


Well, I've got millions of images in my mind and the majority of them haven't been realized yet.


You know, there's some images that are from my memory, but I got this whole the future that's in my mind that has to be brought.


So this is you know, we talk about high culture and shoes being sold on the you know, the resale market.


And Yeezy lives in that place. But, you know, I don't like the idea. I don't love the idea that some of the reason why people buy it is just a.


For hyp culture or you ain't got this or I got this colorway and you don't have it, that type of mentality, I'm an I'm an Essentialists, I'm a I'm a minimalist.


And like, I have to I will bring the the fully A to Z our existence version to existence like Victor Gruene design the shopping centers, but he designed for utopian communities and people were like, oh, we're just cool with the shopping center.


That's all we want. And these ideas that he had never got brought to fruition, a little bit like Disney kind of Epcot Center on like on Victor growing. But these. This next frontier of these communities and villages of happiness are way closer to a Kenyan village than it is to like a gated community village.


But one of the things about your this aversion to hype culture, one of the good things about the high culture is if people get into your products, they're going to get into you and they're going to get into your ideas. And all these ideas that you have will become a part of their thought process. They'll start thinking about it and they go, hey, he's got some great points.


If people really get into your shit, they're also really going to get into your ideas. I think that's one of the things that make people uncomfortable about you because you have the courage to have all these bold ideas and to implement them and to do all these different things that bothers people.


And there's a lot of people that don't have that kind of courage and they are straddled down by anxiety and they see a guy like you and they try to find flaws. They try to find things that are wrong with it instead of looking at the positive aspects of it. The only concentrate on the negative aspects of it, I don't think I don't see it that way. I never saw it that way. I would look at that guy if I could do anything.


There's people like Tesla and there's people who you know, there's a person who killed animals with test, of course, to make people not like Tesla.


The person Edison. Yeah.


Person who made the electric chair be made with the test, of course, so people wouldn't like Tesla.


Tesla still has inventions that haven't been brought to our society that would have brought more simplicity and happiness to our society, like the Westinghouse ability to transmit electricity through the air, which is fascinating.


I don't know if that would have worked in today's world with cell phones and all the different electronics and even, you know, modern air travel. I don't know.


I don't know what it would have worked, but things would have been different.


People are over designing into industries where they see they can make some money as opposed to stepping back and saying, how do we look at the entire Earth as an opportunity to free everyone and create happiness for for everyone.


So, like only there's only a billion people on the Internet. You never think about that, the seven or eight billion people on on Earth, but then there's only a billion people that are influence and that are on the Internet.


We feel like the Internet is everything is only like 15, you know, 18 percent of human beings.


But in order to make it possible for us to survive, we have to make more human beings. We have we have family. We have we have to have food. We have to have shelter that we don't have to have the Internet. We don't have to have music. We don't have to have. You know, that's a conversation.


I mean I mean, it enhances life.


Yeah, it enhances the quality of life is better. But look at the music. Look look at look at the information.


We're we're we're we're putting in it like I feel bad when I hear rap songs. I feel bad.


Even the stuff that, you know, I just recently put out, I was like, you know, how you listen to labels? They The Imitation Man.


Like, why is that's just I don't like that message because we're all the imitation of our parents in imitation of this imitation and then imitation of Adam and Eve.


You know, we're we're we're all the next versions.


It should be the V to V three, like, you know, Michelangelo and Da Vinci had the same teacher.


You know, there's times where, you know, my like, people who work with me or say like my mentees or whatever who go out and they'll do something that I wanted to do. And then I'm I'm torn because as a man, you know, I'm I'm I'm jealous and I'm proud at the same time.


And it's like a father son relationship, because sometimes when when the sun goes out and is more successful at things the father wants to say, that's a good job.


But every time the son does something, does a good job, he reminds the father of his failures. Yes.


So it was just I mean, it's it's a it's a it's a strong dynamic that that's where I have to lean on God to not be like, you know, this just like a prick that's jealous of, you know, people who are innovating or taking, you know, the goal line, because we got to realize we're in a relay race of humanity at a certain point, whoever.


You know what what the inventors and the in the past, it is now handed over to the inventors. Today, they hand it over to the next inventors.


The good thing about the walls and the perception and all that is this like smaller barrier to entry allows there to be, you know, a Walt Disney and a Steve Jobs and a Henry Ford.


So what I'm doing right now, there's a there's a there's a real barrier to entry to do into constructing homes and communities and farm.


Like, you can't you can't just do it, like how you can just, you know, it's hard for someone to go from.


I'm not saying it can't happen. I'm just saying that is difficult for someone to go from, you know, programming and putting their music on the Internet today to what it was that Michael Jackson had to do.


That very entry was so hard for him.


I mean, since this guy was the leader of the Jackson five when he was five, like his entire life led up.


And this is what he focused on. And it made and it was all focus on that. So it made the great Michael Jackson.


Now, I want to do this comparison to Disney, Steve and Henry Ford and what is.


It's really hard to make houses, it's it's like a corrupt industry also. You got control. How many times have you started in a house and are contractors like start overcharging for stuff?


And the budget ends up being twice the amount and it's twice as long.


Look, if you had a relationship, this is why relationships are better currency than than the money.


If you had a relationship with the contractors, if you were part of their family, your house would be done quick.


I feel like it's a practical joke on rich people. How long houses take to Bill? I was in the airport and there was a first class line that was super slow and there was a coach area with like eight openings and there was no one in it. And then I hopped out and as other gentleman hopped out with me and went to that line and we went through.


But the rich people with the Irma's belts didn't want to lose their position so bad that they would rather wait in the first class line than to have the time back and go to that. Now, this gentleman is a surgeon that works on people's hearts, do their feet.


So it's like that kind of engineer's surgeon doctor mentality is like, yeah, I got money because this this is what I'm doing. But I'm here to serve. And I have a mentality that I'm not better than the person that's in coach, which is the reason why we were the only two that went through that. How do you segway off of this one? I just go into this.


I even find a question.


What do you think it over there? Oh, no, there's no love in this. Yeah, there's no reason to worry about it.


Yeah. You have this.


Do you have a rigid process that you organize your day with? Like, how do you you seem to have so many different thoughts and so many different things going on simultaneously.


Like how do you how do you organize your day? Do you have, like, ritual, do you have. Yeah, I drive my children to school, I drive my kids to school and I stay at school with them all day.


And, you know, I'm in the kitchen, like working with the top chefs on the planet to create this, you know, these healthy menus.


And I'm working with the farmers.


So the school that I'm at is also it's like this new. I don't want no disrespect, and as I was going to say, new NASA, but of humanity, that we're anchoring it around our children. So that's what my day consists of.


But then I also, in the past couple months, have been going to Atlanta for two days a week or three days a week because I'm building this 120000.


Oh, I'm not supposed to say that.


I'm building we're building a soundstage.


But and but it was funny because I go back and forth on content. Should I work in content? Should I work in tech? I have all these like website ideas and tech ideas. And sometimes I was like, I'll say I'm curse by tech.


Like, I'm not you know, I don't have any curses or God has led to me break the curse and break the chains.


I'd rather say I, I don't know if content is my calling, like messaging.


Like let me show you what a school of the future looks like. Let me show you monastery's of the future. Let me show farms the future looks like. But we're 20 years past the future, like it's in 2020, like we're supposed to be in the future by 2000.


So it's my job to pull the future into now.


And that's something I struggle with when I talk about the different things that I'm doing, getting into the idea of doing like content for Netflix or content for Hulu and like what that content, because I believe we're in the movie.


I believe we're in the game. We're in like Grand Theft Auto was just too many things that align. And we're not we can terraform.


What we can do is be like if you're Grand Theft Auto character just started redesigning the world, his self, like painting his own, his own world.


We have this opportunity to make life as fun as the second life.


But if you look at how politics, just general unhappiness, misery, control the speed that contractors go, the farmers that wouldn't finish the farm the way we are with each other is why people feel like, look, everyone's going to go into like this ready player one second life.


And I believe that our first life can be just as imaginative and it will be.


So that's my and I have a bunch of friends that work in the gaming industry and I have friends that work in the content industry.


And I'm saying I'm anchoring on real life to make real life as awesome as games, to make real life, as awesome as movies.


So did I answer the question of my schedule every day?


Yeah, but I mean, you so you just basically go on what you feel like working on. You basically just start your day, you do your stuff with your kids and then whatever these ideas you have, you just nourish them. You just encourage them. You just you just feed whatever thoughts are in your head.


Well, yeah, but what I was expressing on that on that last symphony I gave you was this was.


That I do have this challenge, that's where I'm designing I'm I'm actually designing what I'm doing with my time saying. Should I be even taking a meeting like when I take a meeting? I know if is a good or bad meeting, if someone's talking to me and I just get sleepy, I know that that's not what I should do.


But if someone's talking, you know, energize.


I like saying the word energize over the word excited because this is what they do to this is what they do to all of us to get us excited, excited and anxiety, kind of go together like someone to say, hey, I got you a new car and it's across the street and you get so excited, you run across the street, get hit by a car, trying to run to your new.


But if you're energized about having the car, perhaps you look both ways.


I play this dictionary game with the like this this small Webster pocket dictionary, and we'll go to a page and say, go to page with the word help on it. And we say highlight all the words you think are positive. And then we talk about afterwards, why do you think that's positive?


So the word help is like it's like it's like a bad leg on a table.


You think you could stand on it, but if you stand right there, that table could flip over.


The fourth definition in the word help is to ignore. And it actually makes sense, you know, all like if you have a meeting.


Right. Here's the answer. When, you know, the meeting didn't do good, didn't go well, the person says it, then, oh, how can I help?


That means they don't want to do nothing. They're just give you a phone number.


Right. You know, the word is to ensure and then there's a lot of words.


And would you agree that a very powerful future. Sure.


Pure endure and that goes into like the right, because I'm literally trying to figure out the video game at all times and see where these things parallel.


I know this can get into like a riff for people like, OK, yeah, you're losing what you're saying right now.


But but look at that. Look at the dictionary. Look at these words. I have friends that English is their second or third or eighth language.


And they say that English is the hardest language to learn because there's so many words to that mean the same thing.


It like it tears me to my core that my daughter has to learn to swallow the difference between NATO and Teoh.


I want to just be like just draw the number two. I just make it like I sometimes I don't know when you know the difference. I'm like a terrible speller. And I believe that there's like curriculums that are that are European curriculums that don't even apply to our genes.


You know, who we are as a people like African descent people. We don't even talk like that. Like this is a skill set.


But I'm still talking white, basically, like you'll see like a black pastor, you know, give this amazing, like, sermon or like Mary, someone I was at a wedding. And this guy, they said, wow, he speaks so well.


What do you mean? Well, he speaks super white, like went.


Yeah, that's what the definition of. Well, right. Right. It just sounds that you use and to communicate ideas. Right. Well, that's funny.


I bumped into a friend of mine. I actually Matt Williams is that juvenilia. I wasn't expecting to see.


I wasn't expecting I mean, expecting to see him.


I wasn't expecting to see him. And we're at the Mercer lobby. And he caught me off guard and I was like. I didn't use words when when I when I when I saw them, I like almost communicated in a different language, like a language, like joy or happiness.


Only 30 percent of our communication is is verbal.


That's why the mask just really throw me off, because I can't tell what someone is thinking and feeling, because a lot of times people don't say what they're thinking or feeling.


Right. And I have to decode it with the mask.


I can only, you know, hear what they're saying. That's the problem with social media, too, right?


Yes. Things are black and white and things being taken out of context. I mean, that's a reason why people like, you know, love the show, that they're like, oh, we got the yay Joe Rogan.


We can hear him going to all of these riffs. Yeah. And we can feel him.


You could see, you know, how I'm looking. You can see my energy and the way I'm saying it to so and and you see people sitting down having an actual conversation.


A real conversation. Yeah.


And a conversation where anybody that comes on this show, you don't have like this like sometimes with reporters they have like people, they're media. They have like a complex. You don't have a complex.


You'd like your let's first off to get this straight, like if I like, I could whip your ass. I'm Joe Rogan.


I'm a professional fighter. Now, let's start the conversation, which I think is another reason. Like what? Nick Cannon. He's like, man, I married Mariah Carey. I did all these.


And both of these interviews have been very positive because people aren't carrying something already, like some form a chip on their shoulder where they got to like every sentence.


Sometimes I talk to reporters.


It's like they're saying the thing they wanted to say to this guy in high school that they never got to complete the conversation and they're taking it out on me.


I'm like, yeah, I think there's a lot of people that have conversations with people and they want to create a viral moment, too, that it's not just a conversation. They have an agenda. It's it's almost like you were talking about the Disney Star Wars movies, that then it's not a work of art. It's it's a formula like two plus two is four. Let's put those together. We'll make some money instead of the original Star Wars, which was the hero's journey, which was like a Joseph Campbell book.


It's like there was a beauty and a purity to it. It's a it's an expression like someone comes up with an idea and they bring it to fruition and then you get to watch and you're like, wow, it moves you. The new movies don't move you.


And it was a crew of of of leaders of thought leaders that like I was as a Brian De Palma that told George to put the words at the beginning, because it's like you really I've been feeling like it's like when I talk up to this point I just been making, you know, and then the toys from Star Wars have now come out first, which would be like, you know, like the Jeezy's or something like that.


And now it's making the whole Star Wars in real life like backwards.


Like the product came first, kind of like Disney, like Disney.


He was Mickey Mouse became super popular before he was able to get all of his Imagineer Imagineer is in.


I want to point out, you know, when people talk about being, you know, self-absorbed or the center of your own universe, what's the main character in Star Wars name?


Luke Skywalker, who created Star Wars, George Lucas. But did he write it, but listen to that last name. Yeah, that's yeah. George Luke. Yes. Yeah.


He's the main character in Star Wars. He gets disaster.


And it was awesome.


Yeah. There's there's something about things that are pure. Right.


Versus things that are attempting to recreate something that people are going to like. There's a difference. And it's in music as well. Right. Like your music resonates with people because it's obviously coming from your mind, whereas some people are creating songs that they think are going to be hits.


They're creating top 40. It's coming from my heart and my gut.


But when it's the most pure, it's coming from God.


And I'm being used as a channel.


It's like when Tonya Harding hit the triple flip, you know, she had all that skill.


And then at some point it's that Calatrava's, because I'm about to say triple triple Lindy, like is Rodney Rodney Dangerfield.


But it's like there's these moments where we do things that are seem like superhero level. And I think that's what M. Night Chalamont was laying out for us with unbreakable glass.


And what was the other one with the guy with the multiple personalities, just like he's got three of these films that are like showing us, hey, you're superheroes, you can believe it.


The greatest disabler of our of our abilities, our greatest our greatest kryptonite is dout. Right? You know, fear. Yeah, doubt.


Like, why did I, you know.


Like going to why did I register so late to run for president covid like I remember like I had I had the virus and I was sitting, you know, quarantined in my house and my cousin text me about being prepared to run for president.


And I just completely, like, put it off to the side because I was, like, shivering and, you know, having the shakes, taking hot showers and eating soup and, you know, just like have it.


I don't think it was that bad. I think it was a mild case and it just threw off I mean, threw everyone off.


It threw everybody's plans off. And then, you know, it was just a calling on my heart.


And I remember talking to, like, really like elitist, you know, writers.


You know, I was trying to avoid saying a white supremacist, but like elite, like the liberal elites are like.


You know, so, boy, who are you going to vote, you know, like who are you to run for office and why would you sign up for office?


You know, if you if you can't even get on ballots that people are saying that to me and I could get on the ballot. It's like there's black mothers that go into to hospital and the doctor will tell them that there's something wrong with their child to get them to. This is happening to this date. And then when people say, you know, are you a are you a pawn like for the Republicans? The reason why I think that people are asking me that is because because the Democrats do create black pawns, they do have celebrities that they'll sit down and meet with and say, you're going to be an advocate for the Democratic Party.


And, you know, everyone's like, you know, and I'm not trying to take any sides of like Republicans or Democrats.


I'm just saying, why were why were people so much thinking that I was like a form of a pawn?


And then the idea that, you know, liberals who say, like, the funny thing is liberals, I think and I'm I don't know if I could classify myself as liberal, but I'm definitely kind of liberal elite.


I wrote my beautiful, dark, Twisted Fantasy like I've had some of the best writing.


So that would put me in that class, so to say.


But I'm also just a purist, like I see a Kenyan home and be like, that's beautiful right there. I'm not like I got to have the.


So the one of the most racist things that liberals who pride themselves on not being racist have said to me is like you're going to split the black vote. And that makes it seem like. Black people can't make decisions for ourselves and that don't know white people know me like I'm only like only deliberately, literally make it seem like only black people will vote for me. Right. Think about that statement, the the nuance of institutionalized racism. And this would be like somebody from the art world, you know?


I mean, they just have a place where no one has really been able to embrace the idea of blacks not being in a block and staying in one place for blacks out to vote Democrat.


Yeah, blacks have an opinion like us not being on boards or us being like handlers for other black people.


Meaning like if we work at a label, we work at a big corporation, it's our job to go talk to the other black people, you know, to calm other black people down.


But we're working for, you know, Universal or Vivendi or whatever the organization is where, you know, I was thinking about buying my masters and I realized that that was too small of a thought.


I'm going to buy Universal. Are only a three billion dollar organization, I'm one of the greatest product producers that ever existed. I'm and I'm a child.


I'm 43 years old.


I was 53 million dollars in debt, you know, four years ago. And now it's proven that I'm the new Michael Jordan of products. I went to Adidas and we were 15 billion dollar organization, losing two billion before covid hit our market cap of 68 billion. I went to the Gap and our partner with the Gap and our stock jumped 45 percent in two hours. The organization made two billion dollars and two out in two hours. And now we've double.


I mean, the gap was Markopoulos lower than it was like three billion dollars. When when when I first got there. Now it's like seven, eight billion dollars. And we haven't even released a product yet. But what I loved, I you know, I sat there and I did the deal without getting on the board.


And I looked at my cousin and I and I didn't want to sign the deal without being on the board. And I looked down and said, I'm doing this for you. Meaning like, this is part of a relay race. It would just be a given that if someone of color was to your position, my position of influence will be on the board. But Michael Jordan had to break down walls and Michael Jackson had to break down walls for us to break down the next walls.


And the next walls are the boardroom, because you know what the boardroom is. It's an opinion. See, people are fine for us to play basketball and, you know, rap and make clothes, but.


Society as a setup is not really used to are fine with us actually having an opinion and I can understand why, because what is our opinion based on if we grew up thinking we were slaves or if our opinion isn't based on, hey, my dad taught me how to run this company, you know, my dad is smarter than me and everything he wanted to do, black people thought he was crazy and he had to do it with white people who thought he was incompetent because he was black.


And the way these companies and the way the music industry, the way managers and the way society generally looks at black people is the way like a misogynistic man looks at a hot lady. Hmm. What can you give me? What can you do for me? No one misogynistic man. I can look at a hot lady and say. Can you run my company? So, you know, this idea of me, you know, and I got like, you know, I'm building my factories, I've simplified the design and I was working with a guy that, you know, that's helping me to, you know, build some of the factories.


It was an older white gentleman and he just matter of factly says, we're sitting at his house in Malibu.


It's a nice day. As a matter of fact, he says Adidas will never put you on the board.


And I'm like this this wall has to come down like, how could you not have the guy that has the best idea?


So one of the great things with Universal, one of the approaches that we have is, you know, universal.


When Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre sold Beats by Dre Universal had a chance to buy in to do different things. They sold it for three billion dollars.


That was half of the value of Universal at the time of six billion due to the Internet, which the music industry was afraid of in 2000. Universal.


Now, I think is worth thirty three, thirty five billion dollars, and now they have another Steve Jobs, you know, Howard Hughes, Henry Ford, Disney, Elon kind of character within their midst.


But they're so concerned about the control of the idea of artists because they're using me as like this artist that has attracted other artists.


Also, I use them.


I got famous, I made some money. I got to tour, you know, I became this superstar. So we use each other. Now, is it just an adjustment that needs to be made in the relationship?


And I can make and I will make products that. Will make more money than Universal is worth, but it's not about the money, as I said earlier, it's about the fact that even though my net worth is five billion dollars and I'm one of the most famous, most influential God-Fearing Christians on the planet, the.


I still have to go to this man or this organization and ask him for something, and that is what it's about, you can have a company right, when you go into your company, don't think because you got the most ownership that you actually have the control.


If you don't have the information and the knowledge of how the distribution works and you're not having that conversation, you don't have the control. So what I did in my organization with Universal, with Gap and with Adidas, I told my lawyers, my managers everything.


No one could communicate with these organizations except for me.


You can give me advice, but they got to talk to the boss, which is me.


And right there, you start to get the information flow, I guess.


Who's my CFO?


Who, me? So that means I do have the time I do this 10 to 15 transactions, what I do is I pay because I had open credit cards, I had checks, you know, I had people flying in and out. I had a consultant agreements like people who weren't on the salary, but they were consultors.


I had, you know, people paying for flights, hotels, cars, food, Netflix, like everything, just running the account.


Just even right now, I cancel all my credit cards except for one credit card.


This is like the Oprah Winfrey moment where she's like, man, when I started spending cash, I was like, I really realize, you know, how much I was spending.


And I've signed all my own checks. And I think that happens in the music industry is just a lot of industries that people tell you that someone needs to do something for you. And it's like, look this, Siiri, do everything you know you can do. It's possible.


And it's just when you ask me, how do I delegate my time, it's important for me to delegate my time. If I made 210 million dollars last year.


Yeah, I have a lot of maverick ideas. I'm working on cities and homeless shelters and farms and I'm reinventing myself.


So a lot of mavericks will, you know, spend their money on their ideas and they'll invest in what they see the future is. And I ended up with a net worth of ten million.


I remember, you know, a few a month ago, people were like, you can't show your taxes because people won't understand that you're a billionaire if they see that you only needed ten million last year.


And after the Gap deal happened, my net worth went from three point three billion to five billion. And I've been asking the people around me to run the story and they were going to run it with Bloomberg. They never ran it. I was not afraid of people looking at me like I was not a billionaire.


And I said, be honest, show my taxes, show everything.


And then the reports came back, oh, you're worth five billion.


It came from me just being honest when I want to say something about the Gap deal also and specifically the name The Gap in my my journey with that, like at age six, I worked at The Gap.


I always saw the gap as like being the apple of apparel, always had this comparison with Seijas.


I always felt like I was the Steve Jobs of the Gap.


If somehow how clean it was and what Mickey Drexler done all these commercials and like, you know, at age 16, I was working at The Gap and I got fired for stealing and I was actually still in khakis.


I was still in khakis from my friend. Funny thing.


Look, I stole khakis from my friend when I started doing music at age 98.


I went and bought a chain. I came home one day, didn't see what the chain was, come to find out my friend was smoking crack and it stole my chain. So the guy I was stealing for enough stealing from me.


But his khakis, I was still in some gap khakis. I wanted those khakis that bad. So then 27 years later, you know, I give my life to God and I start doing Sunday service.


One of the things that I had to do for Sunday service I got to do that was fun for me to do was to design the wardrobe for Sunday service and we would redesign t shirts. And it says in the Bible that Jesus wore seamless garment.


So we started building T-shirts with a seam was only here are only two seams on the shirt or moving it around and what the neck was. And I made t shirt after t shirt after t shirt and cristiana we say we stand in the gap.


So watch this. This opportunity is presented, and I always had clothes that were kind of chill like they could be at the Gap, they were not overly fashionable.


And God said, you you you stood in the gap. And I'm how you stand in a gap for real, and I'm going to give you favor and increase, and I know some person, I know somebody with all that design and T-shirts who come in handy, I literally was designing T-shirts for Sunday service, like David working out in the field, tending to the field. You know, when Goliath came, they wanted one of his brothers in the Warriors to to go up against Goliath and his father chose David and David.


I don't need all this armor. I just need these three smooth stones.


I just need you know, this is how I got to see. They didn't know David had had to fight a lion and had to fight a bear. So God, by him tending to the feel and humility and in service to God and honor to his family, he was able to have the skill set to take down Goliath. We hit the street. You know, it's a term that I had to learn Wall Street. We hit the street like you never, ever saw it before.


I used to be in San Fran, ask people to invest in me. Nobody would invest in me when I went to a wedding in San Fran with all these billionaires and investors, angel investors, you should have seen people's faces. They were like, you jump from the three point line. You ran a stock by 45 percent. You see, think about this.


You're going to split the black vote. You can't vote for the you you're only a rapper. You want to. It's like all these things that diminish me. Yeah. And now it's like Deadpool, like I came back is like a superhero. And I won't let that be the kryptonite. I won't let my own ego be my kryptonite. I won't let other people's opinions be my kryptonite. I won't let these labels that people put on me be my kryptonite.


And a lot of times I don't like to watch these interviews back until about, you know, three, four or five years later, because I'm always, you know, I'm visiting the now I'm existing in the future and visiting the now when I'm speaking to you.


And they make a lot more sense in the future because I can tell you. But he can show you guys a lot of stuff.


I'm telling you, some people are following me. Some people are believing in it, and some people are just doubting it because they want to put this label on.


He's crazy or it's just a black guy saying it or it's just a rapper. It's just a it's just an entertainer. It's just whatever it is. So I can say the most wild ideas. I last like Veronica Cornerstone wanting to be an anchorperson.


And I remember she says, Iran, I told you I wanted to be. He said, yes, I heard you. I wrote it down. Veronica Corticosterone had a very funny joke tonight. And every time I talk, it's like Veronica Cornerstone having a very funny joke tonight.


Like when I said I was going to run for president, that was like, OK, go ahead. Would you like to interject? Do you have thoughts and ideas also that you'd like to have be a part of your interview? Well, you went from what you want from people mad at you.


They're splitting the black vote all the way to the gap and all the way to Veronica.


I mean, but I then I brought it back. Yes, you did.


To the vote to run for president back from to people doubting you and people putting limitations on you people to tune in on this podcast to go on the journey with us.


Yeah. Doesn't do or they don't. It's up to them. But do you know, the beautiful thing is you're not listening to these people, these people that are trying to put these labels on you and tell you what to do and you're not saddled down by fear, you're not saddled down by doubt. You're willing to take these chances. If you did become president, what would you do that was different? I mean, pretty much everything I was just looking at the suits last night, I was like, yo, what would you redesign?


I don't wear white anymore. They had a white shirt. You know, they had a like a. I just, um, I would I would redesign this, I will, and it's I would it's not as if it's not as if it's just win. Right.


We've got to start with a budget, I feel like, you know, the fact that I went from being in debt. To to begin, I don't even like the way he sounds about it, because we think about Steve Jobs, his money is like the least of what's awesome about him.


And the money is just a tool. Like it's like nails, like I got the most now feel like it's scored on the scoreboard, though.


It proves it proves not just value, but it proves effectiveness.


Yeah. And it's like you're crazy to you're right. So it proves in some way that a lot of the things I said, they were crazy. I was actually right about. Yeah.


Looking at that budget. And I think that that's part of God's like training, like Mr. Miyagi. Paint the fence, you know, Karate Kid Danielsson. I own that.


I gave like the full description of the of the analogy just in case people didn't.


What do you think you would do, though, if they come to you with talks about foreign policy?


People love talking about foreign policy. That's the number one question. But when I talk about the budget, you know, this paint the fence, the fact that I had to. You know that I have to understand. Three hundred dollars million of cash a year that you don't get trained for that. That's like astronaut training that I have to understand how to have multiple industries that I have to understand how to build and house and provide. You know, I provide people with health care.


And I could have I had this idea of doing a zero employee org where I put everything on my partners on Universal, on the Gap, on Adidas.


But I believe this is amazing training for me as a black person.


There's people who who have been raised to respect a penny, but as a black person, I've been raised to look down at a penny.


But the people who really hold their money respect every penny. They respect the money.


And it's interesting, I had an argument with one of my managers because I made my own travel ban and my organization because, you know, I did when I did a Sunday service a month and a half ago, I was 25 flights coming in of people I didn't know because there's criminals in my organization trying to kill Bob Marley, not to JFK or MLK me, but deplete my resources.


So I created the shovel to explain that what do you mean by that, what I mean by what criminals in your organization like, what do you mean?


Meaning there's people that, OK, I fired this one CFO. About three months ago and up to a week ago, he still had an open credit card because I want to dig lower and lower and go to it.


It's like always like, is this the new person that's in charge?


Your money is like, no, I'm the new person that's in charge of your money. That's in charge of my money, rather. So.


So that's why you became your CFO? That's why I became and it's it's the best and it's it clears my thoughts and it really helps me with design.


It helps me as I'm designing designing what I'm doing at the job, helps me when I'm how I'm designing the curriculum.


It helps me and the way I'm designing the kitchen, the way I'm delegating, the way I'm working, the way I am and being a better leader, being a better being a better listener. But there was some question you had. I had I was answered and I gave it all before you went to foreign policies. I went to the the budget where I said, it's like Danielsson painting the fence.


The fact that I've had to really look at and understand that kind of money and this God given anointing, being a producer, being a head of industry, to be a God fearing and God and a servant of God and a producer and had an industry at the same time is literally like the perfect combination for a president.


And to be honest, I'm Laeter.


Like every now and then America has to get America deserves the world deserves a leader that they can 100 percent trust that.


Whatever I'm saying to you with the information that I have in front of me, I 100 percent believe that, like when I talk to the when I was with the president of Haiti and he gave us an island, me and Shervon Pushover, that was early angel investor at Uber and is working on the Virgin Hyperloop right now, really great friend of mine.


He saved me. He had me avoid deals where I was going to give up a percentage of my company for a third of the value and different things like that.


So we go to Haiti and the president gives us this island to develop, to make a city of the future.


And also we're going to have the farmers and the people who live there take a percentage, I mean, take ownership of the land that they have right now.


So when it raises in value, they all eat off of what the ideas. But he said that. The way that he has done business with our president is so straightforward, I believe that I know that me as president would be the best thing that ever happened for America's foreign policy.


I've traveled more than any president already, and I bring people together. I put rivals on songs together to create masterpieces.


I go in, I empathize when I meet with leaders in Africa, when I meet with leaders in, um, I don't really have a good next thing.


I want it to sound good.


And I named my leaders and I wanted to set fire bit that. But when it's the honesty.


So when I, when I meet with and when I meet with leaders, I'm not trying to go in there and see how they can use my Internet. I'm not trying to go in there and buy up their land and develop it and buy it up for cheap.


You know, we're going to share information.


You know, we're you know, we have an idea. We just have a dual citizenship for Americans with African descent that.


The ability to create environments in communities completely can change the way people act, you know, if people are hungry, they're going to act a certain way and people have food, they're going to act a certain way.


And people are away from their friends and family. They're going to act a certain way. They're going to need to go to college town. They need to stop by this, you know, frat party and, you know, drink and do that. But when they're, you know, but you got to go here.


So then you could go there. And like, society is all about dismantling the family. I see things being more like a kibbutz or, you know, where the family can be as close and where the grandparents can be next to the children.


And you know, these ideas I have about how communities should be our world wide, simplified ideas and that they're not based on industry, even though I understand industry, they're based on serving God and serving families.


And that's something that everyone across the globe, no matter what. Country in the world, whatever continent in the world, all of the moms and dads have something in common, they want the world to be better for their children. We all want the world to be better for the children, and we can show ways that we are not at odds.


Think about the world as a giant piano, but we're playing off key. So for a producer to synthesize those ideas and not say, OK, we're going to shut.


I spent time in China, I spent a year in China when I was in fifth grade, I used to speak Chinese like Nehama Shishani, like, I don't know a lot of yeah.


My mom was an English professor and I had an exchange program where a Chinese student could come to America and she could go to which was there was like Chinese at that time, couldn't come to America as as easily so. You know, there's America's greatest export is influence and culture, China actually has like imitation Paris imitation.


They probably an imitation calabashes at this.


They probably do at this point.


You know, the artists define culture. That's what makes these artists that made the design. The Statue of Liberty is the artists that designed the Eiffel Tower. This is the reason why I donated one hundred million dollars to James Tyrrell's Roden crater project when I went to this is like the eighth wonder of the world.


But I saw spaces that we can exist in that would be helpful for our health, our well-being.


These are healthier places for us to be. We need to be like almost like Terralliance, like our our life is like a Shakespeareans.


Like Shakespeare has written 30 percent of our language that we use.


Like I say, like he must have been a really nice person, like de Vinci used to walk away from people when he would talk to people.


And that's but that's the reason why The Da Vinci Code and at The Da Vinci Life, because he never was able to get it across to the to the to the level to affect us for generations to come.


These people love art, but they want to put art in the box.


We need to surround ourselves with the artist because the artists are the the most connected, the most truthful, and their dinosaur never got killed.


Somehow the people who have figured out how to make a real a living off of art is what do you mean by the dinosaur?


Never killed meaning? Art class will be considered to be fun like every kid loves to draw. Yeah, right. But some people got to grow up and like the artists, right. And so we don't have to. Yes. Like this. We're all children. We're all if you're if you're alive, you're a child. We're all children in God's eyes.


And we're all young people like Jesus is old, like he's only, you know, like Adam is old.


You know, if you're alive, you're you're young and we're like children.


And there's all these things, these sharp edges, these corners, these anxieties, these fears, these things put in our our food, our diet, our diet of what we consume right here that turn us old and make us breteau and make us put that fear on our kids.


Don't you put that evil on me, Ricky.


Bobby, I put that they put that. We put these evils on our children, put racism on our children.


We put fear on our children. And the children are fearless to children. It's funny. It's like Claudio Sylvester in one of our lead architects I work with since age 24.


He built this home in America with with John Paulson. And he has like this golf course where it's the acoustics are incredible.


But it's this part where you can walk along that's 20 feet high. And I said, you know, would you you know, what about the kids?


You know, you have a balcony, you have a Bannisters. And he looked at me, said, they're smarter than we think.


Wow, and meaning, like, if we were never taught the missing Bannister theory that we could all tightrope walk among the missing Bannister theory, I wrote it in my book.


Thank you. And you're welcome. I wrote my friend Sakia that's actually here right now.


That's that you're talking to earlier is look, you could walk down a straight line without worrying about anything, but you take that as a straight line and put a 20 story high, 20 stories high. You know, I'm going with it. Yeah.


And you move the balconies, you're going to be so concerned about the idea of falling that it will make you fall. Yep. And that's where the superpower is in removing the fear. Yes.


That's a beautiful thing to say right there. And it's also probably the first sound bite thing that I've said, the entire thing. All right. Let me talk to you about so we're serious here.


So let's talk about like real presidential issues. Let's talk about here's here's some things that just when we talk about this country, here's some things that are that mean a lot to me. One student debt. I think it's crazy. I think it's crazy that we take children when they're 17, 18 years old. We sent them away to college. We make them literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. And then we ask them to go out into the world and try to manage this money and try to get a job that's going to pay them a fraction of what they owe for their education.


I think it's crazy. I think we should figure out a way to absolve student debt. I think we should figure out a way to make education, at the very least, far less expensive than it is now. This is this is a big issue for people.


I'm I'm completely confident that I will figure out how to get America out of debt, that I have the ability once I see everything, I never make the wrong decision.


When I'm given all the information, that's my that's my skill set, anything I go into producing rap, homes, clothing, anything, once I'm given the right information, I apply my tastes and I have the best taste on the planet.


I mean, Quincy Jones is a couple of people that's like, OK, Quincy Jones might be better than me, but if Quincy could you imagine Quincy Jones as a president?


I could, yeah. Walt Disney, Steve Jobs. Like maybe maybe some of these personalities are a little volatile.


Yeah, yeah. But that's how he gets things done. Yeah. Like for America to be as. Warming and inviting as as as Disneyworld, there used to be, you know, this dream of, you know, people still have this dream of coming to them.


They're coming to America like it's the America that I grew up even with, like when Ronald Reagan was in office. It's like he was hanging out with Michael Jackson.


And, you know, it's like it felt a plus of the way the media show things like the American dream was alive and well and even at the same time.


And the ghetto, it was a living hell.


And we were being, you know, given, you know, bricks were put on the street, bricks are put on the street during the riots.


Now bricks are put on the street in a these different kind of brick. And there were guns plays and the fathers were being taken out of the hood. And this is all this.


So don't let me say, like everything was perfect doing that during that era.


But the perception right now, perception is more important than it's ever than it's ever been. Like what we show, you know, it's just I mean, it's outright.


It's just I don't even want to I don't want to I don't want anyone to dwell on it. Let's keep going into what you're saying about the debt, because also I don't have like if you ask me about covid, I can only give you my perspective as a civilian.


I don't I'm not talking to these the same people, you know, and also in power, the geniuses I was talking to, my man Fred and my boy Anthony about crypto and bitcoin, you know, the yesterday just to be prepped for this conversation and not about the specifics of alternate currencies, which is like AC, which is like Tesla, which but the the that my mind just goes on.


He's like Riff's right here.


But Jack Dorsey decentralized Twitter two months before it really hit because he was talking to the Bitcoin guys. And these are guys that really have a perspective on what the true liberation of America and humanity will be.


These guys, a lot of that, the specific that he's got. But a lot of the tech guys were able to use the new highways, the new information highways and create the next frontier of our existence. Wow.


The powers of our political system are still anchoring on Electoral College, which was based around slavery, about the idea of slaves being three fifths of man.


And get this. It wasn't even created by pro slaves, three fifths of man was created by the anti slaves in the north as a compromise, and that basically explains the existence of black people in America to this day. The people that were on our side supposedly said we were three fifths of men. Hmm. The people that were on our side, the people on our side thought of us as three fifths of man, meaning like, yeah, come work for us.


But, you know, your three fifths of men sitting have Electoral College and gerrymandering happening to this date, where if you have Latinos, blacks, other minorities, they're redrawing the lines to affect the vote to this day. That does not relate to the information highway that we live in today that allow all these, you know, tech guys to become multibillionaires and lead and and and lead free thought or allow, you know, as best as we could a version of free thought.


And I gave you a symphony, but you see how all this really connects. We're sticking. You know, why don't we just keep why are we when we put the white wigs back on, they still wear the white wigs out. Yeah. England, they still wear, you know, that's the whole thing.


Just because, you know, someone's not, you know, wearing a KKK uniform or a white wig doesn't mean that they aren't holding on to the very core of the country being, you know, based on and built off of slavery.


So when everyone's saying vote in, that's the reason why my Merce's vote, Kanye, because, like. Vote for who? Look, man, if you ain't going to say who you vote, no, I don't even wear the vote t shirt. That's so random, right? That's so right. And we have these no vote is like Democrat. And because there's nobody is the Trump that's like where's the vote T-shirt? Isn't that funny? It's such.


Well, go ahead. Did you say that? Yeah.


You say vote is mostly vote Democrat.


And if you have an American flag, mostly you're voting Trump like these are these are realities that we've sort of accepted and it's subs.


It's all the subliminal stuff that's that's based on like fear and control. Even like this. Like this. Look at this. The whole this is the three fifths of man thing. Right, OK. The Democrats were willing to take the chance. Of not winning as long as the conglomerate could be completely in control of. As a completely controlled you know, I'm saying that Bernie yeah, Bernie would have won, he would have won this is so I would try that.


I'm saying, like, Bernie is a hero. Yeah.


You know, and he would be the perfect, the perfect and the perfect person to be the opposite of what Trump represents. Yeah. He's an anticapitalist. He's a he's a guy who is a social Democrat.


And you but you know the problem, they couldn't control Bernie because you can't you can't control.


And he's he's been so consistent his whole life.


So so what I'm saying is they literally kicked at this. Doesn't say so. It's like they kicked the superhero in saying they they want to control.


That's the same thing they did with Tulsi Gabbard. But Bernie was interesting because he's this democratic socialist, because he's got these ideas that are scary to capitalism.


You know, it's funny because I created the birthday party, which on the on the next election, what's going to happen is, I mean, you guys got 300 million viewers, you know, after this would probably be 900 million because I run the stock up and I was a little bit of Bill Cosby in the development, but that's exactly exactly so.


So this is a long rant, but I really would like to talk to you about specific things, OK? And it was a beautiful long symphony, but there's a there's a cap on it.


There's a pop.


We don't we don't. We don't. I mean, we're cap here maybe.


OK, and an end note thing, as I said, we get everyone away, but there's a possibility that I could. It's actually technically possible for me to win now, which would be the best option for America.


I would I'm on 12 ballots and in 17 states that you could write me in on.


So if people got up, people that never voted, got a registered voter for me, they'd have to take it, take it to the House because. I would you know, I could possibly win. Now I'm definitely 100 percent winning in 2024, and with that thought, I was like, OK, I got the birthday party, but I was thinking. Maybe there's a possibility I would be. They said that wouldn't happen. I was thinking I would possibly be the Democrat, you know, I don't think they would ever let you in like that, but I don't know maybe who knows what happens after this.


Joe Biden, Kamala Harris thing, who knows now knows what they think.


You know, I would be the first. I'm. I'm trying I'm not trying to I'm one of the. First. Super famous public. Black Freewill Servants of Christ, since modern media has come to pass, meaning when I, when I when I talk, I'm not talking for a conglomerate, I'm talking for myself in service to God.


That's it, that's it, like I'm not you know, I'll cover my people, cover my family, but there's not some big plan or like some practice script thing where it says you go in and you you say this, you do this.


We've got we want to keep selling Kodak film. So we want to stop, you know, you from bringing out the digital camera.


We want to keep, you know, sell this, raise the price of gas.


So we're not going to look to how to safely harness nuclear power to do electric power. OK, go ahead.


Ask another question. I really just I quite love the sound of my own voice.


As you can see, it's fairly it's OK. It's this microphone we start. It sounds great. We so we started with student debt and we got on this long symphony.


Yeah. Have you given thought into the idea of free education? And particularly here's a big one for me as well.


Free health care. I think if we think of ourselves as a country and our country as a community, we're all a bunch of people that are together. If we're going to take care of things like the fire department, if we're going to take care of things like the police department education, we've got to take care of health care. We got we got to make it so that people get sick. They don't go bankrupt. We got to make it so that no one has to worry about being taken care of.


And I don't mean to eliminate the ability for someone to hire a private specialist for surgery or anything like that. I'm not I'm not saying that, but I'm saying at the very least, we have to cover basic medical concerns for the population. It's just it's a giant part of what it is to be a person, is to worry about your your body being broken, to worry about being sick, to worry about what it's going to cost your family financially and how it could ruin people.


This is a I mean, this is a huge issue in our country, is medical health. So have you thought about that? Absolutely. I hear you and I feel you and I feel what people are going through.


I think that. There is a. It's not just how we treat people, there's preventative measures, yes, that can help us from getting sick, are our diet, are our locations, are the our jobs.


There's a lot of that that affects us and puts it in those situations.


Transportation, you know, like as you go to like autonomous vehicles and tram systems, like just kind of, you know, trains that are like floating malls or floating Starbucks or something like moving like designing our world to be the world of the future will will help us with health.


That's the preventative measures. And then as far as being more inventive in the way we we connect holistic medicine with modern medicine, I believe in both medicine.


I believe in God. I believe in God. And nature, I believe in science and physics and, you know, it's like the first simplest form of bioengineering, I think is farming.


And to be able to.


I have like I talk about the guys at Emit, the greatest scientists in the world, there's people who are that are like the islands of the the medical field, but perhaps they're sitting there on the on on the floors, like serving on the front line, fighting covid, where, you know, they didn't have the opportunity to create people and become a billionaire and go to the next idea or when they present it and want people to invest in these inventions that they have, they haven't had the voice of the platform to bring this invention.


There's cures to things like one of the things is the silver bullet, like what I went through with the medication when they gave me the medication that made me fat.


But then they said, OK, we have one that doesn't.


We all know what a silver bullet is, a medication. Right.


So it's the it's a medication that goes and just kills exactly what it's supposed to kill.


But for capitalism, that's not the best medication to actually cure people.


Capitalis want to keep people. They want to treat them. They want to treat they want to keep you sick because that's how you keep making money to have a guy. Like for me, when I say I put my life on the line, I think about Abraham Lincoln.


I think about JFK to go in and sit and say, you know, the whole thing is now everyone is going to be more prosperous.


I think is the word. Now, specifically, are you going to five x your money?


Everyone's like trying to you know, it's about prosperity and to be able to really have real conversations with the lead heads of like Big Pharma and real conversations with the heads of, uh, of, uh, holistic and natural healing to put these people in a room together.


People learning to have they're mad at each other. They're afraid of each other. Hmm.


I donated to a Christian school in Cody and, uh, I also went by and saw this other amazing school in in Cody, where they have autistic children and kids with special needs in the same classrooms as other as regular kids and.


I just saw this juxtaposition and the head of that that school is a Christian, but it's a state school, so there's no prayer in the school. And then the other school is fully Christian, but it's not a state school, so they don't have money in the school.


And I wanted to have dinner with both of the principals come to find out.


The principal and these guys, they talk maybe at a softball game or some the principal. House is one block walking distance, the principal of one school's house is one block walking distance from the school or the other principal that were this close.


Right now we have the solutions, but we all have our backs to each other.


We need to face each other like how we're facing each other right now and have these conversations. The solutions for Utopia are in front of us. But what's holding us back? Fear. People are sitting on their money. Really, they're sitting under their money. I know. I may give you a thing. OK, that's it. Next.


Did you get did you get my perspective of the way I approach?


You would bring people together to communicate and try to figure out a better strategy for health care. I mean, in reality, some financial realities that have to be in London when you go to the hospital.


No, let me give you the American example, when I go to a hospital, I had something on my foot three years ago. They asked me, you know, do you want to take something, do you want a pill? I said, no. Five doctors and nurses asked me if I want a pill, this is like worse than when you don't accept water on the plane and they just keep. Like, do you want some more water?


I'll take the water because I don't want to be responsible for the water. Like when the plane takes off and it goes like this. And I got.


I told him, I don't want no water. Like, I don't even know my like son said I should drink more water.


So the so they they there are like people, they have Christmas parties about bonuses, about giving out more medication. So when we talk about they do look at this, how much does it cost.


There's no price on it. Right. We make money. Money is not even backed by gold anymore, so. It's engineering, it's where the budgets are going and like it was the best part of one of the best parts on the Sixth Sense is when.


When they looked at this video and it was a nanny, they saw that the nanny was like putting stuff in the like the porch for the child that it passed. And and then they said the ladies looked at it and said you were keeping her sick.


You're keeping her sick like we are sick. We are sick of abortion, culture, sex, culture, capitalism, we are sick, we as a people, as a not just the American society of the world, we are sick and we are keeping ourselves sick. We're all responsible, like the Black Mirror episode. We're all responsible in some way. We all play some part, like if I go to PornHub and the very next thing and I and like backslide and do this because I've struggled with this since I was like five years old.


Right. And the very next thing says something about like trafficking. Then I literally would have to, like, put my hand over that part and like, click the thing, I'm going to end thinking that, like, I'm not a part of the the bigger conglomerate that we're all, oh, I'm not really a part of the main problem because I'm I'm not as bad as that guy.


And I'm not looking at this part.


And I'm not like we all play a part of it and we're all sick in some way.


And the world has been designed to keep us sick, like spacial engineering based of faith can save a world literally like building will save the world.


Spatial engineering, like engineering, not going to space engineering our spaces. The amount of space that we need, the way that we interact with each other, how close we are to our loved ones, our families, how close we are to our jobs. We got to experience a lot of this. Some people it wasn't good, some people it's better. They connected with their children and their families in a whole different way. Like we're talking this is my thing.


We could talk about all of these important current issues.


There's deeper reasons based on the slave mentality, based on fear, based on protectionism, not specifically white supremacy and racism, protectionism, people just want to protect what they have.


And there's this, like photograph where you're holding the guys at the little girls holding a teddy bear and Jesus has a giant teddy bear behind her, her back, I mean, behind his back.


She don't want to give up the small teddy bear for the bigger teddy bear that Jesus has waiting for her. There is prosperity for all families here on Earth right now in service to God. There's happiness, there's joy. It's not a possibility is a probability. Just the fact that God woke me up, got me here safely and allowed me to talk to you right now and spark the minds of the people that are anointed to change the world is already what God wanted me to do if I didn't take a breath after this point.


God had me here for this conversation right now. But I think God has more for me playing out. Think they don't come for me to he done until he's done with me, they ain't gonna come for me today.


I want to make it so small and dissemble and put in a to be like perfect really. They they go, they go come for me until he's done with me then go come for me until he's done with me and uh.


Yeah yeah yeah. And help yourself. You always create and now. Yeah but do you understand what I'm saying. You have to go. OK, tell me what I'm saying.


What you're saying is that it's, it's your overall philosophy, the way you're approaching life, you're approaching life, that there is good for everyone.


If we all work together, if we all work together in the spirit of the way you think, the spirit of God that did not not approach this like with a famine mentality, but approach this like there's enough for everybody. There's an abundance. If we if we engineer correctly, if we think about it correctly, if we all come together with the spirit of everybody helping everybody. This is the spirit of Christianity. This is the the good spirit of Christianity, not the Christianity that gets despised or disparaged or, you know, evangelists drive it around in private jets, the spirit of of goodness and treating each other like brothers and sisters.


Yes, but this can be done on a national scale. Yes.


Because those evangelists or the people who spread the word of God, you know, there's people who were praying for me. You know, we're praying.


Like I said, I like to say, OK, yes, I am a genius. But one of my most genius skill sets is recognizing other geniuses and empowering them and giving them the platform. So the people that I've been praying for me this whole time, you know, for Jay to work for the kingdom, look at me.


Look at me right here, working from the kingdom, not not leaning on my ego, not leaning on anything, but leaning on God in this situation, saying, let's, you know, let's rise up together and show people what it's like to be Christ.


Like, yeah, we fall short, you know, I mean, people love to like, look at the Christians that are the least Christlike to judge Christianity as a whole. Well, a lot of people got jawans in twenty three years old and very few of them play like LeBron.


You know, they want to be like like Mike. Yes. But it's very few people that get that close, you know, it's like. Yeah, yeah.


What you're saying is beautiful. Yeah. That they do judge the people that fail.


People always go to the furthest extent, like if you talk about abortion culture, people immediately go to rape.


But don't do the math on what percentage that is.


And for me, as a as a Christian president, you know, as I said, I go on that I touch on it before I realize we're in an imperfect world. You know, when I talk to my fellow Christians and we talk about meet, talk about guns, we talk about in this imperfect world, there's a transition between where we are today and where we're going.


Yeah, there's a meat industry have a great impact on the ozone from what I hear it does.


And we have to transition. One of the things I wanted it it's a thought that came in. And thank you for allowing me to give you the thoughts that are coming into my head as opposed to trying to put me on a grid because I'm off the grid, period. The way I think. Clearly, I paint in circles, you know, I don't I don't paint inside of the lines.




So I was thinking about I forget the lady's name starts with a T, but she changed the meat industry because she was hsp like highly sensitive person.


That's and put the the cows in and round beans and.


That's what I'm doing when I say spatial engineering, that's what I'm doing with our spaces that I'm designing with the farms and with the school systems, the unlearned systems to what are the things that you're going to need, you know, in the future. Because 30 years we don't we don't even know.


We think probably the things that we're learning in school right now won't even apply to people when they're 30 years old that are learning this stuff, you know, age, especially with technology, especially with technology.


And the people who designed the curriculums are did what they did way before technology. Yeah.


So, I mean, I was in computer programming when I was eight years old and I used to know how to program is how I got into music.


In seventh grade, I had a Amiga computer that had four thousand ninety six colors. That's why I got that one. And I would program the different sprites and draw out each of the characters and animate them. And I thought that was the next frontier, the like, because I would do like animation books. I wanted to be an animator. And then I started doing the music.


They had a music program on do the music for the video games. And then I found myself running home from school all the way from 91st to 100 nineteenth street to go and just keep programming the music.


So this is like third age, you know, 12, 13, you know, programming video games.


And that being the gateway into programming music.


I got a longer story about that, but I know you want to ask me some more serious stuff.


So ding, OK, this is a big one. The military, if you really did become president when excuse me, when you do become president, you're going to have to deal with hostile governments.


You're going to have to deal with hostile militaries and dictators, you know, people in other countries that in other countries that don't have a value of human life. And throughout history, we've had immense problems because of that, because of military conflicts. How do you think you will approach that? I mean, you will be the commander in chief of the greatest army in the world has ever known, if you're in that position and we have to deal with some sort of a military action with China, would have China takes over Taiwan.


What if they invade Taiwan? What if something happens with Syria? What if something happens with Iran? What if something happens with Russia and you have to make decisions about military action? Have you thought about this? Yes, I would. I have to say, again, like covid. I'm a civilian and people can have all their perspectives that they could have of what they would do in that situation, but I would have the greatest professionals on the planet, the most skilled people that have all the experience that would present the information.


And I would make the most sound rational decisions. And I would. Follow God's will in my approach. To. To dealing with these other countries, to dealing with these other leaders, there's there's something about, you know. Our president's personality and. The leader of North Korea's personality, where there's. There's a level of common respect and and that's the reason why they were able to talk and we the fear had been taken off of us like people who are.


God-Fearing. Self-made. Servants of their. People. These these other, you know, scary dictators, they feel like they're that for their country and if they see. A president that they know is just taking a check or part of a bigger conglomerate. I don't want to like I said, I want to denounce any of the.


Candidates. Then. It's. It's very it's very transactional. It's. As I said, a prayer in this situation, this isn't you said a prayer because of what? What what motivated you to say a prayer through? The seriousness, the significance of the subject. Yeah, absolutely, we can't we can't jump from jokes about this to, you know, joking about people's lives. Right.


We have to completely. Be still in this moment. Allow God to guide our steps and ask the right questions. With the highest ranking officials possible. This isn't something that you just wing or that you just come in and say, I did a bit of research, I got this like political answer. It going to get a rise out of people like this is this is people's lives.


This is. You know, this is a whole different. You know, setting or mood than what this whole interview has has been about, this is.


You know, people are suffering and throughout all sides and in in in Israel and in Nigeria and Haiti, where we're suffering the police force in in in Chicago and the people who have been harmed by police and the police like.


This all is going to take. Serious time like Time is love, it's going to take that love in that time and. Moments of listening, moments of understanding, moments like when my wife goes and visits people in prison and she hears their stories, she says, I understand, I understand why.


You're into in why you're in that situation, I would have did the same thing in this situation and for us to go to foreign countries and really understand why that they're, you know, that they're in these situations or why the killing has gone for so long or why the hate has gone so long and why the pain just keeps on. You know, compounding and compacting. There's an empathy that I just have as an artist that it doesn't become a two plus two equals four situation.


My dad was actually a psychology major and a Christian therapist. And. This therapy we talk about therapy, period, it's like. We need healing internationally, not just selfishly, for America. America's number one internationally. We need healing. And. I would lead, I would. I would lead with. With love. Dignity. The responsibility to our country, the coverage of our families. Of our soldiers. And in full service to God and to the American people.


It's the. There's a mode that I would be in in that position, like when I was a producer and I was a really young man.


I was running around. Hopping on trains or. You know, Hoppen turnstyles this stuff and like stealing from cars and I mean, that's stealing cars but still in clothes from stores and.


Then I was. Selling music and, you know, going and buying leather jackets and stuff, you know, dating a whole bunch of girls going on tour, and then I had a family and. I had to just a lot of my mentality and behavior to grow and be the man that I needed to be. Then God called me and I gave my life to Christ. And God is helping you to be the Christian that I need to be, and when it's in God's will that I become the leader, I will become the leader that I need to be.


So right now, as I said, I'm a civilian, but. My heart, my mind and my spirit is in a place where I feel I know that I'm being I'm being call to captain this ship, like when Roosevelt went in America was in shambles.


When I when I'd say those things about those numbers, when I went to Adidas, when I went to Gap, like I'm the person.


That you actually call when things are not going so well. You know, you had the mob movies is the guy that goes cleans up everything. And I put everything.


I'm I'm like the forensic. We're in the same way how you saw my mind touch on ten things at a time. And then I had to say ten sentences at that time, if I could say him or maybe narrow them down to seven. That's the way my mind takes, you know, information in and then synthesize it and it comes out as a song or comes out as a product using that mentality as a leader.


Fearless, god-fearing. We will heal. We will show the world what America. Should be the dream, you said all this shit, all the things that you've said in the most nonpolitician way I've ever heard anybody describe these things, I know you really mean these things.


This is this is resonating with me that you're being 100 percent honest and natural. And that's that's what we're missing in politics today. I mean, it's one of the things that made people excited about Trump as at least he was an alternative to the political talk. He was an alternative to politicians speak where, you know, they're being dishonest and disingenuous, but you just accept it. You know, they're reading things that have been written by speechwriters, but you just accept it because it says the things that you want to hear checks the boxes that'll say, OK, you got my vote.


What you're saying, though, is what you really feel and you really think and you're not saying that like a politician. And that's what's going to resonate and people are going to be mad at me. If you get a.


You've made Kanye West seem likable. You turned him into the fucking president.


You made him seem like a rational choice for president. This conversation exposes a side of you that I don't think anybody has ever seen before in a long form conversation where you realize that you are a visionary. You do you do have these ideas are real. You're not posing. It's not bullshit. This is who you are and you're well thought out response, particularly to the idea of military conflict. It's very impressive, man. Praise God. I'm glad I did that prayer.


Brother is with three hours into this. Let's wrap this up on a beautiful high note so people can write you in if they want to. And we have a we have a video on that, Bryan. Yeah. So, Bryan, I'll play this video on how they can write you in and we'll wrap it up here. Here it is, how to write in Kanye West on your belt now for people that are watching this on YouTube, you'll be able to watch this on on Spotify.


You'll be able to watch this. But if you're just listening, you just got to go down to the part where it says or write in. It's pretty straightforward. Write in candidates. It'll show you where you could write it in. This video will be available. This video is on YouTube, right?


It's on his Twitter. It's on Twitter. OK, right. In Kanye West on your ballot. It's going to be very interesting to see what happens with this.


I'm telling you, man, that was one of the most interesting and impressive answers to any question because it was so obvious that you were you were coming from the heart. And that's that's what we all need right now. We all need no bullshit.


Absolutely. Thank you, brother. It was an honor, really. Thank pleasure. I'm glad we finally did it. Yeah, awesome. This won't be the last time.


All right. Let's do it again. Good bye, everybody. Thank you, friends, for tuning into the show and thank you to our sponsors, thank you to CBS, DMD and their amazing CBD products that I use every single day to make it even easier for you to try their top schools and everything else the CBD has to offer. They're offering J.R. listeners 25 percent off your order when you use the promo code, Rogan at checkout. So once again, that CBD M.D. Dotcom used the promo code Rogan for 25 percent off your purchase of their superior CBD products from CBD, MD.


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