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All right boy do we got a whopper for you folks. Buckle up.


Some will be happy, some will not.


Please welcome my good friend Tim Dillon and the great and powerful Alex Jones government podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience train my day job and podcast My Life All Day. Young Jamie back in the fucking saddle. How are you feeling? Very well, thank you. covid free four days in a row now.


Kicked it. Yeah. Now you still can't taste anything. Well, you look a bad come back today, but yeah, like five percent taste. It's got to be. Pickle juice doesn't taste like anything, really, just tastes like water. Whoa, very weird, but you don't have any residual symptoms. Nothing wrong can breathe everything you know. Good to see about you. I'm a little worried about you. A little worried about you.


Not worried about you. Alex Jones. This is the most anticipated thing I ever did, I've probably had no exaggeration, two or three thousand people in the last year and a half asked me, when are you going back on Joe Rogan? And I'm always saying, I don't know. I don't know. And then I learned you were it here like three or four months ago and now we're here. This is this is exciting. I don't get butterflies anymore, but I actually have them here.


And this is this is great. It's good to have butterflies after about 20 years. Didn't get the last two times I was on. Didn't get it when I interviewed Trump. Didn't get in a lot of things.


But I've got butterflies here today and Tim motherfucking day. I'm just a kid in a candy store. Thank you. Thank you for making this dream come true. This is what I've always wanted to do and we've made it happen. This is my make a wish. I can die happy. I'm happy you're here.


Yeah, I got my free just laying shirt because I believe all women is that I say it. It's I think so yeah. I thought Guillame I thought it might be Gullane.


It's Ghislaine you know. Look at me. No Gullane.


Ghislaine, Ghislaine. That's a ridiculous name. Yeah.


Her father was a famous MI6 massage by the reportedly used sex operatives to control people. He died being thrown off a yacht in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. And, of course, she got caught in that farmhouse on the East Coast and she was really the pimp over Eppstein in a giant sex network, ring over scientists that they were compromising so they could control not just government, but industry and science. And so that was the master blackmail operation they were running.


And her sisters are big and tech like Isabelle Maxwell. They she has sisters that are in U.S. tech companies.


And they two of her sisters were part of the creation of Magellan, which is that big search engine like real.


So, yeah, they are a very powerful family and they have all kinds of different operations. Her dad was the biggest publisher in England and also the biggest owner of private TV stations in England. And when he died, it turned out he was a front basically for intelligence networks.


Now, let me right off the bat say you were telling me about Epstein and this island years ago.


You were telling me long before anybody.


I think you told me about him before his first arrest a long time ago. I talked about how they have these islands. They fly the compromise children. But I learned all this from Ted Gunderson. Twenty plus years ago, he was in line to be the FBI director.


He was the head of the FBI in Los Angeles. He was a very famous FBI agent. He ran COINTELPRO. It's a civil rights movement. He apologize for that before he died in the 2011. But he came out and he was the one that explained to me about how they use these black metal rings elements, the CIA and foreign intelligence groups, and how they would have baselessly make people have sex with children to be part of these clubs or these cults they were setting up.


So I knew about all this from Ted Gunderson.


Were they young girls that did they tell them these girls were underage or did they look like they were older?


Like like this, the Borat movie, were they too?


Yeah. If you haven't seen it, it's very disappointing because they shut him up. I saw it. They did set him up, but nothing happened.


They made it look like Giuliani was jerking off in front of this girl. He was taking his mike off. He would have to be the biggest savage on Earth to jerk off in that situation.


And they also said that he inappropriately touched her back when he touched her back. I'm not exaggerating was like this, right? It was a couple of light taps on the back while she was close to him taking off his mike.


Then he goes, well, thank you very much, dear.


And he goes, just I just need your name and your phone number.


And then she takes off as Mike and then he leans back and he's tucking his shirt back in because he just pulled a mike.


Right. But he's lying on the bed to do it. Now, if you're an old man, and I'm sure he's probably got a bad back, like, that's probably how you would do.


But any of us that have had to put the mikes on our side and then you put it in your pants, up your shirt, and then you've got he gets to be you've got to get it out. That's what you do. But but it's worse than that. Remember when he was playing the who is the gay character he played like ten years ago? Bruno. Bruno? Yeah. Remember Congressman Ron Paul? The Thomas had run for president and he's in the hotel.


He goes, oh, the liberal. Please step into this room so there's no chair. Ron Paul sits down and he's read a newspaper and Bruno comes in and pulls his pants down, says, I wanna have sex with you. Now, that would be sexual assault if that was a man to a woman. Ron Paul pushes him out of the way, goes out of the room. And so this is what he does. He's done this to other people.


It's his specialty is to say you're being interviewed this way.


Listen, let me just before we go any further, I fucking love you, Baron Cohen, comic genius. I think he's brilliant. I think he's amazing. But his interpretation of what happened in the room with Rudy Giuliani, it's not accurate, in my opinion.


And who is America?


He is tapping her while she's touching him and removing his mike. He does this little tap on her waist. But it's not creepy. It's like an old man, like a little tap, tap, tap.


Right. Like if you want to take it out of context. Look, I don't know. There's more to it than but let's go further, let's go further right after this happens, Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen runs in in panties and a bra saying have sex with me. 15 too old.


Yes. So this is actually not one that I have heard. What is this? This is my fucking 12 year old sense of humor. Loved it.


Yeah, but the thing about it is they're making it seem like Giuliani was jerking off in front of her. Yeah.


And that's not like he lies back and he's tucking his pants like, can we show the whole thing so we can look at it?


We don't have to put it on his promotional material. What's up, Jamie? So we can watch it in here.


But yeah, well, it's just I mean, I think Jamie's right. You're a big show. They'll try to tell you that they put this out as promotional material to be promoted. They put it out on Twitter. The clip is on MySpace. Give a shout out to Miss and Jamie right on Instagram. It's on her Instagram if you want to.


But let me drop a bombshell on you, Joe. A bombshell. No, no. I've been a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen until I learned he spoke at the ADL last year and called for my arrest for free speech.


And he called for Jeff Zucker, Berg's arrest or Mark Zuckerberg arrest. So he called for my arrest and for Mark Zuckerberg, the rest for free speech. He wants to work in Hollywood.


Right. Got to do what you got to do. But let's go further. I don't agree. But I mean, he said arrest people for their free speech and he supports Internet censorship. So how does he make his money being this avant garde cutting edge, really, you know, over the edge comic that does things that could technically be seen as illegal? I support his free speech and then he says I don't deserve it. Well, it's really dangerous.


He's flawed, like many great artists, you know? I mean, I'm until they come for him, he's not going to understand the slippery slope of censorship.


And, you know, this is another thing that, you know, people have people have criticized me for being friends with you and for talking to you. And they also criticized me for not supporting a lot of these people that got banned and platformed my take on it has always been the best way to counter wrong speech is correct speech.


When someone says something that's wrong or someone says a conspiracy theory, that's not accurate. The best way to counter that is, is to to do better speech, to have people say the accurate information and to let the truth rise to the top when you start censoring people. The problem is it's a fucking slippery slope. And there's a reason why we've been so steadfast in supporting the First Amendment in this country.


And people think it doesn't apply to tech because these tech institutes are private businesses and they should be able to do whatever they want with their private business. The problem is that fucking slippery slope has gone from censoring you from banning Alex Jones off Twitter a year and a half ago to getting the White House press secretary banned off Twitter because she posts something from The New York Post, which is crazy. It's crazy. It's that's a two hundred.


And whatever your newspaper and and what she said, the post with what they printed and put out there is accurate. Let's go further. Let's go further.


They're denying that that it's a real story, but they don't ever say the emails are fake. They just say it's a smear. No, it's a real laptop. The videos have been released. It's confirmed.


But just think about it is a smear in that they're they're putting it out there.


They're timing it. Sure.


But they're not denying. They're not denying it's real. No, it's real. It's real. But how did the laptop how did this laptop become this big story? That's where it gets tricky.


Yeah, I'm curious because supposedly he dropped it off at a top repair shop in Delaware.


What did I mean? Who's the most. Well, crackhead. Right, right. Guys, the guy smoking. I keep forgetting he smokes crack. Well, he did at the time and he's kicked it, so congratulations to him.


But the guy had some problems.


This is self admitted and they have the receipts. And here's the thing. He calls him dozens of times because everybody knows when you bring a laptop or anything and they say if you don't pay for this, we're going to wipe it and sell it. And so three months goes by, six months goes by, nobody ever comes and gets it. The guy goes to look at it at the repair shop, the owner. And there's all these twenty five thousand files, what looks like underage girls and all the rest of this crazy stuff and him smoking crack or God knows what he gives you.


The FBI, Ray, does nothing. The director hides it from Trump. And so people let's just say inside that had copies of that. They leak it to Rudolph Giuliani, who the now have started to put it out. So instead of sort of facing up to it, they just say anyone promoting this, whether it's the House or Senate committees that we're linking to it or The New York Post or the president's press secretary, you're now banned, which again shows its election meddling.


It's gatekeeping to cover this up, but I'll tell you what else has come out now.


His daughter, Biden's daughters are purportedly, reportedly, and they've not denied it. Now, it's broke three days ago, left her diary in a house that she had rented. And the diary talks about all the same stuff and everything.


So what the fuck is wrong with you? Jump in. Hold on. So, Jamie, when I was looking into this, the thing I keep seeing people say is that he lived in California, live in California. That is true. That's what I keep reading.


They fly back and forth to Delaware, these jet setters, they fly out of Ukraine.


That also makes sense that that's why he didn't go back to Delaware to pick up the laptop, because when you cracked down in California, it's really hard to make the flight.


All right. All right. You know anyone here who's got the FBI confirms they had to confirm it's not an easy flight coming down off cocaine or crack. You have you smoke crack or, you know, a freebase cocaine, which is basically. Yeah, it's close. How close is it?


Not not as close as where I ever went and made shady deals in the Ukraine.


Well, that's never done that. That says that, you know, that's in the emails. Finally words like, yeah, I mean, 30 million. Part of it goes the big guy. They're like, OK, we want to meet with your dad. And there's photos of them meeting and playing golf. So this is real. The FBI has the files. They admit it's real. It's a big deal, but it's a real problem to ban this stuff from Twitter.


Putin rejects Donald Trump's criticism of Biden family business.


Well, because it's Russia's bribing Hunter Biden, three point five million through Putin, through the Moscow mayor who he's friends with to Hunter Biden again. Well, if I was Putin, I would deny to listen.


Putin has got to love this. If I was Putin sitting back, right. Watching these fucking people eat themselves alive and destroy the First Amendment, destroy democracy. Yeah, it's great. I'm sure they have a hand in it. I'm sure China has a hand in it. I'm sure Iran has a hand. Yeah. This is what the intelligence communities have been telling us for a long time now, is that it's not just one foreign company or foreign country that's trying to fuck with our democracy.


It's the idea that the Russians have a monopoly on this now. I mean, if the Russians were an NFL football team, they'd be like the lower third and by the USA and China of the top teams. And we should say we should say the United States does it to show it's one hundred percent confirmed.


The idea that Russians got Trump in is asinine because here's what happens. Notice they tried to impeach Trump just nine months ago for stuff in Ukraine because whatever they are worried about, they project. OK, so Trump doesn't have Russia connections. Trump doesn't have those connections. Trump doesn't have those outside connections. You can't buy him. He doesn't have lobbyist. The problem is he then has family and people around him that basically become lobbyists for themselves. And Trump isn't really even aware of it.


And then that's going on. And I mean, even junior aides now you'll find out have people given a millions of dollars just to say something that the president is this standard shit? Is this just how politics have always been done? It's just now we're seeing it.


Well, it was standard, let's say, 200 years ago that you'd go after the wife or the brother or somebody who works in the White House. He got organized last hundred years with lobbyist Trump literally cut the lobbyist off. But all it did was now make everyone around him a lobbyist.


They're not officially a lobbyist. How did he cut the lobbyists off? He just stopped meeting with them and stopped and just said, I want briefings on what's going on. I'll decide. So that's why he pissed official Washington off that he's even perfect. But he actually became the president for making decisions himself instead of having consortiums and lobbyists pay him for policy. That's why he says Biden's raised more money to me. Of course, I can call up all these companies.


They'll give me any money I want, but I got to do what they say. But it would put him in a compromised position. Yes, but I'm being honest about it.


The vacuum and the blind spot is that then everyone around him in his cabinet and everyone that works there, even down to mid-level people, are now getting multimillion dollar contracts for companies like AT&T and stuff. Just to just to just to even mention something the before you go any further, you said AT&T.


Does it have been proven that it's AT&T or you just say an AT&T like companies like let's say I'm not saying he's bad.


I think he's overall good. But is AT&T doing something bad? No, I just I was mentioning that as a Fortune 500 company. OK, but it's not AT&T. No, it's not AT&T. So we shouldn't say that. See, this is why you need someone that's like a fact checker, right?


No, no. Go slow down. The media will say I'm wrong. Right about that. But OK, OK, but but no, no, hold on. His personal lawyer, his personal lawyer, the one that ended up going to jail, actually, Michael Cohen. Michael Cohen was getting money from AT&T. Go and pull it up.


I mean, I was just trying to give you a Gestalt analysis, but I just want to I've told you before, what you really need on your show is like a legit journalist who's right next to you with a laptop going, Alex, hold on, hold on to slow down.


But I think you're right about that because you get so much right, but you get something wrong that's important to understand is AT&T confirms it paid Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's company.


Yeah, I remember the CEO. Yeah. They're always saying that. I'm making sure they're lying. Right right now. Every once while my memory is HP photographic. But from everything I've done, it's not as good as it used to be. It moves really quick. OK, so when I'm saying stuff, it's just data knowledge. OK, and then I like. OK, yeah. Did I say that. Yeah, it's real. Check it out.


But I'm not trying to make stuff up. Ninety nine percent of the time. Here it is.


AT&T confirmed Tuesday evening the paid president, Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen in twenty seventeen four in quotes insights into understanding the new administration insights.


I love that. So how much they pay him two hundred thousand bucks in four separate payments of fifty bucks in late 2017. Early twenty eighteen interest.


But he got paid, I think the number was 10 million total from a handful of companies, by the way, AT&T did Shady look at Naughty alleged that Essential Consultants, a shell company set up by Cohon before the election to pay Stormy Daniels was paid by several corporations, including AT&T. At the time, AT&T was seeking government approval for its acquisition of Time Warner, CNN's parent company.


A merger. It's dirty work. Yeah, yeah. But I'm telling you, AT&T is a sweetheart compared to Google and Facebook and Twitter and all these people. So I wasn't attacking them. I was giving the example of how everyone in his entourage becomes a lobbyist because he thinks I'll just cut lobbyist off. He's not taking any money, but then everyone around him becomes a lobbyist.


You worry about the influence of people like Jared Kushner have, because I know a lot of biggest his supporters, like Ann Coulter was Trump's biggest supporter goes, I don't love the idea that he hired his children and that they have a lot of connections.


I can tell you this. I can tell you this. People were really pissed who were patriots, the intelligence community and other areas, but also enemies of Trump. The Kushner had so much influence. But now Kushner's got a lot of respect because he's actually gotten a lot of huge peace deals done that nobody else could do for 50 years.


And now interesting how little press those peace deals they're getting done. Oh, press. Yeah, it's really concerning.


So so now I mean, they were pissed, like, who's this kid? And now everything he touches turns to gold, but he looks like the omen we've covered.


He looks like a little little devil looks like and he's paid, he paid twice what it was worth for like six six six Park Avenue. Oh Jesus Christ. That's not good. It's not great. Wow, that's not great. Why would he want that? I think it was more than twice. Look up 666 Park Avenue or and maybe it's funny.


Maybe he's a Satanist. He's getting good deals done in the Middle East. Yeah. I mean, he looks a good deal. Said the Antichrist gets good deals if going to be Lucifer and at least make peace in the Mideast. How about that? Maybe Satan is the only one that can do that. AT&T is a really good cell phone company. Yeah, right.


Hey, hey. That's the way it works. I mean, you want to when I mentioned AT&T, it's an example that pops in my head of an unofficial lobby when I was happy that we called you on it because then we found out it's correct.


Yeah. Yeah. Look, you've been correct about a lot of shit. This is my point from jump. I found out about agent provocateurs from you, from your 9/11 Road to Tyranny video where they used them at the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle in the late 90s. Like I had no idea that it was a common practice to send in masked people to start smashing things during peaceful protest. So then they could go the way I can give you the straight dope on Antipov.


You wonder that.


Go ahead. OK, yeah. Hold on a second.


666 Park Avenue project have been a black hole of cash for years until a sovereign wealth fund made a substantial investment for the property after Kushner was already serving as Trump's top adviser in the White House.


Wow. OK, might be a nice building, though. What does it say the Kushner company is I it his companies, Bush's cabinet, the president himself, the Kushner company, 666 Park Avenue project. That's hilarious. I think that's beautiful.


His dad went to prison for, I believe setting up his brother was like a prostitute.


Yeah. Yeah. What? Yeah, that's they're a fun family.


The way the dad set up the brother with up with a prostitute with a and take you step by step, we're going to fact check every one of which is well known on the stand.


But we need to have this for the people like me and Alex. Don't you spout off. I have the facts. I know you have the facts, but I want to make sure I don't know Chris Christie. Jared Kushner's father committed one of the most loathsome, disgusting crimes I prosecuted.


Wow. Why should we fact check? All of this is crazy.


We make that bigger for my old eyes. Look at this. What does it say, according to the experts in the book or published by Axios in The Guardian? Christie claims the younger Kushner was behind his departure from Trump's inner circle after the 2016 election, writing that he was still apparently seething over the events that had occurred a decade ago on what is the events of a decade ago.


Over prosecutors doubt he should have gotten like he should have gotten probation for trying to set up his brother with a hooker, sending out a bunch of time.


Imagine your dad setting you up with a hooker. It's crazy trying to set the other family member up. Here's here's what if my father's guilty? I would.


Mr. Koocher pled guilty. He admitted the crimes, Christie said. And so what am I supposed to do as a prosecutor? I mean, if a guy hires a prostitute seduce to seduce his brother in law? Oh, it's his brother in law.


What he said. His brother in law. His brother in law.


OK, I got confused and then videotapes it and then sends the videotape to his sister to attempt to intimidate her from testifying before a grand jury to really need any more justification than that.


But it wasn't to intimidate. That's his interpretation. That stuff goes on divorces all the time. People go videotape the other person cheating. So that's why it was wrong. He went to prison because he wasn't doing it.


He was doing that show that the person testifying was wrong, of course, are trying to influence testimony with the truth. It's this idea that, yes, they're cheating. I told you they were. Here's the proof. How does that become fraud? OK, I'm confused.


So he set up his brother in law with a prostitute to show that this was been going on before, which he'd already alleged.


OK, and part of the plot, Kushnir hired a prostitute to lure shoulder into having sex in a Bridgewater, New Jersey, motel.


First of all, if you find yourself in a Bridgewater, New Jersey motel, fact run as deep as the hidden camera rolls. A tape of the encounter was then sent to Kushner's sister and shoulders.


I know the whole story, so just trust us. We try. We're just I just made a comment that you start thinking about, like who's running these stories? And then Hunter Biden is running around with underage people in the lab. Let you start going, why does everyone work for Ukrainian gas company? Like who are these people running the country, the less controlled Ukraine? So they just use that as the money laundering if it's not the Ukrainians running.


Right, they use it as that. But but let's expand on this, Joe. What I'm getting at here is I didn't bring up AT&T. They're a good company overall. They're not the ones censoring and stuff, OK? It's the big tech. The reason I raised that was just one that pops my head. The first one. It's massive. What's going on? I was just being honest at Trump. Probably a couple hundred grand.


I mean, as much as that sounds like a lot of money, given the bigger ones, like he's talking to communist China, Amazigh communist China's even bigger. It's bigger than big tech. It literally spends hundreds of billions of dollars buying us off, you know, Tollywood. It owns a lot of the big telecoms. It owns the majority of our debt. And I've got articles in the L.A. Times, The New York Times I brought for you where they say Ping must destroy Trump to save America.


He was our leader. And then at the Davos Group, he said three years ago, I will destroy Trump. I will work with Hollywood. I've got all these quotes right here. And GGP said, I want to overthrow American democracy. I want to repudiate it. I want to discredit it. And keeping admits he admires Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.


OK, but isn't he doing that? That seems crazy. Yeah, you could pull it up. I understand. I'll show you step by step. Yeah. Isn't he doing that? Because it Trump's trade deals, like the trade deals that Trump wants to do with China are not nearly well, they're not one sided for four for him.


Here's what happened. Special interest in the U.S. when it opened up China, you know, in the 70s when that most of them didn't have running water, electricity. They're hardworking, smart folks. But by one sided trade deals where we have higher tariffs on them, they own us and all the rest of it or vice versa. Through those deals, they use the slave labor of China to then take over manufacturing worldwide. And so China's a client state of the globalist.


And so now. The Washington Post, The L.A. Times, The New York Times, I brought you the articles here, Dreams of Red Emperor, The Relentless Rise of Keeping, and it says in these articles he must destroy American Western Christian values. We love him and we accept China as our master. I have the goddamn article. But whose this is treason. The frickin dude right here. Washington Post.


But he was saying that quote, who is that quote?


I guarantee you, this is this is The Washington Post. And there's a huge article, L.A. Times, I understand.


But the quote that you just said about he must destroy, just like I said, AT&T gave money, unofficially lobbying and you pulled it up. I read the article I'm not giving you.


I understand what you're saying, but what I'm what I'm asking you is who you quoted someone. But who did you quote when you said that?


I'm quoting from when I read these again this morning before I came here, what I remember David, Don Durry, Durley.


Oh, that guy. And this is Chinese lady.


I think he's talking about the prevailing sentiment of what they feel they must understand. But I quote, somebody is best. No, no, no. I just said in these articles. Right, well, look at the headline, Jeez, choice, destroy Trump or save them from weakening America. I mean, look, these are destroy Trump the Chinese dictators to destroy our president.


So do you think that they're doing that because Trump wants to change the trade deals?


You know, Trump said Trump didn't start a trade war. He ended our surrender. We have been surrendered for forty years with China, where they don't take our goods, but we take all of theirs and they manipulate their currency. But we haven't manipulated ours where we have carbon taxes that Obama put in to shut down over half our coal plants that are clean. And our electricity prices went up where you could not run a factory here competitively against China. So Joe Biden says we're going to cut off all the fossil fuels, not just fracking.


If you did that, we wouldn't just go bankrupt. We started at seventy five percent of our power comes from fossil fuels.


I understand step by step again, are coal plants really clean? One hundred percent clean. How is that possible?


I'll tell you, please. There's two different types of major.


When they say when he says clean coal, I roll my eyes every time when Trump's like clean coal clean.


Well, that's because the engine is so damn good. Is it? I'll tell you. Please. They had old fashioned coal plants. China doesn't have one scrubber or filter on their coal power plants in China, doesn't have clean burning coal. There's one place the United States has major deposits of coal that is such pure carbon, you only need scrubbers. Nothing comes out but carbon dioxide. Water. Well, they know we know water is not bad, only less carbon dioxide.


People think it's monoxide just like it. Studies have you say the scientific name of water. Most people in Penn and Teller sketched on the street will say band dihydrogen monoxide. If you go out the street, Joe Rogan and ask one hundred Austinite doujin monoxide is everywhere. If you get too much of it, you can die drowned. And most people say, I want a band of hydrogen peroxide. That's the scientific name of water. Same thing we do.


The scientific name is salt. Sounds scary.


Well, so. So. Hydro monoxide is the bad one, hydrogen dioxide is a good one, that's the life cycle on Earth. There's there's light, there's water, there's oxygen and there's carbon dioxide.


Those are the four things you've got to have for for life. And so they've gotten people convinced to say coal is dirty. It puts out carbon dioxide and water vapor. And so until about the 70s, we were still burning dirty coal full of mercury, all of it. They found huge deposits of clean burning coal out west enough in Utah to run the whole world for over a thousand years.


Well, what's the difference between the coal?


Well, let me tell you one. Coal is so damn pure and it's only in the United States and major deposits that basically you don't want to put scrubbers on it. But our scientists in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, because they realized that dirty coal has mercury in it has all these horrible toxins, they put scrubbers on it. But when you drive by a coal plant, it's this big, huge buildings and wires and hoses and big huge steel looks like an alien spaceship.


That's because it's called distillates. They know how to burn it and then take off all the chemicals, all the toxins and make plastics and make chemicals and make pesticides and make everything else that comes out of that. And then out of the stack comes nothing. But they have sensors on it. Nothing but water and carbon dioxide. Totally clean, totally pure. So so that's what's going on.


So carbon monoxide is what everybody's worried about. Carbon dioxide increasing in the environment has no negative effects.


We'll talk about it. They've done they've done ice core samples all over the Antarctic and the Arctic. They've done mud core samples in all over the world, but mainly in Siberia and whales for some reason.


I hope you Google and I have got some decent stuff to pull up, but he's got better. And so, so so what happens is they can go back twenty thousand one hundred thousand two hundred thousand years at least in the ice. And they know that they've all sort of spectrometers in a stone they can scan until it was their carbon dioxide was over 500 times stronger in the time of the T-Rex in the Jurassic age. That's why plants grew so fast.


Things were so big. There was a higher oxygen level, just like Mars lost its atmosphere, used to have an ocean. They've now gone and proven it lost its habitat, is a smaller planet, couldn't hold it through the Earth's, losing its atmosphere. So it's crazy as we come right along at this time, pop up all of the juice and all this carbon that was produced on the surface with plants and animals that ran down and cracks into the earth, we're now pumping out all that carbon stayed for millions years ago and actually terraforming the planet, putting more carbon dioxide in that we actually need right this time.


Like aliens figure this out, but hopeless but hopeless. Isn't carbon dioxide responsible for an increase in the temperature of the earth?


But they said that we would have a seven increase. They said that by 2013, all that lay would be flooded in New York being flooded. All that's lies.


OK, let's forget about what they said in the past. What they're saying now is that carbon dioxide increase is responsible for an increase in the temperature of the earth, which which which we hope it does because we're hoping increases the share of the last ice age.


Hold it. But hold on to the last the temperature.


But the increase in the temperature of the earth is responsible for the increase in hurricanes, the frequency in the power, the hurricanes.


If you look up the spectrum, in the last hundred years, hurricanes have gotten weaker. That's all media hype. But let me just tell you. Oh, jeez, Jo, Jo, Jo. I swear to God. I swear to God I can prove all this to you. This is so huge for your audience.


Are you a carbon dioxide salesman? Well, they always say, I've got my four oil companies. I'm not.


But can I please tell you what's going on? Yes, please do.


You are a carbon based life form. Let me show you what I came here with in my notes. I have right here in my notes the carbon conspiracy, and that is specifically what I wanted to get into here with you in my notes, because this is everything.


Are you a climate change denier? Well, imagine imagine how that's how they use that term, right? Are you a climate change denier, like a 9/11 denier? No, the towers got blown up. Our government had prior warning and had been funding al Qaeda. And all that came out later in Senate reports and the tape.


Let's not go there just now because we're going to go down the road.


That's true. But let's go to carbon. I don't agree with you there.


OK, what are what is what is what is what is Joe Rogan made up out of carbon based life for what?


We are literally stardust. What a song. Exactly. What are trees right now.


Tree stuff, carbon, carbon, carbon based lifeforms, it's most of the homes on the planet, and so this is the carbon cycle. This is in the mainline textbooks. I understand. So just like they come out in the salt really now and say a little boy is biologically a girl.


I don't care if he grows up to be a girl rabbit hole. Let's not go down. But I'm saying it's not science.


They go the science is settled. There's not two genders of be fucking ass. OK, hold on. Let's not go down that road. Do you want to go down that road on a future on the well right now. I'll do it any time. I want you to talk about carbon. I know I don't want to get off track. I will because isn't there a delicate balance with the temperature on earth and the rising sea levels and the melting of the ice caps?


This is all been established by a lot of area.


They say the science is settled. It's not, but very concerned. Environmentalists have said that an increase in the temperature of the earth could be disastrous to our nation's power. Are you sure it's a power grab? I have absolute frickin.


But how do you how do you know that it's not all. How do you know that? Because they're arrogant and they've all written white papers on it that I've read.


I can give you white papers. Yeah. It's not what you see in the news. They're called white papers. And Joe, just like this is why people get banned from the Internet, these kind of conversations.


We better ban it right now. Let's not ban it. I'm just throwing that out. But just certainly not been the YouTube page. Let me tell you the story. Fantastic. By the way, what your YouTube page.


Let me tell you this right now, it'll be up for another day hold in the European Union for the arrest of scientists. That question the cause of anthropogenic warming or Eberts manmade. OK, but there is a contributing factor.


Scientifically, it's been proven that increased carbon dioxide has an effect on the temperature of the earth.


You agree with that? It depends on the models they use sometimes actually more carbon dioxide could cause a cooling effect that generally could cause a heating effect. It depends on potash, the atmosphere, volcanic ejections at the time, and also solar maximum and minimum minimum. If you sunspot activity is the main generator of planetary climate.


But the wide if you had a giant swath of scientists that are examining carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, would you agree that the majority of them believe that it's a contributing factor to warming?


So it's a mantra where they say the majority of scientists agree that climate change is caused by humans. I agree with climate change. The only thing that's constant is change. Of course, the climate is changing. What I'm telling you is carbon dioxide was 50 to 500 times depending on the time period higher millions of years ago.


And it is now. But that's but you also realize that that was what do you see in his mind here?


What do you think the motivation is for them to present the evidence in this way? Like you said, this is a fraud and everything. What, because I've heard you talk about this before. What do you think their goal is by linking all of this climate change to manmade activity? What's the goal?


The goal is a centralized world government that can then monitor all carbon and control it as a toxic bad thing. Your carbon, it makes you bad. That didn't work. So now it's oh, you have a cold, you're dirty with covid. We've got a track to attacks you and control you. So the new thing as covid to cut the carbon footprint, limit that before we go down the rabbit hole there. Since the environmentalists are not in bed with the industrialists, the environmentalists are they're not in bed with all these people that think that they can control the world.


Actually, BP and ExxonMobil and others are the biggest funders of the climate change movement. They're the biggest funders of it. Contrary to what you hear, how so? Here's the thing. I understand this. And you're a smart guy and I understand you want to go over each piece of this. Let's go through what we have to. We have to agree. Let's go through each piece. But understand you understand that the way you talk and I enjoy the way you talk fast, but the way you talk is fast and you go on these long tangents and you go to frogs being gay and a lot of things happen.


I wanted to be able to as I'm putting a record out. Yes, but I want to do it step by step. Let's do this. Let's do this, let's do this. But most people, the vast majority we got here, BP commits 100 million to fund new emissions reductions projects.


But let me just go back for a second. I appreciate you backing me up. Yes. Let me break down. Our Frogs' guy. You want to get to the frog stuff connected, all that is, by the way, I do. I I'm stoned and I was smoking pot. Yeah, I wish he's not going to smoke. And I'm like, God, it's so Rocktober. I have to raise the goddamn rule and then go an extra day.




I cannot. How much. George Washington. Why on election night where you get hammered.


Right. Mm hmm. Election night. I'm getting hammered.


But you're going to pop in. You can pop in. But we've told everybody now that we're doing a lot. No, no, no, we're not. Kyle. Yeah. Kyle Kolinsky. That's Tim Dillon. Yeah. Me, Alex Jones going to pop in line. It's going to be fun. It's live. So while you're watching the world burn. Yeah.


All right, Joe, here's the here's the thing. It's just like at least funny to you because I love you, dude. It's just like when you said, what's the AT&T deal? And I would look it up.


But listen, we did look it up and we found this information. This is big. OK, let me let me get my brain focused here for a minute. Let me just try to explain.


I've literally interviewed, probably not exaggerate 200 top scientists from petroleum geologist astrophysicists to astronauts to quantum mechanics to petroleum. Buckle up, because I have to.


I know, moron. I know. OK, you're a moron. Yeah, they're not.


Trust me, Joe, you're a smart guy. And that's his cover is smart. Oh yeah. Right, yeah. Yeah, right. I'm a smart moron. All right.


OK, let me tell you what's going on. I'm going to say it again. You can go to any major study. Just type in carbon dioxide levels were hundreds of times higher in Earth's early past.


Well, I understand that. But also I understand. But you can look at the ocean models then. Yes, even with the ocean models. Right. And it's true. The oceans did cover more than Alex Jones.


Human beings weren't alive 65 million years ago and the environment wasn't compatible for us. We put out a fraction we hadn't developed yet.


Well, we were moles. We had. Yeah. Shrewish shrews. Yeah. But my point is. You're right. Yeah. Is that. Is that. Last time CO2 was this high, humans didn't exist the last time there's as much carbon dioxide CO2 in the earth, CO2 levels are far higher now than they have been for any time during the past.


And oil, a single CO2 molecule, can remain in the atmosphere.


Would you do? Oh, I see, I understand. OK, OK, so let's let's just go to what this says and what is this paper? This is this climate central drug. OK, the last time there was this much carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere, modern humans didn't exist. Megahed to sharks prowl the oceans, blah, blah, blah. All right.


We as we near the record for the highest CO2 concentrations in human history, 400 parts per million climate scientists worry about what we're about excuse me, about where we were then and where we're rapidly headed now.


According to the data gathered by Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, DOSZPOT the 400 p.m. mark may briefly be exceeded this month when CO2 typically hits a seasonal peak.


Sure enough, that top scientist on either climatologist talked about the Keeling curve.


I can tell you all this threshold, according to Ralph Keeling, the researcher to de de de de de de de de de de de carbon dioxide, the most important long live global warming gas. And once it's emitted by burning fossil fuels, it helps us keep our atmosphere.


Hold, please hold, please.


Once it's emitted by burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil, a single CO2 molecule can remain in the atmosphere.


For hundreds of years, global CO2 emissions reached a record high of thirty five point six billion tons in 2002 excuse me in 2012 of two point six percent from 2011. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases warm the planet by absorbing the sun's energy and preventing heat from escaping back into space, which means it enhances the atmosphere.


But the sea levels didn't go up like this. Well, aren't they melting, but it's an Al Gore said by 2013. Al Gore joked, But listen, this is one guy's take.


I know they're flying around. I know. I know you found a guy admitting that used to be higher than it is now. I'm telling you, he used to be way higher than it is now this year.


But then the asteroid hit the Yucatan, killed all the dinosaurs and changed the entire atmosphere.


I don't want to save the planet with a dark winter. Yeah, it was very bad for everything caused by atmospheric dust for a long fucking time.


But one major volcano like Mount St. Helens, they estimated put out more dust than decades of human dust. And human dust is what helped cause nuclei to form to cause storms. So we are affecting our environment. But most of the astrophysicist and most of physicists I've talked to, most climatologists I've talked to, they have broken down that the sun by magnitude is 98 percent of the driver of what happens. That's why when the sunspots take place, that's an irrational ejection from the sun.


And one of those shoots, radiation in our direction. It'll be clear blue sky. But they know when we get hit by that, it hits our magnetic field and causes an ionization of the atmosphere and electrification of it. And so that causes the giant storms. So the main driver of climate is the sun. I think everybody then it'd be a scientist to know what's the main thing that Earth's living off of the sun, the sun and so and so they're telling us that carbon dioxide does this.


What happens is carbon dioxide goes up, they said can be in the atmosphere for hundreds of years. It's normally absorbed by plants immediately who they've got studies.


They have found giant crocodile skeletons from just ten thousand years ago in the Central Sahara, when hundreds of square miles is nothing but don't. Ten thousand years ago, it was it was lush jungles and beautiful. But they had goats and they ate all of the plants well killed.


Also, the Younger Dryas theory of asteroid impacts the end of the Ice Age twelve thousand years ago. Ten well, two impacts. I believe there's twelve and then somewhere.


But the answer is we don't know. And so they've now looked at all these big models saying that's all carbon dioxide and it's not. It's the sun, it's asteroids. It's tectonic. It's electromagnetic, of course.


But isn't CO2 emissions the one thing that we can control?


So human created global warming gases like CO2 emissions, if we can put a cap on that, wouldn't you agree?


Let me ask you a question. We don't. But if we continue to put that stuff in the atmosphere and it continues to get higher and higher and higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, wouldn't it?


It's going to make it's going to make the study show. It's going to make deserts become green again and plants are going to absorb the carbon.


What studies are these, you can look them up. OK, let's find out, and that's why the left even says. But if you're going to say something like that, and I'm not arguing with you, but if you are going to say something like that, that's that's a very bold thing to say. You should probably not just say, look them up.


There should be something wrong. Let's talk about it. Let's talk about it. There's hundreds of them actually brought like ODP articles right here.


Do you have something that you've read that makes you so confident that you can say this?


I actually know what what what the plant studies show where in greenhouses they grow plants with higher carbon dioxide and plants can grow up to three times faster. They live longer plants. Let's expand carbon dioxide. What do they put out? More oxygen? Well, this one thing that has been proven is that there's more plants now than there have been in a long global greening happening, countering us, losing our atmosphere.


Up until this point, the earth has less atmosphere than it did a million years ago. And it's like God did this or something where we discovered all this oil or just blind luck that we are terraforming the planet back to an earlier, healthier state by taking ancient carbon that was under the ground and putting it back into the atmosphere.


But isn't the problem that along the way we're also increasing the temperature of the planet and we are not aligned with a higher temperature utilization?


We don't know. We don't know. But in 1963, the Club of Rome came up with a limit to growth plan and they had models and actuaries. And I have copies of this in my film Endgame. Seminal films, Free Online Enablement for Global Enslavement predicts a virus release to lock things down. Everything is still happening because it's in their own documents.


And in the 1963 Limits to Growth Club of Rome plan, they said, we believe there'll be a global ice age by 2020 because the last Ice Age ended about twelve thousand years ago. And we're set for that. We're going to tell the public that actually carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is bouncing solar radiation off the earth because we've seen volcanoes caused this darkening effect and freezing. Shall we believe, our scientists believe that carbon dioxide is going to make the earth freeze by 2020.


And so we've got to have a global regime to take control of all the factories and all the energy and put a tax in for global government in the name of stopping the Ice Age. Then by about 1987, then when actually we think it's going to heat up instead.


So they flip the the the propaganda, ask anybody, you know, OK, but don't you understand that science back then didn't have as much data as they have now. So they're their models.


And what they had predicted in 1963 is faulty compared to the information they have. Just like Foushee said, two point five million will be dead, but can tell that it was 200000.


But worldwide, what is it? A worldwide tuberculosis kill 20 million people, one point four million here last year, but nobody was killed. Yeah, well, covid killed a couple times, killed a million worldwide. What, not even a million or one know. Was that true?


Now, come on. Well, how do we know? Oh, we use human models again. There are Bos Swensons went to the O'Shay. The lockdown has to go on now. They go, oh, we're against the lock down. Your nation states that it's their fault because they know millions are starving to death. That in the lockdown.


That is true and very underreported to show is now come out against. Lockdown's saying that the reaction can't be a worse effect than the actual disease.


Back Alex up with the climate change. It's like there there's certainly, you know, we are contributing to manmade global warming, but also, what are you going to do?


What are we going to do? I don't know what you know. I mean, that's another question. What are we going to do?


Why does this might sound weird? Is it is hot? Is he on it or is it how I'm hearing it? I'm hearing like a break up of his mic.


Sounds good to me to find him. Yeah, that's weird. OK, I'm sorry. It must be me. Jaimie's really low.


You sound great. He sounds good. Yeah. OK, what is the climate control?


Because that's very interesting.


I like the idea of using climate to because as you said with covid and we talked about this, we give up a lot of rights right in the name of Crownover.


Exactly what want to look, there's real issues. We don't really know what's going on. They won't be able to track all carbon and tax it with a surveillance grid, with a social credit score over it. Yeah, and they admit all of that, that, Joe, they tell us, OK, I understand that.


But you do you understand that the environmentalists who are concerned are not there's a giant amount of them that are legitimately concerned that we're ruining the earth.


So I understand the greenhouse effect, fossil fuel. I understand the greenhouse effect. But these people, the reason why they're acting, the reason why they're trying to get people on electric cars and trying to get people off fossil fuels, they're they're legitimately concerned.


Like I don't believe that these actual environmentalists I agree with you.


But I mean, here's the deal. The new Hummer looks the new Hummer looks badass. Here's the deal. But I'm not getting one because I don't know, contribute global warming.


Did I make sure you don't want to contribute? Let's be serious. Did you know did you know that on average more carbon is spent for electricity into a car than 93 octane gasoline? Well, I would believe that because I would think.


It takes a lot to make a fucking electric car, but once. Oh, no, no, no, no, no transmission lines. You lose up to half of transmission and most of is coal powered brother. So most curlier. Magowan, it's more it's more electric plugging my Tesla in.


And I think because that's how I like to think I'm a good guy. I'm plugging my Tesla and I'm helping save the world. I'm not because I'm contributing to power.


No, you're driving you're contributing to putting putting carbon dioxide back in and oxygen and terraforming the planet. You're doing a badass job. The biggest energy guzzlers, electric cars are bad ass. They are putting out more carbon than anybody. Yeah. They don't come out the tailpipe. They come out the power plant to work. But what about electric cars? Carbon said, yeah, carbon. Carbon. How do you feel about carbon?


OK, how do you feel about nuclear power? I absolutely hate it. Why do you hate it. Isn't it clean. Oh ninety four.


Joe, I'm not trying to tear you up. Don't tear me up. I don't know anything no more. No, no, no, no, no. I used to be for nuclear power. Oh. What happened.


I actually did research. What research did you do.


They're always saying it's totally clean, no problem.


But then you can look at the union numbers, which I believe the International Atomic Energy Agency looked this up. CBS News. Ninety four percent of nuclear plants are leaking at dangerous levels.


Look this up. Pause, Jamie.


Ninety four percent of nuclear power plants are leaking at dangerous levels.


Isn't the problem that we're using old tech like, yes, I see you're smart because you always know everything, Joe. The average power plant age is thirty six years. Almost all these power plants are life is twenty to thirty five years. Like Ashima was already a decade old.


It was supposed to be a General Electric model using plutonium, radioactive leaks found at seventy five percent of U.S. nuke sites.


Yeah, it's worse than that. It's ninety four percent. OK, well that's not that's not good. I don't know what ninety four does a bubble but to you.


But wouldn't it be possible with innovation that they currently have access to.


Yes, yes. Yes. But you talk about corrupt companies. I don't listen. If people actually ran these right and the executives here's an example. BP, I think oil's great has toxic problems. We should clean it up. We should find alternatives. There's also the clean energy we should go to that, you know, isn't. Solar's great. Whatever they've got fission fusion, a bunch of stuff coming down. Take one of the best films out there because it's so accurate, because I had lawyers on from I read the transcript of the trial, the event horizon with with BP.


They literally have all these degreed engineers out there. And BP calls them up from England to Houston and says you're spending twenty five million dollars a day on the super deep experimental oil. We've decided to not pour concrete. They call it mud in on top. This the executives say we'll save twenty five million dollars a day if you dump water. And all the engineers went, we have mathematical equations just like water boils at a certain amount. OK, we have a certain number of chromosomes.


This is fact. Yeah. And they on record go, you're fired if you don't order them to dump water into it. So they follow the order, dump water in for five days and it blows up because water didn't have enough pressure to hold what was going to be coming out when they finally hit that giant oil and gas deposit down there at twenty thousand feet under the ground or whatever. It was super deep. Well, it was deeper than that.


So you watch that movie with Kurt Russell and the rest of it.


And, you know, Marky Mark was an event horizon, the one where they find I'm sorry that arises where they go after event horizon is a spaceship.


Yeah, that's right. I'm sorry. So I'm trying to remember oil in the horizon. I'm like, wait a minute. Laurence Fishburne. Right. Here's my thing. Go to hell. Here's my brain. Deepwater water, pull up Event Horizon, because that's a great fucking movie. I love that movie. It's like they go into hell, they go into the dimension one. But people see how my brain got that wrong. That was done on purpose.


No, it's OK.


That's the shit. He pulls his eyeballs out and tells everybody. Yeah, I remember that. Yeah. That's a great fucking movie, pure evil.


But listen, I'm not trying to rant here when I'm telling you it's the same thing with nuclear power plants. Why would the executives at BP orders are engineers to do something that was going to blow up? They just said you engineers are full of crap.


We're going to make them be arrogant engineers on Adderall. And they made a big mistake.


I don't know. Yeah, that's what could be. Could be. That's what happened. That is what happened. Well well, those guys are probably tweaked out, right. Those those executives. But I'm saying it wasn't engineers. It was the executives. Yeah. But executives. That's what I'm saying.


Why do you think they were like keep pouring water in it, keep pouring water on it because they were insane. Right?


I mean, that's what I'm saying about the nuclear engineers are at the mercy of these executives who don't have the degrees the engineers have. And they made a crucial error and they forced the engineers to do something. That was all so I was agreeing with you about. We should listen to scientists and engineers. I was just going back to your point that, yeah, we don't know about the warming.


We don't know what it's doing. The models they all use on warming factor out.


A son, right, and you can't factor out the son an equation I've had other scientists, the fact of the sun end and they think despite all we're doing, that within the next two hundred years we're going to it's very serious, deep research.


I think Alex's point is that in all of these things, there are legitimate things. You know, covid has there are real things. People are getting sick, global warming. You know, to an extent, I'm sure this is happening. Of course it's happening. But then there are also nefarious characters that want to use that to take away your freedom.


There are people that don't want you owning a car.


There's all these legacy systems. Whitney Webb is a journalist who came on my show, said a lot of people didn't want to reopen the economy until they remade the economy and got rid of all these legacy systems. Like and this is a dock with Eric Schmidt, who was the head of Google. And you could look it up. And they were saying, you know, they were considering these legacy systems like cash, private ownership of cars, you know, things like that, like getting rid of all of these things that are distinctly American ways of life.


And just saying that, like, we don't want you to own a car, which is the most important thing that's been said here today. It's why I'm here one step at a time, though.


Why would they want to get rid of private ownership of cars?


Because they want control of people. And if you allow them to drive their own cars and use cash and run their own businesses and live in their own head.


But let's start with cars, vertical integration. Let's start with cars.


Don't you think that maybe the concern is they're looking at the future of autonomous vehicles, which would drastically lower the mortality rate on highways?


And they're saying, I mean, are they the people that run this country, Joe, concerned with the mortality rate? I mean, they're bombing other countries to doing this to stop stuff. They want some centralized control. Hold, please. We're Steve Wozniak, the former the founder of Apple. Stop was the best in answering this thought. Yeah, but hold this thought. The mortality rate on highways, you can't think people in the world with hoods up, but the people with Google that are working on autonomous vehicles, yeah.


They're not the same people that are trying to control governments all, but it's all but it's controlled by those guys.


All of those people at Google want to usher in a brave new world.


They want to remake the world in in the way you're saying, all these people, some of them are just writing software to make a lot of them that are not. You know, I stuck on the fucking voice of reason that you're not responsible. No one told me I'm not right. There used to be your title with you. Yeah. You're very conservative, Joe. These are utopians. They want to create a paradise on earth. Joe, I brought you through control.


I brought you the documents, Joe, we got on this show. We have the documents. I'm sucking on a cigar like it's a jelly doughnut. I'm hoping I get the weed on the inside. Joe, I'm like, I'm licking the outside. What do you got there?


A piece of paper saying, what does it say? What does it say? I think it's confirmed by George to the end of humanity.


What is this? C, OK, but it's a person who wrote this. It's Adam Kerr. She's probably got a pistol in his mouth right now.


The Street Journal cover story. I really mean that out of my pocket. That's that's the Wall Street Journal cover story. You may I please tell you what?


I came before you came in for a reason. Yes. Hold on. Here it is.


covid-19 has spotlighted the promise and peril of transhumanism, the idea of using technology to overcome sickness, aging and death.


OK, but what is he saying? I used to fall asleep every night listening to Alex talk about this.


So I want to let Alex talk about this until they talk about future. OK, but make this is the way I sleep every night. Not only do they do that, but do you know they fucking took a Young Turks podcast, young folks podcast. Let's talk about that in a minute. Can I can we get some weed? Progressive's. Yeah, we can get some. We got some on the outside. No, you need it. No I can not blow it at you like you got a cat hacker does that not it.


If I blow in your face. Good, I'll blow your face. I can't do it. I'm getting kind of hot from the cigar. Oh yeah. Listen, I need to talk to you a little lightheaded. All right, I'm going I'm going to go get some apple juice and I'm going to pray to Jesus.


We got something here.


Let's listen. I need to talk to you. There's still gotta get to go grab some bottles and some ice.


Get him some apple juice for the transhumanism discussion, please.


Listen, you wanna know why I'm so crazy? No, because I discovered this stuff right out of mainlined documents and I've known it for twenty six years. Twenty seven years. Well, here's another thing.


Let me tell you something I like. We all know that you fuck some things up right in your biggest fuck up a Sandy Hook, but you've gotten so many things right. And this is why I keep talking to you about these things and why I defend you and why I think that it's fucking dangerous to censor you and to say, oh, this guy, we need to get him d platform to get all those things. You're reviewing some things that have been proven on the show so far to be true that make people very uncomfortable.


The first thing I was going to do is thank you for having me on and have the courage. But I was going to say the fucking Bohemian Grove thing, the Bohemian Grove thing, that was that was the first time I really got into what he was doing.


And that was like, amazing. I mean, when you watch that movie, watch that, you know, it's it's paradigm shift.


I've had people try to minimize that. I've had people just how old do I go? Listen to me. I'm not a billionaire. Well, I'll give you the real take on because I've been there and I. I think it's just a gateway to things, but let's get it to me in a moment. I really want to give you I want to give you the big enchilada. The big enchilada, OK? Yeah. Just Comolli sauce. Yes, sir.


Just like I love my sauce, just like I'm saying the engineers. And meanwhile, a lot of them have good points. I'm not saying they're wrong about all this stuff. I'm simply telling you, I've read what the globalists have a say in their own establishment communicate, OK? And I have it right here in my notes to talk to you about the post human era and the system that they are setting up, where in all of their main publications, they say humans are flawed, humans are bad, they are, but they are flawed.


But then these corporations are saying they're going to take us out of our bodies and make us silicon. And that's what Elon Musk talks about. Beware of those who worship A.I. Gods.


Well, he's actually talking about neural link, which is something where they're going to be able to interface with your brain and increase the bandwidth in which you access information.


But go ahead. Well, that's it. And it seems inevitable, doesn't it? No, it's not inevitable. Already, driverless cars don't know a wreck up ahead or what to do. They have more accidents. Steve Wozniak, as I was saying earlier, the founder of co-founder of Apple, says the best A.I. is in a million, you know, close to how good an aunt's brain is. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. When they first developed cars, they said, well, how are you going to take them?


There's no roads or roads. Here's that. You understand that the A.I. that's powering these cars now is not a understand. The people running the predatory A.I. humans they said they want to get rid of Musk is not a predatory entity. No, I didn't say he was, but I understand he's working on autonomous vehicle. He said, beware those that speak of A.I. gods. Yes.


OK, a lot of people are worried that Iran is more concerned.


Don't give me one of those. You keep that shit away from me. Oh, no, no, no. He doesn't drink. Good. Thank you. He's sober. Rogen all this extra. I'm sitting next to Alex Jones.


I'm as high as a fucking election night. OK, but listen, listen, election night, we're going to get lit.


But these guys who are making this look in Hollywood, this is fake. This is only corn syrup coloring.


Do you think this is a good idea, though, this idea that we should be expanding our minds in this way and put my chips?


I don't think it's good or bad. I think it is the nature of human innovation. I think we take things, hey, we improve upon them. We do that with everything.


We know what you're talking about. Please tell no one at a time at once.


One tweet there was de de de de de de de de ad Morse code. Right. They went from Morse code to you being able to send me a FaceTime video. I understood. Well, these things happen.


We're not against humans. We're not against technology. OK, I'm not against technology. But what I'm saying is if you follow technological innovation, it becomes better and better and more and more invasive.


We need to design it where it doesn't make us obsolete. Humans take control of their environment. We build our environment. The globalists have decided to have a post human future where humans are no longer relevant. This is where you lose. I can show you the employees, but he's getting me because I just gave you an article.


I just gave you an article where they sent me because I think he's right. I think the only reason we're still around is because they haven't figured out how to get robots good enough to get rid of all that. If they had the right robots, there would be no Wal-Mart to get rid of everybody.


You don't think that if there were the right robots right there, I think it's obsolete to get rid of the workers. Stranger danger, tagine cooler.


I like to go to Wal-Mart. Is that OK? Not but once you have a robot, you won't want to go to Wal-Mart.


Why? Because it's it's dirty. It's filthy every out of it. I listen. And that's why they're going to come to America. Not essential under covid. They listen. They want a sense. They want to train you. OK, listen. Look how calculators were great. No one knows how to do math. Now, look, our phones are right. No one knows their numbers anymore. All the statistics show that the science of technology is making us dumb.


And that's why they wrote the big article. The co-owner of Sun Microsystems in 2000, Bill Joy, wrote Why the Future Doesn't Need US and explains he went to a top billionaire tech conference and they made the decision to not let humans sit around and play video games of the future. They were just going to slowly phase us out and kill everybody. Just stop.


They're not trying to kill us. OK, pull up why the future lies in the US. But why? Why do you want to join and tell everybody? Well, why wouldn't they can we reverse engineer the question? Because we're called useless eaters.


I don't think they're trying to kill people. I think they're trying to improve what a person is, what I think we're doing. Oh, by chopping balls off.


OK, you're going to go down another rabbit hole, you son of a bitch. By increasing our ability to access information and by becoming a sort of a symbiotic creature aligned with technology.


And once we're aligned with the ancients or everything, we do. You think big tech, the big tech got control, they began censoring. And it's the groups behind that are very predatory. Joe, I do agree with you there. There's no firewalls.


I here's the problem. The First Amendment currently does not apply to big tech, right? I believe it should. Iber violated Cartwell laws. I organized.


I believe that what's happening now with whether it's. Twitter or Facebook or YouTube, these platforms are so big, I think the argument can be made that they are utilities and that they should be regulated like utility. So it should be a human.


I not agree. We did not have access to these things. We did not talk about. We're going to cover preexisted. We're going to talk about a lot of things. This this is what I wrote last night. You already ready silicon called weed for you.


I want you to take it down. Another silicon cult. OK, go ahead.


It's another article. No, I wrote this. Oh, you wrote these are talking points. The Silicon Cult Defining the Enemy. The War on Carbon announced up front that I'm not really a liberal or conservative. I want to prohibit in future. Please listen to me and hear me out.


Let's stop right there because you. He's right. Called a neoconservative. You get called it. All right. You get called a far right person. When I first met you, you were protesting against George W. Bush and you were saying that what he was doing and what he was trying to usher in, what was essentially going to be the downfall of Western civilization before he was elected. Yes, I remember that. So when people say Alex Jones is far right guy, I'm like, he's complicated.


He's he's really against corruption more than he's against any particular party. You just found that the right was less apt to censor you and more apt to listen to your ideas. Exactly.


And I know we're all not stoned today. And so we're being like little aggressive. But but here's the old election night of I'm gracious enough to be here of a beer. We'll get hammered.


But listen, let's get into Bohemian Grove. Let's get to the Tennessee. Let's get into who runs Texas. Let's get into the mindset, whatever point you want, and I'll try to go through it.


This is Dylan's will. This is because you're saying they will. Talita on the road. Look at this. Thin, young, handsome, boyish, baby faced Alex Jones like 2004. But yeah, I mean, I know you and like ninety eight. Well in ninety eight I met you in ninety eight but yes, this was when you were ninety eight was when you were protesting.


And this is my clip. You guys are welcome to play this. It's really good. Yeah. I'll sign outside of what is what is going on in this. He's interviewing a lizard.


Let's, let's oh this is, this is the to spend a lot of different newspapers and that's the Bohemian Grove. You want to start it over. It's David Gergen.


Let me try to understand which set up we started up not very OK, Robert. He goes David Gergen, I'm outside. What's the main thing in New York where everybody plays, by the way, this is when Bill Hicks was alive, so I can confirm that you are not Bill Madison Square Garden, Madison Square Garden. And here comes David Gergen, the Karl Rove of like four or five administrations. And I knew that he was part of the actual ritual Bohemian Grove.


So I bring it up to him and he blows up at me.


Here it is. OK, he's like eight feet tall. Is our camera right there, just about yeah, I want to get information first here, OK. OK. Does this look like I've got no.


We're talking to David Gergen and he has advised several presidents and of course, has written quite a few books and is a I would call you a political pundit or researcher commentary at Over the Hill, whatever. One last question. I read a Washington Times article many years ago where you had a comment about the organization and then now it's been in The Wall Street Journal. It's been a lot of different newspapers, and that's the Bohemian Grove. And back in what was a nineteen ninety six when you joined as a Clinton adviser, they were the Republicans were criticizing you.


Oh, what about Bohemian Grove? And then you counter and then you countered them by saying, hey, I don't run around in the woods naked. What does that mean?


Here is the before mentioned Washington Times article where he said, I didn't run around naked like they do.


I don't I don't know what I don't know what quote you're referring to. I'm not aware of any quote like that. Listen, I am a happy member of the Bohemian Grove. I like the folks who come there. And it's really inappropriate for me to talk about the group behind this thing.


Have you been there for the ceremony with the cremation of care? Frankly, that I don't think that's something I need to talk to you about.


Oh, you know what we're watching for people that are just listening is a bunch of people wearing robes that are burning an effigy in front of a giant statue of Molik, the owl God.


And it's the effigy of a child. Well, I don't know if that's what it is. I think it's the effigy of a child. It looks like. I believe it is. This woman is real mad right here.


OK, what's this? Frankly, that I got to say, we it. I said you take part in the ritual, back it up five seconds, Alex Jones, that's enough information to care, frankly, that I don't think that's something I need to talk to you about. Really? That's right.


Well, I'm Alex Jones, and I snuck in there in 2000. I'm the guy that blew it wide open and got the video that's been on national TV.


Well, I just respect you for that. You do? I do want a big public officials going in there. You think we deserve it now? You took it. I don't know anything about you and I don't know about your film. But if you go in there and understand and you violate that understanding by releasing that film and I don't respect you for that, really. I'm sorry you took an understanding when you went in there that you would not do that film and you did you have to understand when you went in there.


No. Did you crash it? Yes. Yeah. And it has no trespassing signs there, too, doesn't it? No, I'm just I'm sorry, sir. I've been there before. I know what I what the circumstances are. And I'm sorry you violated the understanding that was not that was not a gentleman or anything. But what about the ritual? Is the ritual gentlemanly?


That's how the people, these fucking heads of state and billionaire, the other thing, they run the world. Those people don't owe you this comment.


I know you have. This is what it's called ambush journalism. And I disrespect you for that as well. So thank you and goodbye. That's none of your damn business. Oh, all right. Listen.


Oh, getting cocky. You go around and making mistakes with people and violate them. You ambush people on the street. And that's that's an appropriate form of journalism. If you wish to practice that, that's fine. But don't ask others to respect you for it if you wanted to. You can do your free American like anything you want. If you want to be uncivil and rude and ungentlemanly. That's up to you. But don't expect the rest of us to say, oh, you're right, Mr.


Gergen, I'm sorry. Nobody sets policy in there. We try to be gentlemen. And obviously you don't belong weaving spiders come out here. Yeah.


Anyway, that's a three lesson.


You can ignore that. If it was like a bunch of poor people in the woods doing that, these guys, then I'd be worried. Even then it would be weird. These guys are that are the top of like every industry in America. It's at least curious who goes in there.


Well, people like I mean, Clint Eastwood's gone. He's not really a member. Look, look. Is it fun?


Look, it's twenty seven hundred acres. It was set up by Mark Twain and it was a liberal deal for like hookers and gates and just everything else. Just a big huge which say gated gated gate. OK, do so.


No, I'm saying if you go back to like the eighteen 70s when Mark Twain set up, it was classically liberal, it was partying, it was their own 27 acres, it was saloons, they brought in female hookers, you know, there was gay guys in there, everything. It was just it was bohemian groves. Well they call it that. The people did whatever they wanted. It was, it was, it was open and they had like poetry and they had plays.


Now the rest of it. Then by the time of Howard Taft became president, the Republicans basically bought him. So the reason it's important is the Republicans go there to like they ship and all these private hookers, all these jets land nearby. But they also have a lot of gay sex, which they use them to basically compromise people into the cult. And so there's a lot of gay sex.


How do you know this? It came out in news articles. No one ever got footage of it. I was in there for one day. I said, I can't have people. I look good back down. They helped me a lot. I had like, you know, people I recognize from TV. All right, let's go right now. I mean, it's a big gay hookup deal for Republicans. I'm just telling you it is. And then and then they've got this this ritual that's only the feeder group.


So I'm sitting there during the ritual and I'm like, hey, this is pretty cool, logical shot to kill you. And they're all taking it very seriously. And I'm not saying it's a gay thing.


I'm saying something because you were saying it was cool and people are getting angry that you were saying, oh, no. I mean, I was just quietly going, oh, this is really interesting. They're like, shut up. This is a very important ritual. And they were taking it very serious. This hearse comes in with the body of a child. It is an effigy. They're not. Yeah. And it's just a bundle of sticks. Yeah, well, it looks like a kid.


No, it later others infiltrated later that worked there and got his photos of it.


Image of a kid, this little kid because Maliki in biblical is who they sacrificed the cannon.


It's a ball but they do it as an al but it goes Analia.


But that's from the Bible, as you would sacrifice a child too much, if not your children, to the fires of Molik. Right. And so I've given it to experts in religious history. It's not even, you know, from Christian perspective. Yeah.


It's a Fallston deal mixed with Babylonian and religious stuff from Tailleur. Yeah, it's called. Look at that. Look at that.


Our God and look at the fire underneath the alga. And there's Ronald Reagan.


I mean, if you saw that, if you were in the woods and you just saw that, you would be terrified.


And Richard Nixon said Richard Nixon on the Richard Nixon tapes says it's a gay orgy. Richard Nixon said they would pull up. Richard Nixon talks about, yeah, Richard Nixon said something about it where he said God damn fucking thing you ever seen.


I think it's I think it's just allowing nothing.


That's what it's saying.


I think it's guys that aren't gay that are that are that gay acts in the woods and then they have something on each other similar to Epstein's island.


That's if that's what it's a rich it's a it's like a fraternity doing that. So is that person.


Hold on a sec. What is this here? And they don't allow women, it says, founded in 1872 by a group of male. That's the context that YouTube Bohemian Bohemian Grove.


This is the title of the video I told you about it.


Richard Nixon, Bohemian Grove, most faggy goddamn thing he could ever imagine. Yeah, yeah, yes. Play it.


I'll never play it. I want to hear the Nixon tapes. Yeah, let me hear this. You are in California, you're not just going to declare our state, but it isn't this is just not the right part of town. But the bottom line is that we have only control that I come here. But it is the state government that you can never imagine. A San Francisco crowd goes in there is just terrible.


OK, so where did the owl and the it's interesting in it. I don't know how seriously they take it. I mean, that's a real question, right? I mean, the whole gay thing's a side issue. Right? The point is, is that I've talked to people. I mean, according to Ted Gunderson, first time I heard about this was from this former high level FBI agent who's maybe the FBI director, but he wouldn't go along with corruption.


So he wasn't on record Gunnarsson, almost like the FBI director, and he blew up like that, things like the Franklin scandal.


And he's been he has a finders. And the firewall, which was huge, was what the CIA was caught trafficking.


You know, the find it is a cult that was caught trafficking children and the CIA squashed the Florida and the Gunderson got it raided in D.C. and found a whole CIA facility with a snuff films every fax machine. So he told me about all this and I thought he was crazy, even though he was Ted Gunderson.


You told us about it. And we actually pulled up one of those stories. And I was correct.


Yes, you're correct. Yes. Yeah. Thank you. So Ted Gunderson is a reasonable person. And he said he said that they get people interested with that ritual. Most there's like 2000 members. They bring about a thousand guests. Not everybody bring a guest. What the head of each Cantabrian guest, most of them are nice. Clint Eastwood goes there. You know, Danny Glover goes there, but it's an all male deal. Who's the other one?


Danny Glover. Oh, Danny Glover, as mentioned. Who's Lethal Weapon?


Danny Glass there. How the fuck is he in there? They probably like him from the most. A fun guy. I saw him when I was there. I saw Danny. Interesting.


I'm starting to believe this is not I'm not to believe we can get it. I'm starting to believe it's not that Joe Rogan, they'd have him out immediately.


I mean, not now. Do a podcast in front of the owl. Hmm.


But I just want to say that overall, what started out as a truly artsy liberal thing that I think is good. I think guys deserve to go off the woods like we've done since humans, humans. Right. And party and do whatever. And so and so it's but the thing is then the weird, Scott, here's what happened about nineteen hundred Skull and Bones, that was at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut. That was a German death cult.


It took over Bohemian Grove and that's when they set up that as the central deal. So it's this big inviting, fun party.


What happens is Skull and Bones, because that's one of the other rumors about Skull and Bones compromise. You know, they compromise you so that you're always a part of this organized.


Before he died, I did multiple interviews with Anthony Sutton, the top congressional advisor to Senator Frank Church.


And we only know about Sutton because Charlotte Ismy, whose father was high level Skull and Bones, gave him all of their internal manuals. And she's been a frequent guest.


She's retired now, America's secret establishment, an introduction to the order of Skull and Bones. Yes, OK. And so this is this is a Russell Trust. True Illuminati. Illuminati set up 1776 to counter our revolution by out of Iserbyt, funds the Jacobins. It funds the French Revolution. It's the it's the opposite of a true egalitarian, open liberal revolution. It's the leftist always say that the liberal liberal and left us two to four deals. Leftist has left hand past Satanism.


Liberalism is egalitarian, open society, true liberalism. And so the left hand path set this up. And then they wanted they sent all this opium money they had over in eighteen thirty one to Yale to set up a German secret society of the Illuminati, which then has become one of the dominant secret societies. And in there that you actual satanic rituals, they get in coffins. They, they, they do simulated human sacrifices. They have gay sex as part of the ritual.


They they they bathe in huge facilities of feces. This was this was made by Robert De Niro, made a movie.


Skull and Bones are doing that stuff now. Absolutely. I don't want to break into it, but wow.


Who's the how can this be proven? Well, Matt Damon made a movie called The Good Shepherd, I think. And in that it's Robert De Niro directed it, OK? And that's super accurate. It's got the sword and the devil in there and there in these big vats of Kaminer.


They did like a Facebook photo album of a bunch of skull and bones kids hand on a Deer Island that kind of look like losers. I know. You know, I know they're not, but they kind of look like lose. I mean, it was kind of like a Lárus Millionaires' look like losers. Yeah. They look like emaciated. You were like, these are the these are the Illuminati.


It was kind of like, oh, I totally agree with you. Yeah. I remember ABC News. They wanted to get Bush in trouble right before the 2004 election.


Another frat was able to show they're all doing this crap shoot video down into it where they're going. Daboll equals death, Satan. And they had girls. They finally brought in a membership who was all boys before. Yeah, sacrificing. So course it's idiotic. It's training. Wheels for what they do, but inside they go grave, Rob, they've got Geronimo's skull. Yeah, the George H.W. Bush stole supposedly stole Geronimo's skull. Yeah, you got to do things like I don't know if that, but that's that's a legend rumor thing.




It's what gets broken into. Yeah. One time the police went in there. But the point is, is that Skull and Bones order three, two, two is the Illuminati Germanic death cult that now set up chapters, all of the U.S. and it took over Bohemian Grove around nineteen hundred. And so that's why Bohemian Grove is still this artisan and, you know, deal of elitist artists. But then it got co-opted by the Republican Party in Skull and Bones.


And Helmut Schmidt, German chancellor, wrote Men in Power is a political retrospective. Will you retired in the late 80s? I love our Illuminati rituals that we have in Germany in our own sacred groves, but I think they've taken to a new level with Skull and Bones at Bohemian Grove. I really enjoy the time we have there.


So these are just these elite institutions where and Skull and Bones, I think they seek to like create close friends amongst people that may not know each other, create loyalty amongst this group. That's why they got to tell them all the things that you're going to tell them, all the sexual history, all that stuff. They want these people to be loyal to each other. So when they say they're not loyal to the laws of America, they're loyal to this this oath that they take with each other and.


Exactly. And like the Team America, this descendant, Sue's skull and Bones over Geronimo's bones.


Documents show George H. Bush and George W. Bush's grandfather, Rob Geronimo's grave members, members of the secret society allegedly steal valuable things and put them in tomb. Great grandson says Geronimo should be burned, buried in accordance with the tradition, federal law protects Native Americans rights to their family members remains.


And let's expand on that. What he just said, because this guy's only studying. It's like, thank you. It's like a team America. When the head guy goes, silly person who's ever said, no, no, no, no. Nobody says you go suck my cock, Gary.


It's not about sex in Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove. He what he said is most these guys are not gay. It's an act of dominance, like, oh, you're a senator, you want to be president, bend over and like a former president, screws you in the ass. And that's what they did. I mean, the ritual is I'm in charge. Bend over.


Well, isn't that a thing with fraternities anyway? Like hazing. Yes.


Is on a cracker. Exactly. So it's the next deal. Yeah, but most people fraternity. I mean, these are the top kids. These are kids that they think are going to occupy leadership positions in the world and often do and often do.


So even let me give an example.


Even Jon Ronson saw the photo with me when we snuck in Bohemian Grove. Yeah. And they had it hanging. People who want to get a video, I have a camera hidden right here. It's Henry Kissinger bent over in a woman's dress, sticking his fingers in his ass. Bill Clinton in a blue dress with Jeff in Jeffrey Epstein's house.


Yeah, but that's just an artist's rendition. Do you know that? That was just an artist made that maybe this was an artist rendition.


We're in a clubhouse. Yeah. Bronson wrote about this.


Oh, it's a photo or. No, it was a it looked like a photo, but let's just say it's a painting. I don't know what it means. It's ancient memory. Twenty years ago. Twenty, you know, but I mean, like, look at that. I'm like, is that Kissinger? Yeah, it's Kissinger. It's all about being improper. And they all go get court to compromise each other to be in the club.


It's a hazing so that they can trust each other because they're all doing shady shit. Yes. Even if it's an artist's rendition. Why is Jeffrey Epstein having in his townhouse a picture of the president in a blue dress?


Well, because the president flew in his fucking well, that's what I want six times.


That's what I mean. He was, by the way, just fine. Maxwell is now come out in court. It's getting no attention confirming, OK, Clinton did fly to that island that broke four days ago. It's gotten zero. Yeah.


No, they're not paying they're not paying it till we haven't heard anything other than those court documents. It doesn't matter.


Listen, I told you. Listen, guys, it's not like I'm even that special. My mom's brother was a famous helicopter pilot. Vietnam, right. And black ops into Laos and Cambodia and stuff. And then he I shouldn't tell these stories, but no one's ever heard the stuff. But, you know, I remember growing up and telling me this stuff, and it was it was true. Like they were like, I'm not going to do it.


Please, please. What's the problem? I just can't do it. What's the danger?


You said so much warning. Let's just say he took the fall for something that was going on, he get in trouble for it, he got promoted, they called that Iran-Contra and that's how people get promoted.


They fail upward by taking a lot of times the blame for something or this is that's like so I grew up I mean, I grew up not just him, but other family.


You know, that was it was like something special, you know, about those Navy SEAL guys. You got security, got a bunch of crazy stuff. That's what our military does. It's not what you hear on the news. Right. And and and it's just completely out of control stuff. And I mean, my uncle told me, he said he said, yeah, I know I got out of working for these groups and everything is, you know, an Army officer that was sheep dip.


He hurt. We wonder what we're in an army uniform. Yeah, right. We were talking high level like you're talking running the real stuff like special ops. Yeah, well, he was in charge. You like to command basic Guatemala City because he is like a top Moscow guy. Yeah, of course. They had satellites there, but nobody could read this Morse code coded. So he was sending stuff for the White House Morse code like he was like when he was a kid, he was a champion Morse code.


So he wasn't just in command. He was like running all the stuff. And he just said I had to do it because he said it was kids being smuggled out of orphanages by the CIA for sex option DC. Jesus Christ told me that. He told me that when he was dying of pneumonia. Jesus, fuck.


Yeah. Now, what is it with kids?


Why is the way to compromise people? It's the it's the energy to. Yeah. I mean, if somebody will hurt kids and he what if somebody will hurt kids. Like what else? They'll do anything.


But that's what everyone's so terrified of today. Right, that there are some sex trafficking and sex call and there's ten times over ten times the bubble people.


But that's like they are. But that's a fact. Right.


But if you want to get in on shit gets wild and sloppy and messy. And you've talked about that, too. It gets sloppy and messy and they're not right about everything.


But the idea there are human traffic, the entire reason is just people on the Internet like playing games, laughing, acting like they're taking credit for something. And a lot of them are good people. It's just that, sure, you can give them like bonafied like, look, they just bust a giant child trafficking ring. Associated Press. They don't want that. They want no, there's underground bases and there's dinosaurs. There's alien wants a real shit.


They don't want that.


So is it that they're just into things that are just huge, more ridiculous than reality?


Like what is. Yeah, because it's escapism and Hillary's in prison secretly. Oh, right.


I think they just learned about the world over the last year and it melted their mind. Like you've been looking at stuff from a Joe a few months ago. You crystallize it perfectly. Yeah, they've been asleep now. They've woken up and now they think everything's a cartoon version.


We'll say it like you said. Yeah, well, it was just like again, it's like if you didn't know anything about the Franklin scandal, you didn't know about Epstein or you hadn't read these books, you didn't know the stories your uncle told you. And then eventually you just found out there was an island where all these politicians were going to and having sex with kids and they were going to compromise. Your mind would melt and then you would get paranoid and then you would start thinking that everybody is a pedophile and that there's tunnels underground when the reality is it is bad.


But sometimes you have to take a step back and take a breath and realize that, like, there are good people and not everybody is evil, but there is a lot of evil out there. But you've got to take a step back and try to realize, like, what is what?


Well, there's one picture of Clinton getting massaged by this woman, and they were using it as sort of evidence.


But the woman's clearly a woman in her 20s and they were saying she'd been working for him since she was like fifteen.


Let's never use Clinton as the example of the Kuhnen people being wrong. That's not even what I'm saying. Never. There it is. That's a grown woman. She's a grown up. Yeah. So listen, let's be clear.


The media did a limited hangout. They went with these whistle blowers instead of all the other people. And and the fact that the witnesses reported at Epstein Island in the Caribbean, little St George, he on the other island, too, that boats would pull up in the middle of the night, the shacks with with little brown kids. And those are the ones that you disappeared.


But who reported this? It's in it's in the it's in major documentaries, it's in Netflix documentaries, it's in all the witnesses we talked to and they said, my witnesses, my people I talked to you over 10 years ago said you wouldn't be telling you about it. They've got an island in the Caribbean island in the Mediterranean that they've got ranches in the southwest and that they well, he had a ranch in New Mexico that came out later.


I was at college, actually, where I mean, the idea that these kids would disappear potentially isn't crazy. I know it's crazy. Not crazy at all. Here's an example.


I was told by a high level source that major Hollywood producers by name ran a cult where they branded women next to their vagina the Nixon thing.


But I put it out two years for it broke. I was told this by high level source. I remember you talking to me about it.


And then they had they even had articles going on in Huffington Post. Jones claims Harvey Weinstein's connected to groups that, you know, do all this. And I was just going off what people told me and I said I didn't even say Weinstein. That's what's crazy is they were already trying to cover it, in case I said that. Right. Oh, watch these on the wall. The branding woman. Well, I never even came out. He was it was the other guy.


So it's just not what you said did turn out to be true. Yeah. As fantastic as it sounded, as outrageous, as ridiculous, it turned out to be true. First time now it's in the news. First time I ever heard of Ted Gunderson.


I mean, we pulled him out. Ted Gunderson, it's on Wikipedia up to be FBI director. He was the head of L.A., I imagine he learned there. He told me he goes and I've been there FBI twenty years. I got to be the head of L.A. It was like was devil worshiping everywhere, blew me away, you know, pedophilia, you name it. And he knew about the Manson thing really being in a satanic ritual.


And there's a senator from Nebraska and John Decamp, who I know he was friends with, who is friends with John Decamp, was a guy who he blew the whole thing wide open like he was CIA. He blew the whole thing.


Why don't you think? But he was when he told me I was friends, when I was one of the good what, like he was involved in Operation Phoenix and then they killed. Well, well, that was that was his mentor. So Decamps Mentor was a guy who was a high level CIA guy who Jamie could pull that up. He was in a Phoenix operation and he was killed.


And I found it in the in the in the canoe. And, you know, the dinner was still on the table. He was killed in a canal. Yeah. This was a high level CIA guy, John. The camp was in Nebraska, senator, who broke open this human trafficking operation.


This, by the way, I'm having the whole knows a pedophile cult. It was trafficking kids across America and it was centered out of the Omaha Federal Omaha Federal Credit Union, was being run by a guy named Larry King.


Was this rising star in the Republican Party, is probably still alive. He has pictures of Maureen Reagan, all that stuff. These kids were being trafficked to D.C., to L.A., to New York, wherever decamps, stumbled upon this, stumbled upon the occult. Weird ritual shit going on, too, in addition to the pedophilia and all that. And then he went to this guy, his mentor, who he knew from from Vietnam, from the military, who is a CIA guy whose name is escaping me, William Colby.


William Colby went to William Colby. And William Colby basically said to the camp, listen, you're going up force. You're going up against forces that are way too powerful. You don't even know what you're you're knocking on here. And then William Colby, I think, changed his mind and said, fuck it, you know what we should stop doing? Like, let's if we're going to fight this, let's fight it. And then a little while later, William Colby, who is in great health.


Yeah. Has an accident in his canoe, is found dead in a river right by his house with his dinner still on the table. So it's like nobody nobody gets up in the middle of the dinner to go canoeing. So this has been a common theme forever. Whereas if you go against these these people, you find your dead.


He was seventy six when he drowned, though. Yeah. But in a canoe while his partner was still.


Sometimes people have heart attacks and they're seventy six. I understand. I understand. You understand that we're connecting dots here that maybe we don't need to disclose. OK, William Colby, director of Central Intelligence, chose to disclose some of the nation's darkest secrets to save the spy service he loved drowned on April 27th at a tributary.


Talk to folks. They killed him. They killed a seventy six. How about Vernon Jordan? This guy, Gary Qaderi, who was a private investigator hired to get to the bottom of the Chuck Berry seal?


Man, they're getting rid of the people. They just get rid of them. All right.


So so Bohemian Grove, Bohemia, let me tell you, Senator Decamp was on record running major level Operation Phoenix, which was a high level CIA torture operation and execution operation. So Apocalypse Now is kind of based on some of the things I did. But he's on record, highly decorated, that I don't want to go too far away from the obscene things.


I still have a whole lot more. Let's go back to OK, the island itself. Like, first of all, Epstein had this crazy place in New York seven story palace that the guy who owned Victoria's Secrets, he gave it to him.


Yeah, because the probably blackmail.


Right. And then there was other billionaires who it turned out had and this is like had been glossed over, including Bill Gates.


Bill Gates stays there and tried to deny it.


But Bill Gates denies staying with Epstein, but confirmed he stayed there and in his Paris home.


OK, and this was also he met with him post his first arrest, correct? Yes, because he was arrested, a lot of people did Chelsea Handler at dinner with him, I believe, after the arrest, too. I mean, a lot of people looked past that apparently were all British royal.


OK, Bill Gates met with Jeffrey Epstein many times despite his past and not got to say Jamie's really fast.


He's the best. He's the best. I mean, so let's let's go back to this tweet we're getting.


We're not a huge interest in tech.


We love tech. Yes. Yes. And he wanted to he brought scientists and big tech people over his house in New York City.


Here's the deal they were doing. I said this over 10 years ago, that they were involved in secret breeding programs for cloning.


OK, before we get to that, scientists, how were they getting these?


Were are they getting all the money? First of all, where is he getting the money? Get the silent.


Where is he getting the money to to buy this giant or get he was we now know that he was a nexus point from the dirty sides of the CIA and MI6 and Mossad at least. Yeah. And so they were compromising people and that as he would compromise people, most of them knew they were being compromised. They wanted to be compromised, to be let in, to then run operations and be given even more money.


He was also the money manager for a guy named Les Wexner, who's a billionaire who owns Victoria's Secret. The Limited, among other things.


That's the guy he was gifting Epstein a property. He gave them a seven. That's where he got some of the first money.


Well, Eric Weinstein, who was a legit yes financial guy, looked at him and said, this guy does know what the fuck he's talking about.


He said he's playing a role and then sides with them.


Scientists were like that, too, when they went to his house to go, oh, Epstein is like playing a role. Yes, he has. No, you know, so whatever he's doing, he's working for some.


Well, let me tell you, they want to corrupt the scientific elite to go along with their agenda on climate change, to go along with their agenda on viruses, to go along with their agenda because they know scientists are respected. So you want to have them compromised. So they go along whatever it is you want.


So whatever it is you want.


So if you want to do something and manipulate reality to make your agenda go through, you compromise the scientists and then these elite experts who you have on film having sex with 16 year olds, then you got so maybe manmade global, maybe manmade global warming is real and really bad.


Doesn't matter. The solution they have is a global tax. You pay them. So it's a scam. But as big as he was, he was small compared to these other Findus groups and other organizations. They even came out in the news at the time in the late 80s, early 90s. And then the communist Chinese, they're running the blackmail rings with Hunter Biden in the Democratic Party and Dianne Feinstein and all these people at levels, way, way, way above anything.


Anybody else, the same Jesus Christ.


I always I always got a bad feeling from Dianne Feinstein. I never had any turned out. Her main her main assistant was a Chinese actual agent.


Yeah, that's Glenn Maxwell.


Powell pleads for release, says jailed heiress, starving and humiliating clothes.


And that's unfair for her. And I think I mean, the latest statement least he should give her a oh. Oh, she I mean, on record. This one was it all along was horrible things that now. Oh, my God. She said humiliated Khloe.


Why do you think Trump said like when they asked her about it? Well, I wish it well. He's always smart ass. Like because because Epstein was killed in prison.


So he's like, I wish her well because I want to get data is just like a rich guy. He knew her, right? I mean. Well, he later clarified it.


I said, do you think Trump's clean and everything in this? I mean, oh, you want to get to him? I want Trump.


Well, I would like to, because I know that I'll give you. No, no, no. Here we go.


My only superpower is that I really try to give me accurate take this mean I'm always right about ninety five percent of the time. That's why earlier went down that rabbit trail. Well, I'm saying, listen, Trump doesn't like lobbyists. He fired them all and try to make the best decisions for everybody in a pragmatic free market to not have one sided trade deals. But his blind side was by him not letting lobbyists hand everyone around. He became an official lobbyist.


I don't give a twenty minute raviolis I'm not bitching about. OK, but let me tell you about Trump. Trump's dad was a super right wing pro America dude who was actually a huge fan of the John Birch Society, introduced him to the head of the House un-American Activities Group that worked for Nixon and Eisenhower that actually ran the Red Scare. Some of it was good. What was bad? Roy Cohn. And so his personal lawyer for 25 years was Roy Cohn, who was like Joe McCarthy's best friend, Joe McCarthy's chief of staff, chief of staff.


I mean, he ran it and ran it. Yeah, he ran House and Senate. He was he was the big enchilada. And so Trump was actually heavily influenced by his father that was anti-communist, acted nice and liberal in New York. But like knew all this John Birch Society, like, you know, we're talking the whole nine yards.


What was it? Roy Cohn also involved in some blackmail stuff? Oh, he was huge.


OK, all right. Absolutely. And it was a whole game, obviously. Right, right, right, right.


Christ, you guys are deep. You're deep in this. I know. Yeah, I know. This was obviously listening every night.


I would fall asleep, listen half hour and then I would trail off him and I would fall asleep. And now I can't do that anymore.


Thank you to you can if it was Dotcom's. I know I get halfway into this, I should say. People ask where people go. I used to love you. I'm sorry. You're off air now. We have record traffic and Infowars dotcom and band dot video band dot video. We have videos. I've had videos this week with three million views, two million views, a million views. Yeah.


So my producer bent over. He watches enforced dot com like during holidays. Family be having Christmas. I'm in a room watching it. So speaking of censorship, YouTube and Facebook have now banned all the kuhnen stuff, which is crazy.


Well, this is what's crazy. Like what's next? You're going to ban JFK conspiracy? Well, if I make a joke about Kuhnen, am I going to get banned? That's the other point. But it's like you said, there's a young Turk show. Well, let's first talk about the what is the the show that the Jacobins, because Tim Dillon had put the the show, he put it. I'm going to I'm going to send it to you, Jamie, so you could see what it is.


I'm going to send you the video that Tim Dillon Brooks Temple Temple sent me. I'm going to send it to you right now, Jamie.


So someone explain this. The young Kurds are anti free speech for everybody, including me, and then she goes, but I'm not into free speech, I just want Alex Jones banned. But didn't they have this new show called The Jacobins? Well, let's talk about evil. The Young Turks or the group that ran the Armenian genocide, they ran the Armenian genocide on record kill over millions of Christians. They name themselves the young Turks saying, oh, we don't know what that means.


Now they're called the Jacobins. The Jacobins ran the French Revolution and we're the Illuminati. I told you about them earlier. Yeah. So it's like every name they've got is like the Hitler Youth, basically. I mean, you know, the Young Turks. And that is a very unfortunate name.


Well, they also people run around with, you know, the people who watch a lot of those shows walk around with either the Che Guevara shirts or their unironically calling themselves Maoist's.


These are like suburban white kids walking around going on the ballot with one hundred dollars smartphones, right? Yeah, that is a problem.


Subserve think they're trying to do good and I think they think they are doing good. I really do.


I think when they thought that hey, I'm not anti free speech but ban Alex Jones. Right. They just don't understand what that means. There's a reason why you can't just go around censoring people. And again, the answer to bad speech is better speech. That has always been the end. But here's the big problem.


Once they silence you, they can then make up whatever they want people all the time.


It's worse, Alex, and this is you personally. But the problem is when they silence someone with a censor someone and then that person's not that's that's not the target anymore. They look for another target and they invariably go left. They invariably exactly.


On a power trip. They don't.


But hold on a second. The left is not left enough. So if you are a centrist, they'll call you.


All right? Yeah. Because you need to be compliant completely with the ideology. If you're not compliant, they they will they keep moving what's acceptable and what constitutes racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia.


It's a power grab, but they keep changing it and move the line. Orwell talked about this in nineteen eighty four.


He was like, if you ban all the words, if you will, you will literally you will, you will change thoughts because you can't have all the.


I forget Orwell's words on on reducing language.


He said, he said what they want to reduce the language where no one's even able to communicate and that's the goal. So we think of as a leftist thing that's out of control. No, I paraphrased it and I fucked it up.


But the point is, what they didn't see. They didn't use hindsight. They didn't they? Well, it's called in shock.


Well, what it's so hard to talk with you.


What they didn't do is they didn't look, Joe goes. I did they didn't look to where this goes.


They didn't understand. They didn't extrapolate.


They didn't say or maybe some of the snide and some of them, but wanted to go. If you start if you start censoring, there's a real and I know people are saying, no, you should censor people that say terrible things because they influence our children. And you you can't let go.


It's a power grab. They get off. Once they've got one scalp, they're going to scalp everybody, including themselves.


That's the motivation of the people that are doing it. That's not what I'm concerned with.


What I'm concerned with is the problem itself, because you keep finding a new target, you keep finding a new and a new person who is doing something. That's that's what I'm saying.


They don't want to give up. They want more and more and more. But it's not that they're trying to grab power. It's always, look, you've started the game.


Yeah, but start again. They're losers and want to control reality because they're projecting their own hatred themselves on us.


You don't think part of it is that they want power to control the discussion?


There's most certainly a part of that. That's a part that's human nature. But, Joe, you just said I'm hard to deal with. Well, because you talk over people when they're talking, you don't let them get the phone. You've been talking a lot. You get you don't let people get a full thought out there in Tim does it like when he's how do to how the sensors are good.


What I'm saying is he's talking and you jump in. And the problem is, I know you have some things to say, but then you fuck with the thing that's coming out of the other person.


OK, explain to me how the sensors are loving people.


That's what you're trying to do, not saying they love people. I'm saying they don't they're not looking at it correctly because the way they're looking at it, they think they're doing a good thing. And they're going to usher for some utopian world of communication where people are only saying the things they agree with.


The problem with that is you don't find out who's right unless you get everybody talking.


But I agree with you, it's worse than that. You can't have an echo chamber. It's dangerous.


Echo chambers are dangerous. And what tech has done is created these left wing ideological echo chambers. I totally agree. And they're also forcing people into self-censorship, because if you don't comply with the rules that they've set forth, then you get banned. So you comply and you find you find people.


It is a cult idea ideologically like this. Listen, it is a cult show.


I think there's a lot of these corkill when I'm trying to say to you, as you've never. Not smoking weed with me on air, you need I know it's a bummer who should have had you come in a week, you're angry, you're upset.


But I had want you to be on before you know, the election. Who do you think's going to win, by the way? Donald Trump is going to win. You think so. But then the Democrats are going to get tested. The another 79 days of wow.


Why are all the polls showing that Joe Biden is in the lead, do you think it's almost like last time they said Hillary was going to win?


Yeah, but these are the post post election. Polls show what I want to do is talk to you right now. Why are you talking like that is like a funny's a conspiracy phone sex operator about a sex. Right now, I am the only one here drunk. This is a problem telling him, telling these criminals. That's not how Tim Dolan talks. Tim Tebow is looking at you right now.


Do you do you really think that Trump is going to win because it's close that he's going to win big? Interesting, really. But I think that but I was not trying to interrupt you earlier.


Well, this is how you talk. It's OK. You're all you got. You got to let go, Joe. You've got you've talked twice as much in our last four hour. But yes, I love it. This is the sober Joe Rogan.


Let's get back to this.


Trump. What were we arguing about? About political correctness? I don't know. But you were saying. We weren't arguing.


He was saying that the sense of disagreeing with the census, some of the sensors are trying to do the right thing. Yes. And you were saying, listen, it's deeper than that. And then that's where we left off.


That's all scientifically set up. Or they always say, oh, we're a war for outliers now. And dog whistles it's all about normalizing centralized control, big techno's that psychological algorithms, it's totally destructive China that has people and Muslims in death camps, Christians in death camps, Buddhists in death camps. He's trying to totally normalize censorship here domestically when the whole left is involved with communist China through big tech.


And as I say a word about them, they have no moral high ground to stand on.


Yeah, well, we have a real problem in the society when it comes to tech, first of all, because all the people that are on the moral high ground who are buying iPhones, you know, where those things are being made, like we all we all know.


Everybody knows. And I admit it. I admit it. I admit it as well. There's no iPhones that are being made in Ohio with highly skilled workers that are paid an excellent wage and they have great health care benefits.


That's not what's happening. I don't know why, but that's not what's happened. Or they've decided that it's better to make them cheaper or better to have a higher profit margin and make them in other countries. Or at least they decided that initially and now they're stuck. Let me ask you this.


Who do you think's going to win? I will be very subdued, something that Joe Jorgensen. Yeah, I think Joe Jorgensen has a great shot. She's she's a shoo in.


And then Kanye West. I think Judge Roberts say Kanye West. I think it's a it's a nail, but it's neck.


And that drives you crazy like it's neck and neck. Right.


Jennifer Aniston was she made a tweet that said, it drives me crazy. You're hating me right now because you're not drinking. Hold on a second.


There was a fucking hilarious response by Kanye West. She said Jennifer Aniston put on Twitter. Hey, it's not funny to vote in for Kanye. Don't do it. And he goes, friends wasn't funny. They're hilarious.


He's right. He's right. That's correct. Was not funny. But you see, the two of them together, friends was a funny show. So you were great on friends? I wasn't on friends.


Who do you think you think Trump? I don't know. What if you were a friend's character, who would you be going to be? Matt LeBlanc. Right, to be Jennifer Aniston?


I don't think so. Who's Matt LeBlanc? Whose name is Jennifer is the most successful. Identifies Jennifer. He was dumb. I'm dumb. Perfect. Wouldn't you like to have a dentist like Jennifer Aniston? Horrible bosses.


She was a dentist. What did you do, molester patients? OK. Well, you could be molested by worse people. Well, they're not kids.


Just think it's funny that they yeah, someone who's an actor would say that like this this thing that they feel like they have this influence, they're going to change the way people vote for this 80 days of hell you speak of.


What does that entail? Just so I can mentally prepare my seventy nine days, seventy nine days of house, seventy nine days without going rogue.


And what's going to seven nine days of us locked up in here with cases of whiskey and huge piles of marijuana.


He's lit. No, no, no. It's a little lit. But I don't actually I could see that bottle and it was a fresh bottle when you said no, that's all that's that's fake. That's Hollywood. That's not Hollywood.


We're in Texas. I gave up Hollywood years ago. I haven't worked in Hollywood. Let's talk about this.


What were you just asking? I don't know. Seventy nine days after the Democrats contested election, problems mean say this is not fair. Seventy nine days of hell.


That's how many days there are after November 3rd, the inauguration.


And John Podesta in The New York Times, they had a big war game with The New York Times, shadow Democrat, high level war game with Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and all of them. And they said, we're going to contest.


We think we're going to win. But if we lose, we're still going to contest and we're going to contest and we're going to call for the U.N. to come and occupy the U.S. The U.N. is going to occupy the. And then and then The New York Times came out and said, we need the U.N. to intervene in the U.S. election.


And now the four horsemen just called for that yesterday. And so they are planning to use the four horsemen, al Qaeda and the rest of the crew.


Oh, Jesus Christ.


And so those I thought that's the tribe anyways. And so and they're planning to have a Western states, Western states secede and they're saying they're going to hold the election up. You already saw this starting tonight, the last election they could take Portland. Yeah, take it all. Take a lot of those 79 days of hell. Let me ask you this, because you when did you decide to try to escape California?


I told you the looting. When the looting where you told me off air. I know I had zero faith in their ability to maintain law and order, because if you're going to pay all that money in taxes, I feel like you should at least feel like they're protecting things. And when they were just letting them smash windows and cops were told to stand down, particularly in Santa Monica, there was like direct orders. And the sheriff was, you know, being widely criticized for this.


They were told to stand down while these people were smashing and looting things.


When when they were doing that, I was like, well, you can't live in a place where that's being tolerated because this is this this this goes from stores to you know, they'll move to nightclubs and move to restaurant.


They'll decide it had nothing to do with George Floyd. No, it had nothing to do with him.


I agree. It was restaurants. Those stores had nothing to do with George Floyd.


And now, like in Minnesota, Minneapolis, the crime rates like tripled. The police won't even show up. They're like people ask, why are you even paying you? Yeah. So. So what do you think, both of you? Mr. Dylan, what is the endgame of this?


I'm going to finish my answer, OK? I'm not done yet. It was also that there was restrictions that were put in place that didn't make any sense to me. There's restrictions for restaurants, restrictions for comedy clubs, for restrictions for gyms. Like why can't you just wear my churches clothes? Yes, but all but Wal-Mart's open. Well, why are churches closed? But why is it OK to protest? It's not. Why is everybody OK? Why is everybody letting people protest?


Right. Why aren't they saying, listen, I understand your your want and desire to protest, but understand that you're most likely contributing to the spread of this virus because that's a fact, right? Even if you support the protests, the right.


Yeah, the end game seems to be if you let society get bad enough, people will then accept all these more draconian security measures and censorship across the board.


What do you think that's what's going on with California? Like, why do you think they've kept California locked down this much?


They want to kill the U.S. economy. China has been open for six months. They admit it's leaked out that they're doing this to kill the U.S. economy.


Remember, it's leaked out how? Let's come out Democratic Party reports it's it it's been stated, you mean you heard Democrats all over the news say we want a depression to make Trump look bad?


Who said this bill more? Yeah, but Bill Maher is not a part of the Democratic Party as a comic. I know, but I used to love a joke. But he jokes around about that, like, look, OK, crash the economy. OK, well, regardless what Jews try to or Baptist in New York, try to have an event, the police show up and arrest him. Yeah, but then when Antifa or BLM was ground burn stuff down, that mayor said it's great.


And the mayor said de Blasio said this is a legitimate. And if it's legitimate, your church at your synagogue isn't so it's power, it's selective enforcement, it's martial law. I have articles, writers, everything I brought today. I have the proof ABC News is reporting in blue cities in Texas that they're going to come to your house and demand a covid test. And if you don't, they're going to arrest you. Well, the federal and state courts ruled that.


Was that being said. Well, El Paso, Texas.


But I want to bring you back to what you're saying about the economy. You use Bill Maher as an example. And I just don't think that's a credible example because he's commonly said that. Yeah, but he's a comic and they always say comics bigger coverage than news people. Now, that's what Colbert and all the polls in the newspaper.


Alex, you you can't use him as an example of someone really a politician who is calling for the economy.


But practically, if I was a Democrat, I wouldn't want things to open up again until Trump was out. Right. Greed, right.


I mean, that's greed. If you want China, want China. China wants to shut down. China admits they're using the virus to keep us shut down. Well, he's a bio weapon.


I should give you an hour long treatise on covid-19.


Well, we'll get to that momentarily. I want to thank you, though, for before we know I love being here. I'll sit here and like, fart jokes go on.


I'd rather get drunk and just have a good time before we get to the gym.


But you said something that I want you to back up. You said that the Democrats are I'm not denying the possibility that this is the case, but this seems like if that was the case, it would be a grand conspiracy that would at least have you'd have to have some evidence of this to make that statement that they're trying or they want to crash the economy because they they want to maintain power and to change censorship and to change the way they're doing.


OK, well, we've had Governor Newsham, we've had Governor Cuomo, Wittmer, Cuomo. Exactly all say the economy. Is it going to be open because Trump's done a bad job. We're not going to open until he's gone. And then what? He would come out. But wait a minute.


Newsom has openly said that he's sure type it in. I mean, but what do you think? He said? I never I listen, I'm a citizen. I'm a critic of Newsom because of his this he's become an autocrat.


Wineries open. But there's a lot of issues. Right? There's there's a lot of issues that they closed. So many things.


Joe, Joe, Joe. Globalism was about selling America, often bankrupting us under strategy. Fine. But don't don't change the subject.


I'm not specifically what Newsom has said. You can pull it up just like I told you about the AT&T. What did he say that you think? And again, I'm not a fan of him. I'm a critic. Listen, I think you got to give people, grown adults the choice. If they look, we don't have overrun hospitals.


We don't have people dying in record numbers. We don't have five percent death rates with the cases and the deaths are increasing. That is true.


But as long as there's a disease, they're going to increase. The question is at what rate?


And the people that are going to never have that morbidity factors ever about the death rate. It's always about increased infection because the death rates way down now is the winter hits.


They're going to say it's flu and the cold is that you get me again when when you say the deaths increase, that is going to happen.


The question is by what rate and how many right will you take the normal flu and pneumonia and morbidity elected of this year?


And you add that to the numbers. They've already run the same scam. And so whatever, they don't count flu as a death or pneumonia anymore. They only like the all kind of cover because they get money on the chart, but they get 50 plus thousand dollars when they call it a covid death. Plus when they say that they get thirteen thousand cancer covid patient and they get. Twenty nine thousand or whatever extra when they intubate somebody. And so now since when is like Congress saying how to do medicine?


Well, isn't the idea that they're doing this to give money to these hospitals to help them in the middle of a pandemic?


Yeah, so the hospital's reason code, everything is covered to get the money that's come out that killed most people that died, died in nursing homes or died from intubation. When it's an autoimmune event and you don't want intubation, it's intubation that's killing. But they initially thought you did.


But that's why they're not because it was respirator. Thank God the numbers went down because they stopped intimating. Yes, that's OK. Now it's all about everyone's being, but it's a death rate because they were intubating and they were counting and they were killing old people. As soon as they stopped shipping folks to old homes that weren't getting vitamin D, no sun went like this. So. So infections like this in polygraph's, you know, like, what's your science?


Pull it up. And, you know, infections like this. Deaths like this. Right.


Where are you going? Up and down. Right. Deaths down now. What did Gavin Newsom say, though, that when you said that, he said it's not going to get better until Trump's out of office.


Well, it's Wittmer that said that specifically, and he said Cuomo was a member of that, too, but he was just like, well, I want to be friends with Trump has been a bad response. We've got to keep the lockdown going. And, you know, until Trump does this wrong, until we have a change, it's going to continue on. And then it's always about the power grab, like, oh, it's two years. We have to do it now.


It's first, it's 15 days. The hospital's empty and then it's then it's, oh, six months. And now it's two years. The gates said like a week ago, it's ten years. And now they've got the people, Foushee and others saying, no, it never ends. You never shake hands. And under the U.N. rules, they say, don't look at someone and turn your head. So in Europe, in fact, the shin citizens of the UK told do not look at other people and turn your head.


It's cult programming, man.


I think it's a pretty common talking point. And some people agree with it, like a lot of Democrats would say, yeah, it's not going to get better until Trump is out because Trump has made a mess of it. I don't think Trump's done the best. That's what he said. But that's that's a common. Could he have done better?


Well done better. He shut down flights from China in February when when Pelosi's running around in Chinatown saying, yeah, I think it's a pretty common belief that they're saying, listen, I don't think it's a conspiracy.


I don't think you have to find the source.


I think it's like they believe if he wasn't in that, it won't get better until he's gone. So I don't think they actively are trying to make it better until he's got exactly what they want to keep the crisis going.


You see what you're saying? I just want to know if there's evidence. I wonder if there's an actual statement where he said when Trump leaves, then we'll open back up.


That's what that's actually what Wittmer said specifically. But he said some more things like, well, let's find where I'm going from memory here. I mean, my God, I understand. But that's why I'm challenging that. But I'm I'm challenge you on this because, I mean, these people online are going to want to challenge you on this. Right. So I want that's what they love about our last interview over a year and a half ago. What they loved was that people could go and actually check this out.


I would say, no matter how crazy, a lot of it is true. So I want to find that quote. Now, Steve Whitmore said that it won't get better until Trump's out of office in terms of the lockdown with immersions.


Wittmer lockdown won't end till Trump's out. Someone she lose some court case recently. Yes, her Supreme Court.


But also federal courts have ruled across the country that you can't order churches to wear a mask. You can't order social distancing. It's all just getting us to comply.


Don't you think it's a good idea to encourage people to wear masks if they're going into large gather? A lot of studies.


A lot of studies show that Hosein protects you. Listen, listen, Trump, tell the truth. A few days ago when he came out and he said, we're never going to control this, we have to learn herd immunity, or if you're really scared of it, take a vaccine.


And the head epidemiologist of Rockefeller Hospital came out and said that I got banned on YouTube.


I mean, listen, Italy did social distancing. Italy did masks. Italy did everything you were supposed to do.


And they're getting clobbered again. So that makes me think that maybe it's not a bad idea to do these things. But they don't seem to they don't seem to be. They didn't think it was Sweden didn't do any of it. And it's the lowest death rate in Europe.


Right. But it's also a country of small villages. They have a whole different way of life over there in Italy. Italy is a bunch of three generations living in one house. Yeah, that's right. And they have the oldest people in Europe. Yes. So, yeah, they need sunlight. They need they smoke.


Also try find a gym over there when they smoke on the train. So every time I fucking go there, it's hard to find a gym.


They listen. Exactly. They have a Rajjo. I came out eight months ago and I was selling the stuff get I said get at the store, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and zinc. If you have that on the NIH website, it can't, according to its website, cannot replicate. Inside the mitochondria were where the virus plugs into the cell. It makes it replicate. OK, and so I just made like Jones claims he's got a cure.


No, it's not a cure. If you've got sunlight and zinc and vitamin C and all these things you need, it's very hard to get these things. That's why it's old people in nursing homes have been outside of the years that are dying so easily. Now, Foushee finally two months ago came out and said, you need vitamin D, you need vitamin C, and that is true.


And young Jamie takes vitamin D and he kicked in a day. Yes, and I don't see anything young Jamie was feeling bad for a day, but I don't want to argue, Joe, I want to just say I love Bill Gates, OK?


I love I use windows. I'm looking for tell me I can't find Whitmore's quote, specific quote that says that there's lots of quotes about them going back and forth, obviously, because they've had a public battle.


I just think anybody like that, whether it's Bill Gates or Bezos or anybody who's a billionaire, if they say here's a suggested course of action, they have to expect that they're going to be criticized. And a lot of these guys don't like taking any criticism when they they're issuing edicts. These are billionaires that are saying this is how we're going to live. Yeah, that's an next question.


Mountain range, though, that Bill Gates, who is not a health expert, is all of a sudden one of the leading voices.


Yes, it's strange. That's my that's my next question. Why is Bill Gates, who's not a doctor, suddenly on TV telling me how my life's going to go and what I'm going to do? The most important part is this a big project for him?


Well, he's also a guy that wanted to shoot a missile of dust into the atmosphere to help climate change. I mean, very few people in history have had the resources to even think of doing something like that. But he wants to have jet spray chemicals to block the sun. Right. And the scientists want to know, good. They want not a good idea show. And then if you could call them on that, if you call them on that, he goes conspirator lies in the conspiracy theories.


It's like, no, we're just asking you why you want space. He went on CBS News.


They go 80 percent of those taking your vaccine trial, getting very sick. Some are dying. He's like, well, that's just how it is. You can pull these clips up. I was like, yeah, that's just how it is. Yeah. He said, well, the FDA is going to approve it. He's been looking at this. You blended in with the lost cause.


But yeah, it's a problem. That's hilarious. That's the problem.


It's a problem. It's kind of retarded. This is this is for two years they said Trump worked for.


I've heard of political mudslinging my whole life for two years. They said Trump was an agent of Russia. He was an asset of Russia, the president. Then they did a whole report and then it came out that he wasn't there was no proof of it. It was the CIA, the NSA, everybody. And then they do it like this. It went well. We might have been wrong about that. I mean, what was my show?


Disturbing things to me was when Ted Cruz was cross examining Comey, when he was asking him questions about what they did with evidence and how they doctored evidence. What do you got, Jamie?


Oh, I can't believe that Brian Redbone is here. He's he saved us. Brian flew in when Jamie tested positive for cooties. And we have I don't have, like, six ring protocol.


Yeah. So we had to have the protocol was you have to be ten days and you have to test negative three days. Good. Ryan, over for you. Yeah, Brian's going to move here. He's looking at houses right now. There are two teams going. I might you're moving here because I might come on something right now.


I got it. I got it. I got it. I got to save L.A. first. Say it's not coming back that I know. Hey, let's talk about not coming back. Least a little bit of stuff. Yeah.


I don't want to fight, Joe. I'm not fighting and I'm not I'm doing this much. I'm having trouble thinking, OK, it's OK. I love, you know, you did this.


Just have some. No, I can't. I can't. I made a promise, but on election night, I can pop you. We're going to that's November 3rd. That's November. But I will be able to pop in six more years. And we're very excited.


I have six more days of sobriety. That's going to be a fun, but I got to not be good on it. I'm a little high from the cigar. You couldn't have a bigger promo for your election night. I'm glad you actually announced it here.


Well, Kyle, Kolinsky has been asking when he can announce it.


So now you know Kyle. There you go. It's official. There you go. Kyle, I'm excited to get everybody in the room and watch.


Want to cover some of this real stuff here in real time. Can I show you some stuff? Yeah. What you got? Do we ever find a quote for Wittmer?


I can't find anything. OK, there's lots of quotes, but I can't find. Do you want me to find it?


Can you just Google on your phone, Tim? And I'll talk amongst ourselves, OK? And then we'll then we'll pull up whatever that is.


OK, Gretchen Whitmer, they almost kidnapped her, by the way. No, I don't have. I'm just saying.


Oh, that's Wittmer when Trump leaves office, quote, she was almost if there was a kidnapping plot against her.


No, it's Wittmer. Which 50 percent of aliens won't end until Trump gone. That's just come on.


Right. Lockdown's won't know until Trump gon try that. Whatever is to find it. Wittmer Lockdown's won't end until Trump gone. He'll find it. Yeah. The plot to assassinate her.


What the fuck was a plot to kidnap her. That was weird, but I predicted up front that it was going to be FBI provocateurs. That turned out the two leaders were FBI informants.


What what's even crazier is fifty two percent of the citizens of Michigan agreed with the plot.


That's a joke. No. One, they're going to edit that part. You say that's a joke. Joe Rogan gets calls for kidnapping. This is outrageous. Plot control. Without Alex's show, Alex goes.


Snopes always goes and finds a jokes. He makes their go. They go, oh, correction. Hillary Clinton is not it?


Oh, did you guys see that Bret Weinstein's unity twenty twenty account was also banned from my producer just told me that his unity twenty twenty eight count, which is calling for a third party, was calling for unity between people on the right and left to get together and have conversations and perhaps even have an alternative candidate. That's outrageous. Well, he's a fucking scholar and he's a guy who became famous because he was a professor at Evergreen University and the leftist took over the and they said, we're going to shut it down and whites can't come one day a month.


They they had and then they banned him. Yes. Well, it did not just ban him. They went looking for him in the parking lot, were chased around baseball bats.


Yeah, it was terrifying. So let me ask you this. The principal was going along with everything, the literally the yeild the principal don't gesture with your hands because you're threatening us.


But he was talking like this.


You're here. I started laughing at British universities like Oxford. I think you're the one. Look it up. Oxford or Cambridge, one of the big ones. You can't clap. It's a microaggression Joe. Oh, that's so crazy.


But this is what we were talking about for years. And people are saying, why are you concerned with what happens in the universities? It's the same thing we were saying about censorship because it fucking it keeps going. It doesn't stop. Yeah. When you when you allow that kind of nonsense in universities, those kids graduate and they want to carry these goofy fucking practices into all of these corporations.


You mean you're that now? Just now. It's one of the things I wrote down. I wanted to ask you, Joe and Tim Delane. What what happens, where do they stop because they're going to keep running until they hit opposition, which is starting to happen. How far does it go?


I was hoping there was going to be some sort of a federal regulation. I was hoping that Trump was going to step in and they were going to amend the First Amendment to include social media. Because I think what you're what you're seeing now, the the argument that these are just just private corporations, I don't think that argument is valid anymore because the impact that they have, the significance of being able to speak or not being able to speak, to speak has massive implications on our election.


We see this with the New York Post election meddling we see with The New York Post being censored. But this Biden story, whether you agree with the story being leaked or not, the fact that the New York fucking Post, which is a legitimate newspaper, is outrageous as they are.


And the fact that the fucking White House press secretary gets banned from Twitter for tweeting that links for a day. This is crazy.


I mean, I think it leads to it. Sadly, it leads to violence, because if you take everybody's ability to communicate away, there's nothing left to do but commit acts of violence. And by the way, that's a Kennedy quote. Does that make peaceful revolution? We found something.


This is as close as I could get to what was what he's asking to be found.


OK, the Trump virus response is the worst in the globe. She said if you're tired of the of lockdowns or you're tired of wearing masks or you wish you were in church this morning or watching college football or your kids were getting in-person instruction. It's time for a change in this country. And that's why we've got to elect Joe Biden.


I mean, that's pretty. That's right, I mean, you can make that say whatever you want, almost, yeah, but that's the common sentiment, right? That's right. The problem is the problem is if you just take it from if you're tired of Lockdown's and you get one, you get one interpretation of it.


But if you back it up to the Trump virus, response is the worst in the globe. She said, if you're tired of Lockdown's.


So what she's saying, I think we're splitting hairs here, not necessarily because what she wants her to please, because that's the problem with taking something out of context.


What she's saying is we got wonderful parts, Trump. No, I'm not saying that. What she's saying is that Trump has done such a shitty job. That's the reason why we're locked down. You can't quite get it. Get at the headline. I don't know if that's true, though.


I think when you've got a contagious disease, you've got people flying in from Europe and China and all these other countries expressing you're you're going to have spread and this is a fucking insanely contagious disease.


Well, one of my favorite parts of the show is when you ask Jay for something and the light turns on when you're looking to let me ask you this.


You're in a new Mahamad, are you right now on a scale one that's not at all.


We're into numerology. This is when it gets good. You better. OK, let's talk about this being nice to me, Joe, I have been nice to you got me here and I know your let's get serious. Everybody wants hear what I actually have to say.


OK, now, what was the question you had me on 9/11? Yes. Twelve fifty five now. One five five five. Yeah.


Don't connect the dots just I'm in town. It's random. Well you told me you had a good time. Eleven on purpose. Yeah. That was on purpose. Yeah. It was just fun but this is nothing bad.


But, but this is you understand how this quote you could interpret that in a different way.


Like I think the Democratic Party strategy, I understand, is to say Trump is to blame for covid, which is to say the economy shut down. Do you get them elected? I don't know what she's saying. They're all good. They're all saying, I understand, Joe, but it's like we're going to end this covered by endless lockdown's once Trump's out. If you want to go back to normal, do this and their own. Listen, this is the end of civilization event.


The Rockefeller and others put out Operation Lock Step. They're never going to stop this. They're going to have covered tracking. They're going to have checkpoints.


They're going to have apps on your phone. How do we stop this? What Trump came out and did and said we cannot defeat this with vaccines and with covid tracking with shutdowns. It's going to have to be with herd immunity, which is what the scientist actually brought on by saying we beat it with what he beat it with.


He's seventy four and he eats French fries every day. This motherfucker kicked it in four days. That's what I'm supposed to be, a death sentence. So if you've got vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc, it's very hard to to OK, but clearly he's got more than vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc.


He's got a bunch of medical treatments. Right.


He was given Regeneron. He was given things that are expensive and probably not widely available. But wait a minute. Jamie tested positive. He's right over there. He's young and viral. But I'm saying where it's weird to since when does something come along? And it never seems is over. Civilization is over there because of this thing that came out of China. I'm supposed to come. You want to ask? WorkCover came from. That's where this is.


You feel better about the disease now that you kicked it so quickly. How old are you first? How old are you? Thirty seven. Thirty seven. I was a little worried for the first day. I was like, oh, shall we go?


Are we going down like a two week, three week, four week, then a later time months. Right. Because you've talked to people on the show that have been fucked up.


Sure. Yeah. How lucky am I going to be today, as I was thinking and taking all the vitamins?


I mean, we got yeah, I got all that we had had and I said to my sister, yeah, I don't maybe that helped because I'm sure for that course, statistically they said five percent of us will be dead.


It's not even well they thought point one percent.


OK, but what they thought they're the all powerful God. It's like the U.N. says you will not question us. They took says you will not question anything the U.N. says. Meanwhile, the U.N. was like, oh, we shouldn't do a lockdown. It's killing millions of people, starvation.


But still, it's like we're keeping a lockdown going. The United Nations.


Well, what do you think should be done? I mean, I think we should look at something, but is it much worse than the flu and say we all need natural vitamins and nutraceuticals and sunlight and health and people should just know they've got to deal with the way it is?


Because we always get diseases. We always get viruses. We always live with the idea. We got a lock society down and go into our houses.


And this is a post-industrial move that they're using to roll out the systems to keep us locked down our homes.


Right. And if you want to be cynical, this is where you step in and say the reason why they want us to be upset and they want the economy to be fucked is because they hate the president and they want him out of office and they want to regain power.


They want the Democrats to remake the American economy in the image of what they want. They want to remake a lot of these these systems that they feel are for whatever reason, they just in just or unjust or whatever. And they want to use this opportunity to kind of redraw the lines.


Exactly what after 9/11, exactly. This is the new 9/11. The U.N. and the Demos group all say this is the post-industrial world, the great reset. I got a copy of it for right here. And they say in these documents we are going to reorganize society covid. It's good to shut down. The Carbon-Carbon is bad. We're going to end success. We're going to end prosperity. We're going to track everybody will control their lives all under the name of covid.


They said all that.


They said we're going to end success. We're going to end prosperity.


Oh, yeah. In the lock step, the Rockefeller document 2010, they say we'll have a viral release or simulated one that creates total fear, will bring in a police state martial available for someone to.


Absolutely. Wasn't there something called agenda to life, something where they were saying, we want people living in cities, we don't want home ownership, compact cities.


Yeah, yeah. This is you were saying earlier, they go, oh, it's for the greater good that we don't have cars anymore. It's for the greater good we have done say was saying what I was doing was playing devil's. You were quoting them what I was saying there.


One thing you said that Joe, you believed that I was saying that autonomy I do believe in cars to autonomous vehicles are in the future at least likely to be safer than people just driving and texting.


Well, it's not safe, given control of these corporations and robots making ourselves obsolete. We need to build a human future. Well, I'm pro human, but I know you are I'm not saying you're not Joe Failer thing from 2010 sounds weird.


So I'm pro I started I was already looking this up, as you mentioned, because I was going down my own little rabbit hole. It says when I first started to find it, my first fictious says there's a small a large conspiracy has been built out of this small grain of truth from this document from 2010. OK, that's what it starts to say. So I. Oh, that's no small grain of truth. Yeah. So is God.


It's like I don't think is it Snopes that let's focus on the grain.


If no one who says it's a grain of truth trying to hold on. No, no.


It's Operation Lockstep and it says a global police state will be brought in from a pandemic and there'll be worldwide martial law. It actually says it in the document. OK, it's like they always go like, oh, there's no Hudner or emails. The movement. The emails are real, right? I love that clock.


It is weird that you're seeing TGT studios, isn't it? Is weird. There's a docking. OK, the Rockefeller Foundation annual report 2010. I'll control F.


What would you like me to look up and look up. Police state look just like a police state over his exact words.


I mean, you know, just go read it for yourself. Control F Police State came up. This is just one paper.


That's it. I mean, that's the whole PDF. It's here. It's like it's really, really long. So when you control F yeah. Police state nothing. OK, what else.


I mean I've, I've read it before. It says that. So anybody already. Right now. So you think they edited it.


No, no. It's, I mean I remember exact words.


OK, well let's look up pandemic. Look up pandemic. Pandemic just means widely distributed epidemic means you actually safe for mentions of the word pandemic, OK? Hmm. All right. With no network to transfer critical infectious disease information without open lines of communications, thousands more fall sick. The new in quotes, disease becomes an unchecked pandemic by the time the the right expertise is brought to bear on the world government.


It's too late. The disease is spread around the globe in a world of global trade. And travel was treated faster and traveled furthest are the microbes and every handshake Southy say. So what do they what is this in reference to? OK, it says a few miles east, a young boy has been. Hold on. Don't please go back to that.


Yeah, just it's just it's just a scenario that they're painting. So make that a little larger. No, no. Go back to it. Just go back to where it was. All right. The potential pandemic of the past few decades have severely test the world's ability to work across human borders. Detection remains weak in many parts of the world. The public health response has frequently been slow and fragmented. The looming threat of infectious disease presents humanity with a new challenge to communicate and collaborate swifter and with greater efficiency than ever before.


That doesn't solve the trying to end the world.


OK, well, you're just reading one one of these documents already. I could pull up the articles and so on, but this is world government controlled. They talk about a worldwide police state. You search the term pandemic. I'm telling you what's in these things.


OK, emerging pandemics, the new century, SARS, avian flu and swine flu.


If we don't move investigated systems to bring in global governments like they're trying to prevent pandemics, they don't move quickly. Viruses will by continuing our drive to invest in systems that coordinate efforts and share information. The Rockefeller Foundation is working to figure out what the global government control.


All of this to meet the health challenges of an interconnected world isn't the perfect analogy.


Terrorism, because it's like terrorism exists. People want to prevent terrorism, but it's like how many rights do you give up in order to do that? And then, you know, all these proactive measures that we take to prevent terrorism, a lot of them create more terrorists.


So I think it's like a balance of like remaining a free society and dealing with a lot of these problems.


And I sit here, you know, we sit and we talk about something and whether Jamie can find it or not becomes the arbiter, whether it's real. So they found something about it. AT&T lobbying. They did one thing about this. I've got the operation lockstep documents where they say we're going to bring in this global authority.


You have to then you have to show us those. Well, I mean, I'm sitting here in studio talking to you about this, but I understand what you're saying. But we we want to try to let you know everybody else watching this is going to look it up. Well, I hope they do a little crazy. I hope we. Oh, that's good. We could have found it right then if it's real. Oh, no, I know you want to show it, but it might be an interpretation of what they're saying.


Like the Wittmer. It says specifically the Wittmer quote is just a criticism of Trump. She's blaming all this lock.


No, Wittmer was found by the by the Supreme Court of Michigan and by a federal court to have seized all three branches of government and basically set up martial law. They even use those terms.


It was overturned saying that, quote, I want to when you say if you are sick of lockdowns and you're sick of not being able to go to church, Joe Biden should be elected. That is not a huge jump from what he said. No, it's not a huge jump.


Yeah, but the problem is the way it's being said, she was talking about how bad Trump handled the the rate of infection for, of course.


And that's let's expand on that. I remember like interview Lou Dobbs like 15 years ago, back when he was still on CNN.


We were looking at documents where it said we're going to bring in global government, the North American Union, using the threat of viruses, migration flows and economic collapse. And they said like a deadly flu or a deadly SARS. Yeah, I'm sitting here watching this power grab, watching the U.N. and big tech saying, well, you can't say that that the U.N. is wrong because the U.N. is in charge. Since when is the news WHL and all these doctors, all these medical doctors that come out and say other things other than like how steroids cured it or, you know, how advanced chloroquine helped it, how are they being banned?


Even if they were wrong, they should be have their license removed.


That's what that's about. It's not Google decides that if something is at the U.N., it's taken down. That's all I'm saying.


Well, it is a problem that they're deciding which doctors to listen to and which doctors not to when there is some real controversy as to how to handle the virus virus with treatment. Right. What treatment is effective and what isn't effective. Now, it turns out there's a lot of doctors who think that hydroxy chloroquine isn't effective. There's a lot of there's some doctors that thought it was and they think the combination of zinc and hydrogen. But the the problem is the people that are deciding what gets taken down are not getting that's a huge problem down.


And the problem is, is that the doctors who go, well, we think, you know, it's like there's. We've minimized the voices of the people that are saying one thing right, and we've elevated the voices of the people that are saying another thing, and it's like that becomes the real issue.


Whether people like Trump, there's there's stuff to criticize about Trump. We all know that.


And but in their defense, you're doing it because they think the people are going to do something foolish.


They're going to go out and spread the virus further because it's not the media's job, though, to this is the problem.


I think the media has taken on this really activist role where they are now worse.


It's not the worst social media, social media companies, not not even necessarily the media where you have like legitimate journalists that are taking Trump.


Do do you think he would do something in a second term about social media?


I think he certainly is going to do something. Why hasn't he done something already? Because it's so complex. Because the clamorous election meddling, even though they're doing that at the same time, what we have is multinational corporations acting in tandem that are already making the nation state obsolete. They're creating a information warfare monopoly and they're censoring people and using that power they have. And we just sit here denying it's going on until it's too late. I mean, it's a really serious situation.


And it is it is a crazy situation where all of these tech companies all lean left. All of them. Yeah, they do. They lean left and they support like there's no tech companies are out there supporting Donald Trump.


There's no tech couple.


That was very interesting. Tech companies, they're very wealthy people. Right. They're insanely wealthy.


But David Pakman had a really good point about that, that they like when it comes to their financial dealings. They're they're very conservative, very libertarian.


And, well, they don't pay taxes. Right. I mean, Google pays almost taxes. What I'm telling you. Does Apple complain about Chinese slave factories in China? No, it's just what I'm telling you is it's all B.S. And when you study what they're doing, I consider my phone and pull it up. They talk about in lockstep bringing in a global authoritarian system. They talk about riots. They talk about war, if you can find that.


Are there, Jamie, you got something? I found something. But I don't I'm trying to understand what it's saying because it's now it's like it's speaking about years in the future as though they've already happened.


Well, we're not too far away from, let's say it, because, like, they're painting another scenario, just like they're painted with that infection scenario kind of dog. I found I went to the second page of this link. But this is like scenario narratives that says lockstep. It talks about pandemics from 2012 and the SARS and all sorts of H1N1. So I skipped into the next page to why you guys are talking. And this is the part that that's a little strange, which is getting into what I think he wears out.


Can you how it started here, because it's just about Kenya in twenty twenty five and people being wary of top down, OK, by 2025, people seem to be growing weary of so much top down control and letting leaders and authorities make choices for them.


Whatever net, wherever national interest clashed with individual interests, there was conflict, sporadic pushback becomes increasingly organized and coordinated as disaffected youth and people who have seen their status and opportunity slip away largely in developing countries incited civil unrest by twenty. Twenty six, protesters in Nigeria brought down the government, fed up with the entrenched cronyism and corruption. Even those who'd like the greater stability and predictability of this world began to grow uncomfortable and constrained by so many tight rules and by the strictness of national boundaries.


The feeling lingered that sooner or later, something would inevitably upset the neat order that the world's governments had worked so hard to establish.


OK, I never read that, but that's the other stuff. It's in there, thousands of pages around, OK? It talks about global police, state and worldwide riots.


And I mean, we're not that far away.


There's we are writing that the writing is almost like heaven. I have never seen that part.


It's like but there is saying it says stuff like that. But listen, look, this is like the EU, right?


It's a supranational financial architecture. People are saying that borders are racist. People are saying the idea of America is racist. The country is, you know, Israel. The idea of a country or a nation state is racist.


There is this growing idea or ideology that global governance is a good thing or that nation states are, you know, exclusion when it comes down to this.


It's not that nation states are perfect. Multinational corporations are bigger and operate, in many cases more powerfully than governments. Correct. And so they want control and they say they want control and they're going to use racial differences between two countries to play them off against each other. And they're going to use global crises to centralize global control. And that's what they say in these white papers, is the corporations are using this for global control and there will be rebellions against it.


That's what I read. And then people want more loyalty to multinational corporations and more loyalty. They have more in common with people that live in London or Davos or switch than they do to their American citizens. And that that becomes the problem.


You've got Google and Facebook executives on jumbo jets and mansions telling us we've got to lower our carbon footprint and be poor.


They're hypocrites. It doesn't hold water. Yeah. How do we get out of there? It is an authoritarian capitalism. I mean, I remember I don't have it in front of me, but I was reading the lockstep Rockefeller documents and they predicted worldwide police, state authoritarianism, civil war.


I mean, they're predicting in twenty eighteen says, will Africa embrace World Africa's embrace of authoritarian capitalism, allow China continue and then Vietnam to require a solar panel on every home in 2022 and then in 2025?


That's not the same documents I saw.


But that's the question is it's weird the way they're writing this. The writing this is is there already happened? Yeah, well, they're talking about it like they're seeing the future and almost like it's fiction.


But joking about it, like it's saying we're not going to control the pandemic. You don't you get used to it. You get over it. You fight it with nutraceuticals. You fight it with, you know, with with therapeutics. It's the idea that Bill Gates came out two weeks ago and he goes, we'll be shut down for ten years. Is that what he said? He said, yeah. Well, he said this this goes on for ten years until there's not one Corona case.


Well, they picked the perfect problem. They can never do that crazy.


Like you see a guy like Jamie who literally kicked it in a day and they're saying we're going to close down the world for ten days.


Just like the war on terror is still going on. I mean, yeah, they want to do exactly. They want a problem that never goes away. It's never going to I mean, the Cold War went on forever.


I mean, this is just they like these things, but we've entered into three hours in here, two and a half hours in here.


We've entered into this weird spot.


We're like, OK, what could be we're you're going to drink whiskey? Yeah. I've already been about an election night. I'm here. What could be done?


What can be done, man? All I know is I try to tell the truth, I make mistakes, but I'm sitting here with these notes I've written where I read what globalists say. I gave you that Wall Street Journal article. They go, we're in, we're impure, that we can get sick. It's time to get rid of all humans and merge with machines. It's so beautiful. I think. Well, that's just one kook. And then it's almost all these people.


And really they're trying to convince the public to all roll over and die.


But wait a minute, that isn't that a provocative article by a journalist who's trying to paint a rosy picture of our symbiotic relationship with technology?


I mean, when someone's saying I mean, literally saying looking forward to the end of humanity, that's it's a provocative article.


It's like but that's the nihilistic attitude of these people actually pick up. I mean, yes, it is.


But it's also sort of this inevitable if you extrapolate from where we are now with technology to where we're going to be in 20, 30 years. And when you look at things like neural link and you look at a lot of this technology that they're coming up with, we're talking about same sex censoring us.


I don't want to be plugged into my goddamn brain.


Yeah, it's it's probably a bad idea. That seems like a bad idea to have them invade your body.


Well, when you're talking about centralized power like that is a not a good idea. It's a bad idea to give them.


All I'm saying is and I'm glad you're here. I'm glad you're here. I'm very excited to be here tonight. I really appreciate you. We have to get people to debate the fact that there's people, engineers and technocrats choosing their course and that the public is not involved in deciding that course.


Well, I hope people are starting to understand when you see the White House press secretary get banned from Twitter, when you see the New York Post links get banned from Twitter, I hope people are starting to understand that giving people power, giving large groups power over whether it's national discourse, whether it's policy, any of these these things.


Yeah, it's bad. It's a bad idea. Bad idea. Exactly. You don't want to do what the founding fathers, although they didn't predict technology, they didn't predict the Internet.


They did predict what happens when you give human beings ultimate power. Right.


I mean, power corrupts absolute. Power corrupts absolutely. Yeah. So so, Joe, you just said it. So let me ask this question. See, you've got a huge audience. We can really change the world right now. We've got a good no one's listening. No, they're listening.


Just know if you want to change the world, you're going to listen. Mellado show. That's the show we have.


Dude, I only get three times as many listeners. People that are zombies don't don't matter. I'm sorry. What do you mean? I'm sure she won't take zombie.


But let me tell you, I don't think zombies. You hear what I said? Yeah. Listen, you can look at Tony Podesta or John Podesta and laugh at them. They run the Democratic Party. It came out two months ago, The New York Times bragging that they were in the meeting. Well, they were wargaming on thousands of people listening on a telephone call.


They go, we're not going to concede and we're going to have the country break up and we're going to have secession and we're going to call for the U.N. to invade America.


How fucked up would it be if you do all this stuff actually comes true the way this happens, this will be fucking insane. Is it good?


But when people are talking about be careful with that, that camera, don't bump that camera.


But I'm not saying it's going to happen. I'm saying they're saying it because if it doesn't happen, I'll be glad. But they're like, oh, you know, Jones is saying this is happening. No, I know.


You will be literally saying that does happen. This like this pot test can be heavily criticized.


Right. We all are aware of this. But when we knew that coming in. But when this goes down, if this goes down the way you're describing it, how eerie would this be?


Well, I don't know what it would be. Very, very eerie. Very scary, because I'll tell you it like this is what they're saying they're going to do now. I hope they don't do it. But they are saying that they're going to contest the election when they lose and if Trump tries to declare it big tech, a symbol of this A.I. system that's going to block hundreds of millions of Americans from being able to say. Trump won election night.


Yeah, and so that's why election night is so spectacular and some people can say, well, there's never been voter fraud before. Voter fraud has been so miniscule in the past. That is true. But however, the ability to vote by mail in advance never really existed like it exists.


Exactly 80 million ballots put out there. Eighty million ballots put out there is a total wildcard.


So who is counting all these ballots?


It's the locales. It's whoever grabs whoever puts in the false names. There's been a bunch of people arrested. Right.


But if you're say if you're on a Democratically controlled state and you. So who is controlling and counting those those ballots?


Brian Redmen.


He's a good guy. He'll tell us the truth. Brian, get over here real quick. He's going for two minutes, OK? We need Brian. No, I mean, seriously, I don't know what's going to happen, Joe. I know the Democrat chief strategist says we're going to contest the election. We're going to break the country up like Civil War 1862, and we're going to do all this and we're going to say that they found water on the moon.


Oh, awesome.


They did find ballroom, you know, six months where they said that Buzz Aldrin called me up and he said, there's water in. The money goes, we're going to crash it in and probe in there. And like, you know, 2007, they're going to crash an Indian probe on the moon. I want you to know we already crashed while we're going to find that water. Thank you, Buzz Aldrin. So he called you up.


Does Buzz call you often? No, he's called me, like, three times.


Are you ever shocked? Are you like he's like it's Alex. But he actually got like 20 million views of YouTube. He was on the show one time. He was my secretary.


Really likes you or is she a hottie? You're lucky I'm doing something. Well, yes, sir.


He goes there is the moon of Mars. That is where the real Abdel-Aziz 2001 and the aliens created the pyramids.


And I just wanted to tell you, Alex, you got to what he said. The aliens created the pyramids.


And there was an idealist saying that's not as shocking. The buzz Buzz Aldrin said the aliens create the pyramids.


I'm telling you, I was contacted by Buzz Aldrin, secretary. And I'm not making this up. I don't believe you are, and it's just like whatever this was like 12 years ago or whatever, 10 years ago, there was, hey, Buzz Aldrin wants to come on. We checked his Buzz Aldrin.


He wants to talk about his new book. But once he gets on, it goes, it is the sole moon, Coron, or whatever it's called, look up the moon of one of eye wall. So of the suffering snows of Mars, he goes, that is where the true obelisk is. And that will give us the data tapes to go to the next level. And I just want you to know that you're a good person, that the pyramids were created by aliens and we're doing important work.


There is.


Buzz Aldrin admits aliens built the pyramids and Phobos monument on the mall.


He said that he talked to me on C-SPAN know. And so he follows me and he said aliens built the pyramids.


I swear to God, this guy really went off the reservation. Like you think NASA is like doing a better vetting process now because this guy really, you know, he's had tough times.


Well, he just endorsed Trump. Did he want to endorse Trump? All the military endorsed Trump, all the police.


But listen, I'm not bragging. I don't know why. I thought he had him on about a book he wrote.


He starts telling me about aliens, the pyramids and the. Let me ask you this.


What did you think about the Pentagon saying recently that they've recovered crafts that are not of this world?


I think it's probably true. I think it's probably true as well. I think we're like the ditch, like a movie theater. When I talk to stuff. The Ditchley. Yeah.


When I talk to Commander Fraser, who is the guy who saw that the Tic-Tac UFO off the coast of San Diego, the way he describes it in the video footage that they got of this thing and his his take on it is fucking chilling. That thing went from 60000 feet above Tic-Tac.


OK, yeah, it looks like a Tic-Tac new codenames.


Tick, tick, tick, tick tock. You know, plus.


Yeah, it's a huge problem. No, it's just a little tick, tick tock there in the house. What do you say about it?


He said that this thing went from 60000 feet above sea level to one inside of a second.


One said it defied propulsion by any by any understanding that we have of physics. The way it moved was insane, that it was actively blocking tracking systems, which is an act of war.


He does. Nothing I do is they block all the radar. You could listen to him on my podcast, but I would actually recommend you listen to him on Lex Friedman's podcast. It's available on YouTube. And Lex does an amazing job of talking to him and breaking down. Let's do that.


What do you think the universe is? What do you think? Let's talk real. What's the secret universe? Totally legit.


Report says Buzz Aldrin saw aliens when he was up in space. Sarcasm.


Oh, well, that's not Joe, is that you? Are the photo they said that. I don't think that's something they reached out to his people when they said that is bogus and we don't know where it came from.


It's bogus. We don't know where. He came on my show and said that the pyramid thing, the pyramid quote, he is bogus, you know. Well, maybe they pulled him aside. Let's have fun here. Was watching this, an epic podcast, part three. Joe Rogan, I want to know.


So what is what do you think runs the universe? What do you think the secret is? Who are the deals? When's the last time you took GMG? It's been a couple of years.


I don't think that there is any doubt that there's other life out there.


It's a matter of if it contacts us regularly, whether or not it's contacted us or why it comes and why visits or Jack Vallet, I believe I think his perception is not that they're from another planet, but that that would be probably the least spectacular answer and that they could be interdimensional travelers. Some people believe that their time and Jack Valenti is the guy who Steven Spielberg, he modeled that French scientist in Close Encounters of the third kind after him. He's a really, really interesting guy.


And that's what I personally believe is interdimensional. It could be that it could be that our understanding of reality itself is very limited. It's like, you know, if you wave your hand above certain insects, they have no idea you're even there. Right. They lack the ability to detect it, that we have senses that we assume are the only senses that are available. And it is entirely likely that there are many dimensions that we don't have access to.


Right. And this is the quantum physicists and all those guys that write that shit on yellow legal pads. You don't understand. They all believe there's many, many dimensions to that.


Where I agree with you. I agree with you.


I think the universe is insanely huge and they're finding life compatible planets on a daily basis. There's hundreds of them now.


So I agree with you. Let me ask this question. What do we do about this corrupt political elite trying to make us look at them and follow them? How do we break free of them?


That's a different thing of the universe. But my question is like, why are they telling us now that they've acquired these ships or that they have access to these things whether they know these things are real? You know, Bob Lazaar has basically been describing exactly that and exactly the same way since 1989 when when he was first hiding, when he was on George now.


A television show in Vegas, and they had him out only as a silhouette, and then he eventually came out and said that he was a propulsion expert that was brought to area, asked for and they tried to discredit him and they've tried to talk. But one of the things that he said was he talked about Element 115 and that this was something that they use to propel these crafts. And it was something that it can it could change gravity, can bend gravity and propel itself in a way that is not like any propulsion system that we use now, which essentially you have to push something out the back to make it go forward, whether it's flames or, you know, a rocket or anything else, like even an airplane.


Right. It propels things forward. And what he was saying is that what this element 115 is allowing them to do is to somehow or another bend space and time somehow or another bend gravity. But they don't know how it works. They don't know what what it's doing.


Let's talk about this operates on this element. Let's talk about this. Hold on. They know it operates on this element that was only theoretical until I think it was two thousand thirteen or twenty fifteen. They used a particle collider and they they they detected it in an actual element, 115, that it was actually real.


And that's what the superconducting supercollider is. Reform. Well, I mean, they're for detecting many things cyclotrons. Well, these particle colliders are for detecting many different things that are theoretical.


And they find these things to be true.


And then it becomes, you know, scientific record. What I think is that we are apes. We are these weird talking apes that are in an adolescent stage of technological evolution.


And what we might be looking at when we see these these Tic-Tac, UFOs and other things, we might be looking at something from the future. We might be looking at time travelers. We might be looking at something that comes back. And I think that's I think that's a good approximation.


But we're a little bit beyond just apes. Clearly, we're from outside the planet. And there's something bigger going on like this. This lifeforms haven't before. This is a major test. And so we can sit there and just say, oh, we're just apes.


No, I don't mean that.


What I mean by we're just apes is that in comparison to what we could be eventually through evolution, you're saying we're a little we're we're on a look.


We're a lot smarter than apes, right?


Than regular apes that are in most of us in the zoo or in some of the dumber than I, I, I was just about to say, some of them are dumber paint with a broad brush, but we are nowhere near where our potential lies or potential lies far, far, far in advance of what we are currently. And I think some of this has to do with some of these symbiotic technologies that we're talking about, like NewLink and a lot of these things that are being proposed that are eventually going to find their way into the human body and accelerate.


But are they ability or are they going to censor our ability? Well, because we're already growing and all I see from big tech is censorship. So is the neuroligin going to censor what I do? Well, a little plug in and make me feel great and hit my pleasure.


But when you're talking about human emotions and greed and power and all these different things, these are all biological issues that we have that the idea is will be transcended.


If you could somehow if you believe the big tech lords aren't like us, they're usno. So they're in charge of the same thing that we already are, sort of say, oh, big tech lords are going to take us away from our human problem. Right. But do you understand, Simsim, they're going to make it worse.


OK, but do you understand that they didn't understand what technology was going to create when it created the Internet?


The the ability to leverage the establishment ability to distribute information that existed pre 1990, whatever.


When the Internet became mainstream, it was very, very, very different than it is today. And it's very hard to get away with the things you can get away with in the early 1980s, what they what they can do now in terms of a regular person and their ability to transmit information to access information.


It's all I'm saying is the giant leaps.


I get more of the technologies there. I'm not against the technology. It's those that introduce it to us and they control how it's deployed. I understand that's a big issue, but everything is.


What I was trying to get to is the way information has gotten out of their hands and you can distribute it in a way that they never anticipated. If they did anticipate it, I guarantee you they would never let the you know, I agree.


I used to think that same thing is going to happen with all other technologies. And if that's the case, technology may be our only hope. Technology may be the only thing that saves us from all these human emotions, the need for power and greed and control. The one thing that might save us from that is the symbiotic relationship with technology. Will we connect to things that will alleviate a lot of the problems that if that technology. I don't I'm not saying this is good or bad.


You're wrong. Can I say. Yeah, you're doing really good, right? Rantes, that's you're wrong. And I've ever seen I'm not being patronizing. It's good stuff. It's OK. You're drunk. No, no, I'm saying this is powerful. Be nice, be nice.


What I'm saying is there's outside groups trying to program that so you can't project your own goodness onto the nuts and even goodness, I'm saying, know, what I'm saying is even ranting for five minutes.


And I'm just we'll just say I get what you're saying. It's just that you're sitting there saying this will free us from our problems.


But it's still humans that program the nexus points of it. So it could actually amplify the problems. I don't think we should be wary of all.


Oh, it certainly could look, it could go sideways. It could all go bad.


But it also could go to a point where people don't feel the need to do that anymore and that we recognize that a lot of what we have is we are escaping the shackles of our monkey bolivars, our monkey bodies.


So if we're silicon and have don't need resources anymore, we can just be spiritual and then we'll be able to free ourselves without hurt the earth anymore.


Hop in that Tic-Tac and fly to Alpha Centauri in the blink of an eye so that we need to know.


I already see the transmission.


If you could have a spaceship that would allow you to go anywhere in the galaxy, would you be willing to give up any of your emotions for that?


No, I know that. I know that. I know the digital deal. Give up your body for the silicon gods and become a God.


This is all fun and games, but like not even I mean, California, we're not even allowed to go to Applebee's.


So let's stop with the spaceship. Let's just try to get I'm not allowed to leave my I want to go to the Comedy Store. Yeah. I mean, we'll get a spaceship eventually. Let's get a few. Riani got your thing.


I'm governor. Election night, your reality. Election night election. I've ratings. Twenty five million viewers.


And you invited yourself to this.


I think you should settle down aliens. You told me. I know you invited yourself. We are not coming. No, I said you could come in for a little bit, but you're making it the Alex Jones show.


No, not an issue. This is like an election issue. Apple should have an issue settled down a little bit of an issue.


It's going to be a fun, fun experience. It'll be a lot of fun.


But quit being so mean. You literally I mean.


No, no, no. I think Joe wants to beat my ass, right? No, I don't. Listen, Alex, I love you. But what I'm saying and I'm not even disagreeing with you, I'm saying that I think when we're talking about aliens and we're talking about life forms from outer space and space travel, and yet the big, big issues of the election, you see those fucking things like the Easter Bunny, they all have big heads.


Yeah, the crazy little tiny muscle is body shape.


Yes. Yeah. They treat us like you escaped there. Escaped all of the. You're actually make us. They look like what we're going to be. Yeah, but who wants to be that.


I don't want to be that right. That's what I'm saying. No I'm with you. I like being a person. Right. I think we should be humans for as long as we can. What do you think aliens are?


There are all sorts of interdimensional forces in the universe and multi dimension, so there's like bad aliens that are trying to manipulate our development. Gretchen Whitmer, because a high level. Exactly a high level would not try to manipulate our development. Right. OK, so so Joe is like imprinting on these demons because he loves them, he's a bad person. No, no, seriously.


So all I'm saying is, is we need to build towards the next level and do amazing things.


What do you think of the what do you think? And I did invite myself on to the election.


It's going to be great. I got on my nerves in front of Joe. I'll do it again right now. What do you get on my knees trying to stop making it about? You know, it is about me I'm in front of and you're drunk. I want to. Come on. Yes. Ban you from alcohol. What I want you're going to smoke weed with me. What do you think about we're going to have. I will definitely do that in a few minutes.


What do you think? What do you think about the theory that human beings are the product of accelerated evolution, that they came down here and they genetically manipulated lower hominids and they created human beings?


Listen, I already have a genetic memory. I already told you all this. I mean, I already have a genetic memory. Yes, that's epigenetics. Yeah, OK, so I have a Janet, you have a genetic memory, right? I have a genetic memory and I have genetic memory that weren't, you know, a bunch of memories. Take your watch. Star Wars. Like I've done this before. It looks totally normal. Where in the universe were in the planets where here are life forms have been all over the place like little seeds that jump from plan to planet, like blowing to the space window.


So, yeah, we've already been here before because this is one of the things that Lazaar brought up that they discussed with him at Area Asfour. They said that they believe that human beings are the product of accelerated evolution. It's like and he wasn't sure if they're fucking with him, like when he was reading all that stuff. He's like it's just like disinformation. They were fucking with him. You. Yeah.


I mean, but God doesn't know where God came from. Well, and we said that last time. That's heavy and we don't know where we came from. Right. But we have the archetypal memories that go so far. And then our big fear is have an evolutionary death of the species. It's like a line of, you know, flowers or plants or, you know, whatever we are. And it's it's a whole genetic experience. We're conscious individuals, but then we have a genetic experience that goes on forever as long as the life experiences die.


So we're always looking for eternal life. As long as we keep having kids, they have kids. We live forever. That's us. We just get better.


Well, as long as the Earth doesn't experience a massive extinction event. But that's what I'm saying. Well, before we go interplanetary. Well, so the main mission of the third world to go nine days, seven to nine days of chaos.


And I am endorsing Joe Biden right now. I'm I'm voting for Conway.


That might be a good strategy if you endorse Joe Biden right now. I'm going to go with my history of voting for people that have been on the podcast. So I'm going to vote for.


I'm going with Joe Jorgensen because I like to back a winner. Am I sitting in the same seat?


Yes, you are. All right. I'm fulfilled. That's the best. All right.


Before this goes any further off the rails, I think we're good. We've done it. Oh, you want to end this transmission, do you? I never got to all my notes. You got more shit. What else would you like to do? I got more shit that you can fucking imagine.


You're going to come back November 3rd when you get out. We'll just. We'll talk. Joe, sounds like you're the one to invite yourself and remember your comment. You certainly did. I waited like five years, 19 months or something. I was just like, if I showed you the list of people that are trying to get on this fucking show, it would make your head spin.


I don't. I live down the street. I understand. I don't hear you don't want me 30 minutes on election night. We're going to be fine. We're going to be fine. But I'm just saying I'm fine without it. It's very difficult for me to manage a fucking small fraction of the number of people that are trying to get on.


Well, this is an epic podcast. We got to go another hour. It is time last. Get this going.


And this is going to be bigger than the Elon Musk. That's the I'm gonna have to be my second biggest podcast. You can't be every listener has to spread this link right now or I'm going to die.


Well, you know, I wrote notes for you. Let me read these notes to you. Yes, please.


Please. OK, OK. What's important?


Major goals to accomplish how the president could invoke martial law. You handed this to me. I don't even know. He is like a magic trick. Yeah.


This is my former partner. I don't remember me having. These are big, important topics I did. Do you drive around with interest in the car? No, he's actually done research to prepare for the show. I had a lot of research and then I was like, I'm not going to drink. I'm going to be good. We're already here. I would talk about heavy wish. This is six days from now. So I could be how many hours we ended up with three hours in or three.


And if we don't break the last record, we're going out. What's the last record? No, we don't have to break records. No. Tim Dylan, do you rent while I get ready?


Give us your latest comedy. I love Joe like it's true.


I was like, little man. He's like a Joe. Can I please come on intellectualising? Listen, you ask about Ellie because we're good. You punched me in the nose because I didn't do that. And I probably know that none of that happened.


But but tell me. Go, you know, and Tim and I'll talk about everything that you hoped it would.


This is my version of a make a wish kid going to Disney World. This is the greatest thing I've ever done is to see you here. I've watched Alex since I'm 13 years old, pre 9/11 when he was ranting about the WTO and I followed him through 9/11 to Bohemian Grove. All the big events of my childhood and just this big to be here.


Can I say I'm very impressed with your knowledge, like, you know. Yeah, a lot of this stuff. Well, you you I didn't go to college. You have a lot of time. A lot of times you don't go to college. You can say I'm self educated. Yeah, well, yeah. There's a lot of information that you have the importance to disposal. Yeah.


You got some notes. I like how your addiction is like a like a colon.


This in this new studio came together in just a few weeks. We really didn't know what I'm not putting in this room. We banged it out real quick.


But this is going to be lonas, the colon, the right people call it the regretable.


Yeah, that's a radio, right? Oh, my God. This is the red pill. He called it the red. So this is a very rare studio. You're getting a new one, right?


I know. Yeah. We're both we're having problems finding a good location. But yeah, we'll we'll have some of my house.


I got a huge area. Now we're going to find a good spot.


Amazing. We're looking right now. We're in the process. All right.


Let's get serious, OK? I covered a lot of this. We're good, man, we're good, no. Over there, two hours ago in a week, I was asked I am on the nightly news last year.


That's a big problem, especially if you don't. Come on, man, I'm not available.


Is there anything else you really want to discuss? No.


I mean, I'm glad that Jamie is better than I am a search the Internet. I'm kissing his ass, but I'm really good at it.


He's better than I am, which is almost no one is. He does it with one hand. Problem is, I remember all this stuff now. Most of the time it's accurate, sometimes it's not. But I mean, if I'm saying something, I believe I saw it or I did it.


One thing that was inaccurate, I didn't want to correct earlier. But the year you were talking about something, you kept saying nineteen sixty three. And then they went to like eighty to whatever happened on seventy three. That group wasn't even around yet. The the something the Rome Club of Rome. Yeah. That, that was an even crazier sixty eight. So just for clarification purposes, OK, I think they had a subgroup earlier or not. Hmm.


I'm not saying you're wrong.




Well you know Jaimie's, I mean he has George Soros covered. This is a compromised individual. Might have compromised the records.


Oh, that's another thing I want to say. Second, I say yeah. This is the most important thing we said tonight. We said a lot of important things. Both of you are not drinking. Yes. So you don't know, right, but this is it right now, OK? MRSA vaccines. Yeah, so when you think about a regular vaccine goes in, it's a broken bacteria, a broken virus, it's defeated. Your body learns how to kick its assets like a dummy.


It's like an attack dog trial dummy. Well, the T lymphocyte white blood cell, it's like a big badass Mike Tyson. It learns how to defeat it. MRSA vaccines go into your cells as a virus or viruses. So it's a virus they inject you with that, reprograms your cell to then have a certain response to things and release proteins, which is what cancer does. And so they had metal on the news that 100 percent of people that take these are getting sick, 20 percent are going to the hospital.


And so they also have vaccines that are called behavior modification vaccines. You can type it in.


But let me pause right there. MRSA vaccines, you said 100 percent of them get sick and 20 percent of them go to the hospital.


They had two studies in one study, 100 percent got sick, 20 percent with the hospital, another study, 80 percent got sick.


And of those 20 percent of the hospital, that CBS News to Jamie is going to find that right now you type in. Bill Gates grilled over over vaccine dangers of CBS News reporting. But the point is, they admit a bunch of vaccine deaths have happened now from a test. But what was I didn't do before that?


You were just talking about Maranello Behavioral. Yeah, behavior modification.


Yeah. Show type in vaccine to cure heroin addiction.


We're going to get to that. But before we get to that, we got to Google the stats on MRSA vaccines because that this is going to be highly contested.


So we have to find you know, you can talk, I can show the clip, Bill Gates, but we just Google the stats on MMR in a patients trial.


I don't think they have the stats on that. So how do you know? Bill Gates was on CBS News and he said 80 percent of the people get sick.


Yeah. And 20 percent of them go to the hospital.


No, to vaccines.


They said one vaccine. One hundred percent got said. And a certain percentage of the hospital, the other 80 percent got sick and 20 percent of those, and sometimes that does happen, even the flu vaccine. Sometimes people I swear to God, if you type in Bill Gates grilled by CBS will bring it up.


Right. Certain vaccines do give people will. We had a conversation about the whole thing in India. You know, he introduced a lot of vaccines in India. There was some negative reactions to them. I mean, that's what happens. It's just, you know, a lot of people I sent you the article.


MRI and a vaccine. I sent you the article about AP about the majority of new polio cases are the Bill Gates vaccine U.N.?


We'll get to that to see if Jamie can find this MRI and anything that really you know, you have a morten's next door here, MRI, and I'm sure I to look it up and I'm like, are you going to kill me?


My father said, Yeah, I'll go because I want looks like he's making a point about vaccines.


And now we're at stage. I am not hammered at all. I've been drinking orange juice. You polished off a half a bottle of orange juice. So you have fun. I'm happy you're here. Legitimately so. If you can't find that the behavioral modification, what is it you want to fight? Bill Gates, polio vaccine. Causes of polio. AP, AP, AP, Dotcom, the headline, the exact timeline is Why does everybody hate Bill Gates?


What is going on? Because he's so sexy, I, I don't think people hate him now.


It was it was like AP.


You know, Bill Gates did not say 700000 people have negative side effects. He did say that, my God, he said it all, he said on NBC News, Bill Gates did not say 700000 people have negative side effects from a coronavirus vaccine.


I had OK, pull up AP Bill Gates polio vaccine. But that's a coronavirus. He said polio vaccine. All right.


Now I'm going to tell you the headline. It was There's a polio Longo's headline article.


It was you in. U.N. vaccine causes polio. U.N. vaccine causes polio. OK, U.N. vaccine causes polio, Google, you know, Soberon shopper Google is compromised.


Can you ask this, please?


U.N. says new polio outbreak in Sudan was caused by oral vaccine.


Yeah. Whoa, it's not good.


New polio outbreak in Sudan is caused by oral vaccine. And this look at that kid's face. Oh, my God. Is that a terrifying image? The image of them distributing that look at that poor kids face. Imagine that kid getting polio from that vaccine. He looks so terrified. Oh, my God.


Yeah, I mean, that's tragic. Oh, then a bunch of them died. But, you know, Jesus Christ. Alex Jones, the.


Hold on. Hold on. Back up, back up, back up, back up. What does it say up there? It's the World Health Organization says a new polio outbreak in Sudan is linked to an ongoing vaccine sparked epidemic in Chad a week after the U.N. action sparked epidemic of agency declared the African continent free of the wild polio vaccine.


World Health Organization said it found 11 additional vaccine derived polio cases in Sudan and that the virus had been identified in environmental samples. There are typically many more unreported cases. For every confirmed polio patient Washio, the highly infectious disease can spread quickly in contaminated water and most often strikes children under five.


Fuck Jesus Christ. And rare instances the live polio virus in the oral vaccine can mutate in a form capable of sparking new outbreaks.


So let me tell you a story. My grandmother died three years ago at 92. Incredible woman that's fucking terrified. She was told by her doctor in 1954 when she got the second polio shot.


They said sorry, it was live. It paralyzed her. She was on crutches rest of her life.


They told her that her Jesus Christ. So, see, I just told you that.


Yeah, it's true. And that's a whitewash what AP is doing. I would imagine so I'm telling you, I make mistakes because I can't remember all the stuff I understand. You remember a lot, but I'm not trying to lie.


I was the last thing I want to say is this. I'd like to retire the next year, I'd like to finish up my work, clean up mistakes, I made a lot of other stuff because I'm going to die of a heart attack going crazy. I do this 18 hours a day. I like to get you in shape. I'm totally stressed out, Joe, and I know you are. And I literally do this stuff constantly with thousands of articles.


I know you do. And I text you at three o'clock in the morning, you respond right back. You're wide awake. I'm I'm not a victim. I'm just telling you, I'm dying. I understand. So I can't do this much longer. And I want everybody to know I love my crew. And I told them I can't keep running this operation. I just want to tell the truth and I want to get out in the next year. Doesn't mean I won't go on your show once you're like a write a book or something.


But I'm telling you, to get healthy, I need to get healthy.


I try to get healthy and hire a trainer and hire a dietician.


I try because I know you got off the booze for quite a while and we were talking and you said you felt great. I did feel great. I lost 40 pounds. How long did you get off the booze for? Four months.


No alcohol? About eight months and barely any in the last three or four hours.


Right back when you were talking to me about Adderall, you know, I want you to talk about that, because that's a good thing for people to hear that the problems that you had with Adderall, because that that should scare the fuck out of me.


Well, I'm not going to get into of that type of stuff. The point is, is that is that the things that doctors push, the things that go on, the whole country's drugged up on a bunch of stuff. Yeah. And it's not good, but I'm not I do caffeine and alcohol. That's it. And it's all very, very destructive. And, you know, it gets to the point where, like, you're exhausted unless you drink and it's not a good thing as long legged sober.


In October last October, I was sober.


Yeah. Do you think you could just kick it? Totally. I mean, you kicked it for four months.


Do you think would be if I wasn't doing a show every day and having to read. I mean, I'm not exaggerating. I read. 50 articles, I probably scan five hundred, I mean, I look at so much stuff that it's it's enslaving me like I just want to. I don't want to be around anymore. It's not like I'm scared of it, I'm just I want to be something else. It's it's negative. Has negative consequences on your health.


Yeah. So so for me, I just want to get away from all of it. And you want to do.


I'd love to go hunting and fishing and relaxing in an oil painting and doing sculpture. I love metal sculpture.


That's a beautiful chimpanzee's call ureter. I mean, I just I've done this 26, 27 years. And when you've done that long, you want to stand the same time. You want to not do it anymore. And that's the thing about people, the Democrats suing me and attacking me. Before we even got elected, I was out telling people how to shut this company down, I can't fund all of you. I can't do this anymore. They're attacking me, made me keep fighting.


Do you think that if if you were healthier, if you maybe just did less, you could be all right with it?


I didn't do that as a stunt, I mean, quite honest with you, I'm a smart, I'm a smart. I think I'm going to die of a heart attack at like fifty something. I'm forty seven now and I just I just have to like, there's no way to do this full time. Either you do it or you turn loose. And I'd like to just for a few years just disappear.


So you think that the amount of shit that's out there and when and this is a problem with conspiracy's, right. Because you keep finding more and more and more that are provable and you start going crazy because you start. Really.


Exactly. And then you lose who exactly. Like, yeah, I don't like the globalist. I'm not giving it to them. I'm giving into, like, my own body. I understand it's not like their attacks keep me fighting them like like they keep being like all this mess with me more he'll give up that makes me like attack more. It's I'm trying to get them to stop attacking me. It's not some Machiavellian thing I'm saying. I just want to like I don't want to be and I don't want to look at the news.


Maybe if you just took some time off and, like, just got healthy, maybe, maybe, maybe that's what you need. Maybe you just need an extended vacation. Me? You're your own boss, right?


You could do that. Do you ever think maybe shrink the operation down a little bit and then you could kind of do what you want, how you want, you know, instead of instead of just being a 24 hour day operation, you could just take it down?


Well, here's my problem.


When you get personal, I mean, I had perfect teeth to like two years ago. I've got a mouth brace because I literally crushed my teeth, went to sleep like I broke one just the other day. I got implants going in right here. And I'm just like literally in my sleep, clenching my teeth so hard that I've got, like, giant muscles, like I'm not Schwarzenegger, but my jaws are like they're like like a chipmunk. And because that psychologically I'm trying to feed all this and it's just like it's like a certain point, I can't do it.


All right. So I don't feel sorry for myself. You've earned it. You've earned some time off. Yeah.


Why don't you just take take some months off, just like Mark an extended hiatus, you know, whenever you feel like you could get away and just decide you're going to take three months off, put the fucking cell phone down, eat healthy exercise. You mean you can hire a trainer? You know that idea.


There's nothing I wanted more than that because you know why I'm doing this so Rocktober thing. And when I done it in the past, one of the things that we've done is these fitness challenges. You don't even realize what you can do until you're forced to do something. If you force yourself like say hey, for the month of January, I'm not going to drink and I'm going to exercise every day and I'm going to put it up on, you know, my website and let everybody know what I'm doing and and just force yourself to to try to get healthy, only eat healthy food and maybe get a dietitian, maybe get a trainer, not even maybe get a dietitian, get a trainer, get someone who makes you like meal perhaps for you, gives you a healthy food to eat.


And this is all you're going to eat. Is this no no processed bullshit, just healthy food. Wouldn't be a bad idea. Just take a whole month and do nothing but that. Just leave the fucking news alone. Let this crazy world sort itself out.


Not great, because now look, it is it's just like he's like, oh, I got them right here right now. I'm like, oh my God.


Yeah. Because you're probably overrun, you know, it's probably taxed out. Your body's probably like barely hanging in there.


I mean, if you're boozing a lot and you're not getting sleep and you're grinding your teeth, none of these are good signs. I've been asked about the Lister's, but not the other day, like this is fundamental. This is an anti human movement. It's a globalist movement. And I get people that are doing it are sociopaths that have created cosmology to explain why they're doing all these evil things. I just I feel like it's such an important mission that it should be exposed.


I'm just glad you moved to Austin. I'm glad that Tim's here.


Whether Tim's move and he just told me, am I got to save L.A. first and then I want to go work with Bill Gates for a while and I will come to Austin. You can't save L.A.. I know. I know. We'll see. November 3rd. So, Joe, what is your prediction?


Who wins?


Who wins in six days? I'm not smart enough to make the prediction, but I. Trump's going to win. I think it's going to be chaos. Either way, it could be chaos. I think of Trump.


I've never, ever in my life felt this country more divided. It feels more divided now than I've ever felt before, where the possibility of a civil war doesn't seem outside the realm of possibilities. It doesn't seem like something ridiculous doesn't like people. If they said it in the past, someone said, oh, this country is on the brink of a civil war. 10 years ago I was in this crazy fuck. Right? You say it now and I go like I could see it.


And then why are you not moving to Texas?


Well, I might eventually Texas. I might eventually. I don't know. We're going to see I got I got to open a show.


Convinced me that Joe told me to move to L.A. a year ago, and then I moved and it just destroyed. So they told me to move here.


I might move here. It'll be a problem. We're going to start a comedy club out here. Yeah, we're going to set this place up. Right.


Well, thank you for having me. My pleasure. Appreciate it. I appreciate you being here was everything. I hope you'd be good. This was a great one, Alex. People got to see a side of you that they maybe even didn't see in the other two podcasts. You know, I think you did a great account of yourself, and I think.


Really. You think so? Yeah. Yeah. A lot of the shit that you brought up today was I mean. You pulling shit off the top of your head, a lot of it was accurate, a good solid percentage trying to bullshit. No, you're not trying to bullshit. No, I know you're not. And this is what I've always told people about you. And and again, I think that we're at a critical time where we've got to rethink all these people that are calling for people to be censored and calling for people to be platform.


And I think you've got to rethink this. I think everybody has to rethink this because you might be looking back on this 10 years from now and going, oh, my God, what the fuck did I support?


But I agree with you. But we should. You're being nice to the censors. They're tyrants. I everybody.


I think there's a lot of people in this in this machine and a lot of these people, they're not tyrants. They think they're doing good. They really do. I think there's a lot of people that are out there calling for people to be platform calling for people to be censored because maybe they have children and they see their children being indoctrinated into Q and on and all this kind of ridiculous thinking. And maybe the they think that the way to to fight some of this shit is to just take that stuff offline so the kids have no access that only makes their children want it more.


Well, not only that, it makes the people that believe that there's a conspiracy to silence the truth. It makes them even more fervent in their beliefs. They start believing in even more rabidly. And not only that, it creates echo chambers.


And then again, that's positive. You are happy to move to Texas. I fucking love it here.


I love the people. I love the I love the town. I love everything about it. I do.


But that's the good news. And Tim Dillon. Yeah. You come here, lower taxes, good people. We want all the people from other parts of the great food, good food.


The food is amazing. Yeah, there's a lot of great stuff.


And the kids here in the Kuhnen, which I love, I think that's good.


All the children should be well they get tattooed when they're in the fifth grade. Listen, I love you, Alex Jones. Thanks for being here. I love you, Tim. Thank you for being here.


Thank you, guys. We did it. We did it. We did it. All right. We did three and a half hours. Something like that. Yes.


And four to infinity and beyond and video. Don't visit the panda video by everybody. Thank you. Thank you, friends, for tuning into the show. And thank you to Toshi. You can get twenty bucks off all bad days plus an additional ten percent off and free shipping when you go to hello Toshi Dotcom Brogan. So that's hello Toshie Dotcom Slash Rogen and you'll get ten percent off your order and free shipping.


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So I hope a lot of you got a different understanding of who Alex is after that podcast. You know, as I said during the podcast, he's fucked up before he has and he's had alcohol problems and a lot of things. But the fucking guy is dedicated, literally dedicated to trying to find the truth. Does he get it right all the time? No. But I think we pointed out in this podcast he gets it right a lot. And a lot of things that he uncovers are quite disturbing.


So I hope you enjoyed it. And I hope if you did get your panties in a bundle, you just move on from that podcast and find something else to listen to. All right. Love to all of you much love. Thank you for tuning in. I appreciate the fuck out of all of you.


Bye bye. And a big kiss.