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That's x p r e. S s vpn dotcom slash Rogen Express VPN Dotcom Rogen. Go there to learn more. All right. My guest today is the host of Black Files declassified on the Science Channel. He's a former CIA operative.


But are you ever really a former CIA operative?


I don't know. But but I enjoy his company and I always love having him on the show.


Please welcome Mike Baker podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, trained by Joe Rogan podcast by night all day.


Fossilized walrus dick, like somebody gave it to me, was my dad. I could I could have had that information before I picked it up.


Oh, I'm sorry. Check, check, check. There we go. There we go. OK, yeah.


Steve Rinella was here yesterday and I guess the technical term is back. Yeah, I didn't know. It's called Abakua.


That's what is. Dick Boehm, I've got one at home, oddly enough, a friend of mine has been up in Alaska most of his life. He said this this it's very it's not like this. It's on his ornamentals stand and it's polished. It looks like, you know, it looks like a piece of ivory almost. I was like, what the hell is this thing? And, you know, but it was a great it was very nice, you know, as a gift.


He said, I never thought to ask him what the hell it was.


But yeah, till he came to visit, what we were doing was just keep it from, you know, start off with what type of animal was a walrus? A walrus. Yeah, well, the same size as that.


No, no. This one was not as well endowed, but it's shinier.


The one that I've got, it's maybe it's older, more polished.


So here we are, Mike Baker. It is Friday. The elections were Tuesday.


We still don't know who the new president is, which I guess I was having a conversation. I forget who told this to me. But the the Al Gore Bush election took 45 days to resolve.


Yeah, yeah. I forgot that it was that long.


Remember, they didn't get the they didn't actually concede, I think, or whatever you want to call it gets sort of the final counting until twelve or thirteen December.


So so Al Gore, his his lawyers, the DNC, they carried, you know, that in 2000 they carried that process out and they were entitled to just like just like, you know, the current time.


If if the current president of Trump wants to pursue remedies for what they perceive to be irregularities, then that by law you're entitled to do that.


Now you you know, you don't want to get in the game, make it spurious accusations and just throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. So it has to be based in something. But this is not unprecedented. And so, you know, I think people need to keep that in mind.


I feel like there's part of me that feels like there's some thuggery afoot for sure. But there's also a part of me that thinks that. And this is going to sound ridiculous, but maybe for the psyche of the country. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. If Biden won, yeah, no, I see where you're going with it, I don't see what I'm looking for. I don't disagree as long as that fucker is properly investigated.


Yeah, right. And so and I think it's it's pretty sweet, you know? I mean, look, you got to be consistent, right, with your BlackBerry, with your fuck, right.


If you've spent the past four years denying the results of the 2016 election or chasing the Russian collusion bullshit, or if you were in the media and you've been you just throw throwing that crap around about the Russian collusion and happily doing it right for the past four years, then you really don't have the moral high ground now to say that the other side can't, you know, investigate, can't cry foul, can't say they've got concerns and that we should just all as Nancy Pelosi says, we just have to unify now.


I mean, I love that. Yeah, she just came out today and it's just like all the good things, which we just need to unify, you know, under her. Yeah.


Well, you under the president elect, as she referred to him or soon to be. Yeah. Joe Biden. But I see what you're saying.


Look, I'm far more concerned because I like a divided government, right? I wouldn't want to see one party, regardless of which party it is, have control of everything. I always think that's when shit happens or, you know, it just things go wrong. Right. So I'd be fine.


Right. The republic is going to survive just fine. If, for instance, the Senate remains in control, the Republicans, the House, you know, it's going to be tighter.


Now, look, I mean, the House, you know, Pelosi lost, you know, conservatively, you know, right now they're saying five seats, but there's ten other seats leaning towards the Republicans in a heavy way. So she could have a, you know, a 15 seat turn around, 16 seat turn around.


It's going to be a very thin majority that she's going to have.


But that's fine. So they've got the House, the GOP has the Senate, Biden, Harris, you know, they win if they win, OK, we're going to be just fine, right?


My concern is, is the Senate, if that tips over and the deciding vote is cast by Kamala Harris because it's 50/50, then we got a problem.


And I think the most fascinating thing about all of this, which is getting lost in the wash, because naturally we're all distracted with with what's going on between Trump and Biden right now. Is those two Senate races in Georgia, right, it's 48, 48 likely we're getting Alaska, North Carolina wrapped up for the Republican side. They're going to end up at 50. You got two seats left, right.


And those are both in Georgia.


Those are both going to be runoffs basically in January sometime, because unless, say, one of them hits the 50 percent threshold, if what's his name, Perdue gets the 50 percent plus one vote. OK, then now it's 51 to the to the Republicans and they have control of the Senate still.


Otherwise, I you know, I think we got problems if if the Dems end up with the White House, the Senate and Congress, I'm just never comfortable with one party rule. No, that sounds terrible.


By God, it does.


Well, it's just I've never paid attention to Speaker of the House until until it was Nancy Pelosi.


And it seems like it's been Nancy Pelosi for 112 years.


Well, what wasn't was it the speaker of the House that was Dennis Hastert? Is that the guy that we were talking about the other day that got arrested for molesting kids? Oh, kid toucher. Yeah. Wasn't he the speaker of the House?


Was he speaker of the House or was. I guess he was, yeah. For a period of time.


Or was it or minority leader. That's crazy that that guy got to that position and then wound up getting 15 months. Here it is, Saturday night in 2007. So quite a while, eight fucking years, longest serving Republican speaker of the House in history. Wow. And he was a kid fucker. And what was his sentence, a sentence was only 15 months. How's that work? Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. How does that work?


Yeah, he knows where the bodies are buried.


Yeah, that's how that works. Yeah. They're like 15 miles. It'll be gone before, you know, Dennis will be gone before, you know, secret Dennis. Yeah.


But I think look, my favorite it's the irony, right. It's a lack of self-awareness on both sides.


And I always find fascinating that my favorite tweet so far since Tuesday, since the Election Day was after I think it was came out on Wednesday, some progressive tweeted, I think I'm almost getting it word for word. Republicans are such sore fucking losers.


And I read it and I thought, well, this has got to be like a parody, right? They got to be kidding around. And so then you have to dig in there and investigate and read everything else they've been reading or writing. And and you look and you realize, no, it's they're serious.


And then you read the thread after that and all the responses like, oh, that's so true that fuckers, they can't take a loss. And you're thinking there is no fucking self-awareness.


Well, that said, it's I have no respect for people that mask generalize entire political parties like that.


It's so stupid. Republicans are such this line. Come on, just stop. I know what you just you're just spitting out nonsense. Well, it's one thing if you want to say that, I guess that it is what you're saying on Twitter, though. The problem is it's written down, right. So you take it more seriously. But if you're just having coffee with your friend and you like Republicans are such a fucking sore losers and like.


Yeah, right. Like they would say they are right.


You know, but when you're saying it to the whole world, it's like you're allowing the whole world to listen in on the conversation you're having at Starbucks.


You got to be a little bit better at being self-aware and also recognizing that you spent if you're a hardcore Democrat, you spent the last four years saying Russia got Trump into power. And even after the evidence comes out that that's not true, you're in denial of that and never taken it back.


And you've got you've got different groups, right? I mean, this is again, you're right. This is this is on both sides. This is right. This is left. This does it's always, you know, the sale and I call it coffee went all over the place. Yeah. But I caught it.


You did know. Well over a little bit.


I called it in mid spil. Just leave some towels in here buddy.


I was to just leave some towels and it's time. Yeah. Some call. How was that.


Not that crazy. Wow. Who thinks about doing that. It's not just one person that's been busted do that. That's quite a few. Yeah. You know what this shows you really how many men are addicted to pornography. That's what shows you how many men are addicted to masturbation and pornography. So much so that while they're supposed to be working during the day, they can't help themselves.


Yeah, and you would think, though. Yeah, I mean, it's that's that's a very good point, it's just I'm just you're stunned by the idea that perhaps during a business Zoome call, you could set that aside for the for that 30 minutes or so.


I mean, I wonder if they're still listening to the conversation and how does it not break your concentration?


I know. I know some people find different things interesting. So we're going to run through those second quarter numbers.


Oh, God, I can cover the second quarter numbers, the logistical supply chain.


What is the status right now? It's like Pennsylvania. So here we are. First of all, it's Friday, OK? The election was on Tuesday. We're supposed to know who the president is. How the fuck does in Alaska? No, I just read that Alaska only has 50 percent reported. Yeah.


Yeah. Well, you know, it's a big space. It's a big space. You got it. It's a lot of distance to for those, you know, sled dog teams to go with the ballots.


Is that what it is? Well, no, I can't imagine that's where he is. Right.


Someone up there is lazy. I mean, it's but it is it is funny because OK, look, if if if one side's winning two to one, but there's 50 percent left.


Yeah. Yeah. You can't call it nuts.


That that is. That's true. But yeah. So where we are is is what the hell. It's it's Friday and. Like Pennsylvania is leaning towards Biden. Yeah, George is leaning towards Biden. It's basically over for for Trump.


You would I mean, if you look at it, you don't see a lot of avenues for success on this one.


I mean, look, Pennsylvania, you know, they're still saying rightly so. It's too close to call.


They've got eight thousand some odd military absentee ballots still to count.


The assumption would be just like they just those would be for Trump, just like they assume a lot of the mail in ballots in the Philadelphia area or Allegheny or it will be for Biden, but they have to go through that process now that Pennsylvania is an interesting one.


I mean, again, there's a lot of people that are that are getting very pissy about Trump's attitude towards this whole thing. And could he be more eloquent? Could he just shut the fuck up and let the system work? Right, let his legal teams do what they're supposed to do and what they're entitled to do and just say, you know, we just have to work through the process?


Well, yeah, he could cause he could, but he's not going to. But Pennsylvania is interesting because the problem up there.


And maybe there's no fucking fraud. You have to it's like an investigation, right? When you do an investigation, you have to base it on right from the very beginning. You had to base it on facts, on something concrete. And if you don't, you're building an entire investigation potentially on very shaky ground. The whole thing comes tumbling down and it's a house of shit.


So, you know, it's like it's like an operation intel operation. Everybody remembers him, maybe not the WMD, you know, fiasco, you know, from Iraq. The idea that, oh, my God, we got to get in there because they got a.. Well, a lot of that, you know, was was based on one source reporting. Right. Which got into the reporting chain and then got reinvented in another report and then got, you know, self corroborated and other reporting.


And before you know it, you're confirming all the same information from originally that one source.


Right. Very shaky.


So you're not building a an invasion of a country on solid information. So with Pennsylvania, if people are looking at that and going, oh, there's all sorts of shit going on, it is this fraud?


Well, you got to step back and you get to say, OK, where are the problems?


Now, there's a handful of issues that I think are legitimate in Pennsylvania, one of them being this idea that the state Supreme Court circumvented what the legislative branch in Pennsylvania said about ballots and when you can count the ballots up until what time the postmarking on the ballots.


And and so that's a legitimate issue that probably or could end up in a higher court is did the state supreme court in Pennsylvania have that right, according to the Constitution, to just because because the state house is in each state set the the laws about this very thing.


And you got a problem, though, in Pennsylvania, because the state House is run by Republicans.


Now, this bullshit about how long it's taking to count the votes could have been sorted out if a year ago or not.


Even that, if six months ago when we knew this pandemic was was a problem, when we knew we were going to get unprecedented levels of mail and votes, if the Republican state House had said, OK, here's one, we can start counting those mail and vote as soon as we start receiving them.


How about that? So they could have been well ahead, you know, so it's both both sides of fucked this up, right?


It's not one side or the other. Both sides, once again, you know, it's it's you know, the the the truth is always, you know, we talked about this before is always somewhere in the center. And that's that's true here. But anyway, Pennsylvania close to call.


You know, this idea that they're they're preventing observers from coming in or standing close enough because they allowed them in. But then, you know, were they able to stand close enough to observe anything of any value that should never be in question?


So they let them in? Is this all been corroborated? This is proven. They let them in, but they wouldn't let them actually observe what they were doing.


There was delays in some districts, right? Some because counties run these elections.


And so some counties, you know, do it by the book and others apparently have decided they can do things a little bit differently. So some they were not able to get in. As far as access goes, as you know, once the voting started, some they weren't able to go in for the pre vote counting or the voting day counting of these ballots and others.


They were able to go in and they were kept maybe 25 feet back instead of what that's currently was like a six feet distance that had been I think I'm not don't quote me on this, but maybe a responsibly decided that you could be six feet away because of a social 50 to 25 feet away.


That seems insane. Exactly. Some places had them watching on monitors, which again, is is useless.


But so and that was the problem there is that should never happen. You should be able to always agree both sides that you need campaign observers in there and they have that right to observe the counting of these things.


And it all comes down to the same issue, whether it's that or whether it's, you know, counting ballots because, you know, or discarding ballots, because the persons died previous to the election. It all comes down to the perception of fraud. There may not be anything going on in this election in terms of fraud, fraudulent activity. When all is said and done, all the investigations are done.


But the damage is already done because people perceive it as as as possible. A lot of people perceive it as likely or it is happening.


And if you don't have a transparent system set up, right, that is easy to see. You've got to be able to look at it and not be told by politicians and not be told by, you know, election officials or the media that it's it's a it's a good, credible system, that the voter has to be able to look at the process and say, yeah, that's fair and transparent.


It's like. You know, it's it's like a cover for action, right, if I'm doing a show, I'm doing surveillance on some target, right. And I'm out in the middle of some, whether it's a shithole or whether it's, you know, a urban center in a developed country.


I have to have cover for action. I have to have a reason that is plainly obvious by passerby's or by local authorities or police that patrol the area. Oh, I get that's why he's there.


We did not one time where. It was overseas, we were waiting for a target to show up, and it was it was a port, right. And busy, a lot of people coming and going.


Tourists, workers, commercial workers coming and going from this busy port. And you know what?


You didn't have you didn't have a lot of people just hanging out. Right. There weren't a lot of opportunities to hang out. So we had had to have a reason.


Right. So what do you do? You set somebody down there with a couple of pieces of luggage and and a baby stroller and a baby. Don't ask me where I get the baby from.


And you just stole a baby from, you know, hey, it's for the good of the country. And I we requisitioned it. We got it. We have we have a baby requisition department down to the basement of the agency. Now, we don't know now it's my own baby. Actually, it's my daughter.


When she was a little baby as your own daughter during a covert operation. Why is that wrong? I don't think so. No, I'm just curious. Yeah.


And so and it worked like a charm because they could sit there for hours. Right.


Waiting theoretically for a boat, but obviously pulling surveillance from an observation post and people walking by with like, yeah, there's a there's, you know, some lady with a baby, you know, suitcases to cover for action.


They did.


They whacked it in industrialised in Germany one time where the the hit team, it was very elaborate, but they they did what they always do.


They surveil, they figure out the guy's routes and as is usual, your your chokepoints, you know, that's what they're looking for.


Where does you know, you get in a vehicle and you drive, you're going to have chokepoints.


Usually it's at the place of work or it's at your home.


Right. But it may be somewhere in between. Maybe there's a there's an avenue that's always, you know, blocked up. Maybe there's a turn that they have to come to a complete stop.


You're looking for that choke point where you can lay out the attack, where you control the environment.


There was a place in the Philippines that still exists. We used to call it Ambush Alley because it started at one end.


You go to the other and it was it was a cut through. There weren't that very many of them. And sometimes it was the only one to get from one part of the city to another.


And once you got in there, you know, you just hit the gas because you were hosed if you got caught up in there and there was an insurgency going on. And so, you know, roadblocks and a local hit teams, special units were always a concern.


And so that was that was a chokepoint. Ambush Alley was a choke point.


Anyway, long story short, they whacked US industrialist's, but they hit team after they'd done the surveillance and they decided where that point was for the attack.


They showed up one day in construction gear and construction uniforms to start digging a trench as a construction team. Right. You can look that you drive by, you go out and build building something, or they're digging a trench, right? It's a cover for action. And so it's I don't know how I'm making this analogy, but it's the same with the election.


Voters got to better look at it and it's transparent. I see why it's transparent.


You've been talking about fuckers. Yeah, you're talking about them. They did a bad job of hiding. Corruption, that's what you're saying, you say coming for action. Yeah, is it's deceptive, like what you're describing is deceptive.


Well, what I'm saying is they say the system has to be clearly transparent and honest and credible by it, just from the voters perspective. You can't do shit like adjust the rules about just because we say a pandemic.


Now, we've got to change the rules. And, you know, these states are going to change. Some of these states won't in the state house.


How did you make the connection from that to cover for action?


You know, because. Oh, I know. Because you think I. Yeah, yeah. Cover for action is because. Because I know this is this is. Yeah. Try being in my house and try to be a part of my family and following me at the dinner table.


It's because with of action, just like with looking at the voting and saying, OK, I see why it's transparent, I see covert action, you got to look and go, OK, I get it, that's what they're there for. And you move on. You don't you don't you don't think about it. You want to be told, you know, you got to stop and go. Excuse me. What are you doing here?




It's just evident on on the face of it, how are there not universal voting rules for each state that are federal?


How is how is it that different states are allowed to come up with their own rules? Like like I was reading something about in Georgia, they were allowing people who had made mistakes on their ballots to redo their ballots and then they called them securing the ballots.


Yeah, yeah. You've got that. You've also got is that you've got the ability to change your vote to in some places, what you can change your vote up until you know, up until the deadline of the election day.


There are some places where you can you can go in, you have to request it and then get there and then you can change your vote, which, if you think about it, is not bad, because if on Election Day, you wake up and you find out that the candidate you voted for has committed murder, then you think, OK, I changed my vote.


Well, I think a lot of people did want to actually change their vote. After the second Biden debate, that was a big Google search.


There was a thing that they were talking about. The Google searches for how to change your vote went up some astounding number.


Yeah, because you just had a terrible debate. No one has done worse on the campaign trail and one that's I agree with.


And more people vote. Yeah. In this election than have ever voted. Yeah. Since like the 19th and early nineteen hundreds or something like Councillor Harris.


I don't think maybe I'm wrong on this, but I think, you know, we should fact check this, but I don't think she held a press conference during the entire campaign.


I don't think she had one single press conference. She had appearances. Right.


But I don't think she actually held a press conference during the campaign. That's astounding.


Right. But, yeah, this but. Where we're in this position that we're in right now in a variety of ways and because of the pandemic for sure.


Yeah, yeah. So and also because the people that hate Trump really hate him. Like, I don't remember I remember people not liking George Bush and maybe even hating George Bush W and even H w.


But not like this, this is a different level of hate, but also it's a different level of love. They love him in a way that I don't ever remember seeing.


I don't remember seeing like, yeah, these fucking lines of cars that are miles long honking with signs for any other candidate other than Trump now.


Well, people used to go crazy over Millard Fillmore. I remember that. That was that. They love Fillmore.


No, I'm joking. I am joking. That's a terrible, terrible idea. I just went with it.


Maybe Ross Perot people were really into. Oh, yeah, but but those are the same people that are now in the Kuhnen.


It's like, yeah, somebody sent me a video.


I went down a Q and on Rabbit Hole last night of how Trump is set up, all the Dems and this is a sting operation and that there's got to forget what they were saying, that this is all all of the ballots have been blocked, chained and.


Yeah, you heard this, Jamie.


Yeah. I dig this up last night. It's been going on for two years, apparently, and like pop back up this week.


But the the conversation that these two guys were having about it was like people that are really into comic books talking about their favorite characters.


It's it's it's so weird because it's it's clearly and this is not to disparage people that think there's something illegitimate about this election.


This is not what I'm talking about when I'm talking about people that are into certain conspiracy theories.


And Kuhnen is one of them where they it it becomes a thing they're into, whether it's real or not, it's a thing they're into. It's like you're in a club. Yes. Yes.


And they're all in on this thing and they're constantly tuning into this thing to find out what the latest is. It's almost like a serial show that you're reading about on message boards.


You know, it's like it's like he's making these little drops of information of what's going to happen. And then some people are experts on these drops. It's like a Ponzi scheme.


You bring your friends in and then you're a little bit higher up the chain and Q and on. And so, you know, a little bit more and you've got more friends within it.


But it is. It is. It's strange. It is. It is strange.


And I mean, look, it's it's this has surfaced a lot of weird behavior and groups over the. Yeah. The past four years. And look at the I mean you've got all these various elements, you've got the the resistance, you've got that never Trump has. You got this group, the Lincoln Project.




And those guys, if anyone's scored big out of this whole, you know, four year run and, you know, particularly this past year, it's got to be those guys.


Right. I'd love to see Lincoln Project. Well, there are some guys that they claim to be, you know, Republicans, conservatives and oh, my God, we're horrified at the state of the Republican Party. And so, you know, we've we've set our line in the sand and never Trump is basically.


And so we're going to we're going to raise a lot of money and we're going to fight this thing and we're going to make sure that we fight for all the the Democratic candidates and we're going to get we're going to get Trump out of there.


And and, yeah, of course, we're conservatives and Republicans and we're going to do this because, hey, look, they didn't get jobs in the administration. Right? And so I have a feeling that part of this started when they didn't get enough hugs. Right. And they didn't get what they wanted out of this.


Part of it maybe is they're actually legitimately, you know, upset with with the administration over certain things.


But I can't help but feel weird. I can't help but think that they just raised a lot of money. I'd love to see, you know, how you do with charities. You look and see what their what their spend is, how much of it goes to administration for the project and how much of it actually goes.


And B is used for for things like actual ads. I'd love to see how much money got ended up in the pockets, because I guarantee you, once this is over, if Biden wins, they'll somehow morph into something that now makes money by fighting some of the policies that the Biden White House wants to push out there.


It just seems it seems odd. But there's a lot of groups like that that have come out, a lot of people, you know, spouting their self-righteousness over over, you know, the the idea that that Trump's a terrible person. I don't think he's a great person. Right. But we've talked about this for you. Don't I don't think you need to actually like your president. You know, you need to like your policies and the operations that, you know, that that we're doing overseas and the things that we do.


Would I prefer a kinder, gentler, more eloquent.


Good, good. Yeah, I don't know.


It's all touchy feely, but I like the policies. Did I dislike Trump enough right. To vote for the potential policies that are coming down the pike with a Biden White House and Senate possibly controlled by the Democrats? No, but, you know, then again, I voted for Kanye.


So that's why I like figureheads are weird, right? Because a figurehead could be polarizing. They could be they could be someone that people love no matter what they do. And they could be someone that people hate no matter what they do. And that's where it gets strange, where policies and the direction of a government is attached to an individual personality. Yeah. And we've definitely seen this more like you said, it's it's got that, you know, a lot of people on the left will say it's got that coltish feel.


And because he does draw this this the animosity from the left, obviously. But, yeah, it's it's a bizarre devotion that you get.


And and I think it's it's it's not necessarily a lot of the folks aren't necessarily, you know, devoted to Trump.


It's not like it's not that it's not a Jim Jones thing as much as they're devoted to the idea of of waving the flag of standing up for America, which is all good shit. Right. But you got to you got to keep it and you got to keep it in perspective. And I just think we're we've lost perspective on in a lot of things.


I mean. You know, you talk to somebody on the left and they'll say, oh, my God, it's a death of the republic we've been facing for the past four years. It's the toughest time we've ever seen. Do you think settle down? Yeah. And then just go go to the right.


And they're like, oh, my God. If they if Biden wins, you know, we're fucked and settled down. Yeah, exactly.


Settle down, everybody. Settle down. Settle down. Get into the center. I definitely want done. I like a good left, right, left, right. I like that. I like, I like when the country goes left in the country goes right.


I just think gives everybody a chance, settles everybody down. And it also gives everybody a much clearer understanding of the reality of what it means to have someone as a president.


How much does it actually affect your day to day life? And what really affects your day to day life is what we were talking about earlier, the actual policies, whether Trump's an asshole or not. The real problem with having an asshole for president is it encourages other assholes to be assholes. And this is the first time there's ever been a president that actually encouraged an asshole business.


But I mean, he came out yet last night, this press conference, which, you know, a lot of people were horrified by.


And then, you know, a lot of people get on the right kind of cheered.


And I think it's first sentence out of the gate in the midst of all this sort of concern and chaos. And the angst from everybody is was, look, if you just count the legal votes, I've won easily.


OK. All right, you know what, yeah, it's not necessary, you don't have to do that. You can say, you know, this is still being contested.


Yeah, you know, that doesn't count. Yeah, that doesn't help anybody. We're concerned about some potential irregularities, but don't just start throwing shit at the wall because it demeans the whole process.


And that's so anyway. And that's where it all falls apart. People start losing that credibility or that belief in the system.


And but then again, if you've spent four years attacking the credibility, the system, by saying it was the Russians that put them in there.


Right. And then talking about all this other shit about, oh, he may never leave. And, you know, he's and they were accusing him over the past couple of years.


I'll bet he's going to try to steal the election. Right. And so now when the other side's like I we're kind of concerned about some of the things we're seeing.


They're like, oh, for fuck's sake, don't be know. Let's can't we just all get along.


Is anybody accusing the Republicans of voter fraud in the states that Trump won?


Yeah, that's a good question. I have not seen anything, really. I haven't seen that either. How come? Yeah, you know, probably because those states don't matter. I hate to say it that way, but how did I know what we're talking about? Texas. Well, you're in Texas. Texas matter. Are you kidding? Right. But Texas Trump won Texas.


Is there any talk of what the expectation was, was that he would even though there was this talk about it, there's going to be this, you know. Right.


Like no one's talking about voter fraud in California for. Right. Right now or, you know, it's oh, my God, these you know, there's something blankies going on in Mississippi. Right. So, yeah, it's that doesn't happen. But I think, look, the polls got it all wrong.


The only time the pundits were right, I think, is when they were citing that it's going to come down to a handful of important states and they usually would cite Pennsylvania and Georgia and Florida and Florida, Arizona. So they got that right. Everything else they got wrong again. But look, I.


Again, if whether there is or isn't, if you've got a legitimate grievance, if you've got potential evidence and you can look at a place like Nevada and if you've got a Nevada, Nevada, Nevada, if you've got a few thousand ballots that are in question because it appears that either they weren't residents of the state or perhaps they died some time ago, that's not true.


So what's going on? That's what they're claiming. That's what they're claiming. It was that the Republican Party and they filed a suit and they've got the documentation supposedly to the DOJ about these ballots.


But I guess my point is whether it is or isn't, if that's that's potentially a legitimate concern. It's not going to turn things. It's not going to change anything. It's not going to the vote counts aren't going to be big enough to change Nevada's decision likely.


So the numbers of if there is fraud, the numbers are not enough to be relevant to the overall count. Right.


Which is the which is the issue in most of these places. Look, you're not really going to overturn 100000 votes now, and it's not going to happen in Philadelphia.


If you say, OK, we're going to you know, we're going to going to toss out these 700 ballots or whatever, what.


But I think it is important, again, going back to this idea that you've got to maintain faith in the system by showing people that it's credible.




So if there are irregularities, just like the Dems did in 2000 and just like in other elections, it's not uncommon at all to have a contested election result in this country.


So the law accounts for it.


And so go after that, explain what you're doing, be transparent what you're doing, and then, for fuck's sake, learn from it for the next one around. Right.


Make these changes. And maybe this was an anomaly because of the pandemic. And we're never, ever going to see this many mail in ballots again.


I just find it hilarious whenever I say that people should be able to vote online because you could bank online like now there's too much room for fraud as opposed to what stacks of paper that people can count.


The fuck are you talking about? It seems like you can get a code that is unique to you, like a QR code or some biometric code. It's based on your face time or your fingerprint. If you have an Android phone and it will 100 percent prove that it's you.


Yeah. And you can fucking vote off your phone. Yeah. Like that seems pretty easy to me. I don't get it. We should be able to come up with a better system.


And and you're right. You know, the problem with this was again, it wasn't explained well enough. Right. And so you have the perception, whether it's existing, whether it's happening or not, you have this perception of fraud.


Look, I mean, you've got and social media just just just pumps the shit out of this and causes this problem in a major way.


You've got these videos now that are floating around Twitter and elsewhere of of ballot workers working at polling stations, filling out.


Right. Filling out ballots. And so they'll they'll just like Lockean. They'll take 10 seconds of somebody taking an empty ballot, stamping it, filling it out and then putting it in the box and taking another one, stabbing and filling it out.


And and people will go, oh, my God, they're falsifying ballots. They're just creating ballots out of whole cloth. And then that'll blast around.


And before you know it, you got like, you know, 100000 people retweeting this bullshit without investigating it.


Going back to what I said before, you can't just you can't build your argument on on shit, you know? No. If that's a problem, find investigate it.


But you also have to look at what are the other scenarios where maybe these are all ballots that wouldn't fit through the scanner or that, you know, got kicked out. And so now what do they got to do? They got to put them on to a new ballot, run it through or whatever. I mean, that happens, right?


That's that's a very interesting what you're saying. If you if someone is right, is the person in front of them who filled out the ballot with them? No. OK, so someone fills out a ballot and there's an issue with that ballot, then you will allow a worker to to make a copy of that ballot under observation.


Under observation by her campaign, which I'm not polling is that's the thing, though. Like, is it a republic? If it's if he's filling it out for Republican as a Democrat over his shoulder to make sure to have one of each one of each.


Are you supposed to have the both parties have the Ebola driving Ferraris afterwards?


You know, so I guess my point is whether it's that or that, you can't just you can't just assume that the shit that you see, we should how do we not know this right by now, this shit that you see on social media, you should probably question it, at least do your own research and find out whether it's true before you then kick it back out or talk about it like it's gospel.


Here's what I'm ready to talk about, like it's gospel, even though I have no evidence whatsoever because people keep saying it to me over and over again in Wisconsin of a hundred thousand votes came in for Biden overnight. There were a hundred percent for Biden. There were for no one else. Is that true?


You know what I'm talking I've heard no, I've heard that. I've heard that. I don't know whether it's true or not. Sounds like a Q and on video. Yeah.


Does it does. I mean it's got the block chain. Don't worry.


Statistically it would seem so. I mean, you got 89 percent or 90 percent voter turnout in particular areas, you think that's pretty damn high. But again, those are the things that fine, let the let the system work.


Let let the legal teams do it because they're citing it. They're right.


But they think it's too late. The issue is, you know, like I was talking to someone who understands these things very well and they were describing it to me that when the 2000 election came along with Bush and Gore, that Bush had fantastic lawyers like the cream of the crop.


And that is not the case right now with this this scenario where they're dealing with legal fraud or the potential for fraud, I don't know.


I would I would say no. Joe Biden did not get one. Yeah. Who made this? Jamie Snopes? No. Milwaukee more communist bullshit is this.


Yeah. Yes. From it's Milwaukee newspaper. They're probably communists, I'm sure. The fucking local Milwaukee.


Get out of here. No, no. I read that percent of all Milwaukee absentee ballots. But that's not what I mean.


That's not what the the claim was. The claim was a bunch came overnight and that they were 100 percent for Biden.


So that could still be true.


And they could still say that he did not give 100 percent of all absentee ballots. Because that's not what the claim was, so that that communist newspaper that you just read don't don't hates America, don't move it yet.


Look over there, The Federalist. Yes, this is the headline. Yes, Democrats are trying to steal the election in Michigan and Wisconsin.


OK, read the Federalist because those are good Americans. Yeah. Yeah. Well, that's what it was supposed to be happening as of this writing. It appears that the Democratic Party machines in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, trying to steal the election. As reporters and commentators went to bed early Tuesday morning, all three states were too close to call. But President Trump led former Vice President Joe Biden by comfortable margins far beyond what had been predicted in the polls.


None of the networks called these states because enough mail in ballots remained uncounted that it could swing either way. But Trump's position look good. But here's what's wrong with that.


And this is what Karl Kolinsky explained to us, that mail in ballots were overwhelmingly Democrat because Democrats tend to be pussies who are scared to go there in person because they don't want to get coughs. Is that correct?


So when he said there's also something I was hearing that I made that a Republican like no one even cares. They all wanted to push for one day. They wanted to do it all in one day. They didn't want to vote early because like a sense of pride type of thing.


Well, Trump did make a big deal about telling his supporters show up on the day. Right. I'm a vote in person kind of guy. I'm old school. I liked it. I show up. You do that. Some did.


Some feels good. Mike Baker has voted, you know, and you get your sticker.


I was going to put my sticker and take a picture, but I'm like, no one's Chelsea Handler. Put them on her tits. I'm like, we're done here.


Nobody wanted that. Nobody should.


She put them as pasties, creative move. It gets people to pay attention. So this what a what? I'm sorry.


I was joking around about the Federalist, but this so what were this go go back to that article.


Because with this guy is getting wrong is that yes, Trump had a lead, but they were counting the in-person votes first and then they counted the mail and votes.


The mail and votes were already overwhelmingly slanted towards Democrats because some of these states and again, some of them with Republican state houses, you know, that that was the regulation or the law that they put in place, was that you can't count those votes early. The mailings, I mean, you can't vote early. So so.


Yeah, people what part of the problem was people went to bed on Tuesday night thinking, well, look at this. Trump is going to. Right. And it's like going to bed because you think the game's all locked up. Exactly.


You wake up in the morning, you know, you got you got screwed like that Super Bowl a few years ago when they won it in the last. Yes. So when I left, I left the Super Bowl party was like, let's get the fuck out of here. Game's over. They won.


Yeah, they won in overtime. The the thing about all this stuff is that people want the narrative to fit with how they feel it should have gone.


So they feel it should have gone to Trump.


So someone's trying to steal the election, right. Instead of. No, they're counting mail in ballots later. There is a weird thing with like the Democrats wanting mail in ballots.


It's almost like wanting to mail them in is also sort of a political statement in regards to the handling of the pandemic by the Republican president. This is the same people that have like their fucking Twitter profile picture with a mask on.


Hey, stop. Yeah, it's me. Just stop. You don't ask of righteousness. You got a selfie with a mask on. Fuck you.


You know what you're doing. That's a weird political statement. Yeah, I know. Weird.


I don't like you. I suppose I'm getting aggressive.


I mean, I'm just being silly people that I'm serious. Sometimes I have to be careful.


But but you said fuck people, man.


He's an a.m. a.m.. So new thing I think.


Yeah, I got tell you, I, I, I think it's, it's a simple thing. Put on a mask.


But but you're right there, there are people who wear it proudly like the early days of adopting and driving a Prius right there to my I've seen people do podcasts with a mask on.


Fuck you. And he doesn't mean no. He's just I do mean for podcasters.


I do mean especially when they're doing it by themselves. There's no one in the room. You got a mask on. I've seen that.


Or there's someone in other rooms nowhere near you and you're wearing a mask.


It's a political statement.


It's a thing you're showing that you are a responsible person. It's a way of flying your flag of virtue. I am wearing a mask. I'm not one of those. Like, if you see those people to get in fights at Wal-Mart, don't want to work, you're infringing on my freedoms.


It's always the worst fucking human beings to the people that represent not wearing a mask are never exempt early, like scholarly, brilliant people who are like, well, the reality is about virus particles and the size of these particles. It's preposterous. It doesn't make any sense.


Also, I've been tested and it's my you have a very strict testing regime here. You you probably you guys tested more, frankly, than anybody else did.


I was tested last night. And then I got tested again this morning, so I was tested last night at the governor's mansion, I met the governor whom I know, the governor, Governor Abbott, a cool guy.


He like a legitimately nice guy. I really enjoyed his company. I like him a lot. And then I got tested again this morning. So I get tested all the time, constantly. And but that's why we were in masks and we could talk shit. Yeah. And when young Jamie fucked off because he decided to go party, I did not.


He was he was at a disco. What. He was at a disco scrumhalf disco screaming. He was raving. I think he was at a rave and roller derby.


I should actually clarify this because if it was a disco, we need to talk about that more.


No, we went to a bar and it was on the patio and he got the vid. Oh. And so he but he was you know, you were barely sick.


You're sick for a day. When you came in, he was really convinced that it was some sort of allergy. When did you.


So how long did you have before you got tested? Well, we tested him.


I was off, but no, we were off that we remember. So it was quite a while. So there was a week was elk hunting. So we were we were gone.


And Jamie probably got it the weekend I left and didn't feel bad until three or four days later. And then by the time we came in, it was a good seven days. Right? Something like that. Yeah.


I mean, I didn't even feel sick when that day I was like, yeah, no, no. But he tested positive temperature.


I don't think so. I mean, it's hard to tell how to shoot here.


I was worried, though, that we were going to have to shop. That was true as well. I was worried we're going to have to shut the show down.


But the doctor informed me that since I never was really close to him, we made him sit in the corner like a dunce. And after we found out that he had the cooties and we tested them again, he failed the second test.


But did you think about firing him at that point?


Oh, fuck, yeah. You're done. No way. I could have caught it too soon.


I just didn't. I was in DC. We're filming for Discovery series called What on Earth.


Right. And these guys, the film crew for this series is usually from England and they quarantine people. Oh, my God.


Oh, you guys go through the protocols, right? Yeah.


I mean, listen, I believe I understand how they would do that for a film or production, but for a podcast like it goes on all year, there's no way I can tell people what to do with their life, especially when I go to restaurants and stuff and I wear a mask.


I joke around about mass people. Droga here's an air mask. I wear a mask every fucking day. I wear it all the time. But I think I do think there's something silly about it.


Yeah, well, again, it makes it look at it's like a lot of things in life, right. It makes you feel like you're doing something. It makes you feel good.


It makes other people feel comfortable. That's why where exactly. I'm the same way.


I think like it's it's a little thing if other people are happy, do I think it's necessarily going to stop. And I know, but I'm happy to do it because it makes other people, you know, comfortable.


I think some of the violence, like we're virologist, I know some of the virus is stopped by that mask.


It has to be there's a filter. It's not I mean, some of it can get out. And so if someone gets a smaller dose of the virus, it's probably less detrimental to their health. That's probably the argument for it.


You know, someone told me that being on a plane is actually very safe because the way they filter the air, it's true.


I've felt ever since I've been flying for a while now, I've been back and forth to London and, you know, traveling around out to Los Angeles, to London right now.


Yeah. When do they open that up again? Well, not right now.


Now they shut it down until the second of December again. Right. This is their second hardcore lockdown. Some parts of England were under what they call a tier three up like North and Manchester, that area. But so now, yeah, now it's a it's problematic.


And I know Greece was allowing American travelers for a while to get this. China.


China has banned visitors from England. China. Yeah, Chinese. Oh, my God. No, you guys are. What about America? Too infectious? Not no.


No, that might be a bridge too far for 4G, but he's OK with banning the UK residents. But anyway.


But I did to your point, I felt, you know, for quite a while now, the safest place to be is on a plane.


I got I got on a plane coming from Heathrow to New York City a handful of weeks ago, and there were, I don't know, six or seven other people on this plane.


It's a big plane. Right. And there was almost nobody on this thing.


Do they allow people to take their mask off while they eat? They do, yeah. Yeah. And you have to take it on like Governor Newsom's style, take it off in between bites and put it back on. So what do you do? I saw that.


That's fantastic. Yeah. He's a gem. Yeah. Yeah, he's he's he's doing wonders out there in California.


He's a gem of preposterousness. Yeah. But no, no, you can, you can actually remove your mask, you can wear it as a as a one ear earring hanging dangling from your ear.


It's in fashion statement. It is. It is. If I saw people went right into. In between in between meals, they put it on the wrist while they're eating, they'll put it on the wrist and then put it back on their face. That's a new thing.


It is amazing how we've we've it's become normal. I was thinking about that yesterday, walking around the airport, looking around and. Yeah, quick and people.


And it used to be right that if you saw this is going to sound wrong, but if you saw someone wearing a mask, it was probably somebody from from Japan or Korea. So. Yeah, right. I mean, it was like that because it's a little more common over there or someone trying to rob somebody.


Well, there's that. Yeah. Yeah.


What was the last time you walked into a bank wearing a mask?


You know, what's weird is how many people can recognize you with a mask on? Isn't that weird?


Yeah. So I mean, people have actually done that with you.


They said to mask on hat sunglasses. You are you're ready to check a car in that situation. Yeah.


Hey, but there'll be some there'll be some fan. You know, the police won't have any clue who it was, but they'll be some fandango. That's Joe. Yeah.


Yeah. I don't again, I'm confused over. I will say there's a class of mascaras I'm confused over. Those are the ones who are you'll see her in their car by themselves driving with a mask on and I'll look over.


Shouldn't be allowed to vote. Yeah, he should be. I mean, if you're driving in your car, you have no say over anything. If you're in your fucking car with rubber gloves on in a mask, you stop or if you're out running or biking.


Well, I think some people do that for Curtius, say, because I have Bridgitte Fennessy was telling me that she was walking down the street on the other side of the street. She was on one sidewalk. Someone's on the other side. And she was walking her dog and someone was screaming her to put a mask on. I put a mask on the dog.


Yeah, no, I mean, I get that if you're if you're running well, obviously, if you're running and you're breathing a heavy.


But but I'm talking about people that are running in areas like around us.


We've got the foothills right up in the foothills. You can run and not see it, but.


Yeah, but I've seen people up there, you know, running and it's not like you're running downtown New York City where you're passing people constantly. And like you said, you're breathing heavy. It's just, you know, or you aren't obvious on a on a on a long, you know, 20 mile bike ride because you get your spandex.


Are you going for a big pedal and you got your mask on? I'm thinking it's probably a it's probably not necessary and it's probably not that healthy.


Well, you know, they have you know, what a training mask is, is like oxygen depletion masks because.


Right. We're very volume, super controversial. Some people say it's horseshit, doesn't do a god damn thing for you. Some people say it's very good for you. And it by being able to work hard with very little oxygen, it expands your cardiovascular potential.


I mean, I think it all comes down to what you were saying. You know, it's a little thing in life to bend your spear of, right. To be like an A.M..


It's all assholes. Yeah. It just make sense on a plane who gets kicked off for not wearing a mask. You just go, you know those guys, you know those guys, they they exist. Yeah, they're they're fucking annoying. It's not that hard. Man put a mask on. Yeah. Nobody's taken away your freedoms.


Just just put your mask on. I agree. But there is always that element of of I'm standing up to to the man, the man or odious government control or you know, it's ridiculous.


But on the other hand, the people that make a big deal of the fact that we're in a mask are equally annoying. Yeah, well, that's not equally. Well, let's slightly less annoying than the anti mask people.


Look, we one thing this whole process has taught me is that I find the most annoying people I I think exist out there are really, really self-righteous progressive white people.


Oh, my God. Yeah, that that demographic. Right. I mean, the one the one thing I can say is I can't stand that that group. Right.


And now I can you could say the same thing about the hard, you know, side on the on the right side.


I mean, they're just both those those those people and they probably have more in common than we think. Right. For sure. It's an ideology.


Yes. Yeah. Yeah, it's you. You want people to know where you stand on something and you believe that where you stand makes you more virtuous.


Yes. Yeah. That's that's that's a very eloquent way of putting it. And you want to kick them in the balls. All of them just want to run to shut your fucking dirty stinking mouth. You're annoying.


You ruin all these good causes. That's the problem with all these great causes. There's just some amazing causes that I support. Yeah, but they're also supported by twats. Yeah.


And these guys that are just just the most annoying liberals.


Well, that's that's like the BLM movement, right? I mean, there's are there legitimate things you could be doing to to to push forward with police reform?


That makes sense.


The training and the you know, the but you got to fund them, right. You actually got to get them better, less than lethal weaponry, the hiring and the vetting.


But the movement gets hijacked in part by, you know, this group that, you know, just wants to feel good about themselves.


Do you see the girl in Brooklyn in the. Spit in the cops. Yes, she's yelling at him, you fucking fascist, and she spit in his face. Yeah. And then he's like, thank you, that's assault. Yeah, exactly.


Research is like, what are you doing? You can't just spit in someone's face. Not only that, he wasn't even say anything to you. Now he's just standing there.


He's standing there and she's she's losing her shit. Young kids like that who have never been held up at gunpoint, who never been I don't know if she's ever been robbed. Maybe she has. Maybe she's just really hardcore.


She's been robbed. And she's like, oh, I prefer the fucking thieves to the police.


But it's just this thing where you're supposed to hate the cops because of George Floyd or because of a number of other incidents that have nothing to do with that guy.


It's like you can't you can't hate any group of people because of someone that is not just because they do the same job, but they're not the same individual. They're not the same human. They didn't they didn't do that horrendous crime that everybody saw. That makes you angry. This guy in Milwaukee has no fucking relation to this guy in Florida. They don't know each other. They just happen to both be police officers. It's the same thing with like a firefighter that starts fires because he's crazy.


You don't go spitting in other firefighters face because my fucking dog burnt to death in a fire. You piece of shit like, hey, I fight fire. Exactly.


Jesus Christ. Well, we don't we don't do it again. It's this idea that somehow we're but it's like all groups.


Look how many how many how many doctors have put people under sedation, then molested them. A fucking lot, man. A lot. There's a lot of cases.


I didn't know there was an epidemic of that.


Well, it's not an epidemic, but there's enough so that if you Google it, you'll find many, many, many cases where people lost their license to practice, got sued, went to jail. But you don't look at every doctor and go, you piece of shit, I got molested by a doctor, you fucking asshole.


And no one's under more pressure for fear of their life in the civilian society than a cop, right? No. One.


Well, that's the thing we don't understand, again, other than maybe a black guy who gets pulled over by a cop.


You can make that argument. You just said, yeah, okay, fine. You get so they got a lot in common, is what you're saying. Exactly. The Boltons both scared now.


Nobody ever puts I mean, when you're if you're a state trooper and you pull somebody over the highway and you're walking up, that you have no idea what's about to happen.


He's got no plates, right. Jesus Christ.


So it's but but again, it's it's this idea that it's all or nothing. Right. And it will.


And it's part of that is is is is just the the lack of empathy. Part of it is, is the way that we're processing information in that fucking social media.


That's a big part of it. That's a big part of it. A big part of it is also this. What were you talking about? People being self-righteous. There's self-righteous all day long on Twitter and they're arguing with people about it and they're finding people that agree with them and everybody's competing for likes.


Social media has ruined discourse, but it's also enhanced it.


It's done both it. No, it is. I'm not I'm not a Luddite. I'm not saying it's terrible. I'm just saying that that there is a downside that we we don't seem to be dealing with very well. Look, I mean, right after this happened, right. So once it became clear that there was not going to be a blue wave and that Biden wasn't going to ride in on it and that the house wasn't going to flip a bunch of Republican seats and they weren't going to take the Senate right away.


If you if you kind of canvassed what was going on in social media, people were like, well, this just just cements it, that this is clear that it wasn't just an anomaly in 2016. This just cements that half of America is a bunch of shitheads. Right? I mean, that was the general tone.


You know, some folks out on social media just saying, well, clearly they're all just they're either stupid or they're bad people or they're both because they don't agree with me.


Yeah. And yeah, when that when the fuck did that happen.


Yeah, exactly. There's a lot of things that people are voting for. They're not just voting one guy bad, one guy good. And that does not what's going on. There's a lot of economic policies. They're dealing with support for the military. That's a giant factor with a lot of people. Look, for a lot of my friends who are veterans who are either in the military, have been in the military, that is the number one reason why they voted for Trump.


And, you know, Tim Kennedy, that's why he reenlisted.


He reenlisted because he knew that the military was getting more support and that the funding for the military was going to increase substantially and they were going to get a get to take care of things that they that were stagnant for a long time and keep him on the podcast and talked about how they they basically squashed ISIS in under a year.


And it was going on forever before that. And they were spreading to Boko Haram and all throughout Africa. And it was getting scary. And funding increased substantially. Support increased substantially. They got what they needed and they got the job done. That for a lot of guys. They're not they're not assholes. They just support the military. And they know that there was a. One candidate that was making a big push to support the military and another one that was a part of the whole Benghazi bullshit, I mean, that was 2016.


They didn't trust her because of that. They didn't they didn't trust her because she's a part of the machine, the part of the whole machine that got them into Iraq in the first place under false pretenses. Yeah.


And what people voted for law and order, right? Yes. And after the sort of the summer of what they were witnessing, that that's what I think probably looking at that and then saying I'm for defunding the police or, you know, whatever the term they use, sometimes reimagining policing as a community effort, you know, it doesn't mean you're racist.


And then on top of that, what is it? I didn't really support like what is he standing for? Like what? Tell me what the policies are. Does anybody know is there anything like real clear and present that's at the forefront where it makes sense, like this is how he's going to clean this up. This is how he's going to clean that up. This is where this is where we're doing wrong and this is how he's going to fix it.


There wasn't a discussion of that. It was just now Trump is bad. What is Trump doing? Trump is ruining everything.


I'm going to set up a commission. That's what I mean. His answer for a couple of things are like with a pandemic. Well, what are you going to do? I'm going to get a commission of, you know, the leading scientists and we're going to look at how do we deliver these things on time and how to think. Well, hold on a second.


Look, I mean, I don't doubt that he's a good person.


I'm sure he is a good person. But you can't tell me that suddenly you're magically going to, you know, develop this this level of efficiency that, you know, wasn't displayed in the previous eight years of the Obama administration or prior to that when you were, you know, as a senator for all this time, admittedly working within a system that sometimes is hard to move.


But I think, you know, his answer to that commission, his answer to court packing, are you in favor of court?


He wouldn't answer that question, you know, so he said, I going to form a commission to look at it because I think the Supreme Court's out of whack. What the fuck does that mean?


Well, not only that, he said the people don't deserve to know. Yeah, you hear that part.


He says some wacky shit. And I'll tell you one thing. As a comic, God, I hope comedy clubs open up to full capacity soon because there's so much gold in that man.


There's gold in Trump.


But the golden Trump was almost hard to mine because like so many people were so polarized by him in the jokes or he wrote themselves, it's like people like Jesus Christ, stop talking about Trump like enough already. I really didn't have much Trump material. I had Trump material on the way to the White House. I got a whole bit about him in 2016, but I may be completely wrong about this.


But also, he was such a parody of himself, right? Yeah. In the sense that it's almost hard to go anywhere with it.


He's so ridiculous. It's hard to write stuff that's more ridiculous because that's one of the things you do with comedy, is you make things more ridiculous than they actually are, but with a grain of truth to it when you're when you're mocking a person.


Well, I'm I'm curious as to where corn pops going to end up.


Oh, it's going to be great. Corn Pop is coming back to haunt the pop stars.


I'm here to tell you that story's true. Biden put me in my place and I was ready to fight him. And his he does have Harry like he does the hairy legs that confuse me.


You have to excuse me, was who allowed him to talk in front of all those children that are not paying attention at all like that is, you know, some people just real bad at telling stories.


And kids would be the first to let you know that because they don't give a fuck.


Those kids those kids were just having a good time. Yeah, they were behind him just chatting away about all sorts of nonrelated shit.


I know about your kids, but if I start telling the story and my kids aren't into it, they'll walk up, check. They just they just go, oh, yeah, they won't even stick around.


Well, I encourage mockery in my house. Yeah. Like, if something's funny, like in my house, it takes the cake and sometimes I get yelled at for laughing at things that I think are funny. But you're not supposed to think you're funny.


You know, it's like especially my my 12 year old say some hilarious shit. I just like I like stop. That's not you're not supposed to that is not supposed to be funny and that's fucking funny. Yeah.


No I mean yeah my boys say shit that's inappropriate all the time and you have to stop and laugh about it because you think it's pretty sophisticated for for a nine year old.


My youngest goes for the joke. Yeah. She's the most active like she'll like when I have friends over she's like turns it on she goes, she'll start performing.


My friend Tompsett girl was like, damn, she's got a lot of comic in her. Like, well she knows what works right. She's like in my house that's currency.


You got to do that. I think, I think it, it helps in so many ways. Right. Oh yeah.


If you stifle the humor or you stay or you don't let them understand the complexity of humor, how it can be layered.


And part of that is sort of the you know, you know, it's like the nine year old sitting with is older brothers and they'll plow through a couple episodes of South Park and, you know, thinking, OK, I've got a nine year old watching Borat, the second oh, that movie.


Make it like, all right, I'm sorry.


I didn't I didn't authorize this, but, you know, what are you going to do? That's awesome. And the one. The area that we have been trying to control is a language, right, and that's that's a problem for both my fabulous wife and I. We you know, we'll tend to swirl around the cute little colorful. Yeah, yeah.


And so, like, I don't know, you know, if one of them is acting like a douche, then I'll say, hey, look, stop acting like an asshole.


Don't be a douche bag or whatever. And and they pick that up. Right. Right. I guess I should have known that. And then they'll take it to school with them.


I feel like it's better if they hear it in the house. Yeah, I really do. It's like, what are you going to hear it outside and be confused by it? Like it's language that adults use. I tell my kids just don't use that language. And you go over people's houses, don't use that language. Your own teachers don't use that language on other adults. It's a weird thing because they also know that I'm a comedian and I swear for a living.


And sometimes my wife listens to my podcast and she'll have it on the car. And so, like, you get in the car and Bluetooth is playing, you start the car. And I was like, what the fuck is that guy thinking? Oh, my God, Daddy has the worst potty mouth.


One thing I do encourage I do encourage mockery of me. I incur like if they make fun of me, that's their way to get back. Yeah. Like, they can make fun of me and I'll start laughing.


And I think because, like, it's not fair that you live with these people that are older than you. They get to tell you what do you never get to tell them what to do. Kids get resentful of that. So the one way they can get back at me is mocking me.


And and I feel exactly the same way as long as they do it in a in a clever way. Right. Yeah, it's got to be.


Yeah, it's got to be some humor to it and it's got to be smart. Right. About how they do it.


Well I'll critique their jokes. I'm like that joke sucked. That's not good. Yeah. But sometimes they'll get you with some good ones. They get you with some zingers.


I get my thirteen year old the boy Scooter is he's starting to challenge me like like you start like you know we'll get into it to a contest.


We'll start, we'll start. You know, you'll come up and he'll start punching me up and you know, and I'll let it go.


But then I can kind of tell you see it in their eyes, right? They're like, yeah, I'm getting I'm getting one up here.


And and then you have to take this. Then you got to take him down. Right. And you think, OK, with that, I'm thinking I got maybe like I know not that many years left before.


He's he's going to be time to start living, said, well, you know, and he doesn't.


But he he's he will.


He will one day. Yeah, he will one day. But right now I can see that he's he's starting to do that. He's starting to challenge a little bit natural. Yeah. It is natural.


Roy Jones Jr. talked about that in his podcast with his dad, that a lion has to leave the den. Yeah. You know, a young lion is coming up. The old lions like, hey, son, time for you to get the fuck out of here.


Yeah. Or or the old one just wanders off, right. Dies with a broken jaw. Can see himself.


I told I told my boys just we owe me out to the back and then go back up on the top deck and take turns shooting at me. Yeah. Yeah. Just, just take me out at the point where I'm losing it. Just, just do that. Just just end it.


I think there's a more humane way to handle it. It probably is. Yeah. You can do that yourself too. You don't to put in your kids. So they have to think about that shit for the rest of your life.


I mean, so parenting, they didn't seem concerned about the idea that they in fact, they almost seemed on board.


Well, you might have uncorrectable errors that you've already recorded in child rearing. There is that possibility.


Hey, what is this shit that I'm hearing that Jamie was bringing up today, that Trump might fire the head of the CIA and the NSA, that he's thinking about doing that before he leaves?


Yeah, that would be a you know. But wouldn't Biden just rehire him? I would like to think so.


It would be a complete dick move if he does, because he is not going to find a better director than Gina has over at the agency.


She's top notch and I hear nothing but good things. She's she's outstanding. And she's got and this is what I worry about here when we talk about, like, the administration changeover. Right. Because maybe she would stay on during the Bush administration for a period of time. I mean, we've seen that in the past in other circumstances. But usually they would end up looking and saying, we're going to replace the directors, we're going to do these things.


And, you know, they spend a little bit of talk in Washington, you know, about, you know, who may be and what position.


Gina Haspel. One of the things that makes her so good is that she grew up in the in the outfit. Right. And so she's she's got that deep understanding of operations and what it takes. Right.


What's required and what, you know, and she liked the girl from Homeland, but less crazy. Less crazy. Yeah. No, no, she's not crazy. Oh. But I know she's she's just you know, she just top notch is. No, and there's no there's no there's no chink in the armor, whatever you say.


So why would anyone you lie to say that anymore. I just realized that. I don't think so. I think you can still say it, but we'll get real scared. OK, they said, oh Jesus. Yeah. I just feel like I just did.


But but so, Gina, it would be great if they replaced her, if they were to replace her with someone who is from outside. Right. And we've had some good outside directors. Leon Panetta was a good example.


Right. That guy, you know, but. Explain to people and help me along the lines as well, if someone were to become an outside director of the CIA, say say you're a person who works in, you know, whatever, what industry would they draw from?


Sometimes, you know, sometimes the names get floated out like, you know, their biggest thing is they've they've existed in national security circles, like they thought they were a think tank for a long time.


They were writing policy papers and maybe they were on us, the national security staff, somewhere, and they would what the agency thrives under as far as leadership goes, usually as somebody who really understands, because they've done it, because they've been inside, they've been inside, and they understand what it's all about.


They know it's just there's a lot of moving parts in there.


But so you wouldn't take from business, you wouldn't get someone who runs businesses. It would have to be someone with some sort of national security background.


Yeah, I mean, you would you would hope. But even still, they might they don't really cross pollinate. Someone from the FBI wouldn't become the head of the CIA.


Well, it's fantastic that one of the greatest people I've ever known, William Webster, was both the director of the FBI and the director of the agency during his career.


And he was not inside the agency, but he was an outstanding director. He's, I think you could argue, is an anomaly, you know, a couple others. But I guess my point being is it would be a dick move to to to let let her go because she's outstanding.


And but do they usually do that? Were they when someone gets in, they clean house and then they put their own people in positions.


You know, statistically, I don't know what the percentage is, but sometimes not. I mean, Gates is a good example of that.


Bob Gates kind of transcended because I always look at the agencies, obviously I'm on the outside deeply. But if I look at agencies as being something that's completely separate from what the president is and that they advise the president and give the fill in the president in on all the shit that's going on in the world you don't know about if you're a civilian.


Right. But you don't directly. It's not your part of you're not a part of this administration. No.


I mean, the director sometimes can be. And and that's why I say it's it changes. Sometimes you get you get people like that that may come in and have more of a political bent, which I think is always wrong.


Ideally, the agency, NSA, other members of the intel community, should always be ideally apolitical.


Not everybody's human. Right. They've got their own beliefs, et cetera, obviously. But I think it works best when these and we've seen from other countries overseas you see this shit, right?


You see when you get a change in government and they just wholesale, you know, clean out the the intelligence organization or the police organization and they just and they bring in all their people.


And it's it's a nightmare we never get. Yeah. You'd never want that shit here.


So then there's all these growing pains and you've got to figure out what the job is. And you have a bunch of people that aren't accustomed to the way you normally do business and well.


And then you've got people beholden to that power structure for their job. And you want that arm's length. You want them to be able to give objective opinions. Right. That's what's critical here. So you have to be able to say, here's the reporting, here's an objective analysis, assessment of what this means. Here are your options. And you have to have confidence that they're doing that in an apolitical or as much as possible, you know, being realistic and apolitical manner.


And I mean, that's what the whole kerfuffle.


Can we say. Yes, kerfuffles, fine. Curfuffle, fine.


And so that the whole kerfuffle over the politicization of the of the FBI, for instance, with Comey and.


Yeah, that makes people deeply uncomfortable. Right.


So but, you know, these positions that that very top position typically is is a politically appointed did you see where Ted Cruz was grilling Comey about evidence that had been changed?


Yeah. Yeah. What did you think of that?


I sometimes have a hard time watching Ted Cruz, although I give him credit, is a very, very smart guy. I think he knows his shit. I like his beard.


Yeah. Beard, top notch. Looks a lot better with the beard. He came out of the pandemic with that, right? I mean, I trust him more now for some strange reason. Know seems like more of a man.


He looks tougher. I was about to say looks a little tougher. But you know Comey, I think Comey has the same problem in the sense that, you know, like over on the CIA side that John Brennan had. I think they just they got too deep into the game in terms of politics and the association.


And and at that point, one side or the other, depending on where you are on the fence, is going to find it that offensive or questionable or maybe lacking in credibility.


So when you say too deep in politics, meaning they did things that weren't necessarily the correct things to do, but they were very good for them politically.


Yeah, I think so. Or liked the game or just developed. To close a tie, I mean, if I if if I were, you know, one of them, if I were the president, I would not want to be a buddy with the head of the agency or buddy with a head of NSA or the bureau, but just want to keep them.


Trump demanded from Comey he was like, you know, I need you to be loyal. And Comey was like, excuse me.


Yeah. Yeah. Well, I think politically I think he was he's on the opposite side of the fence there. I mean, I think if somebody who was more politically aligned with Comey had said that he would get them, of course I am. You know, I mean, not not loyal, but to say, sir, you can always count on my loyalty. I would have been an issue. I wouldn't have leaked out.


It wouldn't be a story.


But yeah, coming back around, I think if the smartest thing they could do, if, you know, assuming that Vice President Biden becomes President elect Biden, if the numbers continue to go the way they are with the agency, you know, he should definitely keep doing in that job.


That would be a a smart move on his part. What's the argument against it like?


What is he saying? Do you know what he's saying, Jamie? Is there something.


No, I just think everybody is going to get rid of everyone, even if that is what it was. Oh, even upon re-election, I just found it was being talked about like the twenty sixth of October. It was first hit.


I mean, people generally at that level don't quote me, but generally they submit their resignations.


You know, if so, if Trump were to have won or were to win, then they would still submit their resignations and he would have the opportunity to either offer them that position again or find someone new when there's a change in administration.


That's what you do. You hand in your your resignation. I mean, my daughter works in D.C. and she's in a political position. So she's been out there, you know, quietly looking in the event that the administration changes because her assumption is she will not have a job after January, you know, middle of January.


So it's a it's standard procedure out there.


But when you find a real quality person who can provide you with extremely good advice and insight, you should probably hold on to that person. You know, obviously, you're a little biased.


I'm biased, but I you know, I think it's it goes with it, regardless of who that person is. Right. Or like I said with Leon Panetta, you know, he was, you know, on Clinton's chief of staff. Right. I mean, Bill Clinton's.


So we're not necessarily politically aligned, but he was a terrific director.


So I would say the same thing about anybody who exhibits excellent leadership.


Do you think any politician is going to do this thing again and this whatever that is? I'm not sure what that does. Yes. How about this? This was just jerking off saying that only I saw that I was jerking off goes, yeah. Oh, God, Trump's out here jerking off on the dance dance at dancing.


I just don't know. Moving. Not at all. The hands like ticks. Yeah. Chance I'm going to miss that here. Close look at this.


I mean, when you really stop and think about it, that is one of the worst ways you could ever I mean, he's literally doing the dick in each hand move. That's a dick. And he can move. Look, dignity and dignity and struggle. I'm struggling. Hey, well, I'll take you and I'll take you jerk you off.


And you look at that, that's we're not going to get that. We're not going to get this again.


No, no, no. I mean, he's like I said, he's almost too much like that in the mouth. Look at that. He's almost too much for comedy. Yeah. You know, I'm saying like, he's almost too ridiculous.


Everything about the hair, the fucking. But the fact that he be covered in four days, it really killed that goddamn narrative that this is something that's going to kill us all.


Yeah, that you know, that's an interesting point about this, what the narrative is going to be, right.


The science isn't going to change come January 21st or whatever when we inaugurate the new president. Right.


If it happens to be Biden, the science won't change between now and then. I'll still be working on vaccines to to get those out for delivery.


But I guarantee you that tone's going to change, right? Yeah. Total coverage.


Yes, it's going to open up. Yeah, the economy is going to shift. Yeah. And it's not going to happen until after January. They're going to wait until Biden actually gets in office. They're not going to do it when he's the president elect.


They're going to wait, wait, wait, wait.


I'll put it back up and they're going to hope they did enough time where all these people are still going to vote Democrat. And unfortunately, I think a lot of them are going to forget, like, how ridiculous some of these governors have been. They've they've killed people's businesses. They've stopped people from working. They've taken away people's ability to make their own choices about what to do. And that I mean, they're fighting that in California. And new some just lost a case where, you know.


That's right. They said that he overextended his powers and and they're forbidding him to do that from now. And then they're going to review it. And he's you know, he's basically changing legislation.


Well, and I think that. What what people should watch also is, look, these two can't emphasize this enough, this unless Purdue gets that 50 percent plus one vote and outright wins that Senate seat in Georgia, you've got these two Senate seats. Right. And this is the this is the balance of the U.S. Senate. This is why this is important. This is actually more important now than the focus that the world's got on Biden Trump right now.


I think that train's left the station probably.


But regardless that that Senate control is critically important in terms of, again, a sort of a balance of power arrangement, keeping government in check.


And so, you know, the Democrats are you know, they are going to pump a shit ton of cash into those races.


If the two of them, even if they're just one. Well, no. If there's one, then forget about it, because, you know, they've lost the majority possibility. But if both of those go to a runoff in January.


You know, I think that May and Biden is the president elect and it's decided and they have the concession speech from Trump and so we go through this period of mid-December through January, then I think you will see some change.


I don't think they'll wait until after Biden is officially president in terms of the coverage, because they're going to want to impact those elections in Georgia. You're going to want to, you know, show, my God, look, we're really doing this.


And it's it's things are turning around now.


You know, and the media will be completely complicit in that, obviously. Well, most of the media is left wing. Yes, weird. And then you got that.


I think what was going to happen is Trump's going to form his own media organization. That's what I think. I think he's going to have something either online or he's going to have something on a network, but like what does that weigh in? Oh, yeah.


Yeah, that's sort of the what is it? So what do we got? We got OCN and we got news, Max. They make Fox look like CNBC.


Yeah. Yeah. Or MSNBC.


You see how a lot of conservatives have turned on Fox like a fucking heartbeat. Right. Know crazy. Yeah. Yeah.


They turn out Fox when they called Arizona. Yeah. Yeah.


But they've been doing it, they've been you know, there's been some dissatisfaction I think within the right over Fox's direction. Right. What's wrong with the direction.


Well I think they felt like it was getting too liberal.


All right. I know I was. That was the thing with Chris Wallace. Yeah. Chris Wallace. He's he's been questioned. Trump. How dare he.


Yeah, but they got what they got. They got to get that. They get that triumvirate of of Carlson, Ingraham and Hannity.


Right. So they're happy with those I think still. But I think they question everything else they hear and certainly after they called Arizona now there's a lot of pissed off people who will go to OCN or whatever they want Newsmax as a refuge, but a media company for Trump that might make more sense.


I assumed that if he's out after this term, that he would just get some huge offer from a network for another show.


He will get that. He will I think he will probably start his own thing. And I think he will also start running for re-election and he's going to try to run again in 2024.


No way. No. Yeah, no. That's what he's going to do.


I will place a bet on that one.


How many you want to bet that Trump will not run for re-election? Going to run. He's going to win in 2024. I'll bet you right now give me some odd thousand bucks. All right. What can I get?


I was going to give you even odds to twenty two thousand things have happened. Does he have to win or does he have to run?


Well, run and win. I did, but I got crazy. Yeah. You want to run for win. For win. OK, odds gonna win. Yeah I'll go even for four running. OK, I'm throwing you got that thousand bucks. A thousand bucks and then odds four for winning.


OK. I need, like five second favorite for the twenty twenty four nominee. Yeah, there you go. Yeah but I tell you. Yeah. I'm not talking shit. John Kasich has a good chance. Mark Cuban, they're all. Well, I thought Mark Cuban is a Republican.


Because he was as much as President Trump is, I suppose, in the day, but I thought he was supporting Biden. He's been supporting Biden. He's been saying that Biden is good for business.


He's been staking out sort of that independent kind of position. He'll probably swing a little. Right, as if he's serious about running now that if Biden wins, I think he'll want to kind of veer his way back towards the right.


We're so broken in terms of this two party nonsense, so broken.


But the libertarians see that's no place to land.


I mean, I agree with a lot of the sort of the concepts, but it's not going to it's never going to be a successful third party that challenges it could if someone like Trump became a libertarian right away, said back in 2017, what he said says he runs for president, probably run as a Republican, probably said probably.


I don't like that word, probably. Fuck.


Does that mean, bro? Who knows? Maybe he'll become more compassionate if he licks his finger and feels the wind blowing in that direction. Yeah.


Yeah. You know. OK, well, we got that bat out of the way, so that's good.


So did we. 2024. Let me get let me get this right. That's 4000 now. Yeah.


1000 bucks for if I, if he runs I win a thousand bucks and if he wins I win five thousand. So if he runs I already have a thousand then I'll take against you for winning.


OK, and then I just get a free shot at winning five grand. I like it. Yeah.


Yeah I like it. I'm pretty strong on this one.


I don't, I just don't see that happening pretty strong enough to. Yeah.


Different odds for the overall winner of the next election as Kamala Harris as the leader with.


Well we'll have Mike Pence. Mike Pence is eight to one. Yeah. Trump isn't even on the list. Oh Biden is twelve to one.


Look. Wow. AOC is 25 to one. Scroll down. A better idea than Trump did. That's amazing. Cuomo Twenty five to one. That's not Elizabeth Warren. Twenty eight to one. This is horseshit. I mean, it's very early. This Trump is 33 to one.


Oh, my God. Look, but the problem I got with this is look, got three hundred thirty some odd million people and we keep rehashing the same. Yeah. We need list.


You know why when you go to the movies. OK, I want to see Daniel Day Lewis. OK, I want to see Matt Damon. I want to see people I know see some fucking nobody playing Thor. Yeah.


OK, I want the Thor guy. You want somebody you recognize.


I guess that's what it is. I mean, they're playing a role. The role is the leader of the country. Yeah. You know, we like. Oh, I know who that pense guy is. He was the VP.


He's actually a very good speaker, even though he seems a bit loony. Yeah. Yeah.


I would like to get him alone. I'd like to get him alone and spend some time with a series like Get Him Drunk. You probably shouldn't drink.


Oh, I that's a good question. Trump does not famously. But, you know, I don't know. I think it would be nice to see.


I've always thought it'd be great to see somebody like a Condoleezza Rice, you know, come out of retirement from politics and she have any desire to do that.


She said, I think none. She's she was inside.


She's probably like, I'm done. Yeah. Yeah. I just think she's she's having too much fun out in the commercial world.


And I'm sure, you know, so I you know, she'll end up as commissioner of the NFL or something, but I think that's the job she wants.


But does she really worry? Yeah. Oh, no kidding.


That's so when I think it would just be nice to see other well qualified. People kind of rise to the challenge. You know what's interesting, Andrew Yang apparently wants to do something with me. He wants to create new legislation for me and have people I talked about it with Luke Thomas today.


He wants people in May to be to fall into the Ali Act and the Ali Act is that a promoter can't also be the belt distributor.


OK, so the people that are the sanctioned bodies like the WBC and boxing can also be a promoter, right? The UFC is obviously a promoter and they also are the sanctioning body, the same thing. And the Ali Act forbids that for boxing. And he wants the Ali Act to apply to Eminem, which is interesting. A strange thing for him to pick up and run with. I think he's a big fan.


OK. I think he doesn't like it. And I think he's become he's become very popular inside M.A circles. He has some really good suggestions about cops, too. He said he thinks and this is I really wholeheartedly agree with this. He said he thinks every cop should be at least a purple belt and Brazilian jujitsu. And I wholeheartedly agree with that. I think he's he's very wise. Andrew Gang is wise. He says smart things. I like I liked talking to him, but I like hearing him talk.


And I would wholeheartedly support him as president to I think he's a he's a wise person. I know a lot of people don't like his idea of universal basic income, but I think this pandemic showed that there's a real need to have at least a backup plan if people can't work in terms of a crisis.


Yeah. And yeah, yeah.


In times of a pandemic and this is like our last pandemic, you know, hopefully we learn some lessons from it.


And I think we we have.


Let me ask you this gun to your head. Yeah. Did this come from a wet market or did it come from a level four? Virus lab, I think the answer's a little more complicated, I think it probably popped up in a wet market. I think they were probably looking at it inside the lab.


And I think their containment procedures and their their protocols were lacking.


And I think it it got away from them.


And I think that's that's what the the Chinese regime is busy still to this day trying to hide. Yeah.


So I think that, you know, and look, there was there was you know, there's documentation of concern about this particular lab and the level of security around it and, you know, concern over the money that was still being given to that lab to keep it going.


And despite the fact that the protocols were lacking.


So and what they cited for safety violations as recently as twenty eighteen. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, goes back a decade or so. There were, there were, there were issues.


Here's what I found fascinating about this situation when the virus got out and when the pandemic started, one thing that everyone was certain of was where the virus originated and that if you said that it came from the lab, you were some wacky conspiracy theorist.


There's a fucking level for biological hazard or whatever it is with a history of problems right there.


Yeah, I don't. That's it. But if you suggest I mean, there's so many mysteries about this virus. Right? Right.


But if you suggested that it came perhaps from this lab, you are some sort of conspiracy or xenophobic to.


Yes, xenophobic. And by the way, I've been accused of that because of that. And having a fucking biologist on the show. Explain why Brett Weinstein, explain why he believed it came from the lab. Explain why. Because if you examine the virus, there's so many things that point to the fact this virus has been manipulated, that this virus is far too contagious. It spreads far too quickly. It's gone through this whole evolutionary process that seems to have happened way too quickly for for it not to have been manipulated.


He explained this in scientific terms without saying ever that he believes it absolutely came from the lab. Yeah, he's like all indications point to the possibility that this had come from the lab.


And I've read all these things were like Joe Rogan shows spreading dangerous conspiracy theories about the virus.


Like what? Because we should we should believe everything that the Saudi regime says.


How do we how why is there so many questions about so many things? But you can't question that.


We're not talking about a place that doesn't have a level four lab. We're talking a place that does well.


It's not like they study coronaviruses. Oh, yes, they do. Well, can't be come from there. Can't impossible.


Yeah. How is it possible, by the way, this cough. I've been tested. Are you covid. I know I tested you know that thirty minutes ago I was negative.


Everybody get scared if you sneeze. I know people look at you like there's something wrong.


I read something where says sneezing in your mask is a new shit in your pants.


So. Right. Yeah. Look, I think the I think look, there's just there's every likelihood that this was picked up or identified in the wet market or through sort of, OK, this is a naturally occurring one.


We know that this has happened before. So that's not that's not hard to imagine.


But the likelihood that that then made its way into the lab as they were looking at it, manipulating and I do believe there was re going on in terms of just trying to understand what it was or trying to see where it was going to go.


They studied coronaviruses from bats in that lab. Exactly. And so then and then again, you've got a history of problems and protocols with this particular lab. Where's the fuckin mystery in terms of at least assuming that this is a possibility?


I think the real wacky conspiracy theory is that they did it on purpose. And I don't subscribe to that. Right. I think that seems highly illogical, that they would subject their own people to that and then they would shut down essentially most of the world. That doesn't benefit anybody. It doesn't seem like that, that I don't see a logical reason why anybody would release that on purpose.


But I just don't it's the same kind of people that wear their fucking masks and their Twitter profile pictures are the ones that hate anybody discussing the possibility that that virus escaped from a lab. Yeah, I just don't understand the argument.


Well, it was the same again. And you had all this angst over over the temporary halt on on travel between China and the U.S.. Right. And and again, that's you know, if you had this crisis management planning.


Right. So every every company, every corporation will have a set of protocols and they go through this and say, OK, we got to look at all the potential threats and risks facing our company, and then we have to create a crisis management plan in case of this happens. That happens, whatever, like you said, have a backup plan or have a scenario that.


You can go to and then you exercise that right, and so it's not hard to imagine that if you have a pandemic playbook that says, OK, these are the various scenarios we've identified now that this virus has come from over here, that we're going to temporarily halt travel from that location where we've identified this is the origination of that of that virus.


What the hell? How is that tough? But yet in this environment, because it's immediately politically charged.


Well, it is immediately, immediately politically charged. But then the ball shifts, the goalpost shift.


Everything shifts because at first it was a xenophobic move.


It was horrific and racist for him to shut down travel to China. Then it became he should have shut down travel earlier. Yeah, he knew about it all the way back in January. Why do they take so long to respond? Like, yeah, no one knew what it was like, the conspiracy theories that they knew about it.


But it seems to me it's not fair when they take advantage of something that clearly no one was prepared for and blame it all on him. Now, if you want to criticize him for saying it's like the flu is going to go away, it's going to be magic, it's going to disappear, it's going to be going to go away.


Yeah, I think you're you're allowed to criticize him on that. That's a preposterous way of discussing it. It's stupid. And to say it's going to be like magic. No, it's not. And then when he got it himself, I think that was a real wake up call.


I think you're right about that. I think you could see a change in tone. And I think he became a little more, if that's possible for him, empathetic.


But look, the Dems for a couple of days. A couple of days. Yeah. I don't wanna make more than he became like a fucking Superman.


Yeah, maybe I'm immune. I don't know. I'm completely immune. My blood is going to be used to solve the problem. Jamie's got some sort of a random question that maybe insight from him would be. I have seen a lot of stuff online about him. Alanya body double that. Like one version of it doesn't even like to hold his hand, but this other version will hug and kiss to super affectionate with them.


Yeah. Yeah, I imagine. Listen to it do that bro.


They can make that fucking guy look like a goblin and that one that post below and told us about. Remember that guy Necro Necronomicon. Yeah. I mean that guy has a podcast where where's his goblin outfit and he interviews people. You're telling me they can't make someone look like Melania Trump, like people saying that's bologna, you're being an idiot.


Are you sure she's wearing sunglasses? She's she's obviously a lady with a lovely figure who's wearing sunglasses.


Her face seems similar to Melania's, but not exact.


So what do you say you're in the campus body double all in the body.


Double this. This is what I think. Yes. Rick Baker, who has been on the podcast before, she created The American Werewolf in London. You're talking about in the eighties, he got a guy to look like he was turning into a fucking werewolf.


Yeah. You're telling me you can't recreate Melania's facial structure in a door?


Of course they can't. I mean, you know, a masked ball with a revenue stream there, especially with a big revenue stream, especially with the the glasses, the goggles, they're huge.


Those glasses are more than glasses. They're basically welding goggles.


She's got fashion welding goggles on and, you know, smart glasses. But she's behaving in a way that you never see Melania behave.


They're like newlyweds. She's kissing him. She's all lovey dovey and everybody's cheering.


Like, I will say this, my, my, my.


It's so funny that it's such a fucking conspiracy. Go to the video of the Melania body double being affectionate with Trump, because that's the weirdest to me.


I'm all in on the body double, by the way.


All in my wife.


My wife has worked with Melania in the past on some overseas concerns and trips, and she's got nothing but excellent things to say about Melania in terms of she says she's a very private person.


Right. She's she doesn't really like sort of the the press concerns of the job of first lady.


Her staff says absolutely adores or loves her because she is a, you know, a kind individual, a decent person. So I've heard nothing but good things about it. I will admit, I've never heard this body double story before.


I don't know where to go with that. It's just I know it's just another it's another day.


One more thing I got to investigate.


Oh, here we go. Here it is. Look at this body double. What do you think?


Look, she's kissing him. She's all huggy, huggy legged. Why they did that? Don't look, I'm sorry. It doesn't look like you're also. I don't like how they did it in front of the fucking teleprompter. What kind of shit camerawork is this? I think they took a beautiful lady with a lovely figure and they put them Malani a mask on her. That's what I think. Look at that.


Look at this. It's like the Zapruder film, right? Holy shit. Now we've got people investigating this. This now how different she looks there. Like it is a different person. Oh, it's different. Knows everything. The other one looks like a rubber nose. Go back up to the top again. No, it's a fake nose. Looks like one of them.


Groucho said it could be Mike Pence underneath that mask.


I don't think that's what I'm saying. OK, that's not what I'm saying. All right. Just ask him.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. See, that's what I'm saying. Rick Baker. Come on. You tell me. Rick Baker. He did with the werewolf. You tell me who couldn't turn Melania Trump into that. Uh, come on.


Of course, we had Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood's worked with the agency, with the CIA in the past on working with our disguise unit, I'm sure.


Yeah, yeah. And it's and I will say it's incredible. Incredibly, Don. Yeah.


Because you think about it sometimes, you know, a guy like me may not blend everywhere in the world.


And so the ability to operate on the streets or out in the open. Yeah.


So we get we get we've got a shit hot disguise unit. Well, don't you remember Team America, World Police. Fuck. Yeah, well they they gave him the ultimate disguise when he was out there talking to the terrorists it was can we get that.


But yeah. By the way, I'm not serious about the Melania double.


I don't really think it's Melanie that I'm fucking bad. It was he's got the Trump thing with the tan around the eyes though. Look, he's got the Trump thing with the tan around the eyes. Yeah.


Oh, my God. That movie was fantastic to see with with Kim Il Sung. Yes.


Johnsbury Hansard's. You're Busting My Balls. Yeah. It's one of the greatest movies of all time. You know, another great movie that people forgot about, the South Park movie where Satan and Saddam Hussein are gay lovers. That was so Jesus Christ. And they had dicks. They show dicks because it was a cartoon dick.


So you could have the dick flopping around the voice work on that was was unsurprising. Now I'm Mazatec. Satan is getting fuck.


Sidhom There you go. Yeah. Come on, man. Dude, this under Saddam's voice was was brilliant. Yeah.


And Saddam's head moves like Canadians were pops off Terrance and Phillip.


Hey sir. It's a it's a great show. I recommend that show to everybody I know because it's I honestly think it's the best piece of television work ever, ever done.


Yeah. They're the greatest of all time. They're the greatest comedy producers of all time. But the movie that movie South Park, the South Park movie, is so underrated because it's almost like their body of work is so extensive. Yeah. They have so many good episodes and so much good stuff that people forgot about. A lot of it. Whoa, dude, when I first moved to California, OK, it was maybe a year after I was here, it's not like when the show started.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.


The show this is what I was about to say when I first moved to California in 94. I was living in North Hollywood for about a year and then I moved to Encino. So when I was in Encino, somewhere around 95 ish, and someone gave me a VHS copy of their first production. And it wasn't even South Park then. It was like I think maybe it was South Park, but it was all the characters and it was all about what would Brian Boitano do.


Brian Boitano, skater, great song. I think it was about Christmas Spirit. They did that song came out 95. Thank you.


So I got a VHS copy that and I remember that's how they pitched it dying. Laughing I it was the funniest fucking shit I've ever heard.


So that was 25 years ago. So of course the show is 21 years old.


I just saw the movie. Yeah, the movie to me, I was like, oh my friend. It was ninety nine wasn't it.


Yeah, but that put me in like my sophomore year. I was like a year after the show came out is when the movie came out. I didn't realize it was that fast.


Was it really. That's what I mean. So the show was out in 98. 97. Oh yeah. Oh ninety seven I think when been started. But best one of my favorite characters Butters.


I love how they've never well they kind of upgraded since then, since the spirit of Christmas with the animation.


Looks like not much lately. Not much. Do you see the documentary on how they make it. Yeah, that's brilliant. It's called Seven Days. Yeah. It's called six to six days. It's fucking great. And they get to that point, they get like nothing. I think like two, two and a half minutes they got to film and then they come up with something brilliant. Yeah. Like smack it in San Diego or some other song.


Sometimes that kind of pressure creates diamonds. It really does. Newsradio, the sitcom that I was on, the writers would employ a similar tactic. They would not write until two o'clock in the morning and then they had a table reading the next day and then they would write and then but then there also they were loopy because they were tired and silly.


And so then they would come up with this brilliant, like, preposterous shit.


And sometimes I think that's like one of the strategies they employed is getting delirious from from fatigue. But when you're over tired, sometimes your brain works in this weird way. Now, I could have suggested to them marijuana, and I think that would have done the same thing and you could have done it in the middle of the day and you would have been fine.


And you got a good night's sleep.


But you make me ask you this question in all seriousness, from your perspective, do you think you're more creative when you're smoking weed or less?


No, I don't think it's less it's definitely a different kind of creative. I think it opens up it opens up my brain to ideas that I don't necessarily think I would entertain if I was sober. OK, what happened is the lights flashed government.


It's a government. It's that coming in. And it's not because of the way we talk. It's because of the millennia to make sure we're recording here. It shut off. No, nothing good. Jesus.


Oh, it's it's it's just different. Did you see there's some study today that came out. I put it on my Instagram page that that psilocybin four times more effective for antidepressants than medication.


Yeah, I ssri Saras anything they both say what I think they can do for that issue. Yeah. I mean you think about the number of people on antidepressants, especially right now.


Fuck yeah. Do many people during this pandemic have just lost everything and they're freaking out and suicides through the roof. Through the roof. Yeah.


And we you know, again, this, this idea that I maybe fine. We'll give them some cash. They'll be fine.


It's no, it's good. That ship has sailed. The people already lost their businesses and they gave one twelve hundred dollars check out months ago. Like how did they handle that so poorly.


Well and then you look at this and you think, OK, Pelosi during her speech today, she came out and gave a little presser. I don't know if she took any questions, but it was like part of it was also this implication that now we're going to get to work on the on the next stimulus bill.


And I'm thinking, what the fuck you been doing? You obviously clearly were waiting for this election to go so that nobody gets credit except for for.


Exactly, exactly. That's exactly what it is. They didn't care about people's businesses and jobs to put politics ahead of everything. And they they banked everything on this re-election. And I accuse these liberal governors of doing the same thing. I think that was part of the reason why they kept things shut down.


I really do know I don't doubt that for a minute. I'm not again, you know, I'm not I'm not a conspiracy guy, but I have no doubt that as they weaponized this whole pandemic issue for political purposes and they played it very, very well. But this was this was a I was going to sound wrong. But, you know, it's a horrific thing. It's terrible. You never wish it on anybody. But there's no doubt that this played into the into the DNC or the Democratic Party's hands.


And they took advantage in certain cases of it. Right.


And because they'd been throwing shit at Trump for four years. Yeah.


And, you know, most of it didn't stick, you know, no matter what they tried. And this was. The thing that that worked for them and they saw it pretty early on, right, and they saw that what the economy was doing and that was his big ticket. Right. You know, running on the economy was his thing. Yep. And that was just one thing that could take him down and just shows you how dirty politics are.


They're willing to let untold thousands and maybe even millions of people lose their livelihoods just so that they could maintain political power. It just shows you how dirty they are.


And by the way, it goes across the board. I was going to say that, yeah, it's not just one sided. Know, the Republicans would have done the same goddamn thing. Oh, sure. Yeah.


Just like just like the Dems right now. If if if it was flipped, they would be crying foul, as we've seen in the past, and they would be saying, we're going to investigate and we're not we're not giving a concession speech.


We're going to take this to court, find it's the way yeah. It's the way it's played. It's so fucking dysfunctional.


Sometimes it's weird. It's just such a weird, divided time in this country. And it makes me sad. That's why we need mushrooms.




Everybody's got to realize, like, we're not that far apart in our ideas. You know, we're not talking about evil people that want to eat babies versus people. They want to save babies like the things that separate the right and the left. They're much smaller than we think they really are. And the idea that America is somehow another inherently evil and racist and terrible and that's not true.


What we are is we're the most innovative and creative country the world's ever known in terms of like the impact we've had on culture, because there's so much to be proud of for being American, even though, you know, it's not like you asked to be American. Right. We're all born here.


We got lucky or moved here because you got it. You it caught it early on. And you realize once you got here, like you could do a lot of shit here. You can't do other places. And it's pretty bad ass, but it's not perfect. And we could work together to make it better. You don't have to demonize everyone that loves America or you just have to accept the fact that not everybody thinks the same.




And going back to what we are what I mentioned earlier, where I was like after the election, after, you know, it was clear I was going to be very, very close and some folks on the left came out. So I talked about, well, you just can't save these 48 or 49 percent of meaning people that don't think like they or didn't vote. You know, for Biden, you can't save them because they're just hopeless, are useless, they're stupid or bad.


That's a that's a hell of a way to think.


Right. And then I saw that guy that the guy that turned out to be anonymous. Right.


Sort of that mid-level functionary mid level is being kind. Yeah, I'm trying to be kind to him. But he came out and he wrote this bullshit article or op ed that basically said, well, you know, I thought the you know, it's not Washington that's broken.


It's the American people, again, referencing anybody who didn't vote for Biden. I mean, what are you talking about, fuckwit?


The American people are broken. But that's that's the mindset that. Exactly. Exactly.


So and I meant that jokingly. I don't really mean that. Of course I do mean it. Yeah. Yeah.


Well, he lied about it. He was talking to Anderson Cooper. He lied about being anonymous. Anderson Cooper, first of all, Anderson Cooper, CIA.


He is right, you know, but he used to just between you and me. No, he's not OK. Yeah, but he was right.


No, didn't work for the CIA at one point in time.


If he did a lot of it and a lot of times I don't like it.


I had never heard of that. But seriously, what do you know? I'm not I'm not sure I do. And we actually were CIA. We still have a Rolodex. We don't use a database. We still have a big Rolodex. And you just got to chunk your way through.


Vanderbilt oligarch er Anderson Cooper worked at CIA College, OK.


He was it was he was a summer intern. Listen bro, why would you be an intern unless you want to be a part of the agency. Yeah. Cause a lot of guys get a job and like a landscaping company they don't work for the fucking CIA.


It's a great way to meet women, want to make money, drive for Uber, deliver pizzas. You have to work for the goddamn CIA. Yeah, I was a CIA operative working at CNN as a summer intern is a little too smug and confident.


I think so. Yeah.


He's got some backing he looks to is too well groomed to to stay in the agency for any period of time.


You know what's fascinating to me beyond that, beyond that that is it is fascinating. And I think we've confirmed he is CIA. Someone called.


Q All right, Cat's out of the bag.


He's still working. Seems to know he knew that guy was anonymous because he gets the fucking the emails. Yeah.


Anyway, I did make a call. Anonymous a fuckwit. I did. Yeah. I take it back.


Yeah. No I mean I take back the fact I didn't, I did. Made a call that.


Oh you did. Yeah.


It's, I don't, it's just silly.


He seems more silly than he is anything but he was but he was remember he was referred to as the senior a senior official. That's what silly. I mean, I mean it's just like come on, he's not a senior official, but we don't trust. We don't. But that would make it more exciting if he was sure it would be. Of course it would be. And that's why that's why they referred to him as such, because it pumps up the story, of course.


And people don't tell everybody what he said. He I mean, it's a disparaging book about the Trump administration, I don't want to give it any any time because I don't think it's deserving, but not that not that there's things you couldn't talk about.


But I just I have this thing about people who walk out of an administration, regardless of which one, or walk out of an agency or wherever and write a fucking book.


Yeah, I just I just I have a problem with it. Just shut your yap. Right.


And that's part of the gig, right? Yeah. And don't you know, if you didn't get enough hugs and you come out, you want to, you know, beat your own drum, you I just don't I don't know.


We've gotten way to past the old point where people will just finish a job and you never, ever knew you know that you know that they there's too many opportunities for opportunists.


I sound like Wilford Brimley over. Sound good. I like what you're saying. Yeah. There's too many opportunities for opportunity these days. And I understand if you're a guy who works at, you know, fucking NBC or something, you want to write a tell all book about.


Sure. Whatever. Right. But this is not what we're talking about. You're talking about someone who works at the highest levels of government. You're supposed to have. I don't sign NDA. Yes.


Yeah. And you're supposed to you know, and like as an example, the agency has a what they call a publications review board.


So if you're going to finish up with the outfit, you get out and you think, oh, my God, I want write a book. And I know, you know, you know, a handful of folks who did and they were very good books.


But they don't talk about, you know, it's not a tell all. It's not a you know, and they're not disclosing sources and methods. But the point being is they've got the PRB and so you have to submit your transcript and they go through it and sometimes they'll edit things out and sometimes they won't.


But but you're supposed you know, the idea that you come out and you had an unsatisfactory experience and you want to complain about shit, a little distasteful is distasteful. Yeah.


There's two things that I want to talk to you about before we got in here. Besides the election in no particular order, aliens and George Soros.


Hey, how do you know they're not and they might be connected, might be connected.


But both of those things I find particularly fascinating. I never knew that about you. The the George Soros thing just keeps coming up over and over and over again where people that I know that are very intelligent and some that are very connected and say that he's funding a lot of these antifa rallies and protests and and chaos and that they're funding the political campaigns of people that are opposed to putting people in jail and that are promoting er, quote, social justice and all of these reforms and all of these political movements that seem to be deteriorating, the trust in law enforcement, and that there's some sort of organized campaign by him to do something to destroy the fabric of the fabric of our democracy.


Yeah, sort of the one world government run by George Soros.


That's the Batman villain storyline. Yeah, I, I think the truth is less exciting or interesting.


I think he's he's, he puts a lot of money into a handful of organizations and that money gets funneled out for various purposes, campaigns supporting organizations.


There's no doubt, I think that that he his world view is is somewhat different than mine.


But I don't think that Soros is, you know, running some campaign to take down America. I think that's why.


Do you think people are so attracted to that idea is because of Batman movies? You know, everybody loves a big villain.


He's evil looking guy. I mean, again, hey, I don't mean that wrong, but, you know, I know it's fair. It's no offense. They look like you could be in Star Wars.


Yeah, he's yeah, he's he's got that look about him. You can see him in a black robe.


Yeah, I know you're directing me off and you know, they just look at that and don't he could do something about those bags under his eyes.


Right. He doesn't want it. He's got billions of dollars. Yeah. I know what gets a person's rocks off when they have that much money and they're you know, they're still trying to make more money and they're basically.


I mean, how old is he, 80, how old is George Soros? He's got to be in his 80s, right? He's he's in the homestretch 98, 99 zero. He's in the homestretch, kids. Does it say how much money he's given away of his?


He's worth eight point six billion. I don't know about giving away. He's not giving it donated more than thirty two billion to the Open Society Foundation. According to Wikipedia. Wow. He's worth eight.


He's donated thirty two. That's a man committed. And see, that's part of the reason the connection to open society I think is probably what helps to fuel it.


But I mean, you got a guy that. What does that mean? He's an easy what we call it. He's an easy, an easy foil, an easy target to be in. I mean, it's like the Koch brothers.


There's no difference, right at just one side. Blames the Koch brothers for. Right. You know, try to take over America and one side blames Soros. So what is that organization, Jamie?


Open Society. Oh, open the open society. Foundations support individuals and organizations across the globe fighting for freedom of expression, accountable government and societies that promote justice and equality. Well, that sounds good.


It does sound good, doesn't it? Confusing. Yeah.


So all these people that think he's evil, truth and justice, I mean, but if I was going to be evil, I would hide behind something like that. Sounds like a person.


And you can imagine some of that money getting eventually funneled, making its way to organizations.


I'm not saying it's happening, but an organization like Antifa or whatever, you know, the theory being, oh, now we're trying to promote you know, if you if you wrap yourself in the cloak of promoting equality and justice, most people aren't going to push back because they don't look like a dick.


Right. You don't have a lot of shit. Yeah. So you don't you don't you know, but anybody who's got this is like this is one of my things.


If you're going to give money to an organization, you know, do a little investigating first, find out how much of it goes into people's pockets and actually where the money goes and what it's used for. Sometimes it's easier than not.


And if it's difficult to find that information, I'll give you money somewhere else. Right. Because it's not there should be transparency around any any operation that's asking you for donation or for your money.


But Soros know when he funnels that money and makes its way through. It's like a pachinko machine, right? It's going it'll just kick in all over the place. Right. So it's it's no surprise.


But so do you think it's just that it's an easy target for someone who's looking for, like, one person who's the puppet master, who's pulling all the strings. Right.


Everybody loves it's a simplistic way of looking at things. Right.


And I'm not saying that sources and funding groups wouldn't piss people off, I guess.


But, you know, there's more to it. There's more to it than that.


But it's like, you know, it's like that the Kennedy assassination, nobody wanted to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald could do something as an individual that was so horrific.


Right now you're going to lose me if you really think he did that by himself, fucking conversation's over.


No, I'm not saying that he did it by himself. What I'm saying is that people don't want to think that right.


Because it's not true. So you're right. But you close out the possibility that it could be true. You're saying it's true. I'm saying that there's a possibility there's not a fucking way in hell. I'm saying as a possible. What about the bullet? You can't take that off.


I'm coming to take it off the table. The magic bullet, take that right off the table because it was on the table. It was actually on the gurney that Connally was rolled in on.


Oh, look, we found the bullet case closed up all night.


I guess. My my my point, though, before we descend into chaos in the madness is that you don't want to you don't want to remove options when you're looking.


And if you can't say, I mean, maybe you can't see if you can say 100 percent, there's no doubt.


I'll tell you, I'm not I'm not closing the door on the percentage chance that Lee Harvey Oswald did that on his own for his own reasons and his own resources and ability to do it.


I will say the MLK Martin Luther King assassination is one where, if I have to say, look, there's definitely shit here.


We talked about that before. Yes, it does seem like there well, it seems to me is that the CIA definitely killed Kennedy. And that's why you are making it seem like it's most likely that.


What else do you think I'm going to do? I'm kidding when I say that that fucking magic bullet theory, only a child who's never shot a gun understands or would look at that theory and think it makes sense if you shot a gun before.


If you if you know what happens when bullets hit bone, there's no fucking way. Look at that thing.


Come the fuck on that shot through to people shattered bone in the wrist of Connally.


Looks pretty clean. Yeah. Get the fuck out. Yeah. And wound up magically in the gurney and oh by the way, there's more bullet fragments in Connally's body than we're missing from that bullet.


So fuck you.


Well, I'm just saying I'm just saying that until until until they closed that case completely and nobody ever has completely that.


But I guess, again, going back to the bigger point, if I had one that bullet again to put that bullet up one more time.


Oh, here it goes. Yeah, cause I try this is the official government drug. Say like, yes, here's the thing that's wrong with that, though. No, sir, the thing that's wrong with the test. Sure, yes, I did. The photos show that picture again. Yeah, handwriting.


Here's what people don't understand, why this is not as ridiculous as the bullet, because bullets do weird shit when they hit things they do.


And I know a guy who I put this shot, a person in war in the face, and the bullet literally came out the same way it went in, went in the guy's head, ricocheted around the skull and came out the front.


Yeah, yeah.


I've seen Yeah. Forensics on on on that same thing.


Raise shit happens when bullets hit but they don't, it's not that crazy. They don't come out looking like that. That's not a bullet that shattered bone. It's just not it's. And people who all the bullets way more distorted than that. That particular image is a deceptive angle.


Fuck you. It's just fuck you. Not allowed to look at that and say, oh, see, you have a slightly lead.


You got a little dent there.


They shot that fucking thing into a swimming pool. Kids, there's not a chance in hell that went through a couple people.


Look, see C.C.C., the tip. You can see some of the lead.


But my my point, my overall point, should I have one, is that it was soroche. I mean, people like. You know, they that's why conspiracy theories and other things exist, right, and continue to exist is because it's a fascinating concept. It's a fascinating story. You can look at stories and go, yes, you're running from a secret lair somewhere under a volcano, an effort to take down America.


Right. And OK, that's you know, that's one that's one theory.


Anyway, we're all we're all programmed by movies, right?


These these narratives. If there is one secret evil person that wants everything to go down and those those narratives, they they're very compelling. And we've we've had them in our lives for so long. So many people have these sort of simplistic portraits of the world. And they they've adopted because of movies. Yeah.


And we want we like a beginning, a middle and an end. People like things to to be all wrapped up. Right.


When we see that picture of the bullet with the goat, that was a little disturbing that the bullet went, that a similar bullet went through a goat.


That one on the bottom had no idea they had a bullet fired through a goat, most closely duplicating Connally's chest wounds, not just his chest wounds. You fucks is risk to went to and then just the fact they found it on his gurney and woops, we found it.


Under no circumstance do I feel that this bullet could have hit a wrist and still not be deformed. We proved that by experiments. Chief consultant and wound ballistic for the U.S. Army who supervised tests for the Warren Commission. Exactly that other that other photo.


If it did go through a go, let me tell you something, kids, that fucking thing got a pass through.


It probably went right in between the ribs. And even then, I don't buy it because it probably hit the ground somewhere.


I thought to be that goat. One day you're out there eating grass and ivy. How about how about they did it through a hundred goats until I got a bullet. Exactly. This is what we're looking for.


Even then, I think it's horse shit. I've shot animals before. When you shoot an animal with a bullet man, those bullets come out super deformed. Yeah, course they mushroom.


They come out looking great because bullets aren't supposed. Here's the thing for people to understand.


Bullets are designed to change shape when they hit things because it does more damage. So when you see a bullet that's mushroomed out, the impact of that bullet hitting an animal forces it to mushroom out.


It creates a lot of trauma and shock.


And that's what kills the animal. A bullet goes through something like that would create like a pencil hole.


It wouldn't do nearly as much damage.


It would be far less effective.


And they would reengineer the bullet to to to have more of a deformity when it hits things because there's a value in bullets deforming when they hit things. That value is it creates a deeper, more fucked up internal.


Yeah. Internal damage. Yeah.


But let's don't act like that with the only exception and this is a recent exception, these solid copper bullets in some cases and even those solid copper bullets, they get to Mushir because I shot an elk in California with a with a rifle and it used we use copper bullets because California has laws against low.


Of course. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And those I have the bullet at home.


It came out all fucked up. Yeah. That the other bullets to have. Oh they did the same thing with. Yeah.


They were found evidence. At the scene, fragment of bullet that fatally wounded the president would be this one. Yeah, that makes more sense. Yeah, yeah. It's a fuckin chunk that looks like it exploded. The other one looks perfect. Look, the other thing that drives me crazy is people say, well, then to lean the other way, they say, well, the the scope on the rifle didn't even wasn't even lined up. Right.


Well, how the fuck do you know it wasn't lined up? Or I'll have to drop a rifle and the scope is off. Yeah.


Yeah, it's exactly right. And also, it was a very easy shot. I mean, I will say that wasn't that hard.


No, it wasn't. Wasn't. Everybody says no one could have made that shot. Like, I could have made that shot. I'm not even good.


You got a slow moving vehicle moving away from you in life. Exactly. Exactly. No wind.


And you have a red light. You're off. You're leaning off the window. Yeah. That 100 percent could have been made by a person. Yeah, yeah. And not just one shot.


I think they could have got off all three. I think that's provable, too. I think especially you're all jacked up with adrenaline. You've been practicing racking those bullets in there. You could have got it off. Yeah.


Yeah. It's that that part of it is, is I you know, I think that is is easy to to understand as again, I'm, you know, not to not to disappear down that rabbit hole. I do find it always interesting cause I'm always still fascinated by the Martin Luther King thing, because it's such a rare day when I look at something ago. Yeah. That really is horseshit there.


But you were talking about how James Earl Ray, the guy who shot Martin Luther King, was funded, like clearly he was a loser, had nothing going on in his life. We talked about this before.


Right. Yeah. He just, you know, a petty criminal and not a good one. Right. Always, always, always court.


And, you know, then suddenly he manages to reinvent himself, goes on the road, disappears.


Lazlo comes out, you know, looks like a professor who ends up in Europe after the shooting, you know, buys a Mustang, you know, for cash, you know, more cash in.


The kid probably are the guy I probably ever saw.


It's just there's there's too many things here that just make it look like that.


And so I'm not I'm not a again, I'm not a conspiracy guy, but I look at that one and I go that, you know, over all these years and we weren't able to kind of get to the bottom of it, you know, speaks to sort of the.


I don't know, they're just sinister nature of it, I think I. I would never say I'm not a conspiracy guy because I love conspiracies. I think they're awesome.


There's so much fun, but I don't buy all of them. I think there's a lot of the bullshit, but a lot of them are real. That's the problem with the term conspiracy theorist. People don't ever want to be called conspiracy theories because it makes you a fool.


Fortunately for me, everyone knows I'm a fool.


So I can say that I enjoy the open, I can enjoy conspiracies.


But I also can say, if I'm being honest, I know that for sure people have conspired to do things in particular when you're talking about in the 1960s, it's there's evidence there's a tremendous amount of evidence that people conspired to do a lot of different things.


I mean, there is there's so much evidence that, you know, there was there's like, first of all, the Gulf of Tonkin incident that got us into the Vietnam War. That's a conspiracy. That's a proven conspiracy. They lied about attacks on America so that they can get us into the Vietnam War. Yeah, that's a conspiracy. How about Operation Northwoods? That's a conspiracy signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They were going to fake attacks on American civilians.


They were going to blow up a drone jetliner, blame it on Cuba. They were going to arm Cuban friendlies and attack Guantanamo Bay, signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, vetoed by Kennedy. That is a conspiracy. This is all during that same time period.


I don't even know if a conspiracy is the right word for it. It's a plan. It's a plan. That's an operational plan. Right. And they conspired to do it.


Yeah, that's OK. Fine. All right. Isn't that what a conspiracy is?


Because that is a conspiracy. The problem is the term. Yeah. Yeah. The term makes you seem like a fucking idiot. Yeah. Yeah. Like you're putting on a foil hat and so serious people, which fortunately for me, I'm not one of those serious people that want to be taken seriously. They tend to shy away from conspiracies. Yeah, conspire.


But I smoke a lot of marijuana and so I like those conspiracies. I find them attractive. I go there every get Ansted, hence the UFO thing.


Yeah, the aliens. So last time I saw you, I don't think the Pentagon had come out because it was actually during the pandemic where the Pentagon came out. I don't think we talked about this last time, did we? I don't think so.


Well, they said they've recovered alien crafts. They said we have recovered crafts that are not from this world.


Is that exactly what they said?


Pull it up, drill that. Pull that up. That exact quote from it's a sketch.


Pentagon pants actually say, yeah, that was the guy from Vegas, guy from Nevada. What is his name? The senator from Nevada. Harry Harry Reid. Harry Reid.


Yeah, former senator Pentagon former contractor was the one that said, oh, you're thinking of.


Yes, yeah.


I think he's got an aerospace business out there that was funded in part by taxpayer money, that it was a sort of a pet project of Harry Reid's. In a sense. I'm struggling to remember the guy's name.


I should remember it because we we've talked about earlier. No, no aerospace buddy of Harry Reid's.


Can we Google? Is that the skinwalker ranch guy? No, no.


This is this guy is actually still got a business. He's still developing right now. I think what he's trying to do is develop portable living. Yeah, that is a skinwalker.


That is right. Yeah. OK, that is the guy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I know what you're talking about. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The name's on the tip of my tongue.


I know, but if he's the one who said it then yeah. It doesn't come from the government. You know that atypia which is that advanced aeronautical threat identification program.


I mean, I think the most interesting thing that the government has come out and said is that, yes, we did have a we did have an operation within the Pentagon and office, within the Pentagon, you know, that was there to identify unidentified threats.


Right. So we get something up in the air and we can't identify it. It's like the tick tock, the tick tock sightings by David Braver.




And those guys, David, forever. For anybody who wants to who's interested in this, please listen to him on the Lexx Freeman podcast, because I had him on, but I had him on with Jeremy Corbel, who's the documentarian behind that Robosaurus. Bob babbles our movie and by himself forever. And Lex, they get deep into the technical specifications of their aircraft and why he believes that no known aircraft could have ever operated the way it is and also how it was blocking their tracking devices, which is technically it's an act of war.


But also it showed that it was it was aware of them.


Yeah, he's very credible. I'm extremely credible.


He's is a good guy. I've talked to him a handful of. Times have sat and reviewed the gun camera footage with him as he's walked through it, very credible, right?


So that was kind of that was a perfect example of why they had set up a tip right within the Pentagon, apparently not funded anymore as an operating office because they probably got some new shit that they can tell you about.


That one got out there and close it down. That's The New York Times, which I do. That is what they do, right?


I mean, where you reallocate the you know, it's all in the budgets, which is, again, kind of why we do this this show for Science Channel called Black Falls, because we're chasing the buck.


Finally got to that. I know, right? Christ, I know. I got in I got like two other promos to do. I haven't even touched yet so I can help.


People are thinking, wow, he's really slow this time. But yeah, if you follow the money, it's like an investigation. Right. If you not so much follow the money. But if you if you start pulling on those threads around budgets or it's like with investigation and asset tracing, you know, getting getting bank records is absolutely key if you can, you know, legally get them during the course of an investigation.


But with with military operations, oftentimes those, you know, budgets for the most interesting projects and operational elements get buried into something else.


That's just the way it works. Right.


And so that's where to maintain secrecy, to maintain secrecy. But that's that's you know, so it's it's an exercise in. And we don't you know, obviously with blackfellas, we don't identify anything that's currently classified because we'd all end up in the hoosegow. But, you know, we we're looking at some pretty interesting things.


And it's and it speaks to where programs are going currently. Right. You look at some things in the recent past and you say, OK, this is where this new development is heading.


And isn't it it's it's an interesting conversation, too, because for people that don't like secrecy and they don't think we should have secrecy for national security and for the development of things, you know, like the stealth bomber, like a lot of other things that show that we have military superiority over our our enemies. It's important to have secrecy.


Oh, yeah, absolutely. You can't function as a secure and safe and lasting republic without it. There's just no way. Now, you know, people will say, oh, we should have transparency around everything. No, no, you've got to draw the line.


You you got to you want to not overdo it. Right.


So you want to that's where I was going to get to. Right.


But I mean, we do it part, but you got it. You've got to have the ability to protect sources and methods.


You've got to have a sort of a need to know policy around certain things. Right. Within national security concerns in the intelligence community.


But, yeah, again, it's it can be used as a weapon. You know, you can over again overdo it.


And but if you don't have security, you don't have the Manhattan Project right now. Absolutely. Yeah.


We don't I mean, you don't have many things. Yeah. You think about keep us safe. You think about. China, look at this. I know I'm deep into the show and I'm just now bashing China for their theft of Eckener of economic intelligence, but you look at the effort that they make in terms of stealing our intellectual property and research and development.


I mean, the idea that you don't protect your most critical information, whether it's operationally important or whether it's just, again, R&D for development of of of materials, and that speaks to the strength of your economy.


And, you know, so, yes, certain things have to be kept secret. But again, you can overclassify things, which tends to happen.


It tend to just because you're trying to protect everything.


Right. So I'm just going to overclassify. And and that also creates a problem then. So, you know, trying to strike a balance. It's a human endeavor. So you never really get it right. I don't think.


But well, this is where people feel like the line when it comes to alien spacecrafts. And if the government knows and is aware of alien spacecrafts and alien technology, this is where the line of secrecy and being sworn to oath, where it crosses over into a need to know for the general public. Bizarre story. The story about him working for S4. He was a physicist for Los Alamos Labs. That's been proven. He was on the employee list there.


He also was listed in a newspaper article when he put a jet engine in a Honda that he was a physicist at Los Alamos Labs and he was a propulsion expert, says he worked for area, asked for and says he was hired to back engineer UFOs and says they never could figure out how these things worked and that they were never going to because they really couldn't, because they were trying to keep everything secret. They couldn't share all this information with the general scientific community.


And he's like, science doesn't work in these containment bubbles. You can't compartmentalize science and have only the these a few small propulsion experts sit around and try to figure this thing out and then they fire and bring new guys in and no one ever gets it right, which is what you can use against him.


And if I'm if I'm trying to pull information out of of of another nation.




If I'm targeting intelligence from, you know, developing some new ballistic missile system or whatever it is, propulsion system, then yes, I'm going to I'm going to play off of that desire on the part of engineers and scientists to have a collaborative community.


Right. And that's and the Chinese do that very well. Right. And particularly when they target Chinese Americans working here in the U.S. in potentially sensitive positions. You know, this idea that we're all working together, you know, and this is this is just what we should be doing.


You know, we've done my my company has done work trying to protect information for companies.


Pharmaceutical companies is a good example where that the scientists, the engineers, the doctors need that free flow in their mind.


They got to have this free flow in this this collaborating in the sharing of information. And meanwhile, you get the other side, you know, where the bean counters and security personnel and all that.


And there's going like, no, this is the lifeblood of our company.


We can't risk losing this information. So we've got to lock it down to the degree we can. Those two things don't necessarily co-exist all that well together, but you got to try to find some some medium.


So, yeah, I think, you know, there's the the the the fact that the government came out and talked about ETA, I thought it was a big step. Right. That's a big deal for them. Right. I mean, that that they would discuss that.


Do I think that they're hiding, you know, again, I don't take anything I wouldn't take anything off the table, frankly, because I don't know.


So it would be it would be, you know, stupid of me to say, no, they definitely aren't holding on to some.


Propulsion system that, you know, isn't of this world or whatever. I don't know it, I can't say absolutely not. But wouldn't you want to know, though?


Oh, sure. Yeah. Yeah, but how I mean, you know, what do you do? I mean, grease a few palms.


Is that it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I want to see it. Yeah. I guess you could do that and let the government know right now. Listen. Yeah I'll say a lot of shit. That's not true.


Just get me to the UFO, show me the UFO like.


Oh yeah.


Know what it is. It's not true. It's I'm alive. I'll tell you right now. Don't tell me you're lying if you tell me. I'm telling everybody.


He's telling everybody it's a lie. Look, they know. I'm sure they know. They know that they're writing it down right now. Whatever happens, happens. But it's too bad because I really want to know. But I tell everybody I agree with anybody.


It was interested, you know, pay attention to it to look at there's a handful of interviews with Flavor Commander forever.


Yes. But the Leichtfried more.


One is my favorite. It's because they go on four. I think it's three and a half hours. It's really good. They talk about all kinds of things about flying and pilots and and the fact that you always have the same two pilots working together, the pilot and co-pilot. You know, in the military, it's very different than civilian airliners that these guys work together. They understand each other and they develop sort of the way. Let's describe it as sort of a mind meld between the two.


It's a really good interview.


And he goes into depth about also the criticisms by these debunkers that don't understand the equipment. They don't understand what they're saying when they're when they're trying to debunk it. They're debunking it preposterous way. They they really don't understand what would happen. That thing that they followed went from 60000 feet down to one feet above sea level in less than a second.


Yeah. And it's not like it wasn't picked up on radar. It's not like it's just one person or the guys in that particular platform that that saw it.


So, yeah, it's a really compelling, fascinating example of this.


And still unexplained. Right. Obviously unexplained.


Still unexplained. And when Favre talked about it, when he first saw it, he was communicating with the other people that were on the other end of the radio and they were saying, we are in contact with these things all the time. We see these things every few weeks. Yeah. They don't know what the fuck it is. And he was he described it in depth. I'm doing a disservice by paraphrasing him, but he was saying, OK, guys, what what the fuck is this?


And they were saying, yeah, exactly right. And we've been seeing these every couple of weeks. We'll see one. We don't know what it is. We have no idea. It was well aware that they were following it. It blocked their tracking, turned and faced them and.


No, no, no sign of no visible sign of a propulsion system, no heat signatures, no nothing. And then moved off in an insane rate of speed to the point where they couldn't track with the human eye and it disappeared and then reappeared thirty miles away, like they were saying the way the thing moved, they they they can't explain it.


They don't know. And they think there's something under the water as well. I think it was it was hovering over the water and there was actually something that was actually under the water.


Yeah. Some dolphin could pick it up. Go like what the doctor all about the boss boss octopus. It's like pulling the levers.


Yeah. I, you know, again, it's, it is, it's, it's fun. It's fun, man. It's fun. And but I do I think that there's, you know, aliens that they come periodically visit and just observe and go, oh, fuck this and then leave.


You know, it does raise a question as to why we if they've actually visited and they've been here, they just for observation and then they get fed up with the way we act. And.


Well, I think if you were observing another advanced civilization like, say, if we like, but here's a good example.


I will say that, I mean, it's all relative, right?


Because if if if we're looking at that and we say, OK, say the Tic-Tac was was, you know, from some other world, then them looking at us, they're not going to go look at us and go, wow, that's an advanced civilization.


They would yeah. I think they'd look at us and go like, OK, it's it's some rudimentary life. But see, I don't buy that.


I don't think so. No, because we study fucking butterflies. Yeah.


How many assholes spend most of their life looking at bugs but maybe to whatever this is where nothing more than a butterfly. Right. And so why wouldn't they observe us the way we observe bugs. Yeah.


Well people spend their whole life tracking sloths. They really do. You know, there's a lot of people that that spend their whole life studying plants. The idea that we if we found an advanced life forms, if we went to another planet and we found some early Neanderthal types that were just starting to use Flint tools, we would study them hard. We would be fascinated with even if they were like, oh, my God, they're like 300000 years behind where we are.


Right. Now, we would still follow them up badly. Yeah, but we would social media and I think one of the things we would do is we would probably try to do it secretly the same way we do with indigenous tribes like North Central Island. That's the island off the Indian Ocean. Yeah. Has a small population of people who think it's down to like 39 people. And, you know, it's like against international law to visit. And that one guy went and visited a couple of years ago and they lit him up with arrows.


And I remember that, yeah, he's going to show them Jesus came out with the Bible.


That that's a perfect example. You're not supposed to go there. Those are human beings just like you or me. But they have the misfortune of developing on this very small island where their ancestors left Africa 60000 years ago.


Some people might look at what we're going through right now, this past week and think it's not such a misfortune, but what the hell?


It's looking pretty well with them. I think there's a lot of inbreeding, just such a small genetic sample. So it's this small genetic group to draw from. But I think that if aliens came here from another planet, first of all, they would know for sure that we already split the atom. They would know that we have the power of nuclear weapons and that we have enough nuclear weapons aimed at each other to decimate all life on Earth multiple times over.


I think I would think that's pretty fucking advanced. They would know that we can send video through the sky. They would know that we can capture time in the form of pictures and and film. I think they would be aware that we are on the cusp of some pretty wild shit. We're sending Teslas into space that are currently zooming around Mars, by the way.


Fuck there. I just went through I took my truck to the car wash the other day in Boise and there was a Tesla that was sitting over the side and the lady was giving the manager hell because she'd taken her Tesla through the car wash and like, knocked off to the side view mirror. And it was clearly a new car for her. And, you know, she couldn't even take it to the car wash without losing a piece or a part.


And I said it wasn't a good ad for Tesla, frankly. But, you know, what kind of car was one of them?


Automatic ones? Yeah, it was a what do they call it? Touchless car. Those things can be brutal, but I have a Tesla. They're well made, man. Yeah, there's I think that car wash is a piece of shit car.


So you you've turned it around. I see James going to Texas to step up and tell him, get you guys there.


You got to be careful when you do that. Yeah. Yeah. Bring you a side view mirrors in.


I think that's actually and they got to the manual if you if you go in the manual but it says before you go through a car wash.


Yeah. Bring this car. I went to the car wash. I shit.


I let them get slopped around. I didn't do anything. They're fun.


I almost I was sent to the car wash with time one of my dogs in the back. Oh my God. Because I completely forgot.


I run a couple of chores and there's Hendriks in the back of the truck and I said, I said go out there. And the guy waved me down and says, Your dog, he's dirty.


Yeah. Kill two birds with one stone, baby. Find water and soap dogs going to be fun. Big 120 pound retriever who knows how to handle it. Yeah. Yeah.


Jesus Christ. Relax, car wash guy. No. Oh my God.


We got, we got. We got you got. You got pets. You got. I got a retriever. Yeah. Yeah. And they're the best. They are fantastic. We've got now we've got we've got that one.


Yours is one hundred and twenty pounds. He's a big boy. That's a huge retriever. He's a big ass dog. Would you feed him the CIA steroids.


We do. Yeah. Yeah. Because I still, I still get those. I haven't been in for a while. But you know, that's you're right.


I think the world is the director because they still send me that shit.


But so. Yeah. So then we got a we got this big where they call Golden Doodle. Right. Oh OK.


And she's, she's supposed to be small, she's getting to be taller and bigger than he is. So she's she's like six or seven months old and she's a monster already really. And then we get now we got another one of our cats died, our last cat.


So we thought, OK, that's we're going to simplify life.


And then we were at at the store and they had like a rescue cat thing going on.


And so we ended up with a rescue cat and then we're out and and a fox got in the barn, killed this momma cat and all the kittens, and there was only one survivor. This was like a couple of weeks ago.


So now we got like this entourage again, because now we so we kept this kitten and I thought, we can't keep this little tiny, you know, it's like a two week old kitten. We've been bottle feeding this thing now for the past two and a half weeks.


And it's cute. It's a very cute and it's a tough son of a bitch.


Right. It's going to be a great cat around the house.


But it's just like now I'm waiting to get like a farm duck and chickens and a goat.


And people have love, hate relationships with foxes because they're beautiful.


They're kind of cool. They like to hang around people, but they will kill your fucking cat. They'll kill you chickens. Yeah, it's a lot.


It's a fucking circle of life as cats. You know how many birds those domestic cats kill.


Holy shit. That's all they do done. Yeah.


So, you know, it's one of those things, an animal killing another animal, unless it's like, you know, some abused, you know, fighting, you know, dog that has been. Yeah, and while that's just the way it works, it's just a circle of love. Yeah, I watched a really bizarre documentary on Vyse the other day about cats in Australia. And one of these guys, his whole house was filled with stuffed cats and he has stuffed cats like you take the head off and it's like a fucking Mason jar.


And he has cats. He takes the cats and he skins them and he makes coats and jackets and hats out of them. So this guy's wearing like a cat hat and a cat jacket and he's got dead cats all over his house. But what any he has a book with a meticulous detail of every cat has ever killed. Well, this is the thing, you know, the situation with cats in Australia.


Well, the feral cats, I used to work on a sheep station out in Australia. Oh, middle of nowhere. And so, yeah, you'd be you'd be working the fence line or repairing the fences and you put your hand down, all of a sudden you had to wear gloves. Right. But all of a sudden it's like this. The cat come out of nowhere, some burrow.


Yeah. This is the guy. So he's got these stuffed cats all over his house. Like look at this is his whole fucking house is filled with cats and he's the cat killer.


I mean, this is and I know look, I have cats, toilet roll holder.


That's got a lot of different things. Users cats for. Yeah. I'm not a.. Can I just want everybody to know. But this these are feral cats that were introduced to Australia. I forget what they're introduced to kill off. But the problem is they breed at a spectacular rate and they become a huge problem for the native species. So they've they've decimated and sent into extinction a bunch of ground nesting birds and all sorts of different animals. And so now there's a bounty on wild cards, feral cats in Australia.


And this gentleman, he's making a good living skins them, which is really weird. Like he doesn't just kill them. And in the video, you see him shoot them in skin. So he traps them.


He I think there's other people in this video that run around hunting them and.


Well, is there more than one way to skin a cat and that he answers that question? I went yes. He looked everybody was wondering. That's where it came from.


I think that's where it came from.


So these are all the things they were not because of the rabbits. I think they were trying to solve a rabbit problem. I think you might be right.


Meanwhile, they killed all these lizards and bugs. Yeah, yeah. No, they're they're all over the place.


And people say, oh, kitten. And they just like they launched themselves at you and they can be pretty fucking mean. They're also kept as pets in Australia, which is really weird.


Yeah. One of the major invasive species that causing detrimental effects to indigenous wildlife due to predation for biosecurity reasons, any cats that are imported to Australia must meet conditions set by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.


I wonder when those conditions are you got to cut their teeth out.


Yeah, I was going to say the teeth removed and the claws removed. Yeah, Australia. It's full. It's like the Everglades. Everything down there wants to wants to kill you, has to bite you and kill you there. It got there while people.


Man the Everglades is a fascinating place on the know. I'm just now I'm talking about the Everglades people. What the fuck is he talking about.


You know, they found Nile crocodiles there now. Yeah. They found they found a panther inside an alligator down there.


Yeah. It's as crazy as you think. I know there's all sorts of shit. I mean, that's amazing what you can find when you start reading about it. But that's that's a place where invasive species are a real problem. Oh yeah. Yeah. Pythons, yeah. Pythons. And that's a whole series of other things they've got cookin down there.


But they got a 20 foot or the other the good God. Yeah. See if you can find that 20 foot python.


It's so thick. Yeah. It's like, like a quarterback's leg.


They have these hunts down there, you know, little competitions. No one's water back. Yeah. Quarterback. It's the biggest guys.


You know what I saw I saw the other day I saw Tom Brady and a Buccaneers uniform and it was kind of strange. Weird. It is where it is. Where. I was 18 foot size this fucker. But look how fat that thing is. Imagine seeing that and look at the size of it, guys.


Now, meanwhile, here's the thing. Here's what's really ridiculous about California.


Let's get back to California being stupid. They're an invasive species, pythons, and they're they're hunted and they have to be like they're trying to track them down and kill them. In fucking California, you can't even buy python skin things.


These are these are things that your people are trying to kill. They're trying to kill them. So what happens if you kill them, though?


You can't even use the resource of their skin to make handbags or shoes or belts or whatever. They won't allow you to import Python to California.


Now, you probably have to say, and if you kill one, you probably have to take it to the Fish and Game department. Right.


And otherwise, if you dispose of it improperly, then you in Florida, I'm sure that something fucking fling it out in the open there in Florida, that they killing most of these things, but also alligators, similar situation. Alligators are they're not endangered species. They're in abundance. You can't buy alligator skin things in California anymore. Crocodile skin can't buy them anymore.


Like, what the fuck is wrong with people?


Well, but it's also it's the continuing look, it's interesting if you if you think about what the fuck is wrong with people, and then you see that the rate of of movement of of citizens out of California and to other locations. Yeah, it's stunning. It's stunning.


And then you think about, OK, like George is a good example in this election, right, George. Just turning right.


So George is may well end up having become a blue state and then why.


Well, people coming from out of state, we get that happening in Idaho, people coming in from out of state. And you'd like to think again, going back to the very first thing we talked about, self-awareness.


You'd like to think to say, I'm leaving this place. It's it's got some problems.


I'm going to go somewhere else. You know what, though? I'm not connecting the dots. I'm going to I'm going to just say that it has nothing to do with the way that I voted in the past.


I'm sure things will be fine here if I continue that.


Yeah, well, that was the conversation I had with the governor last night. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Texas is close to turning blue and he's like, don't make this state what you fled.


And he makes some very good points and a lot of other people do to economic freedom, the freedom to be an entrepreneur, the freedom to to start businesses and not be overregulated. All of those are real problems in California. They're giant problems. They impede business. California businesses succeed in spite of all the regulation, not because of all the regulation.


And you can't if you if you squash that that entrepreneurial spirit. Right.


If you take away incentives, if you take away just the idea that, you know what, maybe, you know, I got a I got a great job.


But, you know, I also got an idea, you know, maybe I want to pursue that idea. Right.


And see whether I can I can turn it into a business if you get rid of that by either by regulations or just by just incentivizing, you know, people from starting a business or from creating something from just start. It could be just a flash of an idea that they've got.


You know, I don't I don't I'm going to sound like I've got rose colored glasses on, but that was part of the thing that that makes this country so special. Yeah, right.


And, you know, I, I do look at I look at California and I look at the movement of people out of there.


And Idaho, again, being one of those places where a lot of folks end up.


And you could see you could see that happening. You could see suddenly, you know, a business friendly state starting to turn and.


Yeah, that's and and so, yeah, it's if you don't like where you are and you're moving, maybe, maybe look in the mirror and think about maybe I want something different, maybe I should vote differently.


Well, one of the things that Governor Abbott was telling me is that fortunately there are a lot of people that are coming from California that are self aware and are voting differently than they voted in the past because they're realizing what they fled and they're they're actually voting for traditional.


Yeah. Texas politics, like the way it's always been here. It was relatively closer. Yeah.


I mean, I think they were expecting they spent a ton of money down here, right. On the races. And I think they were expecting that it was going it was going to turn Texas blue.


Oh, my God. Yeah, yeah. You know what?


Just again, this idea that oh well, you're in the blue dot. This is the blue dot was like Boise voice is a blue dot in a lot of red states. Yeah, I know.


But the hippies you guys have, do we call them hippies anymore and you guys have grizzlies. You could take care of those hippies.


I don't want to check. I'm going to go to the woods. You just you don't have to be the fastest one. You just have to be faster than the hippie. You just can't figure out a way to like, come on, you guys, the CIA, you know how to infiltrate, just infiltrate those organizations to get them to go camping. Yeah, guys, we're going to do we're going to have a love fest in the middle of this area.


Just put pork chops around their necks and see what happens. You're going to hang our. That doesn't sound right, but I'm OK. Hey, speaking of entrepreneurs, this is where I bring in a second promo. It only takes me a second buddy of mine did a great thing during the pandemic while he's locked down, I think everybody in the lockdown thought, I'm going to get myself in shape or I'm going to read the Constitution finally or I'm going to learn a new language or whatever.


Right. I only get Jack. Yeah, I get Jack. Most people didn't do it, though, to be fair.


Right. And we didn't do it because we were day drinking because we had to homeschool the three knuckleheads. But this is a great guy. Colleague of mine had an idea, developed a small business and now is is got it online. He's trying to make it work. It's called Bird Dog Investigations. You know, it may it's not for everybody. It's for a specific purpose in life. Right, in terms of a particular sector out there.


But it's it's to me, it was just that thing where you see, OK, someone's actually taken that time and they've run with it.


Right. What does he try to do?


Well, bird dog investigations is a it's a it's a platform that it works and a couple of different ways. But one way is that the world of private investigators out there. Right, because that's sort of the guy's business in a way.


But it it helps them in their operations.


If you're a private investigator out in the field, you're out there and you're you're taking notes.


You know, the typical picture of a guy drinking coffee and trying to, you know, snap a couple of pictures of whatever it is, insurance fraud or whatever it may be.


And he's compiling all this information. Maybe he's right and some of it on a cocktail napkin in his car.


And then he's like, he's got all this shit. He's got to put it together. So the problem the thing that's missing is the ability to say to punch it into a into an app. Right. Punch it, compile all that. It takes all the photos.


It formats it all into a preset format that the receiver, whether it's a law firm or a company, if the guy's working for a company, it just sets it all in their wallet.


And then it could. But it's also it's also useful for large companies like you think about you think about a company out there, a transportation business like FedEx or UPS or one of those, and their drivers are concerned.


What's happening is this fraud out there where they get sideswiped purposely, right? Are they set up fake accidents? And then people are suing a company like UPS or FedEx or DHL or whomever, and it costs a lot of money.


It costs them a lot of money to get out of these these attacks an epidemic.


So it's a real problem because it involves it involves the perpetrators. Right. Tend to be the same. It involves law firms and involves pain specialists and doctors.


They're all kind of they're in on this thing. Right. So certain jurisdictions around the country have more of a problem than others.


Big urban centers, as you can imagine. So anyway, if the idea was this guy came out and said, you know what, if the drivers of these vehicles have something where they can, you know, take photos of the situation, Ponch, and all the details, it go straight into a report that looks good. It goes to the company. Great. Now, you know it's there instantaneously. They can assess the situation. They could react quicker.


They can identify the frauds. So, anyway, my whole point was, it's just good to see, you know, someone doing something.


Somebody's doing something. Yeah. With their time and again, that entrepreneurial spirit that I just banged on about. So there that's me.


I work for a private investigator. When I was coming up as a comedian, there was one of my jobs. I was like, yeah, I was an assistant to a private investigator.


I didn't know that. Yeah. What were you doing? Surveillance mostly.


I was driving him around. He lost his license for a DUI and he put out Dynamite Dickless Dave Dolen. That's what he used to call himself.


Yes, I miss him. He died a few years back.


But it was I was friends with them to the end. But yeah, when I was 21 and I was an open mycar when I was first starting out doing comedy, I needed some other gigs, you know, just something to and I said, oh, private investigators.


Assistant, this should be great. What did you see it. It was in the papers. Yeah, it was in the Help Wanted section.


And you got to explain to people what that is. And just randomly. So I answer this ad and it turned out that he was lost his license from a DUI, fucking hilarious guy and then never drank again, never went to AA or anything. I just got himself off the wagon like, alright, I've got to stop doing this. He crashed his car trying to run away from the cops. And it's like, fuck this.


But really, really funny guy. Like, Hilarious and his cousin just this is random, right? I'm just answering this. And his cousin was one of the owners of one of the comedy clubs in town. So his cousin was this guy, Bill Downs, who is one of the owners, along with Paul Barkley of the Comedy Connection, which was one of the main comedy clubs in Boston.


And so, like, I get to hang out with this guy and I'm telling you and all the people that I've ever met in my life, he's in the top three funniest people of all time. And he's not a comedian. He was fucking hilarious, just naturally funny guy. And most of what we did was insurance fraud. OK, yeah.


Yeah. Most of what we did was catch. People, this is before the Internet, right, we're talking 1988, I worked for him. So this is people that were mostly like we caught a lady who was using her maiden name. She she had some little fake injury and she was getting money on the side. And there was a lot of that was a lot of people that were working cash jobs while there were also getting paid. So we just take pictures of them, like climbing roofs with fucking bundles looking over my shoulder like this guy was laid up in bed.


Yeah, yeah.


There's a lot of that, you know, and it still is.


And that's kind of where the of private investigator in my my company is not we do larger multi jurisdictional investigations and things, but but the world of the P.I. hasn't really changed that much.


I mean, the technology has made it easier and and better to somebody, but it's mostly fraud.


But it's mostly there's a lot of the fraud. There's still a lot of sort of the cheating spouses.


And and he caught one one guy wanted to keep taking pictures even after like he's got all these pictures, this bodybuilder banging his wife.


And he's like, hey, man, you're a fucking weirdo.


You got to do something about this now. Like, I gave you your information, like, get the fuck out of here.


I'm not I'm not going to keep following her. You keep following. I'm going to need some more photographs. Yeah, he wanted that. He wanted to keep taking pictures like, bro, you got all the pictures. You know, my dad. Apparently not. Apparently he didn't. Yeah.


It was like this feeble man with this huge athletic gentleman who was bringing home the the beef man slinging the meat.


Yeah, that's but that's that's the world that's the world of the it's a tough world.


But he was a funny guy. How do you do that for. Wasn't that long, however long it took him to get his license back. I think maybe, maybe seven, eight months, something like that, I forget, but we stayed friends forever. Do you ever do any surveillance for him or anything? Oh yeah. Yeah. I also you know, I was a cute little fella. I was a very boy pretty. So he would use me to talk to the ladies.


Oh, good. OK, I wasn't sure where you're going.


I would have to you know, I'd you know, I was twenty one year old handsome little boy. Yeah. So I'd go and full head of hair. Yeah. Yeah.


I was cute and so I would, I'd be the one that would talk to ladies and ask him questions. He had these little scams he would do like one of them would be he would know someone's license plate and then he would make a couple license plates that were similar to that license plate. You know, like if your your license plate was like X, Y, Z, he would make X, Y, W, X, Y, o, and he would say, my girlfriend was in a car accident and there was a witness to the accident.


And the the the cop spilt his coffee on the paper and they didn't get the license number. And I'm hoping that you were one of the witnesses and. Oh, no, I'm sorry. What happened? It was like I have someone at the DMV and they gave me these addresses for all these licenses. They know most of the numbers except for the last one when I was hoping it was, you know, wasn't what was the injury? Was she OK?


And he would say, well, you know, she had the, you know, five herniated disc. I had that, too, because he knew that she had the course.


And so then it's shmooze with them, like this one lady. She was so nice. She invited us over to the house. She served us coffee. And I'm like, oh, my God. And he's like, what happens? Well, I fell down when I was on the job. She was an airline stewardess.


I fell down and and he goes, so all right.


Now she was oh, yeah, I'm fine. He was. But are you getting paid for the insurance? She was. Oh, yes. Not only am I getting paid, but I'm also working under my my maiden name for another airline. And it was like, oh, that's great.


Good, good, good for you. And then after we left, I was like, she's so nice man. She let us in. She was fuck her.


She's a crook. She goes fuck her. Like I was like, how can you do that to the lady was so nice. You had us over. She gave us coffee.


He didn't give a fuck. You just laugh. And he was. That's the job kid. I used to work for the agency. Fuck her.


Yeah that's right. Yeah. It's elicitation. Right. You know, that's a big part of it. Can you give us that information.


Well he was really good at it. He was well he was funny and he was a smooth talker and and he seemed like a good guy, a good blue collar guy. And but he liked it.


He enjoyed that. We loved he loved catching people. Yeah. He'd take pictures. These guys climb and ladders with the fucking shingles in the back. Look at this fucking prick. You're done. You are fucking done.


And he would you know, he'd be laughing and then we'd go eat lunch. Well, shit, I had no idea that.


Look, if you ever get down on your luck, you know, you can work for my business.


I don't think I'd be very secretive anymore. That's a good point. You know, I'm blessed with a mask on. Yeah, no, you're right. Baseball, that is a problem. You can't really blend in.


But with that CIA shit that they used to turn Melania Trump's double into, look like Melania might be in. Yeah, give me a full head of hair, cover up my tattoos, make me look fat. Give me a nice belly fat suit like you thought. Did you ever see the fat suit they gave thaw from The Avengers? No, pretty amazing. There was a one of The Avengers movies.


They made Thor fat, like Thor been just drinking and not not working out anymore.


And and he had a big belly. So they put him in a crazy fat suit. And like they they showed there's a video of the CGI. It's really amazing.


There it is. See, this is like Chris Hemsworth, whose looks like Val Kilmer, God damn specimen of a man.


They they filled they filled them up with this fat suit. So they talked him into this thing and gave him a big, fat, jolly belly. See, that's what he really. Yeah.


OK. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He's probably happy. This is probably happier as a fat guy. It doesn't matter what he eats and what he's happy. He was happy as a fake fat. Yeah. Yeah. You can just like slap on that rubber belly and. Yeah. What if he were at home. She married.


Honey I don't know if you can wear at home. Think you have to take that thing off your film and it's probably disgusting. You're sweating like a pig in that thing.


Plus if you're married to Chris Hemsworth, you're probably not thinking, gee, I wonder if you'd like to do it. Maybe maybe you're tired of this.


Adonis could be slinging dick every day like I want to get fucked by a fat guy, a regular person. I'm tired of this perfect specimen on top of me every day with perfect sweat.


Yeah, it doesn't even sweat. So I guess I fully answered.


I fully answered your alien question. Right?


Not really. How now you skirted around like you skirt around everything else. I know. Thank you. I'm always accused of.


Do you if you had a bet if you had money on the table. I remember we. We do we have a little bit of money on the president right now, would you would you think that aliens have been here or no.


You know what I would say? High in the realm of what's possible in this entire world and universe that we don't know anything about. I'd say yes. Yeah, yeah, I'd say yeah, because it's just so much we don't know, and so I think it would be. You know, again, that's sort of the that's kind of like the operational, investigative, pragmatic side, which says you can't rule out anything that you don't know 100 percent when you hear a story like David Freyberg, who's a super credible guy and you've spoken him.


Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.


What was your take on it after you walked away?


I think there's something there that we couldn't explain and and do I know there's a difference there. Right. So there's a difference.


It says there's something there that we can't explain that at least with the tools that we've got currently and the technology that we've got currently.


That's not the same thing as saying the government knows what it is and is hiding it, right. So, you know, I'm not not taking that jump yet.


And because in part because, look, I worked long enough for the government to know that, you know, they you know, they can't, you know, can't keep a secret. I mean, over a period of time, it's just very, very tough.


I mean, and so do I think that they could everybody involved could keep their yap shut after all these years, you know, so that's that's the one thing that rules out the idea in my mind to some degree.


Again, not ruling it out entirely that, you know, that it didn't happen.


But I think that there's there's something there that we can't explain and that definitely bears further investigation. Do I think we're investigating it? Yeah, sure.


So I think there's some element out there within the the military that is investigating the Tic-Tac as an example forever. So absolutely.


I mean, we'd be silly not to write because, you know, that's a national security issue at that point.


Well, I think it would be really terrifying to the government is if it wasn't aliens. There was a craft that could go from 60000 feet above sea level to one feet above, and it was a human created thing, that means that some, unless it's us, right. Some other civilization somewhere on this planet has some kind of technology that's beyond the realm of our current imagination or understanding of physics. Absolutely.


Which is why, again, that was really the reason for creating a tip anyway within the Pentagon was because, again, it's a national security issue, right. Is do the Chinese have they developed some propulsion system? We don't know about it. The Russians done that.


I mean, this there's only so many, you know, options there in terms of the countries that have the resources and the ability.


But, yeah, so we should be investigating these things. We should be looking at this. Do I think everything needs to be out on the table again, going back to what you were talking about before, is there a need for secrets? Well, sure, yeah. There are some needs need for secrecy here.


Do you think there's a need for secrecy when it comes to aliens? I would say that there's yeah, potentially because of. Yeah, that's a tough one, you know, that is a tough one. I could see where you could argue if we have anything that we know about alien life or technology or around any of this issue, that we should just come out, put it on the table.


My concern would be from a national security perspective, if I obviously I don't know much about national security, but if I did, I would say I don't know if people could handle it. I don't know if there would be the best thing for these fucking dummies out here that I don't even know if they should be voting is the look.


They're doing pretty well handling the election week. Yeah, they're doing great. But yeah, there's so many knuckleheads, some knuckleheads out there. Yeah. If those knuckleheads found out that there were aliens, how bad would they freak out. Yeah. How bad.


And also what if there are and what if they're very rarely come here.


But now that we have proven that they are here, how badly would other people, nefarious interests in the United States and elsewhere manipulate that information and fuck with people over it? Yeah, that's another real concern. I think if it is proven that there is alien life and that we do occasionally visited by aliens.


Do you know how many fucking cult members would be created? How many people would manipulate that information? How many people pretend to have secret insight?


There would be a run on on tinfoil, no doubt. Oh, so I think, you know, I guess.


Yeah, I mean, would you could argue the other way and say, well if if if it had, if it had happened or if, if and again, I'm not saying that's the case, but if, if the government was aware of visits from other worlds, you know, maybe it helps people put things in perspective.


You know, maybe maybe they don't freak out as much.


Maybe they just think, OK, fine, we're all in this together. Yeah, we're all in this together. Right.


And so maybe it unites people sort of like Independence Day.


And it's like this Reagan speech writer, you know, that famous Reagan United Nations speech. You never, you know, or the speech he's speaking in front of the United Nations and the early 80s.


And he said, imagine if we were visited.


If we were we received a threat from another planet, how quickly we would put aside our differences.




And that's a good point, that yeah, he was a smart man and everybody immediately was like, oh my God, there's aliens.


Reagan's telling us is, is not coming right out and telling us. Yes. But he's implying that he knows something.


If there was an Internet back then, boy would they let God fucking bonkers for that one.


Yeah. Well what do you think?


I think for sure there is life out there in the universe just by sheer numbers. It doesn't make sense that we're the only ones. It just the universe is too old.


It's too big. There's too many Goldilocks planets. It's too it's too likely if it exists here. And they've also found evidence of life. I believe some of the trace elements of life on Mars now, right now, haven't they found. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. More water than they expected. Yeah.


At least it just it just seems much more likely than not. Well, there's hundreds of billions of stars in this galaxy alone. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the known universe. Not only that, some physicists believe that inside every galaxy there's a supermassive black hole and that inside that black hole may be another universe, with also hundreds of billions of galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars and another black hole.


And each side that goes inside of that, I mean, it might the universe might be just in fractal thing.


And even if it's not infinite, the sky, the sheer size of it is beyond our ability to comprehend.


When you hear the numbers, oh, it's 14 billion years old. What does that even mean to you?


Does that even register? Yeah, that's so big it doesn't register. And and that's just as far as we can see back, you know, to the Big Bang.


And it's entirely possible that they think it's possible that the Big Bang is a it's part of a series of events and that there's a big bang and then an expansion and then ultimately, ultimately a contraction and a compression leading to another big bang. And it's a cycle that goes on and on and on and on. And it's always existed.


I think I mean, I think the key there is a we don't know what we don't know and just the sheer size and scope and the idea that we you'd have to be pretty fucking cocksure to think that we're the only, you know, intelligent life right. In this entire set up spinning around out here on our own. So but I think, you know. Not to take it back full circle, but, yeah, it's that idea that if you, you know, don't discount ideas, don't don't, you know, don't rule things out unless you've got the evidence to do so.




And, you know, anyway, I mean, I could be majorly disruptive. I also think that if there was some alien force, something some.


Species that so far beyond our current understanding of propulsion and technology, that they can travel here instantaneously from anywhere in the universe, why would they give a fuck who the government is? Why would they give a fuck who our president is?


Why would they give a shit who our military is? They wouldn't care. No, you know, we don't we don't visit an ant colony and go take me to the queen. I will not speak to peasants. They don't give a shit. You know, I think they'd be so far advanced that they would just be studying us with no regard to letting us know about their presence.


And they'd be us with all the other, you know. Sure. Lifes that they've lifeforms that they've found and saying, OK, this is this is how these guys behave in a social environment. They're pretty fucked up.


And, you know, there's also the possibility that there's many different steps along this pathway, right where there's insanely advanced and then there's marginally advanced by something that's only a few thousand years more advanced than us, that visits us, that's much more recognizable. And then things that are so far beyond our comprehension and so different from such a different environment and different ecosystem that we don't even know. We can even understand what they are.


Yeah, I mean, I think it's I think that's. Again, it's arrogance to think otherwise, that that there's other things out there, this other life forms, that just to me, it just strikes me as odd that someone would be so definite and say, no, that's it.


Maybe we find a microbe out there somewhere, but that's pretty much it.


I think it's also comforting to people to think that we are alone in some weird way. It's comforting to people to think that it's bullshit. Yeah, I'll stop with your alien stuff. Just get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee and go to work.


Yeah. And don't worry about this. This election thing, just just all.


Oh, the public will survive.


It will survive. It will survive.


If I had one one parting message for people would be that, look, you know, just like we said, chill the fuck out.


But but if there's irregularities that are legitimate or should be investigated, that this process is going to work it out right between, what is it, December 8th and December 14th is when everything has to be kind of finalized and then, you know, it makes its way to Congress.


Congress counts out on like the 6th of January.


We have to wait that long until December. Yeah, I mean, I think that's what's going to happen.


I it's likely I mean, unless you look I mean, by the time we're talking right now, I don't know, maybe Nevada's been decided, in which case Joe Biden's got 270.


Well, Jamie's going to pull that up and we're going to find out even if he has 270, even if he has 270, it doesn't mean that they stop the the legal procedures in certain locations. Right.


And so I think that, yes, it's likely to go on much like it did in 2008, likely go until December 12th, the 13th.


But there is an ending to it.


So all these people who think, oh, my God, he's never going to leave and he's going to lock himself in, that's not the way this works, right? He doesn't get to make that decision.


It's a it's a it's a legal process.


It's a process that on the 20th of January, his term ends and we get a new president.


Hopefully either he continues or we get a vice president or president elect Biden, hopefully, or civil war, because he hires his own security firm and they lock everything down and they won't let that criminal Biden in. And then the Kuhnen people become consultants.


Oh, my God, yes. Yes, there is that and never rule anything out. But that's just not happening. And and we are going to be just fine again. Pay attention if you're paying attention, anything, pay attention to to what's happening in Georgia with those Senate races. Yeah, that's that's where that's where the balance of power really sits.


And that's that's left and right. So a very tiny little fraction, one side or the other. Right.


If not if neither of those races hits 50 percent plus one vote, then they both go to runoffs in January and that's where they're going to open up the spigot.


And hundreds of millions of dollars are going to flow into Georgia for those races from both sides, I'm sure, because they know what this means.


Right, right. If if both of those races go to the Dems, then you've got a 50/50. And guess who makes the deciding vote every time there's a tie in the Senate, it's Kamala Harris.


So the Dems know the importance of this. Pelosi is already she's a very smart political operative. She's focused on this. I guarantee it. Right. She's trying to, you know, in a way kind of trying to save her job as speaker because they, you know, they didn't do what they expected they were going to do. But they know how important that Georgia race is on both of those counts.


So anyway, that's that's where people should be focused on four years. I'm looking forward to collecting a thousand dollars from you and maybe more if it's President Trump again. Yeah, less than four years. I'll collect my thousand because he's going to announce he's running. That's true. And about three.


Yeah, maybe three hours or so. Yeah. Are you ever going to make your way up to Idaho go.


Well, yes. Yes, I would love to. You got it. You got to come up and you got to do a show again up there. People in Boise keep out. Every time I say I'm I we're getting together, they're saying, oh my God, when's he coming back? I said, well, not right now because you got the pandemic. Yeah.


You guys, you need to loosen your laws like Florida. You could do whatever the fuck you want. Florida, it's been you know what?


It's been pretty good up there. We'll get numbers spike a little bit. But, you know, people are surviving now.


It's not like the old days. You know, people keep saying the cases are up. The case they are. But also survival's up.


What's magical is the flu has been down so much. I think the flu is down like ninety eight percent, which, you know, I think something crazy like that would see what the numbers flu is down this year.


It's something crazy. And I think they're attributing that to people wearing masks, which is really interesting.


Yeah, maybe we could sense that. Can have a mask wearing society. No I hope not. Yeah. No like faces. Yeah I like faces too.


And it's just uh. Yeah, we'll get back to, we will get back to normal pandemics and that's by definition epidemics and, and we will have another one. And so then you hope that we're smart enough to have learned something from this like Baker.


Always a good time talking to you, sir. I appreciate it. Oh, your show. When's it. Oh, hey. Well, thanks for talking, Charles.


Good. Yeah, we got that show blackfellas to classify. We start filming the second season in January and we are going to have an interesting EP.


So, Don, on not necessarily on aliens, but on the program surrounding the government's investigation of unidentified objects and things, so we're going to dive a lot deeper into it.


And hopefully I'll come back and I'll have answers, specific answers for your questions. All right.


That would be a first that I got on the Georgia election came because we were looking up decades the other day. Oh, my God. That's hilarious. All right. All right. Thanks, Mike. Buddy. Thank you.


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