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And make sure your balls look like a turki's neck for this upcoming Thanksgiving with Manscape Manscape Dotcom Rogen That's actually in the copy. How good is that company? They got it nailed. My guest today is a hilarious stand up comedian, you might know him from the Chappelle Show, you might know him from his own podcast or as numerous appearances doing stand up on television. He's a shit. I love him to death.


Please give it up for Donnell Rawlings government podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Train my day job and podcast. My Life All Day Donelle. What's going on? Well, see, my friend, take me to the river. I want to go. I'll go take me to your river.


I want to go. I want to know what things are, you know, sing that song. No.


Leon Bridges, Leon Bridges, yeah, he's like a folk country singer, black dude, I think he's a Louisiana where he's from. But about five years ago, he had a very popular song that was like a song that really charted well. It was called The River. That was that. That was a song. And then it is.


And then what he does is you were know I've seen him before you I don't know.


But this song is like he's had other songs. But for some reason, this song resonated with a lot of people in the country.


And it was like him reminiscing what kind of place we made a feel good in a river.


I hope when we go over to Spotify, we can play it.


I go, I could take me to your river. I want to go.


I'll go.


That's pretty much that's the one part everybody knows it's acceptable now for people to wear like neck scarfs.


Are you being insulted shifts? No, not at all. It's what do you saw?


If you wore that on any other time, I'd be like, what is on your neck?


And I would explain it to be a gator. Right. OK, I know what it is. I know the gator is. Yeah, this is what it is.


It's my where and when you're sneaking up on animals or don't wear people well, that covers not you can't sneak up on anybody people.


OK, right.


But this guy goes in there. Yeah. I guess that's a rainbow. Yeah. It's not as traditional. This is a liberal liberal liberal gator.


Yeah. It's accepted by a gay people. Black people. Hispanic people. I'm sorry. No worries. Oh baby. Move. Ask me about sweet Jesus.


You don't like me because you like me. Why you keep blowing me up about weed. You said you don't like your weed. I mean they like something bad would happen to you.


Some I got shot. Who shot you. That's the question I haven't found the answer to, really, it was this should happen so quick, Joe. I didn't really good to get a good look at a person, the person who shot me.


Not too many people around to witness it, but I have to warn to show that I got shot. What was the situation, I was my dog and, you know, I got a little I got a new adorable lizard come in that's as adorable as a dog gets a look at that little cutie you'll see around on camera.


You this is my emotional support. That's Maggie. Yeah, that's Maggie.


Maggie, come on, sweetie. Can be me. Give me a hug. She's a dog. She doesn't know what coffee is like.


She'll know she know what it is, but she don't know what coffee is. But I was protecting her. Some people were. Joe, you want to hear a story about how I got shot? Of what? Yeah, I was protecting her honor. Right.


I was protecting her from a hail of bullets. It was a gang. It was a lot of people.


I don't remember all of that, but I got shot at my motherfucking thumb.


Where were you? In the streets. Oh, just regular. Yeah, I was.


I was three. No, not in the streets. I was in the street town. No, just the streets.


And that happens sometimes. Joe, you put yourself hanging in the streets, you put yourself in some unforgiving situations.


And that's what happened to me. And that's how I got my motherfucking thumb. Shut the fuck off. And that's the story I'm talking. That's the story that I'm sticking to.


So you got caught in the crossfire. A hail of bullets. Jesus.


Forty five shots rang out really legitimately. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. Wow. And this is the only injury has sustained. I'm very, very happy that that's the only injuries sustained.


You're not happy about it, Joe, because when I love you. Come on. I know you love me, but when I told you I got shot, you continued to question me about well done.


That's because you're done. All right. But you can take I didn't question you like I didn't believe you.


You did. One hundred percent. You said it so casually. That's what I said.


Do you want a drink? You said I can't. I'm on antibiotics. I said, what happened? I got shot.


That's usually doesn't any of my other friends have been shot. If I said, hey man, what happened?


And they said, I got shot. Right. And just and right there, they would say it's a crazy story of a man.


Yeah, but you don't want to hit the car. And I had my little dog. Right. I was protecting her.


And that's the story that I told. But the thing that you didn't believe me if someone said he got shot, you can't say I didn't believe you.


That's not true. It didn't look at the look at your face faces is unusual.


The way you were describing it. I got shot and then you wouldn't say anything more.


Just like what you black people don't know what happened. How did you get shot? Well, remember, I had a disagreement with so-and-so.


Well, we felt we had an opportunity. Our paths crossed. I fell in a situation where those energies came together. We said, how are we going to settle this? Right.


It wasn't like that. It wasn't like that. It was a OK.


And you don't want to get specific about details.


No, I don't want to get specific. I just want you to respect the fact that I got shot.


I believe that you got shot. I do. I respect it. I'm sad that you got shot, but I'm glad you're OK. I'm better. I'm good. So how is your thumb doing? Is it going to be all right?


Yep. It's going to be good, you know, we get all the bullet fragments out of it, you know, we avoided the surgery, so we just got to get the range of motion back. Oh, that's real good.


They didn't have to do any surgery and tendons or anything like that.


No, I got lucky. I have a friend who cut his finger on a window man, and he never got his fingers back again. His fingers are like this curled.


I know everybody knows a motherfucker like that. And we've all made fun of that motherfucker. We've made fun of the person that, you know, that don't have a thumb. But I'm telling you, doing this after me, surviving this gunshot shit, just buttoning my pants become a test that I took a van I took for granted. Right.


The point I'm making is that you're lucky to have all of your limbs, all of your shit on your body. Yup. And you don't appreciate it to one a motherfucker gone.


Well, I think that's the case with everything. Right. Like, we didn't appreciate how good we had it before the lockdown, before covid came around. Nobody appreciated how good we really had it.


We was living in a moment. We were all so spoiled. We're spoiled by how good everything was.


But we didn't think it was spoiled because that was what was going on right. Until Shites shifted and didn't say anything like you lose your thumb, you like, oh, shit.


You know, I really do appreciate doing those three spots that night, you know, I mean, I appreciate the fact that I could just walk with my family anywhere and I wouldn't be judged I wouldn't be discriminated against, whatever it just be like Joe and his family, not just like, do you have a mask or not?


Right. You know, but I do believe that it took a pandemic for people to really realize what the most important things in life are.


I think so for sure. I think at the beginning, people were nicer because they were scared and they were like it was almost like post 9/11, feeling like we're all in this together. Right. That didn't last very long.


It was unrealistic to think that everybody's going to be that way. People don't get frustrated once.


Also, resources started getting low and people started realizing that they're not going to be able to work for a long fucking time. Do you see the governor got busted? Do you see the photos which governor, governor of California he got busted for, got busted going to a restaurant with twelve people, no social distancing, no masks, all the shit that he's been preaching for, he didn't do. They were saying that he was in outdoors like this is people said it was outdoors, but now they have photos of it 100 percent indoors.


They're all indoors.


But the thing that's setting the unrealistic part about the, you know, people got to push their platform this matches has been crazy. But me, I know I shouldn't be like this. I don't know.


But what does it girls. But what does it represent when I see motherfuckers? Like that in a situation that no man's not so sure, just I just assumed that they all been tested and they all have been in a bubble situation.


That's because you've been in a bunch of bubble situations like what Dave did. He shows down in Yellow Springs, like you told me first, I bubble you here.


You're the first person. You're the first person. You didn't break my nose. You break my finger.


I didn't do it. Yes, you did hire a nurse. You made somebody do it.


You could call it whatever the fuck you want to do. But she worked for you. That's true. And you forced that she had to do it.


Well, I just suggested it probably be a good idea for everybody. Yeah, but it was good for everybody. And you knew that. So we know, like, that's a bubble world. Yeah. But it's not surprising that you see the governor in a situation like that, because I'm pretty sure it doesn't send out the right message, but I'm pretty sure the demand for was tested.


Well, that's what he should have said. They can't say that because they're a politician. And everybody would go, wait a minute, if I just test people, can I go to work like what Dave's doing with all his shows? Yeah.


Test people in the audience and you can have a full audience. You can you know, you have a bunch of people that are healthy.


You know, you you you're taking measures to create a safety. Yes, it's a bubble. Here's the thing that a lot of people understand is that, like, you could literally create your own bubble.


Yes. Like, I know people in certain states, you have to meet a certain requirement to be tested. You can't be a test unless she starts showing symptoms. But you could create your bubble. This testing almost everywhere. There's an opportunity for people to get tested.


It's a little harder than that for most people because but most probably for most people in terms of like just people, just your access to it. It's not that common where you can go to a place and get a quick test yet.


OK, so then what's the difference? And I may be wrong that this may be my ignorance. Like California, like I know the situation, like at Dodger Stadium, you know, I'm saying like for the most part, anybody with I guess California did whatever they can get to know.


But hold on. You know, that takes hours. You know, those people have to wait in line for hours. There was a line to get it done.


Yeah. Yeah.


But there are times if you have a job, man, if you have a job and you're you're supposed to be at work at nine a.m. and you get to the covid thing at seven thirty and they tell you to two and a half hour line, that's what it is. That's the reality.


And most of those aren't giving you the results immediately, not immediately, but enough where you could if you got those results to say you get those results in 18 hours, say you're going to plan a family function or something, don't do shit like you could do.


And what I'm saying is like when the bubble the idea of the bubble first started started with the NBA, you kind of contribute to that. Dave did it.


Well, you actually did it first. Yeah, they did. Did it in UFC, did it first.


But they always thought like, oh, my God, you don't have to be a millionaire to create a safe bubble for you and your family, your friends. Right.


Know you can do it now easier than ever before. But the problem with the governor staying in is other people will let us make a bubble and go to work because that's what they should do. What they could do is what we're doing here.


We're just lucky that podcasting is an essential business. I think she's trying to jump down.


She's not trying to kill herself, you know? I mean, she's just looking over the edge. No, she's my emotional dog. I am. All right, listen, if anybody got jump, it's going to be me.


I'm in tune with her, OK? She's the most adorable little dog ever seen. I never seen a little dog as a puppy.


Maggie River, she's five months old. She knows her biological dad and I'm her new dad.


It was important for me for her to know her biological dad because I didn't want her to come from a place with, like, mental issues, a ship I understand she's into with a mother.


She knows her two brothers and sisters. They have playdates.


She's she knows she's my my little bitch right now. What kind of dog is she?


A Chihuahua pit bull? No. She's fire people that don't look like it's what kind of bit of a toy pit bull? Oh, really? How little one she's toy to our toys, toy pit bulls or cute little dogs. Yes, she's ferocious.


Don't let that fucking Satie's fool you.


Have you ever seen a toy pit bull, Jamie? I think they're really tiny. We know real pit bulls like the fighting pit bulls. They were like 30 pounds. They weren't big dogs, the ones that they bred for fighting, the smaller ones, the little little demons.


I don't know if I can remember ever seeing a small pit bull. Yeah.


Brian Cowan used to have a small pit bull. It was a tiny one and it was ferocious.


That's where he gets his personality from. It's not him. It's not. He bought the animals.


We went to a guy who raised them for fighting. Oh, shit.


Yeah, we were like in our twenties, mostly puppies, but oh my God, look how tiny a little motherfucker look tough, as should the black one.


The black lives matter what his face. Oh, my God. That's ridiculous. That dog's ridiculous. See, that's the thing that they do.


They take these dogs, but they break their legs and shit like that, right?


Well, no, they just breed them. They do what's called the they select. Right.


So like a dog with shorter legs, they'll breed with another dog with shorter legs and they'll try to select for certain traits, like I used to have a dog that was from Hawaii and they used them for hog hunting.


That's what they use his family for. So he had long years.


It was a dog in the Pacific to Hawaii. Yes, yeah.


Yeah, they did. They breed a lot of pit bulls in Hawaii and one of their jobs, because most dogs, how do they go get birds? What the fuck does hog hunting OK, say what they do is in the real thick brush, you can't really get to the hogs.


Like it's hard to shoot me with a gun. Like you're shooting through hundreds of yards of brush or dogs can go in there and get them and they'll hold them to hold the pig.


So there's a style of that makes the hunting easier.


All right. It does. Except for the dog. It's not like the same kind of hunting because you're relying 100 percent on the dogs. Usually there's two groups of dogs, depending on what animal you like. If they hunt mountain lions, he's they'll use a certain kind of dog that be the dog.


It'll be the mountain lion. But if they hunt pigs, a lot of times they'll use an animal that lets you know where the pig is and then they release other animals that hold the pig.


So those are the those are the pit bulls. And then you shoot them.


Well, they usually stab them hand like up. Yeah, it's kind of fucked up. That experience is all about the dog. It's the dog is the one who did it. And you just finished the job down. It's crazy too. There's no excuse me.


There's there's videos of it of the way they do it and it's like woof. And I've been asked to go on one of those hunts. I'm like, I am not interested in doing that.


What happens with the dog gets oh, do they like get new dogs?


But this is a this is a thing that people are doing for two reasons. One, for food. Right.


Because this is the best way that they can get food. Like, you can trap this animal and then that's how you're going to get the animal. If you just rely on just hunting with like a rifle or a bow and arrow and real thick shit with wild pigs, you're probably going to go hungry. So so there's that.


And then the other thing is these are invasive animals, like they were brought over Hawaii and they're wild and they have no predators. So they have to kill them. They have to control them.


So did they bring them up here to kill as a species or something like. I know that. No, no. They brought them over for food.


OK, like Captain Cook and those dudes used to do that shit. These to really go, I don't know.


Captain Cook Island. I know Captain Crunch. I know Captain Crunch. Yeah, that's kind of no Kalacha stuff. Yeah.


Captain Hook was an old pirate, right, wasn't he.


Cook. Cook. Don't say hook. Hook was a pirate too.


Yeah. Yeah. Captain Cook.


He used to go to islands and they would drop off animals so that the next time they came around they'd have something to eat as much as they'd leave goats on an island.


I think that's how the goats got on Galapagos. I think that's how they got on a lot of islands. These pirates or sailors would drop these animals off. But meanwhile, the animals to destroy ecosystems.


Yeah, but you have some fresh goat when you have some fresh go. Yeah, fuck the rivers.


They had a lot of turtles, too.


They killed off a lot of sea turtles because they would take sea turtles and they flip them over and put them on their back and they'd be good for weeks and yep, they would eat them because you don't need you don't need any they don't need anything like they can survive just on their back for weeks and weeks and weeks.


And you don't have to worry about refrigeration for them.


Yeah, but you can't tell somebody you're hunting turtles. You're not trying to do that. They slow as a motherfucker.


Read like a fucking stork this fucking to this turtle for three days.


I think they probably get them on the beach. But if you got them in the water, that'd be quick. Sea turtles.


When I tried to catch a motherfucker, a turtle on the road and it was always one country motherfucker like this, he used was a mechanic in a neighborhood and he had like oil up under his hand. He always helped people's baby mothers were fucking changing the brake pads and shit.


Just one of those grimy. Dirty motherfuckers that eat any type of roadkill and whatever, we saw fucking a deer dead turtle or something. We knew that Nick was going to yell out turtle soup.


Yeah, people me soup. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of it, but I've never had it. Yeah, it seems like it will probably be an alligator.


Meaty, meaty type of family. Alligator tastes good. It is, yeah.


Everything tastes good when it tastes like chicken. That's the reference for any thing. It tastes like chicken. Yeah.


I have frog legs recently. They were good. Yes, I've had problems before, but trying to convince a black person frog legs is a tough sell that order.


Yeah, to get a black person to order frog legs off of a menu is like getting them to say, I want my steak rare.


It's always going to be well done, well done. No, that's what I'm saying, I don't know. But how do you eat your steak? Medium. Medium yupp. Not medium rare. Know there's a lot of black people to watch this year, they're going to be like, I'ma tell you where he changed when they start talking about Billy and Blair.


Yeah. What they was like when they started talking about blood. That's why he lost the streets so that I could do medium medium rare.


I can't do it. I would. I understand. I've had it like that. But my preference would be medium.


Yeah, but average. You know, circlet I grew up around.


My jujitsu instructor eats well done. And when he orders it, I cringe when you talk, Machado. Well done.


I well, you know what that feeling is for the imagine a chef that gets the orders says to welldone steaks at table 49. They're calling them every fucking racial thing today and think, oh, that's the quickest way to fuck it.


Makes my order a fucking well done steak house and not enjoy it.


Not at all. Not cooking it like that. That's a weird thing. Like a preference thing. Like if you ask people's preference, like it's not like you just cook it. Like if you order chicken, they just cook your chicken. They don't ask you what temperature you'd like your chicken breast, but they know they just cook it.




But even pork chops, same thing, right. You don't ask you, but with steak they'll give you options. Why the fuck you give me an option if I can have all done.


You should just have it your way, but it's just insulting. It is it's insulting, like give the opportunity to insult because they do have that as an option.


Have you ever been a certain way, like judge somebody, by the way they think of their stake? Yeah, I do, honestly.


But again, Jean-Jacques Machado, like I said, I have nothing but respect for him. It makes me sad that he likes. Well done. Meet. I know this is going to be bad people, but I.


What type of brother? Emma. But I took my sister out to eat once. She wanted to stay and she ordered well done. I said I think you should order something else. I said, I'm not paying for a leather belt.


Wow. And I didn't have to eat shit. I wasn't going to. I just felt fucked up when you felt judged. I didn't feel I was judging low judging. Yeah. I was like little fucker who should go.


But isn't that the only food that we have that worth like cheeseburgers? Nobody gives a fuck if somebody says, how do you want your cheeseburger?


Like, well in the black community all done in the black community.


When you say cheeseburger, for the most part, that's going to be well done. You don't want to see the pink. That's what they want. They'll tell you all the pink out.


Well, you really should with ground beef. See, the thing with ground beef is you don't know what the surface area is when you're eating ground beef. Right. They take a Cowes, whatever, and they grind it up.


The stuff in the middle like that could have been on the outside. Right. So you don't know. Like when you get a steak, you sear the outside, you cook the outside. There's no room for bacteria. Anything that could have grown on the outside is dead. And the inside you don't have to worry about unless it's rotten.


That's why black people get their fucking hamburgers well done, because that's why we didn't know it. But that's just what it was for hamburgers.


You don't want to get food poisoning, right? Yeah. Hamburgers, unless you are right there when they grind it or you go to a top shelf restaurant where they literally they'll take a piece of chuck roast, you know, or even flame.


And John, like some of them do it with like, oh, you get a burger, there's ground out of filet, a young, you know, right here in the right neighborhood.


They usually add fat to it, believe it or not, to make it juicy. Yeah. Don't make it juicier. What is it? White people with blood. Oh, no. Know, I mean, like like I know this white people get a kick out of like the rarest.


They can order a steak like the blood part of it. Yeah.


You know, but what rare is weird when someone order is rare or you know what blue. You, you proud of the blood. You know, every time you post a picture it's like you you can't just show the meat. You want motherfuckers to see the knife and you do your picture. Joe, it's like you waited for the blood to sweat at a certain temperature, you know, when it looks the bloodiest and that's the shot. That's always what I'm trying to do.


And I'm trying to do is show that it's cooked perfectly. That's medium rare with respect for the meat. When I do it, I use a thermometer.


I mean, I do it nice and slow and I know you know how to cook.


Don't wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Just trying to explain. Said, wait a minute, Joe.


What? You are man of wilderness. Yes. Right. And all that. You will respect it. Right. Look at that. Yeah, look at that, Joe. Look at the perfect. Look at that. That's perfect. It doesn't get better than that.


But you're proud of the color of it because it's perfect. It's perfectly cooked. But it looks it's like, what is it?


That's elk. That's OK, that's super athlete, I argued with someone because I told him that you like elk and I can make elk and they were like this, but I'm Papa makes it.


The last time I spoke to you about me, Kookie, you were very condescending. That's not true. Yes, you were.


You know, I said it the same way I said you got shot. No, OK, I said you can cook. Yeah. And you're not condescending. It is. But the way was that the way you looked at me, you look me up and down. You judge me.


That's different, Joe. That's a difference. What I said I could cook elk. Let me see all I've heard. Let me tell you what I heard you cook really well, OK? I heard you have amazing barbecue skills. That's quite all.


That could be borderline racist. That could be what you said. Barbecue utilize and barbecue is one of the most complex forms of cooking. I know, because when you're doing it slow too much, you fuck it up too little. You don't do it right. And then it's hard to put it back on because it hasn't been sitting at the same temperature the entire time.


That's the art of barbecue. But when I get barbecue, I think about the barbecue. I like the black barbecue. I understand. Like Frankie Beverly and the whole it's a whole production, not just one piece of barbecue. That's what barbecue in Texas is.


Mostly white people, I think. And y'all are personal experiences. I will say this.


White people can fucking smoke some meat. They know how to do it here. I'll tell you that when I first got it, I think it's a place called blacks.


I don't know if you felt a favor, Terry. Blacks phenomenal.


Didn't have that. Frazier didn't break up like. Yes, they broke up once to be with the family.


Then the sons started on their own. They saw the so they literally they had some issues.


I don't want to air their dirty laundry on the podcast, but the somebody stole the music or something happened. Something happened.


Somebody came up to see these people. Terry, blacks in town has only been open since 2014, I believe. And it feels like a place has been around a hundred years. I mean, they got it dialed in. That barbecue's off the hook.


Think about it. They have to have it dialed in. If if they came up generation to generation. Yeah. They're just putting whatever the recipe is, whatever the loved I know they make their own, they make their own smokers'.


They use giant propane tanks and they make their own smokers.


Or maybe that's what I enjoy next level. Yeah.


Why people level of barbecue on it when they start doing the machines and I just say they hire someone to make their smokers, but they get this dude to make the smokers out of propane tanks. They're not buying like a big commercial smoker. They're having this commercial smoker main.


They give us a game, bro. They did an amazing job.


They wanted it to their specifications. And those those propane tanks are thick as fuck. It's heavy. Dead man.


Where's the wood? Where you cook with wood? OK, wood is an offset.


You know those smokers work, right? So you have an office, a fire box.


The fire box is over on the side and they're constantly checking the temperature and opening the flues. Make sure it's at a perfect temperature.


And then you've got the smoker, which is off to the side and they're moving me around because it's hotter where the air comes right out. But they've got the really well, it's. Oh, my God, they got it dialed in. The brisket is ridiculous. It's so good.


That's what I'm talking about. That's just M.S. amount and it's it don't come off bloody like that. It's different kind of animal. That's that's that's elk. I mean, you could have elk and you could do it that way. They cooked the neck meat that way.


My friend John Dudley, we're dead meat.


Neck meat because the neck meat is very strong. Dense because elk has giant antlers. Right.


So it's like it's doing weights, but the elk doesn't have no fatty is no fat cat, no fat, no fat.


There's a little bit of fat on the outside of them, but there's no fat in the meat at all. It's a totally different thing. So you've got to cook it slow.


So if it's anything other than that, like medium rare like that, it's going to be tried out. Right. You want it just cooked slowly and seared on the outside. So I take a totally different approach if I'm cooking like a rib eye from a cow versus the elk steak, completely different way of cooking.


I know that because you never post regular steak pitches.


It's like I know you don't you don't never you fucking once you did your fucking first elk, your regular steak picture was just dead man. Well, they're not as interesting to me.


Regular steak is great. I'll cook it, I'll eat it. But the elk is like I have an intimate relationship with that.


Everyone knows that. Of course I make it. Even when I tell people I'm going to do your show, they're like, take a bite of the elk for me. I'm serious, man. It's like, yo, you dussel kosher.


They say you do a lot of kosher, but they never seen you. And you told me, do I really want elk?


And I was like, yeah, but if I had I was in the hospital recovering from an injury so I couldn't get here the way I wanted to.


That's a a lucky injury in the sense. Right. I mean, all the things that could have gone wrong with your thumb, not even need surgery. Right. Look at the bullet fragments out.


I mean, that's that's how I run my life, man. I try to make it easy as possible. Anybody else could have made this injury. I've been fucked up, if the pandemic had stopped, me, neither can this fucking thumb man. Yeah, how does it feel? I know it's crazy because you get it all the time from being from a place like you were saying, like what we took advantage of. Yeah. One of the things we never took advantage of because we always did it.


But not having it accessible to you all the time, how does it feel here with not being able to like, you know what, I'm going to go do like fucking three spots and hammer some shit out real quick?


Well, I haven't done that since March. You know, since the store closed down. There was no comedy at all in L.A. So was right.


It was a whole life shift. The only time I did it on the road was July, and in July, I did four shows at the Houston Improv. I had a great fucking bitches just left here, man. Great place it was.


Did you feel I know this sounds crazy. I know we will get to some shit masked shit story, but it's a club that had a certain capacity and they got to trim it down to meet whatever the mandated. But people were in their temperature checked. They were in there. Yeah, I know this sounds crazy. Some people wear masks. Some people didn't have me mistaken. They sell tickets as a group. Right.


I don't know if they're doing that now, but they're doing that a lot of places in. It's like. You feel good about it? Yeah, you know, but then it's like people take away from that feeling because it's always somewhere like where's the mask? Where's the mask? Right there.


There are people that are rightly upset at people taking risks because those people that do take risks could then get sick and they're irresponsible enough to take a risk and get sick. They might be irresponsible enough to go out and mingle with people when they know they're sick. But the people like that, some people are selfish. You know that, right? I know that.


Yeah. So that's why you have to be. And then they could even give it out when they don't know they have it. But you asymptomatic but then.


At some point, don't you have to be selective about the people that you and your favorites, don't you have to be selective on the chances? This is my frustration. I'm not a mess or a namaskar like people make the argument. But what if I mean, what if I go to the grocery store and I have my mask on and there's this old lady that doesn't have a mask on, then I don't think you should go places where. It could be people that.


Don't have the mask on. Shouldn't you order online or something? Just don't get in a lady's face and you're going to be fine. It's man, I don't think you should tell some old lady that she has to put a mask on. I ran into a lady at the grocery store. She didn't have a mask on like aunt, what are you going to do? She's old man. I mean, this lady, she probably feels terrible breathing through the mask and he feels like she doesn't have much time.


But I have an asthma attack. She had one arm, but she was doing this shit.


I got your argument up, you know, that you were doing. I get yelled it. I went to a grocery store. I'm getting a couple of items. And I had my mother forgive me.


And Joe, when I tell you the tip of my nose was showing the tip, right. He you got man. And this lady's behind plexiglass. She had sanitized. She was squirting register. She had a mask. Everything in my shirt went right to the tip of my nose, like, sir, sir, sir, sir, you got to put your mask on. You got to put your mask on. I'm like, I'm sorry. OK, then I got to pay.


I do Apple Pay, but to get into my phone, you got to open up the phone with my face. Yeah. So I put it down. Sir, I'm sorry. I'm like, I'm trying to pay. I got a log on my face. She was like, well you can't do that in here. Right. You can't use Applebum, I can't show my face to open my phone. You got a Samsung pay, they let you use your fingerprint.


Time to switch to Android. I don't have an android. I don't have. That's very evil for you to another.


I know, but I want to talk about your fucking phone, Joe. Why is it evil? Because it was the wrong time.


It was the wrong time. And the thing I was making so I had told you guys, this is so this is what I had to do, Joe, I had to actually stand, leave the register, go to where I could outside. Yeah. Show my face up in front of. And I went to pay. And then when that happened, I could have been pissed, but I couldn't be like, you know what, I'm just never going to go to the store again.


Well, it's just a lady working, we'll just put the mask over your nose. I'm not going to put myself in a situation where I can get frustrated. I didn't. It was just. Is there any Apple pay? But you already arguing with her, right, that part of the problem, I never said I was arguing, so she was already telling you, put your mask over your nose.


So she was a heightened state of awareness.


Frustration. Yeah, but she was I don't know if it was. You know what? It was me. I didn't see that energy around anybody else. Perfect time to use the Blackheart. I'm not going to do it.


It's the note card. If she saw your nose and she's some people are just like real sticklers for shit.


You know, Brigitte Fennessy, the comic from L.A. writer, she told me she was walking on one side of the street. There was a guy across the street on the sidewalk on the other side yelled at her, put a on.


Let me tell you some of this argument. I know it's for safety and everything. I know it's for safety and what the laws we on. But for some people, it's a perfect opportunity to be an asshole. Exactly. It's like and that's like the fine line is like, do you really care about this mess? You get to either this discrimination against mass people and now Noma's people.


It's just people have an opportunity to tell people what to do. They get mad, hey, do you want to hear it? And they get mad because, you know, listen to the rules fucking right.


Well, that's why people are particularly upset at this Gavin Newsom shit, because he goes into one telling us you can't have large gatherings for Thanksgiving, stay home, social distance, wear a mask in between bites of food.




This guy's been saying all this shit and then he's doing now you can see him eating at a restaurant.


So does that mean that we believe everything is what you got?


So that's a perfect example of, you know, a lot of things are motivated through politics and looks. You don't say everything that you see, not what. It's not really what you think it is. So how much how much are you going to put into a person like what their thoughts ition?


Yeah, not much.


What kind of person wants to do that? That's the problem. What kind of person wants to be a governor? They're not normal. And you didn't care until the pandemic when the pandemic rolled around. You realize, oh, the mayor matters. It really matters here.


You know what I think a lot of them like? Like, have dreams of a certain amount of fame and want to be superstars. Yeah, because even though you say you do it for the people, you have to be likable or have some type of personality to connect with those people.


And you're cultivating your act. They have an act to 100 percent. They have an act different than our act or act is to make people laugh. Their act is to get people to think that they're the person who's got the solution. There's our leader.


So this is to lie. Yes. One hundred percent. You know what we're going through with all of this shit and even with this last election, whoever you decide, you might appreciate, whatever it was just a weird thing going on. It was a weird thing going on. And I was watching one of David Goggins posts. And I have to say, David Geiger's, I've never seen anybody have worse feet than my feet.


Oh, his feet are broken down.


But but he's just he just got done running 240 miles.


I know you are going to defend. And I was going to say the same thing, Joe. I know you're going to say, but what has he done with his feet and what have you done with.


So I know you were going to be like, you know, how many mountains those are fucking rock blisters.


Yeah, legitimate. I know he's going to say that. And that's the point I was going to make at this point. I was going to make.


He said everybody, yeah, Jesus Christ, look at those big toes.


Yeah. Those look like great like they've been through. That is hilarious. Those that thing on the left, you showed me that if you cut out like the right foot's big toe, that right foot's big toe. If you showed me a photo of that and didn't show me the rest of his foot, I'd be like, that's like a snail or something.


People would say, if you do that, people say, that was my foot. That's a Mars Mars rock.


But like you said, let me just zoom zoom in on just the toe. Don't show me anything but his right toe. That's a rock from Mars. That's that's not real. But that's fucking a lot of miles joke. That's a brain of steel.


That man has a brain of steel. That's the lie. He knows how to force himself to do shit that hurts.


This is what he was saying. He did whatever it is. He one thing about him, he always has to remind you that he was a fat piece of shit. Yep. It does it like that got to be fat.


Must be the number one motivating thing for you that toe.


God damn. So if you didn't see the rest of it, like what is that.


Oh that's a rock somewhere that's on another planet.


It's a satellite but that's a satellite phone. White people, your growth is just a satellite. You want to see blood and pus come out of my fuck. I know you're like Jamie, go closer.


But the point he made and he said he said everybody. I used to be a fat piece of shit. Yeah. It was three, four pounds. Yeah, I was three. And when I was a piece of shit everybody's looking for, I need to answer with this person I need is that person will fuck it. Why don't you be the answer for yourself. Yeah. That's, that's, I know people like. Well that's easy to say but why not find the answers.


You need a life through yourself. Right.


And through what you do, your hard work and type of person and type of human and type of father you are.


That's why people like him are so important, because he'll tell you what people like him are so important because he'll tell you he used to have no discipline.


Right. So like I got to say now, this is not something he was really quick.


I got in a rut. It's often he said this is because I was having coffee with Dave today. And then he said that about you because I was talking about I can't drink no shit with my antibiotics when I got shot and everything. And in some kind way we talked about you and and that's what he said. He said, I fucking love and respect his discipline. I do have some of that. Yeah, you know, lazy, too, man, I forced myself and all the stuff that I do.


Yeah, but you get challenged by something, though. Something kicks you in the ass. Yeah, well, I don't I don't like falling. I don't like. Not doing what I'm supposed to do, so I forced myself to do what I'm supposed to do, but it's never easy. It's not easy. You know, it's like I always would think of disciplined people as being like there was no wavering. They just got up and did it.


But, you know, the other thing Goggins tells you, he sometimes I stare at my shoes for 30 motherfucking minutes for putting pictures on you because you want to look at the ugliest damn son I got.


That's not what he's talking about, though. He's talking about I love his words. Did I'll just open up my own story. Right. And after I just saw David Gagas feet, you got to help me get that. Look at this.


So we sold candles. No, son. You don't know about your son. That is. Joe, put a little on your hand, please. Put it on your hand. It smells good. That's shit. Is vegan. It's all natural is fire, son.


Oh, yes. We can watch what I say. So that's what I say. Nice. Watch how long that shit last, Joe.


OK. Feels good. I know it sounds weird. Look at this. You know, I just think it's raw edge. These greens are all on the back. I know you don't got your glasses. You have to read it. But it's like type of oils and coconuts I've never heard of in my life, like coconut, coconut or Google.


All the black. That's the only CBD sun. Kill me.


I don't know what this stuff is. We're not Manganaro Oil.


What's Google, Google and Mad Rich Plant butter's good mad.


You you laugh inside, you're laughing but that shit is fires so I'm just laughing at Erica Badu. Put that shit on. Right. I love it. Erykah Badu put that shut. Not as you say. Oh thank you. Listen, every Erykah Badu put that on side as she starts rubbing some real, real slow. She hasn't been on a big pandemic in a while. And she was like she was like, is it edible?


Wow. She won. She she really high. Are you disrespecting my product or, you know, if I was thinking about taking cream and eating it, I'd probably have to be pretty high.


Certain people react to things differently. It does smell like food, though. When I was like a delicious.


But wait, but wait till it's like it's like food. It is. It's like food for your. But your body is eating right now, John.


And 100, 100 milligrams of CBD. Yeah. Look at mango.


There it is. Right. You have some cocoa butter. We got all this. When did you start this business? I started and I've been working on the formula for two years. Scroll down to look at that.


I know. That's why does it say to classy because that's the filling Ashie to classI. I think that's a feeling you have.


Look at that. I like the sparkle.


The thing about a joke, I've been as you my whole life. Right. You know, and for years, people like you should do lotion. You should do lotion.


I'm like, man, it's kind of corny. I mean, it could be the novelty could be funny. You'll actually Larry got his own lotion and I was like, fuck that shit. Did not met with this young lady. And she's like a chemist when it comes to this lotion shit. And we start working on it.


And then when I when I finally tried what was the end product, I was like, this should really work. Like, it really works and is good.


It sounds like it's good for your muscles too, because it's good for everything. Your hands are going to thank me later. I believe it. What is the name of the website to Rollins. That's where you can get it done in stores. I know.


I like it. I like it. Look, are you entrepreneurial? I never. This is one thing that came out of this, not just for me, Joe. For a lot of people think about this. A person that makes their money on the road, a road, a real road coming. This happened to me. 95 percent of the money I make is on the road. 95 percent of the shows I had are done. So only thing I have from what I usually make is that five percent and not did enough for shit.


Right. And even though you could have some money stacked up or whatever you still got, you got to ask yourself what the fuck is going to be the pivot?


I don't think the pivot is going to come for a long time either in terms of us being able to get back to work. No, no, no. We got to go next summer. Next summer, you think?


Joe Donelle. Well, I'm not trying to say I don't believe in Korona right now, but we are on the track of not just this shit, but being able to have it under control. We're about to get to the point where people are going to have more security. You know, I'm saying just think about think about the progress we made in a year from when it first happened. You take a Corona test. You had to wait like seven days.


Right? Think about it. When we first when it first hit, we had like, oh, my God, it was so scary, so scary. And then all these ventilator's ventilates Vinolas. But if you know now since when the pandemic started, yet we still losing people. But you don't hear that ventilator talk too much.


No more. Well, ventilators are actually a bad idea. And now they realize my point.


You know, I figured out a lot finding this. I did a whole podcast yesterday on covid with Nicholas Christakis. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Kopenhagen. He believes that covid is a real problem. Yeah, for sure.


You know, I believe it, but I believe it's controlled. Uncontrollable.


It is control Abbo I think it's a multifaceted problem and I think we're only handling one aspect of it, which is keep people from working, keep people home, keep people away from people.


No, you can't do treating people like their children.


You got to this is what you got to do. Got to let them go outside. This is what you got to do. We're going to have more creative ways to make money like you think about the comedy scene when we thought, like, the only place that tells jokes was on a stage. And I was I had some resentment toward some of those outdoor events. The parking lot. Shit. First time I saw one of those parking lot shows with horns, I was like, never give a heckler an instrument to fuck your show on.


Like, there's no way I'm going to have these motherfuckers look like me. There's no way I'm going to be.


Yeah, but people are happy to be out, man. It's a different experience.


That's the point I was making, like. You you you could suppress people, you can call them for a certain amount of time, but after a while you have to figure something out.


My point is we're going to make something. You're only looking at one side of it. They're not looking at telling people how to be healthy. There's no talk about that.


Yes, that's what's up. Right, son? You a strong motherfucker. All you need is a strong Jamy. Might be the least strong out of everybody.


Stop. Just like Jamie Dingman. Jamie, I'm not saying you're not strong saying.


I'm not saying that guy, but you know, I'm just saying yeah. Or Right. Bad. Oh yeah. I forgot about. Yeah. You listen you just got to read Tony. It's Cliff.


He's got a deadly three pointer and he runs like Jamie's in shape and Blacksheep because that's black people shape. He does, that's black people shape run play basketball to pull ups and push ups.


You do like the jail workouts.


Jamie is actually in good shape. I know. I believe. I'm sorry, Jim. I mean, if I get it, he's back there, you know. God damn. I know. Did what he did. What he started is like, yo, what he foully talks.


Jamie, so much from that video of you dunking, shooting three pointers. I never said he couldn't play basketball.


Dude, it's impressive. Like Rain Man. Sure. No, no, no.


He can't talk. But working on that shit, he's hitting three pointer after three pointer like Rain Man. Something weird about him. Like he's got like that might he might have a wire crossed in his brain.


I didn't know he was. That's what I'm saying is to go back to your point, Joe, it's everybody's talking about the end of Korona, like Don Lemon, man. Don Lemon, man. Don Lemon served for years. For four years. He complained he was mad at Donald Trump for four fucking years. Yeah, four years. And I was like, man, if Donald Trump wins this election, Don Lemon is going to jump off the CNN building.


Do you remember all the faces when he won last time? We won in twenty sixteen. There are so depressed, Jake Tapper and all those people on TV, just like mother fucker. I can't believe them.


Yeah, but here's the thing, Joe. I'm like, I don't think you're supposed to do that. If you're doing the news, you're doing commentary on that. Like if you doing the news, you're supposed to say the news.


Joe, let us figure it out. Joe Toño. Joe, that's why I do subscribe to the notion that fake news like to be honest, it's all fake. It's all of them are fake. It's fake. And this is what I did. What I keep on telling people is like, how do I know you're upset? But when you're like you, you're it's all personal, like everything is to the heart. Like, well, that's where it gets weird.


Those two guys, Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, both of them, they do this editorializing and this like it's almost like they're doing a podcast and our opinion is all in it, in their opinions on it. But it's also on the other side, too. But it's encrypted. Yeah.


And they're doing it on a news channel. There's a lot going on there.


But that's why if you don't there here's another thing about the media. If you didn't understand whatever part of you agree with whatever. If you don't understand.


How easy it is to manipulate the media. Joe, it is so, so simple to manipulate the media, to manipulate the media and the people who listen to it.


Well, that's what does manipulate people.


Well, what do you mean by manipulate the media?


Like, you can create stories, you could create stories, you could make things happen. I got shot because I see I got shot my motherfucking thumb. That's what I heard. And a lot of people don't believe me. Well, I believe you. I don't believe that you believe me.


So that's what I believe.


But that's not the point I'm making is like when I got when I first got shot, Joe opposed to know I didn't want to post it because I know I didn't want to get no war in the streets going on. People like going out looking for the person who shot me my thumb. So I kept it to myself. I didn't really bring it to people's attention. I posted one picture of in a hospital, everybody's like, you're OK, you're OK.


They don't know how what I got shot for, but they're just they instantly got connected to their story.


Did you ever think of not posting it? I did. What made you decide to post it? The world needs to know, the world needs to know a little bit, because I had to postpone when I was lucky, shot up, not locked up, you know, it's like, yeah, I wasn't ready to share to the world that I didn't know how my friend was going to take it.


OK, then I wanted to be transparent, to be honest, and let them know I got shot. That's what I did. I see you feel like you still don't believe. I do believe you. I think you're just looking for a very specific reaction from me.


I gave that up a long time ago. I get out of the way, whatever. That's what made me nervous the first time I came up. I want to talk to us, say what you say. Don't try to. All right.


I'm here. You are here.


But are you thinking about bailing out of L.A. yet? I think so, yeah. A lot of people are the reason that we started feeling. When we don't well, you don't really need Hollywood like that, you know, I don't think anybody needs it anymore.


Some people thought that you're right. Some people thought they thought it was like you had to be here every night.


I thought I needed to be there for a long time. And then once what happened this situation, then you realize, oh, what can I do? You like.


Wait a minute. I really can make my own community. Yes, I can make my own community. Not only that, you get connected to all the other communities like all the other podcasts. We all help each other. We're all together.


I will say one one, one thing. What people do when it comes to podcasts, they support each other.


Yeah, we support each other. But you know what, man? That's a new thing, because in radio it was the opposite. When we had radio, they'd attack each other. Like I remember Opie and Anthony was always at war with Howard Stern. And, you know, Jay Leno was always at war with all the other late night talk show hosts. And.


But did you think that made people engage? Do you think that made people engage with their platforms? No, no, no, no.


Just they were just scared because they only had to like back in the day when you were on television or the radio, you had a very specific time slot.


You had six a.m. day at 10 a.m. right. Day parts and other people were also on at 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and no one's recorded anything.


So you have to listen to it live. I was a part of television. I was a part of that.


I don't know if I was a part of when Hot 97 was the biggest in urban radio, New York was the biggest. And then I was I was doing radio when I went to five, came and became a competitor. They had no competition at first, you know, it was just them. Then it got challenged. And that was that's what made for interesting, interesting shift between both of them is like, yeah, we talk shit about ninety seven point ninety seven point five and then you start listening to both of them to see what shit they're talking.


You could do that if you them or you could listen. And if you'd like it, tell people it's good. That's what podcasters do. Like if I'm listening to your show, I'll tell people Toño Rollin's shows hilarious or listen to this guy or listen to her or listen to what I'll tell people. People I don't even fucking know, man. I tell people about podcasts that I listen to from NPR or fucking Radiolab, what I always tell people because I'm interested in cool shit.


I want to know about cool shit. And if I find cool shit, I want to tell other people about cool.


That's cool. But they're worried about if they talk about something else going to take opinions, it's going to take attention away from them.


That's what's called famine, thinking you can never tame them. Famine, famine, famine, feast or famine. I'm a feast thinker. I always think there's enough for everybody. Everybody come aboard. I want everybody to be happy. I want everybody to make money. I want everybody to be famous. I want everybody to be happy.


I want them to be fulfilled. I don't want to be the man. That idea being the man is to me is ridiculous.


That's your idea. But in yourself, when you do stuff like that, for some people in their perception of you, that's what makes you the man. That's what makes you if you able to inspire and motivate, that's what makes you the man that you know.


You say, you know, I'm happy if that's the case. The people think that way. But I know I'm in a position to be generous.


So they know it. They hold it against you, too. It feels good to be generous, but they hold it against people that don't like me.


They hold it against you that I have that I have you on. Know, people that don't like me, they'll still hold it against me because you didn't like you. Because, like, there is a podcast.


Jamie, Jamie, just wanted to know, what are you talking about? They know they'll tell you like you don't know you. Yeah, but like some people, they told me they wasn't going to like you anymore because you liked me. Good luck if that's who you are. They said they was going to like you because you didn't.


But that's ridiculous. Anybody who thinks like that is out of their fucking mind.


They was like, no, they were special. I just I don't read the comments, Joe. They were saying shit like this. They're just like, well, Joe was right up to this point.


Like, you had a track record like, yeah, I believe everything said until he got loudmouth up.


There is a thing I don't think anybody will ever understand the camaraderie that we all have. Right. Comics have. It's a different world, but the podcast world is totally different.


Ya, ya, ya motherfuckers.


It's just like but man, the podcast is so fucking dope and a podcast where it was ready for the pandemic. Yeah, the podcast was like this. What pandemic. I get to spend more time with my kids. I could talk to my kids and you get to spend more time doing podcasts because everybody's free.


Yeah. Even if you have to do those stupid zom podcasts, you're still spending more time doing podcasts.


Yeah, but it's like. You figured out like they knew it was going to happen before it fucking happened. I came in, right? Well, I think I came in right at the right time.


I don't think they knew it was going to happen before it happened. But I think they got lucky.


They got lucky that look, man, back when I was just dependent upon Hollywood and gigs, I'd be fucked right now.


I'd have no income coming in. But just sort of future to send you to. I said this to you before.


Like when you hear, like Joe Rogan, you hear about the Spotify deal and you hear about all this type of shit, blah, blah, blah, and then you what you don't understand.


Like I said, Joe, everybody wants to be you right now, but nobody wants to be you. When people are saying no and equipment was breaking down and we didn't know what was going to do it.


You know, thing is, I never I didn't think about it that way. I didn't think like I know this is going to blow up. I thought, I like doing this. I'm going to keep doing so. You just continue to have fun.


I just do what I like. Right. All the shit that I do. If you think about it, I just do what I like, whether it's stand up comedy or whether it's UFC commentary or there's doing a podcast. I do what I like. I do what I like. I don't think, oh, if I do this, it's going to be huge.


I just do what I like.


That's the most empowering thing that is so hard. That's the most important thing that it's so hard for people to feel comfortable enough to do it.


It's what they're like because they turn it in, turn it into my it's my focus as fuck bitches all the time.


You know, I'm saying they can figure out a way to get a W, not anything for it. You don't get they get nervous about the future too.


You got to have enough confidence in yourself to take chances, do you think.


There are a lot of positives out here, there's a lot of is our country pussy, our country has a lot of pussy in it because it's too easy to get by and it's human nature to become soft when when things are easy and when you're in any sign of any kind of struggle whatsoever.


That's when the real pussy's emerge because they can't get away with any pressure or they go, well, they leave them.


You see how bad they are. Yeah. Because they fall apart. Any adversity at all. Anything. But this is beyond that now because it's not beyond that.


Now, Joe, the reason why I should be on this is the fact that this is a personality trait or just as a side of not to say that I'm a fan of Donald Trump or anything, but it was certain things that I could understand where the thought comes from.


But how you articulate to people is all fucked up.


The way you articulate it is it's like so terrible that people need filters certain people need, like Kanye West needs interpreter.


You know what he needed? He needed a coach because someone coached him for that second Biden debate. If you watched that second Biden debate, he was calm and cool, that Biden worked himself up and stammer and lie about shit.


And he treated still attacked him, but he attacked him in a different way. The first time he did it, he was obnoxious. He kept talking over him. He didn't let them talk. It was ridiculous. Everybody wanted to shut his mike off. But then someone must have coached him for this or he realized himself, I'm going to take a different approach.


I'm going to tell you the difference. Let me tell you something different. Whatever numbers you say, the loser of this election still won.


Breaking a record I know is that second place still was second place in the first place and any other time in history. What the shit and everything. That's nuts.


Let's show everybody realize it's important when you when you realize that a guy like Donald Trump can become president, you realize, oh, my God, it's actually important to vote your brother.


You know, it has to it's you see those numbers, yo, it was like. It was crazy, it was like in certain places, separated by 5000 votes, I know ten thousand votes is tight and you could say you can make it there, you can make an argument, could win either way. Here's to man. Donald Trump. Let it be known that. He didn't give a fuck about anybody but his base. Yeah, pretty much that's it.


And I'm not saying if it was a numbers game, I understand it like there's a certain amount of people to help you. We'll help you get elected. There's a certain amount of people. That's why you have strategist and shit. Like if we do this, we get these robo calls here and everything. You know, it's a sign that there's certain people that can help you get there. You know, if he.


But he never made no but like if he softened his approach up, I think the base would not have appreciated it. That's the No. It's like love him or hate him. It's very polarizing to hate him. Works for. Right. For situation. Whereas Biden I don't think people love Biden.


Something has to be, I don't think to dislike, but they hate Trump. The people that voted for Biden hate Trump most of or just feel like we just can't do this anymore.


That's the people that voted for Biden hate Trump, but they're not excited about him the way they're excited about Obama or excited about Clinton or excited about a million other presidents in the past nine million.


Yeah, but for the most part, every time is woodstoves because somebody goes totally opposite of what was going on. Yeah, there's a little bit of that, but it's usually bullshit, you know, it's bullshit, man.


But I'm like these old stories, these old stories of the repeating over and over again.


Biden is filling up his cabinet with all these billionaire hedge fund people like not hedge fund people by the environment, like the guy that is involved in environmental.


He just just hired some guy to get upset about I don't know what color is. I was reading about these important environmental advisor.


That's important because he that's important to work for a fucking oil company. The black part is important to me. An environmental adviser was taking money from fossil fuel companies and like, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.


This guy has ties to fossil fuels and you're doing something with him that involves the environment. There could be a conflict of interest. That's what I'm saying.


Yeah. If he's a black guy, OK, yeah, it fine. We'll find out right now.


I bet they probably won't listen. This is I think they're probably going to hire a lot of Republicans are really dead.


Already started a black guy.


They're going to they're going to hire a lot of people that want to listen. And in their defense, they probably think some radical things need to be done to kick start the economy.


Right now, I'm kind of fucked. I agree, but I don't know how they're going to go to work together. I think they're all dirty, bro.


They all work together. Here goes. Biden just appointed his client. Yes. Told you.


Said it's a fossil fuel industry ally.


Yeah. There he is. Black. Look at black shit. That's all I need, Joe. There you go. He raked in big money from fossil fuel industry while waiting to help oil and gas come are voting, rather, to help oil and gas companies look at his greeting them is different.


Look, it's like. Chuckles Hey, fella, my.


There's a video of Lindsey Graham and Kamala Harris fist pumping each other.


It's adorable coming here, reaching across the aisle that that was a good move.


Walk by fist bumps.


Well, she's the only good move. She's strong.


You know, she was a district attorney. She's got some questionable arrests. And, of course, there's some shit that she's just arresting people and keeping them in prison to use them as to fight wildfires and shit.


But I and my community, I've heard people talk about her and everything she is. You have trusted her. You believe her. What I did believe in was when she got elected to be the first female vice president, first black black president within a couple of days to commercials I've seen on different urban platforms or just period. It's been, you see, a little black girl, right, looking up to something.


You know, we see that shadow with her standing there in the black girls in the shadow, black girls in shadow.


But the little girls are just showing. It's like this could be that. Yeah, they feel black girl Joy.


They see something that's she also you know, she didn't know she put up just but she didn't do just bad things. She did a lot of good things. She prosecuted a lot of child sex predators, a lot of pieces of shit, a lot of bad people. She wasn't just up for the situations where people should have been let out of jail, weren't.


But there's also like this is the thing that we have to realize when it comes to district attorneys and just attorneys and prosecutors and defense attorneys in general, they're trying to win a game and it gets dirty.


When I tell you what, they're trying to prosecute people that you haven't yet. But I'm sure you will with you're trying to prosecute people or defend people.


The people defend people they know are fucking guilty. And they'll keep shit from the prosecution even though they know they're defending a guilty person.


They do it all the time.


So people prosecute people that they're not sure are guilty and they'll pretend they're sure that that person's guilty because they want to win and they'll withhold information that could potentially exonerate that person because they're playing a game. When you let people play a game, any time you let people play a game and someone's trying to win, they cheat. They try to figure out a way to do better than you with with influence, by withholding things, by holding things back. They know this judge.


They're tight with this lawyer. Right. They try to win a game. You've made it a game. So you got a prosecutor and you got a defense attorney. So you've got two competing forces.


You're always going to have lies 100 percent because people play games. So that was the business.


She's in her, but it's just business. So that was that's her business. That's their business. And they are a business of words.


Like you said, there's no business laws. How do I win? Particularly laws, but laws are the work.


How do I win with these words? Right. Right. No matter what you think, how do I win with this? Come on. Come on. You know that's not right. We're not talking about right. We're talking about what we could prove. And that's what law is all about. Right?


Well, that is if you are a defense attorney, that's your job is to protect someone and try to get them off even if they might be guilty. And if you're a prosecutor, your job is to prosecute somebody you're not. Your job is not to go, hey, we might be wrong. Your job is not to go. Hey, let's go.


But the shady shit is when you don't play by the rules and you withhold information or or withhold evidence. And people have done that in the past. And that's when things get real squirrelly because like, OK, now you're not playing the game, you're using your unfair advantage.


But, you know, no, it doesn't surprise me. But what I'm saying is it doesn't make a person all bad. Right. She's not all bad. Like, she's done a lot of very good things.


I read an article about all the different things she did, including the different things that she did that a lot of people thought were bad, like her charms threatening moms with they would go to jail if their son was truant.


But it turns out no one ever went to jail. It was a threat. And obviously it's terrifying to be a single mom and think you might get put in jail because your son is just running around and doesn't show up at school because you've worked two jobs trying to put food on the table. But nobody ever actually did get arrested and went to jail because be too hard to prove this shit, man.


And some people and in some cases some people aren't. And I don't know if this was because some people are too lazy in certain situations to.


Well, I'm saying it's not a good idea to threaten a mother because she's a single mom trying to get by and her son is not going to school. It's not good to threaten her with jail time.


But sometimes people stop to make decisions. Sometimes people make decisions like drastic decisions like that. And maybe at the time they had a perspective that's different than the perspective that they have now. It's called evolution.


I want everybody to have look, I want them to have a clean slate. Biden, Harrison, there now I think clean slate, forget about.


But let's see what could happen. They can do the best thing to the people they put into office all the cabinet. Let's give them a chance. We want them to do. Well, this is. What was so fucked up about Trump being in office, I mean, well, you're exactly so many people hated him. They really would rather the country do bad under him, because if the country was killing it under him, he's like, look, killing it on the best.


I told you that everybody's like, fuck, right. At least maybe please.


Even Trump supporters going at this one with a different attitude. Let's let's all together say we want the best for America. What's what's done is done. The election's over. Maybe you were Tulsi Gabbard fan like myself. Maybe you like Bernie Sanders like myself, but maybe you like fucking Django.


Django. I love Yangyang. I love Andrew Yang. He's a he's an awesome guy. I love a lot of his ideas.


But for now, we know where it is with Biden and Harris.


Let's jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump. Or you got different level jumpers. Well, there's a lot of people that think there's some mad as a motherfucker who don't want to hear shit, son.


Part of the problem is he's telling them that it's a rigged election.


He's telling them that's what's so special. But part of the problem is all elections have some corruption. They just fucking do.


They've been around for not enough for you to say when you leave a nigga. I don't think there's any keeping secrets, Joe.


Well, Mike Baker, who used to be in the CIA, was on Mike Baker or your Baker Maestri.


His name is Mike Baker. He was in the CIA and he came on the podcast recently.


He was telling me that even if they did overturn it, even if they did rather like find corruption, the amount of votes you're talking about in most states, not enough.


It's not enough. Not nearly enough. But it would have to be crazy corrupt. Yeah. Like he's doing these mumbo jumbo five or six people.


But yeah, that's the Pettys. No, no, it's not five or six people. They got him. I think they were virgins.


They uncovered two different things today in I want to say it's Michigan where they found a memory card that had more votes for Trump than Biden. But it's still it was close. It was like one thousand for Biden in one thousand, a few hundred for Trump, like four or five hundred for Trump. Where do you get the memory card from, son?


I do not know. Come on. I think there's a lot of initials going to put up any memory card.


So motherfuckers American who's counting votes got the memory card from the machine. Who told you that story? This is in the news. Which news outlet it was in three or four different ones. And they all said the same thing.


Well, they all said that there was a memory card that was discovered and they showed the counts in the memory card. But they've also found like other ballots that didn't get counted yet. There's just a lot of disarray. You're dealing with human beings that are counting millions of millions and counting, a lot of them just paper. They're getting mail and they're opening it up. And they have to find out.


I didn't understand this. What I understand, Joe, this is so funny.


It kind of like backfired, right, that the million votes would kill Trump. That's what they're saying. Yeah, for the most part. And the funny thing about it, Trump has the type of following that he literally would tell them to do anything. They're going to do it.


He told motherfuckers not to mail in. Yeah, well, he wanted to make a point come in in person.


Well, this is the how do you make a Joe answer the question how you made that point, understand? Making that point when you're not in the middle of a fucking pandemic, you don't understand like that. That would've been a great argument in sixteen, especially for old folks. Right. For anybody that wants to participate. But the only thing that will stop them is if they're going to go outside and risk their lives. So you're not thinking to give that person the opportunity to be a part of it?


Yeah, and that's the part that kind of fucked it up.


Well, I don't know if he definitely wanted people to vote in person, but did he ever encourage people to vote by mail as well, or was he always saying that mail was going to get a fraud sign?


Right. Oh, shit. Was Kraut's like, duck somebody's Secret Service, break the secret, tell motherfucker joke. Somebody tell us about the fact that the Korona is out here.


He caught it. He knows it was out there.


This nigger caught it right. And gave all his Secret Service give a Secret Service because this Secret Service, they got to keep it secret.


I'm sure they're young and healthy, too. They probably shook it off pretty easy. Decided people, don't they?


Probably got the same medicine he got. You know, the medicine is probably a lot of the medicines. Call your immune system being up to par. It's much like everybody is talking about is the lazy route. No one wants to say this a little bit of that.


But they also gave him a bunch of experimental shit. They gave him these this antibiotic antibody blood transfusion medication. They gave him what was called Regeneron is what it's called, Jamie. So they gave him some other I don't know if it's experimental or if it's like Resul recently been released.


They gave him that that medication. They gave him a steroid. They gave him a bunch of different things all at once. So he got a cocktail shit that made him feel great.


Say, not only that's how much is that cocktail. That's not so easy. It's on cheap.


And he wants that to be able to be given to.


Everybody, but I don't know if that's feasible at the moment, got to make the money dosis well, it's not just to make the money, just to make the dosis like, say, if they have all that medication and all the all that blood antibody medication and all this different stuff, they're going to give him the steroids to make that for 300 million people.


That's so many people. So if everybody gets sick, you have a dose. If we have one dose for every human being in this country, even if you have one dose for half, you can get a ton of your money is right.


It's all you would need, 300 million vials of this shit.


That's so much. You're not going to need all those and probably more than that because you wouldn't even know a person. They wouldn't even make that number for everybody to get one. They would make that number. It's got to be that number is going to be broken down by. OK, what's the criteria to get this?


You know, I'm saying well, also, it would be how many people do we really want to get it to? Because how many people are going to be sick at any given time? It's probably never going to be more than 25 percent of the population, even if it's high.


But even if it comes out, Joe, motherfuckers, I'm telling you, certain motherfuckers are not taking that vaccine for whatever reason.


Yeah, yeah. I think black community is they not because they fuck with no vaccine to us like iPhones. You need the third one. No black person is going to take it.


I think there's a lot of people that are not going to take it. But I think what they think is herd immunity. Once we get to 50 percent of the people that took it, the virus will probably die off.


I think it's going to be in that neighborhood of fifty percent of the people that had it.


If they if if either 50 percent of the people either have had covid or have the vaccine for covid, they think we're going to hit her community and and mostly die off.


But it can always kick back in again. That's what they're worried about, that it's going to be like the common cold or the flu every year.


Would you take a vaccine? Yeah. You're sure if it works? Yeah. If it's been proven that it works. And I talked to doctors and they explained what the science is and how it works. And then I talk to people that have taken it and they say, you know what the side effects are because with the covid vaccine, I think the side effects are you feel like shit for a couple of days who can't deal with it for a couple of camps?


Are you what you need? You can't lose two days? Yeah.


Yeah, I would definitely do it if I thought it was safe. I don't know enough about it right now to say that. I think I mean, that was one of the things Nicholas Christakis was talking about yesterday. He was talking about the potential dangers to the vaccine. And I appreciate that he brought that up because it's such a sensitive area for people. They think that if you think there's a danger in any kind of vaccine or some sort of anti voxer, now there's a potential for danger of any medication.


When you're dealing with mass numbers of human beings, if you have 300 million people and you give them aspirin, one, you know, I don't know what percentage, but some people are going to die from aspirin or are they going get really sick from aspirin?


This the same with everything else, substances you put in people's bodies. Everybody reacts differently. People die from fucking Brazil nuts. You know, there's some.


Yeah, but my focus went away. Some of these home remedies, Mandeb, home remedies, I mean, EKU for some people. But eventually you have to talk to somebody.


Yeah, for sure. With your if you got a real disease, you know, if you people that want to cure like cancer by not going to a doctor like, whoa, they can fix it.


Now there's a lot of cancers, not all of them, of course, but there's a lot of you're way better off having cancer now with modern medicine that you are having fifteen, twenty years ago.


That's all that remedies shit. All that like the best remedy for all this besides the medicine if you actually get sick.


So fucking take care of yourself. Right. That's what I'm hoping people get out of this more.


More that. Yeah. I don't understand during this time. I don't understand how you could ignore that because it's convenient.


As long as you're not sick, you don't think you're going to get sick, but you stay home. If you don't have to go anywhere, you just stay home.


And a lot of people just they just stop exercising and they stop eating well and stop drinking water and they fucked their body up. And then if something does, you don't realize how much of a difference it makes and being healthy and not being healthy.


When something hits you a virus hits or hits you, you see, like when I got shot. So there you go. I had to get the I.V. I had to get the fucking I.V. antibiotics. Well, you guys get IVs all the time.


You're always doing vitamin IVs on tour, fight a floor fight for. It's a company that's such a good move. It is. You do. We do. When we did that, the that was the first time I'd ever done that. Well, really, vitamin IV. Yeah, I mean, I maybe I don't, but a heart monitor heart.


You had everything over you was like, give me one right here. You have your ass. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Well I shot my ass and I saw your ass. I was right there. I'm lucky. I was like, big. I think this shit across the street here is fucking stomach.


Oh, it is ass out. I was like, I'm not scared.


I don't I know you're not. It was like, wow, wow, wow. Yeah. Well, the the glutathione was amazing. That stuff is great. The vitamin drip was amazing. We started getting them every week.


We had we've slacked off though once we got here to Texas. We haven't been doing it in Texas.


And that motherfucker I'm telling you about when I did the. Alice Springs this summer, that was probably one of the things that made that experience so amazing is that we were living in our own bubble and playing by our own rules and everybody was having a good time and it was all productive. Yeah.


You know, it worked because to put on a lot of shows, adult summer camps. Yeah, there was like. The shows are one thing, but the thing that was great for me was just the whole sense of community, you know, saying like we we have potlucks and shit.


And then I would have all the housewives of Yellow Springs like us and yo dumb motherfuckers out there don't motherfucker jealous chicks wives. They won't get upset with anything but a casserole dish. Sound like they was looking for a Rachael Ray casserole. This I had for like a week. They were stalking where I was living and everything. But the sense of community man is like in this one coffee shop, dinos, everybody go. There is one grocery store. It's just one of everything that's nice.


And it was so simple. Well, that's better really than this. This is real good things about cities. But the thing that's missing is that camaraderie, that sense of community nature.


Yeah. City slickers, they were calling me a city slicker. Saw the videos of you in the river, you guys. Yo, Joe, it was the whitest, greatest adventure of the summer. I became the river nigger. That's the original name, I'll tell you the truth.


But, you know, it's so peaceful. I am at peace. Listen, Joe, I first.


What does it say? The quote there forever.


Mood River Bishes love the danger they do said bitches love me out. There's all of earthly bitches. They got caught.


Xerox said, go, I'm talking about bitches, farmers, market bitches. I feel like someone they love me like women with rescue dogs.


Great picture, man. Jamie good.


Look, I peaceful. I was saying I was a river. I had to change the name to get that picture framed.


I need that picture. Let's let's get that picture printed on Ansteel. Get that. Yeah.


Who take the photograph. I'm Federico.


Federico. Did I tag them. Yeah. Whereas various get a hold of Federico.


We need that picture in the studio. He's such a talented fucking producer and everything beautiful. But that would be a great picture to frame in here. Yo, I fell in love Joe. People think it's forever like furniture. Are you going to let me describe me? Yeah, well, you first name came up with it, was it right? And I like that for the streets, right.


But people like I don't know if we could put that on t so they look at it from a market branding point. Right. And I was like, OK, Ninja, you know me. But he's inspired by the river nigga ninja's for TV.


There's many layers to this story, many layers to do fish, a fish.


Did you go fishing at all when you guys were down. Didn't get a chance to go fishing, but this was me at a river in Georgia. Changes your mind, right?


As everything changes your mind when you buy a waterfall, you're like, oh, there's something about these natural things like mouth, nature, nature, nature, nature, free shit, son.


Yeah, it's good for you. Look at me. Let me tell you. I know exactly they said when did I when did I turn into a river nigga.


Right. They said, when did that turn. When do I remember to change.


Right. It was when. With that waterfall man, that's crazy. Let me tell you the stories that. So when we were out there, Chapell wife used to make these events and its family walked down like me, I'm from the streets.


I'm not all that stupid shit she had all these days, like every day had a goddamn adventure or star. What's today?


You've got to look at a little brochure and shit. And then one day she did one and was kayaking.


Right, and I went on his kayak as me and my man Patrikis, and yet he's not just me native, whatever, and we were going down the river, Matt River, I had a kayak.


He had a kayak. We were smoking a joint.


And we just hear nature. It's like just street nature. Right. And then he said, man, you know, this reminds me of he said this reminds me of when I was younger, building ramps, jumping ramps on my bike and me fishing for crawdads with my dad. I was like niggaz, this reminds me of looking for my dad. His stories, the two stories were totally opposite. It represented one thing for him, memories he had with his dad.


For me, it represented the memories. I didn't have my dad and the memories I wanted to create with my son. You know, I'm saying when I was out there doing all of things like I got to bring this little motherfucker to the river, to the river, he's got to be out. He's got friends out there. And my son came out there and as someone was beautiful, but one thing was missing. No matter how you're celebrating in life, right.


If you're not sharing with your family, it feels weird. Yeah. You know, it feels like, oh, man, I don't know if it's fair for me to have as much fun.


And although how great the sun was going when he came out, he was hanging with me on a river and shit, man, it was like the best shit ever, son. We were. Skip Jamie, you got to skip rocks for us.


Do you not Skip? Yeah, it's in the wrist, right? I was in the Boy Scouts. Yo, don't say you, the Boy Scouts today say what they might say with your Budos Yo is a lot of them. Don't tell me don't be proud of the boys. Pick another division.


It's not the Boy Scout, but we will never happen to my butthole. Every time I hang out with a bunch of criminals. That's what you do.


The Boy Scout, we were skipping rocks like. Yeah, yeah. I didn't know it was that much precision. It depends on the rock you really want a nice flat rock, nice, you get a flat rock, you can do some wild shit. When we were going out every day, Talib Kweli, like he thinks he's a river nigga, right? He told us one day I could skip any rock. You know what he said? He said, no matter how big it is, I can skip in Iraq, that doesn't seem likely.


That's the fucking Brookley cockiness he had, right?


Yeah, just like it was like the next time we went, he wants to challenge me in rock skipping again. This time this motherfucker was pulling rocks out of his shorts.


He had rocks with them already. He prepared so he could have rocks. He came with all perfect flat river rocks. Oh, that's crazy. He didn't bend over.


Is there a world championship of rock skipping? It seems like people would take it super seriously.


I think it would. I think it's something to think. I'm pretty sure it's done. Some ever thought about it to this moment, but I'm sure there's got to be a competition rock skipping competition.


And they got groupie bitches like yo, the girls who it's off season for bowling really go after rock skippers. Yes.


We heard you had a ten skipper last week. His skipper could get you a blowjob.


So that's been which is a wow. If you looking for a walk, do a ten skipper.


Skipper, you know, a wop is right. I do.


Educated you to because I don't think no disrespect to your hip hop or whatever. I don't someone introduce you to what.


I don't know. Might have been Jamie. Was it. You could be yeah.


Because of the Ben Shapiro video. Oh that's right. That's right. That's right. Yeah.


Let's watch it because Ben Shapiro, Ben Shapiro was like, you know, it's the people's cell phone.


They don't realize their cellphones. Right.


When you know the songs about Wet Ass Pussy, he's like, well, that sounds like a gynecological condition I was in and people like that.


But that's not the point. I know the point is. But I understand that that's that's I understand his point.


That's an abnormal amount of moisture. Yes.


To be able to come up with a whole song about it, it's like it's a level.


What do you think would happen if you came out with a song called Hard Dick? I want to do it now.


Be received that well, as with as minimal controversy as what certain songs got to be answers.


Right. Like answers to a song to whereas pusses came to fill out a song. You can't change a man. Right. And I flipped it and did a song called You Can't Raise a Bit. You can't save a bitch. That was the name of the song, Can't save a Bit. Do you remember when these two have songs and then they would have answer songs and then like, there's been a bunch of those, right, where they would someone would have a song and then someone like someone would have a response song to that.


Like Scrubs.


Yeah, they had Scrubs. Was it then they had another one. It was I can't remember but I wasn't.


I saw you standing in the rain. Wasn't there one of those orange juice, John. So when there are no answers. I know any orange juice. Jones if I know any answer to that, I just immediately told how old I him to know orange juice Jones and how cool he was.


Orange Juice Jones was the shit that song was the best at a time that was original kind of song. Didn't have a song that told the whole story of getting done wrong like that, especially didn't tell it in the rain.


Right. Like everybody knows that story. But you followed this couple in the rain. Yeah.


And then at the end when he got back.


Yeah. That's a garbage get out of here. And his credit cards and everything. Yeah.


That was a song that made people.


Hey Joe, I came over here. I'm not selling shit. But Joe, you got more stuff.


Yeah. Look, you remember this, right? Remember my black ass, right? Yes. All right. Yeah. That's a real thank you.


We we kept the other one in California because we weren't sure if we're going to be going back and forth. Yeah, you got that one. Look at this one right here. There's some holes in this House. Candidates for holiday show. It's a ho ho, ho, ho. Like there's some holes in this house candle.


That's a yeah. That's a look at this one, though, Joe, because I fell in love with Yellow Springs. That's one of my top sellers.


Oh, yellow spring candle from the streets to the creeks, from the hood to the woods, from horse to orders, from Adidas to Deverson. I got a holster boom. And this little white six out there because I got a lot of white bitches I didn't know.


OK, Karen, Kandal match of your name was Karen. Another fine for like 30 years.


So there's more look at it. So that's a like suddenly turn into the Home Shopping Network.


That's what I wanted to avoid. But at the same time, at the same time, I opened up an online store and is doing well.


OK, do you have a website that we can just put up on screens to you?


All these objects out one after another, Joe, do you call it? No, listen. Oh, you have like a little thing. You scan with the phone, you call them objects. I don't call it objects. Products.


Give me my camera back. What is it?


If it's not a product? No, just if you don't want to do, you're going to use them. I'll definitely use them.


All right. I like candles. Those are good to. And they're soy, too. There's soy.


Yeah, they're hardpoint in the US.


Sell them back. I'm doing this. I don't do anything with soy. It's a candle man. Don't disrespect that people one day people get mad at soy.


Soy is like a political fruit or vegetable, is it? Yeah, yeah, yeah. People call you a soy boy if you're a Republican. People call weak men soy boys. That's like a it's an insult. I never knew that soy is one of the rare foods. It's actually attached to being a bitch.


That's a pussy food. Yeah.


If you're if you're a guy who's really in the soy and this is not my perspective. This is just I just think it's a fucking it's a plant. It doesn't matter to me. Right. It's isn't that etymology. Mommy is not soy. Like when you have a mommy at a Japanese restaurant, isn't it soy. Yes. Yeah. Is that is that the case, Jamie?


The first time I ever try at a mommy. I was so ghetto. This is the whole thing, yeah, and I was like I was like my throat was killing me. So that's part of the outside. I didn't know anything about a goddamn salt and everything. And just see salt. Yes. Since I have a bowl of just at Amami, it takes away from it.


You wouldn't even want it.


It's the whole process.


It's the whole process of love, like ripping a sleeve, edamame beans, our whole immature soy sometimes referred to as vegetable vegetable type soy beans. They're green, a different color from regular soy beans, which are typically light brown, tan or beige.


Yeah. So it's a soy I like at the moment I don't find soy, but a lot of people think of soy as being like a bitch.


Food. I never knew that.


Thought it was a healthy I mean, I knew that was not the most masculine food, but I thought it was like you step your game up when you enter the A mommy lane, it's like, oh shit, this motherfucker eat at a mommy.


Now, I think there's a reason. I think soy lowers your testosterone.


I think. Oh yeah. Yes. Soy iso flavonols can produce estrogen like activity in the body, mimicking the effects of natural estrogen.


Yeah, but I think you can grow titties officer.


Not quite. But in my feminize you in my feminize you fuck plants affect your your hormone production.


Do you know they, they actually develop testosterone like synthetic testosterone from wild yams like plants. Yeah. From wild wild jams. Yeah. That's how they, that's how they develop some artificial testosterone or exogenous tests.


I don't think that that would be part of the whole Silus. Cialis and blue pill era.


That's a different thing though. That's just blood flow. That's nitrous oxide. So why is nobody promoting wild oxide nitrous? What does what does the nitric nitric oxide that's like no. Explode all those pump things you do when you want to get jacked. Right. Lifting weights.


A lot of those those supplements, they mimic the same sort of effect, just not to the same degree as like finasteride like like Viagra and Cialis and shit like that. But they don't they don't make you have more testosterone. What these like soybeans.


And I think really for it to affect your hormones, I think it's just like it can it's a fact. It's a possibility, like chemically. But in order to actually do it, I think you would have to eat some fucking preposterous number of soybeans.


I don't think it's like something people really have to worry about. No, I don't think anybody really has to worry about. But I think it's just a stereotype.


I don't even know that. The thing that's hard for me, I didn't even know the stereotype. Yeah. They call soy boys. I didn't know that. I thought it was like like you're evolving as a foodie.


You know, like the first time I, I was like, oh shit. Yea, niggas don't know about the other mommies because I was introduced to somebody else to it, but I didn't know that it symbolized being a pussy. It doesn't.


It's silly. It's people silly. Yeah. Anemometers. Could they do it right.


Put a little chili powder and salt on the outside.


I like just see. So I like to see too. I'm working at a stadium Joe. Are you really. Yeah. Are you doing RFQ Stadium. Where's that. In Washington DC when you're doing that Thanksgiving weekend.


Oh it's not the stadium, it's the parking lot.


Right. You doing like an outdoor show. I'm doing outdoor show just like the ones that Burt's been doing. Yeah, but no, not at that level.


Yeah. I talked to Bert about that shot of the Bert and shout out to the Bartosz, the guy who started it all off.


People aren't giving him enough credit. He's the these are the OG of drive thru shows.


Yeah. It was it fit right into his whole shit.


He never stopped to earn Bertaud the entire pandemic doing drive thru.


And I was saying to my driver, is this like a throwback Thursday or whatever. He was like this and then the name of what was it some and what was the name.


The two of the hot summer tour. I'm like this motherfucker.


But he created the bubble and he fucking did it, created a bubble, stayed drunk the entire summer and enjoyed it. Had a good time.


I don't case case in its original stadium for the for the Washington Redskins. The Washington Redskins used to do that beautiful. But for nine years that was my traditional show at the DC Improv.


I would do Thanksgiving weekend. It was a good time for me because I got to see my family. I got to work.


That's a great club to so great DC that DC Improv is one of the ten greatest clubs in the country and it's been probably the most consistent for 25 years.


So good. It's just the perfect size. Perfect. Everything about it's perfect and they get every year solid. It's I don't even know that a comic can do bad in terms of ticket sales there. Everybody seems to do well, at least a the but they have they booked good lineups.


Right. When the clubs got that much prestige, they've been around that. There's certain clubs like comedy works where people just trust them. You know, there's a bunch of helium in Philly. People just trust them. It's going to be a good show.


They're not going to book any scrubs. Right. And that's that's how the DC Improv is felt like. They have developed a community.


And I fought for nine years. I saw my son for the first time. I took him up. It was just him in my arms. And then the next time he was kind of like crawling. The next time he was walking, then he. Walk to the stage, I had like four years of pictures of his growth there and then because of the pandemic, I thought the weekend was gone. I'm like, damn, that blows a tradition, you know?


And then they pivot. They've made a pivot from the DC Improv to partnering up with DC, pull up whatever it is. And they're doing a fucking outside. That's beautiful.


I like that people are adapting some of the things that you're saying, like you started this business and Bert started doing things outside and topsiders doing like these paper view shows Tom Sagara and Bert Krischer doing this. And sometimes Christina, they switch up back and forth.


They're doing these crazy live shows.


I saw the shit that he sends me. I mean, I'll show it to you. What do you make of the show? The things that they can see during these live shows? It's 100 percent uncensored because it's pay per view. So they don't have to worry about YouTube. They don't have to worry about just whatever they are showing.


The most fucked up videos I have ever seen in my life, in my life, really in my life.


OK, he he sent me three things yesterday that changed my idea of what's possible. Oh, my God, you want to do it? Do one of his shows?


Yeah, I would certainly do it if we were in town together. And he's you know, Tom's talking about moving here.


If he moves here, everybody is moving out here. Yeah, well, we've got the whole squad coming back here.


We're going to open up a club here.


I'm down, so come on down. It's better here. You don't have to pay taxes for state. People are nicer.


The street on the streets, they said, you know, the streets. They said, Joe, Joey, stupid sign on the street said I said, I'm getting the fuck out of here.


So well, I said the writing on the wall.


I'm like, they're not going to open up the clubs if you don't have a comedy club open. I do every day. If I'm if if the Comedy Store was open, that would be no reason for me to leave.


I know. But did it at the say the same on the flip of that, just because it's not open.


It's not there's no reason for you to be. It could be that you could create it.


But the only time I could create it though is in an absence of the club, because I wouldn't ask people, hey, leave L.A. the comic stores, hop in and kill and come to come to Austin. But when you can't open, they can't they're not allowing them to open.


And it could be years. Who the fuck knows now? All right. Here we are now eight months in. No one ever.


We thought it was two weeks. But you remember when you thought it was two weeks or two weeks. But then again, even moving forward, Joe, we've got to remove the possibility of something taking off. You've got to remove yourself from the possibility of somebody taking something away from you.


And like I mean, like that like like the way you're thinking and the way Dave has taught throughout the summer was I was like, yo, we really can make this shit.


But also what we were saying before that we were all connected to Hollywood because we thought we needed Hollywood in order to get us on television or to pay our bills, we needed to get hired.


And then once podcasting came along, I think people realized, no, you don't. You just need your friends and you have a bunch of funny friends and everybody's tight and everybody tells people, hey, go see, you know, Theo Vaughn's at this place, go see this guy, go see that guy.


And we all get along together. We don't need that.


Yeah, but Joe, the toughest part, what did I notice in this podcast world, which is predominantly white? That's the truth of it. You know, I'm saying it's like there's a lot more white guys podcast when it comes to that. When you say, like, the friendship part and making money, they really about their life. They really do it. Yeah, they really do it. They don't talk about it. Every one of the guys that I've done, you know, from the live, from Bobby, from the whole crew, it's definitely no.


Oh, man. It's like everybody else. Everybody. Yeah, everybody's friendly.


And there's only a few people in the podcast world that don't have friends. That weirdos, I don't know. They're out and they got to start out on the fringes. All right.


Those poor people, they're they a lot of people go into things with like a legacy attitude and the legacy attitude that, you know, from radio was you competing against the other people that are doing the same thing.


Right. But the podcast world is not like that. But some people are like that. Like some people will complain if a guest is on this podcast and then on their podcast, they'll complain like you were just on that podcast. Now it's going to take away from people listening to me.


I got more shit to talk about. You ain't got no life. Well, I guess I need, like, oh, I'm like every podcast I go on, it's talking about something else.


Not only that, but if you go on a podcast and they like you, if you go on a podcast and they like you and then I hear now you're going to go on Bobby's podcast, I'm going to watch you on that podcast, too, right.


Because it's not like I'm going to, like, do one podcast now.


I'm out of time. Not only that, but I'm not more time you're going to have another week is going to go by where you want something to listen to. And then more people are going to listen to you on Bobbi's if they heard you on somebody else's.


And here's the thing, Joe. If you're interested enough for motherfuckers want to listen to you, that's it.


If you could do the toughest part this week, literally, I think the anniversary of the first time I ever was on this show, really? I think it's this week. He's talking I heard those fingers. My producers don't do that to me, look at me right in my face. Yeah, I'll be trying to, uh.


It is right? Yeah, I guess was it was that are you ready for that? Right. February 19th, a year before that one that before that.


No, this was the first one we talked about the recession. That was that that was a year ago this week. Yeah, that's when.


November 12th. So. Yeah. But you've been on longer. Yeah. Yeah. But I'm just saying when the last one. Yes. Oh yes.


So I know you guys want to break down the story. It's not that sentimental but I was just saying I remember the dates.


Yeah. No I get that. And it's been like it's been, I've been doing it for a year and it's been it's been interesting. It happens, right? It gets picks up steam, picks up momentum, I see on your Instagram stores, you put in on your Instagram, rather, you putting clips up to little to get people excited.


Yeah, yeah. But yo, you like everything you said. It was like once I got to the mode, like I'm like, oh, this is have to be the greatest episode. I'm like, wait a minute, I'll start looking at the numbers of the most successful people in the podcast world is like Episode one thousand five hundred eighty.


Yes. It for like. Yeah, this is the 30 episode anniversary.


Well, you know, Goggins tells everybody he used to be fat. I tell everybody, go to episode one.


It's fucking terrible. It's terrible. We didn't even think it was a podcast about whatever. But you did it. We were doing it with just answering questions of Twitter and being stupid while we were high.


No one thought it was ever going to be something that millions of people listen to.


Well, when we started it out, it wasn't you know, there was no expectations.


Now people have expectations. They want to go. You realize, like, how much money is in it. You see all these people that get big deals.


You see all these people that are on, you know, number one on iTunes and number two on fucking Spotify. And you go, fuck. But there's a lot going on. This is a whole network that you don't need a lot to get into, man.


The number one thing you have to do and I kept checking myself. We had talked about it was talking. Can you talk? That's ridiculous that you don't think that you could talk.


It's one of the most funny things I've ever heard. So, I mean, with no response, just like talking to myself, I think, you know, I've said it's like, you know, I got a better chance of making a thousand people left and one person. True, you know? Yeah, but it's been a it's been a great ride, man.


But do you have any Julius, you know who's the best at just talking, Bill? That motherfucker? No, just he never has a dead moment.


He will start on the subject and like, you know, and then, you know what they want to fucking do and that I used to be hungry later.


He was one of the guys that had it. I was like, what would your style be more like? I just like I don't want to fucking talk to nobody. I just want to say what I want to fucking say, fuck you. And then it was like the Monday rant or something. Yeah. Monday morning podcast, Monday morning.


And it was just like I was like, this motherfucker can talk shit for whatever it's like whatever. It's like a dude that goes he like wins all a bar fight conversations and it's a perfect platform for that.


Oh, for Bill it's a perfect platform. One of the things he used to do is he used to use his cell phone. And this is when I got the early days of the Monday morning podcast.


I don't know what that but I bet you had to be around two thousand, six, seven or eight somewhere around.


That could be I don't remember. But what I do remember is that he he did a bunch of them where he, like, left voicemails so he would call himself or call a service and leave a voicemail. Really. So he'd be sitting there at the airport talking shit about some dude's haircut.


Oh yeah. I remember those. Yeah. Yeah.


And then he had some, it was just, just him really ran just the audio quality was fucking terrible because he was literally talking into an old phone at the airport and then leaving a message somewhere.


And that message became the podcast.


And you know what? And it it was hilarious. It didn't even matter. The quality sound I did was funny, just like when I told you that time when Jamie was supposed to help me produce and then he fucking reneged on me.


Right. Right.


He got real mad at me, whatever. I remember it like it was yesterday. I understand.


I don't know how those two are connected, but but Bellbird, when he when he first started out like that, was literally the perfect platform for him in podcasting, like he's good at interviewing people.


I've been on a show before. Other people have been on the show before. He'll sit and talk to people. He's fine. But as far as, like, ranting, he's the best.


Yeah, because he's come from an angry place. Yeah. But he's also been doing it the longest. You to think how many fucking years he's been doing that podcast where he just that muscle is flexed, that muscle is tight.


He doesn't need like you can form an opinion but he doesn't need the response. Most people. Right. Need the response in the feedback. How how else do you know if you're doing good or not. Yeah, he doesn't think about that.


He's like and another thing, I was watching Seth Meyer the other night and it was a he was doing this monologue or whatever and it was going OK. And then he some people in the background would laugh and you could just see the posture and everything changed. Once he got a couple of people laughing, it was like, that's the point.


I heard his Netflix specials. Good. Well, yeah, yeah. I saw a clip on it and it did not look bad. It did not look bad. When is this recent? Because I know he's had one. I want to say is Netflix special was at least a year ago because it's pre pandemic for sure.


I didn't see the entire thing and I saw some clips and I was like, this is good delivery, good writing. And I'm not I don't know that Seth Meyers, like, really had a long background in standup.


Did he know he had a background doing that show, doing the monologue for the show?


But I think that was very good. Wow. Whoa. I thought it was solid. Did you ever see it, Jamie?


It's how it came out this October. Oh, you're right. Jesus, that's not a good time to be coughing.


It was very good. What I saw the clips.


I didn't watch the whole thing. But most of the guys winningham. To SNL. Well, you know, there's some people that have done talk shows and then tried to do a standup special and they don't really have the chops for it. But that didn't seem like that with him. Yeah, he seemed very relaxed.


It was peaceful.


Well well, he probably probably did the right thing to he probably hired a bunch of writers. I mean, I didn't see all of it. Maybe the part that I saw was the only funny thing. I really have no idea.


A lot of those guys, I guess when they like, when I guess to be buried into this show like that. Yeah. So I really had time to go out and work out and know it's hard and work.


But if you could do it like Jimmy Kimmel, could you stand up for sure. 100 percent. Jimmy Kimmel. Why didn't you stand up 100 percent.


He could do it. What do you think about Jim Carrey on SNL as Biden? I didn't watch it. None of it. No, not one piece of it. Not a piece. God damn, son, I got shit to do.


If I'm going to watch something. I generally when I get home, I like to watch like. Things that have nothing to do, what's going on right now, by the end of the day, I don't. Oh, you like documentaries? Yeah.


New Netflix special lets you skip the Trump jokes. Oh, there's a button.


You could skip Trump jokes, get the intro on Netflix. You could see that the chunk of stuff.


But this is him talking to people. So he's interviewing people. This is just an interview about it. Oh, interview about it. OK. Oh that's funny.




Well that's a good move because people are tired of Trump jokes, you know, that's one yo yo enough already man.


I've been tired of them and then I'm like they're coming back around for them to come, to be frustrated, to be frustrated when the dude is on his way out.


You know, it doesn't make no sense. It's like he is still getting to you. You know, it's just a matter of time. If you want to say the people, the voice of the people's was heard. It was a close situation, but it is what it is. And he's gone. Why are you still mad?


People have some legitimate gripes and I understand where they're coming from.


But my perspective is it's not changing anything and it's not doing you any good to still be holding on your if you are anti Trump Barden's. I mean, I don't think it's 99 percent official, right?


I mean, they just haven't said it yet. And they when they say it, then he will be become president and then Kamala Harris will be the new vice president.


So concentrate on good. Now it's over.


Right. But people are so obsessed. I heard that the other day.


I might have said his earlier look at my pension. I'm having a meeting with no mass man. OK, why do you still keep getting mad? Because this motherfucker don't have a mask on. It's got to be something else to talk about.


But they they want to talk about negative things. That's the thing. Some people get addicted to talking about negative things and they can't regroup even after a victory and now focus on positive things. They want to continue to focus on negative things. And I can see their perspective, too, especially with all these crazy tweets like I won that election. You know, it's all fraud. It's all this. It's all that.


Like, man, if you've got some real claims now, I don't know what the claims are. I haven't really honestly investigated them. But if you've got some real claims, you got to present the evidence. And then once you present the evidence, you say all the stuff like I got robbed.


I really want it. If you want to be in a position where you're respected. Right. If you're the president of the United States, this isn't a regular guy.


It's not like if you were involved in some ridiculous, like small neighborhood election and you were joking around on Twitter, I won that fucking election.


That's that's that's to be expected.


But when someone is in a position where they're in charge of the nuclear football, coincidently are the commander in chief of the greatest army in the world and motherfucker, you're saying shit like that and fire people that don't agree with pharma firm up against it.


Like I know these other plays like this would be a great time for a fucking terrorist attack. Right now.


One of the guys he fired, what the guy said was he didn't believe there was widespread voter fraud. He's like, you're fired.


If you don't believe that you're fired. It's just this is this is like a mad man. The interesting part for me is like. You trying to. Switched the thoughts of a person that is a huge Trump is a waste of time, we're only going to be the only thing. I'm just frustrated.


See, here's the thing, though. I don't know. And this is where it's really important. I don't know exactly how the election went down in terms of like was there like zero point zero one percent fraud?


Was was there zero point five percent for how much fraud was there?


We got to assume that when there's people counting stuff to some fuck we going on.


Yeah, but the thuggery that's been reported, it's been like still no more like 40 people.


And then the only other problem is that it's all done through these machines. Right.


And then there's been all these conspiracy theories about machines that were supposed to have been giving the votes to Trump, gave those votes to Biden. Now, I could repeat those things, but I don't know if they're true.


But what I do know is I'm saying I do know, but I know Georgia.


I know the motherfuckers pulled all of envelopes up to the building and they cut them open and they took a man by hand. They did him hand by hand.


Yeah. Those those ones that were viscounts or whatever. Those you can't is no machine that is hand by hand. Right. Is fucking problem.


And how does that work? Did someone watch while they do it? Did they have a supervisor? Because I would imagine you would want to have like almost like two people watch what one person does it, which is so ridiculous.


But it seems like you kind of if you don't have you I know you don't trust me, you of have to have someone watching it.


That's part of the argument that Trump's administration was saying, too, was that there were certain accounts that they weren't allowed to observe. They had to be really far away and they couldn't actually see.


Listen, that sounds like people that like soybeans like it, but that's the first point being that's the soy boy attitude.


But what if they're telling the truth? Here's the thing. I don't know and you don't know either.


So if they were telling the truth and people were counting votes incorrectly or they found no evidence of that every time that you don't think they have either, every time that they came out with all these losses and they're just dropping them, dropping because there's no evidence of it, he's probably made his he's had to have made every argument he can make.


No, listen, I agree with you. I agree with you. There's no evidence that they can present that's going to show people right now that there was so much voter fraud. Right. That they got to return everything and start all over or they got to give it to Trump. I agree with you. I think this is what all these experts are saying. They're all saying that even if there was voter fraud, it wasn't enough to tilt the election one way or another.


But I don't know how those machines work.


So if I'm even commenting on it, if I'm saying they couldn't have done it, that's ridiculous. I'm saying they must have done it. That's just as ridiculous. I really don't know.


That's like when you're talking about voting, you're talking about how many millions of people are voting and all this information is coming in and they've got to sort it out.


You're going to have some mistakes. There's no way around it. But the question is, does it overall balance out or all the mistakes? All for one side.


If you find out the mistakes are all for Biden, then you're going to go, oh, really? Well, who owns the company that makes the machines? And then how are they financed and who programmed that and how are they programmed? Is it possible to fuck with the data? It is possible.


Can you show me how to do it? You can do it. But so what?


Everybody wants to know exactly what happened, I think. Yeah, but I know a few people that know exactly what happened. I know I know the machines and lot.


But when they take the machines away, they say, OK, we're getting these in by hand. The results of that have to be official.


Yeah, well, like I'm going to say, like the machines, but they was like these Melen motherfuckers was they had to fucking count every vote. Yeah, it's a matter of how they're recording it.


Right. You would want to make sure that everybody recorded it accurately. I don't know how they do it. But I would imagine that when when I was talking to a guy like Mike Baker and who's saying that even if there was fraud, there's not enough fraud to overturn, I would imagine he knows some things.


Yeah, I don't I'm a moron. So me talking about he we all do it. You know, we talk about he won. She won. And there's no way there was fraud or it was definitely fraud. I think Trump won by a landslide.


Like people get they get real so connected they get real connected to who's who's winning or losing this election.


And I get it, man. I'm a Miss Donald Trump, so. You know, he's not going anywhere, man on TV I will miss him on TV, this motherfucker's TV persona. You know what sucks? What sucks that it's his TV persona is like he's a TV motherfucker.


It sucks that it's even possible that someone could monkey with an election to the point where you change the outcome.


It sucks that that's even a thought that we could get into our head.


That's what one of the crazy things about people were so nuts.


But that was the leaving aside, like people that are good people will do some shady shit to have their candidate win.


Yeah, for sure. That's politics. We're so crazy, that's politics, anything goes, anything.


Yeah, so what bothers me and I do think that Biden won the election and I do think I mean, I think there's probably some shenanigans, but I think the result is most likely correct. But it bothers me that there's even a question. It bothers me that anyone would ever think that anyone could. But I think that there's Republicans, the Democrats could do it. And I think there's Democrats who think Republicans can do it.


And I think it's it's going to be real hard to 100 percent trust the election. That's one of the things that's kind of dangerous about someone going after it. This election is rigged. This election is rigged. When Trump is doing that, he's encouraging.


And, you know, maybe that's a good thing if they are rigged because maybe they're going to be able to figure out how to stop that from happening in the future.


Or maybe it's going to erode or maybe it's going to erode people's confidence in the elections. And the more he does, the more the roads and more gets dangerous. There's a real argument for that, too. But listen, again, I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, man.


It's just. I know it's nuts, it's nuts that you would anybody would ever think there'd be any voter fraud on either side, but we know that people have done it like that's apparently how they got JFK in.


Wasn't there like some crazy conspiracy about the mob rigged votes for JFK? And that's how he became. But wasn't that a thing? Jamie? Yeah, I've heard that ever been proven.


I've heard talks about race and they were in such odds with each other that they would never have helped him.


I think he was really at odds with them afterwards because he didn't look, there were the the thought was that was one of the reasons why he was assassinated, that he kind of doubled back on his agreement with the mob.


And I heard they were just helping local politicians, not, oh, he didn't play the streets to the president while his family were drug runners.


The Kennedys were moonshiners. They made their money selling bootleg liquor during during the time where it was illegal. They were basically drug dealers. And then they became this gigantic political dynasty.


They were Trump, not the Trump family, but they motherfuckers. They were more gangster than the Trump family, really, because their liberal background was in drug running, like bootleg liquor, like moonshine is.


That's drug running.


And I just don't think of it now because alcohol's legal deal. They were drug runners. Yeah. And who had the shit next to the mob and they were connected to the mob. Like, you don't think they fucked with some numbers, you know, you don't think there was some corruption. Who has the fucking money?


I think there's an assumption, too, that both sides are going to try to do it. I mean, that was that was a bargain with the results of this election.


Man, it's going to be interesting to see. Can can can Biden work with two parties, both parties? I hope so.


I hope they I hope they prove like the polarization of people that are opposed to Trump being in office and now they're not Republicans and Democrats. I hope they work together.


Yeah, man, that's what I hope. That's what I hope to work together. Do it fast. Biden don't got like a lot of time.


You got to get used to President Comilla. That's you got to get used to. I said it, man. He's going to be the first president. I said that's the position. I don't see how he can do eight years.


So what if I don't want be strong and four I think four. He's going to keep it moving, man. Who knows. It's a set up. I said it on stage. And let's get ready for your first female black president because this is the setup for her.


She certainly could win that group. She could she certainly could take over, too, if he dies or if he if you can't medically continue anymore. But here's another thing you got to think of.


They're doing shit to people that they're doing some wild shit in terms of medicine and regenerative medicine and stem cells. And they just hook him up to stem cells every day, really shoot them up with any D and vitamin D and steroids and growth hormone. You never know.


They might keep that motherfucker around for a long time.


How Joseph Kennedy made his fortune hint it was bootlegging.


Not this wasn't bootlegging. Oh, it wasn't.


Oh, I can't see the end because the white shirt, according to no biographer, that is a rumor that started in the 60s and 70s. And they're trying to figure out who killed JFK. And maybe it was a mob shot me.


They were in that business. That sounds like the Kennedy family is trying to cover up their dirty tracks. It's a rumor the fuck out of here. Nobody is a rumor about you bootlegging ever.


I'm just I was looking for that, too, but like, right away, OK, it's like in a stock that's that well, maybe maybe bootlegging to.


Let's try another source.


Let's see. Joseph Kennedy was a bootlegger, typed, added What? Well, that story come here, The Daily Beast, the myth of just Joe Kennedy. Oh, so it is a myth. I don't know where I would find the correct story to, you know.


I know, right? Like, how do you know who's telling the truth and whether or not it's a big old historical cover up.


Like if you were bootlegging, how much information would there be about you being a bootlegger unless you got arrested for it?


For me, I think cops are probably in on bootlegging back then.


Don't you think everybody that could make the money was involved? Sure. Everybody wants my piece by piece.


They probably were angry that the bars were close to end and they wanted a couple of bottles.


Give me a couple of bottles come so you could do whatever you want to do to imagine if that's how we live right now, if booze was illegal.


Imagine as much as people drink, if you had to do it all secret, you had to like have a big dude by the door, you have a password to get in. You're always worried about getting raided by the cops just so you could have a drink.


But people do it. They did it. They did it for years. They made organized crime. That's what like Al Capone made all of his money.


That's yeah, that's the argument that's going on right now with with the Mexican cartels. Like the reason why they're able to make so much money is because all that stuff's illegal and they're consuming it in the United States.


So you're playing a stupid game.


You're pretending people aren't taking it when they are you making it illegal because you said they shouldn't do it, but you want to control it, want you're just empowering organized crime. And that's what they did with organized crime in Chicago, as they did with organized crime and a lot of areas of this country where they have.


And that's why they probably want to position people that they had influence over to beat the politicians for sure.


They had so much money. And back then there was no Internet. Nobody knew what was in your bank account, where it came from.


Shut that ding off. You know, I was surprised. Know. Sorry, man, to put it, put that shit on airplane mode. What are you doing? OK. Do you know how to shut off the dingo? Come on man, stop disrespecting. But you've done it a few times.


I don't understand why he keeps doing the wrong thing again. All right. I'm sorry.


Oh, Darnell. Darnell says you can't say shit now.


You don't even know how to nanding your phone to shut up. Just shut the fucking ringer off.


I didn't flip it. I know you got to flip it up towards you.


You were you're keeping it down, which is off, man.


OK, I just kind of think I'm sorry, man. It's going to ding from beyond the grave. Hacking is down here, not. Oh, she's adorable and.


Man, what we're just talking about. Do you remember Jamie Kennedy, oh, Kennedy's being a bootlegger? Oh, yeah, maybe you were.


I might be full of shit, but we didn't know for sure. Did the story. But it was like there was just a rumor and I started. Right for sure.


There's a lot of organized crime money in fucking bootlegging. That's a fact.


I'm on antibiotics because I got shot. Yeah. You can't drink for how long?


Like three more days. So refreshing.


No body with a bit of a break. It is. But it is it you're looking for. I know. Not it. You know, saying like after a show.


A little shot. Right. Well, you know, I just got this for a lot of people that's been in the streets and got shot. Got to get better.


Are you nervous for the country right now? Are you nervous about the future? No, not at all. No. I believe that we always going to find solutions to stuff that the first thing like you mentioned about people that need to work, whatever, the first thing that's going to happen is there's going to be some type of stimulus package approved. Motherfucker's going to feel somewhat security or a little better if we have some money to be able to do something.


But this is just something that this is just something that we're going to get past. It's just a it's a matter of time.


And with the vaccine being on board with them, having more ways to test somebody in a faster manner to don't cost as much, I think is going to change people's attitude the way they feel about certain things and things start turning around.


I hope you're right. My concern really is about how hard it's going to be to turn around the economy with that many people out of work. That's what my my worry is. So many people are going to be broke and so many people are going to lose their houses.


So many people are going to get evicted. I just don't know how they stop that and turn that around when all these jobs are gone because all these businesses went under. That's what scares me, is that this wasn't anticipated, that I think there would have been another way to do it.


You know, they certainly didn't lock down as much out here, not nearly as much.


And then that's a good point, because, I mean, like whatever you worked for or whatever just could be pulled from under you, just like that's the thing about like you can't say that the people that are upset today are Sois boys.


They can't say that they're all pussies because there's a lot of people that are upset through no fault of their own. They lost everything. Right. You could be the most disciplined guy in the world.


You get up early every day, you work hard all day, you build a business, and then all of a sudden covid comes around and you find out your margins are a lot smaller than you thought. Nobody expected it to go eight, nine months. Right.


So you're not making any money for eight, nine months and you can't reopen. There's a lot of businesses like that is a lot of fast food.


There's a lot of bailouts to so many businesses.


There's not enough. And they're not going to give it to all. They're not going to give you all you lost. You're going to lose a tremendous amount no matter what.


It was a lot of people get that money that was bullshit, but it was so much goddamn fucking scandal with them. PBA loans and shit, man.


Everybody was grabbing them bitches, you know, they'll find money. Then you got to pay it back.


I hope we figure out a way to make this make this economy bounce back. But I say we when I say we, I mean, people are way smarter than me. I hope I hope somebody figures it out. Oh, but my son had the best life he can. Yeah, well, I hope so, too, you know, like I think that it's going to get you going. Just thought people could be concerned about people are close to them and their family and how that situation is going.




I mean, everybody hopes that the next person that gets in office is going to nail it. Everybody hopes the next person that gets in office is going to fix all our problems. We got to change the way we communicate with each other. That's a big that's a big one. Everybody's locked in this trap of us versus them, of red versus blue, of like whatever the trap is, like, whatever your particular trap is. There's men versus women traps, there's people get crazy with being tribal and being on a fucking team, we're supposed to be one team, supposed to be United States of America.


If we differ on small things like immigration or things like financial issues or how to use taxes.


And the most important thing is that we all want what's best for the country.


I want the country to do we want to think people you want to. That's the that's how you want people to feel.


That's what drove me the most crazy about Trump being president. I felt like it was the first time I can ever remember where people wanted things to be bad so that he would be a bad president.


So that I mean, I guess they probably did with Obama, too. They wanted things to go bad so they could blame it on him, like they would rather have something to blame on him than to have everything go well.


Like if you asked a hard core Trump hater, would you rather this would be a good question? Would you rather the economy become the greatest economy the world has ever known? And you'd be totally wrong.


And Trump, even though he's a pussy grabber and he's full of shit and he brags about himself, became literally the best person to make the decisions that were the best for the country.


Or would you rather the economy fall to the toilet and Trump goes to jail like Trump? Go to jail?


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know.


Immediately there would be no hesitation. Put him in jail. Fucking him. Everything's fine. Everything's fine.


That sounds like a relationship, but whatever makes you happy, you like. Fuck that. I don't want it to be happy. Well they definitely didn't want him to do well, which is weird, but they wanted him to get arrested in the economy to bounce back.


That's been a part of it. But another thing they wanted to show, they wanted to feel like you cared about them. They wanted to feel like you cared about something, somebody else other than your fan base. That was a big part of it, man. People didn't I don't think people were just looking for reasons to hate on him. And I know some people that like. Like the. Some people love it. Some people love to know fucking people love the guy who came along and said, fuck you to politically correct shit to there's a lot that people liked about people like the idea that he got fucked over in this election, too.


They like the idea that the deep state was involved in that people were rigging voting machines and miscounting votes. And people love those stories. I do not know if those stories are true.


I don't give a fuck about those stories. There are a bummer, though. It's a bummer that there's those stories. This would be the ideal scenario. Whoever won one, if it's Biden and commo, they win and then that's it. The transfer of power, shake of hands. People do what they've always done with Obama, do what they don't want to do that they don't want to do that.


That's so cool. You'll want to shake them up again. You will go to Seegars, you know, grab the keys. He's got to give up the car. He's got to do it, especially if he wants to run again.


See if Trump wants to do it again. He can run one more time in 2024. But the only way he's going to be able to do that, he's got to be able to sit down and shake Biden's hand and say, I'll see you in four years, bitch.


He's got to be. You can't you can't just keep saying that the voting is 100 percent rigged. And I won this election by a lot and all that's fucking dangerous because it's just dangerous for our confidence.


It's dangerous for people to rise up. You're going to it's going to be something something to do. Don't say that.


Here's the thing. You got to show the evidence first. You've got to show the evidence first. There's has to be like you have to compile all that evidence. If there really is that evidence, you got to compile it all and present it in a very solid way.


Shut down.


Yeah. It's it's not I mean, it's above our pay grade, even understand national politics on that scale. But I think that as a country, I think you and I both know that this country's this is like it's never been a position where you don't know what the hell is going to happen.


You never know like with you never know.


There's so much turmoil and weirdness and you never know what is going to be another wave of this pandemic. Are they going to shut everything down again?


Whatever happens then whatever happens, then we go with what has become our new norm. We go back to that, you know, saying like things about the shift by the spring or summer, things are going to be a totally different place in regard to how people feel about being in public. Again, they're going to have this they're going to come up with some super rapid testing situation. I hope that's going to make the fucking sense of workers. People in the medical field, they're more comfortable.


They're going to make other people feel comfortable and eventually like people are going to make a decision. Am I going to go, oh, what am I going to do to live?


I hope the vaccine and you know that the election gets resolved quickly. Jamie, if you had to guess if you know. I know. But I mean, let them let Trump say it's resolved if you had to guess what percentage. Of election fraud, do you think there was. Take a guess, it's not zero, right? Probably not zero, but like one two percent like the normal polled really one percent.


And that's a lot. I mean, there's one hundred and fifty million votes. I don't think it's one that's a lot. I don't think it's one.


But I think it's and I think there's some less than zero number or some more than zero number rather that is voter fraud.


I think that any reasonable person point one of those points. Yeah, it's not. And who knows which way it goes, because I bet there's voter fraud the other way, too. We're not hearing about that because Biden won. But if Biden was like Trump and he lost that race, who knows? He might they might try to figure out a way that the Republicans cheated. I don't know, man.


You know, I'm going to tell you this shit. It's turned into comedies which turn into comedy that's just not quitting.


Just it's kind of crazy. No, it's every day's. It's not even crazy. It's entertaining.


It's entertaining. I know it's unfortunate for me entertainment, but it's entertaining.


I get that it's entertaining, but it makes me nervous. It makes me nervous when you start thinking that there's people out there that think that that there's been a coup, right. Or that Trump is attempting a coup.


There's like two different schools of thought. One school of thought of the deep state took over the election.


And they they they rigged it. And the other school of thought is this guy is trying to win even though he lost and he's trying to figure out a way to sue his way back in the White House.


And this is crazy. So, yeah.


So there's that's the problem is that it's not always win on one end because he's got the power of the people, like, again, those of him losing the support he has. He knows that there's a community he can they're going to be fucking still on his dick right now because he can shake some shit up. Yeah, fuck them. Fuck all of. Am I ever going to get some help? Do you have any help today? I have it at my house.


Yeah. You can't cook it though, right? I can cook it.


We'll have to figure out how much time we have between now on the show.


You know, you can bring it up to the shows are not enough for everybody. Know. Just a sample. Yeah.


Just come over my house. I'll cook for you. What time do we have?


I don't know. We'll figure it out when we get out of here. Let's figure it out off the air, though.


But my two lesbian friends are supposed to meet me, so they not like. No, like no menage a trois lesbian. Just like regular lesbians. They are my friends. OK, that's cool then. Yeah. Who do they think one. Biden what? Hey, man, what I said, my two lesbian friends, lesbians, adopted Mexicans, Eli, who I fucking love.


You don't think there's lesbians for Trump? I bet there's a whole website. I know what I never thought about it. I don't think it's too many lesbians for Trump. I bet there's a few.


I bet they get together and like. Yeah, you know, like people I don't know.


I don't think that that's never that's I had never thought about, you know, lesbians for Trump.


Some people are really into anime. There's a t shirt for you. Goes lesbian for Trump.


Oh, no. It's funny, but you would assume that if someone's a lesbian, that's why I was kind of getting that, that you would instantly know who they're voting for, right?


I mean, I know that's kind of profiling, but I was definitely like short haircut, you know, short hair, fucking cut out suit with the tie. Right.


Like, how many girls with blue hair or pink hair voted for Trump? Is it less than zero?


That's a good stat. Yeah. Trump pride gay Republicans on why they're backing the president because of it.


Because they get to dress up and have a good time. It's cool.


But it's such a weird time, man. Such a weird time. But I'm ready. Just get on the river, brah, I get it, I'm ready. Nature, just nature. Do you think you going to move there? Would you move there? I think so. It's a good place to be.


I think the community I mean, it's just like the sense of community man this summer.


And it was just so simple. Would you would you get rid of your place in L.A. and just settle down?


You could do that. I could do I could do it better for travel.


Really. If you wanted to go left or right, you're more closer to the middle for everything.


I just want to be around some trees.


I think that's one good thing about people that can escape from L.A. There's a lot of people that are escaping from New York as well, and they're moving to the suburbs and they're they're liking it better. They're more relaxed or get some space.


People are like instead of being in the chaos. Yeah, I can drive to the chaos. Yeah. You know, I was like, fuck people from or not even drive.


Now, a lot of people are working from home. You don't think it's going to change? I think there's going to be a lot of companies that realize like, hey, I don't need this gigantic space to handle all these people. I can let people work from home. They're more productive because a lot of times people in offices, they get together, they talk, they have fun.


You know, there's a lot of work to grant all that I used to forget before the break room.


I never was doing work. All seemed to break room.


I seen dudes in cubicles doing this shit, whether the cubicle is here and they're both on the outside, they're just having a conversation. They're nowhere near the computer.


People do that all the time. If no one's watching, people do that all the time in some jobs they don't get.


Don't get personal. If you're scooting back from a cubicle, that's hilarious.


There's a lot of dudes that are working all all over the place that would be more productive if they just had a certain amount of work to do and they could just get it done at home. You know what they want to patrol? I think it's good. There's a lot of people that have jobs. You have to be there, right? Auto mechanic, a lot of people fill in the blank carpenter. A lot of people have jobs got to be there.


But there's certain jobs like why? Why do you need.


Yeah, why do you need to sit through an hour and 15 minutes of traffic when you could just do it through zoom and just sit here in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and get all your fucking work done? Like, why do you why do you need to go somewhere you don't with computers today?


You don't have to go anywhere. I have to go to where they just want to control the movements. They just want to it makes sense. And I think it's going to go to that. Everybody is like, I'm working from home and working from home and they're getting to getting the job done. Yeah, everything is different.


A lot of people are going to be able to stay home. And so I think that's just going to change the nature of cities in general. Less people are going to have to commute to them.


But that's one probably good thing about this, is that people are going to not have to commute as much to maybe the roads won't be as jammed up if that that saves people so much fucking stress.


If you're a dude who works in Orange County and you live in L.A. and you've got to make that drive every morning, you see that fucking drive that drives.


I'm not saying I've come to that job. I've been going the other way of that drive.


When you go Orange County to L.A. at seven a.m., you want to just fucking end it.


You just you just like I can't do this every day, but you can do it for a minute because that's the route that I because I my count is out in Orange County and I did a trip a couple of times and I can't enjoy being up in the morning with it because I have to do. I didn't do it because you don't have to do it every day.


If you had a job and you had to be your job at eight thirty in the morning every day and you live in Orange County, you've got to go to L.A. You got to leave your house before seven.


Yeah. You're going to accept the fact that every morning there's a likelihood, a high likelihood is going to take you hour and a half or you get lonesome or you go into a war zone.


Yeah. And you can wake up instead of waking up at 6:00, you wake up at eight, you wake up an eight, have a cup of coffee, sit down, turn on your fucking computer.


I get a toast. I got I got Megi. I understand. I guess I got to get up early. I'm not like the old. The O'Donnell is gone, Joe. I get it. Like she's down there curled up.


I'm just happy that there's alternatives for some people where they at least can work. If they can't be in an office, at least they can do some stuff on Zoome. But for other people, man, that's what I was. That's what I'm worried about when I'm worried about it.


Why do you think that restarting how does.


Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe. Joe, Joe Johns. Daniel. I know you're worried about it and you have concerns everybody but about have concerns, but if it was like this, yo, what the fuck are you going to do?


You got to figure it out. People are going to have to figure it out.


Yeah, man, it's like I understand you keep saying, yeah, man, then I feel sorry for sorry. Eventually you're going to have to figure it the fuck out. Eventually nobody is going to be able to help you. Nobody is going to be able to vouch for you and you got to do it your fucking self. Dave, David Gergen said it goes back to that same point, man. They looking for answers. You are the answer.


You got to excuse the governor in a bad one at the end of the day, it's the same fuckin excuse. I've said it before and I know people. It was easy for you to say, it's not easy for anybody to say. Whatever's going to happen moving forward is not easy for anybody, so everybody will have the opinion of everybody going beyond the opinion of, well, give them a chance. Maybe he could bring the world back together.


It's going to be a lot of Trump motherfuckers like your fuck, you asshole. There's been no supporter that's been angrier than a Trump supporter. To the extent that there's sore winners and sore losers, you got to pick a loser.


You can't just take both scores.


You see, the thing is, they think they got robbed.


That's why his tweets are dying.


And even if you do, Joe, even if you do have you feel this, the part is fucked up is this might have some just a part us sitting there for a while, but not anymore.


What was I saying, sir, this is the part that's fucked up about being sore winners and sore losers, you got to pick a sore, you got to pick a sore and everything is not going to always go your way, but you don't have to be upset about.


See, the thing is, though, what he's saying to them is it was a robbery. So he thinks it's a robbery.


Man, it's definitely start and shit.


You got it. That's it right there. Yeah. Well, all you see got to be extra strong, man. This is like sturdy coffee.


Coffee pot just keeps the coffee warm after. So everything is like a workout.


What's that? Does he want to come in, who are. Dave's out there tonight.


They're going to come inside now. Tell him to come on and come on. Do we have a camera for him?


Maybe that's why he gets tested every day, doesn't he, Maggie just jumped up. Have you ever seen a baby dog, little tiny little dog? I've never seen a tiny little dog I had when I used to have one.


It wasn't that small, but it was pretty small.


I've seen little dogs. I just never seen one in the baby form. Squash. David, what's happening with what's happening? Oh, no.


Yes, I was sit right here. Looks similar to what she's walking on. Oh shit.


Show right here. Come on. The whole circus is.


I don't know how many microphones we have. Unfortunately, you get a true diva. Julie, joining this feels really good.


I was smoking marijuana is I mean, semi legal here.


I was this was I was a criminal, I guess. My guy. Is there a. Is there any coffee? Yeah, yeah, this is covering the Japanese. What's up, man, what are you doing, bro? Living the dream. Good to see you. How's Washington treating you? Great.


With the two nights at Stubb's Stubb's barbecue, the guy from the barbecue sauce so has a like a stage.


It's an outdoor. Never been in. It's out of L.A.. Joe, you will love this place. You was there. They said you was somewhere else.


I went to the Volcan gas company. That's the only place I've been in town. Michelle is doing it. Oh, that's great. That's the gig she's got coming.


Yeah, because Capsid is gone. So people are doing shows anywhere they can. Are you going to are you going to buy a club. You. Yes. Are you get. Yes. I'll be the first gig. All right. You heard it here folks.


I felt like I have to. It's like as soon as capacity went under, I was like, oh, shit. Oh, now I have to. But I don't know what's going to happen after Biden gets in office, whether there's going to be another lock down, like a national lockdown for a while. So I wait until after that blows over.


Yeah, I just keep moving forward, that's all. You know what I mean? Like everything that I've seen you do moving here to Austin and it's Gangsta's, correct. Thanks. We find a way.


Yeah, we find a way. We were just talking about that. People find a way. I was saying like what are people going to do, you know, with restarting the economy and, you know, trying to get a job when all these businesses went under. Like how does everything Obama and Don, I was just saying we do what we have to do. We figure it out.


That's true. I'm far from an economist, but I will say that the planning for your future is a good thing. It's a necessary thing, even even though it's uncertain. You have to remember the sun does rise every morning. Yeah. So just keep moving.


And people that are in this shit right now never thought that it was going to happen. Now that they know that this is a possibility, now we have to plan for the future.


For the future. Yeah. I've never seen this before. Never. You know, you've never seen something as large as the American economy stop and then start back up.


But it's a global phenomenon. It's like it's not like it's just happening to us. We're just handling it terribly.


I like how you handle it, though. I like doing those shows they did in Yellow Springs. It's a great idea. It was wonderful. We had it in that chapel. That whole area outside is outdoors.


I talk to my doctor, my family practitioner, and he told me you should play outdoors. If you play indoors, you've air filters, you know, like the specs of a building that might be safer. Many buildings now today are not outfitted this way. And, you know, you hope for the best. You take every necessary precaution, reasonable precaution. And but it's a pandemic. There's no guarantees. Are you getting any people giving a shit about doing shows?


No, no, no. I mean, even if I did, you know what I mean? Who cares? And that's it.


Mean there's nothing you can do about it. No matter what, you know. I read about Jesus seem to be a really good guy. They killed him. That's just the nature of people that this dog is hilarious, man.


This dog is an angel. This dog makes everybody feel good. She's so cute.


I've never seen a little dog as a baby.


I've only seen them as full grown little thing like this. This is going to be her size, right? That's how she's going to stay. Yeah. She goes like this a little bit more bark and more. Now, how is it traveling with it?


Is it like, you know, the company?


I mean, what it's like I'm like when I got her, I was like this. Oh, she's an emotional dog. Right? But now I got I'm like this. Yeah. I'm an emotional human.


Oh, and like like you let me tell you something. Sometimes I'll be up at five thirty and she'll be up her ears and be up looking like will we do it. I'm like at least somebody has to be right.


It increases the amount of love you have. Right. Cause you're this dog and she follows me everywhere.


Yeah. Well I was at the show the other night. I was on stage and she was shaking. Barking when she heard my voice. Yeah, it's crazy. She was like, where you at by the. She loves you.


Yeah. It's a different world man. You got a little dog counts on you like that. Those are different kinds of dogs too. There's so little they have to be held you to carry.


And most of the day she's scared of cold. Like why she, she, she might be a little combination of both. Maybe she needs a drink. She has to piss.


She's five months old. How is she keeping it together. Don't talk about it like that.


She could well just need a little warmth.


Do you do you have dogs. Yeah, I have one dog. Probably a huge wolf. Kind of don't know.


I have a golden retriever. I have the sweetest dog in the world. He's the nicest. That dog is perfect. He's so nice. That dog looks like he has a great life. He's just a love sponge like that dog is just all about love.


That's all he wants to do is like kiss you and let you pet him.


And who spends the most time with you? Dog me probably. Yeah. Yeah, I spend a lot of time with them. We have a morning ritual was originally. I just get up in the morning as soon as I see him. Good morning sir.


Good morning sir. And he starts freaking out. Oh we go for a his tail for a while.


Yeah he does that but he loves chasing balls more than anything.


He's a great guy in women's training. I did. I did. Thank you sir.


You know, he's a sweet dog. You got a dog of three of them.


What kind of Australian shepherd and one kind of like this one, they call it a Joëlle, I think they call it is half Chihuahua, half one of those hot dogs.


That's the one Bobba. The one of my special Bahbah. That's him.


That's a weenie. You have this and have a dog. And then my my daughter has a little a little dog like that. Not a not a Chihuahua. I can't remember kind of dog she is.


My daughter has a Chihuahua mix. It's like a Chihuahua with like I think he's got some whippet or something in him. So is a Chihuahua with long legs. He's adorable.


You know, I always wanted I wanted my kids to train animals when they were little as one of these things I should have followed through.


But the reason I did it is because I wanted to learn how to be patient with other people. And I figured if they train the dog or something, it takes patience.


This dog is adorable. I know nothing yet. Yes or no? Yes, she knows.


The real problem is when you get dogs that need a lot of training, like if you want to have a German shepherd or a working dog with a Belgian Malinois, a lot of people get those dogs. You don't realize, like you basically got like a little genius with teeth that lives with you. They want to figure figure out problems.


You know, those like have you heard of those celebrity like the German Shepherds, the guard dogs, the real ones that know 200 commands?


Yeah. Schutzhund training.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I've seen guys do that.


There's some comedian that's got one of those dogs. It's been like 200 grand on it and it died in like a week.


Those are great. If you can have a dog like that, that's a commitment man like those dogs need work.


That's what you got past Germany. Shit, those dogs are so smart.


They're from a long history of working dogs. Those are task oriented dogs.


This dog is a long history of. So adorable. Come on, man. She is come here. She doesn't want to be held back. Have you ever taken an adult hunting? No, he can't do that right now. My dog is too dangerous for them.


Well, you wouldn't want them to be in the woods. First of all, you probably scare off the animals. But second of all, he has like the instincts to chase squirrels and shit.


He chases squirrels, but he's like a he's a lover. He's not there's no aggression in him, like with other dogs. Like, he's always the better. He's always he's he tries to be the alpha, but the barking and he's like, sorry, sorry.


The Australian Shepherds like that. She was she's like she's like the dog you describe that needs work.


You can tell she's a herder. She sheep kids.


She corrals me and not interesting. Yeah. They have it in their DNA. They were seen that. They really do. It's in the dog is really smart. I never trained this dog but you would think I just talk to it and you could see her face trying to figure out what I'm talking about.


It's really cool to be doing something the dog put out there.


I want to beat his dog. They do figure out words like it's not just commands, like my dog knows you hungry man.


You want to eat like he knows. He knows when I say you hungry, what do you wanna do?


Do you want to throw the ball is like, what's the fucking ball go about where the ball is? You've got to go outside and they'll just start walking towards the door.


He knows a few phrases because I definitely trained him like sit and all that shit, but sometimes are just smarter than other dogs. He's a really smart dog, a.


Yeah, man, does he like Austen, do you like. I love it, I love it here. What do you what do you do if you like. Oh, Donau down with the count. Oh, oh.


Oh, hey, that's actually you did a great job. You actually put it back. Perfect.


That's perfect. I was just in frame.


Don't worry about it man. Damn, that's the best recovery I've ever seen from one of these stupid things. These aren't ideal cameras mounted on the wall.


I like to set up a Lattman feels homey. Actually just tricked me into doing the podcast. Sorry, I know I'm going to I'm going to come and do it.


Like for real. For real. For real.


OK, yeah. As a matter of fact I should come after the inauguration. OK, let's do it. I'll come out to the inauguration. That sounds great.


Oh I believe I got shot son. I know Dave. I don't know what's going on man, but everywhere I go, I don't even care what I can't you know, we're going to crunch on the air.


Well, you're crunching in the microphone. You're eating.


Come on. Man gasping He was going to bring up your son. He said that he was going to bring enough help for me and you. I would totally do that.


Is it good? Yes.


Have you had to tell him about it? Yeah, it's good. So what do you do? You make Gergi you barbecue? I just put it on a grill.


I usually put it on. You know what it Trager Guerrilla's. It's a pellet grill. So it just has like little wood pellets they make with sawdust. I've seen the sawdust and these pellets poured into the machine. So it's basically just fire and wood. So it's like keep it at a low temperature, control it like 265 till it hits one hundred and twenty degrees internal temperature. Then I pull it and then I sear the outside one or two ways.


Either I do it in a cast iron frying pan with beef tallow which is rendered beef fat. Oh wow.


Or I do it, I have a grill. I could do it outside on another kind of grill. Usually I like to do it in the cast iron frying pan.


You heard it here first. Joe Rogan doesn't just like killing animals, he likes to go. Always has a perfect he got his perfect little chopping block. He put them on like he always thought I had a Pinos on his side.


Right. And it's just you see this perfectly seared meat into the knife. It's like a Japanese, some extra shit.


This is blood. It did a lot of paedos.


He's showing off. So do you cook at all? Did you not? Not anything like you guys. Danio can't cook. Oh, I hear. I couldn't believe it. He challenged me. I thought he was joking.


He said I'm a cook for all these people. I literally thought he was joking as he can't cook. He's like, what if, like, he was offended? So he makes me take him to a grocery store in Ohio.


And I was laughing the whole time until he started shopping and he goes, Hey lady, do you have clam juice?


I said, I'm not Clapton's.


So has all these fucking ingredients killed it cook for like 20 of my friends in Ohio. And then when I did the show, it was amazing.


And then I made him apologize to me.


He was like, you did a good job. I was like, no more fuck. You got to do it on stage. You said you got problems with speech. Fuck this.


I'm saying it on the podcast. You it was amazing. No, I made him said I was like he was like, yeah, down. I was like, nah nigga, what the fuck did you say. How did you learn to cook.


Just watching my mother cook. Just watching cooking shows. But I do remember when I was younger, my mother was a part of Publisher's Clearing House and I think they had like one promotion where you get a Betty Crocker's recipe book and it had all these recipe cards and it just sent it to you. And it's like like meats. And then you see all these recipes. And I used to look at the recipe.


I was like, man, we got shit to make none of this with.


We had the recipe, we had ingredients. So I just started reading those recipes because when I got older, I was like, I just thought, just fuck with this shit. I couldn't cook. And then I just started fucking around and just sort of having fun. You go off recipes now.


Do you have your head? I go off of it 100 percent. Yeah. You know, I'm saying it's like, you know what, cooking. It's like a technique. The art of cooking, like the art of cooking. You know how to cook. You could cook whatever. It all depends on what spices or whatever.


But if you know how to cook, you know how to cook. What's a specialty? I don't really have a specialty, really. I don't have a specialty. I'll follow recipes, somebody to do something. I get inspired by something. But I do know I make these garlic noodles right. It's not a specialty, but it's a whopper. It's like a wet explicitly.


It's a wet as explicit dish, so it's no way around it. They love to garlic doodles and I make dopeheads garlic. You can put whatever protein you want on it, but the garlic noodles are fucking crazy.


In fact, you made those that night. I did. Yeah, you did. That was I was impressed. I put I love this thing.


You said the metaphore. We had the recipes, just not the ingredients.


That's a good metaphor for like a lot of things in life. We hear the recipes when none of the ingredients.


We didn't have it. This a bar should write that down. Yeah, how will I remember it, but that's the truth, someone will tell you it's true.


His watch podcast and why it's. Yeah, everyone wants equal access to the ingredients is right and there is real equality, right. What's the difference of a metaphor? That really is the difference. That's a great way to.


That's a great metaphor. It is. Yeah. For life.


That's what I was telling ya niggas, man. It's you know, he been not listen to my story, the whole show, I listened. He doesn't believe me. Any time I mention I got shot, I believed him the first time.


I believe him the second time. I believed him every time. You know, Peter Edwards, yes, great comedian, I saw a video today with some some guy's Instagram.


He's a comedian. It was me introducing him at a comedy club when I was like 17.


I want to send it to the guy from D.C. was when he gets here from D.C.. Yeah. He said the funniest joke about getting shot.


I'm not going to do another guy's joke, but, you know, he got shot in D.C. like one night.


Oh, yeah, I remember. This is his way. I got shot. Nobody fucking believe me, man. We believe you, Joe. Are you going to bring some help?


I told you I'll cook some. I'm ready, I'm ready, man, I want to see what they say this is what's all this fuss is about.


I want some elk, some, you know, everywhere I go, motherfucker. Say, did you try the elk? That's all I know is it is it gave me no, it's not gamey.


It's not like there's a weird taste that people associate with, like venison, a gamey taste.


And for the most part, it's either hasn't been prepared correctly or wasn't taken care of correctly after the animal died. That's for the most part with the game. It's a different flavor. But I think what people associate with with not tasting good like that, I think a lot of that, a lot of it, not all of it, but a lot of it isn't just personal taste. It's bad preparation.


I think you get a steak from a grocery store. You're assuming that professional butchers like people that grow the cows, professional butchers all down the line, they get the steak.


If you got a guys dear me, who knows how this guy took care of that fucking deer.


You know, he had nowhere, no marmalades, no mobilisations in and nowhere. Sometimes people, you know, sometimes people shoot them and they just they don't get them into the morning.


I'm talking about. No, wait a minute. That's what you call it. Exactly.


Dave, this is go to you're not going to shame me. You're not going to say this is you know, this is a good elk day right here. It is a good outlook. What does the captain say? What he misses something about a holiday way says the final product.


Oh, shit. That's pretty. Right, but what's that? A driver. What, Rob, is that?


That's Saskatchewan black in Saskatchewan. It's a trigger, Rob. It's like like a Cajun style, almost all.


But it's got it's always like a black, but not like it's a lot of salt to keep them delicious. It's the perfect rub. I love that rub for four elk.


So when you cook it, you like you cut it up yourself. You know how to cook steaks. Yes, I do.


That part is easy because that part is what's called the backstrap. That's the big thick piece of meat that's on each side of the spine.


Look at the knife, though. Is that a Japanese? No, that's an American knife. Who made that knife? Was it does it say in the caption doesn't there's no tag. Nothing. The dude who made it was shit, Dave.


You wouldn't find that you wouldn't eat this in there somewhere. Same knife real close to. So if you kill an elk, how long are you that elk? You can eat it for a whole year. Literally a year. Yeah, they're huge. Yes. I'll knife here. I got it.


There it is. The guy gave me the knife. There's Neanderthal. Oh Chumlee knives. See you and I fly right on that knife.


Look, it's adults. It's to dope knife. Yeah. You need it for all year. It's hundreds of pounds of meat. It's like 400.


They're huge, huge success. You should know your bo honey. I'm a yeah. What happened that runs off. You got to follow it for like a day or two.


You know, if you hit them right. They die pretty quick. Oh OK.


You he do it with a Bodos. Yeah. But you have to practice a lot to do with a bow.


It's not easy, but the point is I know exactly where that meat's coming from like that. I know the whole chain of command.


I know everything that's happened from the time that animal got hit until the time I'm cooking it. That's interesting.


You know, is this mine? I get all my meats from strangers. Yeah, most people do. Yeah. You don't think about it. I was in Alaska once and a lady told me that she hadn't eaten something. She hadn't killed herself. In years, this woman looked like a Betty Crocker model, like a house mom. She was working an ammunition store and, you know, I had never been to a gun store before. It was ridiculous.


This is in Fairbanks, Alaska. It was so many, like think of a kind of gun. The guy goes, this is the sniper rifle. It can you can shoot a bear with this from two miles away. Couldn't imagine why I would shoot a bear that was I as the weirdest sales pitch. He literally said that you yeah, that's like a thousand yards, right, is not two miles to land.


Way, one way.


How many thousand miles is a mile or how thousands of 5000 feet is a mile. Right. It's nine yards. Yes, great, so they can shoot things, they can shoot things at a thousand yards, like snipers have hit or shot a thousand yards. So just think of that. No, it was a crazy thing that we to sell to somebody, you know, like this, you know, all that good stuff.


But mine was 5000 feet and then a thousand yards. A bullet.


That's crazy. That's so far, it's really far, that's a long that's a long squint.


Yeah, they get 10000 feet for them. Nothing that's not scoped, though. There has to be a scope. Well, again, this was the last because so you got to think things like guns. There are more utilitarian things like, you know, New Yorkers and people do need, you know, one or two out there, I think. Yeah, everybody has guns up there.


Well, there are also bears and fucking moose and shit.


Yeah, it's crazy. It looks it looks unfinished. It's beautiful. It's a wild place.


He's one of the last real the people that live up there are different kind of human. They're more. They have.


They're just they're more durable, they're not soybean eaters, so they have all these Alaska isms, they call, they call, they call leaving Alaska, going outside.


Really? Yeah, they say it's like a cult. They say the lower 48 we are there before you call, they'll call the rest of the continental US lower 48.


Tanso But it was it was fun up there, the nice people. I've only done shows up there once.


I did shows in Anchorage with Ari. We had a good fucking time. They were good people, but they're sturdy.


They're like, you could tell they can they survive winter. You deal with shit that people don't have to deal with.


The male to female ratio, the male to female ratio. Guys outnumber women in Alaska, I think ten to one. Ten to one. So many women, also motherfuckers are sexy as shit out there, but 10 to one? Well, yes, we would think you think, oh, if you're a woman, I was great then. Guys getting dusty dirt on the fingernail choices. These guys are rugged.


Right. Right. These guys are rugged, you know.


Yeah. They get the jobs you have. I was the only dude in the nail shop in Fairbanks, Alaska.


Everybody else nails the hands look like shit. Yo, you said I've been mining all day.


I met a guy who's a gold miner.


We are jobs like that. That's how I was when I was in the Air Force, when I was stationed in Kunsong Korea. It was like 10 guys to every girl. And whoever she was, she was America's next top model.


She had the attitude like she was like every one of them chicks was like, motherfucker, you got to compete.


That's why I was going downtown.


It's definitely, you know, Danielle, you know, Danielle speaks Korean fluently, but just kind of casual.


But no, I didn't know that we were in New York. When we shoot Chappelle's Show, we walk into a deli. Yeah. And, you know, two green guys in talking to each other. It turns out, you know, how he talks and he says, yes, that's the only thing.


And I thought he was fucking with them.


I'm like, oh, come on, man, don't do that. Like, I'm so sorry, sir. And the guy the guy looked shocked and then the guy started talking back. And I talk to each other for a couple seconds and I'm like, I was floored, staring that I couldn't believe it.


He goes, Oh, they thought he said they thought we were stealing, son. And I told them that we wasn't stealing. They got a dog eating motherfucker in his own language. And he was he loves it when he said it.


You promise me you come with doggy motherfucker? Yeah. Kazik Yeah.


I went, oh, I don't know, because I was saying something about you while you were standing there and he didn't know that you could speak Korean.


Yeah, well, we were it was amazing, man. The guy was engaged in conversation. Dave thought I was mocking him, you know, Dave, that I was mocking, but I was really having a conversation with him. So Dave didn't know. He thought I was like, fucking like, yo, you can't talk like that. Then I was like, what? It was like, oh, shit.


These guys were flawed. I was flawed.


They're like when they see a black guy going to one of those stores, this speak any level of Korean, they fucking lose it. Like, how often does that happen?


Well, clearly, this means one could surmise that when you were in the Air Force, you spent a lot of time off base. I did. You would just be in town and just hanging out.


I would just go when we had days off, I would go to like these little small cities, whatever they lived, just they'd never experience Americans, let alone a black guy. And I would catch boats to shit over there, just hang out with them. And that's how I got they got accustomed to me and I got accustomed to. Can you read it now? I couldn't read it, but I could back in the day I could spell my name, but it was just like I was with trustworthy people.


You know, we all worked together and it was just like fucking I do, man. Let's go see what your culture is about.


You know, that's cool that you learn that that's a rare thing. That's a probably a difficult language to pick up to.


The sounds are so different to me. I think it's a testament that you're a people person which goes back to the original point we all made. You find a way if you want to hang out, talk to people. Nobody speaks the language. I don't speak that language. Yeah. You find a way. Yeah, you.


Well, did you learn from books? Did you take classes at the main gate? We worked the main gate. You would have twelve hours, 16 hour days. So you just one American on one side. There's two Koreans on the other side. You could just stare at each other all day or you could just start doing word association, you know. I mean, it's pointing out stuff when something comes up that somebody. I mean, was it what did you just say?


Yo, I'm Main Gate Airman Rawlence. May I help you? That was the greeting. I would say when it comes home, that's what they would say comes up. And I told them, but I would switch it to me, comes up and I tell them imperialism.


We don't talk about things like, oh, yeah, I'll tell you said they used to get here. When I get a joy ride, they be like, oh, Lolly's.


Why, why, why? They don't answer the phone because I sound like them. And then they would say something else I didn't know. I was like, yeah, yeah, it comes I'm not telling anyone in touch.


They'd be like, oh, because your accent was perfect. Yeah, I would do the same. Like Westerlund in Spanish. I went to Ecuador once for like six weeks and started picking up Spanish, had a driver that I just met. The guy hired him. You drive the car. He spoke. I got a little bit of English and I spoke Spanish, but we did the same thing at the end of it.


By the end of six weeks, my man, I could speak Spanish. Yeah, well, I was in Miami. I would mimic the accent of whoever taught me the word. If I learned the word from an Argentinean, I'd say like an Argentinean says it.


If that's why when I when I do Korean and what I want to do it, even when I do my act, when it's broken.


Korean people know that's the odyssey. He got the tone of an older person, a respected person.


It's Oddisee. Oh, yeah. Yeah.


You know, like a real Korean could tell who I was around to give me my my my my accent or how I did it.


So I have a friend named Japanese narky. I know Japanese Noki.


Yeah she she is from Tokyo and and for some reason when she was in high school I moved to Alabama.


She learned English from Alabama people. Whoa.


And and was created. One of the more hilarious accents I've ever heard were like, oh yes, you got to I just like where she got a country. She got a country accent.


Wow. She's the best. She likes lemon pepper. Chicken wings. Is that kind of stuff. Yeah.


In other languages there's all these weird tones that change the meaning of the meat, especially Korean in particular, in Korean in particular, because you can tell by the way people use their voice when you talk to people, older people always talk down to people. No matter what you did, it didn't matter what it is for you to celebrate it. It's always like I it wasn't enough.


Do you know that those problems in communication is why Korean air only teaches pilots in English? They only learn and. And communicate in English, they're not allowed to know, you know, that well, because they started they recognize that there was an issue with the superior and dealing with a superior, like if you were my captain and I was your I couldn't say certain things to you, the fucking plane's going to crash. Oh, I can't simply say you you're doing it the wrong way.


This is you can't say it, but in English you can. So they taught them to communicate in English because it's it changes the way or they only use English because it changes the way you communicate with people you don't have like that certain cultural classification, a superior of, you know, an older person who demands respect.


I get it. And that's the one thing people don't understand about, especially Korean culture, is a level of respect that they have that people think it's like, oh, you don't fuck me because I'm black. No, the level of respect they have, they give a fuck about being older. Like, that's money, that's prestige. That's everything. You being old in Korean culture was money.


You know, I was around Korean.


I like this. I like this. Cultural nuance of Korea is a fascinating culture.


Yeah. Because, you know, I feel like I don't have hard workers, but they don't have is like. Like Korean dads don't really have connection with their kids like that, they don't have, like, the ultimate emotional oh, you did a good job doing their very hard your job. They're very hard on their kids. That's it.


In general, I had a good friend of mine who was a doctor.


He was going through his residency while he was on the national taekwondo team.


And the dude would literally be in school and he would take breaks to put his backpack on his fill the backpack up with with books and run up staircases and go all the way back down and then go back to go into the library to finish his work. Oh, well. And then he would find a way to go to the gym every day. And he won the national championship. And there's a Korean kid I've never met a person who worked harder in my life to this day.


I think about that dude. He was always tired. I go, How are you doing, man? Cause I'm always tired. I'm always tough.


That motherfucker every day would be in that gym every day.


Jancsi Chang, that was his name. Is he still alive? I don't know. I haven't talked to him in a long time.


Chang Chang, just a guy that was like he was probably like the star student of our team during my when I was competing because he was this guy that was not just a national champion, but also a guy who did it while he was in his fucking medical residency. Like the amount of work that he was capable of doing was insane.


And he was like the way Koreans are in, you know, the way he would describe it to me, it's like nothing's ever enough. No matter what I do, it's never perfect. Like no one no one's here to praise me.


I got to keep working hard. Sounds like a fun guy, right, young guy? I think it's in military. Yeah.


It's like when you were like what? Somebody was outrange or whatever they used to do this thing called education, where they could just talk to a little Korean for any kind of what they want. Yeah, they used to have this little greeting I used to do. And you just see the other young Korean just like like they could do whatever they wanted to. His mother, he could not do nothing.


But just so yeah. You have to take it. They used to like it wasn't the rules. Like if you do this they would fucking beat the motherfuckers up whatever they came back.


But there's one thing I like that you describe the reverence for older people.


Yeah, I feel like here in America we just discard people. Yeah. Really quick. Yeah.


It's not wise. We should give more than half price at the movies after a certain point.


Yeah. Come on. That's the least they could do.


Well, we've we've forgotten that it's important to have people that are older, the figure life out a little bit better than you have to help lead the way.


We've got guys we're running for president the way that kept going in on Joe Biden for being old. Yeah. You know, Joe, you know, whatever. It's whatever.


So come on, man. Well, that's what I mean. I like what Trump calls the elderly, the elderly, as if that somehow doesn't apply to him. Joe, that's your day. I did. His show was right. And I was so caught up in myself, I was like, look at all these old head motherfuckers that I went to high school with. Right.


I was like, oh, that's what the fuck is that on there?


Same age. I forgot that. All that's real. That's real every once in a while. But they are a lot older than me and they're the same age.


Yeah, that exact same age. I'm talking shit. Yeah. Oh my all my friends around my age.


You don't feel it. Yeah. They think they have like you know, I mean they dress the part.


That's why it's very important for older people to actually have their shit together because when older people actually have their shit together, maybe people will resume the idea of respecting older people.


Like maybe maybe it'll become more of a trend in the future.


But when the people that old and they're still crazy, when that's a problem with a guy like Trump, that old and still I won this and big, like all the craziness, like the girl used to being called her horse face on Twitter, like that kind of craziness.


Yeah, that kind of craziness is like. But you come to expected of him and he became very entertaining man, he made it entertaining, but didn't it a shorten in people's lives.


But it's like clothes, like, you know, how you'll see old person dressed up and you know that maybe like 30 years ago that outfit was the shit, you know what I mean?


Yeah, but but maybe he's not killing it today. And it's like he's you can see him put it on one time and just be like this is it going without me. Fashion. Fashion. Keep going.


Isn't it funny how fashion eventually comes back around and then you got dudes dressing up like they're old timey photographers?


Because that's what I grew up this summer for me. I just grew up with it. I don't even give a fuck. You know, they're saying I'm like I remember this summer I was starting to buy shit that had waterproof on it, you know? I mean, reversible. I was I was like, fuck that fucking city boy shit. I was buying shit that was fitting for the condition in the weather that I was in.


Right. Clothes become utilitarian. Yeah. I was like for you get out of the city, you gotta wear work clothes, you know, to work, to work. Right. Everything's practical.


Alaskans understand that shit. Boy do they they get it from a place to go. Like if I had to go buy some clothes for the last few. But boy, that's a tough one.


Yeah. Yeah. You have nothing. I hope you like waiters, bitch.


I've got a few days a year where it's cold, where it's not cold outside. And those days it's like 24 hours.


But those people are conditioned for it. Now that's where it's weird when it's 20. That was outside of it. They had all these signs up because this was like in November, all these it was like Game of Thrones. Winter is coming and these scientists, they get your happy lights.


You heard this now feel like you've lights people putting their house to mimic sunshine just so that they don't get depressed.


I couldn't find a home grown man. It's like all that's crazy.


Do you remember that there's a vampire movie a few years back called Thirty Days of Night? I don't know.


It's all about vampires that show up in Alaska because there's thirty days where it never gets light out.


Oh, that's a good premise.


So these vampires just fuck this town up for thirty days because they know when so they, they bring this vampire familiar that pulls the boat into the Anchorage shore, whatever the fuck they landed and they get out in this small town and just wreak havoc on this town.


For thirty days, Robin Williams and Al Pacino did a movie the opposite. It is called Insomnia.


You have a scene that I didn't see. That was a weird thing. Pacino's character is a cop. This is and and Robin Williams is a guy he's looking for.


Wayne is crying. Right. The backdrop of the movie was that it was daylight for 24 hours a day and the guy had terrible insomnia.


Oh. That's a rough way to live when it's never gets dark out. I remember doing it when I was in Anchorage. I was with did shows up there with fear and we went fishing and it was like two o'clock in the morning and it was bright outside.


I was like, this is weird, man. I loved it.


It's weird, but I would love it to fishing at two o'clock. Oh yeah.


You can just keep going. There's parts where it gets dark, like birds. You fly, fly, fly fish. Now we were trolling for salmon.


How do you you pull a boat, you got like a boat and you cast some lures in and you really trying to get the salmon aggravated. That's what they wanted. They did not really hungry at that point. They're trying to fuck. So when they get your lure, they're really pissed off at it more than anything.


Jesus Christ, people have thought of everything. Who the fuck would think to aggravate a fish, aggravate salmon? Yeah, somebody that needed that.


Yeah, there's certain salmon that only eat plankton. They don't eat the microscopic shit, like they don't really eat fish.


This is in a river. You doing. Yeah, you pull lures.


But I think that's because that Chinook or sockeye or I'm trying to figure out which one doesn't really eat fish and the only time you catch them is when you piss them off.


I don't know nothing about my salmon's like sockeye. I don't know my salmon's at different personalities or anything.


Well, some, some fish just eat fish. Right. And some fish just eat microscopic shit. And there's one particular type of salmon that only eats microscopic shit in the way you catch it is by getting pissed. And that's in Alaska. They do that like Bristol Bay. I think that's Chinook. Is that correct?


And salmon migrate, right? Yeah, they migrate. Yeah.


So they they saw the water or the freshwater boat. Their boat.


Yeah. I thought yeah they they move through. I forget what it's called but they, they go out to saltwater and they come back to spawn in freshwater and they have to do it in the same river. So if you dammed the river up they're fucked and they die, they don't know where to go and they never went up the money like which one is salmon.


Salmon's huge at all fish. It's like probably tuna. Really. Yeah, but there's you know, they're running out of tuna, man. They keep just jack and tuna. Talk to those old tuna guys in Japan now, like we used to see a lot of tuna. Now you go to the tuna market. It's a fraction of what it used to be.


It's not as much tuna left. Yeah, people love sushi.


I know they're doing a little that's worth a lot of money. What happened is he's referring to it.


I know they love of sushi in L.A. brought in a big thing about sushi and what happened.


Quick question.


Quick question before I go, because this is coming up. The next time we meet, I want to ask you about what you think the vaccine. Are you taking it?


I'll take it if it works.


If I feel that the doctors have all gotten their opinions behind it and they think, you know, what it is, is like an MRN, a vaccine, this new vaccine, it makes your body think that it doesn't introduce actual covid into your system and you fight it off. It makes your body think that it's covid and your body builds the proper proteins to fight it off the guy. Explain it to us. Yesterday, Nicholas Christakis, he's from Yale.


His soybeans thinks he likes noise. He's a good man. He he thinks that being a boy, he's a great man.


And I won't let you disparage him. I know I'm not just bad. He's like he's so negative. So it'd be my fave soy bean. He's a doctor.


OK, anyway, he he thinks the vaccine will be very effective. And even if you if it doesn't keep you from getting it, it'll prevent or hopefully prevent you from getting a bad case of it. I don't know though.


So so what would you need. Would you would you would you need just the consensus of a body of doctors you trust and people's experiences because people are already taking it until people have taken it, like what is the experience?


They say that they, you know, had they felt like shit for a few days. That's it.


Now, is that true? I mean, who are they? They talk to them.


What's a few days and what do you mean by feel like shit like did you try running four days later and you still felt terrible like so it apparently distributing this vaccine almost now.




I don't think it's totally ready, but it very soon will be ready. And if it's effective, they're going to encourage people to take it.


It makes me feel like they have it for like doctors and like essential people getting it.


Yeah, first. And then it's going to probably people that are high risk, like, oh yeah.


But the thing is, it's not that people have a sense of like there is something that could be done now, like it's a sense of hope, it's a sense of progress. It's a sense of like, you know, it was a one time we didn't even have a thought of a vaccine. Now we got competitors and yeah. People to think different.


Listen, if it works, we should take it just.


But I know how people get real nervous, like people don't fuck with vaccines. I told you that. So how do you feel about black people? Don't fuck with no vaccines, Dave. Why me? I feel like it's inconclusive because the caveat was, I take it if I felt safe about it. Yeah, well, that's just just the thing.


Don't you feel like the same way cause so now. You know, for the first time, we're learning we're learning how a drug, the process of a drug, you know, going through trials, we're learning of this literally as a nation.


We're all watching this thing take place in an accelerated version of it, an accelerated version of it, because usually a vaccine takes multiple years to develop. Yeah.


So this is really quick to be able to have something this quick and turn it around.


And it's like those movies where they find a cure by the end and you're like, oh, that's bullshit. They're doing it. Well, not a cure, but a vaccine therapy deal.


It's the good thing is if another one comes around, they're going to be more prepared to do something like this quicker. Right. Like, I think people needed to really understand that in our lifetime, something can kill the world's economy and kill hundreds of thousands of people here and a million people worldwide.


I think everybody and I don't think we I think we knew it, but I don't think we really expected it. No, they knew what the Obama administration had prepared for precisely that eventuality.


But I mean, us of Korea, we couldn't wrap my head around it.


Even if they told you even if you watch Bill Gates speech and TED talk in 2015, you would never internalize it and think there's there's a pandemic coming.


Now, we know by now, we know there is now that we're going to want to invest in the medical infrastructure to make sure that they prepare better next time.


This is hopefully people are going to learn from this. That's.


Oh, yeah, 100 percent people, no glass and nothing and nothing is going to be new. There's nothing going to be new about it now.


Well, the debate is largely philosophical, right? I mean, listen, there's two schools of thought. One school of thought is just going to be what it's going to be. And will you to keep moving my white clothes, anything, and the other school of thought, which I thought was, you know, was more than just a philosophy, it was it was a science.


Right. Remember, the premise when they locked us up was we have to wait to catch up to our medical infrastructure so we don't overburden our medical infrastructure. We got to suppress the disease till we can build up the infrastructure. And they gave us an early estimate of two weeks is how comedian does when a comedian is doing a real long standing cause. One more thing before I go. And then he does it four or five times and realize that was guys doing an hour.


Oh, yeah. That's so fucking rude. Yeah. You know, that's what the pandemic, the quarantine felt like.


Two more weeks, three more weeks, maybe open bars and you know, that kind of shit. But there's no way to control it other than create it yourself, right? What do you mean, like the whole vibe of the scene? Right. The of which seen the pandemic is how do we get used to it? What can we do about it?


Well, he's also saying here's the thing. We never signed up to let people tell us that we can and can't take risks or go to work.


And by saying that if you do it, you're going to kill other people. That's what changed the game.


And so everybody has to figure out how much of that they're willing to accept and how much of that are they not and whether or not they're willing to take a shot, take this this vaccine without, you know, knowing the long term effects of it or worrying about the long term effects. And some people are naturally averse to taking any kind of medication. They don't want to do it. And other people are like, if you tell me it's good and all the doctors agree and then it will help mankind, I'll fucking do it.


That's how I feel if I listen, polio, OK? Shit doesn't exist anymore, smallpox doesn't exist anymore, at least not in the numbers that it used to.


You got to all because. But that's because of vaccines like I do.


The vaccines have done bad things only or that they're dangerous only.


It's crazy like vaccines that are responsible for the giant vaccines, which I think at the core of this is you just trust. Yes, they trust these sources and people realize that they're at the mercy of someone that they don't necessarily trust. Right. That's that's the rub.


Well, maybe maybe don't don't touch your own face and don't go outside. I'll tell you when to come out. Love a renowned liar.


Yeah, right. Tough one. That was a tough one, especially here it goes. Something really touches something really sore in the core of an American's identity, like you said. How can you tell me to do this? Yeah, it's crazy, man. This was a tough one here. It's a weird one.


It's makes us redefine what it is to be a person, you know, like if all of a sudden you have other people that got elected into a position of power, that's all they did. They won a popularity contest. And they're dictating whether things go this way or that way. And they don't necessarily have the right answer. They just have their own answer. And Dallas is doing a different at this town. And, you know, Washington State's doing it different than the voda.


Everyone's doing it different, but everybody's trying to do it also.


Yeah, but governors can tell you what you can and can't do. It gets real weird. And I get it.


They're trying to keep the hospital numbers down, but. You told us it was going to be two weeks. Like you guys said, two weeks and now here we are like nine months later and everyone's just waiting only for a vaccine, but I'm not speaking about, you know, it is right. If it's wrong, not speaking about like that, I'm just saying whatever it was, that was very difficult. Yeah, that was very difficult. Very difficult.


You know, I was fine.


But not knowing when you can work, not being able to move around, I've been able to see my mother. You know, you would never know if someone had told me 11 months ago, even the night before they the last night we went to a movie in Milwaukee.


Yes. That's perhaps the last show. But it was the last night between shows or is it to show like an energy change? We went from festive to like, people look worried. When I got off stage, Tom Hanks, it had it the one NBA guy who would touch everything that had it. And then the horn starts ringing. They're going to shut the country down. I, I literally go, that's impossible.


That said, we're going to shut down the world. It's impossible, but this is what I thought, my initial reaction, but the energy changed.


Now I go out and do the second show and immediately and I want to thinking about this. Earlier that night, I come out on stage and everybody had a I thought about it.


OK, I start, you know, shaking people's hands, oh, I'm worried, but yeah, it was but when the day before, when I've even been concerned about it, went into the green room 40 minutes and talked to people who've been glued to the television, watching the news. And then they they scared the shit out of me. My behavior changed almost instantly.


Interest. I won't get too heavy, I mean, I'm only hanging out no matter how thin, it's not too heavy. That's exactly how I felt about it too. I remember I shook Études hand on a flight. I was flying to Vegas for the fights. It was like one of the last fights before they shut it down and some dude goes, I don't know, you want to shake hands, I'll shake your hand. We shook hands. He had a mask on already and I was like, wow, he was ready to go down.


I think this was the very beginning of March.


This was the first time I would have been just in any capacity was when I did just show that time. That was the first time I had an antibody test or anything I would have never expected here.


We would be deepened in November and we're all still kind of locked down.


When this started, he lived in L.A. He had no plans to come here. Yeah, you know, think about the whole your whole life has changed. What's interesting about this time was another thing we should talk about next hour. Come. Is that the enmasse it feels like we're rewriting our social contracts, you know, the whole thing and covid is an accelerant on this process that I could have never imagined. Yeah, you know, they're locked inside, man.


People are stuck in a house with their choices. Do you like your house? Do you like who you're with? You like these things you've accumulated. I hope you like them because you stuck with them and made great choices.


I like my choices. You know, when I was faced with it like that, it's like wish I had much better than many people. But imagine people doing it in mass. It's pretty powerful, pretty powerful. What does this do to a society? This type of isolation and an almost forced reflection. Yeah, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Right.


And we've always talked about how life is a rat race. Right. People get stuck in this rat race.


It feels never ending. It's not good that all these people lost their jobs, it's not good that all these people are going to lose where they live, but not at all. It might help some people recognize that if you just keep going in this rat race, it just it never ends. You've got to figure out a way out. And now is a better time to figure out a way out than ever, because you kind of have to you kind of have to.


And society as it existed 10 months ago, it's not the same place, same where the country was.


The country that is a country maybe somewhere in South Pacific is something that measures the their success as a nation, what they call their gross national happiness.


Just totally different premise.


What countries are. I can't remember. Maybe maybe a Google gross national happiness. Jennifer, thanks.


Fingers says Bhutan.


There it is, Bhutan. There you go. This is a real this is a real principle is a philosophy. Guys, the government think about this is a philosophy.


The kinds of government in Bhutan, it includes an index which is used to measure the collective happiness. This is the metric that they use to define their success.


If they try that in America, they turn to an app and it would fuck up everything. Oh, my God. People would just be striving to win the points on the app.


It would make people in saying they'd get addicted to trying to be a better person.


But this is the vast thing. This is a vastly better metric. I'm not, you know, a communist and shit. But I think that I know too many people who are very wealthy, who have what I consider a poor quality of life, just because, like you say, the wealth is the point. Yeah, they chased it.


They chased it and they didn't have any friends. Right. You're very wealthy. You love your dog. You don't hang out with you like fucking Scooby Doo. Your kids like the kids like you, you you're living an adventure of a life.


Now you're doing the same thing you're doing in L.A. in a totally different city. Just because you found that gnawing feeling. I got to be free. Whatever it is, there's a little bit of that.


And it is also like I think you're better off living in a place with less people.


I think when you live to be you live in a place like L.A., it's great in that there's a lot of resources, a lot of shit happening.


There's a lot of people. But it's bad in that sometimes people it diminishes the value of people a little bit when there's so many of them, like people stop thinking about in L.A., it's valuable.


I don't even think that this is that. For me, the thing the thing that I always had a hard time with was the point of the place was show business. Yeah.


So when I was coming up in my career, everything reminded me of the things I didn't have and nothing let me appreciate where I was. And now I love it. It's a winner's circle. I'm doing great. So I get in any restaurant got you know. Yeah, but I remember what it felt like being there. It's like that's why I don't live there. No disrespect to L.A., but it's like if I like a restaurant I don't move in and I just come when I want to eat.


I live in the restaurant. I think your idea of living in another place gives you perspective. There's no question it's the best way to have perspective. If you're stuck in that showbiz world, you know, that becomes your culture. Your culture is like this tiny fraction of the human beings in the world. And so many people just start relating only to people in that culture like that. You get real isolated that way, is not it?


And for what we do for a living, I wasn't conducive to anything that we wanted to wise artistically.


Now it's a very wise decision. Like really what is?


It smells great. I told you, that's the ones. That candle is a shit I'll do a commercial for. Right. And they cut this out of like, hi, I'm Dave Chappelle and this is a black ash candle.


Smells way better than it sounds. Take it from me and ask you, Larry, black ass bitch.


OK, one take as beautiful. Give it to me. I light it. I get the scent going. So when you turn now, do you just pick a city and say, oh, I'm going to do Denver three nights in a row and find me a venue?


Well, I don't know if I want this on show, but just between us. Well, you could I don't know. I'm not trying to we don't have to put anything on the show. But I want to post up here for, like, you know, a few weeks. It's cold in Ohio. I like playing outdoors. I like this Stubbs place a lot. Beautiful is rocking, so I can't that's why I said we do the same thing thinking around December, January.


Stay here for four, six weeks.


Try to finish the act that I was before I was close, when we were supposed to do those shows and someone was going to be five years make me a Joe Rogan went on sale with some tickets.


And this is this, Joe. We must have sold 36000 tickets in, like, ten minutes. It was it was insane. We were so excited to do the show and like a week or two before.




The shutdown happened, I was partnerships and that was going to be nice. So which ones we did were fun too, though. What was it about? I've never seen you have remember one watched once upon a time in Hollywood knowing that yes. It was so much fun to talk in the morning because of the conversation we were there.


Yeah, we were there. That was when you turned down.


That was no Seattle. That was yeah.


It was Tacoma to come to Seattle coming down. That that was the last fire. That was fun.


And the conversations we have in the green room, you know, every every tour has its own culture. But the culture, this tour that we did together was great. Yeah.


And it was who was traveling with you, but he was always faming.


He was always tired from not getting the right protein here, you know, think I slept the whole joint side.


But he and Ian and I, the first time I had ever left the country, I was like 18 and my 19th birthday there in Scotland at the Edinburgh Festival.


And Ian Edwards was on the festival doing a show. And we, you know, black dudes from from the west, like way west. And we hit it off. We would crack each other up and and then, bam, I just see him, you know, on the road, maybe feel 20 years younger. And we, you know, we all sit around the green room. The lights are red. Music's good, really good vibes. Really good company.


It was it was a perfect match.


We'll nail it with the red lights in your room. It changes everything. I must steal that from you, man.


Then please be my guest. I'll go with purple. Just it's all about the blowing because I used to just sit in a room with hard white lights and a fruit plate that I don't know how long they've been there and no music and you know, the early days, no friends.


You just sitting there with a baby, maybe a joke book, just waiting, waiting all the time, just waiting, just waiting. And at some point you realize, well, it's got to be fun. I can't just be sitting in these rooms looking at these walls.


Well, who the fuck has to bring a book to work, right? It was there. It was that right. So I just started sexing it up like he's having fun. And and then when you start going big on the road, you start bringing your friends out and all that shit. Then it gets really fun and you become like a surrogate family. The longer you stay out together, you know, you learn each other's creature habits. You find out about each other.


You don't know what to shack's. I see what people are made up, man. Yes, I love the road, man. Yeah. So much fucking fun. You would love that Ohashi Day, remember that I could have gone, but that's when I was planning on coming that night, that we're not doing any stand up.


I had my drone that night. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, we had Madrona, I don't even how to fly my own drone, one of my friends was flying the drone and it was late at night, so you'll get the drone shot. So we get the drone shots and then a drone went up in the air just like about two o'clock in the morning. And we thought we lost the drone. We didn't see no red lights, no blue lights.


It was just gone. We was like, oh, shit, nigga, we got to go find a drone. We like to get out of here. We thought we lost a drone. The drone was supposed to be at bed and breakfasts.


How well can you control those things?


Like the people that know how to drive it, they can control where they can't see it through, like measurements and distance and everything. Weird things are good, though. They had buttons on it.


You know, the good tracking track a person or an object, if you wanted it to just follow car or anything like that. Remember, in L.A., the paparazzi started doing all this crazy drone shit.


I'm sure they got you the way the drone guys.


We had the drones. I was drinking coffee. You hear the buzzing? Yeah. You hear this. You and you know that there's a dude a block away somewhere.


Isn't that weird? Like, they could they could kind of find you now with a drone.


Well, with a drone shot from the place, we thought we lost it. It was great. I was like, get my money for the drone. Right. We get a get everybody the car to go find his drone. We don't know where all of a sudden said it was like a movie.


We saw these blue lights come up and we had to and a motherfucker came.


Everybody was like, oh, shit, they got a drone.


And that shit came all the way back down. So that was a good shot. That was a great shot.


I met the governor of Texas. I went to the mansion to hang out with him. Governor Abbott and I had whiskey and barbecue with them. And while we were hanging out at his house, a drone comes by and hovers in the sky.


That's the one.


The light goes on. And we're watching this drone. The security guys are trying to figure out where the drones coming from and who's got the drone. And it turns out to be like the fire department real. Our department has their own drone and they're flying the drone around looking for stuff that makes a lot of sense.


But they they're like that's like hiding spot fires, how they can figure out what's going on. If there's some sort of a car accident, they could probably send a drone out, get video image of it so they know what to expect. They'll get there. Makes sense. Right.


And there's a new car like that. So it's a drone. The headlights are drones. You got to look this.


What is the headlights fly away? What do you mean?


The headlights are attached to the car right there on. If you get out of the car, they pop off and start flying around and make a path of light.


That's that's I think that's the thing. Audi created an autonomous off road that uses flying drones to illuminate the road instead of headlights.


Joe, the video. Why? It's it was fun because it's.


Oh, my God, they're ahead of the car. The fucking headlights are ahead of the car. It's the of thing.


That's some Star Wars shit. Right. Yeah, precision drones, if you have the key in your pocket, they'll follow you, like if you're walking in the woods, it's crazy.


That thing looks why it looks like some shit Jamie Fox drives already. He already has one of those gas station. Fox probably has this.


He has one of those residences. Isn't that what it's called? It's like a Vanney tank. I ran into him at the gas station. I was like, who the fuck is driving that thing?


Jim Fox, what's up? That thing looks awesome, though. That Audi that's a slick looking cartoon is crazy.


There's somewhere online there's a video demonstration and it's probably going to be electric, right?


Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Is it. Yeah, everything's electric. Now, look at this. Look at this shit.


It's that tiny. I look at this. Look at this. Look at this. Watch what is driving. Oh, shit, that's a headline. Yes, the headlines are ahead, making the road bright yellow. That's OK. Shit like this flying like little UFO.


That's nuts. Could you imagine if you saw that drive by somewhere? Yeah, I'd be like, oh my God, I think I saw an alien. That's crazy. That's going to be the future. Look at that shit. They fly ahead of you and illuminate the road. That's bananas. And you just have to trust them with your little bitch ass lights.


You get some low fog lights.


You have to trust the daddies that are flying around. That's how the government going to control you. And I don't want to keep you keep you going on their road.


No, no, no. You don't want to look at that road that way. It's dark. The drones only go on this road.


Come on, son. We're going to get probably a pizza place finally.


So come on, man, you started like this. Why are you doing this to me?


We'll find a pizza place for you. What do you what kind of pizza you want? Thin crust. I could get a pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza. A piece of pizza. A piece of pizza. Yeah.


I got to get some more gauze too man. Let's take five. One gives me. Yeah. We can just we could just end this.


It's already 435. I've been doing this forever. Oh. And I've been doing this for four and a half hours.


I know I've been disrespecting my gunshot wound. I didn't.


I told Jamie. I didn't write never it's not true. No, this is teamwork is teamwork. Thanks, Dave. That was fun. Oh, my God.


Next time we'll have a real thrill for me. Really? Yeah, for sure. I love it. Thank you, Don.


Donelle, that was fun. Thank you. Thanks for the candle. Thanks for the cream. Thanks for having us. Thanks for everything, Donna.


What about my hardcase stadium after stadium, D.C. provided a digital Thanksgiving show and the date is November 28th. And Pixar Soul comes out Christmas Day just to keep people focused on the show.


What the twenty eighth. Joe, you keep disrespecting me.


I want my people to come and see you the way you see them trying to find out where the tickets are. There it is. All right. There it is. So drive in comedy at RFQ. I'm trying to promote your show. So park up D.C. dotcoms. Go to Parkop D.C. Dotcom is the twenty eighth of the traditional.


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