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I'm there in Gary, and you're listening to the laughs of your life, the podcast where I talk to influential people about laughter from their first memories of laughter to feeling left out to a time where they had the last laugh, Cmax was like, you know what we should do?


We should get a manager. That sounds reasonable. And Johnny emailed, I would think, every management and agency in Ireland. Hello. Where Tijani is this? What we do is Facebook page 22. People write agencies and and it's OK. Nobody replied Bush. My my favorite part is that Johnny wouldn't be hectic on the computer at that time. He read them all.


No. Yeah, they are new. He's after email and everyone else. Yeah. I didn't know what it was.


Her emails were. Oh, don't like to take this chance to apologize to anger management, comedians, podcasters and proud Tipperary men.


The two journeys are my guests, plural.


This week they talk to me about quitting their day jobs for full time fulfillment, their undying love for the gayo and how they can barely go a few hours without each other.


I hope you enjoy. The two Johnnys, you are extremely welcome to save of your life now you're not supposed to interrupt an amateur Ladds. Thank you so much for being on the podcast.


Thanks a million, Daryn, for having us. And apologies for Tsarnaev's behavior already in the magazine. Just let me know when I'm allowed to talk.


Can we get kind of a stop score system? Look at I gave you the exact location. I said five o'clock, six minutes past five. Johnny, this one's out looking around. We came up with a swab, we came up with your site and we just got distracted. There was large drinking pints outside the damn tavern. And I swear, Johnny Cmax was transfixed. It was tears welling up my eyes. It was just that drink and pints are some sort of lager.


And I could see the kind of moisture gathering around the outside of the glass. I just wanted to get a bib. We're dribbling, dribbling. We've we've got to do that sort of guy staring, staring at me when I was going to go through for charcoaled for being late.


Sorry, but you arrived anyway. Johnny smacks right there in the corner with the most fabulous bouquet of flowers I've seen in a long time.


There you go. That's so there are temporary flowers. Now you're schmoozers the berry.


That's what we aim to please. Do you do you bring them everywhere, like every woman you do any work with all the holiday.


I'll get them in. You know, the whole year we actually have a feel of the back of the house, just full of flowers, all different types of tulips, chrysanthemums.


I hear Johnny is a bit tight.


All think he grows them himself. Yeah. He's still recovering from ten fourteen yarder for a wrap, the manager said, oh, I know where we'll meet.


Not never meet there again. You surely know somewhere to spare so we could meet him anywhere. Sorry. Bad first impression. Hello. Thanks for having us lads. Thank you so much for doing it. It's a fabulous day outside here in Dublin. You're not of that often really, are you.


Not anymore, no. When we first got on we couldn't get enough of Dublin. You see, Dublin has the midweek pints. Tipperary hasn't had those since the boom right there. You'd be music to beat. I'd come in on a Wednesday night and tomorrow he's in care and he'd sing Fisherman's Blues or whatever, and you'd drink ten points and you'd get up and go to work the next morning. Hang in butcher to be some lad there from Belarus who'd pick up the slack and get away with it.


Like where it is now. Like that doesn't play anymore in the country. Midweek pints are gone and Dublin has it. Camden St Wall to Wall AG, ag students, UCPD, BCU, what I always myxoma.


We were doing a gig where we doing the gig we can in in DCU in DC and I think the show acorah's they on you know you did NOPSA and but dyslexic I on that.


But you know orderer, international pop artists are like, you know, hello Wembley or something or somewhere.


That's where new CD Shelbyville. Yeah. So yeah we do a lot of talk with my mother, some Dublin and Johnny you're a big fan of Dublin as well. I was great at the start and because like just farmers newies. Yeah.


When we first heard this country people lads wearing brown shoes and big belts and they were all that knew who was at the beginning. And we used to come to Dublin and no one knew, no one cared. And we could drink wherever we wanted to do whatever we wanted. Now you're getting chased by perhaps.


Yeah, not exactly. That's more like lads going like, you know, perhaps you're going to hear and all word of a lie. Well, perhaps don't know who it is nowadays.


It's more, it's more lads.


Me in a headlock just been like your gas, your gas. And I'm like you're choking me, you know, you're the two funniest pricks. But we love countrypeople. There's so time to kind of rough around the edges, but beautifully honest and friendly. Yeah. You know, if you ask a country person for directions, is that fucking down there somewhere and around the corner, but they probably go for a drink, you know, where somebody posh might be a bit more standoffish.


But we just the people of Ireland have embraced us into their bosom and we feel very lucky to be able to in all this. We can podcast from home and show on the television and whatever God we're walking on Toño like we're like we're we're getting away with you.


That's exactly why you're the first duo I've had on the podcast since I was trying to figure out how are we going to work this with the stories and whatnot. And I was like, oh, maybe like, you know, one of you could maybe hold back for some of you're like, no, no, hold it back.


OK, I'm just going to throw this out there. And either you can go first, go your first memory of laughter.


Am I to think about this for ages? And I was like asking me Motrin. And she was like, what about your Dallen? And I was like, oh.


And I was like, what should you do?


Isn't a stand up like, you know what I mean? He's a stand up guy or, you know, God rest them. But then she kind of reminded me and I was like listening to you at all. And the other day and I remember dancing around the room with me, Modder, I'm only maybe four years of age at this debt. I've got her hair brush and we're just belting out good looking woman, the two of us.


And and she she used to love like seeing me sing, although later in life she was like, shut up, you know? And now she says, it's great. Like, I don't know what to do to your voice, but you sound great. So she's convinced or it's just auto tune all the time, but.


At that time, it was brilliant, carefree dance around room motor, it did get a bit out of hand when she dressed me up as Garth Brooks one time, several times on a Sunday, we'd go down to local pub. Maybe there was a match on television no one had seen. Most people in tips did not sit on its go, but we go down. She dressed me up in her boots and I'd have to plaid shirt and cowboy hat and a guitar and a commode, ladies jackets, singing friends in all places and people.


People got laughed. And I remember thinking like I was, I was, I was born to do this.


Maybe I reckon I reckon if it wasn't enough to Johnny's I'd be a Garth Brooks impersonator. Why wouldn't we evaluate.


It won't be bad now because he's never going to come walking out of the ladies Jackson to stand in Rusko here and Johnny smacks.


What was childhood like for you always. How many in your house? There was just me.


And then I have a sister now, Abbey, and she's fourteen. And so for sixteen years there was just me. So it was just constant. Like, to be honest, it was happy.


I know like a lot of comedians stuff on it really like, you know, most comedians for some strange reason. I think that's why we're all messed up.


It's like they had a mad childhood, whereas mine was just fairly normal. Yeah. Me modern fighter, we had a bit of crack. Abby came along. I got away with murder then because I didn't really care about me. She had a baby to look after and that was it. But it was great.


Me mam's funny. Yeah. And like she's got a segment on, on our second podcast and she, she loves it so she thinks she's hilarious. Right. So I think that's where I got it from. A kind of channel channelled her childhood go crack.


We went to the pub, we watch matches. Simple. It'd be similar with my mom.


She is she always kind of goes, I have no idea where you got it. They're like the biggest drama queen of all time.


It just it just wasn't nurtured, you know. Well, I mean, you know, education wise and and trying your best and all that was for her, but not so much being funny. That wasn't really a thing. But then it wasn't, you know, were put into drama school or whatever. What do you mean? Being funny wasn't the thing back then. No, it wasn't encouraged in her time. Yeah. Yeah. It wasn't like, oh, follow that dream or whatever.


Oh yeah.


On listen that wasn't me either. Like I used to work in a bacon factory and I'm like eighteen at this stage and I'd come home in the evenings and I bought an amplifier from Argos and a microphone. For some reason I was always obsessed with microphones, even at like eighteen years of age, where this is where you should be trying to get your life together. I dropped out of college and were singing in my bedroom like RBM. Everybody hurts.


I honestly didn't like the job and she'd be down in a room just like I'm begging you, John, please stop. John, John, John, please. I'm begging you, please stop singing.


And like now what now is your click when she comes to one of her concerts or something like that, like and she's like, I can't believe it. I can't leave.


And now she sang to my younger sister, like, chase your dreams. Yes.


You're going to do what are you doing? Yeah, you know what I mean.


I laughed of you didn't want singing lessons or guitar lessons. You want an amplifier for the whole state could hear. You know, it didn't matter. It didn't matter if I sing a tune or not. Just louder and louder. Johnny B you your first memory.


Laughter We have great cracking to bury. My next door neighbor was an old gentleman named Frank and you know, Moyal Milawa. He had a really distinctively kind of I don't see mutant put like a really big Knaus. Quite a distinctive noise. It's a lovely man. Whisky, no whiskey north. Yeah. And he was great. He was always just kind of knocking around, kind of talking to dogs and the birds, not Herero with the grandmother over my grandmother next door to us again over a dog or something.


And then he started feeding the birds. And so all the birds would lean up on the telephone wire and shit on the grandmother's cat. And that that was Frank's way of like getting one back at my grandmother.


But he he'd we'd always be I thought you should put down for pets are building sheds or something, and he'd be in and he would just come in and if he heard there was cement being mixed, he'd want a piece of the action. He was just class on the shovel.


He had a real knack, kind of you dig with your knees that kind of shovel nacke, you know, and I'd be like three or four, five, whatever, and we'd be looking at children and he'd be a great man, mixing cement by hand, never to machine. He always loved to mix it like going a big on a board on the ground or something, and he'd pick up a bit of the cement and he'd pretend to eat.


It now needs more lame, you know, like and, you know, two or four year old. That's the funniest thing in the world. And then he'd throw it back down and he'd show a bit more. He'd we're getting there now. We're getting. No, no.


You know, so that was microtia. And he taught our Jack Russell he'd be fly-Fishing. Right. And he'd catch the fish and then he'd teach the Jack Russell to swim in and bring it in and its mouth without McKinnis.


Oh, stop. That's a fact. Yeah. Oh, and just magic.


That's a lot.


That's not only that's not a weird little Jarocin called Dingo and it was never a need around his neck. You follow Frank around. It turns out your neighbor is actually Eddie Murphy.


Dr Doolittle, that generation of our lads. I feel sad when I think about it because I don't know if there's going to there kind of I think I don't know what this is that I promised myself and Max would be good old.


Yeah. Yeah, he was nice. He had a mouth organ. I think my 21st was on. It was a hundred people like me. Twenty four some bananas because I was in. Frank stood up in the middle, everyone, and he played a song in the mouth organ was a good it was all right, I thought, you're going to say we need work.


You've done well because all all people just made me cry. Yeah. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I don't know what it is. They're just like I see them under and like.


Yeah, only if you're only if they're on their own. Which makes you remember that photo went viral of their chatting. They do a man with you.


But the best part was he was like, I just wanted to get all the news. I don't know, this is so funny. And I was like, oh, he's you know, I see this first time I was like, oh. And then when he said I was like, what a legend.


What do you people just created the story that, like, he needs to leave and it probably has to go home and take his meds. He's like, oh, you can't see his lap. I bet he has no legs.


I bet a dog it must a target his legs. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.


Give him something. Put him on a stunt.


You don't expect to go for me like we're trying to buy him a new life because he's going digital.


Johnny, your childhood, what was your house like? Uh, great. I have one older sister and my grandfather were great with a big, big backyard and a big backyard.


And I got an espresso.


And before we came in and I said, you have me still in the coffee shop. And we found it with goalposts out of old pipe and stuff.


Middle class.


That was all you want when you good.


And he made me and I will sort out a piece of ash. And I went around stabbing imaginary lights and and kicking footballs down the garden.


And sure we were delighted. So happy out. Well, yeah, happy. And my sister was a bit older and she got a guitar. And then that's where I first got introduced music. I started playing guitar around eleven or twelve. And in order listen to me, you wouldn't think it sounds like it's my hidden talent. Yeah, but we'll get into the music and all that little bit later.


But for now, lads, the first time you felt laughed at. Oh, jeez, this is this is traumatic.


I was thinking like Iran. I remember in like four class Datatel show and everyone was like, oh, I'm dancing, I'm doing this. I was like, I don't know. All I knew was like every word to every dumb, believable sketch.


Yeah. And I was like, well, I want to have to do that. Or roped in anatomy class Ron and Shannon, we sat down, done the unbelievers and people laughed at us.


I think I don't think they laughed.


We want to tell show, but like I think people wanted cause, like, we couldn't actually get a captcha.


So we just had blue T-shirts trying to be crime busters and T-shirts. Yeah, we couldn't get shortly.


And I'm looking at your shirt for ten minutes, for ten minutes. Getting you one shirt.


But I think they laughed at us that and then I was like going back to my childhood, it was pure therapy and I was trying to think about this and I was like one of the times I was laughed, that was like I was a big child.


I mean, like I went to be grandmothers at weekends and she still fed me because she was insistent that at least if you ever got sick, you had something to fall back on, i.e. six seven on a twelve year old, honest to God, like it did roll me over her house on a Sunday morning, I swear to God.


Two pounds at Denny's sausages lodged in a twelve year old stomach. But it was a big lad. And like people, would people take the piss off you from time to time? So yeah. Yeah. And it was one little guy that kind of held around in our group, like and he was tiny. I remember one day we had a row over soccer or something and he was like at me, at me, at me all day. And then he was like, come on Zoila, you know, shaping up for a fight.


And a member like for some reason of inside me was like, you can't fight, like to me.


And then he get this this tiny, tiny black and I'm huge.


And he gave me a couple of raps. And you remember going away home and everyone's laughing at me. And I went home tomorrow and was like, God, we're all laughing at me. She said, well, the next time you see him now, you know, you don't have to man up. And then I went back around two days later and give him an awful hammer. The that I remember sitting on him for a finish. And I was like, I mean, and he was right, you know, it had something to fall back on.


I never really talked to him, but it was grim. And I swear to God, still from my childhood, still carry, like, issues with me.


Yeah, I don't know. At last we thank God at the moment, Larcombe has been the greatest thing of all time.


But still, if you if you're a big giant, you'll carry that around forever.


I was and I do know if I put on clause no and like, it fits me, I'm like, that's fuckin stock Tamino and now Upstander. Johnny, what's it like? He's a lad that's actually to loosen up. Yeah. In your mind, yes. I think yeah.


If something imbeds in your head at that age, it, it's, I don't think you ever do shake at hundred percent. And that was probably my first thing of like a group of people actually laughing at you.


And I was just determined after that. Well to just laugh with me from now on.


Yeah. Yeah. I have a question about don't leave a legacy. Did you do the whole crime you like knock the knocked down. Yeah. Yeah. Right, right down. But sort of festering carson and you know, feet up on the table. A patent box. Yeah. Over PJ over. Yeah.


And I can even now we went on holidays last year to twelve of us went on holidays and we rented out this villa in Portugal. Sounds real fancy doesn't it. Glamour was there, baby, but we went out with a group of our friends and at like five o'clock in the morning we come home from the nightclub and we're just watching.


Don't believe it. And it's strange because we met and stuff like that. And it's it's a mad story to be to be doing something like that. But we love them. Like as a young lad, people were like and we all was destined to do the job do. And I was like, no way. Like I've worked every job. This is the first job I've actually stuck at.


Yeah, but growing up it was constantly listening to, like, I don't believe.


And then when Mariarosa stuck him on the scene buying his CDs and I swear if you put on give groups for I'll go to 20 songs on it or 20 sketches on it, I'll do them all word for word. Yeah. No, I'm off.


And when we interviewed then as well and I was trying to downplay it just like we're on your level. And I swear the whole the whole I'm trying to convince myself we're not obviously.


But like I was just in order for me to now and to be able ask him for advice. Well, it is unreal. And he's taught manners. Yeah. So I guess that was you, Johnny.


We laughed at. Yeah.


You know, in school now I was a bit hairy, so I was called animal rights, our animal B because it was still kind of an abbreviation of Johnny B. Animal B, and that's that stock for a decade at UT and then An that or so and shook it off and got into secondary school.


Then I was more just Johnny B. and mimeo console christened me that. He was great. He had a motorbike. So I went to school on the back of a one two five. Honest to God. And he only had one decent helmet. And then the helmet I had had no visor and it would stop at your chin. I was like I was like Magneto.


I went to school on the back. I swear to God he's like the funds for in school. And then he'd packed the make up for a finish. We had to park it outside the principal's office because, like, all the lads would take a motorbike and like, pushed out into the middle of the roundabout. So just, you know, young for this. Maisano like. But I don't think I don't remember people laughing at me or making fun of me.


Did you make fun of what you were you were you were the one making fun. No, I do have an awful treat. I can't help but always go for the joke, even at the most inappropriate times.


Just today I met Tommy Boy. Today I saw about your story. Yeah, he was Don. Sorry, I was there. He was. Don't say OK.


He was down in our hometown, Filemon and I saw him and I could I was trying to find my voice because a bit hoarse from shouting recently and I saw Tommy Boy across the street and I couldn't help but think I had to shout across the road at him.


It must be it has to be jolly well.


And then then he came across the road and he's walking past and it's like, oh, Tommy. And then he was beside me was Willie Barrett, the referee, and Willie, the famous referee. He would a referee monster finals and all this. And I said, hey, Tommy, you know, not really bad referee. Yeah. He often forked over my club. I couldn't help but see it. There was absolutely no need to see it.


And then Tommy Boy stand there like, oh, I whatever I can't do is wait. And then really Barret's like in order to Giannis and he's like yeah. And then he looked at me the cheers to you.


He was like I was wondering who's the lunatic in the monster jam session on his own though. Tommy.


Well he's, he's a ride Tommy Borsa Lashan I swear to God.


What age. Tommy Boehner. I don't know.


But you come up to my house just gone. Mahtani Bonsey. He's very good looking.


That is just it is shredded, ripped death, handsome. I made me sick. I was going to just go over and tackle him resultant.


So I'm into the fountain. So dear Johnny didn't answer that. People laughed when I first met Johnny. He had a ponytail.


Yeah. Hot and a beard. He didn't. Yeah. I was like Robinson Crusoe. Now he's an adult. Noticed. She's right. OK, Ron.


Well what was your vibe at that time? You were a bit hippie or what? Well, I'd be big into heavy metal, right? Yeah. And just I was always in bands and I was in a wedding band then for a finish. Once I give up on the rock and roll and just had long hair and I was naked Hurleys. That was family business. Yeah. So my parents didn't seem to matter that much. And then obviously from the first year it's Maxi was like that's going to have to go on.


And he still reckons to this day that is the turning point in our career.


We might as well get this out of the way. Now, how did you meet for anyone that doesn't know?


I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar. Johnny was a famous country western singer.


Not that a star is born. No, I'm I'm from Rusko originally, which is in North.


And then I moved down to South Tip, and that's where my girlfriend is from. And I moved down and was like, got a job in L.A. Law Shop. And the less said about that, not a better, but I needed somewhere to stay and I heard it this Johnny Blatt had a room for rent stop and we met each other down to the year club. I transferred Globes and I met Johnny on a train. I was like, Yeah, you looking for a large resort?


Yeah, I was like, yeah, cool. And that was it, just just by chance, and we just got we got on from there. It was me, Johnny and I call the police and we just live together. And he's the funniest member of the two. Johnny's. Yeah. Staff.


And why isn't he a silent partner? He was just crippling and saying, you know what, I've actually a couple of people I've interviewed, particularly comedians on the podcast. All of them have someone in their life from either primary school or whatever who they're like they are.


I have this friend who is so much funnier than I am, and they just never pursued it because this is not in them to do it. Yeah, everyone.


So if you guys have a guy like that, as I have it, as a difference between being funny and then being able to deliver. Yeah. And right.


And that's true to execute. Yes. Excuse. Yeah. We love him though. He's just so handsome.


Yeah. And a lot of, a lot of our friends like a lot of me, Johnny, mutual friends and a lot of them are just like they're the funniest lads on the port. Yeah.


And we're quite enough when we go down to port because like because you're wasting your time and we're sick of talking. Yeah.


And then we let them talk and then we write it all down. Yeah. Yeah. And then we get paid money for a gorgeous perfect deal there.


Yeah. Yeah. Well steez to borrow OK. At the moment if you didn't laugh you'd cry, I think you would have probably the same one here. Yeah. Our first gig abroad was in New York City so we had, we were gone a year.


Yeah. Probably, probably even less, probably less than a year.


And we had done our first gig and come in and one or two more and it went well, you know, friendly crowd people like, oh my God, those two sides of the Internet, you're brand new. Everyone is really sport.


Of course. Got a phone call. These guys on like a big change. Bars in New York want us to come over and do a couple of shows. They're going to fly us over. They're going to put us up a few pounds to crack the whole lot. So we're in America. We go over just the two of us. We should have nowadays. We'd have someone with us, tour manager Salmen, whatever. So it's just the two of us.


And we set up sound check. Everything's fine. We agree they're going to close the bar. About five hundred people turn up.


No solid crowd, real in Yonkers, all Irish Americans Friday night, these two lads from Ireland, it's going to be bananas. And then we start and then my microphone doesn't work. Perfect.


And in the open the bar. So it's this huge room with a big circular. You know, in America, the bars are often in the middle, right. So now there's five hundred people all chatting and having to crack. And then my Michael Mark and then the guitar mark know.


So we have one Mike and I say it is about twenty people at the front can hear us now and like I'll never forget it because a woman, a women's basketball team came straight from training all in their jerseys, full kit. They walked in bags, the whole lot, Irish and Irish, America, American, all Americans.


Right. They just heard it was going to be this this comedy thing on. And we're at the front and then we're in character and like or dressed as our lads and stuff. And I'm like, we're trying to reenact a committee.


Bear in mind we're getting change, post-traumatic stress. You see a panic. Anyway, if we're at a gig like I'm like Johnny, it'd be like movie grant. And I'm like, Yeah, but everyone wants to kill us. And he's like, yeah, we're granddad.


And I eat my nails, my fingers, like. And that night I remember going back, we were like, where are we changing the costumes?


Like, I don't know.


So the stage was like this kind of inlet and had no backstage gnawing. Oh God. Yeah.


So we're basically taking our clothes off on stage for like ah it, it was like I'm just going to turn around with a different hat on and then we're there with one guy trying to act out a scene.


Well what do you think. Big.


And did the bar not help you with the consequences. So the bar was hopping. If I was for deep. Didn't care like he got close. Yeah. Yeah.


They were getting really like we like we accepted it because like we were getting to New York, we I'd never been anywhere like I'd been to John's once and I thought like that this listen, life is not gonna get any parents. And then it's like, here's a free trip to New York. I was like, no, of that. Like we didn't even think to check details with him. Right. But we went, OK, we done around fifteen minutes of that to and fro and it wasn't working.


And remember, I watched a documentary in the pan on the way out and it was lauded, his big UK and US comedian saying, like, you know, people don't see the dark side of comedy.


And it was all about like how lonely there were on the road. And I was like, what are they talking about? We're on in this around six weeks. We're killing it, you know, walked off the stage in New York and I was I was fit to burst into tears.


I was ready if someone else was Hatzius, I'm in it and I'm back to Ireland and I'm giving up this whole thing. And a young lad from our he's American, but like his parents are Irish, walked up to me and was like, hey, I'm Eddie.


Here's a double vodka Red Bull. And I just went down the whole thing.


And then I was like, Ginola could be worse. But it could have been worse, and I remember like Freddy Flintoff, who was like Humera, I like the UK, he's like the X cricketer, and he does linger on and he said wanting was the worst can happen.


You can still go home and look like now we didn't go home for a week because we were having some crack that just set it on. But we came back on the Sunday to December and they pulled us out the back in a function room and we don't see the gig to 250 people. And it went really well. But that was a nice finish it. But I remember that there was 30 seconds walking off that stage where I was ready to go.


Now, I know, like usually it is it's like, you know, and I thought I was going to spiral downhill and I turned to mindfulness and like, I was handed a double back.


Oh, listen, there is no mindfulness here to cure what happened that night or the following five nights. But it was it was a good experience.


And you need those. Yeah, you need those to re-evaluate. And I think if those things don't happen as well, you can get to a point where you think you're a bit invincible and nothing will ever go wrong and then you can't deal with any of the hardship that might come down the road.


So, no, we're doing a gig. You're checking and double checking and being super particular. Yeah. And I remember, like, been trying to do open mic nights and, you know, being in a band and all that stuff and you hear that like or some big act is coming in and people are saying, oh, they were so particular.


They were they were drummer or he wanted this and he wanted that. Right. And now it's like that's why you're the best. Yeah. That's why they know nothing's going to go wrong.


You don't see Ed Sheeran in the middle of song. Yeah.


And a team is like, sorry, is this I'm sorry.


Wembley forgot to change my batteries there. Lads, you're you're no laughing matter moment in life.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no past, no laughing matter before the two.


Johnny's Hinda. When I moved here, as I said, I was working in floors up and they got let go from there. I was I was bad enough at it, to be honest. You know what I know if I get sued after this book, at the time, I was like a junior manager in this shop and we used to get like shirts and menswear and we shirts and stuff delivered in.


And your mum's like, don't be cutting them open with a Stanley knife. You might damage to garments. I was like, oh yeah, no water like. And I was like, why not send him here to sort of stand in.


And around four weeks into the job, fellows kept coming back with double axle shirts with a rip all in the same place.


And I was like calling the manager and I was like, what's the story of t shirts? And he was it must be a fault with the Double Excel. And it's like this kept on for three months. And then it eventually dawned on me one day I was like the do the double Excel shirts comes on top at the box. So every boxer shorts I'd ever opened in there, I'd split double X, L.A., Stanleyville and.


Yeah, and I remember just being at a time I write macro for it. Then I got a job in a pharmaceutical plant and they let me go as well.


And for nine months I was under the weight and I was living with Johnny and like it, it's not I didn't have depression because like, you know, I don't know, maybe I did, but like, I never really looked into it or delved into it because, like, it was it was kinda like, get on with it. You know, I think people have to get on with it.


Everybody goes through down, down parts of life and you just have to get on with people for around nine months. I say I lay in bed. I didn't do a whole pile. I was upon onload away. It was an exercise and a stop engineer. And I was just sitting at home and Johnny be going off to work and maharani like, I want to do something learnability not sit and watch watching like reruns a lot here. I was going Rotar.


I was John by one stage but I was doing Martin and I remember thinking like Jesus, I have way more to give than this. And Johnny used to say to me, like, why don't you join the local panto when you do something like you're a waste here.


You want to waste away here, you do not. And then eventually I picked up a job, joined the local panther and on the Panther one year and was like, right. I say, I'm not too bad at this.


Rave reviews from the from the local the garden. The local stars. Yeah. Wonderful Johnny Cmax play simple Simon so.


Well yeah. And I remember distinctly right. So believable. Yeah. Right. There is more to life but that was definitely like you know that was no laughing matter. That was serious probably at times is going to look back and laugh at now. But I remember being in, in that time tenkile jeez I can't even get shit up.


And like I was like what, what am I going to do? And eventually I dragged it out. I got a job as a butcher and SUPERVALU. And you know what? I treated that job every day like I was an actor. Yeah. So I didn't mind counterassault, bravado, the whole outlook. I couldn't give a shit about lamb's liver, you know, but I turn it on in there and yeah, that kinda got me over. Prigioni played a massive parranda.


I was going to ask you. Yeah. Yeah. Not everyone's strikes go to the house, meet like that. Oh yeah. And we've, we've all had bad ones as well. But I think with Johnny was good because he's always been straight.


OK, and even though that's why we never know as to Chinese because like sometimes he's brutally honest with me. Yeah. But like I need that as well. And I know I do. And that time he was like, get up out of it. But I'll knock on doors like he he kind of drove me on it. Otherwise I honestly don't know what I'd be doing.


I saw the way you were saying there, you know, I don't know if I had depression, I, I think I was like, what age are you guys now? I'm 29 and you're 34. Are you ready for dinner? That's an exclusive because he's never told anyone. I mean, if anybody asks if you if you asked if you Google it, you won't even find I am 28.


So we're going around the same bracket. And I think it missed it just missed our generation of having the language to know to kind of say how you're feeling. Like I haven't had a stint in college. Rothfeld.


Yeah, I don't know. I don't think it was depression, but maybe it was. But I think as well, sometimes you kind of almost if you do if you did have the language back then, you might have gone. I am. I'm definitely depressed. I'm depressed. And then I could have sent you down.


You're kind of self diagnosing and I think that's massive nowadays. Yeah. I even see where young kids like we we we've got a young following as well with the two. And like, even though, like, you might get a snapshot from a 14 or saying like I'm depressed and it seems to be just a term to describe Concertante, like, don't get me wrong. Depression is a very serious mental health and we've got a big problem with that.


But. Dating of saying, I'm depressed, it's just almost like a term, yes, that is diagnosis dangerous, very dangerous. So, like, I could lay in the bed and said, I'm depressed. That's why I'm not getting up and that's why I'm not getting a job. And that's whereas sometimes you just do need a little bit of yourself.


Yes. Someone has a voice of reason.


Yeah. Yeah. So what about you, Johnny? Me now? No laughing matter. I don't know. Honest to God, a Cmax would say I'm just kind of pig ignorant. Right.


And I don't think things ever really get me down because, you know, I read a lot of books about that and actually do not remember Bill Colon. You're fired.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I read his book and hear things in worryin. Doesn't do anything. He's like, sure, if worrying helps the problem, we'd all be doing it like and we've had to give me that 30 years ago and it just kind of stuck with me. So I wouldn't be a worrier. But I do know for boredom, right?


Yeah. Yeah, I don't know.


I suppose when I did my apprenticeship and then the recession came and like that I had had no money would I didn't go out for a year probably.


Ah yeah.


Even even after I started to Johnny's because we made no money for women with money for like I say, a year and a half. And then like I gave up my job, I timed him one day I was like I'm after packing in the job. We go full time at this. And he was like that. I mean business like and I was like, well, I have to quit.


And so I need pen. Yeah, I know that. So and it wasn't quitting. The job is like, well, I have enough for the job. It was like we need to make all this properly. And being into to Giannis was tough I thought at that time because we were on telly as in like we're doing TV interviews and we were doing gigs and people are seeing our posters plastered everywhere so they instantly think by the rich boys are rich.


And then I went from being behind the butcher counter to like being this into Giannis and everybody knowing me. And I was like it was such a change. It was definitely apparent in our life where we probably won't see. We lost the university smile. We probably did.


We probably. This is normal though.


Once you really back in it's fine but like it was tough to be keeping up the facade of being this successful comedy act.


But at the same time, like we weren't like people can come in and get a photo which are behind the counter.


And that was the day I handed in. Yeah, but it's typical. Fake it till you make it though. Oh yeah. You just you, you, you buy into your own hype at the start. Yeah. Because if you don't no one will.


But I think you have to have a bit of that delusion as well. To me you have to be correct. Yeah.


Like I honestly thought I remember working in the vehicle factory, like when I got when I dropped out of college and I was like, this is grand going to win The X Factor. I was like a very bad singer and I was like, Chris Grant, like, you know, X Factor audition, erm er audition for that or I'll be on it until Christmas. So I had it all made up my mind. I had had it down to what I was going to wear and leave.


Sure George. Yeah. Yeah. Honestly I was like, no wonder what you're getting.


What would I be in Malibu or where.


I'm not going to Luise. Yeah. Next year and then back in Rostker here like you're not hanging a pig on a line like I was like, but whatever, whatever is keeping on. But I've always been deluded and that's worked a treat.


I think. I think gone through a time I have not. And I kind of stood the two of us totally. Absolutely. And just worked our asses off. And I think once we decided Johnny's gas from the first time we ever did and the first time we were on stage is the two Johnny's horsemen are Jacob's strictly come dancing to me. The next day I was like, we're going to be full time. I want to make it this. We didn't even have a Facebook page.


He was like, That's it. We're going full time to Johnny's got massive.


And I was like, we just emceed a g a function. The local. Oh yeah. What are we going to do? What is it that we do? So do you think you would have done it if it wasn't for him pushing?


You know? Well, I had a little test that I had no song go kind of viral back in 2010 for Tipperary. Hurdlers got to play on up for the match. Yeah. And this Jezzine granit, great crack and all.


And that was that was like that was it. I thought I was at home. Yeah.


The charity box that they were big at the time. Yeah. And then all my mates were like, oh we'll make videos you know. And that was it.


I just went back to work and never would have done it. Had a it's Max and I was living with him and it was me saying but it all happened. So that was it. Yeah. Came and asked me what I get involved in the music because I was in a band and I said, no way, you're crap. And they're, they're great. But then I went home and I was like, Cmax is hilarious. Yeah.


And he's here on the couch cracking us all up. Yeah. You have to do something.


So I kicked him first day and once he got the first bit of confidence, he knew he knew that, as you said, audience, all that image like the first night we emceed that, that's really like I made us go down to the local menswear shop, rent two suits.


Machin Yeah. Like I mean, he was funny on a week. Like mirrors.


Yeah. Shiny. Looking back, there weren't the best suits pinstripe, but they were cheap and like I was on three hundred a week, I spent a hundred quid on rent and a suit and he ended reluctantly.


He did the same investment. Yeah. But we rented suits, we looked at Machin, we were like Ant and Dec and I was like D'Arrigo. We are we wrote a song for all the contestants and we had cue cards, we went all out like they want. Yeah, there's Johnny's Mikes is like a neat freak, fake telemarketer.


And actually, I have a bit of a long wait. I just think it's on like I don't want to go down the whole mental health thing, which is we don't really delve into it too much.


Well, because you mentioned it. Do you have any idea? I'm sure you do, because I'm sure you get messages because you're the kind of people that people want to reach out to and say thank you. But do you have any idea the lads in Ireland who maybe have a difficult time with mental health, the impact and the the joy that you guys bring to them?


We've got messages in and we never on our podcast and we never read out messages like that are thank you for saying we're great men because what no one wants to listen to support like we do get messages.


We've got a message off a guy who lost 13 Storen. He put on our podcast and then he goes walking and he finds out. And we did. We got Lord's messages. People, you know, who are suffering with depression are suffering through sickness or in whatever way. And they listen to the podcast and it's like, thank you. I laughed and I got a bit of crack.


And that's that's what we set out in the very first day when we wanted was just to make people laugh. And like Sam Sam, with your podcast put on, it's all or less it makes you laugh. It makes you feel good when you come away. Yeah.


Like we're not claiming to be the best comedians or the best musicians or the best presenters around. But I guarantee you, if you put it on, you'll just have a laugh and you'll forget about stuff. And that's all we really want to do.


But it's about being relatable as well, because I feel like you could live next door to them.


But like, we had crap jobs, like people are like, you know, like people that have so many things going. How do you how do you keep going? How do you work so hard?


And it's like we got up at six o'clock in the morning in the freezing cold and like I went to a factory and he went like, you know, make Ourisman I never forget the day I decided I want to give a party making out, like lifting and chopping down trees all day. And it rained the whole day. And he came home that night and drinks Max and that's it.


Yeah. And that's that's family business. And that's very that's tough to make that decision. It is.


But like we've won the lotto. Well, I mean, you're you're born in Ireland. We have our health. We have the price. Look at us all with smartphones and and you know, the flowers.


Yeah. And and we have family and friends and we get up and we get to do something we love.


Yeah. Like we want the law. What's there to be miserable. Like the I just on the podcast, a lot of people say to us, would you not get someone in to talk about mental health? But we kind of see our role has been we're not experts, not a good podcast about mental health. And we'd be afraid to put our foot wrong as well, because we have a good friend of ours is a mental health nurse. Right.


And they always say that, you know, be careful about giving advice to people. So we see our job has been put us on. We make you laugh. You might learn a few bits and you come away feeling good, escapism.


You don't have to do that. Exactly. And I think not to be critical of anyone like anybody speaking about mental health is great. But I think people can speak about and sometimes are given advice that they're not in that position to give that advice. And we just find out the. So we just will make you laugh. That's our medicine.


Yeah. Oh, is that on the branding. You need to stick that on.


Actually I feel make it OK. Let's take it. Let's take a mental point Giannis Cmax one of your five a day.


Kalpowar OK right that's the person you always laugh with RACC it's it's each other one.


Where were you going to say me.


Yeah well sorry I was going to say no you be like Charkhi. Yeah. Scribbling out.


Yeah I know but like we mentioned in previous, all our friends are hilarious and like we thank them for the endless material to give us. But each other. I don't like I said that to Johnny Red and I'm all right. But sometimes we have these deep chats and it is actually classic madness and actually talk, you know, normal what it's like.


So he means like normally in interviews we're like, yeah, a new show or a new book.


Yeah. You're all of a sudden some this is just having to crack this brilliant. But I think, I think like laughing with each other. Just no one can make me laugh. Laughter. So I like I'm cracking up sometimes it's during a podcast or sometimes it's just on the couch.


Is there something funny or do an impression of some local fella I like even today in the camera laughing our heads off and crashed car at the company coming in along, my Lord, like doing impressions of a fellow he's on a asked at home downtown.


Oh yeah. I was taking him off the whole.


We just, just that simple stuff and we've always made each other laugh like I think it goes both ways and that's, that's why you're Cmax.


It has. I don't know what you call it, but he's kind of the life of a conversation or a party and not just like drink of like people. People like people all around Johnny. So Johnny lives in an open house, right.


People just want to call around and Cmax will say, submental, if you're in a bad mood, like the whole world will know about it. Oh, yeah. And he's just he's got such life in him. And when he's in a good mood, he lift you raise the Titanic that.


Yeah. Not No John on that like yeah I went we haven't really even commit to him and go like. Shit, they don't know, and he'll he'll get it on me eventually and we'll just move on with it. But if I if you have, I want everyone to know what I need. Loads of laws. Right. OK, tickle my belly and keep me happy. Portale, which only like the phoniness, Johnny is like crazy.


Not like anyone I've ever met in that like connecting things abstract.


And that's in righton when when we're doing sketches or books or whatever his mind works like no one his mind.


I couldn't think of the stuff he comes out with, like and and for that, like, it's just brilliant to be around them because he's mentally.


But we take the time. So you imagine if you have a friend and then you start working with that friend and then you realize that all the conversations that you have with them are about work. Yeah, you got to watch that. Yeah.


So we like people would say to us, what are you doing going on the flash of a Wednesday night and you got to be doing but like we have to take the time. Stop talking about work. Yeah. And just call friends. Yeah. Do we kind of break through, you know, any pressure release valve.


Yeah, absolutely. But they say that. Yeah, but you have to just leave as well because that gives you material and it's the same with breakfast radio like I remember actually because Keith Walsh did programmability. Yeah. And when I was starting the new show, Keith is the soundest man you'll ever meet. Like, I would give advice to anyone who asked for it. And I said, like any advice for certain programs like the early start and all that, like in the winter, am I going to be depressed?


He's like you. You could get into bed at eight o'clock every night and make sure you get eight hours sleep. Or you could just live a normal life, maybe be a bit wrecked the next day, get an hour nap in in the afternoon. You have to live. You have to watch movies. You have to go out and have a few drinks even. It means you crawl into the bed at one in Europe at four, you have to leave because you won't have things to talk about in the radio.


You'll just live a grim life if you're not if you're if everything's about work, it's a typical thing. And my mom often says to me, if I'm working too hard, she'd be like there and all work and no play makes Jack double.


And it does what people can later consume their whole life. And and that's when you're in trouble. That's why you like us. It's a friendship that works and brings us work. Yeah. But like, it's a friendship first if it becomes our business. Yeah.


To talk to him because we came to work from home too. You could be at as if something has to be done at ten o'clock at night. You thought you just do it. Yeah.


Yeah. So it's six o'clock. We draw a line, we're like that's it, enough. And then at five, six it's like trying to call up to my house.


It's ridiculous. People like you ever get sick of each other. Swear to God, we take a Sunday off and by like lunchtime I think. Well, what do you say we go on holidays together, meals together?


Yeah, it's a brotherhood. Yeah.


We're like, OK, lads, I've gone on dates with him and his mates. Swear to God. I know that's fucked.


Actually, while we're on that, what's, what's the story with women. Like would you know loved ones.


You get propositioned. Oh we've got, we've got loads of them all the more the merrier. Yeah.


I've got loads of proposition's those mental snapshots stuff. Oh yeah. Yeah. Since at the start of Christmas that I used to be a thing. Oh yeah.


You make appointments on demand but Jesus I mean anything and like oh you have a Mrs feel about that shit on my English.


She goes on for five dollars a year. Jesus Christ. I used the holiday to Tepic ratio.


I remember, I remember, I remember asking her for like a hundred euro to look after me and qty on my ninety nine golf. Yeah. When I was working in SUPERVALU. So I like, she's thrilled. I'm doing what I'm doing and a much happier person and she's just, she's happy and ignoring her. That makes a massive difference. Like I've known her for years and honestly I'd be skeptical now if I, if I was to be single of the year and anyone who who knew me, you know what I mean?


So I'm lucky. I'm lucky in that.


And she had. Yeah, you'd you'd have to be. And I'm sure you'd be here for the January. Oh, I'm seeing one. No, no. I have a one year old lady from CA, but it was strange that I've gone back to it and again. And you do wonder, is this one going do with me now so she can go when it happens right now.


Like, yeah, I putting my boyfriend, we were on our maybe secretary date and he was like, yeah, I think my sister knows of you.


And I was like I was like, oh, OK. Well then like next day he was like, yeah. I told my sister we were going on a few dates. I was like, what did she say? He was like, not then.


You're not Michelle Obama. I'm like, oh, oh right. OK, but I need that.


Yeah, yeah, you need that. But we're lucky that, like, even my missus, like she's like a Rottweiler.


She's got a sense she wants to run, you know. I mean, I know she she listens to this podcast and she loves you. So I'm going to be. You like to tell her that. No, I get what you mean.


Let me drag it back and she can edit.


She doesn't know she YESSENTUKI So basically, like we are like a big family.


We've got like our close group of friends and Johnny's misses my misses. We all kinda in a little kind of family for want of a better word.


So if someone new is going to come into the family and he him OK, she, she, she, she's got she's to find out what the crack.


I thank God the two guards get on really well, so they go and do their own bits and be gone for lunch and you know the right things women do women facials and massages.


And I do not mean Johnny B. just working, giving each other Gitari. Just movies and drinking transactor, playing Harlem.


I love here.


OK. Right. Let's come on back on track.


A time when you had the last laugh. Every day. Every day. Every day. We're laughing that like nothing happened.


But like honestly, every day I feel since since we started to Johnny's give up our jobs. I think every day we're having the last laugh.


Honest, but like one of our one of our best friends, I worked with him when I was in SUPERVALU and he said to me, when I left your room, he'll be back in three weeks. He said, J'adore, you know, why don't you just stay here and enough job? And I was like, I have to so like not to be saying he's still my best friend, you know?


But, like, I'm laughing a little bit, you know, I have to say to Adam, but not even that. But I think there were so many more. He was one who said it was he was the one who said it me. There is a million more like him who never said any giberson and laughed that laughed at us when we went full time at it and were like, people are laughing at me and whatever. And I was like, no bother.


I know we're onto a winner. I know we're doing the right thing.


Yeah, and honestly, I feel every every day I don't have to work a normal job or listen to our boss is having a laugh.


Laugh when we were being hurt too much and Cmax has taken the freeze like and at the start now people will be putting the boot in a bit like maximizer free or something and not that often.


And a lot of like, oh, why didn't you sing it over, like, you know, all this back and then I want to drive you mad some one day or planner and it's just kept on to the two of us.


And Cmax said something like making like four grand a week that you know. Absolutely. But just said it's still on like all morning smacks like it or all. I'm not sure I remember like that. I actually had to get low enough on the way to go that night. Yeah.


I swear to God, I fucked up all over his head to Cmax and he and Johnny scored a goal.


And I actually I actually showed it to Johnny Garland Field.


I got when we were when we were starting to get going, Cmax was like, you know what we should do? We should get a manager. That sounds reasonable. And Johnny emailed, I would think, every management and agency in Ireland. Yeah. Hello. Where to Johnny is what we do is Facebook page twenty two write agencies in my and and it's OK.


Nobody replied but my, my favorite part is that Johnny wouldn't be hectic on the computer at that time. He read them all know.


Yeah they are new. He's after emailing everyone else. Yeah.


I didn't know what it was so emails were oh I don't like to take this chance to apologize to anger management. What could have been his goals.


And you met everyone except our actual manager. No, she's we no one replied eventually.


I think someone actually replied and said something like, you need something like that and then go, oh, competitors continue to do so.


It's that is the best.


So I'm just thinking about what you said there, the way your friends that it's you. Yeah. And then you were like, I know a lot of other people are thinking it. Oh yeah. If my dad's funny for the advice because I would ring him for the ABA, even though I know it's going to be probably not what I want to hear. You often say like no one gives a fuck about you.


They're like honesty, get over yourself. No one cares what you do and what decisions you make. Just make the decisions anyway because no one fucking cares.


Nice, isn't it? I know what you mean. What do you means now with the first time is that I like that I could do this, but I rang him recently because someone I can't remember what it was but I think I got like because I can't deal with hate, I'm like I can't because I.


And you know what?


I think it's because I've been spoiled with positive feedback that whenever anyone is negative, I'm like, I can't think that this will get you a yes.


No, no. It depends on the day. Some days you get a message and you can just go fuck off and delete it.


Another day you can be like, oh my God, it's true what they said.


And like I remember one time I was getting into bed, I was wrecked after just a day of work. It was like midnight or whatever. And someone wrote to me and said it was when I was single. And they were like, No wonder you're single. No one could love you as much as you love yourself.


Right. And there was something. So I wish I had thought of that. That's brilliant.


But there was something I don't know what I was I was getting into bed. They don't just stand it was like three minutes before and I just got so overwhelmed. I was like someone out there somewhere also awake in Ireland.


And they've just press send on that to me. It's reached me. I was like I just burst out crying.


I was like, I'm crying because it's true.


You know what, like I I'm like that like a little bit like so like sometimes someone would say something that annoys me or something. But again, Johnny was like, well, you can't do both.




And I was like, I can finally deliver something I can do. And he's like, it's not you can do. And I was like, I know he's like Zen. But then to think that somebody went to that border to send you that message is crazy. Like even like we're lucky, like we can relocate. We don't get out much. Mostly just some poor devils out there. I was like, if I get that level here, that should crack open.


Yeah, but sometimes it can hurt you course. And I find if it's about appearance or something, if someone's like to Johnny, it's a shit like right granth they don't make it. If someone's like Germaine's some timber I'm like Ladds I can see that like oh please look you know what I mean. Give us a break.


Yeah but you don't mind the hit so much towards me. I've gotten to get over like Johnny Johnny that on me. But I think sometimes what worries us, if we, if we've got someone else on like a guest or else we've got a friend who's jumped into a video to help us out. Right. Or something like that. And it's someone like something horrible about them. Yeah. I think that's that's when it's bad and people don't think.


Yeah. Because when you sign up you're the ones who've signed up to be signed up.


But yes, the reason I rang my daughter to get on getting a couple it just every now and then a few comments, whatever he's like, what are they saying. I was like there's this, that and the other. And he was like right for the amount. So I many. How many messages. I was like about five. He was like, you do realize probably 500 people I think in those things.


They just haven't written them to you. What he was like, they're all taken it. A lot of people are taken it just there's just a few that have actually written it to you. Like on what planet did you think that people wouldn't.


Yeah, wouldn't not like you know, not everyone is going to like you at that point.


He was making like. Yeah. And I always get where he's coming from in the end after crying for like two hours.


I mean if I rang my monotremes like someone sent me horribleness, she'd be like, weird.


Yeah, I'll find him. John, tell me. Just give me half a location.


Honestly, I reckon that one would bang under she'd kill him. Give me the county son IP address.


Yeah, I know, but he's he's doing a tough meal. Yeah. It's his way of going. Capano you need to be able to take this. How do people have time. I don't, I have not, I do not know who are they. The gas ones as Johnny said when he probably weighed at one stage and people would comment about his weight.


And for a while there, I would look into people's profiles and feel like saying to coach you, coach to you, not the Mona Lisa. It's just. Oh, yeah. And sometimes you click into the profile and their bio is like positive vibes only.




Hashtag be kind and and under last or less, the last ten tweets is given out.


But yeah it's true, the whole inWorld you can be atan behind, you know, for a week now it's back to being a freak. Yeah. Yeah. And I just how would people have time. I don't know anyone successful who's like going to put half an hour aside tonight.


I'm not going to abuse couple lads off the internet. Kettle on. Kettle on. Yeah, I was going to read the paper, but no, it's abuse.


Time now to make someone cry. Oh, it is crazy. OK, right. We won't dwell on that. It's not worth our time boys. Yeah, ok.


If laughter wasn't the best medicine, what would be a sport. All the gear. Yeah. For four for, for me definitely. Whether it's plan or training and stuff like that. I mean anyone we spawners is like train train. Keep your life as normal as it was before. You know what we're doing now. And that is very apparent. And the gear for us is massive. Our own clothing care, they're so good to us. First of all, they let us use the facilities for video and stuff, but they're very proud of us as well.


But then like like any rural community, then they will never let us get too big for it.


Like the other night we went to a committee meeting because we're brought on the committee because, like, we've been trying to do fundraisers and stuff like that. Yeah. And obviously, we're the only people who have ever held a microphone in the club.


So so we just do that kind of thing, you know, about that. Yeah.


So like dialyzed don't ergaster, like one outlet the other night was like well well done on the television show. But you're not Billy Connolly now, so that's on the minutes of the meet.


And that actually like he said that like through the chair and like that that Feroze is the best medicine going down there with lads. We know all our lives playing away. And anyway, exercise is good for everyone, but like that kind of and a committee like being on the committees. But I swear to God, we've gotten to two shows we've toured internationally with. And the first book definitely was all from the committee.


There's never been a bunch of mad bastards excuse me.


Lt was put together one group. You'd never invent them. No, you just must have someone went round and just gathered them up. They were just go and like. Onder ditches and stuff, these these legs. Someone found the treasure in the attic. I swear to God, these lads and they just put them in here. Obviously we're outside now. The committee meetings are out in the open because of the old coronavirus. And obviously most of the committee are about 60 or that.


So, yeah, they're all ripe for carnivores as the but as the winter, as a bit of bite comes into the even's, the committee meetings are getting shorter. Right. Which is grand.


So one fella said to us, Jesus reason, at least they don't drag on all night.


But there are their aggressive amusement.


And like obviously we've been doing a lot duology of when we came up along and stuff like that. Diversed a bit now I guess sketches, nice sketches. And that was really warm for us and it always will be. And the people that are in it as well, that's that's that's we love it. It's part of our life and it's the best medicine.


It's gas G is a great leveller. So if we're playing on a team, I could be full forward and can't afford to be 17 and your absolu peers. Yeah.


And then after the game it's like, well, what he ate and he's like, you know, I'm going into Sixta.


Yeah. Yeah. But that's unreal for them as well to be around you, you lads.


And they just hated you. So I know, but they're learning from you or the askers like which was on Instagram diet. How do they like where you're seventy with you sir.


And it's wonderful to not sound corny about it but you know, to walk downtown and see you watch teenagers and Nordman. Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah.


And being genuine about it and being able to stop and have a conversation. Yeah. And Mulwaree at or you constanten intrapreneurship you're going to college. Yeah. And they're as mad as it sounds. If the polls are open we want you to go for a pint. It could be the two of us, an 18 year old and a 50 year old. Yeah, I love that.


And that's just living in a small town. I know that you just accept strangeness.


Beautiful. So beautiful. OK, we're ready for the quickfire round. Yes. Hello. The actor Buhriz.


I am sandwiches and sandwiches ready to go back into character. No, go back into character. David O'Leary. Yeah.


Where in the world. Chicken roast chicken roast chicken roast.


Oh, very good. OK, the actor.


You always laugh at our wilfahrt. Yeah. Quickfire rant. Sorry. Hurry up to find out I'm a green. Oh yeah. Right.


OK, same actress but I like Emma Stone. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. I really fancy her. Yeah we won't. Yeah. Again. But yesterday her crazy stupid love.


We like that she's she, she loved him. Meet him. The comedian. His lover. Oh Tommy tune. Yeah. Frankie Boyle. Oh he's not very 20-20. No don't care.


Realise you're but no pressure but your best or worst joke that we brought ourselves.


Just a joke you have in your back pocket that you take out whenever. Honestly I went to see a comedian once and he said um what's the difference between a donkey and a horse?


You ride a donkey, but you make love to a horse.


Oh, I remember seeing that I was only about eighteen and thinking, wow, I didn't know you could do that and come in.


And I swear I've never looked back because, you know, you're grown up and it's all like Englishmen for the Irish man, you know, go in and make love to.


Oh he's just he blew the bloody doors off with that one joke and I've never looked back.


Johnny smacks you of any northerner. He's just going to go with that.


And finally, lions are very, very red berries, red berries, chicken rolls.


Oh, the two Johnnys. I enjoyed that immensely. Thank you so much for sharing the laughs. You're like, thank you for having us the last of your life. And I change the title.


Now we're on telly and we have a book because I'd throw it in there before we come in. The manager. Oh, I can just hear Shane pulling down my microphone.


What he's going to edit this bit out anyway. But the usually second book, Communitarian is out right now. It's open preorder now. Yeah.


That's as good as those on the telly as well. I don't know when this is going out, but nonetheless, the books guess it looks great.


Man. Johnny, we get the business end. Thank you, lads. Thanks to.


Thank you for listening to the laughs of your Life podcast with the two Gianni's, I hope you enjoyed it. Lots of other great guests to come this season. Don't forget to like subscribe rage review and all that stuff. This podcast is brought to you by Collaborative Studio.