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I'm Daryn Garrity, and you're listening to the laughs of your Life, the podcast where I talk to influential people about laughter from the first time they felt left, asked to their no laughing matter moments to their first memory of laughter.


But there was one lyric which when we were dancing around, went suntan lotion, the familiar smell, and just wanted that familiar smell. My brother would fire the loudest fart I've ever heard.


I was like, I got I got a there was a smelting and the thing and a fire and I'm almost broke.


I almost broke with laughter because he was black and he was watching me for that bit. He planned it.


He planned to fart a strategic fart comedian, social media phenomenon and podcast, or Tony Cantwell is my guest this week. He talks to me about that viral meanwhile in Congos video, how hard it is to get sacked. But he managed it many times anyway and becoming a dad during a pandemic.


I hope you enjoyed the. I'm actually glad I got your name, Tony, and welcome to the last year, like what you do.


I say that, as I said at the start of every blog, as I say, the person's name and you're extremely welcome to the of your life. I actually I just think of your name. I laugh. Oh, thank you.


Know, honestly, I listen to one of the guys that, Larry, one of the videos that got me through that I don't know what it was because I love a lot of the things that you do. Tony Cantwell, thank you.


Your name probably.


Tony, when I look the of a lot of things you do what the one video that I always go back to, if I just need a quick burst of laughter, is that to have any there?


Oh, God. Now you are not going anywhere.


Oh, God. Thank you very much. That's inspired by my mom actually going into a little joke as a little joke, going into rights of Marina and Marina, feeling to it says not really doing the joke.


Fretwell says here that if it swims, we have it. Well, well, well. You have mermaids, you have mermaids and they walk and you run. She was a Marine at college and she's a kid. And I know I just saw it up being like, imagine you got real thick with them being like, no, no.


You said, I'm not going anywhere now. Do OK. So they want to ask you before we actually kick off, are you a voiceover artist?


I am.


You might know me as a triveni the nose, Jeannie. I am Ottaviani the nose jeimy. I am a talking point of Smithuis that tells me I am frank and honest. Coffee.




Listen, I just because I figured I thought I had come up with an idea because I was just like his voice is so good. I hope to God he's making money off his voice.


Listen, thank you very much. Not enough. You need to do more. Yeah, I do need to do more. You need to like Tesco or something. That is. Do you do voices? I detest you actually for a while. Yeah.


It's mad how it's mad had the voice thing is like when you're at an agency like if you do like kind of sponsored post, this is really insane.


Some of the bleeding money you're talking about is the voice over is kind of like a wave like yeah.


It's like a hundred quid. Yeah. But you can get the same thing but like oh I just want the voice.


I don't agree. That's not enough. You can get that furnham.


So because you the agency it's like no that's the way it's you know, minimum wage. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.


We all going to that you know we'll get hate on. How much money do you make from sponsored content. There are no comment. OK, shall we commence.


Tony Cantwell dungaree your first memory of laughter. Um, I can't remember a time when I wasn't laughing at me. My brother, I was just sit in front of the TV watching Tom and Jerry, Laurel and Hardy Bottom were male on Edmondson. We were always laughing, but the first time I actually remember someone making me laugh. What a joke. It was my brother. We were dancing around the sitting room. I was like seven. We were dancing around to P.J. in Donkin, remember?


And Dick. Yes, yeah.


Let's get ready to rumble. What just wrecked the mike. What just wrecked the mike. Just wreck the mike psych and I was the name of the album.


Right. We were listening to Psych and there was what they had a song, their second single off. That was a song called Eternal Love. And it was kind of, you know, like I met you on the beach, you looked really nice. And all this kind of like these lyrics. But there was one lyric which when we were dancing around, I went suntan lotion, the familiar smell. And just when it's that familiar smell, my brother went by far the loudest fart I've ever heard.


I was like I got I got a there was a smell thing and the thing and a fart and I'm almost broke.


I almost broke with laughter because he was planning he was watching me for that bit. He planned he planned to fart a strategic fart for a time in. And I was just like, that is the jokes that I want to live in. That is that is unbelievable crack.


This is what I want to do. That's what I want to do. What that thing there you just did. I hate farts now. I hate I hate farts coming around farts for me. I'll be sitting there eating and fart and like a taste and what you do and I can taste anything.


And he finds farts so funny because he's got a big fat guy, he's got big arse like eat sometimes come in from like McDonald's to go on.


He's sometimes coming, just running around and being like I told me I was going to work more hours, but we'll be like to get someone to like me because you're such a big ask you just why you a couple of times a day.


I was like, oh, yeah, because I was an indoor kid playing football. I'm like, oh, you're in. And, you know, it's like me, you know, so you just guess what you are. So he could clap them with a fart.


Very well, because my brother and that was my earliest memory. Laughing My absolute ass off.


Pardon the pun. Tell me about your household and what it was like growing up. Was it just you and your brother?


Yeah, it was growing up. And I have another brother and sister, my dad and his wife. And so two lovely little families there. But yeah, my brother my brother is kind of one constant when my parents got divorced is just the one kind of constant just there. But over between each each.


But yeah, like my family's great mama was really funny. Mama is very like just very like she might just if she knows she knows how to get a laugh when she just might say something real crass. Right. She might just say something about I don't know, like a like a blow your mind to make some joke about blowing out of nowhere just to get a laugh.


And it's not so not like her. She's so lovely and not like that wouldn't be crass and you know, sex related but she'll just make a joke like the Amador's is hilarious. My dad just is the eldest of his family, so he's always just be there standing in front of the heart of the fire, just kind of talking and telling jokes to all the family and aunties and everything.


So do you think you got a bit from both of them? Yeah, I think my my dad definitely turned me on to a lot of comedy, like he showed me, like everything he would have put Tom and Jerry on. He would have put Laurel and Hardy on. He would have as well like played like flight of the bumblebees, you know, like a little. And then like kind of like like, ah, I want you to visualize as a cat and mouse chase.


And I need, like, paint these pictures in our minds and stuff like that was great. And you tell us, like all the crazy stories and and like make up stories and tell stories like the Banshee like. But he's actually scared the hell out of me.


Like we sitting there and he we now make sure you don't look out because if you hear Wail and the Banshee sees it should throw Komachi paralyzed by the neck and take you away forever.


And look what I found. That's not even a bouncy cannon. That's not even canonically true for Banshee's. That was just a little tool you use to keep some. But yeah, that's not Pinchy kind of at all. No, it's not that bungees. Don't do that.


What were you like in school, Tony? I, I reckon you were good crack always. I was good crack.


I was just intention's just absolute attention seeker the whole time.


And like I used to be sent out, remember one of my biggest lolls ever go. And, you know, you remember these ones in school. I kept chatting away and one of my teachers said, Now if you don't.


If you don't. If you don't shut up, Tony, I'm going to send you outside with lines. And I'm like, oh, what is this, the bloody Colosseum?


And then it was like, yeah, the lion's share of it is these days it's comedy and God.


And this is the teacher I based me kind of character off. She was always we're always butting heads. I mean, this teacher. Right. And I remember one time she said to Tony, if you don't stop, if you don't stop mucking about, you're probably gonna fail English.


And it was in the junior certain books. And I got an A in the junior remarks. I went down from there and English went down for I said to her like and we came back and I was like, mis remember you said that if I didn't get mucking about, I get an F..


Well, I got an A..


So what does I say about you were real timid like that. Never cool. Never cool. What's I say. But you know, so I was, I was just absolute Masser.


Oh OK.


Well look at the first time you felt laughed at Tony. The first time I felt laughter. So I was frigid for ages. It was a frigid for ages.


And that was, that was that word was in your school. Yeah. That would have been very prominent. You know, I kind of still am a forget, like because my wife and I seldom kissed or tongues, you know.


So if there has been some sort of, like, regrowth of it probably has the stage, you know, and I wish back then people just said, no, it's just Kissane.


It's just Kesten. Yeah, it's a tongue thing that was you off your lips. And if I had known that could been a tool, I would have been so self-conscious about it. So I remember we used to go to these discos. And let me tell you, when you go to the disco every week and you still don't kiss any birds, you become an incredible dancer. I was incredible dancer and I used to dance around circles kind of breaking out in the middle, let me dance in the middle of people thrown things and people loved it.


And I remember one time, like a girl came over to me and she was like, hi. I'm like, actually direct approach. And she goes, I saw you dance in there. Look, will you meet me? Will you meet me? Not even really meet my mate. My mate once know I really meet me.


And I said, baby, I said, baby, I only came here to boogie and everyone laughed and laughed.


And then and later on that night, when I saw all my mates copying off of birds, I was all like, ah, that's.


I think it was I could be laughed out there, I think I been left out there very, very mixed. So where did you actually ship someone then?


I shifted someone when I think I was like 15 or 16. And it was one of these, like I could talk a big game, a sensual game over text.


And it was like, when I see you, baby, I'm going to hold your hand.


I even tickle the inside of your palm, you know, like I'm going to, oh, just meet that bloody face of you, you know?


And then we met and it was just like awkward. Like, I'm a black man. I'm from Minecraft and Minecraft man between Minecraft people walking around town trying to drink and not going to a vodka. And then just before she got on the bus, it was all like dishwasher centric, God awful. It scared me, scared me. It scared me. It is a scary it's scary.


It's invasive in the most. Shouldn't be it shouldn't be in my milk. Should be my lips. Get over me.


Why did we think it was such action. I don't know. Like and you know what's mad like you could have it's word is that the distinction of the fridge it right. Because the blinds latch there could be allowed gone off to the Gaeltacht.


Kissane a hundred birds. Yeah. Like Kissane but no tongue and technically still a virgin. Right. Yeah. Yeah. And then someone just goes ultimately look like a little bit like a little chameleon and he's now a legend. He's now on the other side of the fence. He's not frigid anymore.


You know, he's alleged.


But to some extent I was even watch. I was watching Hocus-Pocus recently. Right. And you know, the whole thing is like a virgin lights the candle. Yeah. Like, what if he just like what if there was someone who was really prolific, you know, you know, all databases, but it never actually had sex. He would he likes the candle under which is still show. But someone who, you know, hadn't done an output quick in and out and er he likes the candle.


You know, nothing happens to me, you know what I mean. But where's the distinction line. Right, for Phrygian Virgin.


OK, and like you mentioned, your marriage, you're not that old. I wanted you don't. Thirty it was thirty three last week. Yes.


My man right now that's not me, not them. When did you get married. I said a fucking shit sandwich, there isn't going to be about a very clever proper presenter over here.


I got married in December of twenty eighteen. OK, yes. Was that how long have you been boyfriend and girlfriend?


Boyfriend girlfriend constantly. For a little while. We're going to we were going to for five years I met my wife, I was living in London and I met my wife and came back at Christmas and then, you know, just absolutely went fucking hell for leather on the Facebook messenger. And then Cassandra moved over to London.


And she's your baby. My baby.


OK, Tony, the moment when if you didn't laugh, you cry.


And so, I don't know. Have you ever been sacked from a job? I have, yeah.


Yeah. Retail. I didn't sell a single thing in three months.


Isn't it really difficult to get sex? Isn't it surprisingly hard is all the levels that they take you through and you're like, well if you don't do this and others and they're like, OK, yeah. And they still don't prove, you know, the warning. Yeah, it's really hard to get sick.


So I've been sacked from a couple of things, but the like. I got sacked from office shoes because I was, I was constantly like just, you know, fix it now. You know, it's actually in here. I was in here before, you know, stuff. I was in this chair. You were actually getting this place.


So I was constantly late and one was like office shoes. And they went through the whole rigmarole have been like, you know, ah, now we're going to give you a written or verbal warning and like, OK, if you don't change, OK, you know, then a written warning if you don't change. Yeah, that's fine. You know, and then like literally like this is going to for six months. I mean, like if you come in late one more time, I'm telling you, I'm telling you you are sacked and like, OK, OK.


And then I commonly and then like, OK, we need to have a meeting with you and then like we're letting you go and I'm like, why, you know why.


But the one that was the worst getting sacked was I worked for an internship.


Remember City Channel. It was on until it was another Dublin based channel.


I do remember the branding.


Er yeah. David Harvey you think set it up and and I got an internship there and I was constantly late and then I went in for my internship and thought this is going to be my way into the TV career. Right. And then I rocked and I was constantly lying and then I worked up one day and they were like, Tony, we're letting you go.


And because it was an unpaid internship, I was like, But I'm free. I'm free.


You're not paying me. And they're like, but we can't we can't rely on you. You can't rely on your rent. We are nine and we need things to be done. And I just couldn't believe I so mollycoddled my, my, my, my, my mother and I don't happen to be ever. So it's I can't believe this. So it was like walking out like my head down a proper Charlie Brown with a cloud over me and then Dave CEOs like Tony.


There you are. Right. Listen, you guys, a couple of copies know for the team and a couple of snacks.


And I walked out and got everyone copies and like walked a half day after being fired. I had been fired, but they kept giving me jobs to do so, like I was there like a hundred different coffee. And like the system manager was look at me like, what the fuck are you doing here? Like and that was just one where I was walking home after doing a half day after.


And I'm like, you know, yeah, I just need to find the funny part of that would just be really upset.


But I mean, it was your mind, David. I said, was I your first encounter with them? He was like, no, you'd sent me to do like other jobs.


To be honest, it was probably good for him that I've been sacked because I was on a piece work for radio. No one had been up his vinyl collection. And I was kind of thinking I might steal it. So good thing that he let me go.


Tell me about the TV dream. The TV dream. The TV dream was just like, you know, like when you're kind of outside of something, it's just like you can see the kind of the column which is TV. You don't really know what it is. Yeah. And I remember frustrating my dad so much where he's like what you want to do and I'm like TV.


He's like, what like do you want to edit TV? Do you want to be a director, you want to write a TV show, do you want to present them like TV? You know, I just don't know. I don't know. I just want to get into the kind of column and I think it was just me kind of wanting to be a kind of an attention seeker. Former performer. Yeah, that's the thing. And the things you don't give yourself credit for when you're growing up, you just think you're a masseur, a dancer and all these things.


You just read those things. And so I don't really know what it was.


And I don't even know it's I think Internet is kind of taken over that dream now because you just realise, hang on the actual views on this. If I would actually have that many people sitting there looking at that in any to rage, that would be Jesus on a bound, you know. But so I kind of I don't think there's many opportunities that even I like the idea of people kind of carving out their own path like this patrie on my podcast, Canopy's my age.


And that's incredible. Getting to perform and do stuff for people to actually pay the wage without having to change it or altering, you know. Yeah, yeah. Just do what you do.


Just do what you do while we're on this. Tell me about because the very first time I came across you was I'm sure you can imagine, plan Yeppoon.


Yeah. Ah. Like what was that like. Is that your first viral video. Yeah it was.


It was. And I had I remember like even posting a thing around Christmas being like, you know, 5000 views guys. Oh my God. You know, like I'm thank you so much. And I. I don't know, you know, and I've been so grateful for that and just thinking, you know, nothing's going to come from that and not really minding, you know. Yeah, sorry. Just to clarify.


Meanwhile, in KONGOS, meanwhile, along where it's me with a felt wrong to ask and just take take it to take away or to really take a take away order and see what people want that.


But it's mad that that was something I had in my head for about three years, really, something I had in my head for three years. And the original idea was going to be me with a kind of chest mounted camera walking around a big mansion, a big country mansion, like he's getting on guys who are suffering to a soft drink and also saying all the names.


I can just seem to get to a hundred names. And so that was like a dry run of seeing if I could think on the spot of mad names.


And that was and then I was like, no, I'm laughing so intently at my own jokes here that I think this is gold. But I couldn't stop watching. I couldn't stop watching it before. That's when you know.


Yeah. When when you before you posted, you're like, yeah, god, I kind of want to savor it myself for a minute. Exactly.


That's the that's the sweet creative spot that I that I that I always want to go back to is just before you sense that maybe like I can't stop watching this. I don't care. I don't care if no one ever sees it. So that was the first thing that ever that and that was only within I think that was within two months of actually setting up a Facebook for with the comedian.


Yeah. Yeah. Which is scary. Scary. But it's like the actually kind of admit if you admit the thing that you are. Yes. Things happen a lot quicker than you kind of been reluctant in the career or reluctant in your own dream, you know. Yeah.


OK, Tony, you're no laughing matter moment in life. So I haven't I've had a very blessed and and tragedy, more or less free life. I'm I'm fairly confident, though, if things were to happen by the nature of how my family and my friends kind of communicate that we'd be able to find the funny side of it. You know, no, I was at my stepdad's mother's funeral and the guy was lower the casket in one of the young lad.


He looked like he'd been like, you've taken orders and you seemed quite innocent, maybe never held a casket before. And he was trying to lower it in. And he tripped and almost fell in the casket with the no with and my stepdad's major, just Sharper's of what it was like. I almost got to for one wonder, Derek, I'm just like people like that. And it was a minor laugh, but it was just like, you know, like but like it was just so welcome, you know, you need them just so welcome, you know.


And even similarly, my friend Jess, you know, she she lost her her dad a few years ago. And, you know, now whenever we're in a house and she hears from the weird sounds like Daddy always makes that joke.


You know, my dad, you know, stuff, you know, like she finds the funny side.


So I'm fairly confident that if something were to happen, you know, we could be able to find that kind of funny side of it.


I have been similarly very lucky in my life. There's been no major tragedies like, you know, grandparents or whatever. But like this. No, nothing out of the ordinary. Yeah. And it kind of scares me a little bit because I kind of go because I like that I do have a family. I think we could get through it. But it is a scary thought.


It's like, hey, well, how will I actually react or whatever?


Yeah, I'm trying to train myself at the moment by kind of saying, you know, to my friend, my family, all the stuff I'm going to Bythewood inheritance and stuff like that going on is good. You're going in and I'm going to get a low body load tattoos now and you're gonna know your name on the back and stuff just just kind of imagining what it could be like.


Right. Just kind of visualizing it. But again, you know, can you prepare?


You can say, okay, Tony, the person you always love with my wife, Baroud, of course, my actual wife. Oh, yeah. I watch the second movie.


I haven't watched the. Yeah, yeah. So you turned it off. Yeah, I was. I was reading the form for it I think. Yeah. I think I need to be in the form for it. I'll give it another go. Yeah. There's a lot of know like I'm kind of like or any kind of movie where like Tharsis of Tengu.


Yeah that's a thing if that's the thing I have to like if people are going to be talking about it, you know, then I kind of have to watch it.


And I at the moment is want to watch the final table on Netflix of like people like chefs from all around the world trying to cook meals and a massive stadium filled elimination show for cooking.


Yes, pretty good. I want to watch that. But my wife my wife laughs at everything and my wife finds the funny side, never laughs at me all the time for trip over something she laughs at. If I can't find anything, she laughs. Like, I remember when we first met, I thought bread was, like, healthy for you. She's like, I was eating bread here, like, kind of happy, healthy option. She's like, you know, that's nice.


She was like and tears. So, you know, that's not healthy for you because I think I kind of viewed in my head there's like fried things and sweets and there's a line and then everything else helps, you know, I know you're not wrong.


Read the wrong really.


Well, bread in moderation isn't so bad, but no, it's not like I mean, big puffy kind of like what turns into tar in your mouth, kind of gloopy Brannon's bread like is going to be out the options just like so often. Like she laughs. Every kind of thing I'm trying to do is like I think her idea to be me trying to like do like some real fiddling with my big hands, like trying to put like a little needle through a thing, you know, threshers.


Stare and laugh at me all the time, so we do kind of find like we like each other all the time and it's it's very comforting, my brother as well. My brother, I just find I just laugh at him so much. He's he's he's been an old man since he was like 12. Like he's been like always like, will you help me up out of the seat like like a 12, you know, pee sitting down, you know, and I just go pee sitting down.


He's just he just couldn't be standing there, you know, and just sits there. That's great.


Well, you know, you know, you know, just sit down, do a little talk and then you're you're off, you know, um, make sure to make sure, you know, you're not going to, you know, to make sure it's totally torqued, though, because otherwise you might be sometimes don't repeat through the toilet seat like on island where you to look. It happens.


Right. You don't have to worry about that. You know, your pee goes, you know exactly where you're going. So my brother as well, my brother, and he's got a very funny Simpsons podcast. Put it in each. And I it just he hates most things.


And I just find that's so funny. Like, if you can't ever predict what he's going to what he's going to like or what he won't like, but if it's something loads of people like and tell him about his butt. No, no. Is brain just shuts off like some binary switch, you know? So I always find it very interesting. Listen to his podcast, the things you like and things you don't like.


I like to give him a little sneaky châteaux. They're like, oh, God, put it in H.


It's a Simpsons podcast. But he also has an Avenger's podcasts and they're the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


I get that, though, when everyone's telling it like it was like normal people. Yeah. It's like, you know what. No, yeah. I'm not watching you. Yeah.


Or you know what I like though, when like I remember when Game of Thrones was happening and, you know, everyone wanted to have a kind of even something to say if they don't watch Game of Thrones. Yes.


Sort of like just, you know, like I can't get I just don't know if I can get into it.


That's for know people. That's fine. You know, you're not into it. That's fine. All right. I'm not trying to convince here they don't really need you.


Yeah, OK. Don't a time where you had the last laugh.


And I did feel like like with like say, getting sacked from loads of jobs and but like a not that's not.


What are the jobs resarch from.


I was sacked from a startup selling yearbooks that was in London. I took absolutely took the piss without one though like I made, I was with them for three months and I made zero sales. And was they hard to salespeople, me and another woman. And she sold like, you know, ten thousand books.


And then there were like, this is our sales team, me, that I sold zero.


But it was the nature of these kind of startups. So they just, hey, we don't look at that kind of thing.


So it was like a we work building and like how I own my own office, had my own office and a beer tap as well.


And I, I actually broke the beer tap because they turned it off. They set free beer. We work says free beer all the time. It's not they turned it off after about ten o'clock.


So I was sitting there drinking beer and not making any sales and I got sacked from that over Christmas.


I think that was like twenty sixteen or something like that. And so with all those kind of things that have been sacked from like I don't I don't begrudge anyone sacking me because I didn't do a very good job. But the things I did and I with like teachers and stuff kind of thinking I was kind of medicine and stuff, I felt like when I did like the Sugar Club shows, when I moved back to Dublin, I kind of felt, no, this is just the thing.


This is the thing that I was meant to be doing. And, you know, I've been able to hold the attention of people and having people there who wanted to see me based on the videos and stuff like that. I kind of felt like this was just the thing and coming off the stage that I was like, I don't I almost kind of dropped any kind of resentment I had with anyone who had, you know, kind of fired me or told me that I was a masseur because I was like, no, they just it wasn't the right format for that.


And that's and I respect them, you know, and it's fine. It's just not, you know, so I kind of felt a bit kind of vindicated for that. And even I kind of thought, look, I don't know that that's going to happen with this, but I got to do this once I tell my kids I got to perform in front of 300 people once, you know. So that was kind of I felt like that's that's the last laugh I was that one of those club gigs.


And it was absolutely round. It was right to round doability, right? I mean, it wouldn't be very cold over.


No, no. They oversaw the hell out of it, but it was still a great, great scene was People Ramdin there I am.


So yeah. Now that was wild and was so unpolished. It was all over the place. It was amazing.


But, you know, it was and to read and read in the room like that. So that's the last. Yeah. Like that's the last. Not too spiteful. It's just like. No because like I don't know if I can be spiteful because if you like everyone, there was always a context for a situation as to why I might be abrasive for that situation. So I can't blame the person. You know, I can't blame a teacher for wanting me to not crack hilarious jokes about Colosseum, you know, can't go to anyone.


OK, Tony, if laughter wasn't the best medicine, what would be?


I mean, so I have an addiction to a megabucks Chinese make boxes, you know, pizza box full of fried Chinese food get megabucks. It's one level up from a spice bag you're meant to eat it with. Three people, right, and I so it's like a pizza box, pizza box full of chicken balls, some totin chili chicken, and you get some ribs in there, chicken wings, chips like tossed up and all the kind of spice backs.


So but it's a pizza like a 12 inch pizza boxes full of this food. And I just for whatever reason that whenever I'm below, I eat that and I just need to have the duvet of sodium over me, you know what I mean?


I was vibrating at a different frequency because I'm just like, you know, erratic from the MSG and I love it. I love it so much and I sometimes eat them on my own. I was actually in Herschend. We did the bandwagon's podcast and I left because we had a couple of beers out of megabucks and on my own in a field called My Home.


Daryn, I'm a horrible secret eater. Off a rock. Off a rock. Right. You know, those rocks of welcomed like welcome you to an estate might say welcome to Grace Park or whatever, like that the rocks would have a whole megabucks on a rock before I went home. And I was what was the lowest moment of the quarantine so far and what I just made forever.


It just makes me feel comfortable. It's like we were six month old baby and we were looking at this thing like bottle feeding the baby. Didn't know.


You're worried that somebody wear well, don't you fucking look fantastic. Look, thank you.


Well, look, it was six months ago, but they say a thing where I'm from like bottle feed.


I'm sick of my wife, a break from nursing. And they say, like, well, make sure you do it at a certain pace. Otherwise the baby is going to get used to the feeling of being overfull and taking comfort in that will happen to be. That must be what happened to me. Yeah, me too. Because I love it.


I love not being able to move, being so full. And usually Chinese is the best way getting the most. And because of the MSG that you can.


How have you found the whole. I, I know that I know you had a baby in the mix.


Not a bit mad it was but it was great like it was, it was just amazing just to have one focus the whole time, not have to be anywhere, not really have having visitors pump over for a reason and have telegraphed days in advance bring in food and stuff like that. But it's been amazing. It was a bit, a bit sketchy as we didn't I didn't know if I'd get to be in there for the actual but for for the.


Yeah, well, luckily we waited probably too long. And before we went in, I was driving in like three in the morning. My wife was like he even over, like, the side thing, you know, and like, no, his drive like Holden or when I'm turning the corner because she just couldn't sit properly, you know, and then she got out of the car, like in her pajamas and a sick bag just in case.


And she was like, you would, you know, where he can park. You know, she was the security guy. But luckily, I don't have to wait like five minutes. Is that easier? Because we wait it's kind of the dream. And in a way, he was basically around and like in the car.


So I thought, well, congrats. Thank you. It was great.


OK, are you ready for your quickfire end? Oh, yeah. OK, the actor you always laugh at the actor I always laugh at.


I love rec mail. I love the film Drop Dead Fred. I love bottom.


I think everybody knows he's got this kind of elastic face, but you can just pull it. It looks exactly like that though.


Just in there before the actors. You always love it. The actress. I always laugh at em. I love, you know, Kate brillant. No Capellan. It's very funny.


She does a lot of stuff with genre and she's she's been in a couple of things, but she mostly be from online kind of a Yeah. Yaqub kind of comedian you know, after that by Amy Poehler. It's like Amy Poehler, Amy Poehler for what she's able to do in Parks and Rec where it's like a likable, soft, nice character that is just overly eager for that to be funny is really difficult not to be snarky or sinister or cynical.




Some cough cough up some sidiq ok.


Just got from the city so funny.


Was shaken a bit. But the comedian you always that the comedian am. I love and I don't really know them but Tim Heidecker from Tim and Eric, he's very funny. He, he just is very prolific. He has this kind of sketch show called Tim and Eric. Awesome show. He also just does like purposely bad standup. He has a show that's meant to be like it's called on cinema. It's meant to be like a movie review show.


But he just takes the piss. He hasn't seen any of the films, gives them all five bags of popcorn, which is the rating system. He's just he's very prolific. He was I don't know what he was. He was the husband, the fiancee in Bridesmaids. He had a head on. Oh, yeah. Yeah, that guy. But he's in loads of stuff. And he had there was a nonspeaking role in Bridesmaids.


And finally, Tony, your best or worst joke? My best or worst joke. Look, I'm going to tell you my new recent favorite joke, OK?


And I'll tell you I'll tell you the joke that no one ever laughs at but me and my older brother just find so funny. Right. And this is a joke that I thought was the best joke ever. And there's a guy walking down the road eating an apple. Right. And some fellow open a tree, you know, so you're not going to prepare this and say you're not going to laugh. OK, OK. There's a guy walking in Rhody in an apple and a guy up in a tree spotted them and he shows down, Oh, you guys are your pair.


And the guy shouts back, It's not a peach. It's a plum.


Oh, I ask, what is that?


I can't explain my point. That's so funny.


I can't it's just he who doesn't know who what is he actually holding and who is getting it wrong is what I find funny. But am I getting it wrong by telling me it's an apple?


Does he think it's an apple? He thinks it's a plum. He says your pear. It's not peach spawned so many comedy of errors. It's a comedy of errors. And I think it was just it hit me at a time where I couldn't I couldn't get more than one layer in a joke and I was blue.


And my new favorite joke, you like this.


And I've got a Polish mate who's a sound engineer and I want to check on to you.


That's very good. Thank you. I like that one. Tony Cantwell, Jim Gary, thank you so much for sharing the last of your life. Thank you so much.


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