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Amid all of our national turmoil at the height of an election year, we can always count on the mainstream media to focus on the important issues, ask the important questions like questions about queue Annon during the pandemic of Q and on the thing appears to be gaining a lot of followers.


Can you talk about what you think about that and what you have to say to people who are following this movement right now?


That's what really is on people's minds. You know, the the nation is on fire or cities burning, people getting attacked, statues coming down, police departments getting abolished. And you know, what we want to hear about is an Internet meme. Yeah, that's that's that's it. Thank you. Great job. Media and Internet meme that that you in many ways have contrived Trump.


Brushes it off. Well, I don't know much about the movement other than I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate, but I don't know much about the movement. I have heard that it is gaining in popularity. And from what I've hear is these are people that when they watch the streets of Portland, when they watch what happened in New York City in just the last six or seven months, but this was starting even four years ago when I came here almost four years.


Can you believe it, that these are people that don't like seeing what's going on in places like Portland and places like Chicago and New York and other cities?


Great answer. His answer is basically, yeah, my guys are good. Your guys are bad. Yeah. You people are destroying the country. And if you vote for me, we're going to fix the country. Very simple answer. The reporter won't let it go.


It's just part of the theory. It is this belief that you are secretly saving the world from this titanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals. Does that sound like something you are behind?


Does that sound like anything you've heard? Like, you know, I don't know, like the Democrats booing God at their national convention number of years ago or flying around with pedophiles and airplanes to Caribbean islands or literally eating human brains on CNN, which is what former CNN contributor Reza Aslan did. I don't know. It's starting to sound not all that outlandish to me, but we'll put the Q thing, whatever. That's something that's completely secondary. That's a distraction from what is really going on in the country.


We will get to Trump's excellent answer. I'm Michael Knowles is the Michael Noll Show. Welcome back to the show, my favorite comment yesterday from No one, that's his name, according to liberals, Trump wasn't their president for four years. So really, he should be able to run for two more terms. I totally agree. And Stacey Abrams should never be able to run again because she's already served in so many positions. She's governor of Georgia. She's now the running mate for Joe Biden.


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That's Ancestry.com Noles. Maybe I'm your cousin.


So. Q Kuhnen thing again. I mean I think I thought Trump gave a good answer, which is yeah, I don't really know that much about this thing. I vaguely heard about it mostly just from left wing media trying to turn it into some sort of phenomenon and some kind of man. But yeah, I'm not I'm not that concerned. We've got other things to worry about. And then the reporter says, yeah, but it's a it they say that they were Satanists and pedophiles and cannibals running around.


And I say, that's just on CNN. Where where are they hiding? And I want I want to know the ones that are under the cover. So she pushes it and pushes it and pushes it. People are criticizing Trump's answer. I thought he gave an excellent answer.


No, I haven't. I haven't heard that. But is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing? I mean, you know, if if I can help save the world from problems, I'm willing to do it. I'm willing to put myself out there. And we are actually we're saving the world from a radical left philosophy that will destroy this country. And when this country is gone, the rest of the world would follow.


Beautiful point. See what a number of conservatives have wanted Trump to do. And they're venting their frustration about Trump's answer is they want Trump to say, oh, it's terrible. I hate everyone, everyone who has any kind of kooky view. I hate them. They're terrible. There are no good people. I don't want their support. The whole point of the reporter's question about this controversy is to make Trump supporters look like kooks. That's the whole point.


They've done this for decades. It's like a standard Democrat playbook and Trump is not going to play into it. He jokes. He makes a couple of jokes about it. Right. He says, oh, you're telling me I'm saving the world from satanic pedophile cannibals? That's it sounds pretty good. Is that should I not be doing that? Should I be supporting the Satanic? And then he says, look, forget about the Satanists or whatever. You're saying that I'm saving the world from problems.


That's what I'm trying to do. That's what we're trying to do in politics. And and you guys are trying to destroy the country and I'm trying to fix the country. And I like it when people support me in that mission to fix up the country a little bit on the broader point of the Kuhnen thing. I really I don't even care to address that I have a message for the Democrats, which is that people who spent the last four years pretending that Donald Trump is a secret KGB spy do not get to lecture conservatives about conspiracy theories.


OK, people who think that there is a grand conspiracy to close mailboxes in Democratic districts to steal an election, particularly people who belong to a party that has tried to steal an election and overturn an election for the past four years. Don't get to lecture conservatives about conspiracy theories. I don't want to hear that phrase again out of the mouth of a Democrat or out of the mouth of a leftist activist or most of all out of the mouth of the mainstream media.


I don't want to hear it. You've lost that privilege. Russia gate was the end of that, especially now that we see that there was a conspiracy with regard to Russia. But it wasn't from the Trump campaign. It was from the Obama administration. And the press ignored it and covered it up for years. We're finally seeing this come out now with with charges being brought against various FBI and DOJ officials. Something tells me there's a lot more to come, not that the mainstream media will ever look into it.


And in fact, there was an episode yesterday totally separate from what you would call practical politics, party politics, that that illustrates just how far the mainstream media have fallen. This involves a former Navy SEAL, this guy, Robert O'Neill, guy who killed Osama bin Laden. He tweeted out a picture of himself on an airplane sitting up there without a mask on. And he takes the picture and he says, I'm not a wuss. I'll translate. He used a more colorful word.


I'm not a wuss, my man. Love that. Looking great. Standing up against this stupid leftist political culture we now have that makes us muzzle ourselves on airplanes. So he posts that picture. And immediately, a New York Times editor, Dan Sulston, tweets out, I don't know this guy, but counterpoint, you might just be because you're not willing to sacrifice and be a little uncomfortable for your fellow humans, including that Marine behind you.


Now, obviously, obviously, this Navy SEAL does know a thing or two about sacrifice and being made a little uncomfortable for the good of his countrymen. Knows a whole lot more about it than Dan Stein, whose greatest sacrifice for America is writing for The New York Times, which is which in fact sacrifices America and its sacrifices, our integrity, journalistic integrity. The issue here isn't the tweet. I don't care about this. A little Twitter spat between between O'Niel and Sulston.


It's the incompetence. It's the laziness. If if I had done that, if I had not known this guy, would that be one thing if your average layman in the street had not known who? Robert, that would be one thing. An editor of The New York Times is supposed to know how to investigate things and editor of The New York Times should at least know to make a Google search before you start lobbying charges like that. But they don't.


They don't. The New York Times has always left wing and and often dishonest. But they weren't incompetent. They weren't lazy. Now, we have this generation of of New York time generally journalist, editors, writers who who are just lazy and incompetent, don't know the basics of their job. So if it if a New York Times editor can't even get this question right, how are you supposed to trust his reporting on anything else? Drew, Clavon always points this out where you're reading The New York Times and you don't know about any of the stories.


So you just kind of reading to get filled.


And then you get to one story that you do know about who say it's the New York Yankees, I don't know, or it's some area of manufacturing. Maybe, you know, something about and you read it and you think, gosh, they got this totally wrong. I know that this is wrong because I, I know about this topic. But then you go right along and you believe all the other stories that you don't know anything about. The longest lasting Trump legacy, I think, will be the complete collapse of the credibility of the mainstream media.


Sometimes it's laziness, sometimes it's incompetence, other times it's just dishonesty, like when CNN defends Bill Clinton, which we'll get to in one second.


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Sixty four thousand. So CNN, even after Bill Clinton's generally panned convention appearance, decides to defend him because to CNN's credit, they bring up this question, why is it that in the metoo era when everybody is getting taken down for even looking crosswise at a woman 20 years ago or even not looking crosswise, but they're just kind of crazy allegations that come up.


In the case of Brett Kavanaugh, for instance, how is it that Bill Clinton has managed to survive in that culture and that they've got a one word answer?


Maybe a two word answer. Second chances, how has he survived all of these waves of cancellation when he has been one of the biggest violators of these rules at all these years? I mean, we talk about character. We talked about we talked about the list.


There it is. The one word answer is redemption. The two word answer is second chances. And Democrats actually believe in neither of them. Right. I'm kind of more exercised by the second chances thing now because in cancer culture, you don't get a second chance. I understand. Maybe you don't want to give someone a third chance or fourth chance, but you don't get a second chance at all unless you're a Democrat, unless you're a leftist. Left believes in redemption, how show me how the left believes in redemption.


They don't they'll smack down anybody who comes in their way, whether it's a comedian, whether it's look, Ellen DeGeneres took a photo with George W. Bush, they're out for her head. Right. Kevin Hart made a an unpopular comment or something.


They go after a joke he told 10 years ago, joke that virtually every other standup comedian in history has made as well. I don't think they're I don't think they believe in redemption except for their privileged few. This is not some sort of nice principle whereby we say we're going to grace, we're going to forgiveness. Don't believe in any of that stuff. It's it's purely cynical. They'll cover for their guys and they'll attack your guys even if there's no evidence whatsoever that they did anything wrong.


Again, like the case of Brett Kavanaugh, CNN, Van Jones. They go on.


You were talking about Bill Clinton's character. And what I admire about Bill Clinton is that he has acknowledged his wrongdoing. He's apologized. He's tried to rebuild his family. And I think apologies don't come as often or as easily from the present White House, even when they should. So I don't I don't think we can we I don't think we have to say everything Bill Clinton has done is great. But I do think that when he has made mistakes, he's acknowledged them and I admire him for that.


Was Van Jones alive in the nineteen nineties? It was Van Jones. Does he is he remembering the same Bill Clinton? I'm remembering Mr. Clinton. Any response to Van Jones, this point that you take responsibility for the things you've done? I want you to listen to me.


I'm going to say this again. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie. Not a single time, never. These allegations are false. And I need to go back to work for the American people. Thank you. To go back to that, you can even see at the end of that clip, if you're watching it, he has a little smirk at the end. I can't believe that.


I believe that that so far, man, I'm a good actor. I should have been in Hollywood. Should have hung out with Harvey Weinstein. Oh, yeah. Bill Clinton. Totally not acknowledging what I did. And then later on, he got caught. And so utterly shamelessly, he goes out on television and says, OK, well, a little bit.


But and even then, I believe the exact wording was, well, what I said was not technically what I said was technically true, misled.


It's like, well, you lied, you lied. And you're still you're even when you are forced to acknowledge it, do not acknowledge it.


But but the Democrats believe in redemption, right? As long as you acknowledge what you've done is still doing it.


You know, I grew up in town over from from Chappaqua, where where Bill Clinton grew up.


And one side of me was AOC in Yorktown. Then on the other side of me was with Bill Clinton. And rumors swirled. Let's just let's put it that way. I don't want to report any rumors, but something tells me that guy did not quite reformed himself. And by the way, Bill Clinton was like the good old days. I would take Bill Clinton's Democratic Party any day over the Democratic Party of these current crop of radicals.


So right now, during the DNC, there was the DNC, LGBTQ caucus meeting and a member of this caucus, Gaim, I don't know who that is described what their aims are.


Democrats in recent days have said we're not about abolishing the police. We're not about well, JMI in this open Democratic caucus meeting says that is exactly what we are for. We're talking about abolishing the police.


We're talking about abortion. We're talking about abortion prisons.


There it is. There it is. And you remember what AOK said when when the Democrats continued to hear the younger crowd say, we're abolishing the police, we're abolishing ice, we're abolishing prisons.


They said, well, abolishing the police doesn't really mean abolishing the police. And then AOC came out with a press statement, God bless her. I mean, she at least she was honest about it. You know, abolishing the police means abolishing the police doesn't mean removing a little bit of funding or removing some funding or it means actually abolishing getting rid of the police. So that's that's the Democratic Party. It's so funny. What they've been trying to do is hide some of these sessions.


But part of the the issue with them pushing this continued lockdown, needlessly pushing this continued lockdown is these sessions are all on video. And it would seem that we've got Republican operatives in every single one of them. And so the video keeps leaking. And then what happens when the video leaks? Well, the Biden campaign has to distance itself, right, because the Biden campaign is pretending that this is a moderate Democrat campaign for a moderate Democrat party, even though we all know that the minute Joe gets into office, if he's even aware that he gets into office, you're going to have this crop of radicals running the country.


So the Biden campaign says, I bet the police the campaign has been very clear when it comes to defending the police. They do not support defending the police. And I don't know how many times we have to say this on this network or others, but that is the case now. In other times, the Biden campaign has seemed very open to defending the police, but neither here nor there, they're denying it. Now, how about Linda Sarsour?


We were talking about Linda Sarsour a little bit yesterday. I believe Linda Sarsour is this Islamist radical leftist activist. And she was she's so radical that she was kicked out of the women's march, but she was permitted to speak at the Democratic National Convention. So the Biden campaign has to has to do a little damage control here. Joe Biden has been a strong supporter of Israel and a vehement opponent of anti-Semitism his entire life. And he obviously condemns Samasource views and opposes the boycott divest sanction movement, as does the Democratic platform, says campaign spokesman Andrew Bates'.


She has no, no role in the Biden campaign whatsoever. Well, that's strange. If the whole Democratic platform and I mean, I suppose who writes the platform is the party. If the party so despises Linda Sarsour, why did they give her a slot to speak at the convention? Doesn't make a lot of sense. And frankly, the only reason that the Biden campaign even responded to this is because Trump tweeted about it. This is the big problem here for the Biden campaign.


The Biden campaign is behind the ball, they're following their party, they're trying to catch up to their party, the party is leading and the party is now radical. So that the Biden campaign can come out and say, no, no, no, we don't really want to defund the police. No, no, no, we don't really hate the Jews. No, no, no, we don't. We don't really support Linda Sarsour, but.


The fact that they have to keep playing catch up like this shows they're not the ones in charge. So who cares what they say or what they think? The Trump campaign, on the other hand, is going on offense, and this was a move yesterday, again, somewhat controversial among conservatives, mostly among libertarians. But but some conservatives, too, got a little a little frightened by this. The Trump well, first, Trump's Twitter, but then threw the Trump administration in.


Kayleigh McEnany, they came out and said, yeah, we don't like Goodyear anymore. Goodyear tires. We went through their their slideshow yesterday on the show. But Goodyear showed seem to have this policy, which is that it's OK to express views in support of BLM or the LGBTQ movement, but you can't support any sort of expression for blue lives matter. All lives matter wearing a hat that says Make America great again or anything like that. So you can support left wing things, but you can't support right wing things.


Trump said. Don't buy Goodyear. The left is going to play this game. We'll play it to get stop having Goodyear stop supporting Goodyear and. Kayleigh McEnany was asked about this at a press briefing that she gave a great answer. Here's the question.


Today, the president encouraged Americans not to buy Goodyear Tire, suggesting that they had a ban on Mangahas. But it appears that their policy is just a ban on political speech is pretty common for most companies. So why is the president retaliating against a private company for their dress code and potentially jeopardizing American jobs?


OK, I want to pause here for one second because this reporter typifies the dishonesty of leftism for one hundred years. What the slideshow showed was you. Yes. BLM, yes. LGBTQ, no, Magga, no. Blue lives matter. No, all lives matter.


And she says and at the very end of the unacceptable and said no political speech. So what the left is saying is conservative speech that I don't like.


Blue lives matter. All lives matter, make America great again.


Support the president that is political and therefore unacceptable. Whereas Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ, that's not political, that is just the orthodox dogma of the state, you can't you can't possibly question transgenderism. That's our established church. You can't that's not political. BLM run by three avowed Marxists. Wants to destroy the nuclear family, according to the About US page on their website. That's not political. What the left has done here, ironically, is they have made everything political except for politics.


Right. Everything's political. Now, you go out, you buy a cup of coffee, it's political. Anything you wear, anything you say, anywhere you go, the kind of car you drive, what everything has become political. Now, the mask is everything is political except for politics. And this has been the what the Democratic Party has pushed for since Woodrow Wilson. They basically want to take all the important questions out of the realm of politics and give it to bureaucrats, give it to administrators so that we can't debate about it anymore and the government can just do whatever they want.


But they'll they'll at the same time politicize everything, so we're arguing about absolute diversions, gets to this Kuhnen question. We're arguing about Internet memes as though this is really important. Meanwhile, we're told that substantive questions like the Marxist organization BLM, that's outside the realm of politics, whether a man can become a woman, LGBTQ, whatever, the alphabet continues to grow by the day that is outside the realm of politics. We're not allowed to have opinions about that anymore.


I thought Kayleigh McEnany handled the question in an excellent manner.


Goodyear needs to come out and clarify their policy. There is an image statement, Santa to. Yes, I did see their statement, which still still failed to clarify their policy. What happened is there is an image that was put out that showed that certain speech was acceptable, Black Lives Matter insignia, for instance. But what was not allowed was blue lives matter. What was not allowed was Magots. What was clearly targeted was a certain ideology. They have not denied that that image was presented at one of their facilities and they need to come out.


Racial equality, racial justice. That is okay, but not political speech. That's pretty standard across the board right now. That's not that unusual. Did the president even reach out to Goodyear before they came out and said equity issues?


There it is. It's it's just racial justice. It's just sexual equality. That's not political. What do these people know what the word politics means? Politics means public things, the things we all do together, how we all live together in the city, in the police, Greek word that's that's politics. They say, no, that's not politics. Politics is like you're in. And it means and like the maggots and the things I don't like so that you can't do politics.


It's like they always say this in schools. You can't talk about religion. You can talk about how a man is really a woman. You can talk about that, which is called Gnostic dualism, by the way, that's a religious concept. But you can't talk about Christianity. You're not you can't you can't do that. You can talk about equality and justice and the Sixty Nine Project and BLM. But you can't talk about politics. Even though the author of BLM says this is not a history that's being taught, it's activism, but they say, no, no, that's not it's the things I like or not politics.


And therefore, we we should just all accept it. And the things I do not like that is politics.


And we've got to get it out of what we need. So much of the Trump movement has been forget about the judges for even about breaking down the media. It's been about expanding the realm of politics in an authentic way, in a proper way, because we had been told for decades, look, you're not allowed to have an opinion about outsourcing.


You're not allowed to have an opinion about immigration. You're not allowed to have an opinion about the loss of American manufacturing. You're not allowed to have an opinion about our role in transnational institutions. You're barely allowed to have an opinion about international interventions in foreign wars. You're just not allowed that is separate, that's being run by the brilliant people at the State Department or in the bureaucracy elsewhere. And that's not in the realm of politics. And what Trump came in and says, nah, I think it is I think we're going to rip up trade deals.


We're going to build a wall on the border, and you stupid bureaucrats aren't going to have a damn thing to say about it. And that's what we're seeing here.


And I think I am allowed to have an opinion about the BLM organization. I think I am allowed to have an opinion about Marxist propaganda being taught in our schools.


I am going to have an opinion about that. And if Goodyear doesn't like it, you know what we're going to do? We're going to boycott Goodyear. I think it's a great idea. It's a great idea. For for too long, Republicans have allowed corporate America to to push America further to the left. They've given them a free pass. No longer. My friends, by the way, this is playing well for Republicans. This is not playing well for Democrats.


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Joe Biden's numbers are falling. They fell when Biden picked Kamala Harris as his VP. That's a bad sign. You pick a VP so that your numbers go up. Same thing. We don't obviously we don't have numbers from the end of the convention because the convention just ended last night.


But there's no evidence yet that that Biden is getting any kind of boost like like you hoped for out of a convention. That's the whole point of a convention. Not good news for Biden. I mean, it's going to be isn't going to be more pressure for him not to debate, not to show up. It just didn't work. Why didn't it work? The convention was more boring than usual, these conventions are usually pretty boring, but it was more boring than usual.


There weren't any kind of spontaneous moments because, you know, that's this is all preplanned.


This is basically just a zoo meeting. Do you remember back in twenty twelve, you had you had Clint Eastwood come out for Mitt Romney and he clearly didn't prepare anything. He walked on stage at the last minute and talked to an empty chair. And it was great.


It was the best moment in any political convention, certainly in my lifetime. But because it was unscripted, it was you didn't know it was going to happen. It was it was entertaining. You didn't get that. Republicans need some of those moments here. Luckily, Trump always seems to give it to them.


But you're going to need that in in the next convention. You know, the ratings for the DNC this year plummeted. I mean, they were so, so bad.


Trump is much better on television, obviously, but the RNC needs to keep this thing loose, entertaining, bigger, faster, funnier. Maybe get Clint up there with an empty chair. Certainly get Trump on screen as much as you can.


I want to bring this back to what we started with at the top of the show is Q thing. Q Anon, which is what?


That's all the Democrats in the media want to talk about. I think most conservatives don't even know what this is. They haven't even heard of this. This is an Internet meme. Right. But the press, they're writing about it all the time, like this is the end of the world. So what is what is the Q thing? I like President Trump also don't don't really know much about it. But unlike Democrats, I do think we should take the fact that this movement exists seriously, I don't I don't think we need to worry about anything.


I don't think it's the end of the world.


But the fact that there is such an Internet meme that's become something of an activist movement, what does it mean? I take BLM seriously. I don't take BLM claims seriously, but I take BLM seriously. I wonder why did this rise up so same thing with you. The reporter brought up three things religion, weird sex and cannibalism, Satan, Satanism and then pedophilia and then cannibalism. What does that mean? Well, as I mentioned earlier at the was it the twenty twelve DNC you had?


The Democrats booing God, you now have BLM top leftist activists calling for churches to be smashed, images of Christ and the Virgin Mary to be smashed. You have statues of Saint Junipero Serra being torn down. It seems pretty clear that there is a religious battle going on, as Henry Edward, Cardinal Manning said at bottom, all human conflict ultimately is theological. So you've got this religious battle brewing, I mean, the people leading the BLM riots, right, the founders of that organization are Marxists, they're atheists.


And you see this constant sort of attack on religious Americans, the bitter clingers clinging to their Bibles. That image that irritated the left so much was Trump holding up a Bible outside a church, a church that they were trying to burn down.


So there is clearly a religious issue going on. How about the weird sex, plenty of weird sex going on. Obviously there's the Jeffrey Epstein thing that seems to involve every prominent leftist in America, but even there's a show now on Netflix. It's called Cutie's. My wife showed me this last night. Show me the trailer for it. It's about 11 year old, like go go dancers or something.


Listen to this description. This is just from the Netflix website Cutie's Amy, age 11, becomes fascinated with a twerking dance crew hoping to join them. She starts to explore her femininity, defying her family's traditions. That that is like pedophile catnip, how on earth what Sicko executive at Netflix allowed this thing to go up? Like I know sometimes we hear all these crazy people on the Internet, they talk about this pedophilia going on all over the place. What do you how do you explain that?


That's pretty weird, isn't it? There's like a show about 11 year olds twerking and exploring their femininity against their family's wishes.


That's that's weird. Like Jeffrey Epstein flying around on an airplane with Prince Andrew and all these top mostly left wing politicians. He was a member of Mar a Lago. So there are photos of him with Trump, too. But Bill Clinton apparently flew on his plane like twenty seven times. That's weird. Isn't that weird? That's a little weird, isn't it? So clearly, there's some weird sex thing going on here. By the way, the only thing anyone talks about these days is sex as why LGBTQ goes now.


Twenty six alphabet letters long these people beyond this question of pedophilia, people are just obsessed with sex. They're talking about sex all the time. So there's there's that aspect going on. And then cannibalism. There are some real cannibals like Reza Aslan, formerly of CNN, who ate human brains on television. Actually did that and that we're it's a little weird, too, but there's this issue of cannibalism at a cultural level which which I think is actually what's going on here.


We are eating ourselves alive. We are we are devouring our own culture. But cannibalism has a has a kind of metaphorical meaning as well, people are just devouring themselves because they've they've run out of other things to consume what is I mean, obviously, we see that now. We're tearing down our own history. We're tearing down our own art. We're covering up our own art where we're destroying our own politics, destroying our own institutions. Frankly, Reza Aslan aside, there's much more evidence of a cultural cannibalism, a civilizational cannibalism than of a personal cannibalism.


Those things are all real, OK? And the media right now are asking about the Kuhnen thing. They're asking about a bunch of Internet means they should be asking themselves about what the phenomenon means, the fact that people are worried about. Satanism and pedophilia and cannibalism, why what does that tell you about your culture? If these mainstream media journalists had two brain cells to rub together, they would be able to see some some real insight in in the very fact of these phenomenons.


Just like I encourage the left. Consider the fact of BLM. Why has this thing risen up? So, too, I would encourage the left to consider why these things that you are so obsessed with that are why they've risen up. But that would require introspection. And of course, they're not capable of that. By the way, there's one thing I know I'm running late on the mailbag, but I don't care. I've got to I've got to mention my friend Amanda Malleus, great, great young filmmaker.


You might've heard the name Elias because her her father is one of the most legendary filmmakers in Hollywood. John Milius wrote Apocalypse Now did the Dirty Harry movies, Conan the Barbarian, Red Dawn, all the great, great guy. And she's a terrific young filmmaker. She's got a movie she's been working on secretly called Plot Against the President. This this is coming out now. It's coming out very not not right now, but it's coming out very soon.


It details the Russia hoax, the attempted coup d'etat to overthrow a duly elected president. Take a look at just a little bit of the trailer.


I recently confirmed that on numerous occasions the intelligence community accidentally collected information about US citizens involved in the transition. It was shocking to see some of the overclassification that was done to hide either corruption or abuse of authority and just to make sure certain agencies didn't look bad. We have a peaceful transition of power process. That's not what happened. There were more meetings. There were more leaks, there were more attacks. The thing that they were investigating the Trump campaign for is what they themselves were doing, not just the Democratic Party and their operatives, but also the FBI.


I were writing about the time frame that we lived in and that we're living in now. I would say it wasn't supposed to happen. They weren't supposed to know the entire time this was going on. They thought this was going to be what sunk the Donald Trump presidency. And they were just looking for the golden goose and they still haven't found it because it doesn't exist.


This movie is going to be great. It's going to be explosive. Go check it out. The plot against the president, you know, subscribe wherever so that you can get notifications when it comes out. Thank you for subscribing to my YouTube channel. Appreciate it. We've got some great stuff coming out this weekend, so be sure to head over there. We've got a backstage coming up tomorrow, 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time, 7:00 pm Eastern Time. Join all access.


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We'll be right back with the mailbag. There's too much good stuff to talk about today when we got to get to the mailbag, I will speed through it. We will get through as many questions as possible from Alejandro Dear future vice president Michael Noles. If you were selected to be the Republican vice president for the twenty twenty election, what would your opening statement be at the vice presidential debate? I would get up there and I would say thank you so much.


It's such an honor to be here. I would especially like to thank the Democratic Party for not reading the Constitution, because you don't realize that right now I am still just a little bit too young to be vice president. But since the Democrats don't read the Constitution, that's perfectly well and good. Let's get to the questions. That would be my opening statement. You know, it's unfortunate the Democrats don't know anything about the Constitution, but there can be a little silver lining that storm cloud.


We can we can use it to turn lemons into lemonade. And part of that would be would be my selection as vice president. It's great. I'll take it even before the age of thirty five from Catalina. What a great name, Catalina. It's a nice island off the coast of California. I might go skinny boy and master of Cafe. I'm a rising high school senior. My college search came to a grinding halt recently when I fully realized that the environment at the Ivy League schools is overwhelmingly liberal.


I was really interested in applying to Princeton, Dartmouth and Harvard, but after seeing so much leftism at the admissions sessions and in their promotions, I'm reconsidering. Like you, I'm Catholic and conservative. What was your experience in the political political environment of Yale? What should I do?


I don't want to be universally hated on my college campus for being conservative. Thanks so much. I love this show. Listen in every day. God bless. Depends what you what you want. There are some colleges where you can get a magnificent classical education, liberal education, even Thomas Aquinas College, for instance, kind of Steubenville, Hillsdale, you know, very famously offers a more classical and rigorous education. But if you want a big brand name school, let's say you want to go work in banking or consulting or, you know, get into a really top law school or something like that.


If you do want to kind of go down that route, which which has increasingly diminishing returns, because now people are beginning to realize that the Yale of twenty twenty is not the Yale of nineteen twenty. And frankly, it's not even the Yale of ten years ago. So but if you want to do that, Yale has a pretty robust area for conservatives. They've got the William F. Buckley Jr. program. They've got the Tory Party, which is a great organization at Yale.


They do they do have a number of conservatives that have come through there. The campus has gotten very left wing even since I was there. And even when I was there, you know, I got along just fine, had a great time. But but whenever a political activity that I was working on got a little too hot, I was absolutely persona non grata on campus for at least a month or two. And then people would kind of forget and I get to go back to parties and things again.


And it was all fine until. But if you do things that are effective in politics, then you're going to have a lot of people dislike you for that.


And that's just that's just the cost of doing business.


That's the cost of doing politics. Rather, you've really got to ask yourself, well, what do I want? If you want a kind of classical education, that's that's not going to have all the trappings of maybe an Ivy League school. And I would say go to one of those other colleges. If you want to get that big brand name, just know you're going to be in a decidedly leftist institution for a long time and and you're going to have to make your way.


Sometimes that'll be easy. Sometimes that'll be hard. But conservative inside is nothing in life is free from anonymous.


Hi, Michael. I'm going to be married ten years this October together for twelve. And my wife and I have a three year old son. Earlier this year, I found out she accumulated over 40 grand of credit card debt and we had to refinance the house to pay it off further. She recently became pregnant and besides me begging and pleading, she went ahead to Planned Parenthood and took an abortion pill. Oh, my gosh. She's also been nasty to me and has said I'm needy and is threatening to leave me when I've been a victim here.


I want to stay together for our son and to work through the issues we've had. We've had many good years together. I'm simply at a loss at what to do here. I don't want to give up on my son and family, but I've been hurt, wronged and I've been blamed for the marriage failing. She claims I'm controlling and wants to leave as I'm holding her back from achieving her career dreams. I would appreciate your thoughts. Yeah, you need to get your wife in line.


I'm very sorry that you've gone through this. I mean, obviously the things you've described are. Horrific. You need to get your wife in line.


You've got to you've got to lead the family, I know that I know that modern feminism and all this stuff might make this confusing, but the idea that your wife could even get the thought of I've got to I've got to leave my family because you're holding me back from whatever making widgets at the widget factory is is preposterous in itself.


And I don't know either. You've got to be persuasive, you know, and show her why that's so wrong. I would certainly go into marriage counseling.


I mean, the. You know, she killed your child, you know, I mean, that that is a. It's unthinkable, it's unthinkable, that sort of thing would happen, so you need to put measures in place to make sure that doesn't that it can't happen again. You know, I'm taking that example aside. I mean, that's just so horrific. Let's just use the credit card example. How did she run up 40 grand in credit card debt without you knowing you should be seeing these financial statements?


If she has a separate credit card, that's obviously a bad idea for someone who's going to run up 40 grand in credit card debt. She should not be permitted to have a separate credit card. You're your one flesh. Your finances should be the same anyway. So I would take I would just take control of the situation. Ironically, what seems to which she seems to think is, as you write in your note, is that you're too controlling.


But I would imagine if you are not even looking at her credit card statements, you're not controlling enough, not nearly controlling enough. And I would I don't know. The problem would appear to be this kind of modern idea of feminism or how that relates to marriage. I think you've got to get a little bit more old school here and traditional. Probably the first step would be would be marriage therapy. And I would just make sure that you go to a marriage therapist who isn't some lunatic feminist.


You picket, you call the shots, you're the head of the household. And if she leaves you, I hope she doesn't. That's on her. And, you know, divorce is a horrible, horrible thing for a child, so I would not I don't think you should leave, but you need to leave your family. You can't you can't let her do these sorts of horrible things.


And you need to also acknowledge anything maybe that you have done that has led to this. You know, obviously, you generally speaking, it takes two to tango. So marriage therapy would be the place to start. But but you need to lead. You need to take charge. And I don't think if if your situation gets worse, I don't think it's going to get worse because you took too much control. You took too much of the lead. I think it will get worse because you've taken a back seat and you've allowed her to to to take the lead too much without knowing more details.


That's that's about the best I can give you, but very, very terrible situation. Sorry to hear that. You're in it from Aaron.


One question I've always struggled with is Romans Chapter 13 and the submission to the governing authorities. As a conservative, I've always struggled with being submissive to the governing authorities, mainly when thinking about the Revolutionary War. I want to believe in a good argument for the colonies rebelling against the Crown, but I do not believe that the Catholic or other confessional churches would have supported the overthrowing of that authority. Historically speaking, can a conservative have been a supporter of the American Revolution and how, thanks this question comes up from time to time, even beyond just the Catholic question, even some conservative Protestants say, I don't I wouldn't support the American Revolution.


St. Thomas Aquinas is pretty clear that there is a there is a right of revolution in very limited circumstances. So the question is, does does the American Revolution meet those circumstances? There's also a question of the nature of the American Revolution. The American Revolution didn't overthrow the king of England, right? It didn't it didn't depose King George. It separated the United States from Great Britain. It in the revolutionaries words, it acknowledged that there was this separation, that these political bonds have been dissolved.


And now you've got the separate country that already had its own governing institutions, that already had its own culture for at that point over a century, a century and a half or so. I think there is a conservative and Christian case for the American Revolution. I don't care particularly to come down decisively on that issue. I think there's a good argument also that the revolution was not justified. I've heard both of those arguments. That's fine.


I think the more pertinent question, though, is today, what is your view of the American Revolution where no one's going to get in a time machine and go back to seventeen, seventy six? So how do you look at it now? And I think it's very clear that in our in our submission to the civil authority, we certainly should respect the regime that was established in 1776 and that that has been a generally speaking, a wonderful political event in the history of the world.


So I would I would even kind of remove yourself from the historical question, though. It's fun to kick it around. I think there is an argument for it. And just think about the present political question.


All right.


I wish we could get to more, but typically I ran late, so we'll just have to wait until next week or maybe we'll be able to chat on all access or maybe we'll be able to chat on backstage. We had all that coming up tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm Michael Noles. This is the Michael Noll Show. If you enjoyed this episode, and frankly, even if you didn't, don't forget to subscribe, and if you want to help spread the word, please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe.


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