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Joe Biden has picked his running mate after weeks of speculation, we can now say with certainty that Joe Biden's vice presidential candidate is going to be California cop Kamala Harris.


Here is what Carmela had to say about this wonderful honor when Vice President Biden was in the United States Senate working with segregationists to oppose busing, which was the vehicle by which we would integrate America's public schools. Had I been in the United States Senate at that time, I would have been completely on the other side of the aisle. And let's be clear about this. Had those segregationists their way, I would not be a member of the United States Senate.


Cory Booker would not be a member of the United States Senate, and Barack Obama would not have been in the position to nominate him to the title he now holds. And so on that issue, we could not be more apart, which is that the vice president has still failed to acknowledge that it was wrong to take the position that he took at that time.


Oh, I'm sorry. That wasn't Comilla accepting the running mates, but that was when Comilla smeared Biden as a vicious, vicious racist during a presidential debate.


Obviously, Joe Biden probably has no idea that they've picked Kamala Harris to be his running mate because the Democratic Party doesn't view people as people. They view them in slots for divvied up identity groups. Well, we will hopefully inform the former vice president as he watches this show today. And we will break down exactly what this means for the race, what this means for the broader project of the left. And Michael knows this, the Michael Noll show.


Man, can you imagine how upset Joe Biden's going to be when he finds out that the Democrats picked Kamala Harris as his running mate, he's going to be furious. He'll forget quickly, but he'll be furious for a little bit. My favorite comment from yesterday's from Hudson husband, Dean Hudson. Dean pointed out that according to CNN, it's not looting. It's called undocumented shopping. That's true. That's true. The BLM rioters, they just don't get receipts.


But there's no reason to suggest that that's any different then than other regular American shoppers. That's that's probably there's no distinction as far as the left is concerned.


We will get to this significant news, the Kamala Harris pick. First, though, I've got to thank our friends over inexpressive KPM You know, there's a lot of censorship these days on social media. You might have noticed maybe you're not seeing this show quite as often on YouTube or elsewhere. That's that's just what happens.


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Michael, by visiting my special link, you will get an extra three months of express VPN service for free. That is e r e. S s vpn dotcom slash Michael Express TV.com slash Michael to protect your data today, especially now that we got Comilla the cop running as the VP pick. You know, she might look, it might happen.


The entire liberal establishment is pushing for the Biden Harris ticket. A lot of people have tweeted him. I've said, what do you think of the Harris ticket? Does it help Biden? Does it hurt Biden?


My view on it is it was his only choice. I mean, I've assumed that it was going to be Kamala Harris for weeks now because Biden backed himself into a corner in the name of diversity. Joe Biden said that he was going to pick a very specific woman and she's got to be black. And so he really limited his his scope of people in the in the name of diversity. He limited himself to to I don't know what three or four people around the country.


One name that was floated was Susan Rice. Susan Rice was the fall man for Benghazi in the Obama administration. And as the Durham investigation comes out into all of the corruption of the Obama admin, probably not a great idea to pick Susan Rice. So she wasn't going to work. Karen Bass, as we've explained on the show many times, is an actual communist. So Karen Bass is the head of the Congressional Black Caucus. She's a congressman. She's actively supported Fidel Castro in her career.


That was a little bit radical even for today's Democratic Party. And so you're left with this third choice, very flawed choice, extremely unlikable. But she's the last one left because of the identity politics of the left. You had Kamala Harris, who is I guess she's a black woman or she's a woman of color. At least she ran a terrible presidential campaign. The first thing she did was higher up all of Hillary's people. So Hillary. Twenty sixteen, one of the worst presidential campaigns ever run.


And then Kamala Harris, because she is a sort of just establishment candidate, she hires up all of those people. And she launched a particularly vicious attack on Joe Biden during the primaries. That attack was that he's a racist, that he worked with segregationists, that he he opposed busing. Busing is not exactly a popular issue in twenty twenty. But she she launched it. She thought it was her best attack. It flopped.


But I guess in the end it worked out because she is going to be his running mate now. And I think the slogan is going to be racist. Harris Twenty twenty. I don't know how convincing that's going to be. Comilla though is not the only endorsement that Joe Biden got over the past couple of days. He also got a very much more powerful.


And Kamala Harris, he got the endorsement of China, this according to Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi went on to ISSUE one on CNN to describe the state of the race. And I don't know why I think she may have been having a senior moment herself. She admitted what we all know, which is that China, America's number one geopolitical adversary, is rooting for Joe Biden.


But the Chinese say, look, what they said is China would prefer Joe Biden. Whether they do, that's their conclusion, that they would prefer Joe Biden.


Is that a good thing? I mean, what she is referring to here is Bill Neném, who's the director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center. He suggested that Russia is rooting for President Trump.


I mean, they've been suggesting this since twenty fifteen, but that China and Iran would prefer Joe Biden and it just shows you how in their own bubble Democrats that that Nancy Pelosi thinks that an endorsement from China will help him, because this is what we've been told for the past 30 years, the kind of liberal establishment with some Republicans and certainly all of the Democrats have hailed the rise of China.


They've encouraged it. They've they've actively supported it at various times. And the idea here was that if you rise up China, if you give them a lot of money and you let them cheat on trade deals and you'll let them steal technology, then eventually they're going to be super duper rich and they're going to democratize and sort of like make China very, very rich. Step a step B, we don't know. Step C, they're going to become a Madisonian republic.


Is that step B, it's just hasn't happened, it hasn't happened at all, and then China obviously inflicted on us this Wuhan virus, which has shut down the entire world for the past six months.


So there are a lot of problems here. They've taken a lot of American jobs. They've still got a lot of American technology. They've spied on us a lot of times. They've cheated on trade deals. They've devalued their own currency. I mean, they've done all of these sorts of terrible things. But according to the global world order, China is good. This is why Mike Bloomberg didn't want to criticize China. This is why three of the four big tech oligarchs when they testified on Capitol Hill didn't want to criticize China.


Only Zuckerberg would even admit that they're stealing our technology.


That view is not a left right thing.


That's a liberal establishment over the entire world thing compared to we the people converted to common sense people on both sides of the aisle. And on this divide, if you kind of shake yourself out of this mirror, left, right, Republican, Democrat divide, if you if you see it more as we the people who want politics versus the administrative technocratic elites, you see that Joe Biden's campaign is only geared toward that kind of administrative state. We'll get to that in one second.


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I think that's the big difference here.


And we've talked about that before. It's been called the administrative state, the deep state, the bureaucracy, the technocracy. That is who Joe Biden is running for. One thing that was so shocking about the Kamala Harris pick is that she attacked him harder than anybody else in the in the Democratic primary and she attacked him in a particularly vicious way. There's there's nothing worse that you can be called in modern America than a racist. It racism. It's just become the term for bad.


I mean, it's become the term for evil. And she went after him that way. So why pick him? It's because the Democrats don't look at individuals. Joe Biden is not an individual, Joe Biden is an empty suit, he is the absence of a candidate. He is not only the absence of a candidate in himself because there's a lot of wind blowing in between his ears. He is also the absence of a candidate in the campaign. He's not campaigning.


He's not going out there.


They just want someone to be the face of the bureaucracy. And as far as that goes, Kamala Harris fits the description as well. What does Kamala Harris believe? It's going to be the title of my next brilliant black book, it's going to be called What Kamala Harris Believes A Comprehensive Guide Isn't going to be anything in it. Obviously, she will switch her opinions based on public opinion polls. She will lie through her teeth. I mean, she wanted to pander on that show, The Breakfast Club one time.


So she talked about how she loved smoking joints and listening to Snoop Dogg when she was in college years before Snoop Dogg ever even made an album. No, I'm not. I don't know if she smoked pot or she probably didn't smoke pot. It's just a thing that she says to pander, she doesn't care, and the same goes for Joe Biden. Joe Biden tweeted out yesterday something that I think typifies his candidacy and what it means for the Democrats.


He says, I promise you, if I'm elected, I won't waste any time getting this virus under control. I'll call Dr. Fauci and ask him to stay on. I'll bring together top experts and leaders from both parties to chart a path forward. We'll get it done together. If your entire campaign is I'm going to give all my power to Dr. Fauci, why don't I just elect Dr. Fauci? Why am I electing you Joe Biden? His whole candidacy is I'll get other people to do stuff.


I'm Joe Biden. I'm Joe Biden. You have to elect me so that I can get other people to do things.


First of all, Dr. Fauci hasn't been right about anything I've been talking about has been completely wrong. He's been in that job for, what, 40 years now. No one's ever elected him. He's just the face of the bureaucracy. And what Joe Biden is saying here when he says we'll keep Fujian, we'll get what he's saying is we will return away from this crazy Trump moment where we the people got to voice.


All of a sudden we will return to rule by the administrative state.


This this project began one hundred years ago with Woodrow Wilson, where Woodrow Wilson explicitly says this. He says, We want to divorce politics from administration. So it's politics.


When you go out there, you give a speech, you say, we got these issues and we're going to fight for these issues. And then some other candidate says we're we're going to have other issues and we're going to oppose that other guy. Right. That's politics.


Then you decide administration is just carrying out orders. Right, and administration exists in every institution, so who decides then what the rulers will increasingly the rules are being made by these headless bureaucrats at these agencies that have no accountability whatsoever. The presidents come and go, but the bureaucrats remain the same. And so the left views this, they say, oh, yes, finally we get to just plug in absolutely pointless people to enforce our agenda that we were going to do anyway.


And what is the name for this? Well, The Washington Post is already calling it historic, historic. This from Jennifer Rubin, who is a Democrat. She's a Democrat writer at The Washington Post who for some reason pretends to be a Republican. But she she doesn't support anything Republicans support. She doesn't support any Republican candidates. And she's in no way a conservative. But but the fake news is so fake that they will look you in the eye.


They will hire a Democrat, have her write Democrat columns every single week and then tell you she's a conservative.


That happens all the time. So the headline for this column. It's been a rotten process, but we can appreciate the milestone of the first female VP, first female VP pick because Biden's already won, I guess, according to them.


You know, this headline is assuming that Joe Biden is going to win. They're just assuming it because, of course, he'll win. That's what we want. And that's the science of history. And that's that's where we've got to go. And Trump wasn't supposed to win the first time there was an accident, some glitch in the system. But don't worry, we're going to cheat amount of it this time. And and this time Joe Biden is going to win if they're just talking about the first female VP candidate.


First of all, we've had other female VP candidates before, but we had one very recently. We had one in 2008. That was Sarah Palin. You remember her. Do you think The Washington Post is publishing columns?


You know, this is a wonderful milestone. It's historic. It's so important, so wonderful that she got picked. I don't think so. There's nothing historic about it, Joe Biden told us months ago he was going to pick a woman. So what's historic? There's no surprise he didn't even have to write this column. But that's how they view it, you know what was really historic, Trump's victory, because no one thought that was going to happen because we were told.


Ninety nine percent chance Hillary wins.


That was historic. You know, it was historic. The popular Tea Party movement that was this that was a genuinely grassroots campaign of completely peaceful protesters who would show up to a rally site and leave that rally site cleaner than it was before they got there. They weren't stealing Gucci or Nike sneakers. That was historic. But for some reason, that never goes down in the annals of history. And the reason for this is the left has believed for over a hundred years that they've discovered the science of history.


They know what's going to happen. They know what progresses. So you can be on the right side of that, the wrong side of that. When when things contradict their view of history, they ignore them. That wasn't supposed to happen, but then they get right back on the track.


The mainstream media knows what's going to happen in the future.


That's why they're already running. Stories on the future of the mainstream media are bracing for sexist attacks on Kamala Harris. Take a listen. Ali, good to talk to you about this.


So tell us a little bit about these groups and what kind of negative attacks are they bracing for based on what we've seen with previous women politicians and candidates who have run for political office?


You know, it's one thing when the Democrats report fake news, when something happens and then the Democrats lie about or they spin it so egregiously that you can't recognize it.


It's another thing entirely when the Democrats spread fake news about things that haven't happened yet. Yes, these groups are bracing for sex assault. We know they're coming. Oh, yeah, you know what Trump is going to say? Oh, it's so he should be impeached for what he's going to say.


He's you know what these right wingers are? They should be censored on social media for the things that they haven't yet said but are going to say. That's it, I mean, that's the science of history right there, predicting what's going to happen. Meanwhile, just a note on sexist attacks, just a note on that previous female vice presidential candidate for the Republicans. Did you ever see these kind of. Pearl clutching hand-wringing, ringing, ringing segments about Sarah Palin.


After the awful what you could call sexist attacks on her. No, I don't think so. Do you think anyone is predicting all the awful attacks in L.A. because the same people who are worried about those attacks on Syria, on Kamala Harris, were the ones launching the attacks on Sarah Palin. So the MSNBC feminist reporter, I don't know. I don't know what her actual title is. She gives this report on what's going to happen.


A lot of these women's groups are looking back at twenty sixteen and seeing the way that President Trump used to dog whistle all the time about Hillary Clinton's gender. I remember I used to hear him say things like she lacked the strength and stamina to be president.


You're not allowed to say that about Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton, who famously lacks the strength and stamina to be president.


You're not allowed to say that about her because she's a woman. Doesn't matter if it's true about the individual. She's a woman. And so you're not allowed to say that. And specifically, she's a Democrat woman. Notice implicit in the argument here, they're not asking, does Hillary Clinton lack strength? Does Hillary Clinton lack stamina? Hillary Clinton famously passed out as she was walking to her car during that campaign. She was always fatigued.


She admitted this in an interview. She said, I'm chronically fatigued. I fall asleep the second I sit down on airplanes. So it's is obviously true of her that she lacked the strength and stamina, but what the left says is we don't care about the particulars, we don't care, but we don't care who's running in twenty 20, who's Joe Biden? Who cares? He's just a filler. He's a filler for history, which will inevitably move toward the left and he'll do whatever we want.


Kamala Harris, same thing she said a bunch of stuff she smeared. No one cares. No one's voting for either of these people. These people are very unlikable. They're just voting for the left wing project broadly. Left wing project broadly, by the way, might win. That's the worry because a lot of people don't want to engage in politics. I'm here at this Claremont Fellowship and we're talking about the founding and and what that means and how it's played out over the course of American history.


And John Morini, one of the scholars here, made a great point yesterday, which is that increasingly everything is politicized and the NFL has politicized. The MLB is politicized. Nike shoes are politicized. Everything in our whole culture is politicized except for politics. Except for politics. You you must have a political opinion about every single thing on Earth. But you are not allowed to have a political opinion about politics because politics has been taken away from the people and given to these faceless bureaucrats, some of them occasionally pop up.


And you remember their name like Dr. Fauci, but they're the ones making our political decisions for us all the little alphabet agencies that operate out of the executive branch but have no accountability to it.


Really, they're the ones who are actually ruling us. And in part, I think it's why the left distracts us with a bunch of stupid side issues so that we can all chatter about some nonsense and not engage in actual politics, which is being done by the left wing experts. So we've got the dog whistles that are certainly going to come against Kamala Harris. And the only people hearing these dog whistles are leftists. What does that say about them? Seemed to suggest they are the dogs.


But regardless of these sexist attacks, I got to say this for President Trump, at least he can bring himself to say the word woman. The same cannot be said of CNN, which recently gave a report on not how not have pregnant women are reacting to covid. They coined a new phrase, pregnant people. Women are feeling nervous about expanding their their family or starting a family because of the pandemic. Why? That's exactly right.


And Marie and they're worried for two different reasons. One, simply health reasons. There's so much that we don't know about the coronavirus in general and then how that impacts pregnant people in a unique way. Pregnant people.


Hold up a sec. I just realized that wasn't even CNN. You expect the stuff of CNN. That was CBS. That was a network news channel. That was something that a lot of people watch. A lot more people watch that than watch CNN. So so this kind of language, this taking away sex, taking away gender, eliding everything is weird doublespeak.


This is now infecting the total mainstream. Right. The actual networks for CBS.


It's happening on the other ones as well. So she wins this term, pregnant people. But the thing you have to remember is this is so unnatural, right? It's so unnatural to deny that biological sex exists.


It's perhaps the fundamental fact of our nature, sex. So they say it. They get their talking points, they're told what how to describe gender. But then she slips in the very same segment. She refers then to women.


You have this perfect storm of a public health crisis combined with what we're anticipating to be a gigantic economic crisis. And the result is that a lot of women and families are simply saying now is not the right time to be either starting or expanding a family.


A lot of women and families, why use the phrase woman in one place, but not in the other place? There was another term that was coined by the media the other day, individual with a cervix. There are some media outlets that, yes, I think with CNN, it's always CNN. In my mind, they're all CNN. In any case, they said cervical cancer specialists are saying that individuals with a cervix should get screened for cancer. There's a shorter phrase for individuals with a cervix.


There is a more precise phrase for people who get pregnant. As women. So even this woman on on this even this individual with whatever body parts that she has, this person says, you know, we're talking about women, right, because she kind of loses her train of thought.


But what is being pushed and normalized is this idea that sex doesn't matter at all and this is extremely degrading to women. I never want to hear that Trump is demeaning toward women or sexist against women or misogynistic or whatever. Again, I don't want to hear it because there's a song called rap. Is it rap or. I don't know. This is put out here by an artist named Khateeb. I know that Ben got in trouble for this the other day because Ben just read the lyrics of this disgusting song is of the most disgusting song I've ever heard.


This is actual audio pornography, which I didn't know could exist. Ben got in trouble for it. So obviously we've got to get into it here. Then what? I didn't even watch Ben's clip, but people were very upset that he was calling this out. So it made me go in to listen to the song.


This thing is so obscenely degrading to women, but that's not that's not the only point I have to make about it if that were it. Look, that's rap music. Rap music is always degrading to women. The point about this is the degradation of the individual and the degradation of American society and the degradation of our interpersonal relations, so the song begins, I'll have to clean this up as I go. I suppose it opens up with a repeated line.


There's some whores in this house. Sung by a woman, she's very proud of this, she's accepting her identity as a whore, she's reveling in that. Spit in my mouth, look in my eyes saying, degrade me, I want to be degraded and I want you to acknowledge that you are degrading me while you do it.


I don't cook. I don't clean. But let me tell you how I got this ring. A I'm skipping around to just the lines and I think really tell you something here beyond the the language of most of it is so disgusting. I certainly can't read it on the show.


But listen to that. I don't cook. I don't clean. But let me tell you how I got this ring, which is saying is marriage is transactional. No man would want to marry a woman because he loves her, because there is something lovable about her, because he wants to give of himself to her. A man would only marry a woman to get something. And so what could what could he get? Well, the traditional model that we're rejecting is that men marry women so they can cook and clean for them.


But what this enlightened, empowered woman is saying is, no, we don't do that. That would be degrading.


This man condescended to marry me because I do filthy sexual acts out of him all the time and I allow him to degrade me. So that's and that's why this is much more empowered. Now, of course, this is a caricature of what marriage used to be.


Marriage was not merely a fact of you go and you hire a woman to cook and clean for you.


There's a little aspect of that. But more it's about giving yourself to the other person in this union for life. But because of that progressive misunderstanding of the past, which the past has to be awful, so things always have to be worse in the past and things, we also apply this highly economic model of how of interpersonal relations, very selfish model of interpersonal relations. We apply that retroactively in the past, even as we reject it. So she's viewing the past through that lens.


But then because now we're all enlightened and everything's about sex, she's saying, no, no, it's much more empowering than I.


I conned my husband into marrying me by performing a lot of strange things on his body. Ask for a car while you ride that.


Thingy I don't want I won't use or use her language, ask for a car, right? As in, I'm not doing this to my husband because I love him, he's not doing it to me because he loves me, this is just transactional, but we're not. It says there's some whores in this house. What what Khateeb is saying here fundamentally is that the relations between the sexes are are transactional and and all women are whores.


I mean, that's that's the point here is even even with your husband, you are engaging in something that is no different from prostitution.


Another line here, he bought a phone just for pictures of this particularly desirable genitalium. Again, she uses different words. He bought a phone for it. So she's kind of tricked him into spending money to a third.


Party right to it this time, capitalist cultures, I'm company to turn me into a porn actress so that he can then go away from me and do whatever he is going to do to himself looking at these pictures. Right, it's it's your divorce that you're making it so transactional that by the end of that line, the woman's not even there anymore. She's not even the one performing the sex acts. She has become nothing more than a commodity that you are using, not you're not just using her to get a thrill in person.


You're using her to get a thrill in perpetuity on yourself. Pay my tuition just to kiss me on this desirable genitalium now make it rain, if you want to see some desirable genitalia, put me through school. Don't put me through school to make me better to edify me so that we can have this wonderful life together. No, no. It's just a even education here is just about getting something over on the other person. The way we think of love and education traditionally is it makes us better.


It's a positive good, but not here. It's all a zero sum game for the left. And then this this line. Oh, my gosh. Switch my wig. Make him feel like he's cheating. Put him on his knees. Give him something to believe in. There it is, switch my wig, meaning I'm going to dress up like I'm not me, I'm going to be somebody else and this is going to excite my husband. It's going to make him desire me because my husband is getting tired of me.


He's he no longer desires me. This kind of cheap transactional sex has run its course. So now I'm going to I'm going to get even more perverse. I'm going to pretend like I'm some other other woman. And that will finally excite him a little bit more, at least for now. And then the key, put him on his knees, give him something to believe in, because he believes in nothing. She believes in nothing.


None of these people believe in anything beyond the satisfaction of their own selfish appetites and desires. And so she will make an idol out of not just herself, but a very particular part of herself, and this will finally give him something to believe in. It's an acknowledgement, actually, that man is fundamentally a religious being. It's an acknowledgement that we want something that is beyond this world, that is beyond the satisfaction of our selfish desires. But we have no outlet for that.


We don't know we don't even know to talk about that anymore.


And so the nearest we can get is audio pornography to to describe a way to trick your senses into believing that you have transcended that appetite and and given given in to something higher.


There was a similar literary analysis made about this by Suki Hannah. I don't know who that is. We'll get to that one second. First, though, I got to thank you. I got to thank you for going over and subscribing to the Michael Dell Show YouTube channel.


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Here is some YouTube, the performer I don't know, Snooki Hanah talking about what the what the song means to her.


I feel like being light sexual life I see now wrong because I baby I got three kids and I mean, I got these kids from at the end of the day, maybe a whole like these people say, like, honestly, I liberate a lot, a lot of holes.


You feel me when I hear carti talk about papasso me and my boy is witty like we did liberate us because it's like self respect is Hosaka Hanagan self respect. Like I don't think yorgi self respect like that because first of all you Pausa. Text that self respect.


You feel me like I just it make me feel liberating.


I love crossing boundaries because guess what Scarman. Don't make no money. If you won't be scared to get that money, you won't be scared to be yourself and say that's who I am. Do you want go get that coin right there.


You're not going to get that coin like that is scared. Money don't make no money. And human relations, including the most intimate relations, including the one of the deepest desires of our heart, love for another person, it's all just about money making money as a biological point.


That woman, Suki Honna, describes the way that she produced her children. Only one of those actually led to her children that she describes to activate. Only one of them actually did it. So there's some confusion there. There's some confusion on the broader point. What is our relationship? But I think a lot of people today view sexual relationships and romantic relationships as transactional. You do this for me. I do this for you both on sort of dates like Tinder Culture, Swipe Right, like, OK, I'm going to pay for dinner and then whatever.


We'll see what happens and shake hands and never say again. But there's also you also see this in relationships. I mean, even even at a kind of higher level than this, but not much higher. You see people say, oh, yes, I picked my spouse because she's going to she's going to help me in my career. I'm focused on my career and it's going to go this way. And I need someone who does this and therefore and she'll be good and or vice versa.


This person going to make a lot of money and then this will help here. And it's all about you. Prenuptial agreements, same thing. It's all about you. How you can protect yourself when this thing eventually breaks off. It's all about you got to make sure you get yours very different than the traditional view. Alisa likes to remind me we're Catholic. There's no there's no out. This is it for life, man. And there's something really healthy and salutary about about that knowledge that this is about much more than a transaction and selfish desires, that that there are certain bonds that are unbreakable.


But in our consumerist culture, we don't have that. And that's not actually just the left's fault. It's also the right I mean, the right in its obsession with economics in the last thirty years, basically selling out their principles just to make an extra buck on whatever policy is is popular of the day, pretending that free trade is the great international unfettered free. That's the bedrock conservative principle.


No, of course it's not. Politics, we want to conserve things, we want to conserve the good free trade can be wonderful, but but free trade, all of these kind of technocratic policies that are administered by bureaucrats, they are subordinate to a real politics, to an authentic politics, where we decide for ourselves what we want and where we can ideally live, the virtues which people are not living when they when they listen to and perform whap.


So President Trump, I think he's a lot a lot better for women than any of this kind of stuff.


And by the way, you just track it to there have been a number of surveys done of happiness, so take it with a grain of salt. But since women's liberation, since we were told that degrading sexual activities actually empower women, women's happiness has declined precipitously, both relative to men, obviously, and in absolute terms, it's declined this idea that women are going to be empowered and happy and flourishing. It hasn't happened.


The opposite has happened, but we can't let Trump off the hook.


If Trump made a comment, it was sexist, misogynist, chauvinist ist ist. I don't know what's so terrible. The left is furious. He was asked about the vice presidential pick and Kamala Harris or any of these other women, and he said, well, you know, Biden said he was going to pick a woman. And I think a lot of men are offended by that. Take a listen.


First of all, he roped himself into a certain group of people. He said he had to pick a woman. He said that. And, you know, some people would say that men are insulted by that and some people would say it's fine. I don't know.


Look, some people would say that, OK, I'm not saying that, but maybe I could say that if I wanted to say that, which I haven't done. But some people certainly have. I love that Trump circumlocution to just get ideas out in the world.


He's absolutely right. Men should be very offended by what Joe Biden said, not because he picked a woman running mate. I don't think she is going to help him in particular. But that's not why it's not the fact that he picked a woman. It's the fact that he's picking a woman simply for being a woman. He's picking a black person simply for being a black person, as if to say, I don't care about any of the qualities that this person has.


I just want to check this box. And so I'm going to cut off half of the population, more than half the population, because he said it has to be a black woman. I'm going to cut off more than half the population. I don't care what the content of their character is. I don't care about their virtues because I just want to take this back to the individuals. The people don't matter. We're riding this wave of history. We're on the right side of history.


So you just have to fill in the slots. We were talking to this, the same great scholar, John Morini, yesterday about this.


And, you know, this this problem of the the individual is a big one. I mean, this this problem of not being like they don't view the people in any way as individuals.


They just view them as vessels to to advance their agenda. Martin Luther King's line, I, I have a dream that one day my children will play with white children and they won't be judged by the color of their skin. They'll be judged by the content of their character. What Morenae was pointing out is this that line doesn't make any sense today. It's not a meaningful phrase. People don't know what it means because in order to judge someone on the content of their character, you have to have an objective standard by which to judge character and the left is destroyed.


That the way you used to do it is by the virtues, by objective virtue, which you can name and you can measure.


And we were all told, but we no longer share that view of of mankind. Objective virtue has been replaced in that, in John maroney's words by subjective values and values are just preferences.


You and I, we can have whatever values we want. Value, I value chocolate ice cream, you value vanilla ice cream, I value Coke, you value Pepsi, I have it right. You can't judge them. And so you can't you can't judge someone on the content of their character. The left doesn't even want to try. They're only judging them not on metaphysical criteria, but on physical criteria. And that's that's all. So they've got their DNC speakers, right?


Obviously, Biden and Comilla are going to speak. We've got Bill Clinton. If he's not in an orange jumpsuit because of what's come out about the Niland, he'll be there. Something tells me he'll get out of it, although I don't know if this might be finally Hillary's last revenge. Watch out, Bill. Bernie Sanders going to speak. Andrew Cuomo, who has handled coronavirus worse than any governor in the entire country. Andrew Cuomo, whose policies are responsible for killing thousands of senior citizens.


He'll be speaking because don't forget, the Democrats anointed him before coronavirus.


It doesn't matter what he does. They he can do no wrong, so, for instance, the Democrats are furious at Trump for for the way he's handled coronavirus on every objective measure, Cuomo has done worse, but they like Cuomo. So Cuomo, Cuomo, he's shown leadership. He's going to be around. Who knows, he could could replace Joe Biden for all that we know at the convention, but most likely he won't. So Cuomo is going to speak Wittmer also terribly.


She's handled this whole thing terribly. She's governor of Michigan and she'll speak Schumer. Kerry. Oh, my gosh. People are just they've been around forever. And see, that's the one kind of new person who's been anointed as a leader of the Democratic Party and then my favorite speaker at the DNC.


John Kasich, John, you remember that name, John Kasich. John Kasich is the formerly Republican governor of Ohio. His father, you might remember his mailman, John Kasich, he's taking this principled stand principle that he's going to oppose Donald Trump, principled conservative stand.


He's going to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the most pro-abortion ticket in American history, a principled stand. So what's it really about? Kasich was interviewed about this and Kasich defended his decision to speak at the DNC. The way he defended it shows you the big issue of politics here. Again, it's not just left right. It's this issue of we the people versus the self-appointed, benevolent, better elites. Kasich, in his own words, I think I have a right to define what it means to be a conservative.


Hold up.


No, you don't.


You, John Kasich, have less of a right than anybody in this country, probably including Jennifer Rubin, to define what it is to be a conservative, because you're a sellout, you're a hack. You don't believe in anything. You're not conservative.


Even if even if we just judged you by your policies and nothing else that pertain to your political career, you're kind of a moderate, squishy Republican. You don't have any right to define what it means to be a conservative. Just a minor technical point here is the substance of his defense.


And that means a government when necessary, not opposed to it, that what the conservative movement ought to be is an opportunity for everyone. The Republican Party ought to be a party that has a positive message of lifting everyone. But, you know, Erin, look, leaders walk a lonely road.


And if you're not prepared to walk a lonely road and do the things that your conscience tells you to do, then how do you think about yourself when you look in the mirror? I mean, I'm comfortable with the decisions I make. Of course, there's blowback. You know, Republicans are critical. Some are praising me. Democrats are debating themselves. Should he be able to do this. But this is not an unusual place for me to be. I've been a reformer almost all my life.


I've been very independent and I'm a Republican. But the Republican Party has always been my vehicle, but never my master. You have to do what you think is right in your heart. And I'm comfortable here.


How many times did John Kasich use the first person singular pronoun in that defense? Compared this, no one's picking up on this, but it sums up the whole issue. What principles did John Kasich just allude to, what big political issues, what broad political vision did he not none.


His references were to himself. Well, look, I look at myself in the mirror and I'm very comfortable with me and I've done a good job and people are criticizing me and people are praising me. And I think I've done good. And I've got this idea in the Republican Party is fine, but it's really just about me, me, me, me. I'm all through the night. I mean, I'm in mine. I, me, mine, me, me, me.


And that's basically the entire Never Trump coalition.


That's how many are there left like three or four people. They pretend it's about principles. It's not. It's just about them themselves. They can't articulate it. We say Trump is a narcissist. These people are much more narcissistic than Trump. At least Trump is doing something. Trump had that great meme out the other day said. They're not coming after me, they're coming after you and I just happened to be in the way. That's it, that sums it up.


He always talks about we, the people, Hillary Clinton in 2016 said it's about me. I'm with her. And he said, I'm with you. That shift of who the eye is here and who the object is here, that tells you a lot. Ronald Reagan said this story said people have always called me the great communicator.


It's not that I'm I'm the great communicator. It's that I'm communicating great ideas, great ideas from the heart of the American people. It's about you, it's about other people, we, the people. That's a big distinction here for the Democrats, they don't care what you want, they don't care what you are prioritizing. They don't want you to engage in authentic politics. They are going to tell you what to do. They've got the kind of liberal agenda.


They're not even going to really ask. They're just going to enforce it through the administrative state, the deep state bureaucracy. And end the Republican candidate here, Trump, is saying something else, he's saying we're going to empower you, it's going to be weird. It's not going to follow all the conventions that we've had in recent years. But we're going to do that anyway and we're going to crack up this administrative bureaucracy. Those are the choices. Those obviously cut across party lines.


Obviously, John Kasich is going to speak at the DNC. But that's a much more important distinction than Republican, Democrat or conservative, liberal or whatever, that is a big distinction. Are we going to have politics? Are we going to engage in it or are we going to empower people to to choose things for themselves or are we not? That's your choice in front of us. You've got empty suit, racist, empty suit, VPE, whatever, 20, 20, that's the Democratic, then obviously they'll change their tune.


And Kamala Harris will say Joe Biden's the least racist guy in the world. What they're saying doesn't matter. They are they're not obviously they're not listening to we the people. They are going to push that same agenda that they always have. And then you got Trump and you'll like him.


You'll hate him. You're lukewarm, warts and all. You've got Trump giving a voice to the people. That's your choice. Let's see if your vote will count in November. That's our show on Michael Knowles, the Michael Noll Show see tomorrow.


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