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This is the BBC. This podcast is supported by advertising outside the UK. One family, you're amazing, guys. Thank you.


You didn't think we were just going to stop, did you?


When she is the boss and you are behind her, what would you do? And I hope you understand the vision of this company and how powerful it is.


What would a big criminal organization do with people who could be such a liability for them? You know how it works. I'm Jamie Bartlett, and this is the missing crypto queen. Coming soon, our investigation into the multibillion dollar scam.


One coin continues. She told me that he wants to make a deal with the FBI. He wants to offer Rusia and everything in two years.


Nobody will speak about Bitcoin anymore, and so does our hunt for its missing founder, Dr. Rusia. Ignatiev, you came very close to her in Frankfurt.


Police like I can get everything I want within 24 hours.


And if I can vaikunta these people for sure don't like her, they like her money. You cannot prevent this. You have to be careful.


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I'm sure I would like to.