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Hey, everyone, I'm Matt Wilstein from The Daily Beast, and I want to share with all of you a little preview of a super fun episode I just put up with Sarah Cooper on my podcast, The Last Laugh, since it was Donald Trump's last full day in office. I Sarah, if she had a parting message for the president, she has been making fun of on Ticktock over the last year.


Here's what she told me.


So the reports are that he's going to leave Washington on Wednesday morning before the inauguration. Obviously, he's not going to the inauguration. Do you have sort of a farewell message to Trump on his way out of town?


What a petty bitch is all I have to say. What a petty bitch. Like you can't even shake the man's hand. I mean, come on. I mean, it's so on Brandao and so on. I mean, it really is like if he had been gracious and conceded and then, you know, this amazing beacon of light at the end of his term, we would have been like, wait, he he didn't have it, you know, but he never pivoted.


So I'm happy he never admitted there was never a new tone.


No, never in your town. There's to be even though people are still saying it on cable news, still giving him the new tone stuff, what have you kind of made of this past week or so? You know, I mean, I guess starting with the with the capital riot. But there's been this this reckoning. I mean, he didn't change, but there has been some change in the sense that Republicans speaking out against him, Twitter, you know, deleting his account, all the stuff that didn't really seem possible a couple of weeks ago.


I mean, what is what's been your reaction to that?


Yeah, I mean, the the leading Twitter, I didn't think they would ever do that. And that I saw an image with all of the social networks that have banned him. And it was like Pinterest, you know, like all of these.


You didn't even know he was on you didn't even realize he was using Pinterest to help, you know, promote himself. But obviously, it makes sense. I guess cynically, I think why now? You know, because he had been promoting so much hatred and violence for so long, feels a little so it feels a little late. It feels, you know, cynically I'm like, oh, they they felt like maybe they were going to be exposed if any more violence happened or they know that Democrats are coming in and they're going to be in charge now.


So they're trying to curry favor with Democrats, you know. So but for whatever whatever the reason, I think it was definitely the best I can imagine right now if he was on Twitter. So many things have been like, well, if he was on Twitter, he'd be responding to this. If he was on Twitter, he'd be saying this. So we can all kind of imagine it. We don't need it. You know what I mean?


It's great. We don't we actually know exactly what he'd be doing these midnight tweets. We'd be engaged with them. We'd be like talking about them. And just to take him out of the cycle that way has been awesome. It's been it's almost like we've regained our sense of self by not having to watch this Twitter feed.


What's been really interesting to me is that even I think it's played a bigger role than I even expected it would in the way that Republicans are speaking out against him. Like, would someone like Liz Cheney have been as strong as she would if she had could have gotten a tweet, but she knew there was no tweet coming her way. And apparently that's all they care about.


I never bought into this whole they're scared of a mean tweet. Did you ever buy into that?


Well, I didn't really either. But now all of a sudden, I'm like, maybe it is, because now they're speaking out in a way that knowing that the mean tweets not coming has sort of liberated some of them in a way that that is unexpected.


Yeah. I mean, the amount of power that that Twitter feed had, it was I mean, I knew it from the beginning. I wrote this this rant that I ended up deleting the day after he was elected about how I knew that these tweets were going to be every single tweet was going to be a headline, every single tweet, they were going to be one hundred articles written about it. And and that's kind of what happened. And that that vortex, I'm just happy for that vortex to be gone.


Well, you've been you've been liberated from Trump's tweets for quite a while now because he he blocked you. What for you?


He blocked me in twenty seventeen. But but I still I, I had another account that I would like go in and I would look at what he would say and it feels so good to not do that anymore.


When people hear that he blocked you, I mean they assume that it's because of your videos. But this was like way before that, right.


Exactly. Yeah. I was on his shit list from day one almost. Yeah. What did you do? I was a reply guy. I was the presidential reply guy. I guess, you know, I would reply to all of his tweets and I, I said something about how he it was like fake news. Donald Trump is not tied for president. Real news. Donald Trump was never FIFA president was like so innocuous it wasn't even funny. It was.


But people are starting to retweeted it and like it. And I think that's why he saw it. And I think that's why I got blocked. But it was like shocking to go to his page and be like Donald Trump has blocked you, but it's crazy.


And there's been like lawsuits and stuff about it. I think that, like, whether it's legal for the president to block people from hearing what he's saying. I don't know if you were part of those part of those class actions, but I wasn't.


But it was pretty cool to go to his page and it actually didn't say I was blocked anymore. Just sent this account does not exist. There is so much more where that came from, including Sarah's thoughts on what should happen to Trump and his family after they leave the White House and why she thinks the mega crowd actually enjoys for Trump Lip-Sync videos. So please subscribe to the Last Laugh podcast where you can hear our whole conversation right now.