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What you're about to hear is a teaser for the bonus episodes we do for Beast Inside The Daily Beast membership program. Today, we have a very special bonus episode with Joe Nagase. Was the US represent for Colorado's 2nd Congressional District? You may know Joe is one of the rising stars of the Democratic Party after his role as an impeachment manager. And we're going to talk to him all about that and a handful of other issues to hear this, along with all of our past bonus episodes with guests like Corey Booker, Billy Eichner, Queenie's, as well as getting full access to The Daily Beast, fearless journalism and to do abnormal that The Daily Beast stuck on its new abnormal dot, the Daily Beast icon.


On this show, we had James Carville and we were talking before and he said the thing about impeachment, because I was asking him if he thought it was a success. And he said the thing that's so great about impeachment is we've just discovered all this new talent in the Democratic Party. So I'm pretty sure he was referring to you. I think that's fair to say. He's very kind. So talk to me about the impeachment manager. How did you get the job?


How did that go down? I think people would love to hear a little backstory on that tour.


Well, you know, start by way of background myself, Mr. Raschid, now a good friend, colleague Jamie Raskin, chairman of the Intelligence Committee chairmanship, and the chairwoman Lofgren, Zoe Lofgren from California. The four of us had been asked by Speaker Pelosi to prepare the arguments for the Electoral College certification process on January 6th.


So we had been working for about a month over virtual Zoom's and that kind of preparing for January 6th, recognizing, given the public reporting that that various Republican members were likely to make baseless objections to the Electoral College certification, they wanted to make sure that we were fully prepared for that moment. So we, as I said, had spent a great deal of time preparing on that front. And then, of course, the events of January six happened, which we can go to great detail, but obviously our country lived through that terrible day.


Were you on the floor that day? I was. So we myself, Jamie, Chairman Schiff and your Chairwoman Lofgren, we were all on the floor because we were managing the floor debate for the Electoral College certification. So I actually was very focused on delivering my arguments. I just finished delivering my first kind of set of arguments and one of my Republican colleagues began to make his presentation. And then I noticed that the speaker of the House, Speaker Pelosi, was escorted off the floor, which, of course, clearly was a signal to us in the House that something was amiss.


And then I noticed that the majority leader, Steny Hoyer, who was sitting Rohwer two behind me, that he was evacuated by a security detail and then kind of descended from there, of course, as we found out that the chamber was locked down and that the rioters had breached the Capitol and had, you know, we're in the Capitol Rotunda, that tear gas had been deployed. And so we're instructed to retrieve our our gas masks. And eventually we were evacuated from the floor to a secure location elsewhere in the Capitol complex.


But then, of course, as you know, we later that evening returned back to the House floor to finish the job that we had started. We all felt very passionate about making sure that the Congress sent a signal not just to Americans, but to the rest of the world that our republic would endure and that we wouldn't be intimidated into not finishing our solemn obligation. So in any event, a long winded way of saying, given the events of January 6th and given the weeks leading up to it, Jamie, I had worked fairly extensively on that front.


And so the speaker obviously following the vote on impeachment and the article being approved by the House, she reached out and gave me a call and asked me to serve.