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Hi, folks, it's Rick Wilson and welcome to The Daily Beast's The New Abnormal. Hi, I'm Molly John Fast, a left wing pundit and editor at large at The Daily Beast.


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I'll try to keep Rick to the minimum number of F bombs and try to keep our kids, pets and other wildlife sounds from invading our.


Good evening, America. It's 12 00, four a.m. on a Wednesday morning. This is Rick Wilson from the new abnormal home of all your quality. Fuck that guy product this week is a special fuck that guy, weak and mildly drunk. Fast is very tired. So we're going to get on the show with you because they waited for you for so long.


I had I had television to do. I know it's for it's fuck that guy week. It is new, abnormal, normal. Fuck that guy.


Kaluza, if you will write in honor of the Republican National Convention and we have a lot of that was quite a lot of fakery tonight.


There was a hell of a lot of fakery. And I mean, let's just start where the fuck we should start at the end of the fucking with Melania Trump reading a speech that was so obviously focus grouped to the point where it was about to squeak and that she was so, so deliberately and carefully reading words that are going to send the Washington, D.C. media into writing long think pieces about a complete about two thousand words of complete horseshit that she uttered while sitting in front of a man who does not represent any single one of the values she articulated in that speech.


I thought it was interesting that it just was so long. I mean, I didn't know she could read that many words. And also it's like that she has this weird thing I actually was watching and fast forwarded her and Tiphanie to both have this problem, which is they have this like very strange, like Colorado Springs AFACT, which is so distracting that it doesn't even matter what they say. Like people will be happy that Melania said that people don't deserve to die of covid, which everyone else in the Republican Party has now decided is the is the new book.


But in the end, she was just like this weird alien trying to mimic human.


I like I liked it when she said those who are evil, all I could think of was what those who are slippery amphibians.


What she also was wearing this sort of moon over Parador kind of Central American flight jacket.


First off, you just referenced Moon over Parador and I could not be more Aqab. I still love that movie. Right, right.


Well, it's definitely there's a sort of banana republic thing going on with Melania's outfit. She's a little heavy on the epaulet, don't you think? Yes. She's got a sort of dictator chic thing going. I think she needs more things with sashes, but they're also weird. I mean, Tiffany, I keep coming back to this Tiffany speech because Tiffany is like the one Florida attorney general and Rex scam. Bondie. Yes, Pam Bondi, who received money.


So Pam Pam Bondi have had the audacity to go out there tonight. And she's almost my fuck that guy for tonight. But, you know, she's going to get a mini fuck that guy right now.


She had the fucking audacity to go out there and start saying the Biden family has made billions and did it. They're so corrupt while under the screen. It's saying, up next, Tiffany Trump after that, Eric Trump after that, Melania Trump. So the nepotism argument a little hollow. Then she said, oh, the Bidens are so deeply in bed with China, except maybe you should talk to a vodka before you get all kind of young lady. And finally, the fact that she's bringing up public corruption at all when she was a part of the Ukraine cover up defense squad.


And while she sold so fucking cheap to Donald Trump in Florida, the Trump University investigation that was going on in Florida, Trump gives her a twenty five thousand dollar donation. She immediately kills her. I'm sorry, add some fucking zeros. I'm surprised if you're going to be corrupt, at least at least do it right. Twenty five thousand dollars is chump change.


I thought it was interesting. Pam Bondi really, really, really went after the Bidens big time and was very offended by Hunter and then immediately preceded by Tiffany.


Well, the thing about Pam Bondi, you should understand, is her performance tonight was a preview of the October surprise. She's working with Giuliani and she's working at least until he was went to prison working with Steve Bannon and these other hoodlums that are all trying who are over in Ukraine while they're not being drunk and behaving badly. Story which may come out sooner than later. They are building this package of Russian material to try to screw over, but they're trying to do Hillary's emails 2.0.


It is the October surprise. Everybody needs to mentally prepare for it. Biden needs to prepare for it, how to prepare for it. Everybody who's supposed to Trump needs to get ready that they're going to whip out something and it's going to look superficially damning as hell. You know, it will be. Hunter ran for the border with a bag of cash in his lap and a dead girl in the truck. Yeah, they're going to go over the top.


But you know what's interesting to me about this whole Hunter Biden thing is that Trump's kids still seem so much more crap.


They don't seem more corrupt. Molly. They are more corrupt. Yeah. I mean, look, I grant you, Jared doesn't count as one of Trump's children, but close enough because, look, this is not a government. It is a crime family. All of them have directly profited from Donald Trump's gigantic. National presidential grift all. I mean, somehow those struggling civil servants, chairman of our committee, one hundred and thirteen million dollars last year, and that's a miracle, they just took those coupons.


Just do miracles get for them, you know?


But, you know, Tiffany was so dull. Well, Tiffany is such an interesting character because so she is not from that first marriage and she's not from the third marriage. She's from the brief marriage to the girl he cheated on his first wife with. And there is always been a certain kind of mystique and I would say a liberal fantasy that maligned Tiffany's mom, who is Kamala Maples. Kamala, that Marla is a secret liberal and that that one page of the tax returns that was leaked was actually Marla Maples.


Now, I don't think it was and I don't think it was. Yeah, but there's always been a liberal fantasy that Tiffany is not as evil as the rest of the adult children. I think tonight that fantasy has been put to bed.


You know, the weird thing about tonight was the tonality of tonight was much more restrained, much less screaming. I think either Mark Burnett or whoever is running their focus groups said we might want to dial back on the cuckoo pants, yelling and spitting at the camera.


You might want to just ease that back a notch.


Mark Burnett really should be sent to The Hague. I just I think Mark Burnett needs to just be forced to give over the notorious outtake tapes.


By the time he does it, no one will care. By the time he does it, Trump will be in jail for some petty larceny 50 years.


I just have to say, I am still so traumatized from what Miles told us last night.


You mean that the president is a sadistic torturer? I thought he was an evil guy. I thought it was a bad guy. I thought he was dumb. But this sadistic stuff about the flesh, the piercing, the flesh. Yeah, that really struck me.


You and I were on that thing earlier tonight with Mary Trump. And when it was brought up, she was just like, oh, yeah, of course that's him. Yeah. I mean, just it's kind of chilling just how crazy the level of sadistic, abusive nature of Trump, how quickly it comes out to the surface when you when you poke it just a little bit like poke it with a sharpened spike on the top of a fence.


So The Daily Beast had a great story today about Marianne Mendoza, who was a member of the Donald Trump Campaign Advisory Board, who tweeted out could have been a fairly innocuous looking thing until you click the link, do yourself a favor and read this thread. Well, if you clicked on read this thread, it jumped into a entires of tweets about the Rothschilds and the protocols of the Elders of Zion of a Jewish conspiracy. And of course, it did.


And the thing about this is you scratch these these conspiracies just underneath the level of Kuhnen, peel away the bullshit kind of national security veneer on Kuhnen, you will get right down to anti-Semitism and crazy ass, you know, alien lizard people. Queen Elizabeth is a heroin dealer. You know, it's it's it's Scientologists stuff. It's how would they like her better than Scientology for the red at.


Yeah, no, I mean, they're they're clearly and that woman, the abortion activist who is just Abidjan's and it's just horrendous. And I actually have I have suffered and seen the movie of her life story that was funded by the my pillow guy called Unplanned, which is at best what is actually one of the goriest movies I've ever seen in my life. I mean, it's just absolute propaganda. It's like North Korean propaganda.


But there was an element of that tonight to take a look, the the constant praising of only the dear leader, you know, my daddy, all these things. You are a Trump supporter. That was the weirdest thing about why I keep going back to Tiffany. You're a Trump supporter. You don't know it. You're a quitter. You're a Trump supporter. I know you're a Trump supporter.


There's a lot of North Korea there.


In fact, I think the North Koreans would probably be like, hey, guys, one to the back a little bit, but just just a little bit.


But I do think that there was a certain degree tonight of the Zushi, North Korean style or Juche. I can't remember how to pronounce it North Korean style, Dear Leader ism. But it was a much more dialed back night and it was the culture war notes are through this whole thing, which kind of tells me a lot. It tells me that they're not really trying to get outside the base, but it also they also gave away their Electoral College strategy.


I don't know if you noticed that.


Now, a guy from Wisconsin, Ryan guy from Maine. Yeah.


Jeanette Nunez, lieutenant governor of Florida. Pam Bondi, former ag of Florida, Cuban-American guy last night from Florida. So you're looking at Wisconsin, Maine and Florida.


They're going to try to win the Maine two, which is a congressional seat, Maine to it's. It's a lift, especially because people hate Susan Collins. Susan Collins is going to drag that ticket down into the dirt and especially after I go back and visit her again very soon now.


Hi, Susan.


Do you think Susan hates you? I would hope so. I basically shooting her Wheaties for the last six months.


So, you know, it's a design feature of the Lincoln Project to make her not happy with the with being held to account. The new abnormal is going to release a limited run series of bonus interviews over the next few weeks starting in August, we'll release a new one each Sunday. But listen carefully. Only beast inside members will have access to these. So head over to a new abnormal dot, the Daily Beast dot com to join. Now your beast inside membership helps support the great reporting at the Beast and podcast like The New Abnormal.


Thanks. David Frum is a staff writer at The Atlantic, the author of many books including Trump Pocalypse Restoring American Democracy and a former speechwriter for George W. Bush in the early 2000s. What is your feeling now watching this? I mean, what's your thinking like?


I'm a registered Republican still, and I attended every Republican convention from 1988 in New Orleans through 2016 in Cleveland.


When you watch this, it must just be I can't even imagine what I would feel if this had been my party.


It's like a vampiric possession and it's not like this is all came out of nowhere. These are elements there, elements I recognize where in the past. But there are things that are missing, the emphasis, the attempt to be inclusive, the emphasis on meaningful patriotism, not just chest thumping and the connection to the party's past in history. The sense that there's this is a big organization with a lot of people. And you're trying to talk not just to the people in the room and not just to people who watch for hours a day at Fox TV, but to the less politically connected people who will decide the election.




Tell me about the 2016 convention. I'm so fascinated because you must have already been pretty disturbed by this.


So 2016 in Cleveland was a very strange convention. I think for me, the most telling moment was on the way out of the big convention center that they had very these tight pathway's with with high fencing on either side as it was maybe four feet across. So two people could not very comfortably pass and got jammed up and sort of jammed up against somebody who was a person my own age and dressed the same way as me. And there's something sympathetic in his face.


And we got to talking. And it turned out we had very similar backgrounds and very similar lives. And he was as upset about what he was seeing as I was. And I said, what are you going to do? He said, I'm going to vote for the son of a bitch. I always vote for the Republican. Of course we will vote for the son of a bitch. That's no. What's your wife going to do? Oh, she can't stand it.


And your kids are they've reregistered as Democrats. And I thought that was such a telling and that was was a predictor of what was going to happen. Like, you know, the heart and soul of the Republican Party sort of bit its lip and kept soldiering on, hoping things would be better. But the party has been bleeding. And that's what you're seeing at this convention. This is if you cut out of a party, everyone except like its most belligerent militant wing supporters were even unaware that anybody disagrees with them.


You got a convention like this.


Can you talk to us a little bit about Mike Pompeo and what you're besides? Everything.


I've got so many concerns about the illegality, the shot.


And here's the thing that you're talking about. Pompeo delivering a speech during the RNC on a trip to Israel.


Pompeo personally sent out an order to everyone else at the State Department, take no political positions because he knows that every other American diplomat thinks Trump is a disaster. So only he is expending governmental resources to get them to Israel to get them up to the top of the King David Hotel to make a broadcast back. So this is a violation of the Hatch Act. It's a violation of all kinds of important traditions. It's hypocritical on his part because he won't let anybody else do what he's doing.


But is another thing that really worries me, which is I'm a pro-Israel voter in Israel's most important anchor in American politics, is that it have friends in both parties. This pact that is emerging between the Netanyahu, Netanyahu on the one hand and the Trump people on the other to make Israel a partisan issue, a pro Republican partisan issue, it just it could not be more ominous for people to believe in a strong US Israel relationship and an enduring US Israel friendship bigger than politics.


Part of the thing with Trump also, I think, David, I'm the secretary of state, ought to be somebody whose word is seen as uncompromised in the world, who could deliver on a serious thing. And I think maybe even before this, that Pompeii's reputation was more of a political toady and Donald Trump fanboy them than as sort of an objective and reliable voice of American values and diplomacy.


That's so true. I mean, they're just and he's just he's just this petty and squalid person. I mean, like calling summoning NPR anchors to berate them with his coloring for Eastern Europe. Like what? He's apparently keeps us in his office like like something you get the Happy Meal. Ukraine is not Slovenia. It's kind of hard to miss on the map of Europe. You just point you just jab your finger at random and you're probably going to put your finger on top of the Ukraine.


It's that big. One of the things that the Trump people really profoundly do not understand about the world is America needs friends. And just to at this point, if you believe that China is a problem, back when I was working in the Bush administration and that was not even 20 years ago, the American economy, depending on how your accounting was somewhere, maybe three, maybe as much as six times bigger than the Chinese economy today, depending on how you're counting, the Chinese economy is about 80 percent the size of the US economy.


And on our current trajectory, sometime in the twenty. He's trying to overtake the United States as the biggest economy, the United States is still richer, but China is will be bigger if the United States is going to impose its will on China in any way, it is going to need to mobilize coalitions of like minded associated powers and not just traditional easy friends like Britain and the European Union. Although the Trump people don't like the European Union either. But more challenging partners like Vietnam, like India, and you're just going to go around the world being a jerk to everybody all the time and giving orders that you actually don't have the clout.


This is I think Donald Trump does not. He's actually not a realistic power player. He's a he's a bully who doesn't work out. He doesn't know how weak he is. And Pompeo doesn't that we can't do this any more. We're going to check China. We need friends and they are alienating.


David, did you have any feelings on the contrast between the two conventions when covid messed up the conventions, whoever organized the Democratic convention or whatever, good people said, OK, we can't do conventions the way we used to do. What should we do instead? And they really thought about it and they produced something that was supposed to have happened 10 years ago. You know, we're just going to stop pretending that this convention is an event that can be watched by tens of millions of people in primetime.


Let's accept that what we're doing is producing dozens of little videos to feed into people's social media streams. And let's understand that our target is made up of many different people and what people like Bernie Sanders and people don't, people who love Michelle Obama and people who don't resonate to her so much, people want to know who will be surprised to see that Cindy McCain and John Kasich are at our conventions. And maybe the people like Bernie Sanders don't want to see Kasich and maybe the people like Kasich don't want to see Bernie Sanders.


And that that's fine. We're going to that's how we're going to they had a plan for what the convention was supposed to do. What is striking about this Republican convention is, look, Tucker Carlson is on TV every night. If you want to get people revved up about their racial fears he's doing and he's doing with pretty high production values and kind of a, you know, competent acting and a voice that is modulated that in a way that's appropriate for television is not shrinking.


I mean, he's he's also a white supremacist. It is a quality it is a professionally competent white supremacist with a volume. Controls on the input device matched the volume put on the right.


He's not like we're going to be screaming at you the way that Kimberly Guilfoyle is.


And remember, that was a tape that was the best take of the tape, my favorite moment.


But you know what? Nobody knows about that. Kimberly Guilfoyle speeches, or at least nobody listened or nobody heard was that Kimberly said that she was an immigrant because her parents were from Puerto Rico.


Stephen Harper, who is prime minister of Canada, a very sort of cerebral politician in his war rooms. You have a sign on all four walls of the war room. So everyone, wherever you were in the room, could see it. And the sign said, why are you saying this?


And that was the thing he wanted you to think about all the time. Why are you saying this? And if you don't know, stop saying it.


Wisdom of the wisdom of the ages, my friend.


And since it is for that guy, we we must talk about fuck that guy, Rick Wilson. Who's your fat? That guy. I have to fuck that because I've double fucked that guy because I didn't really do one last night because we were too busy talking about Jerry Cooke. Well, you have to. I feel like that's cheating. All right. Well, let me I'll allow it out this time at my firm. It's still relates to Jerry Coxwell.


My question is the Board of Liberty University, because they're giving Jerry Coxwell ten point five fucking million dollars to go away. That buys a lot of pool boys.


I thought it was interesting that Falwell said the board said he's he's stepping down and Falwell was like, no, I'm not right, is I?


And then he was like, I have a really good contract. And then they came back and he's like, I'm stepping down. So clearly there was some negotiation there. Clearly there was my my other son.


Matter of fact, that guy is American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who use taxpayer resources to fly to Israel to stand on the top of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and give a campaign speech for Donald Trump's convention. He didn't use the phrase at the beginning of his speech. This is I'm Mike Pompeo and I have a big job. You know, I have to I have to agree with Mike because Trump's ass isn't going to kiss itself. And and Mike Pompeo has politicized the office of the secretary of state in a way that is dangerous for this country.


That is another one of these unprecedented abuses of power and abuses of the Hatch Act. So you know what, Mike Pompeo, fuck that guy.


I snuck in a double and. That's right. My fuck that guy. It always has to be whenever he speaks. But the guy who wants to end government, Bob, makes money from the government.


Rand Paul, your second favorite. I mean, I don't understand every time I hear him, he got my ire up during that post office, Dad, during or, you know, that Friday post office hearing, he was like, the post office doesn't make any money. And I was like, fuck you, Rand Paul, like you so clearly just wants to dismantle the government, then why are you working at it? But today he was just so sycophantic.


And the idea that Trump is going to end foreign wars and when we know that he just has ended the transparency. So we don't know how many soldiers are in these conflict zones. And, you know, I'm very you know, I have like a real soft spot in my heart for the fact for the Kurds who have been these like I know the Kurds. Yeah. And they and Trump left them to die. And I mean, I just feel like anyone who defends Trump's foreign policy is kind of insane.


And, you know, he's a doctor and he fucking was waiting for his covid test to come back. And he swam in the Senate pool. And this is the guy whose whose whole thing is personal responsibility.


You know, Molly, you seem to be more angry at Rand Paul than almost anyone except perhaps this next door neighbor.


We have to go to sleep now because it's twelve twenty seven. Actually, I'm going to go to sleep and Rick is going to go do ten other things.


But tomorrow night we have an incredible guest for tomorrow night. So definitely tune in.


Do indeed. Thank you, everybody.


On that note, we'll wrap up this episode of The New Abnormal for The Daily Beast and Future Episodes. We'll be talking with smart folks from The Daily Beast and beyond, from media, culture, politics and science to help us understand what's happening to our country and the world.


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