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Hi, I'm Hedley Thomas, and I'm excited to share my new podcast, The Night Driver, with you. But first, I just wanted to quickly explain how this series will work. It's a little different to our previous podcasts. My work as an investigative reporter is only possible thanks to the support of the Australian subscribers. So every episode of the night driver will only be available in The Australian's mobile app for two weeks before being published on all other podcast players.


Episode one publishes on the 7th of August. That means if you want to hear it, as soon as it's released via our subscription offers at the Australian dot com Darius slash subscription. In the meantime, here's a taste of the season to come.


Janine Vaughn seemed to vanish into thin air. The circumstances of the investigation very thin. We don't have a crime scene.


We obviously haven't found Jeanine's body from the creators of the teacher's pet. Hedley Thomas is back with a new podcast, The Night Driver. A dark and mysterious whodunit about a young woman who disappears into a rain soaked night 19 years ago, I'd imagine if we got out there and we found something.


Just imagine, I think you're really starting to poke the bear. Follow Headly and Janine's sister and a retired judge as they try to solve a murder mystery in a country town divided with rumor and speculation over Jeanine's killer.


We think there's people in Bethesda who have been holding on to secrets for some time.


This case has embroiled police in alleged corruption and cover up in the shadows of one of the world's great car racers at Mount Panorama. It's seen a community turn on its own top detective and deputy mayor accusing him of being a killer.


Anyone that knows me knows completely baseless, alone. A pharmacist with access to powerful drugs in the crosshairs of homicide cops.


They can test my car as much as they want. They won't find anything.


And a troubled nursing home worker telling friends he stabbed Janine to death.


Maybe he's buried somewhere, but not least because you know what I mean. I feel like when it finally comes out, we're all going to be like, oh, my God, we saved by this person because it's going to be a local place.


And I'm assuming we are looking at new leads, new suspects in a town called Bathurst that has been keeping a wicked secret.


As long as we both travel, as long as each time I think we're getting close to something new comes up and takes the investigation in another direction.


Oh, I feel sick every time of of trials here. Go on. And, you know, the first thing he is a violent, fearless criminal, is supported me for a long time.


It's not crazy. I just want it to be over 100.