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Right out to school and shit. I'm hooping, killing. I'm literally half my way. I'm in Prime, Pat Beard form. I'm a fucking freshman sophomore high school. Hit shot. Yeah, bitch. Grown ass man. I don't know, I was young. So I was 15. You have to be like 28, 29. Yeah, young father watch out for that bitch. You know me, whatever. I can fight, though. I got real dukes. I got a train with Boxes at the Golden Dome, trained at the Golden Dome. I know my duke straight, but I didn't think I was getting to a fight. I come down, Bob, Bob, Bob hit game with him. Yeah, bitch ass things off the court. Knock me out. But the lesson of the story is like, you don't use the bitch word. That word can turn ties real fast. A grown man hitting someone underage. Who does he think he is? Josh Goudie? Hey, J. Hey, hey. No, knock me out, bro. I fucked up my... I'm talking about like, Fuck me up, bro. I'm sitting there, I learned so many lessons in life, though. I learned eight lessons in that one incident.