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They got me right up off that motherfucker. They're going to sweat me off that motherfuckers. They hit.


You with the sand man. They hit you with the.


Sand man. They hit you with the sand man. They hit you with the sand man. They hit you with the sand man. Get him off. Cut it.


Because in the first minute you're like, I'm not going to curse on here. They were really on some BS. Then by minute, like 12, you're like, Fuck.


This shit. But you know the crazy thing? They in my ear all day. What's up, Pat? We just come out commercial. You have a little bit more time for us? Yeah, I could be on here all night. Yeah, that's before the Josh Getty question. Then I said that, yeah, I felt it. Hey, get this motherfucker off right now. Right now. Get them off. Do you feel me? Yeah.


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You get the truth from me, my truth. Feel me? I can't really speak to everybody. I'm going to get my truth. That's the only thing I got wrong. I got my truth, my name. My momma gave me that name, not even my dad. You think about that? I don't think I have a real nigger. She is.




The realist. I don't even got my dad's name. I got my momma's name. Off that I got to always keep it abut.


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Let's get into it. We're going to start right here. Seneca on the shortness of life. I'm on.


Some shit right now. I'm on some shit right now. Let's get right to it.


Life is long if you know how to use it.


Straight up. I'm living my second one going on my third.


Pat Bev coming off a night where he's... We're doing postgame, Pat, right now, essentially. Okay, say that. We're going basketball. Yeah, we're going basketball. Okay, say that. Let's start with basketball.


Make sure I'm.


Writing basketball. Pat Bev shooting the shit out of the ball tonight. Belt to ass.


Lately, though, for the last I don't know, 10, 12 games, but trust to work. I've been in the gym a little more than I was start of the season. So yeah, trust the work.


Nine points in five minutes in the first half. I think you were on pace for 56 points if you had played 40 minutes. That was 56 points to paces. You have to tip your cap to that.


I mean, they helping so much, man. It ain't me. It's Joe. Joe and Reef. They putting so much pressure on defenses right now that you got to take away some. Obviously, if you got Pat, Bill, out there, you want him to shoot the reason. I've been in that gym. I've been in that lab. I've been in that bitch.


I've been in that. I've been in every time you're practicing?


What's it going- I shot it awful this morning. Shoot around. We have a shooting contest. I was the last one filming the shooting contest.


What's the.


Shooting contest? It's like me, Marcus Morris, shot to Marcus Morris, it's my boy. It's my dog. D-house, K-J. Martin. After each shooting round. We go afterwards and we go afterwards. First to five, five spots, which is 25 shots, and then after that, three in a row. We all starting in the same spot. You feel we start in the corner, boom, one, two. Okay, you missed. Next person turn. But if you're the last person, because it's four of us, if you're the last person, you can't play. I'm a man, I didn't even play today. But that's how I knew I was going to shoot a wheel. Because I'm like, Oh, they got me fucked up. And KJ, he's my player all of a sudden. He don't never hit threes. Marcus Morris to the right, he moved up. The House moved up. It's me and KJ Martin. He four. He hit five. He looked at me. It was like, Damn out. Damn. But I knew, okay, I'm about to shoot the shit out to this bitch.


And then, sure enough, first quarter, three-threes, you just were absolutely burning it up.


But I remember what you said- Shout out to my coach, B. G. I don't know if he watched the pause. My Coach B. G. You know what? He was a part of Phoenix Suns, man. He was a part of Phoenix Suns coaching staff. I used to get him fucking hell, and I know it. I'm shooting the day B. G. Go, hips, more hips, more hips. Because he's seen me breaking the bitches. More hips, more hips. I come all hip, hip, hip three in a row. I look at him love. So yeah, shout out to B. G, man. I hope people get their shot, right? He's a great coach. I hope he get a head job. He's going to be a great coach.


I hope he gets a head job, too. But what does he do with his hips? What do you do.


With your hips? You got to get them down. That's where the power got to come from. But the shot's all in the legs.


So people get their hips too high?


I don't know, but just not low enough where you get more power.


Okay, see, that's putting people on. People are learning.


Right now. Right. But at the same time, I've been hitting shoulders, too. Feel me? Because nurse like, Man, I want you to shoot more. The coach was like, Man, we want you to shoot more. Eight to ten attempts of game. I'm like, All right, so train the ju. He's okay, cool. Let's hit arms more because you're going to be shooting a little bit more. We've been working around the clock, bro. I don't know. At this age, just trying to find ways we can finetune and how we can just chisel, keep chiseling away at this fucking...


It's interesting you're saying that you're working more than you were early in the season because early in the season you were still working a ton. It's not like you were fucking slacking.


Yeah, I know, but just more. You feel like you've got to be better. You feel me? You've got to be better. I trust my body. My body's going to hold up. That's what I got my trainings for it. But when it comes to basketball and skill, I have to be better. So I just got to put more time in.


Then suddenly everything's going in. It's just absolute music.


To my ears. Not suddenly. Just put the work in. That's what happens.


I'm just talking about today specifically.


I've been having good ones, though.


You guys whipped the wizard's.


Ass, dude. Yeah, I broke the ass.


Yeah. It was the first quarter, 12-nothing right away, like 96 in the game.


Man, first year they came in the exact with it. But you got to think our shit has passed the basketball game. You got to think it's me, Marcus Morris, Rob Covington, Kelly Ubre, Paul Reed. That's the second unit in practice every day.


You feel me? That's a good second unit.


Hell, yeah. Obviously, you can't stop Joe. Once Joe get in that mode, he's been on another level anyway. We're going to get to that. But our practices be lit. We compete. Coach, man, fuck that one on one. Shoot for those one on one. We in that bitch. We play once and shoot around. You feel me? Yeah, we in a whole vibe right now. We love coming to work. We love being around each other. Not just the basketball players, just the whole organization. We're just in our own little work vibe. It's been great. It's been really good. Philly, the Sixers organization, top to bottom, the cooks, the dietitianaries, the people trainers, and the security. Everyone's playing their part to a T. Obviously, nothing is perfect, but we're in a zone right now. We all complement each other. It's fun right now. It's so much fun.


I talked to some six or staffers in the tunnel tonight, and they basically were saying the exact same thing that everybody seems to be on the same page. The team chemistry is off the fucking charts. It's like Dexter's laboratory in there.


We joke. We can have serious conversations without Coach in front of Coach. You know what I'm saying? Hold on, hold on, hold on. No, man, he's bumming. Come on, let's get right to it, man. We bushing. Or on some crack jokes. We got a thing. We got a little thing we do with Freetos and shoot. We're in a whole silly wave right now. You feel me? Like, silly wave.


What do you mean, silly?


It's what you appreciate when it comes to basketball and team.


Just like it's fun? What do you mean, silly? Like you're.


Goofing around? No, not that. It's almost like magic a little bit. It's a different sense when you come to work every day. I'm glad that you come to work every day. That's a blessing. And that's everybody in the facility. Mix that up. You love being around each other, and you love being around your teammates, and you're competing, and we laugh, and then we crack at jokes, and we get hardworking. The coaches love us. We fuck with the coaches. Everyone has been perfect harmony, bro. It's been really good. Work has been.


Really good. Not only are you cracking jokes, you're cracking beers. Always. I saw that thing in the... I was.


Like, Ha-ha, Stoneco. Who? I thought that was a stone cold. I don't fuck around. That was my idol growing up. You got to think. Really? Yeah. Come on, mama, please. Come on, granny. Could you just rent it, please?


Oh, the pay-per-view?


Yeah, please. Begging.


You're trying to see Summer Slang? Begging. You're trying to see Hell in a cell?


I'm talking about everything, begging. Me and the guy upstairs, I don't know if he watched this, me and my man Ricky. Me and my man Ricky, they lived upstairs from us. Yeah, I just go upstairs. Rick, come on, granny. I thought.


You're talking about God for a second.


No, no, no. Please, go half. Go half. Renny, go half with her upstairs. Well, we practicing wrestling moves on each other. My brother is getting choked out, all types of shit, man.


So you're stone cold. You're stone cold over the rock?


Hell, yeah. Easy. Not even like, what don't ever disrespect me. Stone cold over any wrestler.


Over the rock?


I mean, I fuck with the rock. I fuck with the eyebrow, but I was stone cold. Yeah, go ahead. Hit this motherfucker with the stunner real quick. Get this shit over with.


I feel like- Black boot.


Cut, denim jeans, no shirt, black vest, give me beer. Fucking give me two beers. Fucking give me 20 beers. You get a beer. You get a beer, and I'm showing love, and I'm drunk as hell, slamming niggas. I don't got no wrestling moves, though. I ain't got no Stonecod that had no fucking wrestling moves. He just come out there, drunk motherfucker, brawling, stutter motherfucker.


He had nice hands, too. Every one of them, he's plucking them out of there.


Randy Moss. He's Stunna motherfucker. Drink beer. Oh, Del Beco. I'm a true American. Then if you follow him on Instagram, oh, my, he's really American. I love everything about him.


Oh, fuck. Yeah, dude, Stoneco is going to.


Love to hear this. I hope he rocks the pot. If he do, he do. But if he don't, you know what I'm saying? Get it to him.


Let's get this across Stonecold's desk. Either way, though, I would love to do a beer at Stonecold. Let's get.


This across Stoneco's desk. Either way, though, I would love to do a beer of Stoneco.


Let's get at Austin's desk.


I follow him on the ground like you know me. I'm that guy. Yeah? I follow him and The Rock.


He needs a verse, bro. We need to get 3-16s for him, bro.


Yeah, he's cold, man. Yeah, he definitely does. He's going to be going hunting and shit. I focus to old cold still. Yeah, you're a real nigga. You help raise me. Still cold then? You got to think this is the only thing I'm looking at, TV. It's my granny. Literally, pay for, literally pay money. Please, I have to see it.


Do you have a wrestling match that you remember? Is there a specific one or just every single one.


Of them? Anything Stoneco is in. I fuck with Ray Mysterio Jr, too. I know my fuck was cold. He was slipping from everywhere. Yeah? Yeah, my fuck get in the corner do 12 flips. Get another corner, do another 12. I was scared of the undertaker. I fuck with Cain. They were a little.


Bit spooky. They were a.


Little bit. Again, as a child, you may have fucked they on. But all right, yeah.


You know who I liked? Scottie Too Hotty and Grandmaster Sexy. Oh, okay.


Because they were hitting the- No, take.


That witch. Which I know Joel wanted you to.


Hit the other- Man, he wanted you to.


Be in.


Hell in the cell, bro. It's why you're doing me to get me put in the. Because you got the M1. I'm the ultimate friend. So you know me? I do that shit right back. Yeah, fuck.


Because he was shuffling along with you suddenly, didn't he? He wanted you to do it so badly, but you wanted to keep your money, which is part of you. You think they would have.


Find you, too? They would have been gladly, happy to find me if I would have did that shit.


There's a different set of.


Rules for Pat Beck. It is.


It really is. Because today I watched someone give you a people's elbow across the face if we're going to keep it wrestling.


Actually, I don't want tome.


Honestly. Just review it. He can take it. But I tell the ref last game, Hey, ref, listen, man, I feel that and everything, and I respect that, and you might have made the right call. But what if I did that to Luca Donz or if I did that to Steph Curry? You all would go review that shit. He looked at me and said, Oh, enough said. You're not saying no words.


Different strokes for different folks.


I think we played some game. Joel going there. It's off the club. I'm grabbing my neck. Reglar file. I do that to Steph. I do that to LeBron. I do that to Luca. I do that to Austin Reed. You all are going to review that instantly. What's my foot? I lost this man. Go look at that. He tried to kill somebody out here. You know what I'm saying? But that's just how I go.


A second ago you said we're going to get to Joel and B. Man, his jump shot is so soft.


It isn't even that. It's just his presence. He is a beast and he knows it. Usually, some guys I done played with, you have to put it in. There you go. Yeah, man, you know, motherfucker, stop. You can't. He knows it. He knows it. I don't have to shoot threes. Just give me the ball anywhere and watch me dominate. And I offensive rebound, and I block. People don't even stand. This is Paul, the offense right now. What about his defense? This is my fucking been guard and guards, week's half, off the back bar, block. Coming as my bad today, guys. I'd be better on defense. That's my bad. This my fucking impresses me more and more and more.


He needs more credit for his defense.


Yes, I think he does, for sure.


100 %. Because not only is he going to clean everything.


Up- And he make freak throws. Okay, see, we close game, they foul him every time. Bucky, bucket, bucket, bucket, bucket. I damn, Joe Angle. That's impressive what you did, the freak that's like, I'm supposed to. I'm God, he cold. Joe cold.


If he hits the rim, he's screaming.


Like he missed. And he's so cool. First off, I think he's the most aware guy I've been around in the NBA.


In what way? On the court?


No, everywhere. He sees everything. He hears everything. Pop might be 2,200. He might not be paying attention. Pop, 2,200, sees everything. He's really impressive. Really impressive. Shout out to Joe. I don't know if you watched the podcast, big fella. He said he wanted to get on. I told him, no, he's all right. Fuck it, I ain't coming on. No, Joe. I was just waiting. I wait till the playoffs, man. I'll wait till the playoffs.


The playoffs, you said Christmas.


I would wait till the playoffs for Joe, man.


All right, we'll do it in 2025.


Let's set out the joke.


He had an interesting comment on Tyrese Maxxie's podcast where he said he wanted to see Ben Simmons and Tyrese play together because they could have complimented each other well. But he guesses that he was too scary, essentially, for Ben Simmons. Like, Ben, he was too mean, too much of a bully or whatever. That's not exactly what he said, but basically, too mean is basically what he said. Do you get any of that? Do you think that he's mean or is he tough or.


What is it? No, he's honest.


How so? Give me an example.


Shoot the ball. You don't want to shoot the ball? Why are you going to shoot the ball? Because you're scared? You know what I'm saying? That ain't being mean. That's just being honest. Okay.


Do you think that hurts some people's feelings?


I don't know. I ain't certain people, you feel me? Me and Joe got a different relation. We can talk about this, that, that, that off the course shit. This, you know what I'm saying? He a killer, I'm a killer. We everything good, you know what I'm saying? But I can see how if you're not mentally strong enough, how some things he say and do can affect you, you know what I'm saying?


It's almost like you hope that would make people mentally strong. I mean. Be tough so they.


Get tough. This is competition. You know what I'm saying? We're not out here being cool. This is... It ain't even friendly competition. It's literally competition. I don't see how-.


There's a limited number of spots and a limited number of minutes.


What are you talking about? Let's get to it. What the fuck are we doing?


Nothing should be gift-wrapped, and it can't be gift-wrapped to people.


You can't. You got to go out there and take it.




That shit. No, take it.


Take it. I love it. It's great to hear about the team. It's great to hear about the chemistry. I think that the Eastern.


Conference-hey, no, I'm sorry for we're going again. We're playing a game today. I hit a three-bang. I remember that. I hit another three-bang.


I remember that.


Nurse comes to me. Nurse, Nurse. We're playing this little play. Nurse, hey, man. Me. The sad man open, man. If we patient with it, he open, man, for real. I think I'm going to hit that. Okay, all right, cool. I walk off. You pat. Are you a nurse? He, come here. Give me one more three before the quarter ends. That's where the third three came from.


It was a gift.


Literally, give me one more three before the quarter ends. I say, let's nurse. Got you, my mama. All right, get that bitch out here, Reec. They going to put a lot of pressure on you, Joe, right here. On the month they going to help off. It's me. Yeah, I got you. Hit the three, boom, literally, point at Nurse. I love. He's a brilliant coach. I mean, when you hear symphony play and it's just no words. It just brings you like, damn. He called Nurse's elite, and he called, Nurse is elite. And he do not... The thing that impressed me the most, G, I promise you, and I watch every coach that I've ever dealt with in my entire life, he does not skip steps. He does not skip steps based on days off, based on health, based on how the game plan going. He does not miss steps, bro. He crosses every T, dots every I, every single day. Impressive.


Well, what are some steps that other coaches might skip? Give me.


An example. I don't know. Don't listen to your teammates. Don't listen to your players.


So he takes in everybody, takes in everything.


Hey, yo, Pat, what you think? I'm okay. See, I'm a nurse. I ain't all that. We need to rep more. Some coaches don't ask players, all right? Obviously, on the basketball court, when it comes to practice, your shit is supposed to be T-T, top-be-top. And some coaches ain't even like that. You know what I'm saying? Your field was supposed to be this, and some coaches ain't like that. But just the point of like, I'm going to ask my players. I'm going to ask one of the leaders of the team. Pat, what you feeling? Give me something. We're going to practice a little bit more, Nurse. I ain't going to lie. Rep a little bit more. We good, but we ain't that good. You know what? No, no, no, no. We're good, but we ain't that good. Yeah, we're good as fuck. We can be anybody anytime. We could lose to anybody anytime, too, if we ain't locked in. We're good, but we ain't that good. But that comes with time. That's why Denver is so good, because they been around each other. They listen to us players.




Huge. That's the biggest thing. For a coach at his caliber with his coaching staff, I'm talking about you, Bobby Jackson, who, you know what I'm saying? Guys who are going to play real good time minutes on basketball court as assistants. You got those guys behind you and you still like, Okay, cool. All right. What else I need?


It must be awesome for him to have a guy like Joel that he could coach, too. He must have been licking his chops once he saw Joel. Oh, my goodness.


He didn't think about it. There's no discredit to any other coach, he just putting Joel in situations where it's like, Go dominate. No one can stop you. Let Joel push it. Just go, dominate. He got him playing D. He got Joel literally locking up, bro.


Yeah. When I see Joel switch on to a guard, I feel like guards are like, Oh, let me cook him up. It's never happened. That's been for years, though.


He's a real smart basketball player.


Who were the All-Star Starters for the Eastern Conference this year?


Oh, Joe. He was in that bitch. What a Haliburton is in that motherfucker. Obviously, you got to put Giannis in that motherfucker. Got to.


Were the same through three. I got two more.


Nobody from the Wizards.


No? This might be.


Breaking news. Nobody. But the way Detroit is playing.


No, Mike Muscala?


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, nobody. Nobody from them. But- You.


Said earlier that they were a shit show this earlier of the season. I feel like Tonight proved that. What was it? Like a 46 point?


No one proved it, but.




Confirmed? -not confirmed. They just young and they got-.




Elevated. They got a guy who's trying to figure out everything, Jordan Poole. He's trying to bring that what he got from Golden States to there. And also at the same time, playing himself there. You got Kuz. I don't know a lot of Kuz have been hooping, though.


Of course. He's going.


To get his points. And he's been getting his shit way quicker than he used to get it. Kuz have been lowkey and so on. But he's just surrounded by just need more. But I only got three so far.


Tyrish Maxi?


Tyrish Maxi deserves, but I don't think they go put him on there.


I think we have to start the narrative. I think.


He will. Listen, I'm going to go crazy. I'm going to go crazy if he's.


On that- He needs to. He deserves it right now. He deserves it right now 100%.


He's even on every night.


Then Jason I think, deserves.


To be in there, too. Yeah, somebody from Boston.


For sure. Yeah, someone from Boston has to be in there. I think that's it. I think that's the five.


I think so. I agree. But you got to count politics. That's important.




I hope my boy in that bit, imagine.


That would be awesome. No one has that.






That he has- You said, Niko, but to whom.


Is that you? Joy de viver.


Yeah, okay. The joy of life. You could tell that he just plays the game with certain genesis. Oh, man. He just has that fucking- He.


Plays it the right way, too. He plays it the right way. He plays it the right way. He's a young guy who plays the game the right way, and you respect that.


From young guys. But I think the other name that you said, Tires Halliburton, has gotten a lot of good attention this year.


Yeah, boy, he been hooping. The in-season tournament helped him a lot. End-season tournament, you know what I'm saying? More eyes were to it, what he can do, what Indiana can do, you know what I'm saying? You got that playing against the Lakers, people wouldn't see that or wouldn't even turn to Indiana Lakers. Yeah, you might turn to whatever. You're going to be drinking beer. You're going to be in and out. You tell me I'm actually glued to the TV, you know what I'm saying? So now more people get to.


See it. And the way they're playing.


Everybody will on the pitch. But Rick Carlyle, he's the best often. He's a Ricardo. He's the best. He's a genius offensively.


I think we have to give credit to Adam Silver for the in-season tournament, too. That shit.


Was a success. No, it was. And not questioned it. I didn't know about it, not questioned it, but I just like, Damn, okay, cool. Hot is about to go. But you get more in it and you get more informed by it. You're like, Oh, I don't go lie. This bitch is lit. You look at the crowd and the court is different. Regardless if the court was hurting your eyes-.


Who would get what? Hurting your eyes, dude? People have soft ass eyes, dude.


People's eyes- You know the difference. You knew the difference from the court. Like, okay, it's a season tournament game. It's a signifier.


You could tell right away.


Yeah, it was great.


I think one of the Tyree... I mean, we talked about it with Mark Huber and the offseason about the greatness of Tires Halliburton. But I think one of the most underrated statistics, he's scoring. He's got a lot of assists. But man, he refuses to turn the ball over. He's very smart with the basketball.


Put him in good position, too. That's player and coaching, so you got to give both people credit. I'll give both.


Of them.


Credit then, too. Where Carly had Lucas when he was doing that shit, too.


You said you were happy for OB-TOP and- I was. Why?


Because some people at a young age it's hard for you to adjust the big lights. Unless you're that guy, the LeBron, the Chat, I mean, not Chat also, but the Winbinyanas, those guys instantly first year, you know what I'm saying? Yeah. And New York was tough on him. He didn't shoot well. It hurt his confidence a little bit. And then you got a city like Indy, you know what I'm saying? The fans appreciate you. You're dunking just a little bit more than the casual fans do. And you miss a shot. It's okay. You get to play free now. He has been rewarded because of that player and coach. That's where Carlal to though.


He was great at but it seemed like New York was a lot.


For him. My first college offer was from Dayton.


You were going to be a flyer.


I committed to the University of Toledo after my junior year. I don't know if you knew that.


I think we talked about it briefly on this pod. I do remember you saying that, but I'd love to.


Hear more. No, I'm cool. I'll just leave right there. Toledo. Shout out.


To Toledo. Shout out to Toledo. Shout out to the Pacers. They had a hell of a run, but they ran into.


The Lakers. Oh, my goodness.


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I love that.


Let's take a second and talk about New Amsterdam vodka.


I got to talk about them.


You have to talk about New Amsterdam Vodka. The bottle is always talking to me. Later on in the podcast, you'll hear about a little bit of time over in Russia where they're enjoying vodka. But you don't have to go to Russia to enjoy some absolutely top class vodka. Because it's born from an uncompromising passion for great vodka. From the water that they use to the grains that they select to the unique distillation process. There's something about New Ansharay and vodka that it's really just a determined spirit.


It makes you want to.


Drink it. It flows through everything that they do because they have a commitment to excellence that delivers an absolutely crisp and clean finish that has an unparalleled smoothness. I'm talking about-.


I can't wait to drink it after.


A win. Perpendicular? Yeah.


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Austin replayed his asshole. Ad obviously played his asshole. Bron, he came out slow, but he finished that bit so strong. You looked up like, damn. But I told you that, though. I said, I was going to win.


I said I was rooting for the Pacers. I mean, when it was eight teams, we called the last two teams.


Yeah, we did a good job.


I think I feel like.


I know ball. Because that makes us good- Prognosticators?




Yeah, okay. I'm the fucking source.


Today, dude. Yeah, LeBron, hoop.




Yeah, LeBron, Hoop.


Yeah, he did a great job. I mean, LeBron was yelling out in the locker room after the game that Austin Reeves had a better flu game than Jordan.


Yeah, A-R is hooping, though. Light 28, too. He kept him in the game and stayed Poison the whole game. Yeah, I.


Like that. You see that we give flowers to AR.


I'm still on his ass. Yeah. I don't mean the flowers. Here you go. Get some roses. You can get some my boy however you need. But once you see Pat Bell, the Philly circle, and they're about to play suit and lace your boots up as war time, my boy.


Because I don't think he was on notice last time. Now the antennas have to be up.


No, he did an interview with my boy. Louis Will, channeling them over there. I don't know what this.


Shit called. Him shams Louis Will. Yeah, what's this shit called? Him, Sham, as-Lu-Will. Yeah, what's the shit called?


And they drunk it up. What is it? Run it up. Run it up. And they mentioned it. He was like, Yeah, I talked the pad in half. He was like, Man. He said my name on the pod, which I want Austin to do when everybody needs the ball? He was like, Yeah, he's always been my supporter. But I don't know, something changed. Yeah, you know me, my fucking. Yeah, I'm going to shake your hand. I'm going to give you a hug. I'm going to love you, bro. Man, you've been killing this year. But as soon as the ref game on, yeah, different animal. Different animal. I know friends ain't no friends, ain't no none of that shit. But yeah, they got to fix the rim. The ball stuck up there. I got good come. How's the family? Really? Hey, everyway. What's up, buddies? How you all doing? How's D-Low? Oh, yeah. Okay. Okay, cool. Fuck as you talking about. That kid is all cold. His ass nigga right here. Him.


The Bucks also had a good run. Then I think that the Pelicans had a pretty good run.


No, I ain't going to lie. I'm disappointed. Okay. I'm disappointed in Zion. I wanted him to go at LeBron. I understand LeBron was taking charges, but you got to maneuver around and get the switch you want. I really wanted to see Zion take that next. You know what I'm saying? I'm not saying he didn't and he ain't got a time, but that was the perfect time to do it, bro. He was a little passive. He was going through the lane. We just played against them. My fuck was 11-11 from the free throw line. He ain't missed a shot. He was 12 and 12 on the field. You know what I'm saying? Perfect game. Yeah. I wanted to see that Zion. I wanted to see that version of Zion.


Would LeBron take three charges on.


Him, though? Yeah, but still you can work around it. Okay, cool. He's doing charge game. All right, cool. Get LeBron about to action. Come on, bring the guard. Put this motherfucker weight right on his little ass thing, you know what I'm saying? It's ways in that bank you could have gotten that bank.


But it's crazy. He had a great game against you. He made it to the quarter finals of this in-season tournament, and everybody's like.


He's-i just wanted to see him more dominant. I did, because that was his moment. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? And obviously, we'll get more, but it's not allowed opportunities in this league. You feel me? Coming from the city is coming from, the bullshit this summer. Obviously, people are steady on him about his weight, his health. You know what I'm saying? This is the perfect game, man. Shut the fuck up. Well, I'm Zion. I just wish you would have... You feel me? So I just wish you would have... You feel me? Yeah. Okay, cool. You taking charge today? I'm going to do this. You know what I'm saying? So that's all.


Do you think Zion Williamson is too fat?




Everybody loves to say that he's too fat.


No, I'm not the person to call anyone fat. We've been down this road. A little sturdy, but then I'm not the person to use the F word.


I thought the F word. Okay. I've heard people like even Stephen A was like, Yeah, he's got a reputation that he'll eat the table. People are like, He went to New Orleans and like, Oh, they got good food. Well, they have good food in every city.


I mean, it is. It's different strokes, different folks.


What about conditioning, though? Do you think his conditioning needs to be better or do you think it's just a mindset thing?


He literally just took his team to the Conference Finals of the first NCA Championship.


That's what I'm saying. I think that everybody's just on his ass.


Like disparaging him. That's not my thing. I just wanted to see him go at Bron. That's all. I just wanted to see him go right at Bron, neck championship. I just wanted to see that match. I'd go right at my, okay, AD used to play here. I'm going right at your neck. You know what I'm saying? Just little shit like that. That's all.


How excited do you think the Lakers can be about this?


Super. What? I'm mad as hell. I can't wait the next year. For real, man, that shit look glit. They popping champagne early in the year.




Early. December champagne? Ron got goblins on early. You feel me? You respect that. Na in Vegas doing it. It was a whole vibe. I hit my boys up, T-P. Make sure T-P played his ass off too.


Big key to- Shout out to T-P.


He was on their ass. Yeah, T-P. T-p, Ski. That's my boy. That's my boy. That's my boy. We played his asshole.


I saw that Zion and Brandon Ingram were asked how they would celebrate in Vegas. They gave each other a little bit of a look. Do you think there's a chance that they celebrated a little bit too early in Vegas? What the fuck?


I don't know. You never know.


What was a chance?


Yeah, it was Vegas. You go out for a dinner and people might call that celebrate. Fuck, they want you just sitting in the room all day, you know what I'm saying? That's not healthy for you just sitting in the room all day looking at four walls.


Yeah, you need to get out and breathe.


That good casino air. No, just regular air. You don't have to put a C-word on it. Hey, man, they had the ESP has a nerd to put me on their show again. They had me on that with Kevin Hart. You believe that? When they brought me, when they said it to me, I say, okay, I would love to. Obviously, what you mean? It's ESP. It's Kevin Hart would love to join you guys.


Kevin Hart's your boy.


You were on his program. Literally, his guys are my guys. Spanking them. Yeah, I see him in L. A.


Is always-Billy guys.


Yeah. He was just here. He ran out the whole bar. It was good. We just shot to spank, too. They got me right up off that motherfucker. They're going to sweat me off them of a broomstick. They hit.


You with the sand man.


They were like, get him off. Cut it.


Because in the first minute you're like, I'm not going to curse on here. They were really on some BS. Then by minute 12, you're like, Fuck.


This shit. But the crazy thing? They in my ear all day. What's up, Pat? We just come off commercial. You have a little bit more time for us? Yeah, I could be on here all night. Yeah, that's before the Josh Goudie question. Then I said that, Yeah, I felt that, Hey, get this motherfucker off right now. Right now, get them off. You feel me?


It was fun though. What was the purpose of that question?


Spread awareness.


People need to know. It seems like folks were scared to talk about that.


I don't know why. I mean, I know why, but humanly, I don't know why. Like humanly. Humanly. Just being a human, not even a male, female. Just being a human being. We talk about everything else around the world while we... Feel me?


I think there's a lot of people that think that Josh Goudie is being treated unfairly in that he's getting the kid glove treatment when guys like Kyrie didn't break the law and he got suspended. Guys like Josh Goudie didn't break the law and he got suspended. Do you think there's any accuracy to that that he's getting different treatment?


I've got daughters. I'm the biggest girl that I like to think, and every guy would like to think the same too.


Would you have done anything differently on that ESBN broadcast?


No, I don't think I thought it was a regular conversation. I didn't get on there to go viral. I didn't think about me being on ESP. I'm like, You know what? I'm going to ask this. No, we kicking a shit. Are we speaking honestly. Let's speak honestly. I got a question. I just had a question. I just wanted to know, that's all. It wasn't like I wanted to piss somebody off or like, no, I literally want to know. What the fuck? Why I must have talked to Kevin Hart on the phone? No, I wanted to know. I wanted to know.


You said, I read that, too. I'm asking you.


Yeah, that's all. I didn't see it. I read it.


You put feet to flame.


I'm not feet to flame. I just was being a human being.


Yeah, very fair. I think it's a fair question. I don't think people should run away from the questions that seem uncomfortable. You seem like you thrive in uncomfortable situations, though. Always.


Never afraid. Not never afraid, but cautious at everything.


Yeah. You just do it scared anyway.


You got to do it anyway. I don't even call it scared, though. I got daughters.


I think that that's entirely fair. I'd love for you to go back on a program like that. It's not like this situation is going to be something that you're always.


Talking about. Yeah, I just hate that I go on there and that. I hate that to just be the emo. Because obviously you want to build good relationships with people. Espn has brought me there. They paid me money. You know what I'm saying? You never tried.


To- They paid you money?


What time? Long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago.


Oh, okay. I got it. I didn't thought you meant for this situation.


I'm just saying to go on there... Iout the relationship with ESPens is always love, but I just don't want to- Totally. Yeah.


I think that a lot of people gave you credit for that, though.


But I'm not looking for credit. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. That's my thing. I'm not out here looking for justification. I don't know if you all don't like me and you all just literally hated me three years ago now. You know what I'm saying? I got real people who've really genuinely fuck with me. Then people are starting to see it. I'm not in here for that. I'm just in here to inspire a generation of kids where I'm from, kids not where I'm from. You don't have to be the biggest, the fastest, the tallest to make it. You feel me? You don't have to shoot like Steph Curry. You don't have to dunk like a bronze. You could be average height guy and make it. Just stay real to yourself. Now I got a platform where I can not also do it on the basketball court, but also speak it. People just hearing me different. You know what I'm saying? It's the same shit I've been saying. It's the same exact shit I've been saying. It's just more people are hearing me, and that's always cool. I got to make sure that I serve the real.


Last week you and I were going.


To- Speaking on the real, I'm driving through West Philly. I got my day off. I'm driving through my phone, man. I want to go to all the hood spots. I went to Kensington. I went to North Philly. I went to West Philly. I went to West Philly. Mind you, I'm in Double I.


You go to Southwest?


I don't know. I was just asking for different places. Yeah. But you know me. I don't roll security. I don't roll with guys. It's just me.


Just you?


I pull up at the park on 39th Street in West Philly.


Oh, shit. Yeah.


I shot the rock a little bit.


Yeah, I feel like I saw a video of you out.


At 39th Street. Yeah, it was a pat-bib on the ninth. Yeah, I was on the ninth, bro. Folks all you all was on the ninth. Yeah, cool, Kinsington, that motherfucker felt like Chicago.


Felt like, I don't know what Chicago.


Is like. What part of.


Chicago did it feel like?


West Side of Chicago. Straight zombie land.


There are zombies out there for sure.


Straight up. Unfortunately, man, that shit is crazy, man.


Yeah, they've decriminalized hard drugs out there, so they let people use drugs freely.


Yeah, that's what I heard.


Which is a very interesting decision by them, but I think that they don't want to lock people up. They view it more as a mental health thing. I'm fortunate that people are... But it's like a real reality of what Philly is. It's interesting that.


You went out there. I do this every team I go to because I just, you know...


You're a skid.


Row in L. A? Yeah, but I just need to see it. I just need to see it compared to Chicago. Like, Kinsington, I felt that shit though.


How is it compared to Chicago?


It's just like the soul was taken out of it.


Yeah, I wonder how they could fix that.


I don't know, man. It just felt like the whole soul was just taken out the city. You feel me? You feel.


For it a little bit. Yeah, people wind up down there and get stuck.


Yeah, I'm fortunate as fuck, bro.


But I think it's cool that you went to at least see it instead of staying in your bubble, staying safe.


I think if I go to bars, to bars, I'm going to these restaurants, JJ and Four Seasons here, at least I can do. What was.


Your favorite of the neighborhoods you went to?


I like Keneson.


Did you pop out and eat anywhere?


No, I ate up for a while.


Did you pop out at all?


Yeah, I shot hoops. Not on Keneson.


Yeah, they do a different shooting in Keneson.




I'm cool. Actually, two different.


Kinds, honestly. Yeah, I'm cool. Who's cool, though? Who's the guy? I like Philly.


Yeah, man. I'm glad you got to see him. I thought.


Of Philly. What's my guy's name from Barceu Bar? His birthday just passed. Nick, shout out to my man, nick.


Shout out to nick from the.


Barceu Bar. Straight up. We always so love. So love since day one, man. So shout out to nick. I don't know if you watched it. You probably obviously probably watched it. So have it belated too, nick.


Shout out to Erica too.


Oh, no, no, no. Ultimate gangster. So check it out. True story. I got to put this month. I'm glad you said that. I almost forgot.


I don't forget anything, bro.


Mind you all, I got a crazy week. Everything's planned because of the playing. Obviously, when we lose, things that I said yes to scheduling that I had to... I thought that was clear, but after we lost, more games popped up and my schedule got tight. So I was supposed to do.


The panel speaking. Yeah, we were speaking at a panel at the Sport-A-CO, sports business conference.


About how is it podcast and wild NBA.




And I wasn't able to make it because we had practice. We had to go to DC and play the next day. So shout out to Erica, man. I wish I was there. I owe you big time. What was some of the questions they were asking?


Maybe I can answer them now. They weren't asking... It was more like Erica and I were having an open discourse among each other.


You'd be Erica right now. I'm going to be Pat Bell.


One of them was going to be, Pat, is it possible to manufacture a viral moment?


No. I'll say some shit and I mean it. Just don't nobody here. I'll say some obvious shit, some shit that everybody want to say and then they go viral. But my deep truth, people don't really hit unless we put some sound behind it and some music behind it. But the truth that you would say that if you were my homie, you would say the exact same thing I'm saying in front of me. The shit that people don't want to say and the shit that I say, that's the shit that go viral. I don't think I'm manufacturing anything. I'm just actually speaking to everyone what they want to say anyway.


That would have fucking played on stage. Damn, bro, that would have.


Been fucking good on stage. I know, but I was sad as fuck. I couldn't make it, bro. You got to understand I was-.


I could.


Tell you're sad. I was tight I couldn't make it because that's my platform I want to reach to. I want to motivate people by my words, not just about my antics and my basketball, really about my words. But I think I can help.


Another one of the questions was, what's it like having such a charismatic, charming, intelligent co-host? That's what they were wondering.


Everybody was wondering that. It's one of the best things about the job. It helps the job become very easy, especially them pairing you with me. You've actually educated me throughout this process of being on camera, being comfortable on camera, talking my shit, or don't be afraid to say that, or different shit. It matters.


Fuck yes, that's fucking huge. But we definitely missed you at that conference and they said next year.


Run it back. March. March? That's why I heard March. March? Yeah, I.


Heard March. We're doing it in March then.


I heard something in March.


That will be next year. That it is coming up. You also pulled a fucking legend move last week. Sixers game ends on Friday, today.


Oh, yeah.


Hopin' whip 95 south-to-jump.


No, but you got to think. It's a lot of built-up pressure for me not going to the panel that I wanted to go to. Me finding out the rough and rowdy from Ms. Lisa. Shout out to Ms. Lisa. Straight up, shit, Gangster.


Live event, Lisa.


Shout out, live event. I don't know if the Gangster will be going, but rough and rowdy. But I've been seeing it while on Gilly, but I just didn't know the place where it's at. I'm like, Okay, is that our G League place?




So you got to think, wrong. I'm so quick in the shower, motherfucker's like, Damn, you finished already? What the fuck? My mindset is to like, all right, I got to get there. First question, we're on there? Yeah, he's here. Okay, I got to see my boy. You feel me? All right, cool. I understand I work two jobs. I understand the same with Tim. They give me a ton of fucking money. A ton of money. A lot of money. I got to give them respect.


Their money's worth. Hell, yeah. I got to be a great fucking worker. You understand what I'm saying? I'm mad. I'm mad at Mike. I'm mad at Tyler because they taking too fucking slow on my watch. They taking too fucking slow to come out the fucking arena. I'm in the arena in the car. Let's go. Let's go. I don't call four times. Mike gets so tired of me. Put my shelf on the phone. I go off on Mike. Why the fuck you put my shelf on the.


Phone on call? Or are they getting body work after the game?


I don't know. These motherfuckers take it too long. We got to drive 40 minutes drive. Anyway, with traffic, I'm thinking 45 minutes, 50 minutes. You got to think, man. I tail ass up there. Ass. I already got this little... Mike, he's looking at me. He's looking at the dash a little bit. I was just trying to see if he's getting a little panic. I was speeding, but I wasn't going that fast, Mr. Turner, if you say less. But I got the little-in it? But I got a little friend. I know a police officer, a little bash that one of my guys, Bob, gave me to with the Sixers. My friend is officer type of guy.


A friend of the police thing? Well, that shit is a scam. I watch a documentary, bro.


That shit is a scam. I hope it ain't no telling me that because I've been living to die on that motherfucker. Yeah, I'm going. I'm talking about 45 minutes drive, make it there. Boom. Man, I saying, meatball legend. Wow. I saying, meatball a legend up close and personal.


Meatball is an.


Instant Philly legend. She did not disappoint.


She put in work because she said after the fight, she said she thought she was going to get her.


Ass whipped. She did not disappoint.


She said she thought that she was going to get smoked.


Shout out to meatball.


Yeah, that was... I mean, what were your perceptions of.


The event? Philly was outside. You got to think like most black people I've seen in one spot since I've been in Philly. I just bitch lit. It feels like home, boys. Like, for real. It was packed in that month. Everybody was in that month, but the crowd was good. I seen Trade of truth. I walked up saying, Trade of Truth, Nachos. I'm saying, I said, I think trade of truth. We got H-Town vibes. Man, trade of truth from that bitch, man. Showing- Trade of Truth from that.


Bitch, man. Trade of Truth was there?


I didn't even know that. We were in a cut, man. You were doing your thing. I saw you. You was dressed and pressed, boy, had on suit. Motherfuckers and that bitch getting sturdy. Oh, yeah. Yeah, man. Philly was outside.


I was hitting the interviews.


Philly was outside, bro.


I'm happy that people could see people who watched the pod could see that side because that's a different side of the entertainment industry and what we do over at Barstool sports. I'm glad people got to see that side, but it was very interesting.


That shit was fun. That shit was really fun. Shout out to Meatball again. I don't know if you watched the pod, mama, but we would love to have you on if not, still shout out to Ukraine. I heard her mom's name was Meatloaf. Is that a thing? Or someone lied to me.


You must have got... I don't know. I'm not.


Going to say that she got lied to. I don't know if it's true. They said, Mom, Meatloaf is some shit.


Damn, her dad's meat stick.


Or what? I don't know. But I heard she put on for the city. Yeah, the city belt the people from the... Yeah, they belt that out. Yeah, I like that. I like that story.


She was throwing straight rights. She crumbled that, or that girl left before.


The- Zero smoke.


Yeah, she was out of there. She was running for the hills. Meatball was fucking.


Looting on her.


She went to town. That was an absolutely beautiful event. Hopefully there's more events like that. But I'm glad that you're really getting a taste of Philly, I think from you being on ESPN or you cracking a beer afterwards. You're going to Kensington and down.


North fucking-That's just normal, though. Mike, he's our producer. Lovely man. Lovely. Truly, truly, truly a lovely man. When I say that, I mean that I honestly mean that.


What do you mean.


Lovely man? He has an amazing heart. Straight up amazing heart. So you appreciate people like that. Early in this little media thing, Mike does know me from a can of paint. Literally. He's assigned to this because he's been assigned to this. He goes up to me one day like, Everyone needs to see you. What the fuck is you talking about, Mike? Walk, what did you use?


Walking content, probably.


Yeah, you're walking. Exactly what he said. He said you're walking content. You, Mike, between the crew, you all really helped me dive deep in this shit and be myself. So it's been great. I got to pee real quick. I've been drinking that twisted tea. You all drink that twisted tea? How you pee? Yeah, I'm.


A bar. All right, you've seen what we've been drinking the entire time. Oh, my goodness. It's twisted tea.


And I'm talking about, Oh, it got me twisted.


I look over there, chef is on the twisted tea. Fatbev on the twisted tea. It's like O'Ryans' Belt, the twisted tea, perfect constellation. And something's written in the stars about this twisted tea. Real brewed tea with just the right bite. It just has that exact right amount of alcohol that makes it probably my favorite alcohol beverage that I drink, and I ain't lying. Twisted tea, a refreshing hard-dosed tea made with real brewed tea, 5% alcohol, goes down smooth and there's no carbonation, which makes it easy to drink all day long. Morning, afternoon, evening, night, twisted tea and fun. Well, together they just make perfect sense. I had the most fun. Went out with my friends, chilling, watching the Sixers.




A nice.


Beautiful- You don't- -beautiful. You like that because it don't give you the beer vibes- The burps. -yeah, it don't. It really gives you good drink. It's a.


Solid drink. It's so drinkable. The carbonation sometimes isn't right for my stomach, but you know it is right for my stomach. Twisted tea. That's right. Get a refreshing twisted tea today. Pat Beck back in the flesh.




Different out here. You guys are about to go out to Detroit. Detroit's on a 20-game losing streak.


You got to just be professional.


You got to win.


Yeah, just be professional. Just be pros.


It seems like you have a little bit more respect for Detroit than you do for it.


Stop saying that. Don't say it. People are killing me for it. I'm just trying to be patient. The more I'm patient, the more they win, too. But you got to think. I see them. We played against them the first game of the season when I'm with Minnesota.




The guy, who was Frank- Frans- Frans- Wagner. -franz-wagner. Yeah. I know his brother already. Moe, Wagner. Yeah, so me and him, we used to hook. Runs in a summer, Cali, whatever. After the game, I go to them like, You all like your game? Straight up. I tell everybody, I like this motherfucker. Feel me? I like them. I'm saying that you all be cool. I gave Boyerice credit when credit do. It ain't an individual game, though. It's a team game. But as a team, they kicking ass, too. So I ain't going to speak too much on Orlando.


Yeah, fair enough. I think that it seems like you want to do your playing, do the talking for you. Yeah. You got to beat Detroit, though.


I got to beat everybody to play.


You have to.


That's the mentality, not just to train everybody.


Are you depressed that you're going to spend Christmas away from home?


I'm bringing home to me. I got the fan come to Miami. We rent a big ass house. We're going to be on jet skis. We're going to be on the boat. What you want what you want from me? I'm lit.


Jet skis and the west skis? Yeah. That seems real nice.


Yeah, I'm lit.


So it doesn't matter to you. You're just going to set up a little tiny Charlie Brown Christmas tree out there or what?


I mean, the Christmas tree is always in the heart, right? It's not really the visual of it.


No, I think it is the visual. I think people need to lock in with the visual of the Christmas tree and feel like it's the most wonderful.


Time of the year. I mean, we'll get something done, but as long as families together, that's the most important. You feel me?


Where are you going to eat.


Down there? Yardburg? No, I'm going to the kitchen where my momma and my cousins will be in that thing mixing. You dig.


Oh, damn. I forgot that my mom invited you over for Christmas. So should I tell her no?


I'm going to be in Miami. I have a game. You should tell her no. Work.


It's too bad.


I know the same thing happened with Miss Eric, bro.


Work is in the way.


Work is literally in the way.


But at the same time, work has also enabled a fantastic lifestyle. Look at my boots. Look at your boots. Nobody spilled on those at Rough Rowdy, did they?


No, No, they did. But a guy spilled drink on my boot, boom. He gets on me. Get the wipe. No, man, what are you doing? No, pep, I'm so sorry. He tried to wipe my shoe out. No, man, hang on. I'll wipe your boot out, bro. I'm sorry. I don't give a fuck about that, bro. No, get me drink. That's how I said they were drinking. They were drinking for four loco's. I said, yeah, the muffles get you drunk. Yeah, so I was that way from them.


You were to drive back. Plus the jacket, too. We have to respect the jacket.


You know what this is? The bomber. What do you think it is?


Say it looks like you're about to go fly.


On airplane. No, but what do you think it is?


It looks like a Amelia Earhardt Dior collection. There we go. That shit.


Looks fly as well. I'm cool with Dolce. I got on Dolce shoes, boot. I got on Amiri pants. I got on a Dior coat, and I got on a Tom Ford sweater. It's a Tom Ford sweater, light though. It really take away, and I got on a saline hat.


Oh, so you're really rocking.


It all. Yeah, I think Hugo Ball socks, like Day.


What's the cheapest pair of socks you own?


I got some cheap shit. I don't know.


What do you mean? Like $18 socks?


Stane socks.


How much does they cost?


I don't know.


They're expensive?


No, they're not stands, socks. I don't know. I'm 23rd of.


$20 you.


Can get the next stans. You got to think a lot of people give people a lot of shit for free, too.


How about the shoes that you've been wearing on the basketball court?


Paul George's sixes, PGs.


They look good in red.


You know me, I'm that guy. Me and PG wear same size APG. Yeah, how are you doing? Heard the season's going real well. Yeah, I need some more shoes. Thank you. You have a good day. I'm that guy.


You didn't even exchange nice at these with him?


I don't got to. That's my man. What the fuck are we talking about? I need some shoes. You got shoes. What the fuck are we talking about?


What's the most size that most people wear?


Thirteen, 12, 13. Yeah. I'm 13, too.


So you were fortunate to be able to.


Wear those. I'm very fortunate.


Damn. Did he send you any exclusives?


Yeah, he sent me some heat. Yeah? Always, always some heat.


That's great.


That's fantastic. And then some of our colors mirror the Clipper's colors, too. I get not too bad.


That's very nice.


Not too bad, not too bad.


I feel like I would have at least been on the phone being like, Hey, how's the family? How's X? How's Y?


How's Z? We in Greece together in the summertime, hopping off boats and swimming. Me, him, Zou, Pat Patterson.


Who was?




I feel like I was there, man. Fuck.


We literally swim probably a mile just for condition. Big Zou, I'm trying to know. But they're taller, too, so the torsion is longer what? Big Zou?


Yeah, it's four.


Strokes for them. This motherfucker was gliding like boat in water. We got competition. Yeah, swim to the boat out there, swim back.


They're all good swimmers?


Yeah, everybody got it done.


I'm not surprised.


Everybody got it done. Interesting. I'm talking about clear waters. We're jumping off boats and shit. I won't have to talk what I talk about. I see you this summer while we jumping off boats and drinking tequila. Love you, bro.


Where are we going on vacation this summer?


Any way you want to go tell me. Matter of fact, do what they do in the movie. Spin Globe, right?


You didn't think I was going.


To pull out Globe, did you? Yeah, okay. I didn't know you had Globe on you. Yeah, exactly. Okay, say less. Spin that bitch. Okay, cool. Put finger. What did it say?


East Africa, West Africa?


There we going. Welcome to the hometown of- Sierra Leone. Yeah, Diamond. No! Diamond. No. You ain't going to make.


It out.


That bit. No!


Damn, Senegal.






D'ivoire. Yeah, it's lit. Damn, bro. South Africa now. Yeah, it's lit. It's lit. Yeah.


I can't wait. I was hoping for more of Patagonia or Kyoto or Japan or some shit.


Yeah, I'm cool.


You're not trying to go to Japan?


I don't want to go there. It's far.


What? You're just everywhere as far.


I know, but that's as far as far. You know what? I've been in Japan, though. Oh, man. On some basketball stuff.


Yeah? How was it? Chopsticks?


No, it was just the day after killed me. I was only there for four days, so it took me two days to adjust. By the time I'm adjusted, I'm just tired. The last day was the best one. When you go there, you got.


To go there. Sake or omakasi? What was the vibe?


I don't really remember a long time ago.


Okay, fair enough. Yeah, damn. I'm already thinking about summer vacation. It's cold.


I ain't going to lie. I just caught on the day. It was cool when I came up that much. But today, oh, Lord, the Hulk was out. I'm talking about slapping people. What? The Hulk. The air, the coldness was out there slapping people. We call it the Hulk in Chicago.


I thought you were talking about something way different.


No, no, no, no. The Hawk. It was one time I went for a call from Chicago. Man, damn, Pat, man. You and Cali, man, that weather look good. It's about 80 something like that. They'd say, Man, Pat, the Hulk is out here body-slamming niggas. It's that cold outside, they're pat. I witnessed the Hawk getting in somebody's coat and then they body-slam a girl.


You're talking like Hogan?


No, I'm talking about like- Or like a Hawk. No, I'm talking about the Hawk. We could put like the air and the wind. We call it the.


Hawk in Chicago. Are you talking about H-U-L-K or H-A-W-K?


No, I don't know really how it's spelled. It's just how I say it.




Hawk is out there. The body slamming my body. It is the all the weather.


I'm trying to think if it's Bruce Banner, Hulk Hogan, or the fucking Atlanta Hawk.


Wind. Yeah, smacking face. Thank God, man. I'm about to fly to Chicago in the morning.


This though.


Chicago is different. That cold up there is fucking different. It's cold in Philly. It's cold in New York. It's rigid, fucking fierce.


In Chicago. I'm playing in Russia, though.


Okay, we got to talk about straight.


Talk wireless. What? No, not up, not down?


No, no, no, Straight Talk Wireless.


What about.


Side to side? No, it's not side to side. It's straight.


Talk wireless. Okay, talk to me.


Okay, Straight Talk Wireless.


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I'm talking about, listen, you know me, I'm, Fuck, man, I got to make the practice before everyone. Now I've got something in my mind I have to be there first, so I can, I don't know, whatever. Damn, I forget to warm up the car because I want to get there first. Now I'm on road driving with arm, sleeve, and coat on steering wheel and so much fucking cold. Inside the car? Inside the car. It was so cold in Russia, bro. I ain't going to lie.


It's so cold. Now you see why they drink so much vodka.


Yeah, I see. That's the only way you can stay warm. Only way. Only way. For real. I got the water bottle, man. I'm freezing there. I got.


The water my water. -i'm trying to water my water.


-you're surprising there for you. Yeah, for real. I say my fuck Russia almost freezes down. Then we were playing in places like Wadi Vostok near Japan. Then we were playing places as Siberia. In them. What? I'm saying dogs look like Mary, think they wolves. It was wild.


And shit. You weren't just on the West Coast of Russia. You were all the way across all of Russia?


Listen, man, before I got to the League, the trip we had to take was Vladimir Vostok, Russia. It was near Japan. It was a 10-hour, 9-hour flight from St. Petersburg. I had to take it there, find out I'm going to the NBA there, take that flight back, get home, pack in St. Petersburg, take that flight back to the state. There was a lot going on.


You were in.


Vladimir Vostok? Yeah, it was great. I gave them the works before I left, though. Yeah? Vladimir Vostok, believe that I've been everywhere around this world. Damn. Putting on Putting on. I ain't just been taking. You feel me? I've been putting on. They're taking my mothafucka pay for. I was in fucking the Dineputhoie, Second Division, Ukraine. We had at the practice every day. We didn't even get pre-diem. In the practice, they just feed us. Big lady in the back, big ass thing of Borch soup, shit red as fuck. I'm calling people back home on the Skype. Yeah, man, it's Borch. They ain't that bad. I don't know what's in that shit. Yeah, man.


We've been all over this, bro.


All this motherfucker.


Ukraine? Yeah. Second- I've been around this bitch, man. They know me. Put on. Put on in Ukraine too. Yeah?


I can't believe we remember all these city names. I guess you'll never forget if you go to a place like that.


Straight up.


Wow. That's all you're reading, Boruch? What are you.


Reading in Vladimir? Bread and Boruch. Heavy on the butter, heavy on the bread. Even the bread was hard out there. It was 21 train hours, man. It was nasty. I'm coming from Arkansas, so I'm living good in Arkansas. I got to wash my own jersey. It's the second division team, so it's not like we got our arena. We're really a local YMCA. After a big ass game, I hit game winner or dunk on the motherfucker. I'm taking a shower right next to a 70-year-old who just got done playing tennis on the other side. You know what I'm saying? That's just the normal. How's the game go? Yeah, we won. You know what I'm saying? You feel me? How did your game go? Oh, not so good today. Well, I'm talking about? In straight Russian. Yeah, that helped me. You feel me? That got me together right. Good and good and right, my boy.




Christ, bro. Yeah, man.


That's a wrinkly shower.


Yeah, relax, man.


I mean, I'm just... Yeah, that's it. I don't know.


You don't want to-I'm the owners of the team, they pull up four, five cars Mercedes, the Gwag. It's the first time I seen the Gwag and seen the bitch four in a row. Pull up. They come to that bitch for tennis, brack. I'm like, what the fuck? They play tennis in this bitch. They know I've had the main tennis practice. One plus one is two. Boys had them pipes out. Yeah, and I ain't talking about waterworks. Do you.


Understand me? You were talking about how when you were five, your pops taught you how that pipe swung freely. So shooting might come easy like Mike Dunleavy. Yeah. I'm shout out to Mike. I'm shout out.


To- Chill, chill, chill. Yeah, it was lit.


Damn, I can't believe that you were in there with Russian oligarchs like Putin's inner cabinet.


You got to think, I get kicked out of school. I'm young-young. My teammate, my mom's the oldest motherfucker on the team. He's my mom's age, big Grecia. Big Grecia, about seven, one. My mom and son are 15. I'm playing with him. Me and him chilling. I'm 18, he's 19, he's 15. That's close to my fucking age. I'm trying to tell you I got motherfuckers taking shots before the game, and I ain't talking about basketball shots either. I'm talking about.


Good vodka. Stoolach.


Yeah, good vodka. Patrick, Patrick, good vodka. Yeah, boy, the Russians are this man. Ukraine, Russia. That place growed me up too.


They make Ron Artest look stone-cold sober.


Man, that place grow me the fuck up.


Yeah, you saw.


The world. Yeah, straight up. I saw shit I wasn't supposed to see. I saw shit that I'm glad I saw. But I seen some Russian gangsters. I ain't going to lie. I seen a ton of them motherfuckers. Yeah, no talking neither. No talking.


What was it like? The movie Triple X, where they're like Anarchy 99. They're in like an All-Ice Club?


Or what's the vibe? Exactly what.


It was like. Yeah, big ass furcoats.


Big ass furcoats. Lamborghinis outside in a row. You know what I'm saying? That shit was crazy. Russia was a vibe. It was a vibe. I signed a three year contract. I didn't want to leave. The only reason I left because of the NBA. That's the only reason I left. I was the highest paid in fucking Europe. Damn. Yeah, I've been getting money out for a long time.


Russia and Ukraine. Yeah. You were on.


Both sides. Yeah, cousins. I learned to, Hey, how are you doing? Okay, bye, in Ukraine because they speak similar languages. We got to Russia. Okay, cool. It'll warm me up a little bit.


Maybe they need to send you over there to settle things down between Russia and Ukraine. They're still beefing.




There. Let's get to the bottom of this and let's solve it.


No war.


No war. Yeah, see, that's what I'm saying. No war. Put the guns down, boys. Cease fire. Do it for Pat Bev. No war. How many people have lived in both places, especially Americans? Very few. You have a very unique perspective that you could unleash on the world. Just settle a lot of things.


No one's bigger than the program.


That's a fact. Program is massive.


Massive. The skit is real. Pat Bev, real. Pat Bev, pod. What's wrong?


Every single time an absolute pleasure. This dude is ballin'.


But we said this, though. Of course. We said this year basketball is going to push the pot.


That's what it's doing. That's what it's supposed to do. Keep the main thing the main thing, and we'll just keep it churning over here. We got a couple of tires, but we never get tired. You know what.


I mean? Keep it rolling. I definitely understand exactly what you mean.


Never get tired.


It's been good. It's been a good little... It's been good. I mean, you keep saying it's been good. It's really been really good lately, but it's been really good before. Life is really good right now. We're fortunate. Me and you boy are fortunate and blessed, bro. Life has been really good to us lately.


I totally agree. I think people can really support this pod by liking, subscribing. I think that people also could buy merch. I think that would really help the pod. We got some merch out there. We could throw it up on the screen or something.


Like that. Purchase the merch. I think they're going to do something crazy with the merch. Purchase the merch. Purchase the merch. Get some merch. Really show love. Really show love.


That just sounded like a flow. Purchase the merch. Really show love. She's smirking at dirt. I know what I mean.


I know too much.


Peppet, Paul, with Rome. We'll see you guys next week.