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Pat, listen, first and foremost, man, I love the world of what you're doing on your podcast. I want to shout out the Pat Bank podcast. I'm a fan. I see it. That's why I got to shout out, dude. I'm a fan. I just love to listen to you talk basketball.


In general. Listen, man, ESP has a nerd to put me on their show again. They had me on that with Kevin Hart. You believe that? When they brought me, when they said it to me, I say, okay, I would love to. Obviously, what do you mean? Esp and Kevin Hart would love to join.


You guys. Kevin Hart's your boy.


You were on his program. I got.


Pack bands in the house. Literally, his guys are my guys. Spanking them. I see him in L. A. Is always- Philly guys. Yeah. He was just here. He ran out the whole bar. It was good. We just shot to spank too.


I am Kevin Hart and this is the Plastic Cupboards. Guys, Getty is joining us. A Philadelphia 76er, my guy, Pat Beg. What's up with you, Pat?


Hey, man, what's going on, fellas? You all all all right?


Oh, man, we are much better now than I'm talking to a sixer. I've been around all this Laker energy. I felt like I needed some of my own.


Let's go. I thought everybody there was from Philly.


Well, you know what, man? There's a mixture of where we're from. We've taken on some California blood. We've had some Philadelphia blood leave and make a decision to join the world of California. That's Wayne, by the way. If you want to know who I'm.


Talking about. Yeah, I know exactly who you.


Talking about. Yeah, exactly. It's a sad thing. Hey, let's go basketball right now, man. Tell me how you feel about the idea of the in-season tournament and what is brought to the NBA. Are you a fan of it? Do you like what it's doing?


No, I like the in-season tournament. Obviously, as a player, you didn't know what to expect coming in, how it was going to play out, how the basketball court was going to look. Was it going to be comfortable to plan in? But after this year, I'm salty, man. I wanted that 500.


Let's talk about it. Let's talk about it.


You know what I'm saying? Look, I wanted that 500.


You can come right to the chase. You wanted some money.


You said, Christmas coming up. Yeah, I wanted some money. I ain't going to lie to you.


War by the shot. Right now in this game, who do you got? You got the Lakers and the Pacers.


Yeah, I think if you was to bet against LeBron, that would be a bad bet. I'm definitely going Lakers.


They got me right up off that motherfucker. But then- They got me what I'm talking about. They're going to sweat me off that motherfucker, broomstick.


They hit you with the sand man.


They hit him off. Cut it.


Because in the first minute, you're like, I'm not going to curse on here. They were really on some BS. Then by a minute, like 12, you're like, Pep.


Does this hardware mean anything or give you any type of bragging rights in the season for the season?


No, I think the money does, though. I think the money does, though. You can't really pay no bills for trophies, but you can with that money on, if you know what I.


Mean, Mr. Cut. No, listen, I love the honesty. By the way, that's what the game needs. We need more people like you as good defense.




Russell says- You know what? I appreciate you saying that about the honesty because I got a question, too.




Got a daughter, and I like to call myself a girl, Dad. What do you think about the Joss Goudie situation? Oh-oh.


Oh-oh. Oh-oh. Fellows, you all want to answer that?


Yeah. I mean, there's rumors going around that Joss Goudie was a dating an underage girl, and they said the family is not cooperating or participating with the police investigation.


Therefore, I think- I read that, too. I say what you all think.


About it.


That was my question.


I heard your question, but I'm going to tell you what I do real well. I'm a brand, and being a brand, I'll text you and I'll give you my real thoughts. But right now on NBA, on NBA Unplug, I'm going to keep it as commercial as I possibly can. Did I tell you Chase is a part of this? They're my partners. I got a lot of people that are in my commercial bandwidth. Now, this is the end-season tournament game. I got a question for you, Pat. Do you like the color of the court? Yeah, I do.


Hey, you know what I like that. I like the color courts. Not jail courts, though, but.


The basketball courts. You're talking about jail courts. Hey, you said, Cam, I see you're a callback and I'll raise you a number. I'll raise you one. Man, the Lakers have done a great job.


I'm just trying to figure out this game. Hey, Kevin. I got... Kevin, I went to OKC. You played. They booed the shit out of me. I couldn't believe it. It was the craziest thing in the world. I was looking around like...


After that question, I can see why. I can see where the boo's came from. This is what I'm going to do. Before we let you go, I am going to call you.


And I'm going to see you soon.


No, Pat, we're not kicking you off. But you do understand. All right, I got to be honest, I don't'm kicking you off. Okay. All right. We should keep it real about something. You want honesty? We're going to give you honest. You know I ain't lying to you with friends. I got to tell you the truth. This is an audition, man. Come on. This is an audition. I've been sweating this entire game, sure as you ask that question, a piece of sweat dropped down my back. I didn't know.


What to do. I said, What.


You all thinking? I don't think not. I'm talking to you all. No, no, no. All right. Let me tell you what. Hey, you all show Pat, best of love, guys. Say bye to Pat.


I love you, Pat. I love you, Pat. I'm out of here. Yeah, they're going to sweat me off.


All right.




Going to get Pat out of here. I've got to go. Hey, listen. After paying that speed, after you bought it back, I said, that's it. I thought.




Was going to go. I wouldn't let Spain start the sentence. As soon as Frank started, I would cut him on. I was going to get that PC.


But then this shit is just- The crazy thing? They're in my ear all day. What's up, Pat? We just come off commercial. You have a little bit more time for us? Yeah, I could be on here all night. Yeah, that's before the Josh Getty question. Then I said that, Hey, yeah, I felt that, Hey, yeah, get this one for off right now. Right now, get them off. You feel me? No.


It was fun, though. What was the purpose of that question?


Spread awareness.


It seems like folks were scared to talk about that.


I don't know why. I mean, I know why, but humanly, I don't know why. Like humanly. Humanly. Just being a human, not even a male, female. Just being a human being. We talk about everything else around the world while we feel myself.


I think there's a lot of people that think that Josh Goudie is being treated unfairly and that he's getting the kid glove treatment when guys like Kyrie didn't break the law and he got suspended. Guys like didn't break the law and he got suspended. Do you think there's any accuracy to that that he's getting different treatment?


Like our daughters? I'm the biggest girl that I like to think, and every guy would like to think the same, too.


Would you have done anything differently on that ESPM broadcast?


No, I don't think I thought it was a regular conversation. I didn't get on there to go viral. I didn't think about me being on ESPM like, You know what? I'm going to ask this. Like, No, we're kicking a shit. We're speaking honesty. Let's speak honestly. I got a question. I just had a question. I just wanted to know. That's all. It wasn't like I wanted to piss somebody off or like, no, I literally want to know. What the fuck? Why I must have talked to Kevin Hart on the phone. No, I wanted to know. I wanted to know.


He said, I read that, too. I'm asking you.


Yeah, that's all. I didn't see it. I read it.


You put feet to flame.


I'm not feet to flame. I just being a human being.


Yeah, very fair. I think it's a fair question. I don't think people should run away from the questions that seem uncomfortable. You seem like you thrive in uncomfortable situations, though. Always. Never afraid.


Not never afraid, but cautious at everything.


Yeah? You just do it scared anyway.


You got to do it anyway. I don't even call it scared, though. I got daughters. Far.


I think that that's entirely fair. I'd love for you to go back on a program like that. It's not like this situation is going to be something that you're always.


Talking about. Yeah, I just hate that I go on there and that. I hate that this be the email because obviously you want to build good relationships with people. Espn has brought me there to pay me money. You know what I'm saying? You never.


Tried to- They paid you money?


What time? Long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago.


Oh, okay, I got it. I didn't thought you meant for this situation.


No, I'm just saying to go on there, but they, you know. The relationship with ESPN is always love, but I just don't want to- Totally. Yeah.


I think that a lot of people gave you credit for that, though.


But I'm not looking for credit. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. That's my thing. I'm not out here looking for justification. If you all don't like me and you all just literally hated me three years ago now, you know what I'm saying? I got real people who really genuinely fuck with me. Then people starting to see it. I'm not in here for that. I'm just in here to to inspire a generation of kids where I'm from, kids not where I'm from. You don't have to be the biggest, the fastest, the tallest to make it. You feel me? You don't have to shoot like Steph Curry. You don't have to dunk like a bronze. You could be the average height guy and make it. Just stay real to yourself. Now I got a platform where I can not also do it on the basketball court, but also speak it. People are just hearing me different. You know what I'm saying? It's the same shit I've been saying. It's the same exact shit I've been saying. It's just more people are hearing me.