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Zion. I'm disappointed. I wanted him to go at LeBron. I understand LeBron was taking charges, but you got to maneuver around and get the switch you want. I really wanted to see Zion take that next. That was the perfect time to do it, bro. He was a little passive. Man, we just played against him. 11:11 from the free throw line. He ain't missed a shot. He was 12 or 12 on the field. You know what I'm saying? It's a game. Yeah. I wanted to see that, Zion.


What did LeBron take three charges on him, though?


Yeah, but still you can work around it. Okay, cool. He's doing charge game. All right, cool. Get LeBron about to action. Come on, bring the guard. Put this motherfucker weight right on his.


Little ass then. But it's crazy. He had a great game against you. He made it to the quarter finals of this in-season tournament. And everybody's like- I.


Just wanted to see him more dominant. I did, because that was his moment. Obviously, we'll get more, but it's not a lot of opportunities in.


This league. Do you think Zion Williamson is too fat?




Everybody loves to say that he's.


Too fat. No, I'm not the person to call anyone fat. We've been down this road, a little sturdy.