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Of Joe Mazula. Ghost in the handshake. Dude, that shit pissed me off. Who was that handshake for? Settled once and for all. Was it for Preacher or was it for Joe Mazula?


Definitely one for Preacher to ask because he seen my hand out there. I wouldn't have shook his shit either. But then Coach Sam and Kasell, he cleaned it up. Shout to Sam and Kasell. It was cool. It was cool. It weren't like that. He texted me. I know you didn't miss me on purpose. Come on, man.


I was a grown ass man. He took a hard right turn. He saw your.


Hand and then.


Walked away like it was dangling.


In his face. Imagine, though, if he really did that.


I think.


He did.


No, no, no. I seriously think that he did.


That was mean. No, don't say that.


It looked like he took a beeline for the locker room when you had full extension. It's not like you were on a cool little dap. You were like, Shake my hand. And I think that you're giving him a pass.


No, I'm not giving nobody a pass. I'll just honestly tell.


You the truth. People broke down the tape like it was John Kennedy getting assassinated.


Hey, chill. How are you going to bring somebody? Come on, can't speak about that.