Transcribe your podcast

That you're cracking beers. Always. I saw that thing and I was, No, I'm not that the game. I thought I was stone cold. I was my idol growing up. You got to think, we practicing wrestling, we were on each other, we were getting choked out, all types of shit, man. You're stone-cold over the rock? Hell, yeah. Easy. Don't ever disrespect me. Stonecoe over any wrestling. Over the rock? I fuck with the rock. I fuck with the eyebrow, but I was Stonecoe. Yeah, go ahead. Hit this motherfucker with the stunner real quick. Get this shit over. Black boot, cut, denim jeans, no shirt, black vest, give me two beers. Fucking give me two beers. Fucking give me 20 beers. And I'm showing love and I'm drunk as hell, slamming niggas. Stonecoe had no fucking wrestling move. He just come out there, drunk motherfucker, brawling.. But he had nice hands, too. Every one of them, he's plucking them out of their Randy Moss. He's Stunna motherfucker drink beer like Del Becker. A true American. Stonecold is going to love to hear this. I hope we watch the pod. If you don't, if you do, we do. But if you don't, you know what I'm saying?


Get it to him. But I would love to do a beer with Stonecold.