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It was the craziest thing in the world. And I was looking around like, fuck I do. What the fuck I do?


Don't get it. Don't get it.


Off now y'all kicking me off now y'all can't you it.




Hey, I love it.




Out here.




They don't sweat me off. All right.


They really sweep me off. What they say.


Thanks, that.


Appreciate it.


Where's the remote turn up? I wonder if it's talking about it.


It's live right here.


This is.


I mean this up.




Know which.


It. Yeah.


You put them in a pretzel, bro.


My brother just. I just watched for the last 10.


Seconds and only question.


That's it.


Love you, too.


Responded to every single one.


That's got to be going crazy right now.


I can't argue.


Hard about Josh Giddy and they kick him off the show.


That cameraman credible.


That was like right after the break.


You had a great. What's it called? Too? A great segue into it.


You can't do that.


They on Twitter.


Girl crazy. Cut.