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We in a whole, like, silly wave right now. You feel me? Like, silly wave?


What do you mean?


Silly is what you appreciate when it comes to basketball and team, like, magic a little bit. Everyone's playing their part to a t. We're in a zone right now. We all compliment each other's fun right now. It's so much fun. It's me, Marcus Morris, Rob Covington, Kelly Oubre, Paul Reed. That's the second unit in practice every day.


That's a good second unit.


Hell, yeah. Yeah. We in that bitch. We play once and shoot around. We love coming to work. We love being around each other. Not just the basketball players, just the whole organization. We just in our own little work vibe, and it's been great.


I talked to some Sixer staffers in the tunnel tonight, and they basically were saying the exact same thing, that everybody seems to be on the same page. The team chemistry is off the fucking charts.


It's a different sense when you come to work every day. Glad that you coming to work every day. Perfect harmony, bro. It's been really good. Work has been really good.