Transcribe your podcast

You had a super fan out there that maybe put the... I don't know if he put battery in back, but he definitely charged you up a little bit. I saw you sign in the 15 jerseys. This kid was pulling up in high school, grade school, practice jersey.


Hey, shout out to him.


You got super fans out there.


We got to get him a Sixers jersey.


We have to get him a Sixers jersey.


I'll run out, go warm up. I can't sign, I have to sign when I'm done. Kid come over, Hey, you sign my jersey. You flip one, flip one-off. Made my way in the stand. Come here. I come here, man. We got to meet up. We got to link up. You're a real one. Real ones got to link up. I said, I really want to bring back here to just show him some other shit.


Support begets support.


Yeah, that was love.


That was love. If he wasn't so cool, I'd be like, Damn, restraining order? No, no, no.




No, that's not too much. I'm joking because that's.


Literally the coolest thing. That's not too much.


On the little homie. Yeah, no, that's the coolest thing possible.