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Hey, everybody, this is Bill Pulte, the philanthropist, and welcome to the Pulte podcast.


We're going to be giving away today on this episode. Seven thousand dollars in cash to a listener. Stay tuned to learn more. It's basically a part of this whole thing that I'm a big fan of, which is returning money to listeners, giving money to people, you know, so many podcasters, they take money, put it in their own pockets. I'm going to be taking money, much of which is my own, and giving it back to many of you.


So stay tuned. Basically, this podcast is not just created to give away money, but also to give away knowledge. Why? Because I want each and every one of you to be able to achieve the success that I've had after making tens of millions of dollars. And with your help, I founded Team Giving, which, as you know, is where we come together as a team and we help people who are in real, real trouble to stories that stuck out a team giving, which is all about us giving as a team, helping take care of human beings, one human being at a time.


One of my favorite stories was Terry. Terry needed a rare brain surgery, but she only was short by two thousand dollars. She needed to come up with two thousand dollars and we crowdfunded for her to be able to have this rare brain surgery. Jan was a single mom with a daughter who had disabilities that required a wheelchair. They needed a new mobility van. But because of expensive medical treatment and limited income, the single mom, Jan, could not afford a van.


A local dealership got the price down, but our team stepped up and we raised the money so the single mother could take her daughter to the necessary doctor's appointments in this new van. These are just two human stories that have helped people through our Twitter philanthropy. Obviously, you know that I'm well known now. I wasn't before, had no intentions of being, but became very well known as did all of you for what we created with Twitter philanthropy. But what we really created with Twitter philanthropy is taking care of people like Terri and Jen to people who, as I said, needed a hand up, not a handout.


These people don't need handouts. These people need hand ups. They need a little bit of a bump in life. And we gave it to these two people. I want to talk today about two things. Number one is the power of giving, because I think it's so important and you just have to bear with me because I think you'll I think it will really pay off. And then a second thing, which I'll talk about in a second, but in terms of the power of giving, unlike many people will tell you in our broken world, filled with materialism, greed, envy, jealousy, many of you experience it on your day to day life.


I'm sure there is actually a lot more that you get when you give than when you receive. And you may say, well, Bill, you're a rich guy. Why are you saying that? You know, you don't really have any context for for what we're going through. I would say this. I don't mean money. I don't get back into my bank account when I give cash away. But I get joy, a deep feeling of being able to give to people, whether it's a smile that cost you nothing, that costs nothing, absolutely nothing holding a door for somebody that costs nothing.


So I wanted to talk a little bit just about the power of giving, because I believe that giving is getting it's a lesson that my grandfather gave me. My grandfather was born in nineteen thirty two. He at age 19, I think it was he built a house for his parents. Can you believe that he built a house for his parents. He didn't have any money, but he cobbled together, you know, through summer jobs and built them a house.


His mom wanted a dishwasher which was a big new item on the market at the time, but they weren't able to put one in because back then they were obviously very expensive. He had built a room in this new house for his parents and then one Christmas morning he decided, you know what, I've made enough money on my side, jobs and stuff. I'm going to go buy Mom a dishwasher. So him and a friend, they snuck it into the house after they went to bed on Christmas Eve.


They put a big red bow on it. And that morning, his siblings and him ran in that next morning, Christmas Day, and his mom started to cry when she saw the dishwasher. It was in that moment that my grandfather realized just how good it felt to give to someone else. And he continued that legacy with my family and with me. And I'm here continuing that legacy with you today. Since launching team giving, we've had so much success, so much teamwork from all aspects of humanity all across the globe.


And it's been amazing. So I just wanted to talk a little bit about the power of giving the second thing. And I promise to give real life tangible things as I want to talk about the difference between goals versus systems and the importance of having systems over goals. You know, so often we can get caught up in goals in life and you can get caught up in your own goals. Just think about your own goals for a second. And most often many cases, you're not able to achieve certain goals.


Why is that? Why it is is because so often we have lofty goals, which everybody should have, but we're not relying on the steps to get there. And what I mean is systems. If there's one thing that you can take away from this podcast, it is do little baby steps. My grandfather used to call climb the ladder one step at a time and it's the hardest thing to do, right? This is where discipline comes in. It's the hardest thing to do to just focus on that one thing and focus on that next step and go to step one and then step two and then step three and four and five.


And by that time, you're at your goal. So to help you start with this, what I'm going to ask you to do is between now and then, the next episode that I drop, I'm going to ask you and nobody will look at it. So you have to be your own. You have to be your own person. Here is can you take out of your head, which you I'm sure you have it in your head, the top five things that you know that you need to do in order to get closer to your goal.


And I'm not I'm not talking about doing your goal. I'm talking about what are the next easy things that you could do. I'll give you an example. If you're sitting on a couch and you're saying, you know what, I'd really like to go lose ten pounds, maybe before you lose the ten pounds when I'm talking about is, can you take out of your head the following? Can you take out you know what? Maybe I have to lift my finger before I left myself off the couch.


Or maybe I have to lift my big toe on my foot before I get off the couch. These are the type of things I'm talking about in terms of systems. So can you write out the next five things that you can do for your week? And I'll tell you, it is a huge, huge difference between ultra successful people and not the fact that they do systems over goals. They choose systems over goals. They write them down the next few steps.


They don't get lost at these pie in the sky things and try to swing for the fences. So I just wanted to leave you with those two thoughts. I'm going to be giving away seven thousand dollars. Now, again, I like to practice what I preach. So not only do I do systems and goals, but I also give away my own money. This is going to be my own money that I'm giving away today. I'm giving away seven thousand dollars.


And no, I won't get any money back for giving away the seven thousand dollars. But guess what? I will get I'll get joy. I'll get Interpeace. Because what happens when I give the seven thousand dollars, which I'm going to be giving away any second now? What's going to happen to me is I am going to feel like. I am selfless, like I am outside of my own brain and focused on somebody else, and you cannot replicate that sense of peace, that sense of calm.


Nothing can take you over when you start to focus on other people. So to find out who won the seven thousand dollars, I am for the next 24 hours and I'm going to change the domain name on future episodes, going to put to Pulte Dog the name of the winner. So go check it out. You may or may not be the winner. Seven thousand dollars, no purchase necessary void where prohibited. Stay tuned. You can check out the rules on the website.


Pollywog Backslash R. I love each and every one of you listening to this. Thank you for listening to the Pulte podcast. We gave away seven thousand dollars today. We talked about the power of giving and what did we talk about most in terms of how you can benefit from this. We talked about the importance of systems goals. Go write down your five things. I'll see you on the next episode. This is Bill Politti with the Politti podcast.