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I urge you to listen to this Andile story, Niva, there is a dear friend of mine who's got two major elements in her life. One element is the ambition, the drive for building a billion dollar companies, the drive for creating value adding products, the drive for changing lives.


And the other element is the strong element of spirituality. And in this conversation, she spoke very, very openly about all her spiritual experiences, her entire business story, what she's learned as a solo woman entrepreneur, building out multiple brands in the domain of beauty in the modern world. So much to learn from this lady. Also, one of the best conversationalists and one of the nicest human beings I've come across in my life. I met this lady at a very, very low stage of my life, and she actually lifted me up from the gave me perspective by explaining her own life story to me.


And my immediate hunch was that I need to have Chellaney featured on that and be sure that's what we've done in this episode.


Trust me, this episode contains some of the most mystical and I'd even say borderline occult aspects from the world of spirituality. But it also contains a bunch of business lessons, a bunch of life lessons and a bunch of inspirational nuggets from one of the best stories I've come across in my life.


Of course, the highlights of this episode are up on a third YouTube channel that ran video clips. But for now, enjoy the audio version of Shadow Nivat here on the TV show.


Shall never data. Welcome to the runway show. Thank you for having me remember. I'm so happy to see you. Likewise, your family know pretty much you are you were a friend at one point of time when I met you at school, who was for the first time, you are also one of the world's leading beauty entrepreneurs. You've been awarded by the government of India for all your work in the entrepreneurial space, in the beauty space of this country, you're empowering women.


There's so many things that you're doing in your own career. But what I find fascinating about you personally is your past. You've been struck by lightning. You've dealt with some serious issues, some dark times in your own past. And there's been so much character development. I also know there's a massive spiritual element in your life. So we're going to touch upon all those topics and allow you to begin your story whenever you wish to begin it.


Oh, my gosh. Well, thank you for the fabulous introduction. I'm so happy that I just randomly met you at Soho House. The first of all, I don't believe there's anything random about meeting people. I believe that the right people come into your life exactly the right time. So it was fantastic that the one day I went to Soho House in Mumbai, you were there. But my story starts in San Diego, Southern California. I was born and raised there.


I guess, you know, had a very hard time trying to figure out what culture I fit in, you know, my parents were very strict. I'm Punjabi. So they were like, you know, no, no, no, no, no. And I was like, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, pushing the boundaries. And so at 19, my father sent me to India with a plane ticket and two thousand dollars and told me to start my own company.


And I hysterically cried on that flight, thinking they were secretly arranging my marriage because the threat to me, because I was exceptionally rebellious was where marrying you off. If you don't behave and we're sending sending you to a boarding school. I had no idea if I was really going to India to start my own company, but I did. My uncles are all knitwear manufacturers in Ljubljana, which is quite common. And growing up in San Diego, it was a very big surf and golf market.


So I started manufacturing sweaters for all the surfers and golfers and I hated it. I mean, being a 19 year old girl, trying to tell my uncle that we had delivery dates and they're like big. They have some chai, the machines are broken. And I'm like, they don't care about the Akko. So I was like, I can't do this. So then I pivoted and I went into sterling silver and semi-precious stones and got all this beautiful jewelry and quite a few department stores.


But my, you know, passion was always beauty and pretty things. You know, I grew up. We didn't have tons of money growing up. But somehow my parents managed to bring us to India and the winters. We'd spend our winters in Chandigarh and then in my mom's parents were in Kenya. So we'd spend, you know, every few years our summers in Kenya. And I just fell in love with, you know, all these and gorgeous flight attendants on these airlines.


It was so glamorous back then. Right. And all these women doing different rituals around the world. And so I decided to get a part time job at a clinic counter and I had no idea what I was doing. And the first customer I had bought two products, she bought a lotion and a toner. And the next day I got a bouquet of flowers and a card that said, thank you so much for bringing back my wife. She has cancer.


You put a smile on her face and I'm like, This is what I want to do forever and ever and ever the power of self esteem. And I knew how powerful that was because I was bullied so horribly in school. I mean, boys would throw dog poo at me and bark at me and tell me how ugly I was.


And I probably wasn't ugly, but I was just different. Right? I wasn't blond haired, blue eyed like everybody else in my school. So I really understood how powerful it was to feel beautiful. And so I really decided to stick with that path. I was getting my degree in international business and I just was, you know, the good and bad thing about me is I'm never satisfied. So I was like, let's go. Let's work for every brand.


Let's go as far as far and as high as we can. So I started working with all the different brands. Mac had just come out. Laura Mersea launched it with Laura Make Forever. I got to meet Danny Sands, the founder, and launch it with her smash box. I got to work with Dean and Davis, factor in, launch it with them, and then next thing out of nowhere, I get a call from NBC studios in Hollywood and they're like, Hey, we heard about your stuff.


Do you want to come up here and show us, you know, audition to be a makeup artist? I'm like, oh, my God, I am not turning down an opportunity to go on a Hollywood lot. So I drove up two and a half hours and I faked it to make it. I didn't know what I was doing. I'd never done television makeup. And they're like, OK, it's fresh, you're hired. And then within.


And I was getting harassed by all these older makeup artists that were like this, this new girl that has never worked in, you know, TV makeup before coming in. So six weeks later, the head of the entire studio walked in and he's like, pack up your stuff, let's go. And all these makeup artists are like, ha ha, you're fired. You know, you don't know what you're doing. And inside I was like, oh, my God, OK, at least I had six weeks at NBC.


But this is so embarrassing. I'm so horrified. And so I'm following him out of the building and I'm like, oh, my God, I just, you know, this is so embarrassing. And he ends up turning left and walking me right on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. And he's like, you're really good. You're going to work with Jay. And I remember it was the time where we were trying to get a cake to President Clinton.


So my first job on The Tonight Show was going with Jay Leno to give President Clinton the cake, you know? And I'm like, oh, my God, this is amazing. And that launched my celebrity makeup artist career.


And I started working on, like shows like Dancing with the Stars and The Bold and the Beautiful, which was, by the way, the one soap opera that I could only see when I come to India, you know, and and then I just started working with lots of celebrities on a number of shows and editorial shoots and word got out and one of the TV stations in San. Diego, we're like, oh, wow, our hometown girl is doing, you know, all these celebrities working with Simon Cowell and Alec Baldwin and, you know, do you want to come on TV and talk about it?


So I went on TV, had no idea what I was doing. I must have licked my lips like 25 times because I was so nervous. My mouth was so dry. I was like, oh, my gosh.


And one of my one of the hosts on the show I was working on at the time was called Hollywood Squares, by the way, best job of my life. I was almost a crime that I got paid because we'd have like six different celebrities a day. All the food was catered from Spago, as you know, we had an on site masu some like, am I really getting paid to, like, just play all day long while. But the host of the show, Tom Bergeron, who hosted Dancing with the Stars here, he's like, Hey, I heard you're doing television, I want to see your stuff.


And I'm like, oh, I don't know what I'm doing. Don't worry about it. So I ended up bringing him up, you know, one of my segments I had done and he's like, I'll call you on Tuesday. And I'm like, OK, Ranvir. I was so nervous to talk to him. I don't think I could even, like, put a proper sentence together, you know, when he gets so nervous that you get tongue tied.


So he called me on Tuesday and he's like, you know, the only feedback I have for you, Chellaney, is you're really good. I have a meeting set up with my agent. So I drove up and I met his agent and she's like, Oh, you're so cute. Let's get you in a helicopter. You can do the news, talk about traffic.


And I'm like, no, I want to be a brand. And I've just written a business plan and come to find out this many, many years later, I found it. Last year I had written a business plan on creating a makeup brand for India because I was so frustrated when I would come to India that my cousins were like, You're this big makeup artist, take us shopping, and I'd go shopping with them. And even within India, the colors didn't match skin.


They looked horrible. Like this is ridiculous in your own country, you can't even get colors. I can understand us. But so I had written a business plan on this. I told this agent I'm like, I want to be a brand. And she was like, I don't know what that means. I'm like, I don't know what it means either. But get me to New York City, because I had heard that if you wanted to start something, you had to go to New York.


So she did. She got me on the CBS Early Show was one of the biggest morning shows. And I flew to New York and I started going to New York every few weeks to do segments on and ask why?


Why do the. Why do they say that? Why did they say that if you want to start something, you got to go to New York? New York is magic. I mean, that's where people are there to work. You know, I always say L.A. is this slow? No, L.A., everyone's like, oh, you're great. You're fabulous. Let's have lunch. Let's have another lunch. Let's have another lunch to talk about the last lunch and talk about the next lunch.


Whereas New York, they're like in your face. Nope, can't help you. But I know someone who can or yes, I can help you. And then it actually gets done. And at that time it was the beauty capital of the world that's for all the makeup labs were that's for all the beauty editors were. That's for all the PR firms were. That's where all the big morning shows were being shot. And so I started going pretty regularly.


And then in true New York fashion, which I wasn't used to being brought up in San Diego, where San Diego, it's like, are you a nice person? Great. Let's go to the beach and eat a taco, you know, and have a beer. Whereas in New York, the senior producer came up to me and she's like, why the F am I flying you out here first class? I'm putting you up in a suite. We're paying you.


And like anyone can talk about what you're talking about, what makes you so different. So I was like, oh, my God. You know, first of all, I was shocked, but somehow it kicked in. And I'm like, America is the greatest melting pot in the world. Nobody's talking about all these skin tones that were are being born minute by minute. And then Indian women have the most gorgeous traffic stopping shiny here. Chinese women never age.


Brazilian women have these amazing bodies. And it's not genetics. It's all these amazing beauty secrets that have been passed down for centuries. So I immediately carved out a very distinct voice and a niche in a super saturated industry. And I went on and it hit and I started being this global beauty girl that went on all these talks. I mean, every syndicated talk show you can imagine talking about, like the ten best kept secret from around the world, how to work with, you know, Indian skin with hyper pigmentation, dark circles.


And then I became a spokesperson for everybody from Nike. I helped them launch their Bollywood shoe to Chapstick, to L'Oreal, to Revlon, I mean, you name it. And then I got a this just through, like, you know, doing things constantly.


Plus networking on the side. You're getting your lead, you're getting the work done, and you're just building just this brand tunnel vision.


Ranvir, like I was on a path and there was no stopping me. So I got a book deal and it was to write a book on all these beauty secrets. So then I spent the next two years traveling the world and meeting the most amazing women and finding out that it didn't matter if you were like in your Rolls-Royce in Beverly Hills or you're in a village in, you know, Somalia with no rights, no running water, no electricity. But the need to look like Jaylo and have that same glow, that beauty is truly this universal language.


And just how people went about it to look and feel beautiful was through all of these amazing, you know, recipes that when you leave the U.S. and India is the perfect example. It's a very proactive approach to beauty, like your drinking, your, you know, Holby water or your, you know, golden milk, your oil in your hair twice a week. Whereas in the U.S. you're like, oh, gosh, I have a zit. I need to run to Sephora and get something.


So what I learn everywhere else in the world, they had a beauty pantry in their kitchen. Everything started with food. Right?


So I wrote my book and then I met an attorney who is working with Russell Simmons and Kimmorley Simmons. And he's like, you're not going to make any money on your book. You need to start a brand. So I was just like laying in bed one night and I'm like, no one's doing global beauty. So I decided to launch a global beauty brand. I went to this lab and I'm like, I want to do a coconut on my hand, blah, blah, blah.


And they're like, what are you talking about? But luckily, there was a guy from Kerala at the end of the table named Muhammad, and he's like, Oh, no, no, no, I know what he's talking about.


And then he came up to me, it's like, I'm going to help you. I'm like, great. So within, like, two weeks, like, QVC was like, we want you on. I'm like, I don't want to be on QVC. It's not going to be good for my brand. They're like, we don't care. We're going to take 10000 pieces of your hair oil. I'm like, OK, they put me in the business.


And then Sephora came calling. And Sarfaraz like, we don't want any of your beauty secrets. We love the fact that you're, you know, an Indian Hollywood makeup artist. You understand skin tone. We want you to do makeup line. So I launched my first brand in QVC, Sephora. I remember talk about the power of manifestation. I remember looking at a Victoria's Secret catalog going, oh, my God, my brand is so sexy. I need to be in Victoria's Secret.


Ranveer, I went to lunch, I came back, I opened up my email and it was an email from Victoria's Secret saying, We think you're a very sexy brand and should be part of Victoria's. A secret, so we ended up becoming the third best selling know, the first best selling mascara of a third party brand, they didn't take other brands. We did so well, we would get our own page, you know, in all of their advertising.


And then I launched.


I just like the I like to add for the listeners that there's a lot more manifestation stories in this story.


So this is just the first bit. Good and bad. Good and bad. Yeah. So good and bad.


You know, OK, let's let's highlight let's highlight like the other side of things. I know that there was a lot of turmoil in your personal life while you were building out this business. And I know like I mean, I spoke to you probably less than a year ago, and you still have that kind of file. You still want to keep building things.


So, you know, someone said that whenever human beings have that kind of file within them, there is something that they're trying to escape, for lack of a better word. I'm trying to escape like my childhood as well. So that's the question I'd like to ask you while you're building all these things. What is it that you're running away from as well?


Oh, God, that is such a good question. Nobody's ever asked me that. Nobody's ever see. I haven't looked at it that way. I have known since I was 19 what I need to do. And no matter what I've gone through and it's been like, you know, shitty women that are jealous that I've tried to, like, you know, stop me. It's been investors that have sexually harassed me and bullied and, you know, racist racism.


But what I've always thought of is that it's my talent, when you can take my money, you can take my whatever, you can't take my talent and I know clear as day what my purpose is. The journey has definitely revealed that. Now, what am I running away from? I don't know, maybe it's that I did have a very, you know, conflicted childhood. You know, I had a lot of tragedy happened, actually. My my grandparents were killed when I was in my teens.


They were they were murdered. And that was and still unsolved. But we have an idea of what happened that very, very much affected my family, especially my mom. You know, I had a lot of bullying, like I said, first from the boys, then from the first I was too ugly, then I was too pretty. So, you know, there's never been this, like, equilibrium of like, OK, can you just bully me for anything other than, like, either being a really ugly girl or being a pretty girl?


I don't know. I don't know that you know what? Now you've got me like into a deep thought, I've got to really look at that because maybe I am running or maybe I'm just so determined that, you know, I know what I'm here to do on this earth and I know that it has to happen. And now, you know, I'm a firm believer that hindsight is 20/20. That's why I was excited about this year, by the way.


I was like, oh, 2020 is the year. And it actually has been the year of reveals. Right. So that hindsight has come into play. But I can look back and there is no way I would be where I am today with this huge mission to empower women globally, but especially the girls in India. Had I not gone through some of the just horrific, you know, experiences of trials and tribulations as an entrepreneur and even just personally through, you know, people just being really abusive, I'm a very kind person.


I have an exceptionally big heart. And I think that sometimes that's very much abused and taking taken advantage of. But, you know, that's part of growth and evolving as a person is learning to set those healthy boundaries around that, to protect yourself. And I think as you get older, you really realize that, you know, not everyone is privileged enough to have access to that energy. So this has been the year that I really feel it back in.


I feel like this is for me getting to know you a bit. I would like to answer that question for you about what you're running away from. Tell me. I feel like I mean, I know about the darkness that you've been through. I don't know how comfortable you are speaking on the podcast. I'm not going to ask you direct questions about it, but I know you've been through things that would break other people and probably the fact that you've got good parenting, as well as the fact that you have a massive spiritual side to yourself.


We're both members of ISIS. We're both, you know, like your grandfather. Munsey's is a guru for both of us. But I know that side of you as well. And that's probably where you would draw strength from 100 percent. So I feel like you're running you're running away from not being able to set an example to your process. You're trying to set an example of human will and you're trying to live up to that standard that you've set for yourself, because you know that if other people went through the same thing you've gone through, they probably would have broken.


But you're continuously going and that's why you're trying to take things as far as it gets. That's how I read it. I might be wrong again. Maybe you have something else to do. But just from the outside looking in, it feels like this.


So when I was building my first brand, I felt like I had put every ounce of every cell of every thought, every breath, every energy had all gone to build this brand. I was fundraising and this is back in 05. So this is before, you know, social media.


This is before the Internet. This is before I got Internet. Internet was there. But it was before, like, you know, startup grind and all these resources where you could learn how to, you know, be part of this great, you know, community. There was no community back then. And I remember trying to find women to help me.


Very competitive, and I never met a woman in the boardroom, I never met a woman when I was fundraising, I had a lot of these male investors want to fly me on their jet to close the deal in Paris Party on their yacht. And, you know, and I didn't want to play that way. I was not raised with those values, nor for me. And maybe it's something that I put on myself to make my life a little bit more difficult.


I don't know. I was like, I'm going to do it. I'm doing it my way and I'm going to maintain those morals and values that I have is going to be harder. And I would have guys try to kiss me. And meeting, I mean, was so inappropriate. Show up in white bathrobes with no underwear on. And I'm like, this is I've got a profitable company. So I remember telling one of my champions, I'm like, I can't raise the money.


I just have these guys that want to sleep with me or, you know, it's ridiculous and I can't find any women to help me.


So he introduced me to a guy who introduced me to a guy and I got a really bad vibe, so this is my biggest life lesson and why I'm also very.


Determined to make sure no woman has to go through this, so I went, you know, I had a bad gut feeling, I walked away, I'm like, no, I'm not going to do business with this guy. During that time, I was also going through a divorce, so I very much Ranvir the Blacksheep. I married a blonde haired, blue eyed guy, pissed off my parents. He excuse me, he was great. But then when I divorced the blonde haired, blue eyed guy that my parents were very upset with me, like, how could you disgrace us again?


You know, but it just wasn't the right marriage. And I knew that. And I think I probably, you know, got married for the wrong reasons. It was like the lesser of the evils that I was being presented with. So, you know, and he was my best friend at the time. But it just we grew apart. And so I was going through divorce and I was approached by this investor and we had a huge launch coming.


And I'm like, how are we going? How are we going to actually be able to support this launch? I went against my gut and I took the funding and it was the most. It was the worst thing I could have ever done, I mean, it was like karma, a life lesson, like you should never go against your got your gut is like your sixth sense. It's your angels. It's your group. Is everybody telling you, no, no, no.


But I did. And then it just you know, it was absolutely the wrong partner. There was a lot of inappropriate behavior and it ended up costing me my brand that I had worked years and years and was on fire for. And I came out of that and I was so devastated, like I felt like I was broken into a million pieces physically, emotionally, financially, professionally. And I was really trying to find myself.


That, though, is when my spiritual side opened up and I remember one of my distributors calling me and he's like, you're under psychic attack.


And I'm like, I don't know what that means. And he's like and he's like, call this woman in Hawaii and have her do this ceremony on you and tell her Sparkle. Thank you. And I'm like, who's sparkly? Because it doesn't matter, just color.


And so I called this woman and I'm like, OK, hi.


Sparkle sent me in and out. And she's like, OK, you know, you got past life history with this guy. You know all you've got four past lives with this guy. And I'm like, you know, let's get rid of him. So she called on Archangel Michael. And, you know, my parents, I was raised going to self realisation, fellowship, permanency. Yogananda has been my guru since I was two. And we're fortunate enough in San Diego to live ten minutes from where he wrote Autobiography of a Yogi is just Ranvir.


When you come, I want to take you there.


Oh, yes, the full place in the world, like you walk in and the vibration just comes. It's incredible. So anyways, the one great thing about my parents is that we traveled so much, my mom would always want to visit any house of worship. It didn't matter where we were. It was we were taught respect all religions, you know, God is God. It's your relationship. So I had that wonderful upbringing to be very open minded.


So this woman called an Archangel Michael. I didn't know who he was, but we did the ceremony. And then my husband now Tony, he's the other Indian, so he's the father to my daughter. So we have a production company called Daughton Father. He had taken me to a very spiritual place near Los Angeles. You mean.


You mean he's. So for the listeners, I just want to give some context that she's talking about D.C., Indian and Native American Indian. Exactly. Exactly. I just just want to put it up. So he takes me to a really spiritual place just to get out of L.A. He's like, look, you just let's get you out of here. And we need gone to bookstore's this beautiful, beautiful little town called Ohi, very spiritual. There's a lot of ashram's there.


When you go in the spring, it's it's almost like you're smelling heaven because the orange blossoms are blooming so much that when the wind blows, all you can smell is or it's it's just it's divine as I'm going to say, it's it's just an incredible experience. So we went and we read a book store for about three hours and then on the way out, Tony looked at me and he's like, did you find anything? And I'm like, No, I didn't find any books.


Let's go. But right at the exit with a book that said The Miracles of Archangel Michael. So I'm like, oh, you know what? This woman just called on this this angel. I don't know who he is. Let me buy the book. So it turns out he's the patron saint. He's the policeman angel. He's the biggest protector. He's got a sword. He slashes bad energy. And so we come home and that night and I have not, by the way, shared this story with anyone.


So you are the first and public story that I'm sharing this with. We came home and I was like a read this book.


And so I close the book and I'm like, OK, Archangel Michael, my name Shalini. Even Vdara. This is what's going on. I need your help. And that night we went to sleep and about one a.m. I hear a click and all the bedroom lamps had turned on.


So I sat up in bed and I woke up, Tony, and I'm like, Why did you turn all the lights on? He's like, I didn't turn any lights on. And I'm like, No, you turn the lights on. And he goes, I didn't hear anything on. So he gets up, he shuts all the lights off. He's like, go to sleep, you know, you're just freaking out. So I went to sleep.


I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest and. I'm like, OK, if that was you, I need you to do it again, otherwise I have completely had a nervous breakdown. I'm hallucinating. It's cool. I've been under a lot of stress.


This is this is weird. And as soon as I said do it again, the lamps turned on again, Ranvir and I freaked out.


I was so scared. And Tony and Tony, being Native American and indigenous, he really believes in energy. So he's like, look, there's maybe something here. Just welcome it. Don't be scared. So I of course, I was freaked out. The next day I was flying to New York to do the Dr. Oz Show. And he is like, look, now maybe maybe you've got these, like, angels with you and you've got some guy who's coming with you, like, don't be scared.


I was scared. So I slept with the light on the entire night, the first night in New York. But when I woke up, there was two white feathers by my bedside table. So at that point I was like, I know I'm divinely protected and guided. And no matter what's going to happen, I know without any hesitation that there is going to be an invisible net to catch me. And I think that's why I fearlessly go out and do what I do, because I know what I'm here on this earth to do.


And I definitely want to make sure that no woman has to go through what I went through with my first business. You know, I get a lot of especially South Asian women. I don't know why, but they're always like, why are you so honest? Like, why didn't you just say you were quiet or, you know, say this? And I'm like, why would I do that?


You know, you learn so much from your failures. Like, those are master teachers. You know, if I don't share those experiences with other women and I consult so many, you know, girls that are getting into business and you'll be like, oh, my God, I'm going to get funded. But they want 55 percent of my company. And I'm like, and I'm like, yeah, but that means they can fire you. But it's OK.


We're under an employment agreement. I'm like, but that means they can fire you from your own company, you know? And so I want to make sure that women are protected and that we're able to create a tribe to support each other. And so that kind of started this amazing spiritual path.


And that I got to I got I got to bring back the whole social conversation and give the listeners some context. OK, this is this honestly meeting Shalini was a big spiritual moment for me as well, because I remember the day I met you, I think I'd had a very rough week. I either just broken up or I was very, very intense. Yeah, I was like, super demotivated, sad. And we started talking very randomly. And then you took me out to this almost balcony and then you started to see what you take.


I have a conversation with.


So I took you out to the balcony. And I think somehow Autobiography of a Yogi came up. I didn't bring it up. And I'm usually the guy who brings it up. But you brought it up. And then I was like, you know, are you serious? Did you just see Autobiography of a Yogi? That's my that's my book. That's what I talk about on my podcast. And then you told me, yeah, he's my family guru.


And I was like, Really? And then you told me these stories about Archangel Michael and you told me all the other spiritual stories and experiences you what? I'd also love for the listeners to hear about your lightning story and all that. But I also just want to add one nugget of information, which is, you know, you you said something very interesting about your husband and how Native American culture believes in energies. Native American culture has a lot of parallels with Indian yogic culture.


In fact, Sadhguru is actually doing this trip in America right now. He's doing this road trip. And a big part of the reason he's there is that he's studying Native American spirituality and he's talking about how there are so many battles while they called things angels. We all have our own version of angels, which are called astral bodies. And when we say, OK, so and so Guru is with me, it's basically a form of that. And for a super skeptical listeners, I just want to put it out there that these are things that you need to experience to believe.


And when we say that, OK, you know, there's an angel or a positive energy in you, it's beyond human articulation. So you really got to speak to the people who've had experiences. And we're not nobodies. I feel like we've done something with ICAO's. So we're you know, we have that side to us as well. But I'm going to allow you to continue on this spiritual tangent that this conversation has gone on. What what what happened after that?


Well, funny, but really quick. I mean, we we met Seth Garou a few years ago, and he was like, Tony, come to India and ride motorcycles with me. So, you know, we had a great experience. And he's he's amazing. I love him. He's like such a cool guru, you know what I mean? So he's got, like, got it going on. But yeah. So, you know, I just continue to have interesting experiences.


Like every time I think of Archangel Michael, things that happen, even like I'd get a message on my phone saying Arcangel. Michael's now following on Twitter, and I'm like, get the hell out of town. This is great. You know, like, how am I? So but then, you know, it took me a few years Ranveer to really kind of process what had happened. I had worked tirelessly for this brand and it was so successful.


And so I remember I now moved from San Diego to L.A. Tony and I were married, you know, we got married at Lake Shrine, by the way, by the highest monk. It was amazing. And he never he broke his vow of performing marriages just for us. And we were actually the last wedding performed on the Lake is beautiful. So I have to send you some pictures. Yeah, but I wanted to find yoga.


And in L.A., yoga is power, yoga, hot yoga. I want strong body yoga. And I'm like, I need mental yoga. I need yoga here, not here.


And I ended up falling and finding this Korean yoga by my house. It was right by LAX Airport. And I'm like, oh, let me go check it out. Oh, it changed my entire life. It was incredible. I mean, it's all about, you know, this idea of how cool mind open, heart warm. They call it dongjun, which is your gut area. So it's all about water up, fire down. So when you're got fire up here, you're hot headed, you're emotionally attached.


You're not able to think without, you know, a lot of attachment. But when you're cool minded, you can look at things more from an observational standpoint and you've got that ability to have a little bit more control over your emotional body. So that was one thing to a lot of tapping. So, you know, I learned that we hold so much emotion and sadness and, you know, trauma in our chest area.


So it was a lot of like learning how to tap and then like sweeping off all of that energy, a lot of energy work and then brainwave vibration, which was life changing for me because I have a very difficult time sitting there and just trying to meditate. I can't do it. Like, I start thinking about eight million things, the brainwave vibration, you're doing it while you're tapping the body.


You're bringing a lot of energy, but you're moving your head side to side and you end up going into this incredible zone where you you're imagining throwing out thoughts that don't serve you right up.


There goes that thought. That doesn't serve me. That doesn't serve me.


You're also mixing brain fluids on your, you know, brainstem. So very healing. I loved it.


It was life changing for me. And I remember the time master came up to me and she said, oh, our master is coming from Korea. We usually don't ask people to meet him, but would you like to meet him? I said, Yeah, I would love to. In fact, I want to maybe include some of his modalities in my next book. It's and it's been a life changer is completely healed me all this. You know, you're doing you so much energy in your hands after tapping that you start doing an energy dance and pushing all this good energy into your body.


So after 90 minutes of doing this bend area, like, I can change the world, I can conquer the world, like there's no negative energy that's going to come near me.


Right. You're just just like light being walking around. You're like, let's go. So he ended up coming there like, you know, you can't interview him. He doesn't do that. But, you know, we'll see what we can do. Oh, my God. So anyway, after he spoke, they said, oh, he's going to see you. And I'm like, oh, that's amazing. So he ended up taking me into this other room.


They had prepared a beautiful tea for us. And he doesn't speak English. So he's like, why are you why are you writing this book? Why do you want to take my modalities? Are you going to credit me? What do you know? Very stern. And I was like, whoa, this is crazy. This is hardcore. So I told him, you know, a little bit about what I had gone through and that I was really having a hard time trying to navigate that kind of traumatic experience.


And he threw his head back and he laughed like it was the funniest thing he had ever heard. And Tony goes, it's not funny. It was actually she was quite devastated from, you know, what went through. She had, like, no support from women and, you know, all this stuff. And he said no opportunity. And he said, can I bless you? So, you know, I'm I'm never going to say no to a blessing.


I'm like, yes, please bless me. And so he had me sit beneath him and he put his hand on my head and he said, it's my intention and mother's intention you're going to change the world, but you already know that.


And then he left and then all the Koreans were crying and they were trying to touch me because apparently he doesn't bless that many people. I had no idea. He's like one of the top fifteen spiritual leaders in the world. So I was like, I didn't know what was going on and. I went about my way now fast forward about a year, year and a half, and I'm still struggling Ranveer like I am such an empathetic person and I'm such a sentimental person that I hold a lot inside.


Like, I, I just feel a lot of emotion, a lot, you know. And so I was still struggling and I remember going to my yoga class and having a vision of this guy and he's like everything I'm doing, he's doing it in front of me. And I'm like shaking my head going, this guy's not even here. I don't know why I'm having such a strong vision. Next morning, my phone's ringing, ringing, ringing.


I don't recognize the number, so I don't answer it. I wake up around eight, eight thirty and I have all these text messages. Shanny urgent. Please call wake up. Your destiny is calling urgent. Please call Chellaney. So I call this number and it's a woman in Sedona, Arizona which Ranveer you have to go to Sedona. It's magic. It's the most incredible energy you will ever feel.


It has the most vortexes in the world, which is that tornadic energy under the ground. So the trees that are on that vortex grow twisted, but the trees right next it'll be completely straight. It's amazing and it's absolutely beautiful. Please look it up. It's gorgeous. So she calls me, she goes, you know, a master came to our house for thirty. He said he tapped into your energy, was coming at the speed of light, but she didn't have enough energy to support it.


He needs to see you today. So I'm thinking it's L.A. again. So, like, absolutely. When she goes now, I'm like, OK, where she goes Sedona. I'm like, oh, I can't come to sit down today. It means I have to take a flight and I've got meetings. I have a birthday party tonight. She's like, don't be an idiot. This guy is willing to take responsibility for your emotional well-being, your physical well-being.


You know, she's like, you're crazy. So I called Tony and he was driving. I said, I have to go to Sedona. He's a great book, a flight go. And I'm like, I don't want to go by myself. He's like, I'm not going with you because you have the craziest stuff happen to you. Because, you know, I don't know what's going on at the spiritual side of yours, but it's crazy. And I'm like, no, no, no.


I go, we have to drive. And he's like, no, he goes, it's it's eleven, ten, eleven hours of driving because we can't drive. I'm like, I feel compelled to drive. I we have to drive. I'll arrange everything. We have two cute little doggies. I'm like I'll make sure somebody watches the dog. I'll pack a bag for you. Like as soon as you get home we're just going to get in the car and drive.


And he goes, Do you know where we're going? I'm like, they gave me an address. He goes, Do you know what it is? I'm like, No, it's just blind faith go. So we did we got in the car. We started our ten hour drive. No idea what was ahead of us. And on the way there, we saw the most incredible, beautiful clouds and colors in the sky. And then out of nowhere, it just turned into this magnificent lightning storm, like sideways lightning, multiple bolt bolts.


And I hadn't seen anything like that since my childhood in Kenya. So I'm like, oh, my God, this is so beautiful.


So I took my phone, which was plugged in the car and I was shooting video. And then our car got struck by lightning. And because my phone was plugged in to the car, I just started to feel this like the only way I can describe it is like somebody was injecting my body with hot fire acid. It just started to crawl down my left side.


Meanwhile, my husband's pulled over. People are pulling over to make sure we're OK. This side of my face is like paralyzed, you know, it's like drooping. Can't feel my hands and feet. Everyone's like, you have to go to the hospital, Shalini, you know, let's call an ambulance. And I'm like, no, we have to we have to get to Sedona. We have three more hours.


I think if I feel for, you know, and I was like nauseous and I felt horrible, but I just was like, we need to get to this place. So we drove. And when we arrived, the Korean master looked at me and he said, Do you know why I called you here with his translator? And I said, yes, to charge my energy. And I started laughing because I had literally just been charged. And he's like, yes, that was for you.


That was for your brain. Everything you've gone through in your life, you've done to yourself and you know exactly why. And I'm like, no, no, no, no. There's no way I would go through a divorce. There's no way I would build a beautiful brand to not have that brand. There's no way. There's no way. There's no way. And he just smiling and he goes, no, you did it to yourself. And you know exactly why.


And I'm like, I do not know why. I'm and so he said here, you know, here are four things I need you to do. The one that sticks in my head every single day is positive mind equals positive life, that no matter what's going on in your life, you have the ability to recreate a new story and change and that will shift your energy right, he said. The fifth thing is your homework. You'll know at the end of the weekend.


And he looked at Tony and he said, Tony, I want you to take her to this mountain and you need to hike to this mountain after sunset and before sunrise. And he says, Chellaney, at the end of the weekend, you'll know exactly what you need to do. And that was it. I didn't see him again. So we hiked to the mountain. There was no rain, nothing but the mountain that we were supposed to hike to.


There was a rainbow coming from the top of it. So we were like, OK, that's random. And then it was starting to get dark. So I don't hike and then I don't hike at night. So there was like, you know, what I thought were big blackbirds, which were bats, you know, there was all kinds of noise. I was getting very scared and I almost passed out at one point because the vortex energy was too much for me.


I was just like, I don't know what was going on in me. And Tony was looking at me going, I don't know what is going on. You're like, are you OK?


I don't know.


And so we get to the base of the mountain and Tony looks at me and he's like, I have to go.


I'm like, I'm like, where? Where do you have to go? Like, we've never been here before and you can't leave me because, like, what if there's a coyote or a mountain lion? Like, I am so stressed out, you know, where it's dark and I don't like this. And he's like, I'm sorry, I have to go. So he leaves he ends up seeing his father, who had passed away three years prior and has an entire conversation with his dad, finds a wedding ring on the mountain random.


I'm sitting there in beer and I'm like, oh, my God, I'm so scared, I don't like it, I don't like and I'm just staring at this mountain and then I'm like, OK, I'm here like that. I get a message. And to this day, I have no idea who it was. I don't know if it was God. I don't know if it was my soul. I don't know if it was a mountain. I don't know if it was a Korean master, but it was a man's voice.


And it had taken me from my journey from being born to that day and why I had experienced everything I had experienced. And it rocked me so hard that I just cried for like hours and hours and hours because it was so much truth. And I'm sorry I'm getting emotional, but it was that much truth that came to me. And I was like, oh, my God, you know, this is why this is why I've lived my life this way.


This is ridiculous. So anyways, after having a good cry for in which, by the way, now just a side note, when I do retreats in Sedona and I bring 40 to 60 women, they spend the first two days crying. So whatever the energy is there, it's to purge like everything that you're keeping inside. So then the next morning we go for another hour, sunrise hike. And this time the woman who had called me goes comes with us and she goes, you know, Master wanted me to come with you.


He wanted me to show you these mountains. She's showing me them. But my head keeps getting pulled this way. And I said, I'm so sorry. Is it OK if I turn around and she goes, she goes, you have to listen to everything that's going on. Just turn around. So I turn around. There's another mountain. So the first mountain, Bell Rock, very spiritual mountain. Turned out it's a masculine mountain. So that's why I heard a man's voice.


When I turned around and saw courthouse beaute, I got a woman's voice and it's the female mountain. I didn't know that till years later. I'm like, Oh, how interesting. And the message was everything that was coming from that day forward and how strong I needed to be and how I needed to be able to navigate through the narrows of life.


Just like her trails where now it was a very interesting message I got and it just came to me immediately.


I'm like, you know what? I know exactly what I need to do. I need to empower women on a much deeper level than lipstick and mascara like lipstick and mascara is great. But why aren't women supporting each other? Why do they tear each other down? They're worse to each other than men are to them, you know? So I want to create a platform called Power Beauty Living, where you get to power up your business mentorship for women by women.


You get to power up your beauty. So you've got unmatched confidence, unmatched leverage, and you get to power up your life with thirty minutes of all these amazing modalities. So that makes you a little warrior mentality.


So I was so excited. I wanted to tell this group I figured it out. I know what I need to do. But he'd done his job. He came in and then he disappeared. So I went home to L.A. and I'm like, I'm going to throw a little party. I thought maybe 20 of my friends would come.


One hundred and seventy five women showed up. Eight women got jobs within a year. The United Nations contacted me and had me speak on the floor of the U.N. and launch it globally to three hundred and fifty country heads, diplomats and CEOs. So I knew at that point this was part of my journey.


This was this was the next path. And then I got people were like, let's get you back into beauty. So I launched my next brand called Passport to Beauty, where was based on my book. And I was traveling the world, shooting all these amazing beauty secrets and then going into a lab and taking those secrets, marrying them with modern day technology and bringing them to your doorstep. Then I started getting calls from, like Paramount saying, hey, the Baywatch movie is coming out.


We want you to create the entire brand Turner Classic Movies. We have a library of thousands of movies. Can you create brands around them? So I started creating brands for a lot of companies. And then out of nowhere in twenty seventeen, I found out I was receiving the Mahatma Gandhi Award. So I flew to London. It was at the British House of Lords. It was an incredible life experience I saw. I'm going to say it just we didn't even know if it was real Ranvir on the plane.


And Teddy is like, is this for real? And I'm like, I don't know. Either way. Either way, we'll have a good Kabab in London. We'll have some good TV, you know, but we flew there and, you know, it was an incredible event. And I was very honored to receive the Mahatma Gandhi Award for my work in women empowerment and Beauty. And then I happened to come back.


I go to China, I go to dilute, I go to Duilio back. OK, by the way, I look at it, your life is I won't be going smoothly. But it was going well then you had like sort of, you know, a low moment, which is where you discovered your spirituality. But it seems to me like this experience you had on the mountain of that voice speaking you, that was the big turning point for you.


Something like I mean, if. I know don't don't share what the words will exactly, but what was the gist of it like? What did it give you? How did it change you into the next version of you? So when I was raised by an exceptionally trusting father, everything's in good faith. When you promise somebody something, it's your word. It served me well as a human being.


It was the horrible, horrible advice business. You know what I mean? Because not everybody has that value system.


But I think from being bullied so much, you know, it really put me into a lot of depression as a teenager, a young adult, and then also being really misunderstood for being between two cultures, having very strict parents. I was kind of reckless like I did, put a lot of care and thought I just was like, well, go and see what happens. And it's all going to be fine because I'm such a trust.


Everybody, you know, and I lived very recklessly in that aspect of just not having a filter to know that maybe not everyone's on the same wavelength.


And also that I did do need I didn't need to do my diligence. I did need to do a little bit of research and not take everybody at face value what they were saying. And so that made me realize that, you know, at what point do you start really caring about yourself?


And it's and it's not a selfish thing like I was taught that if you put yourself first is very selfish, you know, as a as an Indian girl, if you if you have an opinion and you raise your voice and you rock the boat, that is absolutely unacceptable.


You are not supposed to have an opinion. You are not supposed to speak up. You are not supposed to rock the boat. So I didn't even when I went through what I went through with my first company, I mean, now I look back, I should tell that guy to go take a fucking hike, to be honest. And I apologize for my language. But, you know, I was still very much in that, you know, that's not how I was raised and that did not serve me well.


And so a lot of that was revealed to me in that message. I got that look, this is this is not serving you living this way. And and by the way, we got you, you know, from a spiritual level, I just go, you're fine. We're we we're here to help you.


And so that did make me a little bit more I feel like it was a loss of innocence. Maybe that's why I cried so hard. It was a massive loss of innocence, of realizing, oh, wait, this bubble I've lived in, thinking it's supposed to be this way is one hundred percent not true. And, you know, we do need to come together and support each other sincerely. And I think that we can create like minded groups of women that would do that.


And so that really kind of put me on this path of being really concerned about what other women were going through and making sure that they didn't have to kind of go through what I went through. And that's really once I launched the women's platform, I was starting to take 40 to 60 women. A lot of, you know, media executives, women who were running these big studios in Hollywood, very uptight, stressed out women. They would get to Sedona to these retreat grounds and they'd be like, when's dinner?


What's going on? You know, let's relax. And like they come on Friday, by Saturday, they'd spend the entire day crying. I don't know why I can't stop crying, Chellaney. I don't know why I can't stop crying. And, you know, there were all these beautiful vortexes on this property. Some of the vortexes are even like naturally shaped into hearts. I mean, it's so beautiful there. And, you know, what they say about Sedona is Sedona.


The vibration of Sedona literally shakes the shit off of you that is not serving your highest purpose. It shakes you to the core. To where? Yeah, you are going to probably cry and purge stuff that you've been holding on to your entire life. But you're also going to have this massive reveal that's going to make you have a better understanding of self. Right. And I think that's the most important thing in your life, is learning to understand yourself.


That's how you can serve other people better just by being there. You just go there and like things start happening. You spend time there.


I want to take you there. I want to take you there and be because I know you'll be open to feeling that energy. And there's different areas. You know, there's, I think, thirty one vortexes in the world.


New Zealand has a lot of them. Twenty one of them are in Sedona, 11 of them are on this retreat ground.


It's magic. It's so weird that you're seeing this. So I did an introduction with Sadhguru recently where we are to his his team requested me to send in a question. And my question to him was, what have you discovered about Native American culture, that Indian spirit? What we can learn from it and his answer basically was a good question, but you need to visit these places to discover for yourself and then you're telling me the same thing. And this is what spirituality does.


Do you know your next few spiritual steps in life because of these incidents that happened to you?


Yeah, and it's like it is life and soul changing. I mean, it affects you at a social level. And, you know, once that happened, when we were like, I knew I'm like, I have no control or I have no say in my life, I completely surrendered.


I'm like, God, you know what I can do really well. Use me now for how you want me to help this world. Just here.


I'm here. I'm yours. Like, I'm not even going to try to control this. I'm not. And once I completely surrendered to that, knowing that I was divinely protected, that's when I get this award. Then I happen to come to India three months later. I hadn't been to India in ten years, but it was my last cousin's wedding in Punjab. And I'm like, I'm not missing this wedding in Chandigarh. I got to go. Came to India.


Government was waiting for me in Delhi. Next thing I know, the day I arrived, you know, these officials are, you know, pinning me with a beautiful gold map of India. I have this gorgeous Ganesh painting painted for me. And then next thing I know, I'm sitting down with the Supreme Court, people from Congress, all these ministers of social empowerment and justice, education and transportation and me.


And they're like, Shalini, we feel you've reached your full potential as an Indian woman. Now, please come help our girls, help help them reach theirs. So I said, OK, thank you. Left, had a great wedding, had a great time in India, came home. You know, it was in my mind, but I, I didn't want to just go and do another. Oh let's find an ingredient, make it Fairtrade or let's go put a village into work.


So I didn't really move on it.


And then, you know, six months later I get a call from one of the government officials and he's like, Shalini, we need you to come to London, to the House of Commons. We're giving you one hour to talk about what you're going to do for India.


So I was like, okay, they're serious. And I'm kind of bored with beauty. It's like all influenza's putting their name on eyeshadow palettes. Like there's got to be more to beauty. I know through my travels that beauty is so much more than skin deep. So how do we use beauty as a vehicle for global change? And so I saw that Amazon had now entered India.


They were putting a lot of investment and beauty going back all the way back to college.


When I wrote that business plan of taking a brand to India, I'm like, oh, this is going to democratize beauty in India.


And then I just decided to call a lot of NGOs. I'm like, if I'm going to come to India, then let's shake shit up. Let's not just do something that everyone else is doing. Let's let's make some generational change. Let's really impact.


And every NGO I called this, I kept getting the same story. It didn't matter if I was calling somebody in Calcutta. Did it matter if I was calling somebody in Odisha? I didn't matter if I was calling somebody in Delhi. Same story, Shalini. These girls get to the age of 15. They have no access to education. There's really a lack of vocational training. They don't have a lot of opportunities for a good future. So I flew to London and I decided to take everything I had learned in my career, everything from beauty colours for Indian skin empowerment, my journey.


And I proposed that I would create a beauty brand called Ready Set.


Yet so instead of me bringing the world to your doorstep, it's for every wanderlust you're out there that wants to experience the world.


And we would scale the brand globally and also bring products to India that, you know, these girls, what they're looking at all the same social media I am but didn't have access to it was too expensive. And then we would take part of the proceeds from those products and we would start going into some of these marginalized communities, disenfranchised communities, slums, villages, and we would still train in vocationally train these girls how to become professional makeup artist, how to become beauty content creators.


I mean, you're a huge inspiration for so many people that want to be a content creator. I mean, you are amazing, right? Think of how many people you're impacting on a daily basis, you know, so giving them the tools, the skills, the learning and allowing them to be part of a global community. So that allows them to kind of up, class up, you know, mentally. Right. It's important to have as much mental stimulation as you're having with your professional stimulation.


So I proposed it. Everybody loved it. And then I was like, all right, let me get busy. So I started creating the brand and I was fortunate enough to meet Baroness FERMA from the. In parliament, she's like a bad ass Indian woman, like she is so strong, she's like, you know, I had to fight and I'm here and she's very philanthropic. And so that time I had gone to speak, I met with her and I said I would really like to have you be one of my advisers and help.


And she's like one hundred percent. So she came on and she goes, why don't you change the funding story and just raise from women since you've had all this, you know, sexual harassment and all of this? And I said, you know, that's not a bad idea. So I came home and decided to do something super unconventional. I threw a party at a crystal store because, you know, I love energy. So I'm like, nothing bad can happen here.


There's like twenty thousand crystals in the store. And we raised our first round of funding from 90 percent women. And I would I'll say that the majority of them were first time investors. So we somehow flipped the empowerment story at the top where these women were like, this is the first most important thing I've ever done. This is my first investment. I'm so excited. And they were the most excited about how they could impact the girls in India.


And so then I got to work and we started creating Ready set. Jagt And, you know, here we are. We just launched Amazon India this last week. And I'll show you the products. And we're.


We launched during the pandemic, so as you know, when I met you, it was I was in India earlier this year, January and February came home. We had secured so much distribution and people loved the brand. We got a lot of press. People were so shocked. They're like, how did you know to bring products? Like, nobody's ever done that. I'm like this because they underestimate you guys. They don't understand how savvy Indian women are.


You know, they're smart, they're beautiful. They want to be their best self. Right. So let's bring them the tools to live their best life. No matter what socioeconomic class they're in, you could be wealthy. You still want to look and feel good or you could be, you know, not wealthy. You still want to look and feel good and then have an opportunity to live that life.


So came home locked down, covid locked down. I'm like, all right, now what are we going to do? So against the advice of some of my advisors, they're like, oh, don't launch.


You're going to just be buried. You know, indie brands are going to make it. Don't even try Salani. Just wait out the pandemic. But, you know, there is a rebellious identity, which is why my dad sent me to India when I was 19. I'm like, forget all of you.


We're going to launch so that we like school. I'm like, you know, let's let's launch. Let's do a beta test. Let's learn what these women really want.


Let's let's let them be a part of this brand. And so we did in late June, we decided let's just put it out there. And it was incredible. You know, people were buying multiple products. They love the fact that you could do your entire face and just three products. So we went from being very travel heavy to just make up made easy, super easy. Good for your skin. Vegan cruelty free. Every product, whether it's skin care or makeup, has skin care in it all.


Antipollution, anti aging, anti inflammation, brightening. I'm just beautiful products that took me about a year and a half to make with the chemist. And then something interesting started happening. I started getting a lot of girls from India reaching out to me on Instagram me. Can we do an Instagram live with you? Ciani covid is affected all of us. Shalini, how can we go out there and get a job? And I realized that it didn't matter if you were in a slum, a village, a Tier three, Tier four city, or if you were in Delhi and you had you'd had a job.


Everybody was facing the same situation of, hey, Kovács really affected our ability to work, what are we going to do? And so through that realization, we realized that not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur, but they want to be self-sufficient. They want to be able to support themselves and maybe their families and and grow in their career. So we decided to expand the impact and we created the ready set Jade Academy, which is launching very soon, where you can go take the courses online, be certified as a makeup artist or a beauty content creator.


I'm actually going to have you Ranvir do something with us. I'm content because you're like the mouse, the master. And then we decided to go ahead and launch India. So we just launched on Amazon. We launched Amazon U.S. and we're super excited in twenty twenty one. You know, when some of this covid lifts to come to India and start really, really empowering women with every tool they need. It's like this tool kit for life. Right.


How are you going to be amazing professionally? How do you have confidence to go out there and just do what you want to do? How do you look and feel? Good. And by the way, we know you want to travel the world so you can ready set jet virtually through this academy and work with the top, top experts in their field, whether they're in Barcelona or it's, you know, Julia Roberts and Charlize Theron, celebrity makeup artist in Budapest, or it's, you know, you know, somebody in Beverly Hills on gratitude and mindset.


So we're bringing the top experts from all over the world that will be able to give you those the self learning experiences alongside courses. So you have a choice which way you want to learn. And then it's a community. So you have the ability to go in there and create your own tribes. Because I feel like creating tribe is very important. You need that support system and finding like minded people that understand where you are in your journey, what your goals are and want to help you is game changing.


And so you'll be able to do all of that in the academy.


What's what's the truth about women that men field understand? Like, you know what?


What do the guys not get that if we had our own boys club, we'd kick your butt? I mean, it's my husband tells us all the time they're like women have no we all the men know that if women banded together and created their own club the way boys have their own boys club, you guys would kick our. But, you know, because you have the emotional intelligence, you have the ability to multitask you. There are so many things that women can do better than men, no offense, and it's just a matter of having them come together, you know, and creating support for each other.


And that's what's really missing. And my goal and my desire is to change that where we're able to create communities that really support each other. I mean, you you and I are both spiritual, right? So we understand the world is abundant. There is enough for every person in this world. I mean, you and I could have the exact same brand, exact same products, exact everything. We're still going to we're still going to attract our own customer in our own tribe based on the way we put it out there.


So there's enough for everybody. And I think that this lack based mentality creates fear and this unnecessary competition. And, you know, and it's really kind of ruthless. The women are ruthless with each other the way they compete. And it makes no sense. You know, it's like you actually don't need to be that way. And when you find the right group, it is game changing 100 percent.


What do you think the next Danos holds for, like all the female entrepreneurs in the female workforce of the world, do you think we're going to a better place?


Well, first of all, I'm super excited about the next 10 years. I mean, now you've got female fans. You've got all these resources for women online that never existed before. You've got events when events in person events come back where, you know, you can actually meet women from all over the world. So I'm very optimistic that things are going in the right direction. Now, if you look at what's happened this year in the U.S. alone, funding for women went.


It dropped significantly to two percent. Only two percent of female founded companies are funded in the United States, one percent if you're a minority. So I'm a minority here. And so I have a one percent opportunity to get funded, which is one of the reasons that we're opening up the global crowdfunding for Body Subject. So anyone, anywhere in the world can be an investor, but I'm hoping it's going to be a lot of women. So they also then become fiscally savvy, have the ability to be an investor, to be the part of the growth of something that they're interested in its beauty.


You know, so that's a little disappointing that we've actually gone backwards. It was at seven percent last year. Still not a big number, considering that it's proven that female founded companies perform better than male founded companies. So it's a better return on investment. So in that sense, it's kind of like, hey, what's going on here? But when you look at how much growth there's already been in the last five years alone for women and opportunities, it's just a matter of more strong thought leader women coming together to pave the way.


And I think it's going to be an amazing ten years for women.


Why do you think we see less of that? Like, why do you think there are less women who attend these games? I mean, I'm sure you see it changing, but what's led to them being lesser women in this point? I think women tend to be a little bit more conservative on risk. You know, risk is always a big factor, right? I tend to be a little bit more risk. I don't care. You know, I'm just going to go for it.


That's my personality. Not everybody has that personality. You know, if I fall into Bon Punjabi speaking.


Yeah. If I fall, I'll get up. If I fall, I'll get up, you know, like I'll fall ten times and still get up ten times. So, you know, I just have that very strong personality. But I think it's how do you how do you show women that taking risks are OK? And also how do you show women that failing is OK? I mean, there is something called failing up. And it wasn't until I learned actually from a spiritual therapist, believe it or not, that when I was trying to understand, like what was going on, I'm like, why?


Why would this happen? I don't understand, you know? And he was like, well, you want to empower all these women? Like, how are you going to do that if you've never experienced anything they've gone through? Because now you've gone through how you have experienced loss, you have experienced financial loss, you have experienced abuse, you've experienced bullying, you've experienced experience. He goes now, go now. You can go and empower women because you can do it with the truth that you've been through it, because before you lived in this safe little bubble, how are you going to go out and empower them?


You've no idea what they're going through. And he goes, so you have to look at all these hardships and failures as master teachers that have come into your life to just make you stronger. And I was like, oh, my, talk about an epiphany. So then you don't get upset. You look you look at all these things with gratitude. You're like, thank you. You know, I wouldn't. Where I am now, had I not gone through that, so that actually wasn't as horrific and horrible as I want to make it be in my pity party, woe is me.


I can't believe that happened. Now I'm like, thank you. I wouldn't be here had I not gone there. So so I think for women it's going to be, you know, really having a shift in my in mind. And there's nothing more powerful than knowledge. Right. So I believe knowledge is power.


That's why it's important for us to bring the experience of amazing thought leaders from all over the world, to teach them skills, to teach them tools, to give them inspiration, to give them a community where they know they can do it, too. And we're here to support them. It's scary. And, you know, in India is one of the countries where you've got such a massively higher education rate for women and it just drops, you know, how many women have master's degrees.


And then once they're married, they they don't do anything, you know, their home. So, you know, there's a lot of work to be done from that aspect as well. You know, just having the mental shift that it's OK for women to work. It's OK. It's OK for them to thrive.


You know, this last trip to two of the women, three of the women that have joined my team were doing exceptionally well in their jobs. So, so well, all three of them had to quit when I was running a team of 6000 people, but was getting so harassed by her bosses because she was a strong woman that she had to leave. The other women was doing something for the entire country of India, life changing things for the entire country.


Because she was succeeding so much, she was getting so harassed, her family was afraid for her life. She had to leave. Another woman who's joined our team was doing incredible work with marginalized communities and women in these marginalized communities was supposed to be paid for all her work she had done. But the gentleman that she was working for was like, you know, so hard to leave, you know, said these you know, these are women who are trying.


They are trying. They're successful. They're smart, they're talented, they're savvy, they're kind. They're good women. That brings so much value to a company that, you know, you hear their stories and you're like, this is kind of massive bullshit that because you're successful, you're being punished for that. So that Ranvir is why I wanted to come and be on your podcast. So maybe we can start to shift that mentality that it only brings value to all of us.


We all rise when people rise. Right. It's not a bad thing. It's not a threat. It's none of that. It's for the goodness of all when we give women opportunities like this.




And, you know, women, it's also when you give women content like this, like, I feel like there isn't enough content like this on the Internet. I'm not just saying that from my own personal, selfish perspective. There's a bit of that. But like, I feel more of this stuff needs to be spoken about. Honestly, I got to know about this stuff because of meeting people like yourself, because of meeting people like my co-founder and all these amazing women around me who kind of made me aware of these issues that you don't really consider when you grow up as a guy.


You know, so your reality I mean, at this stage, your reality is entirely different than our reality. You know, like you can go out there and voice your opinion. No problem. If we do it, then, you know, we're making waves and that's just not acceptable.


Yeah. I mean, and I hope that if there's a girl listening to this podcast at this point, I hope you share this one with, like all your girlfriends, all the guys you know as well like this needs to retell out, especially in the Indian urban centers, because I feel like it goes down then the rest of the country through the urban centers. Final question of this podcast is, I know that your knowledge siecle and I know that with the truest knowledge siegler's, you always have knowledge that you're seeking for a professional life, which is one guru of yours.


And then this knowledge that you seek for spiritual growth, which I strongly feel like is the other Correo that every human being has to go through at some point, if not in this book, than probably the next verse. So from both those perspectives of knowledge seeking like one for your professional life and the second for a spiritual life, what would be some daily habits or some knowledge sources that you would recommend? You know, on a very everyday level, where would you direct people?


So professionally? What's been the biggest surprise for me this year is that my my best networking and my best. Learning has come from Twitter, you wouldn't think that, however, it has been a game changer for me in being able to have direct access to best in class people. So I think you're following people that you admire, you know, people that you aspire to be like people that can teach you a skill that you might not know you have access to, even talking to them.


And there's been quite a few really well known authorities in business and fundraising and whatnot that I have just direct message saying, hey, you know, I saw your tweet. I feel like you could actually give me some advice. Is it OK if I could spend 20 minutes talking to you? I have not received one. No, I have had the opportunity to not only speak to these people, but to develop relationships with them. And you and I both know that the saying of it's not what you know, it's who you know, what it is, what you know.


So that's incorrect. But it is also who you know. I mean, building network is so important. So spending time every day to try to expand your network is very important with like minded people, no matter what you're doing that if you're a teacher, find and find more teachers that you can connect with and do that. If it's in beauty, then find other people in beauty that you can connect with. If it's somebody that you want to just get to, like, sub-group, find a way to get to them.


There's no barriers anymore with social media. So that's very important. Continue to build your tribe. I do that. I had a situation actually recently where I was like, oh my gosh, I don't know what to do. And my friends, like, reach out to your tribe. So I have a group message with about 20 women that are all influencers. Amazing. And I'm like, hey, can you guys help me with this? I'm not kidding.


Within ten minutes, every single one of them, every single solitary one of them was like, it's done. Chellaney. We took care of it. And I'm like, no, no, no, no, no. I didn't I didn't need you to do that much for me. I just made it and they did it, you know, so really finding ways to, you know, increase your tribe and expand it with like minded people. Right.


You don't need to be friends with people just for the sake of being friends. You really want to create people that are going to be your support group, because that's going to you never know when that's going to come into play in your life spiritually.


I love discovering new things on YouTube. So my new favorite thing that I've been obsessed with is Brian Scott. So he takes a lot from, you know, these old masters like Joseph Murphy and Neville Goddard and, you know, which is all affirmative thoughts.


I believe that, you know, how you shape your thoughts and your words is so important.


So instead of like God, please, please, I need this. I need this. I need this. I'm begging you, moving it into affirmative thought of an affirmative prayer. You're like, thank you so much for bringing this to me, you know? And so it's always discovering more masters in that area where I know has worked for me in the past. And just spending, you know, whether you're meditating, whether you're spending. I'm really big on thirty minutes a day, you owe it to yourself.


Thirty minutes to do something that's going to expand your knowledge from a spiritual level, personal level, professional level. So I like to spend my mornings with, you know, morning affirmations and, you know, doing my tapping and, you know, making myself a priority. And it took a long time, Ranveer, to understand that making myself a priority wasn't a bad thing. We were taught that if you do that you're selfish, that you're a horrible person, you're so selfish.


And to break some of those limiting belief stories and unlearn some of that learning has been a very it's been a job in itself. Right. And that's where that spiritual work really helps to kind of tear down all of those limiting beliefs that you may have been raised with that, you know, you realize aren't really serving you at all.


Gorgeous shot and thank you every time we speak to you, I'm left feeling even more positive than I already am, and I'm supposed to be one of the most positive dudes in the Internet.


So you are.


You are. And I would love right here just to get the support from, you know, your amazing audience for what we're doing with India. We're so excited to come to India. So, you know, if you're able to go on Amazon, you know, ready, set. Jatt, we've got these beauty batons, you know, pure pigment for Indian skin. And what's cool is you can actually customize these so they all unwind. So you can kind of build how you need.


And we're bringing our foundations to match all skin tones in India. So that's another conversation. I want to change that.


You know, it doesn't matter how light or dark you are, you have to say you're equal, you know, so we spent years and I feel there's a strong purpose to your business, which is I won't say they're in the majority that are a lot of businesses doing that. But it's definitely a very it's a very important bullbars in the current times that we're living in everywhere globally, that the list now spread the word. Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, thank you for having me on your podcast.


I know it was a pleasure. It was great.


Thank you for our conversation one year ago as well. You helped me a lot back then and I really appreciate this podcast as well. Like the kind of things you've shared, people don't talk about this kind of stuff on the Internet. So I know.


Yeah. And hopefully I'll be in India soon when all this crazy covid stuff dies down and I can come and visit you again in Mumbai.


One hundred percent. Beautiful. Thank you. Shot at me. I will see you soon. OK, bye.