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Every human being has that one story that they call their superhero origin story. Spider-Man was bit by a spider. Batman had traumatic childhood experiences. Everyone has a superhero inside them. And all the superheroes have one origin story where it all began, in my case, there's a bunch, but when it comes to the pure logic of things, what character traits boiled down to character traits always boil down to two factors, which are your discipline and your motivation. So what's the origin of that?


In my own life, people say I get to private with these guys. I always have sometimes. But I feel like people out there, the watchers, the listeners, gain from these really, really private stories. This particular story is about the most important person in my life, my mom. Had a lot of important people around me, but she's the person who gave me this really early character traits in my life.


So here's a slightly painful story related, but it's a story that keeps me going, even though at age 27 on the worst of these, it keeps me humble in the best of these as well. Was always a smart kid, but I was one of those kids that hated the education system, so I never studied and the general feedback my mom would get at parent teacher meetings was that this kid is smart. He's got a lot of potential, but he's wasting his potential.


And I kind of enjoyed that.


And I enjoyed being a bad boy in school in the sixth grade in our doing an exam, I finished near the bottom of my class.


Now, some context on my mum, she's the Michael Jordan of Mum's, very competitive, very relentless when it comes to her kids. And also keep in mind, she was a working pro. She's one of India's top gynecologists, very driven about her career. In the early part of my childhood, she actually sacrificed many aspects of her career to look after my sister and myself, my sister Dawn, into the school, Dolapo and I was known as the brother in school, the kid who finished near the bottom of the class in about my fifth or sixth grade, my mum started working a little bit again.


And in the sixth grade, Domhnall exams only finished at the bottom of the class, she was called in the school and she was spoken to about me. The same narrative, this kid has hypertension, but he's wasting his potential on Michael Jordan gigaton. She also kind of felt like she's not being fair to me as a mom, best mother in the world.


I never had any complaints, but I think something in her heart, she felt like she wasn't doing enough for me because she was giving more energy to her career. Was a perceptive kid, I kind of understood these things, but I didn't want to study. I enjoyed being the bad boy. I enjoyed having that reputation.


I remember the day after the Spanish teacher meeting, I woke up and right next to my textbook on my study table were these really colorful notes with this cute font and so on. Those words were colors, all the sentences, what color they were highlighted. It had been created on Microsoft Word. There were photos with lots of colors.


Things were written in a fun way. Everything was written in a simple question answer format. There were questions, there was answers, and the answers were in points. Next to those answers. There was ways to remember the answers. Anagrams.


That's what it's called. Basically, my whole study process had been made easier. I looked at that. And I thought, OK, cool, whatever. I went to school, I came back and my mom said, I need to read these ional textbooks. He made me study them, I didn't really pay much attention. And this happened for like a month. Every single day it will be a new subject, every single chapter that I started at school would be converted into this kind of a note system.


Also, keep in mind, I was a spoiled kid. A month into this process, I really hadn't started studying my mom and actually sat me down and told me that you've got to change this up, please study. She had tried everything with me, but I wasn't listening. But this one night. I woke up from my sleep, I think I was about four four two pm. And I made my way to the washroom, but I saw that one of the lights in my corridor was on.


This was the light of my dining room. So I walked up kind of half asleep. I looked into the dining room. And I saw my mum wiping out these notes at 430. She was crying when she was typing on these notes. And that image. But stuck in my head since that day, I think I was about 11 years old, right? I don't understand why she was crying, I wasn't mature enough to ask why she was crying.


I just went back. And I went to sleep with a little emptiness, knowing that I'm doing something wrong, but I didn't know what. So when I woke up the next morning, I asked my grandmother. And she told me that she had six surgeries lined up on that particular day and it was a new form of surgery, which she had just learned, and she felt like she was nervous for the surgeries. But at the same time, she didn't want to not focus on the notes.


She was preparing for me for the first time in a month's time. I figured that those notes which just landed up on my table.


Were written by my mom while she was staying awake through the night, she was getting two or three hours of sleep every single night just to ensure that her younger child studies that a younger child doesn't feel neglected because of her career and that she's able to Michael Jordan the shit out of a younger child. I remember that whole day at school. I kind of sunk into a lot of heaviness. Arthenia preteens or their fears, their brain has developed enough to perceive things but are still rapidly learning about the realities of the world.


I think I'm learning about sadness for the first time. We're learning about the dark nature of life for the first time.


You just started secondary school and things are changing in your body, in your mind, in the world. This was one of those dark things from my childhood.


I realize the concept of sacrifice because of my mom and I know this sounds extremely filmic, but this is my story. I started respecting those notes a lot after that and actually started studying for the first time in my life, my academic performance picked up. The final exams on May 6th grade actually did well. And my mom did this for me in the ninth grade. Under the name by what you can details, and I kind of understood how to study.


My mom taught me how to study, even if it was difficult for. Trust me, he was going through a lot of issues herself. She restarted her career, she was going through a thousand different things. And above all else, this is something I understood only at the age of 25. She was an entrepreneur at that stage as an entrepreneur. You're supposed to give your business, your teams, your career, everything that you've got. And she had two kids to handle along with her entrepreneurship.


Coming back to that night when I was an 11 year old. And the heaviness I felt the next. I remember being on the bus back home. And I remember thinking that. My mom's putting in this kind of an effort for me when I've got to get serious about studies. And two, I'm going to repeat each of those pages, Tuhoe. That's my superhero origin story. That's why I get motivation from that's why I get discipline from. Even in the most ILD situations, even in the most grueling situations of my career, a part of me goes back to that moment.


That's the underlying motivation for everything that I'm doing in my career. So much so that one of my favorite basketball stars, James Harden, he brokers an NBA record that very few people have broken, something related to scoring points I think was the first person in history to do that.


And he was what I love about Instagram on Instagram. The next day he uploaded a photo of him hugging his mom, saying 20000 points ain't enough for Uma. And I got more where that came from. And that's exactly what I feel there's a lot that we've accomplished collectively as a team, whether it's the formation of Mungindi, whether it's all these things we're doing now, whether it's on these YouTube channels, I don't feel is enough for my mom. She feels it's more than enough.


She says that I work too hard sometimes, that I need to slow her down, but I don't feel her. Because at 11, 12 year old is not done reading those pages. I haven't been the best son, especially when I was growing up, I had a lot of aggression inside me and when you grow up as an angry person, you end remove the anger on the people who are closest to you. It's just human nature. We are most real selves with our loved ones.


Everyone goes through that little teenage phase, but you kind of blame your mom or dad for things that are going wrong in your life, you kind of remove all that pent up anger from college sometimes on your parents because you can't move it on your friends, you can't move it on someone. You're trying to move it on your professors, you remove it on your parents. Have done that. Should have gone through those years. I've almost reached a phase in my life now where I feel like my role has reversed with my mom and the parent feels cool.


Still love the bits, and she is my motivation, but. I remember this phase when I was a teenager. And we were going to have a good phases. I asked her the two things that she'd expected of me in life and given mine even then. Those pages of those notes were alive in my head probably every time I speak to her in person, if I have a conversation with those pages of those notes in my head at all points, I'd like to repay this woman.


I told her this, she says, you don't have to be me, I'm your mother, but I don't look at it that way. Maybe it's a story I've made for myself to motivate myself. But she didn't ask me to repay her, what she asked of me is that she wanted me to do two things for one, don't mistreat a girl, be kind, especially in a relationship with someone. Be loyal, be trustworthy, be chivalrous.


She asked me to be a good person, especially the women. But the second thing she asked of me. Is something that's very close to my heart, especially at this phase of my life, and this is addressed to every single woman out there. My mom was a female entrepreneur who had to balance motherhood with business, with entrepreneurship. They say motherhood is the toughest job in the world. I know entrepreneurship is the toughest profession in the world. I can't imagine what she's done over the last 10 to 15 years.


I request me. Was to help the female workforce of India, a part of the world's workforce, which isn't given its due, it is also very capable at the same time, which is why Virage and myself made a conscious effort to hire a lot of women. That monkey we make an effort to constantly empower capable women to the position of being an entrepreneur or having their own businesses charge me for my team. Was my design that Biceps is now launching a big brain company.


I'm always on the lookout for female entrepreneurs and I think the core of that is the conversations I had with my mom. So here's what I have for you. Firstly, I'm very proud of this because this is the first startup that I've invested in and a very big way of tied up with a dear friend of mine whose family to me, her name is Shalini Nevado organization. Recent jet has already made a massive impact in the American cosmetics scene. It's entered new.


And partnering up with child need to grow already subject in India, any subject is an organization that's made for women by women. Now, here's why the Israelis hijacked collaborationists so close to my heart. He said Jet has launched its own crowdfunding campaign, crowdfunding is a process by which you can invest your own money in a startup and become a part owner. You get to join the research community as a part owner of this brand and only looking for female investors at this point.


That's the big announcement. I'm going to link the crowdfunding link down below. We're looking for female investors from across the world, but especially from India, the lowest investment in one hundred dollars, which is about 7000 rupees. The highest investment is 50000 dollars. It's completely up to you in terms of how much you want to invest and depending on how much you invest, that's the share of the equity that you will get in the organization. And he said JET has launched its makeup and cosmetics products, but also very soon we're launching the Redecide Academy Better Train female entrepreneurs, female professionals, female social media hopefuls in their art form, in their craft, in their missions.


I'll be creating some courses myself and also going to have a lot of in-person interactions once this whole dynamic situation is eased out a little bit. When I made that promise to my mum. This was a huge aspect of that promise to create jobs for them and empower women but exactions towards it.


That story happened at age 11 and 16 years on, I've taken my first big step in that direction and now we have a community of podcast listeners, a lot of whom are women. This is my way of giving back to you guys. There's a lot more coming with on any subject. If you want to test out the products, I'm going to link the Amazon link down below. Make sure you check it out. And also, I wanted to sign off.


By saying that this is just the beginning, you have no idea about the things we're planning for women's entrepreneurship in this country, for women's content in the biceps world and the big brain company world, women's products with all the secret products that we're building.


And generally, all the inspiration and motivation we're going to be putting out there. On a very selfish and personal level, you guys are helping me achieve my own purpose in life, my own goal of keeping my mom. That's what I request of. I hope that this story gave you some insight into my mind, but I also hope that you question your own origin stories.


The reason I've put this out is not just to tell us about the RSG collaboration with biceps, the reason I put this out so that you get a little bit of an insight into my mind because I feel like I've done a few things right in my own life. I only did those things correct because I knew what the origin was at the core of all this is an element of self awareness, which happens because of meditation and deep introspection. Meditate, introspect back it with action, whatever your story is, go back to that painful moment, go back to that important moment and try making that version of yourself happy.


There's two kinds of entrepreneurs, there's two kinds of legendary stories. The first are the ones built in complete silence. And I want to show you the end result. And the second are the ones that build completely publicly. I'm definitely in the second bracket looking for your support, guys, especially ladies.