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Scott has decided to wipe his privates on this guy's courtesy. I think this could, straight up first one, be bullshit.


I thought it would be a genius idea to buy a couple of these suits. Blue herbal Viagra pills. My brother is secretly my son. Only me and my mom know where is this person supposed nail polish that wants to shit themselves. I put my own underwear up my own ass.


Welcome back to the podcast. How's it going? My name is oxidase. For some reason, just particularly since last week's episode, I've had so many people and it's a positive thing submitting new secrets. So if you're holding on to a big old juicy secret that you haven't told anybody and you think putting it on the podcast might be the perfect place to put it out into the world, take the weight off your shoulders or you just think it'll be super funny to have on the podcast.


And please don't forget to head over to the Secret's Out club and submit your secret right now. Or maybe off to the podcast. Yeah, maybe listen to this first and and then head over afterwards and submit it. If you're listening for the first time and you're not quite sure how the secret that works. I've been sent a ton of anonymous secrets from the public and invited some of the biggest celebrities to help me go through them now, as well as hearing some of the most outrageous secrets that have been sent in by the public.


My guests also share some unbelievable secrets from their personal lives, too. If you haven't already subscribed, please make sure you do now. It literally takes one second, not a couple. OK, maybe not. Want a couple of seconds to scroll down below on your phone or your laptop, your iPad, whatever. Listening on click that button. And every single week when there is a new episode, you will be notified. Joining me on the podcast today are two people that I've been fortunate enough to get to know over the years.


I'm the biggest fan of both of them. I listen to these two every single day on radio. Also, as a teenager, I mean, I'm acting as if you haven't already seen the title of the podcast. You already know who it is. Today on the podcast, we got Scott Mills and Chris Stark. But as usual, just before we jump him in the episode, I do need to give you a heads up. Some of the secrets on this episode are pretty full on.


These are real people secrets from real people's lives. So if you're squeamish or you're not into that kind of stuff, please do click off specifically on this episode. I feel like the secrets that we got submitted and that we went through a pretty intense secret in this episode are probably my favorite secrets that we've ever discussed on any episode so far. So I'm bloody excited for you to listen to this one. I hope you enjoy it. Let's jump in.


Hello, I'm Scott Mills, I am primarily a Radio One deejay this week, not because, well, it's really boring, but we're doing a rota system at work at moment to make sure there are less people in the building. So it's my it's my week off. So I'm coming to you from my house.


I love that. Although your house doesn't your house is like literally turned into a studio they've taken over.


Yeah, they have basically. Well, I had no equipment in here before this happened. And now I feel like if I needed to go on radio right now or TV actually could definitely do like this change. Yeah, it's changed everything. I can feel that this is a fully operational studio now.


My name's Chris Stark. I'm a world class deejay, world class and world class YouTube. Well, world class flogger, everything. Everything I get everything. Everything.


As you know, Alfie, you've we've we've been on several nights where you've heard me and and you just I've got this real clear memory of of one time you just stood in front of me there just staring at your camera and you were just in awe and you were so in awe of what was going on.


You forgot the hit record.


Oh, so the video never made it out.


But was this like, um, was this like the YouTube Christmas party, as you told me about? Oh, we did this a couple of times. I've forgotten that that's the Christmas party.


Yeah, I am joking about the world class, but basically we'd have a few drinks and play some Christmas songs.


But yeah, there was a couple of times I seem to remember, I think it was it was a couple of years ago now and and I was coming D.J. Christmas parties for like a bunch of YouTube is. So Alfie was there, Zoe was there, Joe was there. And it was I mean, to be honest with you, it's just chaos, wasn't it? Oh, OK. It was it was good times.


So so yeah. I'm the same as Scott obviously. I'm on with Scott on Radio one and we do a five live show and I do another podcast which rivals this one for for quality. And that's called the Peter Crouch podcast. Just just a little podcast.


OK, so I have a secret about Scott and how is the best way to say this?


He was seeing someone, right? And this person had a girlfriend. Yes, you see, it was a long time ago. It was a long time ago is a different life, right?


Can I just say I didn't know about the guy from when I got into this. It became evident after I clear my name. Oh, yeah.


OK, so, um, so this person is telling Scott that actually he really liked Scott and that's all going to work out. So anyway, Scott is a trusting guy and a nice guy stuck with it. So they're sort of seeing each other.


And then was it was it that he received a phone call on one day and sort of left you to go answer the phone? You got really annoyed.


Well, I just think it was I was promised the world, Chris, and the world did not arrive. And then I think there was, um. I think there was a crunch call. Yeah, well, I was in the house, his house and his girlfriend that didn't live in the area at the time. Rang up him, I am being careful anyway, right? So I was really I was it was a it was a it was a Jeremy Kyle love mass.


It was it was a it was a reality show love message situation. Right. So, yeah, I was angry. OK, and don't judge me for what happened. I was but there have been a few incidents of things where I was like, this is not going away and this is not what you said. Like, you are not a person of your word.


So what happened is he was obviously a little bit upset, a little bit angry. This guy has gone up to go answer the call.


Yeah, I can hear him going. No, no, no, it's you. I want it, not him. I can actually hear that. OK, so that's riled me. It's robbed me.


OK, and how long how long have you been together or speaking or was on and off.


I six months. Oh yeah. OK, quite long.


Yeah. In a moment of anger Scott has. Scott has decided to wipe his privates on this guy's curtains. Now, I'm not proud of it, but for me it was it was a small victory and in a place where I was not I was not in a winning position. I mean, it was all about to go wrong. And I just saw just how far I've gone.


It was a really bad win, really pay well. And actually, what was I I wasn't doing anything there, apart from slightly soiling his brand new curtains in his brand new apartment. That's mine. Yeah, I like it. I like you know, he doesn't.


OK, so my worry about Chris is right. So me and Chris, there are a lot of student gigs together we do together. And mostly it's really fun. Sometimes we're a bit tired and delirious. Depends like how many like fresher's gigs or whatever we've done that week anyway. So if I'm not, I can't move where the gig was. But I remember we stopped at a service station on the way as we do to get like some food or whatever.


Anyway, so we both what we needed a toilet break.


So we walk into the gents and then on the way out we wash our hands, of course, and then on the way out, we're like, well, Chris spots on the machine that is in many in the toilet.


So, you know, like you can get you can get those, like, weird ball things where you can brush your teeth, your toothbrush, one of them.


Yeah, yeah. You know, they're weird. It's like a ball. And it's supposed to be the same as brushing your teeth. It's not.


Then you've got you got your condoms in there and you've also got. And do you have a look if you still see a service station which has one of these vending machines, you'll see some pills in there sometimes. And they're called they're called ZUS. It's a herbal supplement developed to help boost pleasure and improve sexual performance. So, Chris, for what would be hilarious because we were bored not going to lay off is Chris, correct me if I'm wrong, Chris decided he wanted to try these.


Yeah, we I thought would be a genius idea to buy a couple of these blue herbal Viagra pills just to see how and wait.


This is the for go into the gig. Yeah.


So I know this will take a while to kick and we're about an hour away from the gig. So let's let's just it's like a little science experiment. Let's see what happens when we get there. So we both just dropped to zoom in the car on the way on the way, thinking that by the time we'd get there, like, just we were bored. Right. We thought we would have rock hard by the time we got there. And that's what makes.


Do you want to continue? Yeah.


Nothing to be fed. Nothing happened. When we do some time ago is kind of it was a bit weird of us travelling to a gig, decided to to try that.


But there you go. It's out there now. Any big.


No, it's just a herbal supplement like this is like we just took it upon ourselves because we were bored to do a little experiment, literally. I don't know about you. Maybe you're lying. But Chris, for me, absolutely nothing occurred. Yeah.


I don't know if you ever try this, Alphie, and sort of try and give yourself with your friends, but that's quite a long, boring journey.


Wow. OK, that's never been that's never been said before. OK, all of it.


I am naturally a ginger in my 20s, I did a bit of acting and for a role I did my hair dark brown. During this time I met an amazing girl while we were dating, she expressed that she found red hair, a real turnoff. I liked this girl too much to risk losing her. So out of my insecurity, I kept doing my hair. Five years later, we are happily married with a son. My son is also a redhead.


My wife just can't understand where he gets it from. To this day. She doesn't know the truth. That is a long term lie.


That's incredible. Yes. Secret Ginger. Love it. Yeah. All right. So but the kid is a clear redhead there for me.


I'm like, I can't imagine being in a relationship with somebody. Get to the point where we've got a five year old kid. Yeah.


And my wife has never seen my childhood pictures where I've got my ginger hair or my school photos or exactly what's right.


Because the first thing that happens is like if it's a serious relationship with which this is right, we've all been at the other mom's house. All let's get the photos out.


And obviously it would be clear to see even just looking back through Facebook or your old Instagram pictures or, um, I think this could straight up first one, be bullshit. Well, sure.


Yeah, it can't. It's it's just too ridiculous that you wouldn't look back into the past.


However, if you meet someone, they've always been dunderhead like you dye your hair don't you Alphie.


Know for a fact. Er we bloody go because it's nothing wrong with that. You just don't, don't need to be embarrassed or ashamed of, you know, at some point has to embrace the dying of the hair, especially during these, these kind of lockdown times. You know, that's why I got a cap on.


Also if you, if you dye your hair dark brown and you a bloke I'm not being funny, it's for me. You can definitely tell it's a day job. You can tell a mile off.


Yeah, it's too dark. It's too dark brown. I'm I'm calling bullshit.


The only thing that makes me think maybe there could be a little something going on here is you do just see like. People can catch catfish for six years and you're watching and like, how the fuck did they not know? Like they'd never face time, that they've never skipped, like, what's going on? So maybe this. This could be something also you go into a relationship sort of based on trust, don't you? At that point there shouldn't be too many lies.


So the last thing also, you know, when you buy a house, right, or you buy reliable, you buy whenever you buy something like you buy a car or you buy, there was a certain expectation that you can get things checked. Right. So you get a surveyor. So if you're buying a car, you know, you expect it to be a certain quality. But I'm good at recent image. Yeah. Or if you're buying a house, then then someone writes a report and basically says this house is in good shape.


And if feel like that, this is the thing, when you go into a relationship with someone, they don't have references. You don't you can't look at sort of a report or a survey. It could be an amazing service to do because these are the things that you wouldn't think to ask. Are you actually a redhead? You know, and actually it could all be in a report that's sort of given to you when you start a relationship with someone.


So you're going to go back to the five previous partners and ask why they broke up and do some data, get dive, get some data and find out the truth.


I just like the idea that when you start going out with someone, it's OK. Yeah, we would like to be boyfriend or girlfriend.


Here's a file and I still listen and you can sort of see references. Reviews. Yeah. So maybe it's a horrendous idea. Actually, that's kind of what Facebook is in a weird kind of way.


Here's my reference. There was one time just ignore the bit where I worked my ass on his cartoons. I probably won't do that to you. He wasn't as awesome as well.


I don't know why that suddenly makes it better. It doesn't make it actually was something. I love the idea that you'd wipe your ass.


I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me, so I cooked him bowl and strained the spaghetti through my dirty knickers. Oh, it's like a Scottsdale's revenge here.


Oh, that is that is such a weird revenge that I would argue that is possibly the best revenge story I've heard in a while, because if you find out someone's cheating, you kind of go Route one in anger, don't you? Because it is it is awful. But the idea that you can sort of let it settle enough that you could cook someone dinner and then you've clearly thought about this plan for revenge before. You've clearly had it in your mind that at some point, if you're ever wronged, this is what you're going to do.


But also straining spaghetti through Nicas is not an easy thing. I mean, if he walks in and catches you doing that, that's a weird one to explain.


So there are revenges like you go toothbrush from the toilet, but obviously not the moment. That's very bad. But like I've heard that happened before. I also know I can't say any names, but I know that there was a TV presenter that was so horrendous to his makeup people that on the day he left the show, I'm sorry to bring in Arsalan again, but the makeup lady, he always did his makeup because he had one specific lady that there's makeup.


Yeah. Did Cyperus with the with the powder that she then went on to. Powder's beautiful to be faced with every day.


Oh wow. What the brush with it as you know, like the little you get around thing for the makeup for, for the what's it called. The powder you know. Yeah. So you the powder brush there.


But on Earth is weird revenge isn't it. But it is creative. Yeah. I quite like these levels of revenge where it's not like a big overblown seeing red.


It's like you don't know that. I've done it a little bit crazier though. It's like yeah it's quite great. It is, yeah. The other thing I want to know is was she sat at the table when she ate spaghetti that was not strained through her knickers whilst he was eating it, or did she give it to him and leave that like did she see the effect? Because if she's sitting there watching him, I feel like that's another level of like, OK, that is.


Oh, you'd want to see an action that's quite far.


But let's break this down because dirty knickers, right?


If she's what she's done is just taken off her knickers and strained it through, that's kind of gross. Right? But you're not going to notice that probably on the spaghetti. What she may have had to do here is really do something quite bad into the underwear and then straighten this out, which is a weird scenario in itself. Like, that's that's kind of that's what's making me think this is a bit unbelievable, because for the revenge to work, it would have to be pretty awful down there.


And in this back bowl, you might not notice what's going on. You might I assume that's the point, isn't it, that it's bad enough that it just gives you the satisfaction. Otherwise, why you mixed it with the spaghetti? It's it's weird all the same.


I'm a 23 year old woman who lives happily as a woman, but I get a huge kick out of giving myself a beard, spending an hour painting on a six pack, taping my boobs under my armpits and throwing on some grungy male clothes. I have a large following on Instagram for this alter ego, and I go to events and perform like this. My husband has absolutely no idea about the side hustle. Wow, that's a lot to break down.


I mean, that's wicked, that's that's that's class the you've got something new into. I guess the thing with it is keeping it secret from the husband, because I would assume that you'd want to probably share it. I wonder why it's a secret. Do you know what I mean? Because you obviously love it.


Secret life. And the husband could be husband. Husband. Yeah, it could be loving. It could be super proud of you. I also feel like that's one of those kind of secrets where you feel like you are the only one. But once I don't know. This podcast comes out or if they were to open up about it, so many other people would be like, oh yes, yeah. I've got a fairly similar thing that I do that my partner doesn't know about where you feel you're the only one, but you're really not.


Yeah, it must be stressful having to keep that secret from your actual partner because it's like a little frill. Is that what you reckon it feels like it is from the way they're saying it?


Oh, yeah. If the Gaddafi was secrets, do you have to go?


If they're going out, the poor guy, leave him alone.


If the guy not in the evening and performing, they must be like on such a high and like should be proud of what they're doing and then coming home and just having to hide it, I think they need to come out to their partner. Rewrite in another secret.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. We want follow up on this, but it does say that they, they like quite popular on Instagram for the alter ego. So someone that we might all know. Yeah. As a man.


My brother is secretly my son, only me and my mum know, right, hang on a minute. This is this this takes brain power for me here. My brother, secretly, my son. Wow. OK, so.


OK, yeah, I've heard of this situation happening before, and so for whatever family reasons, it just works out easier to be like for that dynamic to work as part of your family.


But that is a that must be a massive secret and and and quite a heavy one for someone to have to deal with.


Yeah. This is kind of like you can imagine it being in EastEnders. Yeah, I think it has been.


I think I think it was fairly certain. This is this is sort of I mean, a long time ago it was the same with the the Slayer's in EastEnders, remember, with.


Yeah. And then one of the most famous lines in EastEnders when I say you're not my mother.


And she replies, the thing is with all these secrets. Right, because they kind of vary in how serious they are and how how deep you can get with them.


But yeah, I hope with all the secrets that people don't feel kind of burdened by them and that actually this is quite a nice release been able to to share on this podcast. I guess that's what this podcast is about, right? Yeah.


I think the main thing for me is there's so many secrets that we get submitted that are similar to this kind of one where, again, people feel like they're the only one who's got that secret that they're holding onto. And it's such like that must be such a big weight to hold on and carry every single day with your son who people believe is your brother. But there are certainly people in that situation. So hopefully this is like normalises some things that people feel that are really unique.


It's just like a little safe space that people have got to say what they want.


Yeah. And we've all got secrets.


And actually there's nothing wrong with having secrets as well. If you never feel that comfortable about sharing them, that's cool too. But it's probably quite reassuring to hear that everyone does have these secrets. So it's not just in soaps and it's not just on TV, a lot of these kind of storylines.


Every time I paint my nails, the smell of the nail polish makes me want to poo, I'm sure it's a mental thing. I've unintentionally conditioned myself over time to associate the smell of nail polish with going for a poo, which is really inconvenient because having wet nails makes going to the toilet problematic.


Certain things do sparks and actions. It was a vacancy last week. Chris Rylan, about the cotton buds. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. Nobody wants to make him do it. Turns them on a bit what got.


But yeah, we asked him so we were asking him some questions. One of the questions was, what is your weirdest hurdle. Yeah.


He said cotton but in er it makes me feel like oh yeah.


It's, it's strange reactions with people, different things that can happen to you. It's and and I guess it's more extreme in some people than others.


It's like you can just gently take certain points on a body. Right. And it can send shivers down your spine, whereas this person smells nail varnish and and wants to shit themselves.


I found out that my boyfriend cheated on me with my sister, so I broke up with him and told my nana about what my sister did. She was so angry she took her out of her.


Well, karma's a bitch. Oh, shit. Oh, my new your will scar.


No. Have you got a will? No, I keep me. Do you want to have a will? No.


You know, I've been hearing about this that you should really. The thing is, for me it feels like quite a morbid task to go get involved in, however, is probably sensible.


It's one of the things that has been on the list for a while. But I really should do it. And well, maybe we go together or something. Yeah.


Yeah, that's where that's the next thing we need to go. Well yeah. Yeah that's a business before. So Will I started writing my word the other day literally last week.


And the reason why I started is because I read this article. In which somebody made a challenge, somebody incredibly wealthy in America, they made this challenge in their will that whoever was to have this is a true story. Whoever was to have the most children in the next 10 year period, would he in his will, he would give five hundred thousand dollars to in this state, in the state that he lived in, in America.


Well, I've heard women had 11 kids and got 250 grand each, so.


So if you're doing your well at the moment, what are you just write writing. Let me have.


And then said yes. At the moment I've been going through my lawyer. Let me read a couple of things. Let's listen to it. Nobody else. I'm not going to say everything, obviously. No, no, no.


Just just just a couple of though a bit tidbits. There is a minimum amount of money, quite large. There has to be spent on a funeral after party for food, drinks, but every place you can do it, yeah, put that in the will.


What's your budget? Let me say, what's it going to do?


It's not even money wise for me. Just have me down as requested.


Christmas music deejay. I got in the way.


Yes. Yeah. A bowl of soup says on the right.


Yeah. So yeah.


Scott you want to come deejay this as well. Be right. Oh yeah. Thanks for inviting me.


I'm Chris Stark and Scott Mills to deejay at the end though.


Alfie, don't just say it. Do it in. Yeah, let's definitely get it.


Shall I actually put this in. Yeah. Why not be funny. OK, I mean and then we'll forget about this and then in a long time in the future, assuming that you go before me, it will be an amazing.


Oh Jesus lawyer.


No, listen, this is since you never know any more, be really sorry you did agree to is in his. Well I'll be like a hundred, a hundred years old or so.


Of course know he retired to be a fisherman. No you will come back and your great grandchildren will have this elderly D.J. that I used to be on radio one.


Oh that's close to any good on there.


A there is somebody that's been dedicated to holding a fund of money within a treasure hunt. And all my friends and family, whoever answers all of the riddles and everything first. All right.


The money is great. You can really kind of get there is there is no there is no really good. But I'm basically like, if something was to happen next month, just say touch wood. It doesn't. Yeah, it would have to just resemble just like just fun and stupid and just like, you know, I mean, I'd have to say you should do definitely do this as a YouTube video. Well, I think because I'm hoping they'll think Alphie rights as well as we'll get it.


We'll get my views. Surely you've got to give something back to the community that made you Alfie. So, like, surely one lucky viewer. Oh, shit. Yes.


I mean I mean, every video every year is no different, you know, like give back.


You've got so every viewer, every subscriber to Alphie to point this blog and every subscriber gets an equal share in the Alphie days empire.


And you will say now that's not even one page.


Everyone's going to be incredibly disappointed when they find out my finals and it gets split and we can't do it.


It doesn't go that so far.


I have a wedgie fetish, I pull my own underwear up my own ass. Sorry, I'm reading this as it comes through. It's got me this one. I have a wedgie fetish.


I pull my own underwear up my own ass because I think it feels nice once I even hooked it to the top of the wardrobe and jumped off to get like hanging where you should be really careful about injury with this sort of thing hanging.


I just love the the terminology as if this is an actual I'm going to go hang in wedgie and see whether this is a common thing.


No, but I are into wedges. Now, here's the thing I have I believe I've seen a TV show about the wedge issues. It's one of them late night Channel four once I'm convinced. I don't know why. I think I have. Um, well, this is an adult thing, yeah, I think it's like a little tight wedge there, you know, like the. The borderline of pleasure and pain. That's what they said was right on the cusp there.


That's quite what I was. I feel like if that's your thing, that's a pretty achievable thing to enjoy.


You can you can do that whenever you want. I'm a believer in open barriers on everything. And but if someone turned round to me and asked me to watch them, I wouldn't know really what to do while I'd know what to do, but I wouldn't know what I don't know how it's a is a different one is nothing. That's what I'm trying to get out. It's a different behavior here. Yeah.


And anyway. And any other wedgie lovers Get In Touch your Future podcast also what's great because where have you appealed for the secrets?


Because these are clearly fans of yours, Alfie.


Yeah, well, this is the thing. People have submitted such a vast variety.


Yes. Such a wide range of secrets that I have no idea. I think I think it just shows that people have got. There is no such thing as a normal life. Everyone has so much going on, have secrets, right? Everyone's got secrets, but yeah, let's not look down on any of them, even if you enjoy watching you go for it. I reckon you got you get loads more of these. You shove it up your ass.


You give them a reason, guys, as long as you're safe, you throw it out there.


No one at my school knows I'm a teacher's son whenever I'm in my mum's lessons. The boys always hit on a make comments like, oh my God, you look so gorgeous today and she's so fit and I hate it. So I tell them to shut up and leave her alone. I once punched a boy because he kept looking at me in an inappropriate way. Most of the people at school think I fancy her, but I don't want to tell them that she is, in fact, my mum.


Wow. Oh, wow. The thing is well, because if it is your mom, then you well, you will have a natural affection to her that if people don't know. Well, we'll probably make them think that you do fancy.


Yeah. And it's also just because you're defending her, it makes it look like that you actually do. First and foremost, we should say should leave her alone.


So, yeah, you can see how you can imagine it. Don't don't perv on the teachers. Not good idea.


Sort of wrong and not sort of wrong. Very wrong. Also, though, you know, occasionally when a student accidentally let slip with a mom and the lesson I've been there, I can't remember exactly why, but.


Oh yeah.


So it's you say mom and the class gives you absolute peltier's for it.


Yeah, I did that multiple times with Dad, with my teacher. But also I'm just thinking on this, I'm like. I think that's a leg up in school, if your mum's the teacher, you're getting good grades, no one's going to be picking on you or anything in school because you can literally your mum can get them in trouble.


I know all the answers to the homework.


I think they're using this the wrong way. I think this is a benefit having their mum as the teacher.


But then we have to go to our school who, like it, was known that her mum was one of the teachers and she was like, I'm my own person. Yeah. Just because my mum's a teacher, like, doesn't mean I'm going to get good grades. So I understand the other side of it as well. Right.


So actually, you think that I'm going to have like a breeze through this because my mum's a teacher, I want to just do it on my own merit.


Yeah, yeah. But I can totally see that some people would not one out there say a good secret.


Yeah, that is a good one. You can see again, one that I think kind of similar to the first one that is going to come out over time. Yeah, it definitely is going to come out at some point that that was your mom. And it might be more strange that you didn't talk about it.


When your friends come over one day and your teachers in the kitchen.


Appreciate having you guys girls as good, thank you. I really enjoyed it. I feel like a lot of what we said will come back and bite us at some point. But if you are listening to this, why don't we just keep everything that you've heard a secret today?


That's the idea of this whole podcast. Right. So don't judge us. If we've said, you know, this is a safe space, as we said.


So I know Scott's wiping his cock and curses drop in to spills and Chris has got a horrible boner.


If you're listening to this right now, this is all of this is this whole podcast. Let's not advertise the podcast anywhere.


It's even happened. Yeah, it never happened. What you've just listened to never happens again.


Is there anyone else, any friends or anyone who always and each episode with asking the guests, is there anyone that they think should come on? Is there anyone that I can get in touch with you'd recommend? I'll tell you.


I'll tell you who has stories for days. Right. Came on our show recently and so many funny stories. And I bet you so many good secrets if he was willing to talk about them.


Is Rylan what's going to stay the same? Oh, my God. Get him on because he he has no filter. And on something like this, he would just tell you everything.


Yeah. Perfect. Yeah. He's he's a good shout for 100 percent. Yes. You know, I'll definitely I'll reach out, see what you say.


And I hope you enjoyed this week's episode of The Secret's Out next week on the podcast. We are completely switching things up. We don't have celebrities instead. And I'm bloody worried about this one. I'm so nervous this episode to go like we have got my mum, my dad and my sister.


The amount of times that I've recorded an episode so far, I've been loving the fact that we've got a married couple on and they can dig into each other's secrets and not let anything slide. Or Martin Kemp and Bowman Kemp, dad and son duo and they call it anything slipping that policy could outdo each other. Now, this is about to happen to me on next week's episode. We've got my mum, dad and my bloody sister. I have no idea what they're going to say.


I'm genuinely I'm worried this episode this is going to be the biggest episode so far. I just have no idea what they're going to say. Specifically my mom. I feel like she's not going to know where to stop and she's just going to say bloody everything about my childhood. Oh, man. If you haven't already subscribed, please make sure you do just go down below, hit the subscribe and or follow along depending on what you're listening on and you'll be notified when next week's episode goes live.


I'll see you then.