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On today's episode of the If We Spark a debate about critiquing red carpet fashion, plus we decide who's the asshole.


Hello, guys, and welcome to another episode of the SERP. I'm Rowland Adams, of course, joined by Lizzie Gordon and happy St. Patrick's Day, Mr.. Because there's very little else on my teeth. No, you're actually fantastic.


She's lovely today.


Ladies, I honestly, I have no idea what St. Patrick's Day even represents or stands for.


I mean, I Wikipedias it. And what did you find along the Wikipedia doubt?


You know, scammed and scammed.


And so I don't really know much to this day, but I do know it's about St. Patrick and might even be, you know, about Christianity coming to Ireland. OK, what my gut wants to believe, but I'm pretty sure is not factual, is that it has to do with eradicating snakes from Ireland.


Oh, God. But I'm making that up. That's just a gut instinct based on nothing in reality.


Well, we're celebrating the holiday by wearing green. I know I actually have one of Shane's hoodies on which if you want to go to Shane Dawson's merch store, you can also find not only this city, I think it's on sale right now, but also our SERP mugs and our SERP hoodies.


Look at me. This is me selling it. Let me just cover the entire mug so you can just see a blank fucking white piece of ceramic.


They are wonderful cups. I honestly use mine every day. It's the perfect size and I love it so much. Lizzie came to my house in a in green, but like a Christmas sweater from San Francisco.


Here's the deal.


I really wanted to like, go ham on this green shit, but like, I didn't have the ability to like, go the distance and like, hit that shit up hard, like go to forever. Twenty one are like go to H and I'm in like get do the damn thing.


So I just went to a what's it called. Resale store. Oh yeah. Hey it on.


Our producer just hit the wall with every muscle in her body and mind. Are you okay. Carry on. I'm sorry. Forget about that. She's bleeding her arm falling off. Yeah. No I mean I wanted to go the distance anyway. You get like a golf vest and everything, but I went to used clothing store and wound up getting from 1990 to Christmas and then got here and ended up using one of my shirts back when I used to work at Clever and wore like clothes that made me look even ten years younger than I was when.


My favorite shirts are your former shirts, I wanted a green sequined vest, but I didn't have the energy to go out and start shopping yesterday. But we're oh my gosh.


We're also back in the studio. We're back at the studio. And I say, I don't think I like it very much. It was I love it in here. But honestly, I do forget how I forgot how I fit in this chair initially like this. It does feel for me.


I know. Lizzie, I'm glad to be back. No, you were screaming at me like we have to be in the shed tomorrow because it's raining period.


And then we had the shed and she starts complaining.


I'm not complaining. I'm just saying I've forgotten how to sit in my comfy, cozy chair in my comfy cozy chat room.


Well, hit up the comments to let us know if you like, inside or outside better. For some reason, I feel happier outside. I feel like a weight has been lifted, the sun is shining, and I just I can see, you know, a new horizon. You say that, but I'd like to play back the tapes of you handling the airplane business and the cars going by last week because you were not too happy.


I did get a little pissed. If you could like our videos, that would help very much and subscribe to this channel. That would be wonderful.


I had a chaotic morning because I was trying to rush to get everything ready for this show.


And so I'm looking at my phone to look at the topics before I'm running out here while I'm peeing, because I always look at my phone while it's a multitasker, multitasker and I all of a sudden I start hearing something I shouldn't be hearing.


And it's like I look down and the PS ricocheting off the glass shower next to me and not the toilet.


As a person who saw this puddle wondering, did you feel like there was so much urine in this bathroom on the floor on the side of the shower that like, honestly, he's like, oh, I peed on the floor and I couldn't register the amount of urine that I saw on the floor as urine because it was so much like, well, none of it was in the toilet.


Had to have somebody else witness what was going on. So I start screaming. I'm like, get in here because I didn't notice it.


No, I didn't notice it until like six seconds after I heard the stream sounding so much different than hitting the toilet bowl of water.


And I look over and it looks like somebody was taking a shower on the outside of the shower. That's why it was so confusing. It just threw a bucket of water in the bucket that you didn't scream for me to come see it. I came into the office and I just hear you the bathroom go like this? Oh, no. I was like, what? What's wrong is the snake is.


Oh, no, in my twenties I have to see this that I just couldn't I couldn't comprehend. You're pointing at it. And I was just like, so you shot someone showered with the bathroom door open. And it's like, no, this entire flood is my.


You're on the wall. On the floor. And I just want to say, in my 29 years of living on this planet, never have I missed so aggressively like in insane, like that was insane. I've never seen a person I don't even think you can call it a myth. So it's different than if I got to I got to start putting my phone down.


And you know what? I know we did screen time last week, but it was Sunday yesterday.


And so, like, pops up at the end of the week. Just to remind you how much of a shitty person you are looking at your phone so often.


And I was offended on a bigger level than I was when we even looked at the screen time, because I found a new category that tells you how many times you've picked up your phone and if it's like, yes, three hours or six hours on your brother.


But when it tells me that I was 12, like in the afternoon and I had already picked up my phone sixty six times, fuck off with that information, no one asked.


Makes me want to die. Also, daylight savings just happened. My body is not in it.


I'm a mess. Your girl woke up at four forty five this morning and was just like is this it.


Am I up for the day.


No, my eyes just started watering. Like I could cry like look into my eyes right now. Yeah. You're watering who.


I appreciate the extra hour of sunlight but how long does it take a body to acclimate. Because I am not doing well and I even tried to prepare.


I told Shane like four times the day before, you know, it's daylight savings. Right. You know, feeling bad for somebody who's nocturnal. It does. I mean, for me, even like I have the luxury of most days being able to wake up when I would please to do so. But I, I, I was put myself to bed an hour earlier so that I would hopefully be on the same track and then Morgan could be trained for this daylight savings.


I drained Rick. I did. I trained very hard and I'm still feeling the effects.


And then Morgan came over the day after and I was like, Oh man, daylight savings is really fucking with me. And she goes, Is that what happened?


I've been feeling so tired. And I was like, we would be the polar opposite where I'm like scheduling it, preparing myself for it.


And Morgan's like, is that why I'm tired? I love her so fucking much? Well, the other thing that's like just ridiculous to me is like you're like, turn your clock, your clock.


It's a daylight savings blunder. Don't you monetize me anyways. Turn your clocks back. Who even has a clock that needs turning by any more like your phone automatically is your clock. And that's what you see. I think that's why most young people didn't know, like my sister had no idea it happened because she doesn't have any of those kinds of clocks because your phone just jumped and you're like, oh, another day. Yeah, but I know from going into my kitchen, like the one in my oven, the one on my toaster, you know, my oven doesn't have a clock because it's old as hell.


Right. But I did get in my car on the way here this morning. I'm like, fuck, am I early?


And then I was like, no bitch, you know, you know better. Like, you know, this is different.


All right. So what's going on with you? Me? Yeah.


Oh, can you guys see me weird. What's what's going on with me?


I don't want to make anybody in the room uncomfortable. Right. And I do want you to, like, treat me the same way.


You've always treated me like. Yes, some things have changed, but I'm coming out.


This is what I did when I came back. And I'm like, OK, I'm coming out, but don't treat me like you're GBIF now.


I'm just the same old Ryan. Who is Ryan? Me. Oh, sure. It is kind of given. I'm I'm not gay.


I'm not gay. OK, I am on Wikipedia.


I have made it to Wikipedia. I have made people I have landed. I am here. Thank you so much for contributing to my success thus far in life. But for real.


Like I want you to treat me exactly the same, though I am very happy for you because I know it's been a lifelong dream.


It really has. Congratulations. I have to thank you specifically. Thank you so much for providing me because I was looking at my wiki ft profile and a majority of the images are from this show. So, Chris, thank you so much. I'd like to thank Ryan Adams. I'd like to thank Bridget. I'm don't know your last name, but that's on me.


I also don't know Chris's last name. I can't print.


OK, anyways, I thought Lizzie, I thought something horribly horrific went on because like, every time Lizzie calls me, I think something's like what happened.


Now I know it's never like, hey, how are you for me? It's like, oh my God, what happened? Are we OK? I mean, nine times out of ten, I'm calling with nothing to say.


I know, but you've always told me in the past, like, if you're if we ever have a real issue, you'd pick up the phone and call me. So I think I'm traumatized even though it's never happened. Right. But Lizzie calls me.


I think it was 11 p.m. It was like ten for me. So and so I and I'm in my mom and my sister were here.


I was like, Lizzie's calling me at 11:00 p.m. I should take this. And so, like, I start walking out of the family room thinking something bad had happened.


And she's like, bitch, like what?


And she's like, I. Like, oh, my God, I thought something horrible had happened, is that it? And she's like, like, all right, have a good night. Like which you cared for, but no, you then I'm going to. Part of me thought that I was going to come to see that today. There would be balloons, there'd be a cake that said Wicked Queen or something like I don't know, with my foot score rating on it.


Like I was honestly disappointed in your rating.


You were a four point five instead of a five.


I got it, though. Oh, well, I think I have weird feet when I was when I was into them.


Why would your goal be to be on Wicky feet where people are rating your feet?


For me, it's not so much about the rating. It's about the establishment of my humanity and the public realm.


You know what offended me even more? I then searched my name and I'm not even up on there. Oh, I don't have you on. Why are you wearing socks if you're like trying to get your finger up. Already made it. If someone wants to see it, they got to pay for the fluff in the sock. I guess I should give them something to work with if they want to give my. No.


Oh no. If you want a turkey maybe. Well I'm very adamant about not having dry hills so I have a nice moisturized at home.


Is there something Broadways tell me to wrap my mind. You are going to rub my. You're not afraid of it? No, I'm not afraid of feet. But there are a little yellow like I'm worried about your should be you should not be this. Well it's because I'm always sitting like this on the podcast.


I guess I the same circulation off from my feet and my feet are like Chalkie. I guess we should talk about who's sponsoring today's show.


And we'll be right back.


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All right, so did you see, did you catch any of the Grammys. This is now the most I thought of. The Grammys again was on Bridget's Instagram. So I know fuck all about it. I just I saw this morning on the news that Noah Cyrus decided to wear a statement piece and they gave her hell for it.


Yeah. I mean, oh, my God.


I listen, I think the Grammys are a place for daring fashion, tries to like try efforts.


And here's the thing. Like, yes, she's being dragged. Yes. People are equating her to taking all of the toilet paper from the pandemic.


However, I'm torn on if stars like, is this what she wanted all along?


I'm going to I'm always going to say probably fucking not like you thought she saw the look and she was like, this is sickening. It's going to turn heads. And it's like something so different and creative. Yeah.


It's like when Tana wore those I don't want to call them curtain sleeve, but I don't know the appropriate term for it. But it's like when Tanne wore curtain sleeves to the VMAs or whatever.


Right. And there's a part of me that just I think the dress is kind of fucking cool.


I think the silhouette is dope and unique and powerful. And I think that the way that it fit her body with the little cinches here and there was like, lovely. It's definitely a state. I think she's got a voice that could fuckin, like, start an avalanche. Like it's a statement and it is a work of art. I don't think everyone has to enjoy every art piece that is created.


I appreciate her stepping out of a comfort zone to put this on.


However, what I'll say from the back, like when she stood up, when other people were when other people were winning awards and she'd stand up in the ceremony just like it was like, I understand why people are picking it apart, but I also understand why you're offended for her part, just like don't shame the woman for picking like a fucking dramatic she was up for a new singer of the year or whatever, like this was her best new artist.


Sure. I watch these shows.


I know what I'm saying, but like, honestly, like, give her who fucking cares? It's not like when Gaga were a meet. Are fucking are they super means. I haven't looked I'm not on Twitter.


Are they super mean spirited or are they funny that she could laugh out if she saw to like the toilet paper thing. If it were me, I think I could laugh. I think the toilet paper thing was funny, but then, like the used tissue thing to me is like not funny. It's just the gravity of people's shit talking. It is so damn heavy.


Part of me, if I was Noah, Iris and I was at the Grammys for the first time and I wore this outfit that I knew people were going to talk about.


I mean, people go to the Grammys knowing that the fashion is going to be picked apart regardless of what it is. So wearing this, I almost think her going viral for it only makes her more famous.


So if she can't get past being offended, I'm not saying she shouldn't be offended, but if she can get past being offended, the fact that the whole world is talking about her for something she's wearing, I mean, it's not that serious.


I don't think she should be offended. I don't think she should be offended. But it's like keep daring to try, like don't feel like the shame of this, like, universal scrutiny and, you know, like straight up like teasing, like this is full blown teasing. And like, I can I can withstand a lot of teasing, but eventually I'm going to go out to my Prius and fuck and cry where no one can see me.


I hear you. Yeah. And that's very valid as well. And not only her, but for the designer. Yeah. And her whole team. Yeah, the entire team.


It's interesting. I mean, like people I think as a society where we're learning to be more generous towards one another.


Yeah. But they're like fashion police used to just rip apart fashion in the meanest way for comedy.


So there is like a fine line of like should we play and make fun of. And with this fashion, I mean, I don't know where she stands on it. It'd be interesting to get her take.


But I do agree, like for a woman specifically, there's a lot more pressure and more eyeballs judging when a man can just wear a black and white suit and call it a day and they're just going to say, oh, that's Armani or that's Tom Ford and kind of keep it moving.


There's never the who are you wearing? It's like, tell me about your project. And it's like the woman walks up and it's like, who are you wearing? What made you choose this dress? It's like ice.


And some people and people that love fashion might want to talk about the fact, like Harry Styles, who does wear gender bending clothing. Yeah.


He might be into talking about who he's wearing because it's so it's a statement out of the out of the norm, honestly.


And he was wearing his BOA's last night, so I didn't even see his outfit. I like to be enraged by now. And I was like, how are you?


My best dressed was your cat. I just thought it was so you might not even see it. But it's like it was like a leather racer jacket, but it was zipped all the way down and then it had all these these feathers. And I just thought it was beautiful. And the last thing on the Grammys, I just want to say my favorite performance was Dua LIPA, the second half, specifically the first song, OK, but the second half she gives me like everything I ever wanted in a performance.


It's like the eighty workout nostalgia vibes where she's just like really killing it in every way, way.


That makes me hard for a woman. I'm always offended when you talk about being hard for a woman.


That's not me.


I'm always I watched Species' last night that like a movie from like the late nineties, maybe early eighties, but I'm pretty sure it's late nineties. Ortiz. Ortiz, is that how people say 80s? No. Ortiz what's Ortiz got thoroughly? Millennials, the twins. ORTIZ Wow.


I didn't know that that was my one. Yeah. People say I know either. I didn't either way. OK, you're the only one that got I'm not the only one. Well, you're the only comment below part of ordination. All right.


Netflix is cracking down on password fascists. They've got to make the money. Honestly, they've been making the money. If they want to make the money, they should stop making shows like Emily and Paris. Maybe you are not going to double down on Emily and double down Emily in Paris in time. I'm fucking show on Netflix. This is not the way to go about it. I just know I do.


I have to admit, I was thinking about Emily in Paris in the shower this morning. I was like, I do enjoy it.


So there was I wouldn't fucking binge watch it. It doesn't make it good content, but I do enjoy it. I see.


And I think if you're enjoying it, then it's good. Like not everything has to be riveting to be classified as good.


There's different types of entertainment, like depending on the mood I'm in, I go for a drama or a vlog on YouTube or a comedy sci fi horror with heavy sexual element.


So they're cracking down on they're going to ask for verification when you sign in using the same password that's already logged in elsewhere. So you're going to have to be in the same household if you want to share a password.


I immediately thought of you because every every week I get Lizzie asking for a different streaming services username and password.


Your username and password, though?


No, because I'm always very like, are you how are you lying? I don't like giving people my username passwords because I don't like messing with the algorithm that's serving me, you know what I'm saying?


So and also I did think it was where the oh, I'm out of the house. It's like, why does that change whether or not, you know, your fucking username and password? Also, you're never out of the fucking house. OK, no offense. Thank you for my pandemic. OK, thank you for making me look good right now until I'm able to get a. Vaccine, which I'm going to get, by the way, because I want to go back to a yoga class so bad, dude.


No, that's exciting. Are you sign up for the vaccine?


Bottom line is, you've been lying to me. Well, depending on the service, some of them, I also don't feel comfortable because a lot of them are with my iTunes password where I'd have to give you my iTunes. My Apple smoothie. Well, I told you that. So that's on you.


Or some days I just won't reply for a day and then I'll be like, sorry, I forgot something. I got it from somebody else. I group text. I sent the same message and everyone is like, why can't you just pay for it?


Why would I when I can get other people's passwords just because I think Netflix do I bring my own coffee creamer to your fucking house.


That's different is it.


You wouldn't know because you wouldn't bring your Netflix password to my house either because you use my Netflix at my house. Right. But I could also use your Netflix at my house. I just think, like when I take your makeup home and I use it at my house, never. Oh, there's a new there's there's a new thing for me.


I know it's March guys where I'm like, that's I was just in the garage and I didn't see the fucking package.


So it's just like, are you opening up the mailbox thing? So I just pick up down the way. Yeah. So it's all wet.


I just think Netflix is going above and beyond to really serve us with content, especially in today's trying times. And everybody already has Netflix. So the only way they're going to increase their revenue to bring us more is by cracking down on password sharing. And I understand it's frustrating for a lot of people, but I just think, like we're spending less money going out to the movies and not a lot at all. So why not? All right.


I hope you get bullied for the standpoint, by the way. I really do. I guess I sound a lot like a narc right now. You're like the hall monitor that's fucking calling the principal and telling him what kids are smoking, sharing. That's fine. Like Hulu still allow sharing. And I have Shane's mom as an added exchange.


My mom can have it account. If you've never asked for an added account, I'd like an added account, I think. Well, if that's something I can do, I'll give you your own account because you say that on air.


Now, I want to follow this up on Instagram.


I'm mostly concerned about my algorithm. OK, I wanted to talk about Justin Bieber, who recently revealed that he's no longer utilizing a cell phone. The way he's communicating with the world is solely through an iPad. And to get service through your iPad, you have to either you have to have Wi-Fi.


So it's like a landline.


Then I went to a big flat landline and I saw there's a bunch of other celebrities that also behave like this. Yeah, Shailene Woodley, among others.


Is this behavior you would engage in?


No cell phone. I'd like to add to deeply consider what it's like, because the honest answer is probably not right, but like I'd like to I'd like to get there. I just I have a deep, unhealthy addiction to my phone that's definitely replaced all of my other habits. And it's like to the to the degree where it's like when I feel anxiety now, I'm like going to play 3s or like I got to just I'm not even looking at Instagram.


I'm just swiping at it just in case somebody tries to talk to me in your screentime last week validates that.


No, I don't feel Shannon for that. Like, honestly, like I do I want to be a present person.


But it's like sometimes I'm so uncomfortable in my own skin that I'm seeking to numb myself with this device, which is like I used to do that with weed, that with alcohol, like I'm doing the same shit with the technological device that's like I love this and everyone does.


And why can't I even pee for 30 seconds without it, without having to pee on my shower door, you know? And so and I yeah.


I think you're the victim of mine. Lost my screen time last week was down a lot because I've I made like a few choices to try to have a healthier mindset. And it's not like to say I'm better than anyone for trying these things. I'm just actively trying to have no fear mine stay at all time. Do you feel better? And yeah, I mean, I like not looking at social media as much. I feel exponentially happier and I and I can only imagine that someone like Justin Bieber, who has been through the ringer all of his life up and down with social media, it probably feels liberating to live in the moment and with the people that he's surrounded by.


My only initial concern is safety. Like, what if you get in a car accident, you only have your iPad. I guess there's other people doing well. There's a star. Yeah, he's definitely has on staff and he probably is not alone a lot.


Right. And he probably has a driver. Yeah. And security, you know, but but when he is alone, like unless it's a period piece vehicle, like he probably has OnStar and people survive the 90s without having cell phones. My only problem is Instagram on the iPad is horrendous.


Like it it does the opposite. It doesn't even go home. It doesn't go vertical. You have to stay horizontal. And I don't even know if you can post on it.


So if he's posting on Instagram, I am wary about how he's able to like, hey, let me get your phone.


Do we want to talk about marriage or mortgage or I would love to talk about marriage or mortgage.


You told me about this show this morning and I'm just like, what in the fuck?


Yeah, my panties got all up in a bunch this past weekend on Netflix, launched the show.


It's called Marriage or Mortgage or something like that, mortgage or marriage, where couples, they have a specific amount of money saved, but they have it either for a dream wedding or a down payment on their future house.


Get the fucking house that you see on the TV to show. And that's what I thought. Like, oh, this is an interesting topic because everyone's going to choose the house. So I'm watching the first episode and it is right down my alley. They're like wedding planning, they're touring houses.


But the thing is, the first couple chose the wedding. No, they blew their thirty five thousand dollars on a wedding in thirty five thousand dollars. Can get a house.


Well, the down payment on your house. Oh yeah. So where should we move that? I mean, I think lots of places.


L.A. is just like real estate is insane. I just can't imagine going like weddings a day and you have photos in the memories, but like put it in the backyard of your house that you're exactly like.


Well, I used to tell Joe, like, I don't wearing this ring, like, I don't want an engagement ring, Joe.


I want a house. And I guess this is an interesting for us because we're on the same side.


We're both like invest in the future because the House is going to serve you for it for a very long time. And it's an investment where if you turn around and sell it in a few years, you can probably make the money and have the like. Your appreciation could be the wedding. Hold on. The wedding.


Yeah, especially during brunch also, I feel like. But you and I are specifically unique words, like we feel like the commitment is more important than the actual celebration of said commitment, because we kind of celebrate that every day because we're like just on our guys.


Like, they're they're great.


Yeah. And I guess I'm also just not you're not talking to a person here that has dreamt about their wedding day their whole life is like a game. And just like the fairy tale has already been squashed, all I've ever wanted is to be the captain of a softball team, obviously, just because the shirts are funny.


When we come back, we're deciphering who's the asshole, who's the asshole. Today's episode is also supported by Liquid Ivy.


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That's twenty five percent off.


Anything you order when you use promo code, sip at liquid ivy dotcom, get better hydration today at liquid ivy dotcom use promo code sip.


OK, so we're jumping on the bandwagon. Are I boring you.


Am I boring you or is it daylight saving the girl. You know I'm a fucking mess right now.


This is your one o'clock. OK, so. So we're jumping on the bandwagon.


Lizzie's been wanting to do this for a while where we dive into credits. Am I the asshole section or thread.


Yeah, I don't read it. I don't read it either my friend. That does. Right. It was like, have you seen this little thing. No, but I should be on it because I'm constantly wondering if I'm the asshole.


Oh man. OK, well we had Bridget pull a couple for us to decipher if people are indeed the asshole. Do you have the first one for us? I do.


You know, people call me the ghost voice. Just say, you know, just because the phantom. So the first one, am I the asshole for not letting my friend wear my engagement ring? So basically, she has this friend at work who like is a super interested in the fact that she's engaged and the only time she takes off her, you know, the girl that's riding and takes off her engagement ring is to apply lotion on her hand.


One time she took it off, left it on her desk, and our coworker came up to her desk, grabbed it, put it on.


So does the coworker want to just try it on for size and look or does she want to wear it for extended periods just for size?


It looks like you are the asshole.


Why the fuck do you care? Well, OK, if it's a co-worker, maybe she doesn't actually like the coworker. Not everyone like it, right?


I mean, OK, well, I will say this like I've asked a lot of I think I asked to try your engagement ring.


Should we try each other's on. Yeah. No one's ever asked for my on, which hurts my feelings. Gosh, I've never even thought about it either. I wonder if we're the same size.


I think I've asked to try yours on. Some people consider that bad luck though. Oh, I don't have more bad luck than I already have. I'm kidding. I'm very bullish. I think your relationships find ways now that you threw that at me. I'm very superstitious and now I'm like, hold up, bitch.


I was like, I'm. I'm sure I've tried. You're OK. What if we tried them on on opposite hands?


Maybe that will take away the bad juju.


I've like very tiny fingers, so if you can get those on, you should see a doctor. OK, let's see. I might have to put this on my own. You have tiny finger.


Oh no. Oh my. That's why she doesn't let her friends were her engagement ring. Listen up, lady. I just dropped it.


If she just wants to try it on for size and to see how it looks and to cop a pick and send her boyfriend that she wants to be her fiance, like some some nudging I think.


Come on, let her try your your ring. So would you say she's an asshole for not getting her? I'd have to say yes, because even if it was somebody I didn't like, even if it was a coworker I didn't like, like I'm letting you try you.


What are you trying to say, bitch. What are you trying to say? And if you want to apologize for only accepting fucking Subway tuna sandwich, we have each other's on right now.


What did you think about mine?


I mean, I really I really feel like I've worn it before. I really, really like it. I like yours as well. I'm going to go ahead and say you're the asshole.


Not you know, that's not letting her friend do this. I mean, I would definitely say you're the asshole unless the bitch asking to wear it is the asshole because she's like, you're not actually friends. Right.


And I do think it's like co-worker relationships and personal relationships are definitely different. When I would never ask a coworker if I could try their engagement ring on unless we'd been working together for like six years and we were homies outside.


Right. But if you're if you're relationship level, is that of calling each other co-workers, probably don't fucking ask with the caveat that I need to look into the superstitious angle.


If somebody else wearing your ring, I feel like even if I didn't like the person, as long as it was under my supervision and just for a second, I still think I'd let them try it on.


Yeah, I don't know, I go either way with this one, I can't say either of you could be the asshole. All right, what's our next one? The next one is, am I the asshole for wanting to cancel on a bachelorette trip because the couple broke up? Absolutely not.


Bachelorette trips are fucking awful. So basically everything was booked. The trip was booked, the flights were booked, and then the couple later broke up. So the bridal party was still expected to pay the maid of honor for the trip, you know, because she booked everything. So is the maid of honor and are the bridesmaids assholes for wanting to cancel the trip or should they still go on it? Because now the friends depressed, maybe she needs it.


I don't know. I feel like it's like I get that I'm about to be a bride and that I'm constantly, like playing hypothetical bachelorette party scenarios with every single one of my friends via text every day.


But I feel like and I love all my friends who have been brides and I have been and I'm very grateful to have been asked to be a bridesmaid a couple of times.


But I also always think that the bride's an asshole for assuming that anybody can drop fucking five hundred dollars bare minimum on any kind of vacation, on dresses, on travel, on hotels for the wedding. Like all of it's a fucking nightmare.


And I think that's my issue with weddings in general, because you do want it to be a fun environment for everyone that's attending. However, I think there's always a lot of pent up energy because of the expenses that your guests have to incur incurred to to enjoy the day with you.


Initially, I was thinking, oh, well, now it's just a big old party, so yeah, go on it. But no, this woman's facing a breakup, like with her fiance, a canceled wedding. It's going to be a nightmare.


Like I'd want to cancel to an expensive nightmare and but it's already paid for.


But can they get a maid of honor paid for it? So you know how usually the maid of honor will plan everything and pay for everything the bridesmaids usually will get, you know, so she'll get them for no longer wanting to attend?


I don't think so. No. It's like what we were celebrating is no longer.




I also feel like if your best friend is engaged, but you're financially not like study, I don't think you're an asshole for saying like, I love you, girl. Like, I, I'm I'm there for you on the day, but I cannot afford to do all of these things right.


And I think the bride who's going through a breakup, although it's a traumatic event, should be able to understand that this is probably no longer something that even she should be doing.


Yeah. I mean, like they can cope in a different way, like they could still get together.


Yeah, I just don't think it has. No, I don't think this girl's the asshole. I don't think she's an asshole at all like my other. So my really good friend. Her bachelorette party fell during the pandemic and we canceled the bachelorette party. And at the time I was comfortable saying to the maid of honor, like, keep my deposit, that's fine.


But there ain't no point were they expecting every girl to keep her deposit.


And so if if some girls had asked for the deposit back, who eats the money?


Technically, it falls on the maid of honor or whoever's card it was on initially, which sucks. But that's why it's like it's it's that these are fucking crazy traditions, yike, these are fucking crazy traditions, which I also think are like not cool because because you hear me panicking every day, I'm like, let's go to Selim.


You're like, let's you fucking hate to lose. Like, all my friends are like, are you sure you want to do that?


Like you don't like leaving your bed. And I'm like, no, you like a beach. No, I just think like but I do like the warmth.


Like can we not just like have it somewhere low key and not super expensive.


That's why this morning I was like, how do you feel about Utah?


But the problem I guess boils down to the flights aren't going to be refundable, the venue or where the hotel isn't going to be refundable. So who is responsible for paying for this? If it were me, I'd be like, fuck it, I'm going on the vacation because I paid for it and I'd rather pay for it and go than lose the money and not not go. But I don't think you're the asshole for not wanting to. No, absolutely not.


I think whenever you want to call off a plan, call off the fucking plan. Like who gives a shit. People are regular, like, oh, I'm so sorry, I cancelled. It's like I'm so grateful you canceled.


Like, I wanted I wanted to do nothing. I have been dreading this fucking event forever. Like, thank God you canceled this. All right.


Well, let's jump into some viewer voicemails. Oh, no. That being said, you can't cancel on my fucking bachelorette party. I'll kill you. OK, hi.


And Lizzie, I was already in Connecticut, but I have one question for Rylan. Do make her G spot or do they not have G spots? Oh, we only do when you when you when you see somebody like. Can you grab their balls?




He's going on a journey, just as all of us are. He's getting graphic. And the more he thinks about it, the more he's thinking about what else can I do to make the situation even better.


I mean, I did sound like a lot of self discovery. If somebody if somebody was, can you if somebody was being visited and the recipient could find a way to enjoy that big of something in there. But I think, yeah, playing with the balls in front would probably add a little extra pleasure. I will say we have talked about anal sex a couple of times on the spot, and I haven't clarified that men do have a prostate, which is an extra added layer of, I think, orgasm, anal tension.


Sure. Yeah, but you were saying you can still have.


No, there was just a shit ton of people in the comments. You and the ladies can enjoy it because they don't have a prostate. It's like I know a lot of fucking bitches who love but stuff.


No, I don't think a woman can't enjoy it. I just think that probably different.


But it gets off to it in a different way because of the men and women get off in a different way in every position imaginable. But that just because a woman doesn't have a prostate doesn't mean that she's not coming really quick from. But shit.


Yeah, I mean, I'm not arguing that I got people in the comment section. Ah. So come for me, bitch.


I don't know a lot about the prostate though. I don't know a lot about the pussy, but I still have a great fucking orgasm like OK so is just saying if it feels good for you, more power to you.


But I don't think the prostate is as Chris is agreeing. Do you know much about it.


Yeah. Chris, if you ever have it, a vaginal orgasm. Have you ever been a woman who has butt sex. No. You can't speak to it?


No, not for women. I was just going to say for men, there's they make G spot male G spot sex toys specifically for the male spot to hit the prostate.


OK, here's what I want to know. Women in the comments section, have you ever used a male G spot sex toy and have you come from it?


Because I'm like, honestly, I find this I find this conversation to be so fucking baseless, like, well, no, I just think it's men have a prostate and women don't we don't really have the varying levels of satisfaction.


Yeah, we're saying the same thing. But like, let's get bothers me. There are some people who are like women can't enjoy but shit because they don't have a birth like that. What they do, they can still definitely enjoy it. They're not exactly. Yeah. Like I don't saying this. I don't I don't have a prostate in my mouth.


I can still enjoy giving head. You know, that is a good point.


We're gonna have to get a sex expert one day. Bridget, can we look into a sex expert? We can see that's that's a good fucking point. But I definitely think women have more physical pleasure from but stuff than than I would imagine.


Dick, right. Yeah. There's more pleasure receptors in an asshole than there are in a mouse.


Well, because we're not super knowledgeable about it. Let's put it on pause, get a sex expert on the show and listen to the next voicemail.


For now, I'm not putting this on pause. I'm taking it to the fucking streets. They're going to call the National Guard.


My feet. Say, where's my what are you speaking yourself?


Yeah, I used to have stinky feet, too, but I didn't wear socks. They smelled like vinaigrette dressing and fucking pickles and shit. When I was younger, my friend's parents used to kick me out of the car on the way.


I made you leave your shoes on in my house. Oh, that's right. You stink shamed me, too, I didn't. OK, OK, OK, again, what are you doing? I'm making a friend sleep in their shoes. Listen, when it subsides stink shame when it's a body odor somebody can control.


I think it's OK to address the situation if it's outside of, like, odors or something I think are addressable.


Sure. OK, fine. And I don't think shamer. What's the. She just wanted to share that her feet stink.


She wants to know. I'm saying is the expert on your feet. She should have some advice. Right. This is true. If you're not wearing socks, wear socks. If you're not washing your feet, wash your feet. I also think there are some surprises, I think you can I think there's some products, but yeah, there's a for your shoes and your feet both separate doesn't matter. No matter like even if you have sweatiest feet, if you're wearing socks and you always wear socks, if your shoes are already soiled, they're already soiled.


You can't come out with not stinky feet.


If you've already got if your shoes are stinky, OK, to replace the soldiers, you get some new shoes, wear some socks. Yeah, use some sprays if you have to wash your fucking feet.


Baby powder is great if you've got super damp think things going on.


All right, you guys. Well, that is where we're going to leave you for today's show. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you enjoyed us being back in our studio.


I think this is the best. I think this is the best. I do like the controlled sound, but I like the looks of the exterior vibe.


Yeah, but it's like itchy out there and it's bright and it's like, what? I can't do this with my legs out there.


All right, you guys, if you want to follow us on social media, we're at the zip official on Instagram. We also have our own personal accounts. We love you so very much. Thank you for watching. We'll see you next week.


Goodbye. And that's the set. Sorry we forgot it last week. We forgot we were traumatized by that. There was so much going on there. Never forgotten Altro in our twenty two in our twenty episodes prior. No. Wow. And good for us. We've done that many episodes where this is twenty two. Oh my God. I don't know about you but I'm twenty two.


I can't sing to save my life.