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On today's episode of Gossip Hypnotist to the Stars, Carrie Gaynor is here sharing how he got to Lizzie Gordon, our very own, to quit smoking. Lizzie just called me a thick person, so I asked if you had gotten thicker, not because you look thicker. Well, then why would you just say no problem? Did you just go, girl? You're just looking at my body thinking you got fit.


First of all, I can't see Dick out here. It's so bright. What are you doing with that? In my face.


Take to a mark. I stand with Chris.


What do you mean you stand with Chris? You don't even know Chris. You don't even know what Chris take to be Mark.


I stand with Chris while you're standing anti-bullying from Lizzie. Anti-Bullying for me. And Lizzie is always out here acting like Bridget. I can't deal with Reiling, but really it's Lizzie Bowie and Chris. For me, it's Lizzie bullying and it's mainly bullying. Chris.


Hello, you guys, and welcome to another episode of The Zip. I'm Riley Adams, of course, joined by Lizzie Cauter. And guess what?


We're on opposite sides is really throwing off my feng shui. Oh, is that what's going on?


Yeah, because I just feel like this is a full blown simulation and nobody's really here.


They're getting my bad side. Do you have a bad side? Yeah, usually they get my bad side. You prosit feel bitch.


You chose that. How does it feel you chose your podcast side.


Did I. Yeah. Well I am not standing right now. You've got your first meeting with us. Oh. Oh look, it is just so sensitive on this set today. She's you're also yelling at me in post bitch makes me and you think I can. Why are you texting right now.


I'm putting my phone on do not disturb because people think that now is an appropriate time to hit me up, even though I've told everybody I've ever known that I don't do fucking Mondays after you sent them a photo of you on the bench.


No, no. I'm asking for their reply and I'll be. They're replying. You're mad. I'm that you people, they have already replied.


They were conscientious of the fact that we had a break and responded promptly. These are other individuals that I did not welcome into my phone.


This I straight up just turned both of us down.


I would remove the card. What? Oh, what's wrong with it? And it's fine. Chris, get out of here. Go do another real on Instagram with your big dick. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh, my gosh. Is Chris Dick wiggling? Chris is motherfucking dick wiggling. So if you want to ask why I'm not giving Chris a break today, you know what? It's because this little guy has gotten up on the Internet. When I say little, I don't mean it.


So I don't mean lol. OK, this all makes sense. I'm claiming this is Big Dick energy. I'm going to show you. Oh, hold on. So we're talking about Chris or Chris, our cameraman. Who is he? Bolívar.


I don't bully him. I believe in him. So what you're so I did see this before I started my Instagram cleanse, Chris. I was you know, when you watch stories, but you don't have the sound on. Yeah, I saw a bunch of him like posting his friends, posting his thing, but they were censored. And I was like, is Chris showing his dick? Yeah, he has ignored that like me since he told me to chill out, which I don't understand.


Well, oh my God. Yeah. No, these were. Yeah. Chris yeah. I don't think this is friendly for our own show. No, Chris, like I don't even think I would have to blur this to you. Call yourself a professional.


Wait, I don't have another mike on. Oh my God. One second. Hold on. Let me get this boy on camera. Chris, can you come up to this mic, please? Chris, step up to the Mike Brown. What's the deal? Wait, we don't have to talk about this. Why is this your obsession?


Because I did see on your story a couple of weeks ago, you you have just dildos around your kitchen. Oh, that's right.


I noticed that I have a dildo that I bought for a step that you bring your fridge.


I got you on camera. Chris, isn't this the last thing can you do? Wide-angle so I can put this into the actual what, you don't want to fish?


I wide-angle I was doing a Zoome so. So this boy can't be hidden in shadows face.


Chris Snowzilla. What's today to hide behind. It's a pretty creative.


Was this a tick tock. This is my nightmare. What are you a tick tock or are you tick tock or now you can tell us you sided with Jenn's. You are, you are great. You're a tech talker. This is all talk. It's fun. My my relationship with Chris is it there's there's not another Mike. You can't address Michael's people. Oh my God. We might be testing for covid, but we're not testing for tech talkers.


And that's the motherfucking problem.


Catalyses sending me dick talks every day of her life. It's not I didn't say it was healthy that I do that. And I said, Lizzie, you know, I don't tick talk.


Don't send me the link. And if it's important, just transcribe what happened.


So, Chris, you the last time we talked about the sex toys, I said he loves the sex toy. Are you doing.


I'm glad this took a turn. I wasn't expecting Shane got me a sex swing for Valentine's Day. Oh, that's real. I do love sex toys. Yeah, well, come on, take a stand here. I like all kinds of sex toys. Look at my judgmental ass over here. Like you guys like sex toys. I think you can't just fuck your pillows like regular girls wear the couch.


Well, fuck you guys. When you're young, you fuck the couch where the seams me. I don't have a day because am I the only one who uses toys?


I'm more of like an armchair person at all. Have you never chain bought me a sex for Valentine's Day and you use it.


But you've never used a building we know really we need there is a dildo like it while you guys are having sex.


No, I mean, when I was very single. Oh, I guess I get I understand what you might do in your relationship, though.


No, not really. No. The deal on that one video, I swear to you in a sketch. Yes.


Like initially, this is my face. It's bright as fuck out here, but it's like something says about this.


Well, we appreciate your big tick.


Tick tock, Chris. Big day. You. Oh, my God. That's why I was tripping.


And what else is happening? I saw. Do you bite your now, I'm sorry. This is so all over the place. I'm so sorry.


No, I don't bite my nails. I've been I've had four days on set where I had to wear gloves 24/7. So my nails are crumbling off. Were either covid compliance girl Bucknor. I wasn't the covid compliance girl.


Well sorry I was, I was in charge of hydro distribution. Engineering.


You mean giving people water? Yeah, I'm not I'm not disgracing that job. I think it's from a long line of water.


Girls, there are many coolers, but that cooler is my own.


I do have a photo of you distributing water and I fucking kill as you look really good in it. You're rocking our own merch. Oh my God. We have merch items that you want to shop are wrapping the set bombsite mugs or hoodies.


Super cute. Super cute.


I've just been having breakdowns all week and I'm going to stop talking about, like, sad things to the podcast because right now you're a therapist.


Oh my God. That's literally what I was going to talk about today as I'm trying to find a therapist.


I'm twenty nine years old, going on thirty and may. Yeah, you're thirty one and may know my elder.


You're I mean I will be thirty, I'll be thirty one in by May but like I'm thirty one on April 20 here. Tourist. I mean you can check that on famous birthdays. Did you get your picture updated. I did. OK, so the point is that I have started looking for a therapist because I'm like I've met the end of the road for my self help. Like there's only so far books and meditation can get me. And so I think, like, it's time for me to find a therapist just so that I'm not, like, projecting it on other people around me, because that's not healthy for me to, like, scream, call you or like put my whatever it is, emotions or moods on Shane or anyone around me.


But like finding a therapist is like fucking dating on Tinder. There's a million different websites where you can, like, search millions of people. I'm like, how am I going to find the right guy or girl for me?


Don't you have friends who have therapists like you get a referral, Chris, you're in therapy. You are I don't know.


Of course, this therapist is working.


Did you consult with your therapist before putting your dick on the Internet? Nobody does that, Lizzie.


Nobody asked their therapist if they should put their tax on your hard time, cause I think you're really well adjusted and I love spending time with you.


So I guess that will be my next step because I found a couple girls or guys that I thought I liked. But it's like it's like the exhaustion of even trying to find a therapist.


After I spend an hour looking for one, I was like, do I really need it? Am I fine? Just like melting into my couch once a week.


Yeah, sure. People melt, everybody's melting. We all melt. Do you have this, like I said, the therapist.


No recommendation? No, I had a therapist for a little while, but I think she dropped me. I think it was personal.


All right. Well, if you have a therapist and you have a recommend or if you are a therapist, well, I don't know if that's healthy. If I like, watch, I don't know. I'm looking for a therapist.


So that's my life. And that's the team. Do you have anything else you wanted to talk about? I'm also just shuk by the fact that Jonah Hill has a sister. OK, I know it's out of the blue. It's another thing Chris taught me this morning. If anything, this is Chris taught me how to slap a dick and that Jonah Hill has a sister.


Why was he's the one that taught you this information is dangerous. Yeah. So he he comes up on set and he's like, I started watching Book Smart, but I didn't see the ending. And I was like, don't worry about the ending. It's just another Superbad. It ends, just has no bad ends. I don't worry about it. And he was like, oh yeah. And the main girls, Jonah, his sister.


And I was like, that's weird for you to say that because the girl played the Jonah Hill character. Looks like Jonah Hill. He he's like, no, that's his sister. And I was like, no. And then I Googled it and it's his fucking sister.


I know. It's crazy. I got a really slow week.


I picked up painting. I guess I can't say that. I mean, painting is I picked it up. I've been painting. I mean, you're an established artist. I've been I've been, like, trying to down my screen time.


So I I'm like, I think scrolling on and not even just like drama or anything. I just think I consume too much, too many screens throughout the day. Yeah. So I was like, I'm just going to start painting. So I painted a beautiful photo of Shane and I's characters from Animal Crossing, sitting on a bench on his island, just enjoying life. It's really good, actually. Your work is really progressing.


I hung it in the house, which like I feel I didn't want to hang it in your house.


All of your work at the house, there's multiple. Well, Shane does it and I like I hate that about us, but it's also like.


No, cute. So you'd hang your own paintings in your own house? Yeah, I have their like, but mine aren't good art either. Oh, all right. Yeah, I just I recently took them down because I, my room felt weird, like it just was like a TGI Fridays.


I was like, take it all down. We're going to put just a little bit up and get the rest of it down. But our house is covered.


James Holmes is on paintings around the house. Well, he's an actual artist.


Like who cares? What cares? The James Hardie was sick of hearing Jean is an actual or no girl.


Send me a picture of one of his paintings and I'll put it up there. He's like, mind blowing. Good. And I like his crazy job. You look at mine and it's like, oh, that's cute for a ten year old that's trying hard. That's my work, too, which is why I'm super upset about it. But I'm like, if it who cares. All right.


Well, we do have an amazing sponsor for today's show. But also coming up, is a hypnotist that hypnotized you?


Oh, that's right. To quit smoking. Good. Yeah.


Can you believe it and know what a great day it's like I was never a smoker, which is really interesting because that's part of the hypnosis. Does your car still smell like smoke? No.


Really? Yeah. I'm so proud of you. Did my car ever smell like smoke? Yes.


Why was up home every time your cell phone. I will always.


Well, not always, but some of the times when Lizzie arrives for the podcast, I'll walk out and she'll like open her door and like, oh, hey, how are you?


No one asked you to walk to my car and open my door. No one asked you to do that. All right.


Here's today's sponsor.


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Well outside.


Yeah we're sitting outside just because I feel like with guests it's a little bit safer with the pandemic, even with being tested and stuff, it feels a little bit safer and I do feel a little bit like Oprah. And so, I mean, I know I'm not Oprah. I wish I had that awareness. How about that? Oprah's about to have literal beef with the queen of England.


What are you talking about?


So Oprah did an interview with Megan Markle and her fans because they're starting. But you don't remember Harry. Yeah. Yeah. Prince Harry, the ginger one.


Yeah, I have left the royal I mean, right they left the royal family, but they gave Oprah the tell all. Is it up? No, not yet.


But she's been plugging it and it's like people know it's coming. The Queen Elizabeth is making a statement before Oprah's thing comes out. But how about that? Oprah has reached the pinnacle in her life or she's got drama with a little queen of England. Wow.


Like you think you got problems, baby, you ain't none shit.


Yeah, but Oprah knows how to handle her problems, but she's never had problems with the monarchy. Like what? She dug her own hole.


Her own hole. Oh no.


I'm sure she'll handle it gracefully and I'm sure she'll just get that girl back queen up on her show as well. Like, why would she not just get them?


I'm pretty sure the queen coming to fucking Oprah. Oprah will go to the queen. Yeah, I don't think the queen will have Oprah.


What's amazing to me is that they're just like launching their career in Hollywood, which I get it. Like, who wants to be a part of it? I mean, but what it comes with being a royal, it's just seems like exhausting. Well, that's why it's a it's a birth thing. You're born into it. You don't get to.


Well, not Megan. She married into it. She decided that this like I want to go back to Hollywood. Yeah.


And that one special where she was like I mean, I didn't know I was getting into like, what do you mean you didn't know what you're getting into? Do you know how Harry's mom died? You never know what you're getting into.


You know, Princess Diana died like a lot of kids want to be you tubers, and then they don't know what it's actually going to do to their mental state when they become one. Like, you got to get along like you never actually know what you're signing up for until you have arrived.


And you're like, whoa, what the fuck did I just do? Yeah. So there's a lot of girls that are wilin out right now for vaccines to get their vaccinations. Yeah.


These two middle aged, they're like in their thirties, middle aged.


I'm sitting right here. OK, I'm sorry. These young women, they called these thirty. And thriving ass bitches be out here doing anything to get a vaccine. Yeah, I mean, I what would you do? Would you do this? Not much.


I would do I would do some things to get my grandma vaccine because she got her email and then didn't see her email and her 48 hour window passed and now she has to wait until her window comes back again.


And so it's like maybe I would wild out and try to get her a vaccination.


I got that. But as a 30 year old myself, that isn't like forced to go out in the world, thankfully, with my job. Yeah, I don't think I do like crazy things to get a vaccine, but these ladies dress OK.


Wind, OK, wind. OK, girl. OK, sign from God that maybe we shouldn't be doing.


They somehow conned their way into actually getting somehow they dressed up like old bitches, I mean rolled up on the spot looking like Nana.


Did you see a photo. Is there good prosthetics. Are there good prosthetics. These women don't look old.


No. Their 30s. No they they dressed up like old biddies to get the vaccine. We're looking at the old biddy dress. I mean, if you're a health care worker in line giving vaccinations, it's like you're seeing one after another for eight hours in a match.


Yeah, but there's a big difference between thirty five and sixty five. I mean, I don't know some, I mean some younger people are getting vaccinated like front line workers, care workers.


Good point. So you just never know.


But I do think like to con your way into a vaccination.


It's kind of like the college admissions scandal where you're like, no, I'm laughing, God damn it, I feel so insensitive.


And I know. But is it like the college admissions scandal? I mean, in this.


So you're taking vaccinations from people that need them more than you, right?


That's true. But that sounds like a little bit more ingenuity. Besides just like fucking doling out some cash. You're right.


But like somebody's grandma or somebody that actually works in a hospital, I mean, I don't know these girls lives.


This is why I shouldn't be tossing out judgments. Well, I mean, if.


Yeah, I don't know. It does seem a little bit wacky to me. Like there's a reason why they have the pecking order of how to get things.


I also heard that at the end of a certain period in time, because the vaccines, this could be all false.


But this guy on site told me that when they have certain vaccines that are left over, at the end of the day, they open up a lottery. And you can see online like there's fifty five shots like, oh because you can go get it because they have to.


It's like a bake God.


It's like, oh well I was going to say like they have to be thrown out if they're not used because they kept it such a cold that that is I think that's something. Wow. Yeah. So this guy was, I was like, yeah. If we had decided to, you know, get in the car at 11:00 p.m. last night to book it to USC, we could have gotten the vaccine. All right.


So we've officially reportedly landed on Mars. Good.


I guess what we reportedly landed on Mars, I guess. I mean, I think it's so we can land on Mars that we can't get the Hilary Swank show away back on Netflix. Like, what the fuck?


I know that's the the journey that I was truly invested in. Not that I'm not invested in this, but what I thought was interesting is the first photos that came out allegedly were black and white.


And I think it's down to last.


No, just because they're black and white does doesn't mean that they are like fake.


But it's like at the end of the day, like, well, now the article that I saw in people there is actual like you're kind of seeing machinery landing on Mars. I don't know if it's a mock up, but it seemed like they were selling it as the truth and it seemed a little bit fake to me. And I don't want to, like, discredit these people that have spent their whole lives working on landing on Mars.


But I am I the asshole?


No, people still don't believe we landed on the moon.


I'm going to hope for the best and say that they did it. Yeah. And we'll just keep following the story and keep getting I just want to know what's going on with Hillary Swank's crew, quite frankly.


We'll call her. Should we try? Yeah. Where does she live? Probably just like STOCKARD among the famous Hollywood elite. Probably. Right. What?


Let's just go back to Japan quaternion for a day and like wait for Hilary Swank to stop by for a salad.


We like to hold our phones out and just like do a a hairbrush TV. Yeah, a paparazzi interview for the Hillary.


Hillary, what happened to your crew? Did you guys make it to Mars? Yeah, I just like if they can't get the series again, can I just finish the storyline for us.


There's no like plot points. This is what is going to happen for the rest of humanity. Yeah.


We don't give a shit about the Mars rover. Fucking let us know how this crew is doing. All right, you guys, Kerry has just arrived.


So let's talk to your hypnotist, my hypnotist. Wow. I've never felt so classy.


Hypnotized, you know. I know. But I like considering him to be like mine. Like, that's pretty fancy. Every time I tell someone I got hypnotized, I do feel very fancy.


I know it is. And that's why I won. And I am very curious. I want to ask him the difference between, like therapy and hypnotherapy because like, what did he actually like Dingel know?


Like, you know. Yeah, he did not do that. All right.


Well, let's get these questions answered. Enmore Today's episode is sponsored by BuzzFeed, which I love so much. You know that they've sponsored our show before. It's a mobile puzzle game that is with me all the time, just like my phone and. Conveniently enough, it happens to be on my phone, so you basically befriend a cast of fiends who help you solve each level and defeat the slugs. I think you guys will really like it. It's so fun and so binge worthy.


And best of all, it's for.


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I'm like, you got to stay here a little more because I just need to do and accomplish one more level. Yeah, it's been downloaded over 100 million times. So if you guys want to download best beans for free, you can do it today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. That's friends without the ah best fiends. You can download it at the Apple App Store or on Google Play.


OK, you guys, very exciting day, because joining us right now is Carrie Gayner, who is a world renowned hypnotherapist, both to the stars and people like you and I. He's helped the likes of Chelsea Handler, Kirsten Dunst and Eva Mendez to quit smoking with a method that he's perfected over 35 years. It doesn't stop at just smoking, though, because he helps those struggling with weight loss, anxiety, addiction and more. Carrie, thank you for taking the time to join us.


Yeah, thanks for having me here. OK, so I. I have been following you for quite a while. Just in terms of like first I had heard about you from Chelsea Handler talking somewhere that she had got hypnotized to quit smoking. Right. And I just thought when you think hypnotising, you think like the stereotypical like seems out of this world.


I just could not believe that you could get hypnotized to quit smoking.


And so then when my friend Lizzy here is a smoker and wanted to stop quitting, I was like, wow. Well, I guess I haven't even asked you that.


Was that. Yes. That's why I stopped smoking.


So how did you a find hypnotherapy and how did you decide to get into it?


I really got lucky, I was at UCLA and I was doing research in a lab and they just randomly invited this hypnotist in to do a demonstration and I just kind of fell in love with it immediately and. And then I spent years trying to figure out how to help people break addictions, I just I, I decided I would try to understand what addiction was and how I could free my clients from it. And then after about five or six years of working on this, I started working with people and once I started helping people quit smoking, it was just like the greatest feeling in the world because people were so happy and excited.


Most people think they can't do it. And they come to me and I can get them off cigarettes without any suffering, without any withdrawal will. Most of my clients have no withdrawal at all.


And that was my biggest thing with Lizzy, especially after the first session, because there's three sessions with you, correct? It's a three session program.


And after the first, you had told her you're still going to keep smoking this week. And I said, well, what about withdrawals?


Like once you do quit because it's immediate after what, the third session or second session that you quit in the second session?


Right. It's I'm trying to get people to think differently about cigarettes in the first session. Otherwise I'm confronting them to look at cigarettes differently. In the second session, I teach them how to break the addiction.


There's a really interesting that like dichotomy in the thought process. So it's like as a person who grew up with the DARE program and Nancy Reagan in my mind saying just say no, I can tell you, yeah, I know cigarettes are going to kill me, but you don't know it. You can pretend like you know it. You can say out loud.


Now, I know this is going to cause cancer, but you're right. If you really know that, you're probably not going to be smoking a cigarette.


And I guess the addiction overcomes the fear of what it might do to a person.


I know that's not true. What what's happening? I mean, a lot of people believe that, you know, they say, I'm so addicted, I know it's killing me. I just but I'm so addicted. But that's not true.


If you look in a smoker's eyes, they don't look concerned at all. You just think about all the people you've seen smoking in your life. They're just relaxed, having a cigarette, no big deal. They don't think they're going to die. They don't think they're in danger.


And so are withdraws from tobacco not real or is that the hypnotist?


Yeah, that's a very important question. And I thought about it a great deal. Medical science believes that everybody has to go through withdrawal. You just have to get through it, whether it's cigarettes or cocaine or alcohol or whatever it is. But I have thousands of clients that have sat in my chair and said to me, I've had no cravings, I've had no withdrawal. I had a guy drinking three bottles of wine a night. He quit drinking.


He came back a week later. He said, it's a miracle. I've had no discomfort, no cravings, no anything.


And Lizzie, what's your experience been like? Because I was a little afraid that maybe you'd be on edge when we were filming the podcast from maybe you have. I was worried about that, too.


I mean, it was when you switch your when your mindset switches and you become I don't know, I guess the right term is like proud of the fact that you don't want it excited by the fact that you don't want it.


And so like I like I don't want to give your secrets away, but it's like whenever there's a thought that comes into my head about a cigarette, cigarette, I look at it as like a crazy bitch in a back alley trying to kill me. And I spit in her face and tell her to fuck off.


And so do you have sorry, we're outside. So there is a little bit of wind. But what about the habit of it? Because for a lot of people it becomes such a part of their daily routine, like checking your phone and scrolling on Instagram for most people, probably, correct? Yeah.


But I think the most beautiful thing about our humanity is our capacity to learn and grow and change and evolve and so we can do something for a while and stop doing it.


I mean, you don't suck your thumb anymore, do you know? But but most of us did it for a while.


Right. And we became very dependent on it. But we can outgrow these things.


Can I share my favorite story that you've done? So one of the things that Carrie says is he's like I used to throw baseballs, the cars, those baseballs. Right. Golf balls. I drew a golf balls at cars. And I don't do that anymore because I was a little kid. And you learn like. Oh, like if you ask a little kid, why are you throwing a golf ball at a car? Think that's a good point.


It's a poor choice. I'm risking people's lives. I'm damaging property. I'm doing something stupid. I'm not going to do it anymore. But that really worked for me because I used to throw tomatoes at cars when I was a little girl and I don't do that anymore.


Like it took the police coming to the house one time and being like, what the fuck are you doing? And I stopped. Right. So that was an analogy I really appreciate.


And so what gives you or what gave you the confidence in that? Oh, I can actually hypnotize people. And how much of it is in the like when you hypnotize somebody?


How how conscious or unconscious are they and how did you feel confident enough to do an important question.


First of all, when you're in a hypnosis, you're in an altered state, you're just relaxed, you're not out of it, you're not unconscious and you're not asleep. So you're really in a hyper aware state. So you hear everything I say to you, but you're just relaxed. You know, it's kind of like if you came home after work and laid down on the couch and people were doing something in the kitchen, but you were just relaxing on the couch, you would hear the people in the kitchen.


You just wouldn't be very interested or you wouldn't be paying attention to them. So when you're in hypnosis, you're not out of it. But as far as my confidence is concerned, first of all, I had a lot of faith in myself. But but secondly, it's the feedback that gave me the confidence, right. Once I started helping people quit smoking. And, you know, I was helping young people, old people, I was helping just about everybody.


That's when I started to feel that I could actually do this. So it's really important to get that feedback right.


And you have you're so confident in your skill set that you do offer people a. 30 day money back guarantee is what I saw on your website. Now that's that's for the the program. That's not for my services. So I've put my quit smoking program, made it available online for everybody. And the name of the website is Stop Smoking, Start Living or the Karaganov Method, your book.


No, it's you know, it's the three sessions that you download and take. So that's for that. But for my personal services, no, there's no guarantee because I have to get paid for my work. All right.


So your video. But people can quit smoking through your video series. Yes.


And that's if they're maybe not in L.A. And that's for all the people that can't come to me personally.


If they're here in town, they should come to me. But but all over the world, people need to quit smoking and they can't necessarily fly out here. So.


Right. And I saw on your website people spend over one hundred thousand dollars in their lifetime on cigarettes. Have you noticed that, like, your bank account is just.


Well, I mean, I'm a bad example because I wasn't buying land cigarettes anyways. So that's a hard that's a hard like I don't have an economic impact because my fiance I was buying the cigarettes. I buy the dog food, he buys the cigarettes no matter what. I'm still out money.


What's the craziest experience you've had during hypnotherapy session or breakthrough or do you are you ever sitting with a celebrity and your star struck and people are like, no, I really I'm really pretty comfortable with celebrities because I know they're coming to me for help and, you know, so it's really not that much different than working with everybody else because they want my help and I want to help them, so. But but I love it, I it's fun for me to work with celebrities, I really enjoy it.


And so I'm just very curious. Would you say, like for the is it a state of meditation? You get clients in and then your. Is it I don't want to say manipulating, but do you know the the best ways to earn like are using psychology to your utmost advantage.


Well think about it. But this way there's a there's a there's a guard at the gate in all of us. So people say I would like to quit smoking, but I don't think I can do it or I would like to lose weight. But I love cookies. Or, you know, there's this kind of yabut going on in everybody. I'm so in hypnosis, I can get that part of your mind to relax, to be calmer. And I can get my suggestions to kind of sneak past it into your subconscious.


And the subconscious is where all the power is. And so. You know, like if you look at the conscious and the subconscious talking to each other, the conscious mind goes, you should quit smoking in. The subconscious goes, don't bother me with details. I need a cigarette. And so that's where the power is in the subconscious. So if I can get my suggestions in there, they can fight on equal ground and my suggestions will always win because.


Well, almost always, because it's what the person needs and wants. Right. Why they're coming to me, you know, they need to quit smoking.


And since it doesn't stop at just smoking, do you think that's also the key to overcoming anything like this?


What where does hypnosis stop for you? What can't somebody come to you wanting a cure for anything somebody wants to improve hypnosis is amenable to?


I mean, I work with people that are afraid of flying or I work with people that I work with students a lot.


And how do they test the flying thing? Because my fiance is terrified of flying and it's rubbed off on me now. I never used to be afraid of flying, but now it's I can't go on a plane without him because I'm afraid that if I go down, I want him to go down with me, you know what I mean? So how would one overcome something like that?


Well, it takes work, but the fear of flying is a control issue. And so you have to give up that control. You don't get to make sure the flights OK, you have to trust and have faith that it is. But it's not hard to have faith in something that works millions of times in a row, you know? So the fear of flying is is your attempt to make it OK. And if you can give that up and just say, look, I'm just going to have faith that a plane will make it from here to here like millions and millions do, I mean, let's say you're flying to New York.


Ask yourself the question, how many planes have gone down in the last month from L.A. to New York? The answer is going to be zero. How many have gone down in the last year? Zero. Well, that's pretty encouraging.


And I get like, relinquishing the fear of like being on it. But then, like, it's still like there is that possibility it could go down. But that's a false issue.


Exactly. So it's like it's the same thing as me saying, like, yeah, but my grandpa didn't die of smoking. It's like, yeah, I fucked it out a condom five times before this. I'm not going to. Why would I get pregnant this time? It's a statistic that's irrelevant to the conversation. It just seems risky.


Like in Colorado the other day I spent more time with this. I'm honestly I'm going to shut it down every time I've had enough. But how do you think about it?


If three million planes in a row make it and one goes down, when you say that's risky, that's really not true.


And you're just getting into cars more risky, honestly. And if you think about everyday life, we don't experience anything with a personal guarantee of safety. Right. So everything we do involves risk. And as parents, we don't get guarantees that our children will be safe.


So everything we do involves risk and the risk in a plane. It's not just less than a car. It's less than almost anything. I mean, more people die in their homes and in planes.


Wow. So what is a hypnotist being you like?


What do you find yourself struggling to improve upon when you have the tools to help so many others?


Now, a lot of times I find myself in situations where I say, you know, I've helped other people with this.


So get your act together and help yourself, you know, and can you self hypnotist's, can you look in the mirror and not just kind of like giving yourself a massage?


It's just not. Yeah, right. So and going into your experience a little bit, because I am mind blowing, like I know that you told me I haven't been really checking in because I wanted to wait until this podcast. But you are you've been, I guess, completely done for three weeks now.




She's done for life. Yeah. And with conviction, you don't you don't miss.


No, it's literally I'm not even joking when I say like if I have the thought of a cigarette, my first inclination as I visualized myself spitting in the face of the thought and telling it to fuck off because it's threatening my life.


And it's it's really crazy to think because even previously we'd be recording the podcast and if we were going for too long, she'd be angry and have to stop. Not angry, but you'd be like, I'd be angry.


I need to go because I was upset. And and even after the first session, she called me and she was like, I don't know if this is going to work for me. Like, I want it to work, but I don't know if the hypnotist like I don't know if not you, but I don't know if hypnotism is going to be the thing that kicks it for me.


And after the second session, she goes, I don't think I'm ever going to smoke again.


And I was also like, why? Like, just why you hit a certain point of words like, I want to quit. I want to quit so bad. I quit twice and picked up again. And I had that, you know, ego crisis of thinking, I can control this and I can have one. But that's not the case. So it's like when you corrected me and said she's done for life, it's like, yeah, because why do I want to do this again?


Oh, I see it as a transformative process. So, you know, for most people, they're trying to just kind of get through a day or get through another one or, you know, hang in there, be strong, you know, avoid bad situations that will make them want to. And I think that's just the wrong way to think about this. I think it's transformative. So a near perfect example of that is let's say you're dating somebody for two years and you get suspicious, you follow them, you see them murder 25 people, your relationship.


Ends that day, right? You feel differently now, right? But you felt one way for two years and now you feel differently. It's that transformation that empowers you because you're not going to date that person, even if they beg you, you're not going to date that person. And and so a person has to experience that transformation. And the only way most people experience it naturally is getting sick. And so my job is to help them before they get sick.


And I don't do sick very well. Yeah. Right now. So I can't get to that. So your job is to help people realize what's in front of their face? That's right to it.


Because, again, go back to the example I gave you. When a person smokes, I mean, look at them from now on, they don't look scared. They don't look worried or concerned. And yet that thing they're in I mean, remember you said you were afraid of flying cigarettes are killing about 1500 people a day. So but the person smoking is not concerned, right, you know, so, you know, about 500000 a year are dying from cigarettes in America, just America, about eight million in the world.


And so when you talk about I'm taking a chance when you're inhaling cigarettes, it's not simply that you don't die. It's that you do damage, you know, in other things like Russian roulette or something. If you pull the trigger, there's no bullet. There's no damage. But was a cigarette. People think they're getting away with something, but actually they're dying. Right. They're just not dead yet. And so my job is to help them think differently about it and to really connect with the absurdity.


I mean, if a child picks up a loaded gun, we don't say maybe he'll be OK. You're right. Yeah, but that's what a smoker saying every day. You know, maybe I'll be OK. Maybe it'll be all right.


And that that's specifically the absurdity. It's like I'm I'm so afraid of guns.


I can't even go to a gun range and hold it even when it's not loaded. I got Joe took me to a gun range and I was holding an unloaded gun and I couldn't even look at it. I was so afraid of it. And why on earth would I be spending money on something that's like holding a gun that has bullets in it to my temple and assuming that when I pull the trigger, it's not going to send one through my brain, like, that's crazy.


Well, cigarettes have 7000 voices in them, so imagine that for a second. You wash fruits and vegetables, everybody does, or we buy organic. There's a bigger movement towards organic now than ever before. So we're afraid of poison. That's why we do that. We spend extra money because we're afraid of poison. And yet the second 7000 poisons and the person smoking is just made that OK with themselves.


Full disclosure, I don't wash my fruits and vegetables, but that's because I'm a lazy bitch. And every time you said that in our sessions, I was like, just don't make eye contact. And he never has to know that you're eating a shit ton of pesticides to ah, everyone washes their vegetables like. Yeah, we all do everybody.


Are you allowed to talk about some of your celebrity clients? Like I know I mentioned Chelsea Handler. Eva Mendez. Yeah.


I mean a lot there's privacy issues with a lot of them, but some of them have been made public already. Matt Damon, Martin Sheen, Charlize Theron, Debra Messing, Paul Rudd. And there were smokers there. All smokers. Yeah. Peter Fall. Wow. Yeah. Kevin Pollak and wow. So you are the card, the go to guy.


And that's why we think smoking sexy. Look at your roster, Lizzie Gordon. How hot people they all have now quit though.


So I think it's empowering sexy. You should get new merch.


Gary gets creating sexy merch for everyone at home that maybe can't afford it.


What would be your advice to them? Just like know what you're doing to yourself, know, get the program.


The program is not expensive, so the online program is affordable for anybody.


And that's your website. Yeah, it's it's the Gayner method. Or stop smoking. Start living. Perfect. Start, stop smoking. Start living. Yeah. Stop smoking, start living.


And if you're in L.A., you can book you through that website as well, correct. Yeah. Or they can just call me. Wow.


I do think that's a great slogan because it's honestly so true. It's with any version of addiction that you're dealing with, like you spend a majority of your time thinking about when you're going to get that fix. And like when I was smoking cigarettes, it was like I was anxious in the podcast thing because I was like one of them. And what was it like when I'm going out and you're never living in the present because your future tripping on your next dose of whatever it is that you need to feel?


OK, so I think that's a beautiful slogan that you have. It's really it's really freeing to not have the cigarette thing. And I just do it right.


It's freedom. Yeah. You've been a prisoner and a slave to the addiction and now you're free.


And so before I let you go, I do want to ask, how do you differentiate in your mind it being therapy versus hypnotherapy?


Yeah, well, there's obviously overlaps, but, you know, my job is to help them feel better about themselves. You know, if if you look at them, if I look at the most common phrase that comes up in my work is that people feel insecure if people feel that they're not good enough or they're not confident enough. And so my job is to help them feel better about themselves and to help them break their addictions so or be free of the fears that they come in with.


Wow. Well, I thank you very much for taking the time. Well, thanks for coming out here.


I want to get everybody off cigarettes. There's too many people dying. I mean, nobody should be dying anymore from cigarettes in the year 2021. Yeah. Like the slow learning curve ever.


Well, and it works like I was like I. I've been wanting to send Lizzie there for to you for so long and the fact that it happened and that it worked and Lizzie is no longer a smoker. I just think it's such a testament to you and what you do. And I think it's so exciting. So if anyone is watching and trying to quit smoking, if you're not in L.A., go to his website. We'll have it listed in the description below.


Or if you're in L.A. in the area, go see him personally. You're still working through the pandemic, correct? Him, yes. So everyone quit smoking, start living. Start living.


Larry, my pleasure. Thanks for having me. All right, guys. And that is where we're going to leave you for today's episode. I do feel so grateful that you're no longer a smoker.


I understand. So that is everything. And more to me. I think it's super cool what he does. I think it's really sick that he's dedicated his life to wanting to, like, cure humanity of nicotine addiction. I think what he does definitely works like there are two things that stick in my head that are direct quotes from people who want to help other people.


And one is the spin instructor who screamed at me like GEP or yourself, Jeff, or you want to be tomorrow. Right. And now it's like Carrie in my head saying I used to throw golf balls at cars, which I, I, I'm glad that you changed my life.


I never used to throw things at cars, so I guess I just don't relate. But I'm glad he struck a chord with you in that way. Yeah. And with that I think leave you for this week.


We thank you so much for always supporting the show. If you want to follow us along on social media or at the official, we're also on there personally and we love you very much.


Good bye. And that's the SERP.