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On today's episode of Osip, we're facing our biggest fears, we have snakes on the set. My sister, Morgan Adams joins us on the show.


Hello, you guys, and welcome to another episode of The Zip. I'm Rowland Adams, of course, joined by Lizzie Gordon and my sister, Moorgate Adams is also here because what we do know.


I'm so glad you said my name for me because everyone knows that I can't talk about myself in third person.


Well, I and my sister, me, I break my own for that for this podcast, like in typical videos. I can't really do that. I do have something to say, though. So I was watching this video of Blake Lively and she was talking about how she's a Leo Virgo cus. Yeah. And then they asked her, what's your biggest pet peeve. And she was like, I hate when people talk about me or when people talk about themselves in third person.


So it's a thing you identify with her. No, but I'm also a Leo Virgo comes along with Blake Lively and Demi Lovato, who don't like third person.


And I mean, then I would say that isn't that is identifying identified. I always like sort of. You're in a fight with her. Oh, no, no, no. I would never fight Blake Lively.


Oh, my God.


Yeah, no, she would stab you with a still the elegance and grace of that woman. I don't want to be on the receiving end of like I just don't want to be on which one of them specifically Blake Lively.


I was dating this guy once who's obsessed with Blake Lively. And then I was like, so mad because I was like, then why do you like me now? You've got Blake Vibs.


No, I don't like gorgeous blondes. The guy you look at what I'm wearing, she would know, but she bagged Ryan Randall.


Yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't know I was going to be here, so I don't have an outfit for this.


I just woke up. How long are you on this? Morgan and my mom came back from Colorado and they've been staying here for a few days. And I just said, why not jump on the pot? It's International Women's Day, the day that we're filming this. And so, like, why not celebrate the women in my life? Hell, yeah.


I did just think of it like so International Women's Day, why don't people have the day off work? There was one year where we were all supposed to boycott, going to work. Should we leave? Should we go?


OK, this is not like working. I had nowhere better to be on the day off all the rest of the job. Well, it's been fun, but I'm going to go. We have a very exciting show today. We're fighting our fears. It actually the interview happened before. We're recording the intro to this show. Just schedule wise. We have a rattlesnake expert on the show today. He's brought not only rattlesnakes, but his own personal snake, what was his name?


Bardini. So I'm personally facing my biggest fears today. I'm personally not facing my biggest fears today. I didn't quit smoking just to die at the fucking fangs of Whodini and for rattlesnakes that this motherfucker caught on his way over here.


No, Lizzie was she was well aware that snakes were coming to set today. And I said, you have the option to exit the chat if you so please. Oh, yeah.


No, I was fully aware I was fully down to be, you know, snake adjacent, but not in its immediate striking vicinity.


Well, the rattlesnake. OK, we'll get into that in just a minute.


But I did buy these cargo pants so that I could be like, ready, you know what I mean? Like, a bitch in cargo pants is like ready for some snake shit. I don't think Capri cargo pants are ready for some snake shit because I get the angle. You're totally right. You're totally right.


I should have worn boots like that's on me, but they are cute and springy.


OK, well, what's been going on with you guys? What's new with me? Oh, I've been on some fancy hot girl shit in addition to my Swansons. OK, I got my nails done. Oh, I went with the glitter extension, little glitter gel extension. I try to, you know, fake freckles. Joe mentioned that he was a fan of fake freckles. So I went and had and you know, he is a fan of free.


It's hard to say. Joe is a fan of fake freckles, you know, like what they do, don't you?


Do. Oh, I was just trying to say it. Yeah, it's hard to say. Don't you apply it with the fake freckles. It doesn't seem that difficult.


Struggling shade.


Also, Joe was more attracted to you with fake freckles.


Joe, just like admitted to me that he definitely thinks that fake freckles are adorable, even though he knows that they might be slightly trashy. Like what a shame if it rains.


I would never wear them in real life because I would be in my head thinking, like, can they tell these are fake?


Did they micro blade freckles like they do eyebrows? I think they do. I saw Whitney Cummings talking about wanting to get her face permanently freckled. I'm not into that. You don't like how you look with the freckles.


I liked how she looked with the freckles.


But it's like embarrassing to have something like this fake, you know, your face like the Wendys girl.


But it's not like the micro bleeding, the eyebrows. If you like eyebrows, then you get a micro blade. I mean, a permanent eyebrow.


You're also not a fan of the micro bleeding of the eyebrows. Also feel like if I had to be worried, someone like, ah, those are yours.


You they look like you. I actually filled them in with a pencil today. I'm glad you think that they look decent. They're gorgeous. Well, he didn't say that. I don't know what a good brown versus bad brown is.


I just know if they're super bushy versus not bushy. But I've been well I wanted to clear some things up. Last week I was well, I said Amy Poehler looks good for her age. She. And I guess that's triggering for those were the words you chose. But the thing is, I think it's only insulting if you choose to be insulted by that. Like I was watching it was some talk show and it was like an older woman complimenting an older woman being like, you look so fantastic for your age.


And that woman took it gracefully, being like, thank you so much.


So I think it's an it's only ageist, I guess is the term if you find an issue with if you find an issue with age, however, I will say I can't modify my behavior to just saying that person is beautiful, but I just want to set the record straight.


And you can attest to this for me. I am like the biggest the biggest advocate for getting older.


Like, I only think things get better with age. I think you get fucked over. I think you learn more.


I think just life comes with you get a black box. Yes.


And I guess I'm also not a woman, so I can't attest to like the the body image standards that are maybe that come with getting older as a woman.


So me saying like she looks fantastic for her age maybe isn't the best, I think.


Yeah. Exactly what you're saying. I totally agree with you. Like you can choose to be offended or not, but there's also like a long standing tradition of Hollywood throwing away women when they hit 30.


So the adding the category for her age is sort of innately demeaning and retracts the.


Well, I understand that. Yeah. That's why I'm like saying this. But then I also want to say I'm like, so like when you talk to most people, they always say their 40s, 50s and 60s are the best years of their entire lives.


So I just wanted to clarify, like, if anything, I think getting older is fantastic. But yes, I think removing the for her age is probably also appropriate.


But I also think that there's a lot of value to what you just said about like where you choose to hear a death or not. Like if there's no intent to this, why are you going to walk around, like, deciding to be offended by something?


Do you know what I'm saying? I'm like, you get to choose how things affect you. It's like that quote that I sent you that one time about like resentment's like the longer you talk about and focus on a resentment, you're like leader becomes the person that you're resentful at as opposed to yourself when that person is also probably projecting. Because like when I said that, I meant it, like when I said the comment about Amy Poehler, it was a full blown compliment.


And you were like for her age.


And I was I mean, I was also teasing you. I know. But it's also grounded in reality. It's why is that such a standard that, like, I'm giving a compliment, not even thinking about the subliminal subtext. Right. Actually is under all of that.


And I mean, you freak out about getting older all of the time. Morgan has an annual meltdown.


Yeah, I'm getting better, though. But I think that if someone's going to tell me that I look good, I'm just going to take that piece of it and rest of it out.


Exactly. And that's what I'm saying.


I'm like, so like not really that offended by like, it's hard to offend me, I think. Yeah.


So I wouldn't take your age piece and be like, he thinks I'm old, but I give my some people.


Mom, would you be offended if I said like, oh you look beautiful for your age. I guess I do get kind of like insecure because it's definitely like the younger people that are.


Well, yeah, I think so.


When you feel like you're getting older, you feel like you're just declining to claim that fact.


I don't think people are killing. Well, yeah, I think you're specifically talking about like YouTube.


Yeah, because I'm the top of Gen Z, right. So in GenZE, you look at me, they're like, oh, she's like the dinosaur of GenZE. Right.


So on the Internet and I guess in Hollywood. Correct. But I do think in real life, in the general scope, things only get better with age until they don't. I mean, I also don't know what age you hit in your life.


Well, you go so you go up, up like your self-esteem goes up, up, up, up up until 70 and then it starts going down.


I think 60 is like the peak of you. And then you think your self-esteem drops after seven. I think. Well, yeah, because that's what it said on a textbook.


I think it would have to because at a certain point you become less mobile, less right. And so then it's like reflecting on your past rather than where I'm going.


Probably it's like you're getting ready. Yeah, well, you get to a point where you've already lived your entire life. So that's what we talk about with our grandma, that she has to look forward to the little things like making dinner, where sometimes we get annoyed and we're like, oh, like, why does she care so much about dinner? Because that's what her life is is looking forward to, like, simple things to do. I mean, that's also me.


Like, I really look forward and that's what he said.


Here comes paracord. Let's start making dinner baby get. So he's like every day at seven he's going to start asking about dinner like. Yes. And that seems pretty late for an average dinner. So you're like I wait till that way. We've started the early bird special at our house. I'm literally like four o'clock rolls around like let's get this, go start peeling them shrimps, dicing that garlic. But it's seventy. Like you're not thinking about like, oh, what's my career going to be.


I'm going to have any kids. You're kind of just like, when am I going to die.


Well that's what that's me. And that's what I mean with all of this age stuff like I think life continually gets better until you probably hit a standstill. And I guess it's probably different for everyone. Maybe it's seventy for some people, eighty for others where you start more.


So looking back then, looking forward. Yeah, which is scary. I've also been head on confronted with memory loss this week because we've already forgotten what he was going to say.


Well, no, we're like I can't remember TV and movies to save my life. And I love TV shows more than anything. But then if you start asking me about what happened in an episode of a TV series that I watched two months ago, I'm like, I couldn't even tell you what happened in season one with season two's coming out. Right. And so and but Shane's not that way because we, like, started in the middle of a series, finished it and then, like, went back.


And I couldn't remember anything that was happening. And he could vividly remember everything that was happening.


And he's like, I think you just have awful memory.


Maybe you're not stimulating your brain enough. What do you mean? You take that personally? Like, do you do things every day that, like, really make you think like you do like Sudoku or something? I do that.


No, I don't see.


You should start doing like brain games and you feel like you, like you, you have vivid memories of all of your life and television shows that you.


Well, I didn't used to, but I. Mom's nodding. No, no, I don't.


But I have found enlightenment and now I'm serious. My memory has come back and I can remember things that I learned in like eighth grade, like Spanish, like I can look at a cat and be like, oh l Gotho. And then I'm like, how did I know that. Saying like the periodic table of elements like I remember all these things from when I was young that I couldn't remember until like two months ago.


So you're reviving. I think I have an idea like a super vivid memory up to a certain point and then like eight years ago my mind just started being like, that's useless, get rid of it, that's useless, get rid of it.


Weird for me, though, is like I do have vivid and not vivid memories from, like, five years ago, four years ago, two months ago. So I guess my brain picks and chooses what to store. But what's odd about television specifically is I'm always watching a TV show with my full attention because I'm not watching a TV show. If I don't like it, my phone's down. I'm fully there if I love a TV show, but then I can't tell you what it was about a month later.


But have you ever been able to go into a season two of something and remember season one?


Yeah, yes. That's why I go to season two. Well, yeah. If you don't remember season one, why would you watch season two? Well, I have to rely on the like teaser from like in the like.


Wow, maybe maybe you should go. Yeah, yeah. I think you should like play a brain game while you're watching TV. So you're like multi stimulated.


All right. Well I thought it could be fun to expose our screen time. Have you guys ever looked at your screen time?


Yes. And I saw Gramma's pop up on our phone the other day and it was like twelve minutes a day. No.


What are you doing all day with those? I think mine has gone down significantly because I've deleted most social media apps from my phone.


So I really only look at Instagram and Redfearn and that's it.


I love that you look at read fan emails to are you know, I had to burp, but I think like even so, my screen time was looking really high the other day.


And then I realized, like, if your face timing or something that still counts as screen time, I watch a lot of podcasts on YouTube that I'm not like looking at. So it's like I'm cleaning the house at. Counts as screen time anyways, but I don't know how to check it. It just tells me sometimes when I feel ashamed. So you want to pull down and type in screen time. Whoa.


Where there's no one type option minus fifty eight minutes.


What is that for today or the week? Let's go to the week overview.


I literally don't have the information. My week is three hours and nine minute daily average. What say that again to my or my daily average is three hours and nine minutes which I was at a point in my life one time will be like 12.


What's your average three hours and nine minutes.


Is that bad? No, I just want to throw up by myself and not share what my screen time is. What's yours? What is yours. You show me yours first. Mine's last week.


A daily average of one hour and 19 minutes. I have to go. My dad just called and he said I have to come home. Well, it tells you so then it gives a breakdown what your weekly average tell us.


Oh my God. We know. So like we it's where it says total. Yes. I really don't want to tell you guys. Well, the average. OK, my daily average.


Well my daily average is six hours and forty two minutes.


OK, that's not that bad. I had to gradually get my dad on I swear to God.


But I'm telling Etoile like I literally I watched Netflix on my phone before bed because it's less light than my TV, so it'll just play for hours.


We can scroll down and it tells you like where you're most used minutes are.


Yeah. My most used is HBO Macs and then Netflix.


Oh so you are watching, you're watching content or TV on my fucking God.


One hour and fifty six minutes. Text messaging. But that makes sense because you're on the receiving end of most of my text messages are thirty three minutes.


YouTube seventeen safari's eleven Redfin's eleven minutes. I've really been trying to put down my phone. I don't have Twitter, Instagram or any of those.


I have no minutes. I'm just a shitty professional. My least amount of time is seventeen minutes on email.


How much do you spend on Instagram. Fuck I want away. Mine's sixty six minutes a day on Instagram.


Bring it back. Well see and that's the one that I really had to cut out. I've been getting on Instagram to like post things or what. Like I've been using it to post and dip just because posts end up.


I was like what's dipping my top three are Instagram messages and Redfearn. Wow, your Instagram Lizy is fifty five minutes and then Daily Mail is the I start my Daily Mail.


Wow. And then and. Oh my gosh.


What bitch. Don't give me that. I'm upset about your tick tock screentime. Don't tell me that that's my private time. An hour and fifteen.


I do. I have to go. My dad needs me home right now. How do you spend two hours on the text messaging me down Morgan.


Oh, two hours on text messages. I'm a crazy doctor. You're typing for two hours a day receiving like one. It's like straight up.


I hate my views on those messages that are so long to open it into a no no. I send fifteen messages so that you don't have to do that is my pet peeve.


If you're sending me something that has to be opened in a further note, call a mother fucker. Yeah, I don't even open that.


Now, if someone is texting and no, they are either very angry or very unwell.


Yeah. And I'm, I'm an obnoxious audio message, which I understand is equally as frustrating because on the receiving end, nobody audio messages me back. But Lizzie did audio message me the other day and I was like, I'm in a group full of people and I need to exit the room to be able to listen to this.


Ah, now I understand how and that every day with this guy, I called on everyone. I got to leave the room to see what one of my roommates is like.


If it's rayland, you can do it. Thank you. You think I understand professional. All right.


When we come back, our snake dream fears. When we come back, I'm going to dip.


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OK, you guys, I am so very excited because today I'm honestly facing one of my biggest fears and bringing some of my favorite ladies along for the journey.


Our guest today is both Leppitsch, who is a rattlesnake removal expert. He helps keep us families, everyone safe from all sorts of snakes.


How can people find you if they want information or your services to find me a rattlesnake wrangler dot com?


So you've been doing this for fifty three. Fifty four years.


Fifty six years since the age of five. Oh, wow. So you do the math.


You see how old man there is. Know. But you look fantastic. So I've always wanted to do this because you've brought along some snakes with you today. And so we're going to get to visit with some of your snakes. And the snakes you've brought with you are snakes that you've caught.


Two of them I just caught this morning in Malibu. So they're extra feisty.


I actually know, OK, you know, snakes don't really don't want to have anything to do with us. The thing is, we build our homes on their homes. We just build nicer ones. But every year when it starts to get dry, we're getting into snake season. Right now, it's March. They come into the neighborhoods and they will stay in the neighborhoods until the end of the year. Again, we have the food source. They follow the grocery store.


And so you've made a living off of helping people. So I've always been afraid of snakes, deathly afraid of snakes. Yet I found a gardener snake in our house and I was like, this snake has no business in our house. I had no idea how he got in there. I lost my mind because the snake was in my house.


But what does a person do if they're confronted with a snake in their house or even if they're walking their dogs and you see a snake?


OK, if you see a rattlesnake is the only venomous snake in California, everything else is good. It's the only snake that can kill us. If you see a rattlesnake very simple back away, it will not approach you. They do not fly, leap or jump. They will not chase you. They are we are bigger. They are smaller.


They just look at us and go, do you want to back away?


Slowly down, you're going to be giving just back away, like slowly or like.


Can you Raphaele what?


No matter what I tell you, you're going to back away as fast as I can tell you. I'm slow and I'm about to back on your right to hear what I just long as you don't trip.


So the snakes you have with you today, one is your personal pet. But you're saying you were called this morning to get snakes from somebody's property, and that's one that you have with you.


Yeah, a couple their home burned down in the Woosley fire and said they had purchased a new Malibu home and they were having the stucco guys out there, you know, fixing it up to move in. And they happened to notice two, three, four foot rattlesnake. You were used to the rattlesnakes with you today.


I brought you a couple of rattlesnakes. All right.


From now, you son of a bitch, they saw your feet four inches. Do you like what? They're about three feet deep mines close to floor. But can we want to hold it?


I'll make you feel safe.


Don't they mean can we pull the snakes out and then we'll continue? He doesn't mean out of their case.


We're good at the rattlesnakes. We are not going to pull out, you know, but I would like to visualize. Sure. Can I brought them in, put them in clear containers where you guys so you can see what's going on safely.


I actually put one in a bucket once because I used to work at the I used to work at a reservoir and there was always rattlesnakes and one day there was no ranger with a rattlesnake in a bucket. So they gave me the little clambers and I went up to it. It was tiny, little, teeny, tiny baby. And I put it in a bucket, a rattlesnake.


Now, I worked at the lake. I am an I don't take them.


Those are baby rattlesnakes. See, that's so cute.


That little cutie can kill you. Yeah. Let's get them on brother. Let's see it.


We will see the babies usually first because they are smaller body and they warm up quicker in the dead. Also they can be cannibalized by the larger snakes. Snakes do eat snakes. We usually see the little guys first.


Baby rattlesnakes. Can they kill you too?


Yes. Yeah. Now a lot of people go are babies women more toxic? More dangerous? No, but where that comes from, I get asked three questions. Ever been bit? No. Wow, what do you do with snakes? Well, I keep them until the check clears. Of course, I. And our babies more dangerous than the big guys. The thing is, with babies, since they're new, they will strike at anything without hesitation.


They will multi strike. They can hit it one tenth of a second. But this is where that comes from. They have not learned how to control Lance. When they bite, they usually inject. But more deaths, more serious injuries come from larger snakes because larger fangs and more volume.


I tell people I'd rather not get bit, but I rather get bit by. I had this big and I had that big. Yeah, for sure. There's more volume.


Well, they're pretty good, Major. These are the two I got. Oh, my God. No, no, no, no. Move. It is little Whodini in that video in a minute. Oh, I think he's adorable. What is that thing? You cannot have. Is that a rattlesnake? No, that's a different one.


No, don't shake them.


Now, what do you notice? He do not always warn you. You use your eyes also making noise. Snakes do not have ears. I love when people go out and yell that damn thing for an hour, I go can hear you stomping on the ground.


Of course there's the ones that we do not see, but there would never be a dead snake on the road. So if you're on trails, look, never put your hands and feet where you can't see and you cannot get bit, period.


You go by the rules. These are California, Southern Pacifics. So that is a rattlesnake. There's two in there.


Well, you look at the little you can see you can see the rattle on.


And so where I'm located right here. Yes. Is this a snake haven?


Yes. We call this well, you can say, OK, how about we call it the Mecca of Rattlesnake. We got a guy live down Virginia's road. You're six miles away from me and then down the street.


So I need your number on speed dial. I'm surprised I haven't been to your house. No, sir. I'm never coming here again.


Is there snake proofing that we can do to help prevent? Because I luckily knock on wood.


We've lived here for two years and I have not yet encountered you know, some people give them more than others, depending on where your property is, how what kind of landscaping you have. Some people just get lucky. But there is also a thing called snake fencing where we do we can snake fence the backyard with quarter inch mesh. We do the Gaitskell building. The box snakes can't dig. There's no such thing as a snake hole.


Oh, well, so what are those holes that I call snake gophers or rabbits? Squirrels, moles.


What a snake inhabit and formerly habited gopher hole.


They go into holes, eat what made the holes, maybe spend the night kids. Oh my gosh. What did they cover it up.


Fill it up with dirt. Nothing can go in and nothing can go out.


Oh I love that with every fiber. I think we'll fix this any time you see a hole in the yard fill up with dirt. That way Snake can't go inside. It'll suffocate in the dirt. Probably find another way and don't feel bad.


I want to ask you a lot more questions, but is it possible to go with Houdini while we ask you some questions, or can you know if he's coming out?


I'm just going to have someone. I'm getting a call. That's why my mom in come here. I'm going to tap out. I'm going to I'm going to go. OK, come here, Mom. Come on in.


Oh, my gosh. This snake's been held by about two thousand kids. You big was.


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So is there a snake etiquette when you're holding a snake? Is there anything we need to know? Grab it.


You want to kind of hold it like a tree here. Hold it like a tree. OK, it's cool, man.


He loves to be held by yourself in here.


You can use two hands cuz his tongue is like this.


He likes me, he likes the warmth of your body but used to support support the rest of his you know. And so. Hi buddy.


And so where would you find this. Tiwa. He was in the garage and so in this type of climate this snake exists.


He won't bite me. Right. You know what?


All snakes can bite, all lizards can bite. But as of now, he is not bitten. Anybody snakes have attitudes like people. What is he coming for? My hand for you likes the warmth. He's just cruising. Not yet. He's flying down the freeway. So if windows down.


So when I encountered a snake in my house, I just closed the doors and I don't know where it ever ended up going.


What do I do to remove the snake?


Call me a little trick to see. You know, a harmless snake is you can take and throw a towel on top of it and then scoop it up. And we don't have to touch it and take it outdoors and do that. But as kids catching snakes and lizards, we take our t shirts off, throw it on top of the lizard or snake. It was an easy way and then scoop it out of there. But the little trick, where is he going?


Sorry about that. He got lost on the highway where we're all going to go with him. I'm so sorry. I was going to guide him, but then I got scared.


Yeah, he'll kill them.


This is like this is not well for me. It honestly feels good for years. Let me put this down. I feel like this would be like a Buji celebrity spa. Treatments your hands there. Pick them. Yeah, not from his hair.


Just put your hand. Oh my God. OK, can I put it right in front of his math?


Pick them up. Use your hands. He's not slimy. Come on, dude. Yeah, he feels good. It feels like a luxury treatment.


Oh no. Oh no. OK, ok, be nice to him. OK. OK, ok.


OK, ok. You know a lot of people that are scarier than this guy.


Oh my gosh. It's wrapped around. So when people get like the big boa constructors for Penni. Yes. Do they ever kill their own.


Oh you're so cute having exotics. The thing is, I've never bought a snake in my life. Everything I've caught. But having an exotic, they do get bigger. And the thing also with them, I've had people call me up and go, my my business has moved to Texas. I can't take my two boys with me. Can you take them? I go, I don't deal with exotics.


OK, so you're getting long been tagged as your nickname is the Rattlesnake Wrangler. You've never been bit. You also go on like the news and stuff too.


OK, I think he's going down my pants. Oh my God. Oh, he's right over here.


And he is cruising. He's exploring the satellited. OK, buy me dinner first and then we'll chat and wow.


Keep them over there.


Know if a snake doesn't have a rattler. I would be I mean, safe to pick it up.


Real simple. If you can see the tail of the snake, if it comes to a pencil point, it is not a rattlesnake.


Rattlesnakes that black eyes can look alikes very good. Nocturnal hunters bad. All good snakes have round eyes. Oh good.


And their head neck will be the same size rattlesnake. What you pick up the bigger one. Yes.


Of that the rattlesnake will have a very distinct small neck, heavy body. And again here we can't see the tails are underneath.


So the next thing we go to look at, they had small neck triangle had black eyes, diamond pattern.


Women statistically get bit gardening. Oh, men get bad because we're stupid. I've never had a woman come up to me and go, yeah, I picked it up. Every guy that tells me the rattlesnake bites story, they were screwing around with it. OK, you know, if you don't know what you're doing back away, get an expert, but just back away from the snake. Snakes will not chase you or follow you. They won't have anything to do with us.


I have a quick question.


Yes. Have you seen the Godzilla and the King Kong movies? Yes. And you know how that coming out with a new one where they're like two apex predators.


That can only be one like that's the slogan for the movie, I believe. So I saw the trailer.


And so there's this whole philosophy in these fictional films that, you know, we need some of these bad creatures because they keep the ecosystem in balance. But I have a theory that we don't need snakes.


Well, would you you know what? With snakes, God puts everything on this planet for a reason. Now, snakes eat rodents. One of our best rodent keep growing population down. Rodents carry diseases without snakes. We'd have a lot more diseases. Again, everything's on this planet for a reason, right? And everything works together. We took that rid of the snakes. You know what kind of rodent problem we would have? It'd be crazy.


What what's the scenario that you're afraid to go into with a rattlesnake?


Like, have you ever met a scenario where, you know, people ask my friend, rattlesnakes, rattlesnake? Hell, yes. A day I'm not afraid is the day I die cocky boys get better. Did sue. Or later, improved facts. Hell, no, I'm scared to death when I go underneath the house knowing there's multiples, I say I say my prayers every morning, please, God, keep me safe. Allow me to help my people and keep them safe.


But no, this is reality. I you know, I love what I do. It's fun the people I meet. But death is a possibility and that is reality. Wow.


You really are doing the Lord's work because there's no there there's not many people, I feel, that are fearless enough to go under a house, I mean, in dense small spaces to try to solve a problem such as a rattlesnake.


Oh my gosh.


Sorry, but I appreciate this has helped me a lot calm some of my fears that I feel like aren't irrational because I do live in a space that is probably filled with rattlesnakes.


I have joy, nature, it's part of it. Enjoy it so they can't hear how many senses do they have. The thing is, you know, they can see that tongue is tasting the molecules in the air. Now, rattlesnakes we call pit vipers, they have pits, they have heat seeking. There are infrared. So Maistre, little red dots, your big red dots.


But rattlesnakes have an extra sense by smell, sight and heat seeking so they can see they can hunt their prey down in complete darkness just by picking up the heat.


What is so cool?


Well, I appreciate you taking the time.


Yeah, it's pretty cool. Yeah. I want it to be so fun. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. It looks like Britney. Oh, look at him.


This is beautiful. Oh. Oh look. Is he doing this. Oh yeah. I've seen a snake go through someone. That's what snakes do.


I just don't you know, how fast can snakes move. That's something that you want to know.


Don't worry. I'll get him before he goes anywhere. Oh, he loves that. How fast you you of fun. Now since he's out today, he gets a bump, he gets it. He gets an extra mouse.


Oh my gosh. It's so nice.


Wow. Do you want to pick him up on your end. And right before we have to cut in two minutes because the camera is going to go.


But is how fast can a rattlesnake slither?


You know, rattlesnakes don't have to go fast. They have venom. Well, where are the ones that go fast?


Snake, you can outrun, you can go, you can outrun a rattlesnake. But rattlesnakes, they don't have to move fast. Now, these guys, when they want to move very quick, see they're more of a linear body. These are constrictors. Rattlesnakes are fat and heavy. That's why you can eat them. They're ambush hunters. They're hunting. Technique is completely different. They're lazy. They lie in. Wait, go what? Can we wait tongue comes out, fines of Prani, can we hold this up just for the camera to get a close up of it?


Can you focus on that grass and then. Oh, that scary.


Do you name those. Not the rattlesnakes. Yeah.


Just keep let them be calm. Rattles rattles you.


Can we Chris get can you walk it in. And I want to just get a still with the snake. You can get in here if you want more. Lizzie do you want to come back or do you want here. You probably have Lizzie next to the snake. OK, so fearful this.