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On today's episode of the YouTube, hair and makeup mogul Jeffrey Star is here for an uncensored conversation. Hello, you guys are welcome to another episode of the SERP, I'm so excited because we have such a treat for you today. But first, I'm Rowland Adams, of course, joined by my co-host, Lizzie Gordon.


Me, I feel like today is all of your dreams coming to fruition? Fruition in in a day.


It's a lot it's a lot to take in and handle as just one person, really. Right.


Enough emotions for at least three individuals. And I am but one woman.


Well, I'm sure you can see by the title, Jeffrey Starr is joining us in studio for such a raw, candid interview. It's already been done. We did. It's already.


But I'm still feeling like you just brought it up and it's like, am I going to, like, literally got warm again, just thinking about it.


It is so very exciting. And I can't wait for you to see it in just a couple of minutes.


But first, I did want to genuinely thank you guys for the response of last week's video. It was, oh my gosh, we went back and forth on whether or not it was the right thing to do. And I think with so many people struggling and dealing with loss in twenty twenty, to see all of you come together and feel connected through such a tragedy was a beautiful thing.


I mean, this year for everyone has just been so crazy. And that comment section specifically not only made me feel less alone, but helped me so much. And I love to see everyone sharing their stories. Yeah. Joining in on the conversation with their own lives and loving on one another.


It was incredibly sweet and positive. And I just think that that's like one of the beautiful things about the Internet is that we can all come together from across the world to hopefully do a little bit of good.


Oh, yeah. I mean, yeah, that's not all. That's not always the case. So I think that's why it's so particularly exciting. Not exciting. Might not be the right word, but like it was so touching to see such an outpouring of just pure love.


Yeah. Because even with the purest of intentions on the Internet, you never know where it will land and how it will be received. And obviously with something so tragic and so delicate, it was my reservations were that this was going to turn into something that left a toxic stamp on my mind from the situation.


But thank you, Jesus, that it brought people together. Yeah. Made people feel less alone. And I think that's exactly what I needed. And from reading the comments, what a lot of other people needed as well. So thank you guys so much and thank you for joining as well. It's a pleasure to be sharing your own stories. Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Oh, my God.


Did I have a good Thanksgiving? Well, here's the deal. I had this one, and I hate to complain because I do feel blessed and loved and it was great. My fiance's mom is in town and my mom came into town for this. And, you know, we quarantined and stayed in different houses and ate outside six feet apart.


And they drove and they drove here at one point after my first bite of the dinner, I swear to God for a second, I was like, oh, God, I have covered I can taste nothing. And I just freaked out for a second. I pulled my stepdad aside and I was like, hey, man, you know, don't feel bad because I did cook this meal.


Is it bland? He was like, it's the bland thing I've ever had, so I didn't lose my sense of taste. My meal was flavorless.


My entire Thanksgiving spread that I left over for two days had no flavor whatsoever. And then it got worse because they opened a Diet Coke and I drank it. And I was like, this has no flavor either. But it was just one of those like rogue incidents where the Diet Coke just didn't have enough syrup in it. So the whole time I was like, I'm the spreader. This is a spreader thing. I'm spreading just like the blandest meal I've ever had in my life.


And that is so scary. I know that coronavirus is so serious and it's happening and it's worse than ever. But aside from, like falling very ill, I think the scariest long term effect is losing your and your taste for possibly forever losing your taste and then losing your smell.


And I've seen on ticktock. OK, I got it.


I got a lot of information from tech talk for a 30 year old woman, but it's real sometimes. So a lot of people are having this new thing where after their sense of smell comes back, they get this horrible chemical rotten smell that like lingers. Yeah.


The last coronavirus test I got right before Thanksgiving, the nurse that gave me my nose swab said that that was happening for her.


Yeah, it's just like what? That sucks.


Shane had coronavirus before we knew about Korona, before it was cool before everyone was doing it.


You can't joke about Gurnam.


I'm not laughing and because we got the antibody test way later. And so he had it a long time ago, but he had vertigo for the first time as a result. As an after effect. Yeah. And now he's always had me sniff omnia, which is. Do you know what that is.


No, it's the people chewing in any regards or even loud swallows or anything send off like flight or flight in his brain and makes him like so physically angry. And it's it's a real thing.


Some people think that it's not is God, but because of the coronavirus and it's like an inner ear thing, I guess it's made his just escalate to another level and he has to excuse himself. She is. And so we're trying to find some peace within the holiday where tensions are already high, like I get it.


And my family couldn't come. They had to cancel because flying was just off the table, especially with my grandma being an eighty year old woman. We want to take all precautions. Yeah. So my mom always comes here and cooks my dinner. Oh. So I had to take it upon myself to figure out how to feed the rest of the family for a task.


And I can't cook. I'm actually shocked because you're always sending me photos. I'm a great cook. Yes, I'm a great cook.


She she texted me a photo almost every night bragging about how delicious her food is. And I'm like, OK, well, you're not close enough to give me some, so please just don't send me the photo.


The saddest thing is I had hit up some of my friends like, yo, I'll bring you a plate because, you know, I also love to brag because, like, what's the point of doing something?


Well, if other people aren't lauding your existence and I had to text them and I was like, honestly, I'm mortified. I cannot bring you a plate because this is dog shit.


This is bland dog.


Well, I took it upon myself to go to one of these fancy grocery stores in L.A. a week ahead of time and order their precooked delicious food.


And I was like, look at me taking this into my own hands.


What, what? What grocery store? Bristol Farms. Yeah, yeah. I went all the way off because I have no business in the kitchen, if you've seen any of my cooking.


I have. And I'm dying to teach you how to use a knife. That's not a bad night.


Well, after your Thanksgiving fiasco, I don't know if I want your advice. Oh, my God, that's rude. Too soon. So then so everything's already cooked, fully cooked. It just says you need to reheat the turkey eight minutes for every pound. And I have this sucker in there for over an hour. When I pull it out, it's still like bright pink and looks rise like they dubbed me and I got a raw turkey.


I ruined Thanksgiving, duped me.


And so we just keep leaving it in and then Morgan's like Googling. Well, if it's a smoked turkey, then it is more pink and then we cut it up and put it back in so that maybe it would cook faster. But then it was so dry that Shane had to post my turkey from Denny's now.


So that's what that was probably good and salty separately. It was delicious. Wow. OK, with that, you guys. Jeffrey Starr is here and I really do love this conversation.


I thought it was so much fun. We really get going.


So, yeah, I mean, I wouldn't I laughed and I was like, did I say I did? You did.


Should we talk about your masturbatory call out that we got to cut that out? It doesn't make sense to people. It's nobody's business. I was scared. I just felt like I wanted to stop Jeffrey in his tracks to, like, stumble him over his words because of your visualization about your masturbation fantasy.


The worst part is I honestly thought that would be super relatable. Like I like I've been thinking this like every time we have a guest, like I should remember to ask them what they're like first masturbatory fantasy was. How about everybody had a really weird one? All right, well, with that, here is our Jeffrey Starr interview w w o audio.


OK. Oh, my God. Big one thing, one take to common mark where a record. You're so beautiful. Ridiculous. Thank you. All right, I like to give a little a little intro. OK, so if any of your intro is incorrect or it's not something that you have, just let me know.


All right, guys.


He's a makeup mogul who founded Jeffrey Star Cosmetics. He rose to fame back on MySpace before being Internet famous was even a thing.


And Forbes crowned him the fifth highest paid YouTube star in 2013, raking in eighteen million dollars from YouTube alone that year.


He's always supported my family and I. We love him so much.


Jeffrey Star. Yes, I know. Wow. Thanks, guys.


Was that sufficient enough for you to miss anything that.


Oh, my my ego's full filling and feeling sickening job.


I've been so excited to meet you. It's literally pathetic. When I told my roommate that you were going to be here today. He's like, wait, that's huge for you. And I was like, oh, God. I was like, maybe Rylan can call me an advance and ask him to say, Oh, yes, Miss Mammo to me, she's.


She's been working in advance, so, like, if you can organically throughout this time, it feels right. It doesn't happen right now. You might have a heart attack. Yes, Mama. Because it will serve you.


She never misses another word. I'm sure she has post notifications on her when you post to Instagram.


But I will give you a few today. You look gorgeous.


I'm glad that you wore a slumber esq, just a little slumber party.


I wanted to be really comfy, but I always feel like I'm home when I'm here. Right.


Well, I wanted I don't mean to be a downer when we first jump into this episode, but Shane and I have been really going through it the past week. Yeah. Because we've lost one of our animals. And while we've been finding clarity throughout all of that, I kind of wanted to get some insight from you because nobody loves animals a more than you. And B, you've dealt with tragic losses in the past year, not one or two.


So I wanted to know how you coped with it, how you made sense of it, and like how you moved forward.


Oh, my God, that it's so hard because animals are just so pure. Right? Like, I want to make a joke about, you know, people versus animals, but animals are just so loving. They really never do anything bad, you know what I mean? And they just love you so much. So when I lost my first dog, it was so traumatic. And I think I'm still traumatized by it, honestly, and I still haven't fully processed it like it's been a year since she died.


And then when the second dog passed away, I don't even know. I think the only thing that kept me like alive was creating what me and Shane were doing at the moment and working on conspiracy, because if I wasn't doing anything, I don't know, I was just drowning in sadness. I don't want to say depression, but after Daddy passed away, it was like full of depression. So creating got me out of that. Right. But I don't know.


I don't think I'll ever be the same. Right. Like, it still hurts. And, you know, recently I finally sold the pink house that we all went to and lived in London. And I sat outside and I just paced the yard where they were. And I just cried for an hour. I was like, I made everyone just leave me alone. And I just I cried and I sat in that pink chair and it's so faded from the sun now, it almost looks white that is sat there.


And I just sobbed in it, like all really, really hit me again. So it comes in waves. Do you see your dogs in dreams?


Do you feel their presence? How does a year later opposed to when it just happened? Are you still or does it just hit you sometimes in you do you start full on all this, all of the above?


Um, I think it's good that I have so many and that they're all like best friends. So when I see, like, you know, delicious and drama, we're best friends with daddy. So just to have them around, it still feels good. But it's I'll never forget their barks like I can hear in my sleep. I can close my eyes and hear their different sounds. And I just I dunno, I still miss them every single day, more so than even some family members that have passed away.


I know that sounds maybe fucked up or dark, but I don't know. I think when people really hurt you like some of my family, I don't miss them as much as as Diamond or Daddy. Yeah, I mean, that may sound wrong, but I don't know that they just they're just so loving. So I don't know, like, I just. Yeah. And I just can't believe you guys are going through this right now. It's like so devastating because there's never a right time for anything to happen.


So this is just like such a shocker. And I'm just like, oh, I just really feel what you're going through.


Yeah, I was curious about how your other pets or grieved the loss of your other animals.


Did you notice that they felt the other dogs were gone? So everyone has a different way of doing things right in their in their household. When Diamond passed away, she was taken to the hospital. Right. Remember, we're out of the country. So devastated. Oh, yeah. So they were trying to revive her. But so when we when she passed away, me and Nate, at the time, we felt it was right to bring her back home the same day.


I just, you know, ours one, because we know we flew in later that night and to show all the dogs and, you know, we wrapped up in a blanket and we let all the dogs smell her and we let them all spend time with her. And a few of them, like Diva, was so devastated and they knew, like they know, you know what I mean? And but we felt it was right for them to know.


So when Daddy passed away, we did the same thing and it was like it hit a few of them, I think, even harder. And I felt too soon especially. Yeah, it was like in May and then in October, like it was so horrible. Um, and yeah, like drama wouldn't leave Daddy's side when we when we had him at the house, you know what I mean. It was so sad. So, um, you guys wanna hear something even more sad.


So Daddy's anniversary of being. Gone was early October, and when both of them passed away, I cut some fur off of them, like just to say Daddy had the most iconic tail. So I took a huge piece of it and I saved it, um, in a in these, like, plastic sealed zip locks.


So I opened it for the first time and I let the dogs smell him and they were freaking out and drome started like whimpering and crying and delicious, ran all over the house searching for him.


And I was just like it was it was like beautiful but so sad at the same time. And they just were just like they thought he was like back. Yeah. You know, so I almost felt guilty, but I just felt like it was right.


And we all, you know, and we celebrated his life and oh it it was so hard to see them like they know they knew instantly.


And it was like it was it was it was rough. How did you know it was time to get new dogs? Because now you have two beautiful new puppies.


You I mean, animals are just so loving. So I wasn't trying to like, you know, cover up sadness with love. I just felt like in my heart that it was time, you know what I mean? And then after, you know, I lost two dogs and my five year relationship break up.


So there was just so much loss, but my heart was still big. You know, I wanted to love more and I just love dogs so much. Um, so when I found out that Drama's mother was pregnant, I was like, oh, my God, maybe it's life telling me it's time. So. Well, I didn't mean to get to at all. I always dreamed of having a baby like I wanted a brown chocolate Pomeranian.


Right. That's what dessert is. And when she told me, hey, you know, Daddy. So when Daddy was born, he had a brother and a sister and his so his brother impregnated another dog. So Dominatrixes, his niece. And I was like just the fact that I could have, like, a piece of him, you know what I mean? Like his bloodline. Yeah, it just felt right. So I got two dogs and they're the best.


They were born on Valentine's, which is the coolest birthday that's ever.


Q Hi, Aquarius. They're the best. I'm obsessed with them. Right.


Well, I don't want to stay on sad things for too long, but 20/20 has also 20/20 hindsight.


It's all right. It's tried everyone, everyone and everything.


And there's been so much craziness, devastation, the world the planet's a wreck and everything's everything's changed our routines, our daily lives, the whole world.


Yeah. And I was curious because I wanted to know throughout all of the drama, which is so petty on the Internet.


But for you, like I know Shane and I could take a moment. We took a breath.


We stopped working for a while, really like got to reflect and decide how we wanted to move forward. And I think for someone like you, it's not really an option when you have hundreds of employees at different launches piling up that you have to carry on.


But how about it? How did you push through?


And I mean, like I went on a 30 day medical leave and I came back. No, it was yeah, it's crazy because you don't just get to I couldn't just, like, turn off my brand and walk away.


Not that I ever wanted to do that.


But I think when everything happened this summer, it was just all so it was just a lot it was so mentally draining and crazy and it was traumatic.


Right. So I was inspired by all the people on my team, that one that wanted to you know, I think I think without them, I don't know where I'd be right now. Right. But my entire staff and team really came behind me and they're like, you know, they were showing their love and how they really believed in me. And we've been creating so many ideas for, you know, for years with some formulas and things we worked on for years.


So I couldn't just say, hey, all of it's all of it's over. Like we're going it's going to come back when I'm feeling OK. So they kind of help me really push through and and get over those hard feelings. But it was rough. Yeah.


I think there's also something that's really easy to forget when you're being attacked on such a public scale by so many people that there's also a huge amount of people who love you. Yes.


And for some reason, you forget it's so easy because they're not as loud because they get shut down or whatever, but scarier to defend as well. Yeah, it is.


And I guess the level of hate. Right. Let's be really transparent. I had never experienced that before.


It's a lot, but that's why it was rough.


Is it a waking up and being like, yes, bitch, we live for you work. It was like kill yourself, you're out. You're like the most heinous things. I've heard it all right. But to continuously hear that over and over and over and it was just so crazy. And I'm like, this is so the new normal became aggressive, like mental abuse. But I'm not asking for sympathy. You know, people are always going to say, la, la, la, la, la.


I'm just letting you know what was going on.


Well, that was more like. I was curious is how you could creatively push forward when you know that the result is so brutal because I like I'm assuming I get a fraction of the hate that maybe you are Shane gets. And sometimes I, I have to reevaluate.


Is this something I want to push forward and do? Is it healthy?


And like, why would it be fun to create something like say you have an idea, a creative idea that you're so passionate about.


How do you execute it knowing that the result is going to be met with so much hatred? Yeah. And were you ever like, I don't know, I might just go to the property I bought in Wyoming, stay there forever and sell my brand.


Definitely thought about that, but I don't know, maybe this morning, you know, but my brand is my entire life and I think it's crazy when people I think now anything we do, there's that kind of negativity to our people want to make it something.


Right. But I don't to me, it was never an option. But I do have a brand. We have a lot of employees and they really do count on me to eat and pay their rent and their families, you know, so I persevered and pushed through it. And everything's been the brand has been really great. But personally and emotionally, it's been a rollercoaster.


Switching gears to something more lighthearted and you talking about your friends and family, why does somebody get you for Christmas?


Because you know what? You left. And are your friends and family, like, shook the pressure?


I think sometimes. But I love, like, silly things, like I like cards. I may sound like a really funny ass card with a really cute, well thought out handwritten note. I like that.


Oh, I think I like playing cards like. Oh I know. Like stars like that. Like a really funny card where you go to the store and you find like thirty minutes I'll find them like the banger. I like that. I love flowers. I'm always you know, I'm a little Christian girl but I like like homemade stuff or someone that makes something from the heart.


Or you buy your own Louis Vuitton, maybe something thoughtful.


That's the last thing I fucking need is more Louis.


Like, I don't I don't want that at all. I'm a hoarder, though. So when I get something that's hella meaningful, like a card, I'm like, well, I have to save this for the next 89, nine years. I do that. I have a box of everything.


Yeah, I'm sure you have multiple models in your house to store. Yeah. Like, like any food. Something I can digest and get rid of in a clean way. Anyone that like any time anyone's ever written me a note or a letter like I went to asthma camp in sixth grade and my grandparents would write letters and I have them all saying this, we can we're to be talking about fun things. The camp was sickening. Oh, yeah.


What does one do it? Asthma camp. Try to not be embarrassed. You have asthma and everyone knows they're a flop and we can all barely exercise. So it was cool.


Yeah. Yeah. I guess it gets you off the hook from exercising though. Yes.


No one had to and I remember that moment. I don't know why, but Alanis Morissette, the first album came out Jagged Little Pill.


You really going left field here. And I remember just playing hand in my pocket and it was sickening. Yeah. My little headphones and my CD. The Spinner. Yeah.


Yeah. Are you a holiday person? Like, do you get excited and what do you do for the holidays.


Well now that I'm in my new home so I remember I moved in last year like December and I didn't really get to fully enjoy Christmas because I was too busy crying from being single. Um.


Oh my God. I mean, it's sickening if I look past it. You're back at your past twelve months. I don't know how you're still standing, honestly. So this is a miracle.


I'm standing in blooey and this so, you know, I feel I'm feeling really good. I love the holidays. Honestly, I think it's really fun. It's very family oriented, which I don't have.


Um, but I'm excited. I really massive tree. Oh my God. Like my house.


It's it's fucking big girl is big like so to enjoy Christmas because last time we're moving in and someone is moving out so before moving in and there's a lot and well OK now with your house it's it's got to be the most expensive you tube her house out there.


I don't know if it's a fact.


I'm not a toot my own horn. I think it is. So yeah.


And with that I have like I have nightmares for you about what that means monthly.


What do you mean nightmare. Because I know our house.


Like what's your electric bill. I don't even know.


Yes you do. What is it. The shrug is happening. I really like our garden. Everyone is going to roll. Their eyes are like the monthly cost of owning a house.


Problems that happen. What is maintenance and like for your it's got to be over one hundred grand a month and that makes me want to.


I don't think so. What is a normal like what does a normal electric bill in L.A.? I honestly, I don't even I just want to know how about trying to be funny, but like, well, OK, hit us with your nose.


With your ears. Well, mine's stacked on itself, so it's like five grand. And I don't know how long it's been because like Lokey, I don't pay my electric bill like mine. I think probably like twelve hundred a month during the summer with AC.


OK. I'm trying to do the math well, like for me, electric normally is like twelve thousand a month.


Well, for that lifestyle. Yeah. And then the gas bill is like four thousand a month because I always have the fireplace going and we cook a lot. We we do cook a lot.


That's actually something I wouldn't have thought. I thought you ate a lot of like talk about stuff. What do you cook, what's your favorite thing to cook. Well, we're going to dive into that because. Well, I was going to announce this on my channel. We're filming the whole thing. But no, it's good. I stop eating fast food. Oh, really? Yeah.


What do you know that was your every meal. Yeah, it was a big part of it. Yeah.


And so was the sudden change or is it because you want to have an epic body transformation, kind of like buying these clothes. I've been gaining a little weight finally because I just could never gain weight. Yeah. So but that adds on another expense. Personal trainer, the made the dog nanny, the three security guards, the poor people, the gardener, which is grand a month.


It's got to be. Yeah, you might be right. So there's the facial is the muscle massage therapist, the nails and the wigs.




The make the the tailor that comes to the house, the doctor.


And so sometimes six dogs. Yeah. A few boyfriends. And those are expensive allegedly. They are.


I guess I pay all mine. I don't know but monthly. Yeah it's expensive but my mortgage is really low unlike a lot of YouTube was actually put you know actually paid for my house.


Yeah. How much of that house do you utilize.


All of it really. I swear to God. I know when you, when, when you first saw you're like, Jesus Christ, this is so big.


But when you're actually living in it, it's like it's not I mean, it's big. Yeah. I know many people living there to kind of oh, here and there.


But no, you just get so accustomed to it and it's just really easy. But sometimes, you know, if you like wanted to go to the spa and you're in the kitchen, oh, that's a trend.


You got to get a little Segway has a track. I don't know if I have enough calories to go from A to B, but we may stop at eight and a half. How are you? Theodore, I'm so sorry. Oh, my God. I still haven't been invited over for a movie night. And I mean, I'd like to sit in that movie theater.


Oh, my God. Speaking of, an employee is trying to get through my gate. They better not. Hello.


Have you heard the president on here? Oh, yes. Please send them on through. Thank you. Not the chef.


That is a delivery from the time when you think, oh, my God, when you say you work a lot. Is that a chef that cooks a lot or you cook a lot?


I have never cooked before.


So when you any potential people that want to fuck or date me, the chef will be cooking your meals. Not me, but I will suck you the best you've ever had in your life. That's a given. I think we all know that by now. But the chef, she's sickening. Her name is Jenny. She's iconic. And she even does for like shoots. Like we shot blood money at the mansion. Her and her team cooked three meals and she's making me eat a lot healthier.


We have like a whole team now.


Wow. OK, so speaking of sucking the best, you actually don't tell me you, like, enjoy the process of sucking Dick Abscessed like besides applying makeup and making money.


I love sucking.


OK, well then why wouldn't you marry making money and sex into only fans? I feel like that might be a bigger boom for you than most business ventures.


Listen, should we be really transparent today? Yeah. Okay, so I.


Don't know if I'm ever going to start one, maybe I'll do it, maybe I'll do my own website or something, but I'm just such a sexual person in general, right? I'm like, I'm a Scorpio. Like, I just love adventures. So recently in the last three months, I've been hanging out with a few people and we've just been shooting some fun only Jeffrey content wise.


So it's not even solo. It's full on AC 360. I'm sure you don't see it.


Yeah, but it's more like doing things in fun. Interesting spots, like I'm sucking Dick on the private jet with my. Yeah. Like you feel me.


My jaw just literally popped. Oh, God damn this man. That's not real.


That looks like a sex toy.


Yeah. That looks that looks like it couldn't possibly be a human penis and oh my God, this photo is iconic with the clouds in the back of the jeep with the dickon.


Listen with the dick in my mouth and the clouds behind me. Bech it's iconic.


You can see Farrell cloud your screen.


No, that's the craziest penis I've ever seen. Yeah.


Is this one of the is this one of your potential suitors. Oh yeah.


You can look please Brad. Yeah. I was looking Chris is looking great.


We're doing dick reviews.


He's nodding, we're getting nods, some shrugs. Also, you know, I like to think outside the box. So, like, you know, I like this watch specifically. Right. She's just living her life.


But, uh huh. Oh, my God. The watch is the tight around. It was. So that is a dick.


Dude, I only like big. I got to be honest. So this watch was fully around at the base while I was sucking it because it looks go with the flash on all the shiny night and no one's ever done that.


So my and some ideas before my fucking shit drops you little hose. How much is that watch.


Oh it's like a hundred twenty five thousand. I got to watch people start faking it but. But yeah there's some good. Oh God.


It's just so hot. Oh my God. Oh my God. Jeffrey, you look good. Thanks. That is. She is the girl.


His dick is going outside of your ass.


So I look I have tried to explain because I'm assuming we can't. Yeah. Oh, my God. Look at you.


Look at my wig. I disagree with you. Is this your boy? Oh, my God, no. Guys live with me. All right, let's let's talk about that. I want to talk about trust and how what you're trying to say is just for the record, these pictures are on my phone.


They're all okayed by these dudes. Obviously, there's no secret pictures. They're taking them clearly from the angles and.


Well, OK, so you talked about your breakup, you thought you were moving into this house with a partner plot surprise no longer.


It's hard for me to trust friends. So how do you trust a single pitch and how do you trust employees? And furthermore, where do you even go looking for a boyfriend, if that's something you're looking for? Yeah, trust is really hard to find employees. Mainly no employee is really ever fucked me over. I mean, I know everyone knows that an NDA is at this point. If you don't, you sign a very long piece of paper.


Yeah. Meaning you can't talk about your work or the person, the celebrity that you work for in any capacity. If they try to sell a story, you could obviously block it like one of my employees, like TMZ. Jeffrey did this today or they lied.


They would have they can't publish it because you have an NDA like TMZ.


But with dudes I've learned now you really want to know. So anyone that sleeps with me, they sign an NDA. Yeah.


I mean, like before you even get like a drop of spit from my mouth on your desk, you're signing off on before you even make eye contact.


Yeah, I could just imagine this is like walking over, handing the papers. And I'm Jeffrey.


We'll see you now. It's mandatory, though, and now it's getting so expensive the fuck you got to do covid test minus STDs.


Clearly, he's like now you got to add on the extra test girl. Like like you're like the urine and blood wasn't enough.


Now you're going to go swab girl. Where does somebody meet Jeffrey Starr?


Like where can you find a potential suitor? Well, now that Craigslist is shut down, you can find out Craigslist is shut down or the part where you can meet people from seeking men.


Yeah, that's been out for two years.


Maybe they got my brand work. But you slept right under that deadline. Wow.


I did not know that was no longer a thing. It's yeah, it's over. And then Backpage got taken down.


But Backpage pro is going to be, I think, pop in soon.


So maybe I'll make a return, you know. But yeah, I've met people just from like being out or honestly Instagram.


Yeah. And would you ever sell your dick photo? No.


I mean so I mean I think if I'm doing porn videos like you're probably going to see it. All right.


Maybe you won't. Maybe it's always a mystery. That's some hot business. And do you know how much money you would make when you finally released the dick? I know, but I'd like but I got to be honest, I have a pussy.


And do you want to know something that's right here?


What if this whole time you don't.


We'll never know. We will never know until it drops. Like what if this whole.


I never I never wanted breasts because it ruined my tattoos.


But bitch my pussy match like my my labia minora has so many Swarovski zarni a bitch like when I like glitter is on when it hits the toilet.


I love the how you how do you. I don't have a period you feel me. How do you live. You wanted when you could. I could pay for one. Yeah. I could put some blood capsules from Halloween and let it leak.


It's your dream this leaky leaks. Messy la la girl. Yes girl. Yes. How have you always been so confidently you in your gender and identity.


Because you don't really make yourself. I know you don't let me make it your brand like but I just.


You're so confident and existing as you, as you.


Yeah. I don't know why. I was always just really turned off by labels like I think from from MySpace up until maybe even two or three years ago. I'm not kidding you every day.


Are you a guy or girl. Yeah. And now that the whole world is kind of more open minded and everyone knows about, you know, transgender people and different type of like names and pronouns, I mean, there's just so many terms. Right. And I think as more and more people get educated, more people may want to label them themselves something. But I'm just always going to be Jefferey. Like, I had sex with guys, girls, and I just don't care.


So I just I just love me and I just never want to, like, put another label, you know? All right, I'm easy.


I just I've never understood why that changes. I mean, obviously, I this gender woman, so it's easy for me to say I've never understood that. But every person I meet is a person that I meet. Yes. And my first thought is that, like, who do you fuck and how do you identify like that?


Like, I always get people like what what do you have under your pants everyday? I mean, everyone that would always have something to do with gender in between all the like, positivity, you know. Yeah. Yeah.


Well you were really trailblazing crossing the line I guess like blurring the line before. I think really anybody else had done so. Yeah. Speaking of your big house, are there any spirits in it. Are you. Oh is it haunted.


What's the history of your house. There was there was like a ghost of a child in the garage for like a month, but like or two months.


But yeah.


But she's gone. I don't understand why she left. Why. Shane gasps Why are you gasping?


Oh, my God. I did. If you have it, I will answer to that. Is that if that's the thing? Yeah. Insert me. I want to see the video.


But yes, there was a security guard call in who you know, from our series. He, um, caught it on camera. And it was it was very real, you know, come on, we all know, yeah, and I was like, oh, got it. And then a few months later, gone.


And it's just pure. Did you do anything or did you just not pay it much?


And I had like a like a spiritual adviser person. They had like a full moon and they like prayed and had a whole ceremony and we like did a whole thing at my house. And then we had we fully staged it and had a moment. Yeah. And I felt nothing but good energy.


And then it wasn't negative energy. It was just like a little eerie and kind of cold down there.


But now it's not. That's nice. I imagine it was playing in your arcade that's down.


Yes, it was next to one of the cars. And I'm like, did someone die in this? But the car wasn't used.


Did you do any property research? Like, did you find out who she was or. No, there was no one that died in the house. So I don't know if it's from I don't know is the weirdest thing.


And do ghosts follow you in general or do you think about that at all, ever?


No. Wow. Damn. I have an incoming ghost.


I didn't even know if I want to see it. Like, I don't know if I want to know. We have a ghost alert.


OK, we're watching. Wait, where was it? Bottom line. Oh, my God, Jeffrey, I wish I hadn't watched that. I feel like I just welcome that shit into my life and I might start crying. Stop.


I've never seen actual evidence that's more clear in my life. I am not.


I'm a non believer. I believe in angels now, but I don't fucking because that's something you can't fake.


It's Bucknor walking. I'm like literally on the brink of crying right now. I'm not the one that you can't with this shit like the Peter please answer stuff. Made me like sent me through a wall.


My God, you can't.


That's something you can't visually deny if you go slow like you can see see shape so it gets bigger and then oh bitch.


That is the most eerie thing I have ever seen that the same.


Oh God. I saw the ghost in my house. I was like, oh yeah. Because after a few months it was gone. So it's been gone since a month after that text. Wow, that's crazy. The negative energy I honestly didn't or I would be like, send your Spirit Circle squad over to my house.


Hey, hey, come on, don't be scared. But yeah, Colin was really shook like he was shocked when he was when he when he played me the play back, I was expecting to see, like, I don't know, we don't have burglars. Right. Right, right. I don't know what. Wow.


Tell me about your dreams when you were a kid versus how they panned out now. And like, what did you envision?


What did you envision yourself being as a child? Oh, my gosh, you know, it's so funny. For some reason in sixth grade, I like, baked a lot with my grandparents. Right. My mom is busy being drunk. My grandparents were helping raise me so we would bake a lot. So when for some reason in sixth grade, it was like the question of what do you want to be when you grow up? And I put down a baker and then I also wrote pornstar stuff.


I, I do that. And then I erased it and I have a copy of it. You could see the like eraser mark.


Now that's a really true story.


I'm also being silly, but you look sweet still to this day, like I just made cookie cutters.


I'm like obsessed with sugar and desserts. And sometimes I want to eat your makeup, like one of those rare settings. Right.


Well, your holiday collection of stuff that isn't even makeup related, all of it. I just love you to feel like I'm turning very domestic. But I always had dreams of honestly being a makeup artist. And that was like one of my big goals was to do makeup on celebrities. I never knew any of this would happen. Right. And I was always insecure in my music career days of starting a makeup brand like why didn't I do at the peak of MySpace either?


Right. I know it's all timing and a place, but I wasn't ready and I wasn't secure enough. I was so insecure about it. I don't think I fully believed I could pull it off. So the fact that we're six years old now, I mean, that's how it's crazy.


And that's something I think a lot.


I mean, somebody who is successful as you, I think, probably gets a lot of hate, especially in 2020. But I think what people forget is that you didn't have an advantage over the next person to create what you've become.


And for someone like me who waited tables for six years before I was able to become anything myself, I think it's so inspiring to see stories like yours.


And I wish more people would take it as, oh, my gosh, look what's possible.


If you truly believe in something 100 percent like when you create magic from dirt, it's like all I want to do is inspire people. And I think that's always been my underlining goal is like, if I could do it, this little kid from Orange County that had nothing and the craziest past and literally anything is possible.


And I think the twenty twenty has made a lot of people hopeless, sadly. So it's like, how do we really reinspire people that are really going through it? Because there's just been so much chaos, so many people's lives have been disrupted. And it's just like, how do you reinspire our culture to get back on a more positive light?


Yeah, I don't know.


No one. Yeah, well, I mean, I think we're on the right track. Yeah, I agree. I think like as much as like I've gleaned from your experience, like walking the walk is a big part of it.


Like I try really hard to always be positive and to not manifest like a negative thing or whatever, but I love that.


Tell me, do you have any regrets with a specific collection that you've dropped?


Oh, regrets. Oh honestly. Oh my God. I maybe regrets where I maybe would have like added or changed one shade or wish I maybe would have had a little more but never really any regrets.


Um. Oh my God. I had a collaboration with a really big company. Um, we signed a lot of vendors. There were massive corporation and they actually did some really shady things as a company themselves this year. And I cancelled the club.


I know everyone to expect the company to counsel me by Morphy, but I did not, um.


I make everything that maybe hurts me into a joke as well. I think it helps me heal. But yeah, having a really close business partner separate from you is very it's devastating. You know what I mean? It's crazy. So, you know, it is what it is. And I always wish them the best. And, you know, we didn't have a horrible breakup. It just it was a decision that they made as a corporation, you know what I mean?


It's not just two people owning the company anymore. They you know, they sold their you know, so they have a bunch of people behind them. Now, nobody tells me that all the time, too, is like anyone that you part ways with.


You just have to sincerely wish them the best and keep it moving for yourself. There's no animosity.


We created an iconic two iconic collections. Yeah, you know what I mean. And people still use those brushes and my palette every single day. And I love it. I repost and share people using it and I'm never ashamed of it. Like they're sickening. Yeah.


And I will say all to your own horn. I know for a fact that your because of a product you brought into their brand had their highest day in sales ever. And I'm so proud of that.


That's something I'm proud of. For me and Shane to give a company their biggest sales day is something I'll be proud of forever. Like that's so cool.


Like everything like just the other. When we had our anniversary of conspiracy, I watched the last two episodes and it's just like, oh my God, I just feel like I feel like when we were in the mall, almost feels like five years ago and it was like a year only. Yeah. So crazy because so much has happened. But yeah.


Well you've reached such success. What is your dream collab moving forward or dream career moment. Like what. What is it. I'm affordable.


Oh. Anything I can be, but can I tell you that it's happening? It was my dream to collaborate with an author and write an autobiography star. So I really have maybe said this in like an Instagram caption, but I've been writing the Jeffrey Starr autobiography. Wow. I'm like my mom pregnant with me till now. It's a story. Yeah, I don't even know much about your childhood, and I've been around you girls, and I got to I don't know.


Yeah, I probably can't see I'm doing it with yet, but it's with someone I have respected forever because I'm such a reader. You know, I have a I've had a librarian every home or apartment that I've ever like. I built a library, my shitty little apartment that me and Shane visited. And it's like I'm obsessed with reading. So to collab with someone which will announce soon, it's like, oh my God. So it's going to come out next year.


We even we interviewed a lot of my family and my mom shared things with me about my childhood and my father who passed away and so many things I didn't know. And she's like, I guess you're finally ready to hear it. And I was just like, God.


And she let out so many demons.


It was really healing for her, honestly, you know, but that was always a dream of mine, is to put out a book and it's happening. Wow. So high.


And you know me, it's not going to be some bullshit. It's going to be beautiful. Yeah.


Yeah. Raw. Is it like a regular book or is it going to be like a coffee table book with massive pictures and like a hybrid of both. Nice. Yeah I really like that. I'm so excited. I am too. I love those style of books. I love Jenna Jameson's memoir. Yeah. All of them are very interesting to me. I love memoirs.


What about your nighttime dreams? Do you have any recurring figure only for honestly. Like if I could just like. Right.


Or you're also claiming about sucking dick when you're like if I could just like the fact that you could give had and people would watch and pay is so sickening to me because I do it all the time anyway.


I make a really random out of left field.


OK, do you remember like jacking off when as a child and like did you ever have like what was your funny childhood masturbatory fantasy or what was your, your pre adult were, you know, are you in the first time like do you have or do you remember the first.


I'm sorry.


To what first of all, the above. Yeah. You start with Lizzies. Let's start OK.


Where we started sucking Jackie coming thinking like I used to do this thing where I would take a handheld mirror and put it in my mouth and pretend like I had a Siamese twin on the bottom half of my face and me and the guy were having like a secret rendezvous while she was sleeping.


Nobody else did that. I don't think we understand. I'm absorbing take it in, I have my first threesome at 12 days and that's in the book.


Cool, cool, cool. Yeah.


My I also think I gave had for the first time in seventh grade and I recently, uh, which this would be such a good video but I found him.


Oh. Well, and yeah, yeah, and he's doing well, it's yeah, but that was the question.


You're in the mouth and got me.


Yeah, I'm confused about your your escapades with the one year later. Do you remember the first time, like you discovered jacking off?


Yeah, that's basically what it is. And then did you have like some fantasy about it? Because I do. I didn't know. And then like my brother and my cousin, my cousin told us and then we all went to different corners of the room because we didn't know what it was. So then we were just like calling the corners, like the craft.


I'm guy I always would like mess around with other boys.


Like, we were always just curious. But I always knew that I liked guys and girls probably by like fifth grade and. Well, not while. Yeah, but I loved like to me the first porn I saw was like fitness magazines and like fifth or sixth grade and like the like the grocery store of like them all just basically naked.


Right. Leotards to go up everything.


I liked more of the just normal underwear. Yeah. The Borat moment is not for me. That didn't work for her. I liked the underwear section of the Sunday paper.


Like in the Macy's. Yeah. All right.


Why are you uploading on Instagram TV. Are you sick of you two. Are you going to stay living on YouTube?


Yeah, that's a really good question. I think that after this summer already before that. Right. With the dogs passing and then me and Nathan and everything, it was just a lot and it kind of took the wind out of my sails and it took the wind out of the creativity. Like me and Shane had such a huge moment. And then things started to just, you know, we had such a high and then, bam, you know, life is aggressive always and had a lot of lows.


Um, so I just kind of took away my spark. Like I dedicated five years.


I remember I was doing three makeup reviews and tutorials a week is like it was crazy like and on top of running a brand on top of all of and a relationship and the dogs and traveling and the mean everything. So you know, when I, when I cut back pop culture and times kind of change and people wanted less uploads and it was really great.


But I don't know, my spark is kind of tarnished. I still enjoy things and I love videos, but I don't know. I'm in a really weird funk.


I got to because we get older, it gets harder to want to deal with all of the bullshit that is the entertainment industry.


And you really got because it is such a cutthroat industry that you really have to be passionate.


So I think taking a little bit of time off or breathing for a second to get fully reinspired. Yeah.


Whether that be to come back to YouTube to make silly videos or YouTube, it's just like but I wish that I could articulate that in a way where people would just get it quickly instead of like, oh, you just came back to sell something or you're this and you're that little a lot. And it's just like, oh, wow. Like it's just as aggressive.


It's such a demanding job because it literally is like there is no barrier between work and your life and you share so much of yourself on such a regular basis and spend so much time editing, doing your makeup for it, getting the outfits that you're going to use, getting the products that you're going to review, that it's like that's a big commitment. It is.


I love YouTube. I think it's amazing. But I think overall things have just kind of changed over, like it's just different. So I think for smaller announcements and certain things, just like, oh, my cool Halloween party, bam. Like I love Instagram for that moment, but now they're updating it and kind of making it worse.


Yeah. So like all these apps and social media things, they're like I call their MySpace thing themselves, they get bought by corporations.


The initial dream gets tarnished because everyone's money hungry, like why do we need a shopping tab away?


Like, it's just like, oh my God, especially right now, the world's falling apart. Let's shop and do this.


Like, I know I sell things for a living. You're not going to jump on utilizing that. Like, I don't know. I haven't looked into how it works. I just use I don't know. I just see Instagram as something different, not just to shop and just spend more money. And just like, I don't know, I just thought I was going to be a little more different. So it's just a little it's just too aggressive. Right.


Or to fuck if you guys honestly wanted to see one, take one. Take the common market. If you wanted to do some crazy performance art and like straight up fake deaths and come back, I think that be some hot business were OK.


And you guys, you have the practical makeup effects community on lock. We're going to do like a Morde shoot. I think a lot of people would love to see me in a casket.


It would look stunning.


But make it sit where you believe you're going afterwards. Oh, to fucking hell.


Oh, my God. You bring us that. You're so silly, Raelynn. It's just me. You were so endearing.


I thought God was going to open up as Louis Gates said. Come on down Maggie. Come on down. No, I already bought real estate.


I have ten thousand acres in hell. Yeah. We should be catered to be on the top floor of honestly satans my.


Made and I'm keeping the lights on, the gas bill is a very expensive, though I was down there, but after this I would love to be a cosmetics mogul forever.


I would love to be a retired author on my ranch, just getting, you know, gangbanged every Sunday and after church.


And, yeah, I don't know. I've been really getting into other endeavors as well. Like, I just love real estate, like maybe I'm going to be next flipping houses. I just like I love investing and seeing the turnaround.


Like, it's like change. It's just like part of my DNA of what I like to do. Yeah.


Like let me upgrade you, you know, whether it's a guy on Instagram or a shitty house that I can turn into diamonds like, I just love transforming polishing turds.




All right. But I want to really end it.


I don't know, like my my grandma is 103. Wow. Right.


And so who knows how long I could I could last, like, you're going to be crawling making money for another 50, 60. Yeah. I want I feel like I'm going to be like Xavier and X-Men, but like hovering in my pink wheelchair just with hair. Yeah. Just sucking and fucking full lace front hood wigs. Yeah.


So maybe I'll do a musical comeback. This is so many things to do. I love that porn music. I am waiting on the music.


Come back. I still do listen to the Nicki Minaj collab every once in a while. Good. Oh my God.


Those were the Christmas pop this year. OK, you better start workin. It's like we have it. I'll go do it right after this. All right.


Well, everybody can go your holiday stuff. Yeah, it's Christmas party. Oh my gosh.


The TV over on his Instagram at Jeffrey Star to see all of the epic products. We just got them today. Yeah, the fantasy. Yeah. And then blood money still. Is it available right now. Blood money is that girl. That girl. The packaging was everything. I loved your face. Yeah. The tissue papers. It was so much fun.


I want to give a full screen experience. I think people were waiting for it. Yeah. So. Well you can drop that at Jeffrey Star Cosmetics.


Dotcom dotcom. Follow him on all social media.


Thank you so much for taking time. It was a pleasure. Yes. We have a tiny bit of unfinished business. Yes. And it can be contrived. It's fine. Let's go. But we are in the business of making dreams into things. You said, come on, make a wish.


What do you. Yes, Miss Bobba, the words, do you make your dreams come true? All right, you guys, thank you so much for watching and supporting our show. We'll see you next Wednesday. What do you have something else to say? Do we have to take a trip to a foreign shop like all right after?


Oh, I think she just wants to go to you. Go through our trash as this whole is part of the list, though. Well, no, she would rather not go through your trash, literally.


OK, you might find a little YSL wallet or something. Just put her on NPR on your next launch PR and that will be I don't think you could make a person any more happy.


And do you actually enjoy makeup or do you hate it? I fucking love it.


She comes over and steals your car from our house every time I like, without us even knowing she's like running out of the house. And I'm like, this is fine. Like when you dropped Orji, I was sending him videos and I was like, send me show me when you get the PR kit. Never mind. It's fine already for the release.


I'll take this, this and that way and then still do it without you. This is a full jefferey face, right? Oh my God. I am stressed out all day about what she was going to glam and wear for you to impress Jeffrey Starr. I curled my hair for you. It really gives me your address. We'll throw you on the PR blitz because the next launch is so good.


I am sure I'll still love you come January, January. All right, you guys, thank you so much for watching and supporting. The show will be back next Wednesday. Jeffrey, thank you so much for us.


Thank you. Bye bye. We got to do our cheesy we got to do this story three, two.


And that's how gay. Right. Are you uncomfortable? There it is.