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On today's episode of the EP, we're discussing our unpopular opinion, plus our craziest and most awkward celebrity encounters. I was playing with the Asmar before, and apparently this is nothing for you. Does absolutely nothing for this fucking like honestly, like it almost feels like I could be jacking off, like, feel it, I'm doing it for myself.


The ice in my coffee is what hits for me oh, like literally that just set me, like, into a weird little sweat shiver. Hello, you guys and welcome back to another episode of the PCIP. I'm so excited to have you here. I'm Rowland Adams, of course, joined by my best friend in banter.


I hear I listen to a podcast as my colleague and banter Lizzie Gordon. I wish I could just say my name like a normal person, but it's like you hype it up so much that I'm like, oh, say it good.


And like, say it right. And I'm just like, maybe it's just Lizzie Borden.


It is a lot of pressure. I know that you told me that your name was among Lizzie McGuire, but I guess your maiden name. So the combination of the two is actually her name, which is such a nightmare.


My legal name is Lizzie McGarry, and I stopped going by McGarry because I would get like Lizzie McGuire and then my grandpa's name is Gordon. So I was like, I'll take his first name for my last name. And my stage name will be Lizzie Gordon because it also kind of sounds like Lizzie Borden. So some people think that they've heard of me before when they really have. And it's just that bitch who gave her parents 40 whacks with an axe.


I haven't heard of that. Wow. Lizzie Borden took an axe, gave her father 40 whacks.


It's based on a true story of a woman named Lizzie Borden who murdered her family with an axe. I don't know. There's a movie about it that's beautiful. My friend Jackie Auglaize in it. And it's great. It's called Lizzie. Check it out.


OK, so my entire week has been consumed by our new little kit. And I know we mentioned that we had gotten a cat last week. We had adopted it from Tricia's boyfriend, Moses. And we're really just taking our time. It's consuming my life, getting it acclimated to our house. You met it. I did.


You're such a cute frickin dad. It kills me like you. The voice that you adopt when speaking to this kid is the sweetest thing I've ever seen because it's not patronising. And I feel like sometimes parents can be patronising to kittens, but you speak to it with respect and you're feeling that little thing with esteem. Like I love what you're doing for this kid, but sometimes I.


I lose my cool or patience, not my cool, my patience, because cats are not like dogs. I'm at my core a dog person, but I do love cats and cats are a little more difficult because now having had Chitto and then Morgan got Kookie, you can't just release them into your house and hope for the best. You really have to get them used to first a safe space and then kind of expand them as you go. And every once in a while I kind of just lose my patience and I'm like, I want them to be best friends with all of our animals.


And he loved me more.


He is now like running around our house and stuff when we put the dogs outside him and Cheeto have become best friends.


But when I decide it's time for him to take a second, I'll like and change like not with that energy just because I've obviously frantic and ready for him to just be a part of the family.


And Joe was actually pointing out he was like, but those dogs like their energy, like they could accidentally love somebody to death, like, oh, my God, Rusholme, you're giving me tragic flashbacks to wait, did that happen?


My poor hamster is a childhood. He escaped his cage. This is graphic. I'm sorry, but he escaped his cage and our dog. There were no bite marks. I couldn't find him for a long time. And then we found him under the stair and he was looked like he drowned to death because the dog was drowned to death from KISS's.


Yeah, the dog liked him so much and wanted to play with the hamster so much. I do. I have to cut that out. I don't know. This is like a low key, horrifying and I might put it into something.


It was my worst day ever. I'm so sorry for your loss, by the way. I'm just like, that's crazy. But my my dogs would not do that to the other kids any bigger than a hamster. Yeah. And Honey's the one that's most infatuated with cats in general and small animals. But he would never attack. He just like never.


Yeah, they're not aggressive. I'm not saying your dogs, they're very sweet.


Like I love when they like me like and are in my business and like on me and holding me down and waterboarding me with love like you're for it.


You're the only person. Well yeah I normally when people come over I'm like, OK, dog, stop licking them. But Lizzie embraces the licking to feel bad.


I'm not great with boundaries are like enforcing anybody else's role with the cat though.


We oh gosh are the names for Uno and Cheeto came to us flawlessly like nothing ever happened. And this cat, we've given it four different names and we like call it.


Well OK, we keep going back to Mario.


So that's the top contender. Yeah. But we'll try out different names for like three day period. The last one was tanuki, which is Mario's alter in Mario and Tanuki. It was fun for a while, but then we just thought it wasn't it.


It's a little bit like you're trying, you're reaching like you're reaching for an artsy fartsy name for your cat.


Like, well. As its personality starts shining out more and more, it is a little bit Bujji, so we were trying to think of Fushi name when I was young then.


I don't know if I love it for a cat name, but I'm open to everything. Yeah, I'll try it for a day.


Yeah, well, my dog's name wasn't his name when I first got him, like I was calling him Ernest for a minute. That's pretty cute, honestly.


It was Ernest because my man whose middle name is Ernest and I wanted Bub's to be named after his daddy because I'm crazy.


You and then judges was like, no, he's a little bub's. He's a Mr. Bubbs.


And I was like, oh, fuck, you're right. His name is not Ernest. But if I if you like, look at his full name, it's like Ernest Bazil.


Bob Hummock, obviously. Yeah.


Legally speaking, that's what it says on Mr. Bob's is yearbook picture from high school.


We also then started watching a lot of friends again recently and tried out channeler and we didn't land on that. So if you guys have any name ideas for a male cat, let us know. Shane gave him a bath the other day. It was so cute. And I also didn't show a picture in the last podcast episode because I was going to do a main channel video all about meeting our cat. But then I was like, well, I kind of need help naming the cat.


So I thought I would introduce you here. If you're watching the video, then you can see his beautiful face and videos of him and Cheeto getting along for the first time is so precious. I like want to scream when they're chasing each other around the house and I just love it so much.


He's pretty cute. Like, I don't give a shit about cats and I think he's adorable.


Sorry, but he's really cute. Yeah.


I am so excited. It's been so fun. Do you have anything going on with yourself? No, I'm just tired.


I'm scared and I've been like not sleeping because I'm crazy. And I don't think I should be allowed on tech talk anymore because it's going down dark. Look in holes.


What are you watching on tick tock. So you can't sleep because of tick tock? No, my fear you page has become like this conspiracy theory like terabit like all I see are like birds aren't real.


The government took all the birds off out of America and replaced them with fake birds that have like drones for eyes, like they're watching us all the time, like Big Brother and Lizard.


People are real.


And if you're watching the news, you can sometimes see a news anchors eyes like blink and change laser on the eyes really quick.


So I'm just scared what my sister has been saying, that these yellow birds that sit up in the palm trees above our house, our government spy, she's been saying that for ever since we've moved in. Yeah.


See, there's a lot of shit going on. Don't tick talk, but like really backs that up. Like normal people are like. So I woke up this morning and there's a fake bird outside my window and then they show you the fake ass bird and it's like looks robotic, it looks robotic.


And then there's this like seems crazy that they want to spy on a Tick-Tock star. She's not a text talk star. That's the thing. Like these are just normal people who are seeing like who are connecting these dots.


Here's my thing and I'm going to debunk it right now, because if the government wanted access to us, they'd just go through the devices that we have on. They have the access now. But this was like an old program.


So birds are just still floating about to like go spend another trillion dollars collecting all these fake ass birds out of these streets. And then I saw this other horrifying tick tock where this like couples having an argument in a movie theater and it's covered by like multiple different angles, like a security camera, cell phone footage, like a bunch of other things.


And this guy is fighting with his girlfriend and he grabs the girlfriend and she shapeshifters on the spot into a man and then runs out of the theater.


And I'm just like, look, I'm getting hot and scared right now.


Like, I don't know how to handle this in my life. I love it.


Tick Tock has the ability to make you scared as if you're watching a reality horror show.


Oh, like literally Joe has said, I'm no longer allowed to look at these things. I think I'm the problem.


I think, like, maybe I need therapy. I don't know.


You get what you go searching for, but I'm not searching for it.


They're putting it might be well, sometimes if I don't want to be in a bad mood, I have to just like, OK, I'm not going to open Instagram or Twitter until like 3:00 p.m. today because I know even if there's nothing negative on it, if for some reason it puts you in.


Speaking of Instagram, today, I want to talk about some unpopular opinions. But first, if you haven't already subscribe to our YouTube channel, we're about to hit hundred thousand subscribers, which is so exciting and means so much think.


I'm trying to think because I don't even know this. Like what?


Because our channel right now is called the SERP with Ryan Adams and Lizzie Gordon. I wonder if the plaque will have your name on it as well.


Oh, we get a fucking plaque. Yes. Once you hit 100000 subscribers.


Oh, my God. Can we get to play no ball? That's not fair.


Hang it in the shed. And then if we ever retire the show, I'll give it to you.


OK, that's cool. But I still feel like they should give us too. Well, we could ask, but it's not ever going to happen. They don't just give one Academy Award away for best picture. Everybody gets one.


Well, take it up with you too. OK, well, I'm going to need your contact number because I will.


OK, so my first unpopular opinion of the day is that I don't give a fuck about the. Update, I think, on the only person that doesn't think the world is ending because Instagram updated their platform on Twitter, first of all, my Instagram has been updated for over a month.


I must be in their beta phase because I still don't have likes on my Instagram and I haven't for maybe eight months.


I don't have likes either. But I was with you when mine updated.


We were here in the shed, as we always are. And I was like, we I don't I don't understand where do the things go?


And you were like, oh, it's just up at the top.


And I'm like, oh, oh, when that's it know. Yeah, but that's it. It's like it's just up at the top. Yeah. And like everyone's having a full blown meltdown that they can't figure out how to post a photo. It's like swipe right and you can post a story or a photo.


I haven't tried to post a photo of those things will go away in five minutes after you've played with the app. And it's more so people that are freaking out the Instagram is ruining everything and they only care about money and news flash their fucking business. And of course, all they care about is money like that.


If you care this much about an app update, maybe you need to take some time off the app.


Well, I think their argument would be that they make a living off of Instagram. But my counterargument to that is if you're no longer being featured on the Explore page as much as you once used to be, then somebody else is being. So it just means that somebody else is getting the platform, which is hopefully helping their business. But it's just like, yeah, I can't imagine. Well, I guess I'm getting angry, but I'm getting angry because everyone else is angry on the opposite side of the spectrum.


But I can't imagine, like opening my app and screaming that Instagram is ruining everything when it's just like it's an app.


I mean, I've screamed about far less.


So I'm not trying to pass judgment on like a person being enraged over very little, but like, yeah, I mean, I don't get I don't I don't get Instagram either.


Like, I've never understood this thing, which is just weird. And like, my dog is an Instagram celebrity, but I have no fucking clue how this shit works.


And yet I see you complaining about and may not. That's the issue is I'm not like an Instagram star super popular on Instagram. Maybe I would be upset, like if YouTube drastically changed their algorithm right away and YouTube is monetized. Instagram isn't unless you have a specific deal with them to do an exhaustive weekly video. Right. And I know a lot of people promote their businesses through Instagram, but it's like that's the way of the world. And I know that they put the little shop button and my sister did make a good point.


She was like Instagram became the Mall of America.


But yeah, I personally know a lot of people that have fallen victim to buying all the Instagram ads, and they like it. They like buying like Tricia. She buys all the Instagram ads, like she buys the products from the.


And the ads. Yeah. Because I got there so specifically catered to your searches because they know everything that you know, every thought and feeling you have.


So which brings me back to lizard people.


We're all fucked. I don't know what a lizard person is. Oh my God. We'll talk about it after this. But like reptilians, graves, lizard people, I know if you shapeshifters like reptiles.


No, these are like straight up lizard people that are like in charge of everything. I don't wanna talk about it anymore.


So I just didn't feel the I didn't see the rage or understand why the Internet was so up in arms.


But my other unpopular opinion is that I'm decorating for Christmas early. However, in twenty twenty I don't know if it's not unpopular because I've been seeing. Are your friends on Instagram decorating for Christmas besides me. I mean I love that you think I have friends besides you. Well, you follow people.


You don't have to be their friends to the follow up today are true now.


I mean I don't know like I've been I swear to God, I've just been in a lizard people hole for days, like, so you're just going to flopping lizard people and not telling me what it is.


It's it's exactly what it sounds like. It's it's people suits over a lizard person and they coexist with humans.


They've been on the earth for a while and they are pulling the strings behind the curtains. They are in charge.


And how do we support them? Is that just a is it? I'll show you some clips after this. But there's like straight up clips where like a news anchor will blink and for a fraction of a second they're lizard eyes.


Another lizard person is that just like the A.I. getting really good because you know how the fakes have become so insane? No, this is like on Fox News. This is like on.


Yeah, but this is a clip that was ripped and then manipulated, you know, so not your SO and you don't have a lot of friends in post-production who are visual effects artists like of the highest caliber.


And one of them is like, oh no, this shit's real. I'm like, don't tell me that, Brandon, I'm here.


I mean, we need an interesting twist to 20/20, do we, you freak? What the fuck are you, man? Are they, like, going to hurt us? These lizard people? I mean, they going to make it better.


And this is what Joe says to me. Feel better. This is what Joe says. Make me feel better.


It's like they've been here for a minute. If they were going to fuck us up, they'd already have fucked us up. Like, did they fuck us up? Like, kind of a virus, their thing.


I don't want to start these conversations. You force your fiance. I mean, these are conversations I should never be having like.


So back to Chris. Yeah, no, I've seen no Christmas decorations and no, but I have heard a lot of people wanting I'm not giving a fuck like Kylie Jenner.


Oh. Is her I mean, she's not decorating her house. She's hiring. Right.


But she's Christmas out. And she already announced her collab with the Grinch, which like what bitch? Like, how'd she get the Grinch on the show?


I mean, that is a pretty epic licensing deal to get. But I think the whole thing is I'm going against everything. I believe in decorating for Christmas early. Yeah. But I just feel as though 20-20 needs a little Christmas, a little joy, a little more happy spirit going around.


And now when I walk into the family room and see my Christmas tree and my Christmas decorations, I'm happier so much more so than I used to be.


Well, then good for you. Fuck the popular opinion. Who cares? Well, you know, it's like it's scandalous to decorate before Thanksgiving. You're not supposed to rip them out until Black Friday.


I mean, I don't know. I don't decorate either. Like, I don't know. I don't I mean, you don't put up a Christmas tree no matter what.


You're a lizard person. You don't care about Christmas. Your little lizard person do it.


Like, honestly, Loki, I would love to find out that I was a lizard person and I just never knew because then I'd be a lot less scared because I'm, like, already on that side.


All right. Well, let's jump into some hot topics, the first of which being Eva Mendez. She shared a graphic photo of, I guess, what can be described as mano a mano thread cosmetic procedure. Did you see the photo?


Yeah, I saw the photo. And that is exactly what it is. That's why it can only be described not like. But I think that shit is sick. Like, it's pretty cool.


It the photo alone, I mean, it went viral on social media because of how disturbing it looks.


And just so I guess, most people aren't into things like that.


Well, I guess there are regular Botox or it might just be another Tuesday.


But no, that is a lot more invasive than Botox. That's a lot of needles stuck in your face at one time and for a few days after.


I'm pretty sure you can actually see the threads. Oh, my God, look under your skin because they dissolve at a certain point and it's like and you get these little damp, oh, I'm having all this work for you.


I'm every time I'm having. Oh, my God, don't do it. I swear to God.


Like, ah, I never can tell if you're like playing it up for the camera or what that does. I very much like your vomit. I'm never playing up my gagging. It's never going to will fucking leave.


But the thing is, if you're not watching the video version, Ava Mendez says she was at a cosmetic studio. What do they call these plays?


It sounds like her friend opened up a medical spa at her house. And so this post was really about her promoting her girlfriends business.


Yeah, but if it did anything, it made me want to run away from any cosmetic procedure ever.


And she looked kind of tranquil to me.


There were like seven or eight different needles plunging into where, like your Adam's apple would be if you were a man on her neck.


And I guess like going down from her chin down her like and the point is that it releases collagen or something that then fills out your wrinkles and gives you a surgery lists facelift.


Yeah, I thought it would be fun to explore what we would change about ourselves if we could change anything with nothing holding us back.


I mean, yeah, that's funny, considering I literally have an appointment at a medical school tomorrow.


Are you kidding? No, I'm not kidding, but. Well, OK, let's start with what you already get done.


Botox, we know and I do a tiny bit of filler. Oh, OK. So those do the same thing. I'm assuming no filler plumps your lip anywhere you put it. And then the other is, is that similar to. Yeah.


It just basically makes it so that I can't, I don't go like. Super crazy watching any of the videos of people injecting anything into their face, the possibility of something potentially going wrong is enough for me to say no thank you, Gobind, with the fact that they tell you not to move a lot or work out or lay flat after you get it, because it could paralyze movement in your face forever if it gets into the wrong crevice, because it is like a foreign substance that you're putting into your face.


They just don't want it to, like, spread or leak to a place that you didn't intend for it to be.


OK? I mean, I yeah, I guess it's good if they air on the side of caution because it does take a while for those things to reverse.


Would you consider going under the knife for an actual surgery to change anything to your body?


No, for me it's like I don't want to wake up and not recognize myself. Like I just got fillings in my teeth and it felt weird having a different bite for like 15 minutes. And I was like, I don't know who she is anymore.


Like, I couldn't wake up with, like a different jaw line or like a different nose. I just don't I can't relate to that or wanting that. Yeah.


And for me, mine were always like, if I were to change anything, I have a crow's feet because I laugh and smile a lot.


So I would hit that up with some Botox if I was afraid.


But there's also a part of me that thinks it shows character. If I could brace it, because my my biggest insecurity used to be my teeth until Jane was convinced me that it was more of an identifier. Yeah.


Something that was it's beautifully human and unique. Yeah. And I agree with you on what you're saying. Like, I think that it's kind of a tragedy that there's not a lot of mainstream women that we can look at and say like, oh, that's a natural woman with a natural progression.


And because there's always been so much pressure on beauty standards, which if we're giving anything to Generation Z, who really throws me for a tiny thing to give them something, I will say, I think they I mean, they definitely need more participation of words like let them have it. I'm just kidding. I don't know shit about Al-Jazeera. I don't have friends that are that young. Time will tell.


But I feel like they might be the first generation that goes against all of this. Who knows?


Yeah, but I feel like Botox will always be something that's mainstream because it's not so serious and the benefits are very great. I don't know if I would ever go under the knife for anything. Yeah. Cosmetic.


I mean, like I think it's shocking that I even have tattoos or do Botox or any of that because I have a severe nail like needle phobia. Like if I have to go get my blood drawn, they have to give me a Xanax. They have to physically hold me down.


I straight up kicked a huge nurse in the chest one time when he was coming at me to draw my blood. And I literally was saying, I'm so sorry.


Like the entire time I was like, no, I'm sorry, it's not me. I just get back, like, literally couldn't stop myself from straight. This is Sparta 300, kicking a huge man in the chest.


And so and I was being held down at the bottom. But you're finding needles shoved into your face. I mean, it's weird. Like there's a weird dichotomy of my, like, irrational fear because I also have this syndrome where I faint a lot. And if you faint in public, you do not faint just out of nowhere.


Yeah. Just fall to the ground. Oh, it's so embarrassing. And, you know, how long does it. Azah I never fainted. So this is my son. Mine's a little bit different. So like I have this syndrome that's called like Bosavi, so I say it wrong. So don't come for me. It was diagnosed by a doctor.


This is not a self diagnosis, but randomly my blood pressure will just plummet.


We'll just drop and then I drop like I faint and it kind of almost even looks like a seizure because my muscles will tense up and my eyes do roll back. So before they diagnosed it, they thought I had seizures and I wasn't able to drive for a little while. I had to get the full blown seizure test where you can't sleep for a little while and they put these things all over your head and they just like try and induce a seizure, which is hell.


That's a whole nother story I'll tell you about, because there was a train right involved and like an iguana.


But it's not it's too much for right now. I've already forgotten what the fuck it started with. Oh I pass out.


Yeah. So yeah. So yeah, I have a thing with fucking needles but like the last time I fainted I was actually on a modeling job that was on camera.


And when I came to I was like, this is what the dress looks like on the floor.


And then with Botox it's like I want the effects of it so badly that I'll man up for it. But like, masks the the fear.


Yeah, but I still faint like I fainted the both times I got my vote.


And how does that is that just typical for the doctor. Maybe so they know that they might be coming. There's a needle in your face and you're just I mean I'm so used to it, the fainting that I know what it feels like when it's coming on and I know exactly when it's going to happen.


And like I can call it, like when I got my bellybutton pierced, I straight up told the piercer I was like, I'm out. And she was like, what? And I was like, I'm out.


And how long do these typically last for? Like, well, the piercer pulled out some sniffing salt and just broke this little, like pocket in front of me. And I came to and she was like. Never have I ever had a client who told me they were about to pass out and I was like, you're welcome. I love being self-aware.


Well, moving on to Harry Styles, he was trending over the weekend for being the first solo male to ever cover Vogue, which was shocking to me that there has never been a man, a man.


He rocked a Gucci gown on the cover of Vogue. And inside of it, he was wearing almost all female clothing.


What really did shock me the most, because I think he looks great. I'm all about a man wearing women's clothing. If you watch my YouTube channel, yeah, I do it all of the time. What was more shocking to me is I don't know if he's ever come out as gay and maybe maybe he's not gay, maybe he's bi, maybe he's on a spectrum. It doesn't really matter to me. And it's also none of my business. But the amount of straight women I saw on Twitter was surprising to me that we're suggesting how much they were turned on by it or wanted to sleep with him because of it, which I really thought was I don't think you did.


Harry Styles needs addressed to one like for a woman to want to fuck him, like he's just like a hot potato.


He's gorgeous. Yeah.


But on the flipside of that, it was shocking to me the amount of, I guess, quote unquote, straight women that were fawning over him in women's clothing because it's just not it's not the standard. It's not the norm. Right. And I feel like me as a gay man if I do that, like, girls can be like, yes, or you look so good, but do they want to sleep with that? And so I think him doing this and it being sexy.


Yeah. Something that looks good and he rocks confidently, I think that says so much and I think it's so cool.


Yeah. I think it's, I just, you know, like you, I've never understood why someone's sexuality or gender is defined by the clothing that they wear, because a such a large part of the argument is like pink doesn't make you female. But as babies, we conditioned girls to be, quote, girly because we put pink around them and we make boys think that blue has to be their color of choice, like even done to gender reveal parties where it's like if it's a girl, it's a bow.


But depending on what the guy is, it's like it's going to be tools are bows, is it going to be baseballer bows that it's like I don't think that any of those things have ever been legitimately accurate in predicting someone's masculine or femininity. Yeah.


And and yeah. Similarly, Jason Momoa was trending over the weekend because he rocked a different magazine wearing all pink. He had like a scrunchie in his hair and people were all up in arms about that to both positive and negative. But he then came out about it and just said, I've always loved pink and I'm secure enough in my masculinity to think that I look great in pink.


And he does fucking care. Yeah. And outside of that, it's just so insane to think that because a man is wearing a dress, it makes him less of a man.


Yeah. I mean, I didn't get the fucking try.


It takes a more confident man to be able to rock something that is not typically praised and feel confident in doing so. Yeah. And the cover reads, any time you're putting up barriers in your own life, you're limiting yourself. So that was a quote from Harry Styles. So I just think all of these standards are so insane and whatever you feel comfortable doing, do it and be there also.


So fucking arbitrary, like in a what world do you know what I'm saying? Like, why does it that I have I don't wear a lot of dresses. I'm I'm a woman. I fucking I am a woman like that is who I am and what I identify.


I think everyone can relate to having an article of clothing that makes them feel confident. So why does it matter what that is? If you feel like something shapes your body in a way that makes you feel good about yourself, more power to you. And I think that comes across when Harry's in these photos because there is a very masculine air to him even while he's wearing these dresses. Not that it matters.


Yeah, but it's just all like I this is going to sound crazy, but like I felt the most confident I've ever felt when I dressed up as a shrimp for Halloween. I felt so good about myself in that outfit that I didn't want to take it off my fiance. I came to get me before bed because I was sleeping like with my little shrimp suit on and my little wig on. And he was like, you need to take that off and come to bed.


I was like, but I want to keep living like this. Or something that I thought was really odd was even. Have I told you the story about when Jane was shopping for my engagement ring?


I mean, you have, but you can tell it again.


Oh, I don't know if I told it on the podcast or not, but I just thought it was so insane that when he was shopping, he was looking for like women's engagement rings, the one that have a diamond sitting on top and at like four out of five stores.


The staff or the people that worked there were telling him, well, you can't do that for a boy.


Like, that's just something. I forgot this detail. They straight up said, you cannot do that for a boy.


They were like, this isn't something that men do that men wear like this isn't something that you should be buying for a man.


Yeah, you don't know my man.


He just straight up walked out of those stores. But it's so crazy. Like a diamond ring is not something. It's cheap. Who are you to turn out anyone from buying something and also what kind of a sales girl are you when you're telling a man who's trying to drop some coin on some shit that you get a commission not to do it?


It's just all so crazy. All right, you guys. So we had an outfit change just so you could see the drive in merch in live action. But for this next segment, it was actually inspired by Lizzy. I wanted to do our craziest celebrity encounters because I feel like when you move to Hollywood, it's like a rite of passage to be curious about the celebrities among us.


Yeah, chase them down, find them and get the star map, know their address, drive, know their behavioral patterns, their schedules, what they drive when their kids go to school, when they pick them up, if they pick them up.


There's something very you are so curious and you have to do it when you live here. And even sometimes still I get starstruck when I'm checking out at the store and I see somebody that I really like. I'm like, oh, it was always when I was working and celebrities came in. That was the most challenging because they're stuck with you, right? I literally was waiting on Reese Witherspoon and I thought my world was going to end. I went and she had ordered an iced tea lemonade and it came out of a carafe.


So you had to, like, pour it into her glass.


And I literally was shaking.


I thought I was going to spill it all over her beautiful dress. But she was so delightful. And I was honored to wait tables on Reese Witherspoon. I would let her do anything to me.


Honestly, I would, too. I would do unspeakable things if she told me to. When I met Jake Gyllenhaal, I told him it would be nice to miss him. And then I said, wait a minute, I don't know you, so I can't miss you.


But I'm sure I. Well, I think you can miss a celebrity. I mean, I was trying to say nice to meet you and I just figured not Rocket.


And he just came into this restaurant and I was sitting there and I turned purple and my God was like, are you OK?


And I was like, like people. Jake Gyllenhaal just walked in the back door.


Well, what I've really been waiting on from you is your Qalibaf story, because you.


Well, that's him. That's on him. You gave me the headline and I was like, shut up.


Tell me on the podcast because I want to I want my first experience with this story to be right now. Yeah, she's my fucking stalker. That man is stalking me, stalks you. I talk to me. OK, plot twist.


I thought this segment was stalking them. No, no, no. I've done some creepy shit in my day, but I swear to God Seya is on my tail.


I would do some weird things to have Qalibaf stalk me.


I mean, I have wondered as if it's all just coincidental, if this is like a sign from God or my simulation that Shaye and I are supposed to collaborate or something.


But yeah, no, Seya, I have this weird for years now I've bumped into above anywhere like super random places.


It's not like we have the same doctor or like the same lawyer or like we like a restaurant in common, like it's just super random placements all over Los Angeles over years, like it's happened three times. I was telling somebody else that Shi'ah stalks me because we've bumped into each other like all these times all over L.A. and I'm like, something's up because he's starting to act like he knows me when it happens.


So do you ever have encounters with him? Like, do you guys exchange words? We've exchanged words. One time we bumped into each other at, like, getting coffee. And it's literally it's like, oh, sorry.


Oh, Qalibaf, great link. That's the fourth time this has happened in five years. Like, what are the odds?


And like, I was with this girl who knew him and she goes, Oh, Seya, like, you know my friend Lizzy, right?


And he goes, yes, I do. When I was like. Don't like I remember bumping into you because you're fucking famous, but there's no reason why you should remember bumping into me.


Was he just improvising and being polite?


Well, that's what I assumed the first time it happened. I was like, he's doing that. Oh, good to see you again.


Polite choice of words when I was like, whatever, it's weird. I didn't bring up anything. That was the end of the exchange cut to last year. I had a girlfriend who called out sick from work to go see peanut butter Volcan. And I was telling her the story.


And then I felt like, oh, shit, like I'm a liar. Like, I'm totally embellishing this to some degree, but like, I'm not embellishing it. It just feels like a lie. And it feels like I'm crazy when I say that. I think Seya thinks he knows me.


I'm telling her this story on the phone. I'm literally driving my 1996 beat to shit Honda Civic that I call the dismissal, which I have to drive with the windows down because the previous owner did a self tint on it that like boiled off and the like.


So I'm driving with the windows down. I have no hubcaps like this thing doesn't even have a tape deck or a CD player or an awkward option. Oh my gosh.


And I'm smoking and I have no makeup on because I've been up here all day and I'm a mess.


And above is standing at the fuckin crosswalk, and I was just like, what are the odds that I'm talking about Qalibaf feeling like a liar.


And there he is. And then he straight up starts waving and I'm like, he's not waving. Like, look behind you.


I'm like, yeah, I'm like, who's in my car with me? Like, who is he fucking waving at? Like, there's other cars at the stoplight. And I'm just sitting there.


He starts crossing and he gets more excited about it, waving, Hey girl, I know you shut up. I swear to fucking God, he starts saying, I know you girl, where do I know you from? And I'm just like, you don't really like. No, like you don't really know me. I'm just like Starbucks maybe like oh but like that happen. He's like, how are you. And I was like good. Like light's green.


I got to go. Let's do this again in nine months maybe. I don't know but it's weird.


So she's fully fucking stalking me. So do you think we can get him on the podcast on. I'd love to get him on the podcast. I think he's brilliant. I think he's a tortured soul and I think he would be a really dope conversation.


Yeah. Yeah.


He is so fascinating. And I do believe he's so talented. I would love nothing more than to talk to him. So next time he waves you down, oh, I'm going to stop him and say, hey, I have a part like you do know me.


Come to my podcast. My gosh.


Well, I used to stock out the Nickelodeon stars.


May hate to admit it. I hope they were adults.


It's because I don't I wasn't even an adult, an adult. It's right. But I moved to Hollywood and I moved to Sunset and Vine like I was living in the heart of the city here in Hollywood.


Well, I mean, Hollywood is weird because one block can be really nice and then you can go one block over and it's like, oh, don't wear open toed shoes over.


There are a couple of times the parking garage across from me was completely sectioned off because there had been a shooting like that. Yeah, it's pretty crazy what's happening in Hollywood, but the Nickelodeon studios was literally across the street for me.


So I would do like my morning walk around the block to see because they would always film victorious.


And I, Karlie and all of those shows out in they had like a patio, I guess that was yeah. I played in their school patio or something. So they were always out there filming and when they weren't actually recording, they would just be hanging out to the side, which is like on Sunset Boulevard, very accessible to public or those of us who want to be friends with Nickelodeon Star.


Well, I wanted to be on Nickelodeon more than I wanted to be friends with the stars, and I had auditioned multiple times. So I just go by and walk by and manifest a manifest. My future never happened. I didn't even I audition maybe like seven times for a guest star part.


You gotta wonder why it's OK. You're great though. So there's a tender greens also right next to it.


And so I would I was walking in to lunch one day and Victoria was walking in Victoria. Justice, who was the star? This is at the time where Ariana Grande was her co-star, the famous pop star.


Yeah, Ariana was with fake right hair. So Victoria Justice was the it girl of Nickelodeon.


She's walking out of ten degrees. I'm walking into her greens. I didn't even watch the show. Yeah, I saw her.


And I just said, I love you. Like, I don't even love her. I just like I was like, you're famous. I don't know what to say. You just burst it.


She was like, thank you. Oh, my God. I just kept walking by.


And then I later on when I was doing entertainment news, I obviously ran it as she didn't remember me.


But yeah, I played it cool.


You know, I, I had a weird thing like that with Amy Poehler. Oh. I was at a movie screening. There was like a private affair for like this Aubrey Plaza movie. And a friend took me as her plus one and I was standing in line to like get a free popcorn. And this tiny blonde woman was standing in front of me, but I didn't realize who it was sitting on my glasses on. I'm blind without my glasses.


And she turned around and it was Amy Poehler. And I literally just went sorry, and then left, like, left the line, like, screamed in her face, apologize and then bailed.


Well, with that, don't be us. Don't don't be crazy and stop people. If you run into them, I think it's appropriate to ask for a photo. Definitely never get close enough to somebody's house where you go knocking on the door.


Yeah, I would never knock on a door. No that crossing but I would have a shoulder.


I thought before we leave, it's still it's just so fun that people are enjoying the podcast and writing and reviewing the show.


Can I, can I read one to see what I've waited for.


Shark fin for seven eight. This podcast is a podcast I can't sleep with. I laughed so hard that it makes me awake.


The chemistry between the two is genuine and it's funny. Lizzie is such a mood and I'm glad Raylan chose her as his co-host. Thanks. Me too.


I love it and look forward to it every week. Thanks Shark Fin, for being what I've also waited for in this life. All right, you guys.


Well, I thank you so much for watching the show, supporting this show. It means so much to both of us now that we're, you know, off and running. I feel like we're getting a little more comfortable as. Yeah, move forward if you want to follow. I was on social media where at the SERP on Instagram, and you can also follow both of us personally if you want to take a close up screen grabs of my feet and put them on a wiki feed, that's totally cool.


I get it. I just wanted to plug that in with that. Do we need to get a close up of the FT really quickly, Chris, do you need to just I'm getting a pedicure after this because I needed a cuticles off. But like, if anybody wants to do anything about putting these bad boys on display. Yeah, I'm tired of wasting my time has come put these meat on the fucking Internet. All right, you guys, we'll see you next Wednesday.


I love you very much. Good bye.


And that's the sip. It's the worst.


I don't think we should keep it going. We have to keep it going. I don't think we have to do anything. I really think it's the worst. But I also, like, love it.