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On today's episode of The Zip, we're answering Google's most certain questions, plus, under what circumstances are we brutally honest with our partners? Like a beautiful little Malibu boy, and you're distressed assets mocking a shirt, that's such a compliment because I am never more intimidated than I am when I go into Malibu. It feels very prestigious and kind of pretentious.


Sorry, one take one a mark. He's scared, I mean. Yes, why wouldn't he be? Wow, Chris. One more powerful. Is it wrong that I'm into this?


Yeah. That I like. You know, that's what's with the abuse that look, I don't know if we should be doing this again.


You like it a little bit, right, Chris? Yeah, he's nodding. He's nodding. I am wondering if, like, you can see my calf here. I went out and got myself very Lacroix's for my own house, and those were honestly a mistake, Lacroix sent them to me. No way. And they're not my favorite. They're my favorite flavor. I know. So you found a favorite flavor by accident.


Thank you, Lacroix for sending my friend Rylan the wrong flavor, you idiot. Now, if you could only sponsor the podcast, please. All right. Are we set, Chris?


Hello, you guys. And welcome to another episode of The SIP. I'm Rowland Adams, of course, joined by Lizzie Gordon.


Just another day, you know, I've been doing that hehe lately, it's like the creepiest thing about me.


It's like the fabricated he when you text somebody, but in real life, because it's not authentic.


And I always feel like when you hit someone with a he, it's like you're being an asshole, but like the ha ha is a genuine like belly laugh.


Do you know what I mean.


Like he, he's like I'm being bad, but you do it in real life to kind of mock yourself and the person you're fake laughing at saying like he's like a hyper aware, but it wasn't actually fun and it's awful.


Awful like being evil. Wow. Well, we're back outside because Lizzie told me it was a fan favorite actor and I wish that I had and I hate it out here.


I fucking hate it out here. Well, the side that you're on was honestly humbling for me. Last week, highlighted all my mask.


My hair was all sorts of out of whack. But we got you better lighting and you honestly offered to be on that side. Yeah, I don't care.


I've got the same strong enough within myself to handle any angle. Yeah.


And says you because honestly, ungraded every angle. I was like great because I was fucking like hell last week.


You didn't. You're a cutie pie.


Well it's also me reverting back to I used to like try to get dressed up for the podcast. Yeah. Now it's like slowly, just like merging back into sweatpants.


For me this is the only day I get myself together. So I get myself together like I had a girlfriend for myself.


I was like, no, you look put together too.


And I was like, I wear Mirch of my dog every day. OK, the parties are offended.


No, I wear this hippity too. But like usually I'm wearing something with Bub's is based on it. Get yours that merger right out of the dotcom.


We have cute coffee cups as well as awesome hoodies. Have you been having a fantastic week.


No, no, no I. Do you want to talk about it or.


No, I had a funny week though. I my my best friend, I talked, I, I asked her first if I could talk about this on the podcast and she said it was fine. Right. And so like I have I have a few friends that I've had for a really fucking long time. Like we go back decades and I get a call from this girl and she's like, oh, like I kind of want to tell you something, but I know how you are with secret.


So, like, I'm just going to not tell you to save you the burning agony.


You're telling it, right? Right, right. But I have a permit. And she was like she was like, I'm just going to tell you right now, like, I'll tell you later. And I was like, well, I probably already know. She's like, how do you know? And I was like, well, you know, your siblings fucking rats on you. So like the second you tell your sibling anything, like she runs and tells so-and-so and then so-and-so runs and tells me, it's like I probably already know, just tell me what you think it is.


But I could possibly know. And she goes that I'm pregnant. And I went out. I did not know that.


I did not know that your sister did not run into all that shit. But congratulations, Julie. Did you just forget me to tell you? It was like I didn't know what I was trick you into telling me.


But honestly, like at the end of the day, if someone calls me like I have a secret at this age, it's like you're pregnant. Are you married a stranger or you married a stranger?


It's one of those to look to see Daisy in coronavirus, like accidentally got married in twenty twenty one or twenty twenty.


But like previously, I guess you did a little too much Molly and married a stranger this weekend.


I've been trying to get married for two years and it hasn't happened because of the pandemic. Is that when you started screaming, texting me about like wanting to have a baby of your own and asking me my baby timeline?


Yeah, it is. Because now I need a baby because you you're talking about having a baby. My fucking friend's having a baby, like imminently. My other friend, I called her on the way home from the podcast and she was like, oh, I'm preparing my body for pregnancy. And I was like, who fucking does that? Aren't babies an accident?


But she's like making it all.


You know, babies are a blessing. And a lot of people have to try very hard to have a child. And I can't even carry a child of my own, which is very jarring for myself. But I'll figure it out. You know, we'll make our way through, maybe adopt, maybe explore other adoption shot I was having.


Like I always am pretty brutally honest with Shane, like when there's something that is bothering me or affecting me, I'm very vocal about it.


But he came to bed the other night and I'm I'm laying in bed and Shane's nocturnal. So he's like coming up the stairs at 4:00 or 5:00 a.m.. Like he does. Yeah. And sleeps in his spot until he gets there.


So he's crawling into bed and rolls over to me and I like, breathe out because he woke me up and he goes at the same time UNOS exiting the scene and he goes, oh my God, you know, for my fucking breath.


And they with your breath, it was my breath. How do you know?


Because then I, I he always kisses me before we like then roll out of there like a dog. That is the mystery of a lifetime, not us. And so then he finds out that it's my breath and like manically hysterical. He starts dying, laughing at five a.m. and I'm sitting there so offended because I can't I'm honestly like an obsessive. He's so offended. I'm an obsessive teeth brusher. Like, I brush my teeth and mouthwash like it's nobody's business.


You're the cleanest girl I know. But Garlick lives up in here like you wouldn't imagine.


And I ordered Veggie Grill and the garlic just lingered for hours.


But he thought it was the funniest thing in the world. And I was just like, well, I guess this is karma for all of the times. I'm so brutally honest, like before we're about to hook up. Or anything I like when I go brush your teeth. No, you're not. Yes, because I'm not going to enjoy my time. I like Huff Joe's dirty breath, like I love his dirty breath. If I could fucking put his dirty breath on a rag and just, like, breathe it in, like some fucking gasoline, I would do that all day.


Like, I love the way his musky armpits smell after he's been working and he didn't put on deodorant, doesn't want the aluminum close to his heart like I love his stinky.


Are you kidding? I want to get your tongue all up in somebody you dirty mind. I mean, I'm talking about make out sessions like I taste yummy to me and I love I love bad breath. Taste like it's like specific bad breath to your partner. Like there's there's like a pheromone I don't like.


I don't know I don't like is bad. I know what you mean.


Like fear. I'm not like body or odors and I'm fine with body odor. Well that's OK. No, I started thinking about like when you're brutally honest to your partner situations in which you're brutally honest to me, it's breath before I look up like I don't really care if we're just going about our day, but if we're about to like have sex or something, it's like you need to brush your teeth. I'm going to do you the courtesy of the same because I want to minty fresh mouth.


The other thing is like socks. He sleeps in his socks like a crazy person. Don't tell me your socks sleeper too. No, no, no.


I don't sleep in my socks, but I'm not a big fan of brutal honesty within a relationship when it comes to shit like that. It's like you love me at my filthiest or you don't get me on my shower day.


Well, I'm not weird about like somebody can canford up in front of me, like all day long. They can burp. I don't care. You can pick your nose. I don't care. I think it's the smells. It's the smells that really get me at my core.


So it is that like Shane will work out in his socks. Yeah. And then wear the same socks after he works out that he had sweated it and then sit on the couch. I'm like, well that's affecting me. Well Joe's like that too.


Like I'll come home from a hike and he'll be like, can you shower before laying on the couch? And it's like, no, I'm not going to shower for a few days now.


And I don't think those things are rude. Like, I don't like it. I was commenting on somebody's physical appearance or something that is out of there, like something that's like stupid. Yeah. But like brushing your teeth, it's something everyone does. So to me, it's not offensive to be like, oh, brush your teeth or change your socks.


Why are you pointing at me? I don't know. I might have been wearing socks today. Maybe that's the problem. Shut up.


Yeah, I will pick Jelly's fat ass up and bring her into my bedroom when I'm having, like, bad guys and I'll just hold her in there.


And then Delacombe like UJ Ali's got some view, OK, Mama. And I'm like, yeah, she just won't stop partying. And like, she usually is a silent partner too. So it's like no one ever knows. Like, I could be in the living room with Joe and James. And as long as I'm holding Julie, they think it's her farting.


They don't know your brand. No, they don't know that I because I don't fart. Oh, my gosh.


That's another another issue for another day. I've also been having and now I'm scared of coyotes because I came actually it was right on this patio.


I let the dogs go to bed or go potty right before I go to bed, which is normally I make them sleep out here, you fucking monster. No, they sleep right in my bed right next to me because I can't be allowed. Yeah.


So I go out it's midnight to let the dogs go to the bathroom. And from what I'm assuming right in here, there must have been a coyote just like sleeping in these bushes behind us and he runs out. But my dogs chased the fuck out of him and I was like, no, why are you guys chasing him? Well, I thought, that's good, because if they don't do that, then the coyotes could, like, think that they're weak idiots and like, strike first.




And I think because my dogs are the same size or maybe a little bit bigger than the coyote, they're afraid. But then when I went to bed, an apple. This is what's crazy. Like, I know our phones listen to us, but this is next level because an article came up like, you know, the Apple news ones that you can't avoid because you have an iPhone. Yeah.


It's like coyote attacks five humans in a two mile radius. No. And I guess coyotes are attacking humans now. It's supposedly the same one in a two mile radius up in San Francisco, but it still scares the fuck out of me. So that was this two mile radius of your house, not this two mile radius. But they must be pretty smart because he came back and sought revenge because there was literally coyote shit like a big ass Dukey on our driveway and my dogs don't shit on the driveway.


And this had, like, weird stuff inside of the shit.


So what you mean I was coming back for me. What do you mean, weird stuff? I don't know. Like like wilderness.


Like wild. Yeah. It was wild preventible douche.


So now kibbled. I called KeBAL Duke.


Well now I'm just scared for my life because I used to be afraid of mountain lions over here in the middle of nowhere. But now I'm afraid of the coyotes too. But hopefully my dogs will take them before they take me.


Yeah. I think your dogs like they and don't take this the wrong way. I like your I love your dogs. I think they're picturesque, but they're a little derby. But I do feel like the dappy joy of them would like send a coyote over the edge. So therapy. They're great.


Great. Would I put one into like a spelling bee? Probably not.


All right. What else did you have for me?


Oh, my God. This morning I was driving over here and on the radio there was this ad where it's like as Americans, we have overcome Pearl Harbor and we've overcome a pandemic and we will survive covid, but we'll always have.


Varicose veins, and it would be an ad for varicose veins removal, and I'm just like, what the fuck? Like the amount of crazy bullshit that ads have gone to, like utilizing the pandemic as a call to arms. Like once you make it out of quarantine, don't forget to get rid of your varicose veins.


I honestly don't even know the varicose veins is you're so lucky and I am looking at your legs right now like you look, you have no weird veins.


Varicose veins are like Bolaji, big brown like tentacle veins that run through your legs. I have some broken like blood vessel veins in my thighs. Well, basically, like, if you have bad circulation, you need to just do your daily walks or runs.


You got to keep doing some yoga.


But it is crazy. The lengths that people will go. It seems pretty crazy. What works on it was the most I was like, hold on.


What, like it? Like Pearl Harbor and 9/11. covid varicose veins, white like varicose veins.


Seems like you can live pretty, pretty good. Life with varicose veins might not be medically accurate.


Yeah. But I don't think we can compare it to world tragedies like a global pandemic.


And varicose veins killed me, so I wanted to share that with you.


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My mom mom.


What happened was deciding if I wanted to talk about the Golden Globes. Did you watch any of it. I didn't watch any of it because like I didn't even really know it was happening. Like, I think I was on Bridget's Instagram. She was like Golden Globes. I was like, why are she posted on fucking Golden Globes, dot? And then I saw a few other people like Tiffany Haddish was like on my way, like, not sure I like this look, but I'm feeling it.


And I was like, where is she going?


Well, you were like, did you know the Golden Globes weren't happening for me?


And I realized, yeah. And then I started looking on the TV. I was like, oh, they started 45 minutes ago, you know, it started at five p.m. A like what don't they do?


They always start at five p.m. because it's 8:00 p.m. Eastern. Oh, such fools.


We were I don't know, I don't have any really interesting watch. I mean I like the outfits. I like looking at the office. I love Tina Fey. I love Amy Poehler.


They I did Google and search the opening monologue.


They look fabulous for their age, like for your ages, motherfucker.


Like, they're just they look fabulous. No, I was saying like they look, if I was a woman, I feel like they'd look better than me at thirty.


I just like I couldn't I was like, wow, you guys look so good. They're hotties.


She has Tina Fey like an aged sons, mean girls.


She looks I think she gets better like she or like something about her becomes more refined, like her style, her makeup, her like fashion sense. Like all of it gets a little bit like glossier.


Yeah. I also loved Amy Poehler. Get up.


It was like I just think you're putting on a big fat I kind of push the limits in the opening monologue to a couple of places where I was like, wow, I can't I have no idea what they think. Oh, well, poor Emily in Paris. No fuck Emily in Paris. No one. Poor Emily in Paris. It's a shit ton of fucking éminence worthy's. I mean, is this the Golden Globe? Well, here's the thing.


It's a fun, silly show that tons of people binged like love it or hate it. I binged it. The people that maybe didn't love it.


I wanted the whole series. Well, you hate watch it.


OK, and hate watching. Probably isn't great to do anyways. But now when this put it made me feel good about my own future.


I was like, if this is the trash that's making it easier than I am, I can do whatever I want.


We're we're we're we're being kind. This is I'm being kind when I say that these people are lucky.


They got a Golden Globe nomination and a season to see.


My heart hurts for her because she probably knew that she was making a fun show. Yeah. And then she didn't ask for the Golden Globe nomination and the backlash she received for being nominated for a Golden Globe. It's like she didn't.


If it's not her fault. No, it's not her. So the public backlash of her getting a nomination I just feel is is rooted in such. I mean, anger, and then I get the anger, though not directed at her, but directed at whoever fucking is it the foreign press or the foreign press just excited that there was a foreign E show does seem as though they choose like award stars, like no matter what.


And I'm not saying her in general, but it does seem like specifically like no matter the caliber of a movie, it's like if this specific stars in it, they're getting nominated.




And it's like, how do they get in bed with that, you know, I mean, probably luncheon's branches them during the time of a pandemic are all very political. But I've got Tina Fey's I mean, I laughed at it, but it was kind of like a joke. Well, she was just saying, like Emily in Paris was nominated and I French, I, I can't do it justice maybe. What can you try?


And then it like shows a clip to her after she I think in an interview stated how like how it messed with her mental state that people were so angry with her. Right. I mean I could feel her breaking inside and I'm like, just let the girl have the nomination. Yeah.


I mean, like Emily Lilly, Lilly Collins, Lilly Collins, you're a beautiful girl.


You shine bright like a diamond. Don't take this personally. It has nothing to fucking do with you to whoever decided to air and give two seasons family in Paris.


Fuck you. You're going to watch this. I am going to watch the second season because I got to know what goes on with this triflin asshole, Gabriel. I do. The other thing is like I was texting my friends while I was watching it, not you.


Oh, I was texting you or is you're saying like now this bitch is fucking this girl's little brother, who I'm pretty sure is only seventeen. Like, what the fuck? And everyone's like, who are you talking about. I'm like, I'm only embarrassed. I like you.


All we can talk about from the Golden Globes is Emily in Paris. I've been trying to talk about Emily in Paris.


If you're making content that entertains people, regardless if it's the most groundbreaking performance or not, I think you're doing a good job like people like watching the show and I don't want to grab it.


This is where you are because burning fucking tiki torch. And I want to take it to the Parisian streets and I want to boycott this shit, but I can't boycott it because I have to keep watch.


I'm trying to be an enlightened girl in here. You are shitting on perfectly nice. I don't mean to shit on it.


I'm still consuming it. They're getting the views. I'm keeping them alive. I watch not allow plastic surgeon.


This took me by storm and you sent it to me. A plastic surgeon took. So they're doing zoom corps. Yeah.


And this was just I think a traffic violation. Right. And all traffic violation like court appearances are aired on YouTube because it had to to the public. Yeah. The public has to have access.


So the surgeon thought it would be a good idea to answer his court appointment. Yeah, well, in the middle of operating surgery on a patient, I will say this.


What's more important, making it to traffic court or your patients help your patients help. Right.


So you give them the surgery if they need the fucking surgery.


Well, and here I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, thinking like surgery could be unpredictable.


He's doing a Brazilian, but completely elective and unnecessary.


Well, maybe the surgery was supposed to end like two p.m. and his his court was at two thirty and the surgery ran long. And he's like, well, I still got to take my core.


I don't want to get in trouble for not taking his court appointment. And he goes, well, there's another surgeon in the room, so I'm fine taking this. But it was just the most like it felt so misplaced to be answering a zoom call.


The funniest thing for me was the judge being like, it appears to me that you saw in the operating room right now with a human body that you are operating. Yes, sir. That is exactly where I am, sir. The judge appears like Mr. I mean, should I call you doctor surgeon? Scott, I feel like you could have at least gone into a corner where it looked like he was in the reception of the surgery.


And I just feel like that's the best way to dodge a court date. Like I'm the next time I have a call. I've never have court dates because I'm like a really upstanding citizen. But if I ever did have one, I would take it like, well, getting low.


Wait till you get jury duty. I have to get jury duty. And I think it's because they know I have poor judgment.


You're about to get it real quick.


Just I don't think you could I don't think they want this opinion. Do you know what? I feel like I'm going to walk up in there and be like. But let's talk about Emily and Paris. No, like, that's not what this is about. And I'm like, right. But in the court of public opinion, the people should have a say.


Yeah, I guess. Yeah, I'm sure there's lots of antics to get out of jury duty. But this was have you had a crazy Zoome encounter?


You don't really go on to my last two months have been spent on Zumtobel.


If I'm being brutally honest, I've never even been on a Zoome. Oh my God. Maybe I should just zoom you all the time. I've done a Google Hangout, but I've never been invited to is. Maybe I'm just not nobody's interested.


I mean. I mean Google hangs in with like all the same fucking thing, but it's like I feel like Zoom Blow's ass and like everybody's character defects are just highlighted on a zoom corner.


Just like Tracy, you're bad in person, but online that gets worse. But the. Two months I've been working overtime and directing over Zoome and like, it's awful because people don't, like, acknowledge that your body needs a break and like IPE all the time and like, I need to go to the bathroom all the time and you can't leave a room to go to the bathroom like you can leave a room.


So I've just been going on mute and turning my camera off and like peeing and pooping while work instead of exiting the chat, you just take your shit with your camera off.


Yes. Wow.


I like I would take my computer when I was smoking outside and just like, sit and smoke. Well, what happens in there? Like, Lizzie, weigh in.


I will go off mute and try to, like, cut the microphone out of my head so that nobody can hear that echo or like the outside world or like I'll take a really fast drag of the cigarette when I was smoking. I'm a quitter now.


So but when I was smoking, I be like, anyways, so I've never been in a zoo. I feel like I would just be straight up.


I'm like, hey, I got to go take a shit. I'll be back.


You know, you can't do that though, because there's like ten people on his and you can't just independently say it to one person. And anything you want to say to one person, you can't say in his name because everybody can hear you.




I am guilty of answering the phone while taking a shit. I mean, like muting and like.


Yeah, well then you got to wipe or you're stuck sitting there with the dirty ass and that's like another there are like if I'm on a one on one call like with a DP or something or like a friend or like somebody I will say like I need to use the restroom.


It's no longer an option. I will call you back later. You're the same person that pees with the door open at my house, like while talking to me. Yeah. In the same room, essentially. What's your point?


We're just very comfortable with ourselves, like so I guess we have a very fun event today. We do, yeah. We're going to do the Web's most searched question.


Oh that's right. I'm so excited. Well, hopefully then I started spiraling about this because after we had committed to the idea, I started thinking, well, oh, is everything about me going to be negative? And then is this going to turn into like an oblivion of me being sad? I doubt it.


This is your show. Like, if it gets awful, we get to stop. We just pivot.


We just we give it to best and worst dressed to the Golden Globes.


And, uh, well, we and I made the cards for us, so I guess she knows better than me, but I guess we'll just start. I wouldn't even have anything.


Well, do I have something I have to. She's nodding. I have things I've never had them usually.


What do you mean you're Googling yourself?


Yeah, I Googled myself, like, once a week. Oh, really? No, it's really sad. And like always I'm, like, terrified that, like and this might even be someone else's bit.


But it is an honest insecurity that I have. Like, what if I die in the car while Googling myself? Like, I shouldn't be Googling myself while driving. I know that. And I don't do it as often anymore.


As often anymore. Like, do it a lot. And it's like I might have even done it because like some standup comedian made a joke about it and I was like, oh, I guess I should Google myself. But it's like years ago there was definitely nothing to find on myself. Right. And yet here you are and I do really want to see my feet on my feet, but I don't think it's ever going to happen.


Speaking of shooting, I think I have right now. Can you hold it? Well, I've been chugging this coffee. Yeah, I think I can hold it. All right. We fly in his car and fly in the cards.


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I really do like those cutoffs. What I do feel like if I put them on, they wouldn't look right on my thighs.


I'm starting to think I'm showing too much leg and I know you're not. It's like a really classy amount of leg.


I don't think I have, like, muscular legs. So do you want to do my Hawkgirl show with me?


My butt looks really cute. Oh, my gosh. Look how official we are. Does Lizzie Gordon I can read through this. OK, well, don't. Oh, my God. I can't. I've already cheated. I am free right now.


OK, Lizzie, do you want to go first? Yes. OK, what's your question. Why? Lizzie Gordon fiance. I can't read.


So Lizzie Gordon fiancee. Oh that's fiancee. Yeah. Oh I'm right. I can't answer this. I don't know. I don't have an answer. It's private. It's my own business, not ours. His name named Joe. His name is Joe. But I don't know if this even makes grammatical sound.


All right. Let me pull out my first one. What Rylant Adams Zodiac sign. My Zodiac sign is a Taurus Taurus with a Gemini rising.


I'm a double tree.


I think it's a tourist. Sun Tours Moon, Gemini rising. What did that all mean?


Well, it just means that I'm very stubborn, very particular and. Yeah.


Oh, well, my next one, which I already knew was why Lizzie Borden birthday? And it's because if Lizzie Gordon did not birthday, she would not be here today.


And we all know it's April 28.


The question was not what I the question was why so? And here we are answering the question of why.


And the answer is because Google is very confused about you. All right.


What is Rayland Adams Networth?


Yeah, right or wrong on the Internet.


And I love it. And I wish it was real. I don't think anyone's net worth on the Internet is correct. It's not. But I love money. It's like you're twenty five and worth one point five billion dollars and it's like, you know, million.


I just the Internet would say golddigger but I would just say what I mean, that not worth fishing endorses, you know.


I mean the last couple of years I haven't really been working that much.


So who knows. Honestly, I'm afraid you don't know. Your brother knows. Yeah, I've been investing a little bit more and so hopefully I have good investments. I guess I have more. So I'll go another one. What is Rayland Adams real name? Ryan Adams.


I feel like people are still very confused by that. You know, my real name really is indeed Ryan Adams.


Here's another nonsensical Hwi Lizzie Gordon, Mr. Bubbs. And the answer for the why is because God had a plan when he set that little diabolical body in my arms. And till death do us part, I love that you literally don't make sense.


Mine make no sense. But they got they got the gist, like, who's Lizzies?


Beyonce wins her burden, her die. It's the why. Why Lizzie Gordon, Beyonce.


OK, can you just be flattered and be like, yeah, I have Mr. Bubblies now. I mean I'm like I don't know why. I'm asking why birthday.


What is Ryan Adams Snapchat? I think it's just Rylant Adams.


I honestly haven't been on in years since my little whoop de do my little league.


And I honestly don't understand the benefit of Snapchat. It also like. I'm not trying to I don't get a platform, but I just think it might not be for me. I don't know how to use it. I mean, it's Instagram stories, but you send them in, they expire. It's like audio messages.


No, I know what it is. And here's the thing. It's crazy. When I worked at James Perse at Bloomingdale's, the girl I worked with was like best friends with Evan Spiegel. And so he used to come and, like, get frozen yogurt at carrot's across the way from us at the James Perse thing. And that's the kid who invented I really don't know what you're talking about. That's the guy who invented Snapchat. That's one of the guys.


Oh, yeah, I hear you. What is Rylant?


Why doesn't speak of what is Rylant Adam's job. Honestly, I'm trying to figure that out for myself.


I guess YouTube do now.


Podcasts are now trying to find his next life journey, self discovery.


What is right. Adam's favorite color. I mean, I think my whole life it's been blue. Really? Yeah. Honestly, I didn't have a blue my favorite color too. So that makes sense.


Really. Yeah. We're just blue girls. I think we're blue girls because they have beautiful blue eyes. All right, let's take our next boards. Honestly, these are like pretty nice.


Did you have to sift through the really mean ones? Did you have to make it clear on mine once?


Maybe there's a problem with this one. I can see through this whole thing, Lizzie, just talking to play the. I can't play the game because this one's not even about me. Well, I don't I'm not I'm just not looking.


But if you look, you can see. But just like, come on, OK, just play along.


But watch why I can't play along. Are you ready? Did Lizzie Borden have a baby?


I'm not Lizzie Borden. So the answer I cannot provide. I forgot who that is already. But we've got a killer.


She's a killer. And then the next one is, did Lizzie Borden go to jail? The answer is yes, but I'm still not Lizzie Borden. And did Lizzie Borden do it? And the answer is also, yes, she fucking did. And trade me mother fucker.


Your turn to capitalizing on my on my on my down moments that I do not betray, though people are still very upset about that.


OK, how tall is Riley Adams. I'm five eight on a good day.


Oh really. Yeah. OK, five eight on a good day. It's a good day.


I mean when do like fully. Yeah. If I'm slouching probably like five, seven and a half. I'm like really. Like no I'm being measured a good five eight. How much is Rylant Adams worth again.


Asterisked and often. Fuck you. I'm just kidding. I'm kidding. You make your own money. I do that.


I do make my own money. How old is Rylant Adams sister.


Yeah. How old is she. Twenty two or twenty three point three.


Yeah. Yeah. Where is that.


We're actually back in Colorado. She'll be making over her childhood dream.


I do love the work that Morgan is doing in Colorado. OK, I do want to read it to me. How much was Ryan Adams engagement ring? I honestly don't know. I'm a lady. I don't ask.


Yeah. Yeah, I wouldn't want to know.


I mean, I could I wouldn't lie to you could Google it like why don't you.


Yeah. I feel like it's dark.


Yeah. It's not about that. I love it. And that's all that matters. Exactly. I love all three of them.


I love all three of them. Those are like stacking dreams and I.


Yeah. And I can't there's a fourth one possibly can't fit so I could I don't want you to limit yourself.


You're expecting another one for the wedding.


I mean I guess when I saw those three, how rich is Rylant Adams for people being really upset. Yeah. About my like me being so hyper, which I'm going to just say I've never been like super hyper focused on money. Like if I was a super money driven, focused person, the content on my channel would look much different.


I would upload a lot more. Everything would be sponsored like all my Instagram post would be sponsored. Like if I really wanted to make money and cash out, my whole persona would look different online.


Right. So for people that get really upset about that. But then it's like I guess it is something that's just people are very curious about because like not even just for me, but for everyone, me more.


So when I'm Googling a celebrity, I want to see their house because and not like how big it is, but like how it's designed and like location they live in because I don't know, I'm like, oh, did they live in Malibu, right on the beach? Do they like a Studio City moment? Like, I'm more infatuated by like the location and how somebody decorates their house than how much they have in their bank account. Yeah, I just feel like it's so doesn't matter.


Yeah. You know, like I just don't I mean, like, I have a lot of fun watching rich people do rich people things, you know, and like I, I don't know. You're rich and experiences. That's what I like to stop looking.


And so I play the fucking game like. Yeah, you're such a negative Nelly today.


All right. Here I have more than you, so I'll pull one off. Why did Ryland go to jail, Rylan? Why did Rylan go to jail?


Ryland's your alter ego. I don't think I've been to jail yet. You haven't yet. You haven't. You lack that edge. Yeah, I like that.


I don't plan on ever going to. Oh, my gosh. You would do good in jail.


Why isn't Rylant in R5?


Is that a Disney band. Yeah. Oh there is a rayland in one of the. Did the Rylan in the Disney show go to jail. Maybe. Maybe they're confusing me with. I think he was in big time rush or something.


There's a Rylan in an island though. Interesting. Why was the Disney Land. Why is Rylant called Ryan.


Because Ryan's my real name.


Ryan Adams called. Right. Like Silent Island.


Lynch was in our fight and it's everyone that went to jail is the deejay or five shows.


I'm still shaking that I couldn't read finance. I couldn't even say finance fiancee. It's like when I forgot how to say Chihuahua when it doesn't have the accent. It's just a different. I've never recognized. I've never seen that word.


OK, why did Rylant leave? Clever. Because they weren't including me and all of their original content and for no reason. And then they wouldn't pick up any of the shows that I wanted to do. And I just like was not. Creatively fulfilled, so I had to get out of there. Yeah, and they had shitty snacks, good snacks, not wanted to hate on them.


I just wanted to be against them like I loved my time at Clever. It was just when I left, it was time for me to go like I was no longer creatively satisfied or fulfilled. Yeah, but I loved my time there. I had so much fun there. I loved working with all of the people that I got to work with there. And you love their snacks. It was a great experience. And you wouldn't have met Bridget.


I wouldn't have met Bridget. No, I wouldn't have. Why is Rylan famous with you?


Oh, I wouldn't know. I don't know if I am. This is an you know, this is Raelynn.


So because he was on a Disney show or Nick show or one of those bands, does Lizzie Gordon Ramsay drink? I'm not sure this is riveting stuff.


Honestly, might be our finest podcast episode. Does Gordon Ramsay smile again? Are they talking about you know, this is Gordon Ramsay, the chef who I smell just to one time at the juice box in front one.


Wow. Well. All right, we're going to take some viewer voicemails. Let's hear what the first person has to say in their hey, your island.


Hey, Lizzie, I just wanted to let you guys know that literally every week I listen to the podcast while shoveling horse poop and cleaning stalls. And I just think that you should definitely keep us updated on your journey into the horse world or your interest horse. You could totally do it. And I think that it's worth it. And I think my advice is not to be intimidated by it. It's really fun and it's a great passion to have. So, yeah, I think you should just keep us updated.


And I could totally send you guys pictures of the horses that I work with these days or goats or whatever you are.


Oh my gosh, she has a farm here. So I needed to support you because everyone's always like, no bad idea, you're not responsible. And I'm like, OK, chill out. But I do think I was even thinking the other day when I was driving home, because there's multiple places that house horses.


I don't know what they're getting stable. Yeah, multiple stables around my area. And I'm thinking I just want to volunteer for free to really get to know the ins and outs.


Yes. And also, like, make some friends, you know. Yeah.


No, I was literally just thinking that before you suggested I was like, you should go to a fucking stable.


And there's also like a lot of horses that, you know, as Morgan just pointed out, people just return home and are like get abandoned or whatever, or go to a horse sanctuary after they've been forced to race forever. You could go volunteer at one of those places.


Oh, I would love to do that. And I would love to. Yeah. Have like minded people that want to be outdoors and on horses and teach me the right girls.


I'll never do that with you. But I like love that you want to expand your friends circle from you to like another person. Yeah. Or worse. Or a horse.


Well I love that and I love the support so thank you very much. And you will send us photos.


Oh we'll rent a minivan and I'll drop you off. Do we have one more.


Yes. I love her Hawkgirl show movie, so I just find her listening to the podcast and I couldn't get past the fact whenever Wilin was talking about saying, let me invite him in. So I was wondering how relevant everybody gets 15 years if you murder somebody and all they have to go off of is Whitemark.


And everybody has the news now, probably just they just get away with murder because everybody has basically just nothing no more.


And I love the podcast and I'm like, you guys, I love you.


So we're assuming that people are murdering solely with their teeth.


No, but like, if you're, like, honest to God, a lot of crimes have been solved because someone who bites a body and then they do like dental imprints of your teeth. And it's like even when you die, like if somebody burns your body, they can find you because of your dental records.


And I do think that no matter what, your bite is specific because your jaw line and the where your teeth come from are very unique. So even though you might not have the same base or like the same bottom part of your tooth, you still have the same positioning of your teeth.


So even with veneers, your bite is unique. But I don't know of dental records reflect the veneers after they're put in or not.


This is a great but we need a veneer and I just made that up. But, you know, while the Aryan sounds like venereal, I don't know what that means. Like a dick disease. Oh, am I right about that?


Well, here's the thing is, are the variants are they like having don't think we should call them that.


Are they having to take imprints of the teeth that they. Because it's it's a dentist. Yeah. Are they having to like, submit that and where like I don't know who has imprints of my teeth.


Yeah. I was going like I go to like a real hole in the wall. Like poor people don't ask like I don't think you could like find my teeth records. Interesting.


This is a bigger conversation and I'm glad you brought it up because I'm going to do some research. I'm going to think into this. And I'm very curious about people that murder people solely with their teeth.


No, they're not murdering solely with their teeth.


But it's like it's like if you're in a fight with someone and like you bite them, like, that's the way to tell. So, like, if someone was killing me and to defend myself, I bit them and then I die later. Right. So they killed me.


I didn't mean to say he it could be a woman. It definitely could be a woman that killed me. Women can murder too, OK, and throw my body away. And then I'm like, you know, they find some follicles or whatever, but it's not enough to pinpoint someone, but they find like a specific green rug follicle and they do their CSI thing about it. And they figure out that there's three people in the major Los Angeles area that have this green rug and they go to all their places and like all three of them have bite marks on them, which is strange.


So they do imprints of the bite marks and they take pictures of it and they look at my teeth and they can say for sure, Lizy bit that guy.


So that's the way to use it, to solve a murder, to always be biting ladies. All right. Oh, OK.


If you want to leave us a voice now, what's wrong with you? Why are you acting like that's the dumbest advice ever? No, I just I didn't know you. If you've been attacked, if you're being attacked, you fucking bite away.


I didn't I didn't know. Got a flyer. I don't know. I didn't know crimes were solved via TI. So I guess also shocking to me. I didn't know. I didn't know.


So if you guys have something that you want us to address from today's episode, or if you want to let us know anything in general, leave us a voicemail. Our number is seven four seven two one seven two three seven zero. And that's it.


That's it. That's enough. That's all. That is not enough for that. All right, you guys, I guess that is where we'll leave you for this week's episode.


I hope you enjoy, honestly, whatever this was. You know, I mean, I like woke up this morning.


I was like, I'm just going to but fuck Monday raw. And that's what this felt like.


A little alarmed by your analogy.


I'm in a visceral mood.


I'm sorry. All right, you guys. Well, thank you so much for always continuing to support and watch our show. It really does mean the world to us. I hope you have a fantastic week. We love you very much. Good bye.


And that's it. I love everybody who does that with us. You think they do? Oh, I know they do. When they're watching the show, they're like I've heard I've heard on the streets. Words, words, words on the street, word on the street is there are a few of you who go, and I love you for that.