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Hello and welcome to The Stand with Amy Dumphy.


The stand is proudly supported by Tasco at Tesco, our exclusive house for over 65 family carers and extremely medically vulnerable customers are every weekday, Monday to Friday, up to nine a.m.. Health care and emergency services have priority access at all other times now more than ever. Every little helps now. Over the weekend, the two big European football competitions were decided on Friday night's severe beat Inter Milan three two in an amazing game. Severe, of course, had knocked Manchester United out earlier in the week.


And last night at Parry, Sangamo were beaten one nil by Bayern Munich in the final of the Champions League.


It's been the longest Champions League in history and it began the qualifying rounds last July and it ended last night. And we're joined now to talk about the game by John Giles, who played in the lead United team. And there were beaten. One nil are two nil, rather, by Bayern Munich in Paris in 1975, John. And I know there's still a little bit of pain involved because you felt on the night you were robbed.


Well. Well, it certainly looked that way. I mean, we had a couple of decisions. There was one decision in particular in the first half where Beckenbauer could only get the ball with Alan Clarke by going through which he did a very obvious penalty and gave a throw in. And then it was a goal disallowed. So it looked a bit dodgy to us. Yeah. Yeah, I believe it was my last match relates. Right? Yeah. Well, here we are, Jimmy after kick me out after that.




But it's a huge occasion. It is now I think even more than it was back then when it was the European Cup. The Champions League now is probably the most coveted trophy in the world and a World Cup included, in my opinion. And last night's game was close, was fascinating.


And I thought Paris and Yamano did better in the first half, John. And we a better look and a bit less ability by the German goalkeeper Noya. They could have taken the lead.


Yeah, they had a couple of chances early on there, but they had a that I think Neymar actually had a crop, the chances with one of the lads. And at that stage, again, it's all this important football as we know it scored at that particular time, then you'd have a different game altogether. But to be fair to Tobias Munich, you know, they came back. Well, they I think they deserve to win. It certainly deserved to win the crop with the results that they've had leading up to the end, up to the final.


They've been they've been absolutely outstanding. Yeah.


And Buppie had a real good chance in the first half. And it was he kind of it was a tame finish and Noya was able to save it. That was the best chance I thought that PSG had now. And Buppies been injured for a lot of half of the season. His battle with injuries, he only played thirty minutes in the game against Leipzig and a very fruitful thirty minutes as he made the win goal. But he didn't really show up last night.


And Neymar didn't show up either. Jon, now he we've seen Neymar, two sides of Neymar, really. He played well in the semifinal and indeed, look at going back. He played well for Barcelona, who were four one down from a game in Paris. And they they pulled it back and he was the man of the match in the camp knew. So he has got it in him. But he's playing in a weak league, the French League.


He likes the good life. And last night he was back to diving and not really making an impact on the game.


No, I think the previous two matches I mean, I think we spoke about it before. He was very, very good, great attitude in that. And I think he started off well last night. It wasn't getting anything and then went back to his old ways. Yes, definitely. By the time they came the second half into the second half, he was he was diving all over the place. It was the Neymar that we saw in a lot of matches, which is not it's not the great Neymar anyway, that's for sure.




One in the last World Cup, it was very obvious he was playing on the left side of a front three for Brazil. And really, he was just it was an acting class.


Yeah, well, that's that's been, you know, too much of a part of his career. And, you know, you're going to go back to the two matches now before last night. He wasn't playing on the left hand side the failure sign in the middle of the field, more or less in the middle of field, and he was very, very good. I expected more from last night, I think, you know, and it started off he started off well.


But when the going got off. Yeah, in the second half, he definitely reverted back to the David and messing about. And at that stage there were never going to come back into the game. You know, Bayern Munich, when you look at the competition overall, Lehmann and the teams they played beat and Bayern Munich, they were good champions, weren't they? Oh, very much so.


And I mean, we just have to look back to a game against Spurs in London, which they won seven two and a game at Stanford Bridge against Chelsea was they won three nil. They are champions in Germany. Again, they won the German Cup as well. And they were. And it showed when the when the really important moments came last night, they're fit and strong and everyone's having a go. And the cold shoulder flick took an interesting decision before the game last night.


He dropped Petrusich, who'd played in the semifinal and brought Kingsley Coleman into the side as a left winger. Coleman had been on the bench for the semifinal, started last night, and he's a kid who was born in Paris and was part of his youth program and he really played well last night. Might have had a penalty before halftime. I thought he should have, actually. What do you think of that decision? I thought it was a penalty.


Yeah, it was.


Touch and go home. And, you know, I think what's happening now with a lot of thought, not just this lad, but they make the most of it. You know, I think they're making the most of it. And I think it goes against them. Yes, sometimes. Yeah. You know, it got a touch on the nose. Certainly it was. It was it was a good, good call, but it might have overdone.


The default then puts the doubt into the referees and the referees head, you know, I think that's that's probably why they didn't do it, would you, to go back to the manager? I mean, what a job he's done.


Yeah, they've only last two games since he took over. But when he did take over, they were in bad shape. And Thomas Muller, for example, had been bombed out. And the first thing he did when he took over last November, he brought Thomas Muller back into the side. And he's our player, honestly.


You know, he's had a big party on him and he had gone when he's been a terrific player over the years. From the last year or two or three, you know, well, maybe he wasn't getting on with the coach. You never know what's gone on in football club with this fellow brought him back in and and he just rejuvenated the whole squad in the way that they played and the enthusiasm when they didn't have the ball. And so it shows you what a good coach can do and make the right decisions.


Bring them back. Yeah, get the team playing the way they did. You know what? The job is done. He's done an absolutely brilliant job there.


And he had to make a big call last night and he made the call. And Kingslee Coleman scored the winning goal. And it was a good move and it was a good goal, a really good head on the fireplace. Bookmaking, who played really well right back in, is a very good player. Johnny can play center defense midfield. All right, back. He delivered a lovely cross. And that was the most critical moment in the game when Coleman took it away.


And it wasn't a gift, was it? No, no.


He played really well. Coleman from his goal. You know, he carried the ball well. He was beaten players. He was doing his stuff. He looked really, really good player. I don't remember seeing him before, but he looked a really good player. And of course, getting to winning gold is the biggest thing in the match. So it turned out, I think, you know, over the period of time that he's become manager and yeah, they seem to have got better and better and common comments to the best from coming into this particular competition has been has been absolutely brilliant, brilliant coaching and management.


Yeah, there's a couple of interesting stories as well in this Bowron team. The left back, Alfonso Davis was born in a refugee camp and lived there for years, which is an amazing story when you consider where he's finished up from, where he began. The other great story is Robert Sandusky, dusky John Yong-Nam club, signed them for Dortmund from a Polish team for three million, imagine, and he took them to Dortmund. And according to legend Dusky, the had a big influence on him, gave him the confidence and cops, as we've seen at Liverpool, his ability to improve players over a period of time and last year scored 50 goals this year.


And between all competitions, what do you make of him? I think he's a wonderful player.


Yeah, it's an old fashioned center forward. Yeah, you know, which is he could hold the ball up. He's not he's not particularly dainty on the ball, but very, very effective is quick. I think he's 32 now. Yeah. And like all players, Aymond that look out really look after themselves. Well, that's a peak time for you hear people say, oh, I started. You know, he's getting down a bit. I think it should be the peak time for players.


And that's what my my experience of players, great players. Yeah. Is that they look after themselves to got to 41, 32. They have the experience behind them. They don't make silly runs that they really learn the game and that's it. And that's what he's done. Yeah. And his attitude has always been good. Yes. Yeah.


And if the line goes so he leads the line well, quite apart from the gold scores, which, you know, even in the first half last night at the post from a half chance. But he leads the line. Well, is movement across the line. He's you can find him with a long pass and he's a very diligent work for the team as well as. And the goals then, of course, aren't a bonus.


Yeah, well, yeah, I'd say it's one of the old fashioned center forward. Yeah. In terms of his main job is to lead the line, which he does extremely well. Apostle's Garden. He's got obviously he's got the Coast Guard is hugely important, hugely important. But he makes calls for other people in the line. He brings people into the game. And you can see by his attitude and I think what this new coach coming in as well.


Yeah, it's attitude is great. You know, he's totally unselfish and he's never played for himself and been being greedy on the ball or anything like that. And, you know, it's a perfect example for for any player, any SFR with his plan, you have to be able to copy him and see what he does. And his attitude is got, as I say, with players like him. And the older they get, the better they seem to get, which he has done, and only because he's learned his game and he's looked after himself.


You said 50 odd goals that I just saw it. Fifty nine goals. Sixty. So that's incredible. Yeah, credible front and centre forward. And it's not a dainty by, you know, but he plays every game. He has a goal and every I haven't seen him where he has been having to go away. I'm not moody. You know, you hear about players on that day and when he's in the mood, you don't hear that about top players.


Yeah, he's one of those want a player you could compare him to.


And I think he compares pretty favourably is Harry Kane, who I don't think does the work up there, is much more inclined to drop deep, whereas Lewandowski is he's making the defenders make decisions all the time. He'll run in behind them. He'll show for the ball. And it's a good comparison to make, if you like, because in England there's an awful lot made of Harry Kane. And I know both of us have liked him. I liked him more.


I think I liked him a lot more. When he was two years ago, three years ago, he was scoring goals and he was a bit more diligent. Now I think he's got a bit of altitude, but eleven dusky and he they're the same shape, but eleven busked those different kind of work.


Yeah, they're very similar in many ways. I and I think if you put Harry Kane into the by a Munich team you'd see a different Harry Kane. Yeah. I think what happens with Harry Kane, I think he takes too much responsibility on himself. And so if the team is not playing well, it goes deeper and deeper, as if he can do something about it. Yeah. You know, yeah. No, I think it's a fault of his, but it's sort of a good fault.


He wants to get into the game and he wants to contribute to the game, but he doesn't have the players around him that that that one does. He does. So I think the better the players he had around him, you wouldn't see him gone quite as deep up and open the position that Sandusky take. So they are similar in many ways because like one is up front is in many ways an old fashioned center forward as well. But I think the better the team is play Kane and I think I think is too good a lad in many ways.


I don't think he's being big. Had to do. And what he does. Right. I think he's thinking I'm off the field here. I'm not getting a pass. I'd better go back and do something about it. Yeah. Which is not the right thing to do if you try to stay where he is and just wait and wait and be patient.


Now, I know from talking to Damien how highly Damien rates Marino as a coach and there's no questioning Marino's record in terms of getting silverware. Would a number of different clubs is one, the Champions League with with Enter and he won and of course, famously with Porto AM. And he wanted to do it with Chelsea. Anyway, the point I want to make about him is as a coach, he should be the one to fix Hurricaine, shouldn't he?


And that's a big sort of task you would think he'd relish if he's if he is the coach, people say, I think I think if he improves the team, I think it will automatically improve. Hurricaine. Yeah. I mean, he can is his main man. And I think there's a good there seems to be a good relationship there. And I think he I think he would encourage him to stay off the field at times when he is a little bit too deep.


I would imagine so. But I think of the improves the team then Cain will not do what he's doing at the moment, which is a fault in coming to the right, taking too much responsibility on himself.


Now, while I was watching the Champions League games this week, not just the final last night, but the other games as well with Leipzig and Atlanta, for example, I was thinking this should be Liverpool and they are the best team in Europe.


And it's a great shame that their goalkeeper had been allowed a very soft goal in to give Atlantico a priceless away goal. And Anfield and Liverpool are miles ahead of the two terms we saw last night John. Well, certainly my father had a PSG, but Liverpool Baron would be a good game, but I'd fancy. Yeah, I think Liverpool are the best team at the moment, and it would have been it would have been a good game because there'd be no I'm not saying they'd be a pushover, but there wouldn't be a pushover for anybody about Munich.


But I think Liverpool at best would that would be the best team in it, OK, if you were in it. But you have to you have to get that element.


Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.


No, there's no place left, but yeah, yeah.


Now we both fancied Inter to beat Severe John and yeah only one of us put money on it and took the lead and Lukaku scored a penalty. Yeah.


And the. The Spanish side have had a really hard game against United, and they look vulnerable, United created a flurry of chances in there at the beginning, the second half. Yet they came back to me. I wouldn't have answered them at all. But they came back and won what was really a very exciting game.


Now they did. Yeah, they did well. And I tell her that there's one thing about them. They show the courage and fighting spirit that you need in any team because against England, as you said there, they were getting a hiding for a long spell. But they they kept at it. They kept at it, kept at it, finished up winning it, and was a bit similar to the entire match. And I went to work well and seemed to be well on top at one stage.


But they look at it and look at it and look at it. So it shows that the morale of the team has to be good. The coach has to be good to create up morale because you see a lot of teams in situations like that when they're not well managed, well coached, they just pack it in. Yeah, there was no packenham from from from the Spanish team. They kept on it well and brilliantly to go on and win it really, really well.




And the coach is a very interesting character. He's a Spaniard and I think he's going after China to make some money. But he was the coach of Spain. Yes.


And when he was and Real Madrid, he agreed a deal behind the club's back. I'll be behind the association's back to manage Real Madrid. The association found out and sacked him. It went to Madrid. It lasted fourteen games. So it is a he deserved to be put back to, uh, Inter.


They had Lukaku, of course, Ashley Young as well. Eriksson, they went there from Spurs and can't get in the side. Came on with twelve minutes to go the other night. Did did very little Victor Moses came on as the he was with Kanti at Chelsea and that entire team, you know, it looks like they're living off scraps John, you know the players that and can't really cut it in the Premier League anymore. Uh, and I feel sorry for Kanti.


I feel sorry for him because I read in the paper this morning that he's lost twenty five million, uh, in a some kind of scam in London. Yes. You have to wonder where he got the twenty five million in the first place. But that's another day's work. Sylvia have won six Europa League titles, and it's an amazing record.


And the real fascinating point of it for me, John, is they are a team of journeymen like they are. They wouldn't be signing big checks. And I say and neither are into signing big checks. The hundred million United paid for Pogba would cover all 22 players in that Europa League final. Yeah, well, it's it's a difficult thing to do and to have success with players like that, so it goes back to the coach or the manager or whatever we called him to be doing the job they're doing.


You know, if you got a good coach, they can make the most of of situations that nobody else can. I mean, it's a similar situation would be, say, Sheffield United. Yeah. Last year, you know, the coaches, obviously, God is great. I mean, you couldn't imagine, I don't think. Well, apart from the goalkeeper who belongs to Manchester United anyway, you couldn't see Manchester United going for any of the players.


No Routhier players as a group. They're made into a team because of the work they do and the work that the coach does and gets to get good, good players in Haymon. But lads who can are intelligent, football intelligent that can learn the game from the coach and the coach has an influence over them. So he makes something of. Nothing, yeah. Anyways, I mean, in the semifinal, Deong came on and he scored a winner against United.


He had been at Newcastle, John, and it was not a success. He actually started the final against Inter. And again, he did the business. So here's a guy who couldn't make an impact in the Premier League. And just to bear what you're saying, he goes to a club where he is going to be a game's good coach and the he goes.


So it depends where you go. I mean, I don't know who is the manager at Newcastle at that particular time, but I don't think Newcastle would have been well managed for quite a number of years now. Well, I think Steve Bruce has done a better job with them next year. So when you go when you go, anybody goes into a club like that. I mean, it's like this lad that was that was playing last night and the Watson that was coming from an arsenal.


Oh, yeah. Gunnery Sergeant Horbury. Yeah. I mean, there's a case if you're talking about what can happen to players. Yeah. It was hard at no cost to to West Brom under Tony. Yeah. He plays 12 minutes. Aimen and the disparity was there and he was sent back to Arsenal. Yeah. Even before these long spells up. Yeah. And then doesn't do it. Assignees sold for five million or something and turns out like he didn't play very well yesterday, but he's turned out to be a terrific player.


So it shows you the influence that you can come on the club. Yes. You know how a club can be transformed, how players can be transformed by good managers and good coaches are bad managers and bad coaches. Yeah, it's very, very it's a most unusual game in that particular way. Yes. The environment, your managers go back and you go back to Chris. Well, I don't know what a challenge United. I found them I didn't know much about.


I thought I'd go down, I'd struggle to stay up this year. And they were very, very good. As we saw, they beat some of the top teams playing really, really good football. And you would look at most of the team and say, yeah, the good the good workers, a good workman like Clash without being outstanding. Yeah, it's what it's what you make of the whole is better than the. Yeah. Makes up the individuals lack of talent in the individuals.


Yeah. As a team thing, I'm going on a bit about that now. That was a good example. There was a big headline after he scored that brilliant goal in the semifinal against Lill.


It said, Eat your heart out, Tony.


It's totally ridiculous. Yeah.


And I was like, of course he's he's used to open on the football and all of that. However, when I was looking at Gulabi last night and he didn't play very well at all, John, I didn't contribute very much.


I think Tony Pulis said that how he could never play, you know, but to be fair, said that he didn't play very well last night and he scored a lot of goals from the season he looks and the end of this particular competition, it really looks at top that there's no doubt about that. Now, he's got to against Tottenham in London and he was brilliant. So he is clearly a very good player.


John, just a final question about Bayern Munich. They definitely were the champions, I would say, at European Club and Liverpool. I really regret the fact that they were knocked out so sort of easily by that goalkeeper mistake and will be really offer it next year. They do need, don't they? We've talked about how good they are so often. They do need to really become the side we think they can become. They need to win leagues and cups and they need to win them over the next three or four years.


Yeah, well, I mean, they've built I think they've built the club has built a foundation now. Yeah. To build a dynasty. Yes. Now in football and in life as we know, you never know what's going to happen now, but all the signs are there for them to continue to do what they did last year and build on that. Yeah. Like Manchester United did and other teams did over the years. But in that position now, he's done a great job.


He's got terrific players in. And if everything stays as smoothly as we would expect him to, then they will go on to do, I believe what the previous Liverpool teams have done and what Manchester United did in there under Ferguson. Yeah, so fingers crossed. I mean, you never know you'd like we as we know in life, you never know what's going to happen. Players might want to go. You might get a couple of injuries. But at the moment, the foundation is definitely there and the foundation is very, very, very, very, very strong for them to go on and do what the previous Liverpool teams have.


I'm definitely Manchester United had to OK, John, with three weeks to go, I think a roughly three weeks until the Premier League is back. Thanks very much for your contribution today. And thanks to all of you for listening. And, of course, a very special thanks to Tesco, our sponsor. That's all we have time for now. We'll talk to you soon. The stand is proudly supported by Tesco at Tesco, our exclusive house for over 65 family carers and extremely medically vulnerable customers are every weekday, Monday to Friday, up to nine a.m..


Health care and emergency services have priority access at all other times now more than ever. Every little helps.