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The stories of Mahabharata retold by should the balmy.


Welcome, dear friends, to another episode of The Stories of Mahabharata. In the last episode, we heard the story of Secunda as narrated by Bhishma When?


It was early morning and the sun was yet to surface beyond the horizon while the rest of the country was still asleep. The grounds of production woke up to the climate of farmers and weapons. The cry of elephants, the name of horses and excited voices of the soldiers, then held a meeting impeachment stand with his generals. He asked for great warriors.


Tell me, how long would it take for us to annihilate the band of Army? Reshma was putting on his armor. He looked at the other hand and said, I told you I will kill 10000 foot soldiers and 1000 charioteers a day. At this rate, the bond of our army would be eliminated in a month, Roon said. I'm old and I don't have the same vigour of my youth. Still, just like Bhishma, I can destroy the bond of Army in a month.


Kripa said I would take two months younger.


Swaffham up, the valiant son of drones said, Give me 10 days and the bond of army would vanish from the face of that.


Gardner smirked and said, I need only five days to finish them off leash, my life to cut or not. You haven't yet met Krishna's Jundah and that's why you make such outrageous claims.


When Arjun Arjuna's, led by Krishna as a charioteer, nothing in this universe can stop them. They are indestructible.


But you have the right to your opinion.


When you heard of the code claims from his spies, he felt uncomfortable. He called his brothers and shared the news. What do you think? Can the cover of us really destroy us so quick can kill all our men in 10 days and can't in five days be laughed?


These are nothing but them declaims. They want to scare us. And that's why they spoke in the presence of our spies. Ergin, however, didn't take it so lightly. The code of our great soft spoken the truth. They do possess the might and skills to destroy our army in the time they claim. However, you shouldn't be concerned with Krishna's guidance. I can destroy the core of us in an instant.


Remember, I have the password but weapon from Lord Shiva. But I think it is unfair to use such a powerful weapon on the enemy fortitude. And I held them without giving them a chance to defend themselves. I would fight them using conventional weapons. With help from our allies, I'm sure we would prevail over the course very soon. As the day progressed, the Cordova and the Army assembled on the battlefield, the Ponderosas took the western side of the field facing the east, while the Cordova's took it down.


The soldiers wore colorful uniforms that distinguish the color of us from the flags and banners marked general with their armies. The army band played trumpets and drums to motivate the soldiers, the healers and the resistance weighted in the flags with medicine and ointments to take care of the wounded men with supplies of weapons to replenish the soldiers stood at strategic points with their stock. The horses, the elephants, the infantry stood in attention and waited for the signal to pounce upon the enemy's.


Before the battle began, the ministers from the Cordova's and the Pandavas met to decide on the rules of engagement. After a short deliberation, the senior ministers stood up and announced the rules. The battle will be fought from dawn to dusk after sunset, both parties will cease fighting and maintain a cordial relationship as they did before the war. During the battle at Charioteer would fight a charioteer, a horseman, another horseman, an elephant, another elephant infantry, another infantry.


If a man chooses to fight with words, the other party should also use only words to counter and no other weapons. If a soldier leaves his battalion to take shelter or rest, he should not be attacked. One must first let his opponent know his intent to fight. And if the opponent willingly agrees, only then can they engage. One who is reluctant to fight should not be forced to fight. The undead or helpless unarmed man should not be attacked.


Healer's band members are men who carry supplies should not be attacked either. While the war preparations were in progress. The blind thruster sat alone in his chamber in the Palace of Hastinapur. A feeling of remorse engulfed him. He wanted to avoid the war, but to listen. It would be difficult to defeat the bond was, he thought, with Crystalizes Charioteer, an adviser urging would be indomitable in the battlefield. Arjuna's acquired divine weapons from the guards and is well prepared to counter Bhishma drone Conni and other cruel generals.


He would spare nobody. The second part of a beamline is extremely dangerous. You never liked Drilldown and his brothers predraft. Remember the day when the session humiliated property during the dice game?


Stop squealing, you slim Beam had promised to tear apart the sessions just and drink his blood. If one day in the battlefield I don't dare open the chest of the scoundrel, the drink nondrinkers, blood, then I entertained the both of my ancestors.


This, I promise. He vowed to kill them. You scoundrel. How dare you show such disrespect to property one day if I don't break that tie of yours with a blow off, my mission of heaven be forever closed for me.


Twitter Austra shuddered at the thought of such a horrible and obvious dearest son. Only Bhishma drone Carni and Kripa rose up to the occasion and showed their true prowess, then nobody would be able to touch to them. And why not?


Bhishma is obligated to serve the throne of sustainable. So is drone. It is their duty to protect their king. Besides Cognize, Duelist and Arjun.


If Carnochan Control is arrogance, then he alone can destroy the bond of Army. The thoughts made to rush to feel a little better. Just then, he heard his trusted friend Sanjay walk into his room. Come, Sanjay, tell me, have you heard of any news from the battlefield?


Did the war begin? Who's winning? Sanjay, about the trash trend, said. Or King, our messengers haven't yet arrived with any news. As far as I know, the battle would begin today, Bhishma is leading the court of Army while Drishti Domna leads the Pandavas. That brushed aside and said.


How unfortunate ticking I am that I have to live so far away from the battlefield, my sons, my loved ones, my men are fighting for my throne and they sit here helpless and wait for the bad news to arrive.


As soon as the draft uttered these words. The grades received ViaSat appeared in the chamber. He touched the Russia's head and said, my son stopped lamenting for the inevitable. You know very well it is time for your sons to pay for their misdeeds. They will all be killed in this epic battle.


A battle like this happens once in Neon's to cleanse the world of the evil. If you wish, I can give you a special vision and you can witness the battle sitting here in your room, the literature shook his head and said. No, father. I don't want any special vision, I have been blind all my life and now I don't want to watch this horrible bloodshed of my son's.


I have my hearing, if you can please give me the power to listen to the detailed description and commentary of the law as and when it happens.


All right, then I will give Sanjay's special powers that will enable him to watch the battle as it happens, sitting next to you, you can watch the battle and narrate to you every detail as if he's standing right there in the midst of the battlefield.


Don't worry about your sons, for this war would open the gates of heaven to them.


Remember, those who follow the path of Obama would be the ultimate winners saying so.


Viarsa disappeared. Sanjay, do you have your special vision as to the drug? What do you see? I see the crucial to the battlefield or can I see it all and I will read to you each and every detail I see.


In the crucial to the battlefield, wearing a white helmet and a white armor mounted, this shattered, he looked around at the kings and generals and said it is a curse for the country to die of old age and sickness. To be killed in a battle is the highest honor there can be. Don't be afraid to fight for this battle would lead you to the heavens. The Kings, the generals and the soldiers hail Bhishma as he led the huge crowd of army towards the battlefield, a swept through NATO.


Who is off duty or done salwar cutie pie chart here. Just try to juggle that. And all the other generals followed Decima with their respective armies. It was orders. The generals challenged the army in the multifaceted formation with cavalry guarding. Besides the elephant in the center for the Valiant Kings in the chariot left the front, the huge army moved slowly. Information and. On the other end, you need to call and said, brother, you see the code of information war experts advise that if your army is smaller than your enemy, create the new information.


What do you think we should do? What? You looked at your list here and said, don't worry, I'm creating the information that Lord Indras taught me to do helped create the formation and soon the bond of army began to move.


He led the formation with his amazing hand. Vittor Domna Knuckler Saadi and Iraq followed every second of his money and the five sons ultrawealthy went next sarcoptic. He followed a Tunisia's cover your list and moved with the formation to this chariot in the center of this to turn toward you and said I. I still don't understand. How can we fight an army led by our valiant grandfather, Bhishma, whose formation looks indomitable. And I'm really concerned if we can ever beat him.


Ajin smiled and said righteousness, truthfulness and patience often leads to victory than mere physical strength. You have always followed the path of truth. Nobody can defeat you. Besides, we have Christians on our side and he will lead us to our victory.


On the court, outside the nosotros charioteer, taking to of you, standing next to a drone, he said, Sir, look at the huge army of the panderers. Your disciple Priester Domna built defamation. They have the support of great warriors like Sadiqi, Virak, Taketa Chittick on Abhimanyu and many others. It won't be easy to defeat them, but we have. You got another Kripalani, your son, a SWAT team and many other gallant warriors fighting for us.


I request you to rise up to the occasion and lend your full support to our leader Bhishma. Fight for the throne of Austin. Uphill fight for kindred ostrer.


Bhishma blew his conch shell and the sound of a full army band began the huge drums and the trumpets on the of site Christner blew his mind. I know you want to stay with us, have gone to the scene at the The Warriors, the deep and ominous sound from the shells caused shivers in the soldiers waiting to pounce into battle. I just looked at Krishna and said. Krishna, please take me to the center of the battlefield between the two armies I wish to see who might be fighting.


Krishna said, Are you sure you want to do this? Yes, I do. I want to look at the faces of my enemy before I kill them. So be it, said Krishna. He took the reins and the chariot broke apart from the formation as it slowly rolled towards the car. The stories of Mahabharat that is written, directed and told by should at the Barmak Audio Engineering, Original Music and sound design by ABC, find US Online at Facebook dot com slash Mahabharata podcast.


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