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The stories of Mahabharata retold by should the bombing.


Welcome, dear friends, to another episode of The Stories of Mahabharata. In the last episode, we heard how Kushner's words of wisdom help a region clear his doubts and shake off his weakness.


Now, the battle of corruption trial is just about to begin when.


You wished he stood up on his chariot and looked at the battlefield in front of him. He saw the huge armies of the rivers and the Pandavas waiting in anticipation with every moment the soldiers were getting impatient and could hardly wait to pounce upon their enemy.


It seemed the Great War would begin any moment now.


Suddenly you decide to put down his weapon on that chowderhead floor and kick off his own. Then he dismounted his chariot and with folded palms began to walk towards the coat of arms. His brothers were puzzled, to say the least. Brother, where are you going? Why are you walking towards them to be unarmed? What is it you are trying to achieve? Please tell us.


Your sister didn't answer and kept on walking me.


Arjun Nakulan Tsarnaev dismounted from the chariots and followed their elder brother. The generals and soldiers of the Band of Army were confused and looked at Krishna to find some answers. Krishna only smiled and raised his arm to shield them. The coat of arms was confused, too, some said you these two must be scared and wants to surrender, to be sure that's said, but why he has his gallant brothers by his side.


The truth is, the Ponderosa are no match against the great warriors like Bhishma Drawn Karana. Even the gods are scared of Bhishma. The Pandavas cannot be the real shutterbugs, nor the old surrender.


Before the war, the cadaver's began to wave their flags enjoy as if they have already won the war.


You listed step, which chariot and touched his feet. Oh, great grandfather. It is an honor to fight an indomitable warrior like you. Please give us your permission to engage with you in battle and bless us such that we can win this war. Bhishma smiled and touched you, his head oking.


If you hadn't come to me like this, I would have been disappointed and would have cost you for defeat. Your humility pleases me. You have my blessings to be the winner of this great war and achieve all that you wish for.


It is my misfortune that I have to fight on behalf of the cadaver's.


They have enslaved me with money and I cannot turn my back on them like a coward.


I have to admit I do not have the guts to defy the guerrillas and fight for you. Except for that. You may ask me whatever you want. At least you said, sir, I don't ask you to fight for us. All I ask is your advice. I'm your enemy.


What advice do you want from me?


Said To be sure you need to touch the patients feet again and see grandfather.


Everybody knows you are undefeatable. Still, you bless us to win the war. How can we win the war as long as you are alive? If you really want us to win the war, tell me how can we defeat you? Bhishma smiled.


You are right.


I don't know of any man who can defeat me.


Oh, besides, I don't intend to die now. Come back later and I might tell you how to defeat me. You these two knew the great old code of old give up so easy, however patient was concluding remarks, gave him some hope. Thank you, Grandfather, for your blessing. I will come to you again for your help about the Bhishma and walked away. You're listed then walked up to drones, Chariot with his arms folded list is circled around Rome and then touched his feet.


Oh Lord, you are our teacher or guru on behalf of the Ponderosa. I come here to seek your blessings and your permission to engage in battle with you.


Please advise us how can we destroy our enemy? Drones smiled and raised his hand to bless this teacher. I am glad you came to me before the war began or else out of course, due to your defeat. You know how much I love you and your brothers. It is unfortunate that I cannot join you in battle. Cadaver's are my masters and I can't be disloyal to them. Still, I wish you victory Christianize on your side. Nobody can defeat you with these two said Oh great drone.


Nobody can defeat you in the battlefield as long as you fight this war. I don't know how we can defeat the guerrillas and emerge victorious on their own.


Said You are right when I have my weapons in hand, nobody in this world can kill me.


However, if somebody whom I trust delivers me really bad news, that breaks my heart. News that would robbed me of my desire to live and drop my weapons, give up fighting and wait for death.


Only then someone might be able to kill me.


You listed then went to meet his other teacher, Clippard Shari'ah. Oh, great, Calipatria, you are indomitable in battle. I don't know how we can win this war when you fight for the cause of us. I ask for your blessing, Kripa Blessed. Do you wish to transcend my dear English teacher?


You know, my loyalty binds me to the throne of Hastinapur. You are right, nobody can kill me in battle. But every morning when I wake up, I will pray for your victory.


You listed then went to his uncle Qalqilya, bowed and touched his feet and asked for his blessing. Said, I'm happy to see you. It is really unfortunate that I couldn't join your side. Tell me, how else can I help you? At least you said, dear uncle, you had once promised that during the war you would make all efforts to demoralize Colonel. Oh, I pray that you keep your promise. Shall Qalqilyah blessed you listed and said, don't worry.


This time I will fulfill my promise. I will speak so mean of Colonel that he would lose his concentration and his will to fight.


You listed then walked back to his army. Just before mounting his chariot, he turned back to the court of us and shouted, Dear Warriors of the Court of Army, we are about to engage in a great war.


We have chosen our sides due to various reasons. For some, you might not have had any choice but to stick to the side you were asked to join. However, it is still not too late. If any one of you would like to join us, join the side of Dharma, please reveal yourself. We will accept you with open arms. For a while there was silence on both sides.


Nobody expected you to make such a proposal. Suddenly, a man walked out of the Corps of Army. It was jiujitsu. One of the hundred brothers of Darío. Then you jutsu stepped up and said, Your sister, I'm sick and tired of serving my evil brother. Do you? Then he would never listen to reason. If you'd be kind enough to accept me, I would like to join you and fight for you.


You listed walked up to jutsu. And embrace to welcome my brother, you have made the correct decision. Let's join hands and fight those stupid brothers of yours. At least you live to perform the last rites of your father. The trustor.


In the meantime, Krishna stepped aside to meet Garner, who was waiting by the sidelines of the battlefield. Kushner came to him and said, I hear you have not decided to fight as long as Bhishma is alive. I have a proposal for you. As long as Bhishma is alive, why don't you fight on behalf of the Pandavas after Peachfuzz demise? If you want, you can go back to the Cordova's and fight on their behalf.


Gurnon gave a disgusted look and said, Christner, it seems you haven't quite understood me as yet. Listen to this for one last time. I will never do anything to harm my dear friend Duryodhana.


I'm his well-wisher and I'm willing to sacrifice my life for his sake.


Cristiana nodded and walked back to assumes Shariat. You're still bound to this chariot and put on his armor.


The other band of brothers mounted their chariots. The war drums began to beat trumpets and bugles rang out around the battlefield.


The horses need the elephants roar. Generals blew their conscience as the chariots began to go to Omnis. Towards each other and the great backing began to Geodon discussion, along with the two brothers guarded Bhishma as we move towards the bond of Army Abhimanyu along with drop with his five sons, Nuku them and wish to do nothing to do with the volley of battle. He swung away his chariot and engaged Arjun in one on one combat. Deadly arrows from each warrior left the bows but failed to hit the target.


The opponents arrow struck and destroyed them in midair, watching their fields battle, the other warriors got excited and they pounced upon their enemies with full vigor, sanctity of human with the crucial balance beam, with good luck with the suction. So they would go and do this with Charlier. Soon, the battlefield turned into a violent man and all decency and rules of engagement were forgotten. The Warriors didn't care for past relations and friendships. The only relation they cared is whether one is on their side or Danny Havemann knew the teenage son of a June attack.


To be sure, he strayed Bhishma with his arrows for Decima, didn't pay much attention to the young man and kept fighting. The warriors of heaven was adamant he fired a couple of powerful weapons of Bhishma and broke his chattiest must be sure and ignore him any longer.


He asked his chariot to turn towards Abhimanyu and began to spray Abhimanyu with arrows. The rapidity with which he shot his arrows was too overwhelming for a human need. He struggled to defend himself by dodging battles and countering them with his own. Watching that he was distressed when he came to. Bhishma, derogatorily revenue from Dismas range. Still, they were no match to the Huskies alone, Bhishma for all of them without any sign of rust.


On the other side of the battlefield, the son of Kenya mounted a huge elephant and attacked. The elephant trampled on this chart here and broke it, 2000 pieces. Shall we jump out of the chariot to savings sitting on top of the elephant shouted, Enjoy, take your last breath.


Earlier today I will kill you and more for your dead body to king you. This team commanded his elephant to travel Shalu the first month ever had a shot of this problem as the elephants rushed to crush Shaltiel, pick up a deadly serpent like weapon and hold the weapons to him like a thunderbolt and struck out on his chest and killed him before he could utter another. His body rolled off the elephant back and lay motionless in front of Sharia Street.


When the news of those death reached his brother's sweater, he was furious with rage.


How dare you kill my brother? I promise I will kill Qalqilyah before the battle ends today.


Turn this chariot and drove as fast as he could. Actually, the car of a soldier stretched to stop him. So I killed all of them men. Wristwatch this shot. In the meantime, down at the bottom was shattered, expecting retaliation from the underworld for death. Six Córdova warriors, including Chaleo son Roukema. And we had both surrounded Qalqilyah to protect him. A messenger came to Responsable also said to the son of King, without his rampaging the coat of arms, he's killing hundreds of Kosovo soldiers every minute.


Please, please stop him Aechmea. Being the supreme commander of the court about the intention to call this charioteer and say, take me to Twitter, it seems Viraj will lose his second son. When sweetness of peace approaching him, he shouted, Peace, get out of my way, I will avenge my brother's death and nobody can stop me.


Not even you take up a heavy spear and hold it at peace with all his might be shot. And how to fix this. Enraged Swiftie began to shoot the deadliest of battles for nine months each month and picked up a fierce weapon and hurled it to Sweater's chariot.


The weapon hits the target and with a huge explosion, killed Swithers horses and the Shariati sweater jumped out of his chariot, picked up his weapon and hold it at Bhishma the Schuch.


The weapon is so powerful that any other man would have been killed by it in an instant. A Bhishma is no ordinary man. He raised his bow and with one shot of his arrow, he shattered the Shoki weapon rendering economist. Smith was furious, he picked up his niece and nephew each month with powerful blows to kill the beast, must charioteer and his horses mouth other option but to strike a gold.


Could you find the coach activated and then shortcut slipping the weapon kept the ball with a huge roll and before I could understand anything, it pierced his arm or I'm just just behind him.


So I fell to the ground.


And let that. Hearing the news of his death, the code of us began to dance, enjoy the fall of a gallant warrior like slitter was an enormous achievement. As the sun began to set, the conch shells rang out to notify the end of the battle for the DE. The caller was on the phone to his sister for. Retreated to their camps. Bond was very depressed for losing two great warriors, water and sweater, the coat of us felt jubilant and thought as long as Beekmans with them, nobody can snatch away their victory.


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