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Hello and welcome to Episode 10 of the Taskmaster podcast, they said it couldn't happen, they didn't actually they said it could happen very much, commissioned for a 10 episode series. So this is me fulfilling my contract. But it's been so much more than a contract. I've loved doing this podcast so much, but there is still one episode to go. Yes, we are covering the final episode of Taskmaster Series 10, which more than ever means that if you have not seen that episode, go on, watch it before listening to this, because my guest this week is the winner of Taskmasters Series Ten.


That's right. The person taking my crown from me. This is more of a ceremonial handover than a podcast, although it is also a podcast. We are following the strict Taskmaster podcast format of going through the episode task by task, discussing, dissecting, breaking down all of the things that happened, our favorite moments, the scoring, who we thought should have got more, who we thought should have got less.


So my special guest today turn it off if you turn this right off.


Now, if you've not seen the episode, you don't know who the winner is. My special guest today is the winner of Taskmasters Series Ten, Richard Harrying.


That's right. Richard Herring is the champion. It came down to the wire. It was very close between him and Daisy. I'm not going to say who I would prefer to be interviewing right now, but not look either of them. It was a really good line up, a really good cast, very happy to be interviewing anyone from it's a cracking series. I think we'll all agree. And I'm looking forward to chatting about the series as a whole with Richard and this specific episode and finding out how he feels now that he has finally got his dream and one taskmaster.


Many in many ways, this might be the last thing Richard Herring ever does. I feel like he put his all into this. I feel like he might just pass away in the night. Obviously, if that happens, we'll take this cost down because I don't want to be implicated in the death of Richard Herring. He's not going to die. I hope you're not going to die. God, I feel so bad if he did.


Anyway, let's crack on let's have a chat with Richard Herring. I'll catch up with you afterwards briefly as well. But for now, enjoy episode ten of The Taskmaster podcast. Ba ba ba ba ba. Welcome, Richard Harring, champion of Taskmasters Series 10 to the Taskmaster podcast, Your reign of terror is over at camp like.


Well, no, although it is sad that I'm no longer the reigning champion, it means I can let go of a lot of my responsibilities. I don't have to turn around schools anymore and have an open face, that sort of thing. I don't think you realize quite how many responsibilities you've taken on now. Richard has no new champion of Taskmaster damn wish had lost. Now I wish I hadn't built that spagetti bridge so well now.


Yeah, I mean, we'll come we'll come to that because we're going to go, we're going to go through the episode. It was it was quite the dramatic end to the series really was. But congrats. Congratulations. How, how are you feeling.


Well I sort of when I felt, you know, I watched it again obviously and I was just it was very nerve racking. I was sure that I'd blown it, especially when there was a team task, you know, in the middle of I thought, oh, God, I'm not I can't even pick up any points either way here how well we've done. And I was absolutely sure we've blown it, but I actually was because that happened a couple of times in the series I've got so far behind, I've kind of accepted it.


And then almost well, I say this now.


When we were going up for the final task, I said I said to Daisy, I said, look, this I've had so much fun, I'm going to try and win, obviously. But if you win, I'm still going to be really happy, which I didn't think would be possible by I kind of. And she said what I want.


And she was so she was so I kind of had come round.


I was quite. I don't know, it's sort of, you know, watching again, everyone so good and I loved everyone, I kind of wanted everyone to win. I feel like I sort of feel winning the competition. It's probably, you know, I know you and I love to win, but I think, like I think Daisy sort of won people's hearts, I think on the whole. So I think, you know, it's sort of the winning and the losing is not necessarily all that important, oddly, and also that that in that task won't have the tarot cards read to me.


And the woman had said, you're not going to I don't think you're going to win, but you'll be happy.


And I thought, well, that's not possible because I and then as I was waking up, I thought, no, maybe so that's it. I'm going to come second, that I will be happy. And she was right. The the tarot was right.


But then she turned out to be wrong.


So we had a lot of emails about that, about whether you are going to be requesting your money back from the tarot card later, because she also when they cut out that, she also said I was having trouble in my relationship and I said, don't tell my wife.


I really thought they'd leave, that they that out of the picture. So, you know, I think it's going okay with my wife even through lockdown. So that's okay.


How was your taskmaster experience in general, did it live up to your expectations, because I know you've wanted to do it for a long time, you were very vocally keen about doing Taskmaster. Did it live up to everything it did?


It was the best the best job I've ever had. I think in terms of it's not really a job, you know, is kind of crazy to you. I'd love to be able to go in to that house every day and some tasks and then get paid.


And that sort of set, that was sort of incredible. I mean, even the stuff where it's humiliating, leaving the things where you really go wrong. And obviously there's times where you're upset. I was sort of surprised at, you know, I think I was a right plodder through.


I thought I would be I was just more surprised about myself. And I think it sort of comes down to what Greg's sort of realized quite early on, is that I'm just I want to please daddy, basically.


And in this case, Greg is daddy and just everything. I just I came up with what I was going to do and sort of went one on nearly everything. And I really thought I'd be much more imaginative. But it's quite a good way to do OK, because I think the one who who who was very inventive half the time that worked for him and half the time it didn't work for him. So like, in a way, just kind of going and trying your best to get anything done is probably the best way to win.


But I was sort of surprised myself at everything. You know, I think that even the price tasks, I think just like the part of my brain when we did it, they came in and I just wanted to get them done as quickly as possible to make everyone happy. I sent them in really quickly. And I think some of that I was thinking, oh, well, people who have done really inventive things. So it'll be a Cornetto in the middle of that will be funny and might win because some will have gone to, you know.


But of course, everybody said no, no one no one thought inventively until everyone went Route one. But that was I think that was to the series credit. I do. It was very, very funny. Yeah. Well, you know, but I think, like, it was interesting.


I was I'd reach some kind of Zen level midway through even to the point where I don't think we would have made a difference to the scores. But I was actually defending Katherine because I you know, I was always all the way through. I want to I didn't really I was more concerned about fairness than about myself. So even when I argued against when I when sometimes when I lost people points, it was because I didn't think they'd they'd done it to the letter of the law.


But Katherine, in the the final task with the dummy, yet she hadn't stepped over the line. So I said she hasn't stepped over the line. And, you know, I sort of defended her for that made and I made a note about that. Richard, I think it's very nice to see you use your pernickety competitive nature to help someone else.


But see, right at that point where, you know, that would have that cost me a point. I don't think I'd have made a difference because she would have been disqualified, I guess. Well, it's still been it was still in the same point differential, but there was a sense there that I kind of thought, OK, this is fine. I really had enjoyed it so much.


And, yeah, you know, I did winning didn't make me feel great because I sort of felt so bad for Dasia. New Dazy was I mean, as as we saw all the way through the kind of relationship with Daisy was extraordinary. I mean, I love her. I don't think she loves me all the time.


And she was very one of my first questions I've written down here.


Richard, is does Daisy hate you? I mean, it seemed like it didn't at times, but then she was so lovely as well. And I what I love about her is her self-confidence is off the scale. And I think especially in a woman, it's rare to see that kind of confidence. And that's a terrible thing. And women should be confident. But she you know, she you know, that hippo, she genuinely believe that hippo was brilliant and I was being stupid.


Yeah, I would. That was a high point of the entire series, I think. But it was genuine. I thought I was worried for your safety.


I was. I was. And I had to go home that night and then sleep over night because, as they say, is this the end of the relationship? But if there's lots of that cut to and she seems very generous in applause. And, you know, when I did stuff well, she was very nice. But I think there was between her and Catherine or if you come to Catherine was a part of a cast, but at the end saying I want to win, which I thought was like a bit much.


But so I felt like we were what I really loved about it. I thought we were a really good team of people and all brought something different to it. Definitely. And that's why they're so they're such geniuses on this show to put together the right. I don't know if they could have predicted everyone it would react in exactly the way they did. But you sort of need each of those elements. Yeah. To make it really, really sing, I think.


And I think she's just so passionate. And so, I mean, I would argue the hippo was much worse than me saying read Pelo backwards or whatever it was. I said backwards.


I think that was possible to get better. But, you know, she was so confident in herself. And when, you know, it's amazing when she was challenged about anything, she would be. You know, I love it, I think it's just I wish I was like that, that she was challenged by anything, she just genuinely believed she was the best. Everything, especially when Greg challenges you, because when Greg challenges me or I guess you feel the same on something like a prize task, I immediately go to pieces like, well, this is awful.


Obviously, he's asked that question, so it's terrible. I'm going to at one point. But she is so solid in all of her choices. Yeah.


So I really loved her. I don't know. I think she was, you know, that bit where she said, I hate you as much as my husband, more than my husband or something like that.


I mean, that was the most I don't think I've ever seen Taskmaster get to the heart of someone so much that because that's an amazing revelation.


And also, she was like eight months pregnant. Yes. So, like, I think we can have a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but I genuinely I love her. I think she's awesome. I'm slightly scared of her. I would I really would have been happy if she if she'd won.


Right. For the rest of this year for the rest of the series. And we don't appreciate that. You won't appreciate anything else I've done because that for me was my pay.


So let's let's move forward with not in fact, I'm going to ask you first, what's what do you think your high point was in the series? And what do you think your low point was?


I think probably what was lovely about the series. Everyone got like one place to completely shine, I think.


And I think I think that's I think it might be the first time that that's definitely happened because, yeah, they're always very good at putting together casts and there's always a good sort of spread of people and it's always good chemistry. But I think this this is particularly strong group in that everyone had a proper genius moment. Yeah, I think so.


So I think I mean, I think the acting thing was right up my street and but also, you know, was was very funny. So I think I think that that there's been a lot of things with daisies, the watermelon thing in which I was almost the straight man. And that was amazing. But I think the I think probably the I mean, the wolf drawing the wolf on the teapot. I was amazed to beat Johnny Vegas at a a task that involved art and a potter's wheel, both of those things so and so and and I did actually think a little bit outside the box.


So I use my my sort of general knowledge skills. And, you know, I'm not my great artistic skills, but I thought I had a time to think I think anything that had a bit of time to think I did better. So I think like both the disappearing task and the upside down task, I think I did better than Greg gave me credit for. Certainly on the upside down does. Yeah, we look, we had you back here on the East Coast one of the few times on a task master podcast we've had your back was the exact was the upside down.


There was the upside down task.


So when I had a bit to what I actually had time to stop and think, I think I did better. And obviously I think learning all those lines, sort of doing stupid accents, wanking in a bush where they were they were playing to all of my strengths.


And I think that's that's the one that people are kind of as soon as they said there was a Scottish character, I was like, oh, Harry is Harry's in his element here.


He's going to do his famous Scottish accent. And what about low point wise? I know we've we've discussed the backwards talking task. Would you consider that a low point? I mean, it was. But also just because I you know, I don't really mind because I overthink, I suppose. And I should have just done the back. I should have just talked backwards. I was trying to think of a way to do it where it would actually come out perfectly.


And I wondered, is that by doing letters or is that do I have to say the letters backwards in order for it to come out?


I overthought. And the bits where I just felt it backwards and read out might have worked. I would say the real low point was the words one, the just the four letter words, five letter words, which is absolutely my wheelhouse. Absolutely. I had loads of time to think of six four four letter words. Yeah, I think, I think I thought I wouldn't need to do five. I thought that was the problem. But when I said a.


. I really sort of surprised myself. I could have just said, you know, I could just said everyone's name base. I could have had Alex Greg days. I could have said cats. I've just done that. And I would have got there. I had a lot of time to think about. I had it all prepared. And then, I mean, I don't think I was I was pretty unlucky on a lot of tasks.


I lost by frames. Right. Like they when they went to the timer and I always lost so that when I lost by half a second the three frames with the blinking, but I was so angry about with my eyes, I crossed myself for screwing up words, which was my, you know, to not be able to come up with a four letter word in two seconds was it's such it's such an awful feeling when you're angry about something on Taskmaster as well, because I would come out of a couple of absolutes being like kicking myself in like I'm so angry I missed out on that or that went wrong.


And then your brain kicks in and goes, you're angry about the most ridiculous, pathetic thing anyone could ever be angry about. And then you go, well, God, I'm the worst person ever to make me angry.


There's people who've got genuine problems, and I'm angry about a rubber egg bouncing, you know.


You know, I think what's important about this and why it works is you've got to take it seriously. I think, you know, Joe Brown is about the only person I think it was worth where she's been kind of flippant, but it works for Joe Brown. But if everyone was like, that would be terrible. You've got to take it seriously. And I don't think you can really you if you play it for laughs, it's not going to be as funny as if you just literally try to do the best you can do.


That will be funnier than you going. What can I do? That will be funny, you know, and I think if you're not Joe Johns, natural funniness, you know, his poetic ability comes out in all these things. He says as he's failing.


You know, it just it was I mean, and Johnny sort of had an amazing ability to say something just before everything went wrong.


Literally, he would say that bigger than the thing would go, you know, his thing would. Yeah. So this is definitely what he was going to. Everything he said would then be immediately followed perfectly immediately by something happening. So it is comedic, but also, you know, gravity was his. Yes. Well, I mean, literally I mean, he was falling over because of nothing was a highlight of the series. And also, I don't think we talked about it last week.


Just while we hear the quote from Johnny about the balls on the floor saying that they were Amapa, his pathetic DNA. Yeah. Yeah. He's up there with my best taskmaster quotes over, I think so sad. Well, it's so perfect.


And so it played out perfectly. And he, you know, again, he that bit with Greg where he says, you know, my 17 year old son is watching this and won't ever talk to me again. So big.


Well, let's move on to the prize task, so best collection Catherines Clay faces sort of became a bit of a bit of a running joke for the whole episode.


She looked genuinely, genuinely quite taken aback that Greg was mean about the clay faces. Yeah. And that's why it was that's where Greg is at his best and his worst. And I think he almost pushed it too far with this one. But he still did. What I love about him is he can't he couldn't resist that.


He knew she was actually like a little bit upset. Yeah, but that made it absolutely irresistible for him to keep it funny. But then I think there was a moment, you know, and he gave her that bonus points and they kind of forgave each other. But there was obviously more of it than there is in the show as well. And that's what they did. I think they did quite a good job of editing it to look like on the right side of the line.


Yeah, but you can tell maybe it felt a little bit dodgy in the studio because at the end of the whole episode, when you're looking at the prizes, you look at the Clayface and go, oh, they're beautiful.


But that's what it's brilliant because he walks that line. And however Rudy is to you, you know, and he again, nearly everything where he's having a go at me, there was much more of it. Yeah, but you're having a lovely time whenever he's having a go at.


You can't believe your luck. Well, it was it was so funny. And I think also I what that why the show has worked as well as it has, I think in this year is that we'd all just come out first lockdown. This was our first time out of the house in first lockdown. And that first two shows we recorded on the first day. I cried with laughter all the way through and now came out and I just felt so happy and so high from that day of laughing.


And it was just the catharsis of having left locked down behind and had this fun. And I think that's it. Was this the taskmaster, I think was exactly what everyone needed at the end of this year was just this silliness. And that's what you know. And Greg and Alex, they're both just absolutely fantastic.


So Katherine is Clay faces Johnny's pub signs, which I thought I thought that was a pretty, pretty solid collection. Yeah, that's good.


The one of the pub scenes, this is just something I noticed was for the Brown Edge pub, which he tweeted the other day was where he he learnt how to do his beer mat building skills.


Oh. So all links up.


Also, The Brown Edge is a really weird name for a pub, the ones in Mojos, which which were lovely. I thought he did a lovely job and really appealing to. We've found out properly this series that if you put a nice picture of Greg on something, you get five points.


Yeah, I mean, maybe he'll be wise to that now. Maybe he himself has spotted his character flaw himself, but. Yeah. Yeah. Your collection of worthless things. Yeah. You didn't even have anything to back it up with.


You were just like, well that wasn't. That's what it is. I'm sorry. Well, let me go again with all these things. A lot of them, they cut them to make it look like I didn't put up any kind of resistance. You've got to be able to just sum it up a pithily and Fundly. And I think I had too much to say about a lot of things. And, you know, I got them to value and it was worth some like four pound, you know, I just felt the tragedy of me having collected a collection that was that bad.


And that was my attempt. I've got a stamp collection, which is pretty good. Yeah. I think I do regret not working a bit harder on some of them, but yeah, that was it was a shame for this last one. But if that could have worked and I think it'd get probably against other days, it would have you know, it might have been up there but it was there were very good. I've saved days is to discover that until last the the collection of electronic voice phenomenon, they go first time or ghost ghost recording.


So let's call them Ghost. She's mentioned the ghost recordings in the past year in the backwoods talking task with. Yeah, and it's it was lovely. It was lovely to hear them. What what I found astonishing was I think anyone else bringing those in would be like laughing about them or thinking they're funny or being like, I've got these ghost recordings because she believes in it so passionately.


She presented them as if there is normal as one she just brought in like a kebab scare or whatever.


And again, it was really if you took the piss, she was going to almost off the stage was she did threaten to do what are the episodes that I'm going to quit the series? And it felt like that. It felt like if you took the piss, which I think happened a bit, but, you know, it was a moment where they could have exploded. So, yeah, you're right.


No, no one took the piss as much as they should have done electronic voice recordings of ghosts. I mean, if they're real, they were they were pretty good. Yeah. But the not anonymous, no electronic voice phenomenon, voice phenomenon's. No closest, I think. Yeah, that was the best. Voice phenomenon, no voice phenomenon, yes, let's crack on with task one.


A lot of people have been saying that taskmasters tasks have been getting weirder and more specific, but I think he's managed to disprove it with this one. Put these wellies on a spider's feet. You must carry a wailea all times. You must never carry more than three Whaley's. You must not cut to untied the twine. Fast is when your time starts now. So there we go. That's pretty simple. Straightforward, normal, regular task, right?


Yeah. Well, it's Katherine again. Just I mean, Katherine is so Katherine. I mean for Katherine not she won't leave the room where she never thinks to leave the room. It's incredible the fact that she's genuinely. Yeah. And at no point did anyone take her to one side and say, you know, you can if you can leave the room.


And I get it because when the ball later I didn't that was the first one. And I didn't think to go and get anything to put the balls in or whatever, you know. So but. Yeah, so. That was yeah, it was again, I thought I was a bit frustrated with that one, and I guess I knew the legs came off and again, I didn't think, why don't I just take all the legs into the. Yeah, the room.


You even I think you vocalized how you should have done it as you were doing it wrong. So I think you said some of the spider legs have come off and then you put them all, but you put them all back on again. Yeah, it's just. Yeah, I know what you mean. It's just that making that leap sometimes is is very difficult.


Well I think if you want you know, but I think when you take the risk as well, there's always the chance to go, oh no, the legs had to be on the spider when it wasn't. It doesn't. Oh no. That's you've broken the rules. And they were very pernickety about the rules and annoyingly, because my mind got stuck in it. But I did do it. You know, I did it fairly quickly and did it accurately and just felt the spider had to be together.


But I would maybe taken the legs into the room. It would have there were big legs. It was unwieldy even with the boot. So it might have it might have been trickier to take them into the actual room. I suppose you could have put them in the car, laid them out in the corridor and done it bit by bit more quickly.


It's amazing how much this sort of stuff plays on your mind, though. Yes, it does. But no one did.


No one did that. But then put them back on the side and yeah, even he even made them put them back on the spider. But you didn't need to. It's just you just need to put them on the spider legs.


It didn't say they needed to be attached, but it's very easy to sit at home and say all of this, Jonny disqualified again, which it breaks my heart more and more every time it happens, because they cut to him this week and he was making a face that he was sort of putting on. But there was so much pain in those eyes.


He really argued about this sort of thing. I think there was a couple that he really there was one the what was it the one with oh, is the coconut, which they put in the right.


So he like we were going to come first and second that one, because we did it fastest and Jonny and we were very lucky, I think, to get away with the fact that we open the coconut in the same way to get there. So, like, shut up, Johnny. Johnny argued for about five minutes and got us both a point taken off and the captain put in first, which I think was was again a fair result. But he would he often sort of pleaded his case for a long time.


Yeah. And just made it worse. And that's why that's why he gets that. I'm begging, you know, he was going to get bonus point and I'm begging, you know, that's it. Yeah. That's why he was it was a pretty clear disqualification because he broke he broke the twine and said out loud, I've broken twine.


Yes. It's very, very difficult to work your way around that one. So it was five points for Daisy on the spider.


Four points from the one three points for you, Richard. One point for Katherine.


Got a bonus point for putting some wellies on the table legs, which I don't feel like we've discussed enough and Jenny was disqualified. I, I think that sums up the taskmaster experience, that type of thing of going there trying to trick me. I don't know how it must. Maybe they think tables are spiders.


Maybe they. Yeah, yeah. Bizarre. I dunno. But they for Johnny got away with it with their hats on and draw an animal with a hat on. That obviously wasn't what the task was. He got away of that so Katherine didn't get it. Well almost got away with it to an extent otherwise by getting a point. But she got the point because Greg had made fun of her mask's. That's yeah. That's why. And why the spider, she said, you know what, I could be, if that's what you want me to be, anything you want me to be, if it means I win.


Well, it's all up to you. All the information's on the task.


Well, it's not that, is it? But he's well, he's on his feet. Well, fucking spider.


OK, task to it's a song performance task always popular on Taskmaster. Perform this song. You have 20 minutes to prepare for your performance. Best all round performance wins. It was an original piece by Wil Collier, who I believe is in in the horn section.


That's right. Yeah, yeah. It's a good tune. Really good. I've still got it rolling around in my head actually all this time. So we had to learn it pretty quickly. Obviously the words were coming up, so that was fine. But yeah, the tune still in there. So it seemed like you were working quite well with Daisy. Yeah, I think when we did, you know, I think we did. I think we were I think we actually were a good team.


But she gets frustrated the minute anything goes wrong. She's frustrated and won't blame herself. So the other person gets. So I think only I think in the tape recorder task, I was like, yes, I was bad. I think we both went a bit crazy in the treasure hunt task, but still managed to get there. But yeah. And this one, it was it clicks right away. She was you know, I said our company dance.


She came up with this dance and, you know, we bothered to rehearse and learn the song and we did it. Yeah. I think the we did a rehearsal before we did it. And the rehearsal was maybe even better than the final thing. There was no mistakes in it. But yeah, it did. I think compared to the others who didn't seem to bother work, I mean, they they just did their own thing.


Right. Did they work? Yeah. Yeah, I did. But I don't I do want to talk about your dance, Richard. Yeah. And your little open mouth that you had. It was the surprise of the open mouth. Yeah. But it was more like a sex doll.


I was surprised we didn't get more of it.


Was it was it raised eyebrows and a little open mouth and it's going to haunt me, really is.


But I liked it because you were you were both just just trying. There was yeah. We threw ourselves in. We got this little square thing going to. Would you get anything necessarily came across on the TV is quite as well as it did in life. But we had a dance back and forth. We did the trust thing and know we sang it well. I sang it very well and he sang it very high.


So I think it was, you know, but we did that. We did that in the time. It was twenty minutes. It was quite it's quite impressive. I think from that from the time. Well, you got rewarded with the five point absolute usurers. Five points because. Yes, five points.


Well, it would be remiss of me to not mention, I think. Well, it's what am I quite to the series again, just to see you, Patrick, when you picked up the reins and said I could I could ride you like a horse, I mean, there's a really long pause and then you go over to first. Really panicked, suddenly, public meetings kicked in. Now she's she's the smaller one of the two established I half that is half an inch taller than me, I could ride like a horse.


So I think I was trying to make a laugh, but it was way right from that beginning. But she was she I knew it was going to be a team task because I'd worked it out, obviously. Yeah. I knew that day was going to be a team task and she obviously had no idea that that was going to happen. So I think you ever walk through that door and that first task would have got the same reaction. But that was like I did.


You know, I don't feel she knew who I was.


So I was just that old man had walked in.


Great. Let's briefly talk about Catherine, Johnny and Morgan. I thought it was quite good. I thought they needed more than two points each, to be honest, just because I know they were doing individual things and they hadn't really practiced it properly. But Morgan was adding some lovely flourishes. So he was dead. Yes. And like Fuji style flourishes like one time, like that sort of style, just like talking over the top of it. I love that.


And Catherine is quite a specific reference. Do you know the song and the song about Crumble?


Everybody's got a cooking something. Oh, yes, cooking crumble. She was just doing it exactly like that, like it just so high, so posh, like warbling like at a concert.


She goes, I thought it was better than that, didn't she? She's really surprised by herself, which is great. But he's you just. Good to find somebody, somebody you trust because there's a person who makes you feel. Again, they were we that was socially distanced and we weren't so distant, so I guess we had that advantage again, which we did. We did our team tasks, I think about three days before lockdown. It was really close to lockdown.


Daisy had a weird, mysterious cold and the last thing we did was eat each hats. So it was that pre covid lockdown days where people like you were also there was like joking about touching elbows and stuff like at that point. And yeah. So it was, you know, you just will there ever be a world where we can eat meat out of each other's hands?


You might you might have been the last person to veraciously eight million at the hand of someone you've just met.


It wasn't really clear who I was sitting in a room in a room full of plastic like a serial killer would have. Yeah, at that point, she must have realized how she wasn't just going. Why is this member of the crew eating watermelon? I think she'd worked here.


So Task three, the final pre-recorded task of the series, neatly hung all of Bernhardt's clothes on the rail. You must stay behind the line at all times. Interesting.


I wonder I wonder why they picked this as the final task.


It was very funny. And the image of Bernard being smashed about all over the room, it was quite haunting.


And I suppose, again, it showed everyone's different approaches. And it was an unusual one where Daisy. Didn't kind of take control of it and screwed up, really. She always usually does quite well, at least getting close to those kind of things. And this one, she got in a mess, didn't she? And yeah.


Yeah, it was a bit closer everywhere, which nearly I mean, the shoes coming off me, doing it that way around the ship. And I get the shoes might come off this way and then the shoes come off. Yeah. So I was very lucky to get that shoe back again. Did anybody else. I was I put everything on the hanger. Some, some of the people use the hangers didn't they. But most, a lot of them didn't even find that.


Use the hangers or find that Catherine and Johnny both missed the presence of the hangers completely. But Castanias I imagine Katherine's quite a neat person anyway, so she seems quite together. So not, you know, not emotionally during the tasks, but I mean like at home I imagine she's quite neat. So she didn't use the hangers but it was still pretty neat and she was the fastest. So I think she deserved the she deserved the five points. Yeah I think so.


My initial thought and I would have I think I would have tried this, I would have had the thought was just to throw the entirety of Bernard over the rail to get him hanging on the rail so his clothes would have been hanging over the rail. And just because it's the final episode I did, I texted Alex to check to see if how that would have gone down. Yeah, on a Sunday. I mean, he took a while to answer.


It did make me feel like a mad man. I said my instinct would have been to throw Bernard with his clothes still on and to try and get him hanging on the rail, hence clouts on the rail. Would this have been acceptable? And also, was this something you hoped people might do OK by? I think I take my research for this podcast far too seriously, but he said yes, yes and yes, you do.


So he was hoping someone would do that. It would have been acceptable. And I do take this too seriously.


But if you'd done that and missed, then that's game over. Exactly. But sometimes sometimes, Richard, you've got you've got to take these risks. I think that's too much a risk because you had to test text and ask. You couldn't I suppose you could have said, will it count? Would he have told you? He wouldn't know because he's not the taskmaster. Yeah, there's every chance, is it? Neatly, I don't. Did it say didn't say take off the clothes and hang them neatly?


No, I don't think it's just so neatly.


Hang all of Bernard's clothes on the ScotRail OK. But I say I think if you did that she would have fallen off or something. And then what are you going to do? I suppose you could have played it too safe. Richard, you've got to be more rock and roll. But you do have the trophy, say.


And now it's time to hear from our BFF bonus fact finder, Alex Horne. Oh, it's me, Alex Horne, your phone, in fact, finder. And today's final bonus fact is about my favorite topic of the series, the one in which they had to hang the clothes of the mannequin on the clothes real. And it wasn't meant to be my favorite. The series, it was quite an ordinary task, but it became the funniest for me in the room in the weird nightclub Sticky Floor Room.


I laughed so much watching each of those contestants. It got funnier and funnier as the head of the mannequin exploded more than once. And your fact about the task is that the mannequin has a name and his name is Bernard.


He's called Bernard Manekin. And I wanted to tell you that fact because it wasn't me who came up with the name. As so often in the show, I get a lot of credit for things undeservedly. I didn't come up with that. Vicky came up with that, our production manager and chief of all things, and they wanted to share that fact with you. In fact, I wanted to share many facts. And the facts are these, that the team are wonderful and it is a pleasure and a joy to work with.


And they all come up with so many inspired ideas from top to bottom. The Andes, of course, producer and director. But everyone along the line, there's Amy. There's Andrew, there's Gabby, there's, of course, Sophie, who's in there with Vicki, there's Sam and Gary. On cameras, but so much more, Neal and Arielle and Shirley on sound, there's also James and Alex sometimes with cameras and everyone plays an integral part to this, and it's so stupid and so much fun.


So the fact is that I am very grateful to all of them. All right.


I can't wait to show you the next series and of course, the New Year's special, which is ridiculous.


Good bye, everyone. Happy Christmas.


The studio task was wearing mittens at all times, valency the all the moments, all the biscuits on a spagetti bridge, the mints or biscuits must onetouch spaghetti. The spaghetti must be balanced on the coconut. Of course, the coconuts must remain on their stand's fastest wins. Now, Greg commented on how tense this was. It was it was insanely tense.


You and Daisy so silent as you were going about. Just really I've never seen anyone look so intensely at some polo's.


Yeah, but, you know, I think it was I think that's a little bit of preshow badinage. Probably spurred us on a little bit. Either way, she really wanted to win. I did want to win, obviously, as I was taking it seriously. Yeah, but, you know, this is such a leap. I guess, you know, what happened was so dramatic. And if I had lost, I wouldn't have kicked everything over in the grave right now.




So Daisy, Daisy had a meltdown. It went wrong. Did she? I mean, I guess at that point it probably wasn't salvageable. It wasn't no one's gonna think she'd be there. All the biscuits fell on the floor. I think she sort of started thinking about putting the polo's on instead. But also, I think by that moment it comes second anyway. So it was so it was sort of over. And, you know, even in the moment, I was thinking, if I've done something wrong, what if they come back, you know, just even as even almost up to where you're lifting the trophy, you're thinking they're going to come.


You know, that's how Taskmaster fucks. Do you think they're going to come in and say, oh, no, actually, because you did this, that you you've lost. Yeah. So even if it was I was sort of stunned afterwards and it didn't. I'm still like a little bit stunned by it didn't really feel that real.


But yeah, it was it Greg said, you know, I thought you thought I'd fucked it because he thought there was no way that to Pitts's. I think I don't know if he thought I had one spaghetti or he didn't think two bits of spaghetti would hold that many polo's.


Yeah, I thought, I thought you've got to go for a handful, but, you know, but you wouldn't have been able to get the polo's on it. I kind of you know, it was you do the biscuits. Yeah. It had to be a handful, but then I kind of I don't know, I just sort of felt that there would be, you know, again, you just have to make a decision that you make a decision and then you have to go with it.


And I said I felt two bits of polo's raw. You know, maybe I did a little test. You got the mittens on, which makes it harder as well. And I think if you drop a biscuit, then the biscuits, that's the end, isn't it? You break the biscuit, you can't get you can't. Well, you have to do something else to get the broken bits of biscuit onto the. Yeah.


And I think I think I would have possibly reacted the same way Daisy did. I mean, it was a shame. Do you think that affected how you felt about your victory, that it ended with Daisy having a full meltdown and essentially sabotaging herself?


No, but I was you know, I wanted I what I like, what the real victory was, the friends we made along the way.


And I wanted everyone to be happy. So, you know, it felt I think it felt like a bit like, oh, this is a shame that someone's unhappy about this. Everyone else seemed to like take on the chin. I mean, I guess everyone else knew they weren't going to win. So, yeah, it didn't it wasn't that big a deal. I really feel I genuinely feel it was the other way around. I would have been very gracious about it because I was I was happy about the idea of of her winning it.


So but what's great what's great is we both know that's not true, but you'll never have to prove it.


But, you know, it was.


Yeah, it was. She was. She was. When you look at the footage of that, she's still very smiling and happy. Yeah. Oh, sure. She wasn't she wasn't like, heartbroken about it. And I think she can take some solace in the fact that she has a burgeoning fantastic career.


And where is this? This is the high point of my time, I.


So you and Morgan were the only ones to complete the studio task, five points for you, four point one, which means the episode and the series ended on a tie break, which is the same thing happened in series nine, which is an absolute anticlimax. Well, so it was, I guess, the Green Eggs. Yes. You guessed it closer.


Yeah. I mean, that was also seems a shame. I mean, I would have happily handed the prizes, but.


Yeah, so it was yeah. It was odd to do it and it was an odd challenge to do it. I don't know why they didn't go to a one of the pre-recorded ones. Yeah.


When Yeah. When do they decide. I guess because we Yeah. We went to a prerecorded one and I do agree with you in that sense. I think I knew I'd already won the series and it was me and rose tie breaking for the episode. And then I won the tie break and it did feel a bit petty winning the episode on the series. I was like maybe should be in the episode and then left me with the series, even though there's nothing I could have done about it.


I really felt competitive at that moment. I, I probably like an absolute deck now. Yes, but there we go. I mean, it's of, you know, again, it brings home the arbitrary nature of their victory is decided by Green as literally getting to a it's been seven, six or seven where it was. Yeah. Would have been, it would have been another tiebreaker. You win the episode with 17 points and win the series with 162 points.


There we are cemented in 2008. It's a comfortable, comfortable victory and then must have been like three points ahead of in the end of something like four points for a comfortable four points ahead.


Very comfortable, comfortable all the way.


I always knew you were going to do it.


So that's that's the series scores. Very exciting. Richard Harring wins potential champion of champions as well.


Did the Greg refers to Dazy during the episode as the people's champion? Now, did did that job hurt?


I think it's true. I absolutely agree. I think all I the worry I have is that people will want to win and then she hasn't won and they'll be angry. But I sort of I feel she's I think out of everyone and out of a very strong line up of people to capture people's hearts. I think Daisy was the one, you know, like I think, you know, I think she I think she has she's the Princess Diana of this episode.


Yes. The series. And you're the queen and you're like, oh, yeah, yeah. I'm the Camilla Parker Bowles. Yeah, yeah, I've won Prince Charles. But what at what cost. Oh actually we have a couple of years ago. Well let's let's let's have some emails from listeners. Obviously a lot of these emails are to a potential winner because, you know, we didn't know you'd won before we asked for the emails. But there are some specific questions for you as well.


Hello, my name is Julie and I live in NYC and I love Taskmaster. This question applies to any contestant who wins. Why is everyone so mean to Richard Herrick? Is this a British custom I'm unaware of? A toilet is a low and we're all means of Richard.


Harry, Richard, if you're reading this, I don't think you're an old try hard. You're doing great to any of the other contestants. Is it because he's kind of a try hard? Please let me know. I think you're all wonderful, including Ed.


Thanks, Julia. I think I take it quite well.


Don't I think that's the only reason I kind of know that I will take it and enjoy it. I did really. I mean, I can't tell you I enjoyed Greg laying into me more than almost anything.


Again, it was absolutely the most visceral thrill to be on the end of that.


It almost had an S.A.M. vibe to it that it but I think it is because I seem to the I mean, I think if you're competitive, then that's their natural response to someone who's competitive. You must have that on your own. Yeah, of course. People love making fun of me and away at my. Yeah. My competitive nature. I do accents. Yeah.


But I think it's because I'll take it but I don't know it is, you know it's sort of it is weird with it but I guess that's why the relationship Daisy works because you know, even I'm not sure to the extent I'll find out what I asked to be on my podcast and if she comes on, we could talk about it.


But yeah, this is from Hayley and Jack. If the winner is Richard, do you think that being such a big fan of the show beforehand helped or hindered your performance and how.


Yeah, I don't know if it did really help. I didn't really learn any lessons from what I would have done things differently, I think.


Yeah. I mean, I think if anything, it probably made things a bit worse because I sort of thought just because my my I. Fear of what how I would be during it was different than what happened and then, you know, you step up and go, oh, it's you like the balls thing, you know, even halfway through. Why don't I take you back and count them? You sort of regretting your incident, which I think was probably was actually the right decision, because I don't think you could have got all those balls back.


Yeah, it was interesting with that task. I was convinced there was about a massive basketball in the middle of there.


Yes. I saw you had a look and you saw something big in there. So that's what I went down. Not I would still have that been lower thing, but I took my estimation down. And that's interesting how you can elucidate it. But, yeah, I mean, I think I think thinking I'd seen blows, I thought, oh, I'll be you know, I know that they write things on the back of the cards. I know.


But every time I check the back of the card, there was nothing on it. And the one times I didn't, there was something on the back. Yeah. So so yeah, it actually almost hinders you. And then the expectation you put into yourself was I think I imagine Captain Parkinson wasn't really aware of what the show was. Yeah. Great to go on and have never seen. I think everyone one had never seen it and I think by never seeing it you'd throw yourself into stuff much more than you would do by going, oh my God, I'm going to be judged whether I'm going or what if Alex says this or Greg says this, and what if there's a you know, so I think you can actually stifle your limits.


Oh, yeah. I think it's interesting if Maiwand had never seen it, because I think some of the thinking outside the box, things were like classic taskmaster.


Yeah, I might be wrong about that, but I've a feeling he hadn't. I think I have a feeling he sort of agreed to do it and didn't know what maybe he'd seen some after he'd agreed to do. Yeah.


Kasserine, I, I totally buy that because. Well there's no way she never left the room.


Yeah. She would know. You can leave the room. Yeah.


But it's sort of so overwhelming to be there and be in amongst it all and it's sort of you know, you have so much time to sit and wait for the thing and you sort of get nervous before it goes and then you're thrown and it's so fast and you got to act so fast that actually there's no there's nothing really can prepare you for it because you can't go. Right. I'm ready. If this is this kind of you're thrown into something and you have to go, how do I make this or what's the best way to do this?


Or, you know, you've got to you've got to be immediately thinking about how to do something. So, you know. Yeah, I didn't like with putting things through the Christmas tree machine. It was just like, OK, what's the heaviest thing I can do in the furthest I can throw? The furthest that was I didn't even think about travelling outside of that building or, you know, cycliste.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, you know, so that's but again, I think that was my role and that's why they wanted me to do I guess I don't I don't think they necessarily thought I would be super inventive. And you saw that as the older guy, you're meant to be sort of a bit of a duffer. So I think I sort of was a duffer enough with a little bit of on the contrary, Richard, I think they wanted you to do it so you would stop asking to do it.


OK, hello. Ed, the winner and the production team member reading this. I had a question for the winner of Taskmaster, whoever it may be when they got to the studio before seeing any of the clips, who did they think was their biggest competition and did anyone surprise them? I hope you have a Merry Christmas from Jake. That's a good point.


I didn't really know. I wouldn't I don't think I'd have thought I didn't think Daisy would be the main competition, I have to say. And I had been on team tasked with I knew she was like focus when she wanted to be. But I kind of I don't know. I imagined maybe I think the Catherine probably surprised me the most. And I thought Catherine might be quite clinical and. You know, find clever ways things, and so no one was such a I didn't know anyone at all, so maybe those are the two that I thought were the biggest competition.


And maybe, you know, I think Moambe was a bit unlucky. And I think if is I think some of the things he should have been scored a bit higher, certainly just for inventiveness. And, you know, he might have been a bit closer than than he was. But yeah, I don't think I thought I didn't I don't think I thought I thought Johnny would actually be more of a disaster. Yeah. I mean, more more of a meltdown disaster than he was.


In fact, he was much more competent and less Johnny Vegas than I imagined, actually. So he was certainly in the studio.


He really he really wanted to do well, didn't he? Yeah. Yeah. And he's a sweet but I know I know him best out of everyone and he's such a sweet Heidman you know, and and he's exactly what you say and he's a great guy. So I knew in in reality he's not he's not the Johnny Vegas character. Exactly. But yeah. So I think they all surprise me a little bit and probably all in slightly different directions. But maybe Catherine and Daisy, I would have put the other I'd have thought, oh, I'll be up against Catherine if it is me.


But I, but I honestly didn't know and I didn't feel like I'd done great in the task and a lot of the task I felt I'd done mediocre to bad in and a lot of Tosa did do.


I don't I can't quite work out how I've managed to swing it in the end.


Well, we'll have this one last question from Emma did. If Richard is the winner, please ask him the following. I get the impression you're a big taskmaster fan. If you could have done any task from a previous series, what would it be and why?


Oh, what did I like from the previous series? I think I mean, we sort of did do one, didn't we? We did the sort of watermelon one which was which was sort of our most previous. But I like the ones where where you have to do stuff. I like the I think are interesting to try and impress a major thing that was always that was one of the first ones I saw. And I think that was the. I think that was one of the ones that you think, what would I do with that?


Because it's so open ended and you've got a bit of time to think about it. And I kind of those were actually even though in the first instance they were my favorite because you think, oh, God, how do I make something disappear or how do I make something upside down? I loved having some time to think about it. So anything we had to come up with a song or do a bit of a challenge that way were my sort of favorites.


So I think those creating the ones where you're creating songs and. Yeah, and and doing things I would have preferred to do, but I also was just there wasn't enough throwing toss, you know, the throwing I got quite good at throwing because of my style. I don't think I hit that coconut first time, but I hit it pretty early as I would like to like mad lobbing things from a distance, which I suppose is the potato being thrown into the hole about.


It is 50. Saying I've got quite good at throwing is somehow the saddest thing I've ever heard because I try to clear a field of stuff. Yeah, I've really been working on my throwing actually. Well that feels like the perfect place to end it, Richard. Just news that you've been working on your throwing.


I hope we get to face off and meet, because you've been very rude to me on this podcast I have I want my revenge.


Could you, despite the fact I've been rude to you on the podcast, not so well.


Your face to face with me. No, it's more scared of you. It's like when I went on Tipping Point, it was to his face and he tried really hard.


I'm still going to ask you to write your experience on the Taskmaster podcast between one and five point. OK, well, if it was over the series and I've listened to the entire series. Yeah. Nearly always directly after the episode is aired sometimes on my dog, what, the next day it would be too.


But if we're talking about if we're talking about today, I've had a lovely time today and I think it would be churlish to give you four. So I'm going to give you five because I don't want you to think I know where you end the series. I know. Exactly. Thank you very much, Richard Herring. And congratulations. I will now officially pass the crown to you. It's already I've already got it.


Make no metaphorical crown. It was at the beginning. I had it at the beginning. You that you don't think you were the champion all the way through this podcast?


I was, yes. This is the only time got over. I've been the jump over the chairman and no, I'm not passing the podcast to you.


You've got enough of that. Yeah, I've got to do that now. No, that's not how it works. It's not Wednesdays on. I'm going to keep doing it. Thank you.


Cheers, Richard. That was great. Thank you. So good. You got one hundred and sixty two points.


The task master series champion is Richard Harris.


So there we have it, a wonderful chat with Richard Herring, their champion of Taskmaster Series 10. What a lovely time I've had doing this podcast. Hopefully we'll be back with you soon. And I say soon. It's sooner than you think because, yes, there may only be 10 episodes in Taskmasters Series ten. But when it comes to Task Master podcasts, there will be 11 episodes. That's right. We're breaking the mold because very soon we'll be back with a special episode, a special bonus episode with the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davis.


Yes. Will be going through the series with Greg, will be picking out his favorite moments, will be chatting to him, will be working out whether he's annoyed with me about anything I might have said on the podcast. You know, he might want to settle some scores. I might want to settle some scores, but it will be lovely to have him on regardless. So make sure you keep an eye on your podcast feed for Episode 11 of the Task Master podcast.


And who knows, beyond that, Will, we'll be back for more. Fingers crossed. Thank you very much for listening. Thank you so much for all of your emails and questions. If you would like to email with a question for Greg, please email Taskmaster podcast at Gmail dot com and I will endeavor to ask him those questions. But for now, stay safe. Have a Merry Christmas and we'll see you again soon.


But Debow, bye bye. If you find that you trust someone when they give you advice, it's. Tell that person. The. The one who makes you feel good. Find somebody, somebody you trust, stand the person who makes you feel good. Find somebody somebody you trust. Because then the person who makes you feel good.