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Welcome, everybody, to this week's episode of The Tommie and Hector Show, what is it, a podcast with Larissa Blewett.


We have a name of this week's show, and it's my favorite one.


It was sent in by I think his name is Rob Alcalay Kelly. And it is already the names are getting better and better.


Sure are. Yeah. Realto Madrid.


It's making us laugh every time. Yeah. Real Madrid Classic. Thank you, everybody. Who's sending your names to us.


Keep them coming. Yeah.


So it's a really nice amalgamation of a soccer team with an Irish Glazer's and I like Lokomotiv Lanesboro as well. I did.


Where I think we have to change tack fairly soon because I'm not sure I say we get another 10 episodes out of this crack and then we'll have to we'll have to we have we have to go into football gear teams.


We are mixed with Israeli second division teams, Maccabi and column kill any other business here.


And that now is that bit.


Now, Tommy, you're in charge. Look at Tommy. We're here. Can I just say that at the start of this podcast, Tommy goes, OK, we're doing this bit first and then we won't do that bit and then we have to do this bit.


Look at a green like God, I'm not Frankie. Fingers on the on the decks.


And just to remind everybody or to tell them that we're doing it, but I don't even know what this means. Facebook live next week.


Yes, but on the 22nd, which is the Tuesday visit. Yes. Our next two o'clock at two o'clock, we're doing the Facebook life thing.


So please, please, please join us for that. The word phases comes in. I was thinking a phase is what phase? You know, as parents you're saying, oh, she's going to have. That's my love.


Yeah. It's quite that that took me a minute.


Right, that's my lawyer. Yeah, that's a classic. But fezzes, what phase? Oh, it's only a phase. She's going through a phase on your phase. So let's I want you to open up here and think about the phases that we all went through. I'm going to tell you some of the phases that I went through.


I was a good child. I didn't have any fears. I stood in the kitchen there about a year ago.


Yeah, you're a two faced bastard. Have you got that? No, no, you can't. I decided to it after the fall first I still there to be fair.


I stood in the kitchen year. I went through an awful phase where I go, where are the flowers?


Oh, so we go here. He's gone to the veterans out there.


Let's think of all the bonds.


We'll keep your dirty mind. What's the story? I stood in the kitchen. I went to an opera phase there, but I stood in the kitchen. Don't say the word. I went into the kitchen and I used to I used to say it like the coast is clear.


I went through a phase of Eden or crisp crisps, all of the big packet on me on in the pantry.


I'd be there like, no, no. You know, the whole back of the door.


They'll be in watching something. And I get the whole big family back. And I went to an awful phase of this, the fucking family pack.


And I be like, so many gone.


It's I really haven't been there with them. I get it. It's sweet.


But I bring in the dog Rocco. I get rid of all the evidence that is going to be over the water, the TV deal down to the water.


Rocco it's like I used the dog to get rid of the evidence because he's better than sweeping it up. And he liked the way he loved us. There was a fire into an office and then wanted a doctor.


One stays there and he said, you know, I'm not that that you're too much salt in your body. Look at me. They're so fucking psychiatrist. I went to the doctor. You said the dog have a problem with the doctor. I go through this crisis. Well. I get the dog to the vet, that's going to be a busy with the dog and the doctor said there are crisps, so I've got to go completely. So that phase is gone now.


And how would you feel after it? Would you feel a bit guilty just walking?


That's my question. Afterwards, how to hide them down with the dishcloth? Where does all that?


Oh, they want me to draw with the sweet and sour sauces and all that stuff to be a secret prayer, secret press for for towels and dishcloths and all nice and clean.


Would you find I'd have five or six bags stashed it in and nobody would know.


Where would you go through five or six bags a week. Oh yeah. I was going to I was going to be a bartender. How would you feel after you had them at how would you feel?


I just find people that were lovely or you wouldn't feel a bit sick in your tummy. Salt and vinegar and really heavy, heavy thirst for me. Would you, Navin? When Kepi Discos come out.


Kippy Disco sabr lovely man.


Strong, strong salt and vinegar. I don't like salt. I need to have my chips swimming in vinegar. I just have a fixation with them.


So are you not allowed to eat salt and vinegar chips now. Don't eat.


And we went to a phase that was one of my phases. And how do you feel about when you see them coming back. I made that phase. Now you wouldn't you eat them at all?


I went on hunky dory for a while to wean yourself off the cheese and onions. Six pack a hunky dory. But they go, really? Talk to me. We're on the what phase is year? My wife is going through a fucking Aldy phase at the moment.


So we're on the walkie talkies because I never got the version of the hunky dory. OK, you know what you're going to do? He's to salt and vinegar, cheese and onions, which I have.


But I just. I know mentality because we've broken. Okey dokey. Said a hunky dory.


I have this idea, and I think going forward in in years to come, it might sound mad now, but in years to come, it might work. You want to buy a parcel of land?


Oh, yeah, maybe 50 acres. And I'd like to do it with like minded people and create my own town, my own place, a place that we can all live in happiness. I want to create a village. A community. Yeah. But I want to just go with everybody and say, come on, bring what you have, who are you, what you got, what do you do? So I'd like this podcast to be the central hub of this new land.


This new village. This new town. Is it a dictatorship? Like do you decide the you know, we're in charge, Tommy, you, me and Larry.


It is a dictatorship.


No, no, no. I would like the leaders of a cult.


I don't like I don't like the word cult like the Moonies or the Jehovah's Witnesses or the Stone Roses stonewalls all the members of the damned, the damned, those the bodies down and fail at the very crassness that have the tent that I feel, yadda, yadda.


Remember Democrats and you stop in your bottom, don't you?


Take my party. Heidi Krisna. Krishna Krishna. Ha ha. A bit of grace.


Can we get there big in Thailand. They the hurry Krishna's the big and bloody Ireland. So tell us about this new assault.


It's more of a movement. So the movement and I'm really and I'm putting this out there I'd love to buy fifty or sixty of good land, Woodland River, a good area where we can have a football pitch. I want to create a community. So I want to open your mind this morning on the podcast. What do we need in this community to make it work?


Oh, yes.


So, for example, we will have a really good coffee shop, really good coffee shop, and we will be roasting all good stuff.




So first of all, you have to write them to a cup of coffee. So what else do we need? We have our own religion, our own church.


We just go with the questions you get with their folks.


I think you can bring the rabbi to the rabbi. So we're Jewish. Oh, are we kibbutz?


We're starting to take yourself out of there. Take yourself out of religion for a second.


What do we need in the town to McCrohan? Yes. No, we're talking many tables, five tables, two championships down and three wait, wait, wait.


And three for the platform. Spend a lot of our take a lot of our money or a snooker hall. What's it called? It's called Sinkers Kumuls.


OK, good. We need we need a nice plot for our own vegetables. We need to be able to grow our own vegetables. OK, I like that.


Jean Gary sick. Yeah. Corrigin glass. Do you, do you want, do you want. Is it free land. Do you want around. Yeah we want. Or do you want somebody in charge of organic vegetables for me.


We wouldn't need someone in charge of us just to make sure we want an area to grow your own vegetables so it can serve us the community. I want you to start thinking about how a town works.


Yeah, yes. And sewerage and everything.


So open your mind. We need a good plumber. Yes. And have you a plumber in mind? I do. Your brother the plumber?


Yes. Yes. We would bring him in. Joe Biden for the White House. Joe blued for Your Highness.


We love it. Men. Women. Right. So.


So what? Like a fucking scam already at the coffee shop. Do you think we'll survive at a coffee shop in a snow? Come on. What else do we need? We need a good bakery.


Yes. Yeah, bakery.


We have no schools, no good.


Do you know schools do so no schools. No no schools. No Steiner school. Even though. No. No schools, no schools. No buildings, no schools.


No our children will have to work the land in order to. Yeah. And also no riden.


No righton. Yeah. No sex. No sex is sex privilege. Sex just brings tension. OK, hang to get no sex. Free village only right up in the mountains.


No you can like if you want we can go outside, you can ride but it has to be beyond the parameters of the parish and you can only ride people outside.


You can't ride even people from the parish can. Whoever you ride has to be from another parish.


OK, yeah that's good. OK, can't ride.


People from the parish will be able to meet our parish baker then because it just make things awkward riding within a six mile radius of the parish to parish. OK, and that is it a town, is it a village, is it a community. Is it a place.


I'd be happier with the community. I think a town brings a better and you need to build a town brings the wrong element. We do need we need to be able to drink.


Surely a pub, discuss a pub. Right. Can't just say we have a pub. What type of pub do you want in this new world?


I think we should recreate Fox's bar. So Fox's bar is a great pub in Nevada. Got demolished when they were lengthening the the roads, the ring road and the Demolisher.


So Fox is biochem, those hardware in the front of the pool table and then a bar behind that and. The funeral directors behind that all could resurrect Fox is their lounge in that area, their lounge where there'd be music, where you have music on a Saturday night.


It would definitely like local musicians, but everybody's local. This is like, oh, yes, we need some music, gentlemen.


Religion would be available locations in a traditional music only to only trad.


What I feel about that, I mean, I think jazz on Wednesdays would be good. OK, what about a cover band on a Thursday to do all 1980 covers the big country and the like.


OK, ok. Yeah that's that as well. OK, so the pope.


So we will have a pope but you can't even have any shift in this place. You can't.


All right. No finger and. No, no, not at all.


Not only do we want them. No, I'm going to I'm going to put this out there. I think we shouldn't have any alcohol because if we have alcohol coffee shop. No, no. There can be fightin bakery.


OK, you're not fight, OK, but no riden to be off attention and know you just beat people up. Right.


OK, what about boxing club. Yeah. Let's go through what we really need.


And you're skipping something at Chipo. Do we want to chip or do we want a pizza place.


You want an Italian. Do you want an Indian or not. Do you want to survive.


We can have a cheaper with only chips. We should have one Indian walking round rockin around the town.


Indian. Yes, but not.


They can't have an Indian. They can't own it because the Indians on the chipper or the Chinese Latron the chipper.


I think we shouldn't have a Chinese there because there's a Chinese in every village and not a Chinese person. We can have them, but just not a takeaway because are everywhere. What about a good quality chipper. Yeah, yeah.


I think your chips are great, but I think we should in terms of takeaway food, we should choose food from a country that isn't normally associate Mongolian.


Chipo Oh that's that's good then. Yeah. Mongolian Chipo Yeah. Because every other village and now I will get to religion in a moment.


Just not yet. And what else do we need to survive. You have a coffee shop, you've got the snooker hall. You've got the chapel. You've got the pub. Come on.


That's what I need. A doctor, a doctor, a doctor. We do that, I, I don't know. I think when people get sick, they should just be allowed day.


OK, that's that, that's OK. And doctors. No doctors, no nurses.


No medicine. No. No no painkillers.


No surgery. No no painkillers. No I know. And no numbers on the doors o of the houses.


Alright. But we need a bit of water then we need like a C or something because we need to see. Yeah. Someone just go and grab a C.


We need to feel good. Be Kurita the thing later.


We're thirty miles up into the side of a mountain. This is a land that nobody wanted. I'm have to be concerned about the HIVers.


What about a tattoo parlor. No compulsory tattoo parlor.


Everyone in the village needs to be tattooed. And also there needs to be. Yes, a sword.


We have the village above ground, OK, where people obeyed the rules of modern Ireland. Right. And people are manoly towards one another.


And then there is a replica underneath the ground where there are no rules. People wear leather masks and just go to bed and write and whips and unpunched nature and you have a different name.


So your name might be John. Mohun above ground, but underground.


Your name would be Dr. Neba Wall and you would go right. You could do it and you want to almost be slave system. Yeah. OK, I'd be slave underground like the.


Are you walking the steps behind the back of the car. Where would it be. Where would the every house. Every house has a trapdoor ok. And you go down and what.


The heat is tremendous and everyone is slipping and bold and you just eight and in between each other.


And would you have been able to have like kind of anything confession there or anything goes so you could have drugs and everything down there?


They'd be compulsory, you could be given at the tattoo parlor, be above ground or below ground.


It would be above ground because there are no lights under the ground or.


OK, tattoo parlor tattoo. Just your eyes to Hala.


Yeah. And we would recreate one of the great navan nightclubs, underground spiders, spiders, spiders. Well, good religion. Well, I again, I would suggest would be Orthodox Christians aboveground.


OK, hang on, I'm an underground Orthodox, unorthodox of every kind of whatever fuckin gets you angry, right?


That the underground has to be an anger palace.


Would we allow we're really we'd breed with interbreed different species of animals so we'd get a goat to ride a child.


It sounds like it sounds like that film I was watched a few weeks ago and chickens, we'd get a bull to fuck a chicken and we'd get a pig.


Pig to fuck a pigeon like tonight. Yeah.


This is I want to have a lot of people wanting to move here. This is all underground stuff. Yeah. Above ground. Be normal. We're just throwing it out there. Do you need a dentist?


Well, no, because if we don't know no dentists, no doctors, I just need to die in pain. Is there a hairdresser's or is there a place to get your nails?


No, we a walking around with scissors, but no hairdressers, no hairdressers. So there'll be no internet, no needles, just wrong.


Is there a shoe shop allowed in the village? No, no, no. People will get hooves grafted onto.


There ain't no need for a shoe shop. That's impractical. That's unnecessary. Okay. Do we allow other people in our world who are we alone in and who are we not allowed in? So Protestants are allowed in.


Yes. Dependent on foreigners.


You mean people from all over, you know where our foreigners are allowed in?


I think so. I hope it's compulsory. I think the. Yeah, and people from all over the world can come to us and live there.


And what about are we allowed to have like a farm? We can't have a pharmacy then in the village.


What would you like would you like some of your Ezequiel's to or what do you take. Oh no. We want to take any tablets we can get.


We can get them down. Do you want ground? We want needs.


Why not have one shop that sells everything.


Yeah. When you walk the front door.


No not no. Nothing is for sale. It's just there. And if you needed it, so is the barter system knows that having a party is going to also be raulston the pigs out in the front garden.


And you'd be anyone could only eat animals that died by suicide if you only eat animals to kill themselves. So, OK, so are we load of cars?


No, no, no. That's a good question. Let's discuss that. Any automated vehicles. So just bicycle. Just wind powered bicycle. Bicycle like bicycle with sails on everyone tattooed.


What about if you want clothes, should it be a place where you just go in and say, make me trousers? Yeah. Velvet black with a woman.


That's what the shop does in the shop is called Make Me Trousers. Make me trousers. Can everybody wear some velvet. During the winter, yes, but be impractical during the summer not and remains frozen as the name of the people were linen sheets during the summer. Who is Exxon?


What about the ad, the governmental system or the system of rule and law and order?


It's done by height. So good, whoever is the tallest is in charge. OK, that CAPITALIS and what is the smallest person get to do?


Just take the baton and you're you're legally allowed hit people that are smaller than you.


Do we need do we need.


I'll be I'll be killed every day and we go we all be hanging around with smaller people. OK, so we don't encourage carpenters, blacksmiths, silversmiths, silver.


There's been no need for any cry. Again, people wouldn't be tied to one specific craft. So whatever needs gone need to be done, gets done by whoever is around that time. So people are skilled in many different things.


You could be, you know, how to do this and you know how to do that, but it wouldn't be a trade.


Yeah, I just know if somebody has to get something done, you don't pay for anything that fixes do it. You just do it.


And there's no money been to know how do we what is the monetary system in the new world conflicts?


Are we allowed to have our microphone people deal in conflicts upon us. Our conflicts is Bandler.


Yeah, there's only one potential conflicts in the town. And is it a sacred a sacred break?


One of the most. And it's more if you want. OK, great. And would we have a little radio station there.


A very good question. Now where the fuck does this podcast would be. Podcast will be the episode will be 24.


This to turn into 24 hour and we give out whether we take it and turn to sleep. So I might fall asleep for an hour.


And the two, you have to keep sailing the ship or something. Yeah. Yeah.


Are there any statues of anybody in the village? The huge one. I've think about that of Bobby Charlton.


But yes, we do want to Rihanna knows she'd be out in the field playing with our staff, like up in the north or the naked statue of Rihanna, would a Protestant saying we should go for more of an Irish person, like, do we pay or something?


Actually, a peg, peg, peg would be on the ground. Would she, Peggy, be the bleeding?


You know, there'd be a leather peg and let there be a leather peg under the ground.


And that's not something you see very often that led to statues of people.


No, they probably aren't very durable. One, they are literally skin like leather can last forever. And let the statute be interesting, if we could find a sculptor to make a leather monument. And finally on this, is there a name on this world that we this area want we want to create? We're looking for 30 or 40 acres slain.


In actual fact, every single thing is available in. Thank you. Visit me, dot IWW daily visit Moeed Dorahy slain is very interesting.


Can you can you can learn from novenas says welcome to Slane and as your driver noted that I decided to go now fuck off.


Oh I want to ask you about sentencing.


I miss sentencing.


You miss it. Yeah. Because you used to be are you Scott Kelly's? And first exclusive, Kelly's was at Irish College and it was great. It's so social. Mm. It's the height of no wonder they call it social dancing and also dancing nowadays. More about riden in hotel rooms. Yeah. Of the country.


But that's different than dancing isn't it. Set dancing. Social dances is Walson and Tango's. Yeah. And also shows a social dance are set.


Dancing is fantastic. So a lot of the time it's all about meeting different people and the music is never so loud that you can't have a chat and laugh. And it's all about you don't stay with the one partner the whole time in the sense that you don't only dance with them. So there's you and your missus, right? And you're doing Hendo three thousand or three, Hendo three, Caraco, Schachte. You're kind of in and out to the Hinshaw is Jackdaw three.


Amendatory Yamada is Dr. Dre.


So say I'm with my missus unsalaried. You're with your fella. And part of it would be would take three steps towards one another. Yeah. And then three steps back and then take three steps towards one another and three steps back and then we do sideways several steps on the hop and then I'd take you for a spin and your father will take my woman for a spin.


Yeah. The last 30 or 40 seconds and then we'd get back, get back and seamlessly.


And that's what I thought was great.


And they lift up their arms, you go under their arms and you've got to the next couple. And it was.


So that's the siege of Ennis. You're talking to one for love nature. Yeah. It's a beautiful way of there's no like I don't really ever I don't think I ever really nailed Disco Dancer.


Nobody nobody needs that.


I have a few signature moves, you know, of a few kind of.


And we don't see them anymore. Nobody sees them. But it was all that's more about dancing on your own. Yeah. Yeah. And it's, and it's trying to look cool and, and stuff like that.


Certain tunes back in the day would make you dance a certain way as Mickey Buchanan was a superb dancer for simple minds. Because you could do get down on this, don't you go down that.


Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But I promised you, America connecting and a slow set, maybe then, but but it's not about meeting people and having a chat.


It's mild, soft. What you see is love back in the Gaeltacht.


And I learned to dance in the world as well. You would go up to a girl you go oniony to wrinkled the hole. Would you dance me, please? And she got Janie August faulter. What a lovely way of asking God oniony to wrinkle the hole. Would you dance me? Yes, I will. And you're welcome to do anything.


English doesn't do justice to no forget. Fuck the translation on Yianni to Rinka Lumley the whole journey. Guess falta of the mockler Darinka. So you would have the Bali Livny. The World's Lemrick which is to and from the two. And then that's what you're saying Tommy Carlini Transantiago are they.


And then the boys go over but you have a repertoire of about eight or nine sets that you'd know like.


Yeah, I lived as well as more for a while during the summer and there was a Calyon on every night in the local holiday. Yeah. And and it was just.


So how long do you think it was since you've been attacked.


Last time I was at a Kelly was on Tauri Island and Tauri Island. Have another way of being on this planet.


There's an island that's the furthest off the coast that the island is most cut off there. The island that probably gets the least amount of tourists there is probably the least amount of amenities. It's a tough place to live, you know, good people up for a laugh and they're set danzon their music. So different parts of the country have different types of trat. So they say that Kerry music is is kind of I wouldn't know that the only one I can focus polkas is Kerry.


Slothfulness. Quick, quick.


But the the Tory music is fucking savage. There's an aggressive Cajun pig and fucking beat it faster, faster.


And like there was a play tonight in music with a guy called Patsy Down who are the king of culture.


And he died a few years ago after and he he my friend who plays the guitar and Patsy was under lock an accordion.


He had a stack of empty whiskey glasses that grew as the night went on and looked like a like a leaning tower of Pisa and a tambourine beside him, you know, but there Stanson was mentally.


Mm. And these dark haired, kind of robust look on countrywomen, sharp features on them jet black hair until they're Naty like they're just a fierce wild breed all together. And they were in charge of the dance and they told you where to go. And now Limani are Encina Hensher. You might meet one person and then you meet another in the Tori Johnson. She has this woman giving you piggybacks.


There's women torn up in the air and catch a yet and she's shoving your face into one of her breasts and your head is shock and your feet aren't even on the go off.


OK, and it was I mean, I guess what I'm sayin is that I missed that.


So people hear that that thud of a couple of hundred people off a wooden floor and rouse and sat down. And it's funny you say the only girl I met my wife and she was eighteen and she was playing music opener in Glen Cullom Killer.


I met the use of abuse in nineteen eighty nine.


I met Depner for the first time. She was play music, would all club manager and I asked her to dance later that night at Ackerley and we danced the clear set and I knew then I was entering into another world and you get to put your hair set, you get to put your hands on a woman's back. Yeah. And there's there's no intentness. It's just a your you might be a bachelor, you know, and you get out to dance and you could, in the process of it, dance with six or seven women and it's all manly.


And you put your hand, you know.


Yeah, yeah. It's beautiful. So you got into the Clare session, we danced the Clare set, the Clare set now by Jesus the Clare. People love their sat dancing, as they say in Clare.


What what what instrument you play. I play that to play the fiddle, the play the concertina.


I play the paranoia. What what what do they play the around with in Clare and Knife to No.


Baran's Jesus Christ. Did they make themselves. This Clare set went on for about 40 minutes.


Different paths to a different and there's a lovely little sweep of the feet and in the gone all and out again. So I danced the class that with Depner and I married her years later. But it's funny to think that I didn't know at the time who was marrying into but I married into the children element, which is the greatest set dancing ceilidh band of all time and at all. Ditmas family reindicted, fanatically amazing and different traditions down there.


And the wedding night, the whole mean, he's in the Levant, but it gives Nora 12, 15, 17. Wow. But nineteen forty five of them and all like to do is the the bride and the groom go off into the bathroom and they come out naked in the line, the bed and the whole band gathers around the bed and her head adulated leading lady.


Hey and yes he has to ride the way in there and the tune with the music know then the two of them are all the instruments are put down and they're carried aloft to the hotel like a peer, like a wedding wedding, playing with someone, playing a boat down in the falls or something.


And then and then what happens is after that, when the band are convinced that the marriage has been consummated, the husband has taken him to a car park and his to death.


That the first time I saw you, that's the first time I ever saw the king of Nordic band was in the fall had and an understatement.


And we were down to see the brothers and sister in law, Claire and and John on the drums and Timmy Mother Berdella. So I went down and I'd never seen anything like it. 700 people in the falls. And in a statement in the ballroom, there were men comin down from the mountains in Clare and halfway through the set dance and they go over at the table, take out the bag and more deodorant and change the shorts.


The sweat was comin after me.


They brought the purest, pure asset dancin. You can't beat it. As you say. There's something there's something phenomenal. I think it's the friendliness of it and the kind of it's it's pure Irish, isn't it?


Like as well. Yeah. Leidner they're really good dancers.


And then you see them at the at the flower flat. Evvie and all that. Andrado whatever goes you see the young upcoming set dancers. I love scene that attend where they're all set dancers from Abbey Namoa, from Jumah, from May or from Kerry.


I just seen that lovely tradition. It's never been it's never been this popular, never been this popular with young people, but that's a different type of dancing, though, when you say to young people on the telly on their own.


I would see that the channels and they're kind of they're doing it's almost like when they're dancing by themselves.


That's not really what I mean. I'm I love that sociability. Yes. And the ordinary and how easy the steps are.


And you're just happened in and happen outside and a bit of a waltz and a bit of a swing. And you're it's all about touching people, you know, touching people and how friendly that is, you know.


No, I just I miss I think we would be we would be enriched by having that as part of our social.


Why are you don't we have a kaili at the White House?


Because George Bush is Faulkner and he won't be able to do the the joke about Joe.


So, Joe, that's I was locked up. They'd think we're insane.


I would like to talk about sex and I would like to. I was making myself laugh this morning, and that's which that's a good, positive sign, you know, and I was thinking about the last ride.


Your last ride or the last ride, my last.


Right now, I was talking to someone recently in their late 70s who's still out in late 70s, is still out and still meeting people the same age as themselves who are still out. You know, this man wouldn't be he'd be single, but he'd have a few maybe rendezvous, be a few aliens he could give a phone call to and meet up for the.


And why not put in a car park or in a house that all people don't use in car parks?


Well, you could open spas right around the back, but I was thinking about that.


Can you imagine the last ride, which looks like a driver or just not your last ride, that last ride you had, I mean, your last ride ever imagined? Just how do you know it's your last ride?


Because you might be 81 or something and you go and and something and you wouldn't give it up now after this.




What positions would there be at last, right?


I would have never I'm sure there is probably sitting in one of those chairs, you know, with the you can push yourself forward one of those or the cleaners or the chairs doing the work for you. Yeah. Yeah.


And probably the tablet swallowed and so everything is ready to go.


Ready to go. Yeah. I don't know. Just it just struck me the last. Right. What would you what would you imagine it to be.


I could just imagine it full of softness. Yeah.


But also love to be very. That's a pure practical you.


No I don't know if I imagined might be like what we feel it did he would I tell you unless you had really bad arthritis.


Yeah. Well I find I find interesting.


Is that how attractive you always find people of your own age. Am I making sense to you? Yeah, yeah, so I'm I'm 51. My wife is younger than me, but she's not phenomenal younger. She's a few years younger. Yeah. I find her incredibly attractive.


Yeah, well, that's but that's what I'm amazed about. Amazed because it's so natural to me to to find her attractive.


But and it doesn't she doesn't strike me as a woman in her 40s. You just said that's my wife and I and I fancier. Yeah. So but I know that when I'm 50 in my 50s, I'll feel the same way. And when am I in my 60s and in my 70s. So when I'm in my 80s. Yeah. And my wife is in her 70s lacuna all things. Meanwhile I still find her. Attractive it sameway, like when I was 14, I found a 14 year old girl attractive.


Oh, yeah. When you were 14, you found an 18 year old awful attractive.


No, I didn't. I was 16, 16. Nolder. Nor they were too intimidating for me.


I was about 21 and thinking about it. Tell me that's not about the age thing. That's about you being attracted to your wife.


Yes, but. But but to be physically attracted towards someone is I'm just curious about that.


So what about like what do you mean like like I mean, you're not going to be physically attracted to.


So you don't know.


So what I'm saying is that the actor was saying, you know, when you're 80 and having the last ride, will there be Diddy and the two of us? We're all the three of us we're talking about, oh my God, can you imagine riding an eight year old woman and what that might be like? And how could you ever manage?


The other person would be around 80. So, yeah. Yes.


What I'm saying is that if I'm to please God, if 171 are still at at that age.


Yes. That I, I will find that attractive.


Yeah, but should you be like because not only because the love will make the bond will still be there to make it, the tenderness will be there.


But you'll also be old as well. So it's not like she's just going to get old and you're going to be same age, you know. But I'm just.


Have you ever seen an 80 year old person or pilot, an 80 year old Mickey?


Yeah, I mean, you're Mickey.


Tell me and let's let's have a frank chat about this. How do you think I'm the same age as you? How do you think you're. Mickey has evolved over the years.


It'll disappear altogether. I. I think that the Mickeys released to me worries, to be honest, I'd said something like one of those mortgages is the same banknotes that used the same Mickey that was there to young 21 year old Tommy.


Well, it'll be the same or less, but I would be more concerned about it. It hasn't happened yet is when the fuckin when the test is testicular fucking drop starts to happen. Well, why?


What says what do see that we haven't allowed for can change in rooms at a Jimerson without no and allowed price points.


And I know that comes out to fuck and Hoppen off the knees. The balls are at the drop.


Of course they drop, they get saggy. They're just fucking. But how far down below your knees.


There might be something wrong with you. You know there nothing. I'm done and stuff. I've seen. I've seen. I've seen. I've seen. Have you ever seen it Larita.


Know what it's like. Mickey's like a global.


No, it's like a wet plastic bag with shopping that's left there for weeks.


It's like, oh it's gross. I feel like I don't get sick.


Is there a reason why did you bring it up? Whatever you want. Oh yeah.


Let's let's let's turn this right round on its head and say from the largest bed to the first. Right. It's not an amazing career. The first ride, your first ride.


Is this a joke you know you're talking about. Tell us me. The baby was to your last right.


Your first ride and your career of riding to your last right now when you look back and I want everyone to just take that moment and just relax.


And think about all your rides.


I just want to say this is the first rate where you just basically remember each one of them and go, oh, no, I'm not saying remember them, but your first ride, the first ride to your last ride was your first ride as a memory.


And your last ride is a fantasy because you're imagining it hasn't happened.


Exactly. Trying to picture it. So I just thought I just had that notion of the last ride and that kind of.


But is there an age where you go, wow, that's an offer that. No, no, no, no.


Well, I don't think so. You know, I suppose do the way kids if mom and dad are kissane. Yeah. And a kid comes into the room and he goes there, he sees you kissing is.


Oh, disgusting.


Is that is that because of the age of the mom and the dad. Is that is that because a 14 year old, they don't imagine that when you're older, you actually can't imagine that in your early 50s you would be someone in puke, serious and old people going out that goes to Gastonia.


Whereas so for us at 50, imagining someone in their 80s or at us feels kind of like the same thing. Yeah.


You know, well, you thought about it this morning and you got a laugh from it. Would you like to do just the thought of it, make you laugh or it just.


I don't know. I can't remember. Oh no more than close in your eyes and seeing things.


How did you just this morning put the kettle on and think, I wonder, what would it be like to have from a lacerate?


I'm just walking around the house because nobody talks to me and I'm not surprised they give me a great room to think. So I just think about being just the gentleness of it and the, uh, the niceness of it and the kind of the generosity of us and just the notion of. Yeah, and I'm sure it'll happen because.


Well, it'll definitely happen. You just won't know when. Yeah.


Welcome back to the Time in Hektor Show with Larita Blueish. And we have a nagan of the finest illegal poaching the side of Brazil. Poor.


I mean, just to let you know this and know. Tell me you like your whiskey. I like my whiskey. We invented the foreign stuff. The Scots folk install it desires of Russia used to come over here to fill gallons of it a couple of hundred years ago. This is a gallon.


This is a Bush type of boat. A little girl's got a good look at. The Americans think they invented it. They didn't. The Scots not. Oh, we put this in TED glasses before anyone else in the world. The Irish made whiskey. And when you put pushin into a cask and the tannins of the wood after three years, make it into Fokin whiskey. This is the stuff we've invented. This is the stuff that has blessed men and women for thousands of years and today and also a lot of them in psychiatric hospitals.


A lot of them, I would say that particular stuff would be responsible for us.


I am not saying I feel like I'm at Mass. I'm not vindicating it, but what I am saying not that much. It's a capful by Jesus. You'll know all about it.


I want you to take this now. You drink it first, you drink it.


I want you to understand that this has made us love letter Mollen on the matter of a lockdown out of fear for Jane on Amara, as pure as the driven snow, they say an undertaker from Connemara would come in every Christmas into Galway with the coffin Fola bottles smuggled into the city schools. Well, this is really good.


It's the after the Kikwit you get afterwards that gets me yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay down there for all of it goes up the Doodle Dandy, right?


Tell me, boy, I can put it there. Puts it in his t oh. Just into your T there.


And I knew a fella whose grandfather was who I love the way it's afterwards it really goes to the tractor before it started. After that there's Tommy. Once it warms your backyard, that's good, no, that's good. If you listen much now, you'd explored water to try to drop, it kind of warms your back.


It does. It warms up as it goes down.


Your spine is after up. Let's say if you had a little was I was out on. Oh, Jesus, Mike.


I was out at a boat on the west coast of Ireland one day and it was a rough setup. But he gave us all a little, you know, the good ol food coloring bottles. He says now have one of them. And of course, I was the only one that threw it into me and it was put on. Oh, that's nice. That's not society's, that's not the kind of the stuff we have. Can I just say this?


That's nice. There's a kind of a what kind of berries do they make those?


Pushing, putting down the poaching, we have hearts like it hurts like, oh, I want to walk in the chest and slowly afterwards it just warms up, which is when I woke up, I woke up in the tent on Sunday morning.


You weren't sure where you were, but the sweat was hopping on me. Jocks were stock to Mickelsen, right? The jeans.


I slept in my jeans and a T-shirt. I used to sleep naked, you know, but I couldn't because I went to bed pretty bendy and it was cool.


You slept. The hair was there to me and blow up and I was lying. I was lying on Ivano and fucking rock.


I had Airat three timberman like, oh crap that the sweat that's on Beamon in the tent, that's all.


There was one of those earwigs crawling on this.


Oh, like I could have it. I said I shouldn't be awake now. I'm sorry. Where's my wife to scratch me shoulders. I've, I saw putting all I was me like on get the ball.


So then I opened up the Zipzer. Definitely felt me balance was all over the place. Here is the sea and I was like, OK, where's the water dog?


Empty, empty, two liters of Fanta and lemon and gone. Please let there be water.


I couldn't find my toothbrush to wash my teeth. Not a stand on that. But then I realized what a beautiful part of the world to open this.


Did you not jump into the water and get all the money, would you?


I mean, that's a beautiful day and night. Beautiful. Will you ever think a living at that part of Connemara?


I really do have a fondness for Rusnak. Yeah, Coryna Little Molen. Little more magnificent people. They're the most honest, beautiful people I feel fear whales.


But I just it was just, just lovely. Simple. I have an affinity with them because of the Raccah and people where I learned my last Economia, people who went to me.


I have an affinity with Economia and a real how how intrinsic is you been fluent in Irish to your relationship to to that huge. Huge. So if you weren't flu deniers, do you think you'd have a you wouldn't feel as connected to it 100 percent?


Because my level of conversation with them can go really deep, really deep. There was a great image at one stage.


Pedro's father is Sunni column Larry, a legend of a musician from little Meulen, known far and wide as a singer and a man and a great box player. He goes for 78 years of age. His wife passed away a couple of years ago. He's on his own in the home house there beside Peaches and Taison, his colleague at about eight o'clock, that even if I see CENI going in the boat, little boat and he goes to check the lobster pots, Tyson will not get in the boat.


He'll swim alongside a motorbike. He'd keep alongside the boat out mangoes suddenly. So he goes out about a mile. And I took a photo of the dog. He he's getting way out in the middle of nowhere. He'd get onto a small rock and he would sit there and look at his master about a mile away doing the lobster pots, and he will not move until the boat goes by the rock again, where he'll jump in and swim alongside him.


And I just took a picture of the dog on a rock in the middle of the ocean. And it was like one man and his dog and his master. But those beautiful little things just to see the light jumping off the pier. But the level of conversation when you can speak the Irish of the people out there, I suppose they annoy me because of the show Dingy Kahar and that I'm a almost a local to them in a way that I'm a familiar face on their channel, the channel of the Irish people.


Economia based TV channel started by Michael Higgins way back. I know Tijuca is the parish and I love parishes. And I suppose that's just another beautiful parish that maybe a lot of people in Ireland would never get it. Because it's not runestone, it's not Liftin, it's not KRY. It's not a refract. It's not it's off the beaten path. Like it's they really are on the side of a rock.


Listen, thanks very much for listening to the show today. I hope you really enjoyed it. Happy Christmas to you.


And next week we buy each other Christmas. Yes.


Well, I say happy Christmas because it's December. We're bringing you the presents next week.


Yes, and it's not Secret Santa is actually we've explained to actor that it's not a Secret Santa because the three of us at the table here in the triangle, more than a four Secret Santa.


Can I tell you what I was going to get you? I know. I know. Yeah, because I'm not going to get it for you. But I was going to.


Yes, OK. Yeah. I want to change your mind, though, because I. I'm not sure you like us.


You're you're always talking about how you like to sleep with the sheets between your legs. Oh yes. I like a little bit wrapped in there. Yeah. Yeah.


I was going to get you a snake. That wouldn't be serious.


What are the an electric blanket. Oh no. Anyway, join us next week to see what we got in Canada.


Yeah, but I'm not just on that and it is the time. What are the rules regarding us giving presents.


Can you tell there's a 30 foot limit. Yeah, there's a 30 quid limit on how many presents. It doesn't matter. You can have one present for 30 quid or you can have 10 presents for my lady joke I heard yesterday.


All right. Good choices. So times are tough anyway. Adjourned during the last recession and whether the couple had Ed Norton and the wife says, I am going to walk the road, I'm going to go Houran. That's the that's the fuckin situation right now. And that's because. Right. She goes off she comes back three days later when she looks fuckin destroyed, she is sideways and fuck and or the poor krater what she must have gone through.


And she comes in and she slaps down on the table. Two thousand and ten neural fuck slaps are down. She's there you go. Hey man. Wow, that's amazing. Said who gave you the ten year old.


And she goes, everyone oh whoa oh oh oh. There's a joke for Christmas. All right.


Anyway, thank you. I hope you enjoyed the show and we'll see you next week. This podcast is part of the cast creator network.