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There may only be one guy who can host that show. It may be that lunatic we have in Boston. Everybody off. Shut the fuck up and go home. Hey, the pizza king of New York.


Shut up.


Shut up and let talking pigeons. They were the same shot. He's like, troops, can I get down? Suck your dick. The beautiful game. We're both. We're both going to get 300 million. How'd I respond? I said, I hope someone close to you dies. I'm glad your parents are dead.


Ten Peach reviews today. He's the only guy that works in the company.


I started the company.


He was irrelevant.


We're not in Minahan world, we're in the real world.


All right. I don't know. I don't know what the fuck. I literally don't know what is going on. So we're here. This thing has finally begun. And it was like chaos. I was texting Whitney. My son Harry is eleven. He has a podcast with his friends and they can fucking figure it out. You would have thought they were like, electing a pope.


I want the producer in the background.


Like two minutes ago, this was working. I didn't change the setting. Well, that guy. That guy.


Who is that?


I haven't changed one thing on my computer. He's last man on the me.


It's not me. It's you. It's not me. It worked before. It worked before. Who are these people?


Well, so we're in Vegas. I'm in Vegas and everyone's in Vegas.




And no disrespect to that guy who was like, I didn't change.


Not everyone.


It's true.


Well, tech wise, no disrespect to that guy because I don't know him, but we had to leave somebody back in New York.


Last person on earth who's capable of.


Doing the last guy on the bench is back in New York.


So if you got left in New York here.


Well, no, somebody had to be in New York.


We named names here. Who is this?


I don't know, Kirk.


Okay, well, I mean, are you covering? Are you covering Dave now? Are you covering like you've covered for keegs? Are we covering?


Am I covering? The show is going to be just trying to answer. What are you talking your question.


Don't be defensive. I'm just asking. So you don't know the guy?


I'm the king of the name name guys so I don't know who that was.


True. Okay. I don't even know if we wanted to have a guest on, but it seems like if we want to have a guest on this, the first episode of the unnamed show, no guest, we're not capable of bringing in somebody.


I'm not quite sure.


That seems or impossible to me. No. Am I wrong?


No. We're running a pretty large operation right here out of Vegas, so they're putting together. It does seem like it's something we should have been able to do. I'm not quite sure. Maybe we can. I don't really get it. I saw Whitney, and I'm not trying to make this confrontation.


I don't want you to do this right now. I know what you're going to say, too. What you're going to say, you saw my tweet.


Yes, I saw your tweet. Okay.


Purposely confrontational. I felt.


No, the tweet was that when you start a new show, Dave, you started the show. All your idea. In my mind, you would think that we would maybe talk one time before the show started.


Well, to be fair, Whitney, I tried to get a little camaraderie, which is not my way. I'm not really.


Dave, you're not a camaraderie? Hold on.


I was trying to get a little group text thing going, like, hey. And then Dave right away said, look, there's not a group text thing.


That was also confrontational.


That was not confrontational. But it was, like, in good spirit, having a little bit of fun, and you're like, nope, there's going to be no camaraderie here. This is a.


So we've known each other long enough. I don't think we need, like, rah rah sessions. I think we can just do the. Well, Minahan's crew is in charge of the show. Whitney, do you want Corneli to run?


That's another thing.


That's fine.


Have Corneli do it.


Let's see how that goes.


It's a disaster. It's going to be a disaster. But I don't know. For example, I don't know if we're going to have guests on. I don't know how long the show is going to be every week.


That's your crew, Kirk.


My crew decides how long the show is, Dave.


Yeah, it does.


Okay, well, how long is the show, guys?


I figure it'd be 45.


Let's ask Coleman.


26 minutes, 4 hours and eight minutes. 42. Like an hour? Yeah. Great.


Thank you. Whoever said that's correct, you guys are acting like it's rocket science. It's like a 45 minutes to an hour. It's, like, not overly complicated.


Okay, yeah, go ahead. Whitney, you were going to say something. I interrupted you, though.


No, I wasn't going to say anything. I guess when Dave's saying, what do you have to talk about? I don't like. I guess you just go over what you may talk about, what the show will be mean. Is it just going to be us coming on and going after each other's necks the whole time? I don't know. That's what it is. We didn't need to talk. But in terms of the group text, when Kirk started it, I mean, you. Right away. This is a weekly show. This isn't a group text family like. All right, I guess we won't have. We'll never text each other. I'll make sure never to text the group.


Feelings will hurt. Feelings will hurt.


We can text if we need to talk about something.


So you don't ever want to talk unless it's, like, something we need to talk about. There's no sort of like, hey, we're going to talk about this next week.


I didn't expect you guys want to have prep meetings on this? Is that what we're talking about? You want to get the whiteboard out?


I would have like to have some idea of what this is just now.


You're the host, Kirk. You have this whole team. You have the crack staff working for you that I thought was going to put together schedule.


They're stupid. They're stupid. So if you're saying to me, Kirk, you're the boss. It's your company. If you're saying, Kirk, the responsibility for this show is all on you.


I thought we clarified that. So.


Because. To be clear, just to be clear, because Kevin Clancy can't run his fucking New York office, he hires two people who can't do their job. They suck at it. Now the responsibility falls on me. Correct. For no extra pay. I just want to be clear about this going forward. Correct.


Listen, this is a totally different show. What does Kevin have to do with this show?


Because if Barstool radio had.


You're the one who said that we're doing this show because Kevin fucked.


Reached out to me. Kirk said he wanted to do the show. I'm not getting any more money from this.


Once Barstool radio failed, I said, I'll do it.


This was your Kirk?




Yes. Once Barcelona radio failed, I said, I'll do it. No, that's after you said, the thing with.


Yeah, I said if it was going to be the only one who could host, it was you. And you reached out immediately and you're like, let's do.


I'm saying. But that's a direct result of Barcelona radio failing. So that's what I'm saying. That's why we're taking over Barcelona radio.


That is true.


So it's.


I thought, Whitney, if you want Grinelli to run the show, you can have Grinelli be our producer. You have your team, your chiclets guys. Kirk has his guys. I have.




It got. But don't make this sound like it's not related to Barstow radio failing. It's a direct result of Barstow Radio fail.


Yeah. It all stemmed from that. No doubt.


Of course. Okay, that's good. Okay, fine. So I'll handle it. Going forward, every Thursday, I have topics right here. I'll handle it.


How long is the show, Kirk?


I think between 40 and 50 minutes. If something crazy is going on, great. If we have a guest, we can't have guests this week. If we have a guest who might.


Know that we can't have guests.


We can have guests now. We can't. Thank you.


We can have guests now.


We can have guests. Good job, Austin.


So if we need guy in New York, twelveth man on the bench is loving life now.


Getting it. But I would say I'll start because I think we do need to do the final post mortem on Barstool radio. He's my friend. He texted me before the show. You have given. Dave has given Kevin a total pass on this. Like, this is completely a Kevin Clancy failure. This barcelona rated completely.


He doesn't really go at the made men anymore, though.




You are right about that. It's easy to go after Rico Bosco. It's easy to go after. But Kevin said he was in charge of New York. He put two people position who had.


I don't know if that's. No, no, I went in. Kevin said he's in charge of.


Sends out these. He sends out these emails all the time to people.


To all trying to cheer him up. I don't know that he's in charge of New York.


Frank the tank won New York King.


He is the king of New York.


Okay, well, Kevin put those two people in that spot for Barstool radio. Correct. You didn't.


That is correct. And I didn't know. And if we're being honest, I didn't know that happened or was happening. I never would have put them. Well, no, that's not true. I actually would have thought Kelly Keegs would have maybe been good at it. I had no idea that Francis wanted to make parcel radio a show about dressing fancy and drinking wine. I was caught off guard by that statement.


And that about already.


Yeah, but that's out and about. Listen, if Francis and Keegs wanted to do a show about dressing fancy and drinking wine and call it the fancy, fancy show and put it on their own socials, I would have no problem with that. They just can't do Barcelona radio.


So whose fault was it? You don't blame Kevin at all? I mean, it feels like to me, like you did.


Kevin definitely has a role now. It's a he said, she said a little bit between Kevin and Keegs and Francis and whether it was clear on what was expected. But, yeah, there was definitely actually, if we're being hand to God, when I knew Kevin was done with Barcelona radio because it was eating Barcelona radio, KFC radio is, like, essentially the same thing. I thought we were just done with Barcelona radio. I didn't know he was giving it to somebody else.


Right. So you would have said, don't do that.


I would have said, do not do that.




I said, just get rid of it.


But in the end, if a team fails miserably over and over, the GM ends up getting gassed. Right.


Yeah. You don't fire the players, you fire the coach and the owner. Pretty much. You're not firing Dave in the blame pie. How much blame does Kevin get? How much blame does Keegs get? How much blame does Francis get? Because I would go Kevin more. I blame the guy who put the people in that position more.


I think it's 33% each.


If you would reach out. If Kevin reached out to me and said, I'm going to do a show of. Of Kelly Keegs, and I have a bar to radio that would die in five minutes.


Here's the thing, and this is. I haven't really talked to Kevin what.


It would be DOA, Keegs and Francis doing that.


Here's the thing. Here's what I don't.




And I haven't talked to Kevin at all about this. Dan is the clear leader of Chicago. Right. Because it's his move. He's like, I'm going to Chicago. We're building this office. Everybody come with me. He is clearly the top dog in Chicago. I left New York, but it's like I still view myself as kind of running New York. So, yeah, I moved to Miami. Kevin has. I guess de facto. But I never looked at, like, is he the Dan of New York? I've never viewed it that way. So I would still view myself as involved in New York.


So that's kind of a shot.


Totally shot.


The bow there.


Yeah, that. Who? Kevin.






What do you mean?


If you're gone, you're not back in. I'm paying attention.


You're not there. What does that mean?


I'm still the head of the company. I'm paying attention.


Well, then why aren't you a bigger factor in Chicago, then?


Because, Dan, like, your own company.


It's in.


No, no, but I was always, like, in didn't move. I went to Miami, but I was still, like, you wouldn't have said Dan's head of New York. When he was in New York, he physically picked everything up and moved to Chicago. It's like landing on the moon. He placed a flag on a place we hadn't been. We had already been in New York.


New York feels like a rudderless ship to me right now.


I don't mind it that way. I like having tumbleweed blowing in the wind, and I like the angst, and I like what's going on there. It can't all be cumbia. You have two different worlds. You have a very nice planet, and then you have a planet that know it's a little bit rough around the edges, and people are getting shot at, and you got to lock your door in your window at night. I have no problem with that.


Which is why the current owner of the company, you own everything again, correct? At some point, and I actually have many friends in New York, but for this show, to be fair and honest, at some point, Chicago is making you a ton of money. I don't know if New York is making you a ton of money. So at some point in time, are you going to be like, all right, yeah, I love the angst. I love the tumbleweeds, but this isn't worth it.


Let me ask you this before you answer that. How much is, like, the rent in that New York place? It must be a fortune.


I heard you guys signed a ten year lease.


Yeah, we're in it for the long haul, so we're not going. But I don't know, off the top ten. Pay for it.


So now it's already paid for anyway.


No, we pay every month.


I pay for it. I pay for it. Is that like a six figure a month? I have no idea. It's like two.


It's six figures. Yeah. I don't know. It's a lot. It's a fucking lot. To answer your question, Whitney. No. The tumbleweed and the angst. Barstool has things that make money and then Barstool has things that very much make barstool. Barstool, you can say. What was the number one story the last two weeks? This. Keegs and Nate. That is core Barstool. We've always had it. And the things that sometimes are headlines. Yeah, PMT makes a shit ton of money and other know chicks in the office, ton of money. They're in York so forgot about them. There's people, Brianna, chicken fry New York. So you can't just act like New York. You see Nate, Nate's never going to make a dime for this company. But he's going to pop up once a year. He's going to be in the headlines being an asshole.


But the difference is like, Brianna Chicken fry and chicks in the office are physically in the York office but they're not in the dirt in New York. Brianna, chicken fry could be in LA. Chicks in the office could be in LA. They're not in.


The chicks in the office is in the office all the time.


No, they're making a ton of money. They're killing it. But I'm saying they're not part of this dirty crazy fighting shit going.


But that's core bar stool.


Which is core bar. Which part?


The dirty fighting shit.


I agree. But when you're giving them credit that's almost giving New York credit. They could be anywhere and they'd be successful. What?


Oh KFC if we want them.


Sure, if you want them. Yeah, sure.


I don't know. Austin came in. It's your show. Did you not know he was there?


How the hell would I know? Nobody tells me. Nobody's telling me anything. Nobody. How would I know?


I don't know. How do I know? I'm in Vegas. How do I know you're with everyone?


You said, oh, is Kevin.


I'm here. I'm in fucking Watertown.


I'm not with Kevin. I'm in a fucking park MGM suite.


Is Kevin Clancy currently in Watertown, Massachusetts or Las Vegas, Nevada?


He's in Las Vegas.


Okay. I'm in Watertown.


So I don't, I don't know where Kevin is. I don't even know how we got.


Sitting next to me right now. I don't think he's in the blind.


There he is. What is going on?


I don't need to come on this show right now. Am I invited or not?


Why are you here? Why are you forcing.


Dave just said you were ready to come on, but then he said he doesn't know.


No. Austin came in and said, kevin's here.


Marina sent me a link and said, here's a link if you want to join the show. I assumed you were talking about me.


We were.


Well, basically what we were saying was, how much of the blame of the failure of Barstool radio do you take?




You are fucking unbelievable. You are unbelievable.


Well, can I ask you this?


Well, wait, are we talking about transition to a new show?


You bailed correctly, by the way. You're like, listen, it's hurting our podcast. It's eating our podcast. So I'm bailing. You bail. In the middle of the week, you handed over to two people who just were the wrong fit. That was your call. So you have to take some blame for that. Take no blame is insane.


No, first of all, you're right. My numbers went drastically down to a point that I was like, I need to change this right now, because what I've been building for, like, 15 years is in bad shape.


I don't think there's any argument you did the right thing. You did the right thing for your show. It was who you kind of put in there.


When I knew you were canceling your show, Kevin, I didn't know we're continuing.


What I. What I will take blame for is I should have just absolutely canceled it for sure.


We just shouldn't have done it at all.


I have the mind of, like, let's try to make content. Let's try to put other people in a position to succeed. I think handing somebody the baton and letting them try to run with it in hindsight, was a bad idea, but I thought it was maybe a good idea. I asked Tommy. He said no. I talked to roan. It wasn't possible.


Okay, question.


Sorry to interrupt. How is Tommy able to say no to, like, shouldn't you be like, you're doing.




Because I could see Tommy doing it. I could see him being good at it.


Well, I heard you say on your show, Kevin, you were disappointed in Tommy, and. Yeah, yeah, go ahead.




I thought Tommy. I mean, there's a reason why I picked him with the first go round with me, because he's good with the drama. He knows Barstool. He's actually been a part of Barstool radio before. He's filled in for Dave. And when I asked him, he was like, I really want to do more of the scripted stuff. And I was like, well, I'm not going to put someone else in there who doesn't have their heart in it. It's not something that you can mail it in. And then in the New York office, there's, like a couple other people who I can really rely upon to show up and do a daily show. There's not many people who are going to do a four day a week.


A burial. This feels like a burial of New York to me. Dave, by Kevin being like, these guys aren't going to show up.


And no, well, it's a combo. There's not the right people to do the show. We just went through it before Kevin got on. There is the angst, which I like in New York, and I like the back and forth and the bickering. Then you have other people who are very successful and just not involved in the drama, which we've already mentioned. Chicks in the office, breon, whatever. But no, I agree. To me, the biggest mistake Kevin made, it should have never continued. Once Kevin was done with it, it should have just gone away. And you wait and maybe it comes back in some other form, just like it went away. Now, weirdly, I keep saying it. I think maybe I could see, maybe thinking, that's right.




And Francis did do radio. Now where the miscommunication, like, again, I already said it, Kevin, before you came on, when Francis said he wanted the show to be about dressing fancy, it was over. That's just such an insane thing to say.


He does dress pretty well, but I wasn't surprised.


That's who he is. The show stunk. It stunk. Before that episode with those two, it was no surprise it was a bad show.


I could absolutely see a world where Kelly and Tommy would be great at Barcelona radio with doing all the drama, dragging everybody in, gossiping and all that shit, doing that part of it, the rest of it, when there's not drama, you got to carry a good show. And that is hard to do four days a week on a level that we're talking about for the name Barstool radio.


But can I have another question?


I have one as well, but go ahead, Dave.


But here's something. And we could have talked it on the radio the other day, Kevin, they were talking. All right, so we're mentioning. I still see myself as involved in.


No, no, Dave, you said you were the leader of New York.


Yes, I still see myself like. Because Dan, when Dan went to, he. That's him moving to Chicago. To me, it's like I said, putting a flag in the movie hadn't been there. It was his move. People followed. New York's been there forever. I still view, like, I was surprised. I didn't know that you had passed on. Like, we talked, we knew Barcelona radio is gone. Like, we were together on that. And then I was surprised. We just did Barcelona radio and I know just appeared. I didn't really care. I hoped it worked. But that surprised.


I mean, I'll run that sort of stuff by you. I didn't know you wanted.


You have. You can do whatever you want.


Do you consider yourself the leader in New York, Kevin? Like, dan is Chicago or.


No, I mean, I'm trying to motivate everybody in New York, but at the end of the day, Dave is obviously the guy who's running the show, but I'm trying to.


Isn't it weird that you guys never on?


That's on one of you mean?


Me and Dave have always. That's kind of always been how we are. I guess that was a business. We usually talk about business, and that was a business decision, so I probably should have run that by him.


Yeah, but I didn't care. I wasn't, oh, like, he's there and doing stuff, but we've never talked a lot. But even Dan. But to be honest, dan will, like, even though he's Chicago, if he has, like a content thing or new, he'll run it by, like, if Dan wants to hire somebody, he's like, hey, what do you think? Can we hire? It still goes through me.


Yeah, you're right. That I will take blame for. I should have run that by you. I was more of, like, I got so much feedback from fans and from people at barstool being like, barstool radio is like a necessity for the fans love it to keep up with all the drama. And the people almost love it because it's like, all the festering and gossiping and infighting. You almost get it out because there's, like, a forum to do it. So I heard so much feedback after we started, like, Barcelona radio needs to exist. Barcelona radio needs to. I really, I guess in hindsight, I expected, like, tommy or someone else to do it that I thought was going to fit. And the minute that didn't happen, I should have just been like, Kevin said.


It early, there's very few on saving. He said earlier, very few people can do it.


Yeah. The problem is, and I hate to pump your tires, but I don't think there's a bar stool radio without Dave on it.


Not in the way that people want. Not the boy.


Wait, say one more time. I'm sorry, there's a little bit of a delay.


It's hard to say it again, but I don't think Barstool radio can work without Dave.


Yes, I think Barstool radio was at its best when it was me and Dave, because Dave, he was on every day, and that's what drives the ship. That's what stirs the straw, that stirs the drink. And I would push back on him enough, or probably too much, to be honest. We were fighting all the time, and I also was enough of a status at Barstool to have an opinion that people care about.




When we brought it back, when there was just, like, drama that fell in our lap, it was great. But I'm not going to talk about the minutiae of Barstool. This person's contract, this person's know what this person's numbers are. We'll talk about when they're fighting. Dave can talk about all of that shit. And that's what really people want to see.


And there is also, when you're doing drama, Kelly Keys is a perfect example, and this has always been with Barstool. Nate's another perfect example. The fact that I started it. People can take. You don't have much choice. If I'm coming at you, it's like, all right, well, he's the boss. If you see somebody on an equal, that's where people go bananas here. It's like Kelly Keegs. Who is this Tate guy? What's his right to attack?


But she also handled it badly, horribly. She's accusing people of slut shaming her, and she's doing this and she's blocking people. That's why I don't think she would work. She might be a good blogger. I feel like she's done 40 podcasts. It's never worked, like, as an on air person to me. She just doesn't. It's not for everybody, but at the.


Same time, for her, it doesn't work at the same time.


Listen, when she did the mean girls thing, people loved it. So it's like.


But that goes to my point. It's easy to be the giver. It's easy to be the giver. That Ohio State guy, while writing some pretty magnificent blogs, seems like a little bit of a could. You can fire at people. It's easy to fire at once. You get fired upon.


Bosco and Dave, you guys are describing Bosco.


Well, hold on. But Dave, I want this Ohio state, that is.


Bosco likes being the bully. The bully always has fun. But when the bully gets bullied, then you see what it's all about. That's Bosco in a nutshell. So get that Tate.


Get Tate.


March 11. He is done teaching, and he's fair game.


But that's a month from now.


The guy is.


You don't think Kelly Keeg is a way to.


By the way, Tate didn't say anything that bad.


I agree. To me, it's not a question of Tate. This is a test of the people in New York. Tate goes in there, and they're all talking all kinds of shit.


Let's see.


Bring him in next week. Let's see how they react.




I don't care. He's going to be a zero. He's a content zero on air. Fine. I want Ohio state. I want to see how Nate as well. I want to see Nate. I want to see Frank. All these people talk all kinds of shit when he's in the office. It's not about him. It's about them. Just for a week.


Let me tell you this, though.




The New York office, people in the New York office, a lot of them. And we vary throughout the company. We have people who don't. And you guys may say, we have people who don't have any idea where the line in the sand is. And there is a line in the mean Nate dog. Nate, Nate.


Nate dog could try to ruin your yesterday.


He would. Yeah, he texted me, and then I saw him deny it. I have the text. He texted me, read the text.


Read the text.


Let me say this.


I spoke to Nate last night, and he goes, I have the email. I have the email. And then he starts reading through it, and he gets to a certain line halfway through, and he, oh, I can understand why Dave thought.


Let'S let Kevin's on delay. We'll catch up with him later. Let him go.


Let me just say one last thing, because I do think what Dave said is true about being like the guy. You have to reply to him. You have to go in there with him. And then afterwards, people just kind of go back to being like, that's Dave. He's the. You know, if you call people out and you're not the boss, they're like, fuck you for life. And nobody really wants to live that.




It's not an easy one to just be like, I come into work every day and piss off every single person in my life.


I know, but that's this company. That's who you signed up for.


That's what Kirk. That's how I live that's my whole life.


That's how you do it.


I don't think I could live that life.


Exactly my point. If you're telling me I have to be like Kirk Minahan, I got to get paid $10 million a fucking year.


You don't take it personal. You don't take it personal, Kirk, a lot of people take it personal.


Everybody else, Kirk, personal.


I know, Ken, but you can't write.


Shit like that about Alex and Jordan, which I agreed with. And then be a fucking baby when.


They called on you 100%.


That doesn't work, Bosco. Well, leave Rico alone, okay? He's had enough. He's fine. Rico.


Last thing we're going to do, though. Let me just kind of announce this here. The other day, we did a draft at Barcelona, New York. We had four captains, they all drafted. Maybe I should have run this by you, too. Dave. I don't know if you like this idea. I think it's pretty good.


Four captains.


They all drafted about four or five people. Because there's, like, 2025 people in the office.


Who is the last? I don't understand.


What's the point of the draft? Smitty.


Every team makes a new video every single month, and it's like a contest to see who can get the most views.


I'd say never say no to that, but I don't do stuff like that. That's not my.


Well, that's kind of my thought in New York, is I'm doing a lot of shit that I think you would either not like or just not do. Continuing bar stool that definitely you should have been in on that. But I think it's going to start. February 22 is the first videos that drop. So everyone picks their own theme, makes their own video, and then next month, we do another round of captains. So I know Chicago has a lot of glitz and glamor, and they're doing a lot of shit, a lot of views. But I think this will put out original content. Four videos a month, every month from Barcelona, New York, and we'll see. You can sink or swim.


All right, see you later. There you go. We'll see you.


The Nate dog stuff.


Here it is.


Hold on. I can't wait for that content event in February 22. Jesus.


Listen, I'm never going to get on somebody for trying to do stuff.


Oh, my God, buddy, for 15 years, you've gotten on people for trying bad.


It should be the greatest thing ever.


Time out. If they do bad shit, I'll be like, this is fucking horrible.


But I always gone to you with ideas, and you're like, this is a horrible idea.


No, but I always say you can do whatever the fuck you want as long as it doesn't cost me money, I don't care. Try fair.


Do you think that's a good idea?


I won't do it.


I don't know. Clemmer's video could be bomb.


I won't do it. Listen, go ahead. The thing with talent, people, and you got to learn this just because you want to throw 99 on the black. Not everyone can throw 99 on the black. Not everyone is Dan Katz. That just is the world we live in.


That's the dog's issue, correct?


Yeah. Well, he's the worst. So here. By the way, the dog, he got mad about this. He said, I never tried to get Tate fired. He emailed me this February 1, wondering where the line with Ohio Tate is. I want to reply also, Don will be responsible for losing his teaching coaching jobs, but seems like if he wants to come at my career, I should be able to go after him too. Not sure what the play is. I know he did this because I'm an easy target. He told me as much on the phone. So after sleeping on it, I'm not sure I care what happens to him anymore, but wanted some guidance from you first. I texted him back. I don't think you have any clue where the line is. Kate hasn't come close to the line. Francis went way over it. If you try to actually get him fired from his teaching job, I'll fire you with it. That's the line.


He's available to join us right now.


And by the way, then last night on Twitter, he's saying that never happened. I never want to go after his job. He's delusional.


Dealing with.


Nate is dealing with a petulant, delusional child.


Do you believe that Nate believes that when he says that, he doesn't remember it? Or do you think he's just so.


I think he believed it because Kevin mentioned he's reading the email and then right now, the dog. I will agree with Kevin and big cat in a sense that years ago, it was like. It was horrifying when he was on camera. He's a little better. I don't know.


Small doses, small dose.


He can handle the heat. I don't know if he necessarily can handle the heat.


He can't, Whitney.


I want to give him a show. When he put the mask on, didn't he? At night when he is just ripping people. He's always been good what happens is he has a mental breakdown, because essentially, the people he's attacking turn the cannon slowly at him. Like, what he's just saying, with cannot. You can't survive. And I said this to Tate when I hired him. I go, listen, I'll offer you a job, but you can't survive. There's no way to be long term doing that. You have to be able to write. You can't just do Ohio State football and attacking people from the clouds. You got to be able to write about other stuff. He's like, I get it.


I was surprised at how sensitive Nate was even doing surviving off air. Like, he gets very sensitive. He just hates being shit. You're right.


Rico Bosco, right?


It is very similar. But I will say this about Rico. If you dumped on mark Titus one 100th the way you dumped on Rico Bosco, Titus would crawl back to his house. Crawl back. He's a pussy.


I don't know well enough.


I know pussy. He's a nice kid, but he's a pussy, all right.


But he does numbies, right?


He does some numbies.


The flip side is, he hasn't spent a decade attacking and forcing people out of this company.


I agree, but I'm just saying, give Rico. Rico takes more shit than anybody. I'm not defending him, but I'm saying.


I mean, I don't think Mark Titus would attack the wife of an employee with burners.


I agree. There's no reason to get bogged down that part of the.


Don't. Don't try to act like Rico deserves everything he gets.


Do you think Titus would bring one cigar on a guy's bad?


That's bad. It's hard to defend.


Did you know that, Rico.


But Rico's my guy. Rico's low hanging fruit. So, you know bash.


I'm not going to Rico Bash, but I will ask. Did you guys know that he was pranking somebody he thought was trying to force him out of the CYO basketball league that he ref because he was making too much money? Rico was making too much money for Cyo. He got caught, had to go to this guy's house, knocked Cyo. He had to go apologize to another grown man for fake calling him under, like, pranking him because he thought he was trying to run him out of town, because he did too good of a job running the CYO league.


Hold on. The guy, he got the wrong guy? Is that what happened?


No. There was a guy Rico believed was out to squeeze him out of being in the CYO management because Rico was doing too good of a job and exposing this guy for not being good at his job. So Rico started prank calling him. The guy had, like, caller id or something. Figured out it was Rico. Rico had to go apologize to this guy in person. He told this story on the week. I mean.


You got to bring this Ohio State guy in for, like, three or four days in New York before March 11, because March 11, the juice is over. Like, he's just another guy.


I agree with that, that the juice is over, but he also, again, by the way, he didn't write anything that bad.


I want to see New York people respond to him. Do we have him for a minute or no? Let's put Ohio State first. Guy Nate will get if we need him in a minute.


Whoa. This is Tate.


That looks like Mark Titus.


You teach at a private school, or do you always wear the shirt and tie?


Public school shirt and tie.


That's a professional.


Are you willing.


I was just talking to Dave about this. Are you willing to go to New York for a couple of days before March 11 and face these people because you've done all these videos, all this stuff. Great. To face these people who hate you. It's more of a test for them than you. Are you willing to go there before then for a couple of days? Yeah.


Not even just willing. I want to. I don't want.


My cunt comment. Tate, I got a question. Those blogs, very well written. Very well written. But it seemed to be all of a. That had those feelings been festering a while, and all of a sudden, you just exploded. Were you disgusted with the work ethic of many barstool employees for a long time?




Well, some background on that. This July, Gaz reached out, and I hadn't been really paid in a little bit, and I get on and off, whatever, and he was like, hey, we're going to give you a quota. If you don't hit this, you have to give your money back. And I didn't get paid for that month, and so I understand, like, hey, I got to work to get paid, but to then be watching Barstool radio during my lunch break and her admit that she doesn't work on Fridays, but she blogs. I went in and looked to see if she was blogging, and she wasn't. So, yeah, that's a nerve that I felt a part time employee was being held accountable and a full time employee.


Was not working as hard, which is totally fair. And those are things I had no idea. Like, to be totally honest, I had no.


How do you not have an idea that Gaz is out there giving ultimatums. I don't.


Gaz said, you got to start blogging more. Here's your number. And I felt the number was high for what I was doing. I thought I did a good job. And then to hear someone not working on Fridays.


Okay, that's all the pat. So when are these dates going to be? I want to know when you're going to be in New York. Whatever. We know what the blogs are. They did a great job. What days are you willing to be in New York, Dave? What days do you want him in New York before March 11? Let's just do it right now. Let's have him here.


Let's be done. This is something that I don't think he necessarily has to go right away.


You said he's willing to.




So then it's up to him. I'm not forcing him.


I told Dave, I coach a basketball team, varsity basketball team. We're very good, and we're in the middle of the tournament here. The day we lose in the tournament, I will go to New York the next.


We actually, one of your players reached making. I don't know if you knew that. One of your players reached out to me to get a colab. Ohio's Tate bar stool warm up jerseys for the tournament. So we're working on that.


I didn't know that, but I will say this. We have an nil list of people not invited to our championship celebration, and they added Kelly keegs to it after she tried to bring down our season by name dropping me in, fool. Nate's done his best, too. So I am ready to go to New York as soon as we lose, which we're pretty good. I'm ready to go to New York.


Get Nate on here real quick. Nate's back.


Yes or no? Would you want Bosco giving a little pregame pump up speech to your hoops team before a big playoff game?


Our girls are calling it the last dance.


We're excited.


We're all bought into the barstool thing. I don't know if Bosco is the answer, though.


We got some before we get off. I have another before the show's done. One more bosco story I got to.


Tell before the show. We got Nate, too, for 1 second.


But go ahead, Nate.




What were you saying yesterday when you were trying to deny that you had interest in getting Ohio state fired from his teaching job?


Dave, my email to you said laid out that I don't want to be responsible for him losing his coaching or teaching jobs. How do I reply without making that a thing?


But, Nate, you also said that you felt that this guy went over the line as well, tried to get you fired.


Do I have to reread what you wrote me, Nate?


Dave, read it again. Yes, read it again, Dave.


I want to reply. I also don't want to be responsible for him losing his teaching or coaching.


No, let me read the whole first the text of the email.


What was email for? This is an email from Nate out of the clouds, wondering where the line is with Ohio. Tate, I want to reply. I also don't want to be responsible for him losing his teaching coaching jobs, but seems like if he wants to come at my career, I should be able to go at him, too.


That's a big butt, Nathan.


That's a huge. I should be able to go at him.


I got something to say.


Go ahead.


Oh, let's go.


Tate, listen, are we on the same page? I was mad that Nate said, I don't deserve a dollar. I don't think I went below the belt. Nate is acting like he didn't cross the line. Nate, I have a screenshot and I can't wait to release it. You started a blog with my full name. Head girls basketball coach at blank pedophile.




I put that on the back.


Holy shit. These guys are crazy. This is why I'm not like, go to New York. Nate doesn't know where the line is. Nate does not. Francis does not. If I'm not there, I don't know that I can trust. I'm going to have to go to New York. I'm going to have to go to New York.


I can sue you, Nate.


I'm just going to tell the world how stupid you are.


You're a bad editor, Nate.


I would never publish that blog.


I just wouldn't publish it on the.


Nate, what if somebody saw a picture of that headline, pedophiles, whatever else, screenshot it, and it somehow got tweeted with his full name and his.


Nate could easily happen, right? Can you hear us or no? Tate, shut up. Shut up. Nate, go ahead.


I put that on the back end, as I said, to rattle Tate, because I wanted him to be coaching and I wanted him to be. I know that people might see that it was obviously never going to go.


Up, but it was. You don't know that.


It's the Internet.


How do you know that?


Because it was under my name.


I'm the only person who put it up.


So why did you do it, Nate, what was your purpose in doing that?


To rattle him, to get in his head. He's been thinking.


So he might not know the line.


Dave say anything, though?


Listen, I'm telling you guys, he has no clue where the line is. That is why when everyone's like, it's just tree warfare.


Dave, he's firing shells at New York from ohio. I'm putting stuff in the back end to get in.


Nate, if you can't see the difference between Kelly keegs is lazy or you're a bad Ediverse, he's a pedophile. Get him fired from his teaching job, which I know you can't, by the way. I know they don't know the line.


Stop talking.


Shut up, Nate.


Kirk, you called one of your good friends, who I know you like and admire, K Marco, a pedophile. For two straight years, Dave didn't care about.


No, no, Nate, that's not true. I did not call him a pedophile. He blogged about underage girls. That's a fact. Now, if Ohio state did that, to my knowledge, he didn't. Well, can we get K Marco on Dave? Is he still employed with the company or.


And Kirk was brutal and over the line, which I didn't love.


Is he still employed the company, or. No, he's not. He's not. Okay, so he's not able to. Come on, Nate. I know he's a hero of yours, but he.


Pedophile bombs need to be thrown out the window.


Is a pedophile. If he's a pedophile, we should have a discussion about that.


I have not. And let me also say with Kirk Minahan, I've known this about Kirk for a long, long time. And I've said this when we were at odds with him, when he was trying to sabotage our ad deals.


I know we could make it through one fucking episode with this.


The best way to get Kirk to stand down is not to tell Kirk Minahan to stand down. That will generally lead to mass casualties, an eruption.


I have a question for Kirk. Kirk, if someone came at you, let's say he was a teacher in Ohio, I believe that he would have been led out of the school in handcuffs, showing grace and humility as a leader of men in New York. I emailed Dave, our boss, who's supposed to supply guidance to all of us, and I said, where is the line? Because I don't want him fired. I said, I don't want him to lose his coaching job.


Here's the difference. Nate is K Marco legitimately tried to get us fired. This guy was actually right. He was right about Keegs. He was right about Francis. He was actually right what he wrote. I agree with what he wrote. Like, I don't think you wrote anything wrong. Not about me.


I have a question. Nate for Nate Dogg. Hi, Brian.


Over here.


I know that he went at Keegs and went at you and stuff, but when you say he tried to get you fired, how did he try to get you fired?


I did not say that.


Yeah, you did. Earlier this show, you said he tried to get you fired.


I said that if he comes at me, I should be able to go back at him. I didn't feel comfortable going back at him because I didn't want him to lose his teaching and coaching jobs credit.


Can I ask you something, though? Do you really think Dave pat me on the back. Do you really think Ohio's take came at your.


Not. Not. Definitely not.


I read the blog.


Definitely not talked about my career. I should be able to. You said in the bar, I'm not.


Talking about his job.


I'm talking about in the barstool university.


If he wants to come at my career, I should be able to go at him too and get him fight.


Nobody could reply because he's this innocent little teacher feeding the youth of America, teaching them.


I think you can reply without calling a pedophile.


I couldn't properly go back at him. Pedophile aside allegations, I couldn't properly go back at him on the blog knowing that he is teaching the youth of America.


You know what? I respect it. I'm with him.


I have gone out of my way. I would never try to hurt what he's doing for these impoverished children in Ohio. I respect.


What if Dave would have said yes?


What would you have written?


Say that again.


Who is that?


If Dave would have said yes, you can. What would you have written?


You'd be in prison right now.


If I called you a pedophile, I would be fired. And Dave pays me way too much to let myself.


I had to tell you that he.


Kind of looks like a pedophile for being totally.


That. We've gotten sued for that thing from Kelly, too.


What's that?


Your name is out there now. I will say I checked all my dms and texts and emails with you. You never said, don't put up pictures of me. I had no evidence that you were against that.


You were on idol.


You've been on Dave Portnoy's show. You've done other stuff on camera. So I don't think she doxed think.


No, she said my full name.


It's out there. I don't know. You can type in Tate Barstool, and.


It'S, like, at a very opportune time for.


I would say, once you got in the heat, Tate, I feel like it's kind of your name. Yeah, I agree with that.


That's too. You're being a pussy there. That's too far.


All right.


We'Re good.


He's just saying shit.


Hey, Tate, by the way, with these pea bombs going around now, you got this bar stool fame going around school. Don't you be talking to any of those underage girls, bud. That could end ugly. You know Nate dog's looking to bury you.


All right, get rid of these guys. Goodbye.


I am not. I am team Tate.


Pay Tate.


Do we know how to get rid of them?


How many times? I'm saying. There we go.


I don't know who does it. Is it you or us?


The dog has, like, a nervous breakdown when he's in the heat of. See, he could have tore his rotator cuff there, trying to give himself a tap on the back.


Dave, I think you should apologize to Nate. Clearly, he knows the line. I don't even know why you would think that. He seems so aware of what there was right or wrong.


Do you know that I've had to deal with that for two decades, almost now, of him just blatantly misrepresenting? Still, we're reading him the email saying, yeah, but. You said but. And he's. I mean, that's. That's the world.


That's what we deal with. So once that team gets knocked out, obviously you're good with him just showing up in New York if it's next Tuesday or whatever, right? You don't care.


Yeah, I keep reiterating, there's people who. And you're not one of them, Kirk, if you're wrong, Whitney is. Whitney knows where the line is. I know where the line is.


I know where the line is. That's not true.


Not if somebody comes at you first. No, you don't.


Well, Kirk, I don't know if you're necessarily a line.


I know it. I just cross it. I'm aware of what it.


Like, what I just said with you, you got to treat people differently. I know if something happened with you or with the company. And even when Eric was like, what about Kirk? It's like telling Kirk what he can and can't do will create Epic line.


Well, we've been great the last few years, though.


No, it's been great. We've had. No, but, like, would I have preferred you not go ballistic on me?


But he did try to get him fired.


No, I blogged with that crazy guy.


What were we doing? I know.


What are you, nuts?


The Zonk dog?


What are you crazy? You would have done the same thing.


Nobody went crazier than I did when that blog was published, so I didn't need you to go. I was livid, by the way, I.


Haven'T mentioned his name, like, three years. I don't. All right, so we're good. First episode, everyone? Everyone happy? Satisfied? We're good.


It'll be interesting to see what sounds like with everybody screaming over each other.


I think that's going to be an issue.


I think there was a moment when nobody will be able to hear a thing, but Nate's going to be in the hospital with a torn shoulder anyway, so we got sort of content.


I'm not sure if we all record it. Like, whether the audio. What am I talking about? But the audio. If we all are locally recording, we each have our audio. You can put in. I don't really know. I will say the one last Bosco story somebody told is he went to another youth basketball game. Nobody in the game. He didn't have anyone related. It was like a friends game. And he got kicked out of the gym for screaming at the ref too hard.


No, that's the word. You can't do that. What.


Was. How'd you hear this?


Maybe Bosco. No, it had to be one of Bosco's friends. It had to be one of Bosco's.


Friends getting kicked out of games that doesn't even have a kid playing.


But for being on the ref. Yeah, the ref was, like, out of position or something.


What's crazy about Rico is in all this stuff we've mentioned the last hour, it's all about New York. Rico has played no role in this whatsoever.


Well, he's a neutered dog, right?


Probation, right?


He's not even a factor. He's just like a little. Yeah, he's a little newborn baby just going around and crawling around the dog.


I was worried when the whole, I guess, like, going after somebody's wife thing happened that he would never be the crazy old dog again. But then he started healthy debate, and that seemed to be going well. So I feel like he's not the same lunatic, but he's still not doing nothing.


That's like a safe sports debate, crazy outlet.


But that's his dream.


I agree. No, I agree. He's not throwing things at people anymore.


But it's a tough thing because Dave wants him to be the dog, the crazy old lunatic. But if he does it, he's done. So it's a tough.


Wow. Yeah. How do you. Does he know the line? I think he knows. I think he knows this. He knows. He doesn't know the line. If the old guy comes back, like that demon he has, he knows that guy's uncontrollable. So that's why he has to be kept. Somewhere in Rico's body, there's someone just banging on a door, being like, let me get out of here and be myself. But that guy, he's uncontrolled.




Dave. Is club Dave ripping around Vegas.


No, I saw that. No, I will go out this weekend. I haven't gone out at all. Just been working. Time difference fucked up. But this weekend, I'll go out. Great parties everywhere. Zach, Bryan, I don't know if you're a fan of him. He's got a private show that I'm going to wiggle and invite to. And then there's a bunch of, like, there's tons of shit. And we've changed so much. Gaz and I joke about, like, I get great treatment now at all the shit. So it'll be fun.


The blackjack between the busting with the boys guys, I did get a kick out of your tweet. The real blackjack is us losing constantly. Like in Detroit after we watched the Super bowl. Did you go meet with those guys? Like, how are they winning?


I'm doing it. I'm doing it tonight. I think it's rigged.


I talked to them when we did a sandbagger with those guys recently, and they mentioned that the whole thing is you go in and it's a quick hit, and you're out, and somehow they continue to win. But we're going to need some video, because apparently at this place, you can video everything. You do whatever you want. So I don't get it.


So the only thought I have, because I ask Will and Taylor, they keep saying, you just say how much you want to win, and then you win it. That's never worked for me. There is a thought, like, oh, Taylor's up 30 grand, and Will's up 30 grand.


I think they get up and leave.


They're waiting for the big fish. I just got a $2 million credit at this casino. I'm going to walk in. Suddenly, you can't win a hand. So, yeah, they win 1020 30. I dropped two mil. Casino wins. I've never seen anything, like, heard anyone say, we just say how much we want to win. We win, and then we walk out. It's like, what are you talking about?


I've never won.




But how is it rigged? I'm confused. How is it rigged?


The whole scene over.


They're trying to get him in there. But Dana White's probably best friends.


Well, yeah, but Dana's, like, best friends with the people who own the casino. They're the fertitas who ufc. I've just never seen it. I've never seen a room like this. People are walking around, they're video winning. And everyone's winning. They win every.


Oh, one final thing. I do want to ask you about this before we go. So you just bailed on Hank's thing. You just gave up? Like, you just couldn't handle it?


It was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life.


I watched it.


That guy memes, I was physically getting ill. I didn't really know who memes is. I can't even look at it.


It's very uncomfortable.


It was awful.


Awful. Did you watch it with me or.


No, no, I didn't.


It was awful. You didn't miss it?


I'm not saying, like, it sounds like Hank did pretty good for what the expectations were.


Well, Hank is not like a funny, like, no expectations. Yeah, I didn't expect him to do good. The only thing I said to him was, these live shows are like, they are fucking hard.


Like, Dave, it was horrible. But you knew it would be horrible.


Yeah, I guess the memes started it really set off. And Hank was bad, too.


But why did two of them have.


To go up there? They lost bets on PMT. 20,000 people paid for it.


Oh, is that true? On the pay per view? Yeah. That's great. Jeez.


Made 100 G's on that.


Yeah, it's absolutely stealing. We stole from people.


By the way, Nate Dog mentioned you pay me so much. Is Nate Dogg making a killing? He said something about, you pay me way too much for me to risk my career or something. We pay Nate Dogg pretty nice. Nice.


I mean, he's been with the company forever now. Again, I've said this. He's the editor of the has, which a lot of people do. They want to be on camera. It's more exciting. You do make more money, just like anything if you become an on air talent. But he can't do. He's. I said this the other day, and I do like Nate, sort of, but he's very unlikable. He's an unlikable guy, but that can work.


But the thing is with Nate is it's like, always the dog or it's, like, pouty. I never found with Nate ending in the middle. That's kind of.


No, Kirk being truly unlikable cannot work.


I think in short spurts, it can for, like, 810 minutes, but is a long time.


What a show. That'd be just ten minutes of the dog lose.


But that's what it should be. That's what it should be like. He can't do an hour. He just can't.


That's what it was supposed to be. Nate at night was supposed to be there, and then I'm sure Whitney will appreciate that we gave him the show. He somehow, I don't know how he got James Van Reamsdyke as a guest. JVr sat down, and he went Walter Cronkite. And it was the most bizarre hour.


That led to JVR being, like, traded it at one point.


I think. I think that's pretty funny.


Owner of the, like, what was this show you were on?


He had to be sitting there. What did I get myself into?




Just awful. He's. Anytime he tries to be, and I know I keep saying Bosco and Bosco. I do like piling on, and I like Rico. But we have people at this company who want people to laugh with you and not at you. And the second you're the brunt of it, they don't like it. And I guess a lot of people don't. I think I don't really care either way. You got to have it both ways, and Nate is just not good on camera.


I'm always amazed at how many people can't be dumped. It's not that big a deal. You can fight back or you can laugh at it. I'm always amazed that people get that sensitive about.


I was carved so much by so many people playing hockey that I think it kind of numbed me. So now when I'm ripped on the Internet, I don't care. Having said that, if I hopped in this at a young age, and I'm getting. That's truecified by everyone, I don't necessarily know if I would have handled it that well once you get in this business.


Yeah. I also think with the three of us, there is a little bit of, like. And not everyone's like an east coast, like, thick skin. I mean, that's why we've always gotten along, because we're pretty comfortable going anywhere, and it's done in 5 seconds. Nobody's walking around. I hate that guy. There's people in New York office, they take it with them, they sleep with it, and it becomes a person. Like, I fucking hate that person. So as much as I don't like that, yeah, I like the angst, but the real true hatred of Nate trying to get a guy fired from his teaching job when he doesn't even know he's. That's crazy. He's trying to ruin his.


Right. All right, we're back next week, right? I'm actually going to be. Where am I? I'm going to be on location next two weeks. I'm not going to be here. I'll be on location, but I'll be part of this.


I will be as well. The next two be.


In two weeks from now, I'll be in Nashville doing it from busting the boys studio, wherever the hell that is. I'm doing it there. So I've never been there, so. Yeah, I don't know. Who knows? All right. Yeah. It's exciting news, isn't group chat. Goodbye.