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Today, we talk about back in the day when, like, resources were thin.


You're watching Nick at Nite. You got to do what you got to do.


I deserve to be more drunk. I wish I was like six. I wish I was double the amount of drinks deep.


Cut your fucking hair. Why are you afraid to cut your hair, you bitch?


I'm not I'm not going to shame you, but you like to jerk off the. Here we go. Start your engines, it's hot. Yeah, it's hot take.


Well, Kyle's Internet is what is it doing called my Internet's chunking right now.


It's chunkin like a mo. Oh, I love that. And what's that? Classic Internet providers are charging too hard.


When your Internet chunks get VPN is chunking because because this is we're not working right now, everyone's kind of chunkin over each other, we're chunkin a little bit.


I feel a little chunky, especially this holiday season. I'm feeling shonk. Yeah.


How's everybody's post Thanksgiving coming?


You know what? I was afraid to do a pre and post like that day, because remember when I would visit you, Kyle, I would gain like 10 plus pounds on over Thanksgiving.


You hold the record. Oh, you were afraid to do away. And before I was afraid to do the way in by myself, because now I'm when I was doing it with Kyle, I'm, what, 23, 24 years old. It's funny. It's funny, young man.


Chunk, you can put on the trunk, then you can easily lose the chunk. Now, I'm afraid this boy's not losing the trunk.


This boy has turned into a man, boys to men, and I won't be able to see the trunk.


So I just weighed myself this morning and I am up just a couple elbows, like almost three elbows. That's not bad. I could lose that Alby's, but I didn't weigh in the day off.


Well, you know what they say. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. They do say that. That's what I heard.


That's the same I heard. I've never heard that.


That's cool, really. Now people say that. I'm not saying they haven't, but also, like, just don't don't be a fucking lazy ass dude.


That's if you eat and then you just never work out. You never do anything. You're not active.


I think by the time we're at forty on this pod, we're going to have just a sick little string of of Adam's workout tips and and body dysmorphia.


Dude, I'm fitness inspired on Instagram. That's my new thing. Yeah, I have noticed you're you're leaning into. I'm leaning into that. Yeah. I'm I'm kind of going to be basically poor man's the rock.


Right. You're stepping into the playbook.


Yeah, I'm going to be a lot of like how to work out. I don't have a sick gym. I actually have a pretty wacky garage that I work out in. And that's that's sort of my life.


So if you're sick of the rock and his dope ass jam and him like saying, I don't got time to bleed and all kinds of cool catchphrases, and if you're sick of that, come over to me.


I have minimal catchphrases. I don't really know what I'm doing and I'm just copying other people's workouts that I find online. Right.


What catchphrases do you have? Yeah. I said minimal. Kyle, your junk in your trunk and a lot, Kyle. I know I'm I'm going to be chunka in this hole.


Sorry about that diarrhea. Did you hear that?


Because you sound like the fiery remarks baby really makes you have some diarrhea.


This is important. And sometimes when I mix up a workout, I say, oh, oh, oh.


Oh, Tiree, oh, that's a little bit of a diarrhea, diarrhea, diarrhea. That's the only thing I like that fucking like the high pitched one, the the dance party diarrhea.


Little did I know. Is that a Pepto Bhishma has been like going at this like song and dance diarrhea for a minute. So there's a wealth of commercials to draw from.


I would say little. Did anyone know. Yeah. A lot of people didn't know that. Yeah, we're bringing it to them a deep dose. I didn't even know where you got that clip from.


And then I was watching TV with the whole fam the other day and my dad here's the potato mismo diarrhea and he's like, yeah, baby diarrhea.


I'm like, oh my God. He's like, I love that commercial. And I'm like, oh shit.


Blak straight up knab that one allegedly, allegedly, allegedly took that from a commercial. I'm trying to be the guy on the street that people used to yell type butthole to. And now though it's diarrhea guy.


OK, I also want that for you.


It's going to happen. Yeah. Do we also. I just think I'm, I'm drunk again.


My boy's drunk again. Oh man. Hey can I just say I wish I was more drunk last week. You were drunk enough. No, no, that's the thing. I wasn't. That was only my third drink.


Listen, no one's saying you didn't drink a lot. You were drunk enough.


Well, now should have been for as much flack, as much fucking Aflac I got. I deserve to be more drunk.


I wish I was like six. I wish I was double the amount of drinks deep. Sure.


Yeah, we got to do one. We've got to do a pod where we get really hammered. I'm actually switching over.


I'm, I'm starting an event that I'm calling you December to remember is what what I'm trademarking.


Hopefully that's never been done before and I've never heard of that.


Yeah. Not like, like on a jewelry commercial or anything.


I've never heard of that. No, I think that's a ridge. I don't know.


But I'm sure I mean, you're not like blacking out or but since, you know, we're not going to any holiday parties and I really won't have any chances to black out, I'm really looking forward to remembering December completely. And I will be drinking any beers for the month and eight beers.


Don't drink beer. This is why. Even so, you're having a sober November or December. December to remember the December to remember the whole name of the month.


Right. I'm not drunk, I swear to God. So then why even drink DNA beers? Because those are gross.


Well, I want to taste test them. There's so many options. I last week I tried the the Budweiser zero and yeah, it's really pointless to drink. I felt. Yeah.


It doesn't make any sense to drink.


Well I feel like they all are pretty pointless to drink if they're not getting you drunk though.


Right. Kyle, let's ask this.


This the sober friend Kyle, you know, do you when you were first saying, you know what, I'm done drinking, I'm not going to drink anymore, did you drink any beers or were you like, those are gross.


Oh, I filled my fridge with them. There you go. Because it was like I needed I felt like I needed to drink a beer.


But yeah, I love that visual. Yeah.


I filled my entire refrigerator with that non-alcoholic beer.


But then when you're when you really break it down, it's like they don't taste good, they don't get you drunk. There's nothing good about them. It's kind of like I disagree right now. I'm trying this in a Heineken. It's pretty frickin tasty.


Yeah. But you can also just have a lucroy. You know, I'm liking this.


Yeah. Drink water or like some what is it. Meow, meow, meow squirt. Well so.


So what is this for. What is this, what is this for Blake. Are you just trying to you're tired of pissing out of your ass.


Is that what you're tired of.


What do you what are you waking up in the cause of diarrhea. Diarrhea. All right.


We got to diversify the portfolio. That's the only downside. That's the only downside.


Unless you are, like, blacking out a lot or you're driving into trash can.


The bicycle breaking up there are. Is that happened? I did.


That did happen over the quarantine. I did hit a garbage can. He did break his arm and you couldn't go shark diving with us during shark week. You had to sit on. That's true.


But I, I don't know too much. Like I I grew up with an uncle and a stepdad who drank any beers.


And I go, oh, good for you. Good for you.


I think they're kind of frickin cool dudes who drink and a beer or chicks that drink any beer. So this is part of you rebuilding your image. Yeah, I'm trying to go bad boy.


OK, then that's fine. I get it working out online. You're doing this. Yeah, I'm trying to give fitness and spoke to the people sick. Ders, what are you trying to do. You're just still being a basic ass regular actor in TV and movies. Why. Yeah.


Come on. What's your twenty twenty one vib. I'm a nonalcoholic. Yeah, I got nothing to whack fuck to diversify, man, we already have a podcast. We're already branching out. That's it. I'm podcasting now. I'm branching out. Podcasters. Podcasters.


Yeah, I'm a I'm a recovering alcoholic and I'm a fitness inspired guy. Guru.


I'm a fitness guru who's still an alcoholic.


I'm not an alcoholic.


The emptiness in your life was pretty cool. Fitness guru is still an alcoholic.


Pause I did.


My parents just visited and man, we drank a lot. Those those folks, they they they've been living at Lake of the Ozarks now for a couple of years and they they're just going for it.


Not a lot of names, their level of going for it as that as full steam ahead. And my parents didn't drink a lot when I was growing up. My dad actually didn't drink. Yeah, me neither.


For like from like when I was seven or eight till I graduated high school. And then he started drinking again. Right. I don't get. Yes. And then now he's like back on it, which I love that you guys are all watching TV together.


I feel like that's like a lost family thing. Like families just sit and watch one thing together.


Yeah. What sucks is my dad's like son of a bitch, God damn it. Because he doesn't like streaming.


He doesn't like not just being able to flip through the channels while he's a surfer.


He's pissed every time he like go to grab the thing and like go to turn it. And then it would just come back to the main screen. Right. Yeah.


Or and he's like, God, son of a bitch because he pissed down.


He's pissed now because he wants to watch all the all the, you know, the fun commercials, drive commercials and all the fun things that we're missing out on.


Adam, were you the one who says flicking channels or is that Kyle?


Now that's like flip off and flick off. I didn't flick off channels flipping. Somebody used to say flicking channels. And I was like, I flip flipping. Yeah, yeah.


What are the shows that families watch? I mean, I watch sports with my family, but other than that, what is it like masked singer or something. Yeah, I used to be like American Idol.


Yeah. We watched him as a singer and my dad, although he's the one that turned it on, he was like, never seen this show. And I'm like, well why are we watching it? Then he goes, because it looks stupid as shit.


And I'm like, OK, well it seems like you wouldn't have turned it on if you hadn't watch it. And then he was like, yes, and who it is, he's like really invested.


Like it seems like you watch it.


He's like, I might have seen it a couple of times, but it's dumb as hell. This part's good. Listen to this. Oh, this is good. Oh, I've got to see who the.


Jenny McCarthy. Jenny McCarthy. Yeah, she gets it. I just got to know who the kid is. I got to know who's the cake.


It is a crazy show and now they're doing the mass dancer. Yeah. Like they need to just mask off like how many mass versions were to get.


Oh they're going to spin that all have future host it mask off.


That would be synergy. And I.


Yeah. And I understand that reference. What does that mean exactly for the listeners who doesn't. Mascha. It's a hot track. Our our listeners know they're they're young GO-KART.


Well, some of them are and some of them are our age that are knocking on children and and families and and maybe don't.


Well, they still got to listen to mask off by future.


Come on. Well, some of them do and some of them don't.


So it is a song by Future Mask off.


Yeah, I guess I could, I can, I can keep it up and we can play us out with it at the end of the pod.


Yeah. Oh please. That's what they're going away. They're going to wait on. Wait til the end babe. I can't stop listening. Mask Off is about to play.


Do you guys think you could have a normal conversation with future now. Normal conversation.


I don't even know who Future Future is. I know who he is.


I couldn't tell you what he looks like or what he looks fucking cool. Yeah, he looks like a lynx, I'm sure. I'm sure school.


He kind of looks like one of H.R. Jaeger's aliens has became a rapper.


Oh, he's like tall as hell, right? Yes. He's like six, eight or something. I don't know, six, eight. He's not like seven to change. I think I'm thinking of two.


Change to change is like the lanky ass dude to change his dope and he can ball. But future just I feel like if I like was in an elevator with him and was just like a hell of a day. Yeah.


Like I just want to know what he would say if you'd be like, yeah, he'd said nothing or if he'd be like, do you remember when Blake and I were at the the NBA all star game when I did that weird.


I did that weird song and dance with Queen Latifah and Jamie Fox and Kevin Hart for the NBA All Star game in L.A. And then I came out.


It was so weird. It was the weirdest. It was literally me, Queen Latifah, Jamie Fox. Who else was there? Kevin Hart.


And like two other Ludacris, I shared a room with Ludacris and like, our greenroom was the same room and he. He's getting his hair cut and he's like, anything you want to listen to Adam? Wow. And then I go, Oh, anything by word of mouth. Ready for ready for him to be like, huh?


And he goes, Nah, man, I'm like, OK, I don't think you're going to have a good conversation with future either, then.


No, but I remember when me and Blake were at the game that the slam dunk contest and Magos had just won like the celebrity MVP and the celebrity all star game. And he had the trophy.


I believe Kosovo. Kosovo was it was quite a vote.


Yeah. Mingo's, I think is three people. That's right. Quenneville and I go, yo, so you won the trophy, huh.


And he was holding it and he's like, yeah man. And I'm like, where are you going to keep that trophy. Bad question.


She was trying to spark up a cover.


He's sitting right next to me and he's like, I don't know man. I'll go. You're going to put it like in your bathroom. You know, people put trophies at their bathroom and he's like, right, goofy.


Nah, I'm like, oh, OK. So you got a shelf or up, like, really trying to get a conversation going.


And he goes, Yeah, man, I got a shelf. That's cool. Oh, all right.


OK, the cool thing, I don't remember, he didn't even want a shelf. He was like, fuck yeah. He was probably super high, just having a good time.


I hope he was. I also kind of think he's probably really nervous to talk to Blake could mean he was like, oh shit.


Yeah, superstar. He was like, it's the guy with the hair. Yeah. It was like super star struck by us, the guy with the hair, the short one that was just dancing with Queen Latifah. Oh, nervous king. It's King Latifah, Kings, Queen.


You've done a lot of singing and dancing. I'm sure you're like under contract.


But if you're on the if you're one of the best singers, can you, like, blink for us or something like how far away or are you currently masked up and doing the show.


I cannot say I cannot say if I'm a bad singer, if I sing with masks on or off. Oh my gosh.


I feel like your season's away. Can you say have they come to you? Have they offered? Does Robin Thicke have your phone number?


I don't know if Robin Thicke does, but someone over there does.


And I will say, OK, you're built for that show, man.


You're really built for short and squat.


How am I doing, guys? I moved a little closer to the router. Am I still chunkin or whatever? You seem less chunky right now.


You seem a little less chunky.


Everything feels a little bit smoother. I moved upstairs. I'm sitting on the floor. I'm very Zen right now. OK, all right. Good, good, good, good, good.


Well, don't come don't come back in and take over the whole goddamn podcast we're talking about. Yeah. Just fucking bulldozing the whole thing. What are you talking about. What did I miss. What did I miss.


Just doing the cap. No, no we're not going. Yeah, no, no, no. All right. Where where are we at her. How are you doing with the podcast? Because my mom is really worried about you. After last week, I kind of told her, you know, about the podcast and and she had listened to a few episodes and she thinks we're giving it a little too hard to you.


So I'm going to take Penny's advice.


And, you know, I'm going to be nice to talk to you from now on, at least during this.


But I feel like you say that every week and then you rip them to know. I don't know. I don't I'm always I always try to be nice to Kyle. And then at the end he backtracks and then stabs me in the back when I'm trying to just love my body.


Uh huh. You got a kiss on my daddy did. I don't mind it. I know. You know, it doesn't bother me. It's just as an entertainer, it feels a little one note, you know what I mean? It feels like, sure, I feel like I don't want it to become predictable. I would hate for our podcast to be like, you know, I've heard that episode before, so I think it's good to switch it up.


I think that's just good from an entertainment standpoint, brah. Yeah, that's right.


So we've got to find someone else to kind of doggone well. Hey, Blake, fuck you, man.


Yeah, fuck you, Blake. Obviously, I don't know that that's not the same. Cut your hair, you bitch. Think of too many episodes. OK, ok, look, you cut your fucking hair.


Why are you afraid to cut your hair, you bitch. You know, it looks like I'm chunkin over here. I might have to log off. OK, yeah. That's that's a nice little defense mechanism.


Yeah it works and I disagree.


I think yelling and ripping Kyle apart every week is money. It's like I Love Lucy. Come on, she's going to get into trouble every episode. OK, yeah. That is.


Yeah that's absolutely true. The fans, the fans need it. And the arugula OIDs. I feel like they also like it.


They're like, you know, I like salads, but also I'm getting a kick out of this too.


So I would venture to say people have been saying we are the I Love Lucy of podcast.


And that's such a topical reference.


And I think a lot of people are, you know, during quarantine, they're going back and they're watching all their classic favorite shows from their childhood, especially fans of our podcast, people that are in their twenties and thirties and some in their early forties.


They really remember I heard Lucy.


Oh, yeah, I Love Lucy. It's one of the. Yeah, I Love Lucy Hartley.


It's I heart radio is. Our podcast channel, I actually might start a spin off podcast where I watch every episode of I Love Lucy and I just chit chat about it.


That's what the people want. Yeah. Thank you, Lucille Ball.


Watch. I'm not pissed now.


OK, what what else did I know that that show was like groundbreaking game changer. Super hilarious. Still holds up. What else did she have? I know she produced things, but did she star in other things? Like did she ever Lucille Ball. Yes.


Lucille Ball. I don't know. I don't know if she did. I don't know if she did anything else except for that show.


Like, did she cross over in the movies or like, did she have a podcast or. You know, that's actually really crazy.


Yeah. Should if she doesn't have a podcast, was she even an entertainer? That's what I'm saying. Yeah.


I mean, at this point, I'm sure Desi Arnaz had a fucking radio show or something like that that she was on. Desi Arnaz was a major player. He bought RKO Studios after the Orson Welles era.


Right. But wasn't she the business savvy?


Yeah, but I think there was a different time. And Desi was kind of the the guy making the deal.


The puppet. Yeah. She had her fuckin fist up. His button was like talking with. Yes. You got some explaining to do. Everybody go.


Can I just say I'm looking up some Lucille Ball right now. Yeah. She's for like even though she looks even when she was younger, she still looks like she's your grandmother just because that style and hairdo.


But kind of a babe babe grandma. Yeah.


She was hot. Yeah.


So I can crush on that when I'll be home sick from school. Did you really like black and white. Poor. You jerked off to Lucille Ball.


Oh yeah, for sure. Oh and Patty Duke on Nick at Nite for sure.


Who's Patty Duke. Yeah. Don't make that noise. Did Patty Duke the Patty Duke Show. It was about twins, but it was played by one one lady, Patty Duke.


Yeah. This woman this woman's pretty for sure. My, my my old time lady was Mary Tyler Moore.


Oh yeah. Yeah, that was my that was my speed line.


It's also weird because my mom would get that she looks like Mary Tyler Moore kind of a lot like when we're out and about. Yeah that is weird. Yeah. But but I wasn't like jerking off like this creep. I was a child like eight years old and I'm going, yeah baby.


And I'm going like, oh yeah.


That woman's pretty like my mom's pretty. I bet you take care of me and give me food. I bet you'd love and appreciate me the way my mom does.


I love Mary Tyler Moore. It's we got. Let's get out of this one.


Whoa. Patty Duke is Sean Aston's mom and you look like Sean Astin. So what is going on there?


Dude, I do look like Sean Astin, but I don't know who Patty Duke is. I just looked her up. She's a pretty woman, but I'm talking about Mary Duke is Shaun White.


Adam, what Kyle's saying is that Patty Duke is Sean Aston's mom. You you look like Sean astep Drew. So do I want to fuck you. Right.


And I feel like we've covered this guy, you fucking idiot. Good radio, man.


Yeah. This we've already it's already well established that he would marry me. Oh, yeah. Katalina Yeah.


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I'm trying to think of what my classic beauty I would like to shake up with, like the old school.


Well, I mean, Sophia Loren, like there's some rules. I mean, you obviously have a weird like.


Yeah, kind of. But I'm not going to shame you, but you like to jerk off to old school footage of TV starlets.


I'm not saying I do it now. I'm not going to shame you, but you like to wrap your nuts in tinfoil and stick them in the microwave. Oh, that's good.


I'm not on PornHub, like hitting like 60s sitcom based. I think you are. Is that a category on the same back in the day when everything is a category ticket to the.




But I'm saying back in the day when like resources were thin, you're watching Nick at night.


You got to do what you got to do, not come on MTV like beach houses on what you know.


Don't get me started on. Oh, say, can you.


Hey, first of all, Blake Derse is the oldest person we know. He wasn't watching Beach House Beach when we were kids.


He he had to watch all black and white, old timey.


Oh, maybe, maybe like I Dream of Jeannie. Oh, boy. Come on. You know what I mean. Yeah.


Oh, my God. Ders wasn't the guy who was the one the dude in one of those old shows like Hogan's Heroes or something where he was like a like a total porn addict or not a porn.


He was like addicted to fucking and him and his buddy would like film each other and make their own homemade porno. And then he got murdered here.


That movie, the AutoFocus movie is off the chain. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Who was in there was like Greg Kinnear or someone to love me some.


Greg Kinnear plays the dude and his best friend is played by Willem Dafoe. And he's like a he's like a gearhead that's like a photographer and gets all this like early camcorder from Japan and stuff. And then they just started filming pornos. And there's a great line where they're like sitting watching their fuck fest from the night before.


And he's like, hang on a second, posit whose whose hand is that on my ass? And Willams like, that's that's mine. He's like, What you mean it's yours? He goes, Well, I have my thumb in your ass. You didn't seem to mind.


Oh, hot, hot, hot, hot. I like gal talking about what lines.


Like it's a what do you call these like it's a grab and go or some shit. I got to check that. No it's a classic grabbing go. Oh my gosh. You know I'm a big cannier fan so good.


I think my what this count is an old school lady.


I kind of thought Geena Davis was hot like yes.


Geena Davis is unbelievably beautiful in earth. Girls are easy and Davis was super hot. She's kind of weird looking.


Oh, man, I didn't know. That's not my reference. That's not my reference. My reference. Slye League of their own. It was Lega there. Oh yeah.


Yeah. Oh, she's so hot.


She's the star, but also a league of their own. She was a babe dude. She's the star of the movie. She's a superstar. But now I look back.


I like her younger sister Kit. Right. Is that her name, Kit or Cat.


Well, that's that's not like. Oh, you talking about kid. Yeah. From free will look like you seen a ghost bro.


She was, she was great. What was that woman's name is. Hot Tank Girl. What was her name.


She was one of the first people I saw. I saw her when I first moved to California in Venice Beach with her. She remember she had a shaved head for a while.


Yeah, we can do this. Don't tell us the name. Don't look it up. We can do this. She was in in the army. She was roller skating.


Sorry. Skateboarding barefoot down the street in Venice, holding a bottle of red wine weight.


Roller skating barefoot. No, no, no.


She was skateboarding barefoot down the street, holding a bottle of red wine. And I was like, welcome to California, man. This is the coolest fucking place. Lori Petty.


That is her name. That is her name. I think she went to my college roommates high school. And that was his claim to fame, claim to fame somewhere in Iowa. She was great. Oh, that. You know, like that she went to his high school. He was like, that's how cool I am. And I was like, that's fucking sick. Yeah, that's super dope. Yeah.


And she was roller skating while skateboarding. Yeah. Lori Petty rules.


That's amazing. You know, she was skateboarding, man barefoot. God damn it. She was skateboarding her foot tank girl she could do.


Welcome to California baby. Established that I am drunk again.


I'm drunk again off my caffeine high. I'm riding too high off the feeling baby.


By the way, Gina Davis is like, shockingly beautiful.


Yeah. The bone structure that we were talking about, like and also Gina Davis is a little old. We're talking about women that are now in their 70s or 80s.


Yeah, it's what we're talking about. We're talking about like grandma style. This is important. Welcome to our Gina Davis is what it could be like.


What? Like an older sister, like a little too young to be your mom? Probably. Yeah, she's fifty something.


Gina Davis, Gina Davis, man. Now she's like seven. Dude, are you. Yeah, you guys think you're younger than you are. No, no. Get the fuck out. How old is Gina Davis now? Look it up. I'm going to say she's 53.


No way. No, I'm going to say, yeah, 55. She's almost seven. Oh, she's like sixty seven. Yeah, I'm with you, but I got to be up there. Oh, she was 13 and illegal. Oh my gosh.


No, she's almost 70. If not, she's 64. That's exactly what I just said. 60. She's 64.


No, you're ten years before sixty four. So I was three years old, so I got it. So yes, she is, she is our mom's age. And so Blake wants to fuck his mom.


That's weird. And that's a whole. We circle back. Baby, what are you.


That's weird. Dude, how come everybody know this. That's not what I'm saying.


That's kind of your thing. And that's fine. Maybe that'll be the thing that everyone likes about this episode because we're not beaten up.


OK, well, I think they're going to like that. You beat off to Nick at Nite. OK, yeah.


It's an Oedipus complex. Everybody here got that. No. Oh. What does that mean?


An Oedipus complex is when you want to fuck your mom and kill your father, correct? It is. Oh it's got to be both huh. It has to be both. It's not just fucked your mom. That's just king. Jamie.


Well, I got news. If you fuck your mom, you're that's going to kill your dad.


Yeah, true. You do it all in one star. Admittedly, dad would be pretty salty.


Yeah. Yeah. That would make it turn.


And that's cool that I know that my parents listen to the podcast. It's fun for them. There's going to be a fun little few minutes for them. It's going to be a fun drive to the supermarket.


I don't but they were the ones complaining that we pick on Kyle so much for. So be careful what you ask for it on.


Yeah. See what happens when we let him loose, Mike. Yeah.


Etc.. So I didn't mean that we all had it. I was just relating it to us. It might go away but we don't none of us have that right. Oh absolutely not.


Not now we don't. Have you guys ever watch you ever see the graduate. No. Yeah. Not enough of course.


I mean I did. I have what's her name. Mel and Mel Brooks. His wife. Oh, I don't know her name.


Stunner. This is like the golden age of Hollywood. Correct. Is that what is that what we're talking about. No.


Yeah. The graduate kind of kicked it off. No, Goldie, we're talking like Anne Bancroft.


You know, Jesus Christ. No one remembers who this woman is. I just pretended. Yeah, I know. Kyle is just saying, oh yeah, I know.


I know it because he's a director. So we have to pretend he's seen films. Oh, The Graduate.


Yes, my FEIWEL Well, it was either like it was either right there in that moment. It was either. Oh yes. Or the golden age of Hollywood is actually the thirties.


Is it. Yeah, it's the thirties. Yeah, for sure.


No, the golden age of Hollywood is when Fight Club came out in the next year is the Matrix.


But we all know the Golden Age was in nineteen ninety four when Jim Carrey came out with Ace Ventura Mask and Dumb and Dumber on the same year that was the Golden Age.


Hey get at me. Hollywood historian are not hitting the soundboard.


Thank you man. Redo Chicago. There we go. Thank you to Chicago's. Oh I'm like whoa. Yeah.


Hey Kyle, how often when you go into a meeting and someone references because you're you're not very well studied when it comes to knowing movies, movies.


Well, that's, that's kind of not true. But what's so. Well, I think it kind of hey, no, no, no, he's seen ten movies, but go ahead.


You've seen ten movies. How often. Ah, someone does someone like a producer or something say like, oh, a deep cut movie.


And you are like because I do it sometimes but I'm sure as a director it happens to so much more where they're like, oh yeah.


And you remember this film from like nineteen sixty four and you're like, well that's true.


I mean no no you're right. But like a deep cut because you're not a true cinephile, you're not like studying films all day.


Every day I'm getting more so I'm more so getting there now like I just watch Citizen Kane a year ago for the first time I had never seen that. Oh wow. OK, because I wasn't interested in studying it. I was more interested in making the films, you know what I mean? And just the craft of doing it. But yeah, you're right. No, I get it. You're right.


Kyle, is that your argument that you're like, I don't watch movies, I make movies. That's what it was.


Yeah, for sure. You know, that doesn't work. Right.


OK, well, now now he knows and he's and he's doing it. But you to know, how do you handle lying? Do you say I didn't see that or do you do a classic.


Oh yeah I yeah I'm that guy because that's what I do. I for sure I lie almost I almost I would say 80 percent of the time 20 percent.


I'll go like, you know what, I don't, I don't know that one.


Right. But most of the time. More than most of the time, I will go like, oh, yeah, yeah, I'm like, I'll do that. When it comes to actors and actresses, like, I'll definitely be like, oh, right. I remember him or I remember her, but not when it comes to movies and plots. Right. When it comes to movies and plots, I'm just like, I can't, I'm not lying, you know what I mean?


Like, it's not because I watch it for shots.


Sure. In case in case I have a follow up question in there. Like so what did you think of this plot device? Were they and then you have to be like, oh yeah, I haven't seen that one in a while. Right.


I can breeze past like an actor and actress and just be like, yeah. Or like this actor, this actress. Like you can kind of do that. But if you're someone that I know. Right, exactly. Or one of my friends from Mortal Combat the movie. Yeah. Yeah.


I find that sometimes people will be like, you know, what's their name or like you're friends with and they'll be like, yeah, yeah, yeah. And then they continue with it like so yeah. I was just talking to them the other day and you're like I yeah. I actually don't know that person at all.


Right. Angelica Houston. Yeah. Yeah. Nobody.


Yeah I know. Sure. Like I'm sure for Shelly. I'm probably met them at a Comic-Con when I was blackout and they remember the time I met them and I don't at all gelling well that happens to me.


I would say that specifically from you, where people being like, yo dude, I'm Blake's homie and and then I have to.


Well, this is in the before times when I actually would go out places and see people that I didn't know, but I would always get people would be like, Yo, I'm homies with your friend Blake, man.


And then I have to like have a conversation with them for like ten minutes. And then and then I kind of put in it together like, oh, he doesn't really know Blake. He like was at a bar once with him.


Yeah. And for some reason they feel like they have a connection with you, that then they go like, hey, we're really good friends.


The next time I see one of these guys, I have to let them know that, well, next time, just face time me and show me the person and you know, we'll sort it out. That always works.


And then you could be real harsh with this. I, I do not know that man. I don't know I sorry man. Walk away.


I do not run and run. I don't know this person. Get the hell out of there. I just can't see.


Kyle, what are your five most as well. Let's do this two ways. As a director, what are your three most influential movies? And then just as a movie fan, what are your three favorite movies just so we can get inside that brain of yours and not make funny or whatever? Oh, well, yeah.


I think my my one of my top influential films is The Wrestler.


OK, type wrestler. Very nice.


That's that's up there on old piece of meat is what did you say, the wrestler with Mickey Rourke. Aronofsky. Oh yeah. You love the wrestler. That is true.


And I also love The Big Lebowski.


Big Lebowski is so underrated. Yeah. I was just talking about this the other day. Absolutely not. It's it's perfectly rated. I feel like people love The Big Lebowski.


No, no, no, no, no. It's underrated because the swing that the Coen brothers took with that fucking movie with like it's insane. It's crazy. And for some reason you just go it all works together for some fucking crazy reason. All that stuff together works.


And it sure is like there's like literally like the dude days. There's like holidays surrounding.


People obsess over it. There's a Lebowski Fest. There's there's all that stuff. I know.


But I'm saying is like a film I'm saying is like not like oh do we used to get stoned and watch that shit all the time.


I'm saying like what those guys did they like created a whole new genre in that movie.


And I think they get the love for that. I really do. I don't think they get it for that movie from like film critics. I think you might be stoner dudes or like whatever. And film critics are like Fargo Miller's Crossing. And you're like, all right.


Yeah, I watch that movie. I remember I got when I was doing I used when I was a kid, I would do voices on the radio and get free tickets to movie premieres and like concerts and shit. And they gave me and my dad a ticket to go see The Big Lebowski. But I'm in like seventh grade, sixth, seventh grade.


So it was way over my head.


I remember just leaving going like, I don't know what the fuck.


I just watched it. It wasn't until I watched it I was like 19 or whatever that I was like, oh, that was actually great, dude.


I saw The Big Lebowski right when I was making, like stuff with my friends. And I watched it and I was like, what? That felt like the most natural film I've ever seen in my life. What experiences had to have been improvisational? They had to have been like, what did the actors, like, bring to that? Like what? And then when you go and you actually do your research on that movie and you're like every word, every punctuation was thought out by the Coens.




And you're like, oh, so this is a testament to fantastic writing and a testament to the fucking best performances I've ever seen, like all those guys made that. Great right there in the moment, very casual and just so sick, dude, but then but this is what I'm saying is you have that where you're like, oh, they're just recording these friends talking. Then you have Julianne Moore coming in and doing like that whole fucking thing. And it works.


And you have the other Lebowski being very performative, you know what I mean? And you have Philip Seymour Hoffman very kind of doing his own different thing. And for whatever reason, somehow Terry Reid steals the whole fucking movie.


Yeah, yeah. That's exactly like. How do you get that?


I mean, that's just that's just good performances, man.


That's like PTA level performances where it's lame stuff fucking unreal, like the Vikings and like I mean great soundtrack soundtracks, bangers to.


So what's your next one guy guy. You're on a roll. I think I would actually go to I think I would actually go talk about Paul Thomas Anderson and talk about either Boogie Nights. I didn't I think I got to talk about Boogie Nights because that's like just. Yeah, Boogie Nights rule fucking so good again. Great performances, great shots, great story. Julianne Moore, like, great tone. It's like, you know, funny at times and fucking really like heart wrenching a lot of the times too.


It's like I love that, I love when I'm laughing in one scene and then I'm like kind of fucking feeling in the next mostly Wahlberg's cock and that one shot.


Well that's that's his best performance of all time, right. Yeah. I mean yeah that was the cherry on top for Ukiyo.


I don't know I Heart Huckabees. He's pretty cool fear. Yeah. Just sort of fear. Right. Fear is good too. That's very true. Oh fear man. He rolls and fear. Yeah.


Huckabees was good as well for sure.


Welcome to my dojo. I mean who what's that guy's name.


Good. The yeller who made that movie. What's his name. It's Kramer. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Danny. David, David. It's I don't know.


Oh my God. Where do you stand Kyle. On the first forty five minutes of blow, the greatest movie of all time. The greatest first forty five minutes of all time.


Well now that's me as probably so Ders also asked as a movie watcher like Blow is really fun for me to watch. I love watching that fucking Jooste.


It's like the rise to the top. It's very fun. And Pewee. Herman's crushing. Yeah dude.


Paul Reubens slaves and I used to watch that movie every night before going to bed like a psychopath. Yeah. You love that. I loved it. I would watch it as I'm going to go. I slept on a couch for like two years of my life.


So I would just I'd be in the living rooms about to go to bed and I just put it on and watch the first forty five minutes as I'm falling asleep and then turn it off because then it gets kind of sad and you're like, oh it's like, it's depressing.


But the first forty five one is just like the kingpin's speaking weed dealer.


So you don't like the latter half of that movie. No I like the latter half too. But I'm like I'm not trying to go to bed being like, oh this poor guy lost everything.


I'm just trying to go to bed, be left on drugs through.


Yeah. I'm going to have nice dreams. Yeah. Just saying drugs are also a major cautionary tale. You should probably spend the next ten years of your life just watching the second half.


Funny how life changes now.


I've, I've seen it and I get it. The thing is dill, weed, not cocaine.


L.O. smoke weed every day. The best part of the whole movie is Penelope Cruz in the wingsuit at the end.


Oh, yeah, I miss her. God, Penelope Cruz right now, she looks fucking cool.


What happened to her? She was sick. She's still doing it. She was in Zoolander to come on.


Oh yeah. Yeah. What happened to her? He has cocaine in the trunk, is cocaine in the trunk and then bust his ass.


Oh man. I'm so mad at her.


But you know who killed it. Like in the same vein with Sharon Stone in Casino. Well it's just like yeah. It's like the woman in the relationship who's basically, like, sticking her neck out on the line for the guy. And she's like, fuck this. This is insane. We have a family to raise and just throws it all. That's kind of her.


That's kind of a cool role is like the the cocaine queen, like in most of those cocaine movies, the wife of the king or like the actual I'm like, yeah, it's like Michelle Pfeiffer, right.


In Scarface and Penelope Cruz.


Well, you know how they're like turn in every movie. Hollywood is turning every movie on its head and like making the women be the leads now. And I want to be the man, Candy.


I want to be the cocaine queen.


I want to be like that. Just I want to play like the coked up wild man husband who is she's making all the money. And you're like, I can't I can't control this hot piece of ass.


That's what my wife is saying. My wife is going like, I can't control this hot piece of ass.


I'm only keeping around because of its thick, juicy ass.


Look at that ass and then gratuitous ass shots at me. Like what? It around the pool, you're always in a Speedo. You're like, honey, come here just like that. She's like she just buries her face in your ass. Like you guys always, like, crumble to their knees and just put their face right in the crotch.


I've been so sorry. I just want to go home. Yeah, exactly. That's that's those are the rules I'm trying to get right now.


That's why I'm I'm working on my fitness, trying to be a fitness inspector. Oh.


So it all comes back. So the fitness expo is on the way to becoming more of more modern candy for the gender swap, OK.


Yeah, well, it's 20, 20 now and this is my year of health that I'm getting my body and mind in great shape. So when 20, 21 hits and that man candy roll is up for grabs, it'll be me and all the hot boys. Me the where it's all the Chris is Michael B and I'm right there in the running. I've been doing it for a few years.


The water's warm. Come on.


OK. Oh, he's been derse. He's been hot man. Candy always sitting around.


He's always like cutting up carrots and shit by the by the sink.


That's all we're going to need new carrots. I cut all the carrots.


I come here. Let's just say he's good.


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How is it playing, because that is true, Dursley, you've been playing these you get roles that Blake and I do not get the hot boy roles, the hot husband not too hot.


He's just his home, isn't he? He's just home hot enough.


Yes. Stoked you married him, right? Right. Yeah.


What's that like, man? Well, you get both, you get stoked to married him and then like, oh, he seems like a great guy, but he's actually a cheating bastard.


I turn on everyone and that's why ladies at the airport fucking flip me off. Do they like fuck you from the Internet.


That's right. Yeah. Well, explain the role, your role in the Internet, why the women hate you.


The movie The Intern starring Adam Devine and Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. Bobby De Niro becomes an intern for Anne Hathaway, who runs this big, like Internet clothing store. I'm her husband. She's at work all day and I get lonely.


Watch it on a plane. It's a great plane movie. It's probably being watched on a plane right now. Daddy gets lonely, steps out and knows she confronts me. I apologize. She stays with me. Game changer of a movie. Wow. Yeah, I didn't have to.


Could have left your ass. Oh, my God. A lot of women are mad. They're mad at you.


They won on that movie was me crying with Anne Hathaway.


Oh, that was the first day of brutal first scene.


It was so rough. Oh my God. I got to watch that.


I didn't realize you cried. How did you cry? Because you don't cry that often. Yeah. What did you do? How did you do that? Yeah.


You are a robot. Did you use the tear sticks. Let me. Let's get real. Let's get real here. Ready. You ready. Get real for the first time on the potty. Yeah. I squeezed my nuts really hard.


Let's go. You're ready. I'll get. We had, I had.


I was like yo you got to get in fucking gear for this. This is Anne Hathaway. It's a big movie. You don't do this.


Nancy Meyers, writer, director, world famous. You have to step up. You have to deliver, especially because in the audition and cried when we did like our one on one thing. She's so fucking good. She's so good.


She cries exactly when she's supposed to. And I was like, fuck, dude. So day one, I had just had a friend pass away our IP trippingly, my man. And I was like, just think about your homie, how much you miss him, start to cry and like, get into gear and like five minutes before as I'm kind of like doing my thing in the corner, I'm like, this is the fucking worst idea, the dumbest fucking shit.


My homie trip would be like, what the fuck are you doing? Put the picture of them away and just go tell someone to put eyedrops in your eyes.


So I was like, fuck this.


Are you almost you almost were method.


And then you decided and I was just like, this is so I have a real friend who died. I'm not going to use that to pretend to cry for a movie interest.


And I was sad.


And then I was like, OK, what's the scene? And I was like, the scene is sad. You can you can be sad. And then I never cried. So they had to have someone like, come what? Blow the menthol in your eyes.


Yeah. To your steak. What. I fucking love those things. When we use those in when we use those I only had to use them once and workaholics when I was cutting my dick off and I was like, yeah, give me more.


So it's like a menthol, you know, and like you have a cough drop and then you put on your fucking mask these days or you're chewing gum with your your SARS mask on and the fucking covid Kobuk. Yeah, but I have SARS. I mean.


Oh you do like you get that fucking little wind of of peppermint blowing on your eyes and you're like, oh shit. That's essentially what we're talking about here.


And I love that story. Jersey. That's a beautiful story. Can I say that Blake fucking missed a prime time opportunity.


That one, he was being very real for the first time in the podcast.


That's when you should have done. Yeah, baby. Yeah. Right in the middle of it, man. Why don't you cry about it? I mean, I thought we weren't doing that today.


I thought we weren't cutting each other.


I thought we were kind of, you know, just like, no, we're not picking on you. Shut the fuck up, Kyle. That's right. We're not cutting on it. And I wouldn't have been cutting on Ders. That's delivering a funny ha ha a gig for our listeners, you know, because they're here for the gigs.


They're here for the jobs. I disagree.


It's my bad. This is your worst day at the soundboard. I must say. I have an explanation.


I just wasn't that came out hot. You're like, look at all my new things and then it's not my shit was my shit.


So I said, my shit's not set. What do you mean? It's like, OK, did you just recently have a homie? No, I did not. Well then what's your fuckin excuse.


I just didn't get my sounds to a little bit before and I was happy. And technical issues, but I finally have figured out how to have like more than just 10 sounds, so soundboard chunkin. OK, well, we're not checking out my shit. Wasn't ready. OK. OK, it was a little chunky soundboard chunkin over there, right?


Yeah. Well, you know what can I do remember a sound more tronc.


And so wait, so you didn't tell the story of when you were at the airport?


It was like right after it was like after the Internet had been playing for a little while. You got women coming up to being like, how dare you?


Oh yeah. They had just watched on the airplane and then they see me and just fucking flying punch me. Yeah, I did have one woman push me like like playful really. Like I don't like you.


And she like pushed my shoulder and I fell off, fell into a garbage can and I fell down some stairs.


No, but yeah it's it's part of the it's part of the gig.


So guys, come, come play the husband, the boyfriend. Cry your eyes out. Yeah.


I'm trying to be a sexy bad boy. That's all I want. And I don't see it in the cards exactly.


But that's that's why. What the fuck would be fun about that?


Playing the sexy bad boy. Oh, what's fun about this? You're working.


Yeah, well, working is cool, but if you just have to pick your you know, I get that but like to shoot for it, like why would you.


I don't know. Yeah but are you looking at my face right now I hope, or rolling on that because it's fun to play something cause of diarrhea. You know, that's the cause of diarrhea and it's always fun and fun loving and like loveable and all that.


And I'm sure he wants to be the guy who's like, actually fuck you.


And everyone's like, oh, well, I do say that my dream would be to do like the movie Fear basically with Mark Wahlberg, where you're like, Oh, yeah, he's a great boyfriend. We love him every everybody seems to like this guy. And then just turn and I'm actually a fucking psychopath.


Do you think you would get taken seriously? Yeah, I definitely think if you took a turn into your fucking insanity, that would be fun. Yeah. Yeah, I think I think you could turn into your insanity really well. And it would it would be like not in a comedic way but in a very dark way. It would be awesome. Do you think America would let you do that now?


Oh, yeah. Do you think in a movie theater people would laugh, I'm sorry, is America your boss? Wait. Oh, I'm not saying like I'm saying.


Would you think America would interpret him as a serious, scary guy or would they be like.


I think I think it would work.


Yeah, I think I know you. I'm talking about the general pop up now.


I'm saying you've got to try it. I guess you got I think you just got to try it. I don't know. That's why you go out on a limb.


Well, also, like, would you think that people would take after Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore would take Sandler seriously and then they do.


And I don't I never have. I think it sucks when he tries to be serious. Have you seen all those? Wait, really?


Oh, see, I love it. And then the same with Robin Williams. Robin Williams killed it. Wait, wait, wait, hold on.


Let's talk about Sandman for a second. What's the matter? What's Adam Sandler does great in those roles?


I disagree. I don't think he does. I don't think I don't.


What roles are we talking here? What movie? I mean, we can talk about PITAs movie, punch, drunk love, punch drunk love.


I would have loved to see anybody else in that role.


What about uncut gems? That movie Fucking Raw.


I'm going to go to Uncut Gems next, but cut gem using a better movie and it would have been an amazing movie. Kilted.


Yeah, he crushed.


I also think he crushed even in rain over me. He did a great job.


I don't know what the fuck that is and no one else does because they don't want to see that shit. That's the one with fucking Don Cheadle, bro. The post 9/11 one. No one.


Yeah. Hey it. Thank you. Fuck with the cobbler. But that's my point is that if he was killing it, I would you would say that name, that movie. And I would go, oh yeah, of course that one. And everyone else would too. But no one's seen that show.


Well, even I said to and you know what they are. And so, like, he did a great job and people accepted him as though, sir, I don't like it.


Hoo ha. Nobody accepted him as that. Who liked him in uncut gems.


No uncut gems. Yeah. He was great. I loved him. Kyle, I'm with you. I think Sandler does a great job.


I don't mind people liked him and I'll get gems and everyone's like, he got snubbed for an Academy Awards. Like he didn't get snubbed. He wasn't awesome.


Oh wow. You're wrong. He didn't give a fuck about that. I that's not why he did it. Because you liked the script and liked the character. He doesn't care what people think about him.


Let's get him on the pot I'm on right now.


You do get worse and learn it. Yeah, I've been a little tough on the guy, man.


He fucking I think so too. And we can't be tough on guys. No, you can. But he just is like a homie and I'm like I back him up so I'm feeling.


So what do you want me to do, be like do you want me to not say how I feel. No, I just think that like you are contradicting yourself in saying that he was good in an uncut gems. Therefore your initial statement was a little bit kind.


I thought it was fine. I just don't. We'll leave him and these things, that's all OK. I feel you I feel you can have your opinion. That's cool. But what then? What about there's other actors? What about Robin Williams?


When he and I when you said that, I said he killed it in, like, good will hunting or whatever. Yeah, right. So right. I'm not saying no one crosses over the whole beginning of the thing was.


Do you think America in general would would believe you as the scary mean guy or would it be.


No, I think I don't think I'd be. I think I would be like a little bit of a psychopath. And I think if if it's turned on the head where I'm exactly what you think I am at the beginning of the movie, I'm like a fun loving guy that everybody kind of is just like, oh, this guy's fun. I like having him around. And then all of a sudden I turn. I think that's a good plot device in a movie where you're like, oh, what a fun turn.


I didn't see that coming right.


Then you take your shirt off. They would invest in the character and then they see those abs.


And then I wear the that the ads that I'm going to get and my fucking cheeks as a tattoo of that goat man on your back.


Yeah. I mean, yeah, I want to see you in that role. I want to see Ricky Gervais in that role.


There's like a lot of comedians. I would love to see Michael. Wait, what? Yeah, I would also like to see I mean, look, Jim Carrey, the fucking man.


And then you put him in like the number twenty three and he's like, yeah. And you're going, no, that wasn't a great grip though, right?


No, that's not a great eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind. That movie ruled and he was great in it. Yeah, he crushed. He's great. It's the Riddler.


I thought he was fine. You just had to pick the correct movie. I know, but I thought he was fine.


What did you like that movie or or I mean, his performance was good.


I didn't love that movie, but I thought he was fine at it. It seems like you like people when they just play in their lanes. And I like that too, because, I mean, there's a reason Sandler keeps going back to the well of making his type of movies because people just fucking love them in that realm.


I mean, by the way, I'm not a huge Sandler guy like period. So that doesn't help either. OK, but I know it's a very limited lane like John Candy and JFK.


It's like a small part, but it was like, whoa, holy shit, this dude is like this fucking Louisiana guy. Now that's weird and crazy. And he pulled it off. Some people would do.


Some people do it, man. And I think you're being a hater. Yeah, I grew up in a big glass of hatred.


Hey, dude, you're so much goddamn hunters. Yeah, it's cool though.


That's our opinion about your opinion, right? That's why I just go OK. Yeah. Yeah, I know.


Well, Jersey, I think you can very easily get out of your pigeonholed existence as the hot boy husband and, you know, play a super fun loving swingin' cat.


Oh, dude. And that's my fucking girl. Like I keep saying to our manager, can I just have fun live? I love swinging cat.


OK, maybe you can roller skate and skateboard at the same time. Here we go. Blazers.


What would your role be if you were going to, like, re-establish yourself as something like what would you want to take on where people would be like, oh, whoa, damn, I didn't see that coming. But you think you could kill?


I want to see Jersey is a little bit of an action hero. That's that's my vote for your career. It's already kind of done that thing.


I would love to if I want to do the thing I would want to do right now, next would to just be like what Adam does, which is like the ridiculous friend of the person who's, like, crying about some girl.


You know, I think that would be fun to be like the absurd dude who gets to say the most insane shit.


But they don't seem to be insane because they're like, oh, frak, I tell, you know.


Right. You're too hot to be insane. Right. 80S movie villain.


You're too hot. I don't know what my neck is too long. I don't know what it is to grow your hair. I'm not saying people should stay in their lane.


I think that it is a fucking it's a it's a hard needle to thread. Not many people can do it. And you guys think some people can do it that I don't.


You know, I get that. Yeah.


I do love watching people put themselves out there. And I guess I do give them a tremendous amount of credit for even just stepping out of their lane in general. So, like, because I think that that takes guts and takes like, you know, it just takes it's a tough thing to do. So I maybe I am giving people more credit than just a roll at face value for even stepping outside of their lane and taking the risk as a performer, because that takes guts, you know what I mean?


It's it's cool. I like that.


It's also rolling the dice.


As far as like your career goes, you you want at the end of the day, when you're when we're all fucking old people and we're just like on her deathbed, you want to look back and be like, oh, I did I did step out of what I do all the time.


And I tried a little bit of everything. And then maybe you try something and everyone's like, absolutely not. Never that again.


Then just don't you don't do that shit again. But or maybe you do it and people are like, oh, I fucking did not expect him to be like a psychopath in this. And that opens up a whole other, you know, segment of your career that you never thought was possible, you know what I mean?


Like like I'm doing a lot of I've been doing the last few years are like rom coms where I'm like the cute guy that gets the girl at the end. And I never saw that coming into my fucking life. If you would have told me when we were all 23, 24 years old and we're like on the precipice of creating workaholics, that I was going to be like a romantic comedy guy.


I would have gone, you're fucking nuts. But then the opportunity arises. And I was like, OK, I guess I'll roll the dice on this.


I guess I it comes down to like I appreciate I know what you're saying about people stepping out of their comfort zone. I don't think that that's that big of a deal. I think you are being a little generous with your like, hey, just because you did that movie, I'm going to give you props. Like, I don't think it takes that much guts to do that. I think people get bored being the same guy and they're like, oh, here's my opportunity to be a weirdo.


And they're like, I'm going to do it to say, like, fuck you, you can't control me or pigeonhole me. I'm going to show you how good I am, how how diverse my portfolio is.


Well, the the guts, when people say guts like acting, it takes no guts.


There's no guts. That's not true. Yeah. I disagree with you. Well, no, I would say to do some things. It takes guts. Yeah, I think it does.


But I mean, sure. But like really we're just acting. It's not real guts. It's no, we're not fucking firemen running into burning buildings.


It's like. Have you seen Backdraft? I disagree. Some people are really afraid to access certain emotions.


I think it can be a very like for people who take on roles that are really heavy, like who likes to sit and think about their dead friend. Right. Because you're playing in a movie where that's where you're living for three months is in that headspace. Yeah.


Or if you're playing a real life person who's still alive and it's like an important movie, there's like risks involved with, like fucking that up and feeling horrible about it.


For some people, that is the one of the scariest thing. Sure. Like like kindergarten cop. Yes.


That like Arnold in Kindergarten Cop, the amount of lifting or Demolition Man and and Wesley Snipes his portrayal. Simon, he's like a serial killer. He has to live in that.


Yeah. He has to live up to that is you can't honestly in kindergarten cop can we talk about the bad guy crisp because he's unreal fucking. Yeah. So good. Where was he when he made that movie.


He's a killer. Hey I take it back. I don't want Robin Williams career. I want whatever that guy's name is in Korea. So let's let's get into that.


That guy, OK, he was in a movie called Three O'clock High where he played the Bully. That was like, I'm going to kick your fucking ass at three o'clock.


It was unbelievably scary and fucking good in kindergarten. Cop super fucking scary.


And then he's in like all the Farrelly brothers movies and he's super fucking funny. That dude, that dude gets my fucking seal of approval out there and that that dude wins it.


That's cool. That's just a character actor that's trained and goes in wherever he feels like he is. He's talented and kills.


Yeah, I'm Team Chris. So is there any take backs, compliments or whatever? Put up put downs. What the fuck or what's the other way you put down take backs and apologies.


How do we not know this.


I've tape backs, apology complements and put downs at the slams and and also ultimately. Yeah. Ultimately let's add ultimate slams please.


Compliments or yo mama jokes.


I would like to compliment Kyle on finding the good wi fi.


He was chunky. I thought he was, he was about to bail. I thought he was like, hey, you know what?


I'm going to go eat some fish tacos or whatever you're trying to do with your life. Right now, I'm making an independent movie, make it independent movie or I don't know, maybe I thought during that time you got a little hungry. You want to fish this? I'm not sure exactly what you're doing.


And so I'm glad you came back. I'm glad you found the good wi fi. Welcome back.


But that wasn't chunky at all, my friend. Thank you.


I would also like to apologize for the chunky wi fi at the beginning. I know that all the arugula kids out there missed me for those five minutes. I don't know what was said. I don't know what was going on, but I was happy to be happy.


Was the peak of the show for sure. Right, right. Right, right. Well, December to remember.


I'll I'll tell you what, I did want to talk to you about that, Blake. I was bombed. I couldn't talk to you about your freak and man. Yeah. And I just tried all three. Not good. Not good, huh.


You're on your second and a beer drinks a case a night. Can I compliment Blake for going for the December to remember going thirty days without booze is not an easy thing. So great job but probably won't make it.


Giving it a shot though. Is it really that hard? Yes, absolutely. I love beer, especially during the holidays. It's a tough thing to do. Yeah. Thirty days. Come on. It's going to get boring as fuck. I don't think I could just.


We didn't get quite into that. Why are you doing ah. Is it like a health thing you're trying to like tight tighten up the midsection, you're trying to tighten up the game. No. Because he's drinking beer every night still, or you just were blacking out a little too much because he's blacking out, it's to remember things. You were blacking out too much, just enough.


No, it was a little bit of just coming off. I'm coming off the holidays. And also I just want to try any beers. And I thought it'd be fun for the pod for you guys, the journey with me. I'll be probably insane about it. Never.


We'll never know. Adam, I'm telling the truth, I'm sure. And I'm trying to remember December. I'm not sure. All right. Yeah. Let me I compliment you on telling air quotes the truth.


OK, OK, thank you. I would also like to compliment you for really digging deep there and telling us exactly why you're giving up drinking for the month and just being real and serious with us.


Yeah. Yeah.


December to remember one and a half shirts made because by the way, you can taste any beers and still drink beer, but hey birds one stone. Yeah. So the whole point is to stop blacking out.


The truth has been spoken December to remember. Yeah he was, yeah. He was blacking out a little too often. He's blacking out where. He's been blacking out. He's been blacking out too much.


So I'd like to compliment Blake for, you know, realizing he's blacking out way too often and sort of correcting the course just, hey, we're steering the ship was going off the side of a cliff and let's steer that back out to the wide open ocean. OK, you got it.


And my apologies will be, I guess, for, you know, the soundboard. I dropped the ball. I didn't come prepared. This will be the last time I have an excuse because I've officially figured it out.


So all my all my boarders out there because I'm going to get ready because next week, the borders, we're going crazy. All right.


Excited for the board and the cause of diarrhea, not board members, the board teenagers, the board members of the chairman of the board works, chairman of the board.


My compliments to the chairman of the board. They've got some good songs.


Thank you. So thank you. OK, and with that, we will play off with the mask off by future.


Oh right. OK, I know everybody Percocet. Yeah. You said taking Percocet. Everybody has gone but nasco.


There you go.


You know, future somebody keep their masks on guys. This was important.


Yes it was. Oh God. I feel so turnspit. Here we go down this year goes.


It really does. LAwas dare I say Lydie. It was lady and we're out.


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