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Welcome to This Is Important. A production of NPR Radio, this show where we only talk about what's obviously most crucially important. Today on this is important. Pull your fucking boat out, let's go. The food was shat upon.


We're shooting a hardcore caporn.


No, you should really be hanging your hat on your dick, bro. And here we go. Oh, yeah, oh, classic. That's the entrance one. Hello, everybody.


Oh, right leaning into it. I love it. We're back. Yeah.


Where to kick it off with a couple of those. Don't even talk today. Yeah.


Last week you were really fucking blowing it beezer.


Yeah. Well the board is fully locked and loaded.


Give me a hell. Yeah. Hell yeah. Oh yeah. Sure. Yeah right. Austin three six two. Oh baby.


I'm hyped to have you guys met him. Did you guys ever meet stone-Cold. No.


Oh my God. If I met I met him and shook his hand and his hand was just fucking muscled up like thick, like a thick.


He's I think he's like the real deal. You know, I've got a handful of wrestlers and they're all like doing some sort of zany character that isn't really them. They for sure put it on. And for sure, because if you don't, you're just a total psychopath. But stone-Cold is like the one guy that like he is that guy. He is like the denim dude who just chugs beers. Oh, yeah.


His speeches, it's it works for him. Works for everyone. He's so inspiring to me. Like I would vote for that guy for what I know anything. For anything. Sure. That he can't control.


I mean fucking Jesse Ventura was the governor of Minnesota, Minnesota.


Those don't turn things around for the great state of Minnesota.


But the thing is, he shouldn't have been. We need to stop electing just celebrities for celebrity sakes, OK?


You don't like alternative views. Yeah. Wait, what was he bad? Do we know if Jesse Ventura was actually bad? He seems like he would be.


He does seem like he would be. And then I think he turned out OK. And then I don't know what happened to him. He's he's turned a little weird lately.


Well, I mean, if you if you want me to kick your governor is asking me. Oh, yeah. Oh hell yeah. Maybe I keep it real.


That's kind of what politics is right now anyways.


It feels like wrestling feels like WWE does. My gosh, where would he be a governor. Obviously he could run for president.


Texas. Texas. Is he from Texas. Yeah. Yeah. The Texas state bird bro.


Damn right.


Tito Ortiz ran for I don't know if he won, but he ran for, like I want to say, mayor of Huntington Beach, which makes perfect sense.


But he was sick as mayor. Yeah, he he was there's just like Tito Ortiz. Fucking people were flying his flag all over Huntington. It was it was quite the event. Yeah.


I saw that he would be the worst mayor at first. I didn't realize it was actually him. It's just like all fights are legal. Like every like any brawl is good to go.


I don't know if. Did you guys ever watch that documentary? The documentary on it was him and fuck another dude who like they battled a few times and like the other guy, seemed kind of like smart about it. And Tito just didn't seem like he had a full grasp of, like, what I'm fighting. No, no, no.


Just outside of fighting. Awesome fighter. Dude's a fucking hard ass champion.


OK, you meant I'm sorry, I you meant like during the preinterview or something in the documentary. Oh OK. You know, they're like, what do you think about X, Y, Z.


That's like outside of fighting. And he's like, do I fight OK?


And you're like, ok, ok. Well don't get into trouble in Huntington Beach then because he is on the Huntington Beach City Council. He won. He won the city council seat. Good for them. Good for them.


He was waiting for the belt. He's like, where's the belt? Like, it's a whole different.


You should make that feel like he could probably enact the thing that I want to have where if you catch a parking attendant giving you a ticket, if they're in the act of it, you should be able to fight them to see if if you get well, you know, I mean, I told the story on the podcast a handful weeks ago.


Remember, I was getting a ticket and she goes, Oh, you live here? And I go, Yeah, I sorry, I forgot. I was a street sweeping. And she goes, Oh, OK, just rip it up.


It's fine. Right. But imagine if you had to fight her, right? Oh, I would have beat the shit out of that lady. There you go. You say if you said rip it up and she said, come get me, come get it and rip this up.


Wrap this up. Yeah. I dare you to rip this up. Wait, so I have to fuck her. No, you have to fight her bro.


Is that how you describe is that sexy. You ripping something.


The ripping in the tear and they rip it in the terror. Do we have that sound bite.


It's coming that that will be next week. It's on the docket. What is the rippin in the teran from. I just like your mike drawing a blank. What is the repeat in the tearing is from one of the greatest internet videos. Hedonism, hedonism to of like the old guy in like a G-string or something, you know.


Yeah. Speedo. Yeah. He's in good shape. He's in he was in pretty good shape, but he was just like talk about how he's so excited for hedonism too.


And then goes the repealing the tear in the repeating the tear and is like hump in the air.


Yeah. He had moves to the best the old I'm here for the rippin in the terror they. There are certain hip gyrations that he was doing that you're like, oh, this guy knows what he's doing. He went into a classic figure eight seesaw maneuver.


I actually went recently on like the Yelp reviews for like The Heathenism Place. And pretty good. They kind of got shitted on, dude. Oh, really?


It seems like a clean, like five star island. Yeah, that seems like a beautiful resort now, huh? I don't know. Hedonism is like a swingers festival or something to get to an island.


No, I think it's a it's a resort swingers resort.


Oh, it is a full on resort that you could just go to at any time. There's not like a big event. I'm sure there's many events, but. Right.


OK, yeah. It's a Jamaican. It's like a Yeah. A little little beach hotel where you go and they have like a nude pool and. Oh and the not nude pool.


Well the thing is the bummer about that stuff is on paper you're like, oh that sounds really cool because in your imagination you're thinking it's like Gandules Aryan's crew up just like. Yeah.


Hardbody or just Dan Balz. You're like just Danville's area. Just butt naked.


Listen to him. That gorilla boom. Oh, yeah, just that high and tight and you're thinking a bunch of Danville's Aryans and a few random chicks, but that's not there. That's not who's there.


No, no, it is.


It's old guys talking about living and terror. Yeah. It's guys that are like way too. They all like are too in to like eat drawing dragons and shit and like.


For sure.


For sure. Like also like swords and be too into drawing dragons at them.


There does come a point. What's really wrong with that. No, nothing's wrong with that. I'm just saying it's a specific type of person that I feel like if you draw like fantastical women, like if you draw like hot babes on dragons, you also want to go to hedonism too, for the rippin in the.


It makes sense. That does. I understand that parallel so well. Yeah.


That actually adds up for me a lot for sure. Dragon energy, right.




If you have like a knife in a leather satchel that you've fasten, that you carry around with you, that you've made their own leather satchel for your knife and maybe you even forged your own blade, you might go to hedonism, you might go to hedonism.


Can we hear some of these Yelp reviews? I mean, not like verbatim, but like what was the what was the downfall? Like, just the crowd or like they shitting on the food.


What's up? Yeah, the food that all the chicken tenders, the food was shat upon. Oh, OK. That's a bummer. Basically, I just don't think it probably used to go off pretty hard and pretty cool. There's no doubt in my mind the 90s. But they haven't updated the rooms like people are saying.


I, like all your references, are that the 90s were really the peak of all existence in Blake's mind. Yeah. Any time he talks about something being the best, he's like, dude, in the nineties.


Well, I mean, we're talking about hedonism. It was probably cracking off in the it might have been two thousand, but we're talking about hedonism, too, right?


I'm talking about two. There's a there was another hedonism that was just in some guy's pool. Is that what it was?


Is is bull in New Jersey and in New Jersey?


I don't think they did much of a makeover from one to two. Like all the rooms. They've kind of just put the change.


The sign, like flipped it down like a calendar day. It went from one to two.


So the accommodations are just dated, is what you're saying? Yeah. They said they were like cigarette burns on the sheets.


Is that bad? Look, if you go to hedonism, too, you got to know what you're getting into. There's going to be some holes and.


Yeah, well, that's like that's like a party island. You know, it's like people are just out there. They're not taking care of it because you're just getting wasted and fucking right. I mean, that's all you're doing.


Well, basically what the like most yelpers, the people. Sure, there were people who were swingers and they were basically saying there's much better options than hedonism. Oh, there's other options.


Yeah. Yeah. Like hot. Oh, you know, there's plenty of.


What's that nounou. What's the new. No, no, no, no, no, no. Yeah. There's got to be other options than hedonism for sure. There's, there's layers and levels to that shit.


He three. Thank you. Journalism three on the banks of Meccano. Oh should we hit that trifecta. Hang the third hedonism. That's something we should franchise. Yeah. And you know we would put a Chanes in the heathenism three.




As you pull up goes without saying you get your chicken tenders, you get your Texas toast.


Huh. And then you don't get too greasy.


Well, or you do. Maybe that's what you grease up with. Who know.


Trying to lick that cane sauce off some nipples. Let's go. I'm kind of a nasty dude.


I'm trying to think if there's like if there is a time in my life. Yeah. I would have gone to hedonism too. Right. I would have gone at some point. We all would have gone at some point. Right.


Oh, right. Right. What does that mean exactly. I mean, like, like mid twenties I would have saved up and got a fucking ticket and gone to hedonism to just for fun at like twenty, twenty three or something. We want to go.


No no no there's no. What of this is a place that we're going to go when shit hits the fan and everything goes south, like when you get divorced, lose everything but you still have like ten grand to your name. You blow when you at hedonism too.


Yeah, yeah, yeah baby. Then you hit the restart but you call your kids and you go, look, daddy's back. I did some thinking.


You're just you're, you're just covered in her sores. Daddy's back. Do you give Daddy a kiss. See you just say Daddy got it out of his system.


Your brain is cleared out. It's definitely not a place you go in your 20s.


This is a place where, like you end up it's a really cool flick where you're just like like a cool story. Everybody's getting recently divorced. Friends decide to go to hedonism, too.


Well, that's that's the movie. And like in like five, five to eight years that we're all writing together just a group of friends that oh, God, it's like that's like our grown ups is going to hedonism.


Yeah. It's just a very sad. Yeah. But then actually it's not sad we get there. We just have an awesome time, there's no real downfall to it, and somebody has to fall in love and it's like there this is real and the girl has to just be like, I'm sorry, I'm just here for the rippert in the Terran.


And you're like, I'm I'm an escort. Yeah, I got paid to be here.


Can you imagine how sad the like the post-coital like snuggles session is? That's got to be dark. Right. Right.


Like people are either just like running to be like I'm done, they leave or like you're holding each other and you both to start crying. And it's not even together. It's still alone. It's got to be bad.


Well, you're just in a puddle of flesh at that point. You know, there's just like a big faux leather fuck pits that they got. Yeah. They mention that where there's just one guy just drawn everybody who is just like, I'm not quite the artist.


And then he's drawn everybody drawing dragons behind them. And I draw you with the dragon. There's a guy forging steel off to the side.


Why does Adam think hedonism is renaissance fair? But it's probably the same crowd at the same exact thing.


Blake is the same thing. That's cool. This is what goes down there.


The most popular thing is drawing dragons. And then it's fucking then it's showing pictures of their kids to each other and then it's smelting swords. Yeah.


Hey, Anders, I don't know if we've ever agreed more. That was we are 100 percent. We went we went skiing last year together.


This is them. This is. Here they are. Wait, don't bite. Don't bite.


It just I was just given this mug through my friends over at Oakland Coffee and I took a drink and it says are metal mugs are specifically designed and crafted. Please hand wash.


So I for sure didn't wash this cup before I started drinking from it. That's not I'm not going to die from that. Right.


Wait, so you just drank it. You drank the the note. I started to drink the note and I'm going to drink it. I'm still gonna drink, but I'm fine.


That's just a little muckety mucks. Just I'm not that's not going to hurt you. That's just paper. This is wet paper. Remember when I used to work at the Improv and they gave me all those glasses for free.


Oh we had so many. I was handing them out as gifts for everyone and they're cool.


I worked at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club.


It's a comedy club and they gave me all these free glasses and I'm giving them out to everyone in. The reason that they gave them away is because there was a letter in the paint and they could poison.


That's right. You whoopsies good looking out. Good. I just I just was really hooking everyone up and and the three shelves of that. Oh yeah. We drank out of those glasses for many years. For years. Yeah. Yeah.


Hey, when you were working at that comedy club, do you remember when I did the worst prank phone call ever on you. It might have been so good.


I forgot about it entirely. What you're talking about. My life. My career. Oh, I had a friend who was an assistant.


Why don't you cry about it? Well, who will daddy like losers.


Come on. We do love you. You know, we remember you. Then let me talk. So. All right.


I was friends with an assistant to an agent who would always call you to, like, talk about comics and getting them on stage and shit like that. I was the gatekeeper. Yes.


And she called I think I talked to Adam and I go, when you talk to him somehow, subtly drop it. You were hit by a cement truck as a kid.


Oh, shit. Yeah, I do remember this. And then you were like and I think I was on the line and you were like, what? That's insane. I was hit by a cement truck as a kid. She was like, yeah, I was just like trying to get ice cream. And you're like, hang on a second.


And then it got like not it wasn't it was just not fun. Yeah, it was.


It got too real. Yeah. Well where do you go from there. Yeah I already won. Yeah. We're just trying to we're trying to out cripple each other. Yeah. Yeah.


I had, I had sixty surgeries, I had sixty, sixty three. So that's crazy. I could write for a year and a half while mine was a solid two years of not being able to walk.


How many bullets did you have. Because I had quite a few. Because I worked.


Because you were the. Yeah, because I kicked them down the stairs because guess what turned on its head. I was the bully. Yeah, I was the bully the whole time. Yeah.


That was a fucking clutch. You had a clutch gig, man. I remember you called me because you were like, dude, if you can be here in fifteen minutes, Chappelle is about to go up. Yeah. And I saw Dave Chappelle perform for four hours until 3:00 in the morning and was like, you still hold the room hostage.


And that was back when I fucking smoked cigars and he would smoke on stage and it drove me nuts. Oh, how did you.


Jones I wanted to smoke so bad and I was like, but he's smoking inside. Can I please light up?


Well, that's when you should have just stepped outside briefly about cigarette chemicals. But he would roast you if you got up. He would call attention to you and be like, where are you going? And it's like, that's the last thing I wanted was Chapell like. Yeah, yeah, but that be your best story ever? I don't want that I don't want that kind of shit, man. No way. OK, fair enough.


The very first time I I met Chappelle, I was hosting. I think this is the time that you guys are talking about. It was I was hosting the Saturday Midnight Show at the Improv and it was like, Hey, Ugly. It was like a Christmas themed show. And I told, like all the comics and stuff, I'm like, hey, if you guys want to wear, like, ugly Christmas sweater, that'd be hilarious.


No one dead for sure. No one did. Right. And I show up in like a Christmas belly shirt, like a total asshole, and I'm hosting the thing. So, you know, I look like a dick. And then Chipo comes and is like, this is, first of all, his first show back from he hadn't been back in in on the West Coast since he, like, disappeared and went to America after the whole Chappelle's Show situation.


And so he came back and it was like a big deal that he was going to be there.


And and he's like, hey, man. Yeah. You mind if I get up and I'm talking to him with, like, my belly hanging out, like the cold gust of wind coming down the hallway and hitting and nips flaring up from the cold winter air.


And I yeah, I took I'm shoving each other. Each other. Does it get your pecker hard? Come get me.


Oh, OK. It's mine.


So anyways, I told him I was like, hey, you can go on now and we could bump everybody or you could go on and in an hour and some people could go up. I'll just shorten their times and then you come back and he's like, I'll do that. And so he comes back in an hour and was on stage for like six hours.


It was like a fully improv. I couldn't imagine.


I mean, just talking for six hours is exhausting, let alone like being cohesive.


There were moments of funny, but but the the everyone's waiting for, like, the best experience of his life. And he his thing is he's like, I'm not giving you that or kicking it. Yeah.


I feel like we were watching, like, true therapy because he was coming back from work, like leaving Comedy Central and like doing all that. And he I remember him talking a lot about why he did that and what happened and what the real story was. And that was cool jam, but it wasn't necessarily funny.


He just did that again, like two weeks ago. Right. Like, yeah, we helped him shape that twelve years ago. Ten, twelve years. Oh yeah. He did. Was like Kaldi because. Yeah, he's boycotting, he's boycotting his own show is his angle right now because he's. Yeah. I didn't get paid for it. Yeah. Well also neither did we. Yeah. Yeah.


I remember being like wow this is such a historical comedy event right now that's happening like wow, look at this moment and you're the host of the show. Adam, this is pretty cool. Did and then I'm thinking that like while I'm in this fucking belly shirt, like, fully just drooping out the bottom, like, God, I'm such a fucking asshole, ugly Christmas sweaters.


But then I was like, there's probably a talent scout in the audience right now. And they if they're looking for ugly Christmas sweaters. Remember that, though, when we were at the you the SNL talent scouts came to see Bill Hader.


Oh, that's right. And you were like, I need you to come here now and laugh super loud in the audience. I'm going to go up after hater. And we saw Bill Hader do his fucking thing. He came out as like an Italian waiter. Yeah. From the kitchen. Yes.


Who was who? I can also do impressions of people. So it was like a character doing characters, pizza, pizza, and he killed it and he was great. And then it was like, all right, keep it going for Adam Devine.


And I saw all those talent scouts just fuckin exit the room they left so quickly.


All right. You can want to stick around for this next guy.


He's got that. Sorry. Let's get the fuck out of here.


Yeah, he's twenty two and works the door. Do you see what you need to see. Yeah, yeah. Let's get the fuck out of here.


He's got a really funny Christmas sweaters. Come on up.


There's a gust of wind around his belly jivin Adam. Jevin it's.


No that's it's divine actually. Sad man dove. No, not sad man.


Just Adam. Where are you? Adam That's a name everyone has. Where are you going? The dumb. So dumb. The bomb. It's not a dumb, dumb, dumb. You know, my name is so dumb, Devin. Well, I think you know my name actually.


So I'm so tired that that was a cool job though, because we would just get the kick it at the bar and chop it up with comedians and it's fun.


Well, yeah, what was cool is like I for the most part, it was like it was a lot of me like working the door and you guys would come in and drink and then like every like fifteen minutes I could like wander over to you and like chop it up for like two minutes and then I'd have to be like, hold on real quick and then have to go check someone's ID.


But also what's cool is like we were so like broke. And impressionable that it would be like Davutoğlu would come in and buy you a beer and be like, oh my God, that's like my favorite comedian. He's a God. That's my job for like, he is a God, though.


Yeah. Oh, yeah. For sure. Admittedly, it's still cool. Yeah, totally. It was awesome.


And what's cool about that gig is a lot of those guys, like it's hazy for them for sure, but they like put it together. They're like the I saw David tell like a year and a half ago in New York at the Comedy Cellar. And I went up right before him and had a really good set and then got off and he comes out and I'm like, Hey, Dave, Adam Devine, nice to meet you, man. And he goes, We know each other.


Right? And I'm like, I actually used to work at the Hollywood Improv. You bought me and my friend that night.


I was like, you bought me and my friends drinks, I think, to make us leave you alone.


And he's like, I thought you got I thought you worked at the Improv. He was like, I knew. I knew you worked at a comedy club.


Goes a long way. And I'm like, that's cool. It's cool that they people can remember shit like that because people come up to me and they're like, well, we went to eight years of school together and I'm like, cool.


Oh, we did.


Yeah, we grew up together. Our moms are best friends.


I babysat you for 11 years, not ringing any bells.


The I officiated your wedding.


That's just your style though. Yeah. And that's when I go right on bar. See it. Yeah. My dog. Oh yeah. Big dog. Oh that's right. Hi, this is Boin Yang here, and if you're as excited as I am about the upcoming fourth season of Search Party on Biomax, then you'll want to tune in to Search Party the podcast.


I'm sitting down with the creators and stars of the Dark Comedy to delve deeper into the disturbing world inhabited by Doree, Drew, Elliot and Portia and to help us discuss Search Party's most prominent themes were inviting a very special celebrity fan to join Edes Chat folks like Paul Scheer, Vanessa Bayer, Busi Phillips, Taran Killam and Carrie Brownstein, among many others.


I couldn't be more excited to talk with these folks about one of my favorite shows on TV. So join us as we review classic moments, share behind the scenes anecdotes and analyze the complex characters and unpredictable plotlines that make the series.


Oh, so much fun.


Search Party Season four comes to Biomax on January 14th, with seasons one through three available now. Meanwhile, subscribe and listen to Search Party, the podcast on the pirate radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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If I see somebody who I know I've met or whatever, and I do this all the time because I'm so bad with names, I mean, I'm sure listen to the podcast. You're like this dude's brain doesn't work. But I always go, what's up.


It's andas always just to like set the table and hopefully hopefully get a fucking name back so that I can go.


Yes I reu how are you Roy. Even if you already know their name.


You do know if I, if I do or I don't, I just, I just do it, I just do so that, that's why I kind of can come off a little off putting if you know the person and you're like what's up.


Andas it's like yeah we did this for days in a row but then you say yeah I just didn't know you would remember me if it's been a while obviously.


Yeah. That's a very weird moment when you have to be like, hey, what is your name again. Like.


Well so I don't even want to give that to people. My gift to them is telling them my name so they don't have to worry about that is a nice thing.


That is a nice thing that you are that you are doing. That is a gift. But some people get like really bent out of shape. If you don't remember them or they say to me, I'm like, oh, I don't know.


Like people could just not know who the fuck I am. I'd be totally fine if, like, I had met someone before and they were like, hi, I'm sorry. I'm like, OK, that's fine. Yeah. Yeah. Unless we, like, had the best time of our lives and they're like, but we we're blood brothers. Don't you have this scar.


Yeah. We cut our hands and shook. You have this scar. I do have that scar. Oh fuck.


The most brutal shit I heard was when somebody was like this isn't the same kind of conversation. They're like, you know what, though?


If I don't remember you, you're not memorable.


And I was like, yeah, that's kind of wacky. Yeah. Oh, it's wacky.


But like some people, even if it's out of like a fucking grocery store, if they come up to you and they're like, yo, what's up man? You need some bananas. You're like, I'm good. They're like, oh, cool. If you need anything, I'm Daniel. And they walk away and you go every time you go to the grocery store, you're like, Daniel, Daniel, you know it.


And then something. Yeah, like they could be the most important person to your, like, career. Like you meet them and you're like, fuck, I can't remember your name. What's his name. What's his name. Because he was just not married.


So true. Like even in like studio executives in our business, like I do not remember them at all, but actors and people with personality, it's like, hell, yeah. What's up?


How are you or an executive with a personality who you're like, oh yeah, totally. What's up?


So your tone, you got to have a lot of fun finger guns if you wear like a cape or an ascot or you just have a really fun scarf in the summer.


But it doesn't hurt just calling that person scarf guy.


Dog. Oh, shit. Take your scarf. My scarf guy is just as cool as like the name because you're remembering and now you have like a pet name. So it's like scarf guy, big scarf.


Right. But then you get to that point where they're like, yeah, we're we're we're in a place in Big Bear. You wanna get this weekend? You're like, yeah, for sure. For sure. All these people, you want to be there with men like three days and the weekend, you're just like, yo, I don't know your name.


What is Scarff guy's name? The worst thing is when you go on that trip somehow and or like you're somewhere and they see what their name is in your phone and it's like, I'm fucking Scarfe.


Oh, please tell a story. I don't have one. Yeah, I like Tyler.


Big Dog.


This isn't that funny, but I don't know what the name of the guy who the guy who owns the company that cleans my pool is named Rich. So the other day I got a call in front of somebody and it just came up as rich poor guy. Rich poor guy. Yeah. Like, oh you know, a rich person with a pool. That's a guy. And I was like, his name is Rich. His company cleans my pool.


Shout out to rich Shirota. Rich poor guy. Good job. Years of great service.


Big shout out to red rich poor guy. That's a good rap name too. Well, Chloe, my fiancee to this day is Chloe. Final girls in my phone. Oh really. Because I met her on the set of the movie The Final Girls and now she's the final girl.


One, she is the final girl. I never put that together.


Not just the take that I saw, bro. Exactly. No more plural, man.


You got a singular now.


Oh, my God. Yo, put that in your vows. You got to Ders. That's great. Just so everybody knows, she's clearly final girl forever in my phone now.


Dude, that's unreal. I show everyone and look, here it is. I'm going to get the projector out real quick.


If we could work the team. Oh, you plug it in and do a PowerPoint. Yeah. And then you show people as you do it live. Oh, cool. Oh, you're subtracting that as I would love to see. Like trying to work the Apple TV. You like mirror screen. OK, hang on a second guys, because it is on my phone. Just me. Does anyone, is it Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. How does it connect.


He accidentally deletes the whole final girls to.


No, we final girl, OK, fuck the fucking door number, gotta upgrade my phone, I was the worst is when you, like, know someone for years and don't know their last name, you just know them by, like, specifically one of my best friend's fiancee now his now fiancee.


I just. It was just Zach's girlfriend. Mm hmm. Chelsea, Zach's girlfriend in the phone. And for years I did not know her last name.


Yeah. Which is. Well, we can't say on the show, you can't say on the show, allegedly field alleged. The other thing that I have, that's a problem and I don't know if it's just our biz or L.A. or whatever, but a lot of my homies, I just know by their, like, Instagram handles.


Oh, like I don't know their real names.


You're such a millennial.


You. No, I swear to God, I was at a party a few years ago. And do you know Shane w Shane.


You're a handsome actor.


Yeah. Handsome actor guy. He was in like a walk to remember with Mandy Moore, my high school girlfriend made me watch it all the time anyways.


So I like him at a party at his house and I know him like fairly well. We've I've we've been at parties together before. We've gotten drunk together. I'm like, yeah, we know each other.


And he introduced me to someone. This is like years ago. And he was he was like, hey, I want to introduce you to someone. I'm like, OK.


And he's like, Andy, this is Eric or whoever the fuck you was introducing me to. And I'm like, What's that? He's like, Andy, Bovon, dude.


So have you seen workaholics? And I'm like, I stopped him in his tracks. I'm like, motherfucker, do you know, Bob?


I'm like, You think my name is Andy Bovine? And he's like, yeah. And I go, My name's Adam Devine. And he goes, Oh, I thought that was your stage name right on the show.


My name is Sidahmed Devin.


I'm like, Oh, my stage name was Andy. Have you ever heard of the last name Bovine. That's a fucking insane last name.


It was a family name. I come from a long line of cattle on real.


You're from the Midwest, right? Isn't that like where it kind of adds up? Yeah. I guess when you break it down, that's wild. Yeah. Yeah. You know what, I'm going back to it. I just I Instagram gave me Adam Devine.


I couldn't take it. I like went with andI Bovon and wait.


Sorry. The, the handle. Adam Devine was already taken when you got Instagram.


Yeah. Yeah. And so somebody else had it.


Was there another Adam Devine at some point like a redhead that was had more IMDB credits than you. Yeah.


He no longer, he no longer want to get into that.


I mean I just it just sprung in my memory. I don't know. Are you finish your story by gee. But who was that guy.


Oh well he was he was Adam Devine and he was a SAG actor, Screen Actors Guild, which, you know, before I was in the Screen Actors Guild.


So then when I joined, I could either be Adam Devine, the second in the in on IPB or whatever it would give you like a number two.


It would give me like a number two. And I'm like, well, fuck that.


And so I was like, what if I capitalize my V Adam Devine with the Capital V? And they're like, Now, OK, then you'd be Adam Devine.


And so for years everyone is like, and then my family is going like, wait, do you capitalize it?


Did you grow up capitalized movie. No. Wow. Oh my God.


I thought you I thought that's what you were always saying. Capitalized the v it was because that was your family name. No, no, no.


It was because of this fucking redhead outmanoeuvring actor guy.


Dude, honestly I thought like what am I still to this day?


I get people that will just capitalize the V and now, you know, it's just something thing that, like, irks me when it shouldn't because it doesn't matter at all. But I'm just like, that's not how you do it, but right down.


So now are you capitalized or are you back with the lower case on?


My career has gone better than Readhead Adam Devine and I've reclaimed the lowercase three.


Yeah, got it dude. Yeah, yeah. That's huge to me. I remember we used to sit around the fire at night and just talk shit on that dude. Sorry bro but like sorry dude my home he needed the imdb. All right. Sorry bro. Fuck you, asshole.


Oh, let me just say this. The fact that we're putting this out there in the ether, that dude, it's going to come back to him and he's going to fucking work so hard, he's going to just charge for you.


I hope so. No, no, no, no, no. Because and you guys are going to star in a movie together.


Oh, he's I mean, no one on the call sheet starring Adam Divines. No, actually, fuck that guy because I tried to. OK, I tried to buy his website.


Adam Devine Dotcom. He was doing nothing with it. It was like a nothing page. And charging them.


You're charging him up. Got him. Yeah, he's coming four years before workaholics, I, I try to get it and he's like, I'll sell to you for like five thousand dollars or something.


And I'm like well I don't have five grand. Like that's a lot for me to spend at the time. And then after workaholics I went back to him like after maybe season one or two and I'm like, hey, can I get that? And he was like one hundred thousand dollars.


Oh dude, supply and demand bro smart.


And I'm like, yeah, yeah I'm pissed. Now come get that shit. Come get that shit. He's a fucking business shark. Well that's where Tito Ortiz was the. The governor of IMDB, you guys could have fought for it, man, solid callback did. Yeah. Yeah, not forced at all. Yeah. So glad we're back to that really organic. Oh, I'm just going to vote them into the governor of our vehicle. Is there a president, I believe and I'm sure there's got a company, right.


Yeah. I would like to maybe make it my MBT. That's who I am. It's a woman.


It's a woman of all my bad derse. Are you ever coming home when you're still in New York City, right?


Yeah, but the Tyria guys, I was just going to tell you, I'm coming home tomorrow. That's why I'm popping some.


Where do you go? What was that one? It was about diarrhea. What is that? Is that that you're popping bubbly?


Yeah, I'm in my hotel room and I'm having some Perrier. José Granberg Dam. I would love to join you.


You're drinking champagne alone in your hotel room? He's celebrating with my friends.


I'm with three of my best friends. Yes, we're celebrating. And it's true. That is true. Let me just be clear. I would have drank it anyway, but I'm a fucking zuman with my homies.


All right. Yeah, I wrapped. I'm a wrap dog, so. Oh, you're done. Oh, yeah, right. Because you're flying tomorrow. I wrapped to an hour and a half ago. That's awesome. Congratulations on Durrs.


I bet that feels great. That probably feels great. Yeah, that's a good feeling.


Speaking of IMDB, it's it's going to be on track and stack it up. Blake.


Blake, what are you sipping on up there, brother? Well, yeah, I would love to join you, but as you guys may recall, I'm having a December to remember. So I got a delicious old Milwaukie, OK?


An old Milwaukee, one old Milwaukee and a non-alcoholic. Yeah, yeah. You got to you got to say that.


OK, well, it's America's non-alcoholic near beer. A near beer. That's where beer. I like that. Yeah. How's it going dude. How's the how's the December to remember what's up.


It's pretty boring. Yeah. Yeah. You know we're getting through it. OK, I think I'm going to have to break it tomorrow though not you and Adam are doing like some some whiskey thing. OK, wait what.


So you're just going to break it. Well, yeah. I mean I'm not like straight edge or anything. He doesn't care.


Do straightedge you got to get the fucking stats on your hands.


Well, if I ever go feel like I'm I'm out the game. Yeah, I'm going straight edge for here. You kind of have to at least you're part of a cool team at that. Right. At least you have friends.


Yeah. Oh look at them now. Adam wants to drink alone. OK, are you poppin some. But are you at the crab solo now. Closed upstairs.


And I'm going to work out after this but I figured I'm not going to let my boy drink alone.


You know, not he's not drinking alone. I have old Milwaukee near beer, so. Well, that's that is. You're not drinking, guys.


I got my I got my Crystal Geyser right up here. I'm staying dried over here.


Oh, shit. You know, I'll get in and drive crazy over here.


You know that a boy staying hydrated got to drink the water. That's how it goes down.


Hey, just coffee dehydrate you because I've been mad, thirsty for water lately.


I think coffee is a laxative, so you might be shitting water out. Yeah. Diuretic that now I have been shitting more.


Oh by the way I, I put the tushy on.


I find that we finally got the tushy, I finally placed the tissue on. I needed to get larger bolts to secure the seat on my toilet and sounds intense.


Arthur, how are the grips of that shit down.


I don't doubt it because I don't know about you guys but I've like a nice thick ass and so, like, you know.


But wait, you said you don't know about it. Yeah. You've seen our asses. I'm pretty sure you know about all of our butts. I got a good ass mintzberg.


You got a nice ass. Yeah. Yeah. Well it's not nice. Guys heads big best. One of our group is Blake for.


Yeah. Yeah he's got the highest booty. Yeah he's got the highest booty. Second Ders get the fuck out of second ders. Third is fourth all take up the rear.


That is a wildly wrong statement for sure. I have the best and the best ass out of all of us.


That's bullshit. I don't mean to get aggressive about this, but like that's bullshit.


The second closest is Blake's ass Blake. It's a nice ass pissed down to high booty. I've got a squatter's booty rotund tweet.


If I was going to say I need an ass in a movie star light by the moonlight like Emilio Estevez and whatever that movie, A Jock, athletic guys that you're like, yes.


That you shoot it from the side as a beautiful profile.


I'll tell you who I'm casting first. I'm casting Blake, right.


Damn, son, where'd you find me?


Like, hands down offer only I'm not even I'm not even having him read for the part. I'm fucking casting you, bro.


I guess what you're after project. So, Adam, I'm doing the casting.


You're off the project. No, no, no, no. You're off the project. You can go on workaholics and look at our bus side by side. Adam, honestly, second choice.


Second choice. Blake's not available. He's already got a gig showing his ass in the moonlight somewhere. I'm going straight to Ders and Ders isn't really read neither. I'm going right to his people in offering him the part. Thank you. Now, Ders is not available. It's tough if I'm going to step in myself or if I'm if I'm going to call you.


Are you kidding?


Both of us are doing a side by side because your ass is dumpy. Dude, it's not done. I don't know. Maybe it used to be dumpy. I don't mean to talk shit on it. I'm going to take that back.


I've been riding 100 plus miles a week, I've been doing a lot of leg work, I'm racked and stacked down here, I am a fitness LeWinter.


I've been doing legs three times a week. My shit is rock solid right now. I would stack my ass up.


Where do you think it might just be a little much. Oh, too much, dude.


There's no we're in 2020 andas there's no such thing as a little much anymore. The Kardashians or the Queen Bees. OK, and their asses are the fucking size of the moon.


Tell me about Rob Kardashians ass real quick. I don't know. I'm not I'm talking my ass is a no.


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I have a female, a beautiful female's ass, and what are we casting, Kyle? What are we casting that is wildly incorrect? Yeah. Wait, what are we casting? We haven't even what is obviously, it's a gay porno. Hello.


I'm actually saying what's the movie where we're like Mel Gibson in fucking Lethal Weapon, you know what I mean?


Where he is in the fucking trailer and you got the shot of the ass.


Adam, relax. You have the gay porno on lockdown. It's all good.


But Adam's just delusional about this.


I'm not he's a he's an influencer. His influence and I'm a fitness influence. Delusional.


Dude, I can't let this happen. I'm sorry. I think I think your casting choices are are way off base.


They've gotten me where I am today, so I think I know what I'm doing.


We've established that I'm the one that gets all the gay guys flooding my dreams, one to see every day talking about my thick, juicy booty and how it makes their fucking mouths water.


And these guys don't get that don't get that same love.


So if we're talking about needing men to judge other men's booties, I feel we should go to the gay the gay men fan and see what they have to say.


OK, I don't get a lot of gay guys. I get women in the in the dorms, but I don't get a lot of gay guys.


Why don't we just have a women judge these booties? I feel like the women are going to go to Blake first. I'm making this shot. The shot isn't necessarily for gay dudes. This shot is for women.


And Blake's hair, when it's wet, probably goes all the way down to the crack and just kind of like your eyes.


That is correct.


It's fantastic. I'm saying that from I'm seeing that from like an art perspective, probably to not from anything really sexual, like an artistic perspective. Blake wins bumble bee tuna.


I guess that's where we're not Chicago. We're shooting a hard core gay porno. And that's not what I'm saying. My ass is the star.


You know how the Seinfeld reunion was on Curb Your Enthusiasm? You know, in a fun, weird way that they were like, oh, it's not going to be Seinfeld. It's going to be on curb the Workaholics reunion is just going to be OK.


And we're going to fuck each other and be like, but it's it's funny because it wasn't a workaholics episode.




Creativ we are Jilian. Good news. We can shoot you out in a day.


Yeah. Come on in big er Griffin we got your Jillian delivers the pizza.


Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Do we have crickets. We got tell you I'm off the project. Oh yeah.


He took himself, he took himself off the project. OK, good. I'm telling you you haven't seen my ass in a long time. It is rock solid right now idiot.


But I know it's still I know your cheeks are still longer than Blake's. Blake's is taut. There's no way your cheeks shrunk. Right, right. Yeah. You know what I'm talking about.


They look like they're like hams. They look like hams. Yeah, delicious hams. Too delicious long hams. They look like too long hams.


Hams have been left out in the lakes but has like a narrowness to it. That's pleasant. Oh right. Adam, yours is like a square. A square Irishness. That does look formidable.


It's formidable for sure. He has a formidable ass.


I just don't know if it's appetizing. No, I think it is. I think it is appetizing. I think if if we were there's the most meat out there and I'm talking about the good meat.


I'm not talking about the fatty busting wagger steak. I'm talking about like just a nice juicy.


Oh, come on, pork.


Halcro you realize that you're the only one defending your own ass here, dude. Like everybody is in agreement. You have a formidable hyne dude.


I'm saying if no one's saying it's not fermentable, you're Heiny is not the star, OK?


Oh well if we're just going but to butt comparison just about doing OK, that's all I'm doing.


I'm not talking about how you act in a gay porno.


Can we post bots on Instagram or is that I think we have to take this to an only fan. No, no. If we put on thongs, we could do it. Let's start in only fans.


I think Ders is actually going to be the sleeper winner. If we did that, I really think.


Well, wait, let me just let me just circle back to what Adam just said. Are we only talking about butts?


Yes. What do you think we're talking about? Like as opposed to, like, butts and what thighs?


Well, I'm talking about like, no, I'm talking about hair situation.


I'm talking all it's all about hair. I mean, do we want to break it down by category?


As far as like I'm saying, you slide these ham hocks into some tight jeans and you shoot it from the left like profile. Yeah, you profile.


I'm talking a nude, but. Oh, so you're shooting a nude. But in you you were talking about Lethal Weapon with him in jeans and now you're talking about. Oh, no, no, no, no, no.


You know, the shot I'm talking about when he wakes up naked and it's like he's like contemplating suicide, like he's PaPeRo. It is very blue, it's a moonlight walk, it's prickley do my ass looks good in Blue Blue's my call. Is it pre it's pre coital right or is it pre? It might be post. You know what I might be thinking of a loaded weapon, the send up with mule.


That's really what I'm talking about here because that's where they did it perfectly. It's like the perfect ass for Emilio Estevez and for you guys at home.


Loaded weapon was a not Charlie Sheen. Emilio Estevez, right. Of Lethal Weapon in other movies like that in the 90s that we would constantly reference right in the Workaholics writers room as our kind of, you know, at the top of the totem pole of comedy.


Well, I think what it was poking fun at was the fact that Adam, in the 90s, there was a lot of movie, hey, it's my friend Blake in the 90s and every it seemed like every movie where it was like leading man, they had the gratuitous butt shot.


Yes. VANDAM Got it. VANDAM God. Gibson got it.


I'm saying I've had gratuitous butt shots in movies already.


Wait, wait. You've been fired off of a commercial for your. But let's keep it real, dude. That's before obviously working out.


First of all, I was I had more body fat at that time by a lot.


Now I'm I'm like, that's a bad thing. Are you fat shaming? I'm fat shaming myself. And I was fatter then.


It didn't look good. It did not look good in those oh doctors that they strapped me in for the Domino's commercial.


Yeah, I got fired because of my fat ass in a Domino's camera.


Maybe this is why you're not hearing us. Because that moment stunk so bad, bro. That like your your your your fucking like you cannot hear this. Those of you at home.


The clapping sound is Adams. But Kyle, that was almost fifteen years ago, my man.


That is a lifetime ago. I've been doing lots of stuff. I'm not saying you don't take care of yourself. I'm saying you saw me nude.


You're free. Oh, online. Goodness influence. I am your friend. I'm your friend. I'm. I'm your friend. And I'm told.


Hey, can I just say I think I got hit on the ground. Hey, I said out of the four of us, I just ranked the four of us. That's all I did. I didn't say you can't be your butt can't be shot by a film camera. Hang this thing on the four of us. I'm Carson Blake. Offer only film Curtius right up there. You.


I'm not stoked about making me audition for the part. Is that what you're saying?


Pull your fucking butt out. Let's go. Let's go. All right. Let's see the. But let's see. We're talking about Postnet later. Let's see this shit.


Look at me. Look at him. Clench it. Look at it. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.


Oh yeah. It doesn't really have that much shape. I'm sorry it doesn't go out much on the ad.


Where does your butt cheek end and your thighs start. You.


Well now you're trying to show your dink but I think, I think you damn your bike rode your ass.


I think you had angle. I don't think, I think it was a bad angle right there.


I admit I saw I saw my ass in the monitor and it wasn't what you remember, huh.


I can tell you I can tell you exactly what the difference is that I'm spot.


Yeah, I can tell you it's at the bottom of your eyes. It's your crevasse. It's the spot where your cheek meets your thigh. It's not defined like breaks is defined. So I know where the butt starts from the bottom. Well. Oh really.


Let's see. Blake says, I don't. I asked. I already got the part. Yeah, he's off her own way. He's already signing contracts contract. I'm making I'm making my own film.


I'm making my own film.


And you're starting it. I go, no, I'm not. I'm I'm casting. I want to see what's out there.


I think you're I think you're going to cast somebody and then fire them when it comes down to shooting because you want it so bad.


I think he's casting a sequel to the free solo Climb Up Flat Mountain.


Meet like that there. Okay.


Now, admittedly, I feel that that was not my best showing.


I do see kind of the angle wasn't really working for me and I feel you can change up the angle.


I'd be happy to workshop another angle. Can we get the DP in here?


I'll give you four weeks, by the way. I'll give I want to give you four weeks and I'm sure we can have a screenshot of that before and then four weeks. Let's see what we're dealing with here.


Diary and one month I'm coming back and you will see I'm telling you.


Well, you're going to have to you're you're going to have to completely change your your fitness and fitness regimen. You're going to have to go full honey buns and squats.


That's fine. He's an influencer. That's fine. I, like you don't even know my lifestyle. My lifestyle is fitness plake. It's all I understand that. But you all day every day I wake up and I, I, my eyes snap open and I'm like. How do I better myself and influence those around me? That's all I'm thinking as a fitness influencer. While you're doing that, you are losing the ass that you have in your mind.


I think Blake's right. You might be working it all way. You might be. You might be. It might be falling off, man. You're chipping away at Mount Mount Rushmore.


Yeah, I'm I'm I'm pedaling the meat off. Right. You might have had a better but 15 years ago in that commercial. Oh, wow. Wow. And they were overwhelmed.


They were like, whoa. Like, we can't handle this. People will start fucking their TVs.


Yeah, yeah. You can't do that.


They'll get they'll get too horny. That makes sense. You have to slit her thighs down. Does that make you feel better?


First of all, Kyle. No, I don't. Dude, I just saw it. My thighs are fucking awesome, dude. Big thighs.


Do you have to slim them down if your ass is going to be that small?


If my ass is cut right now, I have a small ass. Get the fuck out of here. You have no bottom definition, homeboy. That is insane.


It was a bad angle. It was shot for of all good. Look, these are just these are thoughts, you know what I mean? And that's it. Take them or leave them. That's an opinion. These are my opinion and I love you.


OK, obviously Kyle has a vision for this movie. You know, we're not in his head, but, you know.


Yeah, it's just came down to it. All right. Thanks, man. OK, what's up, Ders? What's what's on your mind, buddy?


I just feel bad for Adam because I know the pride that he takes in his butt. No, it's OK. And I just I honestly don't know who he is without it. It's fine.


Well, here's the thing, though. Here's the thing. Adam pulls down his pants and shows us his butt. And we're like, OK, Blake got the part, Ders got the part. But hey, pull down your pants and turn around and you got the best dig. We filmed it. You know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah, we filmed it the best we filmed. You can't have it all. It's it's it's like you just.


You can. You can. You can't.


You just can't, bro. Like your dick is a part of one of the best scenes we've ever filmed as a crew. Yeah.


That is that's one of the best scenes. Netflix. I would put that whole sequence of events.


We're talking game over man.


Game over man movie we made for Netflix where we hotel got taken over. We were the maids. We had to save the day in a die hard type, taken over by terrorists, taken over by terrorists.


And there's a scene where terrorists are coming into the hotel room that Blake, Adam and I, our characters are in. And we have to scramble. And Adam's character comes up with an idea where he will pretend to be a guy who's dead in a closet from autoerotic asphyxiation. And while they're distracted, looking at Adam, who was fully fucking naked in this movie, Blake and I attack. But then the terrorists turn out to be lovers. They start fucking and the whole plan goes south as they do as they do as they.


And I would say that I would put that whole sequence up against anything else on Netflix.


It's better to be without a doubt that is that is the funniest scene out of any comedy that I've seen in the past five years for sure.


The funniest it's truly a laugh riot by definition.


But then you see my ass from this side and you're like, God damn, that is something else.


That is that is it.


Well, you see, you're nuts. And tain't from the front, from the footage, from the best possible angle to see my. Yeah. Nuts. You see your whole entire dick, you see your balls, you see your gruntal and we shot it all. And you did put put it out there man and you fucking earned that shit player. You really did. You did.


When we wrote it, we didn't think that we would be shooting it in such a way that it would be so full-frontal and then we really.


Yeah. So gratuitous. Yeah. I was not I was planning on having like a prosthetic dick and when we got into preproduction and Adam finally came out and we were about to shoot, I said, Adam, look, I got him building this prosthetic dick, what do you think? And he's like, Kyle, I've made peace with the world. I'm going to show them my dick. I said, All right, I wanted to show powerful.


The world, my dick. Yeah, and I took that cue and I shot the shit out. I get it. I get it.


You guys are appeasing me because you were just for lack of a better term, shitting on my ass. Okay.


Yeah, you're sitting on my ass diarrhea with shit on top. And so you gave me compliments to my dick. And I understand that, you know, that I needed that because I do hang my hat on my ass.


All right. Well, don't make us feel bad about it.


You shouldn't really be hanging your hat on your dick, bro. Are you saying thank you or are you saying no, no, no, no, I'm not. I'm not I'm not saying I appreciate what you're doing.


I appreciate what you I think you were pretty clear we were sitting on your ass, so we glorified your dick. Yeah. And I do appreciate that.


But you cannot work out your dick and I as a fitness influencer who takes great pride in his gluteus maximus, really run with that.


Is there anything such thing as a sickness influencer? We're like everything you post is about your dick and like treating it right and like getting it to, like, be its best.


Should I do that? Absolutely. Yeah.


Like a hair, like a like a self care, but only for your penis.


Only about your dick. Like how to like keep the skin.


Right, how to get it bigger, how to keep it going, how to like, you know, manscape and all that is manscape a thing.


Well that could be a spin off of, of, of manscape.


One of our one of our sponsors could be a spin on it could be the sequel to Kyle's movie that he's shooting. I don't know the plot exactly, but with the butt shot.


Yeah. The gratuitous. But my butt shot into jerseys.


Yeah. We're going to start with the butt shot and we're going to be pretty much just fill it out from there.


No, I want I want to be in the sequel because you said you're going to get the first one to Blake, right. And then I'll be in the sequel is like the new but on the scene.


And then I'll be like the home video version where it's not even streaming.


You have to get a VHS, you're home alone three or is a different bad guys in a different kid. You're like, what? It it's just not the same movie at all.


Yeah, but he got the rights to the box, but it's not the same character I like. Stan, is there any compliments. Take back. I'm sorry. There's no way it's already time for that. Yeah it is.


Yeah. What Adam's calling it baling man. I feel like we still have a good four minutes left but hey.


Oh my God. It's ready to rock. I guess so. We're taking it back. We take. Yeah. Take. That's compliments of Paulie.


Kyle, what do you have any take backs. Oh man. Why are you fishing for it.


Oh no I'm not. I'm just saying do you have any take back compliments or compliments or apology me take backs backslides some.


You know, let me think when we walk back through it. What did we talk about again? What were the things that I might have you taken back?


It was no, sir. I don't like it. It's fine. I wasn't here. I guess I'd like to take back my what I said about Dave Chappelle and said he wasn't funny. Sometimes he was funny the whole time. Oh, he wasn't. Watch them a big endorsement.


He wasn't funny for four hours, bro. I was sitting right there. I was it was an honor to watch him up there. I just don't want people to get the wrong idea.


It was I'm not saying it wasn't an honor.


It was fucking sick because he hadn't shown his face forever and we were there. But the anticipation of waiting for, like, the funniest thing you've ever seen just never happened.


And true, it wasn't funny all the time. And I guess he still is not like he still is. He's riding that wave now become more he's got a..


He's got a nice ass. He does. Yeah. That was pretty nice, huh.


Fantan probably a great probably a great dick. But I guess in terms of other take backs.


Yeah, I'm not seeing any I'm not feeling any real you don't know compliments on anybody.


Any compliments or compliments of Blake's ass. Definitely. Just just don't do that again. I no doubt. Yeah. Compliment to Derse is asked to because it's really good as well. Appreciate it.


Thank you. Beautiful stuff. Beautiful stuff.


And Adam compliments your dick dude complements your dick straight up. Yeah. Oh me. Straight up.


Compliments to compliment to Adam for pulling his fucking butt out. Yeah. Yeah good. You know, even though it didn't pan out, it didn't pan out the way he was hoping. I got some for the spank bank later.


Yeah. You do know man just alone in a hotel room. Drink a little champagne. I'm sorry.


I just, I don't think maybe Kyle isn't into female Crossfade traders bodies because basically what I you know, that he is I don't think he is.


He must not be.


He must like them squishier, you know, not as chiseled in the defined.


And that's OK. And I'd like to compliment your specific taste and that works for you.


And I just want to kind of. Complement Kyle and his vision, it's just always so clear what he wants and it's it's just I commend you because you always paint the picture.


And I as much as I don't have a script, I don't know much about it. But I see what you're going for. And I think you pick the right guy.


And I appreciate you always go for an emotional feeling, you know, an animal instinct of what is true.


And you didn't disappoint today. And I appreciate that.


I'd like to compliment Jersey on drinking champagne alone in his hotel room. Yeah, that is big.


Maybe the last type of alcohol that I would drink just on its own. So low, but big, big shots out to you rappin today. And that's that is quite the celebratory drink complimented Ders.


Why is it the last? What do you want. Because there's hard alcohol in here. But I was like, am I really going to start slamming vodka? And then there's beer.


But I'm like, beer schmeer. I know that they always there's always like a decent whiskey in a hotel room. And that's what I would probably drink.


There's a doer's and there's a maker's mark little dog. Yeah, I drink those. Yeah.


But those are in my asshole right now.


So that's why you're here. That's why you wouldn't show your ass earlier. Yeah. What's that little melted wax cap hanging out of your house.


Oh it's Maker's Mark Commenee.


It was something from on set. Somebody on set. Frank.


Well I will. And I also compliment Adam and not and not really coming after Blake or I. About what? About our butts and saying that his is his is better than ours. He was just he was you were you were tooting your own horn and hey, you're big up in yourself. I appreciate that. Not in a bad way.


I will never say that I don't have a great ass. I truly believe that I have a stellar backside, Rick. I truly believe that my my dick I disagree with my dick.


I think my dick is perfectly fine. I love my ass is and isn't a plus ass. And you could disagree with that.


I also think, hey, I'm in great company because Blake and Ders have great, meaty, nice looking ass.


Now the perspective is what you should be looking at exactly, because there's four of us on the team saying I'm in great company here. Kyle, I don't think your ass is in our sort of realm of amazing. I know this. And I put myself last. I said I'm happy to bring up the rear. OK, that's funny.


That's very funny. Thank you. That is. I'm happy I'm not even here.


I think the people at home are going to be glad that we brought up the rear on this episode of.


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