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What's it like to views the podcast where this is the first podcast of the New Year? Guys, I'm so happy 2020 is over. This year is going to be the year I get the new co-host. Fingers crossed.


Let's talk about going there. I was just didn't know how you were going to do it, but I knew it was headed towards I thought it was going to be. And the last podcast with Jason.


Well, let's all done your music and started off in my hometown friend John. Yeah. Has I'm trying to, you know, you know, my goal to move out all my hometown friends to somehow get them to work for me. So my three hometown friends live together. John, Mike and Alex and Alex and Mike are down till I come here and move here and work for Dobra X, the pizza place. And John refuses. John's like, I'm I want a different career.


I want to study chemicals. I want to be in a lab, you know, some like real boring shit that like I guess he likes I don't know, he wanted to be a doctor like six months ago.


You open a lab just to give him a place to work. Real. That's what I was going to take. And yesterday we were just having such a bad day in Call of Duty. We were just talking and I was like, John, John, if we win this next game, you have to move to L.A. and work for Dobra.


And he goes like a tick tock. He literally goes he goes fine, because I know you're not because I know we're not going to win. That's what he said. He said it like it sounded like one of those kids, like walking up to their parents and be like, Mom, if I get a million likes, can we get an Xbox?


And the parent, you know, scripted goes, yeah. Just because I know you won't get that many likes. That's what it sounded like when John said it. And then fucking we won. And this is our first game in three hours.


And John fucking was so stressed, so stressed because I mean, it was a serious bet, like now he has to quit his job and move to L.A. and do you hear him talking the entire time? He's he's like, I can't believe I can't believe I put all my life onto this game. There's no such thing as destiny. There's no such thing as destiny. That's what he's talking about. He's like saying these are random things, like there's no such thing as fate.


I can't believe I did it all in one game. On one game. There's some why would I do that? And he's like, fucking oh my God. He was he was almost in tears. If we were if we weren't streaming, he would be in tears.


So what's the result then? Is he coming? Yeah, it's like he's Costo.


Yeah, he's coming now. He's going to work for X and we open up in a couple of months, which is guy has a degree in chemistry.


He doesn't have a degree in chemistry bro. He sits in like a plant and he like make sure that the chemicals don't overheat. He's basically just taking control of the thermostat. He doesn't do much in there. But we always joke. Mike always jokes around that he's just playing with hand sanitizer.


Those are the only outcome because what's he going to do for because. Well, he studied to be like a nurse. OK, well, initially I want to be a doctor and then he's like, that's too much school. It's going to be a nurse. And every year we would ask John, what do you want to be? And, you know, every year I would get less and less convincing that he was actually going to be a nurse.


And then he's like, oh, mostro the chemical plant. So he said, we're going to chemical plant, which is really random. And now he likes labs, apparently, but like, he doesn't even work because he like every time he's at work, I know he's at work because he's not playing video games, but he's on my Twitter stream. So he's in my comments. And like, when I get killed, he'll be like, oh, my God, close one day.


It's like he's watching the entire time. So he's not doing anything at work.


Homer Simpson works at a chemical plant. He's kind of like, yeah, John does remind me of Homer Simpson. What would he do? A Dobriansky? I don't know. I just need, like, friendly faces around. Like, I think that's all it is. Like, I like Mike is an Italian guy. So I think him, you know, making the pizzas all we need. Yeah. Fits perfectly. And just to have my hometown friends there is like that's what I like.


I just want to go into business with the people I grew up with. Like, I've always just that's my goal. It's like always will be my goal.


And when are we going to see Tobruk's? A couple of months. Eight months. John's always. John's always. John needs a push to do things like John's idea he had and he was the first one in our group to ask us to start a YouTube channel.


And he was like, yo, we should start a YouTube channel. But his idea was like we would fix bikes on it, like into BMX. And I was like, John, no one's going to watch us fix bikes. Like, we don't even know how to fix bikes.


Like the reason, like he thought he was really good at fixing bikes is because when we would get flats, we would go to him to pump it up.


So like he felt he put the put the air into our tires so he thought he could start an entire channel based off that.


Didn't you guys have like a bike group? Like you had like a whole quad bike around together?


Well, we were called the biker gang, and that's like what people knew us. So he thought that we can make that big of a better name than just biker gang. Oh, we didn't do it. We didn't come up with that name. That was like when we would ride. Bilic, Seven-Eleven be people smoking and the big O the biker gang oh, people called you that. Oh yeah we weren't self-proclaimed. Oh yeah. No this was, this was given to us because we were, we were, we were local legends.




We'd ride around, we'd have a 99 cent watermelon, Arizona teasin one hand sleepy's in the next and the barbecue Fritos that would twist and guess what. Guess how many hands on the wheel. How many. None fucking. No hands. All the way back. All the way back to the park. All the way back to the gazebo from 7-Eleven.


I think the name was ironic, Dave. No, actually, we were very much a gang.


I went on a riot date before I left here. It was so bad.


I'm going to say something real quick and you're not going to like it because a lot of these situations.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


I'm just I'm just saying a lot of you're coming in. You're reporting back some horrible dates, every situation. No, I'm not. Yes, you are. This is the first date that I look up. There's always something wrong with every hookup. Yes, there is. Yes, there is every hookup. There's always something wrong. And yeah. Yeah, Dave, I don't know. He just didn't get hard for some reason. Literally, it's four out of the last seven days.


The guy hasn't gotten out. That's not true. Yes. That is literally not true. L-A I have been cursed. Oh no.


But you agree. Every time you share a story there's something wrong. That's something that goes.


First of all, the stories that are more interesting are the ones that things gone wrong. Yeah. So there are ones you're telling me all these days you're still having positive ones. Yeah. Wow. OK, ok.


Yes. But first of all. Yeah. You do know this right. OK, I love the guy's dick is broken ribs show up but no one has ever served me up but no one stood you up. But but sometimes that thing won't stand up. But know. But I. That's not fucking me bro. No this I need to hear more. This is what you are. You hear more. You're here on every podcast. No she goes, I hooked up with a guy and his dick wouldn't get hard.


Sometimes I just. And if you're a returning listener and you haven't heard this because we have to cut it out of OK, because it's just too sad.


But no, no, no, you're making me so OK. I'm exaggerate. I'm exaggerating. Just to sound more interesting. It's happened twice to twice. Yes, it's happened twice. But first of all, when it happened, it happened once and then it happened again. It was fine.


But the funny part is they happened right after each other, like two weeks apart. And I thought you said the second part. Well, you said it the second time you were telling me the story. And I wasn't even listening. My eyes were just trying to process. Like, my eyes were glazed over. And I was just like, what goes on when she hooks up with somebody? Why is no one getting hard?


She put on a three piece suit. Yeah.


Does she dress up as a chameleon to tell the story of what happened?


I talked to someone else that's not them because I've talked to multiple witness, but not Jason either. No, I'm saying it happens. Jason linked. I you this has to go along. These stories are not on the podcast. I feel like I'm not here for them. Yes. A lot of the stories we'll just be sharing. Yeah.


You're just sharing. So happens. OK, sure it happens. Yeah. Right. Maybe because you're fucked up because you're on drugs because you're fucking. I don't know you mentally or somewhere else. Yeah. Something's happening like it happens. I mean OK, the stories of the guy getting hard work, getting high, we're two different guys. It's not I've never gone on a dating app since I've been here on a date. And I finally before I left L.A. in December, I was like, whatever this guy messaged me.


And he was like, pretty nice and fine. He says, like, OK, whatever, let's meet up. And he came to my apartment because he couldn't do anything. His opinions and everything were the polar opposite of anything that I think of. Right. Like politically fucking life goals. Like what you see, every single thing we talked about, it was like almost a discussion of gravity.


It was I don't feel I don't think it holds you down.


It literally, though, I mean, in his defense, I mean, like to date in L.A. randomly just to find people, pull them off the street and hope that you have some kind of connection.


I think it hard and I do think you're attractive. I just think it's crazy that you have this problem. No, I generally think I've been coerced. I talked to Post on my fiance all about it all the time. To my friends, I'm like up increased by the dick.


Oh, that's. Oh, you've noticed this. Yes, obviously I've noticed it was not happening. And then it happened like twice in a row. Oh, so you know that. Oh OK. But I'm fucking hoping the thing is me, obviously you guys are making me feel like it's right. It is me. Oh me. Oh.


So your girls out there, any single girl out there. It's never your fault. It's never you. It's always them.


So, so, so you're pissed that we just found out about your software cause that's what it is. So you've known about this.


I'm pissed that you're basically saying that it's me. Now see something wrong. You literally just said there must be something wrong with you. It's not happening that you hit the curse.


If anybody out there wants to go on a date with our and see if they can hard.


I hate it. Let me make you something. I'm so fucking desperate. I'm not. That's where I can get my own day. I can get a heart attack if I want to prove everybody wrong.


I say that you and I just go to the bathroom right now, OK?


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So Charlie's here, Jason's daughter, Charlie, who's given up on my YouTube channel just like everybody else. You've given up on Charlie's, you've given up on Jason's YouTube channel.


I bring the camera out now, like when she was younger. She was so good, Dave, she would kill it in the family blogs. And because she is so funny and now I bring the camera out. She didn't want Charlie.


How old are you? Eleven. Do you think you're getting to the age where, like, this is kind of hard to admit because you're like in it, but like, do you think you're going to the age where it's like your dad's not as cool as you thought he was? No, it's not that.


It's just like when I first wake up in the morning, like, come into my room like I'm lying in bed with the camera.


Same here, Charlie. Same here. Same here. It's got to be Maddog.


So, Charlie, this is another hard hitting question. Your mom has a new boyfriend.


OK, you son of a bitch. Is that who's who's the better father figure in your life currently?


You OK?


So Jason, who do you think is cooler? Like, OK, Jason's the more father figure obviously because he's your actual dad.


But who's cooler? Like who could walk into a bar and who would get more people to turn their heads, like, would it be Jason or your mom's new boyfriend if you're a teenager in the bar than him?


Oh, Jason, yeah. But currently I'm talking currently if they walk into a bar right now, I'll be honest. I don't know you.


Oh, Charlie's too nice to you. He could tell. You could see is she is. Yeah she really is.


You could tell she wants to say the truth but it won't come out boyfriends.


Great. Like I'm better than mommy.


She's getting great. Did you say you like about it. Yeah.


It's not. He's great. That was fun. We had a good Christmas, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Charlie, if you could, if you could have your dad have any other career would you. Firefighter possibly. Yeah.


Really. I mean like OK so like I have a checking account too.


It's like he's always like but I'm eleven you know, he's like addicted like one time I was like going to the bathroom. It was like, it was like 1:00 a.m. and I just hear him like going on stuck in the other room.


That is so funny. Yeah, I do the pop in and go, hey, go to bed. She has to take your phone from you. It's enough. That's enough. You're addicted to.


Yeah. Twenty twenty. Yes I am. I'm in my twenties. Oh you're addicted to Jason. You're almost fifty years old. I can't watch. Ticktock.


No I mean you can but I mean I don't know it's my business sort of like you know what we do. Yeah. Right. Kind of fun.


He's just getting worked on Charlie late at night Natalie texted me this article from my high school. I got interviewed in the like in the high school paper because I was on Vine. I was a huge vine sensation at the time. This is what the article says.


Tell them how many followers you had. Yeah, I had 1500 followers on Vine and my name was still crazy Davy and my Snapchat was crazy. Blaikie my name's not even Blake, but I just didn't do it. Like it was like this was like a long time ago. This is what the article said. Some of her favorite winners include Marcus Johns, Bo Burnham and Scott Hoying. All three gained a massive following since the breakup, although not quite as well known.


But still a local legend, David Dobek is well aware of the possibility of gaining Vyn fame. Having recently been recognized on Vine's popular now page, he still remains humble. And this is a quote. This is a quote of what I said. I don't think my vines have gained too much popularity, but if they do, I'm sure I'm going to become a millionaire and pick my girl Ariana Grande up in my new Ferrari Italia.


Oh, and the fucking craziest part is I was so close, I got two out of the three of those things. Wow. I got the Ferrari. I bought a Ferrari Italia and I became a millionaire and. Underground. But she's married now and then the interviewer goes, Godspeed, David, we're all rooting for you. Who was that? Interviewer Grace Furolo. She's fucking great. She was your age. Yeah, she's she's in my shoes in my school.


She's one of the best school paper. This is high school paper. Do you find it kind of funny how you were doing? Fine. When Vimont using fine when he was 40.


Yeah. You know you know, your dad DME when I was in high school, this is what he said. He goes, hey, you look adorable. I was like, whoa, you know, he texts.


She's looking around to see if you're kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Nobody did the Emmy.


He did me funny vines, man, when I was 17 years old. And I freaked out because he was like a huge celebrity to me. So it's like a big deal.


How the roles reversed for me is it just, you know, you're trying to get content from him. And yeah, it's funny how the roles reversed.


That's why I hang out with you. Do you want to know what you told me?


I think I say crazy stuff. Let's say a letter saying, yeah, I showed you some, like, weird tick tock I made because I was, like, really tired. I kind of like I was hanging out with Wyatt and I was just I was like just doing dumb stuff. And I found some kind of tick tock. It wasn't even that funny. I was just like, weird. And then he laughed. I was like, why don't you post?


Like, I don't want him. And then why? I like probably like five minutes later I was like, kid me. What are some kind of food? He's like, yeah, we kind of used to suppose that tick tock tick.


That was a Joe Chaser for a second that Charlie. What have I ever withheld food.


That was a joke. It unless you post that tick tock, you are food you show me like do not put me in that light.


I've never made you do anything like this. Not that I like. And mainly you are joking, but for a second I'm like, this is going to make a post like I saw you. That was a joke.


Oh no. It was, it was a joke. You would back off of it, but it was a joke that you thought would work for a second.


Well, I mean, if you decided to post it, I did you the food and it was going to order the food. That's so funny. But I mean, why you want to get pizza place, OK? Unless you're supposed to talk about am I wrong to like. Yes.


All right. I'll leave it down. I'll go.


What am I wrong to like to give like a little nudge here and there. It's just so it's just like, OK, if you how when you were younger or whatever were like certain trends that were happening, it's like I want to follow them. It's like it's just annoying because like I have somewhat of a platform and then it's like, oh, here we go.


Oh no. Because then you like you have a platform from David.


Just remember that. Yeah, I obviously know it's from you.


It's just like little Madeley over here.


I don't think she gets that joke.


That was for the viewers to get it. I don't think I want to get it out. OK, go ahead. Finish what you're going to say. It's just annoying because you're always like you should post war dance music. You should post more funny things like I want to kind of follow the things I like. Kids my age are doing OK.


But I mean, but when you're when we do those dance tech talks together, like you're the star of those, you're the one that can dance. Jay, to answer your question, are you wrong? I feel like if it was like if it was like soccer or basketball or piano and I was like, come on, like, let's try soccer like. Yes, right.


But I feel like Tick-Tock is like and I totally understand that it's so normal in your world, but it's so weird and it's not like it's not the same as like getting your kid to do like an activity like art class. Right. Because it's like so like out there and it's like you're posting it to the public and it's like, OK, you're right. It's a different it's a different thing.


But yeah, but that's funny. It's funny that you're like that. You're thinking that because you're right to think that. I feel like because that's your job and it's so normal to you.


But and she's good David. She's like, no, I believe she and she can dance and she's great at Tic-Tac but she's good at it. But you got to feed her.


And it's like it's also stressful, like filming dance like textiles, because you always know there's going to be one part, like one girl named Emily who's going to come on your post is like, yeah, but Charlie.


Fuck Emily Lilly. Yeah, screw Emily. That's what I'm trying to say. But then it comes like kids your age, like kids are like, you know, personally who I totally come out you so crazy.


But they're just jealous that they don't have the confidence to be posting that kind of stuff. All right.


I'll leave you alone. No more.


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So I made my mom cry. Those those are your New Year's plans?


No, I hung out with a few friends on New Year's, but the day after I made my mom cry.


OK, well why do you keep like leaving in a cliffhanger? You're like saying in a way where you want me to react. You're like, but it was the day after I made my mom cry. What happened? So I love my mom, you know, I really do.


I love her. Yeah. Oh, my heart. Like, I do anything for her. Yeah. She's sick. Yeah, she's great. I'm an only child though. And when you're an only child, your mom that's why you're so weird. Focuses all your attention on you like in solar. You and I hate that my mom cleans up after me. She like really like she packs all my food like she treats me like I'm eight years old and I, I sound like, like a fucking idiot and I sound like a piece of shit but like I hate it.


I hate that you're having baby, baby, baby.


Yeah. Like I'm living.


I'm when I stayed at their house over I get it. So you spit on her now. Oh no, not yet. And so, you know, one day she walks into my room. I'm just like hanging out on the phone. She starts cleaning stuff up off the ground.


And I was like, what are you doing?


Like, why are you why what's what is the what's the point of coming into my room out of nowhere, out of the blue. It's like 1:00 a.m. and she starts cleaning stuff off the ground. Right. And I'm like, OK, this is fucking weird. So I told her, I'm like, Mom, stop. Like, stop doing that, please.


And she's like, no, like, I have to clean your stuff up, whatever.


And I was like, listen, if you don't stop, I'm going to stay at a hotel next time I come here and she's like, fine, stay at a hotel. She starts like sobbing like this is like and the same line you, David, when you want to move out.


Yeah, that breaks my heart. You're a fucking asshole. And yeah. So anyways, I like you get to stop crying Gorshin. I have to like go up there like kiss her and like hug her and like now I'm like the matters so bad because like instead of me just laying there watching her clean up my shit, now I have to be like hugging and kissing her.


When she started crying, did you start laughing and going, why are you crying, why are you crying like it was so it's so fucked up, but like I love her but I don't know how to explain it.


Like I love her to death. Like genuinely I do like I fucking hate when she does stuff for me. Right.


Or probably been tough on them because you've always lived there your whole life. Dude, last year you have it.


It's funny because that story reminded me of like when I stream and Taylor comes into my room and she starts screaming, I seriously I fucking I literally thought the same thing.


I was like, wow, this sounds a lot like me. Yeah.


I'll be screaming and then Taylor will come into my room and she'll start cleaning and I'll be like, Taylor, please stop because like my stream, all my comments would be like, well look at Taylor.


Yeah. So yeah. So she'll come in and and one day, one day she came in and I was like, you know, Taylor, please stop. And she wouldn't stop and and then I was like, Taylor, go.


And she got so mad that I had to like, like I really like I upset her and I had and I had to run to the and I had to run to the kitchen. I left my stream to go like be like, hey, are you OK? I'm sorry. Like I told you not to do.


My mom came in the room the other day. She's like, am I bothering you? Like, are you playing with people? I'm like, Yes, Mom.


And and then the other day she comes in, this is gonna sound really weird, but like, I got into this weird, like, baseball game. It's called MLB baseball, like the show or whatever. Yes. The baseball game on.


And so my mom comes in and she starts cleaning and it's just I was doing her thing and like, you know, I'm batting it. I'm batting pitchers about the pitch.


And as the pitcher pitches, my mom walks in and I miss the pitch and I just, like, lose it. I'm like, oh, this is what I'm like, are you gonna explain it? There was this after you made her cry?


Not as before. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's fucking tough.


So David runs back to the dentist today. Oh, God. And she said some great things about you, Jason. What did he say? First off, let me just start by saying this. I went to the dentist today because, Jason, you took me there a couple of days ago and I was in so much pain and I went there. And right before I got there, I had to. Meatball's like the big book of the pepper balls and blueberry yogurt.


And then on my way there, I found out I was lactose intolerant.


So right when we got to the office, I was like, Dr. Shibari, I need to use your bathroom. So I did.


No, no, Hollman, we get in there and he's crouched over holding his stomach and he goes, hey, you got to you've got to reschedule. We got to cancel this. We're leaving. And he was like and I was like, you need to find a bathroom. There's no we're going to reschedule. We're going to reschedule.


And then Dr. Sherry comes in to your doctor's very bad time. But, yeah, he let me. So I went to go use the bathroom. So Dr. Sherry and Taylor had a good 20 minutes to hang out by themselves. So it was a Sunday. What was he doing there?


He was there specifically for David, you know, special for David came for me. I guess what? This guy didn't even fucking charge us.


He didn't charge, you know, and he's the best. He said it's on the house. He came in outfit and everything.


Nice folia like the dentist, you know, like having a dentist where you get free dentist.


So that was the first thing I said. I was like, you know, Dave hates the dentist. Yeah.


Like, I wish it was like I wish Dr. Shiri worked at, like, I don't know, a comic book store or the movie theater, but like, whatever, you know, a free tooth job on the high school, too. What did he say? What did he say about Jason?


He looked at me right in the eyes and he was like, yeah, you know, Jason. Yeah, he's really grounded, man. And I go, Yeah, he's great. I love Jay. And he's like, yeah, he's a good guy. And he was like, he just he's he's so grounded. He's a good one for Dave to have around. And I go, yep, they're great duo. And he goes, yeah, Dave's really lucky.


Well that's funny. He said the same about you. What did he say about you when you were left alone with him? Was he just complimenting you about me? Yeah. Oh, I kept talking about you.


Yeah, but what was he like? I imagine right when I left, the first thing I thought of of other than me finding the bathroom in time was I wonder how many compliments he's about to pay Taylor because he really likes you. Like they all think you're the sweetest. Oh, really? Yeah, right. When I said Taylor's name, he goes, Oh, Taylor, you got a good one with her.


You got lucky with Taylor. And it's like crazy because, like, Taylor's super nice, but like, people talk so highly about her. Oh, no, they do.


And like, it's crazy because like the like I can talk highly about you because I know you and like, I hang out with you and there's a lot to talk highly about you, but like, you're not that impressive in under five minutes.


Like how are like, you know, I mean like what impression are you leaving on these people? I like you very much live up to the hype when people talk about you and they're like, Taylor is the best of luck. Yeah, 100 percent. But like, how do you know that? Like, how did you uncover that in ten minutes.


Yeah. Always compliments you when I, when I see him.


Oh, he was just he just love complimenting people but he always he goes, he goes, boy, I'll tell you, he's just really got to use the word dialed in all the time.


He's got it. Oh my God. He's so used that today. Hold in. He says dialed in like five times everything he does.


Instagram is dialed in. Tick tock. Yeah.


I took up a minute. I was in the Dr. Chair. I was in the Dr. Chair and I made a joke. I was like, guys, I just got to the dentist and my appointment was for two thirty. And that's crazy because of my two thirty. And and he goes and right after I posted you guys only you can make selfies like that, I was like, yeah.


And I was like, what this guy really likes us is like a lot of people can make bad jokes like this on Instagram, but now he's he's he's the guy. So if you're ever and ever in L.A. and need a guy to work on your teeth. Dr. Shibari. Yeah, he's the best.


Susie and Jonah right here. Where were you last resorts. You know, you were my last resort. I wanted you on the podcast. Everyone I canceled on days, he's like, I just get Susie and Jonah.


We're like, yeah, we'll be there in three minutes, you know? What did they interview you guys? Have you been interviewing a room, you know? Don't be loud. Oh, I can be loud.


Well, because the rest of the rest of the podcast has been pretty mellow and then you're coming in here like a hyena like that was just really kind of like it sounds like.


The main reason that you guys came to mine yesterday was the Jonas the story yesterday.


It was the funniest fucking thing I should have known. I didn't even think about it. No, I thought was so funny. So, Jonah, when we're we're done and Suzy, we make incest jokes about them, I call it. I hate them. I get dragged on the Internet because, I mean, it's such an asshole joke to make, but we just do it. We're always like, yeah, Jonah and Suzy probably hooking up. Right?


I hate I hate it. Hey, did you see this yesterday? Jonah texted Jonah. Texted Suzy. This is last night.


What time what time was this at like like 11, 11 p.m.. Jonah goes. When are you coming baby back. Jesus Christ. When are you coming back? Good God. Tuesday goes. That was weird. Please delete the text. You're making me uncomfortable. Jonah goes, I'm going to leave.


I care what just happened because of you that well, I don't know if it was it was the baby or what it was, but he wanted subway.


Oh he wanted Subway like so maybe he didn't mean baby. He was just trying to get you to come closer. He was just trying to be nicer. When are you coming? I don't know. I that's so funny. Just like you two having a conversation like that. It was just like when Jonah sent me that I actually laughed out loud. I thought I was the funniest fucking thing.


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This is fucking crazy. This is real. Snapchat has been doing this thing which is crazy that they haven't announced this like I think it should be everywhere every day for like the last thirty days they've been, they have a new like thing called spotlit. It's like the competitors, a tick tock. Basically people can go on Snapchat and they can upload videos. And for the last like thirty days they've been holding a contest where every day they give away a million dollars to no way to the top performing spotlights like to the best like to the best creators that the best videos, they'll sprinkle out the money every day, a million dollars.


And and they told me about this and it's like, why the fuck have you never announced this? And I was like, I was so mind blown. So I just started posting on Spotlight and I got a notification yesterday that I want a little over one hundred thousand dollars.


No, what spotlight. It's like let me open myself. That's what I'm saying. Like people don't know about it. It's it's it's it's Snapchat competitor. Just tick tock. It's a different app. Yeah. And I was just posting Tic-Tac videos like ten second videos clips and then I got a notification saying like claim your reward or whatever and it was a little over 100000 dollars.


I'm not. Oh was it a separate app or is it. I know it's on Snapchat. I'm not fucking with you anybody. How would you know. Brandon told me about it to anybody can win. This sounds like a fucking scam.


And how do I post it.


It's issue right after posting every video I've ever had on my. But like that's the thing. It's like when Sacha first told me about it, I was like, why the fuck are you not telling this to everybody in the world? Like, everybody should be doing this, like anybody can win fucking a portion of a million dollars. So then I tried it out because I was a skeptic. And then and then, yeah, after a couple of days of doing it, I got one video that, like, went really big on there and and I'll be a little over hundred thousand dollars, I don't know, a couple hundred thousand gave just fucking throws up an old video and gets 100k.


It's unreal.


He'll randomly go like I made seven million dollars this week. How the fuck.


I was out in my front yard.


A truck came by and the back just blew off of it and the money just fucking hit me in the face.


It's amazing. And I turned to L and I was like l didn't did a fucking hundred thousand dollars just hit us in the face. It was it was a bank shark that way. Right. Or is this a real. Yeah. It broke down right by the story. No, no way. Bank truck broke down my. Listen, listen, listen, just listen to the story. It broke down by my house, OK? And the back of it flew open because when the tire snapped off, the back lock was released and all like the money flew around.


It was very it was it didn't go all around the town, but it was just really right outside the truck. But the bank people were like, we can't use any of this money because it's been it's dirty now, so we want it. And it was a little over six million dollars.


Are you joking or are you joking about the hell? Are you fucking kidding me? Why go? Why do you make me believe these things? Are you being for real? I was going to wonder what why would it matter if the bank said this is dirty money? What fucking money falls on the floor, you can't use it anymore? Yeah, that's what I like. I show is a red flag. You your take on. I was talking about a bank truck broke down by my what's the name truck.


I was wondering the same thing, you know, but the Snapchat thing is real luck. And the reason I'm saying it is because anybody can. Fucking do it. We started me and Joe to start doing the Watergate, I know literally, like all you need is a Snapchat account you don't need. You don't look, will you stop chewing the toast right into the mic?


I thought he sounds like a guy you forgot. You have Mike in your hand. I figured my ever the biggest piece of toast, all the toast like that.


You know that, right? You know why he doesn't want it? Why? Because he wants either cream cheese on it or he wants butter on it. I know him very well. Hungry.


They get like really good bread here. Is that bread really good? Oh, he's really into bread.


I have a new I have a recipe that does. Taylor, you want to Taylor can be telling me to speak about this. It's amazing.


So I order Subway. I love Subway. Not the biggest fan of their bread, though.


And we get sourdough bread from like a bakery and the bakery comes and they bring the bread and subway gets delivered and teller takes the food like all the vegetables off the subway and puts it onto the fresh bread. And it's like she's her own fucking chef. It tastes delicious, like it's like a new sandwich.


I just cut a subway out of it just by some call it do that right now.


No, because it's not. I just want experience it. I just did it because it's not. Subway has a specific kind of mustard. It has a specific green pepper, like everything about it is just so subway. And with the combination of this bakery bread, it really makes you feel like you even just talking about the way that they, like, lay it on the bread is so perfect that you literally just it doesn't even move.


You just pick it up lettuce and everything, and you just plop it on to the new piece of bread.


Amazing. Can we stop talking about Subway is bringing me back to pay the text vibes. What text. Oh, kidding me.


On a sex thing you want to be talking about all of a subway like I leave the podcast room. Jack-In-The-Box is just standing over there like a suit like. Oh yeah. Joe Jonas sponsored by Jack in the Box. Like big time.


Yeah, I know. In Arby's, Carl's junior. I'm like I only speak about Jack in the Box.


Seriously, aren't you? You are. You're sponsored by more than one fast food place, right? No. I just want you to know about to job something.


It's not my Kenova. Oh my God. You did. Oh, my God. Right after you asked me to start over again.


He got it. He got coffee all over your rug. Jason, why would you put it right behind me? Because I didn't know a fucking triceratops was going to fucking knock everything over place. It's not a stupid place. You know, Dave, you know what I realized? You know, I'm not like Jason's an idiot for doing that, you fucking idiot.


I didn't know that. Talking to the mike. Mike, I have the mike right here. I'm not fucking here. We're all sitting on the couch. I didn't hear you. He was going to fucking we're sitting on the couch and I hit it behind the thing. Jason puts his coffee behind Jonah and Jonah leans back like Jonah does, and knocks the coffee onto the carpet. I put the remotes here. He sees the remotes. So they're a fucking you.


Why would you put your cup of coffee on the couch? It wasn't on the couch. It was I hid it behind here where no one would fucking go.


What do you hate it behind their Jonah sitting right there, bro. You put your fucking delicate piece of fucking coffee right next to a wrecking ball. Of course it's going to get knocked.


You do do some really dumb stuff sometimes. Yeah.


This is not you are telling me that I do some dumb stuff. I just come out here. This is it, John. Are you serious about who puts an espresso shot right time out?


You do have the tiniest mouth for the size of person. You. I do. I do. I don't know what it is. And it's so weird. People ask my miles. I can tell you're saying you're doing that.


I know. I said I realize fat people have small amounts. I don't. Maybe because your cheeks. Are you holding your mike by your nipple bro. Put to your mouth.


You got into golfing. Kind of, yeah. A little bit. Where have you golfed. Um, the I mean was it the bell. The bell. Of course. I don't, I don't want you don't want to say where you go because people know you and ask for an autograph.


So why are you there on the fifteenth hole. Where do you go off somewhere in northern California. Golfing insecurities long time ago when I was a kid.


Why aren't you bringing up the location of the golf course? OK, golf at the golf course or Weddington wants to be a city. What time are you usually there? Usually it's Thursday. You could give us a lot of business. Don't worry, no one will show on paper. I think you'll be good. OK. Fuck you guys. I wasn't to it like that.


Was the ball straight. Can you hit the ball straight. You can't even see straight. No, it's kind of hard man, because I'll be honest, I can't hit the ball.


Why do you golf. I don't know. It's pretty stupid actually. No, it's not. No, it's stupid. But like, why do you go. Oh, no, it's so weird. No, no, no. Do not even front right now because the other day we were eating dinner and you literally like got up. You're like, all right family, I have to go golf now. I did say that. Wow. So you've been golfing a lot.


Not like a lot, but I have been. Yeah. Who do you take the golf carts around.


No, it's it's mostly like putting in like putting my putting, putting my golf cart, putting pudding.


What's your favorite golf. The pudding is delicious pudding.


Putting and driving. Yeah. Fucking that's driving.


You know, you have to go to the driving range. You don't golf golf. OK, I'm trying to get my shot down ok. But I don't want to join. A favorite is about golf is the putting and the drive through. I mean the drive in. I'm like you. They have so much food there. That's funny. Well at least you're taking up a new hobby.


Yeah, it's fun.


So you go hit balls and then you go to the putting green but you don't actually go on the links.


I've never been on the actual golf course because I know I know a few people who are really good at golfing, so I don't want them to take me on the course.


Oh you don't even go on the actual course. No. What so what do you do? I want to practice first, get it down so I don't look like an idiot any golf.


He goes to mini golf.


I'm like I drop acid and I go to fucking that old Sherman Castle.


Yeah. Yo, man, you're giving me too many locations.


The way people like those are all the time. I guys, that's all the time we have for this podcast. Thank you for listening. Thank you for Joan and Susie for being here and taking time out of their busy schedules. We'll see you guys later.


We had nothing. We have nothing to do.


We'll see us soon. Go by the merch. Go check us out on all the other socials and we'll see you soon. My name's Jeff.