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We're so excited because saved by the bell is back. Call your best friends and get ready to stream this New Peacocke original series. Go back to Bayside with this fresh reimagining of the classic show, catch up with familiar faces like Jessie Spano, AC Slater and more. Plus, meet a whole new class. As current students take Bayside into the 21st century. The new Saved by the Bell makes this hilarious antics from the classic series with modern day reality checks.


Don't miss a moment of the fun. From the classroom to the football field to the max written and executive produced by the Emmy Award winning writer of 30 Rock, Saved by the Bell is the perfect comedy binge just in time for the holidays. Saved by the Bell is available now only on Peacocke, the streaming service from NBC Universal sign up at Peacocke to stream now. What's up, guys? Well, back to you guys.


Before we start, I leave this question to you guys. Please tweet me an answer, because I've been this is a serious dilemma I've been having. What is the protocol for sneezing when you have a mask on? I was in a public place the other day and I had to sneeze, but I didn't want to pull my mask off and sneeze because that just felt weird and dumb. So I kept my mask on. I sneezed and then my fucking mask was fucking soaked in my like in my saliva and in my spit.


And it was disgusting. And the woman next to me actually looked at me like I committed a crime. She looked at me so disgusted and I had no idea what to do.


So that's just because you sneeze doesn't have to do with the mask. I know, but he's in public. And then I had to get a new mask because it was just I was just sitting in a swamp, basically. That's what it felt like. So let me know what to do. This is a serious thing I've been dealing with. OK, let's roll intro music. The other day I did this thing where I went to in and out and I surprised the people, they're like surprises me with money, like I had my Twitter stream stream.


Yeah, it's a three month twitch. And I said, guys, I'm going to send all the donations to somebody at in and out. Right. And we got like a little over a thousand dollars. So I went and I gave it to this person and then I oh, fun fact. I actually went I went to the I went to person at Chick fil I first to give them the money and I didn't record like the beginning half of the video and it just didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.


So I had to go back home. I had to go grab another thousand dollars and another person, because the first one just didn't work. Right. And I promised my stream I'd put it on Tic-Tac and I was like, I don't want to post this video because it's not like as fun as it could be. So I had to go get another thousand dollars just so I can make it right. And then the in and out when I want you recording.


I was I just just I just didn't like it. So yeah. So I shot another.


That person goes, Davidovich just gave me a thousand dollars and then waits for two or three days and just like it had never appeared he never goes on the tick tock.


No. Probably just baffled. No. Just like oh this guy just rolls around, people give you the money. He was like he might have a problem. It's like, yeah, this guy I thought he was filming me at the time. I never saw him upload it. He must just give people a thousand dollars all the time. Yeah. So I ended up spending a little over two thousand dollars was just totally fine because fucking obviously those places are great anyway.


But but yeah it was funny because Zane called Zane calls me the next day and he goes, he goes yo man, I like I'm doing something for a brand and I really, I really want to be able to to give money to somebody just like you did. And like, I don't know, I feel kind of weird like without asking you because you're thing I'm like I'm like, dude, you don't have to fucking ask me if you can give money to somebody.


Let's just go fucking do it. It's fine. Okay. You sure. I'm like, yeah, like it's not my thing. So so he's. So it's your thing. You created that.


Yeah. I created gift giving back money. Yeah. I can give it back.


It was just it was maybe like this presents are gift cards, maybe it's charity. Yeah. Yeah.


I'm talking about the first one you and Nelson Mandela and. Yeah. Yeah.


So this he called me like eleven in the morning and and he said Oh yeah, cool.


I'm going to go do it now and I'm going on my run at like eleven and I pull on to Ventura and I'm like pulling up to light, pulling up to light to get on the highway. And as I'm pulling I like this is fucking crazy. As I'm pulling up I see and I hear Zane's voice like I see his car at a drive thru at the Carl's Jr. at 10 p.m. like really late at night, like really late.


So, you know, he's doing this thing twelve hours after you called me, which is such a sane thing to do, really. And I just hear his voice. I hear his voice and I just hear him go. Are you sure? Are you sure you can't take it?


That's all I hear. That's all I hear. And he's having problems like giving the money to this girl because they can't accept tips or something. I just call like, say, just give them money. And he's like, yeah, what the fuck were you there? And I was like, yeah, I just pulled right back. It was really funny.


And you have to go in and out there in Carl's Jr. doesn't allow.


Yeah, well actually none of them really allowed to take tips, but sometimes they do. And they showed me the video of the girl like accepting the money. Yeah. And it was really funny because you can tell she like she like was she got so excited, like the first two seconds she goes, oh my God.


And then she got really quiet because she didn't want anyone, any of her other, like coworkers to hear because she did, because she didn't want to split the money. So I'm like, Zane, how did it go? And he's like, I don't know, man. It was kind of weird. It kind of felt like she was just stealing from everybody. And I was like, well, that's it gets it gets tough.


It is hard to give away stuff. It is tough.


It really is, because it's like, yeah, I've done it with you, you know, to go around and give people stuff and yeah, yeah, it can get complicated at times, but that's kind of the fun part of it I guess, you know.


So I'm going to get real with you for a second here. Okay. So I've been sort of in a funk.


No, you don't say David shit the bed 2020 bobrick David. What if it shit the bed. What do you mean what does that mean. Shit.


The bed is like somebody is just out. Oh really. Yeah that's. I know it was a good people fucking around. I think I put myself. No, no, no. Yeah.


I've been sort of in a funk. I've, I you know whether I wanted it or not like I really miss you know, I think, you know, I we were, we were talking about this the other day.


You're actually very normal. I didn't think you had this in you. Yeah.


How normal you are. Yeah. Brother, that's the funniest thing. It's like the like when we were flogging and I was just like, dude, I can't stop because when I stop I won't be able to start again. And you never believe that. And you're like, are you crazy? This is your life. This is what you're made for. Good at it though.


Yeah. And I really want to get back to it. I'm just like not in the right headspace. Like, I just I don't know, just some. Some shit's gone down that I don't like that went down and it's just I don't know if things are going my way persay and and, you know, I've just been in a weird funk, and that's all right.


I mean, you know, what I'm trying to say about this is it's really weird.


I've never I never I'm in such a weird. Weird mood where I can't relate to music, has that ever happened? I've totally gone through that.


It's so weird. It's the weirdest thing to explain where, like, I want to be like I wanted to, like, turn on Coldplay yesterday and like, just being my feels, but like I can't do it. I couldn't do it. Like, there are something about it that like wasn't allowing me to feel what the music was like, like normally like when I'm normally really happy I could turn on a sad song and I'm like, oh my God, Billy Joel fucking carry me away.


And I'm like in my tears and like, you know, I'm feeling it like I have no emotion. Like for that for the I don't know. And I have a feeling it's like a normal thing to happen that's happened to you. Definitely happened to me. Yeah. Were you like completely disconnected with all music. Yeah.


Or it's just like nothing. You just numb to everything. It's just like fuck it, it's not going to make me feel any better. I'm not going to put it on.


No, I'm not putting it on to make you feel better. I'm putting it on to make me feel even sadder. Like I'm like, you know, I'm going to go full into this and I'm just kind of like like really, like really ride the wave of my feelings. But when I put on the music, it's like it's not registering with me.


Like I'm not it's not making me feel the emotions I would normally be feeling like.


And I'm is the one that does it for you.


The Coldplay was the one I wanted it to. Do you want to try now something called no, no. But I just feel like a brick wall. Like I just feel like I'm just like, emotionless now.


Yeah. And it really sucks. I don't know. Well, that's all I have to say. I mean, I honestly, I'm saying this because I'm just kind of looking forward to what people are going to diagnose me with when I won. This podcast is up. That's always my favorite part about podcast is like I'll just read the tweets later and be like, yo bro, you got to get rid of Jason.


Jason slowing you down like.


So now I'm curious to say what people are going to say about this. Says the same thing.


Got to get yo man. I think why you're feeling so sad, because Jason's a pussy and it's hard to be around that. I heard you getting a therapist, etc..


I wanted to get a therapist, but like, I really want to get there, but they all fucking want to do it on Zoome, which is like I really don't. I understand it's a fucking pandemic, but like I really, really don't trust, really don't trust a therapist on Zoome. Like you think there's somebody in the room with them like that. Yeah.


Like, like I would assume a lot of therapists also have kids. Yeah. And like I know, I know it's the rule for a therapist and they would lose their license if they like talk about, you know, who their patients or whatever, who their people are clients, how dozens of patients who their clients are.


But I just always feel like like especially with Zoom, like there's always a kid that's going to be listening next door or something or the video's being recorded. I don't know. I just want to do it in person.


I get that. I'm going to do therapist just. That's great.


So it's just I mean, I just have the more headphones. Maybe I'll just be like just put on headphones. Yeah. I never even thought of that.


Or you could use it as an excuse to still stay the way you are, right. Yeah, I think I honestly I think that's what I'm doing. I think I'm just going to be slumping around for a while longer. What's the therapist like?


It's daunting because the minute you start, you realize how fucked you are. Really?


Yeah. And does it take a moment for you to like for you to open up? Like to take you a moment. Yeah, it takes me I would lie for a long time.




Yeah. The like sessions. Yeah. What would you say. I'm happy. I love her. I'm happy. I love her.


Yeah. And then what. Would he unpack it. Would he be like. Do you really love her.


The thing is a therapist has like has seen and seen a guy like me 50000 times, ok. He knows exactly what's going or he or she. I had a male therapist and had a few others. They both could read me the minute I walked in the room.


I mean, you need a divorce. Oh. Whoa. Hi, I'm Jason. That's basically what happened to the female therapist that I ended up with at one point.


Just sat me down after being with her for a year. And she just said, Jason, are you ready to leave?


Are they allowed to, like, sway your opinion on things like are they allowed to talk you into a divorce?


She she had she listen to me complain for a year and basically said she's like, are you strong enough to leave?


And I said, like, she fucking caught me off guard, like that was in the first minute of that session, I was like, she was like, if you're not strong enough, that's OK.


You can stay. That's some that's that sounds kind of manipulative. Well, are you powerful enough to. I mean, are you man enough to back out of this relationship or are you a pussy?


It's it's what I needed to hear. Right. You know, that's what that's what that's what started the divorce. I must remind people, many people probably don't know this about Jason, but he was the one that initiated the divorce.


I know. I know.


Looking in and listening to the podcast, you would think it's definitely his ex-wife that left him.


And this every time you bring it up, like even just now, I'm like, I had to remind myself, oh, you had Jason was the one that ended things, which is crazy. They can't tell anybody about anything like how does that work?


Yeah, they're not supposed to say anything, but except when you're about to hurt yourself or hurt others, is that when there are a lot like what I think? I think so, yeah.


Or they're like, does she give you the guidelines before now? OK, so there's no like I cannot say anything. There's not like a Miranda rights speech. Like I am your therapist and I will be silent and then I will be vital to you and I will protect your secrets at all costs unless you plan to harm a child in the room gets really dark and red.


No fireworks.


No, you know, it's really funny is we had a therapist that everybody went to so I could I could imagine that woman knew the gossip.


That's what I'm scared. Like imagine like using Heath, Todd and Scott and me all went to the same therapist. Right. And like, one day you're like, Scott's bitching about you. And then the next day I'm bitching about Scott. Like, that's what this therapist was. It was so funny.


OK, but at that point, she has to start taking sides. Right. And doesn't, like, interfere with, like, how she's trying to talk to people. It could interfere. I would never do that. I told you the story.


What the therapist that that railroaded Marnie. Right? I've told you that. Right.


You know what happened? Again, I just like I said, this is the first the first time I went to this guy.


And I would just complain about Marnie for like weeks and weeks and weeks. And then he was like, he's like, well, you know. Do you think it's sad? Might be a good idea to have Marnie come in for a session? You know, maybe we can work through it. And I was like, yeah, yeah, they'd be great.


So I talked to Marnie. It was Marty's idea that I go to therapy. And I was like, yeah, it's going really well. And now we're ready for you to come in. And she was like, Great, great. I'm so glad this is working out Wallowa. And then Marnie got in there and he just fucking attacked, you know, attacked it.


He was like he was like he wants to be able to have some freedom. And you can't seem to do that. And it's a one sided thing. And Marnie was like even I was like, whoa, whoa, whoa. Like, this is fucked up. Right?


So I just I was bitching for months to this guy and then he fucking went after.


What did she say when you guys left? We left and she was like, that was fucked up. You came after me. And I was like, that was fair. That's funny. Pretty funny.


But just disconnect the Mike Brown. Jason's fucking fidgeting here and he's just disconnected the mike cause I was like a bit excited. I get to talk to you because I never get to see you.


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If you're if you're pulling out somewhere. Oh well. What do you mean if you're pulling out, hang on.


Get your mind out of the gutter. If you're pulling out, if you're backing out of somewhere and then like you get like a text from someone and then you crash your mirror, you crack your mirror and bust your entire window because the mirror like was attached.


Is it that person's fault that was texting person texted you? I don't think so.


Well, you owe me 250 bucks. You really know it wasn't you. You never text me. Marty was texting me about Thanksgiving dinner and I was like pulling out of my friend's house.


Dambrot and she was like, beep, beep, beep. And I was like doing two things at once. And I took my mirror. And it just and it popped the window in the car like the little window, you know, you have your big window. Oh, yeah. And it just went, wow. So this Thanksgiving dinner has been fucked for you from the start. Yeah, I had a lot.


I think that's probably why I was saying that. Nancy, how pissed were you when that happened? And were you, like, cursing out Marnie? I wasn't pissed because I had a good day. Things were going well. And I put it in my head right away. I was like I called the guy from the car company and I was like, can you come tomorrow and take care of this? And he was like, Yeah, I'll be there in the morning.


I was like, OK. And it was taken care of.


I got pulled over the other day again. Yeah, I might run.


Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. This is so funny. OK, I was talking to you and I was asking you about the curfew and you were like, yeah, nobody fucking cares about it.


Like it's fine. Like obviously you're not going to go out and then the next day you got pulled over running.


Yeah, I got like yeah. When I was saying nobody cares about the curfew. I mean like you could fucking walk around. Right. Like it's not like a government shutdown out there because you obviously can't go to a restaurant or some shit.


Like I was like you could walk because I said, are you going to run after you go. Yeah, no problem. Yeah.


I was like, nobody gives a fuck. Yeah. And I got fucking pulled over running.


I was going to run and I run like down like Sunset Boulevard because I just like, I like the lights and I think it's like always so lively and yeah I pulled over like what are you doing. And I'm like, I'm going to run. I like it's curfew. I'm so sorry. And I went home. I also left out a part to the cop story. Oh, I wasn't pulled over just for running. So I do this thing where I go with Taylor and I'll start at a checkpoint and a checkpoint.


Taylor will pick me up where I am running. So I run and she'll pick me up where I finish running. And we took my we took my we took my car. And she doesn't know where the lock button is and how to unlock the car. So when I got to the car, I ran up to the car because I was just finished by running. I started knocking on the window and she couldn't unlock it cause she couldn't find it.


And I kept pointing to the window and I was like being a little aggressive. And that's when the cop pulled up because he thought I was trying to break into the Aston Martin. Sure. And he was like, what are you doing? You know, like, I'm just gonna run like we do with that car. And and I was like, it's my car. I'm just trying to get into it. But then I explained to him and I was like, OK, well, it's still curfew anyway.


You got to go. So he didn't pull me over just because I was running, but I just looked fucking suspicious. Like, I looked like I ran up to this car and I tried to break into you real quick.


Yeah, but. But yeah. Yeah.


Oh, my God, bro, I got your picture. Oh, my God. I just saw an adventure venture.


Venture. I know it's gonna be stupid. Just don't break it off on. It's like, oh I'll give it to somebody then.


It already sounds like I my name in it. So Dobek what. No it doesn't have your name in it. That's the beauty. What is it. OK, check this out. I brought some, I bought some tea today. OK. Right. It's just like iced tea that you buy at the store. Yes. This one's called teas. Tea. What if you come out with tasty. Genius, you know what's so good about taste, what that also sounds like tasty.


Her, you're interested in having your own brand of tea, and that's the only way it'll work. Yeah, sure. I mean, I make the same tea, but it's not really mine, and I would hate to take on that. It's just a huge responsibility.


She's the perfect spokesperson. Listen to her.


She doesn't want to buy from this person very humble unless it's like she has a the and yet, you know, spill the tea, that kind of thing.


Oh, tasty tea corner tea.


Nobody, you know, people used to call Tila Tequila to, you know.


Oh, back in the day she used to kill before I retired from that lifestyle. Yes.


Yes, she does drink a lot. Oh yeah. I mean, I would say you don't know when the tequila came out, it was just like, you know, Margarita and Tequila.


Gayler So how many shots would you have? Only a few. Like enough like three or four or five or six.


And they go, oh, it's tequila, testicular tequila. Taylor coming out. Yeah. And then would you get like, really drunk, chasten.


No, no. Are you drunk now? No.


Many people actually. I have. I have a story.


Oh my gosh. I'm sorry. OK, so back in the day, this was high school sophomore year. Here's one way to fill up forty minutes.


OK, guys, Taylor is notorious around here for telling the most simple stories in the longest way possible. So, Berengar, so long that you think that the payoff is going to be incredible.


It always is incredible. OK, I'm going to set a timer. All right. Go. What? I just don't want to leave out details.


OK, so back in the day, I was a sophomore in high school and I just transferred schools. Yeah. And I was brand new. I went to a private school and they were known for like doing occasional drug testing and and all of our school dances, they breathalyzed us. But it was quote unquote random, but it wasn't random. So I'm extremely like secuity.


Yeah. She was already on the radar. Yeah, yeah, yeah. People used to call Taylor, Tukwila, Taylor. So, like, I mean, obviously she's already, you know, she's already suspect number one when it comes to random drug tests.


OK, but Marguerita Mattey standing next to her.


It was game over when the two best friends were together, came over and Hosie Cuero. Yeah, that guy when he went Vendee Vodka Veni Vodka is in the other classroom. Fuck whatever. You had a friend named Jose Cuervo.


Yeah, he came around often chances anyways.


So no, this was a year before Tequila Taylor came out. This was like sophomore year of high school. I was like beyond innocent. I did not like go to parties yet. I didn't even I just danced and I was a very good girl. And one day I'm sitting in class and I get a slip that I need to go to the dean's office. And so I was automatically like I was just started to panic and my heart was racing so fast.


I'm walking to the dean's office. I sit down. There's two scary people sitting there and they're like, you just got reported for drinking on campus. Someone reported that my breath smelled like alcohol. And I go, oh, that's just my my gum. And they were like, really rude to me. And so they go, we're going to have to call your mom. So we call my mom. She's like, you have to tell what?


And I was like, Yeah, mom, I don't know. They're going to breathalysed me. And she goes, Well, did you drink? And I was like, no, I don't.


I mean, I was and I was shaking. I was so scared. So anyways, obviously I blew the zero zero zero zero and I guess some teacher reported me for drinking on campus.


So after that, I, I don't know if it was my personality that people think that, like, I'm drunk all the time or that I did smell like alcohol, but I was extremely offended. And after that I, I was pretty much scarred. But then I you know, not until my junior year did I find tequila.


And you're so happy and easygoing that I could see people thinking you're drunk.


Right. And you know that. Yeah. So whoever it was that told on me, screw you.


OK, so the story was you were told on that was a two minute and 30 second story brought to you from that. Right. David could've told it 14 seconds.


Well, yeah, that was a good story. So the moral of the story is that you weren't drunk, but that people thought you were drunk. Yeah, I got to hold on, and they told me afterwards that someone smelled my breath, smelled like alcohol. It's a good story I like that's not a bad story today. It's good. Good, sorry. Good job. Good job, Taylor. Cut that out. I still think. I still think I still think you're drunk a lot.


I know that's why I'm telling this. This is. Have you ever been drunk at work life?


Have you ever been drunk here? No, never. Not when people don't know. I think I've seen to the drug ones. Yeah. Yeah.


After a big victory at Dobek LLC. Right. David, does something in your eyes are all celebrating? Have you had like a beer with David or anything?


No. Elías just poured like four shots for Ella and I. OK, yeah. Yeah. Howard Stern has a crew on his show. It's called The Backpack, and it's like nine or ten guys that are like, fucking insane that he interviews. And you're you're you're falling. You're having backpack tendencies right now.


He's getting compared to weird people that I don't know. Well, let's move on. That was tea time with Taylor. Thanks, guys.


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Guys, Mr. Killens is back, our very own in-house schoolteacher. We have one here now in the studio. Mr. Killinger, you were a teacher for a record three years.


It was six years at Vernon Hills. OK, yes. You are a teacher for long, but you definitely got the eight years total, six years at VH.


Your did you ever snitch on a kid? Did you ever like did you ever find a kid doing something and you were because you're fairly young, so you're close to the kid's age.


I was. And that made that made it weird. A lot of the times when I, I, I tried to not get thank you very much.


Switched sides like you went from student to teacher. Real quick, the one that stands out that I was thinking about for like weeks afterwards, like I should have frickin written this kid up or something. But I saw a kid vaping right outside of the building and like I looked at him, I was like, damn it. Like, look, can you just not, like, just put that away? And then I was like, really? It was like weighing on me whether or not I should write this get up or not, because, I mean, using tobacco or any products like that on campus is like an automatic problem.


But like he was like the clarinet player in the pit orchestra and I was directing the musical and the musical is coming up like in a week. And I knew that if I got him in trouble, then he was going to have to miss, like, three rehearsals and a performance. And I was like, but he's like my clarinet guy, so I need him and I need him for that. And it's also I'm like, I've got a big ego smoking outside of the school.


He's like, this fucking bitch needs me.


But it was yeah, totally. I'm sure he doesn't know, like, why he didn't write him up, but it was kind of bullshit you front of him. No. Aside from telling him, just like to put it away. But you went up to him and you're like, hey, stop. Well I mean like we couldn't miss each other. Like I took like one step outside the door to get some fresh air. And like, I looked to my left and he's standing right there.


Well, he panicked. Yeah, no, he was freaking out. That's the fucking crazy. So funny, though. And yeah. So I didn't it's unfair because like athletes, if they've got if you're on a basketball team, you've got 25 games and like 100 practices and stuff, then you like you miss five practices in one game. But like compared to a musical, there's like three performances. And I'm like I'm like, I'm not, it's unequal.


I'm like, I'm not going to get this fine arts kid in trouble for baby when he's going to miss a third of the performances based on this.


So there's not a lot of there's not a lot of people that can, like, instill that much fear into somebody's life. Then like a teacher, I feel there's three different jobs that, like, you can actually scare the fuck out of people. It's being a police officer, being a parent and being a teacher. I feel like those three jobs like where you can really scare the shit out of somebody.


How did the musical turned out? That's what I want to know.


Musicals, great thanks to the clarinet. But, you know, we had a nice full pit and the orchestra was on top of it. Lots of cues from the clarinet player.


I took Taylor to the dentist. Oh, yeah. I heard about it was fucking great. This one wish for Christmas best.


Three hundred and forty dollars I've ever spent. 240 dollars.


Yeah. Oh really. Want to go to the dentist. Yeah. They said my teeth were perfect. Yeah. They said teeth started out really scared.


Yeah. She's in the car right now. I'm like did I meet you there and I pick you up. He picked me up. Oh yeah. I picked you up. I didn't tick tock. Oh yeah.


We were doing you were doing a tick tock at six in the morning with David, so I picked up. She's really scared of day. It's a cleaning lady literally gone in there and the guy has hacked away at his mouth. Never know. You never know.


I was scared to let it go because she was going to the dentist I go to. Yeah.


And that guy has been fuckin emailing me like crazy because I first thing he said, where's David?


Yeah, I have six cavities right now. I need to get filled. Yeah. There's no fucking way I'm stepping foot in his office because I know he fucked my mouth up. Yeah. Had a pretty big doctor dick in my mouth and it's just going to fucking bust my jaw.


You got to go. No. Yes.


Isn't the pain of cavities worse than whatever he would do to you to fix it now? He's a great dentist. He's a great guy, and I love Eddie Sherry.


But last time I was there, the second time in my wisdom teeth taken out, I was like, I'm done. I cannot do this anymore. It's your wisdom teeth.


That's any different story I. No, I can't, because I need a root canal. I don't want to be part of any of this. So what did the doctor say about your teeth? They the guys came in and the first guy came in and started complimenting on our teeth. Then another guy came in and was like, her teeth are amazing, which was maybe go like, OK, guys. I mean, is it typed on my own that they numbed my mouth?


And then, you know, the lady was so nice. She was going to tell me that she was going to teach me how to brush my teeth the correct way because I brush too hard. But, yeah, after she like, she did all of like the cleaning and whatever, that Danny came in and I go, listen, I hate to break this news to you, but I've been canceling David's appointments over the phone and I thought that I was going to make him not like me so much.


But he still said my teeth were perfect. Yeah.


And then the best part of the whole day he was we got in the car. It was such a good. She's like, I feel so clean.


I feel so clean. I feel so clean the best part. And then we got in the car and proceeded to gossip about you the entire ride home and about me. Yeah. She was just filling me in on, like, funny stories around the house while she was on fire. What if she said you were killing it? Yeah, I was where I was dying. She's like, you know, I felt like ill is in. Oh, let me tell you, she was like, you know, getting everything off her chest.


She's like, it was in one room. And like, Dave is like screaming at him. And let me just be honest. It sucks. He sucks. That phone call of duty is not good. But then again, David does yell at him a lot. She's spilling all the beans. So fun.


That's funny. Yeah. We talked about Charlie and why talk about Charlie. Why Taylor's the only one who cares about Charlie right around here. Yeah, probably.


Yeah, I care about them too. I like came back today from Thanksgiving from New York. And one of the first things she got, she goes, she goes. One of the first things she says is hooked up with somebody back in New York.


I'm so bad at keeping secrets.


There's nobody. There's nobody. I mean, first of all, not even keeping secrets. You hook up with like a good amount of people.


OK, how many minutes in when she comes back from New York and she sees you?


It was like this. It was like she walked in the door and she goes, How was your Thanksgiving?


I hooked up with somebody and it's not what happened. He asked me. It was like, did you go with anyone? No. I guess I like you. I did ask. I did ask because. Because just because he thinks I'm a slut. No, I too. He literally says I hooked up with so many people.


I do. I do. She walks with like a lot of people. It's not a bad thing. I don't think I have a lot of people. I just think it sounds like it compared to everyone else. Right. Like the rest of the world. It is a lot. You want to put a number on it right now?


You know, this year, I think it's interesting that you share that here at work, because I would never tell that to do we have a big sharing policy here.


So it's yeah. I mean, we have a good sharing policy toward that made up. But she ran over sharing policy.


We definitely have some sort of weird sharing policy where this is really you must share everything because you hook up with look, look where we are right now.


I'm giving you some great content for the podcast, and it's just because I'm sharing my personal story. So you did that for us? I did. All for you, you and would you hook up with. But I also tell everyone all my secrets you hooked up with you.


Did you hook up with your ex-boyfriend? Every time she's in New York? There's some story about her ex-boyfriend. Is your ex-boyfriend? Yes.


You hooked up with your fucking ex boyfriend.


How long you did him for? Like, four years. OK, like two years. And we broke up for a year and then two years again. So it's like he's a very important person in my life. He's always been a very important.


OK, time out. When did you when did you break up with him? Like, a year ago. So year you haven't met together and you went back. Yeah. And so we you know, we slept. You slept with him.


Correct, sharing policy and did you going invite me in the fucking ass? Well, sounds like he did.


Did you did when you were flying to New York and it was Thanksgiving time. You don't have family in New York. No. So was your what was at the top of your list to see your friends?


My friends, I honestly didn't even think I knew I was going. No, honest. No, I swear to God because I.


So the problem I always see him is not not a problem, but like we're in the same friend group, like I'm his best friend is one of my best friends, guy friends.


So you didn't go to New York thinking that you were going to see, you know, on Thanksgiving, I text all my friends, what are you guys doing? And they're all like, oh, we're going to your boyfriend's house. I'm like, God damn it, I like, what the fuck am I going to do now? Like, I thought I was going to hang out with you guys. And I had texted him being like, hey, I'm in New York, just so you know, like, if you want to get a coffee because we're in, like, very good, friendly terms.


Right. And then he was like, oh, I'm having dinner. Like, you should definitely come bulbar. And so I was like, I mean, why the fuck not? I'll go like, oh, my friends are there. It wasn't weird. But then every time I see him, it's like I fucking become an emotional wreck and start crying and talk to you.


Cry. Yes, I cry every time you cried around him. Yes, I cried to him on him. Was it like David's a monster?


Listen to me, monster. He'll probably make me share this because I'm sure we're ok.


OK, wow. But I mean, I cry a lot for anything right away. When did you hook up with him? Were your friends still around?


No. So we like we were all there, like having fun, like drinking and you guys were giving each other Lux. We were like talking and you know, we were just like, when you don't see someone that was so it's such a big part of your life. Like, I hadn't talked to him in like seven months. Right. So we had so much to catch up on. Like he moved, like, all this stuff that I moved to.


I moved to L.A., but, like, that's it. So, yeah, I mean, we were like all talking and then everyone kind of left and like, I honestly didn't even notice that people were leaving because I was just like in this deep conversation with him. Yeah. And then we just I say cover your girlfriend's like like come on.


Like, you know, I don't have any girlfriends. There is all his most of his guy friends were also friends with. But then my friend was coming to me the next day and I knew that she was going to look.


So I turned my location services off because I know your friends don't want you going back to this guy just because it's your ex.


I don't think they don't want because I was so scared about being judged and like I did to David today, I saw my friend and I was like, I'm not going to tomorrow. And that as she walks out of the car, I'm like, guess what? And she's like, what? But no, I don't. I just like. I feel and that's why I was talking to him about it's so fucked that like it's I think it's a societal thing like that, I felt like it was a bad thing that I was doing.


But realistically, if we're both fine with it, who cares? Right. But everyone is like, you can't hook up with your ex. It's like.


And you spent the night there. Yeah. Did you cry in the morning? No, he cry when you guys are hanging out. No, he didn't cry. Now, why are you nodding underneath your breath? Why did you why did you put the mic away from your desk and then you mouthed something? I don't want a pussy. No, no, I'm just kidding.


I didn't cry and cry. And you guys, I'm assuming. Yes, you probably told them that you're not going to tell any of your friends.


Well, at the time I was like, I'm just going to say that I went back home and stuff, but then it was fine because I saw him again.


And now here you are talking about on the part of my I guess all my friends listen to, including the friends that I told them that I didn't sleep with him. So I'm I get some calls tomorrow.


Now, that's good for you. It's cool that you can do that like a healthy way. The other day I was screaming, I'm sorry to bring this up. I know how much you hate my streams.


It's not that I hate the stream. It's just not the vlog. And I'm not involved with the stream. So that's why I don't know what pisses you off. Yeah, I was streaming and stream war zone where you can get winds with Bolívar and our buddy Vardhan, who I think thirteen years old. Right. Fourteen, fourteen. He's fourteen years old. He has never gotten a win. So I played with him yesterday. I got him his first win.


But more importantly I was. He's also screaming at the same time I was right and he had fourteen viewers, which is like a good number for him and when I'm sorry he had like eight viewers and then when we started streaming he got up to fourteen viewers.


Right. And you just hear him on the mic. I have fourteen viewers right now. This is this is so exciting. And he was so fucking excited. Yeah. And then he got so excited that my viewers heard him and they're like, oh my God, we got to go support this guy's stream. And then he got to like seventy viewers. Yeah. And fucking he was screaming for the most amazing thing.


And I started fucking tearing up because like his happiness was was so what's the word toxic now.


Toxic. What's the more positive way of infectious. Yeah. It was so infectious with extra infectious is still pretty negative word infectious and toxic but yeah. Anyway so infectious. I started fucking tearing up. I've never cried on the street before and I was just so fucking in love with this moment.


So then, so then I sent everyone from my stream to his and he ended up having a little over five thousand viewers in his stream.


It was like he's fucking freaking out. And this morning or this afternoon he texted me. I just I don't know where he goes, man. Thank you, David, for everything from my life being great. You really helped me, bro. Thank you for everything. Thank you, David. Love Vardhan. That's what he said. And it was all one run on sentence. Yeah. No commas, nothing. No. Was just one big fucking sentence.


Yeah it was the fucking cutest thing. So shout out to Vadon and if you guys happen to watch anybody on Twitch go watch Vare Dangerous. That's his name.


Thank you so much for everything David. Thank you for my family, for dance, for us through waiting for that special package to arrive.


Can't be home for the holidays this holiday season. Give the gift of peace of mind with smart home security from Blinkx and Amazon Company for a limited time only you could protect what matters most day or night, rain or shine. Starting at just 24 99 blink. Smart security cameras offer HD day and night video, customizable motion alerts, two way audio and more. They even work with Alexa so you can control your cameras and systems using your own voice items like the all new battery powered, weather resistant Blinkx Outdoor Camera or the Blink Mini, a mighty but tiny indoor plug in cam.


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That's Blinkx Holiday. The other day Aleah got pizza from like a really good place.


It's called Prince Street and he made he made up. He put a note. It was late at night. He put a note. He's like, don't fucking touch this. I'm eating this in the morning. I don't know. I don't know what it said. And I really wanted the pizza, but I wanted to make sure that he went to bed first. And because I was I was going to steal it. And in the morning, he doesn't know if I can tuck it.


So I was like, I'm just going to fuck him. I'm going to I'm going to make sure this fucker sleeping and I'm going to hijack his pizza. So I go into his room and I'm like, there's only one way to make sure you're sleeping. I have to go in his room and see for myself. Yes. And I open the door and he's not there. He's in his bathroom. Sound like, fuck, he's in the bathroom.


I'm like, I got to make sure he's going to bed side.


Ilya, Ellie, are you in there? And he comes out of those. Yeah. What's up? I go I'm going to bed is going to say goodnight and he goes goodnight. And I'm like and then I'm like and like in my head I'm like, fuck. Like that's so awkward. I'd never say good night. And so then I'm like, so then I go. So now I try to cover it up with the joke and I go, you jerking off in there or something.


I'm like, are you jerking off? And Elías like, no, but I was about to and I was like, oh yeah, go get them, go get them.


And then I just shut the door and then I proceeded the pizza.


And then fast forward literally two days later, two days later, pizzas gone, whatever.


Nobody said anything. I got away with it. Two days later, Bill goes, Why did you say goodnight to me two nights ago and I ah, I know what you mean.


I wish you good night and good luck. And he's like, you never do that. And I'm like, and I just fucking I, I cannot believe he's fucking pessimist. So I just tell him the truth right away. I was like I was I ate your pizza.


He goes, you fucker. And he goes, you're a fucking asshole. Like the most serious way he's ever told me, I'm an asshole.


You go, what did you see?


Not only did he say, like, not only do you come in my room, but like, he, like, hunted me out like. Like l l what? Like, I was like, what the fuck is going on? Like, I was at the bathroom is a good night brother.


I'm like, okay, it's fucking weird. I mean, I thought that, like, I did something wrong, like maybe he was just trying to be nice to me. Like for once I don't fucking know like. Yeah.


And then at the end, at the end of the like as we're walking away I'm like, I'm not going out for like a hike or something.


Illia goes and then on top of that you go, you're jerking off and you fucking read me like a book for that part too.


And he just knew I was suspicious the entire time.


So and he had this, like, smirk on his face as he's leaving, like, you know, like like, fuck, I got caught. What did you think when you went to get your pizza? Wasn't there? I mean, just like the fucking laundry, bro. Like he's a fucking asshole, dude. You know, it was David who took that fucking news is going to fucking take my pizza.


And I wrote, don't fucking touch it. That is fucked up because that pizza is hard to get. You have to wait in line. Oh, it's the toughest to get. It's the toughest. But I got it.




I was also going to say this, this is probably not a story for anybody on the podcast, but I find it I find it really interesting to myself and it's really important to myself. So I just want to talk about a second document this moment.


But like, I have like the smallest, smallest. Some people say it's like a small sample of OCD. I think everybody has some sort of it where it's like if I don't touch if I don't touch that tree right now, I'm never going to be successful or I'm going to have a horrible year. If I if I step on one of these cracks in the next steps and I do that throughout the day, like constantly, especially on my runs, on my runs, on my runs, it's completely taken over.


Well, and like my runs will be like if I don't if I don't touch this lightpost, if I don't skip across this, like, crosswalk, like, it's like it's constantly happening during my runs and it's been happening my entire life. And it's like a really small thing that I like. I just kind of live with. I don't really care, but I've found out a way to fight that and to combat it the other day, which I thought was like, so genius.


I'm like, why have I never done this? There's only one other thing that I respect as much as me doing these little things. I've these little tasks I've given myself and that's the word badass.


And before I started my run, I said, dat ass, I'm not going to do anything that I think I have to do to make myself more successful in the future. So now I'm running and like I have nothing in my way. So I'm not skipping, I'm not stepping on cracks. And I've literally fought my own, like, stupid thing I've made in my own head with my own other stupid thing I've made in my own head. So like I've just said, I'm dead ass.


I'm done with it. And like, every day I'll say that and I just don't do it.


OK, well, here are your pills for today. But isn't that great? Is that group therapy in an hour or so, you know, but crazy.


I've been missing this like this entire time. Like, that's so crazy.


And I think it's even crazier that, you know, it's like you have to tell yourself something, that there's one thing that control over a little loophole, like it's a complete loophole.


It's like like I imagine the little minions, the little devils that are in my head that are setting up this, they just want to fuck fuck.


He found out. He found out.


He found out that he can use that as against us. And it's just like I think there's devils in your head now, but whatever it is, whatever is holding me back. But yeah.


So you had a clean run the other night. You didn't. With a good sweetgrass. Right. Right at the start. Yeah, right. I'm like that. I'm not going to listen to myself and I'm going to step on whatever I want to step on. And it works and it works.


Hey guys, that's all the time we have for this podcast I guess for listening. Thank you for joining us. Everybody here. It's been such a blast. I love getting to sit across from Jason and talk to you.


David, thanks for including me in your life. And you're just a wonderful guy.


Hey, you know what? This Christmas I'm spending with my family. Oh, thank God. I'm so glad Charlie White fuck off on it. David, why are you my dick? I'm out. Yeah, I guys, we'll see you guys later. Go by the merchants on sale. We'll see you guys soon. This has been a news podcast.


My name is Jeff.