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The Christmas season is officially upon us. And while there's a lot about the holidays that feels different this year, I know one thing that might make them just a little bit brighter. Wonder Woman 1984 is coming out on December 25th, and you'll have to wait to experience this epic adventure in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO. Max.


Guys, I'm so fucking stoked. That's. And you can watch it straight on fucking HBO. I watched the trailer. I insisted that the trailer when it came out because I thought it was one of the best years I've ever seen in my entire life. I'm so excited. I fucking love superhero movies, so I'm really strict about this. And believe in Wonder again with Delgado, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal. Wonderwoman 1984 is rated PG 13 and sure to be a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season with the ones you love.


I'm so stoked for that.


What's the guys like to view the podcast where Jason? I reveal stuff about each other. This podcast, I may or may not tell you guys about my sister. I killed somebody.


Why? Oh my God. Tune in for murder. Insists says no.


Not that yours is going to be more revealing the mind. It's not this episode. He misjudged it. Yeah, he did. I got to go. I just have a little things going on under my skin. You murdered somebody?


No, no, no. Why would I. No, I didn't say that.


Just wasn't into music. No, that's not. That's my job. Huh. OK. Did you kill somebody in deep shit rather than try using? Megan's here, she's our co-host. She's not she's my publicist now, the co-host of Pressure to have talk to you. I have a question. You're my publicist. When you were growing up, you wanted to be a publicist, right? At one point, you decided, yeah, one point, but I wanted to be a pop star, actually.


Oh, you did? Yeah, I wanted to be like like Britney Spears. So you you fell into the other end of it, but you're still kind of in it. OK, so, Mike, my question is, you're my publicist. I'm a I'm an influencer.


You Touba. Did you ever digital star and TV personality is how I refer to you.


Thank you for helping me up. Yeah. Dude, fucking it's so funny. Like you're like Megan hype's me up so much. It's really fucking embarrassing.


OK, and also my job to do that. Oh I know.


Like we've been we actually got in a fight about this in New York.


You made me cry. I didn't I, I Oh really.


OK, I mean I wish I but we were at there for New York Fashion Week. I can't wait to hear, you know, it's where you say cut out the part where David made me cry. Let's talk about this.


I went up in my room and cried. What? I told you this. I sat in the bathtub.


I blocked your number, remember? I did like that.


Doesn't work. Really felt that she blocked it for OK. And then we had to get on a flight and I was like, David, there was one time we got in a fight, me and Meghan. And it's what what happened? What exactly happened?


We were at some Fashion Week party and you were talking to. Yeah. People.


Yes, we were at a Fashion Week party and I was talking to, like my peers, like other influencers. How annoying is that?


Why your peers? No, I mean, that's what it was. We were talking to other people that like do what I do. And and then Megan comes in and I don't know if it was like if you were talking about the next day, you're like, what are you guys doing?


And David goes, oh, nothing.


You know, just getting on the fly. And I was like, no, you have press in the morning. Like, we have a full press day tomorrow.


Oh, no. Megan goes, no, not nothing. You have Fallon in the morning. You have really.


And then she went off the publicist list, like in front of these people where, like, I love downplaying shit, like I don't give a fuck. I don't I don't want to say that in front of people. I especially don't know because I want to come off like tacky. And it's cute how Megan does because she's just, like, proud and happy and excited. But but you know why? It's weird from my point of view. Percent.


Yeah, but he's like, no, I'm not lying. Cry over that. What? He was just so, like, cold and mean about it. And I had a really long day.


What did he say? When I'm around, other people don't talk me up like that. Yeah. He goes like he pulled me aside. He goes, I hate when you do that. And then you don't remember this. No, I do. That sounds right.


No, no, I just I genuinely just do like it's happened multiple times.


And I hate when you say that. And I've told him it was always appropriate.


Like, I'm not trying to make you sound cooler, but you were it was along the lines of they were it was a scheduling thing, like they were asking you what you were doing the next day.


And I was like, no, you're not free. We have this. This. I know.


But there's something so weird when you're like and then you called me out in front of them and I was all embarrassed.


Oh, I did. What did you say? No, I didn't call you. I know I did it and I fucking you're making no, I told you that in the car later. Nina's client ever wants it.


That's a big thing for David. It's like if you start to appear on humble, he gets very, very late. Yes.


It just made me uncomfortable because we were just like, well, I've never done it again, have I? I wasn't, like, fucking sensitive, but like, I was like I was like, yeah, because it just comes off weird, especially in this line of work. Like if it's like if you're a business guy and you're like, no, you have that meeting at eight o'clock, that's fine. But when you're like listing like you had that interview with E and then you're doing Access Hollywood at 4:00, it's not so fucking weird.


And it sounds like you're bragging in front of people. And I just didn't like that. I don't know. I'm sorry, Meghan. That's the first time you've ever said I'm sorry.


Oh, that's not true. I forgive you, Dave. That's not true.


I'm lucky enough, as you ever said. I'm sorry to you.


I think once he said, I'm sorry, I'll get one, but it's never like I'm sorry. It's like I'm sorry. But like, you know, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm trying to think you said I'm sorry to me all the time. You guys are the same this time.


I owe you guys all apologies. Can I say one thing?


Sometimes you'll say like thank you again and it feels so out of place I'll be like, Are you okay? Yeah. Oh my God. Really? Like yesterday he was like, Hey Jay, you want to come hang out and go to Jack's house and bring him flowers?


Jack's our manager and I was like, I know what's wrong. Yeah, like what he did.


Like, it was weird that I was bringing flowers to our manager. Yeah. Like, fucking I know Jack called me today. He goes, did you see on Instagram? I was shocked because I couldn't believe it.


Yeah. We went to my manager Jack's house the other day and I brought him flowers and it was so weird, like getting out of the car, like because especially when you're blogging, there's no someone to go fucking that. There's no there's no time to stop at somebody's house and give them flowers like it was. It's such like such a regular person thing to do that was not part of like what we were doing when when I was blogging. And it was like so weird that I did it for the first time.


I pulled up to his house. I got out. It was sunny. Like I took a note of, like, how beautiful I was out that day. The cars were whizzing by. I checked how close I was to the curb, like I had so much time on my hands. And then, like, I even fucking open the trunk to other people. This probably sounds crazy, like. Yeah. What do you mean? You went and delivered something, but like like when we were flogging, this was not a normal thing to do.


Like, there's no way we're stopping. I wouldn't take a call from Jack like we had we used that was not in our brain space. Like I did not have time to talk to Jack about whatever he wanted to talk about. Now, we were I was at his house with a bouquet of flowers that I took time to pick out. And I was there standing next to him and going like, Hey, dude, happy birthday. And he's like, why are you here?


Jonah and I were standing there and Jonah was like, this is this is so out of place. Or David like like just let him do it this way.


He must have had a day yesterday because last night we were texting about something and I was like, I've got your back dated. Like you're like you to begin with a ton of exclamation points, like appreciate you.


And I literally go, Are you okay? She goes, Yes, I go, I promise. Yeah. That was a little strange.


But Megan, I'm sorry that I made you cry that day and can make I wanted to ask you, would you ever want to be a publicist for anybody like Couleur? Like like do you know I mean, like, like in a in a perfect world.


In a perfect world. Is he taken is your client did you actually want to know the answer.


Yeah. Like in a perfect world would you rather be like on a real story here in a paragraph, would you rather be Kevin Hart's publicist or my publicist?


Why can't I be both?


OK, no, I know, but like like I know many contacts. OK, so the reason I am in the digital space in this is really cheesy. But in college when I was studying PR, I would watch YouTube like just as my downtime. That was kind of like what I enjoyed. And I I'm a little older than you two years, but I'm just I just miss that gap or I like YouTube was the, you know, the entertainment.


Right. So all my friends are like, why do you watch YouTube all the time. Like what is this? I actually I didn't, I didn't watch you, but it was like Jenna marbles like that.


They're like, oh jeez. Yeah, yeah.


And then as I was I think it was senior year and I was I was a PR major and I was like, how do I merge these two? Because I was doing like food PR and there wasn't really entertainment in Boston. And one of my friends was like, well, why don't you try merging, you know, your love for You Tube and PR? So I found a company that did it and I called I cold called them and they hired me as a temp.


Wow. And how did we get paired up?


I became an assistant there, so I was a temp there for like a month maybe. And then they made me an assistant and I worked with like a bunch of different influencers and events and just like kind of got my way in. And then I was working the streams. I was their publicist and you were, you know, top of our list. You guys all were coming. And so I had, like, printed out your name tags and I was going to walk you guys down the carpet.


And I remember I was emailing with Jack and he was like, hey, so my name is Jack Reed. I'm David's manager. I'm going to be bringing Natalie. She's going to walk the guys down. And I was like, Natalie, like the assistant D.A., I was like, does he not have a publicist? And then you showed up to the extremist carpet and I kind of grabbed you and was like, I can help you walk down.


And so we started doing interviews together down the carpet.


I kind of grabbed you and I threw you in a closet, basically kidnapped you that day. Right. And then I think after that, I met Jack that night and I was like, we should work together. And then you had me come over to the house. And the very first time I met you, the second time, I guess you had you brought like a flame thrower to answer the door. I was like, what the hell is that?


Oh, really? Yeah. At what age did you know you wouldn't be a pop star? Good question.


I'm still hoping for that. That's so. If I could sing, it would happen. You know, first impression of me go a very charming.


Oh hell yeah. I know that. That's your first one. Yeah.


I thought you'd be me first, amigo. Also charming.


You were really funny because I think you were so like you said, Stinky were stinky.


Actually, I just remembered the first time I ever saw your face. Did you have at Videocon. One year. I have a car with your face all over it.


Yeah I yeah it was well it was Todd's car. Yeah. That was the first time I saw I was like, who is this kid. So weird. It is everywhere. That's so weird.


That's how Taylor saw me for the first time. Yeah. Taylor So we got used to Taylor used to live in the same apartment as Karina Todd's ex and Todd would park right here and. Yeah, I know. But just for people you forget, we're doing a podcast.


Sorry, I thought Todd would park right next to Taylor's car and Taylor showed me Snapchat where she would Snapchat the car and she'd be like, what the fuck is this guy? Yeah. And now. And now. Yeah. Taylor works here. And now you work with us. It's crazy. Yeah.


Doing the carpet's bizarre, though. It never feels like I should be there. I fucking hate doing the carpets. I don't understand that mindset. That also sucks.


Like, like when we went to the end game premiere I was like my least favorite carpet.


Yeah, well that's tough.


You're up against like well because then you said no, no, no, no, no, I love being there, but I loved, I hated walking it like you made me walk it.


Remember me. No, you did you a huge deal. Yeah. I mean, you know, but it's like I was right after Paul Rudd and fucking like I think it was Mark Ruffalo and tell people what it's like.


It's I don't know, Meghan. There's 400 camera people all over. We're missing and there's like Kamon game. You know what it is? First of all, it's yeah. It's the biggest. It was the biggest. It was the biggest Avengers movie ever. And all the superheroes are coming. It's a big deal. It's a very small premiere. Like it's literally I don't know how we got into the premiere. I really go into the those little the actors and was like, I fucking shit you not.


And and yeah, they're all walking in.


Obviously all the camera guys are like Scarlett, Scarlett Johansson, Scarlett over here and like everybody knows everybody's fucking name and like sometimes well a lot of times on carpets, like there's a lot of people that come out on the carpets that maybe not every photographer now is like publicist will have to hold up signs with what the person's name on. It's actually for spelling. Oh, it's for spelling. Yeah. OK, so yeah. So, so then Meghan comes up, you know everyone's gone.


POW pow.


Over here Paul. Right over here. Robert Robert Downey Jr.. Right here. Right here Natalie. And like and they're all screaming these like, you know, huge stars names.


And then I'm like I'm not fucking walking after these fucking people. Like no one's going to want to take a picture of me. And then and then Megan goes, you got you got to do it now. Yeah, that's a good sign. But it doesn't mean it's impersonation.


You say you go to the carpet, David. It was there was a bit of confusion when you got on the carpet.


So here's the. Yeah. And then Megan standing there holding my name. David, nobody really disappointed. They were like, no, you should.


I know I was invited to carpet. I know, Megan, I'm telling you, Megan is like like I'm I'm a glass half empty kind of guy and she's like a glass half full. And also, I think kind of looks completely full to me. That's the kind of girl Megan is. Megan, like, I think we have enough here for a couple people. Megan's like a super overly optimistic person.


We're like, that's exactly where we differ. And that's why we got to that one fight in New York about like Howard, like she hypes me up too much because I get so uncomfortable by it. And like, she like she's like, you deserve to be on this carpet.


And I'm just like to balance you. And I'm just like, this is so fucking weird. I shouldn't be on this carpet. And like, it's just weird to hear all the cameras go and then when I step on because that is not true.


Like, that's just not true. And power comes back.


He puts his foot in and it goes and it's just like it just feels I mean, it is true. It's not. Oh, it is true.


But I'm sure like even like Paul Rudd probably felt weird that night, it's because he was like he thinks everyone wants to talk to Chris Hemsworth.


Yeah, but you probably he probably looked at me like, well, Lisa, I'm not that guy.


He looked at me. He's like, at least I'm a fucking superhero, baby. No, I get it.


No, but I appreciate Megan for helping me up. But it's very it's very scary at times.


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Well let's play some fucking down on you right now dog. Yeah. Listen up. You may be the big dog around here, but check this shit out. Yeah, I get credit for Joe.


Hell yeah I know. I remember where you introduced we talked about this and you get credit for me. Shit. Scott gets credit for Todd. What do you Todd gets credit for Jeff. We're talking about friend Origin. Oh friend. Who in. Who brought you in. Yeah. They didn't get credit for you.


I remember. I remember. Yeah. As any prominent defender for sure. Yeah. I remember when I met Joe we were sitting at the chateau and it was the Chateau Marmont.


That was the first time Joe made a move on me and, and Joe and I fucking I knew like he film stuff with you and I knew is was fucking coming. I knew because I knew, I knew Joe was the type of guy that was like like, hey, I'm out here filming, I'll film whatever for you.


You know, Joe is a very like there's a lot of people like Joe.


I don't mean this in a bad way, just like the my favorite out of all those people, but a lot of people like Joe that are so driven and that will do. I mean, I guess this is a good thing. There's a lot of people now that are so driven and they're like, they'll they'll be my business card. Here's my business card.


And I knew Joe was one of those people and I was sitting right, right by you at the chateau. I just finished an apple. And I think, Jason, you were doing something else and it was just me and him. And he turns to me. I was on his left and he looks right over his knee and he looks at me and he goes, you know, I could I could I could shoot stuff for you.


I should suffer, Jason, all the time. I can help you out. And I was like, there it is. It's like there's the Astros like that. And I was like, great, OK, well, just part of my life now. I really haven't 100 percent.


I remember seeing you and Lysa standing there at that part of the Vine party, like on Halloween. And I went over and introduced myself to you guys and I introduced myself like a vine party.


Are you saying the Bush party? The Netsch party?


Yeah. Oh, the I mean, Josh Peck was there. Yeah. Jason brought me to a dinner with like twenty of the top designers, like top of the top. And I just moved out to L.A. for like three weeks ago as I thought. Did I get here? No. The first time we ate properly and actually it was the chateau.


But I remember that fucking vine party to the next one that was fucking crazy. There is a big Vine logo on the wall, right? Yeah. Yeah, I was big green giant. It was like the biggest fucking vine. It was crazy being around diners at the time, like when Vine was pot dockers, now yabo and vine. But it was different. It was like the first of its kind, it was the first of its kind. Being around big vaginas was like I remember once we went to Casey James House and Rudy Mancuso was there or something.


And I remember Alex and I went to the bathroom.


We were just like, wow, this is fucking. Raisen, this is fucking crazy. That was that was really bizarre. Addison told me Addison Ray told me a really funny story. She said the first time we came over, it was her and Dixy. And she told me she's like, we came over and we just like got back from, like hanging out. Like we met we met up with him at, like, subbranches was like nine or 10 months ago.


She said they came over and they went to go use my bathroom, both of them. And they said, right when they closed the bathroom door, they just started fucking freaking out. I thought that was so funny because, like, that's exactly like what I was doing, like with all the other diners. And then. And then. Yeah. And then they just like become a regular part of it. Like that's the best part about this place is like you fangirl over all these people and then you just become their fucking friends.


It's like so cool.


Well, the one thing I'll say about Joe, though, and they think it's a good lesson for anybody is like he if you want to like I don't know, you always you always, like, really helpful. You know, you're very value added kind of guy. You always brought more than you took.


I give everything and I expect nothing. Yeah.


That's a good way to be. That's deep. It's really good to be. Yeah. I give everything I expect and I think I remember when David started like you, I was like, oh God, thank God.


And when we first worked together, Jay, I remember I know how I met you at the comedy the comedy club said you want to come by tomorrow and did this bit went in. I showed up at your apartment. Alex was there who I loved. Alex was so funny.


And I was like, I remember for a time when we were filming, people thought you were replacing Alex. You and Alex was in the videos last and you were in the videos a lot more. I remember how hard it was for people to like you.


Yeah, I you told me I used to delete comments. Yeah, I delete comments so you wouldn't see them. I'm saying this now because people love you now. But I'm just saying people took a long time to warm up to you just because he was old.


They were like, they're like I don't like this like like he's old and you guys are young and like people are just confused by it. But then, like, people, like, finally start to realize that you were like the funniest out of the group. And then they're like, OK, OK, he can stay.


And I didn't read the comments. Luckily, I was too old to know where to find the car.


Really? Yeah. Yeah, I would, I would, I would delete them because. Because people just weren't getting it.


Thank you David. Thank you for standing by me. That's that's pretty amazing.


Did you know Taylor's right now she's with her friends like a place in California and the mayor of the town. Yeah, his name is Max and he's a golden retriever and he's the actual.


This is fucking real. He's a real he's the real mayor.


He's the only mayor appointed dog. And like, he'll go around the city and he wears a tie all the time. He has a tie. Yeah.


Oh, yeah. He's he's the cutest golden retriever. Max, what's his policies? Well, his policies are insane. That's why people don't like to move. They're more bones. It's more bones. Yeah, it's more bones. It's more treats and it's more naptime. Some people just don't get any work done. This is him.


He's adorable. Does he run attack ads versus opponent?


Yeah. Oh, my God. He's stunning. Yeah, he's a gorgeous dog. He's like a very, very pretty dog. Oh, my gosh. And it's so funny because, like, you'll see the pictures of him and it's he's called Max the Max the mare. It's all good that my father went to that city. No, but it's oh, it's the town of Idlewild. Idlewild at all. Yeah. Oh yeah. Idlewild. Yeah.


And he drives around in the back of a pickup truck and people will take pictures with him. And there's also some photos of him like outside, like an ice cream shop, like sleeping on the ground, which I think it's funny because like no mayor in the world can be caught sleeping on the floor. But like, I like this, Max, this mayor, I guess, is so busy that he will, from time to time, have to take naps in the middle of his duties.


And I think that's so cool. Like he's so confident, like he doesn't care. Like he's running the town, which I'm surprised even the police officer is like, that's my favorite of is like the police officers.


They'll come and take pictures of him, like he's like the big mayor. He doesn't talk much that that's the problem. But he's fucking he's a golden retriever. His name is Maximus Mighty Dog. Miller the second or Max for sure. Sure. I'm not making this up. He's been the mayor since 2014. Who was the previous mayor? I don't know.


But could you imagine losing a golden retriever?


I'd be fucking I'd be furious. We're not far from it from a golden retriever running for president. And people are like, I don't know, man. You make some good points. I released the puzzle the other day.


Yeah, it's called the hundred thousand dollar puzzle, buddy. And I have to it and and it's a puzzle where if you solve it, it's fucking really difficult. And if you solve it, you can win anywhere from 25 cents to one hundred thousand dollars and just prizes. There's prizes in between. And I had no fucking idea. It's the best selling thing I've ever sold in my entire life. And I had no idea I was going to sell so good.


And I'm really fucking scared.


I even made a story and I was like, guys like buy the puzzle, but there's a good chance you're not going to fucking win one hundred thousand dollars like, you know.


And I think a little over like now it's like over like 48000 people have bought this fucking thing. And it's like and it's like that means, you know, a little over 47000 people are not going to win the hundred thousand dollars. And that's that's something a lot of disappointed people in. And people are going in like I bought 10 puzzles and I go, no, don't fucking do that. Like the the the point of it is like you buy one puzzle and it's like a fun thing that you can talk about when, like, family comes over and they're like, what's this QR code puzzle?


And you explain like that, you could have won money from it. Like, that's what it's not. You're not actually supposed to do it because, like, you're trying to, like, get money for your family or like to do it because it's something fun to do.


And so it should the way it should be viewed is it's a puzzle first and then there's a sweet little gimmicky thing on top. But I think people took it. They're like, yes, I won't have to work for the next year if I sell 15 of these. And I was like, fuck, guys, this is not how it's supposed to be.


But yeah, it's doing really well. I want to give it a quick, quick plug. Go buy at the 100K puzzle dotcom.


It's really sick. It's a really fucking tough puzzle and it's really cool because it's only two colors. It's green and black and it's a QR code. And the way it works is when you scan the QR code, it shows you what you've want and you always win. You can win twenty five sanski one five hundred dollars, a thousand dollars, 200 dollars, 50 cents. You can win all kinds of money.


And this was a this was a good win for you. You were up early that day we saw. Yeah it's exciting. There's over 250000 dollars of prizes. That's how much money people can win.


So, so, so it is really, really cool to do it this weekend. Yeah. Good fucking luck.


Yeah. I already I tried at your house. It was difficult.


Yeah. It's a bitch. I have to have surgery on my hip. David I so I've already heard this story. It's not. It's not. No you haven't heard the story because I'm telling you that I'm scared. I've heard this story on the podcast already man. I never told you I was scared. You got to come up with a new one. I'm getting close.


Surgery. Surgery. Yeah. Come visit me in the hospital.


Yeah. If you've got a good podcast or if they're not all about you complaining about this surgery, bro, you've never had surgery, so you wouldn't know.


I have had surgery on what my thumb for what they were just stitches. But it felt very surgical at the time because I was very young. Oh.


When you cut your hand. Yeah. No, no, no, no, not that I. I was hitting my friend John with a water bottle and I broke my bone because plastic bottle with a plastic bottle because I put my thumb in front of the bottle and when I hit him he need my my thumb and you know, it sucked because I broke my thumb and it was it was at the high school football game. And my dad got my dad and I got into the big ass fight because he wouldn't let me go to the football game.


And I was like, I'm going, I'm going. And he's like, you cannot go.


And like, I, I really pissed him off. And guess who I had to call to pick me up from the football game. Your dad. My dad. Oh, no.


How much is a fucking soccer to drive me right to the hospital.


You know that. You know, like or that car ride is like from a guy who told you? I don't know. Sorry, I hate to make the surgery about myself, but what are you going through?


Which was very silent along the way. And then at one point he's very silent, very told you not to go.


I don't know. Said no. I'm totally convinced you're going to surgery. On what? On my hip. Oh, yeah. Sucks that aside. Why are you doing it? Because it hurts. It hurts. Like when you just do regular things or like, yeah, man, I'm in pain.


You can't walk around anymore. See how I limp. I do see. But I always thought that was just because you wanted attention.


That had nothing to do with that. You were you're actually in pain.


Yeah. I had one surgery once when I was wide awake the entire time it was your other surgery. I had like a Pallan deal system and the base of my tailbone.


I have a plan deal says yeah. And they had to take it out. Oh my God. Yeah. Oh.


Did you know we could talk about. This is fun. I have a plan deal. SIST guys it's kind of gross to talk about but I have to because this is all about sharing. It's a cyst that's right below your tailbone and right above your butt. Like, like in like in like, like the most upper region of like where your butt meets your back. Yeah. Yeah. Like not by your butt crack. I'm talking like above. Anyway, I had a cyst there and it got so big I couldn't sit so I had to go to the I had to go to the doctor and they had to cut it open the fucking cut it open.


That's what happened. Did they, do they numb you and shit. Yeah.


They numb knee and they shot my cyst with a needle like right into the system. It hurts so bad.


And the way I did it is the nurse was there and she first first the nurse and the doctor were so cool, which I fucking hate. I hate cool doctors that are about to look at your balls and your ass. Like that's the worst. Like, I don't want to like the last thing I want is a personal doctor before they're about to see everything about me. Like I want somebody that like doesn't feel like a human. Yeah. So when they're operating on my asshole, it just feels like it's just like a routine thing.


But these guys are so cool. Yeah. But I was like I fucking hate how these guys are so friendly.


It's funny. You don't want like a young and cool hey, no, no. And like an old man and this woman is like asking me like so what do you do.


And I'm like, well I social media sites like YouTube and like we fucking got into it not knowing that she was going, I thought she's going to step out of the room and I was going to be the doctor like me and she was there. She's like, take your pants off. And I, I took my pants and my underwear off and I had to roll over on my side and I had to like cuddle up. So I put my knees to my chest and I was on my side and they were they sat right to my side.


I was on a lift, a table like about four. Feet above the ground, and it was just my asshole sticking in their face as he's still having conversation with me and I'm going, I'm going, this is really weird. And he goes, yeah, we do a couple of these a day, though, so it's OK. And I was so fucking uncomfortable. Enjoy what you do. And it was.


Yeah, and it was. And they cut it open and broke it. That should fucking hurt bad. It hurt bad. They cut it open damn it.


No they numbed it but like but like it's you know they numb it like five minutes before so it's still a little small.


It was like I'm such a bitch with pain too. And they cut it out and they pulled out. The CIS part of it, like they pulled out, like all these ingrown hairs, did you get to keep it? No, I didn't get to keep it, but I took a picture of it. It's fucking nasty. But it was like the coolest thing. It was all bloody to get off me. It was all bloody. It was a really, really gross.


And yeah, that was like one of my first, like, tiny surgeries I've ever had. And I have to go back because they have to do like a full operation on my asshole. I'm not being serious. Like they're like if you don't want to come back, you have to come back for a full on operation. And that's what you had. Yeah. So that's what you had. That's what I have to get.


Are you going to have to go do that. I just got yeah. I just had to go do I was the same day. Do you still have a spell on your sister. No, I'll do the hip and you do your Essl. Oh my God.


Right next to each other. We do the podcast that we're both on the medical boards. Yeah, but it'll be great.


Like if what I can run again. Oh my God.


How is 20/20 even Thrussell for you affected your mental health. Just being stuck inside a lot. Yeah. Yeah. How's your mental health? I'm OK.


I'm doing good. I do better help. So I'm feeling good these days.


Well, I know you already know all about it, but can I talk to other people about better help. No, no. I only want to I want to be the only person that goes to better help. I don't want to share with them because it's so good.


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They offer licensed professional counselors who are specialized in depression, stress, relationships, grief, self-esteem and LGBT matters and many more.


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Dotcom slash views join over one million people taking charge of the mental health.


Again, that's better. Help! Help, Dotcom argues.


Would you rather have a hot doctor or not hot doctor? Not hot dog. Me too. Oh, my God.


Like an old man or woman. Somebody who's just, like, seen it all. But I do do that when I have to take my pants off with doctors, I in my head, I go, OK, that's not a big deal. This is what they do. This is fine, but it's kind of weird for me ever since, like like I have to take my pants off for a doctor. It's gotten weirder for me since I've been doing YouTube and like since I'm like really out there in the public world, like, it's gotten a lot scarier.


They probably didn't even know who, you know, you know. Oh, no. Yes, there was there was a time where I had to go to get that to get this checked out before. Right. Because like, I went to like it was like a dermatologist. There was like a person that did it and it was a big office.


I'm not fucking exaggerating this at all. I'm not exaggerating.


The saw four nurses came into my room to get pictures and videos for their for their sons or daughters. I shit you not. I was I was so shocked. I was like, first of all, I never get recognized as much, especially with all the people. And I was like, how is this legal? Like, how are these people coming in here today?


You had to do your butt. You know, this is this is like a month before when I went to go get it checked on, I was a big dermatologist office. And dude, I was fucking they kept coming in because I guess my name was on the the fucking call sheet. Maybe one nurse knew who I was and then she told everybody else and they kept fucking coming in to the point like, well then there was just the nurse and the doctor there.


The nurse was very young. I think she was interning from like high school it looked like and she was ready to look at my ass and like and like she was like as though I wasn't pulling down my pants. Like, the doctor's going the doctor's going on. You're a big hit her on the office here. Everybody's talking. I'm like, dude, this is not what I want to fucking hear when you're looking at my ass.


This is a little strange. Yeah, it was really, really strange, but I battled through it. I just think we can talk about. So lately I've made a big realization that I've been doing something wrong. I every time I'm working on like a project, I just keep it to myself because I just I like to under promise and over deliver like that's my favorite thing. So I don't talk about anything. So when the perfume launched, everyone was like, where the fuck did this come from?


Right. Like why, why didn't we know about a perfume? Like, is this some money grab? In reality, we're working on it for a year and a half and it took up a lot of my fucking time.


And I think it doesn't get as people as excited as it should be about the things I launch and it makes things fall flat. So I want to talk about something that I am working on right now that I've been keeping a secret for the past eight months, probably a year now. I want to talk about the the pizza company I'm starting called Dough Bricks.


It's run by the one and only yours truly, Ilya Fedorova, CEO.


That's why Ilya is our introduction you gave yourself. That's why Ilya is out here in L.A. to help run this pizza company. It's called Dough Bricks. And yeah, we've been working on it for a little over what how long now?


Like six, seven months ever since I moved here, six, seven months since I moved here. We had the idea like a year ago.


What's the hardest thing about launching a pizza company? Hold on. Let's let's let the dust settle a little bit. We just made a big announcement here today. You guys probably want to applaud me on the idea. Well, let's before we get into it, let's backtrack.


I think people always think people are always wondering what Elliott was doing out here, and it was always to, like, pursue some kind of other business venture with him. And like, this is this is I fucking love pizza. I'm from Chicago and it means a lot to me. And we've been doing a lot of we've done a lot of taste tests up until now. Alia's right now we're working on logos, branding and yeah, all this time I've been trying to keep it a fucking secret, but we just trademarked the name a couple of months ago and then people started finding out.


But I'm super pumped about it. And yeah, it's not going to be like a ghost kitchen or something. It's going to be like a full blown, like restaurant. It's, you know, it's not going to be. Yeah, it'll be a little more about it.


Yeah. I think we're going to have a colocation we're almost set to close the lease.


Oh the location is fucking sick that I won't talk about. Yeah, right. Because I love the location.


It's fucking tiny but it's in a fucking sexy spot and it's a standalone building.


So like it really, really stands out from everyone. Will the pizza place be opened realistically.


Realistically, eight to 12 months. Yeah, I give it back. And that I can that I can under promise. I give it for sure.


I give it a year, a year. The pizza place will be open. It'll be called Torex and I. Yeah. And and ah.


Can we talk about our partners. Holy fuck. Yeah I be pizza Prince Street pizza partner. Yeah they are, they're partnering with us so they are our partners. They have a percentage, they're going to own a percentage of diabetics and Prince Street is if you watch my Instagram stories I'm always Instagram sharing their pizza. Prince Street pizza guys fucking check them out. They're fucking delicious. And they are coming up with our they're helping us come up with our entire menu because what we did is we've been doing like taste tests on pizza and we've been doing it for, like, I don't know, the last six, seven months.


And it's just fucking it's so fucking tough to do. And it's like one day will come in and it will only be taste icing crust and and then, you know, you'll have to find out a crust is better. And then the next day it'll be just cheeses and then it'll be just marinara. And then it's like it's like it just feels like you're working so hard for for no return. So now to Prince Street, since we love them so much, that is going to help us come up with it from from top to bottom, which is going to be fucking six.


Super excited for that.


Yeah. As a resident Italian here, I say I approve this message. It's like the best pizza place to be part of, and I'm not just I'm not just saying this, I am fucking head over heels for their pizza best pizza delivery in fucking on an island in New York.


Yeah, I'm fucking in the United States. I think it's so good. I think it's in the top it's in the top five, ten best pizza places in the U.S. for sure.


And that's that's like very bold to say. And it's really cool because Prince Street here they do. The thing about L.A. pizza is why it's so different than New York pizzas because of the water they use. Like, that's a big thing with pizza. But Prince Street, they have found out a way to filter all the water, every water down to the ice cubes. They fucking they hold things and they preserve things. And everything is is goes through this filter to make the L.A. water just like New York tap water is going to do that, too.


I'm not sure. Just depends what kind of slightly it's depends on how do we make I mean, if Prince Harry is helping us, I feel like they're going to make us do that because I feel like they want the best pizza.


So it's going to be on the menu. Besides pizza, is it just pizza is the first location. Just pizza. Just pizza.


Yeah, I wanted to be super easy, just like in and out you come and you know you know, there's no fuckin no thirty options.


He said, right. Oh. So it's going to be a two go place. There's no sitting. I mean it'll be like a little like, you know, camp out, hang out area in the front. But yeah, he just left and then there's also most likely going to be like an outside space that you can stand at.


It'll be literally like a Dairy Queen, like a mansion, like going into Dairy Queen. There's a counter you maybe there's two seats like you can sit there and wait for your pizza. Right. But there's no there won't be like a waiter or anything, something like that. But yeah, I'm so fucking excited for it. And I've been trying to keep it a secret forever. But that's not I guess that's not fun. I feel like keeping people updated it updated with things is is a little more fun.


What's what's been the hardest part about it so far. So I think the Branning.


Oh yeah. The logo. So, so, so tough. Yeah. Just like there's no right answer. It's like but it'll be it when you see it and like you love you like oh that's it. But like we haven't had that yet.


We've been working on the logo for like a month and it's just it's such a bitch because like it's like, it's also so tough because you like it and you show it to somebody else and you're stupid. Right. But I think it'll be a lot easier now that we talked about on the podcast. I feel like you're about to get a lot of fucking a lot of logo's coming. Yeah. Which is nice. I feel like that.


So when you say your something like marinara and crust and stuff, who where does that come from.


So Prince Street sauces and or makes the ingredients. I see we put it together and we tried different variations of cheese sauce doughs and we say, OK, this one's good, this is not good, let's try this with this. You know, it's like it's like literally like a scientist in a lab just trying different things. Right.


The Christmas season is officially upon us. And while there's a lot about the holidays that feels different this year, I know one thing that might make them just a little bit brighter. Wonderwoman 1984 is coming out on December 25th, and you'll have to wait to experience this epic adventure in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO. Max.


Guys, I'm so fucking stoked. That's awesome.


And you can watch it straight on fucking HBO. I watched the trailer. I it's the story, the trailer when it came out because I thought it was one of the best shows I've ever seen in my entire life. I'm so excited. I fucking love superhero movies.


Some really stoked about this and believe in Wonder again with Delgado, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal. Wonderwoman 1984 is rated PG 13 and sure to be a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season with the ones you love.


I'm so stoked for that. What do you see?


This fucking NBC article? This is a real article. It's titled Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist and Trump knows about it. Then the more details it's a galactic federation has been waiting for humans to reach a stage where we will understand what space and spaceships are. And apparently President Trump is aware of the extraterrestrials existence and had been on the verge of revealing information, but was asked not to in order to prevent mass hysteria. This is a fucking article on NBC


The unidentified flying object has asked not to publish that they are here. Humanity is not ready yet, says the defense secretary.


The interview in Hebrew ran on Friday.


And I should I should said cooperation agreements had been signed between species, including an underground base, in the depths of Mars, where there is an America where there are American astronauts and alien representatives.


Are you fucking kidding me? What? How is this on NBC? It's like they wrote this shit for our podcast. Look like sounds fake.


There is an agreement between the U.S. government, the aliens. They signed a contract with us to do experiments here.


My thing is, if aliens come like, do they want to kill us? Maybe they just want to chill. But why here? Water and aliens have water. Yeah, maybe not. Maybe they need more water.


There's a lot of water on Mars, isn't there?


Yeah, they got water on Mars.


I'm sure if you're an alien and if you can get to Earth, you can get to a lot of other places that have water as the aliens move here and one of them becomes big tick tock star Bisek.


That's how they say a little hot. You got to start. They say he's actually from Pluto.


I don't believe it's like little Morand or whatever her name is, the like R girl that. Does feel kind of right, though, like that does feel like what would happen, like an alien comes, everyone's freaking out about it. I mean, like five, four and five months later, it's like he's just another tech track star and he's like all the comments, like what happened to you? So washed up, like all. And so, like, you used to be so cool when you landed.


I'm like now he's just like meet and greets at Nordstrom like. Like that does sound like a very like like especially where humanity is in twenty twenty just for us to like accept something and try to try to cancel Gargon.


Yeah. Yeah. Gargon super success. Yeah.


I am so sorry but when I say you have to keep in mind I am new to Earth and the mistakes I make will be making a couple in the future.


But I am here to serve humanity.


I mean I don't know. Listen, I'm all for aliens coming to earth.


I just, I don't know.


I feel like it's I didn't mean to chop off that girl's head on that live. I am so sorry.


I don't understand how they're speaking to them. Well, I mean, yeah.


What what language are they speaking? What did they sign? Who signed something. Was it on and they had it in person.


Does this mean they have hands? Of course they're assuming it's covid you you think aliens don't respect our covid rules.


How hard is it to communicate with another species that is smart? Can be that that can't be that difficult.


Yeah, but what like there are a lot of languages in the world for idiots. Why they necessarily speak in English. They speak to the people in my life.


I think they're just idiots. Yeah.


You think they're just idiots like have a spaceship that goes so fast and they have no idea how they're getting to earth.


Maybe it's not a spaceship. It's like it's like just like like imagine like a burn out that goes on like a road trip across the United States and ends up like at the Grand Canyon, like that's how the aliens are made. You assume they're superior. They may not be. It's just like teenagers from an alien land that like stole their parents car and just kept driving. We all we ended up here on Earth. What the fuck is this shit?


This is the dumbest fucking aliens. Shrooms. It's hard, always stoned and drugged.


Maybe there's a girl out there for me on Mars. Let me think about that. Could be it. Would you date a Martian? Sure. Oh, yeah. Really?


At this point.


At this point, I'm trying to find somebody that'll take care of me when I'm old. That's basically where a man. Wow.


So you did an alien. I take an alien. Sure. What if OK, what if the alien super hot. But the way they have sex is she has to pull out your eyeball and and spit right under it and put your eyeball back in.


What if it's okay if it's not good. Yeah well it feels good for her but then she'll try to do it to you and you'll try to explain to her like that's not how our eyes work and she won't understand. She'll get sad and she'll be pouting. Her alien corner. We go to therapy.


Jason, do you want to talk a little bit about what your sex life is like? Yeah, my fucking eyes are pulled out of my head screaming in pain. I don't like it. Yes. What about my needs? You're so selfish.


Then I'd be like, OK, OK, I'll do it.


What if, like, what if, like, all of the aliens body parts, like, you know, when they lose them, they just grow back like a lizard. So you ask her to give you a blowjob, but she bites your dick off thinking.


Thinking that, thinking that that's how it works is just this is your grow another one.


What kind of man are you. Only one penis doesn't grow back. I guys, it's all time we have today's podcast.


Thank you guys for listening. Thank you David. I just landed here. If anybody has any connection to any aliens, I would want to be on the podcast. If they listen.


If you mean alien and we try the one hundred thousand dollar puzzle, it will take us quite a while. We'd solve it in an hour.


We won twenty five cents. So we are happy. Thank you guys for listening. Go buy the merch, go buy the perfume, get ready for Dobek the pizza place and go buy Jason's. I don't know, just go buy, go throw money at deserve. If you see him on the street, be great. All right. We'll see you guys later.


My name is.