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Hey, this is wait, wait, producer Mike Danforth, as you know, you had two opportunities to be late on your taxes this year and if you still haven't filed, we have some last minute tips from one of the world's leading economists, Bill Kurtis, recorded on last week's show.


When you get that tax form, always start by filling out your name. That way, you'll get at least one question right and then take a break. Oh, this is hard work now for deductions. Remember, that wasn't just dinner. That was business.


Xania office attire check. You've been working in the nude for three months with the IRS. Doesn't have to know that.


And remember, if they're using your Netflix password, they're a dependent you can elect to amortize certain tax preference items over a three to 10 year period.


What does that mean? Who knows? Who cares? Reach for the stars. Well, I hope this helps, but now I have to go. I'm getting audited.


Good luck, everybody. With your taxes, remember, you're not losing money. You're paying for the excellent government service that we have all come to expect in recent years.