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BBC sounds, music, radio, podcasts. Well, now to a very special person tonight, a very special person in my life. Would you therefore please welcome George Luck? Thank you very much. You can't just go along with the exception of progress, George Gibney was a star in Ireland in the 80s and the early 90s. He was an internationally renowned swimming coach at two Olympic Games in 84 and 88.


George, we've seen it in the papers recently. You've been offered all these marvelous jobs. You're not going to leave your Irish babies, are you?


And he was popular. He was a mover and shaker amongst politicians with a mid-Atlantic accent, tan and dark rimmed glasses. I have got the offers that been very attractive, but I really believe that we can do it with Irish swimmers here, can make medals in Barcelona. I want to stay here to make sure that that happens.


And he loved publicity. But Gibney had a dark secret, Mr. Gibney has denied the allegations of sexual abuse which were made against him in yesterday's Sunday Tribune and repeated by most newspapers today. It was the greatest illusion that was perpetrated in sport ever.


There was nothing about that man that was real. George Gibney faced 27 charges of sexual abuse of young swimmers but never even stood trial. Instead, he vanished. I see somebody I see can't see your face sheppeard your glasses, but I'm not able to run from what's actually going to happen. He came here in Chicago Falls. You know, I stood his bail, actually. I thought he was being falsely accused. He was over here. He had come over here to pick up his green card.


And I've never seen him a day since. This is a story that extends over decades and continents. There were rumors of Keaveney on religious trips to Peru, of sightings in Thailand, of him hiding in Scotland. Mr. Gibney was apparently hiding in a nearby supermarket before being smuggled in. After not setting foot in Ireland for over 25 years, I retrace his steps across the U.S. Gibney works with children in his parish, and he also coached at the North Jeffco Swim Club in Colorado.


They absolutely would have records of John. Give me working there. Sure, John or George. I remember thinking he was going to kill me. And then I remember when he grabbed me knowing he's not going to hit me, I'm going to kill him. But she's like, hey, Google this. She told me George instead of John M. Night. Why? And she's like, just Google it. I'm not going to tell you. Just Google it.


I knew it. I knew it. So how does he escape justice for so many years?


Where is he now? You recognize this guy? No, no. Never heard the name George gave me before. He had some bad guy you're looking for. You don't have to recognize that. Good idea. George Gibney Yeah, that's right.


I've spent the past two years trying to find out. Hey, look, look, look. Yeah, that's the two boys there they are. Just had that great. I think George, give me. OK, ready. Where is George Clooney coming August 27th to BBK since?