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It's 25 years since Father Ted was on the telly. That's a long time. I mean, it's nearly 26 years. So the lads in on cost are releasing a set of four commemorative lamps. We can get them at our post office or up on Father Ted, send them to people. You know why we just had lunch. Oh, right. They're actually stamps. Yeah. A great bunch of stops and laughs and fun, some unposed for your world.


What's up there? Welcome back to the world, as good as you are today, I'm so excited geeking out because I have one of my family's favorite people, my dad's best friend, someone who welcomed me and lived with him for a few months. When I first moved to Nashville. You probably don't know who I'm talking about actually by this, but we have Luke Bryan on the show. He is such a great guy. I cannot wait to hear his advice and some of his funny stories and also just go a little deeper with him.


But here's the thing. He has a new album out. It's called Born Here, Live Here, Die Here. Luke has so much incredible music. Go check it out. I can't wait for this conversation. Thank you so much for taking time. We are so excited we can jump right in to the question, that is the question of the world. SCoPI, guess what is one of the best pieces of advice that you've ever been given?


Well, that's that's a great question. I mean, and I'm sure in your family, you've been given so much advice and. Oh, yeah. A piece of advice that has always stuck with me as my dad. When I was a little boy, he always said, do it right the first time and you will not have to go back and do it over again. That's good. And now have I completely lived by that? You know, not always.


Yeah. Sometimes as you're navigating life and going through life, you don't necessarily get a ten out of ten. But, you know, it's something that's always stuck with me that my dad said. And and, you know, that's been a major one. But, you know, just manners and being a gentleman and politeness. Yeah, it's good. You know, the deal kind of the southern way of being brought up and just always putting others first and scared.


But definitely my dad's advice was really, really big for me. I love that.


That's so good. Actually, I was going to ask you about being a dad yourself and so we can just go right into it. Your song Build Me a Daddy is so sweet. It's so awesome and powerful and emotional.


It's so great. But, you know, I've gotten the privilege to get to see you with your kids and you're such a good dad. And so I just wanted to ask, like, what kind of dad, when you think about you being a dad to your boys, do you want to be and what do you hope they see in you?


Well, I want to be inspiring for them. I want first and foremost for them to know that I'm a Christian and and I want them to see some of that. And what do I do? The perfect walk with that every day? Certainly not. But even just questions as they get older about Christianity and spirituality and stuff like that, being able to have the right answers. And then I want them to be able to see that me and Caroline are very much in love and yeah, have fun with each other.


And I want them to know that mom and dad enjoy each other and have fun. We're not those parents that, you know, if we have a big argument, we don't go hide and have the argument. You know, we we lay it all out there in front of them. Just, you know, they got to learn. They got to watch Mom and Dad go through life's awesome and deal with life's little challenges. But those are big things.


And then I want them to watch me hopefully be the best gentleman I can and be the best role model and inspiration. And I want them to see me, you know, hustling, getting up, working and love on them. Every chance I can be in kind and polite to people is awesome. There's so many qualities of my dad that I have that people come up to me and say, God, you sound just like your daddy. And any time people come up to me and say, your boys did something that looks like it's exactly something you would do, it's always very exciting and flattering and it makes you smile.


That's awesome. Honestly, just even following you on Instagram and getting to see you up close, we all see that you and Caroline love each other so much. And I think that's such a great example for your kids. Like for me, there's been so much security in my life that's come from like seeing the way mom and dad love each other and they never, like, looked like it was perfect. Right. Like they're the same way, like they had the argument, some of the arguments in front of us.


But they I thought they kind of taught us in a way how to argue and overcome things and see things differently about the end of the day, you know, still love each other.


But one of our favorite things about you and Caroline is just pranks. They are hilarious. You guys have more fun than anybody.


Well, with us, I mean, I think the bottom line is we just keep our household for really fun and spontaneous. And what's even more fun is now the boys, you know, they've come up to me and they're like, hey, dad, we want to do a prank on mom or dad. That's the main thing. I mean, you know, just keeping a very fun family dynamic around the house and make sure everybody's in a good, positive mood.


It's awesome. I love it. So for you, like, you are really busy, obviously. I mean, yes, we're in the middle of a quarantine, but at the same time, you're still doing American Idol, you're still writing songs. Your songs have been hit singles lately. And I mean, you're busy. And so for you, like, how do you keep that family dynamic saying so grounded and just always hanging out into this year has been amazing.


I mean, I've gotten to spend so much time with my family and just waking up and sleeping in my bed every night has been. Yeah, it's been, you know, just one of the if there's a silver lining or a bright spot through everything, it's just me having the opportunity to be home. Even like yesterday. Kate wants to play football. So I got to go pick out all of his football gear and bought him a helmet and stuff.


And he does. He comes home and I got a long waiting on him. And, you know, in a lot of other situations, Caroline would have had to be running out and doing that stuff. But the main thing is coming in off the road and just trying to be there as much as I can. And, you know, obviously it's a lot, you know, you're trying to give. All you can to your wife, you're trying to give all you can to your children, the people that work for you, your family, and then then you're trying through all this to have a little time for yourself.


So, you know, it's been challenging through the years and a lot of being wore down and tired. But, yeah, you just have to hopefully make the time together. Really, really count. Yeah, it's awesome. I've said for years when I come out the road, I mean, there's been many times I'll go get the boys out of school around 1:00 p.m. and go take them hunting and fishing or something because I knew I was going to be out of town for several days.


And so, yeah, sometimes it's just really important to go grab a lot of school and just spend a couple of hours with them. Yeah, it's awesome. You never had the right formula, but the main thing is just trying to keep your energy level up and hopefully be the best dad you can and the best husband you can.


I love that so much intentionality. You know, I think whenever we're so busy, like, it just takes being intentional. And I love that light. Just go get them out of school, go football, shopping with them, whatever it takes to stay close as a family. And my dad, he's been cooking a lot lately. You know, he's an expert chef in the kitchen. And it's funny because I always just thought, you know, Dad just like cooks versus what he does.


But recently I've noticed no dad, like, intentionally cooks for us because that's how he that's how he loves on us. That's how we spend time together. And so those things are so seen. You know, obviously you're from a really small town, then you grew up on a farm or buy a farm kind of farm life living.


Yeah, well, I grew up in Leesburg, Georgia, right in town, but I could walk to cotton fields and peanut fields. I mean, it that's going on right in the city limits. You know, my dad owned a fertilizer company and a peanut mill. So it's so in the fall, we were harvesting peanuts and working in AG a lot. So that's a lot of amazing memories and a lot of just special memories growing up in such a small type of environment.


That's awesome.


So I'm assuming growing up there, you probably didn't ever think that your life was going to pan out the way that it did. Or maybe you did, you know, going from that to being one of the biggest country music artists and then a judge on American Idol and all the things that you do for you, like what gave you the confidence to, like, go with the thing that you knew you were good at? Because I think a lot of people especially listening there in college and they're just now kind of at the point where they feel like either gods put it on their heart what they're going to do or they're getting really passionate about that.


But what gave you the confidence to actually just go for it?


You know, the main thing that really was the motivating factor for me to go chase my dreams was I had a lot of support. I had a lot of support from my family and my friends, and they were very, very encouraging. While you're young, that's your time to really go for it. Yeah. If there's something you dream about, don't let life and people and don't let other little things deviate you from your pants get picked. That thing that you love, that when you wake up, you can do it 24/7.


And it never feels like work. It feels like just it's part of you. It's awesome. It took a lot of encouraging to get me from Leesburg, Georgia to Nashville. But once I made the big leap I felt at home, I felt like I was finally in the right spot. Cool. I felt like I kind of, I guess, saw the light, you know. Yeah. And from that moment on, my life was just about doing what I love.


And then a bunch of amazing things started happening because of that love of music and the love of what I was trying to go for.


Yeah, that's awesome. I love that. I love that it came from the place of, like, something you truly just loved and were passionate about and that the people around you were the ones that pushed you into it for you. You know, I think sometimes when people see you or see anybody in your position, they they see you now and they don't know like the story or the journey that you've been on. And so obviously now you seem super covid and what you do.


But was there ever a point where you were like nervous or scared, even performing or going to Nashville?


How did you overcome that fear that might would have wanted to tell? You know, this is a scary.


Oh, my gosh. I mean, there's so many different levels of being scared. I remember moving to Nashville and meeting these other talented writers and singers. They were so much better than me, but it really motivated me to try to work harder and do what I can to overachieve and be better than my peers. It's cool. You know, it's amazing. I mean, when you look at all of the big hurdles along the way, I mean, the one thing that was always constant is just saying a prayer and asking God to get you through these challenges.


It's cool. There's been so many times like my first time I performed on the CMA is, you know, me and my band, we we huddled up and you say a prayer. Wow. And you go out there and you give it your best. That's awesome. I look at so many moments in my career where. I didn't do the best I could, but, you know, the people and the fans are forgiving, too, and understanding that that you don't have to try to be perfect every day.


Yeah, I think when you make a mistake, you own it, you apologize or you try to handle it the best you can and then move on and pick up the pieces at Rockall. Yeah, Coach, it's great.


Well, like when I did the national anthem at the Super Bowl, I mean, gosh, I bet I said a million prayers that day and I just walked out there and somehow survived it and now I can live to tell about it. Yeah.


That's so good that people need to hear that because I think people sometimes go on with their say, OK, I'm not going to be afraid of everything goes, everything has to go right there. And then the minute something goes wrong, it's just like crumble. But no, like you keep getting back up and you got to keep going. My grandfather told me this one time, I love it. He said people who fall in public get out twice as fast.


And I was like, that's so true. And it's true physically. If you fall, you're going to get out fast.


If you're in front of people and like at like it's 25 years since Father Ted was on the telly. That's a long time. I mean, it's nearly 26 years. So the lads in on are releasing a set of four commemorative lamps. You can get them at your post office or up on Father Ted, and send them to people. You know why we just had lunch. Oh, right. They're actually stamps. Yeah. A great bunch of steps and laughs and fun sundlun unposed for your world.


Her, I want to ask you, because you've been super open just with your family and your life and the things that you've gone through and some really, really tough things. And first of all, I think it's just amazing that you're, like, willing to share that with the world because so many people are facing so many similar things, like just a friend of mine recently lost her brother. And I know that's so hard for her, but people like you who speak out about those things, it helps, you know, because people know there's somebody else who understands them.


And so I know you've lost your siblings and you've taken in your nieces and nephews.


And so, you know, we've watched you rise up and continue to move on. And that sense of your life to do you feel like your faith in any way has helped you through seasons like that? And how have you just continued to to move forward?


Well, I think you must have faith in God's plan, no matter how frustrating it is. And no matter how mad you want to get it, God, you really just have to step back and just really kind of give yourself up to. Well, this is his plan. Yeah. And with us, if I talk about it and I help one person, if I talk about the emotions of losing both my siblings and in losing my brother in law and our niece, I mean, I think people out there that are dealing with tragic losses when they cannot feel alone in the journey of life, because I could feel like, well, this guy gets back up and keeps pushing and maybe it inspires somebody.


I mean, for sure, even in my travels, there's some people out there that have had tougher, rougher things than me that are out there battling every day. Yeah. And they're inspiring for me. So I think if you live a long, beautiful, long life, you're going to have those moments for sure, no matter whether if you're 15 years old or you're 85 years old, if I'm ever in a restaurant and there's, you know, an elderly person just sitting there, I almost want to walk out and go put my arms around them and be like, I can't imagine what you've seen in your life to get to 85, 90 years old.


And I think no matter what age you are, challenges and struggles in life, they're going to happen. It's just a part of the journey. And I think you just really have to trust that this is a part of your journey and this is what God had in store for you. And never, never forget the people you lose along the way and always cherish the memories and cherish the pictures. And yeah. And like I said, it's not easy.


I mean, I was even this morning, my wife had already left, but I was in her side out of the closet and she had our wedding picture. And, you know, there's my sister and her husband and they're both gone. And I just sat there and look at that wedding picture and I was like, wow. I mean, it's frustrating that they're not here, but you just have to take a little pause and keep their memory alive.


And I tell people, you know, if you lose somebody, you're never back to 100 percent, you don't expect it. There'll always be a void in a hole in your heart. But just try your best to stay positive through all the challenges.


Well, that's so good. Thank you for sharing that. I know even people sitting in this room with my team listening, it's inspiring us and hitting us. You know, everybody's thinking of their person. And so you being willing to share your story, you know, you said if it helps one, I know it's helping so many people, but I know you'd still share it if it was just one.


And so thank you for sharing from such a vulnerable place. And I know people are struggling and people are going through those hard things.


But to know that there's hope and the sense that you just have to trust that that that was God's plan, that God has something good and that he is still good and to keep moving forward, not moving on because you're never going to move on from moving forward in life with it and taking even like you've taken your nieces and nephews and making something positive out of it is just beautiful. And so I just I thank you so much. Look like this talk has been so good and I know it's going to help so many people.


And I was just thinking about that song, Build Me a Daddy, like so many people out there need like a fatherly voice or wisdom and things that you just shared. I feel like it's just like from a father to everyone, like good advice and like so much love, like a hug from a dad. And so, Luke, seriously, thank you. Not we always get to see this side of you. I love your hilariousness and your all the music and all the praise and everything.


But thank you for just go in there with us today. I really appreciate it.


Well, you're welcome. And listen, thank you for all you do for so many young people out there and all the inspirational stuff you do. And it's fun knowing you when you are, you know, just a young girl. And now to see you blossom into such a wonderful woman doing so many great things, it's really, really amazing. And don't stop the fight. I appreciate it.


Thank you for those words mean so much. Thank you so much, Luke. Seriously. You're welcome back. Thank you. Thank you. I raise for some good and bad advice. I'm ready for some good or bad advice. All right, let's go here on the Let's Go podcast, Instagram. We have some good and bad advice sent to us with you, with us. If you didn't make the mess, don't clean it up. Bad advice.


Bad. Yeah, bad. Yeah.


We want helpers. We need helpers in this. We help it. Yeah. She's your mom. Everything to clean up. Clean up. Everybody everywhere he is for that clean you learn the more you share what you learn.


Clean up clean everybody clean up mean that was through the less educated kids.


So you're over at the words maybe. Maybe you forgot forgot him. But the point is everything on everybody is. Yeah that's true. Yeah. There's a much better limit.


The points the same clean up I guess I like it but we got to go blaze. All right. Next question. Victory or not really a question statement victory is always possible for the person who refuses to start fighting the underdog. But is it really always possible for the person that it's not always possible?


I would say I mean, obviously, Védrine Christly, you can always come out victorious, yet if you're still fighting, you're in a hard place. But I mean, practically speaking, there are some things that are worth fighting for and they're and like marriage obviously. And then there are some things like dating relationships are for you that you just actually don't need to keep fighting for if it's not right.


Yeah, that's true. And I think a lot of times our culture tells, you know, don't ever give up. But sometimes there is wisdom in giving up if the outcome doesn't look promising or right or what we're not even giving up is just shifting and shifting yet pivoting.


We talked about that on last week's episode.


Winning seems like the word of the year and it's the word of the year. Just hit it. All right. Pivot.


Just pivot inside, huh? Huh.


I guess it was. I want to run by keep your face always towards the sunshine.


Always, always. Just like ten songs you could have done for that song Sunshine Vulcanize Suns.


But now, I mean, I think Jesus says that we ought to be bright lights. And I think that if we're facing him, then, you know, we're radiant. There's the verse that says, you know, we're radiant. And the thing is that idea of always why you left us some wisdom that was the show was just Vegas.


I knew you're trying to be a virgin says here I go the verse.


But it's something about radiance and the sun. Yeah. If you go look it up. But no, it's true. I mean, I think but I mean, if we keep our gaze fixed on Christ, then we are going to be bright lights. That's what it costs us to be. Let's go.


And actually was straight with him and I think it was whenever that talked about how Moses went and met with the father. Yeah. And he came back and his face is radiant because he had been like meeting with the father. And so, like, we do want to keep our face in the sun. We want to keep our face towards the father.


And hopefully the light that we are seeking is now shining off of us and through us. Yes, that was us. But it is funny because I know so well and I think people put a lot of pressure on. So how do they know the whole Bible verse?


I said I just wanted to be like, so I was like, OK, verses on irradiance in the Bible, having a good go, but also use wisdom because that was not necessarily smart to go stand outside in the sun and not be blinding.


So you always wear sunscreen and. All right, kids, this is what a great, good and bad advice. Thanks for setting an end to the words. Good bye, guys. Have you have fun with me and my husband? I know we did. And we'll see you next time back. Thank you so much for listening to the Verdasco podcast. I have so much fun doing this. I hope you'll have fun listening. And don't forget to follow me on Instagram allergenicity, Rob, and follow the podcast atwo.


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You guys are awesome and so are all of you, too.


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