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What's up, fam? Welcome back to the Whoa, that's good podcast. Today is special because I have one of my good friends who joining me on the podcast. This guy is hilarious. He is multitalented, but he is filled with the spirit in the word of God. So welcome to the blog, as Nate Butler was of. And what about this, how you doing so good? Better now I'm being pumped about this conversation literally. People know we have been trying to do this for months, but because of covid and all the craziness at 2020, we have not been able to have this conversation.


But I think the timing is perfect because I think ending this year, talking about some of the things we've struggled with this year and just also moving forward, hope for the next is going to be awesome. But before we get into all of that, and I have to ask you the question of the. Well, that's good. I guess what is one of the best pieces of advice that you've ever been given?


This was given to me by a pastor. Mm hmm.


I was on set and I had just came back from a long weekend of casting on the television show before the P. Diddy deejay, Kalid and a couple other people and I came back and there was a deal type of thing that was offered to me at the time for a television show. And then also there were some things happening where I was getting a lot of speaking engagements and stuff like that. And this pastor was like. I was like, man, I just need you to pray for me that I would find the balance in my life with all these things that I'm juggling.


And then he said to me, if you wouldn't mind, can I just change your vocabulary for a second? I'm like, no, sure, please do. He said, I want you to take the word balance out. He said, because nothing in your life deserves equal weight. Wow. Yup, that's what I said.


And he said, I would like for you to shift that word balance into the word priority. Hmm.


And then he. Went on to what we know biblically seek first the kingdom of God in righteousness, not these things will be added to it. And then he was like, so that should be their family next. And then he just went on and broke it down. He was like, but if you give everything equal weight every single time, you will fall and fail every single time because nothing deserves equal weight.


So right now, I live a life of priority to get a lot of people when they hear that scripture immediately, they think about the way you get all these things added.


Is seeking you first the kingdom of God. And first of all, that's the wrong heart condition. But the big thing is that we are missing a very important part and people glance over that next part. It's seek first the kingdom and its righteousness.


Thats good.


And it's righteousness, then all these things will be added to the kingdom of God is God's way of doing things and in his way of doing things, there is righteous behavior that is not earned.


Mm hmm. That is actually given.


But they still need this holiness. And the sanctification is so many different things and it's great. So all within that is kind of just wrapped something that what he told me.


So I'm just thankful for that. So that's the best advice that he's given me.


I love it I love it is so good. So some of you may be wondering, who is this guy? Because it is Nate, you so casually say things like P. Diddy, D.J. Khalid in your life and then this pastor and then this. And I'm like, yeah, that also is shocking to me is so funny enough. And they and I met through World Vision, so they came out on tour and the live original tour whenever World Vision was sponsoring us.


And he was just a World Vision rep. It was so funny. So my grandma to mama, if anybody's ever seen her on Instagram, she's the best. So she comes to every single thing we ever do. And she was like, have you seen me? Like, have you seen, like, his like they were like, who's nature? How do you not know who Nate. Nate like he's a World Vision guy. He's amazing. And like she was like very early overnight.


She loved you. And we're like, who? So we go we watch one day. I mean, you crush it wasn't just like a World Vision pitch. I was like preaching the gospel. And like, you were so funny. It was so relatable. You also had the best fashion. And really, who is this guy? Somebody had Googled, Nate. And you're Wikipedia is quite impressive. He produced all these different albums. You're a casting agent, all these different things.


But yeah, what I love about you is you were on tour serving God through World Vision. And I also know that you've started at Passion City Church all. You've done so many different things for the church. But at the same time, you also done a lot of successful things in the world. And so for you, like what is that important for you to serve and to give back whenever, you know, you could just be going off and doing music and doing all these different things.


What brought you back to that, like servant heart?


Well, I have to take it back to when I was first trying to start to get into the music business.


It was years ago in everything that the everything my hand touching actually was failing. That's the best way to put it. You know, it was to prosper. You know, you were just like you planned it by the rivers of living water and everything you had touches will prosper. You know, like that didn't happen for me. So I think I was by a dead stream because like everything, I think I was started like it just wasn't working.


I was on my way to go sign a record deal at the time and I was in this crazy car accident.


A car runs the stop sign and wrapped my car around a tree and I walked away without a scratch. And when something like that happens to you immediately, you just start to re-evaluate life on so many different levels. And it was God's grace that saved me because we know the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. But what I noticed was in that moment, I was just like, wait a minute, what am I actually doing with my life?


Wow. I was like, what am I actually doing? I was born again. I love the Lord. But the Lord that I was worshipping was actually the God of hearsay from my dad and my mom, the God of, like, hearsay, meaning I knew what God had done for them, but I did not know what God was doing for me. I didn't have a relationship with him. So my relationship with God was being lived out through just my parents and my grandparents.


And in that moment, I met God in a new way. And I was like, you know, it it's time for me to just kind of lay back, give God everything. Meaning I put down music for like a year and I just prayed and fasted. And in that year, I fell in love with Jesus. It's amazing. I just I fell in love with him. And from that moment, he took this heart of just wanting to be on stage and take my shirt off and be like Bobby Brown and be like, ladies, ladies.


He took he took that heart and he really softened it. And it just became soft and pliable to where I just fell in love with the things of God. It's good. And I wanted people to experience what I had been experiencing. And I always go back to that place. So just having a soft and pliable heart to where I want to do things for others and not for me, my skin.


I love that. It's crazy that sometimes it takes those moments in life that stop us. Long enough to think about why we are doing what we're doing, and I mean, even though it's so hard to go through those things like a car accident or like anything that tragic that happens sometimes those are the moments actually end up making us like who we are. Yeah. So it's cool to see what God did from that moment. Speaking of another moment that I know God has kind of used to define, a new chapter of your life is just your survival and your victory over covid.


Yeah, I would say I want you to share your story, but it's more of a testimony when I hear you talk about it. So, you know, we talked about my covid story on the podcast, but I would love for you to share a little bit about what you experience and what God taught you in the midst of the sickness and in the midst of the pain and coming out of that on the other side, what can you look back on and say, wow, God, even though that was so hard, I'm glad I saw you in this way.


So I got covid extremely early. I got covid like the beginning of March when no one knew anything remotely about the disease. So I ended up getting covid really bad, really fast. Temperature 103. I remember one night I was sleeping on, I had like some concrete floors in my house and I was sleeping on the concrete floor in my boxers. A couple of days later, it got so bad that I couldn't breathe. It felt like someone had a belt and it was tied around my chest past the last hole.


And it was just really tight, my temperature at this point is about 104, my wife shout out to where she had called one of our friends who is an emergency room doctor. It was like, hey, Nate's experiencing this X, Y, Z. And she was like, you have to get him to the hospital right now. And she told me exactly what to say. It was these words that I had to say to you, but again, to the hospital, because at that point, they really weren't letting a lot of people in.


I remember sleeping. She came into the room just like we have to go to the hospital.


And I remember saying to her, I just need about 15 minutes of sleep. I just need to rest. But what's crazy is, is that I knew that if I went to sleep, I would not wake back up. Wow. And I was OK with it. That's the wild thing, because the mental and spiritual warfare and things that are going on with that, it was almost like, you know, you know, kind of like when the enemy was talking to even, I was like, oh, just eat that.


Everything's going to be OK. And it was almost like, surely you won't die. And in that moment, it was like I kind of knew and I felt the Holy Spirit like, do not go to sleep.


I heard, "Nate wake up".


It's time to go. And she said she didn't yell. She said it was normal, but it almost felt like the roaring lion was coming out of her. That's what I heard. And I woke up immediately and I'm shuffling to go to the hospital. We get to the hospital, everybody has a hazmat suits. And as soon as I go in, I see an elderly man to the left and I go back to the back. About four minutes later, I see all these doctors running and rushing and he coded like he died with covid.


That's the first thing I see. Wow. They get all of my vitals down and stuff like that. And I stayed there for like five hours and they told me to leave.


So after the five hours, then getting all the fluid and inflammation down, they were like, OK, you've got to go. And at that moment everything was kind of OK, but two days later is when basically all hell broke loose. It was like the enemy had just tried to release everything up against me. And it's around two thirty in the morning I wake up and I am basically just talking gibberish. My mouth was disconnected from my cognitive thinking.


My brain was thinking. I was having a conversation with myself like, oh my goodness, I can't stop my mouth from talking. It just would not stop.


It was like it just wouldn't stop. Now, at this moment, the first thing I thought about was how many people with mental illness are on the street.


They are just talking, but they're aware that they can't stop themselves from talking. They and this is what's happening to me. And now I'm still able to move. And by this time I really couldn't walk. I found out later that I had blood clots and I'm just really crying out to the Lord in my head. I'm just crying out to him. I'm like, Lord, help me, Lord, help me. Calling on the name of Jesus.


Like, Lord you. Your word says that you know my thoughts and I'm really just crying out to the Lord and I can't stop my mouth from moving.


And then after that I had about maybe five seconds of a window and that window I was able to to gain control over my mouth. And I was like, Lord, please help me. And then I went back to jibberish, then I'm just like, OK, well, Lord, this may be it because I'm kind of going in and out. And then I, I sense something that was in my heart saying, like, I'll help you to the shower and I'm sitting quietly.


You'll help me to the shower.


What what kind of like you don't think you're like what is the shower they don't like. This has to be a joke because I'm like I can't even make it to the bathroom. And and honestly, I don't remember getting to the shower.


Wow. But I get to the shower, I turn the handle to, like, warm, but it felt like scalding hot water on me.


Turn it all the way down to cold and I'm in the shower for ten minutes, just water coming over me, calling me off again, control over my mouth after about ten minutes and I'm just weeping. I'm weeping, hmm? I'm like, Lord, what is going on? And even as I'm talking to you now, I'm remembering this moment so clear. I went back into my room and my mother, she's like up at four a.m. and she sent me a text message and said, Nate, I want you to listen to this.


I was up in the Lord, put this on my heart. And she sent me this song on YouTube of just old time gospel songs of a prayer service from back in the day. And I turned it on and I started worshipping and praising the Lord. And I was singing. I was coughing. I couldn't breathe, but I was just in. I was out in that room and. And it was in that moment I was like I was like, you know, appraises my weapon.


And I was like, I will live and I will not die, because up until then, I forgot who I was.


Wow. I forgot that I was the king's kid, I forgot that I that God had given me authority, I forgot about all of that fear had gripped me so much.


And I was just like, you know what? I'm not playing with this devil.


Like, I'm not playing with them. And that's the day I decided that no more. Yeah. And I'm a little bit fast forward to what I gained on the other side. People always say when you come out of a hard, tough situation, people always say you kind of come out with more power or you have a new authority. And what I realized is that the authority is always there. You always have the authority. It's not that it was this new authority was given, it was an authority that you never needed.


Hmm. Wow, so I never needed the authority that I had to tug on and grab, I never needed that, like when the children of Israel and they would go to Santa with God and he would reveal himself in a new way. They will reveal itself as Jehovah GIRoA, Jehovah Shamma, you know, Jehovah Shalom, the peace. They will remember this. So when I came out of this covid situation. I met God in a new way and I was able to gain authority that was already available for me.


I grabbed that portion and I took that with me. The beauty of all of it is you don't have to give it back.


Once you get it, you don't have to give it back. It's yours. So now I remember that he was Jehovah of my healer. I met the healer and I don't have to give that authority back. I've just never needed it before. Yeah, all of that works out great. Get out of it then. I get pneumonia. Well, then, once I get pneumonia, I have a collapsed lung, had to have emergency surgery while awake, it was horrible and the nurses were laughing because I was screaming extremely loud.


But, you know, I'll be extra, you know, always going to be know they're laughing. And so then I'm in the hospital for a couple of days and then I'll come out and I have another collapsed lung thing.


And then I go to the doctor that Monday and then the doctor's like, OK, you have a collapsed lung. This is crazy. And he looks at my CAT scans and he says, not only do you have a collapsed lung, you have basically five tumors in your lung. So pneumonia collapsed lung, five tumors in my lung and I have another collapsed lung. The doctors like we need to do two procedures, one surgery. We're going to take your lung and we're going to attach it to the chest cavity while they were going to cut out the tumors.


However, we cannot give you this surgery because your lungs are so damaged from covid and pneumonia. They're inflamed and they're scarred. They're 90 percent flanged and 90 percent scarred. I need the swelling to go down at least 50 percent, because if I open you up and do the surgery now, you lose your lung. Twenty seven days later. I have another CAT scan three days before my surgery. The swelling has gone down and scarring has gone down 80 percent.


Wow, so God had already done a work. Yeah, and then three of the tumors were gone. Oh, yes.


Three days later, when I went in to do the surgery, they attached my lung, which was that I was crazy. But then when they came out, the doctor was like, well, we looked everywhere and we couldn't find the other two tumors either. Oh, my God.


So God had removed them all from me because they would have had to have cut when they say section of the tumor, they would had to cut them out of my lungs. So that really he just showed up. And this was from March 13th to July the 3rd. Now, there's so many course God details that kind of happened in that that makes it even that more juicy and stuff. But for the sake of time, that's what happened.


Oh, my Gosh, Nate thank you for sharing that. I mean, I even know the story, but even to hear it again, like every time, it makes me just emotional and awe and wonder at God. And I love what you said about the authority. It's not necessarily a new authority to authority that you never needed. And it's really cool because seeing you grab on to that authority and then even whenever I had covered and obviously it wasn't nearly as close to as bad as yours, but I remember like day like 10 and I was like, this is like forever.


And I remember just being mentally exhausted and physically tired all this stuff. And I remember you called me one morning and you were like it's over like no more, the enemy does not get another day, like, get up and no. And it was the best. And then two days later I did I was like, I'm up like and you were like, you need to start praying out loud. You need to start worshipping in your house. You need to like, start fighting this battle.


And like you said, like, let your praise be your weapon. And I mean, I took it so seriously after that. And I mean, mentally, I started regaining strength and then later, you know, physically started catching on to that. And again, it's like I found this authority that I had never needed before. So I didn't know how to tap into that. I didn't know how to call on for that. But having you who had been through that and teach me that like it helped me so much.


And so I just think that's so cool. And I think that's powerful for those listening that if you've been through something hard and like you found authority and God through it, like call somebody else you see going through it, pray over them, help them like speak scripture over like choral stuff of my life he didn't even know was in my life, but it helped me like so much. And so, gosh, I just think that that is so powerful.


They we who he could talk. So I don't know. I know and I know this is what gets a little bit heavier. It's a lot deeper. But the truth and the truth is for those listening, the reason why this is going to be deep and we're talking about some of these heavier things because, you know, are actually friends. These are things we actually talk about in life. And I think these are the kind of conversations you have to have with your friends.


These are the kind of conversations, you know, you can't just watch on the news. You need to call a person that's going through it with you and talk to you about it so that if they want to talk to you about is the racial tension that we face this year. And I really want to bring up what happened in Atlanta, which I haven't talked about publicly. And I don't want to dwell on what happened more so what happened after.


But to summarize it real quickly, I was in Atlanta with Christian and we were filming a video series for a day in your study that we were doing. Anyways, I go out in the streets of Atlanta. I was doing this video and a car stop. And these two guys, they were two black men and they stopped the car and they started yelling at us to put them on camera. And, you know, we're videoing. And we kindly waved and smiled and kind of thought they were joking.


And then just in a second, just turned Superbad and they just started yelling that they're going to shoot us like we deserve because of the things that like we have done to them this year and that the Black Lives Matter. Don't we know that and all of these different things. And they were so angry and just yelling.


And I was really afraid. Honestly, I was really tearful. We totally just got cussed out, threatened all this stuff, and I didn't know what to do. And he is from Atlanta. And so my friend called Nate and asked if he can come and be with me and help me and just kind of work through what just happened. And so me and his wife, first of all, went through Chick fil A ,blessing and got us some dinner and came.


And they said that you spoke of him in that moment, like, I'll never forget. And I just want to, like, first start by saying this to people listening. You know, it would have been really easy in that moment to call somebody who is just like me and just said, well, that was so wrong of them. And that's why we have to be careful and that's why you shouldn't go out. And that's why, you know, this is so bad.


And they could have just blamed then the whole time because of how like wrong that was. But I didn't call someone that looked like me. I called Nate because. I was like, he understands this more than I ever could, and I want to understand and I don't want to be wounded by this and hurt by this and make me, you know, be fearful of somebody who looks different than me or make me, you know, start talking negative about someone who looks different than me just because of one experience that I had and Nate came.


And first of all, prayed over us and just shared a lot of wisdom with me and Christian. And so I just wanted to talk about some of the stuff that you share with me that night about said that you had been through just like that on the opposite end and how you've come to the place in your heart where you don't hold some of the hurt that maybe one individual person said to you against a whole race of people, because that was something that really hit me that night.


One of the first things I said, if I remember correctly, was, what are you going to do? Are you going to quit? Did I say that, right?


Yeah, you did. And I think I was like, you know, what are we going to do? Are we going to quit? Like, this is what the enemy wants. Let me just go ahead and throw that out there to anybody right now, like. Oh, man, this is so good. OK, so before I even get into that, let me just share this with you guys.


The Bible says we have to fight the good fight of faith, the good fight of faith. So that actually means that there also is a bad fight of faith. Well, and I think too many of us are engaged in the bad fight of faith. A faith that is mixed with unforgiveness, a faith that is mixed with hatred of faith, that is mixed with a of faith that is mixed with pride, arrogance, a faith that is mixed with racism.


And what ends up happening is you will lose that battle every time.


So we must fight the good fight of faith.


Maybe about two months earlier, I was on tour. I had just come off stage. The people that were helping me out that night, they were up in the balcony. And so I had full access to go up in the balcony, you know, go up in the balcony. And I'm just kind of sitting there watching the rest of the evening performance. And this police officer comes up to me, they were off duty officer, but they were working at this theater.


And he began to truly harass me and tell me that I needed to leave the balcony. And I was like, sir, I don't think you understand. Like these guys that are here with me right now that they're here helping me, like I'm like in charge. And I was like, no, you need to leave right now. And he began to get forceful. And I was like, sir, I don't think you understand. Like, I belong here.


He said, no, you don't. You don't belong here. You need to leave. In a matter of fact, I want you to leave the building.


And I was like I just left the stage.


He began to get really forceful with me. This is like maybe about a month before I get covid. And I began to have all the feelings. And this is the first time in that moment there was someone. Now, here's the kicker that did not look like me. That actually came and stood in the physical gap. And began to say, let me explain to you, Officer, why you're wrong, and they really began to kind of go in on this officer as a white girl, and she was awesome, shout out to Britney.


And she really just stood in the gap for me in that moment. And she began to truly take up for me in the theater. They knew who this officer was. It wasn't the first complaint that they've had about him.


It just didn't turn out, unfortunately, too good for him in that moment. However, at the end of the day, this isn't the first time something like that has happened to me. That was maybe the first time with an officer, but it's happened with me, with people. And we have been called the N-word, all sorts of stuff. We're just different people I've experienced over life. However, this is what I want to share. Is that I leave that particular situation angry at a whole race of people, that I leave that situation angry with police officers all across the United States?


No, I didn't, because if I had've, that would have been me fighting the bad fight of faith and I would have been using Carnal weapons. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. They are mighty through the pulling down of strongholds. And so in that moment, I was like, no, I will. Think on things that are good, just pure, and I just decided in that moment that this is something was like learning.


Was I going to quit? Was that going to stop? Was I really going to stop and not wanting to unite the kingdom? Was I going to stop in the kingdom not to look colorful and diverse? That's not what I wanted to do. And I had just made up in my mind that I'm not going to fight the bad fight of faith. I'm going to fight the good fight of faith. I think it's funny that most time when those things happen that people put on their own armor and they try to fight those situations.


But the Bible says put on the whole armor of God, yeah, we have to put on his armor. And the moment we step into, well, blah, blah, blah, you said, you know, and there's a time for righteous anger. There is a time. But you can have righteous anger with God's armor.


Yeah. So in that moment when that happened to you, I immediately saw what the enemy was doing. I saw it because you and I had just come off of doing that amazing piece on race in the Kingdom. Yeah. Which to this day people are still talking about it to know that he was to come against you and me to shift our perspective on how the kingdom on earth should look. Because if you get angry at some bad apples and I get angry at the other side, then what's going to end up happening is, is that you and I will never be able to come alongside of each other and bridge the gap.


True. I just kind of saw in that moment that the enemy really wanted to use that to get you to be fearful, to be fearful of those around you, be fearful of those of the other race. And I just was like, no, like, no, devil, you're not going to do it because again, what are we going to do?


Are we going to quit now? We can't quit school. I mean, the Bible clearly says do not be weary. And well, doing that means we will have the opportunity to get weary. Yeah. So doing good is not always a walk in the park, but we are mandated to not get weary and well doing.


It's mandated and those things are put in front of us to make us weary, to make us say there's no hope, to make us say that nothing's going to change, to make us say that there's no good in those people. Those types of things are always put in front of us to make us weary. But I will not get weary and well doing.


I will press good and you will press on we will put on the whole armor of God. We will not fight in our own armor. We will fight the good fight a face like no more of this plan with the devil. Like it's no time for that. Yeah, we don't have time for that. You know I'm going here.


So good. So good. So good. I mean this is such an important conversation and I think it's so good for people to hear. Like I said, these are the conversations you need to be having with your friends and not the ones that you just say, oh, look at the other side. They're so bad because dot dot dot, it's like, hey, look, we need a fight to believe for what Jesus believes in for us. We need to fight to bring heaven to earth.


We need to still fight for unity. We need to fight against the fears that we might have because of things that we've seen and things that we've experienced. And so for you, you might not have had an experience like I've had and you might not have had an experience like Nate's had. Or maybe you've just watched it on the news and you've seen it on the news. And even that the things that you've watched have made you fearful, have made you have hate in your heart or bitterness or judgement towards a whole race of people.


And I just encourage you, check your heart, purify your heart, renew your heart, because you can't quit like they said. You can't just say, oh, because I've seen this and because of experiences. This means everybody from that side is bad and I'm not going to try to fight for unity. And so I just appreciate you just fighting for Kingdom and I appreciate you helping me in that moment because I'm not going to lie. I was gripped with fear and I was like, I'm never going out on the streets again and I never go back to Atlanta anymore.


It you were like no Sadie what are you talking about. Because that is the truth is that's not really what I think. That's not really what I believe. But fear can make you say things are really in line with the truth of who you know you are and what you know you believe. And so thanks for doing that for me. I wanted to finish this on kind of an interesting fun note. So I wanted to ask you, because, you know, obviously we talk about hard things.


There are hard things in life. You've been through hard things. I've been through hard things. But you're also one of the most fun people I've ever met. Like, loved. You and I are so much fun. You're hilarious. So how do you balance life being hard and not being naive to that, but having just the joy of the Lord inside of you and having fun?


Honestly, I just don't take myself too seriously. I don't believe what sometimes I believe it.


But I try not to believe the Nate Butler hype because, you know, sometimes you can get to places to where you've accomplished some things in life.


And but I started realizing that everything that I've accomplished, I have to laugh at it, because if people really knew I'm like you guys, I have no idea that. I have no idea what I'm doing. It's like if you're like, well, how did you write that song? Like, I really don't know. Like, I don't know how I ended up with that show and I just really don't take myself too seriously. And I do give a lot of honor to a guy like seriously.


Everywhere I've been, he's always kind of gone before me. And then the places that I've kind of he hasn't gone before me. Those are really things that I laugh about because I'm like that. I really I really just like messed up. And I'm in this situation. It is not funny when you're in it, but when you kind of get out of you like that, that was really stupid, you know, because you kind of get ahead of God.


And I'm like, oh, God, where are you? He's like, man, I'm over here. Like, What are you doing over there? Like, I dare you not to be. So I just don't take myself too serious. That's kind of what it is.


That's good. I love it. Oh, I love you. I love Tumeri. You guys are amazing. Thank you for just being willing to share your story on the podcast. The whole lot of people, I think, it is going to encourage people. I think people are going to walk in the authority that they are finding and God right now. And I hope that it helps. You will fight to believe in other people. That might look different than that, because what my hope is in finishing this year with this pikas and one of the ones we're finishing with is that, you know, we'll actually learn from the things that we had to learn from this year that we won't just, you know, say, man, that was tough and hopefully twenty, twenty one will be better.


We'll say that was tough and we grew stronger and we're going to be better. And twenty, twenty one. Yeah. And so I'm encouraged by you. Thank you so much. We love you and can't wait to see you next time. Next time we're going to be doing an event together. Oh isn't that crazy.


But you know, its going to be awesome, it's going to be phenomenal. So it is. So sis is awesome talking to you.


Oh tell to mama. Tell your mama. Tell your daddy. Tell your brother.


Tell your sisters that I said wassup. I'll tell them all we love you. I have the best rest of your day. Absolutely. Per usual, thank you so much for sending in and bad advice to the world. Let's go guess Instagram and LO Sister app. We love it. All right. You ready? Yep. I see what you think about this. Common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes.


That's the best way to describe common that I'm someone who really loves common sense.


That made me think for a second, genius dressed and its working clothes. It's common sense. Yeah. I'm picturing like a common sense male.


I just thought of another good piece of advice as I just said that sometimes you have to rework a sentence for it to sound better. Period. Is good advice during the summer. Yeah, you know, you got to love that. You love common sense. It's refreshing to meet people who have come sometimes people who don't have common sense. I love you, but sometimes they can kind of tell me something I'm working on that is I've actually seen that in you.


We're real. We are real.


We're straight up. We straight out. We talk about the real stuff. Like if you're someone in the Baskin Robbins line and you're 20 yards behind and the car screwed up, that's crucial because be because OK, Sarah Baskin Robbins is a huge thing where you're from.


But where we live is the height it used for the first month and a half. It was open. It took at least an hour to get to the front lines. So crucial it would drive him crazy in one car that was like 20 yards behind and we'd all be like waiting on the road. So, yes, common sense is genius dress and working clothes. We respect those with common sense. And that was your best.


All right. Lives a climb. But the view is great.


I can almost see it, that dream.


I'm dreaming. But theres a voice inside my head, saying sometimes. So it's a good advice. Great advice.


Yeah. There's even a whole song about it. The view is always great. Is the climb. Yeah.


I don't know what a microphone does. I think Miley Cyrus sent that question then. I think she did take good bye as well. That's good. I was your own advice today because I guess what law. But so much good advice. Christian, thanks for bringing your input to our Sadie.


Thank you so much for your podcast. I said, oh, thank you so much for our podcast.


I love you guys. See you next week for our final one before the New Year. And like I've said the past few times, if you haven't gotten your passion tickets, go to passion. Twenty, twenty one dotcom and get your passion. Take it. It's going to be a closer. You want to see you there and are your friends. Thank you so much for listening to the Verdasco podcast, I have so much fun doing this. I hope you have fun listening.


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You guys are awesome and so are all of you, too.


Thanks so much for listening.